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Huntelaar close to agreeing personal terms with Arsenal? Gustavo linked & Charity begins at home…..

Morning all,

Snippets first up:

According to The Daily Mirror, Arsene Wenger has added midfielder Luis Gustavo to his wanted list for next month’s transfer window. The 6′ 2″ Brazilian defensive midfielder/centre back is reported to be anxious for a move away from Bayern Munich. He only joined them in 2011 so unless he’s really unhappy, I can’t see there being much truth in this. £10 million is the suggested price tag.

The Huntelaar rumour wont go away either, in fact now it’s ‘hotted up’ a bit. The Sunday version of L’Equipe, the same source which started the Cazorla and Giroud rumours back in the summer, has suggested that personal terms are close to being agreed with Arsenal.

Lukas Podolski and the boys decided to pound the streets of London last week in order to raise cash for Arsenal and before any jokes, the cash being raised was for charity not players. On top of any money they managed to raise, the players were donating a day’s wage to The Arsenal Foundation, which funds education and sports projects to transform young people’s lives.

Arsenal also dedicated yesterdays match against West Brom to the same charity and Podolski said:

As players, we know we are in a privileged position and can help people who are less fortunate than us.

To donate a day’s wage is an easy choice to make.

Hopefully the club will raise more money on Saturday than I managed when I walked around Hampstead.

Good on them all I say, mind you, just a day’s wage. Bit tight aren’t they?

Talking of charity, yesterdays referee Mike Jones was full of goodwill for us wasn’t he?

Neither penalty should have been given. The first was a big piece of ‘Swan Lake’ performed by Santi Cazorla and, although the actual decision was spot on for the second, there was a foul in the build up. However, we have had plenty given against us when one of our players has been fouled during the build up, so tough, blame the ref!

Nice to see Mikel Arteta step up and bury both….

Maybe we needed a bit of good fortune to give us a kick-start and that came on 26 minutes through the first spot kick.

Team line up and substitutions:

Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Arteta, Wilshere, Oxlade-Chamberlain (Coquelin – 77′ ) Cazorla (Podolski – 87′ )  Giroud, Gervinho (Rosicky – 81′ )

Back to the game, one that we should have taken the lead much earlier in. Cazorla curled one chance wide of the post and volleyed another  over the bar. The latter would have been quite spectacular had it been on target.

Oxlade-Chamberlain had a shot blocked and then we nearly got caught out when Mulumbu won the ball just outside our penalty area, fed Brunt who fired a shot just wide of the top corner.

Then, that moment came.

Olivier Giroud found Santi Cazorla on the left side of the penalty area and as he tried to take the ball on towards the goal, Steven Reid tried to nick the ball away from him. Cazorla went over, not sure why as there was no contact whatsoever!

Referee Mike Jones pointed to the spot and up stepped Arteta to make the penalty count.

It was the first spot-kick we had converted at The Emirates since Robin van Persie’s against Liverpool in April 2011!

Jack Wilshere almost made it 2-0 before half-time but that would be one of a number of chances that went begging. Gervinho was the next, his shot was saved well by Myhill.

West Brom then had a penalty appeal of their own turned down when Per Mertesacker got his hand in the way of the ball but just prior to that, out big fella had been tugged back by Jonas Olsson. Phew!

Just before the half-time whistle Oxlade-Chamberlain put one over the bar.

Hal-time came and went and second half started as the first one ended and that was with an Oxlade-Chamberlain chance. This was from a tight angle and his shot got the slightest touch on the bar. Gibbs fed Wilshere into the left-side of the penalty area and the latter played in a good cross to Gervinho, who somehow managed to send his header wide! Centre Forward? I don’t think so!

Within minutes, Gervinho missed another chance, this time he totally miss kicked his shot.

Chances were coming and going and despite the one goal lead, it was never going to be enough to satisfy or settle the home fans, or the fans sat at home….

On 64 minutes, we got our second. As said earlier, the penalty was clear-cut when Oxlade-Chamberlain burst into the box with the ball but was sent all ends up by Brunt. Blame the referee for missing the push on West Broms Popov in the build up, not our young Englishman.

Arteta stepped up again and got the same result.

2-0 and to be honest, the way West Brom were playing, that looked to be enough, even for a shaky side like ours….

We had a few more chances, we missed a few more chances – Podolski being the worst offender. He had time to pick his spot from close distance, but yesterday that was row z behind the goal!

West Brom also had a couple of chances before the final whistle, but like us, they missed theirs too.

That was pretty much it, we finally stopped our rot with a victory at The Emirates. It was hardly a convincing display but as I was reminded yesterday, we did create chances.

But we can create as many chances as we like, if we don’t take them, what’s the point? We have to start making our chances count.

Yesterday we were fortunate that a Premier League referee favoured us for the two penalties and trust me, that won’t happen again this season. To be fair though, Jones was poor full stop. Poor old Mertesacker found himself in the book after a perfectly well-timed tackle on one of the West Brom players. Not sure exactly what Giroud did to deserve his yellow card either.

