100 Up for Walcott if he plays & Rugby playing side Swansea head to London!

No other place to start really, other than the BSM pre-match march which begins at 1.30pm at the Bear Roundabout’ outside The Armoury.

For anyone who still doesn’t know what it’s all about, there is a link here.

We all have our own view about whether it’s right or wrong to be airing the clubs dirty laundry in public, or to give more fuel to the media to knock us with etc but as long as the march is kept within law, fans have every right to make their feelings heard.

Actually, make that feelings voiced, I doubt Stan Kroenke will hear anything that is said today…..

Onto the game against Swansea.

Arsene Wenger believes that the run of fixtures between now and the end of the year and says:

We will come back.

Now we have six games, four at home, and if we do well in this block I think we have a chance to come back. But of course it is vital for us to do well in these games.

He is right of course, it is vital and not just for the benefit of securing Champions League football!

Injury news:

Team news

Arsenal: Sagna (foot), Fabianski (ankle), Santos (abdominal), Koscielny (thigh), Diaby (thigh)

Some reports suggest a late fitness test for Sagna will determine whether he is to play or not and the same for Theo Walcott, but there is nothing on the official site to confirm that. If Walcott does play today, it’s his 100th in an Arsenal shirt.

Wenger has praised Thomas Vermaelen after his performance against Everton: to become Arsenal’s rock again after a star turn against Everton.

It was certainly his best game since the start of the season in this position.

That will boost his confidence and hopefully get out of his mind what happened before when he was not completely confident.

He was physically sharp, confident, calm and important for us.

Good, because we need his ‘calmness’ at the back, no more silly gifts to the opposition and our captain has had his fair share of those.

Swansea manager Michael Laudrup has been preparing for today’s game by getting his side to play football with a rugby ball. What that is all about I don’t know but they certainly won’t be playing a ‘rugby style’ game today, they don’t play that way.

Hopefully Wenger has looked at the way they play and worked out who and how to play them and nullify anything they have to offer.

We play the big man up front so we  need to start supplying him a lot more than we have been doing of late. We play with two front wide men, so use them and stop trying to play everything through the middle.

If it’s not working, Wenger needs to change things around or at least make the substitutions earlier than he currently does, give those coming on a chance to change the game.

We need to find some consistency, stability, pace and with it, a string of victories with much much better team performances and the only way we will get that is through the players and their ‘leader’.

Possession alone doesn’t win games but the right tactics, the right mindset and the right attitude and commitment does!

And we need all of those things from now until May!

That’s it for another day……

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