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Most Arsenal fans got what they wanted last night. Embarrassing? No, more like humiliating…..

Many Arsenal fans, myself in included, wanted Arsene Wenger to take the Capital One Cup seriously and he did.

Could he really have fielded a much stronger starting eleven? (on paper and injuries allowing)

Maybe a few of us would say Arteta should have started, or Oxlade-Chamberlain on the right instead of Ramsey and maybe then Ramsey instead of Coquelin but that’s maybe more down to personal choice rather than form.  But come on, fixtures like last nights give rotation a chance.

Gervinho is the one I dread seeing on the team-sheet but maybe Wenger thought last night’s match would be good for him and he’d build up a bit of confidence and start scoring against a division two side. Well he should have done but instead he just continued to exhibit just how poor he is in front of goal.

I really can’t be bothered to go through the game as watching it was bad enough but we can all dissect it in the comments, if we can be bothered!

Last was embarrassing, not just because we lost side in the second division but how we performed against them. We never really started did we?

Had we been truly up for last nights fixture, the players would have been out of the blocks quicker that Usain Bolt and battered the Bradford goal but no, it was the home side who clearly wanted to start well.

Much later, after extra time and penalties we were out but as always, Wenger protected his players:

I cannot fault the players’ effort, they gave absolutely everything over 120 minutes,

We created a lot of situations, a lot of opportunities, we just didn’t convert our chances. You have to congratulate and give credit to Bradford, they defended very well. It was a typical English Cup game on a difficult but playable pitch, they started better than us and then they defended very well in their own half.

They dropped deep and there was no room. We played [selected] a very offensive team, but you have to say [Bradford] defended very well. I feel the team did fight. You feel embarrassed when you don’t give everything. I feel they will be more frustrated and disappointed [than embarrassed].

How do we recover? We focus on our next game and try to win that. Sport is about that.

Sorry but I think losing the way we did is more than embarrassing, and I don’t think we created that many chances either, especially in the first ninety minutes. It took us sixty-nine minutes to trouble their goalkeeper and that alone is simply shocking!

Sport is not about brushing such performances under the carpet and look to the next and ‘try to win’ it’s about looking at where things are going wrong and putting them right pretty sharpish and for a long time now, we haven’t done that.

All the time we have players who either can’t motivate themselves enough for a cold night in Bradford, or who are clearly not good enough to do the job for which they are being paid, night’s like last night will continue…

All the time we have an owner/board and a manager who continues to sign that kind of player, night’s like last night will continue…

Something seriously has to change for Arsenal FC to get back to where its history suggests it should be.

Was last night embarrassing? Maybe not…

How about humiliating?

Maybe that’s more like it……

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317 comments on “Most Arsenal fans got what they wanted last night. Embarrassing? No, more like humiliating…..

  1. [...] Most Arsenal fans got what they wanted last night. Embarrassing? No, more like humiliating….. [...]

  2. “Something seriously has to change for Arsenal FC to get back to where its history suggests it should be.”

    So what would you suggest?

  3. Jed – Change in manager. Change of board. Change of tactics. Removal of overpaid/not good enough players. Take your pick, and delete as applicable.

  4. Good post by the way. Gervinho really is not good enough. And last night would have taken away any shred of confidence he had left.

  5. Morning all…

    Jed – AU in for starters imho, and then see what AW has got in him. BUT, and a big but, if it really is AW who is refusing to spend money that the board are offering him, then the board need to grow some and sack him and give that money to a new man….

  6. Thanks rocky.

    ACON’s can’t come quick enough for Gerv…. Dare I say that at least Chamakh looked like he was trying. He’s rubbish yes, but at least he tried…

    Surprised Arshavin didn’t feature. His kind of play may have suited last night, if he could keep warm enough….

  7. Rocky have seen a comment where someone has christened “him” Gerwomya….! Gerhelder would also be appropriate :D

  8. Morning all.

    Agree with everything in your post Rico.

    So fed up with what is happening. Personally I didn’t want our strongest team out, the reasons were less about resting ‘jaded’ players but more to do with the fact that when they fail, as they inevitably would, it will completely smash there confidence. We get fed all this shit about mental strength, this team just showed how much mental strength they have. The kids should have played, at least they would have showed more fight.

    When will he stop playing Ramsey on the wing? Ramsey has been very poor all season, but his form will not be helped by playing him out of position most of the time, then put him back centrally and expect him to flourish.

  9. last night was more than embrassing. I dnt hav hope 4 any trophy this season. I cnt even talk in front of my rivals again. My follow gunners do u stil hav hope.

  10. Haha! Like it wath! Helder was miles better than Kiwomya! Gerwomya it shall remail! Or GerGoldrick maybe?!

  11. the situation b4 we sacked our last great manager was similar.. perfomed utterly badly n he had 2 go..if this results persist i dont see the gaffer lastin g …and honestly he does deserve the sack..he has lost the plot totaly

  12. Arshavin wearing gloves and a poloneck is embarrassing! Did anyone else notice Rosicky rubbing his (gloved) hands together last night in a bit to keep warm when he was about to come on? Does it never get cold in Prague?! Having been there in Winter, I can confirm that, yes. Yes it fucking does.

  13. I have been clinging onto hope that Arsene could turn things around and succeed, just doesn’t look likely anymore. We have to take into account the club is basically being raped from within by money men who care nothing for what the fans think. PHW underlined this at the last AGM. Arsene, has been undermined by them for years, but I believe someone posted this morning stating how can he harp on about us not being able to compete financially and then take home £7.5m per annum, laughable really.

    When do we think AU will play his next hand?

  14. If Giroud is our striker then change tactics and formation to suit his game.
    Gerv needs to stay left, at least he can dribble and offer width and perhaps even a cross.
    Pod doesn’t suit our team. Not wide left or as a striker, I have no idea where he should be.
    We need to bloodgeon the youngsters and have some new ideas our players are stale.
    Arteta alongside Coq and one of them needs to be our Song this season and I’d prefer that to be Coq with Arteta cleaning up like he did last season.
    Rosicky needs to take his role back and Caz can go wide right because Walcott is gone, injured or doesn’t want to be a winger.
    Wilshere can alternate with Rosicky unless he can be our Song this season.

  15. In arshavins defence, I hear Russia stays positively balmy all year though rocky. ;)

  16. And why are the press not making a massive deal of Utd totally relying on RvPs goals? There was a tiny stat in the Sun yesterday about it, but no story. Last season they couldn’t wait to tell the world about us being in Shit Street if he were out injured! Although to be fair, we are now without him…. And it looks like we own a mansion in Shit Street.

  17. How much you wana bet Wenger starts Gervinho on Monday??

  18. Brag, Gerwomya needs to keep left OUT.

  19. And by Brag, I clearly mean Brad!!

  20. John Cross ‏@johncrossmirror
    ‘I can’t fault the effort.’ Bloody hell, Arsene. Forget protecting the players. Respect fans who travelled to Bradford:

    Spot on comment from John Cross, for once Arsene needs to think of the fans and not wrapping the prima donna’s in cotton wool from abuse..!

  21. Good morning Rico (again).
    Anybody with a brain and that means most of us, watched in horror, but not surprise, as the chickens came home to roost last night. No doubt there will be many who will want to dissect everything from the formation to the technique, the hunger and so on. But I believe that there is only one question that has any real relevance on this freezing morning and that is, What happens next? Kroenke borrowed millions to buy the effective ownership of the club but responsibility-wise he has got off very lightly up ’til now. His American sports franchises are apparently doing rather poor to averagely and he does nothing to change that, preferring to try to convince people he has a magnificent head of hair. Well, now his English sports franchise is walking headlong into the disaster that was forewarned several years ago. But Kroenke and the board didn’t want to make the decisions. They would leave that to the great Arsene Wenger. Well, painful though it is to admit, he ain’t great any more. Anybody not agree? He is floundering. Why? Who knows. All I do know is that great managers buy players like Henry, Vieira and Pires. They buy the occasional dud too, but they realise this quickly and sell them on before their value plummets as the world sees them for what they are. They don’t continually pick them and play them out of position and sap their confidence, before loaning them out and picking up half the wage bill. They don’t buy Chamakh, Gervinho and Santos. Wenger ain’t great any more and before we hear that he is bound by the financial constraints let me say Swansea to that caveat. We have some decent players, some duds and many real underachievers but we have one of the poorest managers and he is not the same man he was up until just after the Emirates move or perhaps when DD left over a personal squabble with Fiszman.
    Stan has to do what owners do and take responsibility for what happens next. I have my doubts as to whether he will because I don’t think he has a clue about English football. As for Gazidis? We’ll see. The greatest crime against the club and its fans would be to do nothing. Usmanov must be getting excited.

