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Chelsea manager sacked! Henry coming home… again & Could we see a Change of Formation tonight? .

Morning all..

How many managers are Chelsea going to get through? A couple of losses and the owner hangs another manager out to dry.

Maybe he will try and tempt Wenger across London, after all, he hasn’t got many choices left has he?

My money is on Harry Redknapp replacing RDM.

So now we know, as Gervinho and Chamakh head off to represent their respective countries in the African Cup of Nations, their temporary replacement, Thierry Henry should have flown in and be ready to strut his stuff again for his old, but favourite club.

Wenger has said this about our old number 14:

He is a communicator, an extrovert and very intelligent. I had always resisted (bringing him back). Last year I did it because we lost Gervinho. This year we lose Gervinho again as they are playing the Africa Cup of Nations two years in a row. So we will be confronted with a shortage – particularly if (Marouane) Chamakh should go. Then we will be short.

We know all of that don’t we but what Arsene is maybe forgetting is, Henry is also old, too old to be considered as a replacement for Gervinho. Chamakh yes, but not Gervinho. Should we get to Christmas and we are in the top three or four and still in all the Cups, then Henry is not the man to push us on even further.

Onto tonight.

Gervinho and Gibbs are both back in the squad for Tonight’s fixture against Montpellier, the bad news is Theo Walcott is out with a shoulder injury following the collision with Michael Dawson. Walcott was due to have a scan yesterday so fingers and toes crossed that there is no serious damage.

Santos is also out tonight, he has some kind of abdominal muscle strain.

Didn’t realise he had any muscles under that shirt of his…..

Things kind of started going a bit wrong  at the back when Kieran Gibbs got injured, Santos came in, we got battered down our left hand side and suddenly we were shaky at the back, the goals started going in and the results suffered. Vermaelen gave us a bit more stability when he was switched out left, but……

Also, it could be said that Carl Jenkinson made way for Bacary Sagna around a similar time, has that had a bearing on our performances at the back?


Montpellier it is tonight and at The Emirates where the home fans will hopefully be in good voice again after the weekend.

A few days ago, a couple of the newspapers ran a story about how once all of our defenders were back fit and healthy, Arsene Wenger may adopt a new defensive set up which would mean five at the back.

Now Gibbs is back, we could very well see that on display tonight.

Tonight’s fixture is huge in the eyes of Wenger and the board, they will be desperate to get through to the knock-out stages as the further we get in the competition, the more money goes into their bank account the transfer kitty.

The first fixture against Montpellier was a tough one, but we managed to grab two goals and prevent the opposition form scoring from open play. They did manage to get one goal though thanks to a penalty. Vermaelen had bundled over Belhanda just inside the penalty area within the opening ten minutes and the same player scored from the spot.

Back then though, we were defending with confidence and we’d just beaten Liverpool and Southampton. Podolski and Gervinho scored our goals soon after going 1-0 down and that is how it stayed.

How though I don’t know, we weren’t at our best, Giroud had a bit of a mare against his old side and Montpellier missed a few good chances to be fair.

That was in front of their own rowdy and very supportive fans.

Tonight it’s their turn to travel, their turn to play in front of loud opposition fans and it’s our turn to turn on the style.

Montpellier are having a nightmare of a season, they have won just two fixtures in all competitions this season and we have to make sure that doesn’t change tonight.

We need three points, nothing more and nothing less and if we do, and Schalke defeat Olympiakos FC, we are through to the next round.

However, we mustn’t take Montpellier too lightly, they have nothing to lose tonight and many sides play much better when the pressure is off…

Total commitment from every player, another victory and no goals conceded would be perfect.

Have a good day all….

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227 comments on “Chelsea manager sacked! Henry coming home… again & Could we see a Change of Formation tonight? .

  1. [...] Chelsea manager sacked! Henry coming home… again & Could we see a Change of Formation tonight… [...]

  2. Morning all…

    Bit of a shock across London, good job Roman doesn’t own us, Wenger would have been sacked in 2006 ;)

  3. They really are a joke Rico…. No class what so ever but we’ve know that for decades…!

    Pathetic really, why don’t Roman just become manager he is in all but name only as he just employs puppets to do the job for him..!

  4. Good morning fellow gunners,
    :grin: Very good Rico especially this bit ‘Santos is also out tonight, he has some kind of abdominal muscle strain.Didn’t realise he had any muscles under that shirt of his…..’

    I disagree on the Santos and TV bit though!Sorry. With Santos at the back we conceded 3 three times in the EPL and 2 times against Schalke. The goals we conceded with him in the team can also be attributed to Poldi and TV not being switched on.With TV we have conceded 7 with 5 in the EPL. Its all the media bashing I will never fall for. Its like this morning the media are slating David Luiz but Cahill has been very mediocre. In fact if he was not in Tthe English national team I bet the nmedia will be saying playing in the CL is a step too high for him.

    I feel sorry for Di Tomato but then again he was very lucky to win the CL 6 months ago. Something AW and Lotha Matthias were not able to do or have not done. A nice print of his swiss bank account though will put a smile on his face. talking of the chavs is Marina Granovskaia ‘the devil wear Prada’ of football. She is cold and a very good schemer. We could do with her type at our Arsenal to check PHW. lol

  5. Totally agree Wath, rumour is Benitez is being lined up. Did he not watch what went on at Liverpool?

    Is Roman really that controlling?

