Lampard linked to Arsenal! Wenger won't quit, but he WILL spend in January after watching Arsenal get beat by a bargain signing….……

It was all going to start in December he said….

We’d make our home advantage count he said…..

Well neither happened yesterday did it?

We were outplayed by a style of football we once watched OUR club play and well beaten by two goals from a bargain £2 million Spanish signing, the type of player which Wenger would have once been envied to have spotted and signed.

Just three victories in ten home fixtures which we all know is nearer to relegation performance than it is a side looking to challenge for silverware.

It’s simply not good enough!

After the game, Arsene Wenger said:

We gave it away by not being creative, it’s a concern because we didn’t create a lot, we ran against a wall, our passing was not sharp and was not quick enough. We looked jaded.

It’s a big blow because we wanted to start December well. Games come quickly and we have to find the quality of our game. The way we played today is not how we want to play football.

Speaking about the fans booing the team and him off:

Fans have an influence on us, but it is down to the team to get the fans behind them, the way we play has to create that. I can understand that [the boos] when we lose games the way we lost that.

Yesterday should have been an open, entertaining game with plenty of goals for both sides with the meanest defence coming out winners.

Well, what should have been never was.  While one side entertained, the other, us, were poor. Yet again!.

Swansea started the game as if they were in front of their home fans, they were slick, their passing was crisp and we couldn’t do anything about it. Angel Rangel forced Szczesny into a double save just after the fifteen minute mark and soon followed that with another chance after Walcott was easily dispossessed just outside of the area. Thankfully, that chance went begging!

Cazorla and Podolski both had chances as the half carried on but Swansea always looked the better side and the more likely to open the scoring. Thomas Vermaelen made a vital tackle to stop Dyer from breaking the deadlock and soon after, Williams saw his free kick brush the top of the net.

Half time came and went and I wondered if Wenger or Bould could find some magical words to wake us up.

We started the second half a little better and soon in, Cazorla drew a save from Tremmel. But it wasn’t long before Rangel again nearly opened the scoring. He dodged his way past three players and then unleashed his shot which Szczesny saved well.

Olivier Giroud, who had by now replaced Gervinho appeared to be fouled by a Swansea defender but Mark Clattenburg waved any appeals away.

Ashley Williams nearly grabbed a goal for Swansea near the end, Vermaelen nearly grabbed a goal for us near the end too, but he didn’t.

However, Spanish signing Michu was given two chances right at the end of the game….

He took both.

Wenger huffed and puffed, zipped up his sleeping bag, had a quick shake of a few hands and then stomped off down the tunnel….

There is little point in blaming individuals for yesterdays result, the team were poor full stop. The best player on the pitch was Szczesny and he was beaten twice but through no fault of his own.

The afternoon began with the BSM march which attracted many fans who wanted to voice their own views about what is going on at OUR club. Most of criticism was directed at Ivan Gazidis and Stan Kroenke although one fan said:

 I’ve been an Arsenal fan for 20 years and I do have a gripe with Wenger. It’s a joke that he is paid £7.5 million and hasn’t won anything for years.

Wenger said he is concerned about how we are playing but  not about where we are right now in the league:

Of course. But I’m not as worried about the places. We need to get the quality of our game back.

Will he quit?

Not at all. You make your assessment at the end of the season. I know we’ve got unrest everywhere. It’s a good opportunity to stick together and show we’re a strong club.

He also went on to suggest that he should be judged at the end of the season which we have heard before..

He said he’d spend money in January too when asked if he needed new players:

It’s difficult to comment straight after a defeat like that but I can’t say No. I believe the board are there for us to spend the money if we can find the players.

We have heard that before too, but even if he does spend money in January, will he sign who we NEED and play them where they should be?

Frank Lampard is linked to us in the Sunday Mirror, is he the kind of player we need?? I think not!

Best I stop writing now, too much and I’ll start feeling jaded……!!!

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