  22. Lol, true but who we gonna play left. Pod is so invisable, might as play with 10 players.

  23. We are always told that Wenger can’t be replaced. Well last night a manager from the fourth tier of English football showed Wenger and his AKB’s how to assemble a team on a small budget, how to prepare and coach them, how to play to their strengths and how to devise a tactical game plan and change it as the game developed.

  24. MOrning Adam. “preferring to try to convince people he has a magnificent head of hair”. Outstanding comment! One of the very few things to actually put a smile on my face today! Bravo!

  25. It was absolute humiliation cause by our stubborn manager AW. I commend the back 4 and the midfield for job well done. AW knows that our problem is compitent strikers. His attitude. Is just turning Arsenal to just an ordinary team. AW give me back my ARSENAL.

  26. No one is ever held accountable in this team, they play shit, they still start the next game. Where is the fear of losing your place? This breeds an comfortable, I can’t be fucked attitude.

  27. Hiya Rocky. Glad you liked it. But seriously mate, What is going to happen?


  29. Morning again, Nice one Rico I’m glad your report is not minute by minute this is a day that i would have cringed if i had to suffer an Oliver post.
    Arsene Wenger it has to be said is at the end of his tether, he has managed us for long enough to now realise that he has probably taken us as far as he can, i say this very sadly as i am a big supporter of his but he cannot get through to the players he has brought and if he can’t it looks like it may be time to move on. I have always seen Wenger as a forward thinking Manager the proverbial chess Master but it looks as if all his moves have been found out even by the beginer, Arsenal needs a new direction although i dont know who but someone that has a diferent approach someone with diferent values and a man who demands to be listened too. Fear is often a good motivator and thinking that you may not figure in the managers plans can bring the best out of a player. Personally many of the players we saw last night would have been sidelined had i been the manager as their form has not been there for some time. Wenger has had faith in them and i believe he has been wrong. Whatever the reasons are for not buying quality players is ultimatly down to Wenger we are told that money is there and still he has not spent so he either comes out and tells the truth or he moves on and let new blood and new idea’s come in. Our players are in desperate need of a rocket up their arses they are a disgrace and should be openly ridiculed protecting them is doing them no good whatsoever. Manys the time players are asked to play positions that they are not comfortable with that has to go down to the manager as if you are short of players for a particular position you buy Wenger is at fault. I feel its a sad day for me to be saying this but he will continue to carry onthe same way untill his contract runs out and i believe it is now time to take a chance elsewhere as we cannot get any lower than we saw last night.

    In answer to Scott, If you dont like what people say ignore them mate you dont have to prove to anyone why you believe a certain way name calling should be ignored, anybody over stepping the mark will be dealt with by the lady of the house just make sure its not you. :)

  30. Welcome to all those just joining HH today..

    Rocky, that’s funny re Prague – Thought Rosicky did better than most after coming on…

    Morning Lewis, Adam, Steve, Brad, Wath and anyone else I missed….

    Just how rubbish was our crossing, especially in the extra time…

  31. Nothing Adam. Nothing at all, bar the further decline into the cack.

  32. When I started supporting Arsenal in the late fifties the club was all about it’s history. The same lack of direction seems to infect today’s Arsene FC.
    I think the club is in great danger because the board have had nothing to do for 15 years. Like the rest of us , they have sat and applauded Wenger’s enterprise and financial acumen. Kroenke knows nothing about football, Gazidas is a yes man and the board have grown too old to contemplate going in a new direction.

  33. Every dog has his day. And Kasparov was beaten very recently by a young pretender with a tenth the experience. The trick is knowing when to go. As I have said to Kev many times and to Rico too, we are lucky to have Usmanov waiting in the wings.

  34. Steve. I think you are right.

  35. Adam –

    You leave my chickens out of this, I’ll have you know they perform 100% seven days a week. Fresh egg every morning from all, no side stepping or tippy tappy from them I’ll have you know….

    I hope Usmanov is eggcited, and getting ready to make an offer that not even Kroenke could refuse….

  36. Don’t get me wrong Rico, he was pretty sharp when he came on and there was a noticable difference in the way and tempo we played. But gloves? Come on!!

  37. Already dealt with Sp, and morning to you…

  38. Liket I said yesteday and a couple of weeks ago: playing with Cazorla-Ramsey-wilshere at the some time is a certain defeat. Just look at the team that loose the latest games and see where the error is. Who watches carefully for 10-15 minutes a game Arsenal with these 3 players to play at once, just to see where the error is. It is not clear how a coach who makes millions does not see, does the aftermath of the latest games and insists on the same error. Look at chelsea: when then played with Hazard-Oscar-Mata they lost; when they only wih two and others two midfiels doing other jobs in the midfield they won.
    Because if you insist on playing with Gervinho in the middle when it is the characteristics of a player on the wing?
    Podolsky is a case study
    And another question: Bradford has ever been observed and studied? Better than playing with the first team (?) Is well observe the opponent, see the pitch and scale the team depending on the odds. I doubt that has been done. Hence many have said yesterday that Coquelin was to be the best player.

  39. Rico. Eggsactly!

  40. Afternoon Rico and everyone else.

    I don’t see Wenger quitting. I just wish he tries something different, he used to not be afraid to give youngsters a chance.

  41. I understand where you are coming from rocky, I really do, we didn’t see gloves in the game a few years ago and don’t know why they wear them now, toughen up i say!

    But, another point, Rosicky just proves what signing a quality player is all about. He maybe near to retirement now but he has more at his old age than the likes of Gervinho, Chamakh etc etc will ever have….

  42. I don’t get it with the gloves. They must keep your hands warm for a couple of minutes… That’s it. The second your hand touches the grass they get soaking wet. So then they are wet and cold. Why bother.

  43. from http://www.eurosport.com
    However, the Daily Mirror, the Daily Star and the Daily Mail are all reporting that Manchester United will make a move for Theo Walcott either in January or when his contract expires next summer.

    The Daily Mail says that Walcott’s first choice if he did leave Arsenal would be a move to Old Trafford.

    The paper reports: “Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea are all interested, but United’s keenness, along with Walcott’s desire to join the Premier League leaders looks, looks to have put United in the driving seat.”

    The Mail also reckons a potential swap deal could be in the mix saying: “Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is exploring a January swoop for United misfit Nani, raising the chance of a swap deal with Walcott.”

    The Daily Mirror’s take is pretty similar to the Mail’s, they say that United and Liverpool are thinking of making bids for Walcott in January but that City and Chelsea would only get involved in a potential free transfer at the end of the season.

    They also mention the Nani rumour but point out that the Portuguese star’s £130,000-a-week wages could be a problem. The Daily Star also says that United would be looking for a fee of around £20m for Nani.

    Arsenal have only offered Walcott £75,000-a-week when he is looking for £100,000, and if he is sold, £8 million is the potential transfer fee that is being quoted.

    Arsene Wenger is not the only manager under pressure at the moment, Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini is also feeling the heat after City’s Champions League exit was followed by a derby defeat to Manchester United.

    Now the Daily Star is reporting that the Italian has just three games to save his job.

    They report: “The City hierarchy are already panicking about the size of the (six point) gap. They fear their Premier League crown could be impossible to retain if it grows significantly bigger before the end of the month.

    “City travel to Newcastle on Saturday then host Reading a week later before a Boxing Day trip to Sunderland.

    “Those three fixtures look set to decide whether City’s Abu Dhabi owners bring the axe down on Mancini now or keep faith for a little longer.”

    According to the Daily Mirror, Liverpool will spend a combined £18m on Chelsea’s Daniel Sturridge and Blackpool’s Thomas Ince with talks at an ‘advanced stage’ on both deals.

    As a result they are likely to let Joe Cole move on despite his desire to stay at Anfield. QPR and West Ham are believed to be interested.

    Chelsea will step up their pursuit of Paulinho, the hard-tackling Brazil midfielder, after Oriol Romeu had surgery on damaged knee ligaments yesterday and was ruled out for the rest of the season according to the Times.

    The paper notes however, that “the European champions face competition for his signature from a host of clubs, including Manchester City.”

