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Where do you want Arsenal to be in January?

And no I don’t mean:

Caribbean, Mauritius, Devon or somewhere in the Dominican Republic, I mean where would you like to see our club be in the Premier League after our final fixture of 2012 which is against Newcastle at The Emirates?

Let’s be realistic though, as much as we’d all like us to be sat at the top, it just isn’t going to happen. I have more chance of winning the Euro millions and I don’t always buy a ticket!

Between now and the end of the year, we have seven fixtures:

Tomorrow of course we travel to Everton then in December have the following:

H v’s Swansea City
H v’s West Bromwich Albion
A v’s Reading
A v’s Wigan Athletic
H v’s West Ham United
H v’s  Newcastle United

It doesn’t take a mathematician to work out that twenty-one points are on offer to us and looking at the fixtures we have, if we were the Arsenal of a few years ago, I’d honestly expect us to win every single one of our remaining  matches of this year.

But we are not are we.

However, if Arsene Wenger and the players want to give us fans something to start cheering about in the stands etc, then they should be pushing out all the stops to get maximum points. That’s what will get us up the table and into the top 3 or 4 before the year is out.

But is that where you want the club to be when the transfer window opens?

Here are a few scenarios for January 1st 2013:

1) We finish the year in 4th place, Diaby has just played 70 minutes against Newcastle and went off early just because it was his first game back. Everyone else is fit, even Rosicky but Fabianski remains out.

2) We finish the year in 4th, level with a couple of other clubs on points but with Diaby and Rosicky are still crocked and Giroud is suffering with an ingrowing toenail.

3) We finish the year 7th, level points with the club placed 4th but our goal difference is far behind those sitting above us and everyone is fit..

4) We finish the year in 3rd and all our players are fit and healthy, apart from Fabianski.

5) We finish miles away from the top four and we are in the muck!

Of course there are more scenarios but number 4 is a real possibility, the only bit that may not be correct is all our players being fit and healthy. But should we finish the year in 3rd, would Arsene Wenger start believing that he has the right players to see us through until the end of the season?

Last season we were in a right pickle at the back, I think Jenkinson, Sagna, Santos and Gibbs were out but the manager refrained from entering the January transfer window so maybe, being sat in 3rd in the league make him think differently this time?

If we are in a much better position than we are now at the end of December,  January becomes an even more important transfer window for us in my opinion as just a couple or more, of the right signings, would  really give us a chance of pushing for a trophy or even the league title.

We shouldn’t need to be down and out before  into the transfer window and a win tomorrow night against a side above us right now, really could give us the impetus to go on a good run…

You never know, we might just win the remaining fixtures of 2012, including the League Cup ones.

That’s it for another day…..

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265 comments on “Where do you want Arsenal to be in January?

  1. [...] Where do you want Arsenal to be in January? [...]

  2. Hey Rico,

    Nice post.

    I’d settle for 12 points of the top in January. May be +2 but anything more than that is not acceptable for me.

  3. That is entering into January. Not at the end of it.

  4. Morning all,
    I think we’ll do alright, those fixtures are not too difficult. Better conditions and more fit players coming back.
    Nice to see Rosicky giving Cazorla a break or playing along side him, Eisfeld a chance and Coq with Arteta and Wilshere alternating. Guess Gnarby will be alternating with Ox.
    Practice our crossing a bit better and Giroud is still playing well.
    Plus Walcott will be back before he and Sagna leave (if the 2013 calendar ommission is anything to go by).

  5. Good Morning my Esteemed Bragging Gunners.

    I hope we embark on a run which puts us third Rico. I do not give a rat’s arse about who is fit or not. If Diaby and TR07 are not fit then AW might buy someone. We do need fresh blood and new ideas. Different options are sorely needed, especially power and strength in numbers.

    All options are possible Rico.

    But there is another one you forgot to mention…….being above the scum. That for me is always a relief……..and dare I say it – a trophy in itself. ;)

  6. Morning all….
    :) devil re the Totts

    Bradster – I haven’t seen the calendar, that is not good news…

    Thanks S2S

    Wenger just needs to get a grip on these players, starting tomorrow and get them performing better. We all know they can so there is no excuse.

    I know we can’t win them all, but at least play like we want too…

    Have to go take Fido swimming today so back later this morning…

  7. I still think we can use Myacchi better than the game time he has at Wigan. Some pace down that left.

  8. Morning all.

    I would like us to be challenging, in order to do that I think we all know we need reinforcements throughout the team. Experienced back up GK, a LB, a large powerful DM and some different options up front. Will we get these players in jan, I very much doubt it. Without any fresh blood we’ll just continue our ground hog year.

    Our next 7 games are fixtures akin to Norwich and villa, games our current players can’t seem to get up for. A worrying thought. They need a fricken rocket up them, stop Molly coddling these players and give them some hair dryer treatment, granted that isn’t AW’s style but maybe bouldy needs to step up.

  9. Fed up of half arsed performances.

  10. When does sagna’s contract expire?

  11. But the 4th scenario is good for this season and it would again give Wenger and Arsenal a reason to not buy anything and continue with the players we have.
    Don’t get me wrong, i really like the current first team but its only the first team that is good. I strongly feel that apart from the CB, RB and LW positions, we do not have any good back up.GK also can be taken into the list as Manone can keep Szezcsny on his toes.
    Apart from that at LB Santos is bad, at DM Coquelin is not good enough, at CM Diaby can not be relied upon at all, at AM Ramsey is not good enough and Rosiscky can not be relied upon, at LW neither Arshavin nor Gervinho is good and at ST we all know what Chamakh is all about.

  12. We’ve lacked a spark up front repeatedly this year, we have a player on the bench in arshavin who has looked pretty ‘on it’ when he has played this season. Why the f**k not give him a run in the team?! Sure he doesn’t offer much in defence but neither do poldi and Walcott, it’s evident we don’t train much on defence anyway.

  13. 2014 Lewis.

    But I can assure you that he will go next summer. To get some money back………circa 10-12mil since there are clubs who want him. Plus there is Jenkinson waiting to step up.

    If AW gets Morrison from Reading and Shaw from Southampton I can assure you that Sagna will make way to fund these two English defenders.

  14. Arshavin will go in January Lewis.

    A waste of a player. He should have been playing in a 4-4-1-1 formation in the DB10 role.

    But AW likes to fit square pegs in round holes. And thus AA has been a waste of talent.

  15. All too predictable I guess DG. I think we should keep him, he is a top drawer RB with experience, let Jenks push him for a place, it would make both better players.

  16. So frustrating, AA can be one of the most incisive attacking players when given the backing. Look at his performances in the summer for Russia. Top Drawer.

  17. Lewis, I’d take AA playing over Gervinho any day

  18. Don’t think Sagna’s heart is in it anymore, especially with a few poorly timed comments lately, so if he wants to go, let him go.

  19. Was looking at out starting 11 in 2010. Almunia, sagna, gallas, verm, clichy, song, cesc, nasri, Walcott, arshavin, RVP. 2 world class players there, accompanied by some very good ones, can we boast that now?

  20. Morning all…

    Good post Rico. But as Dev rightly said you missed out the key option, i.e being above the scum even if we finish 15th in May.

