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Are we missing Alex Song??

Morning Gooners,

Last August, at the height of the transfer fun fest, Arsene Wenger surprised everyone by sanctioning the transfer of Alex Song.

Off went our Cameroon midfielder to that familiar destination, that is, Arsenal’s Spanish Bankers, FC Barcelona, for a very useful fee in the region of £15 million.

After many senior appearances, Song joined his old team-mate Cesc Fabregas on the Catalan’s substitute bench.

Back in England and beyond, many Gunners gnashed and ground their teeth in frustration (Not me btw).

Meanwhile Arsene tried manfully to complete a permanent transfer for Song’s replacement, Nuri Sahin.

A forlorn attempt it turned out as our old mate, the delightful Jose Mourinho, ensured that the German born Turkish International midfielder, moved to Liverpool on an expensive loan deal.

The common view by many Gooners, not shared by me, was that Wenger had weakened the Arsenal midfield.

A view, that I don’t concur with, because I felt that Song was an unreliable player who went missing when the team were up against it.
A player with a liking for the ‘show-boat pass’, but also with a lack of discipline that often left his team-mate up the creek without a paddle.

So, after just over two months of this season, do we miss Billong, because I have to say, for myself, that we do not!

With Jack Wilshere back on the scene, along with Emmanuel ‘Dench’ Frimpong, I personally think that we are well stocked in
midfield. Coquelin and Diaby (Don’t laugh), add versatility and dynamism to the more technical assets of Arteta and Santi the Genius.

,Long term Tomas Rosicky will add his verve and tenacity to the mix.

Serge Gnabry is coming to the boil nicely and could prove to be a sensation in the second half of the season and Thomas Eisfield is showing encouraging signs of developing into another Freddie Ljunberg and could well get some 1st team exposure in the near future.

Then there is the Arsenal DNA that is Nico Yennaris, who, just like Jenkinson, is developing nicely just under the radar, so not many fans notice him. How many fans consider Nico when they’re talking about squads, teams and formations?

I strongly suspect that Nico gets a run of games, he’ll become as indispensable as our Finnish Englishman rampaging down the right flank.

With those same fans asking ” Where the Hell did he come from?”

Written by Allezkev

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330 comments on “Are we missing Alex Song??

  1. Morning all. Great post Kev. It perked me up a bit.

  2. Missing Alex Song? No!

    If we have Wilshere, Diaby and Rosicky available all season, we’ll do well.

  3. Good morning.A concise post Kev. I am beginning to suspect you are an undercover reporter. :D

  4. Morning all,

    Good post again Kev, Alex Song, who is he?? ;)

  5. The best thing about Song was the millions we got from Barca….makes up for being short changed on Fabregas lol.
    Evening all.

  6. Diaby is the most important midfielder for arsenal. Since he left in the Chelsea game, the team has not been the same. If Gibbs and Diaby come back for the man u game, arsenal will win.

  7. Missing Song ? Not really .
    Missing a powerful midfielder on occasions ….Yes.
    Wenger relied on the oft injured Diaby to fulfil that role however true to form he’s not available.

  8. Hey Allezkev,

    In my opinion the player we miss most is Rosicky. He is just vital. From front to end, what he can do no one else can. He may not be much of magician like Santi but he’s more important then him. The way he drives forward and looks determine, you can see he affects team in positive manner. And tbh I would prefer we playing 4-6-0 with Lukas moving to center, Santi on left and Tomas just behind the focal point. I am sure the movement that you’d find then will be mesmerizing. Abd all four of them can finish. With Arteta and Jack both good at popping up at good places.

    P.S. I so miss Mikel’s long range shots. Haven’t seen him doing that often this season. I hope he starts shooting some of those pile drivers when he gets a chance.

  9. Have Barca actually paid us the money for Song yet?

    In fact, have they paid for Cesc yet??

  10. He might not be xavi but we’ve missed him all these games we’ve wasted on Ramsey. And yes he was reliable. The most reliable teammate for van persie last term. Those hollywood passes might not be your ideal passes (you are british anyway so i assume you love crosses and long balls) but they HELPED a lot in securing fourth spot. Something we might not achieve with hype and no end product from chambo and rambo.

  11. We miss song about as much as a hole in the head……….

    Agree with Potter what we still lack is a pwerhouse in midfield and even when song was there we still lacked that. Spot on Scott, stitch barca up for as much as possible seeing as they got Cesc for sweet FA…!

  12. Wenger,and if he actually tracked back and defended,top 4 would have been secured much,much easier.

  13. I believe we have been paid for Cesc and the money is gathering cobwebs as we speak, waiting for FFP to bite. :)

  14. Good Morning my Esteemed Fellow Gunners.

    A concise post by Sir AK is a bit of a fresh air. I always look forward to reading it.

    Infact it was like a bit of fresh air regarding our own players. And tbh I AM a bit excited over this crop of youngsters.

    Gibbs, Jenkinson, Yennaris, Frimpong, Ramsey and Wilshere. And after going through a period where I did not have any particular favourite and could not identify with someone in the team, now I have five. Makes you go all GAGA. ;)

  15. Do I miss Song??? Not for one bit.

    He was just a number for me which we could not dream of doing without when he was with us.

    But he always left me unemotional.

  16. I believe we do miss certain aspects of Song’s game and we are missing Van Persie lots and lots. But, as we know through bitter experience, every Arsenal player has his price. It’s what you do with the money that counts.

  17. But we miss Song’s assists…… ;)

  18. Yeah we’ve missed the lofted pass, also the clumsy challenges and lack of tracking back….

  19. Will you all just stop deceiving yourselves??? We have missed Song since the beginning of the season and even more when Diaby got injured. Ramsey is a waste of space, a loan deal would be ideal for him, Wilshere is back, but he can never pick up that fantastic form he was before he injured until the next few months, which might be too late if we want to challenge for anything. We have lacked a lot of creativity in the past few matches, and that is exactly where Song comes in, 14 assists in a season is no joke and it can actually go on a long way by the end of the season.

  20. @Wenger

    Please have a glass of water.


    Same with me my favorites are Rambo(believe it or not, two more years and he’d be right there with Cesc.), Jack, Jenks, Aneke (he scares me, he will become one of the best) Afobe(I still wish, we hadn’t loaned him)

  21. missing song? No. desperate for a blog?

  22. Billong who? Personally I think you could say we missed a Song type of player in certain matches as WATH, Potter have mentioned.However, we will not miss him long term especially if we have Rosicky and JW10 back and playing 80% of their capability.

    The reason I felt we missed him in certain games such as the match against the chavs and possibly Norwich was a certain attribute Arteta says we had missing in our poorer games. i.e the speed at which we transition from defence to attack. JW10 brought that this weekend and diaby had the drive to enable us to concede fouls in the last third in the few games he played in. rambo has managed to provide that in 2 games this season ie WHU and Mancity away however, he is not consistent enough.

    Diaby is a player only some Arsenal fans dislike because of his injury record however, most pundits both in the UK and france think he is world class. Especially, when you look at his record with France it is in the region of 75% when he plays. In the last 3 matches he has not played for France they have not won any. In fact he scored their last match winner for them against Finland.

    Same can be said of the Czechs without TR07 without him. someone mentioned in 2008 that if we had TR07 playing that season we would have won the league.

    Looking forward we have Nico (my fave player in the team at the moment) and possibly Dench who can offer some much wanted cover during the winter months.