    Newcastle are ready to replace wantaway Demba Ba with Ukraine striker Artem Milevskiy. The Dynamo Kiev striker was once valued at £14m but his contract is expiring so Newcastle could nab him for around £6 million (The Sun)

    Manchester City are monitoring developments with Paris St Germain defender Mamadou Sakho. The 22-year-old, who has been pushed out by the arrival of Thiago Silva and his partnership with Alex, is keen to gain more game time. (Daily Mail)

    Finally, struggling Reading are lining up a shock transfer window swoop to bring flop Tottenham striker Roman Pavlyuchenko back to the Premier League. The Royals’ Russian owner, Anton Zingarevich, and director of football Nicky Hammond flew to Moscow on a scouting mission last weekend and were believed to be watching Pavlyuchenko. (Daily Mirror)

  44. I’m not sure Gervinho is a winger let alone a central striker JM..

    Didn’t we all wonder what we would do if Giroud got injured? Well last night we found out.

    I just think last night proved that quite a few of our players aren’t prepared to fight hard for a victory on a cold night…

    And I’m not sure we have a manager who can do something to change that right now…

  45. WHy can’t we just stick Pod up front? It can work. SC19 out on the left, Theo/Ox on the right. Jack and Arteta in the middle with one powerhouse of a midfielder..

  46. Rico, Gervwomya is just a waste of a clean Arsenal shirt in my opinion..! See the gutless one was nowhere to be seen when people were putting their names forward to take a penalty, least Chmuk had the balls to take responsibility shame someone didn’t have the balls to say listen mate rather not…!

  47. Nothing is going to change untill the Fans stand up and show that they mean business and the board listen!! Such as dont attend games, more protest, eventually these sort of actions the board will need to listen.

  48. true wath… true. Or say to him…. “At least you look like you (1) give a shit, and (2) actually think you will score the pen, and don’t just swing a lazy boot at it. Alas……

  49. I know Wath, to be honest, he’d be a waste of a dirty one!!

    That is starting Matty, the empty seats are increasing by the game…

  50. Would have liked to have seen a few more youngsters giving the chance last night and maybe we would have seen players playing for there futures as it is the first team are far to comfortable and just go through the motions Wenger is failing to motivate them.
    We need to get Pep in for next season and get rid of some of the dross we have.

  51. Would have been nice to see Gnabry, Eisfeld (who was in the paper yesterday saying he wanted to play last night) and a few others.

  52. What’s Ryo doing these days? Warming the bench at Wigan or has he been injured?

  53. Eisfeld is wkd and should be getting a 1 team call up at this rate… its shocking how were detearating :(

  54. Also starting to think WTF bould actually does… Defo a yes man and i can see all the thing goal.com release about why RVP actually left now.. Apprently we didnt wanna a yes man as number two and wasnt impressed when bould was announced.

  55. Trouble is Matty the fans can’t agree on what they want to happen.
    Steve 10. 32 I was there in the late 50’s too. I could have written exactly what you said.
    Rico ,10.49 I am not sure exactly what he is.

  56. Is that true Matt? I hadn’t heard that. Surely Mike Phelan is one of the biggest Yes men of the lot. He is well and truly a lapdog.

  57. Anyone read the comments by Wrighty in the Star..?

    This was one of them…! I wonder how much truth in this….? Outrageous if it is…!

    Wright also revealed that Wenger had snubbed an offer from Dennis Bergkamp to return to the club as a coach.

    Bergkamp is currently assistant manager at Dutch side Ajax.

    “Wenger turned DB10 away! Threatened by his popularity I think. Dennis wanted to coach, Wenger said no.”

  58. Yeah rocky that releast and exclusive piece about what happened after the WBA game last season when RVP sat with wenger and Ivan the terrible.. And the highlights of the piece was that RVP wanted wenger and ivan to go out in the transfer market and sign establish players and the both refused and that Persie wanted someone else in who was out sourced from the club to challenge wenger decision and they disagreed which is why we left.. ill try and see if i can find it again for you to read.

  59. I’d have loved to see Eisfeld feature too rocky, good little player who isn’t afraid to shoot, and his are on target…

    Santi’s shooting was awful last night..

    If that is true about DB Wath, then I think it really is time for AW to pack his bags….

    But for Wenger being so bloody stubborn, we could have Keown and Bergkamp in at the club right now…. Our future manager and side kick??

  60. Thanks mate, I’ll have a look at that in a bit. Think we all knew he was going the second the camera picked up his reaction to AW bringing off Ox for Arshavin against Utd.

  61. I know this is also a little off topic but a few of our scouts need to be sacked as well, who the fuck recommended chmuk and Gerwomya..? are they people earning a salary off our club if so it’s yet more people getting paid for doing a terrible job.

  62. yea ill never forget that look… and fair play to him for doing it we was all shocked!! i dont blame him for leaving though as much as many of our fans do.. neither will i if walcott does.. club seem to have no ambition on the pitch other then the plc side!

  63. Good point there Wath, Grimandi is the guilty one isn’t he?

  64. How can it be that AW has not resigned. Has the man no dignity.
    He should return or give this weeks £150k wage to charity.

    Unfortunately we will all have to wait for both the manager and board to go before OUR Arsenal win a trophy ever again.

    All the hierarchy care about is profits and we just keep giving it to them. Next year will be interesting with no champions league money. Its unfortunate the new TV deal comes in next year and we will end up with the same profits.

    Arsenal forever and I can wait for glory until them they will get no more of my money.

    Its easier for me as I am not a season ticket holder.

    Good job Rico on the article.

  65. Wenger should thank his stars that AFC isnt located anywhere near Nigeria or Africa. They would do worst to Him, Ramsey and Gervinho than was done to Rio by mancity fans. U guys in England are Just NOT Trying! Wenger has spent 16 years at arsenal. First 8 years were trophy laden. These recent 8 have been trophyless. What does that tell u? Wenger should have left arsenal 5 YEARS AGO! Its fast becoming a proverb ”ARSENAL WIL NEVER LIFT ANYMORE TROPHY WITH WENGER!” We shoule put that in a banner and let him see it. Maybe it will challenge him. I belive the fanz in london can force him to retire. See what chelsea fanz are doing to benitez. If any manager has CONSCIENCE, he wil consider it a crime to be the one who BROUGHT ‘players’ like ramsey and gervinho to d club! He subbed off d best player in dat game(Coquelin) and left those two and fanz couldnt even chant ”U DONT KNOW WHAT U ARE DOING” At him(that one hurts him). And who is RAMSEY to wenger? Its time someone wit ballz ask Wenger!GOD FORBID! What A CRAP MANAGER WHO JUST GOT LUCKYFOR HIS FIRST 8 YEARS AND NOW THINKS HE CAN MATCH SIR ALEX FERGUSON!

  66. Lawrence… No dignity?! You’re talking about a pensioner who was screwing a buck-toothed french rapper half his age not so long ago!

  67. Thanks Lawrence, painful days. It will be interesting to see what happens in January, SK and the rest must be concerned about not getting into the CL…

  68. Didn’t catch the soccer last night…..

  69. Didn’t Madness write a song about Arsenal Financial Club?
    Morning all from the HH New York correspondent…..

  70. A bit like our owner Lee……….. Are you also relaxing on a ranch somewhere…? ;-)

  71. The Bradford team cost 1/1000th of Wenger’s annual salary to assemble…..

  72. Think they wrote a few Lee. Yesterday’s Men, Embarrassment, Cardiac Arrest (all I can think of at the mo….!)

  73. I had a tear up with GG last night…..WATH how do you do it??? Apart from practice??? :lol:

  74. One step beyond and night boat to Cairo (if only Gerwomya et al were on it!!!)

  75. “It must be love” (AW for playing Ramsey)

  76. My Girl (is mad at me) – after his missus found out about the scrote he was nailing!

  77. Idiot Child – Said to Gerwomya after missing that sitter last night.

  78. Oh and Rico, you need to add a picture of Aled Jones to the celeb supporters!

  79. And also Idris Elba. He defo needs to go on the gallery. The guy’s so cool it hurts.

  80. Ur an Embarrassment………………..

  81. Was the performamce embarrassing or just sad??
    Morning all.

  82. Sad Scott, clueless, lacking imagination and tempo and fight and they were up for it we went through the motions….! that lackadaisical attitude that we have where we look like we really not that interested.
    The result obviously embarrassing although Arsene doesn’t seem to think so maybe that’s a tell tale sign as well if he isn’t embarrassed doesn’t that send out worrying vibes..?
    Our first shot on target was the 69th minute that should tell you everything you need to know Scott.

  83. Tough to watch Scott. The worrying this was the ease in which they came forward. And the amount of high balls in the middle of the park that they won, totally unopposed. But embarrassing is generally the word I would use. Along with pathetic.

  84. essienspecial – not really sure that violence would solve anything..