    If so, why do decent men bother to go there, unless they don’t care and just want to fill their pockets when they get the sack.

    In fact, I’d take the job for a month…. Take it on a Monday and then I’d get at least 5 days wages ;)

  6. Good morning all,

    How lucky we are to have a board of directors who recognise the importance of stability. What must it be like to support a team where the manager’s office is fitted with a revolving door and the owner is fast running out of credible options as replacements for the latest poor schmuck to get the elbow.

    Count your blessings Gooners.

  7. I am surprised about your post at 9:44 am W.A.T.H. I thought you and Lee wanted AW out? ;)

    The media are saying chelski should have signed another target man and that no one turns the chavs down. They are forgetting OG12 was going to be sold to the chavs for over 20M but OG12 wanted to come to us therefore Montpellier chairman had to take his release clause fee.

  8. Hoped that bit would raise a smile Tsgh..

    Guess I just can’t get rid of the picture in my mind of by Santos being ripped apart by Farfan and Manure…

    If Santos hadn’t been caught out by Rafael, that ball wouldn’t have been crossed for TV to muck up…

    Either way, we agree he’s a shocking Lb ;)

  9. Marina Granovskaia runs chelsea guys on a day to day not Roman. She is the one who was spotted with Pep in the UN and has had discussions with Glenda hoodle, Benitez and Zola. The media like to spill shite to sell papers.

  10. JW –

    I meant to ask, did you see my correction about gervinho the other day. I meant to type ‘i wouldn’t drop any player for gervinho’

    I’m not against changing managers when it’s clearly needed, but having just won the CL, giving the guy 3 months is crazy. He';s only lost 4 games this season hasn’t he?

  11. I didn’t know that about Giroud, either that or if I did, I had forgotten…

    Wouldn’t want to cross Marina by the sounds of it….

  12. As both Gervinho and Chamakh are going to the ACN and the latter may be sold anyway, signing Thierry Henry on loan for six weeks is a no brainer. Doing so would in no way preclude the signing of a new striker if Wenger decides that it is necessary to do so. It would also give any newcomer a bit of time to settle in.

    Good morning Rico and thanks for another high standard post.

    I thought Santos kept his collection of opponents shirts up his jumper. :D

  13. Anyone think we might see the 5 across the back tonight?

  14. Ah Ts you shit stirring person you lol

    Me and Lee are realists…. I don’t want Arsene out for the sake of it at all, I do however want the board out…! I want Arsene to be told what to do and to run the team NOT the clubs finances..!.

    Roman pays them off big money so ALL the managers that sign know full well they set for life how ever long they last..!

    Benitez would be hilarious Rico…!

  15. Where does the sacking of managers and their financial pay outs come within the FFP rules?

    It’s all club expenditure…..

  16. Rico,

    I did spot your correction, I always new that you had far too much footballing nous to intentionally make such a crass statement. :-)

  17. ‘Me and Lee are realists…. I don’t want Arsene out for the sake of it at all, I do however want the board out…! I want Arsene to be told what to do and to run the team NOT the clubs finances..!.’

    That’s all I want to happen too….. And fast!!

    Arry Wath, you wait and see, Arry will take over but I’d prefer Benitez

  18. Phew JW, that worried me for a while….

  19. Arry to the chavs… Now that would be funny….. well, we do know he likes a back hander…!

  20. Arsenal are seemingly looking to strengthen their squad in the January transfer window and have been linked with moves to sign two Dutch internationals to help achieve that goal.

    TransferMarketWeb claim that Arsenal are the latest in a long list of clubs interested in PSV Eindhoven full-back Jetro Willems.

    The teenage left-back was one of the few bright spots in Holland’s disastrous Euro 2012 campaign and the 18 year old has continued to impress in the PSV Eindhoven first team this season.

    Arsene Wenger may feel that injury issues and poor form could mean a move to bring in further defensive options is a must. Kieran Gibbs has improved a great deal over the past 18 months but has had more than his fair share of knocks. Andre Santos on the other hand has been woeful when called upon and could be forced out as a result.

    This source claims that €6.5m (£5.2m) would be needed to land Willems, which seems a very low price for a young talent with mountains of potential.

  21. C’mon everybody, let’s have your most ludicrous suggestion for a new Chav manager.

    I’ll kick off with Roy Keane, successful wherever he’s been. :D

  22. How about Glenda Hoddles JW…?

  23. I wouldn’t be surprised, Arry was linked to them before RDM got the job but, Sky Sports say Rafa is now the clear favourite…

    Pep is waiting for his perfect club to have a vacancy….

  24. Arsene Wenger JW :lol:

  25. Not such a daft idea W.A.T.H.

    I bet poor Old ‘Arry is in right state, doesn’t know whether he should in the queue at QPR or Chelsea. Both would have been handy for his new address if the court case had gone the other way. H.M.P. Wormwood Scrubs.

