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Wenger ready to bid for Mohamed Diame? Time to stop the rot…….

Morning all,

Got to love them:

Sources have told Goal.com that the clause is “close to £4 million”, a sum that Wenger regards as good value.

Mohamed Diame is the player and he is reported to have a get out clause of £4.5 million in his contract. Right now he would be a fantastic addition to our squad and he wouldn’t break the bank would he!

Does that sound desperate?

Injury news ahead of today’s game:

Walcott, Podolski, Sagna and Koscielny are all reported to be out as well as the long-term sickies of course.

Ben Foster is ruled out for West Brom which is good, he always plays really well against us.

Since last weekend we have heard/read comments from the players about how much better they are, how tired they are, how they have to defend better and of course create and take their chances better than they have been of late. None of them profess to be happy at recent performances and I should think not either, they have at times been dire but then we all know that.

At some stage though, this rot has to stop doesn’t it?

The players haven’t suddenly become rubbish overnight have they?

And surely, Wenger hasn’t really lost his mojo of the late 90’s and early 2000’s has he?

Most of today’s expected starting eleven have had a few days off to rest their tired and weary legs so we should see a bit more enthusiasm and a lot more energy in today’s performance.

We are up against a West Brom side who have started the season much better than us, they have a manger much younger than our who has different ideas. ideas which have helped his side to 5th in the league to date.

But don’t be fooled, yes they are doing well but that was earlier in the season and now things are different. They have lost have lost their last two Premier League matches and nerves could be setting in.

Their manager has said:

I’m not looking for a reaction, I’m expecting it.

Well our manager must do better than that, he has to get a response after our recent horror shows and it’s about time we started winning again, especially at The Emirates.

The home fans will be nervous, all Arsenal fans will be nervous but if we start and finish like we mean business and the players finally get their act together, we could actually stop the rot.

We have to……

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183 comments on “Wenger ready to bid for Mohamed Diame? Time to stop the rot…….

  1. [...] Wenger ready to bid for Mohamed Diame? Time to stop the rot……. [...]

  2. Morning Rico.
    Morning guys.
    Get in there lads.
    3-0 win…get your money on!!

  3. “Get in there lads” Is that the name of a horse we must get our money on Scott…? :D

    Morning All…

  4. Morning Scott, Wath and all….

    I’m not convinced Scott, not with the injuries we have, where is the pace going to come from?

    If we play same old tippy tapping pass back football, we’ll be beaten…

  5. Morning all,
    Nice rousing post rico as usual.
    Seems we have quite a few out injured, and at a time of the season that we would like to have all our players fit and raring to go, talk of fringe players coming in, shows our desperation. At times like this we need a resolute squad players who will dig in and run for the whole 90 minutes. We need our manager and coaches to be right behind the players urging them for that last bit of effort and commitment. Our form has been what can only be discribed as horific our confidence is as low as i can remember. Supporters still dwelling on players past and feeling lifted because an old legend may come back and help us out. Although we have legends i must admit i would rather them stay that way, talk of Henry coming back does not lift my spirits it kind of tells me that the chances of aquirering a striker in the window may determine how long we have Henry on loan, i hope that is not the case. Todays game will be tough, we will for the first time be underdogs and that doesn’t sit well with me, i expect us to come out of the traps flying for the first 20 minutes or so untill West Brom feel their feet, we can only hope that we have a bit of luck in that 20 minutes and bury a couple of chances as i believe we will after that start to deteriate. If past results are anything to go by, i expect our players to be closed down very quickly where our passes will start to go astray we will come under emense pressure and we will buckle. But having said that we may start very well, with the players pulling together hero’s will emerge who will lift the spirits to high levels, supporters will be singing and chanting, goals will be plentyfold and Arsene will be joking with Steve on the bench Substitutes will be aching to get on and players playing will want to stay on Czezney will be cold with nothing to do and when the whistle finally goes 3 pts will be in the bag and we would have started our climb back COYG’s

  6. Good morning Rico,

    Good morning all,

    Don’t expect Wenger to spend big in January. A piece in today’s Telegraph hints at relying on the strength of the squad to see us through to the end of the season.

