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Gervinho resorts to cheating!! Ninety Four minutes & a 17 year old kid!!

We all know that is how long it took for us to have a shot on target and that came from a 17-year-old German called Serge Gnabry, a player I really hope we can keep hold of because he is going to be good, very very good.

No matter how many experienced, international players we had on the pitch, not one of them could manage that in regular time, disgraceful.

We really were awful again in the final third and yet again, sloppy defending was our downfall.

Here are how the two sides lined up and the substitutions are included!

ARSENAL (4-2-3-1): Mannone; Jenkinson (Gnabry 81), Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Andre Santos; Arteta, Coquelin; Ramsey, Podolski (Arshavin 81), Cazorla; Gervinho (Giroud 74). Booked: Arteta, Vermaelen, Ramsey, Gervinho.

SCHALKE (4-4-1-1): Unnerstall; Uchida, Howedes, Matip, Fuchs; Farfan, Hoger (Jones 46), Neustadter, Afellay; Holtby (Barnetta 64); Huntelaar (Marica 87). Booked: Afellay, Hoger. Goals: Huntelaar 76, Afellay 86.

Referee: J Eriksson (Sweden).

Fifteen minutes into the game and Afellay nipped in behind Jenkinson and sprinted in towards goal, out came Mannone, who then dived at Afellay’s feet in attempt to get the ball, Afellay went over – penalty! No, how wrong could I be, Afellay was deemed to have taken the dive and was shown a yellow card.

How lucky were we, that should have been a penalty and at least a booking for our goal keeper.

Just after the half hour mark, Per Mertesacker made a great block to prevent Jefferson Farfan from taking the lead. That wasn’t the only time our Tiny German saved our night, he made three more strong and decisive tackles in the first half, one that I thought Schalke bossed, especially in midfield and down our left side.

In possession we looked lacklustre and out of ideas and our passing continually let us down. Gervinho, well he was yet again Gervinho, he ran around all night but in possession he looks lost and his distribution is late and poor!

Santos had a nightmare at left back and Schalke loved it, they hit us down our left at every given opportunity and how we didn’t go behind earlier than we did amazed me.

Huntelaar was guilty of missing a wonderful chance and I thought maybe luck was going to be on our side..

However, as we entered the last quarter of an hour of the game, the Dutchman didn’t miss his second chance, he breezed through the middle of Vermaelen and Mertesacker and his shot found the back of the net. Replays showed that maybe Mannone could have done better, the defence certainly could have done!

Benedikt Howedes then missed a chance to make it 2-0 after Farfan had yet again made Santos look invisible before getting his pass in.

Gervinho then went into the book for taking a tumble in the area, desperate measures from a man who had again had a heavy first touch and lost the ball. That was enough, off he went and Giroud (who should have started in my opinion) came on.

Then the killer goal came, and no surprises to see it coming from the left either, as Farfan once again left Santos standing, fired in his cross which found Afellay unmarked which was not surprising as Jenkinson had been substituted, and slotted in with ease.

2-0, game over and the home fans were on their feet, leaving!!

Well well, what is there to be said about that?

Much was said during and after the game, I am sure much more will be said today.

Steve Bould has spoken about our defeat:

We looked jaded, I don’t know why that is. Coming off the international break we haven’t performed really. I don’t know if that’s the reason but we definitely look jaded. With the ball we lack a bit of confidence. [Not creating chances] is not what we want, it’s not what we’re accustomed to. We normally create chances and at the moment we’re not, so we have to correct that.

How can they be jaded?

The AGM could be interesting today, then again……

That’s it for another day……

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397 comments on “Gervinho resorts to cheating!! Ninety Four minutes & a 17 year old kid!!

  1. I reckon Afellay took a fall….12 months suspension for him,and take Gervinho with him.

  2. I hope Jack has bloody big shoulders.

  3. Good morning,


    you did a very commendable job to write such a balanced post after the effort of the team last night.

    I fell as humilated as McPurple Nose did when Rio did not wear that useless shirt on saturday because when most here were having realistic expectations yesterday I was foolishly being positive.

    If any one reading this is going to the AGM today, please ask the pompous board if the players are all having Dale Carnegie’s public speaking training instead of actually training on the football pitch because they all seem to talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

  4. Tsgh,do not ever,ever apologise or feel foolish for being positive.

  5. i don”t think it was definitely a penalty…. on second look,afelley was on his way down.. and that was why he was given a card.Spot on by the ref in my own opinion.

  6. Bondex,seeing it four times now confirms that in my opinion.
    Still,it was minor part of the game,and had no influence.
    I am pissed off with our bloke for doing it!

  7. Steve Bould seems to have become fluent in Wengerspeak rather quickly.

  8. too many rubbish in our team…. santos was at fault for both goals.

  9. Thanks Scott, its a shame that a club rated as the 5th richest club should have their fans lower their expectations.

    I am beginning to think the ginger idiot of talk S_ _t was right all along.

    How many people want to bet that AW is going to try to weave his way out of these performances by referring to the results of the other English teams in the CL this week and say something like we still have more points than the chavs and $hitty even though they have spent more money?

    He is as predictable as the way he set’s the team up.

  10. Oh, and Theo Walcott will NOT be offered a new contract now….

    If we are to believe the media, what a joke!!

    Morning all..

  11. Agree Adam, and we thought he wouldn’t be a yes man. No wonder Adams is all bitter and twisted…

  12. Hi Adam- re wengerspeak; it seems the whole team are taking the Dale Carnegie classes without the leadership modules…

  13. Thanks Tsgh, I thought it was a bit one sided to be honest, but then I guess, so was the game…

  14. I’m fed up with watching Ramsey be a repeated weak link game after game for the last 2 years.

    Gervinho should never have been bought, and did Giroud ever get a sprint test before arriving? I swear Mert would outpace him.

    Santos again is a source of frustration, there were so many better options out there for left backs for £6m when we bought him. Liverpool bought Enrique, Newcastle bought Santon. Both are far more accomplished than Santos.

    Buy Benzema, as soon as we can, we need someone that knows where the bloody net is.

  15. Really rico on TW14? any source. I thought the recent results will make them see sense that they can’t keep losing key players because it cost more to replace them.

  16. Hang on,Bould can hardly come out and blast his team,can he?
    What would that achieve?
    He looked lost and very nervous during the game…..being the manager is about 10 steps up from an assistant.
    Is the PL overrated?
    I asked after the game,but check out the results of PL teams.
    Best league in the world….that tag is copping an absolute caning.

  17. Going back to the way we should reflect on the game, results, the club etc etc.

    Of course Afc do not compare with family, but I really don’t have the ability to just witness all that is going on at the club these days, watch us under perform, look disinterested during matches, see players like Chamakh and Squilli still within the squad and just brush it off as if it doesn’t matter and go on about my day.

    Norwich is still in my head, last season’s debacle at OT still hurts, and last night will be there for a long time….

    And you wait and see what happens on Saturday, It’s written in the stars….

    I truly fear for the club I love but that could all change with just a couple of tweaks, tweaks which I really hope take place very soon…

  18. We could have any striker in the world atm…we just aren’t creating chances.

  19. Daily fail Tsgh, they suggest the club is sorting out new contracts but TW isn’t one of them. I know the Fail are not the best for being reliable but….

