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Arsenal Fan tells Wenger where we are going wrong!

Morning all.

Tomas Rosicky played a huge part in us ending up 3rd in the Premier League last season and to be honest, we have seriously missed what he brings to our side so far this campaign. On Tuesday we witnessed his ability to finish, unlike so many around him that night and we saw just how committed he is.

Not bad for a player who is one of our oldest!

Finally he is over this seasons injury and he’s ready to roll up his sleeves and give 100% to the club that has stood by him through thick and thin. And let’s face it, there’s been more thin than thick!

I want to do the same this year and to contribute. I will do my best to help this great club to be much better again. To feel sorry for yourself is the worst thing you can do. I have to fight constantly and as I said, that is what I am able to do. As a team we are not in a good position and we have to stick together and fight.

I can contribute. I was out for a long time out and I need to regain my match fitness. Of course I would like to help. 

Let’s see how.

He, like all of us is a huge Arsenal fan. Well, he says he is and where we are right now is hurting him. Tomas believes, just like we all do, that the confidence is shot to pieces, the ball is passed sideways and backwards too much and we don’t keep the ball as well as we should, there have been far to many misplaced passes of late and they have cost us.

It is a matter of confidence. You can see there are more back-passes than we used to do. You have to gain confidence by winning the next game. Maybe I can bring calmness – sometimes we don’t keep the ball as we used to.

Most of the time I hope to contribute. I still think we have some very good players and we are better than what we are producing. We are good enough. We are not happy about things and we have to sort it out quickly.

We have another game this Saturday. It is a good opportunity to start all over again. I can understand the frustration from the fans, as I am an Arsenal fan as well. It is understandable sometimes. We have to understand they feel frustration.

Rosicky has been looking back to last season and how things were similar, we were down the table, struggling to find any consistency and were being written off by most, including many Arsenal fans. Many thought we’d finish mid table but somehow, someway and through others muck ups, we climbed the table and finished 3rd.

That is what we did last season, when everyone wrote us off and we came back stronger. We produced some great atmospheres in the Emirates – against Milan and Tottenham. I have been in professional football for a very long time and it was the best atmosphere I have ever played in.

We have a challenge. As I said, we did it last year so why not do it again? It will be difficult, there is no doubt about it, but we are okay to do it again.

If we are all on aboard, it is a great place to be and a great place to play football but we must stick together and fight.

And fight they must of course and I am glad he didn’t mention ‘for a top four place’ because quite frankly that means very little to most fans. Surely, what we need to be really fighting for now is the Capital One Cup and the FA Cup because in both of those competitions, we have a chance to win a trophy, especially the Capital One Cup.

Top Four, Pff, what’s the point?

Champions League football is meant to attract the better players to clubs and I am sure it does but we don’t sign that kind of player too often do we?

That’s it for another day, I’ll save the injury news for tomorrow…..

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102 comments on “Arsenal Fan tells Wenger where we are going wrong!

  1. [...] Arsenal Fan tells Wenger where we are going wrong! [...]

  2. Morning all.

    Nice post.

    Rosicky was one of only a few bright spots from midweek, when he came off we looked considerably weaker. Hopefully he can stay fit and give more inspiring performances. When at Dortmund he was top class, but he caught the arsenal injury disease and because of this has never consistently produced. Another player we hope can stay fit as we never sign proven backup for seriously injury prone players.

  3. Morning all,

    A fine summary of all happening at our club Rico. A you sure you were not a journo in previous life?:-D

    AW on the team courtesy of ladyArse… My regret is that we already had a great team two or three years ago that could complete on four fronts. We just missed out in the Champions League [last 16] against Barcelona when we could have scored in the last minute [Bendtner] and then we just missed out on the Premier League too [the season Eduardo almost lost his leg]. But you could feel that the potential was there. And I thought ‘OK, let’s do this together.’ But then the team split up. Sometimes, after five or six years’s work, it’s frustrating. You have to start all over again.

    They all left at the wrong time! Sometimes with the likes of Vieira and Henry, who had been at the club for eight or nine years, and were approaching 30, if they get the opportunity for a move you think ‘OK, let’s do it.’ But we have lost recent players earlier in their careers – to lose van Persie, Fabregas, Nasri and Song in just two years, it’s a massive amount of potential. Of course you worry.

