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Midfielder wants out in January! Sloppy and not good enough! Touchline ban for Lambert.!

Morning folks,

Here’s how we lined up, with substitutions included:

Szczesny; Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen; Arteta, Wilshere; Oxlade-Chamberlain (Ramsey 69), Cazorla ((Coquelin 84), Podolski; Giroud (Gervinho 84). Booked: Cazorla, Giroud, Koscielny. Goals: Wilshere 49, Podolski 63.

We started off sloppily. But we still have one game left. We need to finish top.

The first half was hard. We gave the ball away and weren’t ourselves so needed to come and get an early goal after the break. We have to step it up. That just wasn’t good enough, especially in the opening period.

Those are the words of Jack Wilshere after the game.

During that opening 45 minutes, watching on, anyone would think that we had qualified already and we’d send the reserve reserves out we were so off the pace. Passes were going everywhere but to a team-mate and any shot towards goal seemed more likely to hit the corner flag than the target.

As much as we controlled the midfield in the first half, we created just three chances, the best coming from Laurent Koscielny, whose header hit the bar.

So let’s just forget it shall we and fast forward to the interval.

0-0 at half time and it was clear to see the worried look on Arsene Wenger’s face. What would he say at half time, what could he say to inspire the team to victory?

Goodness knows is my answer but whatever he did say, worked!

Two moments of magic killed the game off, the first was finished by a wonderful touch from Jack Wilshere for his first goal since 2010 and the second was a thunderbolt volley reminiscent of another footballer whose name escapes me right now!

Our first came soon into the second half, Podolski played the ball to Vermaelen on the left, he fired in a cross with his right foot which looked to be far too high but Giroud jumped, headed the ball down and there was Jack to chip the ball over the keeper and into the back of the net.

In celebration, Wilshere ran off to find club physio Declan Lynch and gave him a big ‘thank you’ hug for helping him throughout his long return to fitness.

Around fifteen minutes later, Podolski put the game to bed and it was quite safe to believe that, even with only a two goal lead as Montpellier really were awful. They had nothing to play for but pride and it seemed as if they weren’t fussed with that either.

Podolski’s strike was simply stunning, having played the ball into the feet of Giroud, he carried on into the penalty area. Giroud flicked the ball into the Germans path and our number nine fired home a thunderbolt volley. Had the goalkeeper tried to stop it, I am sure he would have broken his wrists.

After the game, Sky Sports showed a clip of Wilshere’s play in the second half and he was simply on fire, he was here, there and everywhere. When this little fella is back to full fitness he’ll be playing ninety minutes like he did forty-five last night and what a joy that will be.

Montpellier didn’t offer a lot but to be fair, we didn’t let them and getting a clean sheet after ninety minutes is another huge confidence boost. Especially for the defence..

If the French side can get a victory against Schalke and we win, then we will top the group and Wenger has hinted that’ll he will be out to beat Olympiacos…..

If we do, that’ll be a first I believe? I certainly hope we get a better set of officials in Greece, those who turned up at The Emirates last night were shocking. Offsides given when they clearly weren’t, naughty tackles that were allowed to pass and we should have had a free kick on the edge of the penalty area but the fool in yellow allowed advantage when really there wasn’t. Thankfully, it didn’t have an impact on the result.

Aston Villa up next and their manager, Paul Lambert has been fined by the FA, he’s also been given a touch-line ban so he’ll be up in the stands on Saturday.

Another bit of news in Francis Coquelin says he will look to leave in January if he’s not played more.

Well best he pack his bags then, how many times have we heard this from the 21 year old?

That’s about it really, a good night all round, it will get even better once we start to play well for ninety minutes and not just forty-five…

Have a good day all…..

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275 comments on “Midfielder wants out in January! Sloppy and not good enough! Touchline ban for Lambert.!

  1. [...] Midfielder wants out in January! Sloppy and not good enough! Touchline ban for Lambert.! [...]

  2. Firstly we are not through top is shalka lose. we are currently behind them so need to win and hope they slip up. secondly that interview with coq qas from last jan

  3. Morning all.
    Great to see Jack getting better and better. And his honesty is a refreshing change to the party line rubbish about ‘spirit’ we usually get fed. As was said yesterday, sort the balance problems in defence and get a proper DM and we could be really dangerous.
    We should still be too much for the Villains.

  4. Morning all…

    Spot on Bg, good to hear him tell it as it is and first half, we were really off. Made up for in later though….

  5. Thanks James, silly me I should have checked, last i saw they were drawing last night…

  6. Good morning Rico, good morning all,

    I think you have summed it up nicely Rico, first half our passing was awful, second half it improved immeasurably. Have we found our fox in the box? Jack’s goal was a poachers strike worthy of a Jimmy Greaves at his best. And I make no apology for mentioning a former Spud, he truly is a legend. The second, by Podolski, was a wonderful volley. A few more like that and we can finally consign the little Dutch boy to the dustbin of history.

    Now let’s turn our attention to an eminently winnable fixture on Saturday. Three points please Arsene!

  7. Evening all.
    Di Matteos blood has been shed.
    AVB’s is starting to trickle.
    Hughes is beginning to haemorrhage.
    Yes,London is well and truly RED!!!
    Jacks finish was sublime.
    Podolskis was world class….one of the best volleys i have seen.
    Girouds efforts to set up both goals was absolutely brilliant,and in stark contrast to the “big and useless” tag that has been placed on him by plenty…mostly media “experts”.
    He’s good.

  8. Morning JW, thank you

    I am too young to know who Jimmy Greaves is, being a spud he can’t have been a ‘Saint’ ;)

  9. Good morning all, glad we are through to the second round!

  10. Are people really saying Giroud is big and useless Scott??

    He’s slow, but big and useless? That’s very harsh…

  11. Rico,some WERE saying it,but not now lol

  12. Would be good to top the group now upgunners, but can’t see it.. Long time no see, how you doing?

  13. You know why he is slow…….watch him,nobody has ever taught him how to run.

  14. Bet Coquelin wont have so much grouse if our penny pinching manager has the right order of midfielders aside the first 11: Coquelin, Ox…all the junior boys, cleaner, Gardener, Tea lady, et al….Ramsey.

