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Wenger ready to bid for Ba! Squillaci, Monteiro or Angha? Normality returns to Arsenal & a mixed bag out in Greece……

Morning Gooners,

After the Sun reported yesterday that Demba Ba has refused a new contract offer from Newcastle, the same paper has suggested that Wenger is ready to offer £7.5 Million for him. No, that’s not him being tight for once, that’s the players ‘get out’ clause in his current contract.

The Daily Mail however, reckon Wenger is ready to make Huntelaar top of his list, with Henry, Zaha and Reina being the others..

However, just a couple of days have passed and normality returns, that is of course, the same old stuff from the manager. He’s played down all that is going on and despite being critical of our performance on Saturday, he’s now suggesting that our fortunes will soon change, again..

There is a problem there, of course, but what is important when you have a problem is to do something about it.

The second thing is to have the strength to do something about it. We have the strength and we will do something about it.

In England, the response is always to sort out your problems by buying players. It’s one way to do it and if we need it we’ll do it.

Wait for it!!!

But from 3 December to 1 of January [when the transfer window opens] we have 28 days and many big games. So what is important is immediately to do something about it.” 

Let’s not go overboard, we lost on Saturday and of course we not happy with that. But I’m confident that we have strong team, that we have a strong spirit in the side and that will come out.

We have rebuilt the team on two ways. Firstly, in bringing in new players. Secondly, in getting some players back from long-term injury. I feel there’s a lot of strength in our team and patience and keeping mental strength will turn it round in an easy way.

This club is in fantastic shape because we have a good team, we have a strong structure of the club that we have built over the years, we are in a strong financial situation and we are mentally strong.

I can understand that not everybody is pleased about that, but that’s a fact. And that’s why we have to continue to behave how we do.

So in other words, there is a bit of a problem on the pitch which he and the players are going to try and sort it out in the next 28 days. During that time, the injured players could come back and all will be ok. If that doesn’t work, he might bring in a new player or two.

Don’t bank on it though I’d say, he believes we have a good team and they are mentally strong.

So they might be, but they are also physically knackered and there is one reason for that and none of you need telling what that is.

Just moments after we secured our place in the knock-out stages of the Champions League, most of the players were talking about trying to win the group in Greece. Even Arsene Wenger said he would be taking a strong squad out to face Olympiacos but after our recent troubles, he’s had a change of heart it seems.

Here is the squad….

1 Wojciech Szczesny
5 Thomas Vermaelen
7 Tomas Rosicky
15 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
16 Aaron Ramsey
18 Sebastien Squillaci
22 Francis Coquelin
23 Andrey Arshavin
25 Carl Jenkinson
27 Gervinho
29 Marouane Chamakh
38 Martin Angha
39 Zak Ansah
48 Sead Hajrovic
53 Jernade Meade
55 Elton Monteiro
60 James Shea
67 Chuba Akpom

I wouldn’t have even bothered taking Vermaelen, I’d have taken Djourou and Miquel but it seems that Squillaci could get his first start, and hopefully his last start this season, unless of course Wenger goes with one of the rookie’s, Martin Angha or Elton Monteiro .

To be honest, I hope many of the younger players get a chance at some stage tonight, they’ll sure give everything they have in those young bodies of theirs.

They will play without fear too I suspect, maybe even with belief that this could be their time to get a chance very soon, maybe even Saturday if the walking wounded don’t recover.

They literally have nothing to lose do they, especially twenty year old Jernade Meade. With Andre Santos looking seriously out of favour and Kieren Gibbs seemingly fragile, this young guy could be on the verge of good things…..

Tonight could be chance for one or two, let’s hope they take it and let’s hope they enjoy it.

Let’s hope they win too……

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353 Responses to Wenger ready to bid for Ba! Squillaci, Monteiro or Angha? Normality returns to Arsenal & a mixed bag out in Greece……

  1. W.A.T.H says:

    Morning All, I was thinking you were being a little sarcastic with a few of those comments Rico ;-)

    Miguel is injured that’s why he has not travelled along with Gnabry and Yennaris..!

    So good to see Squilli back….!

  2. Arsenal News says:

    [...] Wenger ready to bid for Ba, Squillaci, Monteiro or Angha? Normality returns to Arsenal & a mixe… [...]

  3. Lewis says:

    Morning all,

    Nice post Rico.

    Strong spirit, mental strength, same old same old, where have these same qualities been recently.

    Lookiang forward to seeing a few of the youngsters strut their stuff tonight, agreed on djourou and miquel, surely they could do with a run out?!

  4. tsGH says:

    Morning all,

    WATH thanks for the update on Yennaris and Serge….

    Good post Rico and you left the best bit for the last…. Jernade Meade ;)

  5. Bradster says:

    We still need a striker in Jan. Ba could actually be the answer. Newcastle play similar to us and reminds me of Abebayour but better.
    I agree, let’s have a mixture of youth and experience against Olympiakos. I think Squid is not bad when he plays against European sides, he struggles against Prem sides.
    AOC needs some confidence from this game and a bit of match practise for Rosicky.

  6. tsGH says:

    Some times I can’t decide if AW is like Comical Ali or Bree from desperate housewives…

    But him mentioning Socrates makes me think he is the football version of Nero. lol

  7. Bradster says:

    Oh and morning all

  8. tsGH says:

    When AW had his touch he managed to get £2m for Cygan but he can’t even get rid of Le Squid for free…. :D

  9. rico says:

    Morning all…

    Me, sarcastic Wath, you know me too well ;)

    I forgot Miguel is injured… What about Djourou though, he’s not is he? Surely it would have been better to take him than the donkey….

    I would rather see one of the younger ones tbh….

    Thanks Lewis and Tsgh..
    :lol: re Meade, that was just for you Tsgh…

  10. tsGH says:

    For me Rico? Why would you be doing that for me? :D

  11. Bradster says:

    Perhaps that’s a sign that Djourou is for sale in Jan and Wenger expects a cl team to put in an offer. I wonder if we’ll see Arshavin if he looks like he’s out the door in Jan too.

  12. lengooner says:

    I agree it looks like the same old same old Arsenal.again.
    Same excuses. Again.
    Same third rate players making up the same 3rd rate team. remember the Carling cup?
    Dojo,Squill & beanio shouldn’t even be in the vicinity of the ground never mind in the squad.
    Who does Wenger think he’s pillockin with his cr*p?
    I forsee a pasting for the poor kids if those 3 play. They are very poor quality.
    Dear god those kids shouldn’t be subjected to those 3 clowns.
    Remember the days when we drooled over the kids?
    When will we get those days back?

  13. rico says:

    You know why Tsgh ;)

    Bradster, could be, i’m surprised AA has travelled as he’s yet to feature and i suspect he won’t tonight either for the same reason…

    len, some of our kids are going to be good, the tired, old and average ones are our problem ….

  14. Rohan says:

    Sad to see no Eisfeld and Gnabry in the team …. Was looking forward to seeing them play !

  15. rico says:

    Bradster, re Ba, I wouldn’t mind either if we got him, the downside is the ACON but at least he is used to the PL…

  16. Lewis says:

    Hope AA23 plays tonight and tears them a new one, maybe then we may get to see him more often.

    Is gnabri injured?

  17. Lewis says:

    Agreed on Eisfield rohan. Surely a game to text him out.

  18. Bradster says:

    Eisfeld isn’t part of the 25 man squad and Gnarby is injured.

  19. Bradster says:

    At 7.5m that’s an absolute bargain. Worth investing in him for a month off. Wenger will only sign him 31/01/13 and he’ll be back end of Feb if his team gets to the final.

  20. Steve says:

    Would that be the same Ba that has walked out on most of his many previous clubs, and whose knee was described as a ‘time bomb’ after he failed his medical at Stoke ?

  21. rico says:

    Don’t think they were registered Bradster..