  26. Rico,


  27. Nobody refuses the Chavs because its a dream job – you work for some months and get paid 2years wages. Felt bad for once that Conte got the sack. Juventus would have been the perfect team for Van ‘Stad, amazing team, shit strikers. With VP in that team they’ll be putting the best clubs in the world to the sword.

  28. :D WATH. Just pulling your legs. I should have replaced your name with Rico though.

    You are correct on all the managers who go to chelski. A 5M to 10M pay-off for working a year? Even the late Sir Bobby will be up for that.lol.

    I am thinking the probability to sign anyone during January is slimming down like a Somali refugee. Cabaye is having surgery and will be out until the new year. The 2 Senegalese from Newcastle will also be away. Capoue is the 2nd best midfielder in France at the moment behind Lavezzi of PSG so we is moving away from the AW weigh scale for pricing. In Holland the best players who can add to us are with Ajax and if they progress in the CL I can not see Seim or Blind joining us. Huntelaar is joiningg chelski in january if Torres does not accept a swap to Athletico.

    So it answers why Akpom has been promoted. He is the cover for the striker position if shitemak goes to the ACL. It is not looking good folks.

  29. Just kidding you JW ….

    They did a good enough job anyway Thorough…

  30. The Chavs are just like Have I Got News For You. A different presenter every episode, and a different manager every season. What a joke, they are an embarrassment to their own fans even.

    Who would want that job?

    Very happy Theo grew a kiddi-tash so I am sure he and Lewis Hamilton are not the same guy.


  31. Time for a swim,

    Back later.

  32. Makes me laugh though, Chelsea have confirmed they will be announcing the new manager shortly. Cant tell me a new manager deal was sorted out o/n.

    His sacking has been planned for a while. In fact I bet the new man has know since the the summer and RDM only got the job to spare fans outrage after winning the CL and FA Cup….

  33. naked goon, Unfortunately with the money involved as Ts says, many managers would be very tempted purely to boost the bank balance as they know the huge payouts involved how ever long they last…!

  34. So another champions league night at the superbowl, no alcohol served inside the ground so the atmosphere will be in all the local pubs until 5 minutes before or after the kick off. Just hope we can pick it up where we left off on Saturday.
    As for Chelsea , nothing surprises me , He wants Pep but I am not sure that he will get him . Harry , Benitez all the old lags will get wheeled out but don’t dismiss someone like Aadvocat. Just watch this space. Anyone else going tonight ? if so where are you drinking pre match.

  35. Jetro Willems please I dont want Lee to have a panic attack when he sees him in our side. Meade is better and I have only seen Meade play 4 times.

  36. News has emerged that Rafa Benitez is the next Chelsea manager.
    It is clear that he will not last for long.
    About our formation;I don’t think Arsene will go the “chop” and “cut” way. He will stick with the formation that got us the result against tottenham.

  37. Paul Lambert has been fined by the FA for comments after the Citeh game.

    He also has a one man ban so he won’t be in the dugout on Saturday….

  38. Ts, what you seen or reckon Iker Muniain….!

    Don’t rule out Hiddink as well Potter, Happy Birthday to you my friend, hope you have a great day and a healthy and happy retirement..!.

    I’m out later, drinking down by the Cally…!

  39. Pep is in NY doing his bit for ‘the order’ .;)

    He is going to Manchester I suspect. He is clever enough to know he was very lucky at Barca.

  40. Good news about Cabaye Tsgh, isn’t he the player Rocky heard might swap with TW?

    Naked, I’d take the job for a month, never have to work again…

    Have a good swim JW..

  41. Benitez is a stop gap obviously BUT can he get the respect of the dressing room…? Means the Chavs have set their sights on Pep for the summer…! He wouldn’t surely…..?

  42. Happy Birthday Potter, another three points tonight and a big toe in the KO stages would be a nice gift…

    Tsgh – you know I quite like Meade ;)

  43. **BREAKING NEWS** Rafa Benitez has been sacked from the Chelsea job this morning after failing to win anything!!

  44. Happy birthday Potter!!
    Morning all btw!

  45. I don’t think he will Wath, he’s waiting for another London job ;)

  46. Rico likes honey wine????

  47. Jose has all but confirmed that he is going to return to the PL soon….

    One of the two Manchester sides I suspect….

  48. Afternoon all,

    How about Mark Hughes? He’s gonna get the chop soon.
    I don’t rate the Ajax keeper. Rather stick to Sczez and get an experienced No.2 over 30.
    Willems looked good at the Euros and definitely a good price.
    Saw a local club here (Kaizer Chiefs) wants to offer Becks 130k/w. They can’t afford that, it’s an equivalent to a Porsche 911 per week.
    Also saw that Wenger wants to rest Cazorla, I reckon AA can play the role.

  49. Leeds United have completed a takeover – Bates makes a few more pounds then…

  50. Morning all,
    Nice one Rico,
    The Russian will whant quality, he knows De Mateo was short term, but it suited him to leave him in place till he messed up Pep Guardy will be his manager of choice knowing Wenger would not leave Arsenal, Peps had a rest and what a job to come back too spend as much as you want before FFP and pick and mix

  51. Why doesn’t Abramovitch just do the job himself…?!!!

    Joke of a football club.

