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Slipping down the table as Wenger targets home form to save us….

Morning all

Here’s the team line up, including the timing of substitutions.

Wojciech Szczesny, Per Mertesacker, Thomas Vermaelen, Bacary Sagna, Laurent Koscielny (Kieran Gibbs, 4), Aaron Ramsey (Gervinho, 80), Jack Wilshere, Mikel Arteta, Theo Walcott, Santiago Cazorla (Francis Coquelin, 91), Olivier Giroud

Surprisingly, Wenger favoured Vermaelen at left back than Gibbs for this fixture, whether that was down to fitness or not, I don’t know.

We got off to the perfect start within the opening minute of the game, Walcott collected the ball just inside the Everton half, dodged a tackle from Jagielka, laid the ball off to Ramsey and continued his run on the left. The Welshman, returned a good ball back to Walcott who curled a right-footed shot into the far, top corner. A great goal, and who cares if it took a slight deflection?

Minutes later, Laurent Koscielny suffered what appeared to be a groin injury, so that’s him out for a few weeks now. He was replaced by Kieran Gibbs.

I don’t know whether the injury to Koscielny disrupted us but it certainly seem to lift Everton, even though it was so so early in the game. Slowly the home side raised their game, our right hand side was the target.

Just before the half an hour mark, Szczesny was called into action and any danger seemed to be gone but then Sagna played a dangerous ball to Arteta, causing him problems. Pienaar took advantage and the ball broke away into the path of Fellaini who shot past  Szczesny from around twenty five yards.

Should our Pole done better? I think so!

It was a funny old game after that really, we as usual saw a lot of the ball, but up front we were very tame. Whereas Everton often looked dangerous and on another day, would have buried the chances they created.

Jelavic missed a golden opportunity and Pienaar should have been awarded a penalty after being pulled over by Arteta.

It stayed at 1-1, another three points missed out on and with it, we dropped another place down the Premier League table.

A few pointers:

Cazorla was again too easily nullified

Arteta is clearly being wasted playing as a ‘defensive midfielder’ although he does a good job.

We seriously lack width apart from Walcott who could soon be heading off anyway.

We lack a cutting edge and we offered no real threat going forward.

We defended reasonably well apart for their goal and definitely got a way with a penalty!

Did Howard have a decent save to make the whole game..?

Wilshere had another good game. He tried hard to create but we just lack something as a unit…!

After the game, David Moyes said:

It was a certain penalty. We played against a really good Arsenal team and referees’ decisions often decide big games like this but we got nothing tonight. The players had to earn everything because we were never getting a jot from him.

Arsene Wenger said:

I thought 1-1 was a fair result and it is a good point here. The game was played with remarkable intensity and we had to show good spirit to get away with a point because Everton were really up for it. I am pleased with the spirit we showed.

We have played eight of our 14 league games away from home now – against both Manchester and Liverpool clubs – and if we play well at home we have the chance to come back. 

We had a few more chances on the counter-attack but we didn’t do well with the final ball. We could have been more clinical.

Where have we heard that before…….?

That’s it for today, home fixture up next so no excuses eh!

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101 comments on “Slipping down the table as Wenger targets home form to save us….

  1. “slight deflection”……love it Rico lol.
    Unless of course you mean the bounce it took off Aarons foot :)
    Morning all.
    Evening here.
    Another in an increasingly long list of games where we simply failed to create enough decent chances.
    No need to list the average performances…….

  2. Carrying on from the previous post Scott my answer is we’re now exactly an average side with expectations due to what has been promised so it’s far worse now and yes I’d go back to how it was at Highbury cos you knew week in week out what you were getting…!
    The invicibles were a Highbury team and so was ALL our success under wenger there so the problem has been the move and the spin and lies we been fed since we moved and subsequent lack of investment and ambition from the club be that board level and management who knows but it’s linked to fans getting ripped off and false promises. We didn’t have those promises when we were at Highbury..!