    I agree, and to be honest, TW would probably made a difference against both Schalke and Norwich…

  20. Rico,i never suggested brushing it off.
    Put it in perspective is all i said.

  21. I think Messi and Ronaldo would struggle with us right now.

  22. Could be time for the Russian to step in…something must change.

  23. wambam, I too thought Ramsey was average last night but he wasn’t alone so I don’t personally want to single him out. Playing him on the right of a front three was ridiculous in my view.

    Just as it is daft to play Gervinho as a lone striker when Giroud is sat on the bench.

  24. lately tw14 has been showing he knows where… he should be given a new contract…IMHO.

  25. I would love to see Ramsey stop trying to run with the ball.
    He should be a link man,because he gets himself into troule when he tries to beat a player.

  26. dis tym manu wud win us 8-0

  27. dis tym manu wud win us 8-0 no goals 4 us

  28. I personally think it’s about time this whole squad was given a right old dressing down, enough of this ‘we were jaded’ rubbish.

    How about ‘we were absolutely gutless and poor and created nothing!!

    Project youth, well right now our younger players would play with more passion and try a lot harder than the first team appear to have done in the last two matches….

  29. Rico,i agree 100%,but it must be behind closed doors.
    They need a right royal verbal bashing,but not in public.

  30. Go Rico. The club should hire you to give the players a personal slaughtering at the next training session. Even to the extent of physical punishment I say.

  31. Good morning all,

    First off an apology, I have not read today’s post or any of the comments, Rico I’m sorry.

    I’ve supported Arsenal Football Club for more than sixty two years and it is with an enormous feeling of sadness that I have to say that for the first time ever I am ashamed of my club.

    Last night’s debacle was the worst performance by an Arsenal first team that I can remember. From front to back the entire group of players, they cannot be called a team, were so poor as to be unfit to wear the once proud red and white shirts.

    There is little point in recounting the wretched performance of individual players, suffice it to say that the appalling capitulation was topped off by the shameful dive by Gervinho, who was quite rightly cautioned for an act which should be anathema to anyone aspiring to wear the Arsenal colours.

  32. The good thing about the other PL sides results is the media are giving it to them…at least,over here they are.

  33. I wrote all I had to say yesterday……

  34. Arsenal need to get either Diaby or Wilshere at the team at all times …. Its too much to ask of Cazorla to produce quality when he gets outnumbered in Midfield with the other two midfield players offering no support at all ….. Playing Ramsey out wide is disastrous …. No pace or skill or final ball to do anything outwide ….. He tries hard enough but im afraid that can only accomplish little unless he brings something effective offensively ….. Hope this offensive impotency gets sorted out quick enough ….. QPR Please !!

  35. JW,i remember the weekends game,and we were worse then lol.
    Two woeful perormances in a row…not good.

  36. Surely they were worse on Saturday JW?

  37. Agree bondex, really hope he is fit for Qpr, it’s about time he started and Gervinho was benched…

  38. bondex, even Winterburn thought Mannone was lucky with the penalty and he still loves us ;)

  39. Love is a many splendoured thing Rico?

  40. Scott- the EPL is overrated period. If you take out the chavs lucky win last year, we are now behind Budesliga in everything. The reason being that 2 teams have accumulated all the talent and made them sit on the bench instead of having other teams playing them.

    Rico- you are right with your concerns however,I think the board treat the team the way the fans treat the club.

    Let me explain myself here, when liverpool, AV ,man u and other fans dont like something about their clubs they really do something about it.

    We on the other hand maybe because the fan base are mostly made up of professional and normal southerners as an example do minimum and still buy merchandises etc.Lets look at the stance of the black scarf group as an example, most of the fans are against their stance and claim when things are going wrong we should get behind the team instead of venting our feelings.

    I do not believe in booing our players during match days but we are not doing enough to show our frustration. For example last season the AGM ended up being about the price of hot dogs because we had won 3 games in a row after the initial disgrace.

  41. Hi JW, I am with Adam, I think they were worse on Saturday but I understand where you are coming from….

    Rohan, – AW relying on Wilshere & Diaby for this season was a huge mistake, we all suspected Diaby wouldn’t last long and we were right…

    Rosicky is another we really miss…..

  42. You doubt Winterburn Adam?

  43. Every player we end up not buying, end up embarrassing Arsenal! Ask affaley, huntelaar, mata, hazard, essien, drogba et al! Why is eisfeld over looked when he’s turning-in GOALS at every chance be it unders or seniors? Coaches…Think!

  44. Thoroughly disappointing.

    We don’t seem to know how to win the ball back when we lose possession its embarrassing. In our last two games both teams have set up tactically not to concede a goal but allowing their players to pressure the man on the ball in the correct places. We on the other hand seem at 6s and 7s when to close a player down, when to make a tackle and when to defend.

    We all know that going forward we can be devastating, but we need to show the same ruthlessness to get the ball back, and it sounds like a cliche but we haven’t seen that type of player since Vieira, and to a lesser extent Flamini.

    Not looking forward to the next couple of games, how badly we miss our 1st teamers!!

    Also on the 2nd goal, what the f*** was Mertersacker doing so far up their half, why does he do that when he can’t jump for the ball and we haven’t scored a long ball goal since Alan smith was playing for us!!

  45. Just his eyesight,Rico :)

  46. Tsgh,does Stan give a shit out what the fans think or want?

  47. Good point there Tsgh, can you imagine what would happen if fans took banners with ‘Wenger OUT’ or ‘Kroenke OUT’ into the stadium??

    We all know they would be confiscated immediately….

  48. I thought it was a penalty, maybe i need to go and get my eyes tested too….

  49. We are predictable and we have been found out, rumbled, Wenger only knows one way to play and once it’s negated he hasn’t a clue of how to change things. I’ve always felt we only play one touch 5 a side in training and woe betide anyone that plays the ball above head height.Why can’t anyone cross a ball with accuracy ? probably because they don’t practice them . Why has Walcott not improved because he is not coached , as long as he can run and pass over 5 yards he will be alright. Players with flair have it coached out of them. I despair of it. Nothing will change whilst the current regime prevails and should Wenger finally get up the guts to spill the beans on what goes on behind the scene and go any replacement manager will be just as innefective on the playing side if he works on the same constraints but would be worse on the balance sheet.

  50. Not at all Rico. It’s the April Rose that only grows in the early spring.
    Love must always be tempered with realism, but realism is boring so I am personally into unconditional love. :) just like Nigel Winterburn. Supporting Arsenal brings about so many conflicting feelings. The only constant is the the steady rise in season ticket prices and the realistic or unrealistic ambition of the fans, which is sadly beyond the grasp of the powers that be.

  51. Great write up, but am sad that you didn’t hit the nail on the head as per the major culprit, which I think is Wenger. I believe he permits all the good players to leave, keep the duds and keep telling the board nothing shall go wrong. Why do I believe this? Because he has so much power the board can’t refuse him, even a minor coach like Oneil walked out on Aston Villa when he told them not to sell Milner but they did. If Wenger is not part of the collaboration taking our great club to abyss then he should speak up. If not, then he is the only one to blame because he has been the only constant through the changes in personel at both board level and playing staff, culminating in this present sickening set-up of rolicking overpaid wanabees. Worst result in EPL in Bazillion years (8-2 to the manures)…..worst result in Europe in decades (4-0 to AC Milan)….surrendering a non-losing streak of 45games at Emirates against non-english teams in Europe….how low does Wanker have to take us before we can say enough is enough?

