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Gazidis drops Arsene Wenger right in it! Expect changes for today’s fixture…..

Better times ahead??

Yesterday the news broke that Arsenal football club had signed a new £150m deal with the Emirates airline, extending its shirt sponsorship to 2019. The naming rights to the stadium have also been extended to 2028 as part of the deal.

This will bring in £30m a season to the club and the deal is said to be one of the biggest in footballing world!

Ivan Gazidis has been talking about how wonderful this deal is and what it brings to the Arsenal table etc, click here  to read it all.

But the most interesting comment he made was this:

This deal is all about football.

It is all about giving us the resources to be able to invest in what we put on to the pitch for our fans. The manager will have more resources available.

We kept some powder dry in the summer, so we do have the ability to make a move or two in the January window, but that will be based as always on what Arsene Wenger believes is available in the window and the kind of moves he thinks might help us on the pitch.

So, there we have it from the clubs Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis. Arsene Wenger is the one who decides on whether or not we spend money and how much we spend.

Onto today’s match, a 5.30pm kick off against Aston Villa at Villa Park.

Aston Villa have striker Darren Bent back which isn’t good news for us but missing are Joe Bennett, Chris Herd, Charles N’Zogbia and Richard Dunne.

Joining Diaby, Fabianski and Rosicky on the injury list is Theo Walcott and Andre Santos but after his little cameo in midweek, Gervinho is available for selection, as is Kieran Gibbs.

On the team selection for today, Wenger has said:

There are no major injuries, a few tired legs and that will all be assessed on Friday, I have not decided what I will do yet. I have time and we’ll see who is available, who is a bit less available, who is a bit tired and who has some knocks and bruises but there is nothing major.

I think from that comment, we can expect to see one or two changes from the side that started midweek. Gibbs will no doubt slot in at left back and Gervinho could also start. After that I haven’t a clue. Arteta must surely need a break but who can replace him? The same can be said about Cazorla.

But Wenger can’t afford make too many changes, we all know what that does to the team….


Aston Villa haven’t beaten us at Villa park in 13 attempts since coming from two goals down to win 3-2 in December 1998 (D6, L7).

We have lost only two of our subsequent 27 league meetings with Villa. Last season we overturned a 2-0 deficit in the FA Cup fourth round beat Villa 3-2 at the Emirates Stadium.

But we shouldn’t and must not be fooled by history, we have seen us slip up against lower positioned league sides too often, Norwich this season being the most recent. This game will be another tough one IF any one of our players of the manager think it’s won before we kick off.

Paul Lambert, who will be in the stands doesn’t care about the history of results between the two clubs either:

It’s Arsenal but we’re at home so we’re going to go for it. We haven’t beaten them here since 1998 so it just shows how hard it’s going to be.

I can’t influence what’s happened in years gone by but I can influence what goes on now.

Be assured though, if we turn up with only half a mind of the job in hand, Villa will register a home win and any confidence we built up last weekend and midweek will be gone again.

Wenger target is to get into the top four by Christmas and push on from there so he needs to make sure his players are ready to make that happen by carrying on from where we left off last weekend.

That’s it for another day…..


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408 comments on “Gazidis drops Arsene Wenger right in it! Expect changes for today’s fixture…..

  1. [...] Gazidis drops Arsene Wenger right in it! Expect changes for today’s fixture….. [...]

  2. Morning

    This is not as a good deal as Godzilla wants us to believe. Don’t forget that MU get 45 million a year for the shirt deal only.

    Our deal is for both the stadium and the shirts, and with the stadium deal lasting to 2028 this deal will start to water out as soon as it starts.

  3. A part from all that lets hopw the boys stuff the villians!

  4. Morning all..

    Why are the BBC reporting that its one of the best deals in footie TT if its not as good a deal as the club like to make out?

  5. Depends who Wenger picks and whether they turn up ‘up for it’ – treat Villa like the position they are in and we’ll be in trouble…

  6. Because of the stadium part rico. What galls me about this is that we are selling our stadium name along with the shirt deal for 15 million LESS a year than utd get for their shirt deal only.

    Ad I never said it was not a good deal……just not as good as Godzilla wants us to believe ;).

  7. Any news on Gibbs and Rosicky?

  8. I didn’t say you did TT ;)

    But surely that is down to them winning trophies, we haven’t for so long, we are not in the driving seat when it’s comes down to the price…

  9. Gibbs is back and Rosicky joins the squad on Monday..

    Do you not read my posts TT, Tsk Tsk ;) ;)

  10. Morning Gooners.
    Morning Rico.
    Good post, what was it about??? ;-)

  11. Lol rico haven’t seen a single football website in days….not even yours! Work has been hectic and I’m in today to finish some study for a collage course i’m doing. I need to write a small essay to hand in before midnight to night and Ill surf the web in between.

  12. Tricky game today Rico, as you say. If the team are not totally focused, we’ll come a cropper.

  13. Morning Kev, you cheeky toad ;)

    Are you going today??

  14. That’s not good TT… you need to sort that work issue out asap ;)

    I like their striker Kev, Christian Benteke and we all know Bent loves to score against us, it’s sure going to be a toughie…

  15. Good morning all!

  16. No, changed my mind Rico.
    I’m not lucky at Villa Park.

  17. Hi JM…

    Glad to hear you are staying away then Kev ;)

  18. Wath on the tv, kev

  19. £150m over 5 yrs is pretty decent imo considering Arsenal’s lack of success the last 8 yrs! The stadium naming is a tricky one it’s knowing across the globe as the Emirates, so that can be a real sticking point/concern for other company’s! Next up will be who makes the kit? Regardless of whoever it is they’ll have to cough up around £100m over 4yrs ;) So hopefully Wenger gets the finger out and spends it!!

  20. Espn JM, can’t believe i cancelled mine, but going to sign up again shortly, just for a month of course ;)

  21. kel – Gazidis has said it’s up to Wenger to spend, he’d be a fool not to now. If he doesn’t, he’ll get the flack…

  22. I hear the money is to be paraded around the pitch after our next home game..

    Anybody think that even 25% of that money will be invested in the team?

  23. Yeah Rico, my last trip up there for a league game was the last time we lost up there. :-(
    Semi-Final’s, no problem, Villa in the league, big problem…

    Now Gazides has told us that Wenger has money to spend in January (yawn) and that he may bring in a couple of players, we can expect Arsene to sign a couple of youngsters…

    Mind you, two like Jenkinson would do me.

  24. What was that JM, Wath is on television, you sure?!

  25. You have a lot to answer for the Kev ;)

    Players like Jenks would do me too, good English players who are proud to be playing the game…

    In addition to the experience we need of course…

  26. If the naming right’s for the stadium is small beer, then why bother???

    Here, I’ve got a good idea, what about re-naming it Arsenal Stadium, I reckon that might catch on….

    Or let’s be really radical and call it Highbury…

  27. Arry confirmed as Qpr manager :roll:

  28. Yes Rico, it’s all down to me I’m afraid… :-)

  29. I hope it will soon be The Red & White Stadium …..

  30. If the board want Wenger to spend,they can demand he does so.
    They are the boss.
    Evening all.

  31. Whom ar QPR playing this weekend rico?

  32. Scott, Gazidis has said, they leave the ‘on pitch’ stuff to him…. So he decides how much money we spend…

  33. Rico,it does not matter.
    They have the power!
    It is asolutely obvious they are happy with his decisions,and should not compromise him by making such statements.
    They are obviously happy running 4th.

  34. Have to stop comparing us with Man Utd on a commercial basis.They are one of the biggest sporting brands in the world and are more or less continually successful, unlike ourselves. Up to 2006 we were closing the gap on them, but things unfortunately have changed . Think about the loss of fanbase through our lack of success, also didn’t do the far east tours when we had a winning team full of world class players, and playing the best brand of football in Europe.

  35. I disagree Scott.

    And I have to suggest you are guessing at what they are happy with…

    Give Fergie £50M, would he need telling?

    Did Kenny need telling to spend his £100M

    Mancini – he always wants more

    Hughes even, he spent as much as he could…

    And if you were a manager and were told you have £50M for the next transfer window, would you honestly need telling??

