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Koscielny being sold in January? Wenger confirms he won’t be spending big in January!

Morning all,

Firstly, according to The Metro, Wenger has confirmed he won’t be spending big despite the money coming in from the new Emirates deal!!

If we get that amount of money from sponsors it is not charity, it is because the sponsors feel that we act in the right way and with the right values.  It is down to us to spend the money in the right way.

Wonder what he thinks the right way is? Wonder what the sponsors think about GIVING money to players who do nothing but run around in training? Is that considered to be the ‘right way’ to let money leave the club?

I don’t think so either!

Just in case anyone has missed the calendar story, Theo Walcott and Bacary Sagna have apparently been left off next years and of course that means they are both leaving in the near future doesn’t it? How can there be any other reason for missing them off, after all, we only have twelve players in the squad don’t we?

Lauren Koscielny is also missing, as is Carl Jenkinson, Gervinho, Arshavin, Diaby, Rosicky, does that mean they are all leaving too??

Crikey, even Squillaci hasn’t got his smiling face all over February!!

There are only twelve months in the year, not every player can have his face photographed and used can they?

Talk about adding up 2+2 and making it 12……

I’m sure I read somewhere that Walcott’s agent thought his player deserved extra in his pay packet because he was the ‘poster boy’ for the club, well maybe he doesn’t want to be the face of the club any more and that’s in the process of being removed, who knows..

As for Bacary Sagna, well his contract runs out at the end of next season so the club have a while to get that sorted, obviously  the sooner the better.

Quick mention for the Ladies, they will face Italian side ASD Torres in the quarter-finals of the UEFA Women’s Champions League and once they have beaten them, either Geman side VfL Wolfsburg or Russian team WFC Rossiyanka await them in the final four! The first leg will be played on either 20 or 21 March, with the return game in Sassari on 27 or 28 March.

Good luck to the ladies, hope they can go on and make it to the final which is at Stamford Bridge on 23 May, 2013.

Meanwhile, the men face a tough opposition tonight at Goodison Park. Everton sit just above us in the league but a win for us would soon change all that. Regardless of the result, we really need to see the team start playing better, much much better than we have been of late.

Saturday was awful and no-one wants to hear a repeat of the two ‘chants’ the away fans were singing do they, more importantly, none of us want to see the kind of performance that would encourage the fans to want to make their feelings heard. And we certainly don’t want to see Francis Coquelin replacing a striker towards the end if we are needing a goal!!

I read this comment yesterday about our manager, it was written by Steve Wilson, a  BBC Match of the Day commentator:

Okay, Arsenal have not won a bean since 2005, but Wenger was a moderniser and a visionary when he first came to Arsenal and there is no doubt that the Premier League is more cosmopolitan and professional for him having been here. I also think he is a reminder that men who build a team are generally preferable to men who buy a club.

Everton are another club steeped in tradition, although they haven’t had great success over the years but then they haven’t had a lot of money to spend but manager David Moyes has spent wisely during his ten years in charge and many would say that all things considered, he has done very well.

But not against us…..


  • Arsenal are unbeaten in their last 10 Premier League games against Everton (W8, D2) since a 1-0 defeat at Goodison Park in March 2007 when Andrew Johnson scored a stoppage-time winner.
  • This is the 183rd league meeting between the two clubs, all of them in the top division of English football. Arsenal have 90 victories compared to Everton’s 54.
  • Arsenal’s 6-1 win at Goodison Park in August 2009 was the Toffees’ worst home league defeat since 1958.
  • The Gunners have recorded their highest number of Premier League wins (26) and goals (81) against Everton.


  • Everton have drawn five of their last seven league games (W1, D5, L1).
  • They have not lost at Goodison Park in 10 Premier League matches since a 1-0 defeat by Arsenal in March (W7, D3).
  • The Toffees have conceded 12 goals in their last eight games, failing to keep a clean sheet in that spell.
  • David Moyes’s side have scored 15 first-half goals in the league this season, more than any other team. They have also been ahead at half-time on an unrivalled six occasions.

Team News:

Thankfully, all the players came through the trip to Aston Villa unscathed, no surprise there really and Tomas Rosicky is finally back in training. He is fit and raring to go but tonight’s game is too early for him. He’s off to play a few games for the reserves to get match fit, Walcott however will return, as will Wilshere and Vermaelen.

So there you have it, now it’s all down to Wenger and his players.

If they ‘want it’ they will win, if they don’t they will get beaten, it really is that simple.

Maybe it’s time to look at the cannon on their chest and realise what it represents, look around at those travelling fans tonight, see the passion in their eyes, passion for a club which they have the privilege to represent!

Maybe it’s time they all, including the manager took a long hard look at themselves in the mirror and ask one question:

‘Can I do better’?

Of course they can, the real question is whether or not they have the guts and determination to do so….

And that is something I doubt……

Clearly the answer is yes and it’s about time they all started to do so!

We were the last side to beat Everton at Goodison Park, we must be the first to beat them there this season too…..

That’s your lot for another day….


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308 Responses to Koscielny being sold in January? Wenger confirms he won’t be spending big in January!

  1. Arsenal News says:

    [...] Koscielny being sold in January? Wenger confirms he won’t be spending big in January! [...]

  2. rico says:

    Morning all.

    Playing devils advocate this morning. Seriously, not every player can make the calendar can they?

    Poor Squilli will be deeply disappointed if his absence means he is leaving….

  3. Lee says:

    Rico, as will Adam….he’s en route to get his Squilster tattoo gone over as we speak!

  4. tsGH says:

    Morning all..
    :D Tongue in cheek I will say. Very good post especially about the ladies.

    I can understand where you are coming from re Theo, but he had been on the cover of the calendar for 4 consecutive years and as it is Kreonke and PHW AFC circus we are talking about I think adding 2+2 and getting 12 deserves a brownie point imo. lol

    On the other hand several key players have not been included as you have rightly pointed out

  5. rico says:

    I knew that would upset some Lee… ;)

    Time will soon tell Tsgh, I have accepted there is nothing we can do about TW’s situation, not if he wants more money at another club…

    But right now, if you, I or anyone else on HH was a footballer, would you want to stay at Arsenal??

  6. TT says:

    Morning all

    Face it Walcott is gone. He has been gone since the contract negotiations stalled and IMHO the only reason he was not sold in the autumn along RvP was that they knew there would be revolt from the fans if both were sold….so the sold the one that commanded a higher fee.

    As for tonight’s game is there anyone optimistic? I’m not. By looking at the resources both managers have had at their disposal for the last few years I don’t think there can be any argument who has done better and as for the teams the table don’t lie.

  7. rico says:

    I’m not confident at all TT…

  8. gunnerdna says:

    Good morning HH…

  9. Wavy says:

    They could all have been included, bar one. Two per page and one left over!

  10. JW says:

    Good morning all,

    Oh ye of little faith!

    Of course we are going to win tonight!

    Forget the doom mongering, It’s Arsenal we are talking about, the greatest club in the world! Get behind the club, the manager and the team.

    If the fans aren’t “up” for the game they can’t complain if the players feel the same way.

  11. Bradster says:

    Strangely I am confident. I think the boys will be up for it cos of Saturday and we playing the team above us to go ahead of them with a win.
    I think Walcott, Sagna and Wilshere will make the difference.
    I wonder who wenger will play and for how long to allow a rest for Saturday.