  85. We get steamrolled through the middle most weeks now….even when we win.
    Off to bed……..til tomorrow….l

  86. Although rage was the ultimate feeling I was left with, Scott.

  87. True Scott. Night.

  88. Hi Lee, lucky you missing that…

    I will get onto it now rocky..

  89. Cheers Scott….!

    GG is lots of practice Lee but your not a liteweight am sure you’ll get the hang of it :D

  90. Thanks Rico! Nice to see Hogo Taylor made it on to the list!

  91. Waths right Lee… You’re not a novice in the drinking world!

  92. Hi Scott..

    I thought Hugo was a bit of a twurp to start with rocky, but he grew on me the further the celeb show went on…

    Aled is up ;)

  93. First off I am going to defend Chamachk and Chris Kiwomya! Cham was good for the first 6 months. Since then I doubt he has played 2 games on the trot. Not even reserve football. How can we hionestly expect him to just come on and perform when it suits AW without any match practice for the best part of two years? Re:kiwomya. The day George Graham got sacked we beat Forest 1-0 at home with Kiwomya scoring a late winner. Next game away to Palece he scored 2 in a 3-0 win. We ended the season 9 points clear of relegation and he rarely played again so to compare Gervinho who is one of the worst players I have ever seen to Kiwomya id grossly unfair. Helder and McGoldrick were cack but they were Geaordie armstrong and David Rocastle compared to Gervinho! I would have done a John Sitton and sacked him at half-time last night.

  94. hiya all…

    I love the trust some of the faithful supporters still have in this team. Its Arsenal till the Almighty calls me home but, do I expect much from the current crop of players? Hell No.The Norwich performance was the final nail in the coffin for me as I realised the once great man had completely lost his technical/tactical ability.

    Every selection or substitution is now done to try to appease the fans and not lose a match. The team is finished. The worse player for me is Santi but a million others like him so I guess I am wrong. He shies away from making any decision on the pitch and blast all his opportunities wide. He is meant to be the no.10 but since the WHU match he has been hiding deeper and playing a poor man no.6 role.

    Poldi well, he is lazy so another day for that. JW10 in the first half was the poorest player on the pitch imo but I guess he is considered one of us so he has a free pass.

    Yao Gerv is playing like a 16 year old from a 3rd world country playing football in a pair of football boots for the first time. On paper he is skilful but like SC19, Poldi and Santos they add nothing to our team now.

    The BFG well is shite, he hardly wins an aerial duel for his height. The list goes on and on and on but we wanted experience and this is what we have now.

  95. A very fine post by the way Rico. You made very valid points without going overboard. A true lady you are. ;) even though you blame AW for everything… :-d

  96. And I’ve got to do it all again in 3hrs, luckily with a Gooner that’s over here from Wood Green…..WATH I think you know him!

  97. Love the smug pic of Aled Rico! We’ve always been Made In Chelsea fans…. Kel’s got a huge crush on Hugo.

    Bob – Every time I saw Kiwomya play, he left me frustrated! Spurs got the better of the Ipswich strikeforce with Chris Armstrong.

  98. BJ – annoyingly, i think Gervinho is here to stay. he shouldn’t be, but I suspect he is unless he wants to leave. AW isn’t ruthless enough to sell him…

  99. I still remember Kiwomyas debut against Everton. I was in the clock end with a few mates who were Everton fans. I expected him to be good that game, but it was the debut the same day of a very young John Hartson who really made everyone sit up and take notice.

  100. I meant Dozzell, not Armstrong….

  101. I bet Kev’s over the moon with that birthday present from his beloved Arsenal yesterday…..wankers the lot of them!!!

  102. Rocky, Dozzell was always in the “Jungle” at the Epping Forest Country Club off his canister!!!!

  103. That’s the thing though Tsgh, I don’t blame him for everything.

    It’s clear some of the players are poor, it’s clear some can’t self motivate. But it’s clear that AW signs these same players and the board are happy with that.

    AW sets the team up to play his way, and the board seem happy with that.

    Both the board and Wenger are to blame, one no doubt for not wanting to spend the kind of money we need them too and the other for accepting his vast salary to go along with their plans….

  104. doesn’t surprise me Lee!! Shocked Merse wasn’t with him!

    Where is Kev anyway? That guy is a Vampire, I swear…. he never seems to sleep!

  105. 1.5 more years for Yao Gerv. He will have a decent season and fobe off to chavs or marca

  106. But I will prefer a welcome to hell spell for him in Siberia or Anzhi to face the racist twats who will murder him if he does not put in a shift.

  107. Bet he’s thrilled lee..

    rocky, he’s a bit skinny, even more so now after the jungle…

  108. A manager who claims to value the essence of football and football traditions but has no respect for the fans gets no respect or sympathy from me any more…

  109. How much longer can this continue? Someone said that the syrup’s U.S franchises are all shite……the Syrup has the shidas touch!

  110. I know that Rico! Try telling my wife that! She never lets up about him when he is/was on tv. Although she got annoyed when I kept going on about Helen Flanagan showering…… You women and your double standards!!

  111. Looking forward to the 17th Lee…

    As for the Arsenal, well I’ve seen it all before, York, Tranmere, Rotherham, Walsall, Wrexham, and often in a cold environment, where our pampered superstars fail to perform.

    No excuse in missing a penalty, not at their level.
    Simply unforgivable…

  112. Maybe Chelsea Ts, to join up with hazard again, the one who thinks he’s one of the best…

  113. Lee I take it the big fella we spoke about ? part of the WGM…?

  114. Rocky, I’m just hanging upside down in Mick’s belfry….

  115. So, Gazidis is in the firing lie this evening at a reception to be hosted at the Emirates and Wenger’s job is safe. No change then and failure continues to be rewarded. They really are taking the fans for mugs. Very poor and more than insulting.

  116. Who is Dozzell?

  117. Millwall too AK…..

  118. Ts, you have changed ;)

    Ha ha rocky, but aren’t ‘they’ false??

  119. Jason Dozzell he was at Ipswich and went to our ambitious neighbours who’s wage bill is £50m p.a less than ours…..

  120. Hi Kev, no excuse for Gerv failing to connect with the ‘perfect cross’ either..


    Careful in Micko;s belfry, you know what the outcome was for the previous lodgers ….

  121. @ Rico, I don’t think so…..

  122. Ah yes. I remember him. I am in Colchester on Friday Lee. Ipswich Road. Know it?

  123. A list that often precedes the departure of a manager Lee…

    Can you imagine the fall-out if we lose to Reading???

    It doesn’t bear thinking about…

    Adam, was that a ‘Vote of Confidence’…?

    Not a good sign for Wenger then!!!

  124. Kev – Better stay away fronm the garlic at Tayyabs then!

  125. Hiya RICO, tbh I was surprised that you managed a post today, as if was just going off on yesterday’s…
    I really don’t know how you do it boss?
    But I’m glad you do… :-)

  126. Rico – no way! Those bad-boys are real!

  127. Rocky, I love garlic, it’s the steaks that I try to avoid… ;-)

  128. Yes WATH, and a mate of his…..all I can say is the other diners will be in for a treat! I apologise in advance before I get shit from Adam,Rocky and AK for the Mangal evening……I was right about Gervinho though wasn’t I ?!?! He is a ….

  129. Kev. That lot will do anything so they don’t actually have to make a decision. They will happily let Wenger take the flak. Nobody, especially The Syrup, wants to be the man who gave Arsene Wenger the last card in the pack.

  130. Lee – you were spot on about him!! The guy across the street agreed too….

    I’ll let you off though, as you picked the restaurant, and the meat in that place was amazing.

  131. Kev – I reckon we will lose to Reading, they are desperate for points and will fight a lot harder that our lot….

    Can’t say I studied them rocky but I thought I read they were a little assisted ;) Obviously I got that wrong…..

  132. Lee. All in all I have to say that your individual appraisal of each of our players was unerringly accurate and enduringly amusing. I only wish I had recorded it and posted it on HH. For posterity.

  133. Thanks Kev….

  134. I know it Adam…..I’m probably around on Friday!

  135. Not assisted at all Rico. Their movement seemed entirely natural to me. Not that I am remotely interested in that kind of thing myself. :)

  136. Lee. It must be near you. I am there at 10am though.

  137. Over the years I have always found it hard to hate any Arsenal player. The shirt usually covered up any previous hatred I may have had. Willy Young and Steve Williams both turned round my opinion of them. Peter Nicholas and Nelson Vivas didn’t! This makes it all the more difficult watching the likes of Gervinho and Arshavin (laziest player of all time)taking the Arsenal shirt for granted and being paid fortunes for the privelage.I know its an old cliche but I would have donated my ‘bits’ to medical science to have been given the opportunity they have got and they can’t be arsed to even look bothered!