  52. Watching the Chav game last night and seeing how Juve closed them down very very quickly shows just what you can do to stop a team playing imagine that on Cazorla and anybody else in our team we would never get out of our own half only to respot the ball

  53. European Chumpions.

    The laughing stock of Europe.

    Without equal, outside of Spain and Manchester.

  54. Would be surprised if he rested caz in a champions league game Brad but who knows

  55. One thing about thh russian Kev is he doesn’t let the grass grow under his feet not for long

  56. Bradster, think tonight is too important in Wengers eyes, really can’t see him resting Santi.

    Get the game won and then get him off..

    Thanks Steve, Pep isn’t at the end of his years rest yet ;)

  57. I’d rather RDM had stayed Kev, we’d have more chance of getting in the top 4 ;)

  58. Iker Muniain too young but very good. Personally I do not rate spanish LBs. Buying from Bilbao is like buying from Doneskh.

  59. Tsgh, give me an English or German Lb any day of the week…

    Can’t say any transfer rumours excite me any more, especially prior to the Jan window. AW seldom does January of late…

  60. Bradster. Jetro Willems was one reason Holland went out from the euros. You say Santos is shite at defending well Willems is a passenger but at 18/19 why not give Miguel (the badge kisser) a chance or Rico’s (Cougar) Meade a chance. If mean takes his top off, Rico does not mourn for a week. ;)

  61. Morning all. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head regarding both Gibbs and Jenks. We had balance at the back when they were playing. I didn’t think Sagna deserved his place back just because he was fit and we all knew that Gibbs would get injured after a few games begging the question of why wasn’t a suitable back up LB sorted in the summer? I really believe a return to our season starting back four would reap rewards. For as long as Gibbs stays fit at least.

  62. Oi Oi Tsgh ;)

    I didn’t either Bg, Jenks was doing really really well and talk about, how to dent a kids confidence.

    And the reason we didn’t score goals is more clear now too, Wenger was sulking over Walcott’s contract and refused to start him.

    I don’t wish injury on any player of ours but I am sure glad Gervinho picked up his, otherwise TW would still be on the bench and Giroud wouldn’t be getting goals…

    Nor would Merts…

    Grrrr ;)

  63. I disagree with u over the coming of Henry. Even if the club is in good position in december/january, how about the depth needed when Gervinho and. Chamakh go for the AFCON? How about Henry’s inspiration to the team? How about his few goals and assists to boot? Think before conclusions, please! Readers are usually swayed by the media’s analysis. I’m a journalist myself

  64. :grin: I had to Rico. I have never seen a lady get so excited before a substitution. It must have been due to the shirtless torso in October.

    I think the Sagna one is debatable but I think in this instance AW is correct. CJ25 will not be considered a potential England RB if TW14 had been started or played with CJ25 in the team. Sagna has the experience to cover for the lack of defensive cover TW14 rarely provides on the RHS.

  65. Welcome Izuchukwu Okosi

    I don’t care if you are Pep Guardiola ;)

    I still don’t believe that Henry is a solution to Gervinho and Chamakh going to the ACON. We get TH for a month, Both our players will be out until at least mid/end of Feb and in the meantime, we rely on an old has been to carry us up front??

    What happens if Giroud then gets an injury?

    I’d love TH to come back and join us, but not at the expense of a player who we really need…

  66. Okosi- As much as we all like king Henry. I do not back his comeback as a ‘paper over crack’ option for not buying in January. We all know the AFCON takes a lot out of the players when they play in there. As I assume you are from Nigeria you know Ivory Coast are one of the 2/3 favourites for the competition therefore Yao Gerv will be there until at least mid Feb.

    We need another striker in the form of Bent or Huntelaar to compete. We are an injury away from Shitemak or Akpom upfront.

  67. Rico the Cabaye one, I do not know how to take it. I doubt Theo would go to Newcastle now but in August they were tipped to finish above us by the media so it may have been attractive.

    What bothers me is that Bender and the other players who have AW and Arsenal written all over are either with teams who have qualified for the next round of the CL and so we will not go there. Capoue as I said is hot cake so….

    Dragoev is free and so is Odil Ahmedov and believe me he is a proper DM in the mold of Petite or Edu with a hint of Frimps. He is the best player in Asia. Better than Kagawa and Honda and a typical AW signing if he has not got some skeletons in his closet.

  68. I forgot to add Odil Ahmedov was named as best player of Anji over the season 2011. The winner was determined with the survey conducted among official website visitors and finally by club managers and coaches. He collected more points than Samuel Eto’o and Yuri Zhirkov.

  69. TsGH, easy with the Bender bit mate. :-D

  70. Ts, no one will leave Anji to come to us thought, they pay double what we do ;-)

  71. Tsgh, I don’t want Cabaye at Arsenal…

  72. I would like Cabaye Rico. I dunno how he’ll be after his op though.

  73. I’d rather have Ba.

  74. I don’t want Cabaye, good player but far to similar to what we already have

  75. Not for a Uzbek who claims to support Arsenal W.A.T.H. The only problem is Roman is rumoured to want him.

    Rico I understand with Cabaye but we need someone with legs to compliment the Arteta. ;)

  76. That’s one of the reasons I don’t want him Bg, and we have so many midfielders already but not proper defensive ones, that’s who I’d prefer us to add…

    Plug that gap….

