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Time to get behind Arsene Wenger and get the board out!!

Bertie Mee was the manager of Arsenal when I graduated from the odd Reserve game alongside my Father, into the Arsenal nut that I still am today, so I have seen the demise of many an Arsenal manager, not least the afore mentioned Bertie Mee..

Bertie’s was a sad decline into mediocrity. A proud man with high standard’s of behaviour, who failed to adapt to the change’s in modern society.

Then after Bertie, we had Terry Neill…

Neill initially struggled but tempted Don Howe away from his coaching role at Leeds United and back ‘home’ to Highbury.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Don Howe’s coaching saved Terry Neill’s bacon and the club went onto a reasonably successful run…
League success was out of the question as Liverpool ruled the roost, but 4 cup final’s in 3 years was heady stuff for success starved Gunners’ fans.

Neill’s blarney and Don Howe’s coaching saw him survive until the Board allowed Liam Brady and Frank Stapleton to leave in successive season’s (1980, 1981). A lack of investment by the Board plus some awful signing’s saw Neill dismissed and replaced by Don Howe.

Don, an Arsenal man through and through, filled the Arsenal team with England Internationals, but they let him down, let the fans down and the club, so Don Howe was sacrificed amid rumours of approaches to Terry Venables…

Yes the Arsenal Board were very ‘classy’ even back then in the mid 1980’s…

What Don Howe had put in place though, would create a solid foundation for his successor. Don had brought through the likes of Rocky Rocastle, Niall Quinn, Martin Keown, Tony Adams and Martin Hayes. Players who were to play important roles for the new manager during his first few season’s in charge…

That man was George Graham, a man steeped in the tradition’s of the club, a man who had won the League Championship in 1971 and knew what that trophy meant to Arsenal and Arsenal fans. The first period of George’s stewardship brought us exhilarating, fast flowing, attacking football, but with a solid base to back it up, a resilience, that George championed.

Those early years from 1986 until 1991 were when George’s Arsenal were at their zenith. Then George signed Ian Wright and lost at home to Benfica in the European Cup. Thing’s were never quite the same after that.

An over-reliance on the long ball up to Wrighty or Smudger Smith who in turn would flick it on to Wright, made Arsenal a bit one-dimensional. It worked for a few season’s, The Cup Double of 1993 and The Cup Winner’s Cup of 1994, but then it turned sour amid newspaper revelations of ‘bungs’, and George was gone.

Stewart Houston and Bruce Rioch preceded the current incumbent Arsene Wenger…

Arsene arrived in 1996, so for many of today’s Arsenal fans, Arsene is all they have known as the manager and he’s not having a good time at present, something which is being well documented…

The Board in my view, have let him down, just as they’ve let down many of those past managers that I have seen in charge of my club.
The common theme being a lack of investment in the team, a mistake that those in charge make again and again and again!

Yes, Arsene is not without blame, but he has not been responsible for the stupidity and politics that have gone on in the Boardroom…
Those fools have put their personal differences and egos, before the good of the club, and we are now suffering the fall-out….

There was a sense of stagnation around the club in 1976 when Mee resigned, and it was kind of expected. Likewise in 1983 when Neill was sacked, even if the Chairman at the time handled it in a ham-fisted manner. In 1986 when Don Howe left it was a classic Boardroom ‘balls-up’, a tradition at Arsenal FC.

Graham’s fall from grace was a shock, but the feeling at the ground on the day he was sacked, was the worst I can recall. It was like being at a funeral.

Rioch was like a ‘Dead Man Walking’ and his departure was no great surprise to anyone…

Since experiencing my first Arsenal managerial change in 1976, I’ve seen them come, and I’ve seen them go, but none of those past managerial departures is similar to today.

I cannot see any resemblance to the present reign of Arsene Wenger.

There may be troubles ahead, but while there’s moonlight and music and etc, I cannot see Arsene leaving in the short term. So we may as well get used to it and get behind the team even if that might seem difficult.

I was at the Swansea game, I can appreciate the doubters among us and understand why they feel the way they do. We are all hurting, of that there is no doubt.

But I am not about to assist those perfidious scum-bags in the Press/Media and help serve our managers head up on a plate just to suit and serve their purposes…

Not when there are Board members and Majority Shareholders who should be held to account first. The malaise at our club, comes from the very top and our well-rewarded players need also to take a long hard look at themselves as well…

Arsene Wenger deserves our support or at least we should refuse to join in the clamour for his head, at least until the summer….

He has enough credit in the bank, to expect that from us supporters in my view.

He will get that support from me, despite whatever happens in January and for the rest of this most disappointing season…

Written by Allezkev

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246 comments on “Time to get behind Arsene Wenger and get the board out!!

  1. [...] Time to get behind Arsene Wenger and get the board out!! [...]

  2. And this is exactly why we need to protest else nothing will change!!

    The march on sat wasnt to boot wenger out we all know that he hasnt got the transfer budget the board makes out he has… just pure greed, dunno what IVAN the Terrible gets paid for and PHW needs to step down.

    Usmanov and Dein in at least able to sit on the board.. only way were going to be able to go forward in my eyes.

  3. Nice one Kev, even though it has bought it all back. Yes…..from the Terry Neill days. I still remember them all. And tbh…….they are not nice memories although some moments where the sun shone a little bit.

    Can anything be worse than last Saturday’s result regarding our club? Yes……….as Lee said……..being caught between Fat Frank and Santos at a Buffet dinner.

  4. Sorry Allezkev Arsene is as much part of the problem in my view. Blaming the signings of Squid, Park, Santos, chamack et al along with his insistence of playing strikers as wingers, wingers as strikers and that some players are very very good when it’s obvious that they are not, Denilson comes to mind.

    Board bears part of the blame but laying all the blame at their door is wrong and counter productive. Board don’t decide on tactics or whom to by Arsene does.

  5. Brilliant post Kev….well said.
    The board members have no class,no morals and no balls.
    They prove this by allowing Wenger to cop the abuse that should,at the very least in part,be directed at them.
    Morning all.

  6. Top post AK,

    The acceptable mediocrity at the club comes from a board happy to rake in the pounds yet show no interest or ambition on the pitch. We need board members who are proactive as Adam said earlier and ones who have a proper vision to make us one of the best clubs around not just talk about it. How can you expect players to be up for it when they know the board are happy with 4th…! Total joke and creates totally the wrong atmosphere at OUR club.

    Sack the Board, Kronke OUT…!

  7. Hi all good read. My life with Arsenal began in the early 80’s and like some i have seen good and a lot of bad. I also will support our manager but it is clear to see the current squad is struggling. We need investnent if we can not sell the dead wood sack them free up the spaces in the squad. Project diaby has been the biggest mistake sack him today. Wenger was studip to think diaby would work.

    Now January is the time for Wenger to change plans and it the second half is a faliure i pray someone in arsenal can sign pep as our new manager.

  8. Allezkev

    You are right to point the finger at the board and in particular the majority owner Stan Kroenke who clearly does not understand football or the mind of the football supporter.

    But where I disagree with you is over Arsene. He has given us some great times, for me my best times in football (I only started going to matches regularly in the mid eighties so you could call me a glory hunter). But in the last few seasons it has gone all wrong and I put that down to him not being able to adapt to changes in the game, both on the pitch and off it. All good things come to an end and in his 17th season with us I feel it is time for him to step aside.

    People say its all about him not getting the financial backing but looking back to Saturday, nobody can say that was about a lack of finance – Swansea don’t have anything like the money we have (no disrespect to them) so their superiority must be to do with the way they are coached and organised. More and more it is becoming clear to me that Wenger’s methods don’t work any longer, he won’t change his ways so it’s time to part company.