  12. Ryan L says:

    With Robin Van Persie looking rather redundant in an Arsenal shirt on December’s page of this years calendar, maybe they decided to hedge their bets :)

  13. rico says:

    Is it good dna ;)

    Who is the one Wavy?

  14. gunnerdna says:

    its good rico, getting ready for work, no wavy tv this morning…lol

  15. rico says:

    JW, it’s the players and managers fault, they are the ones who have made me feel this way…

    Sure hope you are right though, and you Bradster….

  16. Lee says:

    Could we do a daily calendar? We could put a player on each day of the year….

  17. Lee says:

    A different player come to think of it….

  18. rico says:

    What’s not good is the ‘dashboard’ on HH has gone wrong and I have lost all my edit facilities on new posts so unless it comes back, there will be no daily posts for the foreseeable….

  19. tsGH says:

    Rico rico at 9:56 am . Great Lord tell me you are not the executive producer of TS? :o
    I know it is depression but to say no player would want to play for us is a bit too far. 99 professional teams in the UK will still want to be like us. Its not all gloom. COYGsss

  20. W.A.T.H says:

    Come on Boss lady sort it out……….. All fine my end…! ;-)

    Morning all.

  21. rico says:

    It’s just a question to the bloggers on here Tsgh, would you want to stay at Arsenal the way the club is being run?

  22. tsGH says:

    Daily Mirror reporter John Cross tells the Breakfast boys of TS that Theo Walcott wants to stay at Arsenal after he was left out of the club’s 2013 calendar but says he believes Bacary Sagna could be on his way out.

  23. rico says:

    Don’t know what’s happened Wath, it went funny after I posted todays and now I can’t sort it out…

  24. Lee says:

    Squil and Chamug are quite happy at Arsenal…

  25. rico says:

    Sorry, I meant ambitious footballers ….

  26. Lee says:

    How dare you doubt the ambition of those two Rico…

  27. devilgunner says:

    Good Morning my Esteemed Bragging Gunners.

    MP of ANR had this on his website…………

    Uncanny isn’t it????

  28. W.A.T.H says:

    I think your very harsh Rico, Squilli makes a great lamp post..!

  29. Ryan L says:

    I think the answer to your question is yes or no depending on the player. Yes, if you are one of the players that are paid well over their market benchmark and know they won’t be able to achieve wage parity anywhere else. No, if you think you are undervalued and recognise the limitations of the “yes camp” and think you want to have more to show for your career than the certificates that they must dish out for a CL qualification place.

    Both scenario’s can be demnstrated with numerous examples of players and this represents what I think is one of the key things wrong with our great club right now and why I have the opinion that our finances are grossly mis-managed at the current time.

    No I am sure this stems from something I read, which I don’t know if its 100% accurate so don’t shoot the messenger, as I don’t have time to research it. But as I understand it the loans on the stadium came with a covenant to re invest 75% of transfer monies received, back into the team. I also read that since IG came into his position he has overseen exits to the value of £150M and incomings to the tune of something like £100M. So 66% of the required 75%, which means that someone has decided that the difference is invested in players contracts and the difference obviously doesn’t account for the balance of wages going out with the exiting players. Hence we end up in the position where the quality of players has gone down but the wage bill has continuously risen despite the calibre and wage packest of the departing players. Which leads us to the current malaise, seriously how can that be deemed a good investment policy.

  30. tsGH says:

    And why would 99% of the players not want to be at the club? When we got to the CCL final with Nastry and Judas of this world was it the bad maangement that made then not score 2 clear chances at 1-1?

    Only about 7-10 teams are better than us in Europe and before I get shot down the last time I checked we have always been the 3rd best team in this land. Before AW our European appearances were very sporadic.

    As Tony Adams asked on TV on Saturday, which Arsenal do the fans want back? Its never been this good according to Tony but we just need to win something to settle everyone down. And we have always been a selling club, From Brady through to Stappleton to VP the list is endless. I don’t like it so I stay at home and dont waste my time, energy and money to line anyone’s pocket. ;)

  31. devilgunner says:

    I am off Fine Folk.

    Need to see what’s troubling some kids. And I tell you….it will not be nice to hear. :(

    cu later maybe

  32. tsGH says:

    Di Steffano and Cruyff did not win every medal but are still considered greats of football. When I see Gary Nevell on TV I do not see him wear his medals like a military man. Gary Cahill won a CL medal for playing 4 months with Chelsea is he still a great. Lotha Matthias a former world best player did not win the CL, does that make him a loser. PV left us to win a CL he said did he win one?

    Barca also went 7 years without a trophy ith players like Rivaldo and Figo.

    I maybe alone with this view but I do not see how anyone deserves to be paid 100k a week when people are starving. ;)

  33. rico says:

    Lee & Wath, I am sorry to have offended ;)

  34. jito says:

    If Footballers and co. took an Exam! MUST READ!! LOL

    Messi: I Topped the Exam

    Iniesta & Xavi: We Passed, and then gave the answer to Messi

    C. Ronaldo: I was the first to finish the test, but came 2nd…

    Chicharito: went in to hall with microchips

    Robben: Damnit, I Didn’t pass..

    Pepe: The Examiner didn’t give me
    marks so i kicked his Bottom and passed

    Balotelli: I Failed, WHY ALWAYS ME?

    Ramsey: The Examiner died after
    reading my answers…

    Dzeko: I came Late, but Passed

    Ferguson: I Paid and complained the examiner about the exam and passed..

    Juan Mata : I didn’t pass the exam but it doesn’t MATA

    Clattenburg: The Examiner Didn’t let me pass, so i gave him a red Card…

    Jose Mourinho: I Talked too much that I forgot about the Exam..

    Torres : I missed the exam!!!!

    Terry : Well the external examiner was hot…

    Di Matteo: I passed the exam but i was later disqualified..

    Suarez : I didn’t write the exam cuz the examiner told me to use black pen only…

    Downing: Damn, I didn’t Know we had a Test..

    Abrahimovic: I kept changing my
    subjects so I couldn’t give any exam in the end!!

    [Wenger]: I think the kids did
    well…I hope they have a bright future ahead of them.

    Nasri: I failed in the exams, but I liked the benches of that class room..

    Sheikh Mansour: I bought the papers and passed…

    Ramos: I was too busy finding my ball that I missed the examination.

    RVP: I told all my Arsenal team-mates that I’ll show them my answer script, but I betrayed them and they all failed…

    Ozil: Eye passed!!!!!!!!!

    pato: i failed the test because i was in the hospital

    Busquets: i didnt make my test because i was in the ocean diving

    Cech: inspite of my HEADACHE, I still mange to pass.

    Hazard ; the biro is hazardous to my health, so I couldn‘t pass.


    HENRY : After all these years in my school and no success, i changed my school and passed

    BARTON : I dont care if i pass the exam or not as far as i make others not to pass.

    GIGGS : i have passed the exams many times but choose not to move on because the examiner is sexy

  35. Wavy says:

    Got back eventually. The one, mmm, Diaby. Why? Because he has hurt his arms and cannot manage his crutches without the use of his upper appendages!

