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Wenger confirms a striker could join in January. Huntelaar linked as are Adidas….

Morning folks,

A few days ago, Arsene Wenger set us all off moaning when he hinted that Thierry Henry would be the answer to all our prayers in January, well, that’s if we were all crying out for one in the striker department of course.

Since then though, Arsene has kind of backtracked.

I just spoke about that because people asked me, I said I don’t rule it out because he’s in good shape but I haven’t made up my mind yet. I haven’t spoken to Thierry about it. I just answered a question honestly that I have not completely decided how I will sort it out in my head.

We maybe looking at a striker because Gervinho is going to the Africa Cup of Nations. 

I know we have all heard the ‘we maybe looking at’ lines many times over from the manager and I seriously doubt that we should take this very seriously. Wenger seldom speaks the truth when if comes to transfers and answering questions from the media.

Who knows though, maybe he’ll shock us and sign Huntelaar?

Wenger has also been talking about the weak and wounded.

Santos is out for another ten days and Walcott remains sidelined for Aston Villa but could be ok by the time we travel to Everton a few days later. 10 days with an abdominal strain. Oxlade-Chamberlain looks alright which is bizarre as I didn’t even know he was injured…

Abou Diaby – if all goes well, he will be back in three to four years weeks. Part of me will be glad to see him back, but there is another part which hopes he doesn’t return to full fitness until February, IF, that means Wenger will finally stop relying on our crock and sign a defence minded midfielder in January. Arteta cannot play every fixture this season!

Tomas Rosicky is back in training and should be fit and ready to link up with the rest of the squad on Monday.

The return of Rosicky is a huge boost. Last year from January to the end of the season he was on fire, he’d signed a new contract and earned every penny of it. he really was good and if he comes back and finds that same kind of form, his return is massive.

Apparently he had suffered a similar injury to Scott Parker and they had operations at the same time. Funny enough, Parker is due back very soon, so this is one time we can’t knock our medical staff..

Today we are meant to hear something from the club in relation to a new kit deal and it’s suspected that Nike will be Gonners and Adidas will be the new supplier. Lets hope they come up with some decent shirt designs if this turns out to be true.

Finally, former Holland striker Erik Meijer has added fuel to the ‘Huntelaar to Arsenal’ speculation by insisting that we are currently in the driving seat for his compatriot’s signature.

According to the information I have, Huntelaar will be gone in the winter

Asked where the ex-Ajax, Real Madrid and AC Milan forward was going, Meijer replied:

Arsenal FC are the favourites to land him.

Now that would be nice eh?

That’s it for another day, Aston Villa tomorrow, another must win for us….


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134 comments on “Wenger confirms a striker could join in January. Huntelaar linked as are Adidas….

  1. [...] Wenger confirms a striker could join in January. Huntelaar linked as are Adidas…. [...]

  2. Morning all,

    Rico you killed me with this line ‘Abou Diaby – if all goes well, he will be back in three to four years weeks.’ Lmao.

    I am disappointed you did not drop the Santos muscle line again though. ;)

    As I said in September, whenever AW has said 3-4 weeks about certain players he means just before the transfer window opens so that he can reveal the player as a’ like a new signing’.

    Erik Meijer is only good at one thing, that is making his way to a decent club and then flopping there. No disrespect to him but this was the man who publicly stated ‘you know who’ will not be joining manure. I know Magnetben mentioned on here yesterday that Erik made the bold Klaas comment but AW saying that Gerv is away tempararily sort of says we are not going to buy this January.

  3. Huntelaar……lovely.
    Morning all.

  4. Morning all….

    Thank goodness the winds have finally passed….

  5. Did anyone watch the Borussia Dortmund Under-19s v Rosenborg Under-19s nextGen match yesterday? I am hearing Rosenborg have some real stays in their team and they are topping the Dortmond U-19 in talent especially Serge Gamwanya who they say is a player and a half.

