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Wenger on a German mission, Holtby linked & A Big Night in Berkshire…..

Couple of bit’s from the newspapers this morning. The Daily Mail report that Wenger is going German in a big way. He’s obviously very happy with what Mertesacker and Podolski have brought to the club and happy with the way both Gnabry and Eisfeld are progressing too. So much so, suggestion is that our chief scout Steve Rowley is spending an increasing amount of time in Germany setting up wider scouting for players.

Whether that is scouting younger players to feed his ‘project youth’ or whether it’s an attempt to spot the ‘raw’ player and sign him up before he becomes the next superstar I don’t know, but this has to be a really good move.

Talking of German players, the agent of Lewis Holtby, who in January, is free to sign a pre-contract deal with a new club if he intends to leave Shalke next summer, has confirmed that an English club has made an ‘interesting proposal’ for the player. Liverpool and ourselves are the clubs linked to him, along with Inter Milan.

Onto today’s trip to sunny Berkshire….

Here we go again, that competition held in the highest disdain by most managers in the EPL, the good old League Cup…


A competition that holds many memories for me, not least the 1968 and 1969 Finals, both burned deep into my memory. I recall in 1972, Norwich City rolling into town and a Graham Paddon inspired performance saw them whip us 0-3. That shock was compounded a year later when a veteran Ron Yeats rolled back the years and Tranmere Rovers left our hope in tatters, 0-1…..

I could go on, but I don’t want anybody out there slitting their wrists, so how about 1986-87…

I endured the 1st Leg Semi-Final defeat by Tottenham H, 0-1, Gus Ceasar played! The 2nd Leg and the memorable replay were both 2-1 victories, goals by Viv Anderson, Niall Quinn, Ian Allinson and dear Rocky Rocastle were the precursor to that wonderful 2-1 Final win over Liverpool. I wish we could play Liverpool in Final’s at Wembley every year, but not Cardiff…..

That was George Graham’s first trophy success with Arsenal. The League Cup was a competition that George was tied up with throughout his career. He won it again in 1993. I can still remember, with the scores at 1-1 with Sheffield Weds, saying to my son Kevin “What a waste” as Arsenal seemingly mucked up a move, and as the words left my lips, Paul Merson volleyed the winner and we all went bonkers…

My son often tries to repeat the trick, but up till now my catchphrase hasn’t worked.

Maybe Wembley 2013 might be a good time to repeat it..?

Back in 1967-68 Arsenal beat Coventry City, then Reading in the opening two rounds of the cup, on their way to the Final.

Tonight Arsene has his usual selection issues, but this game could be the ideal opportunity to start Jack Wilshere at the heart of the team.

Andrei Arshavin could play in the hole once more, directing operations.

Bacary Sagna, Theo Walcott (if fit), Frimpong, Coquelin, Djourou, even Abou Diaby (a long shot I know) could all add their experience to the talented U21’s that’ll be involved.

Gnabry, Miquel, Yennaris, Martinez, Angha, possibly Olsson, Meade, Eisfeld and Akpom?

It promises to be another interesting and entertaining evening…


Written by Allezkev

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510 comments on “Wenger on a German mission, Holtby linked & A Big Night in Berkshire…..

  1. Mr Dependable…another good,vibrant post Kev.
    Well done mate.
    Lets to and get a result,andi yope Arshaving reclaims his mojo by running the show.

  2. The semi finals and Final of 1987. So much pride. We just new that this team and the club were going places. Great memories to sustain us at an uncertain moment in our clubs history.

  3. A great mind setting post Kev. It is like William Wallace battle cry….except that you are an Englishman. ;)

  4. Top post AK.
    Rico, you going tonight?
    Has poor Adam surfaced yet?

  5. Wasn’t Wallace an Aussie??

  6. Morning all…

    I love the memories Kev, love them..

    Maybe playing Reading will be this season’s good omen and win tonight and Wembley awaits…

    However, I’m not confident about tonight, whenever Wenger starts praising the opposition manager, it gets me worried….

    Extra time will determine this one tonight me thinks… and I’m not sure we will have enough to come away victors….

  7. No Lee, all my family are using their ST’s and it’s sold out… I’m hoping to get a ticket for the PL game though….

  8. Nice one Kev, the 87 semi’s……… Hmmm mad memories…!

    Morning All……

  9. Rico,buck up lady…we will put 3 past them!!!

  10. Still kicking leaves Lee…. ;)

  11. Martin….I have faith in this team. I do believe that we will upset the odds. And yes even our most sceptic supporters. I only need to look at the goals against column. Whenever I see AFC with goals less than games played I feel optimistic. When I see AFC keep clean sheets than I am quietly confident.

  12. Scott………….Ned Kelly was an Aussie.

    Wallace was Scottish

    Bdw……good morning Rico.

  13. Good Morning
    Kev- you pulled the wool over our eyes again! :D

    I know you are an undercover something…lol

    Its strange how the so could media who are meant to be providing us with the most up-to-date news are always playing catch-up when it comes to Arsenal.

    Arsene has been going on about the quality of the Bundesliga for 3-4 years now. He mentioned Gotze, Reus and Andre Schürrle before these so called expert pundits even knew of their existence.

    There are also players like Fabian Bäcker, and the Bender twins who are not even mentioned in this country and are on the verge of playing for the national team if they can make an appearance in any of the champions league teams.

    Last year when we played Dortmond in the Euro CL, the media slated us for beating Dortmond only 2-1 when they were even stronger with Kagawa and the year before they had Sahin.

  14. Can’t believe sky have put us on live tonight, rare chance to see are exciting youngsters. Would also love to see arshavin at his creative best.

  15. Realist Scott, that’s me….. I hope you are right though..

    Who is going to score our three goals, Chamakh??

  16. I’m really looking forward to tonight’s game…
    WATH, how you diddling mate?

  17. Devil….Mel Gibson mate :)

  18. Where is that Mini-skirt loving Lothario? Drat him. He is never around when I am around. grrrrrrrrrrr

    Goonie where the hell are you???????

  19. Rico,he is good for one,surely….

  20. No doubt you like the German story Wath… Gotze next in??

  21. Giroud will get a hat-trick
    that is if he plays.

  22. Walcott through the middle Rico! Who else? ;)

  23. Devil, we had the Italian lady in the house yesterday and I would of bet that Stanley would of reared his head!

  24. If it were for me I would fill the team with Englishmen and Germans. Plus one or two Spanish.

    No galivanting all over the world during nationals
    no jet lag
    no nonsense style and get the job done

    and they have a sense of belonging

  25. Stan is on a flight to Italy as we speak Lee!!

  26. I see Adam’s is spouting off to talkshite…saying that he fears LJW will want out of Arsenal!

  27. Good morning all,

    Thanks AK for the trip down memory lane, or should I say up Wembley Way?

    I think Arsene has to take tonight’s match seriously, it could be our best chance of a trophy this season. That said, I don’t think there is a hope in hell of Wilshire being even in the squad tonight he will be kept for a slightly more important game at the weekend.

    I really don’t know much about Reading so I’m just going to hope for a decent display and a win of some sort.

  28. Ah, good shout there Lee ;) But will he play with the Mancs on Saturday and Gerv out?

    Same with AA, I really hope he plays and shows what a player he really is…

    Scott, I’d love it if he got a hat full and with it some confidence back…

  29. Scott,

    Isn’t Mel Gibson an American?

  30. All good thanx Lee, you ok mate? I told you Rico… Gotze will be in it’s just a matter of when but there are some other tasty krauts out there as well and they are top quality.
    I always thought Wallace was Irish………!?!?!?
    Awaits Micko throwing a tantrum…!

  31. Don’t be silly JW, Mel Gibson is a Kiwi…!

  32. Fido’s swimming morning so back at lunchtime…. In the meantime I may just try and convince my sister that she and her husband should stay home later and I have their tickets…


  33. Preferably I would go 4-4-1-1 with Arshavin behind Giroud.

    But AW will go 4-2-3-1 with Theo on the right wing and Jenks behind him.

    If Santos plays tonight then that means that Gibbs will be playing for the game vs MAnure. Otherwise if Santos is kept back than Gibbs will not be ready yet.

    I hope the central defence is Kozzer and Djourou. and Miguel as backup.

    Squilly should be kept as far away as possible.

    Ahhhhhhhhhh. So Clorinda is Italian.

    Goonie get a bottle of vino and some roses you twerp.

  34. Wallace? Wasn’t she married to King Edward VIII? or was that in the Simpsons?

  35. And Ned Kelly was an Irishman.

    Wath,it was all funny until you threw the Kiwi line in.
    Always bloody somebody ruining things,hey bro???

  36. Here comes the WATTHY boy.

    How are you today mate?

    What do you think about this evening W.A.T.H.?