  36. rico says:

    Hi and Bye devil, have a good day…

    Tsgh – its just my own view, if players really wanted to win trophies like most suggest these days then we wouldn’t be first on the list of clubs to join, not right now…

  37. rico says:

    Welcome jito, very amusing

    Wavy, you old cynic ;)

  38. tsGH says:

    Exactly Rico re 11:18am. And my 2 previous post were not aimed at you or anyone in particular. What I am tired off is players like Cesc deliberately back passing to an opponent to make them score and then say we do not win anything so he wants to leave.

    Nastry had an open goal during the CC match against Birmingham but froze like a kid caught with their fingers in a sweets jar. PV and Roy Keane were the highest paid players in the league at one point in 2002 but he still left and then said we do not buy world class players. AW being who he is reminded him publically that he was in the Milan B team when we bought him.

    Arsenal even paid Cesc enough to keep him here but he wanted to go. Didn’t Cesc deliberately go sick in February his last 3 seasons with us because he could not be bothered playing against Poo-list’s Rugby boys. Can you blame him though when he had seen what those tackles had done to Diaby, Eduardo and Rambo.

    And note Diaby is considered across France as the greatest talent since Zidane even ahead of Ribbery. But thanks to Dan Smith some of us consider him deadwood.

  39. frednerk says:


    Talking of great players not winning the big medals.
    Bit like the one……… only great manages can win the champions league…makes me think of the last chelsea boss…Oh nearly forgot Tony Barton

  40. rico says:

    I know Tsgh, and I didn’t take it personally honest..

    Just think things are in a tricky situation with Arsenal right now, we are the closet to we have been in a while to having a squad which could really go places.

    But we need to add 4 players to go that final step, but we hear comments lie we have from Wenger and somehow one just realises that we won’t be taking that step….

  41. rico says:

    Diaby is deadwood, sad it may be Tsgh, but he can’t cut it in the PL any more and there is no room for sentiment, Wenger has too much of that though…

  42. Wavy says:

    Overpaid footballers! Blame it all on Jimmy Hill and George Eastham! However, they were only looking for a fair deal, £10.00 per week to £ 20.00 per week or a little more. Not bad for those days but hardly a kimg’s ransom. Now though all footballers, especially premiership players are paid far too much. Nobody is worth £250000+ per week. Even the Prime Minister only earn £125000, but that’s per annul.
    This is a world that has got it’s priorities all wrong.
    If TW14 is worth £100000 pw the state totters. It”s the equivalent of 3 times the average annual wage pa!
    Madness, absolute madness. Time football put its house in order! Maybe M. Platini has a point. Maybe Arsenal’s wage structure, overinflated though it is, has a point. Maybe Arsenal’s model is not so contemptible as many seem think.
    Let the greedy poster boys go, give me lean and hungry men every time!

  43. tsGH says:

    Football is in a sorry state and I am concerned about its future honestly. people like Aw will be thanked when they are gone in 25 to 30 years time as visionaries.

    I agreed with a comment Kev made here 2 days ago in addition to one of my comments that most football clubs offering over 4 year contracts are going to be out of the norm. If that is the case then if you consider that most above average new buys, use the first year to acclimatisation, most prove them selves in the 2nd year (in Nasri’s case the 3rd year) and then if he is on a 3 year deal he can hold his club to ransom. The only winners in this scenario are the footballers and their agents. I for one, do not want to see that even if we are winning 4 trophies every season. I still have to pay my Sky fee and get up every morning for work.

  44. tsGH says:

    Wavy I am with you there re 12:12. When you consider an average pensioner who was probably a nurse or a bus driver is on peanuts and those same individuals may be saying lets give footballers what they want.

    What hurts me the most is that most of these players do not even pay tax to this country. Jokes in my opinion. So I am not going to bother worrying about primadonas and their agents taking the piss on Johnny commoner. Most agents dodge tax anyway.

    And I trust only AW to find another Santi when Inter and their elks go bankrupt in months.

  45. Micko says:

    Afternoon, think you covered it all there rico.
    Gonna be a very tough game, they always play with a lotta heart and determination, if we don’t match them tonight were gonna get Jack shit.
    Wavy, I couldn’t stop rubbing my chin reading that.

  46. rico says:

    I don’t believe footballers are worth £100,000 a week either, but that’s what Sky Sports and others have done to the game…

  47. rico says:

    If we play like we did at Villa Micko, we haven’t a hope but as someone said earlier, maybe the three returning will give us just a little bit more…

    But they sure need to be up for this…

  48. rico says:

    Got to head off now for a couple of hours so catch you all later…

  49. tsGH says:

    Frimps played 74 minutes for Charlton yesterday and he showed in portions he is almost back to his 2010 form

  50. Micko says:

    Tsgh, your an intelligent bloke, to say Cesc deliberately passed to an opponent to let him score against us is pretty twisted, is this the same guy who scored against them from the penalty spot with a broken leg ?
    Cesc was one of the few players it was a pleasure to watch at Arsenal, the way he left was disapointing but we all saw it coming.

  51. Micko says:

    And don’t get me started on Diaby ! I need a day off from him.

  52. Bradster says:

    Yep Micko, our very own Harry Kewell.

  53. Wavy says:

    So does Diaby! Need a day off that is. he’s been training for at least a day now, so he will be knackered!

  54. Micko says:

    Brad, we were very close to signing Kewell, no-one could call it between us and Liverpool, we got lucky, dodged a bullet.

  55. DutchGooner10 says:

    I have a smile on my face worth 100K p.w. so why rob me of the pleasure. Where do I sign??

    Afternoon all.

  56. Lee says:

    You couldn’t make half the shit up that goes on at Arsenal, could you? Joke really…..

  57. Bradster says:

    I didn’t know that Micko. I remember we wanted woodgate after he went to Real. Also thank goodness we didn’t.

  58. Lee says:

    Dutch, don’t let the bastards grind you down!

  59. Lee says:

    Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis says he is “delighted” at being handed two prominent European roles within football, and is looking forward to being an “influential” part of shaping the future of European football.

    The 48-year-old has been named as the European Club Association (ECA) representative to the Uefa
    Professional Strategy Council, which is the organisation’s main policy-making body.
    The Gunners supremo will also take a seat on the ECA Executive Board as a result, and oversee processes which represent over 207 European sides, including 10 Premier League teams.
    “I am delighted to be joining these important groups which are hugely influential in the future direction of the game in Europe. I am looking forward to representing the top European clubs in many important debates as we move ahead,” he told reporters.

    ECA chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge welcomed Gazidis to the role, saying: “His experience and distinct football knowledge will add a lot of value to ECA and European club football as a whole.”

    Manchester United CEO David Gill recently stepped down from the ECA Executive Board, and Gazidis has taken the available spot.

    Gazidis also maintains roles on the FA’s Professional Game Board (PGB), the FA Council and on Fifa’ss Dispute Resolution Chamber.

  60. Bradster says:

    Does that mean Wenger can have his say and stay on the pitch now?