    I am very worried about this season – we got lucky last year with RvP’s goals and Spurs imploding – but look at our points tally now, look at who’s above us in the league – we have reason to be fearful this time that we will slip out of the top 4. And that really is about Arsene’s failings on the training ground, not the problems in the boardroom.

  9. Super post Kev.

  10. TT,would those players have even been signed if the board had not directed Wenger make his 20 million each transfer season though?

  11. Why not get Arsene himself out? it seems to me that his arrogance and belief that only he can be right no matter what is obvious to the rest of football is to blame. If you have £6M to spend on a full back and you pick Andre Santos, or £4M for Squillacci, then you don’t know what you’re doing. The team is out of control and each player comes out to talk about what they want without reprisals.
    He’s lost the plot and we are too scared to let him go because we are not sure of who will replace him. Not wanting to take risk is what will sink our beloved Arsenal.

  12. Morning all….

    I’m all for the board, well, Kroenke out really but Wenger still has a lot to do on the pitch and I’m not sure he has it in him any more.

    We’ll soon see the latter, Bould has given the players a piece of his mind and they are moaning about being tired. Well maybe they are and if so, then that is clearly down to having a weak squad which allows little rotation.

    Who is to blame for that? Why sign so many average players or youngsters when they could put the money together and signed a couple of much better ones?

    Quality over quantity…

    Great post though Kev :)

  13. Good morning all,

    Well written piece AK,

    We know for a fact that Arsene Wenger will be here until the end of the 2013/14 season as he will, as always, honour his contract. The only way he will leave is if the board sack him, which they wont.

    Our Chairman, the seventy-six year old Peter Hill-Wood, is recovering from a heart attack following a bout of pneumonia and may decide that the time has come for him to stand down. This would present Kroenke with the ideal opportunity to revamp the board and, perhaps, invite Usmanov to take a seat. Personally I can’t see it happening.At the moment the American has total control of the club and would gain nothing from having a large shareholder on the board and in a position to oppose any move that he proposes.

    The only thing for the fans to do is get behind the club and support the team on the pitch. Booing them off at the end of the match is not going to do much for their morale or encourage the better players to stay at a club perceived to be in disarray.

    Protest marches and black scarf demonstrations will only add fuel to the fire being stoked up by the media.

  14. Great comments JW.

  15. The problem is on the pitch. The players are good enough. They are talented international footballers. But they are mentally weak! They have no passion, no drive and no will to win. We have seen the same lack of desire for years now. That is the managers fault, he should be inspiring them and instilling the team with a ‘never say die’ attitude. Just as Ferguson does. at Man Utd. Wenger has run out of ideas and should leave now. Can you really see him turning our season around?

  16. It will JW but all the time the BSM target the board, AW and the players will be left alone….

  17. Scott there have been bargains out there that he has overlooked. Players at a price that he could easily afford. And analyse the assumption that he don’t have as much money as some want to believe. if indeed he don’t but goes along with the lie while the fans dig deep in their pockets to support the club while it charges highest prices in UK if not Europe just so the board can increase the value for the owner then he is even more guilty than if he was only incompetent.

  18. Frank McLintock admits Arsenal are going ‘backwards’ – and claims the club must bring in reinforcements during the January transfer window.

    The Gunners 2-0 loss to Swansea on Saturday comes on the back of two draws, against Everton and Aston Villa, to leave Arsene Wenger’s side in 10th place in the Premier League.

    And former Highbury favourite McLintock believes there must be drastic changes if the north London side are to be serious title challengers again.

    Arsenal used to be referred to as a big club along with Man United, Chelsea and clubs like that
    — Frank McLintock
    “It doesn’t look good at the moment,” he told the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast show. “As a club they’ve gone backwards.

    “They used to be referred to as a big club along with Man United, Chelsea and clubs like that.

    “Now Arsenal get discarded in those sort of conversations, people say it’s going to be Man City or Man United [who are going to win the Premier League]. Arsenal don’t even get mentioned anymore.”

    Arsenal sold Robin van Persie to Manchester United during the summer and McLintock went on to state that the Gunners have never got over the loss of their Dutch talisman.

    “Last year Robin van Persie single-handedly keep Arsenal in the top four,” he added. “I thought we were heading for fifth or sixth position [without him].

    “You could see then it was just papering over the cracks though. We needed big reinforcements for this year. Van Persie and Arsenal must have had a conversation about that and that’s why he left, Arsenal weren’t thinking along the same lines as he was.”

  19. TT whilst I agree that his decisions are somewhat puzzling at times and certainly he bears a fair share of the responsibility, for arguments sake ,let’s say he goes tomorrow. Who picks his replacement ?.. Hill Wood , Gazidis , Friar , Kroenke , Chips Keswick or Lord Harris ???????. None of these has a clue about football only running a series of balance sheets . Who will you trust to bring in a young dynamic manager to change our fortunes.Apart from Gazidis they are all in their late 60’s ( Kroenke ) and mid 70’s ( the rest ). The boardroom needs a new broom before we ship out whatever playing stability we have. A new board must come in and question Wenger’s ambitions and see if they match the route they want to take . If they can’t find common ground then it’s time for him to leave.

  20. TT,sorry,but he cannot be expected to find every bargain out there.
    Other clubs obviously do their scouting as well.
    A read a statement/question overnight that asked who would pur striker be if we REALLY have 70 million to spend??
    The answer…Robin Van Persie.
    The board lie,and Wenger is left to explain things.

  21. This season will end like the mid 80’s mid table and that is reality. What happens then will shape Arsenal for the next decade. Wil they spend big without champions league football who knows but i will be proud still to be a gooner. I am fortunate to be young enough to see the board go in the ground if thats what it takes. Arsenal forever COYG

    ps read somewhere usmanov will pass his holdings down in the family just hope he is raising them to love AFC like we do

  22. £64M in the bank Ola? Hmm, we barely break even without the sales of our best players and worse still AW has to be the one who drives up the bargain so that the board do not accept any one who comes in with a wad of £50 notes in the form of a bid.

    Who was the one shopping VP to PSG and RM whilst the board were willing to sell VP to even tottenham because they wanted the money.

    Mediocre plays are bought because £20M or the £15M AW is given buys you only a decent french player at £12M plus £2m or £3m is salary for him. Any more signing AW has to make he has to sell first. And even your Cesc’s, VP and PV were all mediocre until AW made them stars. What is Nastry doing now with $hi££y?

    You can not say AW is a shite talent spotter and then claim we still have a good team…

  23. A step further Potter…..who could we get in?
    Which top manager would take the gig,knowing the low budget he would be working ith?
    We would end up with a Benitez type,or an AVB type.
    Either offers a massive risk.
    It is a tough call.

  24. The good posts are flying in today…well done Ginge.

  25. There only one transfer we should be focusing on and that Usmanov !

  26. Morning all.

    Nice post Kev.

    I do feel the board have been the major issue here in recent and would love to see changes top to bottom. I’m no fan of either kroenke or usmanov, but having seen the effect kroenke has had and the total ignorance shown in recent speeches, I am leaning towards usmanov coming in, at least he has made the right noises.

    Having said this the manager is not without fault, he has looked utterly clueless this season, his team aren’t playing for him. The January window cannot come soon enough, I think he has this window and the rest of the season to save himself. If the team continues on the same path then it’s time for a change of manager.