    Have faith Rico, don’t forget we will have Gervinho starting with Chamakh and bloody Ramsey on the bench. Can’t fail to win three points. ;-)

  7. Morning guys.

    My expectations are very low, that way I won’t be disappointed. Another team we should be beating but how many times have we said that.

  8. Goodmorning guys.
    We got the players to do the job, all we hope to see from them is some winning mentality and fighting spirit. Been an arsenal fan longer than i can even remember, wot this team needs is some confidence and a crazy long winning streak!

  9. I’m not very confident too. Maybe WBA come down with 10 men before the half an hour.
    Good morning eveyone!
    Nice weather for my footing now

  10. Are you building a house JM, make sure those footings are dug deep. A sound foundation is the key to a happy home. :-)

  11. Morning Sp, Lewis, JM and JW and welcome Lex.

    I thought the post was more a reflection of my Arsenal mood, i’m not at all confident Sp..

    faith JW, in those you mention..?? ;)

  12. I saw a similar article JW, Wenger says ‘work harder’ not signing players will get us results :roll:

    I say we need to see both…..

  13. Three nil….mark my words….

  14. Scott is that the S.A. v Aussie test series score? :-)

    Seriously though, I hope you’re right, we do need a confidence boosting win.

  15. To the Baggies Scott? :lol:

  16. Hope ur right there Scott. Where will those goals come from? Giroud hatrick?!

  17. Wet Brom have been very average of late.
    JW….very harsh mate!!
    Still,the South Africans would beat you poms 5-0 :)

  18. Lewis,TV5,BGF and Santi.
    Easy lol.

  19. Scott,

    I can’t wait for the next Ashes series, Ponting gone and Cook scoring centuries for fun. Top two spinners in the world, Panesar and Swann, and not an Aussie spinner in sight, they are even talking up old Shane Warne for a comeback. You’ve gotta laugh. :-)

  20. Morning Gooners.
    Morning Rico.

    A lovely cool, crisp day…
    Great football weather.
    No Foster then Rico, that is great news.

    Gotta do a bit before kick-off. Lata.

    See ya at 2pm Adam…

  21. We are lacking experience with our bowlers.
    Believe me,if we can get some fit and healthy,we will destroy you guy.
    We have got a few potential superstars,but potential doesn’t cut it.
    Still,there is time.

  22. Morning all,
    It’s simple, can’t afford anymore off days now especially after last weeks result or the crowd will be baying for blood.
    WBA will fancy their chances, they beat us 3-2 at home a couple of seasons back, it was the beginning of the end for Almunia, his worst game in an Arsenal shirt, we applauded them off the pitch that day, it will be a very different atmosphere this afternoon though.
    2-1 to The Arsenal.

  23. C’mon Rico snap out of that mood, itz gouna be OUR day!

  24. C’mon Rico snap out of that mood, itz gouna be OUR day..

  25. Me neither JW, loving the look of this England side now… Shame they couldn’t knock that last wicket over this morning…

  26. Morning Micko – about time we kept a clean sheet….

    Lex, blame the team, they have done this…

  27. Wenger pls jst offload Ramsey, He’s not worthy 2 b an Arsenal player not more of startin my match, he’s nothin bt a GOAT+LAMB

  28. Off for a little kip…..see you all at kick off!!?

  29. Later Scott…

  30. What’s the line-up?

  31. No idea yet JM..

    Got to pop off now, be back at ko…

    Enjoy the match for those going to The Ems…


  32. How we play today will determine if we will win the match. We need to exceed WBA work rate and play with high intensity for us to get the 3pts.

  33. Getting Diame is not a desperate move in my opinion. I rate him higer that Yann M’villa. but for Christ sake, can’t we get bothe Diame and Strootman?



    15-10 minutes before the game starts you’re able to refresh the links just beneath the clock.


  35. Oh hell, Gervinho’s starting! At least bloody Ramsey is only on the bench, I sincerely hope he stays there.


    Thanks for the link :-)

  36. Podolski wasn’t injury?

  37. No djourou. No AA.
    S.Paulo wants Santos?

  38. Morning all.
    Get in there lads.

  39. Gervinho cocks up a really good chance!

  40. Theres some urgency about us today.
    Great to see.

  41. We have already created more chances than we did in the entire game last week.

  42. Fucking dive!!

  43. How are we playing guys??


  44. Better Rico.
    Not great,but better.
    Cazorla took a bloody dive to win the penalty…not happy.

  45. Thanks, I missed it Scott, that’s not good to hear, I know things are desperate but i can’t condone diving….

    Just seen Gerv miss a chance..