  6. Thanks Tsgh – can’t use the same line twice though… ;)

  7. I’d love Huntelaar Scott, right age, right experience, would just have hope he’d be ok in the PL….

  8. i would want wenger 2 sign smart,powerful,experienced striker.some 1 that can threaten the opponent defence.the fans we be glad to see the club doing such thing

  9. Talking of sponsorships, the great king TH14 has moved from Nike to Puma according to Dench.

    Emmanuel Y Frimpong ‏@Frimpong26AFC

    I did a cool advert for Puma today featuring me and Thierry Henry coming out soon its gonna be DENCH

  10. He’d be fine i reckon Rico.
    I’d worry more about a 22 year old.
    At his age,we also onow he sn’t looking at the club as a stepping stone.
    Let us all hope it happens.

  11. Scott- We could have got him 4 years ago but AW said he did not offer much to play apart from scoring. He even said the same during the summer at the euros but maybe AW was just being supportive to ‘you know who’.Knowing AW and his philosophy signing Klaas will be a change in a major point in view for Arsene.

    At 29 years old Klaas has not been able to change his game since he came through and that explains why he was sold by both AC, and Real. Even when we played against Schalke 04, Klaas appears to do nothing but score at least once when he gets 2 chances.

  12. 50% strike rate will do us lol.
    He gives us another option,and that is what is starting to serve us well…..plenty of goal scoring options.
    The mighty Arsenal are ticking over nicely.
    Let’s face it…..we would all love a Cavani or Falcao,but it just won’t happen,so Huntelaar is a more than decent replacement…..if it happens!

  13. I doubt he’d struggle to settle either Scott…

    Tsgh – I strongly suspect it was about he who has now gone. They don’t get on do they ;)

  14. What is happening at Schalke…..both Huntelaar and Holtby running down their contracts??
    Thought it only happens at our club……..if you listened to plenty,that is :)

  15. Nike don’t tend to sponsor the old has beens Tsgh, even Martina Navratilova switched to Puma, mind you, she was fifty something at the time ;)

  16. Just imagine if we got both Holtby and Hunter – Both cheap in Jan or free in the summer, just add a Dm, defender who can play left and a Gk and we’d really be strong…

  17. Dnt worry die hard fans!! I will buy a top striker, left back and defensive midfielder.

  18. Agreed Rico!!

  19. Welcome Cityboy and AW…

  20. I think Arshavin and Chamakh will be gone in january…

  21. Hi all,
    I’m still hoping we’re not adding Walcott to that list Rico.
    Seems Man City is going to offer 15m for Zaha.

  22. Zaha would be mad to go to Citeh…..they do not know how to make a champion!!

  23. Hughes has been sacked and twitchy is taking over!

  24. Morning Gooners…
    Nice post Rico…..

    Not sure about Chamucka leaving, he’s gonna be at ACN.
    Nobody gonna take him until summer IMHO…
    Arshavin?! Not sure about him?
    He could go as the Russian season is different.
    But I’d prefer him to stay, as we need the cover…
    Squillaci is the only one who I’d definately get shot of…
    Either that or run him in The Grand National….

  25. Harry’s back…

  26. Howz this for showing what winning does. A Super rugby final with my local team hosting it cost me R400 (around 30 Pounds) and that’s about the same price for an International friendly rugby game. South Africa are playing Norway in a football friendly. Tickets are a flat fee of R50 (around 3.5 Pounds).

  27. Mark Hughes has been sacked…

  28. I should have F5, sorry Lee :)

    Thanks Ak

    Bradster – I’m starting to believe he might stay…

  29. Rico, Queen Victoria has passed away! ;)

  30. Is Arry really taking over at Qpr?? Hope not..

  31. What, in Eastenders Lee ;)

    The reason i think AA Kev is he’s not being used in the CL..

    And Chamakh, well he’s not even making the bench …

  32. We have signed a new shirts deal with The Emirates, £150M :)

  33. Back in a bit….

  34. wow. £150 M no excuses now.

    Scott about Schalke contracts situation. All clubs have that situation now across Europe. Even Alonso is running his RM contract down and the proper oilers Anzhi of Russia have the same situation with several of their players wanting to move western. ;)

  35. Kev and Dev I am having my ceremonial Kofte after the sacking of Hughes. :grin:

    How can a coach who is so arrogant and disrespectful towards his fellow colleagues not be treated exactly the same way? He promised that whilst he was in charge of QPR they would never be in or around the bottom 3 again. Bold statement.