Inevitably, Arsene Wenger was asked about the penalty incident and he confirmed he’d spoken to Santi Cazorla because he knew that the topic would be raised:

Santi told me there was contact. I have not seen the replay, but if it shows there was no contact, I will speak to him after I have seen the ­replay. I will look at it, don’t worry.

If it shows he was not touched, I’ll say to him I don’t want to see that.

Well trust me Arsene, none of us want to see that….

Don’t mind seeing a few more clean sheets though, wonder if Steve Bould been allowed back onto the training field?

All in all it was better performance yesterday, the game was played at a much higher tempo, the players gave more and we created chances. Now to start taking them as I said before.

Next up is Bradford City in the Carling Cup, a huge game and a victory would take us a step closer to Wembley…..

That’s it from me


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186 comments on “Huntelaar close to agreeing personal terms with Arsenal? Gustavo linked & Charity begins at home…..

  1. [...] Huntelaar close to agreeing personal terms with Arsenal? Gustavo linked & Charity begins at hom… [...]

  2. Morning all!
    We got the result,and it was a much needed one.
    People on the net have been giving it Santi all day (Oz time) and that is fair enough.
    I do not want to see it,but it is done so i hope everyone can move on.
    It was a spur of the moment thing,and as long as it doesn’t become habit,then Santi should not be condemned.
    On balance of play,we easily deserved the 3 points,and there is a case to be made for us being gifted some points for a change.

  3. Morning all.

    Three points on a Saturday certainly make a much better Sunday morning but, and yes maybe I am being critical, but we should have won that by 5 goals or more.

    Gerv’s finishing is woeful and I really hope this Huntelaar story is true although he’s not free to talk to us until 1st jan, so unless his club are being ultra nice, just can’t see it being true sadly…

  4. Off topic, did anyone see Stephane M’Bia’s ‘behaviour’ yesterday??

    Footballers get slated a lot and deservedly so most times but what he did brought a tear to my eye ;)

  5. how many times etc etc? and how many times have we been denied legitimate penalties? do you remember the bolt on penalty we weren’t given against norwich at home last season. in fact, am i right in saying that we didn’t get a single penalty at home last season? i rest my case.

  6. Scott, I’m not fussed over the second but the first, no time for that kind of play. All Santi has done is put Wenger under more pressure in front of the media.

    Talking of which, I thought he actually dealt with it quite well yesterday, must have been hard for him as he always always condemns divers and cheats…

  7. welcome rellends, for sure we have been denied many penalties but on another day, we fans would be slating the likes of Young, Suarez and Bale etc etc…

    But just because its one of our own it’s ok??

    Not for me thanks….

  8. Morning all.
    Good report Rico,
    Why is it that we moan about Journo’s and pundits even the comentators, ridiculing us and slagging us off but as soon as we get a bit of luck we are the first to moan. Santi cazorla may have gone down easily he may or may not have been touched but who gives a shit the referee blew the whistle and he felt it was a penalty, if i speak the truth watching it live i also thought it was a penalty, after seeing it from twenty thousand replays i am now not sure and i don’t really care either. United City Chelsea Liverpool have been getting the same decisions for years some i have dissagree’d with but it has resulted in 3 pts. we lets face it are not usually that lucky Cazorla may have gone down easily but i didn’t see him appealing i only saw him rubbing his leg i assume he fell awkwadly, in the other penalty cotroversy i saw The Ox touch a guy on the back i wouldnt say it was a shove and i wouldn’t call it a push i saw it as a touch and the guy went down lik he was punched by Tyson, the Ox went on a run and he was fould no doubt about that, but he was also looking for it as well as he went down like a dive bomber. Personally we should take our luck when it comes as it doesn’t come round as often as it does for the other teams, Cazorla is quality and if he slipped over thats just to bad give our guys a break for Christs sake.

  9. Steve,a mate has dissected the rule back and is absolutely adamant it was a penalty,to the letter of the law.
    The thing i didn’t like is him grabbing the ankle aftewards.
    Anyway…enough on that.
    Agree on the second one.
    He fell way too easily.

  10. Good morning Rico,
    Good morning all,

    Three points in the bank and a more committed performance than of late.

    Wenger is reported to be considering “tough action” in the Cazorla diving scandal. I expect to see Santi punished by being dropped for the game away to Bradford, That’ll teach him not to imitate Bale, Young, Rooney et al. :-)

  11. Thanks Sp, because otherwise we’d be hypocrites…

    Goodness knows what that mate of yours saw then Scott…

  12. Morning Scott,they called Eduardo a diver but they didn’t say he dived when they smashed his leg in half.

  13. Rico,something to do with it still being a penalty if a player takes action to avoid what would be a foul.

  14. I know Steve.

  15. Morning JW – I like that….

  16. Morning Guys

    Enuf of the ‘penalty or not penalty’ ish!.. We did deserve the 3pts coz we playd better and created lotsa chance, westbrom 1st shot on target came around d 70+ mark so mates lets enjoy the 3pts coz mother luck aint gouna be shining on us anytime soon in terms of penalty decisions..
    Unto the huntelar story, i really do hope itz all true coz we really lackin in our finishing + a CDM is needed also. If we keep playin like this, then soon n very soon we would be up there wif the rest.

