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Henry ‘debut’ pencilled in & Is it time to put the League Cup ahead of the rest?

Morning all,

According to The Daily Mail, talks over a new loan deal for Henry are going well and a ‘debut’ for the old boy is pencilled in for January 6th when we face Swansea in the FA Cup. Doesn’t really take a genius to work out that that is our first game after the transfer window opens and the first one he’ll be available for does it?  IF he joins us again of course.

Lazy eh?

Talking of which, there is another article in the same paper which is quite good, it really knocks the lazy Match of The Day pundits. It’s worth a read.

Today’s post about the League Cup.

I have very fond memories of league cup encounters from years ago, when it was still regarded as a competition worth winning. It’s always been the poor relation in terms of domestic trophies but it still got people excited when we had a sniff of winning it. I still smile when I think of Perry Groves dancing down the left wing and Charlie Nicholas trying to miss but still scoring to beat Liverpool to it. It was a huge deal then. Likewise when we did the unprecedented cup double. I went just as bananas with us winning the league cup as I did winning the FA cup a few months later.

Of course, the evolution of domestic and European competition has seen its status downgraded to the point that even small clubs are likely to field weak teams to rest their better players for more important league games. It doesn’t help that winning the competition only gains the victors entry into the Europa league which is another sad evolution in the domestic calendar. But that’s a different subject.

However, I feel the league cup is still a pot worth the effort. That victory against Liverpool in 1987 came in George Graham’s first season in charge. Given our woeful form before he took over it was the perfect platform from which to build up not only the teams confidence but also the hunger for more success.

Jose Mourinho did the exact same thing at Chelsea. After winning that league cup they went on win everything albeit not exclusively under the arrogant one. But it stayed with the squad.

That leads me to this question. If Arsenal were to win this seasons league cup would it have the same effect?

Given the manager’s tendency to use the competition as a platform for up and coming youngsters with a smattering of experience thrown in for good measure, just what would the benefit be in terms of pushing on?

Yes, the club would have won its first trophy in 7 years, shaking the monkey from off it’s back, but on the face of it it would only be good for the confidence of the young ones.

What would our first team players get from it? Reflected glory?

Would they feel the pressure to win a trophy lifted from their collective shoulders?

Personally, I doubt it. If I was one of them it would make me feel under even more pressure to do the same.

So what’s the answer?

Do we carry on with the competition priorities as they are or should we go for it first team style in the league cup and see if we can’t just get a little taste of success and the momentum that might accompany it?

What do you all think?


Written by Bendtnersgone.

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150 comments on “Henry ‘debut’ pencilled in & Is it time to put the League Cup ahead of the rest?

  1. Even one night to celebrate a trophy would be just brilliant,so i say yes,let’s go for it.
    Morning all.

  2. [...] Henry ‘debut’ pencilled in & Is it time to put the League Cup ahead of the rest? [...]

  3. Morning all…

    Really good read Ng and I’m all for doing our damnedest to lift the league cup this season and even if it means missing out on a top 4 place. Football is about winning trophies and the league cup is just that.

    I also believe it will start the ‘i want to win more’ attitude, something we seriously lack and winning the league cup could change that…

    I hope we play a few first team players tomorrow night and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Wenger does just that…

  4. And let’s face it, that’s where we are at right now…..

  5. So what if the detractors say they have won a trophy but it’s only the league cup . If you enter the competition you should try to win it. I know that’s not the ” Arsenal style” but I think it would move the media goalposts for a bit.

  6. They don’t say that about any other club who wins it Potter so at least Wenger has that to say right back at them….

  7. Top 4 is still a must,but we can hrow caution to the wind in CL and see what happens,while focusing on the league and Cup.
    We are this far…..may as well won the thing :)

  8. Why is top 4 a must though Scott?

  9. Why wouldn’t it be??
    CL does help attract players.
    It does bring in good money.
    It does guarantee we finish above Spuds.
    Seems a no brainer to me.

  10. Good Morning my Esteemed Fellow Gunners.

    How are you Scott?

    Like you I say any pot is better then nothing. Yes I would go for it. AW would have had many comments off his back if he had managed to win it around 3 or 4 times between 2006 and now. It keeps the fans happy.

    Had he been realistic and gone for one of the FA or CC plus 4th place and telling us that he knew that both EPL and CL titles were momentarily out of reach he would have had a far easier ride than he has had.