    AA23 has never played as a number 10 though throughout his career. ;) He has always played inside left in a free role and hugged the left touch line when he got tired.. The only issue is that in the system we play the wingers have to track back but apart from Yao Gerv (who most slate because he can frustrate) no other wingers in the team want to do it. That could explain the lack of form from people like the Ox. If AW was pragmatic enough he would have swapped SC19 and Ox places so that SC19 could exploit their RHS last Saturday.

  21. My worry with Sagna leaving is that lately, Jenkinson does not add anything to our attack, rather he removes. Defensively, he is solid.

  22. alot of win-able games there…but hasn’t it being our biggest downfall over the last few season where we drop points against the teams that we would be expected to beat!!
    In theory we should be looking to take at least 18 points from those games, anything less than that and Wenger will need to get the cheque book out and sign a 15 year old from a Ligue 2 side…just to show all us fans that he’s serious about making us compete with the big clubs!!

  23. All good here thanks Dev. Going to Boston on Saturday for a week so getting pretty excited about that! All good with you?

  24. I think I saw on here Walcott sold/selling his house but they’re not sure if it’s because of the crime or his future relocation.
    I don’t understand what’s wrong with buying players for the role they’re good at. I imagine what van Nisellroy, Shearer or even Drogba would’ve been like at Arsenal. Out on the wing or a no10 or some other position Wenger sees them in.

  25. CJ25 is not a ball playing RB at all. If I were AW I would get Debunchy of Lille and move the Corporal to the 4th choice CB position.

    Sagna has to stay at all cost for at least 2 more years until people like Hector Bellerin and Yennaris are ready to be RBs.

    Moving CJ25 will also solve the need for having an English CB in the team. As |I have stated on a few occasions, no team in the major European leagues has ever won a major trophy without a national of that team playing as a CB. In our case the last English CB in a winning team was Big Sol.

  26. Uzochukwu – I know what you are saying, although he CAN cros a ball. But to be honest, all I want from my defenders is to defend. Couldn’t care less if they get up the pitch or not. That’s why a lot of criticism was thrown Song’s way. He was good going forward. But it wasn’t his job to do so. First and foremost, players should do their job properly. Anything else is a bonus.

  27. I still struggle to get my head round the size of our wage bill, compared to other clubs it’s ridiculous, especially as we annually sell our best players! Morning peeps btw

  28. Jenks fits the bill for me. Sagna isn’t irreplacable. I don’t even think we missed him when Jenks played RB. Don’t care if he’s a ball player or not. That’s what midfielders are there for. Merts knows this, which is why he always gives it short. That’ll do for me.

  29. Our wage bill is £50m more than that shite up the road and we finished 1 point infront of them…..

  30. Morning Lee. I try and forget the wage bill issue if I’m honest. Just makes me angry. Every time I see that douchebag Squid in AFC gear, laughing and joking, it riles me up.

  31. I don’t think we should sell another senior player, I also don’t think Jenks is ready..yet that is!

  32. Hiya tsGH. Good point regarding AA23. But with us in that position he would have been great. Just like Cazorla. If we go 4-4-1-1 with Cazorla on the wing and Arshavin floating around we will have some team.

    Imagine this……

    Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny,Gibbs

    Subs….GK, Jenkinson, Vermaelen, Theo, Giroud, Gervinho,OX.

    Strong line up with a strong bench.


  33. Sorry Dev, for a moment it looked like you had Santos in a starting position……!!

  34. If Theo saw that his regular position was sub, behind that lard-arse, he’d be gone for sure and rightly so!

  35. Brad- Theo has never played as a striker before even at youth level. He use to play on the lhs for the saints. I am one of the first to condemn AW for playing players in the wrong position, however, you have to remember even the great DB10 started of as a RW. Pep was a winger too before he was converted to a CM.

    Note that our 2003 team had S. Wiltord playing in the wrong position ie RHS as well as Freddie and Bobby swapping sides. Even Diaby was a No.10 at youth level and at Auxerre until he moved to us in 2006. The same can be said of Yaya Toure too.

    Bear in mind that AW and Johan both sort of pioneered playing left footers as RWers and right footers as LWers at club level over 25 years ago. In the past and based on the dutch system, the idea was not to have more than 3 players playing out of position at a time. This time round apart from the back 4 and OG12 and possibly Arteta, everyone else is playing out of position.

  36. :grin: Dev that line up and setup is what both of us has been calling for since I joined here, but the man with 30 year experience will not do it.

    That formation should be used whenever we are playing after a mid week game imho…

  37. Hopefully we can kill off some of those wages in the summer. Squid, AA and Fab expire then. Rosicky could be sold Jan or the summer depending if he plays. Ominous signs not having Walcott and Sagna in the 2013 calendar. Djourou could be unhappy still at being a number 4 and want a move seeing his int coach says he will need to play regularly.
    Loanies hopefully go like Bendtner, Park and Denielson and maybe Silva as he doesn’t seem to be performing.
    Coq may also be unhappy with the playing time and look to play elsewhere come Jan or the summer.

  38. Good morning all,

    Nice thought provoking post Rico.

    Here’s a snippet from the ever reliable Daily Mail. “Jack Wilshere, 20, opens talks with Arsenal over a new deal as manager Arsene Wenger prepares to hand the England midfielder the captaincy”.

    Jack’s got two and a half years to go on his present contract at about £50,000 per week, he could be offered up to £90,000 and the captaincy….when TV gives it up.

  39. Sorry Harshil 10:16, all first comments go into moderation…. Very good comment by teh way and as plenty on here have said it shows the real lack of depth in the squad that we suffer from having average players that we have to rely on when we have injuries or players need a break. Pathetic really with 50mil sitting in the bank and god knows how much more rolling in…!

  40. Loic Remy, would he be a better fit than the Hunter?

  41. No Lee. Neither for me.

  42. Who then Rock? Falcao?

  43. 16-18 points from the 21 on offer.
    Morning all.
    Actually,evening all….

  44. He’d be ok, I reckon! ;)

  45. I reckon Huntelaar offers something we haven’t had for quite a while….a guy who can do nothing for 85 minutes and then score.
    I would grab him.

  46. its not until we get a good holding midfielder or when Diaby comes back from injury ,we will still be unpredictable team

  47. I’m with you Rocky I also got very confused I also though Dev had put Santos in a starting 11…………..

    Having just got my self up off the floor from shock I can see he made a very very terrible mistake…!

    Oh and morning All…. Lee you lazy git…!

  48. Rock I know what you mean regarding Theo and Santos. However, ……Does Santos track back and help when on the wing? Yes he does. What does Theo do????

    So there you have it. And as tsgh said…..use it when players are tired……..after midweek, international breaks etc. yes Santos can play as a midfielder. not as a left back though.

  49. Only problem with your team Dev is you have all the pace sat on the bench…! No speed in that side what so ever but least you sorted out the Santos problem…! ;-)

  50. Aaron, you think Diaby will ever come back from injury and be a reliable member of the team who can be relied upon…? Not a chance in my book..!

  51. Rocky and W.A.T.H…….you missed a point though. both of you are reasoning with a 4-2-3-1 mentality or a 4-3-3- mentality. I said 4-4-1-1. you cannot put the same players in both formations. Ex…Parlour could play in a 4-4-1-1 but not in a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 outside on the wing. but in a diamond or flat midfield four with two DM behind an AM/F he would have given us balance. Santos does the same.

    It’s not a mistake. its a tactical situation.