  22. tsGH says:

    Eisfield does not qualify for the B team because he joined us 11 months ago. He could make that list in another year time ,however he will be over 21 anyway so will not qualify. In future we probably have to put him on the A list if he breaks into the first team.

    Angha is very very good. And so are Hajrovic and Akpom who in my opinion has gone ahead of Afobe…

  23. tsGH says:

    Serge was registered

  24. rico says:

    Didn’t know all that Steve, he’s doing pretty well right now though….

  25. tsGH says:

    I have changed my mind on Adrian Lopez his game has improved vastly and he has that Suarez magic we lack in the team at the moment..

  26. Bradster says:

    Thanks ts, I remember seeing some illegibility reason. That clears it up.
    I didn’t either about Ba, I haven’t seen him missing games for Newcastle with knee injuries. Then he’ll fit in perfectly with our injury record.

  27. tsGH says:

    Very true Steve, when he was at 1899 Hoffenheim we had a detailed look at him as a cheaper version of Dzeko but I believe we were tipped of about his knee. Its the reason why his club then allowed him to go on the cheap. Before he joined WHU his agent had talks with AW for a trial loan but….

    I heard he went to Africa to use alternative medicine and the injury is gone however, insurance does not consider those methods.

  28. W.A.T.H says:

    Gnabry is injuerd Ts… Along with Yennaris and Miguel…!

  29. W.A.T.H says:

    You know for a fact if Ba came to us his knee would go pop in the first month…!

  30. tsGH says:

    Essien used the same alternative method on his knee after several attempts with western medicine in the last 2 years and he has not been injured since…
    Van pursey and the horse intestines remedy are examples…lol

  31. tsGH says:

    I feel sorry for Yennaris… Anytime he is close to the first team he gets injured or has serious illness. Last year at this time it was yellow fever or something…

  32. Steve says:

    I’ve no problem with all this speculation but I’m not convinced it will lead anywhere.

    Last season we had one injury prone striker, who happened to be stalling on his new contract, but I don’t remember us addressing the problem in January.

  33. rico says:

    It’s only rumour anyway, Henry will be our striker saviour!

    Or Akpom…..

  34. rico says:

    Same with the defence Steve – all out of left and right backs but…. zilch in January!

  35. W.A.T.H says:

    When you read wengers ramblings in the paper this morning I’m wondering if someone should be calling for the men in white coats to come take him away…?

  36. Lee says:

    Remember when you ran away and I got on my knees and begged you not to
    leave because I’d go berserk?? Well…
    You left me anyhow and then the days got worse and worse and now you see
    I’ve gone completely out of my mind.. And..
    They’re coming to take him away, ha-haaa!!
    They’re coming to take him away, ho-ho, hee-hee, ha-haaa
    To the funny farm. Where life is beautiful all the time and I’ll be
    happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats and they’re
    coming to take him
    away, ha-haaa!!!!!

    You thought it was a joke and so you laughed, you laughed when I had said
    that loosing you would make me flip my lid.. RIGHT???
    I know you laughed, I heard you laugh, you laughed you laughed and
    laughed and then you left, but now you know I’m utterly mad… And..

    They’re coming to take him away, ha-haaa,
    They’re coming to take him away, ho-ho, hee-hee, ha-haaa.
    To the happy home. With trees and flowers and chirping birds and basket
    weavers who sit and smile and twiddle their thumbs and toes and they’re
    coming to take him away, ha-haaa!!!

    I cooked your food, I cleaned your house, and this is how you pay me back
    for all my kind unselfish loving deeds.. Huh??
    Well you just wait, they’ll find you yet and when they do they’ll put you
    in the ASPCA, you mangy mutt!!! And…

    They’re coming to take him away, ha-haaa.

    They’re coming to take him away, ho-ho, hee-hee, ha-haaa.
    To the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time and I’ll be happy
    to see those nice young men in their clean white coats and they’re coming
    to take him away, ha-haaa!!!
    To the happy home, with trees and flowers and chirping birds and basket
    weavers who sit and smile and twiddle their thumbs and toes and they’re
    coming to take me away, ha-haa!!!
    To the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time…

  37. rico says:


    You are so cruel to our esteemed leader…

  38. Lee says:

    I think he’s losing it….

  39. Lee says:

    We played a weakened side a few years ago and came second to the bubbles!

  40. W.A.T.H says:

    We’ve yet to win against the bubble with a 1st 2nd or 5th team so it don’t look good….!

    Lee, the bells the bells…………… ;-)

  41. tsGH says:

    Who would have thought Lee was an acclaimed poet? ;)

  42. tsGH says:

    last year it was Kyle bartley and Squid at the back…

  43. W.A.T.H says:

    Lee is many things but he is not a pest Ts…………………. :D

  44. tsGH says:

    A pest/bug in AW sleeping bag/jacket…

  45. W.A.T.H says:

    I’d rather a black widow under Stan’s syrup…!

  46. W.A.T.H says:

    Oh and a bit of curare for phw………..!

  47. Lee says:

    Bollocks WATH, in a festive way! ;)

  48. W.A.T.H says:

    Walnuts or almonds Lee..??? :D

  49. tsGH says:

    ha ha ha. I would prefer a ballam like talking donkey/horse as in the Torah to tell him to spend some flipping money…

  50. Lee says:

    I was talking about 2009…
    21 Fabianski
    18 Silvestre
    34 Bartley
    36 Cruise
    42 Gilbert
    14 Walcott
    16 Ramsey
    17 Song Billong
    19 Wilshere (Sunu 77)
    32 Meridayellow card12 Vela

  51. allezkev says:

    Afternoon Gooners, moan, moan, moan….
    afternoon Rico, Good Post btw….

  52. NashuaGunner says:

    Morning Rico and All.
    We just have to keep the faith; maybe our leader and the Board will finally see the light and make the the necessary adjustment that we need. We done it before we can still do it again. Once a champion is always a champion.

  53. allezkev says:

    Demba Ba, not sure about him tbh…
    Not sure about Huuntelaar either, but i think i’d prefer him…
    Ginge, i reckon those two are diversion’s and that Lopez is his target…

  54. rico says:

    Losing or lost Lee ;)

  55. tsGH says:

    You may have a point there Kev.

    For a man who operates as ‘M’ in creating diversions and keeping things very close to his chest, his tactics are more like the American Ist Marine Regiment than a royal marine path finder.

  56. allezkev says:

    I’ve seen Monteiro, he has a touch of the Squillaci’s about him, loses concentration and makes silly mistakes, but maybe his focus has improved.
    I reckon Adam will like him…

    Hajrovic can play holding m/f, f/b and c/b, i prefer him to Monteiro, but he can get caught out as well.

    Angha is another flakey Swiss defender, he scares the life out of me when he is at f/b.

    Meade is a bit on the small side, came to us as a winger, but converted into a f/b although he does fill in as a wide m/f.
    small but very skillfull, the best of the above and could have a 1st team future…

  57. rico says:

    Morning Kev and thanks

  58. allezkev says:

    Ginge, i was thinking more interms of Inspector Gadget…

  59. tsGH says:

    Hajrovic has been deputising for Nico recently for the u-21

  60. allezkev says:

    I’ve not seen Ansah, he’s had a lot of injury problems, so he’s bound to be offered a 6 year contract on 60k..

    Akpom is quality, although this is gonna be a big step up for a lad whose only just turned 17…

    I know that Chamakh is in the squad, but i’ve got a hunch that AW will go with AOC, Arshavin and Rosicky behind Gervinho…
    Hooray i hear you all cry….

  61. tsGH says:

    Austin Powers…

  62. allezkev says:

    Ginge, i prefer him in m/f, not sure he has the concentration to be a c/b….
    Bloody shame about Yennaris…

  63. rico says:

    Meade at Lb then Kev?