  15. Rico speak with forked tongue! It should be saintand. :D

  16. coquelin may go but serge gnabary and thomas eisfild be given a nod

  17. Ah, I see – I think he’s doing really well considering it’s his first season etc,

    People have to accept he is a target man. There is no point in playing the ball through the defence and expecting him to run onto it etc because he can’t, he’s not quick enough..

    But we all know that ;)

  18. Run Forrest, Run…..

    Scott – no-one is, its natural…

  19. :lol: JW – I used to watch them too….

  20. Disagree totally Rico.
    It is too late now,but he could have been much quicker.

  21. Morning all,

    Superb results. 2-0, I said at half time yesterday…

    Ox was poor but he can be forgiven for being rusty. I hope he is not the next Pennant. AW has not got a good record buying English players. ;)

    The Welsh (Franco-African) boy showed where AW trust him last night. His touch was very non-English. lol.

    I think Kozzer and Sagna deserve a mention too they both worked their socks off and Kozzers header well showed have riped the net but…

    Will Dev the coach agree with me that Santi has improved and adapted his game to play like a very effective No.10 now? In the last 2 games I have noticed that he is hanging around the opponents defensive midfielder like a No.10 should. Against the spuddies, I thought he had improved immensely but then I thought it was due to the scum being a man down. Last night he stayed around Mapou all night. Compared to previous games like Fulham, Norwich, WHU, Schalke where Santi allowed Tettey, Diame, Sidwell and Hoger to dictate play against us.

    AW has almost finished shaping a square peg into a round peg. :grin:

  22. I think it says much about Coquelin that Wenger waited until the eighty-fourth minute before using him to replace an obviously exhausted Cazorla.

  23. You lost me there Thorough..

  24. On the German Sky Show yesterday the two dutch studio guests said, Huntelaar will be joining Arsenal in January. They said they now it from sources out of holland. One of them (Erik Meyer) used to be manager for a second league side in Germany.. the other one was a former dutch youth coach who knows Huntelaar personally very well. I don’t know what to think about that…

    Huntelaar has been asked after the match as well and he said “they know more then me” with a little grin on his face. Stevens the coach of Schalke said he is expecting to have Huntelaar in the Championsleague knockout round in his team. So who knows?

  25. Fair enough Scott…

    Tsgh – I thought Ox was much better second half and poor Santi, maybe he needed bedding in time and to be fair, he hasn’t taken long, none of our summer signings have taken as long as some have to adjust…

  26. doesn’t really matter if we finish top or second as some hard teams will be in second place when the group stage ends.

  27. Garden calls, last of the leaves to rake up1

    Back later.

  28. Good luck JW, here is gale force winds, no point in even attempting the leaves…

  29. Magnet – I have left your comment in moderation because your user name is your email and didn’t want that to be seen by everyone, would you like to change it??

    Really want your comment to be posted, think it will please a few…

  30. I know I am probably the only Arsenal fan who use to slate Santi Rico, but the issue was not about how he played but where he played.

    I think he settled in straight away but when you have a look at all heat maps of his performances, you would realise that when we did not have the ball he was stationed on the right hand side which he should not be doing according to his role. The reason may be that this was the first time in his career he was being asked to play through the middle. He is a natural winger.When average players like Sidwell and Diame and even Obi Mikel had their best games in the EPL against us you had blame Santi or AW for that. Against manure how many times did Carrick have all the time in the world to pick a pass to hurt us.

    Compare those mentioned above with how the opposite numbers to Santi kept Arteta quiet. Oscar sat next to MA08 and Wooney did the say too.

  31. Hi all,

    I thought TV played well, it must be hard to try the getting forward part for him and nicely done with the first goal.
    I think we need difficult games, when it becomes too easy we become sloppy and if they brought back a goal, I doubt we would be able to pick our game back up again.
    Ox looked a bit rusty and has not performed the same as last season, good performance creating the second and good he still runs at defenders.

  32. I thought Ox showed some great touches,but was inconsistent…..he is a baby,and given time will be fine.
    Rico,when i was playing…i think i was around 20…..one of our players had a grandfather who was the Oz over 65’s 100 metre champion,and he gave us a few training sessions.
    We all improved a bit,and that was with pretty minimal input.
    Still,the way he is playing,who cares :)

  33. Magnetben I hope so. I suspected something may be going on when I saw AW shake the hand of (an opposition player) Huntelaar after the game. This was the 2nd time AW had done that when the player was not french or a former player of his. The first I saw was TV when Ajax played against us in the emirates cup.

    The thing is that AW has always dissed Huntelaar for being just a striker in previous years. Maybe he was just supporting his player VP at that time. ;)

  34. Let’s hope Bens mail is on the mark.

  35. Get off Girouds back. :-D Have you ever seen a 6’5 man run faster than OG12 on the field. Slow is the BFG or Koller of Czech Republic. What about Crouchie? lol

  36. welcome magnetben, and I like your comment. We will see if they are right very soon….

  37. I just thought it was more of a case where the opposition just snuffed him out, knowing full well that if they stop Santi they stopped us creating…

    Heat maps Tsgh? I have those for my bad bones ;)

  38. Bradster, second half I thought they all played well. Merts even tried to be Messi ;)

  39. Good Morning my Esteemed and Proud Gunners

    Rico………..the second was a thunderbolt volley reminiscent of another footballer whose name escapes me right now!

    I do not agree Rico. Poldi’s volley was more co-ordinated then what that footballer used to give us. We were lucky that with that footballer’s money we got two players in OG12 and LP09

  40. Ginge,i agree he isn’t as slow as some suggest,but he has an awkward style.
    His movement,position wise,is bloody brilliant though.

