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Attendance: 60,103 – Are they sure? Bacary & Jack’s return the bright light on a dull Saturday…

Morning Gooners,

Well the best part of yesterday was the return of our proper number 10, Jack Wilshere and what a return it was. No matter how many times Qpr tried to kick him or foul him, up he got and onwards he went. He was always at the heart of our midfield.

Bacary Sagna also made his long awaited comeback as Carl Jenkinson was given a well-earned rest. He too had a very good game. Finally we have two quality right backs in the squad, shame we can’t say that about the left side of defence!

One thing that struck from the beginning of the coverage of our game was the red in the crowds. Sadly though, this was not from the Arsenal shirts and scarves on display, it was from all the empty seats.

These are not good times…..

We got the three points in the end, but yet again, we huffed and puffed, lacked width and pace and but for a late strike, which there was more than a hint of offside to, we would have come away from The Emirates with just a point.

Mark Hughes said after the game:

The referee has absolutely killed it to allow their winning goal because Arteta was clearly offside on two occasions. I’ve been to see the referee and he has created some cock-and-bull story about Ryan Nelsen being off the pitch. I’ve no idea what he is on about because Ryan Nelsen at no stage went off the field of play. It has cost us the point.

Knowing that goal really narked him, makes it even sweeter!

Santos was one of the first to have a shot for us, and soon after, Cesar was beaten all ends up by what appeared to be a goal bound header by Aaron Ramsey, but the ball dropped onto the crossbar and off to safety. So unlucky.

Lukas Podolski shot wide and Wilshere nearly marked his return with a goal from distance but it wasn’t to be as Cesar saved.

Qpr target our left hand side as expected with Jose Bosingwa and Shaun Wright-Phillips both finding space but their final ball was nearly as bad as ours!

Giroud had a ‘shot’ on goal too and had someone been following in, they would have been able to capitalise on a fumble by Cesar, but we don’t do that do we?

After the break, Cesar made a quality save to prevent Per Mertesacker from breaking the deadlock.

Moments later, a huge scare as Junior Hoillet burst through and chipped the ball over Mannone. Thankfully, and rightly so, the offside flag was raised.

As said earlier, Wilshere was as the heart of everything, including the rough tackles committed by Qpr but nearly everything we did through the middle involved our little man.

Despite all of our possession, we failed to make it count again and Qpr had a few chances to hit on on the break. Thomas Vermaelen intercepted a Wright-Phillips cross which was Zamora bound and Sagna dropped into the middle to clear a dangerous ball away from Hoilett who was ready and waiting to pounce.

Same time as usual, Wenger made his first change, Wilshere, who had run his little legs off, was replaced by Theo Walcott and shortly after, Podolski was replaced by Gervinho. At last, some pace on the right, something which Aaron Ramsey hadn’t given us all afternoon, but he’s not a winger is he, so not much point in berating him is there? Blame the man who played him there! Podolski had a quiet game too.

Walcott soon made an impact by whipping in a cross to the near post where Giroud was waiting but he missed his chance, possibly the best chance of the afternoon so far. The ball found its way back to the near the penalty spot and there was Santi Cazorla who had all the time in the world to pick his spot. Rather annoyingly, that spot was Row Z behind the goal.

A truly dreadful miss!

Then a moment of madness by Qpr’s Mbia, after a little tussle with Thomas Vermaelen, which Mbia lost, he decided to kick out at our captain. Linesman’s flag was straight up and M’bia was straight off for an early bath!

At last, a decision went our way! Long before him, Granero should have been off the field, he made a number of late/bad tackles which on another day with a referee who could see, would have ended his involvement in the game a lot earlier.

The match finally came to life.

Cesar made another superb save after Jamie Mackie’s clearance bounced back off Nedum Onuoha towards goal and then shortly after, Gervinho exited on a stretcher after an innocuous tackle and was replaced by Arshavin.

Finally we broke the deadlock and our little Russian was heavily involved, playing a wonderful cross in from the left. Giroud met the ball with a good, strong header which Cesar saved but the ball rebounded to Arteta who  the ball onto the bar. The ball came straight back to the Spaniard who made no mistake from very close range.

Phew, at last!!

Now then, could we hold on for the remaining minutes?

Ramsey had a chance to make it 2-0 but yet again, Cesar saved well and he made another great save moments later from a super curled shot which looked to be creeping inside the post.

But it was no way comfortable in the dying moments. Abel Taarabt sent Esteban Granero off down the right but he shot wide. Mackie  tricked his way past THREE players but Mannone saved well from point-blank range. (ok, I know Mackie hit his shot straight at our keeper)

We did hold on.


Three much-needed points chalked up but we still have a way to go……..

Next up Reading in the Cup…

Have a good day all…..

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230 comments on “Attendance: 60,103 – Are they sure? Bacary & Jack’s return the bright light on a dull Saturday…

  1. Morning all,

    Got to nip to the supermarket this morning, back in an hour or so….

  2. Morning all,
    I felt the post is knocking our players to a certain degree, woeful efforts and mistakes and openings at the back, well i for one felt we controlled the game very well we seemed in control all the way through the game i felt that Wilshere and Sagna fitted back in very well and lasted a lot longer than i expected Ceasar had a blinding day he made save after save thats the diference with a good goalkeeper but i felt we harried Rangers all day didn’t give them a moment to get their breath our midfield worked tirelessly and fought hard on to get the ball back my hat goes off to the team i felt they created a few more chances and our passing was actually stunning at times. I feel we are riding the players hard and not giving them the time to gel. We may have lost our previous games but i don’t think that was for a bad performance we had our fair share of possession in all those games. I feel we are building a team that will win us things but everything takes time Podolski Giroud and Cazorla have made a big diference in our side and the passing at times is outstanding. We have been struggling to finish chances and perhaps we haven’t created enough but that will come. We haven’t broke the bank for our players and they perorm well together the finishing touches are coming with every game. I still think we are one of the most attractive teams in the leahue our workrate is second to none the goals will come and i expect a lot of them we are not out of the race yet and with the squad we have who knows.