  37. Lee have u seen the pic of Adams with keys and gray it turned my stomach

  38. Sorry 2Scott I new you’d enjoy the kiwi line mate ;-)

    Am all good Dev, I think we all know the team will be a mix and match and it’s always good to see the youngsters for sure, I think that they are sometimes let down by the older pro’s to be honest, a few seem to play as if the game is below them and with the what am I doing here attitude, I want Miguel to get a run and play him left back with Kos and JD in the middle with Yennaris right back, least then Coq n Frim can play in the midfield as the holding two… Gnabry has to start with AA behind Giroud although I have a feeling he’ll play that waste of space Chmuk… Theo on the right maybe..?

  39. The team I put on yesterday had Coquelin as left back.

    I would like to see Giroud play but with Gervinho out against PLC I do not think AW will risk him.

    And Theo will play against Manure.

    Infact I think that Giroud will be the CF with Theo, Cazorla and Podolski behind him.

    So as you said it will be Chamack up front.

  40. For the first time this season I won’t hazard a guess what the score will be! I suppose it all depends on the attitude on the night. If we approach this game like we did against Norwich, that we should win, we will loose. If there is an understanding from the players that they will have to do more than show up we will win…..all depends on the approach.

  41. TT seems the younger ones take nothing for granted and will get stuck in and if we lose it will be due to Reading playing well not us having a shit attitude…! A window for a few to show what they are about..!

  42. It was good,Wath…i will pay it lol!!
    I guess the Aussie v Kiwi jokes is because Kiwis have chip on their sholder,as they see Aussies as big brother…..a bit like the way you English look up to the Welsh :)

  43. Hope so WHAT, I can see jenkinson frimpomg et al giving it ago… I just wonder about the attitude of the senior players at times.

  44. Nope not seen it Benny….Adam’s thinks he’s all intelligent these days, really winds me up the bitter & twisted twat!

  45. Hello
    I never thought id ask but……..where is Diaby?? we need him back pronto eg for this weekend?

  46. Thorny,he was supposed to play reserves on the weelend..actually made it on the ground.Tossed the coin,it landed on his foot…out for 6 months :)
    I think he is a chance for the Utd game.

  47. The problem is only with certain players though. I have no doubt that Mannone, Jenkinson, Koscielny, Djourou, Yennaris, Coquelin, Frimpong and Miguel will all do their best. Its what goes on between the ears of players like Arshavin, Theo and Chamack which worries me. If they have an attitude the same as the one at norwich like TT said then we will suffer.

  48. Well the pic definitely tells u everything u need to know. Plonkers like robson I expect this type of thing but not from Adams. I noticed as soon as bould was promoted Adams popped up spouting rubbish

  49. Funny scott, yeah he has to make it quick….remember the liverpool game,
    I’ve been out of action moving house with no B band but since speaking to you lot there are some glaring points for me.
    .Ramsey aint quite cutting it.
    .Diaby was awesome whilst back
    .The german jellyfish (pod + gerv) is potent on the left at times.
    .Cant simply rely on cazorla.
    .Jenkinson and gibbs are the nuts.
    .Id take Ben Arfa for Walcott straight swop.
    Good to be back on HH!!!!!

  50. We have hit a little lull,but at least the QPR game was step,albeit a small one,back in the right direction Thorny.
    Still,we are not conceding many.

  51. Hiya Thorny, thought you’d gone all surf crazy! Glad you’re back in the House…

  52. No no no 2Scotts you got it all wrong mate… we look up to our big brothers the French…! They are our heroes…!

  53. Are you feeling much better this morning Dev?

    Personally, regardless of if Gibbo is fit on not for old toilet, I will put Miguel at LB and have Djourou and kozzer in the middle and have CJ25 at RB. A very good mix of talent, experience and enthusiasm to fight the lump that is Jason Roberts.

    Did you guys see Miguel kissing the badge when he scored against Coventry? I l am beginning to like his attitude because I am hearing he had an option to go on loan to Spain but chose to stay and work on his game in the reserves. He believes the only way he can improve on his weak attributes is by playing in this country and I like him for that.

    Some of the youngsters just want to go on loan for the sake of it without realizing they can improve as much by playing in the U-21 weekly instead of sitting on the bench in League 2 like Conor Henderson.

  54. Miguel I like a lot tsGH. He has that something like Piquet does. A ball playing defender who reads the game well.

    Against Everton u21 he made a howler when his first touch led to their goal. but he made amends during the game and played well.

    I see him as a better prospect then Djorou.

  55. A few weeks ago they said diaby and Rosicky back by November 3rd. But that was a few weeks ago.

  56. I doubt Gnabry will start tonight especially if OG12 starts instead of TW14 up front as the Ox needs a game too after his minor injury…

  57. there were rumours that Malaga wanted him. And I know Barca B team wanted him but I guess his DNA is not as pure yet… :D

    Potter I believe TR07 and Diaby are almost ready. The Czechs wanted to take him on international duty 3 weeks ago. The same was said of Scez last week but he is already back in training. I believe diaby will be back training with the first team tomorrow if he does not have any setback today.

    TR07 was back running with Sagna however, sagna’s conditioning is better than most of the 21 year old’s in the squad so you would expect sagna ready earlier.

  58. devilgunner. I hate to sound negative and realise that the stats suggest we have the best defense in the prem. However my eyes have been sending me some different information. I see a nervous, poorly organised defensive unit that might just as easily lost at West Ham and V QPR for example. Hoping the return of Chesney will settle them down. Also Vermaelen has to step up to the plate, both as captain and player. Suppose the two games at Man U. and Schalke will tell us where we might be heading for. Here’s hoping for some large encouragement.

  59. Afternoon Goonerdom worshippers,

    I’m the bearer of light and good news who’s taken a day off.

    Here you go;

    The referees for the next round of Barclay’s Premier League matches have been announced and it will be the one and only Mike Dean. Yep. Mike Dean. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Phil Dowd is the fourth official.

    Referee’s have come under scrutiny over the weekend after a serious of incredibly dodgy decisions made the headline all topped off with Chelsea alleging that Mark Clattenburg racially abused one of their players. Everywhere you look someone is spouting an Manchester United conspiracy.

    Courtesy to Lady Arse.

  60. So we will loose with the score of 2-0. ;(

  61. Can you believe that, there isn’t even any intent of shrouded partiality. They’ve gone Teflon galore on us.

  62. Let’s all be nice to the officials, perhaps our captain could present each of them with a nice bouquet of flowers before the kick-off and any player wishing to talk to one of them should address them as “sir”. No finger wagging, no rolling eyes and certainly no disputing their decisions however flagrantly wrong and blatantly biased they may be. Of course we should not protest at the way they defer to the great man with the whisky nose.

    Seriously though, we know that we are going to get absolutely no favours from Messrs Dean and Dowd and that Ferguson will do everything in his power to influence their decision making, we can only hope that they will not make the kind of disgraceful errors that we saw at the weekend.

  63. Oh! I forgot to say “unless they are all in our favour” :-)

  64. Joel Cambell, a bit of a forgotten man in our firepower debate of late. Today another article doing the mills linking us heavily with a early January bid for ‘The Lion King’ Lloriente.

  65. Oh DG10 that is news indeed… :)

    And it is a lunch time kick-off so as Micko said yesterday I am having a fit even in my sleep.

    The idea of Mcpurple face rotating his 21 man squad and fielding 15 against our 11 man team is giving me nightmares. I thought football was meant to be a 11 v 11 game? I guess not, an exception is allowed when manure are playing any of the big teams in the EPL.

    Mcpurple rested Howard Webb last week and brought on Clattenburg and won comfortably but whenever the incompetent AW brings Adam’s best buddy Squid on for TV we lose. :D

  66. So much is being made out of the disgraceful scenes and decisions in the chavs vs manure game that I have the feeling that we will be awarded a dodgy penalty decision or an offside goal will be allowed to stand at OT next saturday. I have that kind of feeling.

    So that the officials will rightly say………..we do it also against manure no.

    In my dreams…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. None of the games manure have played against the traditional top 4 in the last 2 years have ended with 22 players on the field.

    Shelvey of liver-poo and then 2 of the chavs so far this season. Last year we lost CJ25. The last time they had a player sent off against a top 4 team they lost 6-1.

  68. Anyone know if the team are flying tonight? They could fly from Luton to Heathrow and get the bus from there.

  69. JW, Kev has given the team his private Antonov A-11 aircraft whenever they want to use it.

    Kev has even provided them with an onboard football pitch to warm up in before they parachute onto the football pitch 007 style. :D

  70. Arsene Wenger has bolstered Arsenal’s COC attacking options by drafting Olivier Giroud into his 18-man squad for tonight’s match with Reading.

    The French international played 90 minutes for the Gunners against QPR on Saturday and looked certain to be rested ahead of this weekend’s trip to Old Trafford, but despite the ankle injury sustained by Gervinho will travel to Berkshire.

    Although Giroud proved his pedigree in the last round of the COC when he scored his first goal in English football against Coventry, Wenger has the option of starting his summer acquisition on the bench with Theo Walcott, Andrey Arshavin and Serge Gnabry a possible attacking trio.

    Argentine Damian Martinez will continue in goal, despite rumours of an early return for Wojciech Szczesny, while Laurent Koscielny and Johan Djourou are likely to be flanked by Carl Jenkinson and Ignasi Miquel.