  52. I have to go out this morning Fido is having a shampoo and set and I’m going to start and finish my Christmas shopping whilst she is there…

    Be afraid shopkeepers, I am very angry ;)

    Back in a couple of hours….

  53. I have warned the staff at Lidl Rico.

  54. Spot on Potter, the Wenger way regardless, nothing like keeping an open mind during a game is there…

    Oops, silly me Adam ;) Yes, everything goes up, whilst the performance on the pitch goes down..

    We don’t have bad players, we have good players and some very very good players, we just aren’t playing them in the right positions or are simply playing the wrong tactics all too often…

  55. Thorough. Easy on the personal Wenger stuff if you please.

  56. A month ago,everone was rapt with Wenger and Arsenal,Thorough!!

  57. Thorough, I leave that for my comments, and last night it was Bould making the changes, it was only he who could change things…

    But I strongly suspect he was only doing as he was told…..

  58. I hope some of the fans are warming to my idea that cazorla is not as effective as he can be playing as a number 10. I know when I mentioed that a few days back some thought I was being harsh but…

    Even yesterday the commentators mentioned that he only seem to perform 10 minutes in each half of a match and then goes missing.

    SC19 is compared to Iniesta and everyone agrees he does not play as often for La Furia Roja because of Iniesta. So where does Iniesta play? On the LW the last time I checked. Imho SC19 should play on the wings to provide creativity as Nasty use to on the left 2 season ago.

    Last night whilst watching the match I also noted that apart from the 2 CBs, Le Coq, CJ25, goalie,and MA08 every other player was playing in an unnatural position. That is 5 out field players playing in wrong positions. Isn’t that an experiment gone to far?

    Most team have a maximum of 2 players playing out of position. For example Manure may have Carrick in defense and welbeck on the left that is it.

  59. Not everyone Scott ;)

    Adam, cheeky, M&S and Waitrose today, the latter have Grants on offer ;) ;)

    Off now

  60. damn arsenal!!for how long we r goin 2 be under man u,chelsea,man city’s shadows?im loosing patient with mr Wenger,always optimistic with his flustrating squad!!!mr wenger does not know how time is valuable!almost 8 yrs witout a title and still selling valuable players,wht a shit….!ts time to to bring in a new coach,his brain and ftball tactics is outdated for this football era!!he might be a good coach but he has no positive attributed mind!he lives under the shadows of hopes rather than reality!!Go mr wenger,just Gooooooooooooooooooooooo!pissd off!!!

  61. Yes they were Rico.
    With a few reservations,maybe,but we were all flying high.
    Now…doom and gloom….bugger!!

  62. Adam and Scot. Sincerely I wasn’t caught up in any rapt at the season’s onset and my thoughts precede me on LeGrove. The reasons are very simple, you can see through our team. No world-class goalkeeper and no sure-fire striker, you just won’t survive EPL and Europe with those deiciencies. It would amount to tempting fate to think any striker will do what VP did last season, and that isn’t only by scoring 30+ goals without an amazing midfield, but staying fit all through the season. How do we play when Arteta isn’t available? Who comes in to replace Cazorla if injured or carded? Those were my most fearful questions when the season started aside the keeper and striker issue. But Lo and behold, we are missing even Diaby now, a player that has perpetually being injured. And to think our best defenders this year have been Per and Jenkinson, players most sincerely didn’t rate, then you just could not make this stuff up. And Ramsey? Least said soonest mended. But the most annoying possibility is this, it is not unlike Wenger to find a great striker come summer, then sell Cazorla and all that makes this present poor team tick.

  63. Thorough,not one person here thinks we have adequate squad depth.
    You’re saying what we already know.

  64. Thorough. Me neither. I was asking questions from the day after the transfer window shut. I was merely saying that personal abuse of Wenger is amply catered for on other sites and not on HH. We don’t do that stuff here, much though I share your frustrations. Once you go down that path sensible debate suffers. That’s all I meant :)

  65. Oh,and you shouldn’t have told us you are from Le Grove.
    Actually,knowing that will help explain your opinions perfectly :)

  66. RICO. Bould in his post-match interview said about the changes ‘They were certainly pre-planned.’.

  67. Qpr away and Utd the following week at home…is that right guys??

  68. Scott thorough says he is from Le grove… :D

    Thorough tell me a team whose fans are happy with their squad? And I will show you a millionaire very content with what he has. ;)

    I am at work now and my colleague who was in Amsterdam last night to watch $hitty thinks his team needs 2-3 more players including a goalie to challenge Hart.

    My point is most Arsenal fans think if we have 10 ‘Henries’ in the team we will win every game. The fact is for every Hazard we need an Obi Mikel. We have a decent squad which if used properly will be enough to challenge but the fans want to see flair players and groan when a CJ25 or a frimpong displaces a pass.

  69. Yes scott with reading sandwiched in-between.

  70. Goodmorning everyone,

    After having a second look at the match Mannone could have saved both goals. Not saying it’s his fault. We need an experienced, matured goalkeeper. Santos was awful, Why not bring in Koscielny and switch Vermaelen to left-back. why wait until the 76th minute to bring in Giroud, and the 83rd to give a chance to Arshavin and Gnabry. You dont need to be a coach to know things are not working. Miguel Ignasi cant be worst than Santos can he? If Gibbs is not fit for the QPR game then play him.

    Not only were Arsenal outplayed but Schalke’s fans were amazing. Noisy aswell as passionate

  71. Adam. Ok, I’ll try and shape up. Scot. I thought we were all chips off the old block, either directly, or by affiliation with Rico.

  72. Agreed Tsgh
    Come on Jack…help us out,we need it.

  73. Sorry mate,i have an absolute loathing of all things LG.
    Give me time.

  74. Emma,Bould wold have gone along way to proving imself if he had made he changes earlier,and against Wengers planning.
    I doubt you can pre-plan anything about how a football match will pan out.

  75. The next 3 at home are London derbies I believe : QPR , Fulham and Spurs

  76. Sorry Emma,that was just a comment….it wasn’t aimed at your post.

  77. Morning Emma,

    I agree with you totally. I have always said that we needed Miguel as a backup for the LB position especially when we have JW10 back and lose Diaby.

    Santos played LB only in a 3-5-2 formation in the Fenebache team. for Brazil he does not have to defend as a full back. Even his former brazillian coach is recorded to have said Santos should never play as a Lb but AW thinks he can. I only hope Santos was not taken off so as not to dampen his confidence but is rarely ever used there.

  78. A busy schedule coming up,and we are heading into it sadly out of form.

  79. Rico. I agree it just needs a couple of tweeks but it has only needed that for about 3 years now. We are the perenial nearly club. AW seems unwilling or perhaps unable to dot the i’s and cross the t’s to push us over that last hurdle. If we are stuck in a rut and we have a manager and set-up that will not address the problems, and likely never will, even though we have the means to do it, what option does that leave us. If he will not take a long hard look at himself and how he currently manages Arsenal and remains adamant that his current philosophy being the only way to go, then I think it is fair to say that we may have to agree with some of the more traditionally negative gooners that we are unlikely to ever achieve greatness and win silverware again under AW.