  46. Sky Sports are saying it wasn’t a penalty….

    Can you believe, Swansea are 3-0 down to Norwich at home…..

  47. I said last week Ox was showing some good signs,and he is continuing to get back to form.

  48. Gervinho is looking much,much better today.
    You know my thoughts on divers!!

  49. No penalty…
    Gervinho was for me, the best player of the first half.

  50. Did u put money on 3 Scott?

  51. Nah Lewis…i should have!
    JM,you must have missed Jack…he has been fantastic.

  52. “Loads of empty seats”

  53. Gervinho has missed a couple of good chances, with players like him in the side you can hardly blame someone for taking a dive now and again. Still I don’t like to see it, but it is becoming more and more a part of modern football.

    There is a bit more urgency about Arsenal today, but really most of it is coming from Jack Wilshire, although Gibbs and the Ox are playing well.

    If Giroud is injured I’d like to see Podolski on in his place and playing as a central striker.

    One nil to the Arsenal!

    Let’s hope the boys keep it going in the second half.

  54. http://gooners-uruguay.blogspot.pt/p/transmisiones-en-vivo.html

    good link for the match for our supporters in Uruguay!

  55. Thanks for the link emma, and DG as always….

    More than usual JM??

  56. JM,

    It will still be a 60,000 sell out. All tickets sold equals a full house even if there are no bums on seats.

  57. That comment came from http://www.eurosport.com live (Arsenal-WBA)

  58. Joke though isn’t it, wish we’d know the exact numbers in attendance….

  59. This bloody ref is doing everything he can to square up for the penalty!!

  60. How was that a free kick, great tackle by Merts…

  61. Another miss by Gerv….

  62. That was terrible.

  63. Here comes Lukaka…..

  64. Now that WAS a penalty.

  65. Laughable Scott, schoolboy stuff….

  66. Shouldn’t have been though Scott, Ox committed a clear foul before the pen….

  67. It is official….Tommy Vermaelen is BACK!!

  68. I know Rico…Ox should not have got to the penalty ox,but when he did,i was a penalty.
    The ref is terrible.

  69. Rosicky says we need to pass forward more…

    He’s passed backwards or sideways ever since he came on :roll:

  70. Jack has still got it. Wonderful footballer, we need more around him.

  71. Sagna looks hurt….

  72. How many many chances are we going to miss, this should have been a game full of home goals and a confidence builder…

    Agree there Lewis, he’s so special….

  73. Head and shoulders above anyone out there today.

  74. Three points at last…..

  75. Two nothing! I’ll take that!

  76. Two penalties that shouldn’t have been though, the media will love that….

    Seriously though, how many chances, 18? 20? and we could bury one of them…

  77. Thank God for the penalties. How did we not score any goal in open play beats my imagination. It could have being 8-0 if we had taken our chances

  78. Ditto JW, it’s a start….

  79. Rico, abit harsh on Rosicky there, I think he was more interested in keeping possession for the last minutes than picking out a wonder pass.

  80. we only scored goals when we play versus 10 or penalties.
    Today, the first wasn’t; the second, Ox committed a clear foul before it and third, Arteta scored both penalties in the some way to the midlle of the goal. Next time (?) he must change this way…

  81. Jack and TV5 were our best,but BGF went about his work brilliantly as well.
    Solid performance,but the defence was the biggest positive for me.
    Catch you all later…some sleep is required!?

  82. Gervinho is the most wasteful striker we have ever had, and I include Franny Jeffers in that.

  83. Good Night Scott.

  84. JW, I forgot my ;)

    Night Scott.

    Agree emma, a ‘proper’ goal scorer would have had a field day today….

  85. Gotta go, Cold beer and a hot curry await.

  86. Enjoy JW….

    Can’t disagree on Gervinho either, shocking….