    I know I wouldn’t, I would get on and do my job.

  36. Rico,do you know for an absolute fact that Liverpools board did not tell Kenny to spend??
    Spending isn’t the be all and end all anyway…..Hughes spent plenty at Citeh and got sacked,then spent plenty at QPR and got sacked.

  37. Also,the clubs you mentioned have been hundreds of millions in debt,or would be if they didn’t have their sugar daddies.

  38. Mw – that’s what winning trophies does for you….

  39. Do you know they didn’t Scott….?

  40. Exactly my point.
    You are making assumptions.
    You don’t trust the board or Gazidis,like 99% of us,when they say anything else,so why believe them when this pops up?

  41. Hey Rico and all Gooners,

    The way I have heard, we are going to have that our increased amount from next financial year while Man Utd will have that money from 2014-15 I guess. And I still don’t believe Chevrolet offered them to pay that much, weren’t they bailed out by U.S.Govt.? They are going to use tax payers’ money on Ponzhi scheme?

    And other than that we don’t make profits. We hardly break even. We make profits only after selling our captains. So essentially we have our books balanced thanks to one man AW. And if he wants to buy, he has to sell first. Now, with this he won’t have to do as much as he had to.

    Looking forward to today’s match and one more Arteta or Diaby-esque player in January.

  42. Well said STS.
    As long as the selling of top player slows,i reckon most Gooners would be happy.

  43. Did I say I did trust them Scott??

    I am just saying that Wenger should not need to be told to spend money…

  44. Hi S2S

    A fit Diaby-esque kind of player I hope you mean ;)

  45. Just signed up for Espn and spookily, the guy at Sky was a gooner, he reckons the Emirates have freed up £30-50 million ready for the January transfer window…

  46. My point has always been that the board tell us the money is there,but what do they actually tell Wenger??
    He might be their scapegoat……how would we know?

  47. Hey Rico,

    Fit Diaby-Arteta esque player. I wish Diaby gets fit mid-december so we can use him in hectic Christmas time.

    Thanks Scott.

    Oh and today if Gre is playing and Theo is not playing then let Giroud be on the bench. Play Arshavin on the left. But it is away game so its highly unlikely so play Ramsey on left, Jack-Coq and Cazorla through the middle.

    Rico, Cazorla can have breather on Wedday when Super Tom returns. And once Tomas returns we’d have much much better team and once\when Diaby returns best team along with bench strength.

  48. I am sure they tell him the same Scott but I don’t know for sure, just as you don’t or anyone else really.

  49. I wish Diaby would get fit so we can sell him…

    I wouldn’t rest Santi for the Everton game, that will be really tough…

  50. Back again
    Watch on the TV, kev, facil.

  51. Afternoon All,
    I was not on tc JM that I can assure you… I was in the bloody supermarket…!

    I don’t want Diaby fit in Dec at all…. That gives Wenger an excuse NOT to replace him… Unfortunately for Diaby I hope he has a set back and it told by the medics he out til feb march that way Wenger MUST replace him. We all know Diaby cannot be relied upon and its very sad but that’s football and life and we need to do whats right and that is getting a new player in to make sure we’re covered in that area. Any kind of encouragement on Diaby fitness and we know Wenger will cave in and give us the new player crap… Enough is enough.

  52. Afternoon Wath, I want him gone too but if he’s crocked, who will want him?

  53. I wouldn’t either. But I’d go 4-6-0 with Tomas pulling the strings and Santi on left.

    They all can rest next week.

  54. @WATH

    I’d rather have Diaby playing in December since it is the most hectic month and it breaks players. I’d wish for us to rotate them and that to with our best. And Diaby sure fits the bill. I won’t mind if we sell him in summer.

  55. diaby is a very good player but he always injury.
    Sund-WBA live! :-)

  56. Have we asked Diaby if he sex his girlfriend/wife every night or frequently? It could be why he’s injury prone

  57. 4-6-0 S2S, not sure about that tictac…

    Agree JM, and not one we can rely on any more, he needs a more gentle league…

  58. Has he got one Xr?

  59. Good afternoon all,

    Isn’t amazing? Fans have been slagging the club off for it’s lack of activity in the commercial market, now that there has been some significant action the same fans are slagging the club off for, in their most humble opinions, not getting the kind of super deals that are available to serially successful clubs like Man U.

    Has it not occurred to those fans that the whole world is in recession, football is not exempt from the effects of that recession, of course major deals are harder to come by, major financial organisations are cutting back on unnecessary expenditure and Arsenal are suffering from that.

    One bright point on the horizon is the upcoming kit sponsorship talks with Nike, Addidas are waiting in the wings, there could be a sizable addition to income from that deal.

  60. Rico,

    Those shirts in the photo look as though they have come out of Santos’s locker, they’re certainly wide enough for him. :D

  61. Afternoon JW,

    We are not knocking the deal… are we? ;)

    Is the shirt deal due next season? That is probably what Gazidis means when he talks about competing with the best in two years time…

  62. Where are you DG, I need a streaming link!!!

  63. Gotta go, time for the grand-children’s ski practice. Hope to be home in time to watch the match, if DG posts a link:-)

  64. Aftergoon Gunners,

    Ink has dried, nothing going to change our ‘monstrous’ commercial deal now.

    Fact is Arsenal FC has gained equity whatever future performances may be, frontloaded at the club’s request as WATH predicted. My question is; Has that anything to do with Stan plotting his end-game to sell? Profiteering from its paper value short term, escaping the financial water downed effects long term.

    Getting shirty: Leading deals

    * Premier League deals

    Man United Chevrolet £51m/yr (from 2014-15 season)

    Liverpool St’ard Chart’d £20m/yr

    Man City Etihad £20m/yr

    Sunderland Invest in Africa £20m/yr

    Arsenal Emirates £15m/yr

    Chelsea Samsung £14m/yr

    Newcastle Virgin Money £10m/yr

    Tottenham Aurasma £10m/yr

    Aston Villa Genting £8m/yr

    Arsenal (existing) Emirates £5.5m/yr

  65. Paul Merson is really giving us a slating today….

  66. “You don’t trust the board or Gazidis,like 99% of us,when they say anything else,so why believe them when this pops up?”

    I was coming to post something similar but Scott already did it. G’morning all…or afternoon.

  67. Plenty of time JW, 5.30 ko… :)

    Hi Dg..

  68. Hi Will,

    As I said before, where have I said I trust the board?

  69. JW

    Not to worry mate. Got links ready, waiting for checked and working confirmation.

  70. I hope he is planning to sell Dg….

  71. 0-2 WBA up…

  72. Aren’t they managed by the old Chelsea number 2 JM??

    Maybe he should have replaced RDM ….

  73. yes, Clark
    Redknap in the Premier League again

  74. Me too Rico. ASAP.


    I agree with your assessment of recession effects casting shadows over near future expenditure cuts by global corporations. Keep in mind though it would also devalue Arsenal’s net worth, maybe this deal was meant to peak the club’s financial performances before bubbles burst. Forcing Stan to cash in as he needs to counterweight his loan plus interest.

    It would explain the balance sheet obsession we fans suffered over the years, is now being touted as a burden to be lifted.

  75. Hi Rico,
    I was going to post something similar with the same basic idea, but not necessarily directed at you. Not saying that you trust the board, but that we shouldn’t pick and choose what we discredit where IG is concerned. I think we all know that the board says whatever will make them look good to the uninformed. So every word that leaves their mouths should be taken with a grain of salt.

  76. Cavani has sanctioned his agent to talk with Liverpoo and Arsenal, reports suggest. Confirmed by several representatives.

  77. WBA goes third after this game…

  78. 1-2…

  79. Buenas tardes JM,

    Arsenal scouts are in Portugal checking out Ederzito of Braga. Is he quality?

  80. No wonder they loaned lukaku (spelling)

  81. 1-3 penalty what’s a joke!
    Ederzito is like “Adebayor”. Not only in the physycal way. He has quality. His dream is playing in the Premier League, He is now an international player from Portugal.