  36. Actually the deal is c**p. It is believed to include the naming rightsof the stadium as well. The board are a bunch of jokers with no negotiation skills. Get DG in there I say…

    He are still behind the scousers and chavs and we are not even mentioning the manchester clubs yet?

  37. Hi guys

    I dont understand the obsession with Huntelaar, why would he leave shalke for Arsenal when Shalke are definitely looking sharp and better than us and still in the champions league for and then make himself ineligible to play in the champion’s league ?

    He is not stupid , if he is going to leave Shalke for Arsenal i believe he is smart enough to wait till the summer.

    Then …..

    Sad to hear about Hughes, dont really like him but he is a descent coach and he should have stayed at Fulham.

    Harry to QPR? That guy would take any job

  38. Don’t think it will be any of the linked players. I think the player to come in,if anyone does come in, will be someone from the French league or someone who is a lot less expensive.

  39. I don’t share the enthusiasm about Huntelaar. I have serious question marks about whether he will be a good fit with us. Not worth the risk for me. He’s not a special player. Just a clinical finisher of good chances. He won’t improve us in a way that will make us world beaters. He’s not the answer for me. He won’t help the team click, but the team will have to click for him to be of any use. Don’t think that’s what we need.

  40. Nothing to do with Adidas, it has just been confirmed that Emirates are running a NEW 5 year deal worth £30m per year.


  42. Harry, never one to undersell himself….
    His advisors would have been working on this deal for a couple of weeks.
    And just to make sure that QPR are panicked into giving Harry everything he wants, at the 11th hour start talks with Ukraine, smart move…
    Also, make sure he takes over on Monday…
    Don’t want a tricky game at Old Toilet spoiling his image do we?!
    And so, on Monday, Harry rides in, on his white charger, to save the day and to give all those stupid journo’s the quips and jokes those saddos so sorely miss.

    You couldn’t make it up….

    Kofte Ginge, hmm, chilli sauce and tons of salad, luvly… :-)

  43. Tsgh, you sure the deal includes the stadium?

  44. Yes Rico the deal on the Stadium is also extended to 2028…! All part of the same deal so is it such a great deal or have we undersold ourselves once again..??

  45. Thanks Wath, in which case, it’s not as good as I thought, typical!

  46. @TSGH:
    Its the second biggest deal after OT. And every one has to give in something.

  47. Lee, I’m still mourning Tom Hanks !

  48. @W.A.T.H

    We extended it from 2021 to 2028. And shirt deal is till 2018-19 only.

  49. Me too Micko… Huntelaar is an upgrade on chamakh I don’t know too much about an obsession with him!

  50. We haven’t seen the actual contract but we can say that stadium deal extension may be signed with the same contract but the amount 30 mln is only for T-shirt and kit sponsorship.

  51. Fergie has re-opened old wounds with Benitez, should be fun ahead….

  52. It is a good deal. From £5.5m to £30m for a period of 5years and possible extension which will be renegotiated excluding the addidas deal(£25m) which hasnt being announced. So we are looking at £55m annually on sponsors and shirt deals. I guess we don’t have to sell Squillaci ;)

  53. Need to see a few more details, but if there is any suspicion that the club has been undersold, then heads should roll…

    Like Wath, I’m interested to see what Adidas have planned.
    They did give us a few shockers, but overall I prefer them to Nike…

  54. SO we’ve thrown in an 8 yr stadium naming rights for free then if it’s 30bar per year just for the shirts…? Obviously it’s not 30bar for the shirts it’s a mix of both so the spin from the club about being a mega deal is as usual way over the top, it’s a good deal which on reflection of where the club are on the pitch is about what we could of expected but why do the board have to give it all the bells and whistles when it is clearly NOT a mega deal.

  55. MUFC(Chevrolet) £40m
    Arsenal (Emirates) £30m
    Liverpool (Standard Charter) £20m
    MCFC (Etihad) £20m
    Sunderland (Invest in Africa) £20m
    Chelsea (Samsung) – £13.8m

  56. S2S, so that means we’ll be playing at the ‘Emirates’ (ugh) for the next 15 years…

  57. Wonder if the stadium naming rights will look so cool by 2020???

  58. Best not emma as we’ll have to pay to scrap him…

    Got to go again, back late afternoon…

  59. What am not too happy about is the stadium naming right(2028). Football is expanding and fast biz. 2028 is an awfully longtime.