  17. Ah, two rolls and a grab of his broken ankle, now I get it Scott ;)

    I can kind of understand Dudu, but what is Santi’s excuse..

    Not long ago, some on here were suggesting cheats/divers were banned for 12 months. Guess that’s changed now…..

  18. Rico,i was the one saying give them 12 months,and i stand by it even today.

  19. I wasn’t over impressed with the Ox appealing to the lino whilst in mid air .But it was infront of me and the lino in question had been letting pushes go all match, so the shove by The Ox can be highlighted now but in the context of the game it was quite normal. The other one on the clock end, there was no way of us knowing but the West brom reaction suggested something was up.
    One good thing about yesterday the humour was back, the winding up of Myhill was fun and the return of ” your shit Arghhhhhh. Took off , long may it continue.

  20. Morning Lex, shame we couldn’t make one of the 15 chances count, that’s what I hope Wenger is now thinking as January approaches.

    We’ll certainly miss Gervinho in January… not!

  21. I know Scott, but you know I don’t like to make things personal ;)

    You weren’t alone though….

  22. Rico,

    I think what Scott is saying is that if a player ducks to avoid a punch to his head, the puncher is still committing a foul. Santi was taking evasive action to avoid possible injury, naturally he was diving towards the safety of the grass. :D

  23. That’s good to hear Potter, what a difference a week makes.

    Last Saturday the march and the fan chants at Wenger and the players, this week humour restored…

    Enjoy it whilst it lasts I guess…. and i hope it lasts a long long time…

  24. Ha ha JW, I’m not convinced Reid was that near to kicking him. ;)

    But, as I am in a minority, I will say no more on the subject :)

    Must get off out with Fido now before something falls from the sky….

    Catch up shortly….

  25. JW,a point of clarity……my mate said it :)
    Rico,no need to sidestep with me lol.
    I will always maintain that view on divers.
    I actually find it very,very embarrasing for the player in question whether he be a Gunner or not.
    Fifa would need to act on divers world wide to make it work.
    I keep saying/thinkingi wont talk about it any more lol!?

  26. Talk about appealing to the ref Potter,what about their skipper Brunt??
    He should have been at bloody Lords,he appealed that often!

  27. Morning all,

    Nice post, bit easier to be motivated today Rico? ;)

    The first was a dive, don’t like to see it, but if you’d have said before the game we’ll get the three points but Santi will take a dive I’d have taken that. The second, I agree with others, ox did not foul olsson, he is a massive bloke and went down like a fairy, a dive you might say. :)

    I thought jack was immense yesterday, the way he moves with and without the ball, the subtle inventive touches and passion. What a player! If he could add goals then we have a world class player on our hands and one I don’t see wanting to leave. Compliment this lad with more world class players!

    A striker and a DM are a must for me in the window, move arteta further forward and rotate with Santi/jack. A finisher is needed.

  28. 3points, 2goals and a Clean Sheet. Dat is my Conclusion for a Team that has been beaten and lost his Morale for more than 3straight weeks now. Yes 2 Penalties that could have been Over Looked by some Men in Black but Arsenal benefitted from it and yes i am Happy. Am Sure Santi will not make that a Habit and someone Please Tell Arsene that GERVINHO is becoming more Woeful at Goal and a Change between Him and Arshavin will not be a Bad idea after all. As for Huntalaar dat better be a Good News. Credit to Wilshere and Giroud. Arteta display on the Two Penalties is a welcome Development dat we now have a Penalty taker. My worry is 7corners and nothing came out of it. Next is Bradfort City and its a must WIN for us all. Happy Sunday you all.

  29. All joking aside, there is far to much cheating going on in football right now, everything from shirt tugging to diving to players appealing for throw ins, and corners when clearly they had the last touch. Add to that the tag team wrestling that goes on in the box at free kicks and corners, as well as the feigning of head or facial injury when no significant contact has been made.

    Referees have an almost impossible job to do and actually receive little help from their ever more numerous assistants. Their job is made even harder by the scrutiny and instant judgement and condemnation of TV commentators and their side-kicks.

    I’d like to see referees take control of games, book players for simulation, book players for dissent, have the guts to stand up to arrogant foul mouthed players and their equally arrogant managers. a positive flood of bookings, dismissals and subsequent bans would soon see an end to this persistent cheating.

  30. JW,it is often impossible for refs to make a call on simulation.
    This is where i believe video reviews wold come into their own.
    Give players worldwide 12 months notice,then after that,kick them out for a year.
    It will stop very quickly.
    Get back to the days when the captain spoke to refs.
    This circling around a ref must go as well.

  31. Can’t stand diver’s..
    But…over the last couple of weeks little Sante has been kicked from piller to post,how one of his legs have not been broken we can only thank god,
    most teams now are closing him down soon as he gets on the ball..
    yer he made a meal of it..
    But what the the f-ck was Reid swinging at ….
    nowhere near the ball was he.