  82. Will – it’s PHW I don’t listen too ..

    But, we have to be sensible, the club have just agreed a nice deal, we know what money it brings with it, do the club really have a choice but to spend it, and without the need to sell our better players….

  83. Romelu Lukaku wanted him when we got Chamack on a free.

  84. Diaby in December makes sense…
    But if that ESPN I/v Wenger gave about 10 days, has any insight, then it might not make any difference as Wenger might try to bring in a Def/Mid anyway…

  85. Not sure that Wenger is convinced by Coquelin.
    If he was then wouldn’t he start at Villa Park today…?!

  86. 4-2 now to WBA…

    He’s a strong player Dg, he nearly broke the crossbar just now, they will be a tough cookie to play against…

  87. I hope he’s given up on Coquelin, he’s another Nikki B in my opinion..

  88. Thank you JM. He’s still relatively unknown with the majority of football fans. To the point of obscure. No YouTube vids of him. LOL :P

    Got Wenger prodigy signing written all over it.

    This is the best I could find for those interested.


  89. Just watching that ESPN programme about Thierry Henry…

    When will see that kind of player in red and white again….

  90. Dutch, watch tomorrow Braga-Porto. Ederzito will play for sure

  91. Good day HH faithful!

    3 points essential today, I seem to say that every game, villa are not a great team and if we show up we should dispatch with ease.

    DG10 that cavalier video has got me dreaming!


  92. Cavani* darn spell check.

  93. Hi Lewis, we all said the same about Norwich :(

  94. Rico there will never be another Henry I am afraid!

    The player I miss the most is Bergkamp, could have watched him play all day. best player to have ever played in the PL.

  95. I know Rico, that thought was going through my head when I wrote it. Scary thought isn’t it, I’m not confident about us beating a single team in the prem.

  96. Apart from spurs ;)

  97. Kev/Rico

    Regarding Le Cog and our academy developing DM players. You have to ask the question if the world of football has ever seen defensive midfielders at such young age being instrumental at top level.

    My opinion is you at least need 24/25 year olds with dedicated attitudes towards a career in that position.

  98. I know Esp, he really was exceptional wasn’t he…

    I still think Walcott could play in a similar way if he got himself sorted out. Obviously nowhere near as good but….

    Dennis was also an exceptional player, and very different to any other in the game.

    How lucky were we to have them both at our club…

  99. Neither am I Lewis, but they have done that to us….
    :lol: Re Totts…

  100. It’s his attitude I don’t like Dg, why keep saying he wants to leave if he’s not played.

    Someone suggested that his ‘recent iv’ was in fact an old interview re-printed but surely he would have made some kind of official comment if that was the case.

    If he wants to leave to play football each week, then we shouldn’t keep him…

  101. Afternoon Lewis

    What a nasty cold blooded killer, heh? Think Cavani would bring the unpredictable back to our game. His threat outside the box is unrivaled. Thunderbolts from 25 yards, doesn’t think twice pulling the trigger.

  102. Rico Le Cog is sampling ManU’s Pogba. True.

  103. Afternoon all,
    More Diaby-esque players and Tomas Rosicky pulling the strings, some-one give me strength !!!
    Shame Walcott is out today, Villa would have suited him right down to the ground.
    I think Le Coq is just frustrated, probably thought he’d be starting a lot more games this season but has found himself on the bench, he’ll be an automatic starter for the cups games, needs to knuckle down.
    Kev, you missed a trick, Wigan away was the one to make your excuses, last minute christmas shopping.

  104. Come on Norwich…

  105. Shame really Dg, after we failed to replace Song, i’d have thought he shut up and work harder, knowing he could make that position his one day….

  106. Afternoon Micko, we need Diaby fit for sale though….

    I read a club is looking to bid £5M for Tomas in Jan, do we sell??

  107. hey guys, when’s the game? i ll be needing me a good stream too. am trying to save for my trip back home hence i didn’t pay my cable bill. hey DG10, hook me up bro.

  108. Hi goonie, 90 mins and it starts…

  109. are you serious maam? any link please?

  110. seen the team list yet?

  111. Dg very kindly has them Goonie, he’ll post them before ko….

  112. No team details yet..

  113. Qpr are holding Manure 0-0…

  114. 5 Mill for a 32 year old crock, don’t think so, he’ll always be a squad player now.

  115. you think arsene might drop tv5 for kozzer? cause i don’t think we can afford to drop permert for this game. he gives us balance at the back.

  116. Rico TR07 agent refuted the rumour coming from Roma Italy.

    Not replacing Song might have caused entitlement among young suitors within our ranks. I maintain the opinion experienced heads are to be preferred in such pivotal position. Regular starting berths for DM should start at 24 upward. If it were Arsenal policy there wouldn’t be an unresolved situation causing expectancy.

  117. Good evening folks,

    Interesting debates as usual.

    Frimps is playing well for the addicks. First start

  118. hey micko, what’s new bro?

  119. Agbandahor will give Merts problems today. Benteke is on fire to impress as well.

  120. yeah we said the same thing about tevez and aguero……he’s our best defender we can’t afford to drop him. end of. its either kozzer sits this one out or arteta ll be captain for the day. no dropping pm4, no way.

  121. Rumour is Gibbs and Jenks in for TV and Sagna….

    Thanks Kev ;)

  122. 1-0 to Qpr :lol:

  123. DG- Very true re 4:10pm. Roy Keane at 21 years old c–p. Gattusso was sold to Rangers at that age. Nicky Butt was not too bad at that age.

    Your country man Davids was one of the very few who was a force at 20 years imo.

  124. Hello Stan, qpr 1 up against Man U.

  125. Micko, I didn’t believe the story, well, not too much ;)

    Thanks Tsgh and afternoon to you…

  126. are you serious? at old toilet??

  127. Kev- Charlie Austin ie the hottest striker in European has not scored yet. Burley 1 up though.

  128. Patrick Vieira wasn’t too bad at 20 years old ;)

  129. come on qpr…….

  130. does anyone wanna bet that manure ll be awarded a “pelanty” pretty soon and win this 3.1?

  131. And Norwich goonster …

  132. oh yeah come on norwich…..sorry maam.

  133. i knew it……..just hope they can hold on till the 90th minute. come rangers. where are your cojones?

  134. Hiya Ginge,

    Indeed rare. David’s exception had me hoping Frimmy could join illustrious ranks at his age. Unfortunately his head is turned by distractions.

    Afternoon Micko, Stan, ESP.

  135. Didn’t know we had a winger called Phillip Roberts who is on loan at Iverness CT :)

  136. 2 crucriates before the age of 20 is very very rare. Bobby had his first at 24 and the second at 26 years. ;) Dench was excellent during the 2 leagues of the champions league matches last season. He was also ahead of Le Coq and he played in that area with Ramsey and TR07 in August last year when Song was suspended for 3 matches.

    Paddy was not a defensive midfielder at 20 Rico. ;)

  137. Philip Roberts is a striker actually a bit young for your liking . unless if you like the young :-)

  138. 3-1 at OT..

    Don’t care Tsgh, he did a bloody good defensive job for us in the centre of midfield ;)

  139. Thanks vida, Sky Sports just spoke about him, they said he crossed for the goal, i assumed he was a winger, wrongly of course ;)

  140. game over at OT…..typical. grrrrrrrrr i hate manure. no excuse now we gotta win today.

  141. Ginge

    DM physical requirements put a lot of tension on growing legs. Impatience from club as well as player. Hope Frimmer’s loan is extended beyond January. His Arsenal contract renewal depends on progressive performances this season.

  142. 1-1 at Everton :)

  143. Everton win 1-0 too

  144. Those blaming Aw for not spending money available, does the statement below sound familiar to recent rumbles. Also remember Arsenal transfer kitty also includes the players salary for the first year.

    This an interview given in June 2005.


    PATRICK VIEIRA has launched a blistering attack on Arsenal, making it impossible for him to stay at Highbury.

    The Frenchman has broken his silence by lashing boss Arsene Wenger, vice-chairman David Dein — and even his team-mates.