  138. This is the text I got from the guy I’m having lunch with….”That team are finished! Absolutely fucking shit, a shambolic disgrace.”

  139. I wish you had too Adam….

  140. Lee you and I both said the same about Gerv and a few others long before you got to Mangals… Did they hear us from Camden :D
    Am sure you and the big fella will rattle a few cages 2nite mate… can well imagine !!

  141. I’m off work and hopefully will be back from an overnight stay celebrating mrs Lee’s birthday, or the handbrake as I affectionately call her….. ;)

  142. Mrs Lee is a lucky woman I think.

  143. Adam…. There’s no way it would have got past the HH censor!

  144. Bob John, All proper Arsenal fans would give their right nut to be able to wear the shirt and we would wear it with pride and play with passion and commitment and that’s all we ask even if a player lacks quality…! This lot have quality when they want but lack the passion and commitment and the 4/5 that have that can’t carry the rest it’s impossible. We’ve had some dross over the years that’s for sure but even when we knew we were utter shit you always knew the 11 on the pitch would put in a shift however crap they were.

  145. Poor Mrs Lee…………… I dread to think what she gonna have to put up with on Mr Lee’s return………….. :D

  146. You are possibly right there Rocky. I am looking forward to Lee’s views on our current form. Hold it, aren’t we playing that night?

  147. You shock me Adam, didn’t think you’d be watching such things :lol:

    Can’t really argue with that right now Lee….

    Spuds – 10 men

    WBA – two suspect penalties

    When did we last play really well against a fully fit side?

    Milan at home last season??

  148. Did anyone see last night Ox having words with chamkh for a while after Chamakh’s attempted through ball was a bit short? I’m sure there’s animosity between players in our team as well.

  149. Lets move on from Mangalgate….my fault for mentioning it, I suppose!
    As is mrs Adam…touché!

  150. Rico there was the 1-0 drubbing we administered to a 10 man QPR…….

  151. Yes Bradster, that ball from Chamuck was shocking but then so was some of OC’s crosses…

    Got to pop off for a while…. laters..

  152. :lol: Lee, I forgot that one….

    Gotta dash, stay safe out there in the big apple Lee…..

  153. Bye Rico, it’s not me I’m worried about…… ;)

  154. Rico why do you think I have changed? lol

  155. How many of our current starting eleven would get in the Invincible’s team?? None…..?

  156. I’d expect TV to be doing the shouting at the shit he sees going on in front of him. Especially at the youngsters like Ramsey and Ox and tell the seniors like Caz and Gerv to wake the hell up and pull finger.

  157. yes… I forgot the crosses. We must have 10 for be one in quality!
    That’s amazing.

  158. But a 35yr old Invincible would/will probably get a look in……

  159. We are, Adam. What time’s the table booked? I know I’ve asked Kev this a million times recently….

  160. Rocky. I hope it’s early so I can get home to enjoy the game. :)

  161. Haha! Sure there’s be a nearby pub with it on. Although on reflection, I’ll probably not bother!

  162. Rico. You are right of course. I find that sort of thing most unattractive. :)

  163. Best just drink at the bar and ignore the TV Rocky…!

  164. For those who want to believe, Pep says Arsenal is still is main choice for the EPL

  165. Go get Pep then, AW has absolutely lost it….and it’s sad to see BUT this declining has to stop!! The only real bit of silverware we stood a chance of winning we’ve been dumped out of by a team over 50 places below us in the league!!

  166. We should change our badge to a cannon with a syrup on it.

  167. With a few $ signs and the football club changed to financial corporation.

  168. Be real swell….

  169. I might get a syrup…..

  170. we should change our badge to (avert your eyes now, Rico….) A huge spunking cock.

  171. Get one Lee… Wear it on Monday! THAT woyld be real swell!!

  172. It is worth noting, too, that Arsenal’s travelling fans chorused Wenger’s name after Bradford had taken the lead at Valley Parade, in the response to the taunt from the home crowd that he was “getting sacked in the morning”. The 4,500 that made the trip on an inclement school night are the true barometer of support, more so than the internet and phone-in angries.

    The Guardian

  173. At half-time against Bradford, AW tore into his underachieving players. The worry concerns whether they are still listening.

  174. some, maybe. Most clearly weren’t.

  175. I’m off out to lunch catch you Herberts later….

  176. Lunch?! At this hour?

  177. The missing piece that will complete the jigsaw is ‘DIABY’ or a similar player which we don’t have at the moment and a technical striker in the mode of £VP. AW got his tactics wrong. Until the 70mins not a single shot on target until the changes(Podolski and Ramsey) were made. A front three of Podolski, Gerv, and Ramsey means you are inviting trouble. Podolski was anonymous during his duration on the pitch, Gervinho was Gervinho. How the two of them gets ahead of arshavin beats my imagination. Cazorla should be played on the wing and Rosicky should have started as CAM. It will take Cazorla a full season to get used to the CAM position if AW persist. That’s part of the reason we are not creating chances. You could see that when Rosicky came in everything changed
    I have tweeted to OX that his next OX TV challenge should be learning how to cross the ball. We had some good crosses when Gervinho was up top and he was horrendous when he got into good positions to head the ball just like he did against Swansea. But when Chamack came on we had loads of calamitous crosses. I am not a coach but Gerv best position is on the left hand side of the attack. Podolski position would be behind the main striker but doubt if AW would revert to 2 prong attack. I guess we will still continue to struggle. Reading up next, wont be surprise if we lose against them :(
    That’s me done ranting now. ;) simples

  178. Hi Emma. I can’t disagree with your comment at all. I would say we need 2 of Diame plus Capoue. Even Frimpong the way he is playing at Charlton would have put in a shift. JW10 was very poor in the first half but most will blame the usual suspect in Rambo. I thought he was the only one trying to get berhind the defence of the opposition but maybe I have a soft spot for a hardworker…

    SC19 is not even trying to play AM anymore he is doing a Xavi whilst he was thought of as a poor man Iniesta.

  179. Gord blimey Emma, do don’t arf go on gal… ;-)

  180. Rocky 7pm….. 7pm…… 7pm…..,. 7pm… :-)

    I’ll scout around and see if there’s a pub nearby with Sky

    At least we could finish the evening on a high, with a good old punch up…,
    Happy Days….

  181. I don’t think that new players are the answer at all. I wouldn’t give Wenger any money to spend in January that could be wiser employed by a new manager in the summer. The club needs ambition and drive from within. Wenger has clearly lost it but I don’t see him going mid-season.

  182. Lee with a curly rug that makes him look like a Scouser…

    Or a long droopy one that makes him look like Peter Stringfellow…
    Rug that is….

    Or a ginger rug? Yeah, so he can look like Adrian Durham…

  183. Agree Adam, this season is kaput, as you said.
    No point throwing good money after bad.

  184. 8pm it is then Kev! Do Reading have a firm?! To be honest, after Tayyabs, we wouldn’t need to fight, we could garlic them to death!

  185. Kev-Ginger christams sweater/jumper and a pink meggings from Primark that will do it…

  186. I’ll get me cape….

  187. Players, tactics etc are wasted on Arsene now. Thanks to Lady Nina we have Stan Kroenke at the helm and a rather sad manager who has clearly not got it any more. I try never to feel sorry for anyone earning £7 million a year but Wenger looks ill, old and washed out to me. The board are playing a very dangerous game with the fans. There were a lot of empty seats last Saturday and once we get down to attendances of 40,000 and the core support dwindling away the whole future of the club will be looking very different. Stan could always change the name to The Islington Redskins I suppose and sell branded popcorn under that name.

  188. Adam- we will need new players to allow any new manager the option to build for the future. Pep or any manager with self respect will not come to a team outside Europe League if we do not buy in January. Moyes and O’neil will not last a season with us and as I said Klopp will give Lee and Rico a heart-attack with his meddling believe me. And even though BD are doing well in the CL they are sitting 3rd in their own league 14 points behind the Bavarians even though he spent more money than AW last summer.

    If we do not qualify the board will not spend. remember 2 seasons ago before the Udinese qualifier.

  189. I might try one of those ginger syrups Ginge, the way I’m losing it..
    Primarks you say?! Reckon it will match my grey??? ;-)

  190. It’s defo bring out the colour in your eyes Kev!!

  191. TSGH. And who will pick the new players? Wenger? The last thing we need is new players. Let the new manager do that. We can’t get rid of the crap we have at the moment.