  32. Scott,

    For one very good reason will will never see video replays used during play, it would totally disrupt the game.

    What should be used is post match video scrutiny. Any player found to have cheated should be banned immediately for the next game. Twelve month suspensions will be illegal on the basis of “restraint of trade”.

    I certainly agree about the surrounding of refs, you are quite right, only the captain should be able to speak to the official and then only in a polite non-aggressive way.

  33. Thanks for the wilshere vid emma.

  34. I do not condone divers/cheats. But the way the media is bleating about it, it’s like a leveson inquest is about to be held on AFC. Our unbeaten record in 2004 was ended by Shriek(rooney) as a result of a blatant dive. I would love a retrospective punishment to be taken on divers cause that’s the only way it could be stopped. One /two match ban will do

    For the game yesterday. I hope our players watch it all over again. They made it easier for themselves as they press and close down the opposition high up the pitch. Work rate was excellent. That is what we want to see from the boys. Passion, Desire and determination to put in a shift not just 20mins but 90+mins of every match. I am not too carried away by the performance until I see that happening in every game ;) simples

  35. Their player dived blatantly in the second half aswell…all the talk on one dive….

  36. I doubt the authenticity of getting Huntelaar in Jan. But there are strong indication that the guy with a dodgy knee(Demba Ba) & Diame as the DM will be coming in Jan

  37. Everyone is screaming ‘dive’. Steve Clark is incensed. Perhaps he should think about explaining just what Steven Reid was doing, wildly lashing at Santi’s trailing leg with the ball a couple of yards away. Anyway, look at the video, Santi is looking after the ball and could not possibly have seen the kick coming. Enough of a touch? Made the most of it? Blame the guy who did the kicking!!

  38. Morning all…

    Fine post as always Rico.

    I doubt the authenticity of the Klaas rumours as normally they get their tips from Gilles or AW.

    Bild who initially reported Poldi’s proposed contact and negotiation do not have that news so..

    Maybe DG may have some inform from his homeland for us later…

    Well, on the penalty non-incidence, 3 penalties awards in over 26 months at home in the EPL for us and the media are going of the handle. Even Fowler thinks he has the moral authority to comment.

    Didn’t Eboue receive his final orders by conceding a weak penalty in the 100th minute against Liverpoo at home 2 seasons ago?

    What about the 2-0 win of manure at Liverpool in September this year? where were the media to say manure players are cheats?

  39. Hello again all,

    Welcome to those just out of moderation and sorry for the delay…

    Thanks Tsgh – I doubt the Hunter rumours too, at the moment anyway as he can’t talk to other clubs just yet…

    Seriously hope the DM rumours are true though, not the particular player we are linked to but the fact that we are looking to sign one…

    emma – LJ was superb wasn’t he…

  40. Lewis – thank you and much easier :)

  41. Morning all…2-0 to the Arsenal! 2-0 to the Arsenal!! Rico what did M’Bia do??

  42. The Metro are running the Diame story…..

    Might have to watch West Ham v Liverpool later, just to see if he’s worth £4.5 million ;)

  43. Morning all….2-0 that’s all that matters onwards and upwards!!
    Rico what did M’Bia do?

  44. rico – He was. ;).
    There are very strong indication we will get Ba and Diame.

  45. What about Rooney when manure finally end the “invincibles” run of 49 game unbeaten run.
    Did he not DIVE. Of course the cheating scallywag did! Did big Sol touch him? No he did not! Etc.etc


  46. Predictive text – it should read scally not the wag bit!

  47. Rico. players still talk to other clubs outside the window imo. I think so far as both player and the intending team are not blatantly disrespectful, no one cares.

    Diame will disppoint. He only turns up during big games. He is not a bad player but he was alloed to leave on a free 6 months ago, that says it all. But then again WHU pay CL salaries so..

  48. Gustavo last April against RM in the CL

  49. If you are interested in watching the manchester derby match in HQ then click here http://atdhenet.tv/56821/watch-manchester-city-vs-manchester-united

  50. There are teams that you can not buy from and the Bavarians are one of them.Even the mighty RM struggled to poach Ribbery from Munich.

    He is decent by not better than the player Emma has been stalking i.e Capoue imho. lol

    Bild are reporting that Muller is going to join BD04 in January. That will be like a player moving from Liverpool to manure or Shitty.

  51. tsGH – ;) shhhhhhhhh.. . say no more

  52. Hi Lee, how it’s going over there??

    Mbia he had a fan during the game, he waited until the end, took off his shirt and went walking up the steps and found this little lad and handed him the shirt and gave him a cuddle….

    Nice :)

  53. Been helping empty my loft – ready for some insulation to be put down :( :(

  54. Ba and Diame would certainly make us stronger emma :)

    And if Diame only turns up in the big games., then that has to be good, so many times players fail to turn up in the big games…

    And the way our season is going, every game is a huge game :)

  55. back to the loft…

    Bloomin Manure 1-0 up…

    Is it wrong to hope City batter Fergie’s lot??