    The boss has stayed true to his word by resting Jack Wilshere this evening, although Emmanuel Frimpong, Thomas Eisfeld, Francis Coquelin and Nico Yennaris will all be hoping for playing time in the midfield.

    Full Arsenal squad

    6 Laurent Koscielny
    12 Olivier Giroud
    14 Theo Walcott
    18 Sebastien Squillaci
    20 Johan Djourou
    22 Francis Coquelin
    23 Andrey Arshavin
    25 Carl Jenkinson
    26 Emmanuel Frimpong
    29 Marouane Chamakh
    36 Damian Martinez (GK)
    40 Hector Bellerin
    46 Thomas Eisfeld
    47 Serge Gnabry
    53 Jernade Meade
    54 Ignasi Miquel
    60 James Shea (GK)
    64 Nico Yennaris

  71. The last I heard was that Kev has managed to hold Dowd and Dean at gunpoint with a Kalashnikov and told them in no uncertain terms that should Manure win they will be held responsible and will pay with it through their life. ;)

  72. Devil, Perhaps someone could slip a horses head into Dean’s bed…if Old Red Nose hasn’t already done so. ;)

  73. Dev but Phil Dowd values the coupon fergie gives to him to buy his fave triple fried battered mars bar than his life. Dowd will do anything for that post match treat. :D

    He is watching his figure…

    On a serious note, how a ref who is never selected for any UEFA match manages to mange high profile matches in this country is beyond me. I guess I am paranoid… where is David Icke when we need him? :o

  74. Afternoon all,
    Did I ever tell you about yesterday when I was young kev.
    Always enjoy the yester-year posts from yourself and SYG, where else but HH can you pour your heart out on everything Arsenal and not be called a sentimental old fart.

    Feeling pretty confident about tonight, think we’re be ok, high scoring game, I’m going 3-2.

    Lee, think Adam is waiting on the Interflora delivery guy before he shows his face on here today, he’s got nothing to feel ashamed about.

  75. Afternoon you Happy Gooners.
    Afternoon Rico, thanks for the sub.

    Cheers for the positive vibe everyone.

    Ginge I’ve lent them my Short Sunderland…

    Coach, how are you?

  76. I am fine my friend.

    You sounded like William Wallace in his battle cry.

    Good motivational speech.

  77. JW rather enjoyed that comment. Straight out of the script from ‘Mock the Week’.

    Hope Wenger got his crate shipped in wood curls poteen bottles from Micko to gift wrap. They come with self-designed labels touting Shakespeare; Cloth thy naked villainy!

  78. Coach, that squad tells me one thing.
    That we mean business tonight.

    Giroud in squad?

    Hmm didn’t see that one coming.
    Wonder if he’ll start, or if he’s insurance in case Chamakh plays like a knob?

  79. AK,

    That would be fine if we were playing Southampton… but Reading is a long way inland.

  80. Remember Sven Goran Eriksen???

    He has been interviewed for the Hartlepool job.

  81. Mick, how are ya hanging buddy?

    Yes, for the last seven years all we’ve had to comfort ourselves with are memories, sadly…

  82. If AW plays the team I chose yesterday AFC stand a very good chance of winning tonight.

  83. Afternoon guys and gals….

    Any news..

  84. William Wallace, Coach…

    Nah mate, there’s no Jocko in me.
    Pure English mate…
    Well, with a bit of Welsh & Irish & Jewish thrown in…
    Yep, pure English… :-D

  85. Micko re Always enjoy the yester-year posts from yourself and SYG, where else but HH can you pour your heart out on everything Arsenal and not be called a sentimental old fart.

    Most notable I hardly come across any of such rich veins anywhere else than here.

  86. Jewish???????

    Ahhhhhhhhhh. That explains the handlebar moustache then. ;)

  87. JW, gadzooks!!!
    You are correct moo amigo….
    I must lend then my Consolidated Catalina instead.. ;-)

  88. Coach, I believe you have a little bit of Italiano in you…?

  89. Yes a little bit of Italian and also French/Tunisian.

  90. Afternoon devil…

    I take it we all think that squad is strong enough then. Any news on what McDermott is doing with his squad…?

  91. AK,

    If you’ve got one of those in airworthy condition you’re worth a fortune and I want to be your friend. :-)

  92. Well I wonder if we’re gonna see our two young Germans on the pitch this evening?

    Both have the potential to be goalscorers, something we are currently lacking.

  93. Oi Coach off topic, many congrats on the candidature of Valletta for the title of European Capital of Culture.

  94. JW, my home is a few miles from Lydd airfield and up till 2007 they used to have an annual air show.
    Back in 2007 one of the planes that did an airiel display WAS a Catalina.
    And a wonderful sight it was, that beautiful seaplane doing it’s circuits…

  95. The rumour goes I got a bit of milkman blood.

  96. JW, occasionally when I’m in garden during the summer, I hear that unmistakeable roar, that is a Rolls Royce Merlin engine.
    You see we get the odd Spitfire and/or Hurricane dropping in to re-fuel, in between air shows.
    Seeing those wonderful aeroplanes circling before they land, is a sight to behold mate…

  97. Dutch, I wonder Stan has in him…?

  98. Don’t think they’ll both start Kev

  99. ‘Arry is in for the Blackburn job….

  100. All good kev, last time I checked.

    JW 1215, what about the logistical repercussions, still it could work.

    How do dutch.

  101. Afternoon Kev. You know he has a closet full of uniforms, he lives near the set stage of Desperate Housewives. ;)

    Fears and suspicions over paternity are universal, each culture has its equivalent of the milkman joke.

    Even Monty Python’s Flying Circus had a short milkman sketch, where a lonely housewife lures the milkman into her house and up many stairs, then shoves him in a room with nine other milkmen, many of whom are very old (and two skeletons wearing milkmen uniforms) and locks the door.

  102. Hiya Micko. Dragging my feet to do some paperwork. Eagerly watching the clock counting the seconds with it till kickoff. ;)

  103. good morning
    chamach is ready?
    squill is fit?

  104. Dutch, Father Ted ‘Speed 3′ with Pat the milkman, so funny.

  105. Be interesting to see how Arshavin does tonight and to see if he goes 90 mins the fat little rodent. That little cross for the goal against QPR was just what was needed, gervinio cant do them.

  106. Thanx Micko. They got the whole episode on U-tube. Gonna store that in the need to watch section. Enjoy this clip.

  107. Surely Reading is more worried about their league position and the opportunity to get a win against QPR this weekend.
    If we can get Holtby on a pre contract why would Walcott be sold in Jan? Wouldn’t he choose the best option for himself with highest wages, signing on fee and everything else and see out his contract with Arsenal?
    So to me it looks like Chamakh upfront for me.

  108. Has Squilli ever been fit JM?

    Chamakh ready, for what ;)

    Off out again, laters….

  109. I hope Chamakh can get at least a half hour tonight. He played such an important role for us two years ago. His decline is unfortunate. I’m always rooting for him. Hi everyone.

  110. Just heard that Arsenal FC have recruited Chuck Norris and his team of Delta force to fly to Reading.

    Details yet unknown.

  111. Bradster

    I believe Wenger called an ultimatum on the Theo situation which will reach its end on the tail of this month. You should consider Walnut has his preferences on a short list. Which I believe none of them shall offer him exclusive berth rights. That leaves it down to escaping the salary cap we have, as its ceiling has an unpersuasive appeal to put his demands on ice for the extend of Wenger’s contract. So any hijackers with a decent bid in January stand a chance if they promise him the spearhead position. After all it isn’t about the money he said.

  112. Ha ha ha DG…

    Don’t say that here Rico will kick you to the curb like she did to Adam..:D

  113. Have I missed something TSGH?

    Btw still considering A’dam for a weekend? Cuz I looked for a event calendar and could only find 1 suitable for families and it’s at the beginning of November.

  114. Theo not all about money………… Yeh right……….. Show me a any footballer who utters the words “it’s not about money” and we know they talking utter crap…!

  115. AW should tell him……..”yeah right. I will play you as a centreforward but your salary will stay the same for the next three years.”

    Do you think the twerp will sign???

  116. DG – I meant about your comment about Rico’s fave player TW14. :D

    Thanks DG re A’dam trip. I was looking at around the 16th of November and having looked on the links you kindly provided there was not much unless I wanted to turn my lil boy into goonie… ;)

  117. Dev- didn’t nasri say in January 2011 that he had not sign a contact extention because he wanted guarantee from AW that he was going to play in the middle. AW even mentioned to the press that he was hoping the sale of Cesc and the guarantee to play in the middle convince Nastry to extend his contract but then the goal post moved to the media bashing rod – ‘Arsenal are not matching my ambitions’.

    I guess the board would have to think if it is worth giving theo that 100k a week for a year and then sell him on to get more if he we was still playing like Yao Gerv. :D

  118. If Theo signed a contract then that would automatically rule out an auction. As it is I feel that AFC want it that way because with Juve, Chavs and dippers all in for him and maybe manure as well there would be an auction which would increase the transfer fee.