  23. if the choice was song or Ramsey i’d have song every time! Altho he did neglect his defensive duties which was frustrating at times, but that is partly wengers fault he’s the manager if a player isn’t doing what he instructs then Wenger should deal with it!

  24. And we all know what our club does with the money…

  25. Ooh, Rico. You are so cynical. :)

  26. Each to their own Patoranky, we miss having a beast in midfield, but that wasn’t Song…

    silentstan, what do you mean, desperate for a blog?

  27. Steve posted an interesting information last night on top managers salaries. I was shocked to find out that AW was not earning the £7m the media claims he earns. does anyone who how recent that information is? If I had to guess I would say it was possibly a year old due to huddink and ‘arry brown envelope having figures in there.

    So AW is earning less than £85k a week after all instead of the £160k a week talkshite claim he earned…

  28. Frimpong Adam, but don’t worry, I had to ask too…..

  29. I think that is his basic wage tsGH.

  30. Patoranky, we miss song especially since Diaby is injured… that would be the last 5 years then eh….!

    Song plays in the middle… Ramsey for some reason being played right wing… when did song ever play right wing so for those saying song better than ramsey maybe look at where they were played.
    Song one trick pony with no discipline and no effort only when he fancied it… Played for himself not the team end of and bye…!

  31. Me cynical Adam, I don’t know what makes you think that…

  32. I won’t ask how the name came about. I imagine it is both tenuous and tedious.

  33. Experience Rico.

  34. 85K a week??? That makes it 4.4million over a year.

    Much less what Mourinho gets.

    Lesser than Cappello had for England.

  35. Rico, so you’re desperate for a blog, eh? Village looking methinks!

  36. Apparently Stan says that he is mystified as to Arsenal’s slump in form and won’t put any money in until the results improve. I always knew he was the right man to run this club.

  37. Kel I agree with you comment. song looked very disciplined against celtic last week playing in place of Busquet.

    The thing I suspected was Song was not assigned to play as the DM last year. The role he was playing was similar to what Khedira does for Real and Vidal Pardo does for Juve. As in those teams the defensive player does the roaming whilst the one with the vision ie Alonso, Pirlo did the sitting. some of the fans on the other hand felt like Song should be doing the sitting with MA08 doing the roaming but like Pirlo and Alonso they do not have the legs to do that job.

  38. I’m not sure on that Tsgh, where did that info come from about AW not being on £7M a year…

  39. Morning all, Bank Holiday weekend here,
    He was the only reason I got up in the mornings, I miss him so much.

    Couldn’t help but notice how relieved Wenger looked after the Qpr game, crisis averted for at least another week !

  40. :lol: Lee, think you might be right….

  41. Ah so what we are saying is he gets almost 100% commission on his basic salary to earn the reported £7m a year?

  42. Song was supposedly a DM.
    He is gone,and our defence is much,much tighter.
    How can anyone defend him??

  43. Rico-
    stevepalmer1 says:
    October 28, 2012 at 8:07 pm


    interesting reading

  44. So what you are saying in essence tsGH is that Arteta was learning last year the DM duties with Song being the link between him and TR07 or whoever was in the AM position. Hmmmmm. Good point. But I still think that had Song remained we would have had an overcrowding in midfield unless someone envisioned him to play instead of Cazorla :lol: .

  45. You’ll get over it Micko, give it time….

  46. It was in a magazine Rico. An inebriated journalist was told to concoct an article before the pubs opened but it had to be one where no facts could be checked.

  47. Good morning everyone

    Did I miss Song? Oh hell NO!!!
    What has martinez done to Ryo Miyaichi. He hardly appears on the bench for wigan and rarely used as a sub if he is. I say we recall him. he should have being playing for the Nexgen series and the u21 reserves gaining more experience. I still rate him

  48. Imagine if we beat Sunderland,Norwich and nicked a point versus the Chavs

  49. Wenger is on commission tsGH. Actually, who cares how much he earns really?

  50. Or if we had scored another few goals against Barcelona in the CL final. That would have been great wouldn’t it?

  51. So he came to us as a centreback, AW made him a DM and then there are some who think that he could do a better job than Ramsey as an AM. :lol:

    What next…………someone clamouring him to be our fox in the box of the future when he fails at Barca??

    Scott made one of the best points……….our defence is much tighter than last season. Only 6 goals conceded in 9 games. And that speaks for itself.

    Personally I am never scared of a team which starts scoring left right and centre but concedes every game.

    I am more afraid of the team who is miserly at the back and starts the league slowly and climbs up unnoticed.

    We did not have this type of solidity since the GG days. And yet people still grumble.

    Agreed……….there are many things the club can arrange. But not a miserly defence.

    Remember 6 goals in 9 games.

    What were we saying last year after 9 games?? Go on remind me!!!

  52. @Adam

    I miss RvP most. I liked him even more than Cesc and when he left something inside me screamed and screamed and I was just heart broken. I used to tell my friends to watch Arsenal games just for him. Now, I can not see him play ever not till he plays for some team named Man United.

    And this is the reason I have started to miss many of Arsenal games. I can’t bring myself to watch the team and can’t get attached to a player.

  53. Dev yes something like that. Anytime we lose some folks say Arteta should move into the box to box role but I disagree with that because most attacking teams have their DM roaming like what le coq did last wednesday. The best team imho in the world at the moment are Dortmond and they play a very similar system which is based on a throwback from the Ajax team of the 80’s formation.

    For Dortmond Walter Kehl does the sitting whilst Bender does the roaming even though on paper it should be the other way round.

  54. Hello.

    Good Post Mr. AllezKev.

    I do like the young ones and think that if Arsenal produce them they are much better than the ones we buy who are mercenaries.

    I never liked Song. I felt he was always thinking about himself and never for the team. I liked Gilberto much more. And the man of the moment, Arteta is doing a much better job in my opinion.

  55. dev but there are some who think our defense is wobbly. When was the last time we had the best defensive record after 8 games in this league. Its also one of the best in the champions league.

    Have anyone else noticed how Kompany is looking like squids half brother… shocking I will say.

  56. I’m not sure I believe that Tsgh, other articles suggest he is is on a lot more and I know which I believe ;)

  57. But can Arteta do the box to box job? Wilshere can do it better since he is younger.

  58. :lol: Adam….

  59. I think AA could be involved a touch more. Do Santi and Poldi seem a tad tired after explosive starts. The 90 mins for Spain knocked the stuffing out of him. Gerv injury should give OG a few starts. TW will probably start at OT.
    Adam I was not being cynical. I was just making a comment that the EPL is alot closer this season, with less of a gulf in class between teams.Everybody is beatable.

  60. Juve are a game short of beating our unbeaten record. when are they going to be done for bribery again after a very controversial win last weekend.

    They look rubbish in the champions league and could not even beat the eskimos but have gone 48 games unbeaten in their dodgy league. Maybe Mcpurple nose is their ‘cheating’ advisor. :D

  61. I agree Emma, Ryo is wasted at Wigan and should be called back.
    I wouldn’t mind Song in the box to box role while Diaby and wilshere are out or coming back. He is a strong player and a solid passer short and longer range. Not a Diaby or wilshere and defenitely not likely to score but useful in the middle.
    I think he saw the dink pass to RVP as a way to beat the park the bus and an amazing finisher will score it. But over did it when teams got wise to it and also loses interest in games.
    so I’d say he’s a wouldn’t mind having when injuries hit.