  77. Aneke is banging i the goals for fan 2 divisions down. He is doing a very fine job replacing Powell at Crewe.

  78. Capoue has those legs Tsgh ;)

  79. Hi gunnersphere,
    Wake up to the news of RDM sacking. Abramovic doesn’t do long term.

    rico – give me a Capoue and we will be ok. We miss a trick in that when we could have got him cheap but Diaby was like a new signing. Don’t understand why we are going for Henry again in Jan. MLS is not premier league. Lets get an attacker and a LB in we have the resources.

    COYG!!! lets get all 3pts today

  80. He supposed to be an Arsenal fan Ts…?

  81. emma – you know my thoughts on Capoue ;)

  82. I’d readily settle for Baines, and a genuine DM in January. If we get desperate up front during the ACON why not recall a couple of loan players? Ryo? Afobe? A bit risky but maybe worth a punt for the sake of 6 weeks. We’d have to lose Giroud, Podolski and Theo to use them as more than back up anyway.
    Which DM is the question?

  83. As I mentioned in a post once, is AW looking for a proper DM? I mentioned a few days as week that Capoue who is who we all want is playing the box-to-box role for Toulouse. Even for the ‘blue Cockerels’ its Blaise Matuidi who is doing the purely defensive job.

    As I mentioned before I suspect AW has a hand in Capoue’s new role. Hopefully so that AW can assess if he is a ball playing DM or a Makele/Sissoko/frimps type of player. Bearing in mind Seville bid for Capoue last August and he turned them down I am hoping like all of us that he is the new and/but luckier Diaby/ Vieira to take us to the new level.

  84. …as well I meant to say…

  85. The Capoue one Grimandi put the news out therelast summer to test the waters. It was the same with Allen but we all wanted (Rico not included ;) of course) wanted M’Villa even though he is more of a Gareth Barry than Gilberto.

  86. Who are you talking about W.A.T.H?

  87. Bg, think we have missed any chance with Baines, he must be a £15=+ million player now, but yes, I’d love him at the club and a DM…

  88. Oh, and a Keeper…

    Tsh, I was touting for M’Vila as well, but Capoue seems the better option…

    I don’t think any of us would complain though if M’Vila does join us…

  89. I still think Wenger is looking for a ball playing forceful mid that can tackle rather than a DM to cover the defence and break up play.
    I agree Wenger is looking for a player similar to Diaby.

  90. But AU cant spend any of his money yet Tsgh, and SK won’t match Anji’s wages…

  91. Is Ahmedov an Arsenal fan Ts… that’s who I mean’t…!

  92. Brad, you could be right…

  93. Tsgh meant AU I think Wath and matching the wages of Anji..

    Not Cabaye..

  94. I know I have no coaching credentials but believe me M’Villa is not our answer to our midfield issues. Jean Makoun is the one who plays as the terrier or DM for Stade Rennais FC.Jean is a failure in the EPL though even though he helped Norwich last year and played against us last season.

    I know most disagree with me when I say M’Villa is like Denilson but what about a poor mans Alonso. So the question is will an Alonso type of player add anything to our midfield apart from competition for Arteta? Arteta or Alonso/Pirlo are the same type of players. They all need a Kheidira or Vidal to do the work for them.

    I know people and the media like M’Villa the same way most Arsenal fans like Le Coq even though I do not know what he brings to our midfield. He should be a LB like Flamini is at AC, period.

  95. Looks like Arry is going to take the Ukraine job…

  96. His wages is not on the same level as the Eto’s or the Sambas of this world. Didn’t you here 2 months ago that the local players were complaining about the foriegn guys getting paid 10-15 times what they get? His contract is rumoured to be over this end of Russian season.

  97. Thierry Henry an ‘old has been’ …..that’s almost a shooting offence rico !
    Love him around the ground on matchdays, gives the place an extra buzz, but seeing him come off the bench for the last 5 or 10 minutes and running the clock down as we saw last January doesn’t cut the mustard this time around, we need to splash some cash.

    Anyone see Shakhters first goal against Nord last night, shows you the level some teams will stoop to.
    We replayed a game for much less than that, the referee wouldn’t have been able to look himself in the mirror this morning.

  98. Micko the governor of Govan.

    It was a joke but they needed to win so… We are linked with Adriano that goal scorer.

    Odil goal


  99. Back in an hour…

  100. Thanx Ts………….

  101. Does have a certain ring to it Tsgh.
    I always think of Rab C Nesbit whenever Govan is mentioned, wonder if Kev drives around in a string vest in the summer.
    2 nil tonight.

  102. What a classy team Chelsea is. :D Hello, all!

  103. Happy aftermath Gooooooooooners,

    Rico you couldn’t make it up. What a Shakespeare drama.

    The return of King Thierry the Ruthless on his dieing legs. Chavs drop another body in the Thames. And our CL qualifier, staging Prince Charm Giroud to stick the knife in his former Lord and twist it with a dirty grin. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Debate and expectations live another day. ;)

    Jetro Willems is just starting his career. Not worth the letters of the alphabet yet. English alphabet that is. In Holland they mainly use question marks on him.