  56. All good in the big apple Rico, so there are some human beings that play football?!?!

  57. Good to hear Lee, and yes, it seems so :)

  58. Arsenal old boys bar one, 0 manure two. Good game to draw now!

  59. Can we not tow Manchester into the Irish Sea and sink it?

  60. The old fox McPurple face out-smarting the Munchini.

    How do they manage to do that? 3 shots 2 goals. Talking of sucker punched ehh. Cliche must be wondering if he is having a bad dream and playing for Arsenal again in a blue top. Silva is really leaving him out to dry on the LHS of $hitty. Santos will have to send him the contact details of his shrink after this match.lol

  61. Nice thought wavy…

    Poor old Clichy ….

  62. Hi all. i didn’t watch the match but I’mhappy to hear that the performance was better. even though the goals weren’t flowing. let’s hope it’s the start of a revival.

  63. Morning Rico and All.

    ManU 3 ManCity 2
    RVP again; that’s what 24M can get you.

  64. Almost worth selling Nasri, Clichy and Van Persie just to ensure the Invincibles achievement remains unmatched

  65. Afternoon all. Good old Clichy. How many times have we seen him do that? RVP and Sami the Snout too. Funny stuff.
    Extremely irritating that such an average Man Utd team are where they are.

  66. funny nasri duck and stick his leg out ;)

  67. An average side Adam but RvP can’t stop scoring, just keeps on writing his own scripts.

  68. Adam. Average indeed when you considered individual player, and where they are at the top of the table. Plus, we helped them get there.

  69. Hi Adam, we could do with with a striker of RvP’s class couldn’t we?
    I’ve not seen the “dive” BUT I’m sure we’ll be buried in the media for it…..that prick bale does it every other week!!

  70. Wavy 2.03, be a lot of turds floating about mate.

  71. Yep, sure wil be!
    Shiity and manure all swimming in the same pond!

  72. Rico, I had the house walls and loft insulated about 3 years back, well worth the money and at the time discovered I had bats in the loft, the smell will live with me for life, we trapped and caught them, drove 5 miles away and released them only to find when we got home they had got back before us, unfortunately the story didn’t have a happy ending for the bats.

  73. Afternoon again all…

  74. Everton 0 Totts 1….
    what’s a joke the first penalty yesterday, but in the second half were two clear faults suffer by Cazorla, one of them close the penalty area, and the referee not refereed.

  75. 1-1 ! :-)

  76. 2-1 !!! :-) :-)

  77. BPL, it not over until the ref say so. Everton!!!!

  78. Had the walls done Micko but the loft, well it was in a right old pickle. Thankfully no bats, but plenty of condensation dripping from the roof :(

    Poor bats :(

  79. How long to go at Goodison?

  80. Carefull what you say about Bats Micko , they are a protected species and if the thought police get to hear it they will come after you.

  81. Good old toffee’s !!!

    Scratching my old head here but I think I remember a penalty given to Steven Gerrard(?) where he had to take evasive action from a foul tackle. If Reid had aimed a two-footed leap at Santi’s head he would have been sent off and a penalty awarded, whether there was contact or not ! – insuch a case it’s intent that counts. There’s no question that Reid tried to foul Santi – what the ref has to decide is whether Santi fell, overbalanced or deliberately dived avoiding the foul.

  82. Sir Patrick Moore, astronomer and broadcaster, dies aged 89

    FT: Everton 2-1 Spurs

  83. I didn’t want to break that news to Micko Potter ;)

    Is the game over Steve?

  84. Diame doing his usual rubbish i.e pulling his stockings up every 5 minutes.

  85. Thanks Tsgh, good result for Everton.. Nice for us Gooners :)

    That’s sad news about Patrick Moore….

  86. Final scored rico.
    WH 2 – Liverpool 1 (55 minutes)

  87. They’ll never take me alive Potter !

  88. Thanks JM, I’m watching West Ham and our potential new signing Diame ;)

    He’s quite good….

  89. I’m sure you meant the bats just had to move home Micko ….

  90. We have had similar problems with otters treating our fish pond as a Mcdonalds, you can’t touch them either apparently.

  91. That’s rotten Potter, didn’t know otters were protected, they didn’t say that on Autumn watch…

    Round here it’s the herons, my in-laws have big problems. Don’t think they can be stopped either…

  92. Diame has just ‘done’ his hamstring, count him out for January then….

    He looks in real pain….

  93. 2-2 at Upton Park….

  94. Herons can be stopped by raising the edge of your pond. A heron can’t put it’s head below it’s feet and if they try they topple into the water and drown. As for otters they died out in the broads because there were no eels left for them to eat. After Natural England re-introduced them the eel population has gone down again and they are leaving the rivers and hunting for food in garden fish ponds. Last time they came we lost 20 odd Koi carp , we only have 3 left now and I am not buying any more.

  95. 2-3 at Upton Park… bugger…

  96. He did Rico. He’s probably saving himself. He will be going to the AFCON so I doubt he is the main target.

  97. I read somewhere Diame has herat problems…
    This is one reason why not play as often.

  98. When I said stopped, I mean for good ;)

    They just cover their pond now and it seems to be ok, I recall hearing that about the re-introduction and subsequent problems…

  99. WHU conceding 2 goals since Diame went off

  100. That was back when he was 16 years old I think JM

    Tsgh – i forgot about that, do we need to sign another player who will go off to the ACON??