  27. Lee, Frank is right…

  28. Good morning hh, AW is a huge part of the problem, he makes major decision on and off the pitch. 90% of the board member are clueless to football and depends on AW ideas to make decisions, so how can he be blameless. Secondly he picks the match day squad who he claims is his a good squad but we are mid table after 15 games, AW is 50% of what is wrong at afc, he has more power at the club than we all thinks.

  29. Lewis,maybe more players are now understanding that the board couldn’t give a shit about them or the fans.

  30. Potter persisting with a manager that is past his best because we don’t trust those on the board to pick a new one is a recipe for failure. Sometimes you need to take the jump. When Wenger first came to the club there was no one in particular that was a football expert on the board. DD was a fan and investor first and foremost.

    The managers are out there that can take over, however I agree that the board is not without blame as I stated before and we will need changes there, but that will not happen without current owner I fear.

  31. Kroenke could sell up to Usmanov

    Wenger could get sacked by Kroenke.

    Kroenke and the board suddenly wake up and realise all is not good, make the changes, give Wenger money, tell him to spend it which he does and we start winning with confidence again.

    Those really are the three options and one just isn’t going to happen is it?

    Surely both the other two won’t happen at the same time and even if Kroenke sacked Wenger right now, Kroenke isn’t going to suddenly start allowing his little nest egg to be flitted away….

    Sack Wenger? Surely the same money would be available and what top manager in this day and age would want to work with a limited budget?

    My choice is Kroenke out, board gone and replaced with Arsenal people, what about Karen Brady even?

    And at the helm, sits R&W holdings and we get a nicely named ground called the Red & White Stadium….

  32. Dna,i reckon that is the problem.
    Wenger has too much power and too much responsibilty for any one man.
    There is not another manager around who wears as many hats as he does.
    If the board had a half a brain between them,they would see this and act.

  33. Probably a big part of the problem Scott.

  34. I know you speak from the heart Kev but the board don’t run the team and send them out week in, week out with no discernible shape or tactics. The board didn’t throw away a Championship by persevering with Almunia or buy Santos when Enrique was the same price, had experience of PL football and was dying to join. The board haven’t pinned their hopes on the permanently-crocked Diaby or offered Rosicky a new contract after he was out for more than a season. The list goes on and on. Yes, I know that Wenger is working under certain financial constraints but how much did that Swansea team cost to assemble and what is their wage bill? They showed us, in a painful way, what most of us already knew. That having a plan and players who understand their role can reap rewards and that this Arsenal team is full of weak-minded millionaires who are not hungry for success.
    It’s the old dilemma that I outlined several weeks back in a post. We all feel disloyal and ungrateful in thinking that Arsene has come to the end of his time. But, all things change and time marches on and Wenger has been throwing the dice and playing fast and loose with the team for so long that it is hardly surprising that his luck has changed. How Van Persie stayed fit to bail us out last year I will never know. We all firmly believe he is a decent man who loves the dlub, but he doesn’t seem to be able to inspire the team any more. Am I wrong in seeing that? How many times this season have we played really, really well? It’s fingers of one hand stuff. Kroenke obviously has to go. Of that there is no doubt – but he won’t go unless things are made very uncomfortable for him in the pocket. He is not an Arsenal man. He is a business parasite who awards Gqzidis a massive bonus for failing and he is an owner that doesn’t know why he should attend an AGM.
    Some blokes behind me were cynically chanting on Saturday “We’ve got the best balance sheet”. They had a point. The only people who are going to fundamentally change what is happening now and what looks like happening in the future, are the fans. My fear is that it is already too late and that the next few seasons are writ large.

  35. Ok……so Wenger can be replaced….who by guys??
    Think about who is available and who is half decent,then ask would they be willing??
    No,he is not irreplacable,but damn near it,and that is because of his job description,combined with a board who are ecstatic with him.
    I have said it before….Wenger leaving changes nothing.
    Stan leaving changes everything.

  36. Nice incisive post Kev but the truth must be told as well.look at it from this angle,as a coach,the essence ☀̤̣̈̇f taking care ☀̤̣̈̇f a team is τ̲̅ȍђ win trophies which Wenger has not done for seven and a half years.suffice τ̲̅ȍђ say,we used τ̲̅ȍђ play the most attractive football in europe before barcelona over shadowed us,we are now playing like a basement team without urgency,enthusiasm and desire ţ☺ win and this is all down ţ☺ wenger’s tactics.it shouldn’t have got this far,if it were ţ☺ ßξ a coach like MOU,he wouldve voluntarily resigned but wenger is so stubborn.take it or leave it,his portfolio is being tainted.

  37. The manager has helped create this situation, he should have stood up fof David Dein. He was in such a strong position that words of support would have subverted the Board’s policy of greed. Also, who bought Chamakh, Park… and who else would play the comical Whoopi look-a-like at CF. This has got messy because the manager refused to leave at the end of last season, now he’s going to leave with a tarnished and reputation and a club possibly in crisis.

  38. So Norwich beat manure does that make RedNose clueless. Manure fans also believe they needed a midfielder not a VP but are they complaining now?

    Deadwood? All the so called deadwoods were highly rated before they joined us. Signing players is a gamble you win some you lose some. The issue is when you are Roman or RedNose you can afford to take more risks.

    And with all due respect we have never been a RM or a Barca ever.

  39. Have a great day HH, god be with u all..off to work..

  40. Moanrinho, Pep, Di Matteo, Martinez, – there’s a few out there Scott, not many i’d want though….

    But the ‘Norwich’s’ don’t beat Manure very often Tsgh and Fergie does have a knack of getting the best from his players most of the time….

    As for the deadwoods/risks. You have to say that we have had far more duds than most sides around the top of the table :(

  41. Work out this question for me guys and ladies.

    So once we were claimed to be the oldest team in the premiership. That was back with the famous five back in town.

    Then until a few weeks ago we were labelled….a stepping stone, a feeder club to other BIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGG clubs.

    Now it seems as if we are going to become a retirement club for players from successful clubs who can no longer cut the mustard at their club.

    Something is amiss here. Has the whole club lost the plot?

    Forgive me for thinking this but I do believe that a successfull team has 2 or 3 senior citizens ( ;) ), 2 up coming players and 6 players between the age of 25 to 28 years.

  42. Rico,Mourinho and Pep will not come unless money is thrown at them,and given to them to spend.
    Di Matteo…..not for me.
    Martinez is a good one,but can he handle a big club?

  43. Devil,since Wenger never speaks of targets,i would disregard everything thrown about.
    Who mentioned Lampard…..the media.

  44. I agree with you Scott. but I just wanted to point out how crazy and idiotic the media is.

    You have forgotten one manager who I think is very good. And will make Arsenal great once again.

    The name????


  45. And there is another who I think will one day make a good manager.

    He is slowly going up the ladder of coaching and already has a Uefa B licence. And he knows what it means to win. And he used to play for us.

    His name???