  3. Morning again all. Hi tsGH. Regarding your live/TV question. No, not really. The camera squashes depth and makes the pitch seem narrower. Watching it last night made us look less in control I thought. I guess that confidence is the thing that makes you look for the forward pass instead of the easier sideways or knock back. If so then we certainly lack that very commodity.
    The camera gives the view of who is on the ball. Watching on TV I would have said that Ramsay had a decent game but ” live” he seemed all over the place and he is no winger.

  4. Hey all,

    You know Rico, I didn’t see neither Norwich nor Schalke game. And I wasn’t watching this game either. But was just keeping tab at score. So when I read, we had gone 210 mins without scoring a goal and every one said we weren’t playing well, I had to see it. And I tuned in the game and I couldn’t believe what people were saying. I saw after Jack was subbed and we were just breath taking. Just awesome. I liked what I saw. And I hope others too. There was genuine concern from the team and they need support rather than smacking about how bad they are. Every team goes through a lean period and I think this was ours. For last two game we were without some of our best players and the others had just been beck from International duties. And that did tire them out. But since we have some players in the medical room we had to play them and you may have seen results of that.

    Just give the boys some time and let us have all the best bodies back then we shall see how good we are.

  5. Jack and Bac are class. Jenk will learn a lot from Bac. Jenk is good defensively and rarely joins the attack which was missing on the right hand side since Bac’s absense. When Gibbs returns we will have a balance on the left hand side as well.

  6. And I am so so glad to see Arshavin back. I really wish, his last season with us becomes just as memorable as his first. I think for next game we should stick him at focal point of attack. He is one of the best finisher and his movement as a false #9 makes Cesc look dwarf. If you don’t believe me go back to the season where he played at focal point when every other striker was injured and you’ll say the same. I am just so so glad to see him back.

  7. If clowns with season tickets can’t even be bothered to get out of their scratchers to come to the game, they probably have much more money than brain. I was at the game, there were empty seats which ticked me off as five of my mates couldn’t come because it was a sell out. I’m still on the waiting list for a season ticket too, but it looks like it won’t come through for another couple of seasons because of demand. I agree with you. Arsene Wenger has transformed the club for the better.

  8. I have to say that this post is a fair analysis of the game. We controlled large parts of it and everyone put in a shift. QPR came and, as the cliche goes, parked the bus, and we still haven’t found a regular solution to that problem. We lacked pace up top and out wide with the starting 11, and certainly looked more dangerous with Walcott and Arshavin on the pitch. Podolski was the fastest of our starting front 3 yesterday and while I would say he has decent pace it is not terrific pace. Jack was back and even though, understandably, not yet fully up to scratch, showed us what we had been missing. Those little bursts past people in midfield to keep us driving forwards rather than sideways or backwards. He brings extra control to the midfield and I believe that allowed Santi to take up more advanced positions. When they did have chances it was more due to our sloppiness than anything they did well. In short a win is a win and after the last 2 games a relief. On the balance of play we deserved a win even if it wasn’t always pretty.

  9. Good Morning my Esteemed Fellow Gunners.

    I saw the game this morning.

    I replayed the goal countless times…………….

    ………..and according to a little law in the ref’s book there is NO OFFSIDE.

    A player who deliberately walks off the field (in this case was Mackie) to make other players offside, will still keep them onside and is guilty of ungentlemanly conduct.

    So in essence Mackie should have been awarded a yellow card, while the goal had to stand.

    Hughes showed what a dinosaur mentality he has……he thinks we are still playing with the rules of pre 1999. This rule has been ‘in vigore’ since 2009.

    So I am sorry………but those who think that Arteta was in an offside position are, how shall I say it, slightly mistaken.

  10. And another word regarding Ramsey……….his movement off the ball is tremendous. He works for the team. And bloody hard.

    Seems as if the majority of supporters want 10-0 wins every match with every player in every position being an experienced game changer.

  11. Good morning All,

    I watched the game live on the stream yesterday and again on Sky this morning. I have to say that on second viewing, without the anxiety, we were better than I thought originally.

    Mannone didn’t have much to do, what he did have to do he did competently and made a very good save late on in the game. The back four played well as a unit, not under too much pressure untill after we scored, they maintained their discipline and played the off-side trap pretty well. Sagna was awesome in both attack and defense, Santos played well in attack and adequately in defence.

    Our mid-field were pretty good with Wilshire outstanding, he is so much more direct than either Arteta or Cazorla, they harried the QPR players when they were in possession and ran them off their feet when we had the ball. Ramsey was disapointing, he seems unable to pick out a forward pass and lacks vision and is certainly not an instinctive player, neither is he a winger. His crosses are too often over hit, although he had two headed chances neither were much of a threat, he did better with a sweet shot late in the game which called for a sharp save from Cesar.

    Podlski and Giroud worked hard throughout the game but were maybe just a bit reluctant to get into the box on spec. Giroud was particularly hard done by getting booked for a lovely tackle on Traore. Gervinho’s short spell on as a sub produced nothing, Walcott produced one delightful cross, as did Arshavin which was eventually put away by Arteta who showed admirable determination on the goal-line

    On the whole I think we were just deserving of the three points and in view of some of the fouls, both punished and unpunished, committed by the QPR players were lucky to come out of the game with only the injury to Gervinho.

    Three points! Onward and Upward!

  12. Morning, as other people have already remarked however much I love jenks I can’t wait to see sagna and gibbs get a run in the side together I think that will play as much of a part in are allround attacking game as anything else. Why do we get so many injuries? Is it the medical team or something more sinister like rotational fouling.

  13. On the empty seat front, I believe Arsenal go on the number of tickets sold not the number of bums on seats. Even if every season ticket holder stayed home the official attendence would be in excess of sixty thousand.