  3. Well i think we got away with 1 point and we should be glad.They were ready to hurt us.

    I think Arsene is rotating the team and resting as many legs as possible for the December fixtures.

    Although we could have won the Aston Villa game but the Everton game was always going to be a draw for us at best.

    But i think the player that needs at least a weeks rest is Carzola and he needs protection ,, if Wenger doesn’t really know what to do with Ramsey , he should be there to create space for Carzola.Simples.

  4. It’s obvious. Wenger is deluded if he thinks the gunners can win the epl. 4th place could be beyond the gunners unless there is a dramatic improvement in form. As is per normal,the gunners have failed to capitalise on taking the lead. This is simply unacceptable.
    Wenger is responsible for all the flaws. If he can’t get the 4th spot,he should pay for his failure.

  5. i dont knw y wenger chose to play ramsey with carzola,arteta and jack already in midfield, wen natural wingers like oxlade,gervinho and even arshavin ws available..we culdnt operate on both flanks bcos walcott was the only player dat culd take on d defenders which ramsey culd nt do cus he his nt a winger… I dnt knw y wenger keeps making d mistake. And we av never won any match dat he plays ramsey on d flanks!!!

  6. Wenger has insufficiently allocated his wage budget on players that cannot command their salary elsewhere or undervaluing key players. This communist approach of equality of salary has hindered Arsenal as the deadwood players like Chamakh, Squillaci and Djourou represent £8Million per annum of our wage budget. No wonder no one wants to purchase them as they are the equivalent of the modern day Francis Jeffers.We know that Diaby and Rosicky is injury prone, we have known this for the past three seasons.Wenger has made the most horrendous mistakes in the transfer window and now we paying for it with players like Squillachi, Bendtner,Park,Chamak,Arshavin,Yes Diaby and Rosicky still on our books when he should have made a move to sell when he had the chance. But this is just like Wenger He slaps a hefty transfer fee on non performing players like Bendtner that no one wants to buy. Now we have to make do with this awfull display. Amazingly it is not Wenger’s fault because he has no dept on the bench. Well who bought those players? It is not Wenger’s fault that the players are not motivated and lack passion. Who’s job is it to to motivate and instill passion? Yet he goes on record saying “i do my best”. Just look at the mans body language during games. Does he look like someone who is doing his best. Where has his passion gone? Where is his confidence? What happened to his footballing brain? He was good until he turned politician for the Illuminati that is Kroenke, Hillwood, Gazidis. He’s like a man that sold his soul and doesn’t no how to get out. Remember 1st of December this Saturday before the Swansea game. Where has our Arsenal gone? Fans will be gathering outside Emirates stadium to demand some Answers?

  7. Most expensive place on the planet to watch a football match…..says it all really!

  8. Arsenal fan…anything nice to say?
    Come on,give us a smile :)
    Everton are one very good side,and tough to boot.
    If we had gone one down,would we all be saying how good a draw it was??

  9. Yeah they are Scott, but 2 points from Villa & Everton isn’t good enough!

  10. Looking at the general stats, i feel this might have been yet another game in which we failed to score had we not scored our goal that early. Because everton created the better chances and were better in possesion as well.

    We really need to look deep into the reasons for the numerous avarage performances. we are at most playing at 60% of the standard Arsenal strength in all games even the ones we have won.