  64. tsGH says:

    Toral has cut all his crap he use to do i.e dribbling in dangerous areas. I have high hopes for him.He really wants to learn…. and return to Marca in future after the dna test shows a positive…lol

  65. allezkev says:

    Djourou not in the squad, probably means so he’s not cup-tied…

    I know someone mentioned it earlier, but it looks as if he’s gonna be sold. Probably to finance the signing of Lampard….

  66. tsGH says:

    agree kev he has a pass on him but maybe as you have said he is more a right footed Luiz than a Sol Campbell

  67. rico says:

    I’m not sure re AA, if he’s offski in Jan, can’t see AW playing him….

  68. allezkev says:

    Yeah, i reckon so Rico, it’ll be a tough one for the lad and he’s gonna have spells when he struggles a bit, but i’m optimistic that he’ll cope overall…

  69. tsGH says:

    Djourou pulled a muscle in his bottocks…lol. cause sitting on his backside all season.

  70. tsGH says:

    Meade is a Sylvinho kind of player. Very good engine unlike Gibbs and Cliche at that age he does not tack in-field but hugs the line a bit.

    Saying that I have only seen him 4 times…

  71. allezkev says:

    Not seen Toral of Jebb, Ginge, only on video…
    Bellerin looks like he’s coming on a bundle, could be on the edge of the senior squad next season if Sagna goes…

    Olsson is the nuts Ginge, i hope he has a run-out from the bench at Bradford.

  72. allezkev says:

    AA, back to Russia Rico, it’s their close season…

  73. tsGH says:

    Olsson is said to be like Laudrup or TR07 at 22. He is the closest to Cesc in passing from what I have seen on paper but as usual because of this league and his physique he says he has been told to operate deeper…

    Aneke could be decent with his size. His body language will piss Lee and Rico off though. ;)

  74. allezkev says:

    Shame about Eisfeld, but that lad looks very promising, with a goalscoring knack that we lack from m/f.
    Reckon he’ll play at Bradford and will be involved over the Christmas/New Year programme…

    Likewise Gnabry…

  75. tsGH says:

    It ends in may kev. Dzagoev should be available then on a free so is Honda

  76. allezkev says:

    Ginge :lol:
    Languid, is the word that springs to mind Ginge…
    He seems to be coming on at Crewe, a great club to learn your trade imho, could come back to us a much better player…

    Unfortunately Afobe is having a season to forget. I worry that that serious injury he had has fecked him up and affected his speed…?

  77. allezkev says:

    Where’s my Grandson?

    I can still you grumbling… ;-)

  78. allezkev says:


  79. rico says:

    And he’s not young really Kev, soon be 21 I think :)

  80. allezkev says:

    Dzagoev, don’t know much about him Ginge, is he any good?

    If he is, and he’s on a Bosman, then we don’t have a prayer of getting him…

  81. allezkev says:

    21, not young Rico, i bet Wath wish he was 21….. :-D

  82. rico says:

    Back in 20….

  83. W.A.T.H says:

    I’m not 21 Grandad I’m 12………………! I’m not grumbling at all I’m feeding Lee those Xmas nuts he asked for to keep him quiet…! Plus he’s polished off the port and now he’s on the sherry.

  84. Lee says:

    Buuuuuuurp! Wow I’m stuffed……..

  85. allezkev says:

    Yeah Wath, Lee just can’t leave his nuts alone…

  86. Walcott not included. That’s strange. Make of it what you like.

  87. allezkev says:

    Right, i’m offski for a spell…

    So i’ll type it for ya Wath… ;-)

    “Thank God he’s gone”,

  88. tsGH says:

    Dzagoev the player most people saw in the euros score 2or 3 goals and started to tell AW to get to replace VP even though they are completely different players and play in different positions.

    The football knowledge of some fans baffles me most times…

  89. tsGH says:

    The ragtops mentioned back in the summer that AW was trying to swap AA23 for Dzagoev but CSKA. I guess AA23 wanted to stay in the UK so the deal fell through..

  90. DutchGooner10 says:

    Afternoon Gunners,

    My compliments for yesterday’s post, Kev. It provoked many to thin slice their frustrations and aim blame precise instead of often.

    Though Wenger should consider wearing his sleeping bag upcoming weeks, it makes him quite a miserable bush camper fumbling with wet matches to start a comfortable fire.

    Thanks Rico actually looking forward seeing our youngsters. Time for the academy to repay faith in their abilities.

  91. rico says:

    Liquid lunch Lee??

    MW, nothing to make of Theo’s absence, loads are missing….

  92. rico says:

    I’m 21 next month kev, good age – go steady out there :)

    Hi Dg, thanks, I am too, can’t be any worse than some of the first team of late…

  93. Lee says:

    Dutch, WTF was that linesman being killed by kids?? Crazy….?!?!

  94. Lee says:

    Nope Rico, double pie single mash and liquor….no alcohol passed my lips!

  95. Micko says:

    Afternoon all,
    Watch that halo don’t slip rico.
    Who needs tactics when you’ve got great mental strength.
    Once upon a time people would sit up and take notice when Wenger spoke, not any more.

  96. DutchGooner10 says:

    Amateur footy ain’t what it used to be Lee. I hang my boots long ago because of this schmuck scumbag attitude surrounding the recreational fields.

    The story is major but no surprise. Dutch FA have done less than symptom investigation over the years. The discussions focuses on the type of society we are creating. These youngsters reflect what adults around them feed their norms and values.

  97. Lee says:

    Dutch, pretty much the same over in sunny Colchester’s recreational fields! I suppose when you’ve got players like rooney, barton etc acting like arseholes on tv…. c’est la vie!

  98. rico says:

    You must have been hungry Lee …

    Ha ha Micko, but only in my own world of imperfections ……..

    I think people stand up, just to check who made the comment…

  99. rico says:

    Back in a bit, Fido needs a walk….

  100. DutchGooner10 says:

    Just in minutes ago. All Holland amateur footy for this weekend is cancelled!!

    Befitting statement for all those volunteers risking their lifes in their own free time. No more qualifying these excesses as incidents.

    Only one week prior to this tragedy, an amateur footballer was convicted kicking a bystander 73 years of age to death. Chuck Norris-style. The old man had the nerve to question the player’s attitude towards referee decisions.

  101. Lee says:

    Don’t forget the spwirit and togetherness….

  102. DutchGooner10 says:


    This world is ran by insane people with obscene objectives. FIFA mobster Blatter has send Dutch FA his concerns by public letter.

  103. W.A.T.H says:

    quality and attitude as well Lee…………..

  104. Lee says:

    Dutch one thing for sure is that there’s base humans in every country!

  105. DutchGooner10 says:

    Who remembers De Jongh’s throat kick on Alonso, in the World Cup final against Spain??

    Well that’s how the old man got murdered. De Jongh only got a yellow card.

  106. Lee says:

    World’s Best Definition of Political Correctness.

    There’s an annual contest at the Griffith University, Australia, calling for the most appropriate definition of a contemporary term.

    This year’s term was ‘political correctness
    The winning student wrote:

    “Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rapidly promoted by mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end.

  107. DutchGooner10 says:

    Questions of excessive violence in footy starts at the very top of the pyramid. Imho.

  108. rico says:

    How about ‘ we were a little bit short’ – describes me quite well :P

    Afternoon fine people…..

  109. DutchGooner10 says:

    Lee re political correctness :P

  110. W.A.T.H says:

    Now where is that handbrake……………….!

  111. Lee says:

    I prefer “Hi ho” Rico… ;)

  112. rico says:

    What handbrake??

  113. rico says:

    :lol: Lee…

    I often sing that as I follow the yellow brick one ….

  114. DutchGooner10 says:

    Part 2 till 50 are missing. But hohummm, it gets my point across.

