Where do you want Arsenal to be in January?

And no I don’t mean:

Caribbean, Mauritius, Devon or somewhere in the Dominican Republic, I mean where would you like to see our club be in the Premier League after our final fixture of 2012 which is against Newcastle at The Emirates?

Let’s be realistic though, as much as we’d all like us to be sat at the top, it just isn’t going to happen. I have more chance of winning the Euro millions and I don’t always buy a ticket!

Between now and the end of the year, we have seven fixtures:

Tomorrow of course we travel to Everton then in December have the following:

H v’s Swansea City
H v’s West Bromwich Albion
A v’s Reading
A v’s Wigan Athletic
H v’s West Ham United
H v’s  Newcastle United

It doesn’t take a mathematician to work out that twenty-one points are on offer to us and looking at the fixtures we have, if we were the Arsenal of a few years ago, I’d honestly expect us to win every single one of our remaining  matches of this year.

But we are not are we.

However, if Arsene Wenger and the players want to give us fans something to start cheering about in the stands etc, then they should be pushing out all the stops to get maximum points. That’s what will get us up the table and into the top 3 or 4 before the year is out.

But is that where you want the club to be when the transfer window opens?

Here are a few scenarios for January 1st 2013:

1) We finish the year in 4th place, Diaby has just played 70 minutes against Newcastle and went off early just because it was his first game back. Everyone else is fit, even Rosicky but Fabianski remains out.

2) We finish the year in 4th, level with a couple of other clubs on points but with Diaby and Rosicky are still crocked and Giroud is suffering with an ingrowing toenail.

3) We finish the year 7th, level points with the club placed 4th but our goal difference is far behind those sitting above us and everyone is fit..

4) We finish the year in 3rd and all our players are fit and healthy, apart from Fabianski.

5) We finish miles away from the top four and we are in the muck!

Of course there are more scenarios but number 4 is a real possibility, the only bit that may not be correct is all our players being fit and healthy. But should we finish the year in 3rd, would Arsene Wenger start believing that he has the right players to see us through until the end of the season?

Last season we were in a right pickle at the back, I think Jenkinson, Sagna, Santos and Gibbs were out but the manager refrained from entering the January transfer window so maybe, being sat in 3rd in the league make him think differently this time?

If we are in a much better position than we are now at the end of December,  January becomes an even more important transfer window for us in my opinion as just a couple or more, of the right signings, would  really give us a chance of pushing for a trophy or even the league title.

We shouldn’t need to be down and out before  into the transfer window and a win tomorrow night against a side above us right now, really could give us the impetus to go on a good run…

You never know, we might just win the remaining fixtures of 2012, including the League Cup ones.

That’s it for another day…..

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