  46. Morning Gooners, AKB’s, Cynics, Black Scarfers, et al…
    Thank You Rico…

  47. Morning Coach, off to catch up…

  48. Morning all,
    A kind of post that i come to expect from an old time Arsenal supporter and you definitely deserve the title Sir AK. When i started to read this post it made me look back and realise our history, you don’t have to always remember the victories and the trophies to realise that Arsenal stands for more than just a successful and well run club, it releases fine memories of friends we have met on the terraces the drinks in the pub before a game starts, the dissapointments and the celebrations Arsenal fans have been lucky enough to have seen it in its entirety. Yes as you say Ak things are not exactly going our way at the moment but the majority have seen it a lot worse. Many of the previous Managers are just a blur in my memories if i speak the truth most of those managers dissapeared into oblivion. Then along came the frenchman, i can remember thinking who the hell have we got now what the F–k is going on with my Arsenal i wasn’t at all happy. Wenger came with stories of peodophile behaviour i thought Christ what have we let ourselves in for. Wenger suprised me for a man new to England he put plans in place to gag the press call me names and i will sue you and it will cost you, he made no qualms about the press. he showed to me that he had guts, he also carried on a plan to help the club lift its profile, his way of training and his ideas for fitness have now been used in every club in England and probably accross the world he is a respected manager wherever he goes but where he first really made his name here in England the press still try and slag him off whenever they can instead of Wenger sueing them he has now taken the stance of laughing and joking with them he realises that he has to deal with them all the time so he makes the best of it. Arsenal supporters have long memories they remember the good he has done and many are very thankful many have formed a kind of alegience to him they feel the pressure his under when things are not going our way they treat him like an old supporter and they know that he will do everything in his power to get it right, but we also have the supporter that was used to success and 7 years of the press telling you our shortcomings has made them think that a new man would do better, maybe their right but i go along with Sir Ak view i still believe in him and although i moan and groan he still has my support as well.

  49. Devil,i guarantee you i didn’t forget him lol.
    He has been mentioned a fair bit of late,and rightly so.
    His reputation is building.
    Still,Arsenal is a big step up.
    He is definitely a worthy candidate though,imo.

  50. Kev in your inbox quick!!!!!

  51. TT, 9.52, fair point mate, but with a bigger budget and Dein’s encouragement, we may not have had all those trundlers you list….?

  52. Well written. I for one do not believe a managerial change will solve anything, but Wenger must shoulder some of the blame for our poor form currently.

  53. Not there yet Coach… ;-)

  54. Scott, back in 1996, people wondered if Wenger could handle a big club…

    I dread to think what would have happened if he hadn’t inherited Seaman, Keown, Adams, Winterburn, Dixon……

    But hey, he did so he was fortunate….

  55. devil – very good point about Laudrup..

    And there are a few who are younger, with new ideas in todays game.

  56. I still say it is all politics. And the players know it.

    Does DD love AFC or does he love himself most?? Not differently than the amount of love that the other DD has for both AFC and his own pocket.

    I still think that it is all politics to get AU+DD (x2) on the board.

  57. Wath, 9.54, cheers Wath.
    It says a lot when so many long time Gooners are considering giving up their season-tickets, and it HAS crossed my mind…
    I hate to hear my mates talking about THIS being their last season…
    That’s where the Board’s policies have brought us…

    Too right Matty…

  58. Must admit its gone downhill rapidly since Wenger made his AU comment, but I still think that would be a too big a risk to take….

  59. Jed 9.56; anyone who begun following the Arse in the mid-80’s certainly isn’t a Glory Hunter, respect to you…

    Well said Lawrence…

    Let’s see where we are in the summer..

  60. Just got up Kev?? ;)

  61. Rico,the question i raised earlier merely suggested that any manager willing to come to us would be a risk.
    That hasn’t changed,but sometimes,fortune favours the brave.

  62. Rico… ;-) ;-)
    I had late night… :-)

  63. Top comments Lewis, JW, Scott (Mr Positive) and Ginge, cheers guys…

  64. DNA, did i say he was blameless mate…???

    Get off of those Blahcelona blogs and have another read… ;-)

  65. For sure it would be a risk Scott, Wenger was a risk wasn’t he? It paid off but sadly, all what he should have been remember for is fading fast….

  66. I call that an early morning Kev – just as you were thinking of bed, Lee was getting up ;)

  67. I am agreeing with you Rico….stop making it so hard :)

  68. Kev,there is enough shit going on in the world for Arsenal to be a negative in my life mate.
    I really wish others saw it that way,but i do understand why i am in the minority.
    I am not delusional,i just choose to look at the best side of things.
    I live a much,much more happy and content life than a few years ago,and all because of some conscious changes…this was one of them.
    Go you Gunners!!

  69. Superb comments Adam, and i fully appreciate the sentiments behind them.
    Yes, Wenger has been his own worst enemy at times, i only wish he would speak his mind…
    This season isn’t over yet, and it can still finish positively for us, but at the same i can sense a change is coming.

    But i do not want to see Wenger slagged by the sensible fans i know and blog with…
    That’s the LG way, that’s not us…
    Wenger might be on the final straight, so let him finish with the respect he’s earned…
    Save our vitriol for those that really hold the purse strings, lie to us every Window with promises of ‘War-Chests’..

  70. Good post by the way AK, how rude of me!

  71. Just making sure Scott! ;)

  72. A top comment from you Kev……the 11.46

    The worst thing we can do now is to slag him off.

    I am not exactly a saint. There were moments when if looks would kill AW would have been dead before he touched the floor. I can argue all I want with my wife. Does not mean I will slag her in public. Dare I say……just look at her more than once and you will kop it.

    So to slag AW off is throwing more light on those who do so than it does on AW. To those who slag him off I say……..its better for you to stay quiet and let the world think you are a fool than to open your mouth and confirm it.

    So to those who slag AW…..get a life. and look in the mirror.

  73. Lee……I hear you are henceforth to be known as Mr Ham!!!!

    you know……being sandwiched between Santos and Fat Frank. :lol:

    I honestly hope that you will not be spreadeagled and quartered!!!

  74. Brilliant post Sir Stevo.

    Yes, the Press/Media have been chipping away since 2005…

    What other club/manager is constantly reminded of how long it’s been since they won anything…

    Typical double-standards…

    But no suprise to me, as i was brought up on Lucky Arsenal and Boring Arsenal snide remarks from those perfidious scumbags…

  75. Thanks Will…
    Mike, this season is still in flux. Lets see where we are in May…

  76. Keyboard heroes lol.
    Very quick tidbit.
    I am the captain of a lowly cricket side.
    One of my players is always questioning my decisions…..field placements,bowling changes etc,etc,etc.
    I was 12th man on the weekend…we rotate..so guess who i handed the job to?
    Well,after the game,he tells me where i can stick it lol.
    He could not believe the fact he couldn’t relax for even a minute.
    That is low grade cricket,yet plenty seem to think they can do better than Wenger.
    Sorry,but they are wrong.

  77. On the PL show i watched tonight,more time was spent on Arsenals loss than Chelseas!!
    Please explain!!

  78. Rico, re:Lee getting up…
    God, what a time to raise from bed, a good time to turn-over… :-)

  79. 11.59 – You sound like Wenger Kev… :lol:

  80. Cheers Coach, we know how each others mind works… :-)

    Btw, thanks for a superb sub-edit Rico…
    Always in safe hands… ;-)

    But what happened to my Latin? :-P

  81. Kev, Do you honestly think that the season is still there. Ours is lost. We are 15 points adrift of Manure. I am not thinking about the cups. Or second or third or fourth. For me the only trophy that counts is being number 1 in the EPL. And we are far away from that.

  82. Rico… i did not see it… :lol:

  83. The spell check poo pooed it Kev :( Sorry

  84. Oyyyyyyy Kev. Numquid scidis latin?

    Bonum scire!! :)

  85. I am off guys.
    Keep the faith(not in Stan)……

  86. See you Scott.

    Bonum nocte.

