Wenger ready to bid for Mohamed Diame? Time to stop the rot…….

Morning all,

Got to love them:

Sources have told Goal.com that the clause is “close to £4 million”, a sum that Wenger regards as good value.

Mohamed Diame is the player and he is reported to have a get out clause of £4.5 million in his contract. Right now he would be a fantastic addition to our squad and he wouldn’t break the bank would he!

Does that sound desperate?

Injury news ahead of today’s game:

Walcott, Podolski, Sagna and Koscielny are all reported to be out as well as the long-term sickies of course.

Ben Foster is ruled out for West Brom which is good, he always plays really well against us.

Since last weekend we have heard/read comments from the players about how much better they are, how tired they are, how they have to defend better and of course create and take their chances better than they have been of late. None of them profess to be happy at recent performances and I should think not either, they have at times been dire but then we all know that.

At some stage though, this rot has to stop doesn’t it?

The players haven’t suddenly become rubbish overnight have they?

And surely, Wenger hasn’t really lost his mojo of the late 90’s and early 2000’s has he?

Most of today’s expected starting eleven have had a few days off to rest their tired and weary legs so we should see a bit more enthusiasm and a lot more energy in today’s performance.

We are up against a West Brom side who have started the season much better than us, they have a manger much younger than our who has different ideas. ideas which have helped his side to 5th in the league to date.

But don’t be fooled, yes they are doing well but that was earlier in the season and now things are different. They have lost have lost their last two Premier League matches and nerves could be setting in.

Their manager has said:

I’m not looking for a reaction, I’m expecting it.

Well our manager must do better than that, he has to get a response after our recent horror shows and it’s about time we started winning again, especially at The Emirates.

The home fans will be nervous, all Arsenal fans will be nervous but if we start and finish like we mean business and the players finally get their act together, we could actually stop the rot.

We have to……

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