  192. tsGH – I couldn’t agree with you more. Frimpong would have put in a shift. Ramsey’s workrate cannot be faulted. That is what we need in this team. He is being played out of position and he puts in a shift whenever he is giving the opportunity. JW10 was average in the first half but came alive in the 2nd and extra time. Coqueline was our best player until he was wrongly substituted instead of Podolski ‘invincible man'(You Cant See Me). Cazorla needs to come to the term that this is English league and not spanish league. If he wants to play in the CAM role he needs to quickly drive the ball forward instead of dancing around the ball. We needed to quarantine Bradford in their own half without allowing them to cross the centre circle. We could only do that when Rosicky came in for Podolski in the 70min :(

  193. I understand your point Adam. This board have been saying since 2009 that they have funds for a rainy day when we do not qualify for CL. Do you honestly believe if we finish 5th and lose 25 bars the board will spend 50 bars to take us back into contention again. I can only guess. I would rather make 2 signings to at least give us a boost into 3rd or 4th and then maybe AW can proudly walk away.

    Kev- I still have my C&A wine- coloured corduroy starched and pressed for special occasions. I will lend that to you for a small fee if you can make Yao Gerv and Stan disappear. ;)

  194. Kind of agree Emma…. But Le Coq should not have come off. Gerwomya should have come instead, and pushed Podokski through the middle. I said it at the time it was a ridiculous sub to make.

  195. Evening guys and gals….

  196. rocky – Podolski doesn’t look comfortable playing through the middle as the lone striker. The role that will best suite him will be behind the main striker. He hasn’t got good movement whenever he’s being played there.

  197. I am afraid we will have to agree to disagree TSGH. I think the absolute worst thing for the future of AFC is that we scrape into another CL spot. That will be all the vindication that Wenger needs to start on his “Mental strength” shtick again and every single fan I know is sick of that one. The end comes to everybody in whatever walk of life. Wenger was, in the past, always an expert at getting rid of players when he saw the writing on the wall. From now he is staying on to salvage something of his personal reputation from the train wreck the club has become. He should recognize what he has seen in others and inform the board that he will leave at the end of the season thereby giving them enough time to sort out a proper manager who is pro-actively hungry, from next season. Frimpong, Ramsay, Coquelin, Chamakh, Gervinho, Santos, to name but 6 (there are many more) are nowhere near Arsenal quality and nothing like the players we should be using, even though some of them run around a lot. Once you accept that level of mediocrity, as Wenger has, you end up where we are today, which is nowhere.

  198. Emma, me or you would have been an improvement on Gerv yesterday. At least he could have given it a go. Maybe stuck Jack or Ox behind him. It was worth a shot. (excuse the pun….)

  199. Hi Adam.

    Frimpong :(

  200. rocky – My granny who is a staunch arsenal supporter said she could have scored the 1yard sitter that Gerv missed :)

  201. Rico. Don’t start. :)

  202. Exactly Emma! The guy is pure dross.

  203. Rocky. I remember after we had paid Lille about £10 million for him that Wenger was crowing smugly about what great value he had got and how he would be a “great” player for Arsenal. He could have bought Defoe at that time for about £7 million as ‘Arry didn’t fancy him. How many goals would he have scored for us? Don’t get me started on Santos ffs.

  204. But I really like him Adam….

  205. Ok Rico. Frimpong stays. Perhaps Guardiola could turn him into a better player.

  206. I don’t think you can discount Frimpong or le Coq just yet Adam. They have more to give, I’m sure of it. The rest can do one.

    I’ve always wanted Defoe at Arsenal. There’s be none of this tippy-tappy shit aroung the 18 yard box. He gets it and belts the ball, shooting on sight for the most part. Sweet Jesus, we need some of that right now. Cazorla last night was hitting the ball as if John Jensen was his shooting teacher.

  207. Adam – I wouldn’t blame AW, in Lille Hazard and Gervinho were top dog. I Used to watch Lille b/s of our interest on hazard and I remember wishing if we could get hazard along with him. He has turned out to be a massive disappointment so far. I thought last season he was adjusting and may turn out good this season, unfortunately he is worst. Some work out, some don’t sadly enough

  208. I have discounted Coquelin Rocky I’m afraid, on the grounds that he is shit. I am sure we will chat about it over garlic meat next Monday. :)

  209. Guardiola and Usmanov in please.

  210. See how his loan goes I reckon Adam, we need to have a few fans amongst the squad (if they are good enough of course)

    Wonder if Pep is waiting for AFC, he certainly wasn’t ready to take the Chelsea offer

  211. Back in 20, i’m hungry

  212. It’s a date Adam! Can’t beat a garlic infused debate!! Until Monday my friend…. Until Monday! Right, I’m off for the evening

    Catch you tomorrow

  213. Emma. What works in France doesn’t always pan out here I suppose. Along with Chamakh he is one of the worst players I have ever seen wearing an Arsenal shirt.
    I could go even further and say that they are actually an insult to Arsenal fans. As soon as I see either of those flakes on the team sheet my heart sinks.

  214. ESP. I am with you on that. 100%. It might or might not bring the success we crave but at least it wouldn’t be so bloody predictable or soul destroying.

  215. That’s better…

    Re Coquelin, i thought he was one of our better ones last night, but i don’t like all this ‘play me or i’ll leave’ stuff and tbh, he’s yet to convince me…..

  216. Night rocky…

    Hi emma

  217. Evening all,

    Pep Really? We can not stand tippy tappy the french way so lets bring in Guardiola. Those who watch Barca more often in La liga will tell you Barca have become the most boring team to watch in Europe. Against Betis they got to the opponents penalty box and passed the ball backwards to their own goalie…

    And Pep or Barca without Messsi is not worth talking about. Just saying…

  218. The Pep in his final 2 seasons was not the same Pep of 2007-2010. The Barca team lost the Dutch style and became a very boring and predictable team.

    And his transfer record is next to a joke. Apart from Villa and Sanchez who did he buy that played more than 1 season with them. Not forgetting TH14 of course.

  219. Hi rico ;)
    tsGH – seconded. Without Messi, Barcelona will be at the relegation zone in la liga.

  220. So not Pep for you then Ts, who would you like to see take over from AW?

  221. Rico. I watch a lot of continental football so I could possibly do a decent job as Comolli. Sometimes with football it because a game that balances on certain personalities. i.e is AW such a great movivator? In world football who would most players want to work with. All I know is trophies won means jack all when it comes to ability.

    I have said on numerous times that went Barca were in a worst state than us and had gone 7 years without a trophy with Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Figo etc Frank Rijkaard wa the won to end that rut after experienced coaches such as Van Gaal had failed. Frank was then sacked after doing a double because he was soft on players such as Ronaldiho. The same tactics he had used to beat us a year before was being questioned.

    But Barcelona is very tribal just as example Liverpool so that is the underlining reason. And controversially most of the fans did not want a blackman in charge of their club. ;)

  222. Talking of miracles and managers maybe lets bring back Helenio Herrera from the dead.

  223. I don’t watch any continental football so I haven’t got a clue Tsgh ;)

    But, I don’t actually want us to get Pep either if Wenger should depart.

    I’d love the club to get Arsenal back into Arsenal….

  224. Speaking of the devil. Messi just scored :)

  225. But Rico,our most successful period ever was with Wenger at the helm….
    We need a younger,happier version of Wenger,but one who has some money to spend.
    I can’t say whether Pep is a good manager or not….i think we can’t judge him on what he has done.
    He did a great job with a great side.
    That doesn’t men he can manage,but it doesn’t mean he can’t imo.
    Morning all.

  226. And why not maaurenho. He wins trohies in his time with a club but bear in mind the owner of the club may go bankrupt after he is gone. If a reach man like Moratti is struggling after Maaurenho and inter are struggling to fill a derby day match with AC because fans who wanted trophies are now questioning the ambitions of the club then lets just forget football and play monopoly…

    Any time I make this argument some ask what about Porto and his champions league win? Well Sir RIP Robson and later Antonio Oliveira built that team for him. The same way Martin Jol built a team for ‘arry to inherit. The same way he inherited Steve Claridge and Graham Rix’s team and added AW’s rejects like Big Sol and Kanu to win an FA but will the fans swap that FA for a place in the championship. I will bet my last penny most would.

    Yes AW was relegated in his first managerial job butpeople like Beuckenbeur and Monaco and Platini Snr saw enough in him to take him away because he developed talent.

