Most Arsenal fans got what they wanted last night. Embarrassing? No, more like humiliating…..

Many Arsenal fans, myself in included, wanted Arsene Wenger to take the Capital One Cup seriously and he did.

Could he really have fielded a much stronger starting eleven? (on paper and injuries allowing)

Maybe a few of us would say Arteta should have started, or Oxlade-Chamberlain on the right instead of Ramsey and maybe then Ramsey instead of Coquelin but that’s maybe more down to personal choice rather than form.  But come on, fixtures like last nights give rotation a chance.

Gervinho is the one I dread seeing on the team-sheet but maybe Wenger thought last night’s match would be good for him and he’d build up a bit of confidence and start scoring against a division two side. Well he should have done but instead he just continued to exhibit just how poor he is in front of goal.

I really can’t be bothered to go through the game as watching it was bad enough but we can all dissect it in the comments, if we can be bothered!

Last was embarrassing, not just because we lost side in the second division but how we performed against them. We never really started did we?

Had we been truly up for last nights fixture, the players would have been out of the blocks quicker that Usain Bolt and battered the Bradford goal but no, it was the home side who clearly wanted to start well.

Much later, after extra time and penalties we were out but as always, Wenger protected his players:

I cannot fault the players’ effort, they gave absolutely everything over 120 minutes,

We created a lot of situations, a lot of opportunities, we just didn’t convert our chances. You have to congratulate and give credit to Bradford, they defended very well. It was a typical English Cup game on a difficult but playable pitch, they started better than us and then they defended very well in their own half.

They dropped deep and there was no room. We played [selected] a very offensive team, but you have to say [Bradford] defended very well. I feel the team did fight. You feel embarrassed when you don’t give everything. I feel they will be more frustrated and disappointed [than embarrassed].

How do we recover? We focus on our next game and try to win that. Sport is about that.

Sorry but I think losing the way we did is more than embarrassing, and I don’t think we created that many chances either, especially in the first ninety minutes. It took us sixty-nine minutes to trouble their goalkeeper and that alone is simply shocking!

Sport is not about brushing such performances under the carpet and look to the next and ‘try to win’ it’s about looking at where things are going wrong and putting them right pretty sharpish and for a long time now, we haven’t done that.

All the time we have players who either can’t motivate themselves enough for a cold night in Bradford, or who are clearly not good enough to do the job for which they are being paid, night’s like last night will continue…

All the time we have an owner/board and a manager who continues to sign that kind of player, night’s like last night will continue…

Something seriously has to change for Arsenal FC to get back to where its history suggests it should be.

Was last night embarrassing? Maybe not…

How about humiliating?

Maybe that’s more like it……

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