  115. rico says:

    Some of those are shocking Dg….

    Don’t know why Diaby’s on Terry is included though ;)

  116. lengooner says:

    Love to see the kids. it’s the deadwood like dojo,squill, gerv and co i can’t do with.
    why don’t we see more of the kids instead of seeing wenger persist with his deadwood no hopers.
    i also struggle to get my head round how so many arsenal fans are willing to put up with players like dojo and gervbeanio.
    These type of fans have gotten what they deserve an average arsenal team. Hope they are happy.

  117. rico says:

    dojo?? Who is that len?

  118. W.A.T.H says:

    Johan Djourou you plonker get with it :P

  119. rico says:

    Cheeky toad :P

  120. rico says:

    I see Chelsea are already sorting out their jan signings, deal agreed for a right back from Fluminense….

  121. rico says:

    So why did Arsenal boss Wenger meet with PSG’s sheiks in France last week?

  122. Micko says:

    rico, looking at that picture of Stewart Robson, looks like he needs to stick a couple of ferrets up his nose, he’s nothing but a bitter old bald coot.

  123. allezkev says:

    Emmanuel Frimpong‏@Frimpong26AFC

    I wanna wish my club #afc the best of luck in tomorrows game. Hope we get the 3points needed.

  124. allezkev says:

    Nico Yennaris‏@Nico_Yennaris

    Good luck to my brother @Jernade_R_Meade tonight! Do your ting g !!! #AFC

  125. allezkev says:

    Sporting Life‏@SportingLife

    Fernando Llorente confirms his plans to leave Athletic Bilbao when his contract is up in the summer: http://bit.ly/TDBVNt #AFC

  126. allezkev says:


    #Afc team; Szczesny Meade Vermaelen Squillaci Jenkinson Coquelin Rosicky Ramsey Gervinho Chamakh Chamberlain.

  127. allezkev says:


    [Official] – Arsene Wenger wanted by Paris Saint-Germain: Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has met with the owner… http://bit.ly/Vxoi0Q #AFC

  128. allezkev says:

    Telegraph: #AFC on alert as Llorente confirms he will leave Athletic Bilbao in summer. Wenger has £40m in January & further £30m in summer.

    Maybe Llorente will sign for PSG…???

  129. allezkev says:

    Nigel Neita‏@Nigel_Neita

    Words can’t explain how happy I am for my brothers @ZakAnsah @Chuba10 @MartinYAngha @Jernade_R_Meade Sead and Elton #AFC #COYG Good Luck !!

  130. allezkev says:

    Nigel Neita‏@Nigel_Neita

    Lil man @Jernade_R_Meade this is your time g I know you’ll do your thing #Love #AFC

  131. allezkev says:

    Le Boss ‏@thelegendofkos

    Chamakh and Coquelin starting tonight. The last time that happened, we scored 7 and conceded 5. #AFC

  132. Micko says:

    Stopped for a breather kev, no stamina, that’s your problem.

  133. allezkev says:

    So why did Arsenal boss Wenger meet with PSG’s sheiks in France last week?

    By John Drayton

    PUBLISHED:16:52, 4 December 2012| UPDATED:16:58, 4 December 2012

    Comments (7)

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has met with the owners of Paris St Germain, a French newspaper has reported.

    The oil-rich French side are preparing to sack former Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti after a poor run of form that has seen them slip into fourth place in Ligue 1 and, according to reports in France, a meeting took place between the Qatari owners and Frenchman Wenger.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2242848/Arsene-Wenger-wanted-Paris-Saint-Germain.html#ixzz2E6mnXnqG
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  134. allezkev says:

    Micky :-D

  135. allezkev says:

    In part 2 of its series ‘PSG On The Hunt’, Le Parisien report that a meeting took place at the Hotel Monceau late last week between representatives of PSG owner Sheik Hamad-Al-Thani and Wenger. However, they say Wenger has long standing links with the Sheikh and also acts as an adviser to the Al Jazeera television channel.

    Wenger appeared relaxed as he flew to Athens for Arsenal’s Champions League tie with Olympiacos.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2242848/Arsene-Wenger-wanted-Paris-Saint-Germain.html#ixzz2E6nFpXYm
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  136. allezkev says:

    The French paper also reports that Jose Mourinho remains PSG’s No 1 target, but Arsenal have slipped to tenth in the Barclays Premier League and potential suitors may be tempted to try and lure Wenger away. He has previously turned down many jobs, including Real Madrid to stay loyal to Arsenal.

    PSG are also looking towards Pep Guardiola as they consider their next move. They are unhappy with Ancelotti’s progress, despite having star players such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Wenger was previously offered a job in Paris is 2011, but PSG have continued to emerge as major players since then.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2242848/Arsene-Wenger-wanted-Paris-Saint-Germain.html#ixzz2E6nR1oq1
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  137. rico says:

    :lol: Micko

  138. rico says:

    Bloomin heck kev, all that energy has made me feel hungry, off to get dinner…

  139. vida says:

    I would be interesting to see what Wenger could do with unlimited funds at PSG.

  140. allezkev says:

    Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    A word on Wenger: French papers today convinced PSG have met him over managers job. He says ‘absolutely not’. Interesting.

  141. allezkev says:

    Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    Despite his flaws, Wenger still an unbelievable manager. Huge asset. Be interesting to see what he’d do with unlimited funds.

  142. allezkev says:

    Luke Charge‏@LukeCharge

    Stan Kroenke can spend 80m on a ranch, why doesn’t he spend that sort of money on Arsenal?

  143. allezkev says:

    Mark Hughes is looking for a job?!

  144. emma says:
  145. emma says:

    Looking forward to seeing some of Arsenal’s youth prospects tonight. High hopes at Colney for Squillaci and Chamakh. Especially Squillaci, Keep an eye on him a versatile, mobile and athletic CB. Chamakh has the chip of a ‘messi’. Goalkeeper better watch out :) :)

  146. Scott from Oz says:

    Morning all.
    Work is getting in the way of me watching the game…bugger.
    I would not blame Wenger for taking up am offer from PSG if it was forthcoming,but i do not hink he will.

  147. DutchGooner10 says:



  148. tsGH says:

    Evening all…

    Maybe the doubters will find out very soon AW almost nearly quite last year and this year could be his last. Watch the space… those who want him out will finally get their wish at the detriment of ….

  149. rico says:

    Evening guys and gals….

  150. tsGH says:

    quit even

  151. rico says:

    He’ll stay until his contract ends I suspect – unless we finish outside the euro places, and i mean euro, not champions league….

  152. devilgunner says:

    Good evening my Esteemed Fellow Gunners.

    Mental. AW is mental. Change a whole team and play Verm when we have Kozzer out injured? Why not JD???

  153. Micko says:

    All this booing when we get on the ball, it’s just like being at home.

  154. rico says:

    Hi devil, no idea, strange one re JD…

    They have started well though…

    Micko, cracking, very funny….

  155. Scott from Oz says:

    Lol Micko.
    Devil….good to have some experience back there,maybe??

  156. Scott from Oz says:

    Ginge,talk is flying about that PSG and now Real want Wenger.

  157. rico says:

    At last, we get a free kick…

  158. rico says:

    Real is old news re-printed i suspect Scott….

  159. tsGH says:

    Scott I said that even before the journo’s got wing of it…

    As I said yesterday last year he nearly walked outr of his contract in protest of Nastry sale…

    WATH said JD was injured..

  160. Scott from Oz says:

    Not according to the bookies Rico :)

  161. rico says:

    Chamakh really is something else isn’t he…..

  162. Scott from Oz says:

    Ginge,but Wenger makes ALL the decisions lol!!

  163. tsGH says:

    Rico. The hotel news was 2 weeks ago I heard.

    I heard Perez was in London to meet with AW

  164. rico says:

    He should make it public Tsgh, then fans would understand a bit more….