    I suspect Tony Adams already post stamped his resignation as a pundit. Sweating his hands as we speak while staring at the phone. :P (He never said loyalty isn’t for sale, just that his standards don’t allow him to manage small clubs.)

  104. Micko

    You mentioned the other day ‘ Watching tv is chewing gum for the eyes ‘.

    Seeing Di Tomato yesterday made me wonder if it’s physically possible. How does he get any light on his pupils? :P

  105. ‘I’ll have you know, Michael, that I have a very fetching selection of string vests, in various shades of grey.
    Some with large holes, some with small.
    And of course colour coordinated hankerchief’s for my barnet.
    My 6 o’clock shadow is an extra garnishment depending on my mood.
    Today, I am mostly wearing a Issey Myachi string vest.
    Or is it Poundstretcher?
    Can’t see thru the grey.

  106. Bloody connection.

    William Hill puts a 3-1 punt out on Pep becoming next manager. I have reasons to believe Roman isn’t so mystified by his timing. Money talks, even for sabbatical takers. Just consider there’s no competition vying for Pep’s signature. So Roman can wave a now or never deal under his nose without other suitors providing alternative contemplation.

    So far its been 9 managers in 8,5 years.

  107. Ok, two hours ;)

  108. Are we going to win tonight Gooners?

    Of course we are!

    C’mon The Glorious Gunners!!

  109. “For what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?” It may appear crass to use a phrase uttered by Jesus in Mark’s Gospel in reference to football, but the sentiment expressed could scarcely be more apt.

    Under Abramovich, Chelsea have ascended to the top of the English and European game, at the cost of all credibility and integrity. They have spent ludicrous sums, sacked managers on an almost yearly basis, alienated club legends such as Steve Clarke and Ray Wilkins, and kept a man found guilty of racist abuse as their captain because he is still a valuable ‘asset’. At some point, every discerning follower of this club must have asked themselves: “Is it worth it?”

    As far as exacting change goes, however, it is irrelevant – no more than a moral quandary. For Chelsea under Abramovich are the most absolute of dictatorships, with a lone voice barking orders from the darkness. When the likes of Juan Mata, Eden Hazard and Oscar are brought in for a combined £80 million, being a billionaire’s play-thing feels pretty good. Only on days like this is the heartlessness and senselessness of it all dwelt upon.

  110. Yes JW, yes we are….

  111. Well said Dg….

  112. Prophet DG. I thought you were more new age than …lol

    Did you have a look at the link the other day?

    I just had a meeting with a Dutch man who is half as crazy as Goonie.

    3-1 for us tonight

  113. Le Coq is mouthing off as usual…

    I am getting tired of his threats and bull. :x


  114. Exactly my thoughts on Jetro Willems DG10 another player who has it all but…

  115. About time we sold him I think Tsgh…

    He’s not that good in any case….

  116. That is what I hate about AW and his stupid policy. When Le Coq was at Lorient Christian Gourcuff did not rate him as a DM even with a team on the level of Charlton or Southampton but AW is being persuade by the kid to play him in his preferred position.

    If at this age he does not feel honoured to be wearing the best jersy in the world then he can honestly f__k off. Yennaris is better anyways and even Eastmond will do a job in that position and he is one of us too.

  117. Just another young overseas player who is not up to it, add many of those who are out on loan to him on a long list….

  118. DG- Big Tony’s record stands at 12 wins in 53 games and relegation to League Two with Wycombe Wanderers, coupled with some youth work in Holland and a brief tenure at Portsmout.

    Most importantly he flopped at FK Qabala… I think Roman will save his money on that one to buy fuel for one of his helicopters. :D

  119. Popping off to eat, back in a bit…

  120. Rico

    Don’t know how others perceive the new site set up. But for me its less inviting to drop comments. Have to go up and down the entire page constantly. Sorry. :(

    TSGH my reply got lost. Leaving me with the hump.

  121. Hi all. So Ox gets the start and Verm is still at LB. Gibbo and Gerv on the bench.

  122. hey good people, what’s new? when’s the game and does anybody have a good stream? TSGH, be a pal and hook me up brother.

  123. Dg, is that any better??

  124. Arsenal Team
    Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Arteta, Wilshere, Cazorla, Chamberlain, Podolski, Giroud.

    Subs: Mannone, Ramsey, Coquelin, Arshavin, Jenkinson, Gervinho, Gibbs.

  125. Rico

    I wanted a democratic decision with mutual consent. But yes lovely, very vogue these days. ;)

    Goonie give me a moment to provide streams.

  126. Dg, I take it that means all sorted then ;)

  127. Stop moaning Lee… ;-)

    COY Fecking G’s



  129. You there then Kev, enjoy, hope its the right result with the right performance….

  130. Sorted maam. Will XL sorry for crushing your mobile comfort.

  131. Thanks Dg for the links…

    Wonder where Scott is, unlike him to miss a game…. Time yet I guess…

  132. He scores when he wants.
    Lukasz Podolski, he scores when he wants

  133. Sky Sports confirms Rafa will be appointed Chelsea manager… That should please a few players … NOT

  134. Hi DG, you say the reply got lost?lol

  135. Rico

    That will leave the Chav fans puzzling their perplexity for a while. :P

  136. Thanx Rico… 4-1 I reckon.

  137. just got me my favorite beer and a few barbecued chicken………getting ready to watch my favorite team. could it get any better? COYGS! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

  138. Yanga-Mbiwa will keep OG12 quiet. Daniel Congré will cause us problems on our left. Of course Belhanda and former Evertonian Estrada are dangerous too., but 3-1 to us. COYGssss

  139. Ginge

    My connection is causing me havoc. Lost reply when post button was hit.