  87. Coach, i only thought we had a chance in the EPL until Norwich, then my expectations were put into perspective…

    To me a top-four finish and a cup would represent a good season…

  88. Yes Kev. You are right. A top four finish and a cup would be a good season. Great in fact, expecially if it is the CL. But for me the yardstick has to be the first place in the EPL.

  89. Ad nauseam, Coach….

    i could also add adsum , a fortiori…… that’s yer lot… :-D

  90. See ya Digger…

  91. Top four is do-able we’re 5 points adrift from 3rd….
    Anyone know anything about Kevin Strootman? Is he going to be the saviour or more media B/S?

  92. Quae magna Kev.

  93. The ideal scenario is for us to finish 10th. The spuddies to finish fourth.

    Then NAUSEA will hit WHL. AFC win the Champions league and the scum go to the Europa league. AGAIN!!!!!! :lol:

    I will be surely LMFAO

  94. Strootman???? Ah yes. A good dutch player. Was given the runaround last Saturday mates. He got a rollicking from AJAX.

  95. And i haven’t forgotten my good mate from Colchester….

    I know how you are feeling mate, because i know what a massive fan you are…
    It pains me to hear my friends going through such crapola…
    We shall chew the agenda over a ruby in a few days mate…
    Frank speaks from the heart imho, i cannot deny him his opinion.
    All i say is don’t give the ‘outsiders’ anymore ammunition…
    Don’t go on TalkRubbish and give them the opportunity to take the piss out of us for example…
    Things will play out and we’ll just have to grit our teeth and suffer the ride.
    I suspect that we’re heading for interesting times over the next 18 months…
    Tbh, i think Wenger will walk this summer…
    Give him the good grace to leave, with some civility…

  96. ……..and the dignity he deserves Kev.

  97. Righto my friends.

    I need to skeedaddle off now.

    Thank you for your esteemed company this morning. You have made my day a beautiful one. And I do need it at the moment.

    Lee…….top cheers for making me smile. ;)

    Off now to collect the little prince and go and see someone special.

  98. Rico, i was scanning the blogs last night (this morning ;-) ) to try and judge the feeling…
    I had a peep on LG and was tempted to leave a comment, but i just thought, what’s the point, closed minds wall to wall..
    But even on pro-Wenger sites it was getting unsettled.

    Anyway, i got me ticket for West Brom, and i will support the team and the manager, come what may…

  99. Ditto Lee…. ;-)

    See ya Coach, Sahha.

  100. See you habib.

  101. See you coach…glad you had a smile mate!

  102. Us win the CL devil, that’s got to be the best joke i have heard in years ;)

    You go steady…

  103. You should have gone to bed Kev ;)

  104. Have you got your Reading ticket yet Kev?

  105. I’m going to miss the WBA game as I’ve got to go to New York on business….bummer!

  106. Sorry Rico, i nodded off…. ;-)

    Off to see the New York Cosmos Lee?

  107. We’ll win at Reading Rico, as i predicted…. to you the other day.. :-)

    Not sure about the rest tbh…

    But i’m not a ‘High-Roller’, so it’s New Broad St, rather than New York, for me… :-P

  108. Isn’t their season over?

  109. John Cross‏@johncrossmirror

    At #afc open training. Some unfamiliar faces out there. Vermaelen, Ox, Gervinho, Ramsey, Arshavin train, otherwise squad players

  110. Bit like ours…hahahahaha! Only joking!

  111. Lee, :lol:

  112. John Cross‏@johncrossmirror

    #afc missing from training Gibbs, Sagna, Arteta, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Cazorla, Walcott, Giroud, Santos, Podolski. Wilshere may join later

  113. Leave something there for Kroenke Lee…

    I read most of first team are staying at home and not going to greece…

  114. Posted by Jeorge Bird on December 3, 2012 in Uncategorized
    A clutch of players from Terry Burton’s U21 side were involved in first-team training at London Colney this morning ahead of tomorrow’s final Champions League group stage fixture away to Olympiacos.

    Arsenal have already qualified for the Last 16 and, although it is not yet certain whether they will finish first or second in their group, manager Arsene Wenger is taking the opportunity to call upon several youngsters for tomorrow’s game, in a similar vein to Arsenal’s last two visits to Greece, which have both ended in defeat.

    In addition to Abou Diaby, Laurent Koscielny (both thigh), Bacary Sagna (foot), Andre Santos (muscle strain) and Lukasz Fabianski (ankle), who are all still sidelined, many players who featured in the disappointing defeat to Swansea City at the weekend will be rested. Kieran Gibbs, Mikel Arteta, Per Mertesacker, Santi Cazorla, Theo Walcott, Olivier Giroud, Lukas Podolski and Jack Wilshere will all be kept at home, with just thirteen senior players poised to make the trip.

    As a consequence, there were some younger faces involved in training today, with Zak Ansah, Elton Monteiro, Jernade Meade, Sead Hajrovic, Chuba Akpom, Martin Angha and James Shea all involved in proceedings. Serge Gnabry, Nico Yennaris and Ignasi Miquel all remain injured, whilst Hector Bellerin, Jon Toral, Kristoffer Olsson, Damian Martinez and Thomas Eisfeld are not eligible for the Champions League.

    Of those mentioned, Meade could be in for his first senior start at left-back, whilst Hajrovic, Akpom and Ansah are poised to receive their first call-ups to the squad.

  115. :lol: Lee re the seasons…

  116. I’ve got something for that twat….
    Even our 2012 calendar is taking the piss out of us….December’s player is the Dutchman!

  117. I am so pleased to hear that about the squad, a weeks rest will do them all the world of good.

    I actually don’t give a toot about the CL this season….

  118. Shouldn’t Santos’s be a mussel strain?

  119. :roll:

    Arsène Wenger says he will look for internal solutions to get his side back on track before considering his January transfer targets.

    Arsenal slipped to their second home defeat of the season on Saturday against Swansea, and now lie 10th in the Premier League table.

    Wenger admits he is concerned about his team’s form at Emirates Stadium, but says it is important to stick together if they are to build momentum.

    “We have a lot of important games until January,” the manager said. “We’ll decide [on targets] in January but at the moment, we have to find solutions before then.

    “At the moment there is uncertainty among the fans, they do not have complete confidence that we will win the game but does it have an influence on our performances? I don’t know.

    “I feel we have to look at the solution from inside, and don’t expect too much from outside.”

    Despite his disappointment at the Swansea result, Wenger insists it is not time to hit the panic button.

    “You can see with the results, it’s difficult for everybody at the moment,” he said. “All the teams, even those who invested a lot of money, it’s difficult for everybody.

    “You have to keep the focus, the desire and the ambition, and turn it on. That’s how it works in the season. You cannot always jump to definitive conclusions from one game.”

  120. More like a burger and chips strain…

  121. Morning all from a sunny but cold Boston. Thanks for the update on the match on Saturday Kev. After reading reports on it, it really sounded like a huge shitbomb of a performance. What the fuck is happening at our club? Just seen the news about PHW…. possibly a great time for him to step down if his health is suffering. Everyone would win that way.

  122. Hope it’s heavy Lee….

  123. We lost everything when we allowed players like Song to leave, plyers who are strong physically in the middle of the field and now we are ripping fruits. Our players most of them are ball players more than being ball winners and i think that will remain a problem for arsenal for years. It is true that they are good but not good enough to win the ball. We just have to buy players who can win the ball in the middle of the park. I still need wenger as our manger but the board must go.