  52. Hi Scott. Imo Huntelaar has to come as a prerequisite with a Belhanda, Sneijder, or Jovetic type of player to supply the king of Songiho or Cesc through balls he feeds off. We currently do not have a player who is comfortable with their back against goal playing in the hole. A player like DB10 or TR07 or even Eisfied or Serge to lesser extent who can turn without taking an extra touch on the ball.

    The stats do not favour Klaas in the sense that he has failed at both AC and RM albeit he is 3 years older now.

  53. That is the reason W.A.T.H. No pace. After a midweek game or international break pace is not needed at the start of the match. Start the match with that team to toil and tire the others………..Then put out a different team and include speedsters like Theo etc. Obviously the proper team which plays in a 4-2-3-1 will play the next game.

    I will still play Santos at left winger. He looked good there when he was there. Even though you messed with my comment ;)

  54. tsgh……..PV failed at Milan, DB failed at Inter, TH failed Juve.

    They were successful with us.

    Podolski failed at Bayern.

    Would you imagine the team without him in the present?

  55. The Sneijder wages quoted yesterday were nett….

  56. Dunno Lee. Do we need another striker upsetting it all when it’s just starting to work? I think the creativity (or lack of on Saturday) is the bigger issue. Me need a player who drives us forward, a la Wilshere. He was noticibly missed.

  57. I know what you mean Dev, but Santos, in any position, is a liability, and a free0kick in a dangerous position waiting to happen with a tired, lazy challenge (Alex Song was a perfect example of that)

  58. People talking of holding midfielders should realise we do not have that in high level now apart from Chelsi and maybe $hitity. Even at Newcastle Tiote who on paper is the DM does not sit but rather plays ahead of Cabaye or Anita.

    The player we all want as a DM

    Juve have Pirlo, we have Arteta, Dortmond have Kehl, RM have Alonso, Munich have Schweinsteiger, and Barca have Busquet to name a few. All these players are in the mold of Arteta. What those teams have on the other hand is a destroyer or a player in the form of Yaya, Kheidira or De Rossi or a younger Flamini with legs running around chasing the ball. We lack that in our midfield at the moment. The only people who do that in our current team are JW10, Rambo and when fit Diaby.

    We had that with Song last year but we all slated him for not doing his job. imo I thought MA08 was not ready to play the renowned Pirlo role like he is doing now.

  59. Dev, I’d happily see Theo, Arteta, Wilshere and Cazorla across the middle. Caz and Theo on the wings. That way, if possible, Arteta can drop back into the DM and Wilshere canb press on, or even vice versa. That works perfectly well for me. Santos can stay at home on his sofa, chowing down on a huge banquet for all I care.

  60. ….. The player we all want as a DM ie Capoue has not play as DM this season but rather like a poor man Diaby….

  61. I tghink MA08 is doing a sterling job at the moment. Hugely impressed by him.

  62. @Rockyrocastle07 – 10:46

    My take is that football is a team game. If attackers return to assist the defence, there is no reason defenders should not assist in attack when they can, or are needed. I have no doubt that we could have won the villa game If theo and/or Sagna had played.

  63. Not at all Dev I can see and know your formation of choice, I just don’t see Santos as good enough mate, he’s a midfielder as a make weight not by choice and for me would give us very little. I always want at least one proper winger in a 4411/442 and I’d rather Cazorla on the left and Theo on the right.

  64. Never seen Capoue play. I’d be amazed if many have, but are just jumping on the bandwagon. I don’t want the guy. Don’t want m’villa either. I want someone established if someone is going to take the place of Arteta. If not, then leave him where he is.

  65. I agree Dev re Klaas. AW is a master at that re reviving semi failures. What I am trying to say is that even though Klaas was available last summer and he has a better injury record that the Judas, McPurple face opted for VP because he might have thought Klaas was not right in a way…

  66. Uzochukwu – It is a team game, you’re right. But defenders don’t HAVE to bomb on to assist. You can’t lose a game if you don’t concede. For that you need your defenders to do their PRIMARY job. Defend. Otherwise we’d have 10 wingers/midfielders out on the pitch. Our style of play and the way we used to interchange meant that anyone could pop up anywhere on the pitch to assist. It wasn’t left to the full-backs to do so.

  67. Wath – Spot on mate

  68. Also, regarding the Villa game Uzochukwu, we offered NOTHING through the middle of the park. The square root of fuck all. Zilch. That to me, is more of a concern that if a defender can overlap. I see your point, and maybe Sagna and Theo could have done something. But our creativity across the pitch was drastically inept.

  69. I agree Rocky re Arteta, his figures are beyond crazy. He has been stellar even with the penalty lose. What I can not stand is that without Diaby or JW10 playing along side him he always takes the difficult option of passing the ball to Santi first which I think in most times has cost us a counterattacking moment…

  70. Dev / tsgh – the way we are playing at the moment, do you really think we can afford to have a player do nothing for 85 mins?! It’s all hands on deck as it is and we’re still clinging on to matches, sometimes only clinging on to get a draw.

  71. Probably Ts – he’s probably frustrated that there is a lack of spark without those players. It shouldn’t be that way. I mean for fuck sake, we’ve been withouot both players for so long, we should have adapted to playing without them to good effect by now surely?!

  72. Ginge,i reckon Fergie opted to ignore Huntelaar at that time because he already had him……just in a shirt that said Berbatov…
    The one thing we need more than anything right now,but have less chance of than signing Messi,is a fit Diaby.
    He completes us…sorry about that one lol….but it is true.

  73. Scott – I concur

  74. A similar player to Diaby is what we need Scott, a fully fit reliable version… it’s what we have lacked for years…!

  75. But how many people were expecting the RVP miracle with Diaby? My take is only Wenger.

  76. Same here Scott.

    Regarding Santos……….I am playing with what we have. Not what we do not have. Theo does not defend. AA on the wing does not. Podolski on the left in fits and starts. At least Santos gets back. If Cazorla on the left then it has to be Ramsey on the right. Not as a winger but as a midfielder. Or better still Yennaris on the right. Maybe Ox. but 4-4-1-1 needs balance. only one winger. with two wingers you end up playing 4-2-1-3 and that is simply not on.

  77. Rocky re all hands on deck… I believe it is AW doing as much as I hate to admit it. People like Nastry use to mourn about defending but are doing so at $hitty. Is it because they felt they were not getting paid well enough?

  78. Let’s get this straight. AW does many things right. If you weigh what he does wrong with what he does right you will find that the balance is still in his favour. And with a large percentage at that.

    The only thing I would do differently then him would be playing different formations during certain games. Change it at will. Like Mourinho does.

    Mourinho is a master in tactics. Something which AW seriously lacks.

  79. Sorry Dev, you know I respect your opinions but I can’t agree with that. Ramsey on the right is a lost cause. Plus he’s nowhere near quick enough to get back and defend. Podolski always seems to be working his arse on whenever I see him. Always covering back. And there’s absolutely no way Santos can get up and down a length of the pitch for 90 minutes. I have as much chance.

    TsGH – I agree. So we can’t say Theo doesn’t defend because he is lazy. Maybe it’s team orders. With AW, you never know.

  80. I know mate. And regarding the last line on Theo……AW orders you might be right.

    When I say on the right it does not mean totally on the wing. So Ramsey can easily compress the right of midfield to stay there.

    What I meant to say was that on one wing we need someone who does not offer width or whose intention is to attack, but someone who moves with midfield in covering the other winger on the other side. We need a defending full back with an attacking winger in front of him, while we need an attacking full back with a midfielder who tucks in midfield to offer him cover when he goes up in attack.

