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Arsenal show great ambition!

Here’s a few snippets from Arsenal Chief Commercial Officer, Tom Fox,

The clubs brand is “defined by more than winning”.

He says:

Arsenal Football Club is not only about winning. We have a large and engaged fan-base around the world who wants to feel as if they belong to the club, and want to feel proud to belong to the club. That’s my primary business.

Obviously nothing instills pride in our fan-base more than winning but there’s many things we do that make our fans feel proud. So developing the kinds of young talent, finding those players in the marketplace make our fans feel proud.

Coming to a stadium that the club built really at a time – 10 years ago when the board decided to build that stadium, everything was going our way, it was Manchester United and Arsenal, but we made a very bold decision and we built that stadium on time and on budget, that makes our fans very proud.

When they see that we can attract – even though we haven’t won a trophy in seven years – one of the top global brands in the world for the type of money and financial commitment they’re making, that makes our fans feel proud.

So our brand is defined by more than winning.

On losing big name players like Robin, Cesc, Nasri and maybe Theo in a few weeks as it matters not as there are always other youngsters to take their place:

We look at it whether it’s Serge Gnabry, who is a 17-year-old player in our reserves squad, whether it’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, whether it’s Theo Walcott, we look at these young players and have faith in our manager to develop them as the players for the future,.

Speaking about the new Emirates deal:

Football can be a fairly mercenary commercial environment. Football clubs go into the market and they really do business with whoever wants to pay them the most money. By the time this current shirt deal expires with Emirates, they would have been on our shirt for 13 years. That says a lot about how we run the football club and what’s important to us as a football club.

So it’s not just about finding the best commercial opportunity.

Well there you go!

What about the fans I wonder?

Those who paid vast amounts of money to travel to Greece last night? Those who travel to each and every away fixture regardless of the weather conditions and money it costs? Those who pay out vast amounts of money each season to keep their seat at our home ground?

Do the club think that they all care whose name is on the front of our shirt, or plastered all around the stadium?

Funny enough I doubt it’s top of any fans priority list.

But watching quality players play good football and winning, does!!

We are it seems, supporting a club which view a top four place as being a success and we all know why. It’s nothing to do with being part of the ‘elite Champions League’ every season, it’s about the money it brings with it.

Last night we could have secured top spot in our group but the players who could have secured that for us are already on their last legs. Instead Wenger was forced, or chose to take a group of players who let that chance go.

They weren’t outplayed, they just weren’t good enough to carry out the task ahead of them and now we will no doubt be drawn against a side like Barcelona or Brussia Dortmund.

If this club, and by that I mean those who run it, had an ounce of ambition in their veins, we would be trying to win that competition, not just taking part because of the money.

If they are not going to assemble a squad that can really challenge in all four competitions, then why bother aiming to get in it each year.


I don’t think so…….

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231 comments on “Arsenal show great ambition!

  1. [...] Arsenal show great ambition! [...]

  2. The only ambition this statement shows is ambition to continue as we have been for the past 5 years and I’m afraid that is a steady decline. Profit is their only ambition.

  3. They have ambition…it is just different to most football clubs.
    Board, out.
    Stan, go.
    Evening all.

  4. Morning all……

    Thanks Lee re the Fox article, which sums the club up if you ask me..

    Kroenke OUT asap!

    Usmanov IN asap and a bunch of whole new ideas…..

  5. When the hierarchy think like that no wonder the manager and players are not held accountable and take no responsibility for how they performances.

  6. I 2nd that Lee………………….!

  7. Good morning all,

    I have yet to read this mornings post but I’m sure that Rico has produced another gem.

    After watching last nights match I’m fully convinced that two players should no longer be wearing Arsenal shirts. Chamakh and Gervinho. The former whilst “putting in a shift” has no technique and no real talent, the latter is just hopeless. It’s fairly obvious that Arshavin will leave either in January or at the season’s end and on last night’s showing he wont be missed. One other player who is fast becoming a liability is Ramsey, headless chicken is the best description I can come up with. He was either getting in the way of our own players in attack or ballsing up the defence, his chest down for one of the Greek goals was a peach, pity it was in our box not theirs.

    Losing is now becoming a habit!

  8. A bloke in the office said “you could be a citeh supporter, first English team not to win a group game in the CL!” Who gives a shit about citeh or whoever for that matter, all I care about is Arsenal and us competing on the field, not just making the numbers up! Sad times.

  9. As each game passes excruciatingly by, the penny is dropping for more and more fans. Wenger is a gentleman and tries to deflect the general bad feeling from the supporters, who are paying a fortune to be kicked repeatedly in the genital area every week, onto himself. We all still retain enough respect and admiration for his past achievements to see that this is a painful business for him too as he looks more haggard and drawn every time I see him. I have no doubt that his intellect is trying to plot a solution to our current decline before either it becomes terminal for the club or him. None of us want to see what is happening before our eyes continue. Arsene is forced to bare his angst and excuse himself and the team in the glare of TV cameras a couple of times a week. It is almost as painful for us as it is for him. It is certainly embarrassing for me to see him like this. But, from what I can see, the man is not for moving, but move is what he must do and so must the club. Truth be told we have been on this downward spiral for many years now for lots of reasons. But the water has flooded the boiler rooms now and the front of the ship is under water. The Captain seems to think the pumps will work and the owner lives in another country.
    I believe we are in serious trouble and time is fast running out. And every bit we sink means it is that much further to rise again.