  124. What you doing up in Lincolnshire Rocky…?

  125. Afternoon all,
    Pobody is nerfect eh Kev.

    Hearing little mumerings West Ham on boxing day could be cancelled again for the second season in a row, only it can’t be put back 24 hrs this year as we’ve got Newcastle a couple of days later, Arsenal will have to make a decision early due to the travelling oversea’s supporters, don’t know how the underground keep getting away with it, anyway it might all iron its self out yet.

  126. Hi rocky, i should try and enjoy your break and forget about
    ‘Team Jaded’….

  127. Hi Rocky, I was out with mates in Hertford on Saturday night….lots of spuds up there, giving me shite!

  128. Kev, I was actually going to put Boston, USA, but I thought “no-one’s going to do the old Lincolnshire gag, surely”. Alas, there’s always one! Ben up since 5 am 2 days running! Hit the gym, then 50 lengths of the pool before breakfast! Going the the aquarium and Cheers bar today so pretty excited. Plus it takes my mind of the turbulent times at Arsenal at present!!

  129. Morning Rico. Oh, I fully intend to! Taking my mind off it with the amazing shopping deals out here!! God bless a decent exchange rate, Christmas sales and the fact Levis are dirt cheap out here!!

    Lee…. on top of the Spuds in Hertford, its also full of pretentious arseholes!! Did you go to the Stonehouse? Is it even called that anymore?? The one that used to be the Prince Regent

  130. Nice write up but unfortunately it is not that simple to get the board out.

    I also agree with those who pointed out that Wenger is part of the problem.

    When David Dein didn’t agree with their plans , he was sacked and i was amazed that Wenger didn’t even show any reaction whatsoever to the DD leaving.

    So definetely Wenger and the board must have been in agreement.

    The board cannot be sacked unless Kroenke does, unfortunately for us he doesn’t even understand the emotional aspect of Football which is different from FIFA rules(Which i believe he carries along).

    So whats is our faith ? The board is here to stay therefore the only person we can get angry at is Wenger.
    The boos will hurt him and it has beginning to show as per the players , we are in trouble if what they are doing is actually their best.

    Then we are in bigger trouble because Wenger thinks the solution is within.

    Wenger has a philosophical mind that always wants to proof a point despite changes around him that doesn’t favour his philosophy anymore.
    He is a compulsive stubborn human being so we should not expect any changes.


    Our best bet is to support the players because i belive they are mentally scared right now execpt Walcott who would have made up his mind to leave after the Swansea game.

    Met Wenger half way give him grieve when the team is bad but always put up posters saying in Wenger we trust.

    As per the board , we should pray and i mean it: that Kroenke gets bored and sells his shares to Usmanov.
    :) oh my oh my , see the board voluntarily resigning.

    As for now we should just boo any board memeber that comes to watch the match , thats all we can do.

  131. rocky, are you sure you haven’t accidently booked into boot camp.

  132. Thing is Micko, with the sizes of portions here, the burgers, the lobster rolls etc…. I need to exercise or I’ll be absolutely massive by the time I leave.

  133. Hi Micko, I am … haha

    Glad to hear it rocky, you have a fab time in the nice cold sunny weather… Good place to be pre-Christmas by the sounds of it….

  134. Deco was the place were slurping in and yes wall to wall dickheads!

  135. The only manager who was able to build a team that was in the state Arsenal is in and end a 7 year ‘trophyless’ streak is DG’s country man Rijkaard.

    I like Laudrup but those of us who are aware of his work thus far know he failed at CSKA but has been very good at keeping teams such as Malaga up.

    Is he built for big stage, no one knows but what I know is he is a cross between Huddink and AW/Cruyff in that he believes in building teams and is not scared to try his hands on teams without a budget.

  136. SD if AW was in agreement with the board why do DD and AW take family holidays together almost every year?

    Why is it also reported by very liable sources that PHW never talks to AW? Some believe the comments AW can have the job for life is an underhand way to sabotage his popularity as the rest of the board know without AW they would have had to go into their holiday funds to finance the club before the arrival of Stan.

    AU summed it up perfectly last July the burden is on the manager to repay all loans and then buy players too. So lets get Maaurenho to win us a trophy in his 2nd year with us and then make us bankrupt like he has done with Inter…

  137. Rocky, not being able to fit through the turnstiles when you get back might be a great result !

  138. But having to pay for an extra seat on the flight back would be a real pisser!!

    Right, off to get ready. Catch you all next week (they want $10 a day to use WiFi in the rooms…… sod that!! One day is enough!)

  139. Laters rocky, have a great week.

  140. I’m busy today. Catch you later.

  141. TTFN rocky, have a great time…

  142. Will we take Ancellotti as a manager? He is under serious pressure at PSG after spending the equivalent of a 3rd world countries budget on players and sitting 4th in Ligue 1.

  143. TSGH, you almost sound like an Arsenal FC staff but anyways i dont think there is any proof they go on holiday together.

    Their relationship(Wenger and Dein ) must be frosty if not why was David Dein’s agent son always getting at least one major star to ask for more money we cant pay and sell to our rivals (Nasri, Fabrgas, Clichy, RVP- the last one)

    Although i will very much like to belive you because it means Wenger will soon vice out and let us know what is going on in the club.

    But another thing is Wenger wanted the stadium but David Dein wanted us to move to wembly stadium which was one of the things that led to his departure.

    Just going through facts at hand

  144. Facts at hand, Really? The true reason DD was sacked is unknown. He was sacked in 2007 a year after we moved to the emirates so it is extremely unlikely to be the reason for his sacking. And at that time DD thought he would be returning within a year the moment AU’s share was above 20% but it is now just a tad under 30% but is not allowed as I say for religious reasons believe it or not.

    If you want to believe it is because AU is dodgy then fair enough. Do some research on Chips and PHW background and lets talk…

    What would cause a man who has served the claim for so long to be frog marched to the front gate? If you believe it is about stadium move and it makes you feel good, fair enough.

    With all due respect, where I get certain information you can choose to believe what I say or not. For instance I had always said before people started believing that AW and Stan and PHW hardly spoke to each other.

    And when AW says he believes the board will back him if he finds the right players, what he means is if the price is right. Only a naive person thinks Emirates has given us £150M and it is sitting in a bank account.

  145. SD – Wenger and DD were photographed on holiday together…

    Last summer I think it was…

  146. Tsgh, no thanks re Ancellotti…

    Imho, we need a younger manager, one who knows football as it is in 2012 onwards, not an oldie….

  147. And DD wanted us to move to Wembley for a number of reason that include his own personal gain ie to be the head of the FA…

    Another reason was he knew the club will be on its knees for the foreseeable future because of the terms of the deal the greedy old board members signed up to. What they wanted was to be able to secure their shares whilst they had £1500 coming in every month as a salary plus all the bonuses without a single input from them….

  148. :grin: Don’t you love chubby Italian stallions Rico? He really wants to coach Arsenal big time that was why he did not take the City job and the PSG job until the first week of August 2011. Rumours has it that AWmay have handed in his resignationafter the nasri sale. Also he put his house on sale and then took it off the market after August…

    Meade trained today so he may feature tomorrow.. ;)

  149. No thanks Tsgh ;)

    I’d love to know where you get your info from……..