  62. I’d love to know Rosicky’s plans for this season, more swerve than verve.

  63. Song was always looking to move to ‘greener pastures’ me think. It is strange how he has all of a sudden gotten rid of his outragoeus hair and selfishness as he is at a place he considers the top. What he does not realise is that Barca will sell him to siberia if they get a better offer next year. :D

    Anyway he is gone and i trust AW’s Judgement on that matter. If it were a goalie decision that would have been a different matter because he is shocking in that department. :D

    hi emma, i thought the same after i last saw Ryo in the Coc a week weeks ago.

  64. Yes Bradster, but what happens when Wilshere and Diaby and Rosicky are back? With Arteta and Cazorla assured of their place there is only one other CM position left. Will Song agree to sit it out because let us be honest…….who would we prefer? Wilshere or Song?

    Yes they would need a rest but Song would want to play every game.

  65. Still think we need a beast in the midfield Clorinda… Capoue…

  66. Tsgh, our defence is still wobbly, our only fortune is that the oppo are missing the target. Look at Mackie on Saturday, had he not panicked he would have scored. A more composed striker would have not missed…

  67. Capoue now that is a beat and a half. :D

    i will even take Kehl or Bender from the bundesliga because of the german mentality and core we are trying to create at the emirates.

  68. Agree too emma, bring him back, CO Cup, Next Gen and reserves etc…

  69. Ahhh yes. Capoue is a good player. But cannot Frimpong do the same Job? When is dear old Arsene going to give him a proper run out?

  70. Got to pop off for a bit, catch up shortly….

  71. Bender is a much better all rounder I think. but he costs a lot and the old professor will not spend much money.

  72. Enjoy Ms Rico!!!!!

  73. @W.A.T.H Ramsey has only played on the right wing in just 2 games and the rest was from the middle and hes been crap. He has only had one good game all season, the truth must be said.
    @Scott from Oz: you talk absolute crap, are you saying that Song leaving has made our defence tighter? Ok agreed, but have you ever taught about how to struggle to create chances if Cazorla is not clicking?
    All what i see on here is Wilshere Wilshere Wilshere, i guess you guys forget this guy has been out for over 15 months and you want him to start hitting form immediately? That will definitely take at least 3 months when he gets back to that form and by then, hope it wont be too late for Arsenal to challenge for any trophy. Bye.

  74. Excuse me………..but I thought that everyone was polite here Mr Patoranky.

    Why did you call Scott crap? That is not polite.

  75. Clorinda his twin who plays for Leverkusen will be cheaper I think. Maybe not better than what we already have…

  76. Patoranky there are other blogs that would welcome such f’ish market’ remarks. Please show some respect for others because I dont know about you but none of us are coaches and if you think you can do a better job why don’t you …

  77. @Clorinda: Oh i didnt mean that way…..”I’M VERY SORRY” if i’ve hurt someone

  78. I understand what you are saying about rambo Patoranky but just calm your tone a lil. ;)

  79. I thought Conor Henderson would be playing more games for Coventry but it does not appear that way. Ah well it seems he is going to be another true Arsenal man who will not be making it with us, as his contract expires next summer.

  80. You certainly did not hurt me. But no one is crap. I came here because I like discussing without insulting one another. And that is not polite.

  81. Pato… Lets be honest Ramsey and song are two completely different players to use ramsey as an excuse or as a reference point as to why song should of been kept is missing the point surely..? song gave us very little, he’s been replaced by Cazorla who gives us 50 times more creativity and quality going forward and Arteta is miles more disciplined in the defensive role, what I’d add is what i mentioned earlier I still feel we’re short of a proper combative player in the middle for certain games where we could change formation and grind out a result, Coq, Frim could be such players but they are not there yet.

  82. tsGH……you mean Lars or Sven. I do get mixed up between them. But yes I know about who you mean.

    But why buy if we already have Yennaris, Frimpong, Ramsey and Coquelin as back up to Wilshere, Arteta and Cazorla. Plus Diaby and Rosicky when they play.

  83. Oh and to add further, Ramsey has been played right wing for a few games but also right midfield in the rest and that is not where he prefers to play, he prefers to play central so at the moment he is just doing a job for the team so to always criticize the fella is way off in my book and totally unfair, if he plays centrally and is poor then slag him off but not when he is being shunted all over the place blame the manager..!

  84. W.A.T.H. my old friend how are you. Long time no see.

    Agree regarding Ramsey. but some people think through something else other than their brain.

    In your inbox mate. ;)

  85. I meant Lars will be cheaper Clorinda…. i like how Leverkusen are doing very well with voller at the helm and Bender is shining in his role.

    I am not being patronizing but you seem very knowledgeable about certain players.:D

  86. How you doing Dev, All well this side my mate just been a little busy last few weeks but all sorted now i think/hope…!

    Aaron takes a lot of stick but look how he has come back from his horrific injury compared to Diaby and Eduardo… the boy still getting better and better yet he’s played totally out of position and gets major grief.

  87. i do not understand some arsenal fans as you mentioned dev some fans would like 11 messi’s on the pitch.

    I have always said that if Obi mikel played for us he would be castrated by the fans. I think rambo is one of the very few players in our team who can be assigned to do a tactical job. And the kid does it with 100% commitment. I respect him for it.

    Look at G.Barry he appears useless but he does an important job for $hitty. I think some of us need to realise even Barca have Keita in their team amongst the Messi’s and Xavi’s.

  88. Patoranky,
    I wll be much,much more civil than someone like you deserves,but here goes nothing.
    Firstly,you say i “talk crap”,but then it is “ok,agreed”……apologies if i need some clarification there….i guess i am just not smart!!
    On the other hand,it is entirely possible you just love crap.
    You then go on to ask what will happen if Santi stops creating chances….well,i guess a nil all draw is better than a loss,isn’t it?
    With Song as our DEFENSIVE midfielder last season,we didn’t leak goals,we haemorrhaged them.
    I may talk crap,but please,don’t agree with me next time :)

  89. Hi scott.

    How positive are you about tomorrows game?

  90. Wath, does that mean we shouldn’t slag Theo off then, ever since he signed he said he preferred to play central but every week he got stuck out on the wing….

  91. If Theo was playing right back I’d let you get away with that one Rico :P

  92. :P Wath, I knew the same wouldn’t be applied to Theo…

  93. Tsgh – I’m not confident at all about tomorrow.

  94. Tsgh,i am always positive mate!!
    I am off guys….have a great day all.

  95. It is good to talk with the heart but wise to think with the head. Our team is predictable and boring I’m afraid. I criticise no player for not putting it in although I am of the opinion that some are not right in either quality or style for the future of Arsenal. Pace is so important in the PL. We used to have lots of it and now we don’t. We should give Theo what wants. How can the club afford not to? Is he worth it? Probably not.

  96. See you Scott…

  97. I like watching football a lot. I come from a footballing family and all we discuss is football. I am an Italian who does not like Italian football since it is very corrupt and not enjoyable. One of my best friends is a football coach and my dad used to play football. But now he is very old to play. We all like sport. Infact I play it myself with some of my friends when I have time.

  98. Rico- I think if we can go past this stage. we have a chance of going through to the finals but I have a strange feeling about tomorrow. A sucker punch somewhere..

  99. Afternoon all you Happy Gooners.
    Afternoon RICO, thanks for another fine piece of sub-editing.
    Thanks for all the positive vibe, glad you enjoy my scribbling…
    Now to catch up.
    Back in a minute… :-)

  100. Pato………you have been through the grill from Scott and make no mistake about it. No need to call anyone crap. We all agree to disagree here.