  60. AK, I bet we’ve asked for a wad up front from Emirates and for that we’ve given then the naming rights extension…!

  61. ManUre get £40million and Old Toilet is still Old Toilet…

    Yes Wath, it does kinda show where we are.
    I wonder if we had any other interested parties bidding against Emirates?

  62. Prob not AK it would mean commercial would have to get off their arses and generate interest…!

  63. the comment of Wenger on buying new strikers are pass by which shall not come to past he is ever like that he like young players more than experience one

  64. That’s right Wath, read between the lines and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be…!

  65. At least arsenal will be raking in £120m annually by the time you include TV deals(£65m-£70m) and gate takings. And when you include selling our captains or best players that factors into at least £150m ;)

  66. Exactly AK,
    It’s decent for sure but if they want to say it’s a 30bar a year shirt deal then they have given away 7yr naming rights fro free then have they…?
    If it’s for BOTH then it’s not a 30bar a yr shirt deal its a joint amount for both and as said still decent but not mega by any menas but also again it shows where we are as a club, we not top we not winning so can we really expect mega deals…? no would be the answer…!

  67. Gazides was giving the ‘Big ‘Un’ recently, wonder what he’ll be saying in 4 or 5 years time?
    That’s if he’s still at Arsenal…

    So this is the financial windfall the club have been bragging about.
    Off to work, well pissed off, lata

  68. WATH – that is what it means we have given away 7yrs naming rights for free. The only good thing now is the shirt deal could be negotiated when it expires in 2018. There is no way we can get a mega deal like MUFC when we have not being winning trophies for the last 7yrs. So to all parties concerned it’s a fair deal.

  69. It’s a crap deal when your giving things away Emma, we only in 2012 naming rights in place til 2021, you can’t tell me we couldn’t get 5bar a year for ten years in 2018.2019….!?!!?

    I bet it’s tied into the fact we’ve managed to get a wad paid up front to cover the short fall on income til the tv rights kick in AND to cover us not qualifying for CL…!

    So un-ambitious….!

  70. Considering we’ve been so gash lately, I think it’s a pretty fair deal.

  71. And as for Huntelaar – not for me. Giroud is finally getting it right. No need to rock the boat at the mo. Plus I’ve never rated the guy anyway.

  72. If Giroud should score 25 goals this season Man city could come knocking with a £30Mil offer and you know the board will not like anything more than posting a profit bigger than last year – they will sell :) so that takes us to £180mil

  73. Hi there W.A.T.H, I am with you on the grade C deal the board are trying to spin as a grade A+ deal. Liverpools 20M deal is for their match day jerseys, they get another £5M for training jersey.

    The stadium naming rights was like Gadafi’s idea not to go into exile when Sarkozy came kicking. Shooting ones self in the foot comes to mind. The thing is we were desperate for money so we sold ourselves to who ever offered us anything.
    Most know that once the first name goes on a stadium the name is stuck so no other corporation worth their salt like DG ;) will offer you extra to place their name on a stadium that has been called Emirates for 6 old years. Can you imagine an announcement like the emirates will be called the Benz Arena from 2014?

    When you factor in inflation it is a poor deal am afraid.

    Typical gaffes on stadium naming include St. James or Sports Direct and the Dutch Philips Stadium. Those names are stuck for ever.

  74. Last Updated: Friday, November 23, 2012 at 14:12 UK
    Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis has claimed that Arsene Wenger will be given a chunk of the money brought in by a new sponsorship deal.

    The Gunners extended their partnership with Emirates Airlines this morning in a deal worth £150m, and Gazidis claims that the deal was made for footballing reasons.

    The Arsenal board has been criticised for not providing Wenger with enough money to compete for trophies in recent years, but Gazidis insists that the Frenchman will have more resources to play with due to this deal.

    “The deal is all about football. It is all about giving us the resources in what we believe is a responsible and well managed way, to be able to invest in what we put onto the pitch for our fans,” said Gazidis.

    “We have been able to talk to Emirates about the payment terms and bring some of them forwards, so that we will have additional money in this financial year which will be able to invest in the summer.