  10. I 3rd it Lee…

  11. JW, I think the number might be slighty higher than two,for players never to wear an Arsenal shirt! ;)

  12. So playing soccer is not about winning. Arsenal/Arsene may as well not fight for the cl spot. This is the most preposterous utterance from an Arsenal official.
    Then please reduce the ticket prices. I tell you what. If the gunners can’t get the cl spot,Arsene has to go. No ifs and buts. It’s obvious his policies have failed not this season but the last seven seasons.

  13. Morning all,
    Its bad news when the post is about our sponsership deals and the ambition of the club, While we fans try and forget we got beat last night in The Champions league, I know we get beaten more often than we win but we did have a game last night and if i say it myself we actually lost the game because our players couldn’t be bothered.
    Like we as supporters are only bothered like the board that our money just keeps rolling in. Whether we like to talk about it or not we lost and we will probably lose this weekends game as well but Hey who cares lets not talk about it lets just moan about anything else.

  14. The thing is,we are not in trouble anywhere but on the pitch.
    If we were struggling financially,i could understand the poor results,we are not.
    80 million may buy some pretty handy players,but it will get you one hell of a piece of land!!!

  15. JW, i should read it first ;)

    Chamakh scored for fun before coming to England, AA was a super little player before his days in red and white and Ramsey was once a player with so so much talent.

    Hazard described Gervinho as one of the best players he’s seen or played with.

    Have they really lost what they have inside them?

    I’m not sure they have, but they certainly have when playing for us and they don’t have enough heart to try and get it back….

  16. Ur a bit late SP we been moaning all morning on yesterday post about the game and players and lack of effort, passion fight mentality etc etc the list goes on and on…!

  17. Players are not stupid…well,not all of them.
    They can see that the clubs attidtude is to treat them as a piece of meat,and if the price is right,they will be gone.
    There is not a manager alive who could keep enthusiasm levels up amongst the players under such circumstances.
    A change of manager may help sort term,but the honeymoon period would wear off very quickly.
    Is that what we want?
    Change can be good,but not for the sake of it.
    The way things stand,i think changing managers would be just that.

  18. Makes me wonder Lee if the Citeh owners are that interested in the CL, like you say though, who cares…

    Says a lot doesn’t it AF…

    Hi Steve. Sometimes it’s hard to keep writing the same old rubbish after a match like last night. None of us are ignoring the fact that we lost, and reading statements from a club official, like the one in the post, is half the reason we don’t win.

    The club don’t seem to care about winning, as long as they are making money off the pitch and that concerns me greatly and that is not what a football club should be all about….

  19. Rico,Hazard himself was a dominant player in France.
    With respect to Giroud,he was scoring for the fun of it.
    Different standards.
    I thought Gervinho would come good this season,but he is not one bit better.

  20. Adam – I too believe we are in serious troubles. Maybe Wath is right, R&W are just sat watching and waiting for the right time.

    And that surely has to be soon….

  21. When the people in the upper echelons of our club spout such drivel SP is it any wonder that the players lack spirit fight and passion and a will to win… Is it any wonder our manager sends out a team as if the game means nothing..?

  22. Rico,the owner of any business sets the agenda.
    There is not one single person,nor a group at Arsenal that can change Stans mind on what he deems to be a succes.
    I do not know one person who has endorsed him as an owner,but he is the man,and Arsenal are his goose that keeps laying golden eggs.

  23. Wath,is there any chance at all that Wenger is not exactly trying to win every game?
    Is he sick of Stan?

  24. There is in reality nothing the fans can do to shift Kroenke. If he doesn’t want to sell Usmanov can’t buy.

  25. rico – add OX to that and it is a worrying trend :(

  26. Our players are pampered and spoilt and overpaid Scott hats half the problem the other half is they are not held accountable. The ones that are sold are hardly treated like a piece of meat are they, they get handsomely paid hold out for huge wages and then leave when they get a huge salary elsewhere..! Such a hard life they have..! Motivating a team of spoilt prima donna’s is what Wenger gets paid 7million a year for… His buys, his players his team yet I think he’s lost it… They love him like a father figure but they not interested in playing for him any more. Just the way I see it.

  27. Could Wenger & the boys be doing this on purpose?

  28. I haven’t mentioned Giroud Scott??

    And, whatever Kroenke’s agenda is, it’s clearly not for the good of AFC, and that’s all we fans should care about.

  29. The only bleedin golden eggs he should be thinking about laying should be in shapes of trophies, not pound signs…

  30. Not being funny Scott but if Wenger is trying not to win games cos he don’t like the syrup then the bloke is an complete cnut….! You don’t take the fans money and play god with a team and club cos you don’t get on with the owner. If that is a problem resign and tell all so in my opinion no he would not be loosing games with that in mind BUT if he is then he isn’t half the man we think he is.