  14. Is it the same at other grounds or do other teams count the people coming through the gates

  15. Devil. That is an interesting point re the offside decision. In general the ref yesterday was very poor, especially at free kick distances and he let Granero get away with murder. Not literally of of course.

  16. That law was changed because in many countries, like Italy and Argentina, defenders were constantly stepping off the pitch, as if they are tying their shoe laces or deliberately, to make the attacker offside. In an italian match there was even a case were a defender stepped into the goal itself and thus the scorer fell offside.

    So FIGC contacted UEFA about it and then both UEFA and FIFA decided that if there is a defender over the byline then it is deemed that that player will still play the attacker onside.

    Hughes knows the rule, but wants to capitalise on the lack of knowledge that 98.99999999999% of the public has about this rule.

  17. And in fact that is the explanation that the referee gave to Mark Hughes.

  18. @DevilGunner – would like to know more about your observation. Have watched and re-watched the goal on Arsenal TV. Which player is Mackie as I can’t see a player leaving the pitch on purpose (much as I would love this to be true).

  19. And even if we won and the goal was offside…………..

    ……..did we not loose our unbeaten run against Manure courtesy of a non existent penalty?

    ………did we not draw the game against Newcastle 4-4 with two non existing penalties.

    …………..and countless much more.

    What goes around comes around.

    Erm how many games have Manure (an example of saintly like attitude and decisions) won with dubious goals????

    We can write more than three years worth of daily posts for Rico to put her feet up and relax safe in the knowledge that HH is guaranteed a post every day.

  20. Hi morning all, its awfully cold. I had to chicken out on my British legion duties after 1 hour standing outside.

    Thanks Adam for that info re tv/live. Personally, I think Rambo can be frustrating but he does a very tactical job for us like Ramires does for the chavs even though not to the same level of excellence.

    I think we Arsenal fans want every thing perfect but most teams have players who may not be appreciated by their own fans but are liked by other fans.

    I happen to have a neighbour who holds season ticket for chelsea and on a number of occasions I have gone to the bridge with him. Anytime I am there I look at players like Mikel and Ramires and think Arsenal fans would never like either players particularly Obi in the team. The number of times Mikel goes past an opponent in a season can be counted on one hand but he is in there every match day to do a job which allows his team mates to do what they excel at.

    Lets get behind this team because personally I prefer honest players like Rambo to the stylish snakes like Nastry.

  21. Dev- I agree with all your comments totally particularly Ramsy and the offside..

  22. Well done tsGH, I take it you have been selling poppies. I shall buy mine this evening in my local Legion Club. Remember everybody, buy your poppy and support The Royal British Legion, they do tremendous work for ex-servicemen and women.

  23. I have a son……….

    …………I wish he plays like Messi!
    …………I wish he can compose Music like Hans Zimmer!
    …………I wish he can write books like J R R Tolkien!
    …………I wish he can touch things and they become gold!

    Unfortunately he is none of the above.

    What do I do………..kick him out or flog him to death??

    Any suggestions??

    But remember that he is still my son.

    By any chance………aren’t those who played yesterday AFC players?

  24. Afternoon guys and gals….

    Thanks re the offside rule devil, I didn’t know that little law in the game…

  25. Devil,

    Is your son happy to sit on the sofa with his feet up?
    Is your son happy to accept all you give him for as little effort as possible?
    Is your son capable of much more than he gives?
    As a father you love your son and encourage him to do better.

    If instead of a son you were talking of an employee, you’d sack him!

  26. JW yes I was supporting some of the older gents to sell poppies but being of the younger gen I am not cut from the same tough fabric as the older guys. :(

    Some of the older gents were asking me of what I thought of this Terry/ Rio incident and comparing how things were in their days in the forces compared to how things are now.

  27. JW you are right.

    But unfortunately………none of who write here are employers.

    I know that I criticize players like others do………but at the end of the day I cannot stand people who criticize negatively players who give their all and do their utmost (like Ramsey). They are simply put there and told to follow instructions. Yes…..criticize them by all means regarding their attitude (game vs Norwich for ex), but not when they have tried their damned hardest and it does not come off.

    I know that Almunia was one of the worst keepers who played for AFC. But did he ever show any lack of professionalism? I never criticized him negatively..merely stated that the one person who should be given a whack was AW for putting him there.

    I can criticize an action or an attitude……..but never demean the person.

  28. Dev what do you think of Watts progress with Colchester? He seems to be doing ok imho…

  29. Devil good points mate, Was you lucky enough to be at the birth of your son and if the answer is yes do you remember the feeling that you and the Mrs felt at that time. no matter what they do or don’t do we still love em. i had 3 girls and none play like Messi or compose music but i love em anyway. i would have loved a son but it wasn’t written in the stars i played football for 30 years and my old man never saw me kick a ball but i still loved him.

  30. DAF………Mackie tackled Arshavin before he crossed and his momentum carried him over the line. True that is not deliberate. But he did not come back immediately……thinking that will make Arteta offside. And that is deliberate. He only came back when he realized that the ref was not going to whistle for offside.

    Check it again. By then Mackie had played Arteta onside and the rest is history.

    play it in slow motion or stop start and you will see that I am right.

    just before he headed the ball first. When he poked it in Arteta was not in an offside position.

  31. DAF…..that is the explanation that the ref gave to Hughes. I guess he was not mistaken was he. He was nearer to the action than you or me. We see it on tv …… he was there a couple of yards away.

    Remember there was the linesman and the goal line referee also. They cannot all be wrong at the same time, give the same explanation I gave (or I gave the same explanation as they did) and be wrong.