    Where the hell is Goonie today?? He is not around when he is wanted.

  101. Cheers Scott….

    Rico, Aaron wants to play central plays right midfield does ok, plays right wing does crap but never shy’s away or stops trying… Theo has always played wide and only says he wants to play as a striker so no excuses for him.. As said if he was playing right back i’d give him plenty of slack, he ain’t out of position right wing he just very average 9 times out of 10…! Totally agree with Adam though, we are pedestrian far to often and no pace makes us to easy to play against. Speed of player of thought movement and pass was our game and thats lacking big time.

  102. If TW is about wanting a pay rise, I too would just give it to him Adam, if it doesn’t work out then so what, sell him for a lot more than we will do in January, or free in the summer. Getting Squilli off of our books can fund it…

    But I suspect that he will go, we will save money as he won’t be replaced and then the next step will be to play Gnabry, and no doubt week in, week out and then he will be the next Jack Wilshere, and by that I mean, out for 12 months or more where he’s been over played…….

  103. Hiya Kev. how are you mate.

    tsGH……a sucker punch is always lurking. its up to the team to make sure that when it arrives it is not so hurting.

    I hope we go through.

    What do you make of the team that I put out for tomorrow? Do you think its good enough?

  104. W.A.T.H. speed of though comes from playing players in their rightful place. Square pegs in round holes often leaves you safe regarding possession but its no WHAM BAM GOAL from our penalty area to the ball in the opposition net.

  105. I asked you about that mouth watering futuristic midfield 2 days ago but I think you were not around.

    I think its super Dev. I would maybe give TW14 the front role and rest OG12 for the old manure match.

  106. You and me both Tsgh and Reading are playing well, just getting no luck, they haven’t won all season…

    The only thing might is that McD may rest a few players and they had a really tough game against Fulham. Good game mind you…

  107. Afternoon Kev, I didn’t do a thing :)

    Wath, just saying, that’s all ;)

  108. Pato is long gone….

  109. I am off now mates.

    Later on today hopefully.

    cu all

  110. Hi Ginge, undercover journo, no mate, we’ve got one of those already… ;-)
    I’m an undercover cabbie.

  111. S2S, yes Rosicky is a great player.
    Not sure that he can manage two games a week though.
    That’s why I’m an advocate of team rotation…
    Diaby’s injury, I believe, came about due to him being overplayed before he was strong enough to cope.
    Thanks to those idiots at the FFF…

  112. Rico. Be careful with the Squillster there. :)
    Most of the ST holders I know are bored with the team and are going because they have paid for the match already. Arsenal are a bit of a shambles at the moment. Sad but true. So many new faces around me this season and I expect the same next season. Sixty odd quid to watch teams come and play 10 behind the ball and we have no real wingers or pace to get behind defences. Everything played in front of the oppositions defence, down the middle.
    Still, we have an owner who doesn’t understand why he should attend the AGM and has zero bond with our fans. The best thing that could happen to Arsenal is a top to bottom clean out of the board and a new owner who could put some people with real drive in place. Hill-Wood is symbolic of Kroenke’s view of the club. We are going nowhere with Kroenke. He has no real ambition apart from us being another notch on his business portfolio of under achievers. His words, to me, are hollow and Arsenal are in very real danger of losing their core supporters who go and pay week in week out, year in, year out and for decades too. Those families that are bought up with Arsenal in their blood. They don’t expect to win every week but they can see when a club is in decline. Once you lose them you are in trouble and all you then have is people going for a few years before getting priced out or fed up. All the shouting and screaming on the Internet means nothing.

  113. Hi Ms Clorinda, thanks for the positive vibe…
    You are very welcome, and as an Italiano will add some interesting insight to our footballing community…

    Silentstan, you need a blog, sure that wasn’t the bog you needed??? :-)

  114. Have a good one devil..

    Kev, is that a cabbie who stays in bed?
    :lol: :lol:

  115. Hi Adam, hard work Saturday afternoon then?
    We lack a cutting edge mate, and every RIP goal only goes to emphasise that fact…

  116. It was this morning Rico… :-D

  117. So Stan doesn’t want to invest in Arsenal whilst we’re going thru a blip.
    What BS…
    I am so happy his Grid Iron team got mullah’d yesterday…

  118. Hard work indeed Kev. How people can say we are better off without Van Persie is beyond me. They nod wisely and say things like “We have a better balance”. Really? I understand that sometimes people get their emotions caught up with their rationality though and I guess I am as guilty as the next person. Personally, I think we miss him badly. But that’s just me.

  119. Are you up for a bowl of noodles in the week Kev? It would be a pleasure to see you.

  120. I really don’t believe SK is here for long Adam……

  121. Gotta do a bit,.
    Wait till Clorinda meets Stan…
    Sparks will fly… :-P

  122. Yes Adam, what day do you suggest?

  123. I will text you ok Adam, gone now..

  124. Not surprised Kev – good news is that we are supposedly in for a long Arctic winter

  125. Rico. Fingers crossed you are right. Lady Nina has a lot to answer for.
    I might be cruising the West End on Wednesday Kev. Looking for Abba on vinyl. :)

  126. I have Abba on vinyl Adam :)

    I hope I’m right too….

  127. Put it on Rico. I’ll be round soon and we can do some Zumba together. :)

  128. Deal, what time should I expect you Adam?

  129. I’ll buy a gallon of Chateau Lidl on the way. It’s on special for £1.99 this week. :) you can show me your moves and your muscles. :)

  130. Say about an hour?

  131. Cheeky so-and-so Adam!!!!

  132. Invitation is withdrawn after your cheek!

  133. Go on Rico. You know you want to Zumba with me :)

  134. Thank you but no, Fido is perfect company for Zumba.

  135. Adam, in the trade that is known as a “blow-out”….If it had been Lidl’s Premier Cru, that may of swung it. Just a though…

  136. Ha Ha aha undercover cabbie.: D If you say that to some public school educated boys working on either sides of the river near Vauxhall you will have you cab bugged… :D

  137. You’ll only make him worse Lee…..

  138. This cold weather would kills the bugs off….

  139. At least Tesco’s Claret and Adam would of got the nod but slumming it with Lidls Shatow Badger Piss is hardly gonna win Rico over is it…!

  140. The clone of Jody Marsh and Posh does not sip on nothing but the finest.try Le Pin, Pomerol next time. :D

  141. Rico, what I do know is that it took Adam a lot of courage to ask you for a “Zumba” date…and you treated him like a ginger step-child! He’ll be heart broken…..so sad!

  142. Exactly Wath, and as long as it’s Tesco’s finest… Although their Vino Verde is my preference, finest of course….

  143. I was always told not to make a be deal out of things Lee, straight to the point and no going around the houses. Not my problem to deal with, rejection is hard I know, but that’s life…

  144. WATH, hello me old cocker…how’s you?

  145. Adam will be over Clissold Park kicking leaves with his hands in his pockets…. :(

  146. Tsgh, I actually haven’t a clue about wine, don’t really drink it, or anything these days…

  147. Well it’s a lovely bright day to be kicking leaves, all that fresh air will do Adam good…

  148. Talking of fresh air, must get the woofa out, it will be dark here soon ;)

    If Adam isn’t back in a couple of hours, maybe someone should think about reporting him missing. ;)


  149. lee a ginger step child? watch it mate… :D

    Talking of tomorrow I do not look forward to the prospects of facing jason Roberts. He’s a lump and a half. Do you think Miguel will get a shout at LB tomorrow?