    Until he does, it will always be just rumour…

  165. rico says:

    Oh Ramsey, how did you miss that one…..

  166. devilgunner says:

    tsGH……….it makes sense. Why do players always praise AW and state that for them he is the best ever. And then walk out. They never criticise AW. Yet they throw mud at AFC.\

    One player might be wrong. But all of them???

  167. rico says:

    Oh well, what will be will be…. Maybe if AW goes to real Madrid, he’ll take Chamakh, Djourou, Mannone, Gervinho and Santos with him :)

  168. Micko says:

    Think it’s just a matter of time before we concede but their defence looks pretty dodgy too.

  169. devilgunner says:

    If AW goes to RM, PSG or anywhere else and win the board will simply look stupid and buffoons.

    And I do hope he does that.

  170. devilgunner says:

    I still say that some of the player selections, players bought and playing system are politically influenced at AFC.

  171. tsGH says:

    I am only saying what I was told by an old gentleman so not first hand. But the person does ‘security advising’ for De Beer and he has done work for one of our board members …. What I was told is that the Nastry and VP sale he was not behind. The others I do not know. The board had a gentleman’s agreement that from 2011 we would not sell the nucleus of the squad because the loan repayments had been reduced.

    Why do you think AW came out to say if you sell your best players you can not be considered a big club June 2011. He may be arrogant but stupid he is not.

    But the agreement was if he could negotiate a high fee for Cesc then Nastry will stay. But Allegedly Stanand some members of the board did not sanction the deal. At that time SC19 deal had been agreed and the board felt like it would make financial sense to replace Nastry with a 70-80k a week player…

    However, as we know now Barca did not cough up early enough so SC19 went to his old bosses club Malaga

  172. rico says:

    Think we have more chance of scoring than them Micko, once Gervinho realises it’s good to pass sometimes….

  173. rico says:

    Jenks is bloomin quick….

  174. tsGH says:

    Rico he has said he needs to give the board £20M each summer.

    AU made it clear in his letter too what else do we want?

    It still does not excuse the poor performances. What I do hear though is that AW has taken over training sessions for the 2nd time this season this week. The first time was the week before the Liverpoo match.

  175. rico says:

    Ramsey is not having a good game so far, especially in their penalty area…

  176. rico says:

    I thought that was the club have to make £20 million a year, well they do that by bums on seats…

    I haven’t ever read that he has to sell players to make that £20 million…

  177. Micko says:

    Rico 8.15, you were saying………….!

  178. rico says:

    Tommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmas :)

  179. Lee says:

    Get the fuck in there!!

  180. tsGH says:

    Without sales we barely make a profit. We also have the ladies team. Something the scums don’t have…


  181. devilgunner says:


  182. rico says:

    The scoring Micko, or Gervinho……

  183. tsGH says:

    Carroll speaks greek?lol

  184. Lee says:

    Why doesn’t Gervinho look up for fuck sake?

  185. rico says:

    His forehead is in the way Lee ;)

  186. tsGH says:

    A cross between Rambo and JW10 will give us thye best midfielder to rival Laudrup or Hagi.

    The runs of Ramsey and the calmness of JW10. I guess it will come. We keep forgetting Ramsey is not even 23 yet

  187. Lee says:

    Fivehead it’s a fivehead Rico!

  188. rico says:

    :lol: Lee…

  189. rico says:

    Lucky Ramsey…..

  190. tsGH says:

    where did you find that Rico? I did not know it was reported in this country as a frenchman told me AW said it on TF1.

    That explains why he does not buy because if he buys he has to sell 4 months down the line anyways. talking of giving with the right hand and taking with the left…

  191. :@tsGH, your 8:15, Nastry issues happened almost two seasons ago before we bought SC19.

  192. rico says:

    Not a bad half really.

    Chamakh, Gervinho and Ramsey all need to step up a bit and Ox has done a few good things and a few bad too…

    Squilli is playing really well….!!

  193. Micko says:

    Got to be happy with that 1st half, so far so good.

  194. Lee says:

    Do you think Adam has adorned his front room with all his Squillaci memorabilia, whilst viewing the game???

  195. Bradster says:

    not bad for guys that haven’t played together much. So many more chances than i’ve seen the first 11 try.

  196. rico says:

    I remember reading it in all the papers when he said it Tsgh…

  197. Adam says:

    I have Lee. I have a stuffed horse sitting in the armchair in celebration of his magnificence.

  198. rico says:

    I’m pretty happy, considering…
    :lol: Lee, led down on a bale of straw whilst chomping on a carrot…

  199. devilgunner says:

    Just heard that Adam has gone up the chimney and done a KING KONG imitation when the line up was announced.

  200. rico says:

    I cannot stand Adrian Chiles but that bit about Chamakh and Gervinho’s hair was very funny….

  201. tsGH says:

    yes Nash but a deal was agreed between Villareal and us in summer 2011 around the time the media thought it was Mata.We missed out because of the payment…

  202. Wavy says:

    Clean sheet? Odds?

  203. rico says:

    Arshavin on, well i got all that wrong…..

    Very snug shorts…..

  204. stevepalmer1 says:

    evening all
    1.0 and leading is this the fightback starting, Arshavin on rejects 1.greeks 0 so far

  205. eastsidepaul says:

    Why has Rosicky gone off?

  206. tsGH says:

    Ramsey in holding role

  207. Lee says:

    Adrian….must something about that name, means arsehole in Latin!

  208. rico says:

    Only because he’s only just back from injury esp…

    Hi Steve….

  209. Lee says:

    Nice cross to one of the borrowers!

  210. Lee says:

    Why do we fuck about with the ball on the edge of our area??

  211. Lewis says:

    We are so wasteful.

  212. rico says:

    How applicable then Lee….

  213. stevepalmer1 says:

    Get that Gerwanko off

  214. tsGH says:

    I like the positional sense of Meade. If he didn’t have Rico’s DNA I bet he will have been in the first team by now…

  215. rico says:

    We could be 5 up with a little more discipline in front of goal….

  216. rico says:

    I’d get Coquelin off, before he’s sent off…..

    Schalke are 1-0 up…

  217. Lewis says:

    Agreed Ts Meade looks a tidy player. Infinitely better than santos.

  218. tsGH says:

    $hi££y are getting ripped a new one…

  219. Lee says:

    If Gervinho looked up we’d definitely of got more….

  220. rico says:

    Tidy little player imho, he should definitely be ahead of Santos…

    1-1 in France….

  221. rico says:

    Totally agree, and Walcott used to get battered for that…


  222. Lewis says:

    God we’re shit.

  223. tsGH says:

    As I said earlier he reminds me of Sylvinho. He keeps things simple.

    Blame Wavy for that…lol

  224. Micko says:

    There’s your answer Wavy !

  225. Lee says:

    Squillaci done by a short head….

  226. devilgunner says:

    I am off now my Esteemed Lady and Gentlemen.

    It was a tough day for me and I am sleeping on the keyboard.

    cu all.

    Good night

  227. tsGH says:

    Cpl Jenks????

  228. tsGH says:

    nite dev

  229. Lee says:

    Olympiacos just brought on Lucifer!!!

  230. rico says:

    Beaten again long range, that’s not good by Ches….

  231. Lee says:

    And he’s scored!

  232. Lewis says:

    Midfield is non-existent. Watched about all I can be bothered with of this shite.

  233. rico says:

    Night devil, rest well….

  234. eastsidepaul says:

    I love how the ball goes into the back of the net, and not one of the players could give a shit.. they’re getting paid either way

  235. Micko says:

    Have to say it was coming Lee, we put ourselves under the cosh.

  236. rico says:

    Squlli moved out the way of that shot, twit!

  237. rico says:

    It’s not easy is it Lewis… But you got to stayed tuned….