  11. Its Wenger that is the cancer.The team has not signed many good players since David Dein left. Mostly on sale french players because that league sucks and there national team has not been very good for many years now. Wenger loves Ramsey as much as he loved Grimandi back in the days. He gave away one goal last night and almoust handed Everton another. Mertesecker is no better then Igor Stephenovs we had some years ago. He is super slow. with no power,pace or skillset in this big body. How!!!!!many headers did he win against Fellaini in set plays when he guarded he last night ? 0. The lack of power,pace and desire is so obvious. We have a manager that makes more money then Ferguson but he has less balls and desire to try to win games then the Washington Generals that play against the Harlem Globetrotters. Wenger never substitutes players no matter how poorly the play until the 70 minute mark. If you want to win games you sometimes need to take a risk. That man never does. I have been an Arsenal fan all my live and i am 47 years old. I have never ever been so sad as watching my club this season. And again and again Wenger comes up with the same speech. ” We showed great spirit”. If i got a pound each time he says spirt i would be up there with Gates and them billionaires. Sack Wenger today We used to be a fast paced team from box to box. We are slow all over the pitch now,clueless.This season we have played at least six games where we create less the 2 chances to score the ball. . To many players want to pet the ball . Wenger your time as a manager has come to an end. You are a millionare already so you dont have to cry about not beaing treated good . Please leave Arsenal. We want a manager with desire to win , with ambition to be on top of the league not just top four and making a few dollars for Kroenke. You once had fire and desire but i guess all those pounds in your pockets have changed that. The sad part is that you seem to have lost your football brain also.

  12. Sorry Jonas,but i am never sad watching Arsenal play.
    If i go to a movie,i want to be entertained,but never go with expectations.
    When i watch Arsenal,the same applies.
    If i was not entertained,i would not watc…simple.
    Winning does not consitute entertainment for me,either.
    Lee,i will be paying a few seasons of ST prices just to watch one game…reckon i am crazy??
    Nah….i will love every second of it.

  13. Having said that the next 7 games upto Southampton seem winnable … Not sure if im just being Optimistic or delusional !

  14. Rohan,any time a Gooner says something positive,he will be labelled delusional by someone lol!!

  15. Rohan, winnable for us or the opposition? The sad demise of a once great football club. We constantly flatter to deceive,so sad but true! We’ll sign TH14 to try and appease the fans or be linked Goetze-esque players and buy no one! Another groundhog season!!

  16. Lidl football at Harrod’s prices….

  17. Morning all,
    Good report Rico, our boring fooball is getting a regular thing, luckily i had a very poor stream last night so i missed most of the action, but from what i saw we didn’t look at all better than the last few games, Wenger is having a nightmare and the team are bad, Why its taking as long as this to train players to pass to the team in Red shirts God only knows. We have taken the proverbial step in the wrong direction. Clubs doing well, where the team are crap. being honest with ourselves we have to understand that we are a lot further than our league position suggests away from success, and we will have to spend far too much to get there. Maybe Harry can change us round. :)

  18. It appears my work security team has finally caught up to me spending a third of my time discussing Arsenal in an environment where most are cricket or rugby fans.lol.Anyway possible no posting of gibberish from me.
    kev-as from the previous post,what I was trying to say was sold is more likely 30ish than 24;-)Also with DD jnr being his agent he had to go.

    Posting from my phone so …..

  19. Ts you lazy sod get some work done ;-)

  20. Morning SP…!

  21. Good day all,
    Glad the boys didn’t let me down yesterday.
    My take on the match. It was a very physical match. There are positives and negatives we could take from it. Goodison Park is like Highbury because the pitch is closer to the spectators. The atmosphere was intimidating but kudos to the away supporters who were vociferous. We ve got one of the best away supporters but i don’t know why we are mute when we play home fixtures.
    Before the match started i heard rumours of Rosicky on the bench and was thinking is this the match he should be on the bench when he hasn’t played for 6months. I know Everton FC are very physical and the last time they lost at home was against us back in february.

    The match couldn’t have started any better with a goal from Walcott. Arsenal should do everything possible to keep him. He is now beginning to show some consistency. Sometimes I think he is doing it to justify his pay rise or advertising for suitors. But whichever he is a ‘must’ keep. He gives us another dimension in the attack.

    Wilshere is a ball juggernaut. The way he glides on the pitch, positioning, passing and skills is top notch. He is getting to his best. He kept on shouting on Ramsey and Walcott to get back when everton were on the offensive. Future Captain.

    Ramsey is a workaholic. Some of us will not agree but you need to see him play. Just sometimes his judgement is a bit slow when he is on the ball and makes some clumsy passes which almost cost us the match in the first half. The first led to the first goal and the 2nd was a last ditch tackle by BFG. But lets not forget he was not being played in his preferred position. He was played right to nullify the treat of Baines.