    The last time sky showed our league cup match, we got sucker punched by silva after playing very well with our second team against a very strong $hitty.

  150. Pure evil… ;)

  151. No offence Ginge….

  152. Rico so you don’t eat meat, drink and you are a Posh spice lookalike. Don’t tell me you fancy Russel Brand.. :D

  153. Don’t worry Adam, you can tell me all about it Weds’…
    That’s women for ya, just toying with a fellows emotions… :-D

  154. you know I was joking Lee? ;)

    I am as far from ginger as kroenke is to roman abrahamovich… :D

  155. 100% Lee…

    Don’t smoke either Tsgh :) Russel Brand, yuck, Russell Watson is a far better looking Russell…

    Right, moscow…. laters

  156. I think Rico is a spiteful lady… Poor old Adam………

    Am good Lee, you ok mate..?

  157. : D i see cougar written all over it Rico… :D

  158. To rub salt into the wound she also has ABBA on vinyl I mean come on if thats not putting it out there I don’t know what is….

  159. ABBA on vinyl… is that the code-phrase for come up for a coffee this days? :D

  160. In some parts of Vauxhall Ginge, it wouldn’t be bugging, but a word that quite similar.
    Lee, how’s things mate?
    How did your day go Saturday?

  161. Lee, if you had your way all gingers would be shot at birth.

  162. Where’s Smudge?

  163. Why did you urge your readers not to laugh about Diaby? My friend, Arsenal miss Song, especially now that Diaby has RETURNED to the treatment table! Diaby is an asset but Song is better. I would have preferred Frimpong, Squilacci, Chamakh and Djorou to leave

  164. All good, AK WATH…made a meal of Saturday’s game in true Arsenal way.Wouldn’t have it any other way would we…?
    No Micko, just durham, dunno how he seeped through the net!?!?

  165. why do we women play a man’s emotions Mr AllezKev?

    And who is Stan? Why will sparks fly?

    I am new on this blog so I do not know everyone. Please do not make fun of me.

  166. That was funny the other night/morning… smudge & micko road show!!

  167. Now that tool is a cretin not a ginge…

    He hates us but he is always at the emirates.Isn’t Peterborough a few miles up the motorway?

  168. Stanley is an enigma! A lothario.A lover and not a fighter.

  169. Howdy Tsgh, hear your best mate is gonna be at the game tomorrow night, for some-one who slags us off so much he still can’t stay away.

  170. miss Song Yes we do..no doubt and relying on rosicky or diaby must be a joke…rosicky 3 weeks away…or diaby ?…you cant really rely on players that seldom plays..or ????
    but let me inform You Allezkev…we have an Owner who clearly doesnt care about football,we have a chief who cares about nothing else than saving money,and a manager who believes that not winning is acceptable…..
    thats a great signal from the top to our players aint it…we’re being run like a fairly good company,making money and doing ok and everyone at the clubs seems more than happy with the situation,we the Gooners are just like puppets on a string…

  171. sagna was great at the weekend and cant wait to see him and gibbs in the same team but i have a felling sagna will be the next world class player sold. as in the post yennaris is coming through and sagnas contract situation is the same as many others before him. does wenger do this on purpose regarding contracts let them run down to draw bids while all along insisting he does not want to sell the player i.e. would a bid be more likely if sagna had 4 years or 2 years left, although this does risk a wallcott situation. 25 mill for sagna 1 mill replacement in carl jenkinson. although now ive said his sagna will probably be signing an extension tommorow.

  172. What is a lothario Lee. I do not understand your language very much. Only know very basic and I have to use google translate sometimes.

    Will some of you go to tomorrow’s match?

  173. He has no shame. He goes for the media sarnies… :D

  174. Hi benny… I do not think sagna will leave. I think it is a misconception that AW does not want over 30’s. What he says is if you are over 30 or approaching that age then you can not expect to be offered a 2-3 year deal. DB10 accepted that and signed 3 or 4 1 year deals. TR07 has done that 2 times too.

    Players like Gallas who left for a longer contracts ended up signing 1 year deals as well with’arry. Same was for sir Gilberto who AW allowed to go for £1m so that he got offered a 2 year deal with the greeks.

    Its another media spin imho. All the top teams do the same. chavs with cashley mole as an example even though he is 29 he is being offered only 1 1 year deal. Giggs has signed 1 or 2 year deals since the last 5 years.

  175. I am still embarrassed by the very public rejection by Rico, but, having beat myself with a whip I say what’s sauce for the goose is worth two in the hand. I have learned a harsh lesson though.

  176. Ah Adam. Rico made an excuse that she was going for a walk with fido but I reckon she was looking for you.. ;)

  177. Dio mio Clorinda, I joke….
    But if I offend you, then I am sorry.

    Stan/Goonster will appear later.
    He is a bit of a crazy Dutchman, but he good for a laugh…

  178. Yes.. goonie will definitely add to his filipino list today.. :D

  179. TsGH. Rico clearly wants nothing to do with me. Did my humiliation need to be quite so public? Would I, a gentleman, treat her as savagely? Men have feelings too and I say that with a tear rolling down my face. Must I be treated with the same discourtesy she reserves or those in Trash. After that post I did for her as well. Over 400 replies too.

  180. He claims that despite all his efforts his son aged 11 is an Arsenal supporter. That’s why he goes. Peterborough is about 1 1/2 hours drive from the stadium.

  181. hi tsgh i agree and even if there was a stern policy on over 30s if it was a player wenger saw as integral he would give him a long contract at 29. but what im asking is if you think the running down of contracts is a ploy by the club to draw bids for pacific players. dont know which is worse mismanagement of players contracts or purposely drawing bids for are best players. i would be very happy if sagna signed on but if there was no space in midfield then a player like yennaris would be set for a very long loan stint. and again how good would wenger look 25mill for sagna replaced by 1mill jenkinson.

  182. Yes Adam, and with you being a card carrying member of the Battersea Dogs Home.
    It was harsh mate, very harsh…

  183. You get my support Adam, after that public humiliation….if you need a shoulder to cry on mate!

  184. My heart goes out to you Adam, I feel Rico’s cutting rebuke was totally uncalled for but we can now see what a spiteful vindictive creature she really is… I’m truly amazed by her words to you…! All because of a shit wine….

  185. Thanks Lee. Next time we’re in that Turkish restaurant I will buy you a grilled Lamb

  186. Wath. Many thanks, but do you think it was the inferior quality of the wine that earned me such a vicious rebuke? Just goes to show that you never really know someone, though you might think that you do. People can turn…..just like that.

  187. Oh Adam… we need to pour some libation for that… ;)
    benny, i doubt in this case it is a ploy. He has 1.5 years left on his contract. saying that there is always a discontinuation between the board and Aw. people thing AW likes to sell players but I doubt he wanted to sell Nastry and VP. His bodfy language after that sale tells you something else.

    TRot signed a contarct with 6 months to go. Flamini resigned with AC even though his contarct had ended 2 months before. I believe if a player wants to stay he will stay. Cesc had 4-5 years on his contract and still left.

    On Sagna his fitness is better than most 22 year olds so I hope he is offered a better contract and his wife truly loves arsenal. she was rooting for Lloris to join us before the scums went in with that 12m pound offer.