  61. Lee says:

    1. Jose Mourinho – Real Madrid (£12.3m)
    2. Carlo Ancelotti – Paris St. Germain (£10.9m)
    3. Marcelo Lippi – Guangzhou (£8.7m)
    4. Sir Alex Ferguson – Manchester United (£7.6m)
    5. Arsene Wenger – Arsenal (£7.5m, pictured right)
    6. Guus Hiddink – Anzhi (£6.7m)
    7. Fabio Capello – Russia (£6.3m)
    8. Tito Vilanova – Barcelona (£5.6m)
    9. Jose Camacho – China (£4.8m)
    10. Roberto Mancini – Manchester City (£4.8m)
    11. Frank Rijkaard – Saudi Arabia (£4.3m)
    12. Jupp Heynckes – Bayern Munich (£4.2m)
    13. Andre Villas-Boas – Tottenham (£3.6m)
    14. Harry Redknapp – QPR (£3.2m)
    15. Jorge Jesus – Benfica (£3.2m)
    16. David Moyes – Everton (£2.9m)
    17. Manuel Pellegrini – Malaga (£2.9m)
    18. Paulo Autuori – Qatar (£2.9m)
    19. Abel Braga – Fluminense (2.8m)
    20. Luciano Spaletti – Zenit (£2.7m)
    21. Antonio Conte – Juventus (£2.4m)
    22. Cesare Prandelli – Italy (£2.4m)
    23. Vanderlei Luxemburgo – Gremio (£2.4m)
    24. Muricy Ramalho – Santos (£2.4m)
    25. Tite – Corinthians (£2.4m)
    26. Ottmar Hitzfeld – Switzerland (£2.1m)
    27. Joachim Low – Germany (£2m)
    28. Marcelo Bielsa – Athletic Bilbao (£2m)
    29. Martin O’Neill – Sunderland (£2m)
    30. Roy Hodgson – England (£2m)


  62. DutchGooner10 says:


    Yesterday I picked up a society magazine while waiting for my Japanese take-away, the magazine called ‘The Gooi’ is named after an infamous rural villa & super car enclave in Holland. Fortune 500 gated communities within a country sort of thing. The joy they spread among each other is from another planet. I tell ya.

    Got me thinking, those principles I have don’t do me any favours. Money-wise.

  63. Lewis says:

    Good day all,

    Nice post Rico.

    We seem to be doing a good job of rewriting recent good records against sides, but not in a good way. Hopefully we can continue the Everton one, but confidence in this team is thin on the ground. A positive to be taken is that Everton are as inconsistent as us.

  64. W.A.T.H says:

    I just can’t believe how Lee is always negative and moaning about things…. Next he’ll be at it that it’s not wet enough or cold enough…!

  65. Good Morning Rico and All.

    I’m with you onboard with the this one Rico.

    @JW, “Oh ye of little faith!”

    Well, I’ve faith, can I walk on Water? :=)

  66. allezkev says:

    Relax Mick, Diaby will return just in time to push us into 3rd spot…

  67. W.A.T.H says:

    Bit of luck Diaby will return just in time for us to be able to flog him for a fiver in Jan…!

  68. W.A.T.H says:

    Morning Nash, how you fella………….. Can you really walk on water…? I always thought that was Brady….!

  69. agirlagunner says:


    I certainly hope our players give us something to be happy about when we play Everton. Would make for a nice change. ;)

    This Walcott thing has been far too protracted. Boring, boring, boring.

  70. Wath, I was just taking a jab at JW. These days when we play the doubt is hanging on the wall.

  71. goonster says:

    yikes was GG an ex player? what position did he play back then? men that was a cracking goal. looks even better on black and white. morning good people.

  72. W.A.T.H says:

    I expect us to lose when ever we play these days Nash, if we then draw or win it’s a bonus and if we fail to turn up and lose or bore draw then i’m not to annoyed pissed off or frustrated, saves my sanity and my mood a little stops the divorce papers being issued as well.

    AGAG behave…!! :D

  73. tsGH says:

    Micko says at 1:00 pm no pun intended but can you honestly say Cesc tried for us in his last 2.5 years. Imho I will say he deliberately back passed in the Nou camp to set the tie at 2-2 just before half time. I love our players as much as any fan but I do not waver to their bullshit especially when a player signs a 5 year contract and then threatens to not play at all.

    Do I trust he had a broken leg. Hell no. It would have been the fastest healing for a professional footballer if it were true.

    kindly watch this video and tell me he would have done that if he was a Colombian. RIP Andres Escobar.


  74. W.A.T.H says:

    Stanley you are such a plum… How can you not know GG played for us…! Go do your AFC history homework…! Consider yourself in detention.

  75. goonster says:

    fuck off WATH, go support iverness caledonia tistle……we are the arsenal. we ll crush those northern hordes. or i ll eat my head. wait for it………….morning AGAG.

  76. goonster says:

    Morning WATH, i never knew he played for us mate……..didn’t he manage the scums too? how’s that possible?

  77. agirlagunner says:

    What did I say?? I’m always on my best behavior here WATH. ;) Hiya Ginge and Goonie. :)

  78. W.A.T.H says:

    He nearly got them relegated Stan it was a master plan ;-)

    Eat your head you say…………….. I’m not saying a word :D

    I’m waiting to see what you say AGAG always leading AK astray and then off he goes and hammers the credit card on weird dresses and shoes….! I wouldn’t mind but they are for himself !! He’s seriously worrying me…!

  79. agirlagunner says:

    Oh. That!! :) Haha. AK in Kirkwoods. That would be a sight. He wouldn’t be able to drive in them though. :D

    But it’s Goonie who cross-dresses. :lol:

  80. NashuaGunner says:

    @goonster, our expectations are suppose to be high but not these days; Arsenal of old yes, current Arsenal no.

  81. Lee says:

    Tut tut Stan….WATH administer extra Arsenal homework asap!

  82. goonster says:

    jeez AGAG, i was only window shopping for you. christ you don’t have to tell the whole world i went shopping for dresses!

  83. goonster says:

    hey nasher where have you been? missed ya buddy…….lee i need to learn my arsenal history mate. its embarrassing, what’s next me asking who bertie mee is? who is he by the way? if i may ask? where’s AK? he’s older than god, i ll bet he knows.

  84. W.A.T.H says:

    Stan your hereby ordered to write 1000 lines……

    I am a plastic Gooner who knows nothing about our history…!

    Get the DVD Stan, The History of Arsenal 125yrs…! It’ll help you out a bit.

  85. tsGH says:

    Hi agag,

    A positive result tonight is the motto. COYGsss

  86. W.A.T.H says:

    AGAG, I am worried AK has been buying secretly for Stan…!

  87. allezkev says:

    I’ll have you know Wath, that I look very fetching in a skirt.
    I’ve got nice legs you see.
    Can’t remember my tartan though… ;-)
    And Agag, you should see the size of my sporran.

  88. W.A.T.H says:

    Will she need a magnifying glass AK…??? :P

  89. W.A.T.H says:

    Shall I fetch the zimmer frame or the wheelchair Kev..?

  90. goonster says:

    hey AK, how’s tricks?

  91. agirlagunner says:

    Ginger, our players had damn well better be up for it!!

    Hey, AK!! Howdy?

    I hope the gents here have finished their Christmas shopping. Ahem.

  92. Lee says:

    Got pictures in it too Stan…..

  93. goonster says:

    cool……where can i get one?

  94. Lee says:

    Amazon mate

  95. emma says:

    Good day esteemed gunnersphere,

    Off to goodison park in less than 3 hrs with my winning hat, scarf and hand gloves. Weather is ok but bitterly cold.

  96. Lee says:

    Come you Gunners… do Emma proud!!!

  97. goonster says:

    emma you lucky dog you………COYGS!

  98. goonster says:

    thanks lee……i ll check it out.