  101. Am I right in thinking their are no unbeaten sides in the PL now that Citeh have lost?

  102. Offski to get something to eat… Back in a bit..

  103. That’s true. City has just one defeat.

  104. Even the cheating Old Lady of Turin could not match or beat our 49 game unbeaten run.

  105. That’s all it takes JM :)

    Evening peoples…

  106. How many did they get to Ts?

  107. I guess we might start scouting for another DM or should we …. ?

  108. Morning all.
    JW,i age with you,though i never made it clear.
    Video reviews on divers should only ever be done after the game…never during.

  109. I guess it’s Diaby’s fault. ;)

  110. He’d be missing anyway emma for the ACON’s….

    It looked bad at the time…

  111. A mate is coming over and has asked if i know of anyone with a ticket available to the West Ham and Man Citeh games.
    If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.
    If so,please email Rico (hope that is ok Rico).
    Thanks again.

  112. So Diame will fit right in with us then :)

  113. Evening Scott.

    I just read about a strange paedophile scandal in Lithuania, a democratic EU country. A very sick world we live in.

  114. Hi Scott – for sure it’s no problem…. Hopefully someone here will be able to help…

    And yes re Diame….

  115. No Diame in January then..!

    Diaby Mk II

  116. rico – Senegal did not qualify for AFCON 2013 and the next week is 2015. He is available. Probably AW might leave it late in Jan to sign him.
    Scott – the guy is a monster, he will fit straight in.

  117. Reports in Italy and Ghana say AW is considering a serious offer for Parma’s DM Afriyie Acquah.

    My bad Senegal are not in next years AFCON. The participating teams are:-

    South Africa Hosts
    Côte d’Ivoire
    Cape Verde
    Congo DR
    Burkina Faso

    So shitemak has another perfect excuse to stay with us past January. And the scums will lose Ade the whore for a month.

  118. Emma I think he is doing well because he is playing for Fat Sam. When he was playing in Martinez style which is similar to ours he was not as confident.

    If we are going to buy from this league I would prefer Britton of Swansea. He is a stronger Arteta and will suit us to the tee….

  119. Has anyone heard of Effix LudaIix??

  120. enlighten us Scott…

  121. Hi Charlie, all good??

    I forgot, thanks emma, no Ba off there either then?

  122. Emma,i meant he is out for 3 months injured lol.

  123. Chamakh will be gone I’m sure Ts…

  124. The Lithuania story:

    The girl was born in 2004. Her father is Drąsius Kedys, and mother – Laima Stankūnaitė. The parents lived together for several years but later got divorced. According to the decision of the court, the custody of the girl was granted to the mother; however, she did not take proper care of her child. Having learned about this, the father decided to bring the child back. The court approved the decision, the mother refused the custody of the girl and the custody was granted to the father. The girl returned to live in the house of her father and saw her mother only rarely. However, she started telling that while living at her mother’s she had been raped by some men, and that her mother Laima Stankūnaitė used to take her to some rented flat, where she had to satisfy sexual needs of three grownup men, had been molested, and sexually abused.

    As soon as Drąsius Kedys learned about this, he immediately referred to the police asking to initiate a preliminary investigation.

    The investigation was soon initiated; however, when it turned out what men were being accused of the paedophilia, the investigation was discontinued abruptly and illegally.

    One of the named persons was Jonas Furmanavičius, the judge of the Kaunas Regional Court, the second – businessman and politician Andrius Ūsas, and the last one was not identified and was referred to as Aidas by the girl.

    Father Drąsius Kedys submitted more than 200 statements to the Lithuanian law enforcement authorities asking to investigate the case of paedophilia consistently and radically.

    Nevertheless, such proper, detailed and honest investigation was not initiated. Finally, on October 5, 2009, Drąsius Kedys was announced missing. On the same day, judge Jonas Furmanavičius and Violeta Naruševičienė, the sister of Laima Stankūnaitė, who, according to Kedys, had also been an alleged accomplice in this procuration case, were shot in Kaunas. Drąsius Kedys was charged publicly with this crime, even though neither his fingerprints on the firearms, nor other facts proving this crime had been detected and confirmed. Drąsius Kedys was also defamed publicly by the press, where he had unduly been blamed for drug abuse and partnership with members of criminal gangs, even though no such things had ever occurred in the life this honourable man and father.

    Potentially corrupt Lithuanian law enforcement authorities did not initiate a detailed investigation of the death case of Drąsius Kedys. In April, 2010, he was found dead – evidently beaten and murdered.

    His body was found near the Kaunas Lagoon. The official version stated that had been drinking and “choked on the contents of his stomach.” However, independent experts confirmed the conclusion that he had been beaten and drowned in the water.

    All this time, the custody of the girl of Drąsius Kedys was granted to his sister Neringa Venckienė, the judge of the Kaunas Regional Court, in whose house the girl felt safe and well cared for.