  41. Spot on Scott, who cares. He is doing a reasonable job right now ;)

  42. Bad bones??? Women should have a heat map for different parts of the body not the bones!!!!! ;)

  43. Long term,selling that guy was the right call.

  44. Trust you to be literal devil ;)

  45. puh, thanks for changing the username :) I recognised it to late and i was expecting a full inbox with spam :)

  46. Yesterday the Montpellier coach did a tactic on OG12 which I do not know if anyone noticed. He marked him with a less taller player, whose centre of gravity is very much lower than OG’s and this made him look awkward. However this backfired as OG12 had a very good game.

  47. Off again. touch and go today guys and ladies.

    Work calls. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  48. Morning all,
    So many empty seats last night, still the board will be the chuffed, another 10 mill in the bank for qualifying, I can see this side going all the way to the quarters.
    Jack was the star of the show, absolutely brilliant.

  49. Morning Dev those working in airport airside security get to see those heat maps of women every minute. ;)

    Dev I had a question for you at 10:27am re Santi… your thoughts as a coach will be valuable.

  50. No chance Ben, hope you like here on HH and you stick around, we are a friendly bunch :)

  51. Depends who we get next round Micko…

    There are some very strong unseeded clubs getting top of their groups….

  52. We will just be winning he CL.
    I can’t see us getting beaten :)

  53. It’s not joke day Scott….

  54. Didn’t you like my version of London is red??
    That was one of my best Rico….

  55. I was being a bit sarky there rico.

  56. Oh,and last seasons winner was a complete joke……bloody punchline,that mob!!

  57. Not a good performance against a supposedly “weak” team to be frank. We need to be solid as a team. We were all over the place last night bar the two goals. Only dreadful finishing from Montpellier spared our blushes.

  58. Benitez has been sacked by Chelsea already.
    Roman reckons there is no point wasting time!

  59. I thought so Micko, but I doubt we’ll get to the quarters ;)

  60. I missed that london is red Scott, is that on todays?

    They still won it though, and would we care if won it the same way??

  61. 10.14 am Rico….hope you enjoy.

  62. I’d take a CL win.
    Funny though……a team can be 6th best in their league,yet the best in Europe…..
    The CL should be for the champions only,imo.

  63. Sube, never under estimate the uncanny ability to land a relatively easy group, we’re very fortunate to be seeded, all the other seeded teams have won the competetion, we always do it the hard way.
    There’s always a bit of luck involved, if we do finish top we could end up playing Real Madrid.

  64. Scott I thought you might be interested in knowing about the woman who runs the chavs in the background KGB style. And those who have come in contact with her say the Iron Lady Thatcher will be scared of her. I posted this earlier so if you have seen it then ….

    The media like to blame Roman even though understandably he signs all the cheques but this lady even selected the type of sunseeker he bought. ;)

    Read about her here:



  65. On a seperate note, Nadine Dorries, prove the only useful Tory is a lava.

  66. Micko,i reckon we have to beat top teams to win the thing,so who cares when we meet them.
    No point worrying about the draw really,especially as,like you said,you can meet anyone anytime.

  67. Scott, if that were the case we’d only be doing days trips in to France for the christmas booze.

  68. Crystal Palace are doing ok though Scott ;)

    sube – they weren’t good last night but in france they weren’t so bad…

  69. Morning all,
    Nice one Rico, although the result was a great boost last night we have to accept that our first half display was absolutely disgracefull. We have on paper a very good team a top manager and financial backing if we should need it, but that first half display certainly proved to me that we need it. Wilshere and Podolski scored 2 excelent goals to win us the game Giroud did his bit to make that happen but it has to be said that Montpellier closed us down so quickly in the first half and we had no answer panic set in and passes went astray, that cannot be allowed to continue. At the end of the day the result is the important thing but Montpellier are not that much of a side and we will meet far better teams in the future and if we continue in this vein we will not go very far. a lot of work needs to be done and after seeing last nights display i can only say it needs to be done very quickly a win last night against a side who have already been aliminated is 3 points but has not proved anything.

  70. I was disappointed to see here hoofed out Micko, wanted to hear a few good tales before she left…

  71. I would not mind meeting Maureenho’s team. I will avoid the Germans. But I bet it shall be Malaga or Marca again.

  72. If that was the case Scott, Arsenal would have been broke for many years ….

  73. Well Arsenal and Palace are keeping the cities name in lights!!

  74. No pont worrying about what you cannot control is my motto in life.

  75. Thanks Steve – I kind of disagree, we kept a clean sheet, we scored two quality goals against a side who caused us problems in France.

    It’s another plus for us, another step on the confidence ladder, all these kind of little things add up as the games go by. Winning and not playing well is not a bad thing.

    The Mancs have done it for years,….

  76. That’s it Rico.
    The result,especially in an away CL tie,is what counts.

  77. Ha ha Scott, good job eh, now lets go and beat Villa……..

  78. Onwards and upwards……positive as always.

  79. Tsgh, I was down the pub last night watching both games as usual, Citeh showed the best way to deal with Ronaldo, just blatantly shove him off the ball everytime he touched it, it was hilarious to watch, the referee was terrible in their game, handing out yellow cards willy-nilly.

  80. Must dash before the rain comes in again… Off out with Fido, back shortly…

  81. Hi guys. I’m from Denmark and I am visiting London for the first time in December. I have been an Arsenal supporter for the past 15 years and my dream is To watch a home game. Dó you know if it is possible to Buy a ticket? And how Much does it cost? Thanks

  82. ADK, have you been in touch with the Denmark Arsenal supporters Club..? They should be able to organise you a ticket for a match.

  83. Totally agree Rico. Plenty of positives for the team. Give them confidence to rely on their team mates. More they play together the more they learn their styles, strengths and weaknesses.
    A few balls were played over the top and they learned Pod and Giroud cannot/will not run onto them.
    However they learned there will always be someone far post and someone ready for the pull back.
    We looked more composed at the back with the full backs higher up the pitch.
    I reckon cut out the sloppy and laziness and the team will do well as they gel together.