  31. Good morning HH, when Stan bought his shares who was the manager? who did Stan get the concept from that afc should be self sustainable?

  32. JW, easy to say nothing the fans can do about Krunk but didn’t see the livpoo fans sitting by when they wanted Hicks and GIllette out…! they did something about it… made their voices heard and made in very uncomfy and personal for the owners, bad publicity hurts and for me thats where it must start…! If the syrup isn’t liked and gets abuse for being a muppet who only there for the dosh who doesn’t know or care about football and more importantly our club then maybe just maybe he ok stuff it let me cut and run on my 400bar profit…!

  33. In my eyes we can do very little about the the board and the owners, but we can do something about the manager and players. 60,000 fans turn up to the Emirates they pay high prices to watch. The players are not doing what they are paid for, they are not bad players but they are not playing to their true potential. the fans have started to show these players that they are not happy with their effort but they still cheer them and sing Arsenal songs if they really wanted to show Arsenal how upset they are they would stop going and let these players play in front of away fans only, perhaps then everybody would start to take notice.

  34. And TW emma, look what he once offered, would a different coaching regime made him the player we all thought he would become?

    Maybe listening to so many suggesting it would has made him realise he needs to leave to improve further…

  35. scott – Kroenke is a biz man and not an arsenal fan. He is not interested in arsenal winning a trophy rather increasing the size of his pocket

  36. Kalib, welcome, and you are not the first to suggest this…

  37. rico – TW is a gunner in my eyes. 26 days left and nothing has being held on contract negotiations.

  38. Exactly what i am saying Emma.
    Wath,my using the term “piece of meat” is hardly suggesting i think they are treated harshly.
    They know the score though.
    They have seen enough players sold to know to know what the clubs agenda is,and it would hardly inspire them to ahieve greatness.

  39. The fans have the ultimate power. If the stadium is empty things will happen.
    Also, I am reminded of R&W’s open letter before the season started. It was condemned as opportunistic by the less enlightened, but envisaged this very scenario as a result of both under investment and as an added consequence of relying on outgoing transfers to put the club in profit. And yet our syrup’ed owner doesn’t know why he should attend the AGM.
    Liverpool show us how far it is back when you’ve been bought out by bottom-line businessmen with no “feel” or attachment for the club.

  40. AFC can treat me like “a piece of meat” for £50k pw…..

  41. AW has said he won’t be going in Jan though emma, but we have heard all that before…

    Another player who needs to, but won’t be replaced, unless Zaha really is on Wengers agenda…

  42. Or 60000 chanting for Stan out, either will be noticed i’m sure….

  43. Scott the only ones who get sold are the “better” players so if the players put in a bit of effort they get sold to a better club on better wages so why not put in the effort…??

  44. Same old story,hey.
    Night guys!!

  45. Group stage 2nd Place Trophy ?

  46. The suggestion that nobody shows up until the game has been going for a half hour would focus enormous media attention on the club and bring things to a head. The Syrup would be forced from his $83 million lair as the sponsors would want to know what the hell was going on. It would head every SSN bulletin too. It simply could not be ignored. The only people who would show up on time would be the readers of Untold Arsenal who believe that everything is just fine.

  47. Bright side of last night was seeing Rosicky, showed the others how to shoot with a superb strike and finally, other than Jack, a player with attitude….

  48. Wath,the better players being sold tells the younger guys where the club is headed….nowhere.
    Off now…

  49. But Zaha isn’t PL ready right now, so if TW does go we will be weakening the squad…AGAIN!
    The decline in squad strength from 2004 to 2008 to the present is embarrassing, heads need to roll!

  50. Amazing how hill-wood talks of tradition and custodians of the club and yet when DD came calling in the very early 80’s he could not wait to sell his shares to him as he told Dein football is a waste of money and going nowhere, funny how in 2010 he was also happy to sell out his remaining shares to the syrup when the dosh was flashed in front of his face.

  51. Night Scott…

    Not here it’s not Rohan!

  52. Wath. Funny how Hill-Wood, a man from a family who have done so much for Arsenal, has become emblematic of the stink currently rising from the place since Kroenke took over.

  53. Adam, I think you’ll find he shelled out £80m…..just saying! ;)

  54. We had a team out there last night who know they are not wanted they have all been told that they will not figure in Arsenals future yet they are all earning good wages, they went out there and played but didn’t show any commitment is that very hard to believe, Ramsey has played the same all season and thats not good Virmin is hit and miss Czez is the same the best player on that field last night was meade and all he wants is a step up the ladder

  55. Lee. I stand corrected :)

  56. It is painfull to read to those quotes together with all the drive being spouted by Wenger and Gazidis. Stewart Robson has given a very critical interview concerning Wenger on Talksport ( I know!). Robson was always refreshingly critical of Arsenal in his tactics spot on Arsenal Player. So there is no surprise that free of Arsenal shackles he is really able to hold forth now.
    Was he sacked or would that surmise based upon his known opposition to much of what Wenger has been doing?