    When we have two attacking wingers and two attacking lateral defenders it is verging on suicide.

  81. Utd play with 2 wingers and seem to do ok!!

  82. I am off for a bit now mates.

    North South East West………up the Gunners and Fuck the rest.

    And I am off to rest. ;)

  83. yes Rock. They play with two wingers. But the other team play against 14 all the time. :(

  84. Ahhhh, good point Dev! Catch you later mate

  85. Afternoon all,
    Another good one Rico.
    Where do i want us to be in January dare i say in contention for top four. Now isn’t that what we always look for in January, and that is what has been wrong with Arsenal all these years. We try and get our house in order where the importanc was to get in order before the season starts and by this time in the season we should be answering winning the capital one cup the FA cup champions league and the EPL

  86. But when we we’re a good counter attacking team we used to smash the opposition whether the ref was helping or not! Now we’re far too pedestrian….

  87. Hello all…

    Just going to have a read…

  88. * * * * * ========================
    * * * * * ========================
    * * * * * ========================
    * * * * * ========================
    * * * * * ========================


    Talk all formations that you want this team isn’t taking us anywhere. We are 4 top players short. Make do doesn’t cut it for me.

  89. Afternoon all,
    Option 2 for me cause it made me laugh.
    More worried about where we’re gonna be after tomorrow nights game if I’m honest.

  90. I’d like to see Rosicky and Eisfeld on the bench tomorrow.

  91. The picture of the lil Mozart on the ball gives me the goonie effect. i.e cream my pants.lol

    As Emma and I have mentioned before TR07 makes us play in a whole new dimension. AW has admitted he is the one who speeds up our game.Those who will say that he has had 2 good half seasons I will say, true, but his first good season came just before his long term injury in 2009 and then his second best half season came when he was played in his natural position ie a No.10 and not as a winger from January.


  92. Thank goodness TW is back for tomorrow…

  93. Must have been the toenail Micko….

    Bradster, so would I…

  94. Brad- sorry to disappoint but AW said this about TR07 “He is back in the squad [training] but not match fit. He will not be in the squad for Wednesday night as he needs a game or two in the reserve team. He’s not played for six months.”

  95. Afternoon Gooners.
    Afternoon Rico, good post.

    Never mind Everton, Swansea are no pushovers, Laudrup has got them really organised, likewise West Brom where Steve Clarke is doing a great job.
    Successive home games they may be, but 6 point certainties, hmm, I’m not confident at all.
    2 points from both games might be the sum total I suspect.

  96. Rico :)
    its refreshing to read a sober post like this,finally it seems that Gooners have accepted the fact that fourth is all we’re gunning for ;..we’re in november and everyone talks about how we can secure that fourth spot ;)see; the slick american pr machine has won,even Gunners doesnt believe in winning anymore…oh my dear..gone are the days when we aimed for the top….gone are the days we believed in Our Arsenal…
    Ricky Hatton did the right thing..why cant Wenger ??

  97. Pity ts, he was awesome last season for us.
    I truely hope wilshere can make the difference in the middle tomorrow and that we’ve been practising our crossing.

  98. Thanks Steve and agree, we should have our house in order before the season starts, that’s what pre-season is for. Not when we are heading towards half way…

  99. I haven’t given up hope Tom, I just think 10 points with us playing so poorly is a steep climb. The Spuds let us catch that up but I doubt Man U and the refs will let them slip up that much.

  100. Wenger won’t spend if he doesn’t sell anyone, in January, IMHO.
    I reckon that he’ll sit on his Emirates 50p until the summer, when there might be a few bargains pre-FFP…
    Wages are killing clubs across the globe, I think we might be close to a tipping point for the majority of clubs.
    So a few interesting Bosman’s or guys with a year left, could be on offer?
    In the Summer.

  101. Tsgh, when does that stop AW from adiing them to the squad? ;)

    Afternoon Kev, thanks, I dont think any of our fixtures are a cert to win, and Reading and Wigan away will be tricky….

  102. Bradster :)
    good man !,still read the posts and comments of the Gooners in here and on every other blog,you will se that nobody talks about or believes that we’re having a chance of winning the premier whats even worse is that nobody really cares anymore as long as we can secure that fourth spot,,,,heck the most ardent Gooners are seeing third spot as a great achievement…we have all become a victim of the American Way and we’re acting like a bunch of loosers…myself included…
    its not only our American football loving Owner,the board,Wenger and Our Team who dosnt think that winning is important anymore,far worse gooners all over have given up hope..and rightly so..

  103. Tom, if Wenger left, nothing would change.
    The Board will not provide the finance and therefore finishing 4th or 3rd (as we did last season) is all we can manage…
    If Wenger goes, do you think that Guardiola or Klopp are going to replace him with a £10 million summer budget???
    There’s more chance of Erik the Viking getting the job…

  104. tomstoned,

    Not for one minute does anyone here accept that we should be aiming for top 4 but most can see that our squad would be hard pushed to better that IF we continue with sub standard performances…

    I was just giving a few examples of where we could be at the end of the year, we could very well lose a few and slide down the table, we so could other clubs. We could suddenly hit good form and fly up the table…

    Top spot is what most fans aim for, as I am sure the club does, but annoyingly, it seems Kroenke and those who work for him, don’t back that up with player signings etc etc…

  105. Reading will be easy Rico ;-)
    Wigan will be 3 pts because I will be there (better be)…

  106. Dutch 1.38, you have too much time on your hands. ;-)
    Btw, thanks for the sentiments yesterday.
    I’ve been doing this job for over 23 years, and can pick out a nutter from 100metres…
    Central locking has saved me from many a spaced out drunkard.
    Cheers all the same…

  107. I like your optimism Kev :)

  108. Dg – re your 1.38. A new spine and we are sorted imho….

  109. Afternoon Gooners,

    Nice post Rico. Though I’m truly in the game per game atmosphere.

    So far TR07 hasn’t played a single match this season. Speeds up our game, heh? Bollocks. We miss his type of player not Thomas himself. Same goes for Diaby. Chamack isn’t given a chance cuz it might offend Theo and set fire to anything we put on paper for him. Verminator has gone missing after the armband reward. Djourou and Squid occupy park spaces reserved for 2 squad players. Ramsey isn’t the type of player who grows in several positions. He should be asked to link up triangle play aiding Carzola/Jack/Arteta to loose their trackers.

    So on and so on……

  110. Allezkev and Rico !!
    im not disputing facts,and your both right of course,but the facts remain,we have become what most Gooners didnt think was possible,an American Company which just happens to have a football team.,,not really important..its all about the money…
    im a big big fan of Ricky Hatton and Wenger,but its sad to see that only one of them is a true hero…the other one is deluded..’
    we need a change…or do we accept this murder of Our Beloved Arsenal…dont answer we have already accepted our faith…

  111. :grin: Rico. I would not put it past him.

    In relation to the wage structure we have the 5th highest wage bill in the EPL and the stats say that what defines where you finish in one of the 2 top leagues in Europe is dependent on what you wage bill is. So on paper when we finish 3rd we have over achieved.

    This is for last years wage bill per sports club globally., and published by the world renowned Sportingintelligence Global Sports.

