Wenger confirms he's been lucky & Why has he finally snapped??

A few comments from the manager after the Aston Villa game which were directed at the idiots with a microphone:

What is the thinking behind the substitution? I will not explain every decision I make.

I have managed for 30 years at the top level and I have to convince you journalists I can manage the team?

The same interviewer couldn’t wait to ask him about the chants following the game and Wenger replied:

I don’t want to comment on that. I do my job and do my best for the club. Why should I create a rift? I have given you the answer.

I leave it to you to judge. I try to be as good as I can be. You are all great managers! I read the newspapers every day and I can tell you that you are always great managers!

You judge the game for the papers and I sit here and explain to you our game. How many games have you managed? I promise you if you manage one I will sit in the stands and chant ‘you don’t know what you are doing’!

You can discuss every substitution. You think what you want. I do my job and I let people judge it. I do that every day and I do my best every day. I know why I do it.

I would like to show what you (the media) wrote about us last year in September, October (when Arsenal were struggling).

Why should we panic? We will worry about our next game and we will play that. We are focused on the next game. Don’t worry for and about us too much.

Ouch!!Do you get the feeling that that interview really hurt our manager?

So did I but I’m not sure why now, what has finally made Arsene Wenger snap?

Since the day he set foot on British soil in 1996 he has been victimised by the British press, abused by ignorant fans of other clubs and blamed for the English national football team being so poor but he’s taken it all in his stride. Even the sick chants from the Manchester United fans  didn’t seem to faze him. Fergie could have stopped those a lot sooner than he did but of course Arsene’s Arsenal were a big threat to him in the early years.

Even when we were  at our best, winning trophies, dazzling everyone with our style of football and battering other sides for fun, Wenger was still criticised for fielding a side that contained no English players.

Reality was, the media couldn’t really find a lot wrong with what Wenger was doing and they probably hated having to praise a Frenchman. After all, some of these so called pundits, journalists etc were so old and out of touch, they probably still held a grudge against the French!

Again though, he seemed to breeze through his managerial career, batting off the twits along the way.

None of these people had a right to judge him, they weren’t/aren’t football experts, otherwise surely they’d be managing a club themselves, they’d certainly be able to earn a much better salary wouldn’t they? Most, if not all of them weren’t/aren’t Arsenal fans, they weren’t/aren’t spending any of their own money to either get to the game or into the stadium and they certainly haven’t ever had to dig deep into their pocket to purchase and beverage so what gives them the right to judge?

But judge they did and still are today and there is no doubt, they are loving it….

We fans though are different, we have a right to an opinion , in one way or another, we contribute to the funds that go into the club and without us, the club wouldn’t exist. By an opinion, I don’t mean calling Wenger every name under the sun, I mean we have the freedom to comment on what we think is right, wrong etc etc, of course, it doesn’t mean that any of us are right, it’s all opinion which is individual.

I’m sure the ‘you don’t know what you are doing’ chants  would have been clearly heard by Arsene Wenger as I am sure were the ‘we want our Arsenal back’ but why when the interviewers asked him what he thought about them did he snap?

He’s clearly had enough, but of what or who I wonder??

Maybe it’s just because he knew that his day of having more money would come again and January could be the start of his spending without selling our better players?

Maybe it simply a case of ‘it depends who asks the questions’?

The Daily Telegraph have a comment from Wenger after being asked if how he spends the money from the Emirates shirts deal this January would be crucial in quelling the unrest amongst fans.

He said:

I knew about the money before. It means the people who invest in us believe we are doing things in the right way. So it’s first a credit in the way we do things and after that, we try to use the money intelligently.

When asked if that proved someone did believe he knew what he was doing, Wenger replied:

Not so much. I only managed 1,600 games, 200 Champions League games. So I’m a bit lucky.

That tongue in cheek reply is more like the old Wenger.

Isn’t that the man most of us want back with his managing hat on?

That’s it for another day……

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