  238. Bradster says:

    I agree Rico, Szchez either can’t save those from 30 yards out or he manages to get amazing shots against him

  239. rico says:

    Get Akpom on for Chamakh, he’s doing nothing….

  240. rico says:

    I reckon he needs his eyes testing Bradster, he seems to lose sight of the ball from distance…

    And I am being serious there ;)

  241. Bradster says:

    What’s to lose, give 2 youngsters 10 mins

  242. eastsidepaul says:

    Would love to see some of these players have their contracts cancelled, pay them off and be done with them.

  243. rico says:

    So would I esp….

    Ditto Bradster….

    We need 2 goals and a defender swap ???

  244. Bradster says:

    I don’tnormally knock Ramsey, but he played awfully tonight.

  245. eastsidepaul says:

    Just after the game, cancel the contracts of SS18 and MC29, just to show the players that if they don’t put in the work and are not up to standard they are out.

  246. Bradster says:

    I didn’t think Squid played too badly tonight actually.

  247. rico says:

    Not sure that would say much really, they and everyone know they are soon gone anyway…

    Agree re Ramsey tonight…. Everything he has tried, has gone wrong….

  248. rico says:

    Squilli certainly wasn’t the worst on the pitch, that’s for sure….

    Oh well, looks like we’ll get a group winner next round…

    Actually, I don’t honestly give a toot. We haven’t got a squad to compete in this competition, so why bother….!

  249. Bradster says:

    At least we scored a goal, there’s a plus and found a capable left back to replace Santos.

  250. gunnerdna says:

    overrated and average…

  251. stevepalmer1 says:

    Don’t ever tell me again that top players only sign for Arsenal to play Champions league football

  252. gunnerdna says:

    Ramsey, Jenks and ox need to be loaned to a championship or league 1 team…

  253. rico says:

    I reckon we’ll draw Dortmund :)

  254. Adam says:

    A performance of staggering incompetence and ghastliness. If Wenger had wanted to produce a display to show he cannot inspire a team he couldn’t have done any better than this. A sad thing for a once-great club

  255. rico says:

    WE have to remember that Wenger treated this as a dead rubber.

    Ok, certain players stood up, others really let themselves down…

    Hopefully, a couple of the latter will be soon gone….

  256. rico says:

    He threw it Adam, his team choice said that….

    It was a ‘hope’ we win, rather than a team who can win…

  257. Lee says:


  258. Adam says:

    Too kind by far Rico. Just part of the bigger picture for me. Embarrassing I think. Mind you I think that flake Gervinho and the person named Chamakh might have a future as a double act on the comedy circuit. They certainly have no future at Arsenal.

  259. rico says:

    I actually hope that that was all about seeing who has what about them….

    But I doubt it….

  260. gunnerdna says:

    @Rico why did AW use verm if he sees the game as dead rubber, lets just admit it the guy is done…

  261. Lee says:

    That’s where Squillaci should….
    Night all…..

  262. Adam says:

    Why throw it when a modicum of professional pride could have won it?

  263. rico says:

    Not just those two Adam….

    Yep, or Barca Lee, the’y do….

  264. Steve says:

    Dare I say, a typical Arsene FC performance and result. Whoever he picks, the usual lack of application and ability at both ends.

    Is Wenger trying to turn the Ox into the new Arshavin ?

  265. emma says:

    Whomever we draw in the 2nd round, we are out. Sorry to be pessimistic :(

  266. Adam says:

    Good point DNA. I agree. Once again our expectations are lowered by Wenger. Where is the man’s energy and personal pride?

  267. rico says:

    I said the same in the post gdna, i wouldn’t have taken him, not with the team he selected.

    Night Lee..

    Because we haven’t got the squad Adam and that is the fault of Wenger, Kroenke or both of them.

    If the first team players had played tonight, WBA would be another disaster, it might anyway….

    Tonight is part of the bigger picture, its about a once great club now looking like a mid table side who wants CL football for money, but doesn’t want to spend money to really compete in it…..


  268. rico says:

    I think so too emma…

    Something has happened to him, just like Ramsey too….

  269. rico says:

    Anyway, I’m done for the day, catch you all tomorrow.

    Night all…..

  270. gunnerdna says:

    @Adam i think its time we fu*k the slogan “in Arsene we trust” because at this moment afc is playing like a league 2 team. It’s irritating how anyone can trust this guy to pull us out this mess, that’s half of his squad who he bought and look at them, ox, jenks, ramsey, squid, cham, gerv and arsh should not be representing a top team like afc week in week out and AW is the only person who thinks he can perform miracle with these average players.

  271. Adam says:

    A team properly prepared and instilled with a sense of pride in their personal performance should be doing better than that. I agree about the squad though. It’s just the grey and meek acceptance of total mediocrity that Wenger represents these days that just saps the enthusiasm out of supporters. I think we are sinking a bit faster than I anticipated. It’s not just this performance either, horrible though it was.
    Anyway, off for the night. Best to all.

  272. gunnerdna says:

    he is being exposed now Adam…

  273. emma says:

    Gervinho should be confined to the dustbin of history. How did we come to sign such a player. He was impressive in Lille, i think that’s what AW saw. 2nd season and he is still shit. Wish we could put hiim on sale in Jan, Oh i forgot he is off to AFCON for 2months.

    Ox performance is worryiing. He has regressed so badly that he has completely lost it. He needs to find his way back.

  274. allezkev says:

    A good first half, Rosicky was dynamic and central to the way we played.
    Looks as if Wenger is saving him for West Brom on Saturday….

    Thought that Meade had an encouraging full-debut…

    When Arshavin came on at half-time we lost any midfield direction.

    I like Ramsey, but does he ever tackle? Watch him, he makes an attempt without actually following through with a challenge.
    There is no point in having a central midfielder who can’t or won’t tackle.
    I know he’s still young at 23, but i’m coming around to ESP’s point of view.
    Whilst i don’t think he’s as bad as Denilson, i can’t see him ever getting back to where he was pre-Shawcross.
    It’s sad, but the guy doesn’t have it anymore.

  275. allezkev says:

    I have tried to defend Gervinho, but tonight i just gave up.
    He made decisions in promising goalscoring positions that left me screaming obscenities at the TV.
    He’s not gonna get any better at his age.

  276. gunnerdna says:

    AW “We had a positive game. It was not the result we wanted but overall it was a very encouraging game.” Deluded, u clown…

  277. allezkev says:

    Have to agree with Emma, what has happened to Oxlade-Chamberlain?
    If he wants a big pay rise, then he’s going the wrong way about getting it.
    Average is the best i can give him…

  278. gunnerdna says:

    Ramsey played worst than gerv.

  279. allezkev says:

    if Ramsey doesn’t tackle, then he better not take any tackling lesson’s from Coquelin…
    That guy is a walking red card…
    Chamakh, the sooner he goes, the better.
    Likewise Squillaci, although in fairness both were ok in spells, but overall they’re just not good enough…

  280. allezkev says:

    Don’t agree DNA, both put in a lot of effort, but where was the quality final ball.

    The decision making from both of them is awful…

    A bit more thought with their final ball in the first half and we could have been leading 2-0 even before we actually scored…

    Gervinho is what, 27, if he can’t get it right now, then how much longer do we have to wait?

  281. emma says:

    gdna – Ramsey spends too much time thinking about what to do with the ball until he learns to quickly release the ball he will continue to struggle. Since suffering that horrific leg break, he has being unable to get back to that level before the incident

  282. allezkev says:

    Arshavin, what was the point of bringing him on?

    I can’t make excuses for these guys anymore…

    I would have rather seen Akpom brought on at half-time, what did we have to lose, in a ‘dead rubber’…?