    Average Weekly Salary Per Player
    -1 Barcelona La Liga $7,910,737 $152,130
    -2 Real Madrid La Liga $7,356,632 $141,474
    3 New York Yankees MLB $6,756,301 $129,929
    4 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $6,540,690 $125,782
    5 Orlando Magic NBA $6,367,114 $122,445
    -6 Chelsea EPL $6,020,741 $115,783
    -7 Inter Milan Serie A $5,999,643 $115,378
    8 Boston Red Sox MLB $5,991,203 $115,215
    9 Denver Nuggets NBA $5,990,174 $115,196
    -10 Manchester City EPL $5,863,585 $112,761
    -11 Utah Jazz NBA $5,829,643 $112,109
    -12 Bayern Munich Bundesliga $5,780,358 $111,161
    13 Philadelphia Phillies MLB $5,765,879 $110,882
    -14 AC Milan Serie A $5,647,633 $108,608
    15 Boston Celtics NBA $5,236,922 $100,710
    -16 Manchester United EPL $5,106,214 $98,196
    17 Chicago Cubs MLB $5,001,893 $96,190
    18 Houston Rockets NBA $4,972,115 $95,618
    19 Philadelphia 76ers NBA $4,954,303 $95,275
    -20 Liverpool EPL $4,935,847 $94,920
    21 Dallas Mavericks NBA $4,882,757 $93,899
    -22 Arsenal EPL $4,758,252 $91,505
    23 Chicago White Sox MLB $4,732,926 $91,018
    24 Atlanta Hawks NBA $4,665,981 $89,730
    25 Minnesota Twins MLB $4,509,480 $86,721
    26 Royal Challengers Bangalore IPL $4,506,667 $86,667
    27 Memphis Grizzlies NBA $4,477,489 $86,106
    28 Los Angeles Angels MLB $4,469,134 $85,945
    29 Kolkata Knight Riders IPL $4,448,333 $85,545
    30 New York Mets MLB $4,401,752 $84,649
    31 Detroit Pistons NBA $4,394,521 $84,510
    32 Charlotte Bobcats NBA $4,392,059 $84,463
    33 San Francisco Giants MLB $4,377,716 $84,187
    34 Golden State Warriors NBA $4,371,404 $84,065
    35 Milwaukee Bucks NBA $4,346,469 $83,586
    36 Portland Trail Blazers NBA $4,276,195 $82,235
    37 New Orleans Hornets NBA $4,133,364 $79,488
    38 Juventus Serie A $4,127,666 $79,378
    39 Phoenix Suns NBA $4,088,782 $78,630
    40 Kings Xi Punjab IPL $4,065,833 $78,189
    41 Indiana Pacers NBA $4,023,026 $77,366
    42 Chicago Bulls NBA $4,016,979 $77,250
    43 San Antonio Spurs NBA $4,000,272 $76,928
    44 Mumbai Indians IPL $3,997,500 $76,875
    45 Deccan Chargers IPL $3,993,333 $76,795
    46 Toronto Raptors NBA $3,915,801 $75,304
    47 Detroit Tigers MLB $3,914,823 $75,285
    48 St. Louis Cardinals MLB $3,904,947 $75,095
    49 New York Knicks NBA $3,873,496 $74,490
    50 Oklahoma City Thunder NBA $3,863,639 $74,301
    51 Aston Villa EPL $3,848,229 $74,004
    52 Los Angeles Clippers NBA $3,762,057 $72,347
    53 New Jersey Nets NBA $3,658,744 $70,360
    54 Chennai Super Kings IPL $3,583,333 $68,910
    55 Washington Wizards NBA $3,533,342 $67,949
    56 Schalke 04 Bundesliga $3,525,614 $67,800
    57 Los Angeles Dodgers MLB $3,472,967 $66,788
    58 Miami Heat NBA $3,439,822 $66,150
    59 Cleveland Cavaliers NBA $3,438,187 $66,119
    60 Delhi Daredevils IPL $3,392,500 $65,240
    61 Colorado Rockies MLB $3,390,310 $65,198
    62 AS Roma Serie A $3,383,783 $65,073
    63 Newcastle United EPL $3,370,667 $64,821
    64 Atlanta Braves MLB $3,346,257 $64,351
    65 Baltimore Orioles MLB $3,280,925 $63,095
    66 Texas Rangers MLB $3,182,733 $61,206
    67 Detroit Red Wings NHL $2,957,955 $56,884
    68 Valencia La Liga $2,927,719 $56,302
    69 Sacramento Kings NBA $2,919,893 $56,152
    70 Washington Redskins NFL $2,913,048 $56,020
    71 Seattle Mariners MLB $2,884,153 $55,464
    72 Portsmouth EPL $2,875,947 $55,307
    73 Milwaukee Brewers MLB $2,849,911 $54,806
    74 New Orleans Saints NFL $2,845,831 $54,728
    75 Minnesota Vikings NFL $2,826,007 $54,346
    76 Werder Bremen Bundesliga $2,807,018 $53,981
    77 Boston Bruins NHL $2,742,614 $52,743
    78 Chicago Blackhawks NHL $2,725,130 $52,406
    79 Chicago Bears NFL $2,719,637 $52,301
    80 Seattle Seahawks NFL $2,697,114 $51,868
    81 Philadelphia Flyers NHL $2,683,696 $51,610
    82 Dallas Cowboys NFL $2,679,093 $51,521
    83 San Jose Sharks NHL $2,673,712 $51,418
    84 Stuttgart Bundesliga $2,666,667 $51,282
    85 Oakland Raiders NFL $2,653,532 $51,029
    86 Borussia Dortmund Bundesliga $2,649,825 $50,958
    87 Minnesota Timberwolves NBA $2,641,170 $50,792
    88 Vancouver Canucks NHL $2,639,423 $50,758
    89 Ottawa Senators NHL $2,627,971 $50,538
    90 Green Bay Packers NFL $2,592,050 $49,847
    91 Atletico Madrid La Liga $2,589,754 $49,803
    92 Cincinnati Reds MLB $2,531,571 $48,684
    93 Montreal Canadiens NHL $2,520,660 $48,474
    94 West Ham United EPL $2,517,851 $48,420
    95 New Jersey Devils NHL $2,481,458 $47,720
    96 Calgary Flames NHL $2,480,500 $47,702
    97 Detroit Lions NFL $2,476,803 $47,631
    98 New York Rangers NHL $2,450,313 $47,121
    99 San Francisco 49ers NFL $2,446,040 $47,039
    100 Washington Capitals NHL $2,445,870 $47,036
    101 Pittsburgh Pengiuns NHL $2,445,200 $47,023
    102 Baltimore Ravens NFL $2,441,205 $46,946
    103 Houston Astros MLB $2,437,724 $46,879
    104 Sevilla La Liga $2,428,632 $46,704
    105 Pittsburgh Steelers NFL $2,392,123 $46,002
    106 Hamburg Bundesliga $2,385,965 $45,884
    107 Oakland Athletics MLB $2,376,304 $45,698
    108 Houston Texans NFL $2,374,167 $45,657
    109 Buffalo Sabres NHL $2,372,609 $45,627
    110 Tottenham Hotspur EPL $2,364,778 $45,476
    111 Cleveland Browns NFL $2,358,022 $45,347
    112 Atlanta Falcons NFL $2,348,103 $45,156
    113 Miami Dolphins NFL $2,344,360 $45,084
    114 Indianapolis Colts NFL $2,331,690 $44,840
    115 Philadelphia Eagles NFL $2,329,425 $44,797
    116 Minnesota Wild NHL $2,318,200 $44,581
    117 Tampa Bay Lightning NHL $2,296,196 $44,158
    118 Toronto Maple Leafs NHL $2,270,720 $43,668
    119 Carolina Panthers NFL $2,266,241 $43,582
    120 Everton EPL $2,224,538 $42,780

  112. When Rosicky or Diaby play we look like world beaters….why not get replacements for them that aren’t perma-crocks? Just a thought…..