    By the by, given the mess we are in and going back to the pre season dicussions between van Persie , Wenger and Gazidis, is there really any reason to blame van Persie for wanting out. Just imagine those two explaining what “fantastic shape” Arsenal are in and put yourself in van Persie’s shoes, having to listen to it!

  57. Liar you’re on the sofa! :)

  58. Morning all…

    WoW. Not much to say apart from use a Britsh Army slang- Bug Out…

    The reaction of Thomas Vermalean when he heard VP had been sold said it all.

    And I am with Scott I doubt a manager will change our mid to long term status. AW has to go not because he is a bad manager but to save himself and this club.Most will always blame AW but the fact is all the players who have left still say he is the best manager in the world or at least one of them.

    PV was ready to stay but again the board and Stan thought £10M in the coffers now was better than lossing him for nothing in 9 months time.

  59. The current mentality of the club is clearly defined by these 2 quotes by Tox Fox :(

    ‘Arsenal Football Club is not only about winning.’

    ‘So it’s not just about finding the best commercial opportunity.’

    So could we have gotten more from the current commercial deal? Have we sold ourself out again? Just waiting for liverpool and chelsea deal to run down and lets see what they will get in their next deal

  60. 10.58 :lol: Adam…

  61. Hi Tsgh – Paddy was crocked, he was always going to go. I heard he failed a medical at madrid the summer before he left….

  62. Maybe emma, maybe it was all a bit too difficult and costly to make the changes…

    I know I have said it before many times, but I look forward to the Red and White stadium :)

  63. And R&W on our shirts….

  64. drivel not drive

  65. Ts, the Syrup wasn’t around when Paddy was sold…! A Wenger decision based on Wengers Stats and Paddy’s dodgy knee and longer leg…!

  66. So that’s why PV used to dance in circles!

  67. Wath. Secret Honour is an interesting concept but is at least some sort of explanation for the general weirdness at the club.

  68. So he takes the 7bar a year Adam and takes it all on the chin….!

    I still say 2 sides to that, if you love the club that much surely the fans deserve to know the truth and should be told whats going on, that doesn’t cause any more trouble than whats happening now surely?

  69. WATH, goes back to the GG pay off to keep quiet…

  70. Yes mate…………! Makes him just as culpable though in so far as he happy to take the flak just for dosh..?!?!?!?

  71. WATH-
    The mirror article sums up all I have been saying this last few weeks. Especially the bit on the photo where AW is on the end of seated board. That photo was 2 years ago. This last AGM he was posted on the LHS of the Stan. As I said on that day it shows you how isolated he is on the board, just look at his body language.

    His body language is like one of those abusive relatives pretending to ignorant about the whereabouts of a missing kid but they are actually the missing one. In this case AW is the victim who as they say in certain espionage world termed ‘eating your own brainchild’…

    We are in serious shite stage and all those clowning AW should be careful because if it were not for him our fall will be unbearable to envisage…

    Secret honour is a wrong description because he is not the Azazel or scapegoat here. I

  72. Sorry I meant VP not PV.

  73. And VP is 3 years older than his actual according to a van driver who says he went to school with in Dakar. Same as Song and possibly Gerv too. And shockingly Yaya is older than Kolo believe it or not…

  74. After reading that article in the Mirror, we should be careful what we wish for. Glad the BSM rally last weekend wasn’t about Wenger but the board. That shows most fans are sensitive about what is happening. Something is not right in the club. Wenger loves the club and I believe he won’t quit. I would want a situation whereby he would recommend someone to succeed him when that time comes. PSG are after his heels but he turned them down

    Wenger said this during a seminar 2weeks ago at the London College of Communication (LCC):

    “When I first arrived in England, the clubs were owned by people who were supporters of the club, who were successful in life and bought a club as their dream. Today the Premier League is in the hands of people who invest in the Premier League. They buy a big club and it becomes more of a business model,”

    full link is here if you are interested http://blogs.arts.ac.uk/london-college-of-communication/2012/11/27/arsenal-manager-arsene-wenger-speaks-to-sports-journalism-students-at-lcc/

  75. who did Stan get the concept from that afc should be self sustainable?

    Danny Fiszman , the architect of the state we find ourselves in now.

    We are owned by an American , he has impregnated us with more Americans . American’s don’t understand football , they don’t actually recognise the game. They certainly don’t have the same commitment that Europeans have and don’t understand the tribal loyalty on show over here. The original reports on the man says a lot. Remember this is the man that said if the stadium is full then we are not charging enough. They are a cancer and need to be cut out.

  76. Re 10:40am I meant patrick not the judas…

    trying to post on the sly in the middle of an office is hard work…lol

  77. And the self sustainable model was engineered so that they would not be required to invest from their personal coffers…

    New Jerusalem F.C

  78. 11.49… Spot on Potter, he need to be cut loose and sent back to where he came from and take his people with him…!

  79. Thing is Emma most on here wish for the Board to go before Wenger as we all are interested to see who is exactly the problem, one or the other or both..? I suspect a little of both but predominantly the Board.