    I desperately wanted him to lead us back to silverware and greatness again but I am now starting to believe this will never happen. If so we have 2 choices as a club. We either accept that this is where we shall remain or we need a fresh start. I just think he has gone down a pathway now that he has placed so much belief in that he cannot accept that it will not work out, and he has no idea how to retrieve the situation. It is sad because I think if he took a completely honest and objective view of what needs to be done, and removed any egotistical issues that would allow him to admit he has been wrong and therefore change things, then he could lead us back to the top.

    We all thought maybe he has changed his thinking, but has he really? It seems a few good performances and results are all it took to justify his return to the old ways. AW still seems to suffer with the project disease where certain players are concerned. If we are being honest both Ramsey and Gervinho are squad players and never will be top class 1st team players at this level. I would still keep them as such, but it worries me that AW sees them as future top level 1st team players. They are his buys and he will prove to us all that he can mould them into something great, and in Gervinhos case something different. Ever since the one off that was TH, AW has been desperate to recreate this situation. It seems to have become some sort of infatuation, a kind of holy grail, to get some winger and turn him into a great striker like he did with TH. I think that was a one off and is unlikely to be repeated, so from now on I think we should refer to it as the Thierry Henry disease.

    We all accept we are still 2-3 quality players short, but for me that is another matter as it cannot be addressed til January. What is the greater worry is that our esteemed manager seems to have no idea how to best use what he has available to him at the moment. Even needing new players and even with the current injuries we still have, IMO, the resources to put in better displays than the last 2. AW seems to have no idea about how best to set his team up, what his best combinations are, and where is best to play certain players. We were impotent on Saturday so what does he do. He sets up with the same formation of 4-3-3 but puts Gervinho, who it is obvious to most never will be a top striker, up top instead of as an attacking wing forward which if he has a best position then that is it. Ramsey’s lack of pace seemed to let him down at times in the DM role, where you can often get by without decent pace, so he switches him on to the wing where you traditionally need great pace. Genius!! What is worse is that Bould seems to be becoming Pat Rice mark 2, and now looks to be just towing the line and adhering to exactly what AW wants. Reading between the lines I think Bould acted last night on specific instructions and basically had no leeway to change things as he saw fit. It was still the rigid adherence to one system and that subs should never be tactically introduced until after a certain specific time in a game.

    The question is are we now staring at the most difficult of questions about our greatest ever manager. The question that many of the anti Arsene brigade have been going on about for some time now. Do we need to accept that on certain aspects they had it right? I hope not and I hope AW has one last trick up his sleeve and will turn it all around. The problem is I am sincerely doubting that the willingness is there to change and adapt and that this is now how it will always be, and unfortunately if we as fans have greater ambitions then there is only one solution, hard as it may be to accept.

  80. why? why? why? repeat the same same same MISTAKE ?we play well the midfielders do their job BUT when it comes to FINISHING we are automatically flat. something must be done sooner rather than later but lets keep the faith and keep on praying for our beloved club

  81. Scott – So silly of Bould to say its pre-plan. Nothing was going according to pre-plan why not making the necessary changes based on observation. Everyone knew where the problem was.

  82. GonnerB,his one last trick,or chane,would be Stan saing there is 100 million….SPEND IT!!!?
    Then,and only then will we know if he still has it or not,i reckon.

  83. Goonerb- you comment ‘What is the greater worry is that our esteemed manager seems to have no idea how to best use what he has available to him at the moment’ sums it all up perfectly in my view.

    As I mentioned earlier we had 5 outfield players playing in their preferred positions against arguably the best team in the Bundesliga which I now consider the best league in the world.

  84. And he is guilty of passing the buck,as well Emma.
    Wonder how Wenger took that comment.

  85. 1st…………………………………………………….. ;-)

  86. Trouble is football would have nobody left without greed.
    Owners,managers,players,players agents………we would be left with kids playing on a saturday morning.
    Pure football!!

  87. Kev…1st to post exactly at 11.17….onya mate lol.

  88. Has anyone seen the pic of Wenger staring at Stan after the game?
    If looks could kill!!!

  89. No scott please provide link of that pic

  90. Can’t work it out…..i am on my IPAD,and it is a pic on Facebook…..can it be done??

  91. Morning Gooners
    Morning Rico, great Post delivered with difficulty no doubt….

    Not read all comments, but lets no go overboard about the last two performances fellew Gunners.

    JW, don’t you remember the fag-end of Bertie Mee’s reign???
    There was some dire games in there mate, cast your mind back…

    Remember that run during the early reign of Terry Neill.
    “Couldn’t beat a team of dustbins” remember that little gem…

    Lets keep some perspective here guys n gals…..

    Oh God, i just sounded like a paeodo…
    Now then, now then, now then…..

    I gotta go lay down….. :-D

  92. John Cross‏@johncrossmirror

    Awaiting the #afc Arsenal AGM where I’m sure the excellent AST and @timpayton will ask the pertinent questions

  93. John Cross‏@johncrossmirror

    #afc AGM underway with Peter Hill-Wood opening up. Stan Kroenke here and Ivan Gazidis about to speak…

  94. That’s the one…thanks Potter.
    Is that look saying “what the hell have you done to this club”?

  95. John Cross‏@johncrossmirror

    #afc Gazidis paying tribute to Arsenal Ladies successes and Pat Rice’s service. Gazidis stressing ‘ambition which is all about football.

  96. tsGH. Has AW become the new Ranieri, the new tinkerman? It is almost as if he is trying to be too clever for his own good so that everyone can talk about how clever he is.

    It is interesting you mention the quality of the German league. I have thought that for some time also. To his credit AW has said this for some time himself and does seem to be keen on trying to bring some of their better players, but the quality of the young players there poses another big question. It seems some of the most promising of our youth players have come from Germany. Think Eisfeld and Gnabry. Arsenal may polish them off as players but if they turn out to be great players how much credit can we take for them. The main credit would go to our scouting rather than our youth training system.

    If you look at it further and list some of their top young players you could include Ozil, Goetze, Holtby and Reus amongst others. I then start to think about our true youth players that have been moulded by us from day one. I can only think of Wilshere as being in the same company as the above mentioned German youngsters. Many of us would love to see our own ones come forth and become great players as it would justify our long held thoughts that we have, possibly Barca aside, the best youth development system around. Can we really consider this to be the case and is it maybe another harsh reality check that we will have to deal with that there are many other clubs that are producing better young players than those coming through our system. Lansbury and Emanuel-thomas have already fallen through and, despite hearing great things coming out of the club over the last 2 years, where will Anneke and Afobe be in the next 2 years. They don’t seem to set the world alight when on loan and can we see them attaining the level of many of the young players being developed in the Bundesliga.

    It would be worrying to think that we may be falling behind even in this area as it is the only thing that has really kept us all from looking at the first teams failings in the last 3 years, that there is a brighter future with the next lot. What do you guys feel about this part of our club.

  97. B,Jack rates up there from those players,but to put it in perspective,you are comparing the output of one club to an entire league,so that comparison is a little harsh.
    England,as a whole,though seems to fall short in this department.