    The only problem would be if there was only one club for him.

    That is what I think. But I might be mistaken.

  119. We won’t get much of an auction Dev when they can all sign him for nix in July, why would anyone pay money for him in Jan they would be mad…!.
    Offer him 100K backdated to when it’s signed IF he then goes onto to score 20 goals and make 15 assists.. If not he only gets the 75k on offer, isn’t that called back up how good you think you are with performance related wages..? Not in a million years will that happen mind you his agent would have a kitten..!

  120. Boo! Hope the Young Guns win. :) As for Theo, he’s not nerly as good as he imagines he is. Flog him, I say.

  121. Theo can score. His composure in front of goal improved by bounds last year. I just don’t know why he’d even want to play central when his speed and situational awareness makes the wide position such a good fit for him. How many goals and assists did he rack up last year? Sign di ting! I hope Frimmy sings that to him everyday at training. Or maybe that would scare him away?

  122. Didn’t Theo create 10 assists last year Will, not quite sure mate although its very easy to look up…

    Evening lady AGAG………. How’s you ?

  123. Hi Agag….

    talkshite has done it again. They claim WHU play the most long balls in the EPL. We sit in a nice 16th place hmmmm…:o


  124. Wath is actually 11 goals and 12 assists. That’s quite a solid return.

  125. AA23 had 10 goals and 17 assists in the 2010-2011 season and we claimed he was shite…

    Those claiming walnut is an excellent finisher should remember this 2 yard miss.

    The same misconception the media feed to some by stating AA23 should be played behind the striker. Whilst those well informed know he has never played in that position for both zenit and Russia.

  126. Theo can score if he’s launched within pissing distance of the goal. How many has he netted from belter range? Or even more considerate has he ever poised a threat from the waist up, including decision making ball to feet creating his own. Rarely.

    What baffles me is why he rules out progress being on the wing. As if playing centrally wouldn’t stagnate his development. If I were him I would first set out to prove undoubtedly I can trick a sack of potatoes. And then work on it until it surpasses incidents.

  127. I was kidding by the way…:D

    Theo walcott stats 2010/11 season 13 goals 11 assists,samir nasri 15 goals five assists,theo walcott had injuries,in the begining of the season he was out for three months.

    They both played as wingers that season,theo on the right and nasri on the left,2011/12 season theo 11 goals 13 assists nasri 1 goal 9 assists,yet some guy wil say nasri is better than theo,the only thing he is better than theo is his first touch.

    Robson is one of the media stouges who have made TW14 become a hate figure in some quarters.

  128. saying all that £100k a week please…

  129. Evening guys and gals….

  130. You all picking on poor Theo again then…

    Well I hope he leaves and joins a club which appreciates him …. :)

  131. If Theo stays put in January to run down his contract it will destabilise Wenger and the club, and also mean a lost season for Walcott. Probable outcome is Walcott leaving in the window, and Arsenal collecting some kind of fee. Then everybody can get on with there lives.

  132. Tsgh, i don’t know where the idea that Wenger had been using AA incorrectly came from. When he’s first caught the world wide attention in the Euros he was on the wing for Russia causing all kinds of havoc. The one time he was used incorrectly was when we lost our main strikers and Wenger decided to start him in through the middle for a run of games… His performances never recovered. That being said, i think he is capable of playing behind a main striker.

  133. I do think he is leaving though, Wenger’s Gnabry comments have made me accept that he’s a gonner….

    Shame, he’ll haunt us….

  134. Maybe yes, maybe no Rico. It will depend on how he is used.

    But he is not suited to the Tiqui-taka style.

    He is a good player, but not a footballer in the proper sense. And that is the basic difference.

    Theo is a throwback to the Michael Owen or John Aldridge or Ian Rush style. Yes in that style he would flourish. But that style of soccer is not the future. Its in the past.

  135. Off for dinner…

  136. What time is the match?

  137. Thanks for the info DG.The Children’s Cook Café is said to be a fave for tourist with family..

  138. We appreciate Theo just that he is not my type. :D

    Kev would have more sympathy if he was a Carol Voderman lookalike..

  139. Kick-off is only 45 minutes away Will, electricity permitting.

  140. Will its 14:45 your time…

  141. Morning all.
    I can’t watch the game today due to work,so need regular updates please.
    Keep them coming!!

  142. Early start Scott.

  143. Whoa… Coq, Frimmy and Gnabry…. AA, Theo and Marouane… Jenks, kos, Djourou, Ignasi…


  144. @will
    is that the starting xI

  145. thanks guys… And i do have electricity now Micko…. My big problem is that in at work!

  146. About normal Micko.
    Work really has a habit of spoiling things!!

  147. yes Vida… Subs: Squilli, Eisfeld, Giroud, yennaris, shea, meade, bellerin.

    Martinez in goal.

  148. Keeps the wolf away from the door Scott !
    That’s good news Will, well kinda.
    C’mon Arsenal.
    Pub time, laters.

  149. Do we play that any more devil? I don’t think so….

  150. Evening Gooners,

    Live stream Reading vs Arsenal, match starts in about 20 minutes. Be patient for 15 sec it will start automatically. Enjoy.



  151. Evening guys…

    That’s not a bad eleven there Will….

  152. Enjoy Micko, thanks re the links Dg…

  153. I think we are going with 4-4-2 with gnabry on the left and AA23 behind Chamhak

  154. AA and Chamakh deserve to have great games….Djourou as well.
    Say what you like,but they never bag the club.

  155. 1-0 (roberts) to reading

  156. So far neither are Scott…..

  157. Jason Roberts – that’s what an experienced goal scorer does for you….

    2-0 OG for Kos!!

  158. We need to get a grip and quickly, otherwise this could be embarrassing….

  159. Get bloody Chamakh off and Giroud on asap!!

  160. oh no ur kidding! already embarassing

  161. WTF??
    I said 3-0 but didn’t think it wold be this soon or this team leading lol.

  162. Its embarrassing, absolutely embarrassing!!!

  163. We are a spent force…..season over in October? Still anyway we’ve got a few quid in the bank….FFP will be our saviour!!!!

  164. Just how I feel Lee…

    All our ‘experienced’ players are shocking!!

  165. FFP = Foolish F*****G Plan for Arsenal to believe in!!

  166. Tony Adams is watching with Tom Watt, bet they are impressed too….

  167. I was afraid this would happen…

  168. We have zero goal threat…

  169. 4-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. So was I TT……

    Chamakh should be paid off and told to go, and he can take a few with him too….

    Arsenal fans already leaving!

  171. That was a foul on Chamakh…. However we are fucking shit and deserve this, our club is beyond a joke!!! They can all fuck off……

  172. It was, but yes, we are absolutely rubbish….

  173. Who will stay & watch this trash?

  174. Inexcusable, a fcuking disgrace, a defensive shambles…

    Where do we go from here???

    What will that useless cnut Kroenke say about this???

  175. 4-0

    and the person responsible for this is AW for putting such an inexperienced team out.

    We cannot say the team or this or that player is crap.

    Its that there is no soul today.

    Sorry but the whole attack stinks.

    The midlfield is still young and inexperienced and the defence is not offered protection.

  176. Wenger is totally accountable for this…..persisting with sub standard players on good money and annually weakening the squad.

  177. We have to get Giroud on….

  178. I wonder if the club will have the decency to offer the traveling fans a refund on their tickets and travel?

  179. They bloomin should do!

    It’s nearly as bad as OT, could be worse by the end….

  180. WTF is this

  181. Away fans have had enough……

    ‘We want our Arsenal back’……

    Amen to that……

  182. Bodes well for old toilet…..wonder if phw is sober enough to be witnessing this, it’s a disgrace!
    Fans chanting “we want our Arsenal back!” fucking right!!!!

  183. Arsene always making ɑ̤̥̈̊ big mistake in team selection. Who does he expect to create chances for us in midfield? No Ox no Wilshere???

  184. I know the XI at Old Toilet will be different, but the Coaching staff will be the same…

    The Mancs will kick our arse this weekend I’m afraid…

  185. That was quality!

  186. Crap jim., that’s what this is…..

    Oh well, one back, four more to go…..

  187. Theo got one back………from a central position

  188. This is simply criminal. Death of a modern super club.

  189. ha ha ha aha what a night?

  190. pathetic…
    gnarby to first team..my ass..and jenkinson for two years time wont be any where near sagna…
    arshavin and coq are the only one trying…
    and ping pong can go and sit in his school…shit..


  192. The goal or the 45 mins Lee? ;)

    BigS agree…

    Play Gnabry yes, but alongside Arteta. Play Frimpong, but alongside an older head.

    But, the kids haven’t been as bad as the older players….

  193. Did the team run a marathon before the match? They look leggy!

  194. Get theo central chamak off eisfeld on. a bit of spark. good finish by theo at least

  195. At least we have the Squillster on the bench.

  196. Sadly not even a comeback would cheer me up. this is so Arsenal…..I suspect us to come back to loose by one goal just for Wenger to hail it as a magnificent performance.