    Cazorla wasn’t cazorla yesterday. Don’t know how he lasted 88mins on the pitch not to mention the first half. He was anonymous except in patches. We played 10 v 11 for 88mins.He might need a season just like Mata, Silva to adjust to the speed and physical nature of the league. He looks exhausted maybe another trip to PANAMA will do. He drifts too far away from Giroud leaving Giroud isolated. I know CAM is not his natural position but can grow into it.Like he was scared of stucking into and making a tackle He was good in patches though. AW made a mistake bringing Rosicky instead of arshavin. Arshavin would have being a perfect replacement for Cazorla

    Giroud is a hardworker. His movement off the ball is fantastic. What he needs his support upfront. Those knock down headers, flicks etc. Cazorla is too far away from him and so he is left isolated.

    For Arteta, it’s quite obvious he is being under utilised. Arteta should have being the CAM b/s he’s got enough experience in that role. He reads the game but what we need is a DM that breaks up play, we need a brick wall in front of the defence. Someone who will not be scared to stuck it in and make tackles. Arteta’s problem is he wants to be neat in his tackle which is good in one way but doesn’t scare the opposition from coming back at you.

    TV had his best game yesterday. Hope he is finally back. BFG reads the game perfectly his only issue is he is 2 yards slow. Gibbs was solid as usual. Sagna clumsy in patches still not at his best. Most of Everton attack came thru the right. Baines was a pain in the a**. Kos injured before the match has even started.

    Sczesney could have done more to save the goal. He could have parried it, my first thought was he was thinking it was going away from goal but he misjudged the curl on the ball. Apart from the goal he commanded his 18yard box beautifully and made some good saves afterward.
    Gervinho was Gervinho
    A draw was a fair result. We missed 3points at villa park

  22. … We missed 3pts at villa park and not goodison park

  23. :D Goonie and Micko seem to get away with it.Blame Rico

  24. Morning Wath, hope your well.
    Emma, No matter how we utilise these players they are just not good enough. At the start of the season i had high hopes for us, but we have just got worse and worse. We have to realise that even when Jack is back to his old form he will be playing with players who are not on the same wavelength. they have steadily lost all confidence and idea’s they are a shadow of what they could be.A dozen or so games have proved we have no answers. What teams that get closed down as quick as us throws a ball out and starts from the back every time the same, we struggle to get out of our own half so why dont we kick the ball long and pressurise them not open ourselves up to pressure every time

  25. I blame Mertsacker since he has been added we play more football in our own half than theirs, and there lies the problem

  26. Steve P, dont blame Mertsacker , all the players are average.

  27. I’m not bad SP apart from the obvious….!.
    The way things are going my GG stock is gonna to get hammered before Jan…!

  28. I think Merts passes to the options available… we don’t have enough movement off the ball SP, all the players drop deep to receive the ball so hence we then play tippy tappy in our own half going nowhere, we lack the tempo and we nowhere near incisive enough and as we can all see Giroud gets isolated and gets crappy service…! We are nowhere near playing to our strengths and thats also a huge problem as well as the ones we been going on about for years now that really don’t need to be said again..!

  29. For Walcot to be feeling like he is a star of the team then you know we have a problem.

    But one thing is definitely sure, we have a problem in the team.

    Wenger has either totally lost it

    or he has sold his soul to the board and cant get out or

    Or the board is just one secrete organization who sacked everyone that is a real fan and just have chocolate chip cookies with champagne every miserable point losing Saturday evening at the expense of frustrated fans.

    Oh the fans who don’t have a clue whats going on with the club by the way.