  80. you sold the lie to the fans that Stan was more reliable than AU

  81. TH14 has agreed to join us.. that’ll clinch it!

  82. Sorry, phone rang….

  83. Yippee re Henry ;)

  84. I feel like saying what Wilfred Zaha tweeted. He swore not to watch Arsenal again but we all share in the agony of being ‘stressed out’. M tired of watching Arsenal. M tired of seeing Wenger on the touchline on matchdays or being on the training ground or anywhere near Arsenal. He should be regarded as a former manager. His time has gone. He’s failed to approach the new standards of the game. He was an innovator and learnt back in the days but has failed to improve and continue learning. The AKBs should change their minds and accept the truth. The players that went to Greece were never motivated. Wenger does everything in training,doesn’t he put his age into consideration and allocate duties to his assistants? Were they employed to sit on the bench on matchdays? Fabregas never knew anything about tactics until he left Arsenal

  85. Back in an hour or so….

  86. Henry agrees to rejoin Arsenal for a third spell

    The club’s record goalscorer is heading back to Emirates Stadium on loan, with the north Londoners keen for the short-term switch from New York Red Bulls to begin on January 1

  87. Henry has told Arsenal that he wants to return to the Emirates Stadium and the Londoners are now thrashing out an agreement with his club, New York Red Bulls, on the terms of the deal. The key sticking point is the length of the loan, with Arsene Wenger keen to have the 35-year-old for as long as possible.

    The MLS club have given the go-ahead for Henry to join for a similar six-week period to last season but they are reluctant for the Frenchman to be allowed an extension to his stay much beyond mid-February.

    Henry is due back in New York to honour the final year of his contract with the Red Bulls, where the season runs from March to November.

    However, discussions are more advanced than at this time last year and there should not be a repeat of the hitches which held up the deal in late December and early January in 2011-12.

    As a result of medical and insurance issues, the forward’s registration did not go through until January 7 and the first of his seven substitute appearances was in the 1-0 win over Leeds United in the FA Cup two days later, when he came off the bench to score a late winner.

    Arsenal and Henry are confident that he can make an even bigger impact than his output of two goals – a third strike was later chalked off retrospectively – in seven games last season.

  88. Wenger decided to make a move for the club’s 228-goal record scorer after being struck by his condition and sharpness during a few training sessions at London Colney in November after Henry had completed a third season at the Red Bulls.

    The striker will train with Arsenal in December when he returns from holiday and should be back in the first-team squad and available for selection for the New Year.

    Wenger has made no attempt to hide his desire to bring Henry back for a third spell, following his record-breaking eight years from 1999 to 2007 and then his loan last season.

    Asked about his fellow Frenchman, Wenger previously remarked: “A loan [for Henry] is still a possibility but we will still try to strengthen for the long term.

  89. “Henry is the talent that you dream to have. He has fantastic physique, fantastic technique, a fantastic brain, all built together in one man. At the start he was not confident enough but he has gone on to show what a great player he is.”

    Henry will offer a temporary solution to Arsenal’s centre forward problem but Wenger is still keen to move for a long-term forward signing in January. As revealed by Goal.com, his top target is Atletico Madrid’s Adrian Lopez.

    The Londoners will lose Gervinho on Africa Cup of Nations duty in January for up to six weeks and doubt surrounds the future of Theo Walcott, even though progress has been made in his contract negotiations with the club.

    Henry will return to Arsenal on the back of his best season for the Red Bulls. The former France international capped an excellent campaign, which yielded 15 goals in 29 games, by being one of the three players nominated for the MLS most valuable player of the year award. Graham Zusi of Sporting Kansas City and San Jose Earthquakes striker Chris Wondolowski are the other nominees.

    Follow Wayne Veysey on

  90. Hello
    when Arsenal win a game again?
    Last year, everybody was boring about the defence, but now? In the last games, 4 goals suffer. Only one goal scored and not many more oportunities. This year, I don’t know really, where in the defence we are better then last year, but, last year, we scored much more goals, we had many more points on the League, many more opportunities,much more good fottbal. Nowadays, every team up in their stage, want Arsenal in the next round for the CL and in the League, we are a normal team, helpful for many gain 3 points.
    It’s because this and others things, AW said “Arsenal show great ambition” ?

  91. James Olley

    05 December 2012

    Tomas Rosicky today claimed the volatile atmosphere at Emirates Stadium is damaging Arsenal.

    Although the full extent of last night’s defeat will be unclear until the draw for the next phase of the Champions League is made on December 20, Arsenal will play the second leg away from home after qualifying as runners-up.

    That may, however, be a blessing in disguise for them because fans have becoming increasingly vocal in their frustrations with the team at the Emirates after just six home wins from 11 matches this season.

    The Gunners host West Brom on Saturday and Rosicky (above), who scored last night, said: “I can understand the frustrations, I am an Arsenal fan as well when I am not playing.

    “It is understandable but we have some young guys and this is not helping. We have to all stick together, which is what we did last season when everyone was writing us off. The performances we produced against Tottenham and AC Milan [in last season’s Champions League], you could feel the great atmosphere at the Emirates. Without doubt that was the best atmosphere I have ever played in.

    “We have to win the people again, that is the challenge. It will be difficult but we are capable of doing it again. If we are all on board, Arsenal is a great place to play football.”