  11. I think Arsenal can’t win the cl.Even the epl is a bridge too far. That’s why if Arsenal don’t do something about the wages for the top guys,they will become also rans despite Ivans barce words about 2014.
    We need experienced and proven quality players not some promising wc kid.For all of Chamberlain’s promise,he aint a game changer in the RVP mould.That will maybe come in afew years,assuming he fulfills his promise.If not he will join the likes of Senderos,Pennant,Vela ,etc,

  12. No i think there has to be a balance here give certain first team members a rest and play a few others. If we win this then we have two games to get to final at this stage I would turn to more senior player but until then. players who should get a chance are: Mannone, Miguel, yennaris, Chamakh Gnarbry and eisfeld, mead throw in coquelin arteta and gervinho with vermalean and jenkinson and you have enough experience and youth in first 11 I would put Akpom on bench alongside giroud and podolski just in case give chamberlain and Angha places on bench martinez as back up keeper Aneke takes last place on bench or maybe harper or bellerin

  13. Good day Lady. :)

    Inbox news for you.

  14. Going on his last performance I can only say that Mead is a guaranteed starter. While Jenkinson will also play. I have a feeling that maybe JD and Squilli will make the other two defensive berths.

    I would like to see Coquelin and Yennaris in DM positions. And yes I would put Ramsey in front of them. with Eisfeld and Rosicky behind Chamack, although I would prefer Giroud to lead the line.

  15. morning all… with scott on top four.

  16. Yep we should definitely go for it!! No gooner can say that loss against Birmingham meant nothing as it was ‘only the league cup’ or Chelsea a few years prior. Plus think of the morale boost after when they’re tweeting pictures of themselves holding a trophy.

  17. I think Top 4 helps, but all the time the club’s focus is on that, they lose sight of the 3 places above it….

    One day I guess we will spend the money the CL brings in.

    Maybe even sign the kind of players that the CL is meant to attract.

    One day, maybe we will even win the damned competition ;)

  18. Your memory of 1993 is wrong. The cup finals were less than a month apart (I remember it feeling like those wembley trips came quickly one after the other, rather than “a few months”).

  19. Morning devil, thank you for the mail :) :)

  20. Never mind arseweb, what’s a month between gooners eh…

  21. devil

    ‘Had he been realistic and gone for one of the FA or CC plus 4th place and telling us that he knew that both EPL and CL titles were momentarily out of reach he would have had a far easier ride than he has had’.

    Spot on….

  22. Good morning all,

    Capital 1 One Cup? It’s a trophy! Of course we should go all out for it. Show that we want to win! Show that we can win! Make winning a habit!

    On another subject entirely, what would we give for Lionel Messi. Eighty-six, yes 86, goals in a calender year. Gerd Muller’s forty year old record broken. What a player! How many did the little Dutch boy get in a year? It just doesn’t compare.

    Congratulations Lionel, I don’t think that record will be broken…ever!

  23. Rico,

    If we are not in the CL the top players will not want to be at Arsenal. If we can’t sign the top players we wont get into the CL It’s a vicious circle.

  24. I’m with you there JW, the more we win, the more we want to win and right now we need a win….

    It is a vicious circle but some days I just wonder if not making the top 4 would be the kick in the butt that Kroenke needs but then again I suspect he’d just stop the spending even more…..

  25. Morning all,
    Some good memories of the league cup down the years and some bad one’s too.
    What’s not to enjoy about a day out at Wembley, we need to get this monkey off our backs like you say BG.
    Some ugly scenes after the Manchester derby yesterday, Tevez and Lescott seen leaving the ground together.

  26. :lol: Micko, doesn’t get much uglier than that….

    JW – yes of course, congratulations to Messi, wish he was ours…

  27. Yes it may be a vicious circle, however, I think that I would rather have a team of hardworking players who want to do everything for the club than a bunch of overpaid prima donnas who think they have it all and just want to stay on simply for the money and the glory. We need more Jenkinsons, Gibbs, Mead, Wilsheres, Yennaris, Frimpongs, Eisfelds, etc. Players who grow up with the club.

    Then again they would leave if we are not competing. However you do have those who will stay on.

    Incidentally, today I would like to see AW put Jenkinson at Centreback with JD and put Yennaris at RB. With Ramsey near Coquelin and Rosicky in front of them. A good spine and a good chance for JEnks to play at centreback.

  28. I would like to see Eisfeld in the side. He has been amazing in the NextGen and reserve competition. Would like to see Akpom in action as well, if possible

  29. Morning all,

    Nice post BG!