    But Vieira insisted last night: “People should know this is nothing to do with money. I need to leave because I want to win more trophies and I just cannot see that happening at Arsenal. Certainly not over the next few years, anyway.

    “Comparing Arsenal to the big clubs in Europe this season is going to be quite ridiculous.”

    Dein and his fellow directors remain adamant their £25million-rated midfielder is not for sale at any price — and that he must respect the remaining three years of his contract.

    But Vieira, 25, has deliberately burned all his bridges and insists there will be no turning back in his drive to move on to bigger and better things.

    Speaking from his holiday hideaway in Miami, the World Cup and Euro 2000 star stormed: “As far as I’m concerned, the matter is resolved. I am leaving Arsenal and I have made that perfectly clear.

    “When I told Arsene Wenger I was leaving, he said to me ‘I have £25m to spend on a few players’.

    “My answer was ‘Obviously, Mr Wenger, you are not shopping in Harrods. That will only buy you one good player’. Now I have been proved right.”

    Arsenal have already splashed £18.5m on landing Everton striker Francis Jeffers and Rangers midfielder Giovanni van Bronckhorst.

    They are still in the hunt for Sol Campbell and plan further deals to capture Ipswich goalkeeper Richard Wright and Japanese midfielder Junichi Inamoto from J-League club Gamba Osaka.

    Vieira, though, remains distinctly unimpressed.

    He added: “Arsene Wenger has signed two ‘hopeful’ players who haven’t proved themselves in the Premiership yet. One of them is a boy of 20.

    “You can’t compete with the best clubs in Europe by making these kind of signings.”

    Vieira believes the rot started to set in last summer — when the Gunners agreed to sell Marc Overmars and Emmanuel Petit to Barcelona in a joint £30m deal.

    He added: “It’s a miracle that we finished second in the league last season.

    “I have said it before and I will say it again now — you don’t sell your best players.

    “That was why it was a miracle that we got through to the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

    “This season Leeds, Chelsea and Liverpool will be signing new players and will be automatically stronger and better than last season.

    “I do not honestly see Arsenal finishing in the top five in the league — and you can forget the Champions League.

    “Arsene Wenger is an ambitious manager and he knows deep in his heart that he needs five world-class players to compete among the best in Europe.

    “With £25m in the kitty, Arsenal is not a great European club. With that budget they won’t even be among the top 20 clubs in Europe.

    “The people at Arsenal know in the backs of their minds that they have a new stadium to build and that will hold them back when it comes to making big new signings.”

    Vieira, in Florida with girlfriend Sheryl and agent Marc Roger, is just as angry at the comments of Arsenal team-mates who have pleaded with him not to quit Highbury.

    He rapped: “I cannot understand why players like Robert Pires, Thierry Henry, Sylvain Wiltord and Gilles Grimandi are saying I should stay. I have given 100 per cent to Arsenal over the last five years. They have only been there for a year or so.”

  145. come on norwich………come on.

  146. DG- Frimps signed a contract at the start of last year he still has 2 years to go

  147. Thanks Vida…. How old is he

  148. It seems our £25M transfer kitty has not moved with times judging from the comments from 2001. And then IG saying 10 years ago a £10M signing wasa big money. lol. Didn’t RedNose write-off over £25M on Veron?

    I am very grateful that our club has a manager who is not like ‘arry or Munchini to ask for more signings 3 months after spending over £80M. ;)

  149. full time at goodison park……come on arsenal. anyone seen the team list yet? where’s emma when you need her?

  150. Agree on Frimps Dg, and I really hope he progresses well and proves his fitness….

  151. The same line up as last wednesday. jokes.

  152. Ginge huh? Press mentioned his contract renewal being in the balance. Lazy plonkers.

  153. full time at old toilet too…..apparently the dutch skunk havent scored in like 3 games running. nice, am happy. come on giroud get a hatrick today and show that bloody rotterdamer we don’t miss him. come on you fucking gunners. come on. men i need me a drink.

  154. Tsgh, Dench is a double hard North London geezer made in Ghana, they don’t come much tougher than that.

  155. Team in full: Szczesny, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Arteta, Ramsey, Cazorla, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Podolski, Giroud.

    Subs: Mannone, Sagna, Vermaelen, Coquelin, Wilshere, Arshavin, Gervinho.

  156. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay no verm in the starting line up like i wanted. come on now ramsey don’t fail me. i have huge faith in you. COYGS.

  157. Frimpong over Coquelin any day of the week for me….

  158. Yes Mick, I can where your coming from mate, (Holloway Road isn’t it?)…

    But strangely enough, I’m quite looking forward to Wigan.
    Never been there you see…

    I’m a bit off-the-wall like that….

  159. Got to stop Christian Benteke today, he’ll be keen to impress Arsene Wenger….

  160. come on now DG, don’t let a fellow dutch man down, where’s the stream and you too TSGH.

  161. no darren bent for today’s game. still have to deal with gabby pace

  162. Team in full: Szczesny, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Arteta, Ramsey, Cazorla, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Podolski, Giroud.

    Subs: Mannone, Sagna, Vermaelen, Coquelin, Wilshere, Arshavin, Gervinho.

  163. COYGsss.

    Micko- yes I agree but…I have to be careful here without being offensive.
    This is where sometimes black kids without a strong father figure in their lives fall behind. Frimps was the first amongst that bunch of players to make a first team appearance albeit on the bench at 16 but when you have some talented individuals like JET who buy a DB9 with their first contract money, you know the kid will not get far. :(

    Compare those players with JW10 who has his dad by his side and we see the difference.

  164. THANKS PAL….you re a life saver.

  165. Poldi has scored more goals than England best player Wooney. :grin:

  166. Micko

    Frimmy strikes mirror-like resemblance to BA Barracus, I doubt his birth certificate. Not his toughness. ;)

  167. COY Fecking G’s

  168. Didn’t do Ashley Cole any harm though Tsgh, he was brought up by his Mum only…



  170. Apart from the Chav bit of course ;)

  171. A very good rotation of squad. I hope it pays off so AW does not offend Lee and Rico. :)

  172. I didn’t know that we haven’t conceded a goal in the last 15 mins of any PL game this season….

  173. :lol: Tsgh…

    Tony Adams is quite interesting on our defence…

  174. Rico

    Yeah Ashley does marvelous with women. Can’t deny.

  175. Good evening mates.

    Got gastric flu plus a blasting headache.

    Dont know if I will watch hte whole game.

  176. So were the Ferdinard brothers. They had good family around and so was Cashley case even though it has not made him a better person.

    I am not being a prejudice here by the way as I am a black man myself. Just talking from the experience I had in my estates where most of the guys I grew up with are either in prison or peddling in Hackney, whilst I was lucky to have a dad who cared to make sure I did not fall into the wrong crowd. And strong single mums do an equally splendid job too. :grin:

  177. Yes but we have concede 62% of our goals in the first 20 minutes

  178. Having a terrible day. Wondering if i should count on arsenal to help me up a bit or stay away for fear my day might somehow get worse.

  179. Afternoon Devil,

    You Bruce Willis you. Die hard. As long as you didn’t suffer bullet holes.

  180. Certainly can’t Dg….

  181. Afternoon devil, I should pack yourself off to bed, Villa have only won twice at home in the last 12 months.

    With stats like that, you just know what is going to happen….

  182. Tsgh, there’s also a helluva lot of kids out there in his position who would love the opportunity he’s been given.

    Ok, gotta see a man about a dog, c’mon Arsenal, we can take these brummies.

  183. Morning all.
    Come on lads!!

  184. A few niggly tackles are starting to come into this game…..

  185. Sort ‘em out Rico.

  186. Hi Scott, wish I could ..

    Think our boys are waiting for the second half ….

  187. Common you reds – 3 points is a Must

  188. Well that was a bit of a bad miss… :roll:

  189. Its all a bit tame a117

  190. Credit to Villa…..they are workimg hard to close our time on the ball down.
    Good tactic,bit sould see them tire towards the end.
    Kozzers attempt…….well,it was typical of a defender.