  32. Is next week calling for a front 3 of Santi-OG12-Poldi? I think we would need to sacrifice a flair player for a ‘proper defensive midfielder against manure assuming MA08, and jackie boy are starters.

    the CoC match will be mouth watering Dev. with Frimps, Le Coq and your boy Yennaris as the midfield 3. 8)

  33. Afternoon Gooners.
    Afternoon Rico, vgd post.

    Silent Stan’s team is the Rams.
    Therefore I hope the Patriot’s give the Ram’s a whipping…

    Mark Hughes, 18 carat tosser, who cares what that fool says.
    He’ll soon get the sack…


  34. http://watchhighlightsonline.blogspot.com/2012/10/video-mikel-arteta-goal-vs-qpr-header.html

    Even the commentator said that MAckie was playing him onside.

    bdw…..how many QPR players are protesting about the offside??

  35. Afternoon Ak, thanks…

    Good re Hughes, can’t stand the man. Did he really once play for Barcelona?? ;)

    Devil – none that I saw at the time…

  36. Gd post bdw Rico.

    Please forgive my negligence.

    Usually every player protests for something against him.

    Usually I contest every ref decision, even when it is blatantly clear. So to say that it is offside when no player protested is a bit too far.

  37. Thanks devil..

    Agree, I was the same in sport, bit of a McEnroe really ;)

  38. Attendance……
    Now there is a word witj an interesting interpretation…

    To me, it means ‘Those that Attend’…

    To the Arsenal hierarcy it means, ticket sales…

    Everyone that enters the stadium, has to pass thru a turnstile. So the club do know the actual attendance figure.
    They just choose to massage the figures…
    To give the impression of a demand for tickets, that isn’t really there…
    That explains the BS surrounding the waiting list…

    It’s all to generate a fear, a fear that if you give up your season ticket, that you may never get it back…

    So be it…

  39. Bums on seats Ak, that’s what it means to me…

    Off out with Fido now…………

  40. Wish we had got mirallas . The lad is good and Everton got him on a cheap

  41. All the American’s i’ve met, know of Kroenke, and the guys at Liverpool. And none of them have a good word to say about either.
    Both are involved in US franchises, it seems, that are seriously underperforming, because of a lack of investment.
    Some of the Americans were aware of the Arsenal AGM.
    And the disquiet among many Arsenal fans.
    So news of of what is occuring over here is crossing the Atlantic.

  42. Kev asked for the meaning of attendance.

    Well here is it……..hope it brings a smile to your face mate.

    A.T.T.E.N.D.A.N.C.E. …..All Those Through Entrance Not Dabbling Artificial Numerical Crap Entitiies

  43. Mark Hughes has dug his own grave (for getting the sack) after claiming yesterday visit to the emirates was the easiest he has experienced playing against Arsenal. I think he forgot JC made 8 excellent saves and we hit the bar 2 times. And he lost too. Joker… :D

  44. Another ex-players doing what they do best, saying bad things about us. Paul Merson yesterday said ‘Santi Cazorla must be already wondering how long he has to stay at Arsenal. They are a one-man team at the moment – and that’s a big worry for me. At the start of the season I thought they looked really strong, and they were playing well. It was all looking good. But it’s gone badly wrong over the last few weeks.’

    Another wash out… :x

  45. Totts 2-0 at southampton… they play much better then us
    Mancs, totts,chelsea and fulham have scored more golas then us

  46. yes they look good but …..

  47. They are conceding more though JM ;)

    Afternoon guys and gals..

  48. Afternoon all,

    For those who wish to watch ManU – Chelsea live stream.


    Off to watch the game. Enjoy. Later.

  49. All of them are conceding more……..even the chavs have conceded more

    currently we have the best defensive record in the EPL.

  50. Manure 1-0 up against Chelsea…

  51. Ivanovic could easily have been sent off

  52. 2-0 down the chavs

  53. RvP has made it 2-0….

  54. only shitty left unbeaten now

  55. Chelsea haven’t lost yet devil, there’s a long way to go ;)

  56. I said now Rico ;)

  57. bdw……….did you like my definition of attendance???

  58. If only we had not sold RVP… Could imagine †ђξ goals he’ll be banging In with †ђξ services of S.Carzorla with J.Wilshere back. Arsenal would have been unstopable. If only…….

  59. southampton have pulled 1 back. now for the draw and a winner from the saints. ;)

  60. Very good devil…

    BigS, If only indeed….. Or if only we had signed a player who could score goals for fun….

  61. What time did the saints ko devil?

  62. around 20 mins left. I am window hopping between the scum an the chavs.

  63. Thanks, should have been 2-1….

  64. Ɣε̲̣̣̣̥άн Rico we really need ɑ̤̥̈̊ prolific poacher as we are really lacking in that position.

  65. We sure do BigS, we need a couple more than that too….

  66. Manure are just playing the sharper passes, whereas Chelsea look laboured. In simple terms United’s system is working 100% better than Chelsea’s.

    Southampton are suddenly sniffing an improbable point.

  67. Chelsea are getting better though, they aren’t out of this game….. Yet ;)

  68. chavs pull a goal back

  69. can you believe it……..Evra first ducked when he saw the ball veering towards him then he tried to make it seem that he tried to rise for it by jumping up when the ball was already speeding by.

    yikes….that was nearly 2-2

  70. If only RVP stayed…………..!!!!!
    if only this………………!!!!!!1
    if only that……….!!!!!

    So according to you all AFC should have given RVP what he demanded. 200kpw.

    Sorry mates. That just does not cut it out with me.

  71. scum win. :(

  72. The only thing I agree is that we do need a goal poacher. yes we do.

    And there are goal poachers out there.

    BDW……Giroud has another assist. anyone knows how many assists he has had now. mentally I am counting about 4. Am I right or wrong.