  113. Kev,

    **== OUT.

    Better? :P

    Re nutters. Just seen Collateral Damage again with Tom Cruise, that’s all. ;)

  114. Lee..
    its quite simple,its just a question of money,and we all know both Rosicky and Diaby are good players,and it would be very expensive to replace them !!
    Therefore its not only the New Arsenal way to keep them and gamble on their fitness,its good business,….and that mate are far more important than anything else,,,you have lost your way my friend,we’re not in this to play football or win anything,we’re in this to make money remember…

  115. Dg, I too am ‘one game at a time’ – sounds like a song by Lena Martell ;)

    We have to start playing better and do I dare ask how many of us think we are missing TW?

    We certainly miss his pace, and yes, I’d go with selling both the two crocks now. And if TW does go, we serioulsy need to replace him…

  116. Lee

    Same page, you and me.

    ” So far TR07 hasn’t played a single match this season. Speeds up our game, heh? Bollocks. We miss his type of player not Thomas himself. Same goes for Diaby. Chamack isn’t given a chance cuz it might offend Theo and set fire to anything we put on paper for him. Another position in team depth lost.”

  117. Maybe we should change our name to Arsenal Financial Services or Arsenal Capital Markets…..

  118. We should be axing 8 to 10 players in Jan and replacing them with 3 quality players…..then my alarm clock went off!! Nice dream though….

  119. Tom – until we know who is to blame then changing Wenger could see know change.

    I personally want SK gone and AU in, see then how Wenger is, I bet he’s be getting his magic hat out of the wardrobe, and get it all washed and ready to wear again.

    If AU comes in and AW carries on the same way, then yes, sack him…

  120. Nice thought Lee and those 8-10 would fund the pay rise for TW & Jack and the wages for the 3/4 coming in

  121. Rico..
    valid point…its just me who thinks that men should act like men…Ricky Hatton did what he had to do,im not expecting Wenger to be a man about it,,,that man has excuses for everything..he’s actually quite good at it !

  122. Lee

    Said that before. Stan is a capital refugee. As far as he’s concerned, he doesn’t own a football brand but the ground we walk on. Sorry, scratch that ‘march our walk of shame on’

  123. We moan about deadwood but if we want success we have pay more and to pay more we either need to sell our souls to an oligarch or go bankrupt like Rangers. There is no two ways about that. Personally I would like to see arsenal around in 10 years time than make ignorant players richer than any human being should be. Note that teams like Inter and AC are struggling too. RM are struggling as well. What is holding teams like Barca, RM and Manure are their huge fan base. We do not even have half of theirs.

    In saying all of that it should not stop us from spending £40M on 2 solid players in the short term to increase the long term size of revenue and position of the club.

    Wage bill of the top 12 salaries in sports.

  124. Hatton a hero Tom, was that before or after he stuffed his body with drugs?

  125. Stan is something that begins with a “C”…….

  126. Ginge,

    Re sell our soul. At this stage I have sympathy for the devil. LoL.

  127. Tsgh, i don’t think anyone here wants us to spend what we haven’t got, we just want Wenger to spend what we have got…

    Would we rather we spend £35 million on one player or get two good strong passionate players for the same money.

    I know what I’d prefer….

  128. I take it you think he is “Cool” then Lee…?

  129. TS we just need to stop rewarding the shite players with bumper deals.Reduce the size of the squad and with the new funds (plus the warchest) get in proper players to compliment our existing “good” players…it’s hardly rocket science is it?

  130. Rico…not sure how old you are ;)…but in real life shit happens…its how you react that proves what kind of person you really are..imo..
    i personally have great respect for people that in some way have fecked up,but then pull themselves together mans up and gets on with it…
    Hatton is a hero….Wenger is a cry baby even when he fecked around..always excuses…

  131. Pay 3 shite players £50k pw or get a Falcao-esque player in on £150k??? No brainer…

  132. Lee

    Croissant?? No?

    Cowboy than??

    Ohh wait, I know a Cuban cigar!!

  133. Don’t larf about Cuban cigar, we do provide free health care like Fidel.

  134. Probably older than you tom… and anyone who stuffs themselves with drugs is far from a hero in my eyes…

  135. Dunno Lee, I’d rather two like Santi Cazorla at £17 m than one like Falaco…

    But in an ideal world, two like Santi and one like Falcao….

    Certainly no more like Chamakh, park, Santos, Squilli, Silvestre etc etc, those kind of transfers have to stop….

  136. Answers on a postcard….

  137. Rico, I was using Falcao to explain my point don’t get picky! ;)

  138. What’s the address? Or should I just put Santa Claus?

  139. Hi Rico, Lee and DG.

  140. Santi Claus. Hola Adam, what’s the word?

  141. Rico ..your probably not older than me;)…you can keep your heroes Rico ill keep mine….no worries…

  142. :grin: Torres has better credentials than Falcao but Torres only has 6 more goals than Shitemak. We go on about deadwood but are they really? Which 4th/5th choice defender is better than Djourou as an example.

    With all due respect most of you are falling for the media deadwood gibberish.

    Torres stats are 19 goals in 88 appearances for the chavs. Can we afford to have an expensive failure as Torres in our squad? $hitty had Jo and Robin-ho as some of their expensive flops not forgetting Adeda-whore.

    Even Barca have Keita though unwell plays less than 20 games a season and still earns over £79k a week

    So with all due respect when it comes to buying players AW’s record is even better than Sir McPurple face and the best of them. I would understand someone saying AW is bad at utilising his squad but buying players imho no one is better!

  143. Afternoon Adam….

    Tomstoned, ha ha, you probably are, you sound it ;) Spot on re the heroes, clean living ones only for me thanks…

  144. TS, so you don’t think there’s any deadwood at AFC?? Not only deadwood but there’s players that shouldn’t ever pull on an Arsenal shirt…

  145. Hi Rico. Glad to hear that Wenger won’t waste money in the transfer window.

  146. Adam

    Ssssssst, password is Constipated. ;) This message will self-destruct in 5 sec.

  147. Shitemark has 14 goals in 65 appearances and for a player costing us £12M over 4 years I will rather have him as he is happy to be a utility player than a banana skin purchase.

    The treble winning team of manure had players like Butt, Soljsaer (spelling) happy to be subs. They also had perma-crock Berg and Johnsen. Any good team have those. ;) Even Mourinho at chelsea had his share of ‘deadwood’ that included the coke-snotting Mutu ,Boulahrouz and Scott Parker.

  148. hey everybody, what’s new? what is this i hear about a calender? have anyone seen it yet? link please?

  149. Blame the managers Tsgh, under Rafa at the Dippers, he scored 56 goals in 40 games, after that, 20 goals in 81 games…

    We should have signed him….

  150. I disagree the difference between AF and AW if AF buys a dud he doesn’t keep persevering with them, he sells them.

  151. Yeah Rico, the lady boy would be a cracking LB….

  152. And the assistant, Fergie changes them more often than Chelsea change their manager…

  153. Got to spend it to waste it Adam ;)

    Don’t know what you mean Lee, are you suggesting AW would have played him at Lb, tsk tsk ;)

  154. hey adam……..

