Robson versus Parlour & Is Lady Nina having regrets?

So in the blue corner, we have Stewart Robson – who came through the Arsenal youth system and played at Highbury from 1981 to 1986 but supports West Ham. He’s recently branded Wenger ‘a dictator in many ways’ and claimed that there was a growing rift between the manager and his assistant Steve Bould. He’s also suggested that Wenger is signing quality players but then ruining them with his training methods.

Arsene Wenger, because he has got a massive ego, because he’s a dictator when it comes to Arsenal Football Club, he’s not allowing Steve Bould to do any work.

He’s got a reputation for developing players. Maybe he did that six, seven years ago. He’s actually putting players backwards now.

I’ve seen Gervinho play for the Ivory Coast before he came to Arsenal, he was a good player. I saw [Andrey] Arshavin play for Russia and Zenit St Petersburg, he was a good player. I’ve seen [Aaron] Ramsey play for the Welsh Under-21s, he’s a good player.

Arsene Wenger is not doing enough on the training field. He’s not coaching the players, they have got no game strategy and, because he won’t let anyone else do it, Arsenal are going backwards and some of their players are going backwards.


In the red corner, we have Ray Parlour, Arsenal player for fourteen years and fan for life! He was part of the squad which won the Premier League and FA Cup three times before reluctantly joining Middlesbrough in 2004.

Stewart Robson has got his own opinions, but I played under Arsene Wenger and thought he was a great manager when I was there.  He was always one of those managers you could talk to.

Arsene Wenger is one of those sort of guys who will always try to stick up for his players. We would have meetings after games and it would all come out in the dressing room, which (is how) it should be. It is a private matter between the players, the manager and the staff.

It was quite embarrassing to lose to Bradford, there is no doubting that, but I think he is one of those guys who does criticise people behind the scenes instead of in the press.

After the shocking home defeat to Swansea, the redtops reported that Steve Bould had torn into the players after the game, holding nothing back but Arsene Wenger was quick to deny any such incident.

If that dressing down did take place, why did Wenger deny it I wonder?

They are all looking at you  Arsene....

They are all looking at you Arsene….

Something does seem strained between the Arsenal manager and his assistant, nearly every time the camera goes onto them during a game, there is absolutely no communication going on between them and that can’t be good. Of course some people will say that the television camera only pick and choose their moments to show but having spoken to Arsenal fans who go to every match, the camera isn’t lying! We don’t even see Bould being used like the punch bag that Rice was so often during matches which weren’t going to plan.

Maybe the simple answer is that it’s a new partnership and it needs time to gel. Maybe it needs a ‘second season’! I jest of course, Bould isn’t new to our club, he’s been there a long time now both as a player and a coach.

Parlour certainly thinks it can work:

Steve Bould was a real character in that dressing room area, he’s one of those sort of players that points a finger at people if you weren’t doing your jobs, and I’m sure he’s not changed.

People will speculate very quickly about training bust-ups and whatever, but whenever I’ve been there Steve Bould’s been next to Arsene Wenger and they’ve been as good as gold.

But if that is the case that is a problem, of course.

Just like most things when it comes to Arsenal, I haven’t got a clue who to believe any more but Robson is right about one thing. Arshavin was good when we signed him!

But Parlour had the most sensible thing to say and that’s about the deadwood we have in the squad.

He needs to get the dead wood out, he needs to get rid of people that don’t want to be there – the likes of Marouane Chamakh and Andrei Arshavin. They have got so many players who are on about £75,000 a week. They need to get them out.

Arsene Wenger has to look at his players and really up the quality, because he has lost some unbelievable players in the last few years.

Amen to that Romford, Amen to that……..

Finally, it seems Lady Nina is perhaps wishing she hadn’t sold her shares to the American:

If making money was the motivating factor, surely there are better ways. Football is a business of passion and SK has no passion for AFC.  He shows he cares very little. Why he wanted to be part of AFC I do not know.

That is what she has recently tweeted according to reports.

She is right of course, but then had she done her homework, she would have known what his intentions were….

That’s enough from me for another day……..

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