  84. Gov Micko, the ref for our game was doing a good impression of Phil Dowd.lol

  85. Wath no i have not. They Should have a website Right? I Will try and contact Them. Thaks for your help :)

  86. If they do not have a website ADK log onto Arsenal.com and go to the supporters club section I am sure they have all the contact details of the various clubs around the world. Good luck.

  87. DK,are you taking Bendtner back :)

  88. Hi everyone. Lovely second half yesterday. Montpellier looked lost to be fair, and i thought we could have put 4 past them. We’re still not creating many clear cut chances but at least we’re taking the ones we get. As for Giroud, his pace is a non-issue for me. He’s no slower than other forwards of his size and his movement and timing allows him to get onto those through balls. The third goal against Fulham when he hit the post, and his very first goal for us are two cases in point. Even against Shalke where Walcott ended up finishing after he bundled the one on one. The only place where he hasn’t convinced me is in his composure. I’ve seen him miss a few chances when he had a lot of time to think. Once he gets that right he’ll be prolific.

  89. I am off guys.
    Have a great day!!!

  90. Scott yeah i am taking him back to Copenhagen haha :) maybe he can do a job here ;)

  91. Plenty good bars in Copenhagen for Bendy to work at….

    Cheers Scott

  92. I Will give it a try wath, but otherwise, can i buy the tickets at the emirates?

  93. Nite Scott, everyone knows Pod shinned it.

  94. No tkts go on sale from the Ems ADK, you have to buy through the club and be a red or silver member, very few games go on general sale it depends on who we playing.

  95. Wasn’t it a header Micko..?

  96. DK, all the home games in December are sold out except for West Ham on boxing day so your have no luck at the box office.
    There’s always touts outside the ground selling tickets on matchday, granted their mostly scumbags but if your desperate you will get one, I would have been able to help you out last season but i’ve loaned my ticket out this year.

  97. Dev re your 11:00am post, Girard also moved Mapou to the holding midfield position to try to stop SC19 but Santi has learnt to play the role well and after the first 15 minutes stationed himself alongside Yanga-Mbiwa.

  98. Talking of Mbiwa, my mate mentioned half way though the 2nd half that he would make a good replacement for Diaby…! I was quite impressed with him actually and we also know he plays well at centre half…!

  99. Thank you for the feedback Micko and WATH. My day just got a little bit more ruined :( I guess it will remain a dream for me to watch arsenal live. I’ll try and see what I can do, and see if there are any tickets online. Otherwise I’ll stand outside the stadium when we meet newcastle, and listen to the crowd. Oh well… there’s always a pub nearby!

  100. DK post which game you are after , there are normally people with season tickets that can’t make it or have their friends spare. Don’t go to a tout . Just give a few days notice and |I am sure someone will know of one.
    Re:- jimmy Greaves , what a scary opponent he was , the only ones who have come close to him in my football watching time were Ian Rush and Ian Wright . I always said to my son that when most strikers are lining up or through on goal there is a surge of sound of anticipation, when Greavsie got it the crowd went silent.

  101. ADK, As Potter says let us know what game your over for and need a ticket for and am sure someone will know someone with a spare tkt… the more notice you can give the better. A tout is a last resort thats for sure…! Greavsie was my Dad’s fav Potter even though JG was a swampie although am sure the story goes he was an Arsenal fan…? I stand to be corrected on that one… Am sure AK mentioned that a while back.

  102. I could do that Potter . It’s the game vs. Newcastle on December 29th. If anyone can help I would be most grateful :)

  103. 3/4 wks away from another 3/4 weeks away. We should count our loss on diaby and try to get a quality DM aka Capoue

  104. sometimes i feel the league fixture is design to favour manure. They ve got 2 consecutive home matches against relatively weaker teams(QPR, Wham) and away to reading

  105. Afternoon guys and gals….

    Diaby 4 weeks away, Wenger said that 4 months ago ;)

    Seriously, 4 weeks away will bring us nicely up to just before the Jan window opens…. hmmmmmm

  106. emma – everything is done to favour Manure, wait until Fergie goes, we may see changes….

    Both Qpr and West Ham could beat them though to be honest. They certainly have the players….

    Qpr have got to get a win a some stage, lets hope its this weekend…

  107. rico, i’d swap Diaby for a broken elastic band if anyone was stupid enough to offer it.
    Face it, we’re stuck with him.

  108. I’d actually just give him away for free Micko, paying him for nothing in return is a joke, we should be paying someone else his salary, and that of a few others…

    I honestly wished he’d make this season his, but it’s clear he’s done… for the PL at least..

  109. Boo!! How wonderful were those goals?? rico, a really good match summary. :) :) I still remember Oliver’s blow-b-blow accounts of our matches, where is he? And Adam?

    Hey ya, emma. Poor Diaby, but at some point, we must assess whether it is worth keeping him. And all signs are pointing to “sell”!!.

  110. Only because a broken elastic band is useless too ;)

  111. Boo to you agag, and they were pretty special eh… Thanks re the post, olivers were far more informative than mine, don’t know how he had the patience ;)

    Adam is snowed under with work, he’ll be back soon i hope…

  112. DK keep your eyes peeled if anyone comes up with one we will post. If thats o.k with Rico.

  113. agag – I am bearish about Diaby. Look at what happened to the team after his injury we went downward spiral. It’s now taking time to get the team back to where it was before his injury. Thank God AW is about getting the team balance right without him. Lets just forget he exist and get ourself a DM.

  114. Yep, our super sports car, world class when it runs but always in the shop and paying the installments every month driving it or not.

  115. Of course Dk/Potter…

  116. Here here emma…

    And same could be said for Rosicky Brad, apparently another club are to offer £5M for him in January, if true, do we snap their hands off?