  30. @Scott – Too much pessimism going around ….. Esp. that Idiot Piers Morgan who keeps saying the same things again and again …. Pisses me off
    @Lee – Winnable for the gunners obv. Lets hope the next two home games help us get into our stride.
    Still think a defensive midfielder ala a Wanyama or M’Vila should solve most of our problems .. Arteta might be good at reading the game and all but he’s hardly dominant in the tackle (Wanyama in please and he’s only 21)

  31. steveP – I was at the match yest. The problem we are having in the final third, sorry to say this is Cazorla. He drifts too far away from Giroud. Giroud is left isolated upfront. He is the reason why we are not creating enough chances in front of goal. Like I said looks like it will take him a full season to get used to that role like silva/mata. He was scared of stucking into tackles or making tackles. Theo adds another dimension to the attack. His pace helps him to quickly get closer to Giroud. Ramsey hasn’t got that pace like theo and for God sake AW should realize he is not a winger. Baines wasnt scared to push forward b/s he know if he gives ramsey 4yards start he could still be caught up. Should have started with Ox/Gerv. If we lose Theo in jan, or he suffers a prolong injury we should kiss 4th place goodbye

  32. I must admit Wath i have had to replenish Mine.
    Hi SD, Mertsacker has steadied the back line i agree but with his lack of pace he is frightened to go forward a normal throw out from the back goes something like this Czez to mert mert to gibbs gibbs to mert mert to sagna sagna to merts merts to czez. how does that help us.

  33. Yeah i know Steve P , the 180 degree passing could be frustrating especially when it now gets back to the keeper.

    Well i don’t need to tell everyone this and as unbelievable as it might sound; I CANT WAIT FOR ROSICKI TO COME BACK.

    At least somebody that knows how to push the ball properly forward and knows how to play the Arsenal way. This present squad looks too strange.

  34. Emma i appreciate you were at the match no doubt making yourself heard i commend you for that.
    Giroud is to slow i am not saying he is no good but the ball will have to be played straight to him for him to score he does as you say work hard but if we have pace with Theo we certainly dont have pace with Giroud Podolski is neither that fast but he runs forward and can take the ball with him. The type of centre forward we need needs to stand on the last defender and have pace to go forward that is not Giroud he also does not have the touch of an Henry or van Persie giroud is not a centre forward.

  35. Before RVP left he asked the FM to sign certain players.Of course this was unacceptable but on hind sight ,the Dm could be right. I am afraid Arsenal with so far off the pace ,it would be a miracle to win the epl. As I’ve said ,4th could be elusive.If this scenario happens. Arsenal could be stuck in Europa league or no Euro soccer at all.
    All fans are looking forward to Wenger proving them wrong. Time is running out for the gunners to go a long wiining run.

  36. SD, how you fella? well i hope, hear what your saying about Rosicky but no good him injecting tempo into our game if there is no movement in front of him…!

  37. Afternoon all,
    Don’t think anyone at Arsenal will be too disappointed with the way the season is panning out such is the mindset these days, the board will be happy as long as we stay within spitting distance of 4th place, come April we will always be favorites to take a CL spot and it’s business as usual, bonuses all round.
    SteveyP, Mertesacker has been the only constant in our defence this season, only missed one PL game, he steadies the ship for us, if he gets injured Djourou gets his chance and we’re all be running for the hills.
    Everyone Knew Fellani was gonna be the danger-man for them, we all thought it would come from a header though, Chezzer has to be disappointed with the goal.
    Tsgh, a bit of hard work never killed nobody but why take the risk, if it’s good enough for Arsenal it’s good enough for me.

  38. Finally someone agrees SC19 is a major issue for us.Thanks Emma.I have been saying that since day 3 but most fans think he is a Messi.As good as he is he is another player who has no exp at this level.This is his 2nd season in the cl

  39. I have to disagree Sir Steve re OG12.


  41. No Diaby, it’s gotta be a fix.

  42. Mores to the point Micko where is Squillaci..?

  43. You can’t turn a donkey into a racehorse wath.

  44. You can’t polish a turd…but you can roll it in glitter!


    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

  46. DG………… You have far to much time on your hands but thats classic lol :D

  47. Hi everyone,
    we still can’t cross a football. Even corners were rubbish. We still play suicidal balls because there’s no movement and no one seems to have ball control.
    Everton played bullying tactics and seemed to test the ref’s resolve and his limits. A stricter ref wouldn’t let them get away with some of the pushes and niggles.
    I also think it must be really difficult for Cazorla to adapt to a new league and role at the same time.