  98. James Olley‏@JamesOlley

    Gazidis: “Within the next two years Arsenal will have the financial resources to sit and compete with the biggest clubs in the world.”

  99. Jam tomorrow……………………. blah blah blah

    Spin merchant

  100. Arsenal News‏@TodayArsenal

    RT @garyjacob Gazidis : “arsene makes decision on how to invest funds. Experience knowledge and judgement” #afc

  101. Arsenal News‏@TodayArsenal

    Gazidis: “I believe we can take this club bck to winning trophies. Standing together we can make Arsenal one of leading clubs in world’

  102. Just looked at the picture of the AW / Stan stare out. Does this really say anything or is a clever bit of journalist opportunism. If you look at it carefully Stan could be looking past AW in front of him and AW could be doing the same but looking at something behind Stan. In many ways I hope there is some anger and disagreement between them as at least it might suggest their will be a catalyst for some change rather than just plodding along as we are with AW and the board all being very chummy and happy with each other.

  103. AK, we’ll win fuck all with santos and gervinho in our starting 11….

  104. I’d love to see Wenger with some fire in his belly!!

  105. tim payton‏@timpayton

    Next question says arsenal are putting profits before performance and ripping off fans. Criticises selling RvP. Big applause

  106. tim payton‏@timpayton

    PHW claims RvP sold for footballing reasons and not for FFP profit. Then Ivan cites insolvency in football. What?! There is £70m in bank!

  107. tim payton‏@timpayton

    Next question from @LeGrove challenges Ivan on ambition and says why is £70m cash not invested in squad. IG doesn’t dispute there is £70m

  108. tim payton‏@timpayton

    Now we are getting a lecture from Ivan about how difficult it is to sign top quality players. #whitewash

  109. Hi Lee and all. i’m just trying to scan for Tweets on the AGM guys…

  110. No it isn’t Ivan….pay their true value!!

  111. Wonder if our owner, you know the one, the one who dyes his hair but still looks stupid, will say anything today, the fraud…?

  112. tim payton‏@timpayton

    Now @DarrenArsenal1 challenges Kroenke to give a long term commitment not to take cash out of the club. Kroenke responds but won’t answer

  113. I mentioned it once here. Rumours coming from the diamond lounge say that they have hardly evr seen PHW speaking with AW on match days when both are in the lounge.

    When was the last time we saw PHW and AW together. Some believe PHW always saying AW has money to spent is a tactical means of undermining AW because AW still backs Dein.

  114. tim payton‏@timpayton

    Kroenke obviously plans to take dividends as refuses to answer question asking about that policy. So now we know on record what we guessed

  115. Tsgh,i have suggested that might be the case for ages.
    The board can easily demand Wenger spend,yet they never do.

  116. tim payton‏@timpayton

    AST is totally against dividends being paid and money taken out of club. It is of great concern to hear Kroenke clearly intends to do that

  117. NadimLukhele‏@NadimLukhele

    Kroenke: “We [KSE] have record in sports round world. We’ve never put any debt on this club. We’ve never said money is not to be spent” #afc

  118. James Olley‏@JamesOlley

    That was very dismissive from Hill-Wood. Dissenters brushed over there. #afc

  119. Arsenal Talks‏@Arsenal_ffs

    “@bbcsport_david: Kroenke: “Our [KSE] record of reinvestment in other clubs [in US sport] is there for everyone to see.”

  120. Scott & kev- that is why we have to be careful of what we wish for sometimes…

    If we are not careful our fall could be worse than liverpool’s based on Kreonke’s non-comment.

    Only AW will do what he does believe. AW out to me I am being ironic but to some maybe not…

  121. John Cross‏@johncrossmirror

    Hill-Wood patronising and dismissive towards supporters who pay thousands. That answer really bugs me. #afc

  122. Julian Bennetts‏@julian_bennetts

    About 10 oppose the re-election of Gazidis to #AFC board – Hill-Wood refers to them as ‘the same lot’. Dismissive, to say the least

  123. Akhil Vyas‏@10akhil

    Ivan – will get a first look at how Uefa will deal with FFP in the summer. Spent time with them yesterday and seem keen to enforce it.

  124. animesh gaggar‏@animesh1311

    @rediv4 Shareholder tells Gazidis: “I don’t agree with a word you say. This is a great club but you’re ruining it “#AFC 😡

  125. Lady Nina- Smith really screwed us up by selling to that yank…

  126. If Bob Ross would paint a picture of us now, it would be named ’50 shades of Brown without any brush involved’

    Afternoon all.

  127. tim payton‏@timpayton

    Question on Arsenal Fanshare scheme and fans being involved put to Stan, and asks him to meet fans as he promises. Stan refuses.

  128. tim payton‏@timpayton

    Stan Kroenke has not met with me, the AST or any other supporters groups since the takeover and since his written promise to takeover panel

  129. James Olley‏@JamesOlley

    Gazidis: “We are losing a little bit of order here” in face of AST member Nigel Phillips impassioned statement about club’s lack of ambition

  130. Darren ‏@DarrenArsenal1

    Arsene now gets up “Sorry for last night”

  131. Darren ‏@DarrenArsenal1

    AW “our job is not to talk but to put in performances. I’m not comfortable with today” “thanks to Pat Rice, a committed Arsenal man”

  132. Darren ‏@DarrenArsenal1

    AW “seems to be a lot of dissatisfaction, we want to win, but we can’t go overboard” “1st defeat in 43 home games in ecl”

  133. Darren ‏@DarrenArsenal1

    AW “having said that we finished 3rd,a season with difficult start, we needed to be solid to get 3rd”

  134. Darren ‏@DarrenArsenal1

    AW “we anticipated a little we would lose RVP, and anticipated we would sign Giroud”

  135. Darren ‏@DarrenArsenal1

    AW “This team can deliver and I’m personally optimistic we will have a good season. My job is not finances its to deliver a team”

  136. tim payton‏@timpayton

    Wenger optimistic we will have a good season. Then sidesteps financial debate & says it isn’t to do with him but praises self-sustainability

  137. Darren ‏@DarrenArsenal1

    AW “Would like to say every club uses money from its own resources. Our policy will stay same, produce own players 60-80% will be own ranks”

  138. Darren ‏@DarrenArsenal1

    AW “5 trophies to win (includes ECL place) signing players people don’t ask about league cup”

  139. Darren ‏@DarrenArsenal1

    AW “we want first to win and fight for premiership and we will do that this year, environment is challenging”

  140. John Cross‏@johncrossmirror

    Wenger has just shown supporters due respect. Top man. Hill-Wood makes another snide remark. What a contrast. Totally unacceptable. #afc

  141. No Arsene, listening to you and the board spouting the same old bollocks all the time is challenging.

  142. Gazidis ‘losing order here?’ Maybe you like to explain your bonus in correlation to our pitch performance.

  143. Darren ‏@DarrenArsenal1

    AW “I am happy to listen to you and happy to meet you”

  144. PHW really is a grade A c**t of the highest order. Obnoxious prick.

  145. Darren ‏@DarrenArsenal1

    PHW “we have time for more questions, are there any ……. Are they going to be the same as we’ve heard already?”

    Total Arsehole….