  188. Discarded like a used teabag Adam, your better than that !

  189. TsGH. Le Pin would do me quite well though I prefer other wines.

  190. Even though she normally drinks Wilshire Badger Claret I just think she expected more from your offer of wine when opening up her ABBA collection for you mate…. You know what these females are like, cutting they are… I’m gobsmacked I really am

  191. Shallow Rico, as she now shall be called!

  192. Sorry i meant TR07 signed a new contract with less than 6 months left…

  193. Micko. My cup runneth over with support. :)
    Gracias amigo.

  194. Le Pin…. Is that as good as Le Tin…?

  195. To think of all the recipes that have been mailed and more importantly the so eloquent posts! It’s nothing short of a tragedy…

  196. Dont ask me WATH I am knowledgeable about wine as Dench is about political correctness… :D

    sign it walcott, Innit…:D

  197. Lee. I am trying to rise above it but, as you know, I am quite sensitive and it is proving difficult. An apology might be nice though.

  198. Le Pin is a wonderful wine but has a trendy vibe about it, so is overpriced. Only Lee and Kev could afford it. I hope to be sitting at the same table when they do. :)

  199. Ah you see the men with the exquisite win taste include Adam. :o

    Lynch him, he is the reason why Kroenke and IG increase ticket prices at the emirates… :D

  200. Outrageous I call it….
    Adam must feel like he’s just been given a ticket to an evening out with Pulis and Allardyce.

  201. Well Adam, if you’re writing out the invites for the Christmas bash….someone may of uninvited themselves!?!

  202. I often wash my feet in Le Pin…
    It has hidden benefits.
    It also goes well with cheese.
    Hence my feet…

  203. Afternoon guys….

  204. You crack me up Kev…

  205. Hi Rico… you got Adam on PAPYRUS…

    Not fair eh what has a gentleman got to do… :D

  206. Adam is slating AW again according to talk shite……

  207. Thanks for your take on the contract issue tsgh. My head is full of conspiracies.

  208. Mamma Mia, you bunch of softies… :)

  209. Hi Tsgh, what is Papyrus?

  210. http://www.papyrus-uk.org/

    Prevention of young suicide.

    I apologise if I am deemed to be offensive as suicide is a serious matter. :(

  211. Adam will be fine, he has plenty of tissues I am sure…

    Good to know you are all so loyal though :lol:

  212. rico, no more Ola Jordan in her hot pants, I’m gutted !

  213. Where’s Stan…???

    Typical of him, we get a female poster from Italy and he’s not here…
    Always misses the boat does our Stanley

  214. That’s just sooooooooooooooooooo Cold…………. @ Rico…..

    The Ice Lady from now on…!

  215. Oh fuckin yippeeee have you all heard who we got on Sat………. Mike “Cnut” Dean………. Oh joy…………….! Where’s the GG I need a drink already.

  216. YES ! i totally agree about Yennaris. i have a feeling about him also.. seems to be dedicated and a hard worker.. I also agree that we are actually better without song. i love our options in midfield and defense. I am worried about up front though..

  217. I thought Sid would do better Micko, but he really was awful wasn’t he…

  218. Wath, yesterday the news was it was Webb, they must have changed it….

    Ice Lady, that’s harsh….

    Hi Nt, think we are all worried about up front, we need to start scoring a few goals….

  219. Scez is back in full training…

    Good news

  220. I didn’t notice who her partner was rico.

  221. I said yesterday I was talking bets on our goalie or Arteta getting red carded next wkend…

  222. Benny, id rather keep sagna because i dont think we will get big money for a fullback, even though we all know how good he is. BUT, We let alot of money get away by not handling Walcott correctly.

  223. That is good news Tsgh..
    :lol: Micko, I should have realised…

  224. Jernade Meade trained today but i did not see yennaris…

    Anyone with news… Maybe Emma will come with the news later

  225. Good evening all, very late today, been working in the garden clearing leaves.

    I like the post AK.

    Back to the original topic, Do we miss Song? Only in a good way, we miss his occasional wonder pass, but as there is no little Dutch Boy to get on the end of them, so not so much. We miss his tendency to go walkabout. We miss his sometimes sloppy passing. We miss his often lackadaisical attitude. What we miss most is a strong, hard tackling mid-fielder, but with Song we never had that anyway.

  226. Play like we did against Qpr and we’re gonna get a good tonking up there.
    What worries me more than anything is Steve Bould coming out and saying that we look low on confidence and jaded, we’re only 10 odd games into the season, what’s that all about.

  227. true Micko. cashley mole had a horrid time yesterday against valencia and raphael. Hazard left him very exposed. I did not see the media make any comment about that…

    I think we have the midfield to trouble theirs the only issue is they have a man with mammoth tooth upfront to score from nothing. Where is essien or Dan smith when you need them.I wonder if the greedy dutch boy will play on wednesday against the chavs…

  228. Hi JW, spot on, that’s exactly what we miss, a hard tackling midfielder….

    Micko, play like we did against Qpr and we’ll get beaten tomorrow too….

  229. We have an under 21 game tonight, that could tell us a lot about who plays tomorrow….

  230. Tsgh, more than any other team down the years they do seem to have us sussed out, I think the last time we won up there was when Adethewhore got the late winner in 2006/7 or whenever it was.
    RvP will score, it’s written in the stars.

  231. Not too worried about tomorrow night funnily enough rico, think we’ll do ok, is it a Q/F game at stake ?

  232. I think we will beat Manure….

    Think so Micko, doesn’t take long to get into the quarter finals in this competition.. .

  233. Did i just read that correctly Rico, you think we’ll beat the mancs Saturday…?

  234. Thank God it ain’t an early kick off Saturday rico, it would send Tsgh into over-drive !!!
    Laters, over and out.

  235. Yes Wath…

    It is Micko, 12.45 KO

  236. Night Micko, have a good one…

  237. But then you knew that ;)

  238. Evening all, good post Sir Ak just started to get into it and it ended to short :) I must be the only one that liked alex Song i thought he had tenacity and he moved forward which is what i like to see i also thought he tackled well but when Barca come calling who can blame him. some one asked why did Wenger let Song get away with his haphazard defending he didn’t he sold him

  239. Evening Steve.. I liked Song, he just didn’t do what he was supposed to….

  240. Hello. Seems as if some of you peoples stay chatting here. I had a lot to do and now I am a little free.

    you still discussing Song??

    He is not worth wasting time on.

    Can we discuss the influence that Arteta has now on the team?

  241. evening Rico,
    Yes he did make you hold your breath i agree but he also did some good work too but i think i am the only supporter to think so. sorry Clorinda talk about anything you like most will listen

  242. Discuss whatever you want Clor…. Just not Lidil wine… ;)

  243. why not Lidl wine. is there something wrong with it??

    I like vino di Marsala. it is soft and has a deliciously sweet taste.

  244. SO we gonna be playing 12 men Rico, you still think we gonna win…? I’ll wait til we know the team before I comment far to many if’s at the moment and most are around who will be fit or not… Santos lets not even go there…. Mannone….? wingers…? will he won’t he..? Time will tell I suppose ;-)

  245. Trouble is Steve, Song says he was forced out, Arsenal say he wanted out so who to believe?

    I was surprised Barca wanted him to be honest.

    But, last season, did AW ever take him to one side and tell him what his role is… Someone said that for barca he seldom crosses the halfway line…

    Why wasn’t he told to play like that for us?