  92. It’s a double edged sword and the players need the fans behind them but the fans ( especially Arsenal Fans ) need to have players sweating blood and tears not strolling around not looking bothered to track back or pick players up.
    The bottom line is most genuine passionate Arsenal fans have had enough and have now decided to up the anti with vocal protesting and down the line probably taking it inside the ground.
    Enough is enough the under currant of anger frustration etc is building and yes we should be getting behind the team more but there is nothing coming back off the pitch.
    The time for being quiet has gone WE WANT OUR ARSENAL BACK

  93. rico great post…..but we have known this for quite some time havent we…Mr Fox just showed us once more what we have become..ive said it all along we’re living the american dream…and dont forget for Kreonke himself…Arsenal are a fantastic business…

    Allezkev mate….bringing Henry back just shows how far we have slipped,…a legend and a great great player….4-5 years ago.!!.Henry should never ever play for us again..i would like to see him back in some other role though..

    i think its clear to see…was Wenger to blame for not being able to secure the transfers of mata,hazard and others ?
    Was wenger instrumental in selling rvp,nasri,cesc,etc…No!

    so who are running our club into the ground..==??

    and one more thing….do us Gooners NOW believe what the players who have left said…..No Ambition !…or do we prefer to stick our heads in the sand and deny it once more…

    yesterday i thought Meade was superb…now thats a talent…!!..

  94. moreira…just think..we sold our only top player to manure..remember ??..thats where our goals went mate…

  95. Well Tom, to me, TH14 is worth going to see, even if it’s just as a cameo off of the bench…

    The ManUre fans, i’m sure, still enjoy seeing Giggs and Scholes…

    The Chav fans would love Drogba back…

  96. Tom, maybe a rendition of ‘Kroneke Out’ ringing around Ashburton Grove might just do the trick and concentrate some minds…?

    Fans may blame Wenger, others blame Gazides and now Fox…

    But the culprits are in the Boardroom and in Colorado…

    They’re the ones we have to focus our ire on imho….

    If Wenger has lost his touch, then it’s hardly suprising as he’s been undermined all ways since Dein left…

  97. Allezkev mate..
    i love Henry and i love Wenger see im not all bad ;) and i agree with you,the blame for our demise belongs wiht the decision taken a long time ago…i think an agreement was reached back in 07…since then…well..and the people who sold us out…the board and the reason…money…of course..!!

  98. It is devastating what is happening to our club right now. :(

  99. Agag, there’s only one answer?!!!!

    Get that card out and buy a pair of shoes… ;-)

  100. Ripping the heart out of a once great club….

  101. Blame those who sold their shares to the Syrup….

  102. I hope Henry’s presence at least inspires. Hardly a long-term solution, but I should think he is better than some in our first team. Grrr.

  103. Kev, there are some ails that shopping (even using another’s credit card) can’t soothe. Lol. :P Plus, I’m not the one turning a year younger quite soon. :P Ahem. I’m holding out for post Christmas sales.

    Hiya, Lee. I see us play and wonder where has my club gone? Disjointed and so lacking in guile and invention. So terribly angering.

  104. Afternoon folks, any news?

  105. Well at least Rocky is having a great time in Boston.
    Good luck to him….

    Birthday’s Agag, never think about them…. ;-)
    You’re as young as you feel….

    So with that on my mind, i’m off up the gym…. :-D

  106. No news, rico. We are boring schmoring Arsenal. :)

    I don’t think about them either, Kev. ;) Have fun at the gym.

  107. Don’t pump too hard Kev ;)

    Unlike Chelsea agag, they are signing players already….

  108. At the same time rico, I cannot stand Chelsea and do not wish us to be anything like them. Well maybe, I’d have one or two of their players. That is it!

  109. West Ham have been named as the preferred bidder for the Olympic Stadium to end a three-year saga over its future.

  110. Afternoon all, top post rico,

    The title really should have read ” Don’t piss on my back and tell me it’s raining”
    Tom Fox is a real wag isn’t he, another one talking out of his back-side, he’s just carrying on where Wenger and Gazidas have left off during the last few weeks, I can only think they’ll all trying to convince themselves because no-one else is having it, smacks of desperation.
    Around 20 players have started for us in the PL this season and Wenger saw fit to start only 5 or 6 of them in a champions league game last night, it’s not really on, only the draw will tell us if he got anyway with it or not.
    Potter 11.49, spot on, Stan really doesn’t get it does he, we need more touch downs, enter Thierry Henry, he’ll save the day.

    Scott 10.22, that’s like wanting Arsenal to lose cause Wenger is in charge, no chance.

    Tomstoned, Ferguson knew he needed a striker this summer and made a bee-line for RvP, wouldn’t take no for an answer and splashed 24 million on him, it’s not like we’re in the same position is it ? I mean where would we get 24 million from and even if we did we’d bank it !!!!!!

    rico 4.19, don’t worry, kev’s just handing out the towels and checking out the eye candy.

  111. I can’t stand them either agag, just 2? ;)

  112. Micko, do you think the board are taking the piss out of the fans….I’m not having it! hahahahahaha
    Feckin jokers, the lot of em

  113. Thanks Micko – i’d love to be brave enough for that….

    I thought Kev was checking out the new machines, number 21 is a twix….