  48. WATH

    I’m Picasso too broke for paint. Keyboard symbols are my brushes. Takes no more effort than writing for me. ;)

  49. As right as you are Brad they def should of had a penalty so we got away with one there…!

    Funny DG….

  50. Cyber artist…that’s how he rolls!

  51. Lee :P re turd glitter.

  52. I managed to fix my I.T security issues. I told the I.T guy, HH is a charity dedicated to providing advice and support to a bunch of ‘middle aged’ Arsenal supporters who may jump underneath the 11:00 kings Cross train if I did not over my support on line. :D The guy thought I was serious he asked me if I have reported it to the police yet? lol

  53. Dutch; 1.27, Quality mate…

  54. Ts, i can’t believe you work with such gullible people ;-)

  55. A stockbroker urged Kev to buy Arsenal stock that would triple its value every year. He told him, “At my age, I don’t even buy green bananas.”

  56. Hey DG how did you know Grandad Kev was so old…?

  57. :D WATH exactly, they claim their work ensures this country and their interest stay safe ;)

    Chris Powell on Frimpongs performances


  58. DG- I thought I was the only one coasting at work re 1:27 :-d

  59. WATH

    Zimmer frame and pre-heated wooly-lined slippers patiently waiting for his arrival.

  60. Ginge

    I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific.

  61. Kev sports a “onesie” fyi!

  62. After both suffering from depression for a while, me and the wife were
    going to commit suicide yesterday.
    But strangely enough,once she killed herself I started to feel a lot better. So I thought? Sod it I’ll soldier on.

  63. hey fella, what’s new?

  64. howdy lee, any news? how long is kozzer out for?

  65. 3 to 4 weeks….

  66. wow now that puts a damper on things…….oh well at least TV5 is looking good again. we really need to win the next 2 home games guys.

  67. Was that a confession lee at 2:15pm :D

  68. You know that…

  69. “Before I refuse to take your questions, I have an opening statement.”

    a – Wenger
    b – Ivan Gazidis
    c – Ivan Gazidis speaking on behalf of Stan.
    d – PHW

    Answers on a postcard. Entries send before Saturday are included in a charity draw. First prize; A turd of your choosing rolled in glitter.

  70. DG I am beginning to think you are from Old Kent Road not A’dam

  71. Ginge,

    The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.

  72. Dutch, the only thing waiting for you down Old Kent Rd, is a KFC and traffic congestion

  73. Its so depressing being an AFC fan you may think it is an international break based on the number of comments on here.

    And those wondering if I get any work than, please not that I am training to multi-task like the femme fatales of this world. :D

  74. Kev

    I wondered the context. Tnx. Not much difference to A’dam when you turn a corner.

  75. Colonel Saunders is a legend in his own lunchtime.

  76. My Zimmer frame has many uses.

    I can use it as a step ladder.

    A clothes horse to dry the laundry.

    A supermarket trolley.

    A ski-board.

    A climbing frame when Grandson Wath visits.
    Keeps the little bugger quiet for hours. Yes, really!!!

    A chicken coop.

    A TV airiel.

    An exercise frame when I’m at the gym.

    A coat hanger…

  77. Amsterdam rocks then Dutch…

    Mick, you always struck me as a Cafe Nero type of bloke.

  78. Kev you forgot the geezers lounging in pubs about to close on the O K road.

  79. As for Wath, when the holidays are on a McDonald’s Happy Meal + whatever toy they’re giving away at the time, usually does the trick.
    Trouble is, if I don’t get him a milkshake he never stops moaning.