  246. Don’t know, never tried it myself ;)

    Ches, Diaby, Gibbs and Chamberlain all to return and Rosicky on the bench Wath :)

  247. I have to ask the question why buy a player like Alex Song thathas always been headstrong pushing forward and the tell him not to cross the halfway line, dinner calls

  248. Sir Stevo, boom boom, ha ha, I deserved that… :-D

    Wenger needs to win something, despite what he says.
    To me the League Cup IS important…
    We can still make the top four AND win that trophy

  249. Popping off to get dinner, back shortly…

  250. Every domestic cup is important to us fans Kev, just need to tell the manager….

  251. Sausages and mash Rico?

  252. Unbelievable……is it just me,or Ipads a pain in the arrrrs….aaars………aaaaaaaaas……arse to type with???
    Two stuff ups in a row…bloody thing.
    Morning all!!

  253. Hi all. Do we miss song? No. But we are a much different team this season than last. We would have missed him last season if he were out. I can guarantee that. I do no see the Alex song selfishness on the field that so many of you speak about. Last season his defensive discipline wasn’t as good as in previous years, but he was not a bad player. The sessions before that he was solid. He is a great passer and reader of the game and he was solid on the ball. He also played cb for us in desperate times. I think we are a bit harsh and one sided in our assessment of Song.

  254. Arteta is more intelligent than Song. I am not being harsh on Song. He was needed when he was here but he is not a part of the club. He is just someone who, how can I say it, never left his print in the club. Players like Viera, Henry, Bergkamp all did. Even Parlour. But not someone like Song. Even Arteta will became a leggend at the club.

  255. We have had a very funny joke here in Italy. If Manchester United and Juventus play each other in the league the game will end in a draw but we can say that both will manage to get three points from the game. very funny no?

  256. Evening Will maybe i was wrong perhaps another supporter that saw his good side. To late now Will but you are right we play a diferent game now, but with Jacks emergence we may just have another player that will surge forward we need the penetration that makes things happen.Hi Sir Kev couldn’t resist it :)

  257. Arteta as you say Clorinda is quality he has everything that you want in a player, i feel his strongest points are his willingness to cover all over the field and very seldom gives the ball away.

  258. Arteta is a very tidy player. Very rarely gets caught on the ball and very rarely misplaces a pass. He isn’t the strongest tackler or the quickest mover, but he’s smart enough to make up for that by being precise with his positioning and rarely taking risks. Steve, ive said it before… This team will flourish with a Wilshere, Diaby or a Rosicky in the midfield. They will force defenders to commit and get pulled out of shape.
    Clorinda, i think Man U are perfect for Serie a. They’re great at buying referees.

  259. Ever since I have followed football in Italy it has always been cheating. Especially Juventus. But also other teams cheat. Last week it was Napoli. And its not fun. practically you can always bet on Juventus to get a result.

    In Italy we say that Arsenal are ‘La bestia nera dei club italiani. which means the black beast of italian clubs.

    And now I am off to bed. I am very tired today.

    Buona notte

  260. W.A.T.H says: at 6:21 pm. I knew your maths was shoddy; what about the 2 linesmen or assistant refs as they call themselces… :D

    clorinda says at 6:55 pm- I haven’t heard that before very funny and true. I wish I had come up with that. he he he… :D

    Clorinda talking of Juve I am very worried about them beating our unbeaten record using all their dubious connections? :x

    Is Massimo De Santis back Clorinda?

    Simone Farina is heading aston Villa. Didn’t rednose miss the biggest opportunity to buy italian referees too.

  261. Hi Will, as I said earlier, he should have been to reign his attacking play in last season but from watching him, I suspect he wasn’t.

    Do we blame the player or the tactics?

    Nearly Kev, quorn mince and veggies :)

  262. Good Evening my Esteemed Fellow Gunner.

    Back from training and I am dead knackered.

    So we have an Italian lass here. Goonie will be so over excited. I can imagine him practically kissing the screen when he gets to know.

  263. Hi Dev training for SAS/SBS selection again?lol

    Arsenal Chief Scout Steve Rowley was at Palace’s 2-1 win over Leicester City this weekend. do we think zaha to Arsenal is certain?

  264. Hi devil, that will soon scare her off…

  265. That is what I think tsGH. It is more Zaha than any other player with the exeption of Reus and Gotze.

    The one about Ben Arfa is a non starter I think. He is French and tbh…….the age of the french is over. The age of the germans has begun.

  266. HBattery packed up on laptop having to send this on my phone so will say good night t you al

  267. No it is not the SAS tsGH. I am a football coach. been coaching for 22 years now. And after a day with kids and their problems at school plus overseeing two training sessions and doing some training myself I am KO.

  268. This young arsenal u-21s are doing very well against Blackburn u21.

    No Nico in the line-up dev so I believe I will be doing a goonie and cream my pants if your tip for the midfield starts. he he he

  269. Nite steve.

    Nice Dev. its good to help kids with things like that…

    At least you are keeping fit.

  270. Arsenal Under-21s team to play Blackburn:

    Charles-Cook, Angha, Hajrovic, Fagan, Bihmoutine, Hayden, Mugabo, Rees, Toral, Olsson, Neita.

    Substitutes: Iliev, Siemann, Jebb, Iwobi, Lipman.

    Thats a young side

  271. Night Steve…

    I’m going to have an early one too, catch you all tomorrow…

    Night all….

  272. U-21 line up: Reice Charles-CookMartin AnghaSead HajrovicZachari FaganSamir BihmoutineIsaac HaydenAlfred MugaboJosh ReesJon ToralKristoffer OlssonNigel Neita

  273. Sorry Rico… ;)

  274. But I am getting tired tsGH. As I told you I have been coaching and working with kids for the past 22 years. And mentally I am knackered. tbh I prefer to train with my little prince.

  275. Good night Lady.

    Sweet dreams.

    I am off too mates.

    see you all tomorrow.

  276. Night all….

  277. Just read a very interesting comment.
    People have mentioned that Clattenburg,if found guilty,should be thrown out of the game.
    John Terry,Luiz Suarez anyone????

  278. Before anyone says a ref is different,what he apparently said didn’t discriminate against a particular club,so shows no bias that would influence the outcome of a game.
    Interesting one.

  279. Scott, they’re no different, they gotta wipe their arses like the rest of us, if you or me done what JT done in a football ground we’d have been chucked out and banned for life, hypocrisy at its best from the FA, its all bollox.
    A bit like the cat calling the dog hairy arse.

  280. Agreed Micko!!

  281. This Clattenburg affair, could it be a case of ‘payback’ from the Chelsea players following John Terry getting banned???

    Players getting very precious about what a referee calls them, yet the referee has to accept 90+ minutes of abuse from fans, players, coaches, managers every game…

    Maybe the next referee who officiates a Chelsea game should send off the first CFC player for swearing???
    Foul & Abusive Languge as the Laws state…

  282. Martinez, Shea, Gnabry, Miquel, Yennaris, Eisfeld, Bellerin, Meade, Akpom were all involved in training with the 1st team and some/all could be involved in the League Cup…
    Brandon Ormonde-Ottewill, a first year scholar, nicknamed BOO, was also involved in today’s (yesterday’s) training session.
    Another youngster to be fast-tracked???