  150. Sometimes it’s best not to know Rico…..

  151. TsGH. What religious reasons are those then?

  152. Rico your inbox

  153. Arsenal squad for Greece….

    1 Wojciech Szczesny
    5 Thomas Vermaelen
    7 Tomas Rosicky
    15 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
    16 Aaron Ramsey
    18 Sebastien Squillaci
    22 Francis Coquelin
    23 Andrey Arshavin
    25 Carl Jenkinson
    27 Gervinho
    29 Marouane Chamakh
    38 Martin Angha
    39 Zak Ansah
    48 Sead Hajrovic
    53 Jernade Meade
    55 Elton Monteiro
    60 James Shea
    67 Chuba Akpom

  154. Adam I discussed it weeks ago but most thought I was off key so I would not bring it up again…

    But if AU was not from where he is he would be on the board already ;)

  155. no Yennaris or Miguel. No Serge either but Eisfield is not registered so that is expected. We will get to see Young Meade bombing the LHS fingers crossed.

  156. I think you might be right Lee …

  157. TsGH. If you won’t talk about it then why bring it up in the first place by mentioning it as a reason? Are you in fact getting all this info online? I get the fact that you love a conspiracy theory but if you are researching this stuff then putting it all together yourself that is very different from actually knowing something through first hand knowledge. Your religious stance concerns me though. Are you claiming anti Semitism at board level at Arsenal?

  158. Lee I have not seen one of your trademark rants in the last few days… :D

    Given up on the poo boys finally?

  159. Nal Hutta so he’s a Tatooine??

  160. To be honest TS this has been on the cards for Arsenal for sometime, our league postion is a true reflection of where we currently are. All we seem to do is paper over the cracks and me ranting about isn’t going to change a thing. That I’ve been not drinking as much alcohol of late… :lol:

  161. Anti-Tatooinism is rife amongst the board??

  162. Adam. I do not believe in conspiracy… ok without being disrespectful lets just say I make everything up…

    I have answered the question already if you read my post again..

    Anti-semitism to AU? I think you have your view up side down. Every single man on AFC board has Jewish Heritage. From Chips to David Barry Dean… And check up who Stan is married to too…

    You do not sit on the board of De Beer if you are not someone and I do not mean going to Eton…

  163. That’ll be doing you good Lee. :)

  164. Got to nip out with Fido, quick run and back….

    Her, not me ;)

  165. I was in Jeddah last thursday evening and friday shiting myself not to look at any one funny. This German man and Thai lady kept asking me about alcohol and Arsenal and I was thinking please leave me alone. I do not want to get lashed by the secret police.lol

  166. Quite a number of coaches, AK! :shock: But I am with you on AW. No point getting into the vicious feeding frenzy calling for his head. I don’t want him to go; I do, however, want him to spend. :D

    Hello, all! Hiya, Lady rico, tsgh. Adam, how are you, sir?

  167. Agag. Long time, no talk. All is well I hope?

  168. I know, where have you been?? :) All is well(ish). Lol. I am appallingly busy with work. And you?? :)

  169. all good agag. How are you doing? Been to Macy’s lately to grab a designer bargain?

  170. No, I have had some personal stuff going on and haven’t felt like work Agag.

  171. No Macy’s here, tsGH. :P :P I find shopping online works for me. Then I have my stuff sent over to a package consolidator in California. Then sent to the Phils. It’s brilliant!

    Adam, it’s nothing too serious, I hope. :( But I agree with the second part of your statement. ;) ;)

  172. Ah I thhought you were on the East coast

  173. Agag. Just life really. It can be cruel at times.

  174. I don’t know the validity of this but…

    In the 16 years he has been in charge of the club, Wenger has a net transfer spend of £8m. That is £500,000 a year, or 100th of a Fernando Torres. Looking at the spend of our rivals in the Premier League alone over the same period, the discrepancy is astounding.
    Chelsea £610m
    Manchester City £465m
    Liverpool £230m
    Manchester United£ 225m
    Spurs £170m
    Even looking around the division, Aston Villa have spent £155m, Fulham have spent£ 85m, Stoke £70m, Newcastle £63m & WBA £30m. Even perennially skint Everton have spent more than £10m more than Arsenal over the same time period…

  175. Take it easy Adam. Everything comes to past…

    It does not make it easy if one of our only outlets are not performing well i.e Arsenal.

    When I left the forces 5 years ago because my knees were as bad a s a 90 year old and I could not do much of what I enjoyed doing, I found it extremely difficult to cope especially with Arsenal doing their best imitation of the comedy club in defence. One reason why I gave up my season ticket.

  176. Adam, you sound so grave. I am not used to it. :( You okay?? But yeah, life is cruel at times. In my case, at least once a month when the credit card bills arrive. ;)

    I couldn’t live where it snows Ginge. I would be miserable. ;)

  177. Agag, have you noticed it’s snowing on here again, I blame rico.

  178. Hiya, Micko. :) Is it snowing where you are, too? Must be dismal. :P Has rico reintroduced the snowflake graphics? Not seeing it.

    Ginger, our performance of late has been beneath contempt. So angering. I cannot begin to imagine what season ticket holders feel. :(

  179. I though my minces were playing up or Merson had sneezed!

  180. Lee, remember Wenger being asked what he’d do if he was given 100 million by the board and he replied he’d give it back, it’s a match made in heaven.
    There’s snow on the mountain tops agag, need it to hold off as I’m heading to Blighty for Christmas.

  181. Micko, that is one of the many problems at the Arse!

  182. :D that is what my mom says all the time about the cold…

    Lee that is why Perez wants AW to replace Maureenho next summer. Even Rumenige (spelling) of Bavaria want AW next season even though it looks like they are going to win the league for the first time in 3 years.

    I find it astonishing that hard-up footie fans still want players to be paid over £100k a week

  183. Hiya, Lee. :) Howdy? I wouldn’t be surprised at those figures. Torres is just in the wrong team. We should buy him.

    Are you watching our boys play, Micko? Are you sure you want to subject yourself to that most inhumane of tortures? :D

  184. I just don’t want shit players paid £50k or £60k pw on long contracts….and have a squad littered with them!

  185. Hi Agag, how’s the Philippines treating you?

  186. I haven’t got snow :(

    Evening folks…

    Hi agag, busy working again, tsk, its your time of year, shopping and especially as today is meant to be mega Monday when £10,000 gets spent every second of the day…. ;)

  187. Agag, supporting Arsenal these days is like owning a moped, you’d ride it but you wouldn’t tell ya mates.
    I’m umming and arring over the West Ham on boxing day, that’s why I mentioned it earlier.

  188. We are still having storms, Lee. And it’s December. Weather has gone bonkers.

    rico, :P What is Mega Monday?? I only ever shop when stuff is on sale. I’ll wait for post Christmas sales. ;) I’m not seeing snow, here. Do I have to use IE?

  189. I like the moped analogy Micko…

    The snow is at the top of the page agag, i just found it…

  190. Don’t know really, just history suggests that today is the day each Christmas, that the shoppers spend big…

    Not Arsene Wenger of course ;)

  191. As Lee would tell ya that’s the polite version rico.

  192. Mico, haha on the moped. :P You might get a belated Christmas present. ;) If our players are up for it. rico, Kev could teach Arsene a thing or two about shopping. I’ve never felt quite so despondent about our club before. :(

  193. I miss all the good ones Micko ;)

  194. Wonder why he removed his tweet after…

  195. Off to get dinner now, back late…

  196. Wonderful news about Kate and William…..

  197. What positions do they play??

  198. James Olley‏@JamesOlley

    Wenger on reports of players being angry after the defeat to Swansea: “Do you want them to dance when we lose?” #

  199. Not sure Lee, but whichever one they did, it worked ;)

  200. They wouldn’t dance Kev, they were too jaded….

  201. I read somewhere that Santi & Podolski reckon that they’ve never trained so hard as they are training now, ie before games. Could the players be being worked too hard, could that be why we have so many injuries? I’m not taking the piss, just wondering??
    Something isn’t right, you look at our starting eleven and there’s some cracking players….not too many winners though!!