  117. This is not very nice…. hope that guy/gals injury is not too serious….

    Europa League – Tottenham fans ‘stabbed’ in Rome attack

    Ten Tottenham Hotspur fans were injured, one seriously, in an attack in the early hours of Thursday ahead of the Europa League match against Lazio in Rome.

  118. Popping off again, back in a bit…

  119. rico – he was stabbed by his mate and not by an italian from what i heard

  120. My take on it Rico is that chronic injured players remain chronically injured. RVP is an extreme case and most others careers have just gone down hill as clubs realise they can’t rely on them.

  121. Arsenal DK. If you are still around…
    When you visit the Emirates, go to the Arsenal Supporters Club, it’s situated on the corner of Gillespie Road and St Thomas’ Road, close to the Arsenal Tube Stn.
    They might be able to help you.
    Don’t buy from a ticket tout unless you are desperate.

    Wath, that’s right, Greavesie was a Gooner.
    He said in his book that he would have walked all the way to Highbury if they (those idiots) had wanted to sign him.

    A typical lack of ambition, something we’ve grown very used to under the currant families running our club…

  122. Afternoon Goonerdom Worshippers,

    A win is a win is a win is a win. Points in tha bag and two flashes of brilliance to elevate from a rather flat match. Expectations fulfilled. Hopes for January additions still alive. Commend Rico for not making more of it than required.

    On the Di Matteo shenanigans, it’s even worse than reported. According to Dutch press he arrived from Italy at London Heathrow 4pm in the morning where he got intercepted by a pair of Chavs representatives. Telling him point blank, in no uncertain terms they already prepared the rope and the horse. To make it as quick and painless as possible he would be hanged on the old oak tree outside city walls.

    So conclusion, some fecking billionaire hasn’t got a single fiber of decency in him, to break the news face-to-face and shake the man’s hand for services provided as in delivering all the salt of the sea at their feet.

    Mountains of salt club&owner desperately craved. Given the fact they wouldn’t have been in the CL competition had they not won it. And consequently would’ve seen them drawing short sticks in their attempts to attract top of the crops refreshments for their pensioners fraternity.

    Shameless prick.

    Realy pisses me off. These are the kind of elite football antics that mouth waters gutter press. Making them hungry for the next cloak and dagger story. Which we, Arsenal, seem to have the privilege of as frontrunners.

  123. Hey DG, how are you doing? I wonder what Marina Granovskaia and Ron Gourlay sees in Benitez? Maybe Rafa needs to recoup the £75k he donated to the Hillsborough Memorial. ;)

    As AW rightly state why would a man with such stature sell his soul to the black widow Marina. As I stated before that lady will give PHW a run for his money. A real-life ‘devil wears Prada’

  124. Hi there Agag, I dont do stuffed toys so I stayed far away from them.. ;)

  125. happy thanksgiving people…….klaas jan’s story just wont go away. hey DG10, any thing about it in the press back home? hey TSGH, how are you fella?

  126. emma, I wanted Diaby sooooo badly to prove us wrong and keep fit… instead…

    Hiya, Dutch. I agree with everything. Chelsea is all money and absolutely no class.

    Ginge, I don’t get it. :( Elaborate, sir. :)

  127. Ginge

    Whatever happened to such commendable traditions as honourably discharged? Give the guy a farewell he deserves.
    :P Black Widow. Devil wears Prada. (Not you coach ;) )

    Maybe Rafa was picked to recoup 50 mln for a certain striker. Getting him used more often.

  128. hiya lil mama, how’s shopping? guess what? i saw this really cute mini gown that will look smashing on ya…..you want it?

  129. Staninha, what are you doing checking out “gowns”?? :shock: I knew it, you’re a… girl. :lol:

  130. :-D Agag- Your comment on Disney last weekend.

    Goonie- your country man will do us superbly. 29 y.o and at least 3 years left in him super if true.

    DG- I think Torres is gone past his sell by day. He was not a great goalscorer but a scorer of great goals anyway so 1 goal in 4 is about right for him really. this is his record at senior level and that is where he is at. The ignorant media will say Torres is not scoring enough but he has always averaged 1 in 3 to 4 games and 18 goals in 85 at chelsea is just about correct.

    Years Team Apps† (Gls)†
    2001–2007 Atlético Madrid 214 (82)
    2007–2011 Liverpool 102 (65)
    2011– Chelsea 86 (18) as of today

  131. oh please AGAG, i love chicks and i love them in mini gowns. aint no harm checking out a dress is there? you want it or not?

  132. Agag hello gorgeous. Truly traitorous. Leaves fans puzzling their perplexity. Exacting change is irrelevant in such cases, all what’s left is moral quandary.


    No more substance we get from rumour mills regarding the hunter.

  133. Ginge, confess!! You took a spin on the teacups. :D :D And bought a Mickey Mouse hat.

    As for Torres, he needs to be in an environment where he would thrive. A team like ours. :oops:

  134. stop dreaming about torres’ thighs AGAG, its never gonna happen……dream about mine. they are hairy and muscular.

  135. Happy thanksgiving hh, i hope u all have a good 1.

  136. Goonie expalin what thanksgiving is all about again? ;) :grin:

  137. hey DNA, what’s happening at your end? any turkey yet? am starved. gosh what i ll give for a woman in my life right about now. mama where are you? i need you.

  138. You buy mini gowns for,,, Barbie dolls. :D Just you wait til Micko, devil, WATH, AK et al. are around. You won’t hear the end of it, checking out gowns. Tsk tsk.

    Dutch, that Abramovich is disgraceful. He always has been.

  139. like i care what those old crones think……am proud of my masculinity. aint no shame in that. i love beautiful women. end of.

  140. Agag. I prefer the kiddie carousels horse ride with jingle bells playing on the background. :D

  141. Ginge

    Van Nistelrooi wasn’t that prolific either before he came to ManU. Neither was King Thierry before joining us. Torres has certainly got the skills and ability to crown his career as a stats beast. Considering his experience in big competitions. Beware my friend, with a little more aggression added freckles can become as lethal as Bruce Willis in the ‘die hard, die harder,die hardest’ sequel.