  87. Thats more like it BFG battling and holding in his box has zonal marking gone at long last a clean sheet and players running till the last kick. Not spectacular but its a good start. Maybe a bit lucky for the goals but in all honesty everybody will be talking about the ones we got but we should have scored many but 3 points are 3 pts from tenth to sixth that;ll do me

  88. Only because the others haven’t played yet Sp ;)

  89. JW10 was brilliant today. He never stopped running. He was on the money. Team did very well. Work rate was excellent. Everyone were committed to pressing the ball when we lose it. There was this strong desire to win the ball back quickly. That is what we want to see. We were so wasteful in front of goal

  90. stevep – Observation noted. There was no zonal marking for corners and set pieces. Looks like AW has phased that out.

  91. jeez calm down rico…….last week y’all were moaning we didnt create enough. this week its we didnt take our chances! christ at least we re creating a bucket load again. good game, great spectacle for a neutral. jack and gerv were superb. can’t wit for the next game. COYGS.

  92. About time though, let’s see how good we are against an opposition who offers more threat. In fact Reading will be a good test, they battered the mancs on corners.

  93. Glad we have given the talksh*t guys on radio enough to talk about for the next 7 days. Won’t be surprise if our match turns out to be the first on MOTD. All what they will discuss is penalty and not the chances we didn’t take

  94. goonie, I

    I’m no neutral – I want to see us do a lot better. Yes we got three points but we should have battered them, not just be glad of three points gifted by a crap referee….

  95. Exactly emma, it wouldn’t be so bad if it was just a muck up by the ref, but it was a dreadful dive and that stinks…

    Sorry but we all knew he would do that one day….

  96. yes but the creativity is returning…….cut them some slack FFS.this is a team with low confidence level. i ll take today’s performance all season long. we should have battered them yes but even when we had fab, nasri and rvp we waste tons too. give them so credit. they played well.

  97. gervinho?
    Was in the right, left, defend and nullified all the progressions by his side, stretched our offensive game, was not afraid to go to one to one, played forward, the goal tried yet … ran the whole game .
    Worst forward?
    Has he confidence in his shot with either foot and a power shoot would be top world striker.

  98. No goonie, i can’t bury my head in the sand and just leave comments saying how wonderful it was creating 15+ chances and smile about not taking one of them..

  99. well i will maam…….last week we had no shot on target. this week we had tons. you do the math.

  100. Judging Gerv on his shooting today JM, he was guilty of some awful finishing….

  101. You crack on then goonie ;)

  102. Love it emma….

  103. i intend to maam……..am a positive person and i saw a whole lot of positives today. just cut out the over elaborate crappy passes and we re on our way. am happy with the performance.

  104. 19 attempts on goal – THREE on target…

    Striker in January anyone :)

  105. That’s good then goonie…..

  106. hahahaha are you mocking me rico? are you( in micko words) taking the piss out of me?

  107. goonie, of course not… You still hoping we sign Stewart Downing??

  108. Nice to see Wenger laughing in an interview….

  109. yep and fat frank too. they ll improve us tremendously. we need an english core and am totally buying into it. and while you re at it throw in shawcross and joey barton. gosh alanbstard must be proud of me right now. i ve finally seen the light.

  110. I am not going to moan, 3 pts is all i wanted, that performance today was better than i have seen for some time every team on a bad run needs a game like that. West Brom didn’t play well and we were fortunate with the goals but we deserved it today for our workrate yes we still have issues with a few players but at this moment in time i am a lot happier. Our Knockers will be out with all their sniddy remarks but who cares ,

  111. wenger laughing??? that’s odd! was jack class today or what? sign up diame, a left back and a striker in january and then push on. we have to win the capitol one cup though. its very important. we need to blood these guys plus the kids coming through. we need to inculcate the winning atitude back into the team. its been lacking since 2005. come on arsene make me proud. COYGS!

  112. First headline:

  113. Bale dives: Oh he’s too fast. Young dives: United get a penalty. Cazorla dives: Unbelievable

  114. But what a classy penalty Emma :)

  115. Woot! :)

  116. i fear for santi guys…….i see another eduardo fiasco”” in the making. they ll hang out to dry. God help us all.

  117. You can stick all of those Goonie :)

  118. I’m not going to moan about the points either Sp but we have to be consistent…

    What would you and others be saying if Manure had been awarded those same two decisions??

  119. Could do with Everton and Totts drawing tomorrow, but 99% of me wants Everton to batter them….

  120. That Fergie has given a bung. We have to spend our £70 million somehow :)

  121. But you know where i am coming from Sp, I just hate divers and i don’t like cheats….

    I’m really disappointed with Cazorla, the second, well that’s just bad refereeing….