  197. I don’t blame the young players Coach, it’s those senior players, earning ten of thousands of pounds each week, a bunch of fcuking frauds…

    If Wenger doesn’t bomb half of this team outta the club this January/Summer, then maybe he needs to consider his position….
    This just happens too often…,

    Arsenal to win 5-4… :-(

  198. none of them seems interested in playing…except arshavin,walnut,coq and miquel

  199. I am watching the game between Aalen (3rd) and Borussia.

    Borussia are in the CL and in the running for the league.

    AND THEY ARE PLAYING THEIR FUCKING FIRST TEAM in the knockout for the german cup.

    We field a bunch of inexperienced kids.

  200. Chamakh terrifies defenders with his hairstyle.

  201. seriously, is this an arsenal team? looks like a bunch of kids playing together.SHOCKING

  202. Kev, we are so fucking predictable….we are a big club, why don’t we try and act like one??? Most expensive stadium on the planet to watch a game of football….same old lame excuses served up for our sub standard football! One of the reasons my st got sent back. Something has to give and quickly!!!

  203. AA and Coq have been poor lolly….

  204. hahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah…………..OMG., 4 fucking nil!!!! i love arsenal. COYFGS! haahahahahaaahah. bye fellas. too busy.

  205. Adam, of course, how could I have forgotten…
    Dobbin to the rescue…

  206. Come on guys. We thought it was a decent lineup.Shitemak has been terrible. And the ref well he is useless

  207. Kev. He is champing at the bit to get on I tell you. :)

  208. The team on the field can win the game, they just need to apply themselves.

  209. Hi Adam, the commentator said the same about Squilli……

    I had the same conversation about ‘the hair’…

  210. I am not blaming the young ones habib. They are trying their best. but too many runs in blind alleys are going to make them work harder without anything to show for it.

    Even Niall Quinn (as a commentator) is feeling a tad embarrased.

    I blame AW for not putting an experienced pro in each department. And I mean one who can help the others.

    you might say………Kozzer is French international. Experienced.



    Yes. but the defensive midfield pair are not.

    And that is where the battle is lost.

    At least Gnabry is providing a threat.

  211. What are the bets that we will see no substitutions until 67 min?

  212. Dev-the dortmond match is entertaining…

  213. ping pong can go bck to his school and write dench on his bench

  214. Lee, I cannot get my head around how this team can have disintegrated from the team I saw at Anfield & Upton Park…
    I know a lot of the players are different, but it’s the mindset…
    Maybe Wenger should have started a few more youngsters because the senior players are a waste of space…

  215. aleast they are trying rico..
    others just seems disinterested

  216. Reading have scored one great goal…

    Two were our errors and the other a referee gaff….

    But hey ho, the future looks bright eh!!

  217. 5 – 4 to the arsenal….COYGs

  218. I still fancy us for the quadruple myself.

  219. TT – why expect anything different eh….

    Kev – lack of confidence is catching it seems….

  220. Just checked my provisions I don’t have enough alcohol to pass out and wake up without any memory of the night before. :P

  221. Coach, the idea of playing so many experienced players, is that they can guide the youngsters.
    As far as Frimpong & Coquelin are concerned, last season me and Lee saw that duo dominate Man City.
    We’re playing fcuking Reading here, not Barcelona mate.
    That two should be good enough….
    I notice that Walcott & Jenkinson are at odds again….

  222. What Adam, knocked out of all four?

  223. Big Teams should always play their experience players in cup matches, tired of youth experiment in ɑ̤̥̈̊ competitive cup.

  224. Do better at grid iron Adam….reading will score again!

  225. Wenger has totally under estimated Reading….

    I haven’t noticed Jenks and Walcott kev, will keep an eye out now….

  226. Kos is having a mare again, what has happened to him??

  227. Its tough right now for us in these 2nd half…

  228. Glad work got in the way of watching the game lol!!
    After the stare Arsene gave Stan recently,and the way Hill-Wood spoke to fans,Arsene has taken things into his own hands.
    You want your Arsenal back,well here it comes.
    It may take a while,and a fair bit of pain though!!!
    Bloody beautiful morning in Oz….birds are singing,sun is shining……
    I feel like singing :)

  229. Rico, I think AW has underestimated our squad for the last seven years! A shame but true….

  230. Gnabry nearly got one there. went past the far post by a whisker.

  231. Maybe Jenks is telling Theo to give some help for a change!!!

  232. Time for Wenger & club to give Walcott pay rise as requested

  233. Mr Friend is having a bit of a poor game, hope it’s not an excuse for Mr Wenger later….

  234. Jenkinson keeps on giving quality crosses. but they are not being converted.

  235. Lee – you won’t hear me disagreeing with your last…..

  236. I haven’t seen many decent crosses from any of our players devil…

  237. Blimey……..its the 60th minute. and you know what that means???

    SUBS. yes SUBS.

    Giroud to be on soon

  238. Changes …Eisfield & Giroud about to come in

  239. 61 mins sub’s – crikey, that’s early!

  240. Arshavin and Jenks are giving crosses.

    But if the tosser with the gelled hair dies not rise to head them they are count for nothing.

  241. can’t wait to read kev’s post match report……….hahahaha. maybe devil will do this one. he’s used to losing, maybe i ll pop up to legrove later. hahahahahahah. God bless us gooners one and all. men i can’t feel my ribs.

  242. I have never had so many texts from my family whilst they are at the Mad Stad!!


  243. Watch any Utd,Citeh or Chelski game……there an abundance of crosses,abut an abundance of players in the box to get on the end of them.
    Then,watch our games….very few decent crosses,and even fewer targets.

  244. Djourou got the 2nd of all people

  245. One more in the ten mins and anything could happen….

    Great header by Giroud….

  246. 4 – 2 now with Giroud †ђξ scorer

  247. The comeback begins!!

  248. It was Olivier devil….

  249. That was Giroud not Djourou

    Got mixed up in the names

    Goonie…..I’ll pay you for that.

    you will see if I will………..!!!!!

  250. 5-4 to the Gunners??????????????

  251. hey maam…….what a cracking game we have on our hands? men i love the arsenal. they just know how to take you from 10 to 0 in a day! hahahahah hey devil, how re ya pal?

  252. cracking game goonie??? the first 45 was simply awful, the second half is marginally better but….

  253. Hello.

    We are not playing well. How come we are not winning against such a team. We should be able to win these games if we want to win cups no.

    Only 15 minutes left. But I am not feeling,, how you say it, hopeful?

  254. What a save to keep out a fantastic headed from Giroud, then what a twit for getting booking….

  255. How bad is Chamakh….

  256. Hi Clor, I’m not hopeful at all….

  257. If Maroune Chamakh ever wears an Arsenal shirt again, then Wenger should be shot.

    That Maroc tosser is an absolute disgrace.

    Couldn’t score in a Las Vegas brothel

  258. wow. this will be hard to live down

  259. I’ll second that Kev, but Chamakh on;y plays in the league cup and we are going out… we should be safe….

  260. 4-4 and penalties would do…

    Come on Eisfeld, do a Freddie

  261. hahahaaah OMG…………….AK that was hardcore! he couldnt even score in a las vegas brothel!!! hahahahah, am telling this at work. hahahahahah, gosh you guys wont kill me.

  262. All my family are Reading fans Nigel…. :roll:

  263. No E/T first Kev?

  264. Hello Clorinda, how are you?

    What part of Italy do you come from??

  265. Time is going by. I see us getting another goal but not more.

    Maybe Andrei to score. But I agree about Chamack. He should never play for Arsenal again.

  266. Since we got the second, everyone suddenly wants to shoot and score but all from crazy positions and usually when another player is in a much better position…

  267. I live in a small village near the border between Italy and Austria.

  268. Think it’s too late Rico, we needed Giroud to score one of those chances…

    Even if it finished 4-3 it would be a disgrace…

  269. Why did we have to go 4-0 down before we started to play, that’s what chesses me off….

  270. Where has Coach gone?

  271. Come on, one more!!

  272. Yes it is very disgraceful Mr Allezkev. Giroud should have been on from the start. but I see Mr Wenger’s view.

    Laurent has made it 4-3.

    Are we lucky enough to make it 4-4

  273. 4-3, a load of bollocks…

    Too late.

    Still a disgrace…

  274. 4 – 3 Koscielny scores

  275. I am here habib. Just watching us loose out to a fantastic team. I said team not club. They got great spirit do Reading.

    4minutes of added time. maybe enough to get the draw]

  276. Kos is a prat!!!

  277. that was nearly in by Theo


    A bit too late for a comeback. We should have won this one.

  278. Good night all…

    A fcuking disgrace.

    Forget the BS I expect post match, a disgrace…

  279. Come on last minute.


  281. I bring luck it seems

    Am I a lucky mascot now?

  282. OMG!!!!! Comeback Kings have returned

  283. Bloomin heck, extra time……

  284. Handball from TW’s shot….no?

  285. with arsenal you never know what you going to get.