  114. Lee, as popeye once said, that’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more !

  115. We needed to get RvP signed up then add the three players we’ve added plus a beast of a DM and a GK….

  116. Heard something last night but was on the beers so……….but here goes, Arsenal have not won two away games on the bounce in the group stages of the champions league for 6 years, can that be right, that would go all the way back to the Barca final if so.

  117. Or b)sell him to a rival…actually we’re not rivals to them any more, stoke, west ham et al are our competition! :(

  118. You make it sound so simple Lee, funny enough, it probably is. If we all keep writing it, maybe someone of the Arsenal board will catch on….

  119. You sure about West Ham?

  120. Thats cute emma…

  121. Some of those are taller than Arshavin ;)

  122. rico – simples ;) ;)

  123. Haha – I’m surprised he played last night emma…

  124. Forget us signing a striker in Jan, looks like we are going to try for a work permit for Joel Campbell…

    He and Henry together should sort us out then!

  125. rico – i thought Arsh would have played in the hole, its all gone now. Don’t know why we should have players abroad when we could apply for a special talent visa for them. Joel Campbell has played for his national team on several occasions so that shouldn’t be a problem. I wonder how the Mancs and Chavs do the magic to get their south america players visa and arsenal cant

  126. I feel quite sorry for him emma….

    Agree re the loanees abroad, no other club seems to have such issues over visas as us…

    Fergie certainly never does, didn’t Hernandez get one straight away?

  127. When is the CL draw, anyone know?

  128. Think we don’t officially hear we play Barca till the 20th rico.

  129. Thanks Micko, I am expecting Dortmund..

  130. Off to eat, back in a bit….

  131. Mick, i was handing out the towel’s in the Ladies changing room…

    A bloody hard job, but someone’s gotta do it…

    I just grit my teeth and soldiered on….

  132. Dortmund, now i wouldn’t mind that Rico, at least it would be a good game…
    Barca again would just be boring and a tad embarrising for us.

  133. Always putting others first kev, you’ll be rewarded in heaven.

  134. Stan does not believe in heaven he buys himself a heavenly ranch when he fancies it…

    evening all…

    Micko are you still waiting somewhere in herts to kidnap AW?

  135. How do Tsgh, just on my way out to watch Celtic shortly, there’ll be a big crowd cheering them on in the bar tonight.
    I’m in Herts for Christmas, he’d better watch out !

  136. Think I have eaten too much, I’m going to pop….

    Evening peoples…

  137. It’s not your teeth people needed to worry about Kev….

  138. Enjoy Micko, hope they win…..

  139. I am healthy does what matters really.matters.

    When it comes to AW and Arsenal as written in the Book of Truth quoted in Daniels, the truth shall truly be revealed one day…

  140. Morning all.

  141. Micko,on my 10.22……i don’t think it is the case either.
    Just a question.

  142. Did you have a veggie ‘presbytarian’ buffett Rico? lol

  143. Hey scottie. jeez you never sleep do you?

  144. Evening Gooners,

    Rico you’re out for blood?? Hahaha, while you vampired on Mr. Tom Hoax we are getting bamboozled by reports we signed a experienced fox-in-the-box. Coincidence? Think not. You’re being targeted by counter intelligence,ssssssttt…. sources told me. The club noticed you’re making waves in the Gooner community and loath the fact you don’t sign from the sheet one bit.

    Keep up the good work. :P


    Are you doing spendex aerobics with the gals? Don’t blame ya, finally some sweat being spilled hey. Tnx for the scoop. Kingpin returns!! I’m suspicious though, it might be a master stroke to smother any momentum we angry mob might gain before January. What’s your take on that?


    I’m a happy chap to see you alive and still kicking……. the Arsenal. Eight o’clock news got me worried for your safety. Thank God your okay. Hope all is well for friends and family.

  145. Do Aussie really feel like they are really upside down? I am not being funny really but the reason I ask is because I was in the Kingdom Centre in Jeddah a few days ago on the 38th floor and it crossed my mindwhilst talking about the Qatar WC with some Saudi’s if the world truly a globe?

  146. TH for what?

  147. Tsgh – just a salad, but it was the sponge pudding I made after that did it… :)

  148. I thought vegans had 4 stomachs? :D

  149. Evening Dg :lol: You do manage to bring a chuckle to my face…

    Hi Scott and anyone else I missed …

  150. I wish Ts, I wish…..

    I’m no vegan though…

  151. Ts, going to post your article tomorrow….

  152. Ahh a lamb to the slaughter it shall be…lol

  153. Pescetarianism you said…

  154. Ginge,

    Don’t worry just go psy-doc on us, like Sir Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs.

  155. It will be fine…

    I am, posh word eh ;)

  156. haha DG… the way things are going you never know

  157. I always floss Rico, although i’m not sure what you mean… ;-)

    Mick, it was the Christian thing to do, but that’s me, always putting others first…

  158. Posh word indeed. Its a mouthful, I will rather have me a meat than call myself that….lol

    And you say you are a posh spice lookalike too? I guess you are never caught smiling.. :D

  159. chavs being outplayed by the eskimos…

  160. Dutch, re; the Spandex, i’m more of a spectator in that regard…

    I can’t claim having broken the news, re;TH14
    Lee holds that honour….