  73. good match. A draw will do us very fine.World class Cashley Mole is struggling against Rapheal and Valencia. ;)

    I still think Arsenal fans are hard on some of our own players. Obi Mikel could not even provide a 5 yard pass to Oscar in the 40th minute…

  74. Dev- you are right re OG12 assists. Its 2 in premier league and 2 in ECL. He had 11 assists last year.

  75. yes, scum won.
    devill, must be two players not only one. Our yesterday goal was off-side

  76. AW should learn something. Chelsea playing with Mata,Oscar and Hazard all of them, wants to play on the middle. So, no game for the sides except when Chelsea change in the last 15 minutes the way how they were playing. Moreover, MU apperas with 3-4 man in the area when got an opportunity and when someone lost the ball imediately is covering by someone.

  77. Will none of the Chavs have a go at Robin’s ankles? :D Yes, yes. I am extremely uncharitable! :D

    Great write, rico. :) Hello dev and Ginger!

  78. 20m for Ashley Young please?

  79. that was the old rule JM. now its only one plus the keeper

  80. hiya Agag.

  81. Hi Tsgh, JM & agag…

  82. Hi Agag, goonster has been asking of you ;)

  83. Hi Rico. Good post by the way I forgot to say…

  84. Haha. Who scored? Torres? :P Swoon swoon.

    Ginger, try to log in using a girl’s name, and our little boy goonie would be all over you at once. Go for “Honey” or “Candy” or some girlygirl handle. I bet my bottom buck. :lol:

    Hello, JM! How’s Porto? Dev, I liked the attendance acronym. :)

  85. Oh dear oh dear, Fergie has been pulling his strings again….

  86. Red card for Torres after Branislav got one.

    The ref got that one wrong. Torres was clipped. But I am not complaining.

  87. Thanks Tsgh… Chavs down to 9…..

  88. bollards, 3-2 to mancs,

  89. ….and 2-3 down.

    exactly in the same position as Arteta was when he scored. And this time it was offside when the ball was played back….and no one was playing him onside.

    Now for Van Pursey to do his groin stretching out his leg while Cole clatters his dangling balls. OUCH!!!! ;)

  90. Clattenburg won’t soon be refereeing a big match. That was harsh on Torres. :shock:

  91. Ha ha ha Agag :D

  92. It was harsh agag, I thought Evans caught him, very slightly, but caught him……

    Could do with a few Mancs getting a red card devil…

  93. Its going to be Morecambe Bay on wednesday evening for Clattenburg as you said agag. :D

    I thought he was doing a good job in the first half but I guess the ‘ref coupon’ just dropped into is locker at half time. :D

  94. Clattenburg to get a refereeing season ticket for Old Toilet.

    Come on Robin Van Rapist, do your groin…

  95. :lol: Tsgh….

    Ak, thought he’d done his knee but sadly, he got up!!

  96. Well the Chavs losing, that means that our Gunners are back in the title race (deluded)……

  97. its horse intestines job….

    What I will do with a frimps style tackle on pursey. The type that Essien did on Diaby to break his ankle. :x

  98. Why does Fergie have so much influence on the refs? Now, I’m watching a match I don’t even want to watch. Yuck. rico, why won’t any of the Chavs just kick Robin to bits??

    Come on ginger, try it. Log in as “Ginger Gal”, I swear, little Goonie will be all over you.

  99. Ok. Agag as you say ;)

  100. Oh well, only seven points off the top now ;)

  101. Great minds Ak, actually, that makes me deluded too ;)

    Terry might have done agag, shame he didn’t play….

  102. Rico allow halfIrishHalffilipino lass through. :D

  103. 7 points indeed Rico. we are still in it.thinking we have not had any help from ex-players, pundits, refs and the playing fixtures unlike Mcpurple nose.


  104. What a decision for Fergie to play Clattenburg over Webb.
    Pray for arsenal to get a good referee next week

  105. He’s a quick learner Van Persie isn’t he?

  106. I can see us winning the PL and the CL this year. I really can.

  107. Shall we bet on who gets of next week when we play the thiefing Sir?

    Is it not strange that all their matches against the traditional ‘big’ teams from last season has ended with red cards.liverpool and chavs so far. the same last year with young Jenks sent off.

  108. Watching ManU makes you fedup with soccer. SAF and CO have the FA by their Balls.

  109. Adam-Since fergie read the ref post 2 weeks ago written by Rico re Webb place of birth Old trafford, Rednose is not as ‘blatant’. lol

  110. Hi agag!
    Porto city I think is ok; Porto region always beautiful; Porto club, on the top of the league and at the top of his group in the League Champions
    A clear off-side of Chicharito: before the goal and when he scored.
    Next saturday, it’s our turn..

  111. It’s all Rico’s fault.

  112. chill all of you. the manure win was the best thing which could have happened today.

    Yes it was controversial

    But the chavs lost and only shitty now unbeaten.

    BDW…..in 9 games everyone chavs have conceded 9, shitty 9, manure 13, scum 13, Everton 11.

    We??? a mere 6. :)

  113. I forgot to mention Norman Duncan in my post, he’s been watching Arsenal since he was 7 years old….

    93 years later, he was at the ground watching us beat Qpr :)

  114. Yes, congratulations to Norman. When the club found out about him being at the game they made the noble gesture of knocking 10 pence off the price of his cup of tea. Then they bought Hill-Wood out to insult him.

  115. Evening Adam, it is all my fault, I know….

    Hi NG, can’t stand them either

  116. Yes Adam I told Rico the FA were watching here… :D

  117. I heard it was 5p Adam…

  118. Sorry Rico. It was 5p and apparently Hill-Wood blew cigar smoke in his face and told him how lucky he was to be allowed into the ground at such a great age.

  119. For all those who watch the match on Tv: Sometimes, the broadcasting focus a at The Emeiratesore the that was born in 1913, almost 100 years and continues following Arsenal since 1920, true fans you in good and evil, an example, a man who lived all faces of gunners … :-)
    bayern 1 Leverkusen 2 :-) at the moment…

  120. BREAKING: Close friends of Howard Webb have just told us he’s now afraid of his Man United place

  121. Just watching our goal again, it really is offside you know, no player was off the pitch….

  122. Emma :) very good.

  123. JM, show off! :) :) Hiya, Adam. :) How’s the shopping?

    Dev, when you put it that way, I can almost believe we are not THAT bad. :)

    Norman Duncan, seriously??