  286. Kos needs to be very very very careful, he is lucky to still be on the pitch…

    Reading have played all their subs, we have one left….

    Was that Jenks first goal for us?

  287. not for the faint-hearted. Welcome to the house of pain.

    I loooooooooooove it……………

  288. Rico, Dave was asleep in front of the log burner when I screamed as our equaliser went in….nearly had a heart attack!

  289. That was Jenks first goal for the club.

    that was the greatest comeback in our history.

    Yes Clorinda…..you are our lucky mascot.

    From where are you in North Italy??

  290. Told you guys. I’m filling in for The Old Digger tonight.

  291. Theo’s shot was over the line and looked suspiciously like handball…

    Greta save by Martinez…

  292. Leave the poor lady alone devil ;)

  293. eisfield is quality.

  294. :lol: Lee, poor Dave….

  295. Tsgh – he certainly is, he’s ahead of Gnabry… just..

  296. Miquel looks shattered…

  297. i said few weeks ago that if he had gnabry’s physique he would be better than gotze.

    stefan Effenberg rates him.Giroud has shown his quality

  298. Everything Chamakh does is crap!

  299. he is still in vegas…

  300. You guys just hear that a few of our players thought it was a replay and threw their shirts into the fans…

    Quick scrabble to get them back for E/T…

    Greta cross from TW, where are Chamukh and Giroud?

  301. miguel has worked hard.
    Created also to your adopted son…he has kept at it

  302. …..trying to score in a brothel. lol

    Now what did I do wrong Rico?? I asked Clorinda from where is she? I love North Italy as you already know.

  303. Wish he bloody well was Tsgh….

  304. Then again :lol: :lol:

    Just kidding you devil….

  305. my cousin nis at the ground he said AW was having a fit about the shirts..


    EAT YOUR HUMBLE PIES!!!!!!!!!!1

  307. you all have gone quiet?????????

  308. Just said Miquel was tired, now he’s crocked……

    Mead coming on, another lovely little player….

  309. Yennaris on.


    Miguel is flat out poor lad.

  310. It looks like miguel has done his Achilles.

  311. Who wants to by some wet gel from me? I’ve been trying to ship out since well………….ages.

  312. Not a chance devil, just hope AW doesn’t now see him as our solution for a striker. One goal in how many matches??

  313. you are right Rico.

    Its Mead not Yennaris.

    Good luck lad

  314. chamakhh..wat agoaal

  315. Him being so tired should have been spotted Tsgh, and we wonder why so many get injured…

  316. But its still a goal. And it counts.

    Maybe a 2nd is on for him?????

  317. A very good goal too….

  318. Walcott should have buried that chance….

  319. Stats today.

    Theo has scored 2 and got 2 assists
    Giroud has scored 1
    Kozzer has scored 1
    Chamack has scored 1 and got 1 assist

  320. Rico leave the young mixed race boys alone… :D

  321. Church, what a cheat!

  322. That sub is the reason why experienced managers always leave it late.

    Very frustrated when you are chasing a game but…

  323. Mio Dio.

    we winning 5-4

    At last Chamack did something.

    Mr Devilgunner I am from Braies. A very small village in the Alps.

    You know where it is?

  324. Near Vergiate?

  325. We need another….

  326. Vergiate is not near. It is a bit far. It is in Lombardia. My region is Trentino. We need at least 2 hours by car

  327. martinez looks very assured for a young goalie

  328. Kos has two goals!

  329. 5-5…. bollox!!

  330. Ah ok.I have stayed in Arona and Cardana before. Vey nice lake

  331. This is becoming a joke.

    Hope we get a winner before penalties.

    Giroud anyone??

  332. I thought he’d had a mixed night really tsgh…

  333. 6-5 :) :) :)


  334. Yesssssssss. Your crush cougar Rico.

    I looove it

  335. Give him what he wants :P

  336. Waaaaaaaaaaaaheeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy

  337. Respect to AA23.

  338. Chamuuck 7-5 :)

  339. Shitemark is baaaaaaaaaaack

  340. Chamaccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  341. Well fuck me blind!!!

  342. Waheeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Comeback kings


  343. :lol: Tsgh….

    What a game of football…

    But it’s only now it’s over we can say that…..

    We were so so poor first half, so poor yet, what a comeback….

    Giroud and Walcott won’t be able to start at OT surely ;)

  344. I’m selling 2 for the price of 1. Comon peeps wet gel is hot tonight. Round up and get your wallets out.

  345. :lol: TT…

    I said it would go to extra time :lol: :lol:

  346. i like Eisfield…

    Koz showed he can do the business sometimes.

    Djourou is a joke but hey?…

    First time we have scored from 2 corners in 10 years in a game. That should be the title of your post tomorrow Rico

  347. Good god….

  348. Fucking hell….who called that? Apart from AK!!!!!

  349. DG make mine a Ky-Chahmak special

  350. No thanks Dg ;)

  351. The 4-4-2 did not work at all in the first 67minutes

  352. Just Ak I think Lee…

  353. Quadruple still on :)
    Night all….

  354. What ɑ̤̥̈̊ MATCH… That’s all ℓ̊ can say, ɑ̤̥̈̊ dramatic turn around…

  355. O mio Dio.

    What a game.

    I am now off gentlemen and Ms Rico.

    Maybe tomorrow I see you agian

    Buona notte

  356. Why is it that we are one of the very few clubs who have their assistant manager warm the team up pre-match instead of a physio..

    The way we are start matches is not good at all

  357. No pride,no effort,no class….Bollocks.
    Go you good things!!!
    Now THAT is entertainment!!!

  358. You got to love Theo when you hear him speak…

  359. ME LEE. Scroll back to the caps lock comment. I’ve been filling in for the hopper tonight.

    TSGH sold!! And a extra barnet coupon for starting me business.

  360. To be Arsenal, you have to be Arsenal every minute of every game.

  361. Yes the best for a sadist like me. I would not have it any other way…

  362. i didn’t think we were playing 422 until giroud came on….

  363. DG- do you do the coupon fergie gives to the refs to help manure…

    I need 3 please. :D

  364. theo is such a humble lad….sign him up

  365. It will be a late post tomorrow, won’t be writing that up until the morning…..

  366. No we started in a 4-4-1-1 formation. When OG12 came on we went to 4-3-1-2

  367. gdna, little bit of give and take from both sides and he could sign….

  368. no problem Rico re post. Just make sure my f5 button is still functioning by the time the post is uo. :D

  369. When Giroud came on we went 1- 4 – 6 didn’t we Tsgh??

  370. Nite guys. I love AW and his stupid coat

  371. TSGH You do take the whole hand when I offer only a finger. But I’m in mellow mood 3 it is. Btw the Nemo Science Museum is a blast for kids too. Family friendly experience and many exorcises to drain their energy getting involved.

    Will XL agree from start to finish show up. Not when all odds are against.

  372. I’m off up the wooden ones, it’s been emotional ;)

    I hope Wenger has a few dreams about defensive training, signing a goal keeper and trying to think about how to motivate players from the start and not at half time……….

    ‘Til tomorrow……

    Night all……

  373. Nite TSGH I believe Wenger was wearing a sleeping bag.

  374. Nite madam. Count goals instead of sheep. ;)

  375. Wenger just said we played 4-2-4 after Giroud and Eisfeld came on…

    But he won’t compliment TW much, Theo is gone :(

    Gone now….

  376. I want to asleep before 12 Dg ;) Nighty to you too and all….

  377. Now where is Micko we got some punch drunk talk to do?

    Kev come claim some credit you Duncan Norman of Highbury House. ;)

  378. 5 – 7

    I don’t belieeeeve it.

    G’night all!

  379. Unsong hero. E-I-S-F-E-L-D. He came in the 2nd half and controlled the midfield and was playing in those dangerous passes to the forwards. Frimpong or Mr. Dench should be out on loan he was out of tune with Coq/Arsh
    I duff my hat for E-I-S-F-E-L-D

  380. Emma I remember him being bought still injured. Many were fearing another Bishoff reject. He surely made his mark this evening. Indeed brightest star in the sky tonight.

    Dench was a bit of the boil. But now we are through to the quarter finals he’s something to focus his mind on performance wise. He looked rusty indeed.

  381. DG – What we needed in the first 30mins was someone who could hold the ball even under pressure and sees the pass thru to the forward runners instead Dench kept giving the ball away

  382. Emma

    That’s why touted before on HH that Ping Pong should focus on his bread and butter instead of selling punch line hoodies. Didn’t like the nonchalant look on Le Cog either early phase.

  383. * I touted before

  384. Scott you can’t go Donald Trump on me now. I took apprenticeship by the scruff of the neck. Along with our London cabbie.

  385. Scott, we ain’t half got some fickle fans on here tonight, I can see where your coming from now !

    Kev, throwing the towel in with a minute still on the clock…… “What a waste”
    Dutch, I can’t ever see that ‘road kill’ look on Chamakh’s head taking off, that gel will only end up slipping through your fingers.