  155. Check that out…

  156. Lee I am not saying that at all. What I am saying is that some players do not fit into our style of play and so a club as ours who are careful with money will be more careful before they buy and when we do and they don’t fit we can not just write them off. As Manure did with Veron or the chavs did with Mutu.
    So if we have to pay them off before they leave and we can not just write the buys off then we have to keep them and at least make them earn their money by training. ;)

  157. tsGH

    whenever i think f.silvestre, denilson, squillaci, chamakh, senderos,inamoto, wright, jeffers, wreh, grondin, malz, danilevicius, tavlaridis, park, bothello, bischoff, one might add mannona, fabianski and several others…

    im not sure..still im more upset by the sales wenger have done..year after year selling our best players…thats nothing less than stupidity…

  158. That article is gross….

  159. Ginge you say we can’t afford 50-70K p.w. failures. We already do. And they are kept around as an excuse.

  160. Hi goonie, haven’t seen the calendar, sorry…

  161. Rico :)finally we totally agree…that was disqusting….darn i have to have a word with my misses who calls me her little sexy pet ;)

  162. But we aren’t careful with money are we, that’s my point? Our wage bill is £143m (ish) and is hardly littered with “top drawer” players is it? We annually sell our best players yet the wage bill still goes up, something doesn’t ring true!

  163. That article is unreal…

  164. Lee re your comments at 4:09, it will surprise some the number of so called respectable Politicians and pop stars who engage in such activitiies. :x

    @tom ur forgot to add Stepanovs ;)

    Senderos was not a bad player we messed him up for life. ie some of the fans. When we took us to the CL final no one said he was shite…

    Denilson was not either before he got married and had a back injury. He was the Brazillian U-19 champion and earmarked for greatness. Again he is a M’Villa or Alonso type of player playing in an Ajax style of play…

    silvestre well that is possibly the worst buy of the century after Stepanovs..

  165. DG I said £150k a week failure. How much did $hitty get for Ade da whore who cost them over £60M?

  166. tsGH mate
    agree we can put denilson down to only poor coaching then ;)

  167. Just to clarify I am not defending our wage structure at all. I am just trying to show empathy from my keyboard.lol.

    No management system is perfect. For instance the tax payer thinks M.o.D procurement is shite but the american one is worse than ours. It just happens that the D.o.D had a blank cheque whilst we had £36B a year to spend even though it was still the 3rd or 4th largest in the world…

    DG you are from the marketing industry so you should be more clued up there than I am…

  168. Anyways I’m doing the Frank Bough, the gym is calling….good banter, catch you later!

  169. Lee… I gotta ask…. how did you get to that aricle?! Were you typing in “sex with animals” into Google or something?!

  170. I know we have money in the bank but…
    can we really compeat with chelsea/mancity..the success has cost between them over £3 billion..monopoly money or what…answers on a postcard please.

  171. :lol: Tom, I’d be worried if we didn’t agree on that one…

  172. I totally agree with you lee, we are not careful with money…

    For a club, manager and boar alike, who constantly tell us that we can’t compete with the chelsea’s and city’s, we sure do waste an awful lot of money.

    We must be paying out nearly half a million pounds each month to players who don’t even make the substitution list let alone bench

  173. tom, that’s all denilson is good for, putting down..

    Hi emma – I heard some of his press conference, he seems very keen to get Ramsey and Walcott tied down to long term contracts, but funny that they were mentioned in a different sentence to our other young players like Gibbs and Jack etc….

  174. Ginge,

    One failure on 150K p.w. equals out three on 50K p.w. in my financial paradigms.

    $hitters bought Ade to nudge down our score tally for that season and alter the EPL hierarchy configuration in the process. Unsettling a lot of players around the world at their current club.

    I know money to burn ain’t our style nor do I wish it to be. But players like Demba Ba or Kevin Mirralles weren’t out of reach. Kompany wasn’t deemed good enough either compared to those waiting in the wings. Vermalen has the lungs and quality to do a DM job but we can’t take the risk off injury, keeping one class defender in hand. Cuz the backup option, Djourou, frightens Wenger.

  175. So we won’t be adding this January unless a top top top player becomes available……….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  176. Squilli is even more frightening Dg…

    I really like that yellow shirt… much nicer than our current away kit….

  177. We better had be adding this January Micko, Wenger said he is looking at players who can make a difference to our squad.

    Think we’d all agree there are plenty of players out there who could do that

  178. Rocky, a mate of mine works in Germany and sent it to…beggar’s belief!!

  179. Rico

    Dare I mention Vertonghen. Had we sold Djourou to Juve instead of bumper his contract, there would have been enough pitch minutes on the table, interchangeably the DM/Backline job. Wenger could’ve his gamble on Diaby without risking our team balance. Think the JV debacle was the final straw for RIP.

  180. rico – I get the feeling TW12 is leaving. Arsenal left it too late. I believe he is playing well now to get the best wages from his future employee

  181. Rumour is we never even thought about signing JV , beggars belief as you say Dg, the ‘perfect’ leftback/defender cover player. We sure missed a trick there….

    You could very well be right emma, TW says he hopes something is sorted out soon, i guess he could mean a jan move….

  182. rico – ;) my mistake

  183. I’m keeping my fingers crossed though emma….

  184. More bad news for us ie long suffering fans. TW14 and Sagna have been left out of the 2013 calendar. It just shows the inept handlers of this club have or will not change.

  185. Popping off for dinner….

  186. Pretentious bunch, springs to mind Ginge.

    Re. Theo&Sagna calendar/upper echelons hiding reality.

  187. :grin: maybe the bonus for IG was for decoding the Mayan calendar to say Barca and $hitty,Chavs are going bankrupt in January.lol

    A bunch of thieves they all are!Why do people go and see us live though?

  188. you miss Olympiakos match next week. It will be an important game at december.
    With those fixtures, Arsenal can climb up at he table.
    If we won in Norwich, Aston Villa and at home against Sunderland and Fulham, we were in acompletely different position.
    However, isn’t time to call Campbel (on loan in Betis)?

  189. JM Campbell does not qualify for work permit under the 80% rule over 2 year period rule. It use to be over a 16mth period but changed 2 years ago.

  190. Emma,if you are right at 5.38,then shame on Theo.
    He has been well paid and should have been putting in already.
    That is if you are right though :)
    Morning all.
    Funny,these kick off times would be great for me,you would think,but alas,off to work!!

  191. How is Joel going??

  192. Tsgh – someone mentioned that earlier, not good eh…

    Evening folks…..

  193. Good job we are not playing tonight Scott ;) Tomorrow however, you best call in sick…

  194. Off to work……i will jump on for updates.
    Get in there lads.

  195. Is it tomorrow….l.bugger lol.
    See if i can swap things around!!

  196. I’m off for the day folks, enjoy the rest of the day…

    ‘Til tomorrow ..

    Night all…..

  197. Anyone got a link !!!

  198. Nite Smudge/Micko

    Change or Chains? That’s the question. ;)

  199. Cheers guys, much appreciated.

    Go Arsenal FC soccer team.

    Nite all.

  200. As always Kev :)

  201. Hi Scott, just turning in Digger.

    Whispers that Eisfeld or Gnabry or both could be in the squad/party who travel to Everton.