    It’s a fine line to tread really, the way our squad is at the moment means all the key players have probably been overused and some are ‘tired’. The COC is obviously the least valued comp so at this stage the top players must get a rest when these games come up. I think we should continue to blood the youngsters peppered with some established players at this stage, if we get to the semi’s then have a real good crack at it with the first team. I have tried to erase it from my memory but didn’t we put out our first team for the final against Birmingham? So not always a guarantee.

  30. G’day Devil….i am good mate.
    Apparently plenty of our first 11 want to play the cup game as there is a decent break til the next league game.
    Rico,i reckon you nailed it re; Stan stopping spending if we miss top 4.

  31. Morning all…

    A fine debate starter Bg.

    I maybe wrong here but when did AW say he did not want to win the CoC or thE FA cup? If it is down his pecking order that imho does not translate to we do not care about it. We have been to 2 finals since 2007 and have not won it so I am quite baffled by the comments that we do not take the cups serious.

    And most fans will not like this but without CL football or 4th place finish we would not be where we are at all.

    And Liverpoo won the cup last season and are still in a shiter state than we are. So CL qualification is more important than most fans will like to admit as earlier stated by JW.

    I have a very busy morning with some presentations I have to give so later guys.

  32. DG,

    I’m not sure putting Jenkinson at centre back is a good idea right now. I know people see him as a future centre back but he’s only just settling in at right back, with Sagna possibly going soon, we need him to cement his position as the Frenchman’s replacement.

  33. Jenkinson is a defender and he should learn all positions I think. You may be right JW but I do think that this is a game where AW can afford to try out such an experiment. Up till now he has played at RB and LB. He should be tried there when it is still early in the season and not in the EPL to see if he can cut the mustard there.

  34. Devil,could he ever be our big,strong DM??

  35. DG,

    The quarter final of a cup competition is not the time to be experimenting, ask yourself would you rather we got to the semis, or try out a young full back in an unfamiliar position? I want Arsenal to win the Capital One Cup. It’s without doubt our best chance of a trophy this season.

  36. Blimey Scott! perhaps we should try him as a striker. :-)

  37. If he can shoot,why not lol??
    I did mean down the track though JW.

  38. devil, you know my thoughts on Jenks as a Cb ;)

  39. Morning Lewis, with us drawing Swansea in the FA Cup, maybe its a good time to put this cup ahead of the FA Cup ;)

  40. Hi tsgh -Bg has posted before :)

    And if Wenger has said he doesn’t want to win either of the domestic cups then maybe he shouldn’t be managing a football club because I would say every footie fans loves a cup win….

  41. Scott,

    At the moment I can’t see any of our youngsters are ready to step up the first team as a right back, it certainly wont be a Wenger priority to buy in that position. If Sagna goes, Jenkinson will be vital to the club and will be our number one RB for the foreseeable future.

  42. what’s this about Jenks at cb? why?? It’s not a position you learn overnight, so unless he has been playing there in training, dropping him in to start there is setting him up for failure. Even against sucha lowly side.

  43. rico, don’t think Wenger has said he doesn’t want to win the domestic cups only that they’re on the bottom of his list of priorities !!!

  44. Gotta go, G’night Scott (soon).

  45. Haha rico. Do you foresee another footballing lesson?!

  46. Point taken JW….catch you later.

  47. If people think Cazorla was the bad guy then what would you make of this……………….

  48. That’s Diame off the wish list then.

  49. Jenkinson used to play there for Charlton. He has played in both positions for them.

    I agree with all your points but I feel that this game should be the right one. Than again I might be wrong.

  50. Lewis,i was thinking the same thing,but by the time the end of January comes around,Diame will only have a month or so before recovered.
    Might still be a viable option,because the buyout clause is as cheap as chips.

  51. Arsene Wenger believes 17-year-old forward Chuba Akpom will soon be challenging for a role in Arsenal’s first team.

    The teenager featured on the bench for the Gunners in their 2-1 defeat to Olympiakos last week, after impressing Wenger and the club’s coaching staff with his displays for the club’s U21 side this season. The Frenchman believes that it is only a matter of time before the England U19 international forces himself into his first team plans.

    “He has personality [and] he has quality,” Wenger said, speaking to Arsenal’s official website. “I wanted him to be with the first team, taste what it is [to be involved] in a Champions League game, and hopefully he will join us very quickly. It could happen very soon.

    “He’s more a guy who likes to participate in the build up, a guy who is brave, a guy who makes good runs and is not a typical goal chaser.