    Great interview with Jenks and Walcott afterwards, Walcott had the match ball in his hands claiming the hattrick, Jenks says the disputed goal is definately his, Walcott throws the ball away and gives Jenks a pat on the head, nice bit of banter between them.

    Have to say it’s much more fun watching the game down the pub with a few pints of guinness, takes all the stress out of the game, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

  386. Humble pie, yum yum, tastes delicious..

  387. It was 4-3 when I parked up.
    As I went to turn off the radio they equalised.
    So I went in to visit my cousin, have a cuppa tea, but kept my scarf on for good luck.
    Then Rocky texted me me “No Fcuking Way” and I guessed we were either in front or had won 5-4…
    My cousin then confirmed to me it was 5-4.
    And then my son texted me that we had drawn Bradford at home in the next round.

    So then I’m catching up a few minutes ago and Rico posts 5-5 and I’m thinking, bloody hell we won 6-5, what a game!
    Then I see the score posted 6-5and unbelievably 7-5…

    The comeback of all comebacks…

    How do you go from 0-4 to 7-5…???

    Only Arsenal….

    Don’t they just love to put ya thru the wringer…

    But don’t we just love ‘em…

  388. Road kill look Micko? It’s called hedgehog going Saturday Night fever. I’m selling by the buckets on Ebay as we speak.

    Kev don’t forget to fingerprint the crumbs. ;)

  389. AK you lilly livered twat……..hahahaha so glad you re eating them humble pie. gosh i love the arsenal.

  390. Yes Mick, I will hold my hands up, I did give up.
    But fortunately Giroud, Eisfeld and a change of formation, saved the day.
    Doesn’t excuse the 1st 45, but let’s not be churlish and give the team credit for showing a resolve and fighting spirit that we didn’t think they had anymore…

    Whole season’s can be built on the back of results like this.
    Careers can be made and/or saved by results like this…

    Emma, do me a favour and post the goals/highlights…
    Or someone!

  391. Dutch/Stan, I still cannot quite believe this evening…
    Astonishing doesn’t do it justice.

  392. How I envy those Arsenal fans at the Mad Stad….

    I wonder how many text messages RICO got from her relatives/friends when that 7th goal went in…??? :-D

  393. Kev some fans were leaving before halftime whistle. Realy can’t roast them for it either, first 45 was at needle and vinyl pace. Lullaby song.

  394. Sorry Emma to steal your thunder. Thought you switched off for the night. :$

  395. Dutch/Emma thanks a million…

    Some dodgy defending by Martinez…

    Theo’s hat-trick wasn’t it…

    Good to see him and Jenks getting on so well…

  396. Highlight of the night, Giroud throwing his shirt into the crowd at full time and then having to ask for it back when he was told there was extra time to be played…..great stuff.
    Dutch, you may wanna check the sell-by-dates, they’ve been sitting in your living room for the last 13 months now.

  397. Nite all, bring on the quarters, up the Arsenal.

  398. DG- Just away from the pc for a while. Still cant get over that match.
    Goodnight guys and gals

  399. Micko sssssssssssssssttttttt it’s baring grease actually. What they don’t know can’t hurt. ;)

    Stan I take it you’re safely tucked away from the east coast?

  400. Nite Micko/Emma

  401. Thanks Emma, that’s the third time I’ve seen the goals.
    Dutch, that Spanish commentary was superb.
    Night Mick, more Guinness on Saturday. You know the drill…
    Night Emma…

  402. Dutch, it’s night’s like these that keep us in love with football and Arsenal.
    I’m off now buddy. You take care.
    Goodnight mate…

    Morning Digger.

    Morning Lee (get that season ticket back :-P )

  403. Rico good morning.

    Just drop in Video Highlights in the title header. And post the links of Emma/and Me after or previous match report. I’m sure it will attract extra traffic to HH over other blogs.

    Night Stan. Night Scotty.

  404. Rico….. in your inbox.

  405. Hi Clorinda. Good Morning.

    Why are you copying me??

  406. I am joking a bit Mr Devilgunner. I am up early for work and wanted to see what the people here had to say about yesterday.

    Did you like the game we saw?

    I was a bit amazed at the end.

    Surely that is the stuff of dreams.

  407. It sure is Clorinda.

    No one ever thought about such a scoreline. Not even the bookmakers I think.

    From where did you say you are in North Italy?

  408. From Braies. I see that you love North Italy. You come here often?

  409. Often????

    I wish I could live there always.

    Braies. Dear old Braies. I was there last summer for nearly 4 weeks.

    Maybe we can arrange to meet their next summer. I come there with my wife and little prince every year practically.

    And now I am off. Time for me to prepare to go to work.

    Have a good day Clorinda.


  410. Good day to you Mr Devilgunner.

    You should go to work with a smile today. Arsenal won.

    Is there anyother one here.

    I still have 30 minutes left before I go to work.

  411. Guys,it should be made absolute mandatory for each and every HH member to read back all off their posts on this topic.
    How can people jump on and off a bandwagon so quickly??
    I never saw a minute of the game,but relied on HH and Facebook updates,and i can tell you,a hell of a lot of people look bloody silly about now.
    No problems with the negative comments on the actual performance,but some other opinions left a lot to be desired.
    Go on guys,read back………enjoy…..i did!!
    Supporting the club,such as our away fans are FAMOUS for,can actually help.

  412. Oh,and since Chamakh foumd the back of the net,how many are suggesting we should extend his contract and play him up as a striker?? :)
    Theo wants to play as a striker……he needs to show he can score goals against quality opposition when they are defending well.
    If he can do it in a 1-0 win v Citeh or Utd,pay him what he wants.
    Agreed,he must be given his chance though.
    I,for one,am very,very pleased Chamakh scored.
    The guy has never once bagged the club,and even stated as recently as a few months back that Arsenal is the ultimate club for him.
    He shows a hell of a lot more grace than Gooners have,considering their comments on him over the last 18 months!!!!!

  413. Managed to get a bit of life out of my laptop good one AK FFFing ell what a game, just speachless both managers looked shell shocked after the game and am i glad not many of the team that will play United were not involved 7.5 who would believe that ha ha ha

  414. Gotta love a fightback Steve!!!
    Plenty thought we had no fight.
    No doubt we should not be in that position,but to discuss that is cheapening the efforts of Reading and discounting the spirit our boys showed.
    Go you good things!!

  415. Oh boy oh boy oh boy

    Still cant get around to winning 7-5 from being 0-4 down.

    Pa has never seen anything like it these past 65 years since he has been supporting AFC.

    Not only us but also from other teams.

    I take back all I said about Theo and Chamack.

    Well the latter I did not criticize him much since I knew that his problem was RVP.

    I hope he proves everyone wrong.

    Theo yesterday showed us how good he can be as a central striker.

    I would say……..give him 100kpw and play him there. And get rid of playing only 4-2-3-1. This team can play that formation, 4-4-1-1, 4-3-3, 3-5-2 and 4-4-2 easily.

    It showed yesterday.

  416. Good Morning my Esteemed Fellow Gunners bdw.

    Rico………did you check your inbox? MAtch report done this morning at 5.30 am. :)

  417. But if you have already done it it does not matter.

    I just thought you might need a helping hand.

  418. Morning all…

    Thanks devil :)

    And there was me looking forward to writing this one ;)

  419. Evening Devil.
    I am ecstatic for Chamakh,i really am.
    I have never seen a guy representing a club cop so much,yet old his head so high.
    I can’t wait to see the game…only saw the highlights.

  420. I could have written a cracker based on the ebbs and flows of Gooners comments…….seriously,i loved it.
    Even when we were down…..i could have put money on who would say what!!
    I never would have had money on such a FIGHTback…yes,i emphasis FIGHT….but was rapt to see Gooners interpretations of how it unfolded!!!

  421. Hi Rico…has your pulse returned to normal yet??

  422. I was glad for Chamack. Yes I really was.

    Hopefully he kicks on from here and we reap the rewards.

    But do not go about holding his head high. With his gelled hairy head and not willing to head it I think you are asking a bit too much.

  423. Mine still has not Scott.

    I was so pumped up yesterday that I found it difficult to sleep.

    And woke up early with barely 5 hours sleep.

    And that is when I decided to do the match report.

    Now I am having a break trying to calm my pulse.

  424. This morning I read a German Newspaper, Express, which claimed that Lars Bender is heading our way.

    Seems as if we are going to become a german breeding club!!!

  425. Hi Scott, what from the first 45, or what followed…

    As for Chamakh, yes, two good goals but I still want him out of the club in January….

  426. ……….and if he gets a double against Manure and we win?

    Would you still want him out in January then Rico???

  427. devil, re Bender rumour, that’s what the first part of this post is about, Wenger is targeting Germany for players….

  428. We will soon have Adam chomping about how Squilly is the next Piquet. :lol:

    Give him 250kpw. :lol:

  429. I am off for now. Back later on today.

    BDW Rico……….you can chop and change how much you want from my report…….you can say we wrote it both of us.