  99. emma says:

    hi goon, lee

    Hoping the boys will do us proud today ;)

  100. W.A.T.H says:

    U in with the scallies Emma or in the Arsenal section..?

  101. W.A.T.H says:

    I’ll have you know I finished my Xmas shopping in October AGAG…! Least I was only 10 months late…!

  102. agirlagunner says:

    Awww, Emma!! Nice!! Hope you have reason to be smiling later. :P

  103. emma says:

    WATH – With the scallies, muted celebration when we score

  104. goonster says:

    hey WATH,TSGH and lee i ll be needing me a good reliable stream still haven’t paid my cable bill. am saving up to get mama something nice. don’t ask.

  105. agirlagunner says:

    Tsk tsk, WATH. On top of the inherent inability of your sex to buy good presents, late delivery, too? Hopeless.

  106. agirlagunner says:

    Goonie, that’s nice. What are you thinking of getting her?

  107. W.A.T.H says:

    I buy brilliant presents AGAG and I say I’m 2 months early not 10 late…! So there :P

    I’m fine Stan I’ll be watching down the boozer, DG is your man for links am sure he’ll post later.

    You can always celebrate with your feet Emma a little jig, least that will also keep you warm..!

  108. goonster says:

    what part of don’t ask don’t you get AGAG? but for you i ll sell even my mama, just blow a kiss towards my direction and i ll spill it.

  109. allezkev says:

    Wath, my Zimmerman frame can come very handy mate… ;-)

    Howdy Shopping Buddy.

    Emma, make sure you keep off the pitch… :-D

  110. allezkev says:

    Hiya Stan. Stay cool, hang loose buddy…

  111. allezkev says:

    Zimmer frame, is there such a thing as a Zimmerman frame???

  112. allezkev says:

    Hope Wenger picks Eisfeld in the squad.

  113. Lee says:

    Categorized | Hopefully True, Probably Not True
    Arsene to fork out £30m for Goetze?
    Posted on 28 November 2012. Tags: Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, Borussia Dortmund, Mario Gotze

    Written by: markbrus on November 28, 2012.

    Talksport claim that Arsenal will look to activate a £30million release fee clause in the contract of Borussia Dortmund star Mario Goetze.

    The German playmaker has been linked with the club before, and it is believed Arsene Wenger will be tempted to sign the 20-year-old in the upcoming January transfer window.

    Goetze is the latest Bundesliga talent to be linked to the club, following recent rumours surrounding Schalke duo Klaas-Jan Huntelaar and Lewis Holtby, as well as Hamburg forward Heung-Min Son. Goetze would be by far the most expensive of the lot, which makes the story suspicious. Would Wenger really smash our previous record transfer fee on a 20-year-old? Despite his obvious talent, there’s no guarantee he will adapt to life in a different league, or live up to his big potential.

    Having mostly been linked with strikers to aid the likes of Podolski and Giroud, who have the massive burden of replacing Robin van Persie’s goals, perhaps this latest rumour suggests Wenger will seek to ease the pressure by bringing in more creativity and goals from midfield, to give him the option of rotating the likes of Cazorla and Wilshere.

    Dortmund have had great success in the last couple of seasons, but their financial situation means they are a selling club when their hand is forced. This summer they sold Kagawa to Man United, and the summer before Nuri Sahin to Real Madrid. If offers come in, Goetze could be the next star they decide to cash in on. Whether such a big bid will come from us, however, seems unlikely.

  114. W.A.T.H says:

    A Zimmerman frame that mean ladies can’t use it Kev..? :D

    Don’t say I didn’t tell you Lee…. MG…! I’m off need a drink it’s been a thirsty day…! Catch ya later, Enjoy the game Emma. Lata peeps..!

  115. agirlagunner says:

    Always ready with aan excuse, WATH. ;) I did say… Hopeless.

    There’s no need to tell me then, Stan. :D I was just trying to spare your Mama. :P

    Shopping buddy, I am well. Trying to save. Where the operative word is “trying”.

  116. allezkev says:

    £30 million for Gotze seems OTT.
    Maybe E30million or say about £24 million.
    And that needs to be the start of a new policy of competing for the top talents.
    And not just a one-off to sell season tickets and sell the club to it’s new worldwide fan base.

  117. allezkev says:

    I’m gonna be a last-minute shopper this year Agag, like the majority of blokes. :-P

    Wait till the shops drop their prices.
    December 24th sounds good to me… ;-)

  118. goonster says:

    pah all hogwash……these papers just make you wanna lose it. if arsene spends 30 odd mil on goetze am gonna have a “cow”……..we don’t need him we ve got the “rich man’s” goetze in thomas eisfield….AGAG its your funeral. would have told you.

  119. Micko says:

    Tsgh, I’d have him back tomorrow.
    Didn’t Thierry Henry score half of his goals from Steven Gerrard back passes.

  120. agirlagunner says:

    Tut tut, Kev. You, too?? Stanley, I don’t get it… Hi, Micko. Where are you watching? It’s not on here. Ick.

    Gotze would be a great buy, but that trf fee is ridiculous.

  121. Lee says:

    In a heartbeat for me too Micko!

  122. DutchGooner10 says:

    This Christmas I’m gonna buy everyone a magazine, packed with stuff they can dream about their entire lives. Don’t call me ‘El Cheapo’ either this world is devoid of inspiration. They will send me thank you notes non-stop.

  123. Lee says:

    AW spent £11m 13yrs ago on TH14, what’s that nowdays??

  124. Lee says:

    Good idea Dutch… an Argos catalogue!!

  125. rico says:

    Evening guys and gals….

    Off to have a read…

  126. DutchGooner10 says:

    Wow Lee

    Didn’t fancy anyone knowing Argos. Good on you.

  127. Micko says:

    Howdy Agag, to quote Bill Shankly “If Everton were playing at the bottom of my garden, I’d draw the curtains”
    Don’t think it’s on the box so you’ll have to put up with my dulcett tones on here tonight…..sorry.

  128. agirlagunner says:

    Hiya, rico. :) Busy?? Dutch!!! How are you?

  129. agirlagunner says:

    Ha ha, Micko. :) Both re; Shankly and the “dulcet” tones. :D

  130. rico says:

    Hi agag, been to one of these Christmas Fayre kind of things at a friends house. Plenty of mince pies, nibbles and mulled wine..

    Nice cup of coffee in this cold weather ;)

  131. Micko says:

    Lee, did you have any luck with those non stick pans for the missus this year ?

  132. agirlagunner says:

    Sounds lovely, rico. :) :) Cn’t get into the holiday spirit just yet. Soooo many things to do. :(

  133. DutchGooner10 says:

    Hiya tropical butterfly,

    Just checked, still 2 hours 20 before kick off, will post stream links. I’m dinning second course on my Japanese take-away from yesterday. Lovely, too meaty to mention on the risk of a PETA ban. ;)

  134. Lee says:

    Micko, there’s iPods iPads and iMacs ….she’ll be over the moon with the iron I’ve bought her for Christmas!! Proper state of the ark one too….

  135. Lee says:

    Murphy Richards think its an Irish make!! ;)

  136. rico says:

    We are forecast snow for next week agag, will be very Christmassy here ;)

  137. rico says:

    Murphy Richards :lol:

  138. Lee says:

    I don’t get out much Rico! :lol:

  139. rico says:

    Ha ha Lee, that’s my kind of humour…

  140. emma says:

    About to leave for the match guys and gals. Catch u later or tomorrow. It’s bloody freezing out here

  141. Micko says:

    These new-fangled iRons haven’t made it across the pond yet Lee.