    2010 06 13 businessman and politician Andrius Ūsas was found dead. It was an “accident”.

    In may 2010 District Court of Kėdainiai Region passed the urgent decision to pass the custody of the girl to her biological mother, who was a potential observer of paedophiliac crimes and was inevitably aware of them, and to revoke the custody earlier granted to the sister of the father, Neringa Venckienė.

    Thousands of people of Lithuania were watching the tragedy of the little girl with their deepest sympathy. Hundreds of people stood guard near the house where the girl lives, organise pickets near the Lithuanian law enforcement authorities.

    2012 05 17 was really horrible day. Biological mother Laimutė Stankūnaitė took her daughter from her aunt home, with 240 POLICE OFFICERS HELP.

  125. Ginge,i just read we have signed him,or are at least in the process of it!!
    19 y.o. French kid…….brilliant on the ball…saw some footage in training only….
    I am ot pretending to pass this on as favt,as it is sketchy to say the least.

  126. Fact…..

  127. wasn’t Fiorentina after him lastjanuary but he decided to not go to the AFCON to fight for his place.?i.e he was not selected.lol

  128. scott – Not true. it was a hoax

  129. Thanks Emma.

  130. Scott- LudaIix sounds like an exotic retreat. lol.

    Another prospect from the lower leagues I assume. What team is he from?

  131. Oh thanx Emma for clarifying. Ludaflix should say it all….
    I initially thought it was Ludaix Scott was trying to spell ;)

  132. Did anyone else hear about the Diame injury?

  133. Don’t know about that French kid, but I thought McCarthy of Wigan looked quite usefull (or is it useful, Mick, where are ya?! ) on the bit I saw on TV last night.
    And Hughes had another impressive game for Derby yesterday…

    Hi Rico, busy in the ol’ town tonight.

  134. How the mighty Ade da whore has fallen from grace. It seems the scums are serious about Moutinho and Llorente. And we are looking at Diame… These are his stats. according to wiki

    2005–2007 Lens B 28 (1)
    2007–2008 Linares 31 (1)
    2008–2009 Rayo Vallecano 35 (1)
    2009–2012 Wigan Athletic 96 (5)
    2012– West Ham United 15 (2)

  135. Good Kev, makes the day go quicker ;)

    You reckon there is any truth in the Hughes rumours?

  136. Today’s injury Scott? If so, yes, I was watching when he pulled up, he looked in a lot of pain….

  137. So Conor Henderson shot himself in his foot by going on loan.

    Frimps played a full 90 mins in the addicks terrific 2-2 draw with Brighton. He has received one yellow cards thus far. Very positive I think especially at that level

  138. Rico,three months is the prognosis.
    Puts an end to that i guess??

  139. Henderson has only played once hasn’t he??

  140. not sure.I liked him but we can blame the P.T.I’s or physio or AW but from the u-15’s up some players pick up injuries that persist or mess up their career. Serge is another player who is having persistent ankle injuries that are keeping him away from the first team.

  141. Hopefully Wenger has got a plan b for a ‘DM’ then Scott….

  142. Ginge,how is this for a theory on our injuries.
    Being in the greyhound game,the dogs that are reared tough and cop injuries as pups are invariably those who remain relatively injury free.
    Pups that have a trouble free upbringing can end up soft and injury prone.
    We do not care when choosing a pup to see calcification on joints etc,etc,etc because these injuries heal well,and the joint actually becomes stronger than it would normally have been.
    My questions is are we “rearing” our kids too softly?
    It is ok to be training kids from an early age to play the “Arsenal way”, but without the body to back it up,it is pointless.
    Just a thought.
    Rico,according to the rumours,Wenger is looking at 42 DMers lol.

  143. LudaIix is from a little village in Gaul where they have magic potions mixed by their medical man Getafix, He is an old fashioned type of person that doesn’t react well to new ideas. He plays in a team with a big centre back called Obelix and is captained by a star on the wing called Asterix.

  144. Playing/training too much when their bodies are still growing probably has something to do with the injuries……

    In cricket, young players have restrictions on what they can and can’t do, especially young bowlers…

    What is there in football I wonder..

  145. That few eh Scott, pff, typical Wenger ;)

    Potter, for a split second, I thought that comment was left by Adam….

  146. Fascinating Scott.My theory is its to do with the type and physique of players we sign. Apart from Poldi, Serge and Frimps all our players are built like AW. If you are naturally stocky you are made to go lean frame.

    Most of our injuries are soft tissue type injuries. So it may be due to preparation etc.

    Like the British Military where emphasis is placed on less muscle to be able to run longer and further naturally. Other countries such as NZ lso follow that model too whilst the americans have always preferred bulky types…

  147. Tomorrow guys and lady. God Bless…

  148. Can’t believe of the goings on at X factor rehearsals today. The polite an unassuming karaoke Chris went berserk fuelled with poteen and give everyone a piece of his mind. Quite possibly his best yet X factor performance. Doesn’t matter cos his album’s out on Monday.