    Monaco is still Monaco today even after being relegated because of the footprint of AW…

  227. How many players talk of Pep as a great coach?

  228. And messi blues green liquid..he is a martian not human

  229. bleeds… even

  230. Lol Ginge.

  231. Just my own view Scott..

    That day under Wenger and that style under Wenger is done, new man and different ideas ….

  232. Don’t want Maurinho either…

  233. I agree Rico. The same way Cruyff was found out 20 years ago the same way AW and his style has been found wanting. Its not necessarily AW but most importantly a system that was nullified by Sir Robson and updated by Maaurenho. The same way maaurenho always has a way to beat Barca and AW.

    The system requires top players but unfortunately this system can’t be implemented with the Gervs of this world.

  234. Hi NG, Hi Scott. I thought I don’t sleep but Scottie I award you the crown…

  235. Hi Ng…

    Ts – my view is more simplistic, play the tactics to suit the players, not make the players suit tactics which a) are dated and b) too many sides can nullify..


    Sign the right players in the first place, ones who have pace, proper pacey wingers who can cross and proper strikers who can finish.

    We are easy to read and even Mrs Brown could get 15 men together and get to successfully stop our current side from playing the way Wenger sets up….

  236. Arsene Wenger is “a dictator” whose time at Arsenal should have come to an end years ago, according to Stewart Robson.

    The club’s former midfielder, who played 210 times following his debut as a teenager in 1981, believes Wenger has a lack of tactical nous which is costing points every year.

    Arsenal have made their worst start to a season under Wenger, but a large section of the support continues to back a manager who has twice delivered the Double and overseen an unbeaten league campaign during his 16-year reign.

    Robson, though, told Sky Sports News Wenger’s reluctance to listen to his backroom staff is behind the kind of defeat the Gunners suffered at League Two Bradford in the Capital One Cup.

    He said: “It was a poor performance, but one I’m not surprised about. Time and time again Arsenal don’t earn the right to play, and tactically (Bradford boss) Phil Parkinson showed he’s a better coach than Arsene Wenger.

    “I’m more embarrassed with the way Arsene Wenger conducts himself these days. He doesn’t do any tactical stuff on the side of the field, they tell me he doesn’t do too much work on the defensive side in training, yet he’ll have a rant at everybody else.

    “There’s backroom staff that will challenge his decisions – Steve Bould, Neil Banfield, Terry Burton – but they can’t challenge him because he’s a dictator in many ways.

    “Why isn’t Steve Bould doing more coaching? Because – time and time again – I don’t think Arsene Wenger sees the danger. When the team are making mistakes he doesn’t rectify them, and the reason he doesn’t rectify them is he doesn’t know what the mistakes are.

    “In my view it was time up three or four years ago. The fans have stuck by him, they always say ‘in Arsene we trust’, that can’t be the case any more.

    “Tactically Arsenal are all over the place at times, they’re underprepared defensively, and if you have that you’re always going to lose several football games in a season and not win trophies.”

  237. The commentators at the Barca’s game are suggesting about Pep coming to Arsenal; saying the two (AW and Pep) get along fine.

  238. And maurenho’s buys at chelsea deserves 12 lashes from Uday Hussein. My question is apart from Essien, Carvalho and A.Cole have Mourinho’s buys actually been that good?

    Cech, Drogba and Robben where bought by Ranieri but he never got to play them. With Terry and Lampard already there. I’m just thinking about the manichie’s and jarosiks (spelling), Mutu, Tiago to name a few. Apart from Roman who could have taken on such loss.

    Jeez Boulahrouz will make Le Squid look like Maldini or Baretti. Sidwell , SWP etc. At Inter any coach who signs Milito and Motta for deserves to be stoned…

  239. Maybe they are out of the same pod….

  240. If anyone else apart from Robson had said that I would believe it but him please I would rather believe Tony Blair or Comical Ali.

    AW is such a dictator that last night we saw Bould and AW discussing substitution before changes were made. Is he not the same one who said AW is not talking to Bould? Robson is aclown who does not even support Arsenal. He is a WHU fan end of. It is only Arsenal that will offer someone like him a job for so long.

    Doesn’t RedNose choice his host on manu TvV but no one will say that.

  241. chooses the host… even

  242. pep did some of his coach training at Arsenal..

  243. As I said before, I would love to see pep come in, only if Usmanov is in place to give him what he needs to rebuild that team to his liking. How many of those Barca players would love to play under their old manager? Cesc back?

    God I would love to take everything off Barca… Do to them what they have done to us for years.

  244. IG comments to piss WATH and Lee off. ;) IG should have been a politician or spin. Is he related to Alastair Campbell’s of New Labour?


  245. Last night was the first time I’d seen Bould and Wenger talking in a while….

  246. Esp so you think Pique will leave the warmth of Spain and Shakira to play on an ice rink in Bradford?

    Cesc in his last 3 seasons with us pretended to have hamstring issues in January and February, make of it what you want but he has not had those injuries since.

  247. I doubt any would Esp, why come over to England and play in a tough league for less money? Pay more tax and be in the cold weather…

    I know where I’d stay ;)

  248. if you go on wired images you will see fotos of them in training talking.

    I am not prepared to believe Robson the clown over someone like Keown and Ray Pele Parlour. ;)

  249. I’d take Cesc back, with open arms. Cesc & Cazorla midfield pairing under pep, I think that would work very nicely!

  250. The last time I check AU was not going to do a Roman with us and spend I billion on us… just saying. Correct me if I am wrong please…

    And Dein is so good at football he was not made the head of FA after multiple attempts even though he has both the above and below table credentials…

  251. He wouldn’t come back though would he, he wanted to go home, unless barca tell him to go, he’s there for the rest of his career i suspect….

  252. AU doesn’t need to spend a billion. He just needs to spend.

  253. Solid performance by Song. He was tactically discipline in the match tonight. it makes you wonder why he wasn’t as discipline when he was still here.

  254. So if every team in the world had a Roman or AU to spend on their team how many Peps and Maurenho’s do we have to go around to get every team to win the 4/5 trophies at their disposal?

    Esp- I am no way being disrespectful here by the way. Apologies if it comes across that way.

    How many buys under Pep or Maurenho turned out to be a Cesc or a CJ25?

  255. Nah no worries at all, this is a site for opinions.

    Well I’m not worried about other teams, we need to actually get our billionaire on board first.
    I’m not sure if silent stan has put his hand in his pocket since he bought his shares.

  256. Ts – Usmanov doesn’t need to spend much. The club can save over quarter a million a week by getting rid of the deadwood.

    Bring in about £10- 20 million by selling players and then probably need to spend another £60M on players..

    That and new ideas and we’d be soon winning medals, and not runner up ones either….

  257. Emma he has been very assured as the DM. The point most fail to understand is that he was playing for us the same way Yaya or Khedira play for their teams. At Real Alonso who is like Arteta sit whilst the mobile Khedira roams further up field. The same way Gattuso use to play with Pirlo at AC. 2 year before he was disciplined and was the best player for us when we played Barca

  258. tsGH- Did you say ‘Cesc in his last 3 seasons with us pretended to have hamstring issues in January and February’. I thought it was after 4 matches and gets his 3weeks off. Since he left for Barca never remembered if he ever had such issues

  259. Wonder why Wenger never told Song to play so disciplined ….

  260. Rico- to buy or sell a player involves 3 parties. We tried to sell Squid, AA and Chipmuck but in all cases the relative 3 bars a year salary was not affordable to the interested parties.

    Up until last summer most European teams where paying truck loads for players. Remember Cygan went to SC19 old team Villareal for £2m years ago.

    The fact is 2 years ago Chamuck was wanted by Inter, Liverpool, the scums but he chose us because of AW and not the 60k a week he was offered as a freee agent. At that time he held the CL record for the most consecutive goals scored. We the fans asked for a plan B and at that time he was second only to Drogba and Klose as a target man.

    That is why I will never slate AW’s purchases even though they are not working out now. At the time of purchasing the buys made perfect sense. Even Park was amongst Ligue 1 team of the season

  261. ha ha Emma so I was not the only one who noticed? Love you already

  262. I don’t think anyone ‘fails to understand’ the way he was playing Ts, just he wasn’t quick enough or good enough to play the way that Yaya does…

    And that was the problem with Song. The same can be said of Chamakh, Gervinho, Santos and a few others…

  263. ‘Rico- to buy or sell a player involves 3 parties’.

    Really, I never knew :lol:

    It simple, just terminate contracts and pay them off, it’s more economical long term….