  191. Awful stuff from an awful team, getting what they deserve, and any team who starts Arron Ramsey doesn’t deserve anything

  192. Scott he is a professional who is paid to play football every day, no excuse for that miss

  193. Tough half. Don’t want to give excuses but the surface is very slick
    SC 19 a little quiet again. Gibbs slotted back in nicely had a nice half. Podlike quiet also

  194. What are doing Ramsey on the pitch? What is his position?
    Why we not shot on goal outside area with this wet pitch?
    2 or 3 attempsts on the first half. What is this?
    whitout TW this team is a normal team

  195. the conditions are making it awkward. Everyone seems tentative and afraid to slip.

  196. Blaming Ramsey as usual whilst Ox is playing like shite

  197. Totally agree JM…

  198. Re Theo of course ;)

  199. Listening to the game on the radio…
    Sounds like Jenkinson is having a good game…
    Gotta keep the Holte End quiet, those wankers can influence officials…

  200. Don’t think any player stands out…

    They all need to pick it up second half….

  201. He and Gibbs are doing all right Kev…

  202. Maybe, we need Jacky Wilshere…
    Or maybe LP needs to ‘Score when he wants’…

  203. Time to replace Ox with AA or Gervinho maybe…

  204. Arsene using the ‘F’ word from the side lines, that’s unusual…..

  205. Ok Paul….not like the ball was behind him,meaning he was off balance or anything lol
    Bit harsh.

  206. Ox needs to be pulled off.
    AA needs a run out to see if he’s hungry

  207. With the condition’s as they are, maybe this game is made for Gervinho?

  208. Ox is definitely struggling Kev…

  209. Ox and Poldi off.
    AA and Gerv on.
    Come on AW make the switch

  210. Villa are picking up a bit now….

  211. Ramsey should have buried that in the net…. He could have done with that…

  212. Ramsey gets into great positions but his finishing is poor

  213. Our passing is woeful at times….

  214. So so pedestrian…..

  215. We seem to be running out of steam

  216. Subs Arsene, come on….

  217. Gerv on for Podolski

  218. Come on AA

  219. Great save Ches….

  220. Holman has looked decent

  221. Bizarre, Giroud off and Coquelin on, yet we need a goal….

  222. Poor. we need to beat teams like Villa

  223. What a dreadful game of football and a dreadful performance.

  224. horrible performance from the lads, ox,poldi and ramsey were way below par today. we need to beat teams like this if we re ever going to win the league….on the bright side we kept a clean sheet.

  225. The conditions haven’t helped, but even with a tired team, we should be looking to win these games…

    Ferguson brings on Hernandez… And wins these games…
    Fergie has four quality forwards, rotates them and keeps them fresh…
    Arsene has to keep on playing the same players….

  226. We only kept a clean sheet because Villa were as bad as us, apart from outstanding save from ches, I don’t think they had a shot on target did they?

  227. Why the hell did that idiot take Giroud off and put on Coq in a game we were chasing?! Why bring Gervinho on at all????

    HOW can Arron ramsey no only start a match, but finish it? He is one of the worst players I have ever seen play for arsenal.

    And why not bring on Wilshere??!


  228. Whose fault is that though Kev?

  229. Esp, was Ramsey any worse than many others?

    Even Santi was very average….

  230. Gibbs and Jenkinson seemed to to have good games…
    How did BFG & Kozzer play?
    Two clean sheets on the bounce is a positive.
    Seems that that part of the team is doing well again…
    Not confident about getting a result at Everton next week. :-(

  231. But we all know Cazorla is a fantastic player, Ramsey has been consistently terrible, he has had chance after chance, he bring nothing to the team, neither attacking or defending. I just can’t see the point of him.

  232. calm down ESP……we re still in europe aint we? lol. Like kev said the conditions didnt help too. we re atrocious no doubt but we were up against the weather and a resolute villa side. on another day we could have lost this game.

  233. OG12 had a knock. Precaution for midweek against Everton.

    Come on guys get of Ramsey’s back. Its becoming boring.

  234. Ramsey was second MoTM for me behind Corporal Jenks

  235. very true paul ramsey is so average its unbelievable, we will continue to struggle because we have no midfield, i hope everybody see why ma08 can’t make the spanish team, he is a average player.

  236. Geez,do you guys ever give an opposition side credit?
    Villa worked their arses off to stop us getting any momentum oing,and it worked for them.
    Paul,tell me one player who was able to get into better space than Ramsey today.
    He was unlucky not to score…A keepers foot keeps it out.
    For christ sake,why even bring him up?
    He was nowhere near our worst player,yet gets blamed week in,week out and it is just ridiculous.
    Jenkinson couldn’t get a decent cross in today to save his life.
    Gibbs likewise.
    Podolski….yep,same thing.
    That was the killer for us……..we have been getting numbers forward lately and the delivery has been great.
    Today,it was shit.
    I just never understand why the same people are blamed and opposition are treated with such contempt after an ordinary result?

  237. Yes Rico, I know, but injuries robbed us of Walcott, Gervinho has just returned, not sure why Chamakh wasn’t on the bench. I know he isn’t great, but if you need a goal he has to be a better option than Coquelin…

  238. Wow the negativity here is steaming…

  239. Bringing on Jack when we are desperate is dangerous imho, yes in 2/3 months time but no yet….

    Hope a few players get a good rest before Wednesday, Everton will be even tougher….

  240. tell me about it……ox was the worst player on the pitch but you ll see no one knocking him. tell me again why we sent ryo out on loan and kept oxlade? christ help me.

  241. tsGh which jenks u talking, every time he gets the ball he goes backward, Carl Jenkinson is not ready for first team football yet, leave sentiments out, jenk, ramsey and ox overrated

  242. I am with you 100% Scott. I knew the starting line up was going to upset folks on here.

    It was important to not lose today. A win against Moyes places us nicely in a good position.

  243. win against moyes…hahaaaaaaaaaaa

  244. DNA, jenks will get there but oxlade chamberlain havent impressed me yet. the jury is still out on him. now we definitely have to give theo whatever he wants.

  245. Scott, it’s just opinions Digger…
    We all have our favourites and players we don’t rate…

    For example, I think that Holman is pants… ;-)

  246. Esp – I think that’s harsh on Ramsey this season, most of the time he has been out of position.

    Half the prob imho is having Arteta and ramsey together in the middle, both lack pace and today that was our problem, no pace. We really were too pedestrian.

    There were times when a quick break was on but we didn’t take the chance…

    We played into Villas hands by giving them so much time to get organised at the back…

  247. DNA. CJ25 is a defensive RB its just a few here who seem to rate him better than Sagna because he is English. I thought he was very good defensively.

    As I always say SC19 is not what people think he is but it seems like I am the only one who thinks so.

    Capoue is playing tomorrow against Lyon. We really need him and a proper winger in January

  248. what’s so funny DNA, we done it 3 years in a row. moyes isnt maurren or fergusc*nt is he?

  249. We should be happy with a point because that is what we thoroughly deserve. It could have being worse aka Norwich. We are not expecting to win the league are we? Like i said in my previous post if we end up with a 4th place this season we should thank the stars. Its games like this that wins you title at the end of the day. But what do we do? we fluff the line all the time. Quite obvious we need a ball career from the midfielder(Diaby/Wilshere). Wilshere just came back from a long protracted injury and AW is justified to sit him out. Quite obvious we need a CF not a headless chicken like Gervinho. Cazorla needs a rest but our lack of midfield options (Diaby/Rosicky) is telling. We missed Walcott. Cheer up guys and gals. It will get better as the season progresses.
    In summary its a good one point

  250. goon i know jenks is a gooner, but trust me jenks, gibbs, ox, ramsey and frimpong is overrated

  251. That is what i don’t understand either kev, we are playing with the big striker so why not have another on the bench and bring him on…

    Ok he’s not much good but he scored two against Reading ;)

  252. Ginge, is that right about Giroud….?!!!

    Bloody hell, we don’t wanna lose him.