    Basically said I agree on Le Cog. Pogba saga at ManU isn’t doing his mind any favours. Hush and count your blessings young fella.

    Don’t question Roman’s business nous. Rather Adam’s sanity and assessment of his future options. In Big Tony’s mind he got a dilemma to pounder. That’s until Rafa is confirmed. ;)

  140. Dg10, it was good while it lasted.

  141. Yanga-Mbiwa means business. He kis a proper warrior no eye contact straight fire.


  142. The Chavs are a bunch of JOKERS.
    Clearly even Pep cannot replicate what he did with the Catalans elsewhere.
    He needs Messi, Iniesta and Xavi. That triumvirate is unique.
    I feel sorry for RDM, he wins the trophy for RA that the big guns couldnt, and he goes after a small losing streak.
    Rafa is a poor coach and not an improvement on RDM.
    How calm to be a Gooner and deal with our slow paced boring BOD.
    Pep would be a nutter to join the RA revoution.
    A win tonight is on the cards with OG nailing his former club.
    Ox will want to impress.
    TH will be a good back up addition, his winning mentality is necessary.

  143. Hope we wake up soon, both in the stands and on the pitch…

    Come on Kev, open those lungs ;)

  144. Sure will Dg..

    Sorry Will, didn’t know it made much difference, i never seemed to notice…

  145. They are worse than the joker and riddler put together a117…

  146. Will XL

    In the near future I will work with Rico for a redesign of the site. Promise to involve dynamic device recognition. Cherish that thought while you process your disappointment. :)

  147. Rico _ even Rafa in Batman uniform will not be able to achieve much there.
    Rico – I feel lot more positive about our year end run in.
    How do you feel Mate

  148. Good Tsgh…

    Dg, I am going to take you up on that :)

    One game at a time for me a117, I’m yet to be convinced we are on the up, and our passing is not doing a lot to convince me otherwise tonight… :(

  149. I will say AW has done it again. Positionally he has transformed SC19 to a real no.10. No more dissing of Santi for me until…

  150. That was cheeky by Giroud, couldn’t get the ball under control, fluffed his touch and then looked to blame Ox for no movement…

    Tsk tsk

  151. I knew you’d come round Tsgh ;)

  152. Game calling for Yao Gerv

  153. I’d rather Arshavin….

  154. This is one of the worst displays i have seen from an Arsenal team for as long as i can remember Giroud is slower than Mertsacker Wilshere and Chamberlain must be playing for them they have passed to them so many times, have they been told they cant pass the halfway line or what Sagna playing as a lone winger on his own and then having to race back to defend what the hell is happening

  155. It’s not good is it Steve…

    Not enough crosses, misplaced passing, not taking chances and we are so so slow….

  156. Mind you, I think I can recall worse….

  157. come on guys still 2-0 or 3-1 COYGss

  158. What a laboured performance. Too sloppy, looks like afc have refused to turn up in the first half. Cazorla looks leggy, Ox dances on the wing and takes the ball backward, Giroud like steve said is slower than Mert. grrrrrrr

  159. Lots of misplaced passes from OX. He is not giving Sagna enough support on the wing, drifting too much into CM.

  160. Jackieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee boy :P

  161. really good jump from Giroud too to win the ball and knock it down….

  162. Is the ref related to Howard Webb?

  163. These lino’s are shocking, Pod was never ever offside….

  164. And that was a booking…

    No Tsgh, this one is worse…

  165. Bloody heck, that was stunning!!

  166. Better volley than RvP ;)

  167. I can not stand Alan Smith and his negativity

  168. Negative Tsgh, or honesty??

  169. How long did it take for the ref to call the foul for Ox?

    Better than VP? :-D

  170. Negativity..

    If chavs do it it is grinding results if we do it it is poor display ;)

  171. AW fave white african is coming on.lol.

    I hope Lee is not having a panic attack!

  172. And is the Lino blind, he was so close to all that tugging…

    Ox offski and Ramsey on, goodness knows why, should be AA…

    Has AA featured in a CL match yet?

  173. Kos and Sagna Mr Reliables!

  174. We have AA and Gervinho on the bench, both are more suited to play on the right – why oh why bring on Ramsey?

    I hope he plays really well….

  175. No first time on bench

  176. Behave Rico and stop hating on Rambo. He told AW he was quarter Ivorian and quarter Senegalese.lol

  177. Yes qualification almost confirmed!

  178. I’m not a Ramsey hater Tsgh, honest. Just want to see the guy play in his place, not on the wing…

    I asked about AA because of the Jan window and if he’s off…

  179. some good runs… how negative is that?