    For RICO, it has to be Burger King… ;-)

  80. Veggie kobe or wagyu steaks for Rico and Kev.

  81. For Lee it’s Pie & Mash down Hoxton market.

  82. Rocky’s on the bagaels down Brick Lane, luv ‘em myself…

  83. Ginge, your on the K rations…. :-D

  84. 26 shopping days to Christmas..

  85. That’s unfair Kev at least offer me the leftovers of your doner.

    The mrs has asked for pair of boots we saw in Russell & Bromley but I am counting on sales or I would have to cancel my ESPN for 6 months at least to pay for them.

  86. It’s why I always claim abuse from Grandparents…. Grandad Kev is just spiteful he knows I hate McDonalds and love burgen King but the horrible ole sod always gets me that crap and a dodgy orange juice and never ever a nice double thick chocolate milkshake.

  87. burgen king is that an Army out-let?

  88. Glad you spotted that Lee wanted to see if people were reading properly :D

  89. Hello!
    We played with Ramsey in the line-up and we only won two games in 6 or seventh. But the problem it’s not Ramsey. It’s Arsenal’s midfield . Start with Ramsey,Wilshere and Cazorla at the some time it’s completely wrong. Playing with Diaby+Cazorla and Ramsey or Diaby +Ramsey+Wilshere or Diaby+wilshere+Cazorla (plus Arteta) it’s completely different. We have only 14-15 players fit… it’s to short. We must have 2 players for position, for rotate in the all games and not 4-5 in a position and just one in another 8I’m talking in quality players).
    If AW don’t go to the market on January, call Denilson and Fripong quickly.

  90. Oh no, not the 3-4 weeks curse. Hmmm kos back in Feb then

  91. Can hear the floor boards creeking in here, Wenger has bored us all to death with his special squad.

  92. I have read a few comments about the Fellaini goal,criticising Szczesny.
    Sorry….i saw it from three or four angles,and no,not a keeper in the world gets it.
    For starters,i went around TV5,meaning that the extra few tenths of a second before Szczesny saw it made it unstoppable.
    When he did have clear vision,his reaction time was quick….something he has been criticised for….so no,no way known is he to blame.
    We bag Arsenal whilst not offering up enough credit to Everton for their effort.
    We bag Szczesny whilst not offering enough credit to Fellaini for a bloody great goal.
    Is there a pattern???
    Morning all.

  93. i see none of you creeps congratulate ramsey for a “cesc-like” reverse pass that led to the goal huh. i ll say it again, i believe in ramsey. he ll come good. he’s got everything in his arsenal(pardon the pun) to succeed. i ll keep praying for him. GO RAMBO.

  94. Ginge, you’ll always be welcome to some of my kebab, but it won’t be a doner mate.
    Kofte or chicken shish for me (sorry Rico)…

  95. I’ll tell ya, it’s bloody parky outside…

    Snow is a-coming.
    Seen the trucks out spreading salt on the roads

  96. Scott, seems to have become a trend lately giving the opposition credit when in reality it’s just a camouflage for our pish poor performances, if anything it just highlights our deficiencies.
    The only pattern I can see is this season going exactly the same way as the previous six.

  97. “As a squad, this is the best one since I’ve been here….” Arsene Wenger. Is he losing it? He’s gotta be fucking mental hasn’t he? If he truly believes that we are doomed for even more mediocrity,sad demise of a once great football club….. :(

  98. Morning Lee and all…

    New post will be up around 9.30. Got to go and defrost the chickens, the car and then see you on the new one….

    Lee – couldn’t agree more, after the first 13 or 14, it’s weak. In fact some of the younger players offer more imho….

    At least they have heart…

  99. The decline is astonishing…we had a shit start to last season BUT after 14 games we had 26 points we have 21 points yet AW says it’s his best squad! The man is totally delusional….

  100. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2240824/Barcelona-Lionel-Messi-says-Arsenal-boss-Arsene-Wenger.html

    Maybe he should just focus on Arsenal and get us back to a competing side as opposed to commenting on Barca…..

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