Chamakh to the Hammers, Walcott to Chelsea & Time to make the turnstiles count……

Morning Gooners,

Bit of gossip from the newspapers:

West Ham want to take Chamakh on loan in January, a move I am sure would be welcomed by all Arsenal fans and Chelsea are reported to be front-runners in the chase for Theo Walcott. Toulouse right back Serge Aurier has been added to Arsene’s wanted list, the 19 year old right back is seen as the replacement for Bacary Sagna should he depart soon.

Wenger is also reported to be ready to go head to head with Alex Ferguson to sign £15 million Raheem Sterling. Well if that is true, there’s only one winner in my book.

Finally, nearly every newspaper links us with a goalkeeper and not all the same one either so that’s exciting isn’t it..

Talking of newspapers, I wouldn’t read any if I were you, every man and his dog has something to say about our club, most of which is not good….

Onto today’s post:

Never a day goes by without a story in one of the morning papers.

Good news, bad news or indifferent news and all about Arsenal football club. Websites are abound with the latest news, bloggers are searching for something to write about the latest happenings both on and off the field. Ex players, current players or those who look like the next ones to leave all seem to have something to say in order to make headline news. I’m sure it’s the same for every other club out there too but for obvious reasons, I am drawn to the ones relating only to Arsenal.

Most football clubs go through tough times but very seldom would you know it by reading the papers, they seem to like making sure that Arsenal doom and gloom outdoes the rest and usually they succeed.

What makes Arsenal so different from the rest? Who knows and who really cares. But!!

Anyway, our fine stadium holds 60,000 supporters, on top of that, the club have a waiting list of around 35,000 who are all desperate to get a season ticket.  I’m sure there are thousands more but the cost puts pay to that, but we are still talking around having one hundred thousand fans who either go to The Emirates each home game, or can’t wait to. So if the Emirates held 100,000 they would probably fill every seat.

When you look at figures like that and you were a newspaper editor, you would not be doing your job right if you didn’t try and catch those fans attention for 40 pence to a pound for a newspaper and you can be sure you would have made your days money without too much effort.

Whether the stories are accurate or not doesn’t appear to be that important as they can easily change the same story the next day.

Arsenal Football Club work with similar principles, every Arsenal Season ticket holder can, if they want to, get the latest news report sent to them. It’s a simple e-mail from club which tells them about the last fixture and the one coming up next. It includes the thoughts of the manager and if the result has been a bad one they don’t dwell on it! They focus on the good side of the club, as they want you to turn up at the next home game and the next, so they try and give you positive reports. Like the journalists, their income depends on it.

Seven seasons without a trophy is not exactly welcoming news to the supporter but let’s face it we are not stupid. We can see that things on the pitch are not going well, nor are things off it if we are to believe all that is written. But we do hear good news, sadly though that is usually about how good our finances are, how well the board are running the club and how well the manager they have appointed has done to keep us qualified for Europe every season.

We can see that if the players don’t start to play better or the manager doesn’t try something different etc, things aren’t going to get any better are they.

If supporters keep filling those 60,000 seats every other week, the owners will believe that everything is ok and money is coming into the club. Apparently £3 million is the estimated amount that every home game generates!

All the time that kind of revenue is going into the club, there appears to be no reason to change things does there?

If Arsenal were to sign top players for every position and that resulted in Arsenal winning trophies they would still only be able to seat 60,000. The cost of a ticket is probably at the highest price it can right now so they can’t look to earn extra in that department, so I have deduced that when Ivan Gazidis states that winning games is not that important, I start to realise that perhaps he is right and the only way we will start winning depends on the turnstiles.

Supporters feel they are helpless to do anything about Arsenals pat the moment but they are the answer to Arsenals slump. Show the Newspapers that you mean business and don’t go to The Emirates. We all know they will be only to happy to inform the world that the turnstiles are not moving they will happily spread the news that supporter power has made up its mind on the direction they want Arsenal owners to proceed.

But again I stress, its down to the supporters, so far you have blamed everybody bar yourselves.

Written by Steve Palmer

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