    I think we’ll stop it happening because we have a good young generation of English players coming through and we’ll try to build the team around them.

  4. Morning all…

    Thanks Lewis…

  5. Thanks Tsgh, I wish, I’d have a hefty bank balance haha

    The sooner that rot stops the better, but I don’t think it will be any day soon….

  6. Well, it seems the Navas rumours are popping up again with Seville’s financial state.

    They have one or two offer players that I would not mid adding to our squad.

    Llorente is available too but I would prefer their DM in Oscar de Marcos. Would we want 3 Spaniards in our midfield? lol

  7. Good morning Rico,
    Good morning all,
    Another fine post from our own J.o t.Y. (Journalist of the Year).

    Quote “Finally he is over this seasons injury” Oh! how I hope you are right.

    Quote “the time has come for Arsene Wenger to leave Arsenal” That little gem comes from an article, written for him, by The One And Only! The Oracle Of All things Football! ….Robbieeee Saaaaavaaaage! Ha ha, ha, ha, ha.

  8. He was a useless player, a clueless dancer and a shite pundit too. Even his attempt at player/manager was atrocious.What else is he good at I wonder?

  9. morning JW. How is it going?

  10. I’m not being sucked in by any rumours, this time we need early action and with wenger thinking the window opens in december, i hope that means he’s sorting a couple of very good deal out this month…

  11. Thanks JW, I hope injuries are over for Tomas too but sad that we are relying on a 32 yo to come back and save us right now….

  12. Nice read again…
    What I noticed about Rosicky against Swansea last week, and again during the week is the pace of him. You would think when a player gets a little over the 30age mark that he would slow a little, but this man has got quicker if anything.
    He is an absolute talent, pity about his injuries but hopefully it’s all in the past…
    Just one thing, how does our midfield look if he comes in?? Does he play Wilshere, Cazorla & Rosicky, or what way will we be set up??

  13. Mickael Landreau of Lille is available on a free after a fight with Rudi Garcia. A free over 30 goalie with champions medal and CL experience. Just a typical AW signing…

    You know football is in trouble when very good goalies are being allowed to leave on a free.

  14. Morning tsGH,

    Fine and dandy! Thanks. How are you?

  15. Peter- SC19 has to be moved into the LHS period. He is no no.10 and he can’t be, not in this league anyway. Most will disagree but he is part of the reason why we have not scored enough goals.

    His misses against the chavs, QPR, Norwich, Swansea and Everton to name a few are on the scale of Ramsey’s misses imho.

  16. Gotta go!

    Back later.

  17. Thanks PB, guess we will find out tomorrow. Whether he starts or comes on from the bench remains to be seen but he certainly hasn’t lost his ability.

    But as said earlier, it sums up our squad when we are hoping that a 32 year old can stay fit…

    And that isn’t me knocking Tomas…

  18. Not bad at all…

    The discussions on this site are taking me away from doing my day job as always. I blame Rico for that. :D ;)

  19. Enjoy your walk JW ;)

  20. Pleas I will like to beg the bord and the maneger of arsenal football club to pleas take us barck to arsenal ways of signing player not just enyhow player but a player with vision and ambision to win trophys mostespeshially a player with mouch expirience like we no in does days of tierry henry,kanu nwankwo, robato pires,gibato,viera,asly cool,cambel,lumboug,edu,anelka,palour,and so many more of does days pleas, becouse it allway make us proud as an arsenal fan and we will all ways proud to be an arsenal fan guners 4 life.

  21. Lady luck may be smiling on us tomorrow. No Ben Foster for the Albions. He is always inspired against us…

  22. Oh right. Makes sense I suppose. The thoughts of Rosicky, Jack & Santi all in the one midfield is mouth watering to say the least.
    Does Podolski fall to the bench so?? Might not be the worse plan, hasn’t been at the races of late….but then again who has…

  23. welcome okonkwo ndubuisi

    But we have so many injuries too Tsgh, I think we will struggle again. No TW, Podolski, Kos or Sagna…

  24. I’d love to see that three too Pb, with Arteta sitting back but would be even better with a Capoue kind of player in there instead of Arteta in the defensive role…

  25. Got to pop again, back later….

  26. Arsenal board should be learning from a smaller and poorer Bilbao chairman. We should be keeping all the better players even if they have a year left. Their stance on Llorente can only be described as avangarde imo.