  253. Ox rejecting a 45k contract? ha ha ha only at Arsenal.

    We slate the hardworkers in our team all the time. Wiltord, Lauren, Song, Gilberto…the list goes on and on. If you want to blame anyone blame the Arteta and the Cazorlas who keep passing the ball to each other before they pass to other players…

  254. Evening all,
    Again we have been found out, closed down very quickly all game by Villa, we give the ball away. many will say we kept a clean sheet thats a positive. well think positive 1 point is not good enough. I thought after the Montpellier game that we needed a lot of work my view has not changed.

  255. Scott, I can see what you’re saying. They were all awful today.
    Arsenal FC is not a normal team, we do not suffer normal players to play for us. I am picking out Ramsey as I feel he has more than had a fair chance to do something, and I use to have nothing but time for the guy, after he broke his leg I wanted him to go on and become a world beater, but unfortunately that has not happened, its time for him to move on to a club were so much is not expected from him.

    AV wanted it more today, they were first to every ball, they were far more motivated than our players, I can’t but blame Wenger for that.

    I sat and watch the the match with my dad this evening, on the 67 minute he stated that any minute now Podolski would be coming off and Gervinho brought on, and what happened? not two minutes later the change was made… Its too predictable.

    Wenger could go out and spend 70m in Jan, but nothing in that club would change, that losing mentality is so deeply soaked into the wood of Arsenal that as long as Wenger is in charge it will always be there.

    Whats going on at the club may be acceptable for some fans, but sorry I think the club is better than this, a lot better.

    The club is dying because of the greed of a few people.

  256. tsGH SC19 is the best player at the club he is right up there with cesc, the players i mention above makes him look average

  257. Kev,i know.
    Ramsey is NOT one of my favourite players…..i do not think he is in our best 11.
    I never get on here waffling about how bloody brilliant he is,but i will continue to dispute those dribbling about how bad he is,because it is complete bullshit.
    We were average as a whole….actually,we defended pretty well…..but the same bloke gets pinged every time and i am sick of it.
    Play a new bloody record,because it is boring as shit!
    Kev,Holman is a gun.
    He is a workhorse,and can score a goal..

  258. We only play, when we play against 10. We play like in a playgroud, not in a competition where we must fight fot the points and for the victory.
    This game system works, if we have 11 players without fear of having the ball and they play in front of the opponents. We have several players who are limited, play back, do not progress in the field and therefore not unbalance and give advantage to those who defend.
    Explain me: why AA was in the right and Gervinho on the left ? 10 minutes wasting time…
    Podorsky must play inside the pitch. Don’t produce anything on the left side, is easy to be under control and moreover, our left full back can’t go forward.

  259. Kev I think it was a preventative measure on OG12. Its very important we have the height of OG12 against Everton otherwise without Diaby we will get stampeded.

  260. calm down folks…….its only a game sheesh. i actually thought we did really well with the exception of oxlade, poldi and ramsey.

  261. Oh,and one thing that disappoints me from several of our players.
    If a pass is not at their feet,they give up on it.
    Watch that arsehole Rooney….never stops chasing.

  262. Jenks, Gibbs, Ox, Ramsey and Frimpong are over-rated???

    One is just returning from long term injury

    One has just returned from two months out but was part of a defence that conceded very few goals in our opening games and gave us so much going forward.

    Another was the same as the last one above

    And Ramsey has been played most weeks as a right winger

    Over-rated – I have to disagree….


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    ……………….| ; ; ;,’ , , , _,,-~’’ ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ¯’’~’-,,_ ,,-~’’ , , ‘, ;’,
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    ……………………………………………………’-, ; ; ;,,-~’’’ \\ , ,|, |
    ………………………………………………………’’~-‘’_ , , ,,’,_/–‘

  264. Well that’s what I would have thought made sense Rico…
    Especially as we are playing more crosses into the box now.
    The quality of those crosses is open to debate, but that’s another thing altogether.
    Arshavin doesn’t do enough from the sub’s bench, for me.
    Start him or don’t use him.

  265. ox rejecting 45k a week. thier is only 1 player from england who deserver over 45ka week and its wayne rooney, all the others can’t make 1

  266. tsGH – I dont agree with you par Cazorla. He will grown into that position. But i think he still needs one more season in the EPL to adapt. Mata wasn’t a CAM when he was in Valencia. He plays on the left of the front 3 but took him one full season to adapt. Cazorla will get better with time and that’s why i believe we shouldn’t be too expectant. Lets hope Rosicky returns quickly, he could learn a lot from him

  267. DNA I knew about SC19 before he came to us. The same way I know he is not a CM but a winger. The same as I think M’Villa is not a DM and he will not improve our midfield.

    I am not saying SC19 is a bad player infact I have always said he slows our game down when we do not have a stronger character like JW10 or Abu Doha next to the ‘duopoly’ in midfield.

    With that I blame AW because SC19 is a type of Iniesta and when was the last time Iniesta played through the middle?

  268. Hi emma…

    Dg, that is very good :)

    Scott – that pees me off too, and on days like today they needed to chase the ball because our passing was awful…

  269. rico when AW leave the club no other manager will tarnish thier CV with those average players, they will be shipped out. I miss Alex Song

  270. Ere Dutch, you been smoking the funny fags again? :-P

  271. gdna, i think Theo might disagree with you about wages…

    And who says Ox has rejected a £45K deal with us??

  272. I am with you there Emma. And that is what I have complained about since day one. I have always said we need a No.10 more than a striker in other to get the best out of our Oxs, Theos and OG12.

  273. The mushrooms again DG? lol

  274. Scott, do you fancy writing the match report, yours would be more positive than mine??

  275. gdn, those two sentences don’t go together, you refer to average players and then say you miss Alex Song – A very average player…..

  276. Right I’m off, before Lee and Wath come on, moaning like sin… :-D
    Lata :-)

  277. rico what dna ?

  278. Go steady out there Kev….

  279. Hahaha time well spent guys.

    Thought I would try this telegraph stuff, since my team does it with all their intentions. :P

  280. that was a typo error rico..lol

  281. Sounds like you enjoyed it as much as me Dg….

  282. rico we don’t have a CM or DM better than Song, call him lazy but its true, if AW and SB gave him instruction to play as MA08 he would do better than previous season, MA08 is a liability now because every team study how he plays because he is extremely slow he reminds me of denilson

  283. tsgh isn’t M’Villa injured?

  284. Hi rico ;)

    One component was missing in the midfield (Wilshere/Diaby/Rosicky). This are players that can beat the opponent and move the ball quickly to the final third. As long as one of this 3 keeps on missing we will continue to struggle. Ramsey did pretty well, just that he is a bit slow when it comes to moving the ball quickly to the final third allowing the villa defense to organise. It’s a good point and we shouldn’t beat ourselves over it. It could have being worse.

  285. Dna,you miss Song?
    Well,enough said mate.
    Rico,do you think people actually want a positive report :)

  286. I agree with you Emma,though our midfielders had very few options when looking to offload.
    We had one of our ooohhhh too frequent flat games……not enough movement on OR off the ball…especially off it.

  287. But they didn’t gdna and he was allowed to be too attacking, OR he was told and he ignored the instruction. Also, he was very sloppy with his tackling and gave away far too many free kicks in dangerous areas.

    I don’t think we miss Alex Song, we just missed out on replacing him, that’s where the error is…

  288. That last comment is 100% correct Rico.
    Against some sides,Arteta plays the role brilliantly,but against others,he has little influence.
    Another case of Wenger “making do”.

  289. scott why u think he is such a bad player and the best team to ever play club football takes him in their squad, you think AFC know about footballers more than BFC…well enough said

  290. I thought it was going to worse as the game went by emma…

    I kind of meant your view really Scott, which happens to be a lot more positive than mine…

  291. We miss Song. People blame him for not doing his job but what was his job?

  292. Capoue’s team is playing tomorrow. If anyone is interested in watching Toulouse let me know and I shall post a link.

  293. fair point rico, but whats the point of keeping ramsey, coq, frim, rosicky and diaby and shipping out song

  294. emma is right, Ramsey is slow and we missed a bit of magic in the midfield which jack gave against Montpellier in the second half, and Arteta isn’t the quickest either – between the two of them they slowed the play down a lot today.