  146. tim payton‏@timpayton

    Unlike Stan, Arsene says happy to meet with supporters to hear their views & shows respect to our role in the club. Board don’t deserve him

  147. Wenger says happy to meet fans at end of season. No standing ovation as speech finishes this year, but healthy applause #bbcsportsday #afc”

  148. tim payton‏@timpayton

    PHW says Ivan rewarded with big bonus for `very good yr` & to match industry benchmark. But no trophies no commercial deals & highest paid

  149. Spot on Rocky…. Hillwood is a fuckin disgrace, he’s an insult to ALL Arsenal fans and if Stan had any balls or decency he’d sack the prick for being so rude and for treating the fans with contempt and disdain, the man is a prized plum and needs to be fucked off instantly. Won’t happen though as the little boys club (Board) stick together.

  150. So when has CL qualification now become a trophy? You can see the mentality AW is having

  151. The board are just wankers. Just the thought of them riles me. Bet that between them all, there’s loads of smug faces right now, plenty of back slapping, and a furious game of soggy buscuit as a reward for rebuffing us scummy fans with contemptful comments.

  152. John Cross‏@johncrossmirror

    #afc PHW said: ‘I think we’ve had enough questions, if you don’t mind. Otherwise we’ll be here all day.’ Jeez.

    Says more about him than anything we can say…
    A very stupid stupid man…

  153. For far too long in their eyes, Emma. For far too long.

  154. Lying only makes things worse RT @JamesOlley: Kroenke says he has spoken to fan groups. He’s asked to name them. He can’t. #afc

  155. Darren ‏@DarrenArsenal1

    Questioner addresses PHW re being patronizing to those voting against re appointment of board..PHW “we are guiding board in right direction”

  156. John Cross ‏@johncrossmirror
    PHW clearly think #afc is his private members’ club and the fans are an unnecessary inconvenience. Shocking. #afc AGM over

  157. tim payton‏@timpayton

    A shareholder tells the Board they are far too old and also needs to represent women (an area of the club where we do win trophies!)

    Where’s Rico, did she sneak into the AGM…?

  158. John Cross ‏@johncrossmirror
    PHW said: “thanks for your support and your interest in our affairs.” That sentence shows why PHW must go ASAP. Out of touch, disrespectful

  159. Darren ‏@DarrenArsenal1

    PHW ” thank you for your interest in our affairs” ……

    Condecending old cnut…l

  160. So according to PHW we are supporting the London Stock Exchange?

  161. If the board could still make money other ways they would sack AW and get an NBA coach to manage the team on the cheap. BIG BIG idiots they all are. Especially PHW. I have meant his sort before total prick.
    Sorry rico : :x

  162. Darren ‏@DarrenArsenal1

    Its over !

  163. DG10- its even worse than supporting the LSE. This is a sweat shop, where the common people i.e us the fans have to work hard to ensure the slave drivers i.e the board can line their pockets…

  164. I blame Lady Nina Smith for this all. selling her shares to a complete numpty…

  165. Hill-Wood is just a gem.
    Put him out to pasture.

  166. The atmosphere vs QPR will be interesting, especially if Stan is there.
    Hill-Wood Out and/or Sack the Board chants anybody???

    I’ll have a word with Adam, see if he can start a rumpus in the dear seats… ;-)

  167. I bet Nina really cared while she was counting her pound notes after the sale!

  168. Kev,Stan is ALREADY back in the States :)

  169. I was thinking that Scott! As if he’ll hang about to get mugged off in public! He’s aboard his plane on the runway as we speak!

  170. Mate,he has been seen going through customs in NY!!

  171. Scott :lol:

  172. TSGH basically we’re told to keep pushing a ship cable through a needle. ;)

  173. “nothing to declare, apart from ripping off and killing a football club “.

  174. Stan and Deadwood were together last night at the game talking shit, prob rehearsing what crap they were gonna come out with today…!

  175. Darren ‏@DarrenArsenal1

    Ivan just said “Arsenal is the ONLY club to receive advanced standard rating from Kick It Out”

  176. Where are those Iraqi shoe throwers when you need them?

  177. Customs…Sir,is this your bag.
    Stan…why,yes it is.
    C…what is this lump,and does it need to be declared.
    S….i have no idea what it is.
    C…..(opening bag)…..why,it is a person.
    S….Peter,get the hell out…..no way they will let a piece of shit like you into America.
    PHW….but Stan,they will skin me alive back in England.
    C….i’m a Gooner……until either of you arseholes answer a question properly,you can both piss off!!!

  178. The board doesn’t share the ambition of the fans. This will continue until the only metaphorical trophy(CL qualification) we having being winning in the last 7yrs is no longer attain.
    From all indications there is the possibility of it happening this season if there are no changes ;(

  179. What banality to pretend the AGM is orchestrated to answer questions from 7 year olds.

  180. DG I am Lmao re iraq sandals throwers.

    I would requested 2 left foot sandals to be slapped on IG’s face. :D

    I wonder if David Icke is writing a book on the Arsenal conspiracy? The title of the book should be ‘Reptilians in football- how the digging of the foundations at the emirates stadium caused reptilians to escape to ran AFC’. :D

  181. Shouldn’t Ivan Gazadis being running for the US presidential elections instead? Why is he wasting his talent only earning £2.2m a year when he could be running the ‘free world’. :D

  182. Good afternoon guys and gals…

  183. Ahh groundhog day on and off the pitch !!

  184. TSGH we regularly play ping pong LMAO on here.
    :P re David Icke.

  185. Good morning
    Penalty? Not in my Tv!
    Gervinho in other top team, will be a star
    The big problem it’s this: we don’t play in the last 20 meters. Cazorla never appears in the penalty area;Podorsky either; Ramsey yesterday, either. Arteta and Coquelin are the only players tactical good; the full backs didn’t play in the last 25 meters.
    And then we are completely amazed when our fist shot on the target was in the extra time.

  186. How appropriate Gazidis running the ‘free world’ it all began with a forked tongue creature and it shall end with one.

  187. Dear Gooners,

    Please don’t worry, plenty of jam tomorrow, honest………………no honestly this time I really, really promise and mean it. You can trust me:-).

    In the meantime I will only take £2.15million worth of jam today (oh and next year), but come on I did say jam in 2 years, which is metephorically tomorrow.

    Lots of Love

    PS Peter also begrudgling sends his love.

  188. Who was it trying to defend PHW, wonder if he/she feels that way right now, the man is a plank!

  189. Nearly right Rico, it sounds a bit like plank.

  190. Ha ha ha DG
    Totally agree JM. It appears we concentrated too much on the defending and team structure even though the improvement has been negligible in my opinion.

    Rico- I am sorry to here you negotiations with Stan and IG did not go as expected. ;)

    All the fans may have to chip in to hire’ chemical ali’ the next time the board met up to share a cigar between themselves ‘Gurkha’s His Majesty’s Reserve Cigar’ so we gas them off the face of the earth. :x

  191. Seeing as Champions League qualification is more important than any domestic Cups, do you think we give the playes a little badge or certificate each time they achieve CL qualification? You know just so they have something to show their grandchildren in years to come?

  192. Top four…. with our last two performances, you must be fucking joking! Wasn’t someone on here defending phw….cnut!

  193. The person who defender PHW on here should also explain how selling ‘you know who’ was for footballing reasons and not for profit!