  122. i heard norwich took swansea to the cleaners? what in the world? what was the final score maam?

  123. Hi agag, I take it you are happy :)

    4-2 goonie…

  124. wow at liberty stadium? christ, meaning we can get a result too.

  125. We couldn’t beat Swansea at home goonie, be even tougher away….

  126. I would like to hear how Santi explains it before i pass judgement Rico, This season and last i saw players take what looked like dives and when the referee has looked at the video he explains what he saw to the referee’s commitee they in turn tell other referee’s to watch said player in future and many’s the time a clear foul has been waved on, people say that the said player deserved not to get the foul as he has been dubbed a diver, but at the end of the day the referee has made his decision which one was right and what one was wrong. Personally i would rather a referee stick with what he believes to be the right decision and not hope that another ref will do the righting

  127. Fair enough Sp, he told wenger he was ‘touched’ – but even wenger laughed at such a suggestion…

  128. Boo!! Hiya, emma, SSP, goonie and rico. :) :) Quite happy, lady of the house. How great to see the fans get behind the players. Rosicky is looking good!! How excellent was LJ?

  129. Awesome agag, simply awesome….

  130. Popping off to get something to munch….

  131. Evenin Guys

    Evenin Rico

    rico told ya twas goin to be a comfortable game, so man keep the faith alive coz the whole team is definitely up for it….i’m so lovin it and can’t wait for tuesday.#LotsaSmiles

  132. Evening HHers How’s it hanging?
    Fine victory by the boys today. Isn’t it typical ,can ‘t get a pen for love our money and then two come along at once.

  133. Evening Lex, … yes, you did believe we would win…. looking forward to Tuesday too, huge game…

    Did you go today?

  134. Hey smudge, sure did and Arteta didn’t fluff either :)

  135. What’s cooking, rico?? Had lunch earlier at a Chinese resto, Peking duck galore!! Yuuuuum.

    Hiya, Smudge. I’m not really bothered by all this brouhahahaha over the cazorla non-pen. For a change, we are not on the receiving end of poor refereeing. About time, too!

  136. Just a sandwich tonight agag, had too much at lunchtime :)

    Peking duck eh, did you feel like you were being watched?

  137. Agag

    For me it was a stonewall. The defender had the intent to maim and cazorla was lucky he didn’t get badly injured. Artist’s impression 9 out of ten.

  138. Rico

    Would you put me a cuppa please . No milk or sugar as I’m sweet enough ;)

  139. Errr, no smudge! ;)

    You are kidding re the penalty??

  140. Rico

    Just wait for Hansen and crew to rip us a new one tonight on match of night . They will still be talking about it this time next week. Edwardoesque

  141. Get a feeling guys and gals were only a few weeks away from winning our first trophy in yonks. Triumph comes from adversity.

  142. I won’t be watching that lot smudge….

  143. A Win today, good performance; not our best. Hope we can build from this game

  144. If Karaoke Chris can make it a double what a day it would be ;)

  145. Had a very very very early Christmas lunch with friends from uni. :) :) Hard to organize on another date. Skipped dinner altogether. Ate too much.

  146. Not quite sure that a ‘gifted’ 2-0 victory today will make me think like you smudge… A very long way to go in my own view.

    Unless of course the League Cup finally has our name on it….

  147. I’d love Chris to win too, would cheese most people off though :)

    We sure need to vida, long overdue..

    Not that early agag, only a couple of weeks to go :)

  148. Off to watch the X-F Final and Casualty, catch you all tomorrow…

    Enjoy the rest of your day all…

    Night Night

  149. Theo’s doing his thing on X factor

    Night rico.

  150. Well,i told you all we would win 3-0,didn’t i?
    I am a genius.
    Ok,only 2 went in,but i am claiming Podolskis as a goal….surely somebody was playing around with a remote control lol.
    Look,let us not get carried away with the performance, but equally, let us give credit where it is due.
    We fought for every ball…except Gervinho, he actually pulled out of a few challenges, and that was very disappointing…..we chased all day, our enthusiasm was good, and our defence was great.
    Our finishing was woeful, but still, there was vast improvement in enough areas to walk away very, very happy.
    Santi took a dive, end of.
    My opinion is clear on what should happen to divers…..12 month suspension!!
    Still, and this is not excusing the act, until a worldwide crackdown occurs, it is a part of the game.
    Referees are constantly made to look stupid, and games are decided on these low acts.
    Enough is enough and FIFA MUST act!!
    Overall, a positive result and hopefully a start of better things.