  142. its bright and sunny goon, turkey is being prepared..

  143. gosh you lucky dog……all i have is a lousy left over pizza and some beers. grrrrrrr i really need to think about this settling down thingy. am really lonely bro.

  144. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating! :)

  145. yeah rub it in AGAG, why you lil sexy witch! wait till i get my hands on ya.

  146. Hahaha Goonie you sound like a car salesman massaging the opinion of a customer with the offer of a test drive. Keep your standards high Agag.

  147. Ha ha ha DG. Did you look at the link I showed you the other day?

    Goonie Clorinda is coming for you… :o

  148. she just knows how to ruffle my feathers DG, the lil spanish speaking enchantress…..but damn i love her.

  149. TSGH, who?

  150. Happy Thanksgiving for our stripes and stars Gooners.

    Could someone please send a complementary bag of turkey feathers to Silent Stan. Highbury House will crowd fund the delivery costs and thank you note.

  151. Ginge

    Link? TV watching as opiate? Yes I did tnx.

  152. hahahahh DG you sly devil, a bag od feathers is way too generous, how’s about a bag of turkey shit and entrails marked ” walcott’s transfer fee”

  153. Dutch, we could always send him Diaby, he’s a prize turkey.

  154. don’t start with diaby now micko……..leave him be. haven’t you british twats done enough? sheeeeeesh.

  155. Hey Stan, you know me, i’m not judgemental.

    You wanna do a bit of cross-dressing, well that’s ok mate.

    You make sure you do it when me, Wath & Lee take ya down Old Compton St.
    I reckon Adam and Mick would come along as well.
    It would be a memorable night, not least for you… :-D

  156. You ok stan, enjoying your holiday, don’t tar me with the same brush as the Scots and Welsh.

  157. oh i forgot you re irish…….worse still that twat faced bastard is from your end right? roy keane i mean…..hey kev, i know you ll understand my man. how’s the missus?

  158. old compton street huh……i can’t wait. is micko coming too? good i ll need his foul humor.

  159. Hey Shopping Buddy, only 32 more shopping days to Christmas… :-(

    But then, the January Sales start… :-P

    Usually on December 27th… :-D

  160. Goonie

    I definitely know what you mean with Spanish whispers………….. Try watching Salma Hayek in Desperado. ;)

  161. DG 10,

    Silent stan has enough feathers, he’s been plucking Arsenal fans ever since he arrived.

  162. Kev you might get Goonster killed if he thinks you meant going to Compton LA as a drag. lol.

    Imagine the street gang memebers of either the crips or bloods asking Stan whathis alias is and then he says goonster. :grin:

  163. Salma Hayek was cheering M’Villa last weekend at Stade Reims. I think Goonie has a chance with her.

  164. Nothing new Emma. Then again the chavs handled it poorly. A law suit will follow shortly I reckon from MC.

  165. DG i ve got that movie….am slotting it in as we speak. gosh i imagine AGAG on a hot summer day with nothing but a pink bare back bikini sipping on a coconut drink and calling me name with a thick spanish accent…..”GOONSTER, GOONSTER’ men this is the life.

  166. That’s right Stan, the pikey lives in a caravan.

  167. tsGH – They did. Not surprise that is what a classless club does ;)

  168. Hi Ginge, nah mate, we’d take good care of Stan, his reputation is on a global scale, don’t ya know.

    Lee & Wath have been making plans for weeks.
    Adam is seriously thinking about writing a piece about Stan, for The Lancet.

    And Mick is keen to show Stan some good old Irish hospitality… :-?

  169. Right now that that nonsense is over, Abramovich should be made to make a personal, public apology to Mark Clattenburg and Chelsea should be heavily fined and have points deducted. The FA MUST make an example of them for their disgraceful behaviour.

  170. Never believed the Mark Clattenburg allegations, smelt a rat from the off.

  171. Micko

    Diaby on a richly garnished silver plateau wearing his cockerel shirt. Hairy bare arsed that is, with an cherry tomato stuck between his teeth. :P

    Goonie you know Kroenke would make a fiver out of turkey shit selling it as highly potent fertilizer.

  172. Evening guys and gals….

    Poor old Clattenburg…

  173. That’s what I was getting at dutch, just couldn’t spit it out.

  174. JW

    Plucked to stuff those comfy pillows he sleeps on.

  175. Never sleeps on the same pillow twice, mind you.

  176. Oh! and that twat who heads the Association of Black Lawyers (which sounds like a racist organisation to my ears) should also make a personal and public apology.

  177. So Mick has extended his reputation beyond Govan then?

  178. The chavs are going to hang Mikel out to dry like they did Michael Duberry

  179. We have gale force winds big time now so if i disappear, the power has gone. Half of my village is out according to neighbours…

  180. Goonie

    You probably mean those pinstripe bikinis made to look like cloth but are actually lycra strings.

  181. Is Adidas going to be our new kit makers from next year? The new big commercial announcement and all..

  182. Calm down, Staninha. :D I’m keeping the standards high, Dutch, not to worry.

    Kev, there is a big shoe sale Dec 5 and 6, 16 Mercer Street, London; Nicholas Kirkwood. :D :D You might be buying for someone. Wink wink. I’ve been looking for Adam so he can take Mrs Adam. And Lee so he can take “Dave” and Rocky so he can take Mrs Road. :P


    rico, while Clattenberg was crap in that match, allegations of racism are not to be bandied about so casually. emma, the Chavs should be fined just because they’re so chavvy. ;)

  183. Micko

    Subtle as ever. Reading back made me chuckle. Diaby prized turkey. :P

  184. Ginge, please take Mrs Ginger, too. She likes shoes, right?? :)

  185. You have all had a fun action packed afternoon ;lol:


  187. I agree agag, racism is a serious subject, which sadly is being belittled by idiots who abuse it’s true definition…

  188. I won’t be Dg ;)

  189. Arseblog News can reveal that Arsenal will confirm what has been described to us as a ‘significant’ new commercial arrangement at the Emirates Stadium tomorrow lunchtime. In recent weeks Ivan Gazidis has spoken confidently about Arsenal’s next round of commercial deals putting the Gunners on a level playing field with their rivals, telling the BBC:

    “Now we are at the stage where some of the commercial deals that were tied into the construction of the stadium, and enabled us to take that first big step, will be renegotiated.

