Arsenal Fan tells Wenger where we are going wrong!

Morning all.

Tomas Rosicky played a huge part in us ending up 3rd in the Premier League last season and to be honest, we have seriously missed what he brings to our side so far this campaign. On Tuesday we witnessed his ability to finish, unlike so many around him that night and we saw just how committed he is.

Not bad for a player who is one of our oldest!

Finally he is over this seasons injury and he’s ready to roll up his sleeves and give 100% to the club that has stood by him through thick and thin. And let’s face it, there’s been more thin than thick!

I want to do the same this year and to contribute. I will do my best to help this great club to be much better again. To feel sorry for yourself is the worst thing you can do. I have to fight constantly and as I said, that is what I am able to do. As a team we are not in a good position and we have to stick together and fight.

I can contribute. I was out for a long time out and I need to regain my match fitness. Of course I would like to help. 

Let’s see how.

He, like all of us is a huge Arsenal fan. Well, he says he is and where we are right now is hurting him. Tomas believes, just like we all do, that the confidence is shot to pieces, the ball is passed sideways and backwards too much and we don’t keep the ball as well as we should, there have been far to many misplaced passes of late and they have cost us.

It is a matter of confidence. You can see there are more back-passes than we used to do. You have to gain confidence by winning the next game. Maybe I can bring calmness – sometimes we don’t keep the ball as we used to.

Most of the time I hope to contribute. I still think we have some very good players and we are better than what we are producing. We are good enough. We are not happy about things and we have to sort it out quickly.

We have another game this Saturday. It is a good opportunity to start all over again. I can understand the frustration from the fans, as I am an Arsenal fan as well. It is understandable sometimes. We have to understand they feel frustration.

Rosicky has been looking back to last season and how things were similar, we were down the table, struggling to find any consistency and were being written off by most, including many Arsenal fans. Many thought we’d finish mid table but somehow, someway and through others muck ups, we climbed the table and finished 3rd.

That is what we did last season, when everyone wrote us off and we came back stronger. We produced some great atmospheres in the Emirates – against Milan and Tottenham. I have been in professional football for a very long time and it was the best atmosphere I have ever played in.

We have a challenge. As I said, we did it last year so why not do it again? It will be difficult, there is no doubt about it, but we are okay to do it again.

If we are all on aboard, it is a great place to be and a great place to play football but we must stick together and fight.

And fight they must of course and I am glad he didn’t mention ‘for a top four place’ because quite frankly that means very little to most fans. Surely, what we need to be really fighting for now is the Capital One Cup and the FA Cup because in both of those competitions, we have a chance to win a trophy, especially the Capital One Cup.

Top Four, Pff, what’s the point?

Champions League football is meant to attract the better players to clubs and I am sure it does but we don’t sign that kind of player too often do we?

That’s it for another day, I’ll save the injury news for tomorrow…..

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