    That and poor passing, so often the ball was played behind the player or too short, all of which helped Villa big time…

  295. You guys spill way too many words on this game.

    We telegraphed our intentions throughout the match, as we have done for several seasons now.

    Arsenal lost the edge of surprise. No team panics anymore. That’s abundantly clear to me.

  296. rico – This are the kind of games we tend to lose when we are awful but I’m happy with the point ;)

  297. I am with you DNA re Barca buying Song. The same way the fans use to boo Gilberto whenever he gave the ball away in midfield.

    I am not saying we should not have sold him though. His attitude stunk. I heard he had his house up for sale in February so he wanted to go. AW should have bought Capoue as a replacement but now it is almost too late as I am hearing PSG want him too.

  298. Rico I thought you said Arteta was not slow 2 days ago? :D

  299. Frimpong deserves a chance, he’s on loan now to prove himself so he’s not in the picture.

    Ramsey divides opinion, always will do and me personally, i couldn’t care less if he stays or goes. Diaby I would have sold a long time ago, Rosicky was/is a good player with great experience, a really good squad player imho.

    Coquelin, well as I said earlier, he can go in Jan as far as I am concerned..

    As can Chamakh, Squilli, Fabianski, Mannone, Djourou and Santos….

  300. Could have sworn I said, he’s ‘not that slow’ Tsgh ;)

  301. Dna,yeah,he is having such a massive influence over there lol.
    You’re the man.
    Song was a lazy piece of shit who cost us more goals through slack defending and lack of effort last season than he set up.
    I guess ignorance is bliss,and if you are a ballwatching fan,it is easy to see a man play a great pass than it is to NOT see a man who isn’t where he should be.
    Song to Barca was payback for the Cesc debacle.
    As Rico said though,he should have been replaced,and to upgrade on him would have been bloody easy!!

  302. tsGH u r absolutely right BFC is a bigger organisation than AFC, there is no way any football organisation can out smart BFC, so whoever thought afc won that deal is fooled, song is not that bad as people have him to be, AW turns song in a proper footballer and we eventually sold him

  303. And the same words Dg, all too often…

    emma, we would but, I just get so frustrated and annoyed when we play like we did. We all know they can play better, but why don’t they….

  304. A very sound 1 point and I am content with it. Over the last 2 years whenever we have played a team who have not won over a long period we almost always lost. Bear in mind we played on Wednesday against the Stoke of France whilst Manure played on Tuesday with their 3rd team on Tuesday and played at home today.

  305. Pulling your legs Rico. ;)

    Where is Mr Lee?

  306. Sorry Rico,but i will give the report a miss.
    Mainly because plenty will not want to hear anything positive,and will tear it to shreds because i do not think we were that bad…not saying we were great,mind you.

  307. scott not even cesc is having a good time over there its a big organisation, Barcelona is world power in soccer, so why you think song was going over there to walk in the team? remeber they have the greatest human being to kick a soccer

  308. Dna,if Barca is so fucking smart,why are they so fucking broke,genius??

  309. Sorry mate,we should just agree to disagree on this one…best for all.

  310. DNA

    See what I mean. We even telegraph our transfer needs. First we prove the world we are missing a midfield engine. Only to complain about asking prices later. Enough said. ;)

  311. @ scott..lol this is not about money its about tropies, ask yourself why every player want to play for a team that is broke….Genius

  312. I’ll let you off then Tsgh ;)

    I thought you might Scott, I might too ;)

    Why are we even bothering to argue about barca, leave it guys as I want to go soon and no squabbling about that bunch of buffoons…

  313. I personally do not understand fans issue with Frimpong? He has had 3 bad games for us. 1 against Olympiacos last year, the 2nd against Aston Villa away when we lost 2-1 and the Reading game where I thought he struggled against the Reading 5 v 2 in midfield in the first half.

    He has been sent off once and that was on 2 yellow cards? How many times did Paddy get sent off and let the team down?

  314. its just a friendly banter rico..lol

  315. Dutch,the problem with “playong the Arsenal way” means our youth academy is not exatly designed these hard nosed midfielders that we lack.
    We really should have got Capoue or M’Villa already,and let Arteta do what he does best.

  316. Dna,Ronaldo doesn’t lol!!??

  317. Not many have got issues with Frimpong, just the odd one or two….

  318. Another one to forget, remember when we used to go away from home and pick up points for fun.
    Now some think we should be happy picking up a point from Villa, a team with one of the worst home records in the premiership.
    What a fall from grace.

    Scott, as for Wenger ‘making do’ you do make me laugh, he was only telling us how special this team was last week.

  319. @tsgh u really mention Paddy and dench in the same para? lol

  320. Scott- Barca is a UN team. ;)

    They will never go down. Spain are bankrupt whilst 70% of both team squad are on an average of £120k a week. Those same hungry guys are always calling for signings… enough said

  321. Ginge,i think we would all like to see Frimpong get some game time and Show he is back up to speed.

  322. Glad to hear it gdna ;)

    Or that Celtic guy Scott, Wanamaya or however it’s spelt…

  323. scott u having a laugh, the only reason ronaldo would never go to barca because he won’t be the franchise player, as i said earlier MESSI is the god of soccer, so u r just going to be a squad player

  324. Villa were there for battering Micko, we just left the desire and commitment back in London…

  325. Scott matey.

    That was my point earlier about ‘grooming’ young DMs. Mid twenties is the ideal age. Yet we suffice with impatient apprentices.

  326. BFC will always be at the top because they have the best youth programme in world football

  327. Micko,as mich as i defend Wenger,playing lads out of position is a massive weakness,imo.
    We may get away with it for a while,but it invarialy bites us in the arse.
    Ginge,i never suggested Barca would fold,but any club with an open bank account and no responsibilty can buy success.
    To compare them to us is really a waste of time.

  328. @scott, good players play any position, the same broke barca team rarely uses 4 defenders or cf in any competition, so i wont blame AW for playing them out of position, majority of our players are just below standard

  329. lol. Personally I have no respect for Paddy. Did he not say we are not a bid club in 2001 because we did not spend £30M on a player?

    I for one do not call any player a living legend. I know a few proper legends who have had their limps amputated and are on peanut wages and never complain. Footballers earn truck loads and dis their employers, I have no respect for. My team winning a trophy does not pay my bills. :x

  330. @tsGH lol.. soccer is about success on the pitch, u ain’t playing..lol

  331. Micko – It could have being worst, we could have lost today just like we did in Norwich. This team hopefully will come good and we will experience those hay days once more. We will continue to experience a little bearish here and there but I am bullish about this team in the 2nd half of the season

  332. I’m calling it a day folks, Bit of Strictly & X-Factor, followed by I’m a celeb, i sure know how to spend my Saturday nights…

    Be good all, not too much bickering ;)

    Have a good one, Night all…

  333. keep the faith emma, thats what it is..lol

  334. Its too boring now really. Too much negativity. I am out guys. Enjoy the rest of the day or evening where-ever you are. peace.

  335. gdna – If BFC has the best youth programme in world football then why do they still coming fishing in AFC on Song, Cesc, Henri, Hleb etc?

  336. hahahahaahh you lot should have a show……..it should be named ” FLOGGING”. jeez guys we talk about the same shit every day. am getting quite dizzy. all you all do is go around in circles. christ help me.

  337. because they r world power emma

  338. am good bro…….just chilling with some fly latinos in hibachi grill……….am loving my life lately brother. arsenal or not my life continues bro.

  339. meant at hibachi grill…..damned this latinos are so hot i can’t even type right. christ help me.

  340. At first sight I realized this wet field will cost us points. Was not disappointed. We struggle when circumstances require us to adapt. Draws concentration away from our focus.

    Our spirit leaves wanting if things aren’t clean and crisp. All our high-end facilities are aimed at pampering.

  341. Dutch,good point.
    It is a fact that our game is not suited to a wet pitch,and that is why i am even more disappointed at our inability to get a decent cross in.

  342. Does anyone want a positive??
    Well,if one thing stood out,it’s this………Jack Wilshere is a superstar and we have got him!!
    This game showed exactly how good he is,because we missed him badly.

  343. Scott

    Good point likewise re. Jack.