    “When that happens, we will take the second big step forward and that will be comparable in magnitude to moving to the stadium itself. At times it’s been a challenging project, but we will have catapulted ourselves into the elite clubs on the European scale and that, for us, has been what the last 10 years has been about.

    “Very clearly, it will push the club forward and put us into the top five clubs in the world in revenue terms, which will be a fantastic position to be in.”

    Speculation about Arsenal’s kit manufacturer has grown in recent months and the appointment of Simon Lilley, a former Adidas man, as the club’s new retail director that has heightened somewhat.

    Arsenal also currently earn £5.5m a season from their shirt sponsorship with Emirates – a figure which was agreed in October 2004 and came as part of a package which included naming rights for the new stadium at Ashburton Grove until 2021.

    Two years ago Emirates admitted that they were getting fantastic value for money from their investment and were eager to continue the partnership.

    Speaking to FC Business Magazine in August 2010, executive vice chairman of Emirates Airlines, Sir Maurice Flanagan, said:

    “The sponsorship deal will run until 2021 and will doubtless be renewed. We are very happy with it. For Emirates it is an extremely cost-effective way of maintaining worldwide exposure for brand Emirates.

    “Our sponsorship deal with Arsenal is spread over a number of years. Annually it comes to around $8m, a fantastic bargain. We measure the ROI [return on investment] in terms of the worldwide value of the television exposure, using well-established criteria, incorporating all our markets.

    “The starting point of our sponsorship of the Arsenal shirt and stadium is that Arsenal are among the top two or three clubs in the English Premier League and so their matches attract world-wide attention. The coverage which they receive is global, which of course accounts for the Gulf market where their matches are widely viewed.”

    Emirates also sponsor the shirts of AC Milan and Paris Saint German and entered a partnership with Real Madrid last summer.

    More on this tomorrow when all will be revealed.

  190. Micko, loved the turkey comment. :) Howdy?

    I’m happy I live where that’s not an issue, rico. :?

  191. Agag I dont mind shoes either so far as a lady wears them. What I can’t stand is getting shoes and keeping for keeeping sack because they are either too high or they have leather soles. I got me a Reiss Chelsea boots for my birth day.

  192. hey everyone,
    what are your thoughts about arsenal changing back to adidas

  193. Come on Rico. Indulge yourself on a pair of pins. If only Christmasy hairpins.

  194. You are fortunate agag….

    Shirt is a shirt imho Vida, as long as the deal is good and we get more money to spend on players….

    Surprised Nike have given up so easily….

  195. Hi agag, kev is definately a dedicated follower of fashion.

    Always liked the adidas tops, hope it’s true, now all we need is a decent sponsor like JVC again.

  196. :lol: Dg, think i’ll give that a miss….

  197. Where do we stand with The Emirates plastered all over our shirt Micko, any idea?

    Too many other clubs have that don’t they..

    I have heard Gazidis is in talks with Aldi and Lidil….

  198. rico, I hate seeing that sponser on tops even more so on babies, it ain’t right, expires in a couple of years, the naming rights for the stadium were something like 15 years I think, I stick to my Toffs top these days.
    Over and out guys.
    Tsgh, ‘see you jimmy’

  199. Two more years then, that’s not so good…

    Anything has to be better than The Emirates…

    Have a good evening Micko….

  200. I am off. Good night, friends. Hi, vida, bye vida. :) Sent you an email, rico. :)

  201. Agree Adidas vs Nike. Must be the work of our new commerce crack.

    Recent seasons ‘the swoosh’ have gone too experimental for my liking. Ze Germans are much more clean and crisp in their designs.

    Classy sponsor would be welcome as well. Tired of the frequent flyer appearing non-discriminatory. Pledge your fecking alliance. Please, pretty please.

  202. Nite velvet glove, iron fist.

    Lata Micko.

  203. Night agag, rest well….

  204. I liked JVC as Micko did Dg, or even Dreamcast wasn’t too bad, there has to be something better out there.

    Lexus maybe ;)

  205. How about a sponsor that simultaneously depicts a mindset war cry?


    Rico Lexus=Toyota. Our French sub-sponsor will withdraw permanently and send some law sharks as token of their appreciation.

  206. Nooooooooo Dg, they used to sponsor the Mancs…

    I like Toyota though…

    How about Fiat then or Renault ;)

  207. I believe Ginge posted info ManU has 30+ sub-sponsors, Arsenal around 12.

    Playing catch up, on and off pitch.

  208. Hahaha Rico, Gillette?

    Still sharp but different.

  209. Smith & Weston……….

  210. We’ll catch them soon though Dg, once FFP comes in :lol:

  211. Ha ha Dg, perhaps we should have whoever makes marshmallows…

  212. We haven’t got enough fire power Wath….

  213. Magnum then Rico, we could be an ice cream “or” the most powerful handgun in the world lol

  214. Club Napoleon??

    Manchester’s oldest gay venue………….. :P

  215. Don’t wanna know how you know that DG lol

  216. I like that one Wath…

    Spill Dg ;)

  217. WATH :)

    Magnum very sultry or dirty Arry. Make my day punk!!!!

  218. Shirt sponsors…???

    How about Nigerian Guinness?!!!

  219. Google told me WATH/Rico, honest. :(

    Okay, I will take that punch on the chin. Or below the belt. Which ever you rainbow haters prefer. :P

    Skittles?? Sponsor?