    “Those decisions on investment are made by our manager, and he has done an outstanding job of managing the resources of the club over time, and we expect that to continue, but he will have more resources available.”

    The deal sees Emirates retain their shirt sponsorship until the end of the 2018/19 season, while their name will continue to adorn the Arsenal stadium until 2028.

  75. Huuntelaar, got a feeling that he’s a diversion…
    Wenger is quite happy to let that story run whilst he’s looking elsewhere… IMHO.
    What about that guy in the lower division’s, scoring all those goals (can’t think of his name, where are ya Coach?), and j don’t mean Zaha.

  76. If Sunderland can get 20 bars for ‘Invest in Africa’ then Ivan and Lilley should really look them selves in the mirror. Ita a typical Arsenal way, they gain 1 they lose 2.

    Where is the Micko & Goonie Telecoms deal Stan promised? :D

  77. Wonder how Swiss Ramble will dissect this financial package?

  78. I would rather go for Robert Lewandowski next summer or Alexander Meier of frankfurt this January. As I said before AW signing Klaas will be like AW signing a Scott parker. They are both 1 dimensional, something AW record records as failure with Suker and Jeffers.

  79. Charlie Austin has that Giroud history about him. He has learnt his trade so he will appreciate the step up to us if we go for him.


  80. Gazidis is spouting on like wenger doesn’t have money to spend though and that this is such a great deal to give Arsene more money, he already has pot fulls and we still don’t spend it so whats the point, bet they still put the bloody tkts up in May…!

  81. The ticket price increment will pay for Lilleys salary. :D

  82. A proper fox in the box like Voller

  83. Career record of Stefan Kießling is 112 goals in 320 games. That is better than Llorente and Torres and almost as good as rooney.

  84. @Emma

    I think its status quo on our naming rights. By that I mean, we must be getting the amount what we are getting right now for the name of the stadium. And the new deal might also mean that we might get same amount or some what higher amount on that.

    But its still an assumption based on what I have read. Until we get a look at contract, we can’t know anything for sure.

  85. And tbh even if every one has problem with Emirates, I don’t mind it. They are one of the main reasons we have this beautiful stadium. And for that if we have to let go of 2-3 millions a year I won’t mind that, otherwise there won’t be no difference between AFC and certain United player. Loyalty should always be rewarded.

  86. RICO, you and i have been pushing for Huntelaar for a long time. He is one of the best strikers out there. If he played on bayerne munich, he would probably score as much as gomez. Thats saying alot. If we do our jobs from midfield and the wings, he should also be spectacular finishing for us. BUT — i find it hard to believe that hes coming, because its almost too good to be true. And haha someone said hes an upgrade on chamakh ? That is the understatement of the century!

  87. New deal covers 5-year extension in shirt sponsorship from 2014 to 2019 plus 7-year extension in stadium naming rights from 2021 to 2028.

    This represents a significant improvement over current deal: £90m for 8 years shirt sponsorship plus 15 years stadium naming rights.

    Likelihood is naming rights element of deal is worth very little. Current £90m deal includes £42m for naming rights, so only £2.8m a year.

    If that is unchanged, then that would be worth around £20m of new deal (7 years x £2.8m).

    That would leave £130m for shirt sponsorship (+ training kit), so £26m a year, compared to current £5.5m.

    If naming rights extension effectively worth nothing, due to “stickiness” of Emirates name, then shirt sponsorship worth £30m a year.

    Either way, this is higher than every other club with the exception of Manchester United’s Chevrolet deal (£45m).

    The deal could also be worth more if team is successful, as bonus payments for success likely to be included in contract.

    So, an impressive deal, though question is how good it will look in a few years time when other leading clubs renegotiate their deals.

    Also, there should be a similar uplift when Arsenal renegotiate Nike kit supplier deal with Adidas strongly rumoured to be replacement.

  88. i want more players from begium for defeance and more spanish mid but thats just me…forward id look argentina or brasil but its al about the cash so we will se

  89. Afternoon Goooooooooooners,

    This new deal sounds more like a ‘Marshal Plan’ the way Ivan Gazillions is framing its benefits.