  202. Morning all.
    Obviously i can not comment on the training regime,but didn’t we get comp/comments from players not long ago that all training was done with ball at feet,there was no actual physical stuff happening,and was raised as a reason we had so many injuries??

  203. If you believe others who leave us and go elsewhere Lee, they all say we train light…

  204. An interesting nights posting.
    Some good opinions,and the fun y thing is,the worse we play,it seems the more level headed people are becoming.
    Maybe it is the realisation that we are not just having a blip in form,we really are in some trouble atm.

  205. Been trying to convince you of that for months Scott ;)

  206. Good evening rico, whats good?

  207. hey DNA, what’s cooking? am heading to DC soon was hoping maybe i could drop by on you? how’s VA bro?

  208. Hi goonster & gdna, not much is good re arsenal…….

  209. when is the game tomorrow folks?

  210. Its ok goon, getting ready for my vacation which starts next week, going back to the island to enjoy some of my hard earn cash…lolo

  211. hey maam, i hear PHW is ill? no offense maam but do you think its a good omen? perhaps a shift is imminent? gosh i hope so though. i wish him speedy recovery but i want his old hairy butt off my club. enough is enough.

  212. you kingston man? christ, i ll love to go to jamaica bro.

  213. ok DN, thanks maam. hope i can watch it though.

  214. Its really good there bro, but i’m going to be tormented by those man u, chelsea and man city fans, but as u know, gonners for life top 4 or bottom 4, never switch..lol

  215. tell them to go fuck themselves bro……you re a gooner. don’t you ever lose your pride. i wore my arsenal gear to work today. amidst jeers from some african creeps, chav fans i presume. most guys here don’t even have a clue…….americans i mean.

  216. keep the faith…….its about to get better. i can feel the wind of change blowing our direction. COYGS!

  217. training too hard? I thought people said we started training too early and we dont kick during training so the players were weaklings… hahaha. Poldi is so lazy Ruminege thought he was a waste of talent.

    Carzola is finding life at a top team difficult to stomach at the moment contrary to what the scums will say that we do not deserve him.

    Good nite all..

  218. For health reasons, he may well decide to step down goonie, depends on what the drs say i suspect….

  219. he had better maam…….

  220. Don’t think trips to Panama help Santi Tsgh, but most overseas players need a season, that’s why in Jan we should sign PL players..

    Ba has rejected a new deal and Fellaini is on fire, ok the latter would cost money, we have so go and spend it I say. Those two would make a difference to our squad from the day they arrived….

  221. I’m off now guys..

    Enjoy the rest of your day…

    Night all

  222. I support the sleeping bag, whoever wears it!!!!!

    _______ _______

  223. Arsène Wenger claimed it is “fashionable to be against Arsenal” at present as he railed against emotional and dramatic analysis of the club’s season so far and sought to close ranks to inspire a fightback.

    The manager, whose team sit 10th in the Premier League after their poorest start to a season since 1994-95, displayed defiance and agitation as he reflected on the fallout from Saturday’s 2-0 home defeat by Swansea City. Yet he retained characteristic conviction in his methods and he pronounced that the club are in “fantastic shape”.

    Wenger was preparing for Tuesday night’s Champions League tie against Olympiakos in Athens; his team are already assured of qualification, albeit not as group winners, and he has left a host of first-team regulars in London to give them a much-needed breather. He, too, was determined to seek respite and promote a sense of perspective.

    “I can take a distance with things when it goes well and when it goes less well,” Wenger said. “I don’t believe I am the king of the world when it goes very well nor that I am the worst manager in the world when it doesn’t go well.”

    It was put to Wenger that he sounded as though he felt the world was against him. “It’s unbelievable,” he replied. But he went on to describe Arsenal’s situation as “not as dramatic as it is painted at the moment”.

    He added: “What has changed a bit is that the world has become more emotional about every single thing, but that’s not the real world. The real world is to take things in the right way and care about what we do.

    “I really care about what I do and about this club but, as well, not go overboard. We lost a game on Saturday. No matter what happens, Arsenal will lose games again, and Arsenal will win games again.

    “We have to play well and keep facing the game the way we want to play football and in the values we want to defend. We have always done that. We live in a world that needs a drama every day. You have to enjoy to play football and not to live in a dramatic world in a consistent way.

    “This club is in fantastic shape. We have a good team, we have a strong structure that we have built over the years; we are in a strong financial situation and we are mentally strong. I can understand that not everybody is pleased about that, but it is a fact. That’s why we have to continue to behave like we do.”

    Wenger had bemoaned his players’ tiredness after the Swansea defeat, in the wake of a gruelling schedule of matches, but he found himself taken to task by pundits including Phil Neville, the Everton captain, who questioned on Match of the Day why Arsenal ought to be more tired than everybody else.

    “It’s fashionable to be against Arsenal so every single word you say, people turn it against you,” Wenger said. “It doesn’t stop me from saying what I truly believe after the game.

    “You have some players … they played internationals, they played against Montpellier in the Champions League, they played two away games at Aston Villa and Everton [before Swansea] … we were the only ones who played two away games [in four days] … and that’s why I felt we lacked a bit of freshness.

    “It’s not the only explanation for our defeat. People turn it round. That’s why I say I don’t want to get too involved in that because it’s superficial analysis of things, to turn it against you when it suits you. It’s part of our world and you have to take that on board. The only thing that matters is: ‘Do we play well tomorrow?’

    “Why is it fashionable to be against Arsenal? Because we lost a game, not because we are victims. For everybody, it’s the same. When you are a big team who expects to do well and you lose a game … it’s quickly fashionable. But it’s the same when you play well and win. People are on to you, saying you are fantastic.”


  224. Man City, out of the Champions League and League Cup…

    A crisis???

    Nope, not a peep in the paps….

    Nothing new there…

  225. Kev, Mancini is under huge pressure, sweating like a hippo in a power shower, it’s like Inter all over again, he’s won the domestic league title but it’s the Champions League that the owners will have their eyes on now,he won’t be afforded the same amount of time as Wenger.
    Remember Gazidas this time last year gloating about how jealous Man City were of us, they may have gone on to win the league but we had the last laugh and clinched the all important 3rd place, I suspect it will be the same again this season.
    And Wenger talking about the real world, someone give him a slap.

  226. Micko,considering the amount of money Mancini has blown,why would he be afforded the same time as Wenger?
    Crikeys,imagine if Ibramovic owned Citeh…..Manicin would have been their ex, ex, ex manager lol.

  227. There appear to be plenty of managers under the pump, actually.
    Still, we all know the Arsenal manager situation will get more negative headlines, so why worry?

  228. It is a fucking game.
    What is wrong with people????

  229. That is dreadful news Lee….

    Morning to you, Scott and all…

    New Post will will up around 9.30, got to pop out for a bit….

  230. It’s mad isn’t it?

  231. Roman is running out of managerial recruits. Pep is going to take over from Ancellotti following AW’s recommendation to Al-Khelaifi.lol
    It seems so funny how AW is unwanted at Arsenal but every chairman on this part of the civilised world including the Brazillians wanted or want him…

    He is also fave to take over from Maureen

  232. crazy world. I thought the dutch were more tolerant.

    On my local park its funny how those so called midle income parents fume when they are watching their sons play on weekends…

    We are forgetting its a sport….

  233. What was everyone doing when the kid was getting beaten though??
    Probably filming it so they can put it on bloody Youtube.

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