    “Where he must improve is to finish things off. But he creates for others, he creates for himself, and just needs to be a bit calmer for the finishing. That’s something he will get easily.”

    Arsenal underwent somewhat of a transition up front during the summer months, with Robin Van Persie and Carlos Vela moving to pastures new, while Nicklas Bendtner, Benik Afobe, Sanchez Watt and Joel Campbell left the club on loan deals to Juventus, Bolton Wanderers, Colchester United and Real Betis respectively. And with Theo Walcott’s contract situation still unresolved, Akpom could potentially have his first team chances sooner than anticipated.

  52. Will, long term for me re jenks..

    Micko – phew, thought I was beginning to see where it’s all been going wrong

  53. I am off for the night.Have a great day everyone.

  54. Morning Gooners
    Morning RICO
    Good post from Nick…
    Will Benitez be taking the League Cup seriously?
    Yeah, you better believe it.
    And so to, should Arsene…
    And I have feeling, that this season he will do just that.

  55. Morning Kev…

    Rafa sure will, just hope Leeds are up for this cup and get one over them…

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you are right re AW either, go steady out there…

    Night Scott

    Gotta go too, Fido needs a walk….

  56. When Rafa took over the chavs my first thought was………here we go again. He will go for the cups. They are out of the CL, he knows that the EPLis beyond them and that leaves only the two domestic K\Os. So AW might better take if seriously.

  57. Hiya Kev.

    Good day to you.

  58. Here it is mates. What I have been saying all along.

    A few days ago I was told that he will not fetch more then 7mill.

    I hope AFC hold for 14mill…………………….

    ARSENAL could have their resolve tested as they look to cling onto Bacary Sagna this transfer season.
    The defender’s future has been plunged into doubt in recent weeks after he failed to come to the negotiating table to thrash out a contract extension.

    Furthermore, along with Walcott, Sagna was left out of the Gunners’ official club calendar.
    And this has prompted prying eyes from abroad to capitalise on the speculation surrounding the defender.
    According to Portuguese paper A Bola, nouveaux-riche French club PSG will test the waters with a £10m bid for the 29-year-old in January.
    Though Sagna is contracted at the Emirates until 2014, he may feel ready for a new challenge especially with a side that is oozing in talent which includes Ezequiel Lavezzi and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
    Sagna has started in less than half of Arsenal’s Barclays Premier League games.

    In total, he has made over 200 appearances for the Gunners since joining the club in 2007.

  59. Good afternoon all.
    I still feel it didn’t help Liverpool’s cause last season and they’re struggling this one. It may boost the morale to win it but I don’t want us to go on a downward spiral like we did after the final we threw away.
    I’d rather see us concentrating on the league and mixing it up in the cups. Have youngsters who will to bust a gut to a) impress the manager for a first team chance and b) win to be able to play again in the next round of this cup.
    Of cause we need experience so the returning wounded and fringe players should also be played.
    Finally, I really don’t want to hear the excuses “they’re tired(jaded) coming up again this weekend.

  60. Goody good gunners,

    Good post rico,

    I believe winning the COC will have a ripple effect on the team.It will definitely lead to boosting squad morale, more trophies etc. but that wont prevent the media from getting off our back But would advice on a mixture of first team players and fringe players to play against Bradford.
    Nice to see that our 2 traitors (£VP and Na$ri) kept our invincible record intact yesterday.

  61. Afternoon peoples, any news?

  62. Sagna won’t go devil…. TW might though if the club don’t pull their socks up and give him what he wants….

    Thanks emma, but I can’t take the credit, it’s Bendtnersgone’s ;)

    Good point about the traitors…

  63. I see in a report that Arteta thanks the supporters for their warm reception on Saturday and that he was worried they were still upset about the Swansea result.
    Is Arteta our official spokes person or does TV tell Arteta to speak on his behalf?

  64. We ARE still upset about the Swansea result!!!!

  65. We are Bradster, in fact I’m still livid after the 8-2 at OT and with Jens in the CL Final….

    And plenty of other performances too….

  66. Afternoon all, Good read BG brings back memories.http://www.arsenal.com/assets/_files/documents/dec_12/gun__1355136283_Managers_Email_w.html

    wengers going for it :)

  67. Blimey Steve! That must be the shortest post you’ve ever put up. :D

  68. JW, Wenger keeps sending me e-mails likes me to know whats going on :)

  69. I opted out of the Manager’s e mail months ago as I was fed up with the bulls**t regularly churned out. It was usually a re-hash of bits of his post match press interviews plus a bit of schmaltzy “love” for the fans.