    “The situation is what it is. Llorente leaving in January is something the club have rejected,” he said.

    “There is already a fixed position, and his presence gives us something extra.

    “What happened was nothing different to what was discussed. We have all given our opinions. It would be worth analysing if the situation were not the same as it is now, but there is nothing different.

    “I have given my opinion, everyone has, it won’t add anything new.”

    Bielsa is quoted as saying by talkSPORT

  27. Rico – United banked on Scholes & Giggs last season. Age is nothing when class is involved (to a point, Pele shouldn’t make a comeback!!)..
    I think it’s his overall presence that Arsenal miss. He can make things happen, not just that but we would have better options in the middle. Cazorla seems to have been marked by every team so far, hopefully with Rosicky back it will free him up a bit more. Only time will tell I suppose….

  28. Morning all, Nice one Rico.
    Thomas Rosiski nearing full fitness is a welcome sight, he shows what we used to be all about quick forward runs slick passing everything you want in a midfielder, but what we are coming up against are teams that bust a gut to close down very quickly, Rosiski looked good against the Greeks but they never closed us down that quickly. Santi is struggling with this kind of attention he hasn’t enough time to work his magic, a very talented player but teams have done their homework on how to stop us from playing. They have found a way to stop a talented side from playing while we have just continued doing the same thing. We have to pass sideways and backwards because thats the only way we are allowed to play. Even a player like Rosiski will end up doing the same because we dont race forward and the odd player who does is always on his own. Players like Theo who has a turn of speed gets forward only to realise that he has to look backwards to offload the ball as there is never anybody with him. Rosiski will be closed down this weekend and look to pass back. what can we do about it. Fast forward and direct puts opponents on the backfoot they go to pieces but can we muster the team work.

  29. Definitely missing a defensive midfielder, 100% agree. Arteta just can’t do it, it’s not his natural position, can’t blame him for it. Be great to see someone new in there….

  30. TR07’s goal against the Greeks midweek sums what SC19 and to a lesser extent Ramsey lack and is required to be decent in the role they are meant to be playing. SC19 does not arrive in the box when needed and the rare occasions he does he always swings at the ball. Ramsey makes the right runs as Cesc and Diaby did/do but his finishing well. He must be playing rugby..

  31. Rosicky is just the type of player we need. A good player with a wise head resting on the shoulders.

  32. Arteta does a wonderful job as the anchor but it is those around him that do not press the ball well enough. Even if we put Makele or Rijkaard in place of Arteta, the issues will still exit imo. Manure have no DM but the midfielders all press at the right time. We seem to tackle in 1’s instead of 2’s or 3’s like most teams have been doing against us.

    That is why with Arteta and Abu Dhabi it works but with SC19 well, the stats are relegation level I’m afraid.

  33. @TSGH,

    you just reflected my exact thoughts on Carzola. He would be much more effective on our LW. he is not very effective in the cam.

  34. Pls buy world class players so dat we can win e g chelsea

  35. Pls buy us world class pls

  36. Hello again all…

  37. Good morning Rico and All.
    Nice sum-up as always; we look forward to not only his talent but his maturity. TR7 has shown in the past that he has it in him.

  38. Thanks Sp & Ng, Rosicky is like a ‘new signing’…..

  39. Rico, Flamini might be leaving AC this January, will you welcome him back?

  40. No thanks Tsgh….

  41. Yes rico, thats Mickael Landreau I posted a video of him at 10:47.

    11 caps at 33 years hmm. Maybe idea no.2 but he has experience winning ligue 1 and playing in champions league

  42. @tsGH, would you take a woman back whom left you when you loss your job only to return after your employer call you back?

  43. NG it depends on the lady.lol.

    If she is kim Kadashian. Joking.