  194. Ryan L re badge or certificate

    Yes they do, it’s called ‘Hooray you can tie your own laces’ badge.

  195. Well Lee, are you going to chanting “Hill-Wood Out” this Saturday..?

  196. DG I can’t believe they all get sick of getting those after a few years and then go off in search of “proper silverware” – the spoilt brats.

  197. I can picture RVP laughing his head off yesterday and Walcott making up his mind not to sign for us again.

    Then to think that we could have got Afellay for just £5million just adds insult to injury.

    But the only consolation is seeing Wenger giving Stan that look at least we know where the blame lies.

    Wenger is a smart man he knew the cameras where watching and AGM is today he needed to send a message without speaking.

    I am very sure he didn’t want to sell RVP only a crazy manager would when you know your club can afford his salary.

    We didnt need extra 2 strikers Wenger only wanted Podolski playing and supporting RVP , it would have been enough.

    RVP would have accepted £170 per week but no Arsenal board had other ideas they would rather spend £12 Mil on a player that had only 1 good season in a French league.

    I rest my case.

  198. AK well something along those lines…. ;)

  199. Sorry Ryan, Planker ;)

  200. Agree Lee, this is looking very much like the season that top 4 is beyond us….

  201. Col U that’s my new team…. ;)

  202. Hi Rico and Lee. It’s great to be an Arsenal supporter isn’t it? So much to look forward to.

  203. So do we still believe it when PHW says every March, May, October and December that AW has millions to spent on any player he chooses to if he so wished? But then always back tracks during the transfer window to say we can not afford to spent (his favourite amount) £50m on a single player!

    Its funny how in October its £35m or £50m to spend but in the summer it is £25m…. what a pompous clown he is… :x

  204. Is the nexgen match on ESPN this evening?

  205. Time for Arsen Wenger to go… Pep Guordiola In…that solves it, AW as new sport director of club. PG takes over as new generation coach with enough tactics Awareness & footbaliing coaching in †ђξ right direction. Why are we all keeping quite as if we don’t know †ђξ problem or do we want †ђξ man utd to hire PG whom Arsenal philosophy sooths him better? Enough Ȋ̝̊̅§ Enough!

  206. Ryan L indeed even the extra bonus sticker gets boring over time.

    WOOOOOT Just saw the Wenger death stare Picasso. It pictures Stan as a mouse checking a lion’s choppers for carries.

  207. Well i’ve got a ticket for the Fulham game…..

    Good eh???

  208. I believe Hill-Wood to be a member of the same Gentleman’s club as myself. I have move to have him black-balled immediately. If a thrashing cannot be arranged them I shall have the dogs set upon him. As a member of the executive committee these punishments are within my gift.

  209. Adam and all you Gooners… 1,2,3…
    Some things in life are bad
    They can really make you mad
    Other things just make you swear and curse.
    When you’re chewing on life’s gristle
    Don’t grumble, give a whistle
    And this’ll help things turn out for the best…

    And…always look on the bright side of life…
    Always look on the light side of life…

    If life seems jolly rotten
    There’s something you’ve forgotten
    And that’s to laugh and smile and dance and sing.
    When you’re feeling in the dumps
    Don’t be silly chumps
    Just purse your lips and whistle – that’s the thing.

    And…always look on the bright side of life…
    Always look on the light side of life…

    For life is quite absurd
    And death’s the final word
    You must always face the curtain with a bow.
    Forget about your sin – give the audience a grin
    Enjoy it – it’s your last chance anyhow.

    So always look on the bright side of death
    Just before you draw your terminal breath

    Life’s a piece of shit
    When you look at it
    Life’s a laugh and death’s a joke, it’s true.
    You’ll see it’s all a show
    Keep ‘em laughing as you go
    Just remember that the last laugh is on you.

    And always look on the bright side of life…
    Always look on the right side of life…
    (Come on guys, cheer up!)
    Always look on the bright side of life…
    Always look on the bright side of life…
    (Worse things happen at sea, you know.)
    Always look on the bright side of life…
    (I mean – what have you got to lose?)
    (You know, you come from nothing – you’re going back to nothing.
    What have you lost? Nothing!)
    Always look on the right side of life…

  210. That wouldn’t be The Reform Club would it Adam???

    I did hear that Lee was a member of Boodles in St James’

  211. Nice one Adam :D make sure you get them to sign a confession first.

    Personally I would prefer the whole board to be gased to death but maybe some might see it as an extreme measure.

  212. I think that Gambon is a member of The Liberal Club…

  213. If only I knew how to do the secret handshake the board do to admit a person into the meetings they hold at Kings Cross…. :D

  214. Lee the poet! Or is it the Psalms of Lee? :D

  215. Adam, of course there is plenty to look forward to, in a mere 2 years we are going to be able to compete financially with any team in the world !! It must be true cos Ivan said so !!

  216. Arsenal surrendering ɑ̤̥̈̊ 45 Matches undefeated record to common Schalk 04 all because of our greedy Board members & Wenger inclusive Ȋ̝̊̅§ totaly unacceptable… Its an insult to British Football & EPL! We can understand Ajax defeat to Man City at Holland being an away match, but what can you say of Schalk 04 defeating Arsenal right in front of their fans despite †ђξ hike in their ticket fee. Oh am so sad!!!

  217. So we will have to leave with SANTOS again on the left

  218. No Kev, it’s a secret club called Camp Hommes Extraordinaire that isn’t open to the hoi polloi. Some accuse us of of straying toward the homo-erotic but that may be due to the fact that many of us admire Peter Wyngarde’s portrayal of Jason King and wear large moustaches and ruffle-sleeved shirts beneath our velvet suits. We lick the foam from cappuccinos from our hirsute facial adornments with a certain insouciant style, if I say so myself.
    I shall discuss Hill-Wood’s future over a brandy and cigar after a game of billiards this evening. I can assure you that he will pay for his disgraceful and sickening behaviour.

  219. Adam can’t your Club Extravaganza donate their moustaches for a new broom it cleans so much better.

  220. Lee blame Scott for that… :D re 3:06pm

  221. Afternoon all,
    So the board reckon we had a great season last year, they really need to get their heads outta their arses, they’re all deluded.
    I blame it on the Arsenal Diaspora Effect, eh kev.

  222. hey who died?

  223. Is rico’s internet service down again?

  224. Stewart Robson reckons there is a rift between Bould and AW…

    Another double agent. He is like a divorced WAG who will sell a story to pay for a shot of botox injection on their face.

  225. hey goonie goon…

    How is it hanging?…lol

  226. dude i dont get it……..its like the easter bunny funeral up in here. we lost so? shitty lost too. jeez people its only a game!!!

  227. hey tsgh how are ya by the way? how’s “sorry”? hahahahaha

  228. haha… I know but perform though. Considering we have more points than the chavs, $hitty and maureenho’s Real madrid who were favourites for the champions league this season I reckon we still have a chance.

    Its still a shitty feeling… :(

  229. I am goon goonie. I am coasting at work as usual F5 ing this site every 2 minutes… :D

  230. well all i can say is this if all y’all were any good at coaching you wont be sitting on your fat asses chewing on a huge bacon sandwich and blogging on the internet. am no AKB but give the guy a break. we are a better team than last year. ljw is on the mend, tr7 is almost ready, we have sagna and hopefully sir chesney coming back soon not to forget my main man diaby. we ll be alright i tell ya. hey where is DNA? i miss him.