  264. Rico because MA08 can not run around for 90 minutes every 3 days. MA08 though he has turned out to be a very good buy was a back up after we missed out on SC19 and Lille renegade on selling us Hazard. But then Aw was stupid to think any team would sell their best 2 players in same season unlike us

  265. In Barca Song don’t create goals, he has players to do just that. In Arsenal, Song was part of the defensive and creative midfield. How many killer-passes did he created… AW should have discipline him if he wasn’t playing to his liking and ignore his defensive duties.

  266. What has Arteta got to do with Song Ts??

  267. Re Song, people often point to his assists but they forget how many of his passes forwards missed their intended targets?

    Imho, the main reason his assists are mentioned so often is because invariably, RvP was on the end of them and he scored a memorable goal….

  268. :grin: Rico even Roman is still chasing the coke snorting Mutu for money wasted. How many teams will write off 20m a season apart from the 4 or 5 riches teams in Europe? Most teams even Fergie will rather sell a Vron for 5m and make a 15m loss than let the player go free…

  269. Rico, without Jw10 and Tr07 at the start of last season it would have been suicidal to play MA08 as the AM which he isn’t really. And saying Song is slow what about MA08. If he played further up field he would not be able to chase back. Note the 2nd goal conceded against Fulham at Emirates when he switched position with Le Coq.

    Just my humble opinion…

  270. Stewart Robson…..well,i have the utter joy of seeing him and his expert comments a few times a week.
    The guy is a wanker.
    If you did not know him,you would swear he is an ex Spud player.
    Even when we have won and played brilliantly he is negative on the club.
    I would not even other reading any comment attributed to him.
    Ging,i sleep…….at half time :)

  271. I don’t really give a toot about what others are doing Ts, as a club we are perceived to be penny pinchers (and rightly so imho) but we waste so so much money paying crab players high wages.

    Well managed clubs, which we profess to be, shouldn’t behave in such a way.

    I’m sure we wouldn’t be worse off financially to pay players off, or just sell them so cheap, some other club will sign them and offer them a wage near to what they are on….

    There are ways and means …

  272. And Yaya was not wanted at Barca for being poor and was played as a DM or CB. Against us 2 seasons ago in January he played as the lone striker and was blowing out of his .ba…side after 40 minutes. Something just clicked for him last season. The same way Ronaldo was Gerv-like at manure in his first 2 seasons with the diving attitudeand it just clicked after his dad died and the Euro Rooney saga…

  273. Arteta isn’t the quickest, but then if he was playing in his proper position it wouldn’t matter so much.

    He’s just another player signed and then made to play somewhere else just because Wenger didn’t replace Song..

  274. @Rico. your 9:36 is absolutely right, even though you forget the one to TH. But how many shots SC19 missed already…

  275. Ok Rico, I guess that is where we will disagree. I believe the club tried to sell the so called deadwoods.

    We tried to sell AA 23, even Lachter his agent said so but the player wanted to stay in london to have a British passport for his child. We even offered to let him go on a free according to CSKA themselves but AA23 wants to stay in the UK. What can you do. In AA23 case 2 parties were keen but the player was not willing or his wife preferred to see Lion King at Picadilly or Victoria than go to Moscow…

    Shitemak was offered a loan to Bordeaux but he wanted to stay.

    And on Djourou how many 4th or 5th choice CBs are better than him?He is on 50k p/w because he has been with the club for 8 years…

  276. Wasn’t that just a case of Pep joining Barca and preferring Busquets?

    Anyway, it’s all just opinion on Song…

    Hi Scott…

  277. I never mentioned Djourou :)

    Do you know all that about trying to sell the players, or are you believing the stuff agents say..

    And that’s not me being rude…

  278. Rico you are very wrong there on MA08. He played as a DM at Espanyol, Rangers sometimes and PSG. He was meant to be the replacement of Pep at Barca but never went back after going on loan….

    He was always a holding midfielder as Alonso. It is only at Everton that he was asked to play on the RW

  279. Just maybe, AW thought Song was not just that important and uses MA8 in Song’s role; big mistakes by our manager.

  280. If Arteta is a DM, then I am Santa Claus…. :)

  281. If Wenger had spent the money we got from selling Song, then none of this debate would be going on…

  282. Rico. If Ferguson had our squad do you think we would be doing any better? :)

  283. Well, I dont profess to know everything. As I said according to his agent and CSKA on AA23. Dragoev even said so himself so..

    There are things I know through some people close to players at the club. As an example before the WHU match I said one of our players was going to pull out from the international call up. He did as we all know but why he ended up being out for 3-4 weeks only the Almighty and the player knows. All I know is that some of our players are possibly Munchausen sufferers… ;)

  284. Rico agreed; only if the money was available to spent and he chose not to replace him.

  285. Pep was a Holding midfielder the same way Alomso is a holding midfielder. None of them are Patrick Viera or Paul Ince like. We are talking about Latin football not western European football like we know it. Busquet is no De Jong but still does a job…

    Nite all

  286. He willbe doing better Adam but someone has to build the team in the first place with the resources available ;)

  287. This is what we miss from Mikel….

    2011–12 season

    Arteta signed with Arsenal on 31 August 2011 on a four-year deal for a reported fee of £10 million. Arteta was given the number 8 jersey, which was last worn by Samir Nasri, who had just left for Manchester City just over a week earlier.

    He made his debut on 10 September in a 1–0 home win against Swansea City. Arteta scored his first Premier League goal for Arsenal in a 4–3 loss against Blackburn Rovers at Ewood Park.[12] He scored his second goal for the club in a 3–0 home win against West Bromwich Albion as he began to comfortably settle into his playmaking role at Arsenal.

    He also opened the scoring with a 25-yard “swerving long range shot” in a 4–0 away win against Wigan Athletic.
    Arteta in a match against Sunderland in 2011.

    Arteta was able to have his first chance to captain the Gunners in the third round FA Cup victory over Leeds United, mostly notably remembered by the second debut of Thierry Henry. His fourth Premier League goal of the season came on 4 February as Arsenal thrashed Blackburn 7–1 at the Emirates, scoring from the edge of the area as a clearance from a corner reached him.

    On 26 February, Arsenal found themselves 2–0 down in the North London derby against Spurs, and Arteta provided an assist for Bacary Sagna to reduce the deficit to 2–1. Arsenal won the match 5–2. He then scored a brilliant 35-yard free-kick on 24 March in a 3–0 win over Aston Villa, helping his team go a further three points ahead of North London rivals Spurs in the race to secure Champions League football.

    On 8 April, he scored the winning goal from 25 yards out in a 1–0 win against Manchester City at the Emirates, playing a crucial role in the title race as the defeat for City left them eight points behind rivals Manchester United.

  288. Miles better Adam….

  289. If it wasn’t going to be spent Ng, why sell him?

    Night Ts….

  290. I wish you goodnight Rico. Speak tomorrow.

  291. 18m on Kagawa and he is injured after 3 matches. If Aw had dpent that much on aplayer and he was injured the daggers will be out… Perspective. And RedNose does not have to give the board 20m each Euros 20m….

  292. Still as sick as a parrot, Bradford fooking City, beggars belief
    Isn’t it past your bedtime rico ?

  293. Crikey, i have just seen the time. I really must sign off and get my horlicks ;)

    Night Ng and Adam, have a good night…..

    Catch up tomorrow….

  294. Spooky Micko, it sure is :)

    Nighty to you too….

  295. Song put his house on the market last February Fact. and he wanted a 20p/w pay increment after signing a deal 1 year before…

    Night again . This debate not getting anywhere

  296. Nor does Wenger Ts, nor does Wenger…..

    Gone now….

  297. Ha ha ha. And when wooney said Manure lacked ambition he was offered 250k p/w… just saying

  298. Park is playing pretty well for celta v real madrid. He is better than Gerv. unfortunately he wasn’t given a chance to show what he is made of

  299. Reasons to be cheerful, I can’t think of any kev !

  300. Tsgh, my best mate’s little brother’s stepmother’s father in law’s jack russell has promised me an exclusive at the end of the season, it’s gonna blow your socks off !

  301. Night Rico and tsGH…t’morrow is another day.

  302. An exclusive you say Mick….?

    Is Wenger splashing out on a Labrador?!

  303. Never understood the park situation either – he played and looked good, was starring at International level and yet never got a show. Rumour on the street was he wasn’t a Wenger pick more a financial decision so Wenger shut him out – seemed ok to me but as Emma said, never given a chance and when you look at some of these wanna be’s every week, you have to wonder why?

  304. Morning all….

  305. New Post up…

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