  142. DutchGooner10 says:

    Go Emma!!!!! No chanting criminality. Wear your Arteta kit, you be safe among scallies.

  143. Micko says:

    Have a good one Emma, hopefully we’ll get summit out of the game like.

  144. rico says:

    Wrap up emma, hope its a cracking game for you and three points for the away side… Go steady…

  145. rico says:

    :lol: Dg…

  146. rico says:

    Back in a bit, dinner calls…

  147. DutchGooner10 says:

    Micko you can always ribbon yourself. Tadaaa an I-rishman with self-charging batteries. (Tip; put an apple in your mouth to make it worthwhile.)

  148. Micko says:

    That sounds a bit kinky dutch, I’ll pass on that one !

  149. rico says:

    Evening guys and gals, any team news ?

  150. rico says:

    Arsenal : Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Arteta, Wilshere, Walcott, Cazorla, Ramsey, Giroud.

  151. rico says:

    Ashburton Grove ‏@ashburton_grove

    Arsenal substitutes: Mannone, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Coquelin, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gervinho.

  152. rico says:

    What did we say, Rosicky in the squad…

    AW said he needed a few matches for the u-21′s so why is he on the bench??

    Why not a player who CAN actually come on like Eisfeld??

    Gibbs rested for TV? Strange one..

  153. jito says:

    So bored, just waiting for the match, disappointed to see ramsey start but looking @d bench there’s no 100% fit player for that position. Happy to see rosicky on the bench, expecting him to knock some few mins tonight.

  154. rico says:

    And NO Podolski :eek:

    emma will be disappointed…

  155. rico says:

    Podolski is ill….

    At least Ramsey should start in the middle jito, rather than on the right…

  156. rico says:

    Twitter buzz….

    We are to offer £8M for Pepe Reina in Jan

    Santos to leave in Jan…

  157. DutchGooner10 says:

    Micko Kinky? I didn’t mention touchscreen nipples, did I. Besides cloning is mainstream in China, Ireland still depends on steam technology. By the latest numbers we’re falling behind. :P

  158. jito says:

    Alright ric, as for the reina deal, that’s never going to happen.

  159. tsGH says:

    evening all,

    3-1 to the Arsenal

  160. rico says:

    Just passing on the gossip jito….

  161. rico says:

    Hi Tsgh – fingers and toes crossed….

  162. rico says:

    Are you stream searching Dg ;)

  163. DutchGooner10 says:





  164. tsGH says:

    According to Bob Wilson Reina and Liverpoo accepted a £16M bid from us 2 years ago but it was in the last week in Aug so they pulled out last minute. Its possible even though I think he has passed it.

  165. rico says:

    Thanks Dg…

    I wouldn’t write us off from getting him either, especially now he’s not quite so good ;)

    But, maybe he’s just fed up and needs a new challenge…

  166. rico says:

    Flippin heck, go Theo….

  167. jito says:

    Wot a beautiful goal by theo

  168. rico says:

    Kos off and Gibbs on….

  169. Scott from Oz says:

    Drop the boy at school,miss 4 minutes and the goal….bugger lol.

  170. tsGH says:

    flipping ref

  171. jito says:

    Vp scores for manU, hate to watch he score

  172. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Arsenal Fans Uruguay
    Ya comienza el partido. Everton vs Arsenal: http://gooners-uruguay.blogspot.com/p/transmisiones-en-vivo.html

  173. rico says:

    Great defending by Jack there…

  174. Scott from Oz says:

    What happened to Kozzer guys??

  175. jito says:

    I just knew fellani was gonna score today, 1-1

  176. jito says:

    Walcott pls be okay

  177. tsGH says:

    oliver is giving us f__k all

  178. rico says:

    Pulled up with a thigh strain i think Scott

    He always scores jito

  179. tsGH says:

    OG12 is going through his habitual 5 game barren run.

  180. DutchGooner10 says:

    Does anyone think Baines looks like the old Doctor Who?

  181. goonster says:

    question…why does every long range shot beat sir chesny? tiote, monkey boy and now sideshow bob? its really worrying.

  182. W.A.T.H says:

    Giroud getting fuck all service…. Apart from the goal what has Howard had to do…? All my mates in the boozer asking the same question.. where are we threatening and dangerous…? Answer… we not…!

  183. W.A.T.H says:

    Spot on Stan, Chez saves fuck all from outside the box…. maybe he goes to the same optician as Wenger…?

  184. DutchGooner10 says:


    Basketball tactics, passing square and side ways, to avoid the shot clock ticking. Hit a fecking 3 pointer!!!!!!!

  185. goonster says:

    WATH, we really need a good dribbler. a “hleb-like” player. that’s what we really miss these days. someone that can drag 3 or 4 players to himself and release others. santi is not that kinda player. he’s being marked out every game. it sickens me.

  186. Lee says:

    Side show Bob….hahaha!

  187. Lee says:

    Stan, Goetze he’d do!

  188. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Kos will be out for 3-4 weeks :-(
    Another stupid goal!
    Totts up 2-0 Liverpoll

  189. tsGH says:

    Stan you have a very valid point. Almunia would have saved this.
    This 4-2-4 set-up is not working especially through the middle. We have managed to neutralise the flanks but the middle 2 are giving the ball away too much its becoming a laugh.

  190. goonster says:

    nah lee goetze is not a very accomplished dribbler. am think iniesta! ooh if only wishes were horses.

  191. goonster says:


  192. Bradster says:

    I don’t normally knock Ramsey but that was a very sloppy performance.

  193. Lee says:

    We’d never get iniesta…. We could get Goetze!

  194. goonster says:

    you bet he will TSGH, sir chesny is way too over confident, he’s just like nicky pink boots on steriods!

  195. goonster says:

    lee i said wishes buddy……wishes.

  196. tsGH says:

    Isco or Arda Turan, Sessagnon or Ben Arfa. Best dribblers within our price range

  197. Lee says:

    Fuck face got one for the mancs then…..?

  198. Lee says:

    If its wishes it’s gotta be Messi……. What about the Ajax fella Eriksen isn’t it?

  199. Lee says:

    Ts, as we said the other night, Malaga won’t let AW pick their pockets for a second time!!!

  200. Scott from Oz says:

    Lee,Eriksen is a gun…he’d do.

  201. Lee says:

    We could do with a young DB10…..

  202. goonster says:

    we could do with a young bobby pires now too……..as a matter of fact we could do with the whole 2004 team. christ what a team.

  203. DutchGooner10 says:


    Malaga left it to the twelfth hour paying overdue players wages at the risk of being taken out of all competitions.

    So some will be unsettled. Not sure on Isco’s contract situation, if he’s in the driver seat.

  204. goonster says:

    so much space in that mid field……..come on guys. come on.

  205. tsGH says:

    We need Tr07 and Gerv

  206. tsGH says:

    Santi is knackered. He needs a week break

  207. goonster says:

    he needs a season’s break……..

  208. tsGH says:

    Actually we need 4 new players

  209. goonster says:

    we ll be lucky to get 1!

  210. goonster says:

    i still believe in ramsey…….he ll come good. he just needs to rediscover his form. he needs to go and think about what he’s doing wrong.