    Up to you dear Lady of HH

  430. Morning Rico. I always said that Chamakh was a great striker didn’t I? Oh how we laughed. :)

  431. Devil. He is!!

  432. I still think Chamakh ought to leave…best for all parties….but i was happy for him,that’s all.

  433. I am filthy i couldn’t watch the bloody game!!!
    My South African Gooner arrives on friday.
    All the “touristy” crap has been done…..now,down to Arsenal business.
    We are meeting a heap of fellow fans in Sydney on saturday night for the game…can not wait.

  434. Morning all…

    Evening Scott.

  435. Tsgh.my man……how are ya champ?
    Being a Gooner isn’t a bad thing today,is it??

  436. He won’t even feature at OT devil, but if he does then think about it then, but right now, we need better….

    Don’t suppose anyone will think different about Walcott, albeit his hat-trick certainly helped us win last night…

  437. What I want to know is where did the extra two minutes come from which allowed us to draw level?

  438. Morning all… I thought Giroud looked a handfull,Eisfeld/Walcott looked good too. But 4-0 down, glad Bould is working his magic!

  439. Hello everyone.

    Buon Giorno.

    I have a little break from work. And I decided to pop in today also.

    Are you all feeling happy this morning?

    I am feeling very happy that Arsenal won.

    And because Giroud scored too.

    Ms Rico……from where do all these peoples get those lovely smilies?

    I do not know how to do it.

  440. Rico,
    Why is it Theo manages to score against ordinary sides,or good sides defending badly though?
    Chelsea and Spuds conceded 5 against us…he scores.
    Sorry,but when he scores a winner in a 1-0 game v Utd,then i will love him as much as you do:)
    Of course,i could ask the same question of you about Chamakh though lol

  441. Lol Lee.
    No,when we defend badly,it is all Wenger mate!!

  442. Morning Scottie..

    You know I am always positive. :D

    I know people slate AW for his selection but I thought that lineup had experience in the spin. Even with Frimps and Le Coq Sometimes the players do not start well due to whatever reasons. And I thought the ref was poor in the first 60 minutes.

    Talking of frimps I think his body has just realized he is back on the field. JW10 will go through the same thing after playing 4-5 games after coming back.

    Dev- I was very impressed with Einstein Eisfield. He seems to have worked on his core stability. When he came on he won us a lot of free kicks in dangerous positions.

    As part of the 2 man midfield in the last 50 minutes he was awesome.

  443. Good Morning you Happy Gooners.

    I had the strangest of dreams last night (calm down Stan)…
    I dreamt that Arsenal were losing 4-0 and somehow came back to score 7, yes seven, goals and win 7-5.
    Ha ha ha, aren’t dreams strange…

    Morning Rico, nothing much to write about today then?

  444. Rico I have to love your fits when we are losing… :D

    Did Fido hide in the next room after we went 3-0 down?

  445. Eisfeld…who is he?
    Another typical Wenger cheap arse who will be a nothing.
    Should have got Gotze.
    Aaaaagggghhhhhh…….strike up another one.
    He is a goodun.
    Jack really needs to be taken along slowly.
    70 minutes on the weekend will hopefully be enough.

  446. Good day Mr Allezkev.

    You went off when we were 4-3 down. Why?

    As a true supporter you should have stayed till the very last whistle.

    You missed a great team play. And win.

  447. Morning Lee, imho, the subs changed the game, Eisfeld and Giroud :)

    Guess even Bould can’t make diamonds out off old stones…

  448. Rico. If McDermott hadn’t made that injury time substitution and the player hasn’t walked so slowly from the pitch I doubt the extra time would have been played.

  449. I saw a clip of a Gooner leaving the stadium when we were 4-0 down….you reckon he is copping it from his mates today???

  450. Yes Mr Allezkev. I shall take that up with you at lunch today. :)

  451. I love it Kevin Keegan style…

    I bet the FA will be doing their best to get us to meet either the scums or the winner of Rednose vs Di Tomato.

    Another of our boogey teams sunderland went out last night. I will be happy with Villa or Sunderland in the next round

  452. Morning happy go lucky people,

    Chamack has become too big for our club now. Man $hitty will come knocking when the clock strikes 12 on December 31.

  453. Don’t know this season re Theo Scott, but probably because he wasn’t on the pitch long enough against Citeh or Chelsea….

  454. Tell Citeh to piss off….let’s milk Barca again lol

  455. Gervinho is out for the next month. So he will available only in December. Che peccato.

  456. Einstein Eisfield was more highly rated than Gotze at 16 years. He just missed 2 years through injury and that is why Gotze went ahead of him but then Gotze hit a wall last season so..

  457. :lol: Tsgh – I can cope with us losing, but losing playing the way we were in the first 45 really brings out the worst in me…

    I type it, rather than shout at the television, might annoy the neighbours otherwise, and Fido…

    Lee, how is Dave this morning, has he had an ECG ;)

  458. I am not just talking about recently though Rico.
    I still believe he deserves his chance though..and i hope he takes it.

  459. TsGH. Sunderland for me, definitely.

  460. Tsgh….i know that about Eisfeldi said the same thing a night or two back.
    Still,at the time,Wenger copped it big time.

  461. Come on guys no mention of the tiny KGB’s effort yet?

    I thought he was very stylish but also frustrating. He had 2 assists.

  462. What is ECG Ms Rico????

  463. Morning Kev, devil has done the honours, just going through it now :)

    Morning Dg… Good, they can have him, two goals should have increased his value, must be worth £1 Million now….

  464. Adam- sunderland were beaten by M’boro

  465. Morning Mr Adam. :-D
    I think it was all down to the inspiration of having Dobbin on the bench.

    Where has Mr Coach gone???

  466. TsGH. Just goes to show how incredibly excited I am at the prospect of seeing Chamakh coming good. I have been saying for ages now that all he needs is another half pound of whale blubber smeared on his canister and he will score goals. Many disbelieved me but I kept the faith. I could tell who was against him before they knew themselves. I am, as you know, psychic.

  467. Contrary to popular belief,the reslt was never in question :)

  468. After Chamahk’s first goal he started running like Kirani James. He would not have scored that 2nd goal if he had not gained confidence from scoring the first.

    I look at the Eisfield signing like the Reyes vs Ronaldo signing.

    AW got the cheaper one in but instead of going for the more finished player like he did when he went for Reyes instead of Ronaldo, he has gone for the one he can work on and polish. hopefully Eisfield turns into the proper Mozzart and Gotze becomes the Reyes.

    I think Dortmond missed an opportunity to make 30m from our very tight pocket. ;)

  469. Morning Adam, sorry I didn’t see you sneak on earlier, I noticed Roberts plodding off but two mins?

    Had that been the other way round, we would have been livid…

  470. Sadly Scott, we could ask the same of many of our players over the years, some of the greatest went missing in the big games…

    But this season alone he has been a lot better…

    However, he is gone, whether that is Jan or next summer, he imho is the next one to depart…

  471. Rico. Agreed. But, as we are always being told, extra time is the minimum allowance. We have suffered from the anomaly many times ourselves. But you know that already, don’t you? Sneak on?

  472. Rico, one million???? After last night the sale tag has been removed from his big toe. Making him even more effective.

  473. But it was only in the first half that we played badly. Then in the second half the players improved very much. And they scored 6 goals in just 75 minutes.

    That means they did well.

  474. Yes you did Scott. the only issue is when I saw him against Marseille in Aug he was not as tough as he was yesterday.

    And that Reading team are full of lumps so it will give Eisfield more confidence.Someone who has met him says when you look in eyes he has the soul of a fighter. Its a shame about his physique. At the moment I believe he is the only one in the team who could replace Rico’s not so secret crush in the goal getting department.

  475. Clorinda. Bang on :)
    They were absolute rubbish and then they weren’t.

  476. He was ok when I left for work this morning Rico…bless him! The Germans really are coming!

  477. Hey DG- I am waiting for my order from you. Make sure you declare the VAT you charged him. :D

  478. But why should Arsenal sell Chamack??? With Gervinho not playing we should have cover no???

  479. Just an expression I use Adam when I miss someone coming on, kind of fun really to justify my bad eyesight ;)

    True about extra time, although the reading fans are a bit upset about it ;)

  480. Good morning all,

    Clorinda, click on the “using smilies” at the top of the page. ECG electro cardiogram. a test to see if you’re still alive. :-0

  481. That should be :-)

  482. Yes they are upset. But we have been many times upset in past years with certin referee decisions and we had to accept it.

    Now it will be the turn of some other teams, no?

  483. :lol: Dg, and placed on another toe I hope…

    Phew Lee, I did have a worry, poor little lad…. ;)

  484. New Post is up by the way….

    Morning JW

  485. Why should I still not be alive JW? Why do I need to make the test?

    Ah thanks about the smilies. :)

  486. TSGH I’m having a hard time keeping up with the demand. Couldn’t get your order on the Antonov even the cockpit needed to be stacked.

    Btw The Nemo Science Museum is 5 stars for kids as well. Includes a merchant ship from 17th century.

  487. Football, don’t ya just luv it… :-)

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