    To answer your question, No. I never rated Flamini anyways. He had 2 good half seasons with us and like most Marseille players who have come to us feck off…

    Maybe its the AW/Monaco vs Marseile love/hate affair. ;)

  44. apart from Sir Bobby Pires of course. Still a legend…

  45. Hi all,

    Nice post rico.
    I agree with most comments. He has the control to hold the ball up which no one in the team seems to be able to do.
    With Pod still injured, perhaps Cazorla wide right is not a bad option especially with Jenks that’ll keep it tight on his flank. He can cross well so Giroud would get balls into him.
    I hope Eisfeld at least makes our bench and a little game time but hopefully not because we need to score.
    I guess Gerv will be left so let’s hope for a good game from him and a bit more awareness.

  46. All the so called injured players trained today. Interesting…

  47. Meade trained today Rico. We may be seeing more of him on the LHS of our team either at the back or in midfield.

    As a LB without Diaby in the side, I wouldn’t go for him because of his height. Yes I am discriminating. :D

  48. Oops, sorry tsgh ;)

  49. Thanks Brad, what with Tomas and Henry, we’ll be like the AFC OAP’s :)

  50. Rico,

    No walk today, too wet, a visit to my GP instead, and no pub lunch! :cry:

    Off to the dry (that’s a laugh) slope later, for my grandson’s race training. It will be hot chocolate in the bar for me and very wet sking for young Sam.

    I’m not sure what to make of tomorrow’s game, 3 o’clock Saturday kick-off against WBA, should be a routine three points for us, at least it would have been a couple of seasons ago. Hopefully Walcott and Podolski will be fit so we wont have to put up with the useless Gervinho. Giroud in the middle with Cazorla behind him, Wilshire and Arteta a little further back, with a back five of Szczesny, Sagna, Merts, Vermaelen and Gibbs, and bloody Ramsey super-glued to the bench. Surely that set-up should be enough for all three points.

    I shall be relying, as usual, on DG10 to post a link to a good stream.

  51. Wonder why Wenger said they are all injured then if they have trained?

  52. Sorry to hear that JW, hope all went well at the Drs though??

    Hot Chocolate is best thing in this cold weather, or a nice bowl of tomato soup :)

    Personally, i am not looking forward to tomorrow and I don’t expect us to win. One day, I hope that the negatives thoughts will be gone..

    Over to you Arsenal…..

  53. That is Walcott almost gone. Wont be surprise if ManUtd are already tapping him since Nani is leaving

  54. Why emma, because of the Zaha stories?

  55. rico – I wish i could be positive too. I see us struggling tomorrow ;(

  56. Not b/s of the Zaha story. AW said there has being no headway in negotiation with theo in this morning presser

  57. COYGsss this omen has to end one day. I hope it is tomorrow.

  58. There may be some truth in that. Walcott could resume his love in with RvP…….you know he wants to! And wasn’t the deal for the Greedy one, done last Xmas? I think it was! manure are slimy enough to repeat their slippery tap up ways!

  59. tsGH – 11:21am
    I completely agree with your comment. We don’t press in unison and at the same time mininize the space b/w the midfield and defence resulting to more pressure on our defence or the anchor man. I hope Rosicky can solve that issue in the short-term until Diaby returns. Cazorla is still learning his trade as the CAM role, AW should move him to the wings for now. Cazorla doesn’t tackle which is another headache we are having. He wants to disposess the opponent neatly which is good sometimes but you need to commit a foul to allowing others to recover instead of applying undue pressure on the defence.

  60. I suspected McPurple face from day one with this meddling from the moment Nani stated he was surprised negotiation had suddenly stopped.

    McRednose is just coming for all his misses that AW stole from him. That list will include TV4, Ramsey and Serge to name a few.

  61. My Xmas wish = Capoue in Jan

  62. I haven’t seen his press conference emma but doesn’t sound good does it, shame really, had hoped he stay…. Just don’t understand why the club don’t give him what he wants and be done with it…

  63. Wavy. Not sure the RvP deal was done last Christmas….

  64. Its amazing how apart from G. Silva and Gilles Grimandi, we have not had a true DM under AW stewardship. Edu and Petite were not DM initially but were converted upon arrival. What we had at that time were players who enjoyed scrapping apart from Marc Overmars and maybe Suker. Even Kanu and Hleb were hard workesr and tracked back unlike the Walnuts, AA23 and Ox we have now.

    These bunch are just too technical good it has become a huge disadvantage to the team. We need a few more Romford Peles in the team.