  211. tsGH says:

    where did Ramsey learn to pass a ball with a toe-poke?

  212. Lewis says:

    No live feed, how we looking?

  213. rico says:

    Is Ramsey the only player not frightened to have a shot??

  214. Scott from Oz says:

    Everton unbeaten at home ages,and some seem to expect to show up and just win.
    We are very hard at times lol.

  215. goonster says:

    78mins yet no sign of any substitute….christ wenger really isnt helping his own cause.

  216. goonster says:


  217. tsGH says:

    If your best player is theo then you know you are crap

  218. goonster says:

    hahahahahah………….rico ll bin you ginge. wait for it.

  219. jito says:

    Is it onli me that thinks this game is just too boring, its like we onli do defensive trainin and let’s the attacking players play the way they fell like cause we are completely tactless in our attacking front. Its so horrible, I can’t believe this is the same arsenal I used to know

  220. tsGH says:

    We were the last team to beat them in March at home

  221. goonster says:

    santi needs a breather…….but we know he wont get it.

  222. tsGH says:

    why is SC19 still on?
    :grin: Goonie

  223. goonster says:

    TV5 is really having a good game…..

  224. tsGH says:

    Boro Primorac has to be sacked

  225. goonster says:

    beats me ginge…….

  226. tsGH says:

    Did you see the loving between Rambo and AW at the end?

  227. goonster says:

    we really need 4 players ginge but like i said before we ll be lucky to get 1.

  228. goonster says:

    yeah i did…….sickens.

  229. gunnerdna says:

    where is arsenal fc gone….

  230. rico says:

    Oh well, another 2 points missed out on….

  231. rico says:

    A new spine goonie… that’s what we need….

  232. tsGH says:

    4 points dropped. The league table still looks favourable to us. WBA lost today. Chavs drew. We just need to win 2 back to back matches to take us where we ahh no, AW wants to be i.e top 4.lol

  233. gunnerdna says:

    all who can participate in the march on Saturday needs to do, the team is in big problem….

  234. goonster says:

    look on the bright side rico…..chavs drew,everton drew and west brom lost. so its kinda a win win situation if you know what i mean. the scums won though….grrrrrrr, hey DNA, how re you buddy?

  235. Lee says:

    Everyone can see it Rico, surely AW can……. ?

  236. tsGH says:

    We need dribblers in this team as Goonie said before. This setup requires a t least 2 dribblers but even JW10 can’t dribble anymore.

  237. gunnerdna says:

    tsGH we were lucky to get a point, afc has the worst midfield in the league, whoever make the decision to sell song and put arteta at DM is clueless to football.

  238. rico says:

    The other results make it more frustrating – missed a chance to catch up a bit.

  239. tsGH says:

    Hey Dna how are you? you know you can’t mention Song on here.

    We even miss Cliche.l Gerv has lost all his confidence and the team is on bare bones.

  240. DutchGooner10 says:

    4 points dropped? How about climbing 2 spots lost. Much more apt.

  241. gunnerdna says:

    i’m good goon, which team can this current afc team beat, jesus christ why that guy AW keeps playing ramsey on the wing, 85 min after be gone for him to make a change, he is clueless

  242. goonster says:

    ginge at this point i ll even take adedewhore, nashit and flamoney back. its really sad.

  243. rico says:

    I’ll give you that one Dg ;)

  244. gunnerdna says:

    tsGH Song was a asset to this current squad, our midfield are light as balloons, whoever sanction song sale is a clown

  245. goonster says:

    DNA, ramsey wasn’t the worst player on the pitch. he did well in my own estimation. what we need is a ball carrier. someone like diabeast but unfortunately he’s always injured. bummer.

  246. tsGH says:

    True DG. Even AW and his fathers Aldo Platino and your countryman Cruyff have to admit we need players. We are the only team in the world to lose confidence when we win a match its a joke now. Is it AW fault or just lack of bottle in this team. Almost every goal we have conceded this season bar 2 can be attributed directly to an individual error.

  247. Joaquim Moreira says:

    With Cazorla, Wilshere and Ramsey at the some time, the team haven’t power enought in the area. Thre players with the some characterits, don’t produce what must they doi to the team.
    The some mistake again.

  248. gunnerdna says:

    I wish i was in London to march on Saturday, these clowns are running the club to the ground.

  249. tsGH says:

    DNA you are preaching to the converted. I rated Song than any other player in our team but…

    JW10 41 games 3 assist 1 goal in premiership?Favouritism is killing this team. The body language of most of the players look like they are scared to be on the pitch infront of our fans.

  250. goonster says:

    i gotta go guys…….am hungry.

  251. tsGH says:

    Good day goonie

  252. rico says:

    I’m heading off guys, early start for me and because of that, no match report tomorrow and the post will be later too…

    Ok, night all, have a good one…

    ‘Til tomorrow….

  253. gunnerdna says:

    goon playing ramsey on the wing unbalance the team, why put gervinho in the squad and play ramsey on the wing, only AW can explain, his obsession with kids is suspect

  254. tsGH says:

    Nite guys and ladies

  255. Joaquim Moreira says:

    For me, was morer 2 drop points.
    AW don’t understand we must have a player on the midfield strong, tall, technically good with good vision of the game. AW: takes the money and get Fernandinho (Donetz)
    A new Vieira but maybe, better

  256. DutchGooner10 says:


    Everton have shown we miss midfield engines that run the full 90 minutes. Light shoulders carrying weights above their stamina.

  257. Selling Song was not the only bad decision, not replacing him with better or higher quality, was the worse decision. But please don’t tell Syg that.

  258. gunnerdna says:

    tsGH u r absolutely right, i suspect that. I thought he would take SC19 off and put the ox as an attacking mid for the last 15 mins, but it goes to show how much AW talks but its obvious that his coaching career is over

  259. DutchGooner10 says:

    Nite madam. Lata Goonie.

  260. Nite Rico, goonster and tsGH tomorrow is another day.

  261. gunnerdna says:

    Selling song was not a good idea, why would the best club team ever would buy a player who is useless, it just shows common sense ain’t common

  262. Joaquim Moreira says:

    No Dutch. Put Cazorla, Wilshere and Ramsey in the same team, match is some good features common to 3 and therefore unbalance the team performance especially from midfield and forward. Ultimately tasks are equal and in other offspring of the team, because they do.

  263. Alex Song was one of the best DM in the BPL. The guy with the killer-pass when we really needs it.

  264. gunnerdna says:

    NG, AW knows best but only IG, Stan and PHW thinks so..

  265. DutchGooner10 says:

    Nite Ginge.

    Song was sold cuz Wenger likes to blood baby DM players. Yet under 24 years of age they are anything but reliable. Arteta is being wasted as an offer to lady luck.

  266. jito says:

    Disappionting game, not cause we drew but cause the game play was really poor, don’t think I can even remember howord making a save apart from the ramsey pass. Good night gooners

  267. In fairness, Song wanted to leave because he was demanding a pay raise even though he still has 3 bloody years still in his contract. My beef, why didn’t we replace him with a better player even when we have the money sitting in Barclay Bank?

  268. DutchGooner10 says:

    Buenos noches JM,

    That’s why I want Arteta to move forward if we get an big DM in the transfer window. Midfield needs generals leading troops.