    No such thing as free lunch. The fans will pay for this free of charge naming rights. Keeps our policy penny wise pound foolish for the next decade. Expect Sagna to be sold peeps. Consequential to make up for this canard, once the numbers make sense to our negotiators.

    Either Arsenal are doomsday preppers once again OR more likely they wanted this deal on the books before writing off on dead wood substantially. It’s clear us retaining the wrong players has to be counter weighed for self-sustainability. After deduction, funds will come available for AW. Whatever is left of it.

    Huntelaar is a twat. Dressing room vortex when things don’t go his way. Will XL classified him accordingly. Teambuilding not his forte. Everyday prodigy and plays for an outlet of his routine frustrations.

  90. SD London at 2:11 pm. I doubt OG12 will be sold or he will personally push for a move soon as Chelski offered 20M euro for him at Montpellier but he claims he supports us so he chose us and we paid less for him.Then again we have heard that before so many times now. We all know a pay increment from £60k p/w to $hi££y £120k p/w will sway anyone. ;)

  91. Hi GD I called for you marketing and negotiation input and you have no let us down.

    Doomsday Preppers ahh?lol

  92. Hiya Ginge,

    This ‘stickiness’ of the name not worth value is bogus. Do we still buy a Raider bar or is it Twix these days? Human condition has its flaws, namely selective memory. Information either gets fortified or suppressed depending on its relevancy in the here and now. So basically positive reinforcement is providing services which we should get paid for.

    It’s worth nothing because Emirates is plastered all over our planet. Penetration of the mind doesn’t require being Arsenal’s home ground. Mind you, that’s from the perspective of the sponsor not the sponsored.

  93. Good day all,

    You’ve gotta larf! Old ‘Arry to QPR!..

    What is with these owners? No sooner do they sack one muppet, sorry manager, and they sign another failure. Old ‘Arry sacked by Spuds signed by QPR. What makes them think he’s going to do any better than Hughes or Warnock. At least they should have gone for De Tomato he must be a better bet than an old dinosaur like Redknap.

    Dateline 1st January 2013. Breaking News!!! Transfer window opens… New QPR manager Harry Redknap signs Defoe and Crouch. Redknap also announces that he is to make a bid for David Beckham, Red Rum amd Shergar.

  94. Hi there JW,

    You know the media need their comedian and their version of John McCririck for the transfer window. ‘arry Brown Envelopes offers that box office style.

  95. Afternoon guys and gals, it’s getting cold out and very foggy ;)

  96. tsgh,

    I know the media love him, but why would a successful business man be taken in?

    Still it’s nothing compared to this….”Azerbaijani club Baku FC have appointed Vugar Guloglan oglu Huseynzade, aged just 21, as their new manager in preference to French former European player of the year Jean-Pierre Papin – based on his experience of playing the computer game Football Manager”

    You couldn’t make it up! and I didn’t. :D

  97. Also, wrap your head around this, what will the stadium be called when we rent it for a friendly to the Samba Canaries?

    Our stadium is a venue as well as a vehicle that allows messages to travel. In the example above to South-America where Emirates isn’t a household name and living standards are improving rapidly which makes a whole new market for discerning travelers. Naming rights not worth money, heh?


    Arry :)

  98. The flapper racing in a Fiat 500.lol

    Santi leaving the Emirates after the 5pur2

    Arsenal players ignoring the whore last saturday. Priceless

  99. DG what I was trying to say about the stadium naming rights is that Emirates Airlines had all the cards and could call the shots however they wanted because once a corporate entity places a name on a stadium as in the Philips the name is stuck. Newcastle are trying currently with Wonga stadium but that is failing and so did Sport Direct stadium.

    Citroen or Toyota could not expect to compete with the stadium naming rights even if they wanted to sponsor us due to the knowledge that the stadium is known world wide as the emirates stadium.

    … because the first deal was daylight robbery any extra is seen as a vast improvement.

  100. Ginge

    Suddenly his lunge on Santi comes clear. He couldn’t command acknowledgement. Ade is not to be dissed/ignored, he makes sure of it.

  101. JW, be afraid, you’ll soon see his nodding head hanging out of his vehicle talking transfers….

  102. Tsgh, That Ade clip was after he’d shaken the players hands. i too thought he’d been snubbed but on the second viewing, a few of them did shake his hand… Reluctantly though….