  149. the americans have always preferred bulky types…

    With helmets and shoulder pads

  150. Rico. I would never say such a thing. :)

  151. That smudge, is very funny :)

    shame our major shareholder didn’t stick to signing them….

  152. I knew that would get you out of your armchair Adam ;)

  153. The prototype should be the aussie lads….best in the world!!

  154. Both sets of Manchester players are at the X-Factor Final tonight…

    If Shane Warne is anything to go by Scott……. I’d disagree…

  155. Can there be a link to which part of the world players are born and raised??
    Are injuries more prevalent in African players or English compared to those from the continent?
    Those are just possible examples.
    Can it be related to kids diets??

  156. Rico,he has bagged a decent pommy girl….she has seen the light :)
    Even Warne comlares favourably to that uber macho Hugh Grant lol!!

  157. Rico. I was actually laying on the sofa. But close. :)

  158. I just think its a bit of diet and playing too much…. some of these young kids are built like outhouses, not all of them can be fragile..

    What Hurley, hardly ;)

  159. :lol: Adam….

  160. I’m going to depart for the day now…

    You all enjoy the day whatever is left of it…

    Night all…. ‘Til tomorrow…

  161. Scott, greyhounds have to find food with their feet otherwise there’s a chance they’ll end up with a piece of lead in their ear, these modern day prima donna footballers get everything served up on a plate, Diaby wouldn’t last 5 minutes if he came back reincarnated as a whippet.

  162. Kev, reasons to be cheerful, 1,2,3.
    The juice of a carrot,
    The smile of a parrot,
    A little drop of claret,
    Anything that rocks.

  163. You got a Belfry, Mick?

    Conor Henderson’s decision to join Coventry, may have well have ended any faint chances he had of a career at Arsenal?!
    A shame for the lad. Let’s hope it wasn’t a case of his agent putting money before an opportunity of regular 1st team football.
    Vela’s decision to join West Brom instead of Bolton spring’s to mind.
    That was an agent chasing the lucre instead of football reasons.
    Served him right…

  164. Demba Ba is rumoured to be moving abroad when he leaves Newcastle.
    Not sure that Wenger is gonna spend hardly anything this January?!
    Hence the Henry stories…
    Doesn’t look as if Chamakh or Arshavin are gonna leave, and until those wasters leave I cannot see Wenger having a spend-up…
    Diame did tick all the boxes in terms of physicality and price, but that’s out of the window, at least till the summer and maybe permanently…?

  165. Anyway, I’m looking forward to hearing all the lurid details about how Stan and Lee went out nightclubbing together…
    Wonder what the New York equivalent to Old Compton Street is?
    Lee and Stan in the YMCA….
    The mind boggles… :-D

  166. If this were true ,it will be great news. Hopefully he can score as amny goals as RVP.Arsenal’s model ffp is admired but won’t win trophies. You contrast that with red faced. He took a gamble on RVP and it is paying dividend.
    By the time the gunners become competitive in 2014,the top teams will be out of reach. The gunners will perenially play for the cl spot. That is the fear of all gunner fans .
    it’s only half way and things can change. RF is due a blip sooner or later,He can’t be winning repeat winng all the time. MC”sunbeaten 2 yrrecord had to go. Same for rf.After winning 5epl games on the trot,it’s about tiem he is sent crashing down to earth.It’s about tiem he is due a draw or better still a defeat.

  167. Not all of us get rid of slow dogs Micko…plenty do though :)

  168. MC play in the same predictable style as Arsenal.Build up is slow and ponderous and in terms of ball retention,excellent.Against a swift counter attacking team like,Mu it’s very vulnerable to the speed down the flanks or middle. A long ball bypassing the md can do the damage.That’s why Arsenal wil lose and continue to lose to such teams.
    Let’s see what happens end Jan . No need to wait till May to see how the team unfold.If the gunners are challenging for the cl spot,well and good. If the gunners are finally dislodged from cl contention,most fans are agreed .it will be time for a new guy.If Wenger doesn’t buy anyone in Jan and thinks his squad can win the epl,he is dangerously deluded especially if he can’t secure 4th place.

  169. Deluded,a word so often linked with Wenger and his followers,yet time and time again those actually using the word end up looking silly.
    I guess if you use it often enough,eventually you will be right though!!

  170. I heard Campbell was very good v Barca yesterday…did anyone catch the game??

  171. Flamini back on loan with a view to full time??
    Amyone else hear that?

  172. Anyone else,even?

  173. Morning all…

    I don’t know about that Scott. He did not come on for the 2nd half. He looked special on the ball but I think he is another luxury playerin the mold of Vega who will provide brilliance on occasions but may not be suitable for this league.

  174. Another youngster injured. Eastmond has returned to Arsenal early, after suffering a suspected fractured metatarsal in a freak training incident on Friday. He has been excellent for the U’s. Colchester think the loss of Craig could really affect them.

  175. Morning all…

    Funny how Eastmond always gets injured just before a transfer window is about to open, anyone would think he doesn’t want to leave ;)

    New Post up….

  176. He is still a baby though Ginge….let us hope he develops.

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