  202. Night Scott…

    Morning Lee…

  203. Morning all, I really think wenger has lost the plot! Keeps referring to a top four finish blah blah blah…get the wage bill lower and add some quality you stubborn twat!!

  204. Morning Lee and all, cold one this morning…..

  205. :) Lee, you got out of the wrong side of the bed

  206. You know Rico, we all really care for Arsenal F.C and I just think the board are taking the piss out of the fans! Walcott & Sagna looks like they’re definitely off to be replaced with young non PL players…Wenger is living in the past, gloating about getting top four (which is a great achievement on his budget etc) BUT let’s sort this club out….

  207. And yes wrong side of the bed, but I’m so fucked off with what’s going on, seeing the sad decline in our club hurts!

  208. I understand and share your fury Lee, it’s tiresome now isn’t it. Same old crap and same old selling and buying of players….

  209. We are crying out for two world class players….here’s the plan shave £50m p.a off our wage bill for starters then get in what’s required!

  210. I’m not convinced by the TW and Sagna stuff though…

  211. Trouble is the board don’t give a fuck because the “top four trophy” continues to line their pockets

  212. The jury was out with my opinion on TW as a footballer but of late he’s shown real promise, I’d hate to see him flourish at another club…

  213. Morning all,

    I wish Wenger would stop talking to the media. Everytime he talks about mediocraty being a prize. Last week we were still title contenders according to him, this week he did a great job getting us to third and will do his best for fourth this season.
    So if we beat everton Wenger will say we’re back in the title hunt.

  214. I know Lee, as long as they are raking in the money from that competition, they don’t care…

    You’d like to think they wanted CL footie to attract top quality players but that’s poop because we don’t sign that kind of player…

  215. Morning Bradster – don’t worry, I doubt we will beat Everton….

  216. i reckon Wilshere won’t sign and this deal will stretch it out to see how Arsenal do and what offers he can get at 22-23 just like Walcott.
    If he does sign, when 25 we need to sell him cos we won’t pay him over 90k p/w.

  217. Just adding that spending bit to todays post lee….

    Not sure on Jack, think he’s a true gooner and tbh, i can see wenger being gone at the end of his contract and a manager in how could shake things up a bit…

  218. Wage bill £50m p.a more than spxrs to finnish 1 point in front of them….FUCKING JOKE!

  219. I’m also hoping for a shake up but I don’t think it’s Wenger that decides the wage budget.
    We have an owner who won’t invest when we need it so I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes money out now that it’s available seeing that we’ve survived without it before.

  220. And, because we pay the average so much, any other club laughs at their wage demands so we can’t sell them…

    I don’t know why we don’t sell them all for £1 million and just get rid of them and start again…

  221. If you work it out Lee, it’s 10 young professionals on 20k per week or something like that. So that is probably players on loan (Campbell, Silva, Frimpong, Miyacchi, Aneke, etc) and Genx which Tottenham don’t have.

  222. I’m not convinced he doesn’t have a huge say on the wage structure….

    Don’t the loan club pay the wages or at least a high percentage?

  223. I haven’t seen anything but I’ve read on blogs that Arsenal pays a large proportion of their salaries.

  224. We’ve got more players on our books than extras in El Cid…

  225. That would make sense – how many would loan Nik for £50K a week… or Denilson, Park etc etc…

    Its a joke.

  226. We have enough players to join another league if we were allowed.

  227. I just don’t get the upside of rewarding shit players…. 3 shit palyers = 1 good ‘un!

  228. That’s an old one lee..

    Blue circle though Bradster….

  229. The Hunterlaar rumours are strange. Why would Hunterlaar come to us now when Schalke has qualified for CL and he would be cup tied with us. Surely he’ll see out his contract and sign a pre contract if he wishes to join us next season?

  230. Has Wenger got a degree in finance?

    Schalke may insist on selling him to get some money for him, he probably knows neither club will win it…

  231. Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong will be available for Ghana at the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations after his nationality switch was ratified by world football governing body Fifa.

  232. Why you ask Rico? He has a degree in economics. I have one too but I at least know cost cutting vs quality results in poor production, unsatisfied customers, decrease in sales and obsolete defective stock when the quality is reduced too low.

  233. I plan to catch a few of those AFCON games. My favourites are South Africa and Ivory Coast. The mascott is a podgy Hippo, looks quite funny.

  234. Bradster leave Santos alone! :lol:

  235. Wahaha, I was thinking I’m sure he looks familiar but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Thanx Lee

  236. That is what I was getting at Bradster, you would think we’d run the club a lot better than we do. And then we plead poverty… pfff

  237. :lol: Lee…

    And I once thought Arshavin was porky, Santos makes him look like twiggy…

  238. Just saw Wenger give Sagna the death Knell. He says they’re negotiating and expects him to sign.
    When players are close to signing Wenger says nothing, we only see that a new contract is offered or tabled.
    when they’re not then Wenger comes out with his mantra, says he expects them to stay and then….for sale.

  239. Not a single player stayed when wenger said they would except Fab and that was on the first occassion, he left the next season.

  240. If we sell Sagna and Theo, then we are in the mire….

    Unless of course we replace them with players who are better, and that won’t happen as AW has already said he won’t spend big…

  241. New Post is now up…..




    _______________ ,___________________________________________________/7_
    _______________|-_______——. `\ ____________________________I
    __________,, _,/ | _______) |___\________________________________________|
    _____Ҥ .__/`(( | _______ | (/) )_______________=.
    _________`~) \ | _______) | /—————-_/`
    ___________ __y|_________________| // __________/
    __________ / /#####\ ( \ / ))
    _________/ /#######|\ \( //
    ________/ /########|.\________/`
    _______/ / ###(\)### || `——“
    _____/ /##########||
    ____/ /###########||
    ____( (###########||
    _____\ \####(/)#### ) )
    ______\ \#########//
    _______\ \#######//




    ……………………… ,______________________________________________________________/7_
    ………………………|_________——…. `\ _____________________________________________I
    …………………… .| _________) ……..|___\________________________________________|
    ……….“§ .__/`(( | __________ ………| (/) ) _______________=.
    …………………….| __________) ……..| …../—————-_/`
    ………………..__y|_________________| …./
    ………………// _____________ __________/
    ……………./ /#####\ ( ……\ /……. ))
    …………../ /#######|\ ….\( ……//
    …………/ /########|.\________/`
    ………./ /.###(\)###.||…`——“
    ……../ /##########||
    ……/ /###########||
    ……( (###########||
    …….\ \####(/)#### ) )
    ……..\ \#########//
    ……….\ \#######//


    STICK ‘M UP.



    WE WANT OUR CLUB BACK!!!!!!!!!


    ……………………… ,______________________________________________________________/7_
    ……………………/.|_________——…. `\ _____________________________________________I
    …………………//l.| _________) ……..|___\________________________________________|
    ……….“§ .=_/`(( | __________ ………| (/) ) _______________=.
    …………………\…| __________) ……..| …../—————-_/`
    ………………..__y|_________________| …./
    ………………// _____________ __________/
    ……………./ /#####\ ( ……\ /……. ))
    …………../ /#######|\ ….\( ……//
    …………/ /########|.\________/`
    ………./ /.###(\)###.||…`——“
    ……../ /##########||
    ……/ /###########||
    ……( (###########||
    …….\ \####(/)#### ) )
    ……..\ \#########//
    ……….\ \#######//

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