  70. Good news that Sp, we want to go through too….

  71. JW, i wish i could opt out of all the viagra mails i get.
    Hi Rico, i’de settle for a cup as well :)

  72. Steve,

    Viagra e mails? Do you mean to say that all that exotic sounding totty writes to you as well? I thought I had an exclusive relation ship with them all. :-?

  73. Me too JW :)

    Got to go again, back in a bit….

  74. Hi all, I don’t recall Wenger ever saying he doesn’t want to win a cup, he just prioritises around the squad he has. I’d like to see a few more first teamers in there because, as you say Rico, that’s where we are right now. And I think we do lack confidence at the moment so a cup win certainly wouldn’t hurt.

  75. Apparently they want me fully equiped in case we meet, My mrs thinks i should ignore them. I tell her i’m only interested in Arsenes e-mails :)

  76. What? Do you mean to say that it’s you Rico, sending me those e mails? What name do you use? Is it Juanita, or maybe Ricoletta, she sounds really nice! :D I think my mum would have approved of her.

  77. Nice one BG, I agree, i like full strength teams no matter what we play for. I allways thought that a squad of players was so you could field a strong team all the time no matter what were in am i wrong.

  78. Steve, I don’t think you’re wrong however our squad doesn’t have enough quality to cover the best players having a rest leading Wenger to prioritise. Time was he could mix and match seamlessly. No more I’m afraid.

  79. The way i see it is you can do without one of your best players for a game or two but not too many in one go cohesion just goes, but if you were to rest two players every game every body would get the rest they need and the player coming in gets the experience

  80. It’d be nice if the manager could see that. It’s largely his fault the squad lacks the quality in depth anyway.

  81. Na$ri proved what he is about yesterday. Not a team player.

  82. Back again and for good for the day, hoorah…

    Evening peoples…

  83. Full strength. Personal e-mails. Viagra….

    Rico, what’s going on, on here today.

    It’s not very British, you know!

  84. I shall be writing to my MP…

  85. JW – 3.30 :lol:

    Evening Bg, good post…

  86. Gotta feeling Podolski might be in the squad at Bradford tomorrow.
    Jenkinson, Arshavin, Squealaci, Chamuck, the usual suspects.

    Like to see Meade get another game.

  87. Not sure if Gnabry is fit, but another appearance of Eisfeld would be very welcome.

  88. No idea Kev, must be the time of the year ;)

  89. Looks as if Giroud is definately out of tomorrow.

  90. Rico ;-)
    Gone now.

  91. hi all,

    Nico and Miguel are still out.A shame really. Santos will get a chance on the LW tomorrow

  92. I reckon a few of the first team players will play too, our next match isn’t until Monday so plenty of time to rest…

  93. I think as we have gotten this far we should play a good mix of experience and peripheral players. And players like MA08, BS3 and TV4 need a trophy so bring in the team that lined up against olympiacos. My only problem with this is the last trime we did that in 2007 final we lost 2-1 to the chavs when youngsters such as PV and Vela had taken us to that stage in the first place.

  94. Valley Parade or Coral Windows Stadium without Dean Windass will be strange.lol. AW has definitely changed English football. Without him fat men like him will still be playing professional football. :D

  95. Giroud and Walcott will not feature tomorrow, both injured… :(

  96. Arsène Wenger has revealed the following team news ahead of the Bradford City game:

    on the team news…
    “The only new player who is not available is Olivier Giroud. He got a kick on his back on Saturday. He has not recovered and he will be out.

    on the squad to face Bradford…
    “We will have an experience squad at Bradford. We have a good recovery time ahead of the game at Reading on Monday. So we can use the players we want to use.”

    on the players out…
    “Theo is still out. Along with Diaby, Santos, Koscielny.”

    on Vito Mannone…
    “He is back in the squad.”

    on injuries to the younger players…
    “Nico Yennaris has a back problem and Ignasi Miguel has a thigh problem.”

  97. None of our players have ever won a trophy have they?

  98. rico – most have(4th place trophy) ;)

  99. Evening Rico, two posts in one calendar year, I’ll catch up to Messi yet! :-D

  100. Just shows how short we are for a goal scorer….

    Chumuck :roll:

  101. emma – :lol: re 4th, although we shouldn’t laugh…

    Ha ha Bg, more please, more ….