  103. Sky Sports say our deal is ‘one of the biggest shirt deals in football’……

  104. Ginge

    Philips Stadium isn’t the best example. Most predominantly cuz the club’s name is Philips Sport Vereniging (PSV). Besides Eindhoven is their global headquarters and they have a historical company policy to reinvest profits in local economy and community.

    Also it makes a difference calling our venue THE Emirates contrary to sponsoring it as Fly Emirates. Now it sounds like a destination which you ask directions for. That makes it an independent landmark. Like The Reebok stadium of Bolton.

    But that isn’t to say corporate entity can’t be swapped. Especially with consumption generations growing up and getting accustomed to integrating brand names in their lives. Or loose them when relevance faints. Remember ICQ message service? Now it’s Twitter or What’s Up in a short time span.

  105. Yeah Rico, they did seem to greet adebayor less than sincerely. I woukd rather they faced forward in the tunnel for every match. The forced handshakes are enough

  106. So would I Nt, concentrate on the job ahead and stop all this buddy buddy stuff before hand…

  107. Popping off for for dinner, back in a while…

  108. Buen provecho Rico

  109. Moxed reviews on the new deal…..to be expected i guess.
    Morning all.

  110. Good Evening my Esteemed Bragging Gunners.

    I can assure you that ‘ole twitchy will do much better than Hughes.

    Where is my mate Goonie????

    Just read on NN that a firm managed by some Dutch gent who goes by the name Goonie, has agreed with Gazidis to sponsor Arsenal shirt for the next 50 years with the name of his Company.

    So the next AFC sponsor will see SEXUS printed on the chest of each player.

  111. Devil,that won’t be hard……i could do better than Hughes :)

  112. I have read that before devil ;)

    Thanks Nt

    From what Gazidis said in his interview, the club kept some money back from the transfer kitty and Wenger can spend it, IF, yes IF he chooses….

  113. I know Lady. The pity is that Goonie has not seen it yet!!!! :(

  114. He’s prob seen it devil, just too busy to comment ;)

    He’ll be here tomorrow, match day…

  115. Hi DG- re 5:55pm that is why I wanted your input as that is your field. ;)

  116. ESPN classics at 8.30pm theres a 30 minute programme on Thierry!
    Evening all…..

  117. Another ‘ arry twitch

  118. Fuck, now I mean!

  119. We’ve got The Emirates, the scum have got The Shit-Hole, it’s not all bad.

  120. Thanks Lee, 02.40 too so just set the planner :)

  121. :lol: Micko… Put like that……

  122. And since the spuddies can not built their own Stadium and name it Air Koryo Stadium they have decided to compete with Leyton Orient for an athletic stadium. The scums have no shame.

  123. I’m off for the day guys, have a good one and catch up tomorrow..

    Night all….

  124. Thierry Henry vs Tyrone Dobbs, no contest eh rico.

    You ok Tsgh.

    Catch you later, I’m out to play for the evening.

  125. Have good Micko, blow the froth off one for me mate!

  126. Some of us are never satisfied! Lol. The deal is a good one. The point of negotiation is giving and taking. The other party has to also feel like they’re getting a good deal. Nobody is going to pay us to f*** them over. It’s a much improved deal than what we were on before so I’m happy with it.

  127. Cheers Lee, I’m famished, I could eat the hard skin off a lepers foot.

    Where’s Smudge, he must be in bad work.

  128. Morning lads! Can someone please lend Wenger a dictionary please so he can start using other words apart from the only English word he majored in. [QUALITY] Better yet RICO post him a few. Hahahaha!

    I don’t want to squash sour grapes this fine day when everyone is so full of hope! But I can assure you, should Arsenal continue this winning streak up to the transfer window. That war chest will remain tighly sealed. Listen carefully for: “We have enough quality”. The sign of panic from the professor – my head says, to buy a new player in January, but my gut instincts is that we can make do and qualify for CL. That will keep the fans happy for another season.

  129. Morning all…

    Bearman, I hate to tell you this but most of us know the way AW works in the transfer window. We have heard his comments too many times to be fooled…

    But we have to live in hope ;)

  130. Larry Hagman had died… that’s a bit of a shock….

  131. New Post up…

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