  283. emma says:

    allez – i think Gerv will end up like na$ri. Probably have a good last 6months performance to the end of his contract and disappears

  284. allezkev says:

    Jenkinson had a few hairy moments, but overall had a steady game as did Vermaelen…

    I don’t blame Chezzer for the first goal.
    The award of a corner showed the complete farce, that is the extra two officials behind the goal.
    As for the second goal, i do think that he should have done better…

  285. allezkev says:

    Emma mate, frankly i don’t care, i’ve given up on him…
    But you’re probably right, you usually are… :-)

  286. Micko says:

    It could be worse, you could be a Man City supporter, the first British team not to win a game in their group since the Champions League began, even Blackburn managed that all them years ago.

  287. gunnerdna says:

    Kev and emma, exclude verm and secz, the others should not be starting for afc at any level, i have seen these guys on numerous match days and i can’t see another manager who would keep some of these player around their team, its so disgraceful, we have become the laughing stock in club football.

  288. allezkev says:

    Angha was only on the pitch 10 minutes and got skinned twice, he really isn’t good enough…

    I’m just gutted that Akpom didn’t get those 10 mins at the end. Wenger could have switched Coquelin to left-back and just had a go.

  289. gunnerdna says:

    I don’t see Jenkinson as a footballer kev, he is just a good athlete.

  290. allezkev says:

    DNA surely you cannot include Rosicky, for 45 minutes he was our best player…
    And that’s a bit harsh on Meade, even though i have my doubts, long-term, about him…
    As for the rest, all in all i would tend to agree with you…

  291. gunnerdna says:

    Micko i would swap places with man city right now

  292. gunnerdna says:

    I only put Rosicky on the list kev because of his fitness record, my bad.

  293. allezkev says:

    Well DNA, you need a balance in a team, Lee Dixon wasn’t a great footballer, nor was Ray Parlour, from a technical standpoint, but they bloody well gave us everything, and that’s why i like Jenkinson’s, and not because he’s English…

  294. allezkev says:

    Yes DNA, and i didn’t intend to dis Jenks in my 10.54… ;-)

  295. gunnerdna says:

    Kev, i think he would develop better if he is loaned out to get experience and work on his game, i’m tired of AW using the first team squad to develop players that clearly arent good enough yet.

  296. allezkev says:

    Mick, i reckon that Man City will probably win the EPL now….
    Maybe even the Double….

    ManUre aren’t all that, if they won the EPL it would be a joke…
    Ferguson somehow wrings every drip out of his players.
    They would have won in Greece tonight…

  297. allezkev says:

    Not sure about loaning him out DNA tbh, but i’m offski, goodnight all…

  298. emma says:

    We just cant hold on to a lead. Panic always sets in when the opposition pull a goal back or equalizes. It is a mentality thing which needs to be address. Take an example when we where leading spurs 4-1, as soon as spurs pull 1 back to make it 4-2, we push the panic button

  299. Joaquim Moreira says:

    When we win a game?

  300. Micko says:

    Its another game we’ve somehow managed to throw away, its happening every other week now, once they got the equaliser there was only ever gonna be one outcome.
    Mitroglou got a great winner for them but he was surrounded by 3 or 4 players and should never have been allowed to get the shot away, Chezzer was unsighted and had no chance with it.
    Is Wenger really bothered about this result, from the squad he took out there i don’t think so and in so qualifying has banked another 10 million.
    Rico summed it up perfectly at 9.53, we look like a club that are happy to take the money the champions league has to offer but don’t wanna spend it to actually compete for the trophy.
    Anyway that’s enough of my whinging, catch you all tomorrow, nite all.

  301. Scott from Oz says:

    I just spoke to a customer….i had never met him before….who had Liverpool picture throughout his house.
    I made very few comments on Arsenal,and left him to pass judgement.
    Firstly,he said when we are finished with Wenger,can he head across to Anfield.
    Next,he asked can Wenger take the stadium with him.
    Apparently he had been across last season to watch us v Scousers at the Emirates,and said it was incredible.
    Funny,he made the very same reasons to defend Wenger that a few on various forums do.
    Maybe i am a Scouser in disguise lol
    Today was a throw away game.
    Who cares about the result?
    A the very least,it showed how far away some of our kids are,and how far away some of our senior players SHOULD BE.

  302. Scott from Oz says:

    Just watching the game.
    Ox is doing everything at half pace!

  303. Scott from Oz says:

    Actually,the entire game is in slow motion!!

  304. Lee says:

    Arsenal Chief Commercial Officer, Tom Fox, says not capturing a trophy in seven years has not hurt the club’s brand that is “defined by more than winning”.

    The north London side are having a poor domestic season so far as they lie 10th in the table with only five wins in 15 games and have repeatedly come under fire as they continue to miss out on silverware.

    They were booed by their own fans after their 2-0 home defeat to Swansea last weekend. But Fox insists the Arsenal brand is holding steady.

    He says: “Arsenal Football Club is not only about winning. We have a large and engaged fan-base around the world who wants to feel as if they belong to the club, and want to feel proud to belong to the club. That’s my primary business.

    “Obviously nothing instills pride in our fan-base more than winning but there’s many things we do that make our fans feel proud. So developing the kinds of young talent, finding those players in the marketplace make our fans feel proud.

    “Coming to a stadium that the club built really at a time – 10 years ago when the board decided to build that stadium, everything was going our way, it was Manchester United and Arsenal, but we made a very bold decision and we built that stadium on time and on budget, that makes our fans very proud.

    “When they see that we can attract – even though we haven’t won a trophy in seven years – one of the top global brands in the world for the type of money and financial commitment they’re making, that makes our fans feel proud.

    “So our brand is defined by more than winning.”

    Fox believes losing marquee players like Robin van Persie has not damaged the club and that they still have faith in manager Arsene Wenger’s ability to produce and nurture young talent.

    “We look at it whether it’s Serge Gnabry, who is a 17-year-old player in our reserves squad, whether it’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, whether it’s Theo Walcott, we look at these young players and have faith in our manager to develop them as the players for the future,” added Fox.

    And on their renewed relationship with Emirates, who have extended their shirt sponsorship until the end of the 2018-19 season and secured the stadium naming rights until 2028, Fox said: “Football can be a fairly mercenary commercial environment. Football clubs go into the market and they really do business with whoever wants to pay them the most money.

    “By the time this current shirt deal expires with Emirates, they would have been on our shirt for 13 years. That says a lot about how we run the football club and what’s important to us as a football club.

    “So it’s not just about finding the best commercial opportunity.”

  305. Lee says:

    With arseholes like this at the club saying shit like that we are in DEEP trouble!

  306. W.A.T.H says:

    Fuck me Lee, that’s gotta be the biggest load of bollox i’ve read in ages….! And we pay this plum around a million quid a year.

    Says all you need to know about ambition from within…!

    It’s not about winning…! it would be laughable apart from the fact it isn’t funny one little bit. Our money is paying for pricks like that to run our club.

  307. Lewis says:

    Lee, just clocked your ‘Lucifer’ comment from last night, very funny, he was an evil looking mother!

  308. Lee says:

    WATH, I find it amazing! What chance do the players have if that’s the mindset of the hierachy? The last time I played sport, I used to play to win…fucking jokers this lot! Let’s hope the syrup sells up and moves to his new ranch asap….

  309. W.A.T.H says:

    I wonder if AU is waiting to try get us on the cheap…?

    The syrup can walk away with 400bar in his pocket clean as a whistle… he asset stripped us sold our best players and yet the piece of shit can make such a profit from providing us with sweet FA…!

    As you say mate there is the root of the problem, no one at the top really cares win lose or draw when they lack drive and ambition it filters through the whole club. It stinks.

  310. Lee says:

    Lewis you read that Fox article I posted? Beggar’s belief….especially the bit about losing RvP!!

  311. Scott from Oz says:

    Inderstand the need to put a positive spin on things,but that is way over the top.
    Morning all.