  102. A friend of mines wife has left him today and she’s taken the satellite dish, the television and all his Bob Marley Cd’s .

    Poor chap, no woman no sky………

  103. Off to eat, back shortly…

    Diame back on then emma ;)

  104. Morning all.

  105. Come back Lee, all is forgiven !

  106. So Lee was Stan after all? ;)

  107. Not much happening in the world of Arsenal, hey guys?

  108. Hello again all…

    I see they have arrested a few after the Manchester brawl

  109. Rico re 6:40pm; I hope you are not the lady who the man left the wife for? :grin:

  110. Scott the journo’s are rummaging through their archives to re-harsh some past transfer rumours for tommorrow. lol

  111. In other words Scott, no, not a lot happening.

  112. You saying my jokes are bad Micko :)

  113. I do like a bit of Bob Marley Tsgh… :)

  114. Never in a million years rico, prefer a bit of Break Wind and Fire myself.

  115. Haha, isn’t there meant to be a bit of Earth in there somewhere Micko….

  116. Mmmm quiet times call for desperate measure from the beloved media!!

  117. Catch you later guys, is it one of kev’s walk down memory lane posts tommorow rico.

  118. Don’t worry Scott, normal service resumed tomorrow nite, laters.

  119. It is Micko :)

    You have a good night….

  120. Night guys…

  121. Night Scott…

  122. Quiet one here tonight…..

  123. It is Dee Eee Dee…dead :)

  124. Certainly is Scott…

    Think i’m going to call it a day, got an early start…

    Have a good day/evening.night…

    Til tomorrow…

  125. Diame back in 3 weeks?!!!

    Not sure about that one…

    But he seems desperate to stay fit enough to be able to join Diaby.

    Wait till our medical team get hold of him. They’ll make him a physical wreck in no time.

  126. Good to read Wenger bigging up Akpom. I can see him having a few run-outs from the bench in the FA Cup…
    Well, that’s if we can get past Swansea…

  127. Wenger’s comments about taking a strong squad are very welcome.

    Let’s get the job done and then worry about Reading…

  128. A bit of a worrying rumour about Shitties making an 11th hour bid for Huntelaar…
    That would be the end of our interest…

    Wenger bidding for Nani… :-D

    No chance, Piles Face would never allow such a move even if Arsenal matched ManUre’s valuation… Pie in the sky…

    Earth Wind and Fire, or the morning after the curry night before…

  129. Oh yeah, £18 million for Wilfred Zaha… Ha ha ha.

    Goodnight Gooners

    Morning Digger.

  130. A friend of mines wife has left him today and she’s taken the satellite dish, the television and all his Bob Marley Cd’s .

    Poor chap, no woman no sky………

    I dunno about everybody else but i had a good chuckle at that one. lol

  131. Morning all, anyone awake :)

    Thanks Will, so did I …..

  132. The Sun reports we are after Nani…

    £20 million, I don’t think so……

  133. Hi Rico,

    I agree, Wenger won’t pay that kinda fee for Nani especially because Man U want to get rid of him.

  134. Morning Bradster, and to be honest, we don’t want him either do we?

  135. Good Morning my Esteemed Fellow Gunners.

    For 20 million I expect Nani and Hernandez.

  136. Maybe a couple of seasons ago but not now.

  137. Morning devil, couldn’t agree more…

  138. I have a friend who reads HH regularly. He has his birthday today.

    For you big brother.

  139. I expect them both seeing that SAF does not play them regularly or wants to get rid of.

  140. What happened to us wanting Benzema? Has he become a regular now for Real Madrid?
    I know that would be a summer signing anyway as they have made the next round of cl and he would be cup tied.
    Also the Holtby rumours have died down as well, is that a good sign with Wenger’s antics?

  141. Holtby, Huntelaar and Capoue would be just fine for next transfer window. Maybe Landreau on a free would make it better.

  142. A friend we all know has a birthday today too devil :)

  143. Holtby would be a really good addition Bradster :)

  144. Ahhhhhhh. Happy Birthday to him then. ;)

    He is becoming old
    as old as an oak tree.
    He thinks he is Peter Pan
    happy, young and full of glee.

  145. I’d be happy with those three devil, still wouldn’t mind a keeper too…

  146. Landreau is free. He has split with Lille and does not have a club.

    Why not bring him. He has experience and would be a great addition plus he has won, albeit in France.

  147. Landreau has won with every club he has played with. That means he is a winner.

  148. New Post up….

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