  161. For Clarice. ;)

  162. Haha Kev…

    Posh spice Ts, nothing like her – thank goodness ;)

  163. Ginge,i get a different aspect from down under…a positive one :)
    The life of a Gooner down here means plenty of broken sleep during the season,but what can you do?
    I am not one to wake up in the morning,check the result and jump on facebook to spruik (or moan).

  164. Evening Adam…

  165. Oh,and we aren’t upside down,you guys are.
    The positive vibes have me constantly on top of the world lol

  166. Mrs Adam, who is my fifth wife, looks a bit like Posh Spice, but is much thinner.

  167. Glad to hear Adam, Posh has put a bit of weight on recently..

  168. Kev

    Spandex voyeurs prefer it bottoms up. :)

  169. I noticed that Rico. Around the belly and thighs.

  170. Just glad England are showing some fight in the cricket….

  171. C’mon Jimmy Anderson!

  172. And ankles Adam…

  173. I have two England one-day cricket shirts Adam, one with Monty on and the other with Jimmy on. Just after they arrived, Monty got dropped so I am glad he is back and doing well in India…

  174. Thick ankles Rico. That reminds me of my first wife. It was the reason I divorced her. And she called me shallow. Can you believe it? :)

  175. For peeping Tom. :P

  176. I bet you bowl a mean wrong ‘un Rico.

  177. Shallow is the perfect way to sum up such an action Adam…..

  178. Not these days Adam, not these days :(

  179. Hiya Adam. Glad to read your view on topics again. And everything dandy. :)

    Morning digger, don’t you know gold shines brighter by moonlight? You definitely got that upside down. ;)

  180. That’s my gym Dutch…. ;-)

  181. Hi DG. Nice the hear that though I am especially exasperated with Arsenal these days I must confess.

  182. Adam with a wedged strap sandals…lol

  183. They’re called cankles….Cahill just scored, ho hum we’ve got the squilmeister! His sixth of the season, he’d be joint top scorer at our place….. ;)

  184. Aussies are not positive its the beer and the bbq..

  185. TV has not scored yet this season. Strange eh…

  186. First team to win the CL and go out at the group stage?

  187. nite guys and lady

  188. He should have been ours Lee….

    The Oz beer is shocking Ts

  189. Adam

    Same here. Trying exponentially to take myself serious again these days. No more hoodwink for me.

  190. Fingers crossed they are Lee…

    Night Ts…

    I too am offski for the day,

    Night everyone, enjoy the rest of your day…..

    ‘Til tomorrow…..

  191. Nite Clarice.

  192. First English team to not win a group game in the CL?

  193. Buenos noches Rico.

  194. Rico,some of our beers are world class.
    Plenty are shit though.
    I don’t touch the shit!!

  195. Nite Rico. Read you tomorrow.

  196. Ginge,26 degrees AGAIN today :)
    Perfect beer and BBQ weather.Love it.

  197. Strong European lager is good….
    Mick’s tipple is good too…..

  198. Evening all.

    Oz does have some good beers, been working down your way Scott on and off for a few years. I especially like james squire ale. Top stuff, however price of alcohol down under is not top notch. Expensive bloody place!

  199. Fair play Celtic!

  200. Signing off Gooners. Nite Scott,Adam,Lee,Lewis. And the rest who reads.

    Lata peeps.

  201. Lewis,James Squire make a sensational beer.
    If you like a hoppy pale ale,try Fat Yak or Little Creatures….both are just brilliant.

  202. Good night all.

  203. Btw brilliant Chavs dish out a spanking but still end up empty handed. :P

  204. *Yaaaaaaawn*

    Hi guys…what did I miss?

  205. Morning all,

    I see last night’s conversation was beer and weather. Come to South Africa, beautiful clear 28 degree day and beer is cheap here. My favourite beer, Amstel, you’ll pick up at the pub for R25 a draught which is about 2 pounds.
    So I guess we’re hoping to miss Bayern, Dortmund and Barca next round of CL. Can we still get Man U or do they still separate same countries in the next round?

  206. Morning Bradster, we can’t get Manure next round.

  207. or Shalke for that matter…

  208. Let’s aim up at Barca.
    Get past them and it will be plain sailing.
    See,you just need a plan!!
    Evening all.

  209. When is the next CL game?

  210. Morning All,

    End of Feb early March I think Scott….!

  211. Doesn’t it start again in Feb?

  212. Sagna is on his way out then……

    Morning all

  213. December,February or March….thanks guys,that narrowed it down :)

  214. I wonder what the team line up will look like this weekend with Rosicky fit and Cazorla off form.
    I just don’t want to hear they did not perform because they looked Jaded

  215. looks like sagna is off….. really don’t agree with that!

  216. 12/13/19/20 Feb to be precise…

  217. Thanks Lee.
    Time to find form,at least.
    If it still exists lol.

  218. New Post is up guys

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