  151. When push comes to shove I’m just happy with the 3 points today, anything less and it would have kicked off.
    Wouldn’t have blamed the referee had he tried to level things up 2nd half but fortunately for us we picked up our game and pushed on.
    Cazorla dive was simply embarrassing, seeing him clutching his leg made me crinch, I’m praying the x-rays will come back clear and he hasn’t suffered a break.
    We done enough to win, WBA were poor, 3 points to the good guys, roll on Reading.
    I’m gonna hit my bunk, nite all.

  152. Scott, a 3 match ban would cut it out full stop I’m telling ya, anyhows that’s for another day, I’ve still got the hump with Rooney from 2004 !!!
    Catch you tomorrow.

  153. Needs must, simple as that, we’re not in a position to be too fussy about how we stop the rot.
    Personally I don’t give a toss…
    Every team does it, they’ve all been doing it for the last 20 years.
    I’d rather they didn’t, but then I’d also rather be top of the league…

  154. Instead of beating ourselves up over it, let’s hope the players use yesterday’s good fortune, as a springboard to go on a winning run up to and into the New Year.

    Let’s hope that however the team responds and plays over the next 4 or 5 weeks, that Wenger ‘Smells the coffee’ and makes a couple of quality signings, in addition to signing TH14… And not just TH14…..

  155. Roll on Bradford.
    I reckon Wenger will pick a strong squad for Valley Parade…
    If ever Wenger needed a trip to Wembley and a change of fortune in that effin graveyard of a stadium, it’s this season…

  156. AK,i was happy with the performance.
    Much improved.
    With a top class finisher and DM,we are good enough to beat anyone.

  157. How is work mate??

  158. Up you get guys.
    No excuse NOT to be on early!!

  159. Apparently Huntelaar is close to personal terms with us.
    It comes from the same source that were first with the Cazorla and Giroud signings.
    Let us hope.

  160. Morning/Evening Scott…
    Work is quite hectic thankfully.
    If it wasn’t at this time of the year, then we’d really be in trouble.

  161. Where is that please Scott…

    Morning to you, Kev and all….

  162. Huntelaar and Giroud, hmm, just like Radford and Kennedy.
    Downing = Armstrong???
    Just saying. ;-)

  163. Morning Rico…
    It’s grim outside, cold and oh so very grey and misty…

  164. Bayerns Luis Gastavo is another we are apparently interested in….it is getting to that time again:)

  165. Strange how fragile is the confidence of this team.
    After the second goal the change in the team was stark.
    They were knocking the ball around and looked a totally different team.
    Keeping a clean sheet was also very welcome.

  166. Kev,they have taken a beating of late,so even having the fans chanting for them would have been just brilliant for their confidence.

  167. Louis Gustavo? Never heard of him Scott?
    Mid, def, attacker?
    Is he German or Spanish or south American?

  168. Thanks Scott…

    Mild though Kev – down to -16 next week….

  169. 6′ 2″ defender/defensive midfielder Kev. He’s Brazilian and at Bayern at the mo but unhappy… 25 yrs old…

  170. He is Brazilian, 25 y.o. and a DM apparently Kev.
    I know nothing of him either,except the series of reports.
    We all know how many of these will happen in the next few weeks though.

  171. Scott, a few of the players, Arteta, BFG in particular, know how to ‘work’ the crowd.
    It’s always been a two-way thing, and if the players show more of a ‘we’re all in this together’ attitude to the fans, the response will always be positive…

  172. New one up….

  173. Hmm, Scott/Rico, do I suspect that Wenger is trying to source another Gilberto?
    Any player coached at Bayern, will have a strong mentality and an excellent technique.
    Bayern are second to none in that regard.

  174. Ok, off for my tea and toast. Lata.

  175. See you on the new post!

  176. Mornin Rico

    Mornin Guys

    watchd d game from home, actually far away africa. So wotz new?

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