  124. I agree Rico. It was offside. Devil almost convinced me but certainly offside. Nice to win in that way against that most repulsive of men, Hughes.

  125. Hi Agag. Shopping has been suspended until further notice. :)

  126. Norman kicked PHW in the shins and told him to take a hike after Adam ;)

    He has JM, even Herbert ….

  127. Did Hill-Wood have him flogged Rico?

  128. Hmmmm. But how come the ref told Hughes the same thing!!! with the same explanation.

    dont watch the ball. watch the bottom left hand corner of the screen and you can see him creeping in.

  129. devil almost convinced me too Adam, so I have just watched the re-run on MOTD, definitely offside, but like you, I feel rather smug knowing it was Hughes who lost out…..

  130. p w d l f a +/-

    1 Chelsea 9 7 1 1 21 9 12 22
    2 Manchester United 9 7 0 2 24 13 11 21
    3 Manchester City 9 6 3 0 18 9 9 21
    4 Tottenham Hotspur 9 5 2 2 17 13 4 17
    5 Everton 9 4 4 1 17 11 6 16
    6 Arsenal 9 4 3 2 14 6 8 15

  131. damnnnn. I wish it stayed how I typed it.

  132. Manchester United defender Jonny Evans: “It’s the hardest game we’ve had this season and we were probably lucky to see it 2-1 at half-time. You have to show character in games like this – it’s a tough game.

    On Torres sending-off: “At the time I didn’t feel like I’d made contact. I’ve seen it again and there was contact, but not enough to bring him down. I think the referee has made the right decision to send him off.”

    what bare faced cheek.

  133. I rather admire your version of events Devil but I have to stick with offside, rather like Cheatarito today. Offside but all the sweeter for it because it might be another step toward the door for Hughes who is, by common consent, a scumbag.

  134. Oh, wow!! What a great Gunner story!!

    Saving up for Christmas, Adam? :P

  135. this is what the rulebook has to say about simulation and automatic cautions:. Who’d be a referee trying to unpick this little lot?

    Circumstances when a player is cautioned for unsporting behaviour:

    If a player attempts to deceive the referee by feigning injury or pretending to have been fouled (simulation).

    To deal with simulation the referee should know the difference between: a tackle (challenging for the ball and touching it), no action; a foul made by the defender, free kick or penalty kick and disciplinary sanction if needed; a simulation (attempts to deceive the referee by feigning injury or pretending to have been fouled), yellow card; a fall (no attempt to deceive the referee), no action.

  136. Whatever team you support, Javier Hernandez seems like a thoroughly nice chap. He is honest enough to admit that he may have got away with one as he sneaked back from an offside position to net the winner.

    “Probably,” he says when asked if he was offside. “It’s a habit I have to look to linesman. It was a difficult game but we were lucky that we scored the last goal.”

  137. The cherry on the cake……………….

    Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson: “The decision the referee has to make is whether the striker has chosen to go down. He was through on goal – I don’t know why he has gone down. I think it’s his own fault.

  138. Agag. Mrs Adam remains unmoved as to my need for a new car. We have therefore entered a shopping interlull. :)

  139. Ferguson is all heart isn’t he?

  140. He did Adam, shocking behaviour I thought….

    On MOTD devil, they showed across the pitch and put their line up and I couldn’t see any player off the pitch. Hughes was told it was Nelsen who was off the pitch but he was involved in the play, he was clear to see….

  141. Lmao Emma…

    All fergie is doing is showing how good his scouting network is when it comes to refs. Unlike ‘you know who’ where he had to pay a certain french man £24m, all he has to do is buy Riley some poundland christmas voucher to get the results he wants…. :D

  142. It must be giving Hughes grey hairs.

  143. Did I miss something guys Sounness has not used the ‘crisis’ word on chelsea for losing 2 important matches in a week. Bearing in mind they have spent nearly £200min less than 2 years..

  144. I think Souness looks rather unwell.

  145. Anyway, who cares now, game over, result done and dusted, let the Qpr fans moan and sulk, crikey, we have had to do our fair share after results have so often gone against us….

  146. Hughes still due another sacking for making sure we never got Mark Schwarter (spelling).

    Another sleeping agent of the scottish mafia Don…

  147. And what about City, baring a miracle, they are out of the Champions League at the group stage, yet again…

    Hughes and Mankini to be sacked before Christmas….

  148. You might be glad had you see him against Reading yesterday Tsgh ;)

  149. Perhaps City will make Wenger an offer he can’t refuse Rico?

  150. Adam, one of you has to call off the moratorium! Win-win! :P

    rico, have a good dinner! Some nice juicy ribs, yes?

    Good night, all.

  151. Mancity have no excuse re group stage qualification. They have 4 to 6 champions league winners in their team include mankini (lol) and they still can’t qualifier. the chavs group is even worse than ours and they are on 4 points playing againstteams such as the eskimos from N’land… :D

  152. I wouldn’t want him to go there Adam, with their money, he would win everything…..

  153. Sounness says JW10 could go and play for one of the top teams anywhere. He said it like Arsenal are Barnet FC. What a joker. :x

  154. Be good to see them both playing on Thursdays Tsgh….

    You watch us beat Shalke in Germany…

  155. I never know when you are joking these days Rico. :)

  156. Souness? Who is he?? ;)

  157. Rico. I can bet AW will never go there. He may earn £7m too much for some peoples liking but that man has a soul. The last of a dying breed I will say.

