Wenger to bid for Downing and Huntelaar in January & Missing Jack already!

Few bits of gossip this morning before yesterday’s match review.

The Mail on Sunday reckon we are going to make a shock £10 million move for Liverpool’s out-of-favour winger Stewart Downing. Well if that happens, I think every Arsenal fan will be in more than shock. He was well over priced at £20 million, and many would say he still is at £10 million.

The Huntelaar story is around again, ex-Liverpool striker Erik Meyer, who has the same agent (Arnold Oosterveer) as the Dutch striker, told The Sunday Mirror:

 According to the information I have, Huntelaar will be gone in the winter. Arsenal are the favourites.

Some believe he is ready for this move now because RvP has gone and as we all know, they don’t get on. Wouldn’t it be great if he joined and went onto score a lot more goals than the man we left behind!

Finally in the gossip is Arshavin. He’s heading back to Zenit in January for £3 million. That is of course if we are to believe what is in the news..

Scott has kindly written today’s post about the Aston Villa game..

Morning all

Straight into the game.

On the negative side of things, well, we were scrappy in our passing game, devoid of useful attacking options and basically flat.

If you choose to look for factors,reasons or excuses,there are some legitimate ones to be found.

The pitch was wet and the ball was skidding around….not really a pitch conducive to our style of game.

Our attacking options ended up being a certain player whose name I am sick of mentioning constantly, finding himself within range, yet some poor finishing, good defending and a keepers boot put paid to the lad in question coming up with the winning goal.

Giroud toiled with little effect. Podolski likewise.

The biggest disappointment of the entire game for me was our woeful, horrible and disgraceful attempts to get a decent cross in which kind of put paid to our “plan B” of the big Frenchman up front.

As for being flat,well I think you get a decent insight into how well our team is up for the contest in the first two minutes.
Movement on and off the ball was sluggish from the very start,and it never really improved as the match went on,though there were little spurts of energy in the dying stages….as usual.

Let us also give credit and praise to Villa.

Anyone who watched them recently against Man Utd will vouch for the fact that we aren’t the only top side (am I being kind with that appraisal) who they have managed to nullify in no small way. They are a very hard-working, industrious team, who, in all honesty, would have been hard done by to lose yesterday.

On to the positive side of things.

Szczesny did well with what he had served up to him. His save from Holman was very good but one he should make. He had little else to do, really. The back 4 actually did very well and never really looked in trouble. The offside, disallowed goal was a clear one, so not a problem at all there.

Our midfield were definitely stifled by Villas work rate but we still lacked spark at all and that is disappointing. I thought our midfielders looked much better after half time as the game opened up and there could be an argument to say that they did create opportunities, but poor delivery by our wide men killed them off.

The biggest positive was that the game showed not only how much we missed Jack,but just how good he is. It was there for all to see that his energy and ability on the ball could have,and probably would have,grabbed that game by the throat just when it was needed.

The guy is a superstar,he is back,he is a Gooner and he is OURS!!

Plenty complained about why Ramsey played instead of Jack and I wondering why do people,  and I am talking in general here, contradict themselves so often? How many times have we all said we hope Wenger takes Jack along slowly? He has had a hell of a lot of time away from the game and needs to be treated with kid gloves, so missing the odd game here and there means Wenger is doing exactly what we want??

One game out every now and again can be the difference between getting a good season out of him,or losing him for another 18 months and we can not have it both ways.

Gervinho came on for Podolski, the latter seems to always be the first one off but he has played a lot recently.

Coquelin came on for Giroud! Sorry, I have nothing at all on that one!!!!

Arshavin for Oxlade-Chamberlain which was a fair call, although the little Russian did little, but in all fairness, OC didn’t do a lot either..
Still,Ox is showing some signs of getting back to his best. It has all been a bit much too soon for the kid,and we really need to be careful when expecting too much from him – he is a baby and has a lot of football in front of him.

All in all, a very fair result against a very resilient side and another clean sheet. That is 2 in a row and counting :)

Rosicky will be back soon, Jack will be well rested and fresh next time out and Diaby will be back in January, just like a new signing!!

See, you bastards are turning even the most positive of Aussies into a cynic now!! 😉

Written by Scott from Oz

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