    The hardworkers like Sidwell and Muamba were allowed to leave. The same way Frimps and Yennaris will not be given the chance they need. Look at the U-21 and U-19 levels. Almost all the players apart from the goalies are playing in unnatural positions.

  65. Emma you still stalking Capoue…lol
    Whilst you are at it kindly, update us on M.Sissoko his team mate. :D

  66. rico – When I went for the Everton match last week. A gunner friend of mine told me that it would take a miracle for Theo to stay as Arsenal have left it too late. He also said his likely destination could be the manure as his best mate RVP is there. Would love to be proved wrong though. Arsenal may decide to cash him on him in Jan or allow him to go on a bosman

  67. What are you saying then Tsgh, sack the manager for allowing all that to happen??

  68. tsGH- Sissoko is now the anchor man at Toulouse while Capoue now does the job that Diaby does for arsenal

  69. Nasri deal was done January 2011 with manure as suggested by the tweets of Rio but the greedy badger claimed he wanted to join a team trying to make history so manure was not an option in the end as they already had a history so $hitty with their £160k p/w offer was that challenge.lol

    What about him helping his allegedly father figure and Arsenal to win a first trophy at the Emirates? Some of these footballers will even drink their own piss as champagne. They are full of c__p!

  70. Emma, what’s that? keep the medical staff busy? :-)


    All’s well thanks. :D

  71. yes he is Emma. As we discussed a few weeks ago do we think AW has a say in that to see if he can play in a ball possessing team like the old Arsenal?

    Even though Capoue was chosen as part of the Ligue 1 team instead of M’Villa pundits thought his passing stats at 70% completion was poor. This season its 77% the last time I checked.

  72. emma – I too think they have left it too late, but I think he has many friends at Arsenal too and he must realise that RvP is not for ever…

    Like you though, I hope….

  73. tsGH – I believe he can improve

  74. Bloody heck Lee, that’s just dreadful…

  75. Rico. I am saying AW has always been slightly against pure DM. Traditionally they can’t pass a ball 5m to the next player.lol

    The same reason Makele was sold by RM

  76. Hmm no comment on you post Lee.lol. Adam thinks I beleve in conspiracies… :D

  77. Good to hear JW…

    What about Wanyama??

  78. I remember your post about that Tsgh..

    I am making no comment either on that news, I have my own theory….

  79. Rico, the folks south of the river would have prepared a story already for the press this weekend… ;)

    Who wants to be the story will be that she was an illegal immigrant anyway. Feel sorry for her family.

  80. Afternoon all,
    Like the line on there emma, ‘Are you gonna be like all the rest and take the money, forget the crest’
    Tsgh 10.42, carry on like that and you’ll end up six foot under a vegtable patch !
    With the risk of being berated, I’m gonna put my neck on the line and say we’re gonna beat WBA tomorrow.

  81. Oops, internet went crash bang wallop….

  82. What you been drinking Micko ;)

  83. I’m with you Micko!!

  84. Even with all our walking wounded Lee?

  85. Off for dinner…

  86. I’m with Micko.
    We will put 3 past them.
    Morning guys.

  87. Rico – Splendid job as always. Top Blog…
    Emma – Nice video on Rosicknote.
    I am trying to not focus as much negative energy on missus and family, trusting and hoping that this meltdown will soon pass.
    Steve Clarke is a foxy manager and i feel it will be a score draw tomorrow.

  88. I hope so Scott….

  89. Thanks a117…

    Just hope WB don’t find their form again

  90. I’m going to have an early one, have a good eveing all…

    ‘Til tomorrow.

    Night all….

  91. Good Evening my Esteemed Fellow Gunners.

    Nice post Rico.

    I will not see the game tomorrow. Hope you all enjoy yourself mates. You all deserve it.

    Off to bed now. Tomorrow I need to be at my supreme top. I need to fight the dark shadows of life. Will I be Achilles or Hector? Time will tell.

  92. Rosicky will bring us speed of thought and movement in midfield, something we have lacked since Diaby got injured.
    It will lessen the pressure on Carzorla.
    All the same, it’s gonna be a very difficult game against a crafty opponent.

  93. I have to say, that I cannot see beyond a score draw.

  94. Kev,we will be winning mate.
    I haven’t been feeling lucky of late,but today is a new day!!

  95. Morning all, new post up….

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