  312. Lee says:

    The CL as long as we qualify for it we just go through the motions, I think Rico posted that last night! We should be adding good enough players to the squad in order to try and win the fucking thing!

  313. Lee says:

    Rotten to the core….

  314. W.A.T.H says:

    Scott, the thing is it’s not just positive spin, it’s complete crap & an insult to the intelligence of the fans… when you read that it’s a total piss take… Do they take us all for complete idiots..? They just roll out dross after dross after dross…! Why don’t these idiots just shut up..!

  315. rico says:

    Morning all..

    I might just post that Fox article as today’s post, haven’t done a match one and i really can’t be bothered to either….

  316. W.A.T.H says:

    “Arsenal show great ambition” should be the headline Rico…!

  317. Lee says:

    That article pretty much sums us up….and to think I was paying £1300 p.a to help line those wanker’s pockets! They should be done for fraud!!!

  318. Lee says:

    Zaha’s tweet…’I swear I’m not watching arsenal anymore’

    ‘I’m an Arsenal supporter but they stress me out’

  319. rico says:

    It it shall be Wath….

  320. W.A.T.H says:

    I saw that last night Lee…. most replies were yes tell us about it….

    How is a bloke like that gonna sign for us…? that makes a mockery of Fox’s drivel….!

  321. Lee says:

    Yeah, welcome to the world of Arsenal….sinking fucking ship!

  322. W.A.T.H says:

    No Lee you negative git… We’re in a fantastic position so Arsene says and now Mr Fox has just confirmed it :D

  323. Scott from Oz says:

    Wath,do we want another kid?
    I haven’t seen Zaha play,but is he that good,or should we be looking for a proven performer?
    We buy enough kids and we have enough kids.

  324. rico says:

    Bet he can’t wait to join us Lee….

  325. W.A.T.H says:

    Do we need more kids…? not in my book Scott although the fact he an Arsenal fan may be good to have him as he may show a bit more fight than some of the kids we got that are not good enough and the older players who need to be got rid of. He maybe worth buying BUT we also need other players who are the right age to bring something to the team/squad/club NOW…. Proven and up for it..!

    Have to disagree with your 12.35 am though mate…
    Who cares about the result…?????? I do…. you should, the players should and the club should, it was not a dead runner that’s what Wenger made it, Montpelier did us a favour and we could not take advantage to win and top the group…. Success breeds success our attitude is shit, it’s not ok to lose mate it bollox and when fans are happy to say it was a nothing match is ok to lose thats unacceptable.. they professional players show some fuckin pride and win… win for themselves at least even if the manager thought it wasn’t worth a shit…! For me that says everything that’s wrong with wenger.

  326. rico says:

    But he’s a kid who is a gooner Scott, there’s a difference ;)

  327. Scott from Oz says:

    Fair enough guys.
    Wath,i know where you are coming from,but that side was never going to win,so no point doing your head in over it.
    More focus should go on how the young guys performed,and the fact our starters had a rest.
    Squad depth means we just can’t compete in every game,so it is pointless stressing.
    Squad depth…well,that is another issue,and yes,worth stressing about.

  328. W.A.T.H says:

    Scott, I disagree mate, that team had 200 odd CL appearances more than double the Olympiacos team, they could quite easily of won but you know why they didn’t….!

    Application fight and passion… Most of all mentality…! All sadly lacking i am afraid.

    I ain’t stressing but am looking at it realistically. We had a team that could of won but didn’t fight to win and didn’t look like they wanted to win as they were going through the motions and that attitude comes when you know your playing only cos the manager can’t be bothered to pick his best team. Where is your pride as a player to not give a shit…? As AK said last night, Fergie with that team would of got a win…! It pains me to say he’s right.

  329. Adam says:

    Morning all. When you pay someone what Wenger is earning surely there has to be a degree of responsibility that comes attached to that. Talk about the Emperor’s new clothes. Can nobody at our club actually see what is happening? Giving Wenger millions in January could well be totally counter-productive. He is a busted flush who only talks a good game these days. His era is over. The King is dead. We simply must move on while there is time otherwise things will get uglier.

  330. Lee says:

    We need at least three proper players to get back on track NOT zaha imho.

  331. rico says:

    Look deeper for the hurt Scott, the fact Wenger took that side to Greece is where it goes wrong.

    Every season the club strive for CL football, but for the last 5/6 seasons they have failed to put together a squad capable of winning in it….

  332. W.A.T.H says:

    A mate of mine just called to say do we want Wenger spending 60/80/100million of our money, what if he does a Graham and buys utter shit in desperation and the new bloke then has even more crap to fix…? Your not wrong Adam BUT i still can’t see him leaving or getting the sack. Catch 22…

  333. Lee says:

    Morning Adam, did you read Fox’s gem of an article?
    Our annual salary bill is nearly £150m and the depth of our squad is appalling….who’s fault is that?

  334. rico says:

    Morning Adam, but some will still roar, long live the king…..

    Theo —————>

    Zaha < ————–

    I suspect….

  335. W.A.T.H says:

    Adam. I’m also still of the opinion Wenger leaving doesn’t solve the root of the problem…! The Board is all wrong and a new manger inherits all the shit that goes with their lack of ambition and foresight to take the club forward on the pitch as all they seem to care about is off the pitch

  336. rico says:

    Ssshhh Lee, that’s the new post ;)

  337. Lee says:

    I think AW needs to step down for his own health, he looks ill to me…..

  338. Lee says:

    I’ll sue Rico…. ;)

  339. W.A.T.H says:

    He’s f’kin making me ill I know that……………..

  340. Adam says:

    Wath. I imagine that Kroenke never even watched the game and the board are never going to sack the great Arsene Wenger are they? I agree with the sentiment about not giving him any more money. Apparently the big clubs of Europe are forming a queue to get him. Well, there is a time and a place for everyone but at Arsenal that time is past. Every week there are managers with much lower budgets than him, making Arsenal look like mugs.

  341. W.A.T.H says:

    At the moment Adam the biggest mugs are the fans mate…..!

  342. Lee says:

    Gervinho is the most clueless player I’ve seen at Arsenal for ages….it won’t happen but we need to terminate contracts of the players we can’t sell and hit any bids for the others that are surplus.
    Someone needs to tell AW “BUY CHEAP BUY TWICE”

  343. Scott from Oz says:

    Rico,your 9.28 nails what i was dancing around lol.
    I only saw about 20 minutes on replay,and we were in slow motion.
    Where is the speed,enthusiasm and energy?
    Goooonnnnneeeeee at the moment.

  344. rico says:

    New Post is now up….

  345. Scott from Oz says:

    Stan could not watch,he was busy mowing the lawn of his new 80 million dollar ranch!

  346. Adam says:

    I reckon Lee and Wath are both right but….Wenger has a decent squad but they have no spirit and no pride. They are not mentally strong. they are mentally weak. At last Saturday’s debacle against Swansea a bloke near me said that Redknapp would drag a better performance out of the team we had on the field. After considering it I must confess that I think he was right. The board and The Syrup are poor but it’s Wenger that sends this team out. I wrote a post several months ago saying that Usmanov might be the way forward and had a lot of resistance. I wonder what those same people think of the saviour Kroenke now?

  347. W.A.T.H says:

    I look at the body language Adam and your spot on mate, there is no spirit no fight no motivation, we lack the never say die mentality that we shall not be beat attitude, we used to have it so why are the good players that we have such pussies…?

    I asked a few days back, has Wenger lost the dressing room? they all love him cos he pampers and protects them BUT they don’t want to go to war for him…!

  348. rico says:

    Straight to the point Scott, saves the confusion ;)

    Off to the new one now…

  349. rico says:

    Adam,. that is spooky, I wrote the same on the day here about Harry Redknapp. Not all these players are awful, it’s the way we set up….

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