  180. Crikey, Podolski is going to play 90 mins…

    Hopefully that means he’s 100% fit at last…

  181. Was joking Rico re Ramsey.

  182. who was he talking about?

  183. I thought you were, but I do knock him at times, but then I knock a few when they are rubbish ;)

  184. $hi££y are out…

  185. Oh dear, Mancini to join Roberto soon then….

  186. Alan Smith was talking about Giroud. His movement is like a Salsa dancer…

  187. Hmmm we might be facing Dortmond in the next round

  188. The guys i moaned about finally done something 2 good goals Sagna worked his socks off give him Theo’s 90 grand. Once or twice in the second half we actuall made 3 passes forward and scored maybe thats telling us something

  189. Sagna is like (Ralph) Lauren of the invincibles very underratyed. He has been the best RB in the league for 3 or 4 times since he has been with us.

    If CJ25 was playing today he would have been found out because of the lack of support from the Ox

  190. Its a joke that Maureenho is 3 points behind BVB with all the stars he has in his squad.

  191. We are in the next stage! :-)

  192. Good result ….

  193. This team is special believe me! Its like the 2007/2008 team

  194. Mostly of the groups are over except who will bw the 1st or the 2nd.

  195. I actually agree with Smudger, Giroud is quite slow, but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad player…

  196. A similar goal of Ibrahimovic scored by Mexes (Milan). The second one.

  197. JM – Now to do something we haven’t done, and that’s to win in Greece :)

  198. That old has been JM, didn’t think he still had it in him…

  199. Hi Ginge, you are probably right but i wouldn’t have minded Jenks as a winger tonight, he would have supported

  200. Next week, we will have another important match on Wednesday. On the 5th December we will go to Athens. I think some af our players will be rest, So, probably we will finish on the second place.

  201. Quality quality goal by Podolski…..

  202. Giroud was outstanding for us tonight.
    Carzorla was kicked from pillar to post, but had a great game despite the wanker of a referee we had.
    Verm had a good game.
    Jack was in sparkling form, delighted with his goal.
    Especially delighted with the clean sheet.

  203. Gawd, it’s hard work following Arsenal these times !

  204. Well what can you say when your team get through to the next round when teams who are supposed to be better dont WELL DONE ARSENAL

  205. Word has it Devil is being coaxed towards the Chelski job.
    Apparently he is the only qualified coach left in the world NOT to have been sacked the club.
    Roman is on his way,Devil!!!
    Afternoon guys.
    I am being as unbiased as possible,but that screamer from Podolski was as good as any volley i have ever seen.
    The power and accuracy were phenomenal.
    Told you all he had a cannon of a left foot :)

  206. You are right Scott. Infact I had already discussed with Roman, even before RDM was sacked. We did not agree on a point of principle. I told him that I wanted the office all for myself and he had to remove the revolving door so that I could conduct management in my own privacy. However he refused saying that a barred gate with an internal padlock was detrimental to the decor of the facade. Then I told him that either my own way or no way, and he hung up. The old fart!!!!!

  207. Deil,you should have taken the 3 million for 3 years mate.
    In 3 months time,you’d have been sacked but set for life!!
    I say you’d be sacked because there is just no way you’d be trying!!

  208. Now,i am NOT just saying it because it was him,but did you guys see Ramseys turn on the ball in injury time……..brilliant!!

  209. I did not see it Scott. The connection was playing up all the time. If I had seen the whole game Rico would have had a match report by the first 30 minutes after the game.

    Three months??? you are being generous Scott. 3 hours more like it.

  210. I saw the turn,and took a closer look to see who it was and it was he lad,Aaron.
    Just finished watching the replay a minute ago…..i was at work when the game was on,though i saw Pods goal on Youtube.
    Girouds little lob pass was genius!

  211. All the experts,aka wankers,are saying how poor we were.
    Funny…..seems not that long ago they were saying how pretty our football was but with no result!

  212. Does the Russian egomaniac think Benitez is the key to getting the best out of Torres??

  213. Morning all,

    Ramsey the white Senegalese was superb Scott.

    On the pundits exactly my thought when teams labour to a win it is a sign of a great team when we do that it is luck.

  214. G’day Ginge…how goes it?
    I thought we set out to do a job,and got the reslt….3 ticks from me.

  215. Scott Roman does not run chelshi a woman does and those who have come in contact with her say the Iron Lady Thatcher will be scared of her. The media like to blame Roman even though understandably he signs all the cheques but this lady even selected the type of sunseeker he bought. ;)

    I heard 2 months ago from an assosiate that Pep and Marina Granovskaia were spotted near the UN prayer room area but the media did not report this.

    Read about her here:



  216. I read somewhere that Pod playing 90 minutes my indicate he is finally fully fit.
    I reckon his pace is better now than he has shown all season…….remember v Spuds he tracked back and cleared the ball from Bales feet?
    Yep,he is right,and he is showing his quality.
    What a sweet,sweet left foot he has.
    Wenger said afterwards that our keepers are scared of him at training.
    Now jokes please :)

  217. Morning all…

    New Post just going up…

  218. Scott – ‘Pod playing 90 minutes my indicate he is finally fully fit’.

    I wrote that last night :)

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