  220. Any Guinness would do me Ak ;)

    I believe you Dg, honest….

  221. Going to get some dinner now, back in a bit….

  222. *Whichever

  223. No playing with your tu-tu DG ;-)

    Don’t go getting Stan all jealous…..

  224. hahahhah that ll definitely please micko……nigerian guiness huh? hey how about kev’s cab? it makes perfect sense, he’s a huge gooner and the board ll love him cause he’s a swindler and he ll fit in seamlessly. afternoon folks, still no turkey from the bloody neighbor next door and am starved. God help me.

  225. hey WATH, what’s cooking?

  226. Well I hope the turkey next door Stan otherwise your going hungry mate :D

  227. look mate its not funny, its my first thanksgiving and am starving. nobody even invited me to have dinner from work. i mean, am i that bad a company?

  228. Every picture tells a story…!
    Stan you have to ask yourself, Why are you going hungry on thanksgiving…!

  229. WATH

    I will be on my toes from here………….

  230. Lee and I will have to be taking you along to Old Compton Street as well DG, you and Stan will have a ball………….

  231. i don’t know WATH, i just don’t get it. i ve finished my beers and left over pizza.

  232. Stan, this turkey sandwich i’m eating, it’s delicious… ;-)

  233. Stan, go get one of those microwave dinners that will sort you out fella….. thoughtless neighbours how dare they ignore and neglect you…!

  234. damn you kev………

  235. Nothing like a proper naughty huge big turkey drumstick eh Kev….

  236. it serves me right for not attending their child’s dedication….but you ll think they ll show some christian charity.

  237. WATH

    Can’t escape the notion you London dwellers are a bit too familiar with the obscure scenes.

  238. It’s what we read in the tourist guides DG….. ;-)

    Ask Kev he knows them all.

    Stan you gonna kiss arse more fella..!

  239. Now you shouldn’t begrudge an old swindler, his lunch eh Stan?

    Yeah Wath, I luv turkey mate, all the trimmings eh.
    Sausage meat, roast pots, yorkshire pud, brussels, hmm.

  240. WATH

    You would only be reading tour guides if you’re second guessing the adventures exciting your life.

    For Kev it’s professional courtesy. ;)

  241. Stan, you gotta learn to do a bit more brown-nosing mate.

    If you wanna get ahead, get a braun nose

  242. See what I mean. Brown nosing and all……. ;)

  243. Dutch, I have to cater for all tastes..

    As I said earlier, I am not judgemental.

    Mind you that turkey sandwich was fantastic… ;-)

    Christmas pud Wath, hmm, my favourite.
    With custard of course… :-D

  244. finally a call……..that’s it fellas am out of here. turkey and apple pies here i come. later guys.

  245. So, Chelsea can besmirch the reputation of Mark Clattenburg and it’s all gonna be swept under the carpet?

    There’s a few human-rights parasites/lawyers, crying into their vino this evening, I suspect. Shame… :-)

  246. Dont do an American Pie impression when you sneak around their kitchen looking for warm oven pleasuries Goonie.

    Laters matey.

  247. The degradation continues for the blues Kev.

    Realy don’t deserve the right to be called London pride as CL winners.

  248. Soon as I go, you all start talking turkeys ;)

  249. WATH

    Been reading up Compton Street Westminster. Doesn’t sound so obscenely as a took it. SoHo here we come. Quite a curiosity arousal once you understand its history.

  250. Merely a virtual carnage Rico. No harm done. You can’t say cook books kill animals either. The power of suggestion at work, that’s all.

    Wink wink innocently.

  251. :lol: Dg…

    I used to love my traditional Christmas lunch, veggie pigs in blankets aren’t quite the same, but I do enjoy them ;)

  252. I’m heading off now so have a good evening Dg and anyone else still reading….

    ‘Til tomorrow all, Night Night….

  253. Veggie pigs maam?

  254. Nite nite Rico.

    Joining you as well. Insecurity been growing on me ever since WATH mentioned my tu-tu. Going to check what the mirror says, if it really makes me look fat. :P

  255. Ohh BTW Adam if you’re reading. We miss ya fella.

  256. Hi everyone !
    So, no special news.
    Diaby still injury, speculation about the news signs for January,TH agains…
    ok. tomorrow is another working day.
    “Oh!… Santi Cazorla…! “

  257. Good Morning my Esteemed Bragging Gunners.

    Just read on NN that a firm managed by some Dutch gent who goes by the name Goonie, has agreed with Gazidis to sponsor Arsenal shirt for the next 50 years with the name of his Company.

    So the next AFC sponsor will see SEXUS printed on the chest of each player. :lol:

  258. Morning all……by the year 2015 Scientists believe that you will never be more than 15 feet away from a Chelsea Manager!

  259. And by the year 2025 everyone in Europe will have spent at least two months managing Chelsea!!!! :)

  260. Morning all…

    They the same about rats now Lee….

    Still can’t believe that club aren’t going to apologise to Mark Clattenburg…

  261. Morning Lady!!!

    How are you?

  262. We all knew that the Chavs were all a classless lot. Now they have confirmed it.

    However, while that inaction is deplorable I would like to ask one question. Has Clattenburg ever apologized for all the MISTAKES he has committed against some of the clubs challenging Manure?

    What goes around comes around. I think he deserves what he gets.

  263. Morning devil, fine thanks are you?

    Two wrongs don’t make a right though devil but I understand what you are saying and imho, accusing someone of being racist when they are clearly not is really a horrid thing to do…

  264. Got to pop off first thing, back on the new post around 9,45

  265. Yes it is horrid. Despicable in fact. And Mikel should receive a hefty fine plus ban. But Clattenburg deserves being put a bit through the wringer. Loosing four weeks from his refereeing career implies four weeks less for a Manure favouring ref.

  266. Cu Lady. I too have to pop off. Got to help a couple of poor little ones and that will take me around 90 minutes listening to them both.

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