  269. gunnerdna says:

    AW better recall denilson, he can’t do any worst than who is in there

  270. DutchGooner10 says:


    AW doesn’t want to spend if he expects the academy putting out a player for that position next season for FREE. That’s why 4th is a trophy annually.

  271. Cant disagree with you there DG10. Some were even suggesting to give the guy ride to the airport knowing very well that we were not going to use the money on his sells to replace him. It was his pass last season to RVP that killed Everton.

  272. DutchGooner10 says:

    Good night Jito.

  273. Joaquim Moreira says:

    We have Coquelin for DM but AW don’t trust in him. We have (on loan) Fripong but we need some better. We need Fernandinho. Is the right ma. Or someone with the some characteritcs. Like Javier Garcia. But Javier Garcia only makes faults, gives “ass” is strong in the air but technically poor.

  274. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Im off now. I must work …

  275. Coquelin and Frimpong are apprentices when it comes to DM. We need someone who is proven and can get the work done, imo. No more lightweight.

  276. DutchGooner10 says:


    Haven’t seen Fernandinho yet but I trust your judgment. Have his phone number?? :)

    Good night guys, I’m off. Lata Gunners.

  277. Nite DG10, it’s good to have you around.

  278. DutchGooner10 says:

    Nite Nash. Tnx you’re no plague to have around either. ;)

    Joaquim don’t burn too much midnight oil (coffee). Lata Amigo.

  279. allezkev says:

    Disappointing result, but given Everton’s home record, 1point at Goodison Park isn’t the end of the world.
    I was more disappointed with the two dropped points at Villa Park.
    If we had won there, then last night’s draw wouldn’t have seemed such a let down.
    Swansea this weekend,worry me, they looked shit-hot.

  280. allezkev says:

    As for Alex Song, well I must have really missed something with him, the way some of you guys were bigging him up last evening…

    Blimey, I’m beginning to think that he was a cross between Gunter Netzer, Patrick Vieira, Rudi Krol and Eusebio… 8-O

    As for Uefalona only buying the best, Alex Hleb & Gio Van Bronckhorst were decent, but hardly World-beaters, and Song falls into that catagory…

  281. allezkev says:

    There are plenty of very good defensive midfielders around, far superior to Alex Song…

    Most of us can name a couple and their names come up on a regular basis on here.

    The problem is the tight wankers who hold the purse-strings will not give Arsene the means to go out and sign a couple.

    Because if we’re going to play 4 2 4, we’re going to need a duopoly like Vieira/Petit or Vieira/Gilberto or Gilberto/Edu or some duopoly similar, to do the central midfield job…
    Then we can afford 4 attackers.

  282. allezkev says:

    Vertonghen could have been one of them…

  283. Scott from Oz says:

    I heard a brilliant comment today….a direct quote from Tony Adams of all people.
    He was asked about people chanting “we want our Arsenal back”.
    He replied…….and it’s a classic,that should make you think…..considering he himself has bagged the club….are you ready?
    Those older than 30 or so remember Arsenal have NOT always been a shoe in for top 4,and Wenger brought the consistently high top finishes.
    So,do we want the Arsenal of before Wenger when we were up and down for decades,or do we want the Araneal Wenger gave us?
    Fickle bastards,we Gooners!!
    Well,i am not lol.

  284. Scott from Oz says:

    Kev,i will bet you a fare from Heathrow that we beat Swansea this week!!
    Pay me next year when the boss lady loosene the purse strings lol

  285. Lee says:

    Brendan Rogers , the worst “Pool manager” since Michael Barrymore…

  286. W.A.T.H says:

    That’s a bit harsh Lee :D piss funny though…!

  287. Lee says:


  288. Scott from Oz says:

    Liverpool…the worse club since…well, Liverpool.
    Evening all.

  289. W.A.T.H says:

    Mornin 2Scotts

  290. Scott from Oz says:

    G’day Wath….that is an oldie lol…

  291. W.A.T.H says:

    I suppose Adam will be very happy…. With Koz out we’re that bit closer to seing the Squillmaster playing again…!

  292. Scott from Oz says:

    Just need Merts,Tommy,Miquel,Djourou and that promising 13y.o.(can’t think of is name) to cop an injury,and Squill will certainly get to the bench.

  293. W.A.T.H says:

    I’d rather AA at centre half…! :D Just don’t tell Adam I said that

  294. tsGH says:

    Morning all..

    Scott your post at 6:02am was made on Saturday by Tony before the AV match and I am with him 100%.

    I am just in my mid 30′s but in the 25 years or so that I have followed Arsenal I remember lots of bad time amongst the best. GG made me follow Ajax again for a short while because we were very poor it was not even worth staying up for MoTD to see a 1-0 or 1-1.

    Yes we need 4 players and we miss Song but he had to go because AW was aware in addition to his wage demands he was not 24 like he claims. His wife was 32 and he has children approaching 8 years old so do the maths. AW knew he was a Kanu in disguise. ;)

  295. Lee says:

    I really don’t think we miss song at all we missed a trick by not buying a DM when he was sold….same old same old AW though, it’s getting boring groundhog day every year!!!

  296. allezkev says:

    Morning Lee

  297. Lewis says:

    A point at Goodson is not a bad result, the point at Villa was.

  298. Lewis says:

    The league doesn’t lie, that’s how good we are right now. If the powers that be cannot see we need reinforcements this January, then we really are screwed.

  299. allezkev says:

    So Ginge, are you suggesting that Alex Song became a father at the age of 17 years old.
    And that he has a taste for the older women???

    Both scenario’s are of course possible, but an interesting point you make.

    That is Alex Song could be nearer 30, than he is 24…

  300. Scott from Oz says:

    Wah,he doesn’t talk to me,so you are safe lol.
    Ginge….love it re Kanu lol….
    Lewis,they know,but do they care??

  301. allezkev says:

    Anyway, 32 days to go, and then we can all 31 days of frustration and inactivity during the January Window…

    I can hardly wait…

  302. allezkev says:

    *all enjoy* 31 days, etc…

    Off for a cuppa…

  303. Scott from Oz says:

    Kev,did you read my 6.03 am??

  304. W.A.T.H says:

    Ts, it’s all well and good TA making those remarks but they also need to be put into context in my opinion and thats why many have such a problem…!

    When we were crap we had no expectations of the team, we went week in week out and it was a good laugh with your mates, we didn’t get ripped off, we didn’t have the board and the club telling us all about competing with the worlds best when we move and when they charge us the highest prices in football, the new age fan who thinks the club started when wenger joined are part of the problem with demanding success but the old skool don’t demand anything we never did but we do demand effort and ambition from the club with what we have been promised by them. All I ask is that my club and the players are competitive it’s no one right to win anything you have to earn a trophy but right now my club is lacking in a great many things and honesty is up top of the list. We’re a club who are 7th in the league and the league don’t lie, we pay 50million is salaries more than the yids and everton both of whom are above us, we moved from a 38,000 stadium to a 60,000 stadium to compete with the best yet we don’t…!

    TA is right, we have had it worse MUCH worse BUT there were also no expectation and at the same time no spin and bullshit from the club and bottom line we didn’t get ripped off…! It’s about putting comments into context.

  305. Scott from Oz says:

    Wath,maybe that is what Tony was asking.
    Do we want to go back to Highbury,an average side and no expectations??

  306. rico says:

    Morning all, New Post is up….

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