  344. Putting my patriotic cap on,Arsenal should set up some sort of scouting and training academy in Australia.
    Our kids are starting to get top quality training from great coaches from an early age,and the likes of Kewell,Emerton and Cahill quality footballers will be a much more common thing in the future.
    Oz has always produced great sportsman,and it has only been the top class training that has held us back.
    In 10 or 15 years time,we will have plenty of players in the PL,and our national side will be a much more formidable force.
    Get in early,Arsenal,spend some money here and reap the rewards.

  345. We need Fernandinho (Schacktar)

  346. I’m off Gunners.

    Enjoy your day or evening wherever you may be. Red&White, over and out.

  347. Nite dutch, not putting a roof on The Emirates was a big mistake !

    Emma, you don’t sound so sure yourself.

  348. Micko,apart from being a scouser,Emma is a champion.
    How is your part of the world??
    Why don’t Arsenal set up training programmes in various countries??
    I am serious when i say we will be producing more and more top players,so now is the time to get in.
    Spend some money,and you’d have every football playing kid in the country wanting to play for Arsenal.
    It would probably fund itself in shirt sales!!

  349. DNA, I don’t recall Messi being the God of football when he’s wearing an Argentina shirt…

    Maybe you undervalue a little, how much ‘God’ relies on his Barca team mates…

    Maradona, Pele, Cruyff, and many others were Gods in average club sides and Gods at international level….

    Maradona turned Napoli into Serie A champions on his own…
    He didn’t have Iniesta, Xavi et al, to help him…

  350. Micko

    Was thinking the roof thing during the Montpelier CL game. :)

    Off now for sure. Nite peeps.

  351. how is the cricket team scott?

  352. allezkev was soccer more competitive now or then. I have never witnessed a better play than messi, all those players u mention are good players but messi is great, its not too late for him to do it in an Argentina shirt because he is still young, he just a special talent like it yer or no

  353. As far as Barca the club are concerned.
    Well they are bankrupt, but supported by Spanish Banks.
    The Spanish Banks are bankrupt, but they are supported by the Spanish Government.
    The Spanish Government is bankrupt, but they are supported by the European Union.
    The European Union is bankrupt, but they are supported by the German’s…
    And to a lesser degree by Britain, Denmark and Holland.

    So British taxpayers are helping to pay Messi’s wages perhaps?

  354. DNA, put Messi in the Atletico Madrid team and if they win La Liga, then I will agree with you..

  355. DNA, it’s good to talk… :-)

  356. Where’s Adam….?

  357. kev saying that to say what? Any organisation that is supported by so many people u mention is important, i not interested in their finances, i leave IG to debate on other clubs finances, i’m just defending the reason they bought song is because he is a good player, while other persons think he was just useless, thats the only reason i mention barca, i’m am a afc fan not barca fan, but i admired good players when i c them. any business can be bankrup

  358. anywhere u put messi he is going to be awesome, the guy is awesome, even AW say he is like a play station

  359. DNA, I understand mate, but personally I have never been in awe of Barca.
    There is no getting away from the quality of their football and the success they have.
    But there is also a lorry load of bullshit associated with that club.

  360. Messi is a great player DNA.
    The finest, possibly, of the present generation.
    A generation that plays on perfect surfaces and in a game devoid of hard tackling…

  361. kev i’m only interested in the playing side the other bs is not my concern, its a big organisation they might have a case to be the best club side ever, we should look at who directs the organisation because they all have soccer knowledge, which is a big speed bum in our association.

  362. from http://www.eurosport.com
    Aston Villa climbed out of the Premier League’s bottom three with a drab 0-0 draw at home to Arsenal at Villa Park.
    Neither side produced their best football in sodden conditions. Arsenal’s best chances came to players who could be charitably described as ‘not natural finishers’ – Laurent Koscielny, Aaron Ramsey and Carl Jenkinson.
    Villa coped better with the rain, but came no closer than with Brett Holman’s second half drive that Wojciech Szczesny pushed onto the crossbar.
    The silver lining for Villa is that they climb to 17th, ahead of Reading, and can take satisfaction from a clean sheet having conceded eight against the Manchester clubs in their last two games.
    Paul Lambert served a touchline ban, and may have been grateful as he could huddle in the dry at the back of the stands while his opposite number Arsene Wenger got a soaking.
    Wenger made several changes three days after playing in the Champions League on Wednesday, and with a trip to Everton looming on Wednesday.
    Full-backs Carl Jenkinson and Kieran Gibbs came in, while Theo Walcott remained sidelined with a minor shoulder complaint.
    Villa’s more direct style helped them make the early running – Andreas Weimann saw an early cross-shot palmed away while Gabriel Agbonlahor had a penalty claim turned down by Lee Mason after an excellent Per Mertesacker challenge.
    Arsenal eventually got into their stride – Aaron Ramsey shifted the ball nicely to get a shot away that Brad Guzan saved with his feet.
    Then, just before half-time, Koscielny missed the best chance of the half. The defender turned to meet a low cross with a left-foot shot that he scooped over the bar from eight yards.
    Jenkinson’s chance came just after the hour mark, when Olivier Giroud flicked on a Mikel Arteta corner and the defender skied his shot under little pressure.
    Ramsey did no better when Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain beat Ciaran Clark and whipped in a low cross that the Welshman could not direct goalwards.
    Agbonlahor had another chance when Benteke dragged the ball into his path, but the Villa captain fired at Szczesny.
    The best moment of an otherwise forgettable game came on 78 minutes from Holman, who smashed a 25-yard shot that Szczesny did well to touch onto the bar.
    Arsenal’s fans questioned their team’s passion as they trudged off after another disappointing result. They are already 10 points behind the Premier League leaders – a figure that will increase if Manchester City win on Sunday.

  363. It’s virtually impossible to say who is the greatest DNA…

    For me, it’s Cruyff, but that’s a personal preference…

    I never saw Matthews or di Stefano or Puskas or many others whose names escape me.

    Personally I think that Messi and Ronaldo are on a par…

    Given a choice to join Arsenal (a dream I know) I would take Ronaldo, as he has done it in England before…

  364. kev he is voted the best player on the planet on numerous occasion so i’m not the only 1 who regard him so highly

  365. Inbox Rico!!!
    I weakened.

  366. Dna,we are on top of the Suth Africans mate….aren’t they the top dogs in world cricket atm??

  367. kev impossible for u, christian ronaldo can’t lace messi boots

  368. Scott, nothing ever changes in this part of the world, it never stops fecking raining, if you do make it across to the Emerald Isles next year you’ll need to put your watch back 20 years.

    dna, it’s all good, even Arsenal, just in small doses though.

  369. Dna,i said Song was lazy and irresponsible,not useless.

  370. Micko,i don’t need to know what time it is when throwing down pints mate:)

  371. The Barca model, as it is, could not work in England, without a rich benefactor…
    It works in Spain because it is subsidised…

    Surely what goes on off-field affects what goes on on-field, so you cannot say you are only interested on what they do on the field….
    Well, you can of course, but what they can do is unusual, to say the least…

  372. Ronaldo and Messis are totally different types of players playing in entirely different types of clubs.
    I can see both sides of the conversation here,but until Messi carries a nation,he can’t quite claim the all time top billing.

  373. DNA, he can be voted The Pope mate, he hasn’t done outside of his comfort zone of Barcelona…

    For Argentina he has been a failure…

    Outside of his comfort zone!

  374. Well said on Barca,AK.
    Different world,they are in.
    Nobody ever questions their onfield quality,but those thinking logically will always question their off field dealings.

  375. Righto, I’m off now, no fighting DNA & Scott, or else Mick will get ya..
    Night Gooners

  376. Anyway I’m voting for Mick to be the next Pope.
    Gone now…

  377. Micko as pope…..what the hell,why not??

  378. Afternoon fellow Gooners!!

  379. Morning Scott,

    How nice to find your mail in my inbox, saves me a nasty chore this morning.

    Many thanks…

  380. Edit away Queen!!
    I found it soooooothing :)

  381. i’m onto it :)

  382. New Post up…

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