  283. Gnabry should start, but I hope that the game allows Akpom to have a run-out, as he is a very talented player…
    Hope Eisfeld gets a game… He certainly has an eye for goal…

  284. Kev,my first thought was Chelsea chasing some payback.
    If this proves to be the case,they should be kicked out of the league!!!!

  285. That would never happen Scott, Chelsea are the Champions of Europe and are therefore too powerful.
    Clattenburg is expendable…
    The EPL is a money making monster, it’s the most popular sports franchise in the World and Chelsea are one of it’s major assets…
    That’s why Financial Fair Play is a load of bollocks.
    Even if it comes in it’ll be so watered down that it’ll be toothless…
    But our Board will still be whistling in the wind and hoping that FFP will save their arses…
    Not gonna happen…
    Wake up and smell the coffee!

    Morning Lee…

  286. Izu, if you pop back to have another read, let me admit my surprise…
    Surprise that you would dump Frimpong…
    Izu, we don’t even know how effective or not that Frimpong can be as he has hardly had a chance has he?
    The other’s, Chamakh, Squillaci & Djourou, I don’t think you’d get too many disagreeing with that trio going out the door in January…
    As for Song, I’ve seen him many times, and despite those that champion his ability, I’m afraid he isn’t consistently reliable enough for me…
    Let’s see if he is still at Barca at the end of his present contract and beyond…
    I’d wager that he’ll be playing for another team within the next 2.5 years…

  287. I see that that Spanish guy, with the unpronounceable name, has joined Man City to take over the role previously held by Brian Marwood.
    Señor Unpronounceable was one of the main architects behind the La Masia Academy.
    So I wonder if his remit is to do likewise at Wastelands?
    Pep Guardiola next???

  288. Apparently City were rumoured to be sniffing around Pedro and Fabregas?
    A conciquence of Señor Unpronounceable’s influence already???

  289. Kev,if Pep has any pride,he will not go to Citeh,he would take over a club and attempt to build a side.
    I know which the easier option is though.

  290. Morning all…..

  291. “A trophy is something you lift at the end of the season,” Gallas told London24. “I know which feeling you can have if you lift a trophy- it’s fantastic and it doesn’t happen many times in your career.

    “For me, to finish second or fourth, it’s the same – but if you finish on top and if you’re the champion it’s completely different. For a few months you think you are the best team, the best players, you are so happy.

    “To lift a trophy, that is the real thing to do.
    It’s a long time since Tottenham won a trophy. I don’t know which one we’re going to lift but we want to lift one. Any one will be good.”
    I’ve always thought Gallas was a wanker, that statement proves it! How much you won with that shower of shit? Useless twat!

  292. Who is Gallas??
    Evening all.

  293. He’s dead to me Scott, that wanker!

  294. If Gallas wants trophies, he best leave the Totts…

    Morning all…

  295. Spuds couldn’t win a coin toss,let alone a trophy!!

  296. The last time they won a serious cup was 1991 but no crisis at shite hart lane….?

  297. No Lee,they are high flying and looking dangerous.

  298. Weren’t they 13 points clear of us later in the season? High flying after 8 games! They have no arsehole…

  299. Funny how we don’t hear about their drought in the trophy area..

  300. Rico,it is beyond a drought lol.

  301. I hate talking about “them” but I was just talking about their Sahara Desert 21 years to a spxrs fan. He reckons that I’ve over looked their two CC wins…..on a different planet those pricks!

  302. They will crumble again this season i suspect. we need to get by them real soon and leave them behind….

    Stand pipes I think Scott

  303. Morning all…

  304. CC win would be good with a top four each year, but finished mid table… nah….

  305. Anyone heard from poor Adam? Rejection is a hurtful thing…. ;)

  306. Good Morning my Esteemed Fellow Gunners.

    Well, well, well………you are talking about my favourite subject…regarding that load of shower from Scum Arse pain.

    And no Lee, Gallas is not dead for me. He is just a figure of ridicule in the same manner as that togolump is.

  307. This mob will need to get there fingers out if they want to get in the top four!
    Anyone think we will add a goalscorer in Jan? Add any new faces?

  308. As soon as anyone leaves us and plays for the scum……they are dead to me!

  309. So the Gallas talk is about him disagreeing with Arsene.Well, if you are daft enough as a player to think you need to win a trophy to feel good about yourself then you need help. That says a lot about present day players. They are like 2 year olds in a candy shop.

    Didn’t he say he was leaving Arsenal to win a trophy and sign a long term deal. Oh well if being a spuddie is ambition then we should all give up and go home…

    That is why I do not understand when people slate us for having no ambition. Didn’t Nastry have 2 clear chances in the CC 2 years ago and he missed all of them and then he says we lacked ambition so he was moving on. Maybe the ambition we lack if paying some kiddies £150k a week. How some fans think players deserve all that amount of money is beyond me sometimes. :x

  310. Devil you were spot on about AW looking to Germany..

    Wenger takes steps to expand German scouting network.
    Arsenal are set to expand their scouting network in Germany in an attempt to lure the next crop of talented youngsters to the Emirates.

    With the country having produced some of the most skillful and coveted players of recent years not to
    mention Wenger’s reputation for developing players the club and chief scout Steve Rowley have been spending an increasing amount of time and money in order to further expand the scouting network.

    The Daily Mail claim that the plans will be implemented soon, noting that “the Gunners have already found the country a valuable breeding ground for talent,” with Podolski, Mertesacker and youngsters Thomas Eisfeld and Serge Gnabry also at the club. Wenger is a known fan of other German internationals having monitored many of the current German crop including Ozil and Sahin extensively before missing out on their signatures.

    With Podolski already making waves in the Premier League, Serge Gnabry is hot on his fellow countryman’s heels with the 17 year old set to make an appearance during the Capitol One Cup match on Tuesday night, with the player himself looking to build on his growing reputation, confiding “I hope I can create some chances of score goals and that will give them more to talk about.”

  311. Lee,i think we will get a top striker,and for two reasons…..we desperately need one,and there are a few coming to the end of contracts.
    I won’t give up on Giroud,as i really like what i see,but he will take time and we don’t have it.

  312. Looks like an early bath for me… all U.S markets are closed, our New York office were evacuated yesterday and told not to come in today!

  313. I have a feeling we will sign someone……….but not a top player. He will be an unknown or a youngster around the 20 age mark (Zaha anyone). I do not suspect a Benzema or Ben arfa arrival.

  314. Tsgh,i agree and have said the same thing.
    All of these clowns who have left us to win trophies were here when we won nothing!!
    Gallas,Fabregas,RVP,Nasri,Clichy,Song for starters were all here during our drought,yet choose to accept none of the blame.

  315. I like Giroud, he’s a grafter but we aren’t playing to his strengths…..yet!

  316. New Post is up….

  317. Lee, shocking stuff in the US…

    Morning devil…

  318. Agree on Giroud, if we could on;y start getting our crosses in on target, he’d soon get the hang of it ;)

  319. We need a greedy bastard of a strriker that’ll get us firing!

  320. That is what irritates me………all those players who left said they wanted to win trophies. but they were the playing staff. And before anyone starts pointing at AFC and AW at the end of the day each is telling the others that they were crap.

    So for Gallas saying he left for trophies means that Cesc is crap, RVP is crap, etc

    And yet they were all in the same team which crumbled in every season when the nitty got to gritty.

  321. Totally agree Lee, an older experienced one, one who’s name i think will be Thierry Henry in Jan….

  322. Totally agree with you too devil, basically, they all wanted to join a club full of players who would win things for them…

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