    Saying that ‘Mansoud’ seems to like anything that has Arsenal links. I am waiting for our grounds men to be poached too… :D

  158. I am surprised Adam…

  159. That ill-looking bloke on TV Rico.

  160. Same here Adam re Rico joking. I know I am the new boy on the block but Rico showed you wouldn’t want her as your sergeant major last week… :D

  161. I don’t think he would go there either.

    I won’t comment on his £7 million a year though….

    They can poach the physio and doctors if they like, we could do we a few new ideas. Actually, just ideas really, on how to get players to keep fit and stay fit….

  162. I thought that was Hanson, or Lawrenson Adam, or even the CMM??

  163. Falcao is already being dangerous for Athletico.

    That athletico squad have just come from no where. same as Schalke’s team

  164. AM have always had a pretty good squad haven’t they, their problem is similar to ours, they can’t keep hold of the better players….

    Behind Falcao there will be a very average striker, we’ll get him I suspect….

  165. Losing Gerv could allow both Gnabry and AA23 to shine. His first injury for years. So far as we comes back a better player.

  166. They did but not as maybe Valencia and Deportivo etc. They seem to like Arsenal rejects (Reyes etc) too so we could do a deal with them
    Miranda on the cheap a brazillian with an EU passport. It sounds like an AW textbook signing

  167. tsGH is Atletico… Athletic is from Bilbao :-)
    Souneess… Benfica coach at a few years go? Nobody reminds him for good reasons… Benfica finished away from Porto maybe 20 points or more
    The english referees are very bad. All of them make them graduation at old trafoord?

  168. These new referees are giving Fergie a selection headache aren’t they?

  169. Nice chatting. Off for a reclined evening on the couch. Stay safe all. Night, night.

  170. Atletico 2-0 versus Osasuna … behind Falcao, where? In Colombia squad? yes, but it’s in europe now

  171. Who would have thought that psycho Diego Simeone would become a very good coach.

    Talking of managers you did not put Martinez on your shopping list. You don’t rate him? I think he may be the type of tactician you want Rico… ;)

  172. Night Adam.

    Spoilt for choice I would say Emma.If you have a bad defense just ask for a biased ref. ;)

  173. Cheers JM. My spelling.. :D

  174. Night Adam, enjoy…

    Didn’t we get Reyes from Atletico?

  175. Opps, Sevilla….

  176. I’m done for the day guys and gals

    Night Night all….

    ‘Til tomorrow…

  177. Saw RVP taking about working under both Wenger and Sir red face, and being unable to separate the two…

    So one brings you up from being a nothing, keeps faith with you for 7 years of siting on the treatment table, makes you club captain and turns you into one of the best strikers in the world.

    And the other… well you’ve played under him for 3 months..

    You ungrateful shit, please do not talk about our club, you have no ties to it, and we fans certainly have no ties to you.

    I hope the away fans have the pigs head ready.

  178. Excellent info Steve, so where did the £7m AW is alleged to earn come from. Its straight from the false factory of the gingerman on talk shite I guess.. :o

  179. How on earth, does a spiv like Harry Rednapp end up getting paid twice as much as Juergen Klopp?????
    You couldn’t make it up…

    Great work Stevo…

  180. So no Jack it seems, in the Reading game?!
    Coquelin, Frimpong, Yennaris in m/f at the Mad Stad then?
    Gnabry to get a start perhaps?
    Koscielny could probably do with a game.
    Wonder if Gibbo will be fit enough to be considered?
    Oxlade-Chamberlain likewise?
    Should be an interesting squad, with the trip to Old Toilet influencing the line-up.

  181. Would be great to see a couple more of the Youngsters involved like Eisfeld and Olsson, but a positive result is needed, with our recent dip in form in mind.

  182. Afternoon all.
    Just reading over the post and following comments.
    One thing stands out,and i can not say how much i agree with it,and have agreed in the past.
    Devils defence of Ramsey,and in fact the team is right on the mark,and a breath of fresh air.
    Any player giving 100% can never,ever be insulted or discarded in a way so many Gooners do,in my opinion.
    Ramsey does a huge amount of work,never complains or spits the dummy,loves the club and can never,ever be accused of not putting in,yet still cops abuse and remains an easy target.
    Nobody has ever suggested he doesn’t make mistakes,and often there are too many,but he never shirks his task.?….what more can we ask other than 100% effort??
    Also,Paul Merson,Tony Adams,Stewart Robson,Ian Wright…..all ex Arsenal players who have either never managed,or have done and proved their “quality”,yet feel the need or right to bag the crap out of the side,manager and players as soon a conniving journo sticks a microphone in front of them.
    Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp say little,but are always grateful and respectful to the great club.
    Who should we take notice of??
    Thanks again Devil……at least now i am not alone but in a very small minority who see Ramsey in a different way to most lol.
    Back on Bergkamp…….do what it takes to get him involved with the club.
    Who cares if he won’t bloody travel??

  183. Good Morning my Esteemed Fellow Gunners

    This I feel will be the line up today…..


  184. erm sorry…..tomorrow I meant

  185. You are getting over excited Devil lol.
    How goes it?

  186. We are all fine here Scott.

    Obviously when we win I am better.

    And to cap it all I spent the whole Sunday with the family and that is when I am mostly happy mate.

    Like you mate, it irks me when people comment only on what they see on TV. It does not show the whole action. And to make it worse they watch the ball not the whole screen. I do tend to move away from it and watch the whole screen and try to see the runs of the players.

  187. Hi there,

    What a nice blog. And about Arsenal too.

    I have just read the comments and find them all nice. And no one here ridicules one another. But every opinion is respected.

  188. I did see the game on Saturday and tbh I was delighted that the Gunners won. Pity that my favourite player did not score. I do really want to see Giroud get a goal. He deserves it with all the work he does.

  189. It is just too easy to pick out the obvious,and any faults will always standout,Devil.
    Anyway,he has a long way to go,but he is definitely improving…not quick enough for most though :)

  190. Excuse me. on which players are you speaking please???

  191. The problem is that AFC fans always expect our players to be Messi or Ronaldo.

    Yes I too would like to see the following line up at AFC.

    Sagna,Piquet, Koscielny,Cole
    Ronaldo, Messi, Iniesta.

    But we have what we have and until then we have to keep up with what we have.

  192. Clorinda they are talking about Ramsey… and welcome to HH!

  193. We are discussing Ramsey.

    Welcome to HH Clorinda.

  194. Morning Lee. How was Saturday for you mate?

  195. We missed a trick not getting Cesar, he made some truly world class saves on Saturday…..

  196. Oh dear, Mr Clattenburg is in trouble, racists comment made to Mikel and one of their Spanish players was called a ‘Spanish T**t’…

    If proved, sack him!

    Morning all

  197. Ohh that is nice. Thanks.

    I do like Aaron. One of my favourite players. Although I like Giroud best.

    Am I the only girl here?

    It is always men names that I read in this site.

  198. Morning and welcome to HH Clorinda, thanks re HH…

  199. No Clorinda, you are not alone, there is me, emma, and agirlagunner…

  200. Morning Adam and all btw! Saturday….we managed to give a poor 10 man QPR a 1-0 hammering! However Ill Bordello afterwards…veal milanese with a side order of penne arrabiata!!

  201. We missed a bloody good trick Lee. I was always a fan of Cesar and can rightly say I was right. He is a thoroughbred in goal and in my opinion one of the top keepers in the world…..up there with Buffon, Casillas, Cech etc.

    AW should have got shot of Fabianski and kept only Chezzer and Cesar.

    I like Mannone but imo Cesar would have helped Chezzer immensely. And AFC would have had two good keepers, one of them being WC.

  202. Morning Scott, Lee, devil, rico and Adam :)

    Agree Lee, at the start I thought he was a tad dodgy, but he got better and better and how many class saves did he make…

    But hey, let’s not forget Mannone’s save at the end, awesome!!…….

  203. Still don’t know where the goals are going to come from….Wilshire looked good on the plus side!

  204. Morning Lady.

    What happened to Clattenburg?? He called the chavs that or was it some manure players who said that??

  205. Not much life in that meal then Lee….

  206. We should be looking for better than Cesar. Yes, he made some great saves but consistent he isn’t. He was great but if he still was he wouldn’t be playing at QPR. A friend of mine who is a long time QPR supporter says he has been shocking this year.

  207. Hmmmmmmm. Just read it on the beeb and if that is so then he is in serious trouble if proven guilty.

    Not only in the EPL but all over the world.

    His career can be finished.

  208. Lee. I used to enjoy veal but stopped eating it a while ago after seeing a program about it. I am a kind of proto veggie really and only behave like a macho carnivore when with you, Kev and Rocky. :)

  209. No Adam. Put him behind a good team and he is consistent. I have been watching and following him these last 5 years and he has always impressed. Do not compare the Cesar of QPR with the Cesar of Inter under Mourinho. The latter was always consistent and excellent.

  210. It’s in the newspapers devil, complaint has been made to the FA…

    Nor do I Lee, we really need to think about playing either Walcott or Podolski alongside Giroud, otherwise, it’s Chamakh…

    Arshavin will surely be in with a chance now, maybe he’ll be our saviour…

    Joke isn’t it!

  211. cesar mins played 540 saves 28 mins per save 19.29
    jaaskerlainen 810 38 21.32
    de gea 450 21 21.43
    mccarthy 540 24 22.5
    davis 360 16 22.5
    mignolet 720 31 23.23
    vorm 786 33 23.82
    al habsi 810 32 25.31
    harper 360 14 25.71
    ruddy 810 31 26.13

  212. Oh that is nice. It is good to see women following football. ;)

    I am impressed. So many interesting opinions in this blog.

  213. just read that in the press……

  214. We must agree to disagree there Devil.
    I think that a club like Arsenal need to be aiming for the very top even though we apparently cannot compete in the transfer market at that level. We have been conditioned to expect second and even third best, hence the discussion about Ramsay. This Arsenal team is flat and with one or two exceptions, quite boring.

  215. The problem with AW is that he likes to fit square pegs in round holes. And that is something I really hate.

    AA should have never been treated the way he was. Just like Chamack.

    Arshavin was, is and will remain a good player. We might complain about his attitude yes and I was always a critic of him. But maybe his attitude is a by product of the way he was treated. AA was a forward plus advanced midfielder when he came to AFC. But due to Cesc he was pushed out on the wing. And that is not fair.

    Erm….did’nt TR07 play better when he took over from Cesc??

  216. I take that back about Cesar then Adam….

  217. No probs Adam. that is why HH is an excellent blog. we agree to disagree and at the same time respect each other.

  218. Clattenberg should be done by the FA for wearing a ridiculous hairpiece, making decisions completely biased towards Man Utd plus whatever else they can come up with.

  219. No probs Devil. :)
    I knew you’d see sense Rico :)

  220. We like it Clorinda ;)

    Got to pop out first thing, Monday! Won’t be long

    New post will be up in around 20 mins…

    Catch you then….

  221. Morning all,

    AA23 looks like he has had some telling to by his wifey to work harder , I guess she truly wants to remain in london… :D

    The funniest thing I heard this morning on the radio was Graham Poll going on about how honest all refs are and that if Clattenburg made any of such said comments his assistances will grass him out… :D

    he says refs are not like players who stick together. Basically all refs are rats who will leave their colleagues out to be hanged if the opportunity arose. :o

    What some of these people will say to get airtime in the media is beyond me.

  222. Morning tsGH. Arshavin was still guilty of reckless passing and giving the ball way in dodgy areas though, despite his one moment of quality. But I know what you mean.

  223. This I feel will be the line up tomorrow…..


  224. We have an NRL coach in Oz who is simliar to Wenger.
    He often outsmarts himself.
    Sometimes it is best to keep things simple.

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