  231. Stan, we were fucking shite mate…. 0-2 was a flattering score line to The Arsenal!

  232. I am good I meant…

  233. Hahahaha look out your boss might just be around the corner.

  234. hey lee how re ya? well we re always shit. i ve never known us to play so well since the 07/08 season. anyway how’s the family my man?

  235. i know I blame rico for having such a blazing site for me to enjoy daily… ;)

  236. i blame AGAG for keeping me hooked on HH? grrrrr what a fine piece of ass she is though. wow lucky manilla

  237. Goonster. Whatever you are taking, stop it because it’s seriously affecting your judgement. We are worse than last year because we don’t have a goalscorer and that is rather important if you want to win.

  238. get off my case adam…..its my own opinion you have yours too dont ya?

  239. Blooming door bell today :)

    Busy nattering…

  240. Ok Stan. I will do just that.

  241. why dont you just leave me to wallow in my own filth? jeez its a free country the last time i checked.

  242. hahahahahaha adam you plonker…….i was just kidding big brother feel free you yank me in your direction. am a rebel without a cause. i ll follow you anywhere even to LEGROVE!

  243. Should have been more than 2-0 before half time Lee…

    Afternoon all….

  244. Afternoon Lady….

    I am perpetually here

  245. Afternoon all

    We do have a goalscorer Adam. Podolski can rip this league apart if he’s played through the middle. But no. According to Wenger, he’s a winger. Dick.

    Easy Stan…. I agree with you about us being better than last year, but I have to agree with Adam and Lee about us being gash in the last couple of games. Norwich should have dicked us by at least 3 goals last week. Shalke could have done the same easily last night.

  246. goonie, your 3.41 :roll: :roll:

  247. If you dunked Gervinho in a barrel full of tits he’d come up sucking his own thumb……

  248. Oh, and wasn’t calkling you a dick by the way Adam! Anyone that that wears velvet suits and licks froth from their ‘taches is a dandy legend in my book!

  249. Lee, his “sevenhead” wouldn’t fit in the barrel….

  250. Rocky. Though we have broken bread together and I have huge respect for your opinion, I haven’t yet seen what you see in Podolski with regard to goalscoring. But I really hope you are right.

  251. Glad to hear it Tsgh..

    Yesterday virus on my laptop, today, couple of friends come round for a cup of tea but a problem up the road with a huge water leak and no water since I got back home earlier…

    Looks like it will be takeaway for dinner at this rate… Or down the shop for several bottles of mineral water. Only have sparkling in the house….

  252. Rocky. I think Lee made an excellent appraisal of Gervinho last Wednesday. I really can’t expand on the efficiency of his view. :)

  253. rocccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, where have you been? its been quite an age. the last time i saw you i was nailing micko younger sister. how’s it going my man? rico dont roll your eyes at me young lady, if you were better than arsene you ll probably be coaching barca! hahaha.

  254. Fair point Adam, but I think if played in the corre4ct position (I know that sounds crazy, as AW rarely does something so outlandish as playing someone in their natural position) he can be lethal. On the wing, with that useless spam-headed twat playing the lone striker, is just a waste all-round.

  255. Stan, I found some marbles outside my back door this morning, they’re not yours by any chance are they ?

  256. We have a striker rocky, his name is Theo Walcott :lol:

    Seriously, what have we got to lose right now by playing him there on Saturday??

  257. hahahahaahahaahahaha OMG lee that was classic! he ll come up sucking hsi own thumb???? hahahahaah am telling this around town today. christ you guys wont be the death of me.

  258. Why use a plethora of words when one will do chaps/chapesses? ;)

  259. Adam, I actually sent AK and Lee a text last night calling him (and Santos/Rambo) the same thing! It’s the only word that fits!!

  260. Abso-c**ting-lutely Lee!!

  261. I’m not saying I am better than AW goonie, but for £7.5 Million a year, he’s not doing so well is he??

    What is the story behind the Bould/Wenger rift?

  262. Sorry Rico, did you say we had a striker, or a stinker?! Theo will not be the answer! He’ll be bricking it of any collisions from now on, so will hardly exert himself!

  263. micko it still hurts huh? running into me nailing your younger sis huh? dont worry little man you ll get over it.

  264. Rocky, true. I think the other diners in the restaurant agreed as well, especially the bloke in the next room operating the flame pit. :)

  265. i beg to differ maam but he is doing exactly what he’s paid to do. we are the 5th richest sport franchise arent we? cut the guy some slack sheesh.

  266. Rico, I think the story regarding AW/SB is that Stewart Robson is guted at being the forgotten man, one that no-one cares about nor wants to hear, and will keep spouting shite for as long as he’s listened to. Still thinks he has his finger on the pulse. He’s a douchebag.

    Afternoon Stan. I’m good thanks mate. Wow, Micko’s sister is one…. erm… lucky lady?! Been hectic with work lately, so not easy to get on here. I do like to come on now and then, spread my negativity, and leave!

  267. He’d be no worse than Giroud or Gervinho rocky. We are creating nothing, scoring no goals, can anything be worse than that??

  268. Adam… Did you see the guy hanging out of the bedroom window opposite the restaurant on the other side of the road? I think he was trying to ask Lee to keep his language down!!

  269. We are not a bank Goonster or a property, we are a football club! Still, as you say, our opinions all differ and you are obviously happy watching us right now….

  270. Wouldn’t know about Giroud Rico….. Comes on for a bit, gets no service, and has no-one running off him when he doe get the ball. Feel really sorry for him. And any of us would be better that Gervinho. I particularly liked it yesterday when he broke down the left, let the ball get caught in his feet, left it behind, and just about manage to get it back! and when he did, he shat his pants and didn’t know what to do with it…. It was like watching Theo actually!

  271. Rocky. As Lee was nearing the end of his early season appraisal of the players I thought that bloke was agreeing with him. I believed he was asking Lee to speak up a bit so his mate in the next street could hear.

  272. Rico, I for one am loving watching our dismal left hand side in action… pure poetry in motion…..

  273. And what a damning appraisal it turned out to be!

  274. am not maam but am not gonna lose sleep. we can still rescue our season and i believe we are on the right track. jw, diaby tr7 bac sagna and sir chesny still to come. i look at the big picture here, we ll be alright i tell ya. keep the faith.

  275. I prefer Theo to Gervinho myself.

  276. Ah, bitter and twisted Robson then rocky, thanks..

    I would love us to do something different rocky, 442 with TW and Giroud…

    Agree re Gerv, although I think he’s worse than Walcott right now. Not last season or the one before, but the last couple of games they have both played in…

  277. I prefer Chris Kiwomya to Gervinho…..

  278. oops i even forgot gibbsy, see that’s almost an entire team out. we ll be fine once our big guns all comes back.

  279. well i prefer gervinho to RVP! beat that…..

  280. It’s like panto time down the left side rocky..

    You and me both Adam..

    We shouldn’t be ‘rescuing’ it goonie, it shouldn’t have gone off the rails so early.

  281. Rico, I think 4-4-2 could work. A midfield of Jack, Arteta, Cazorla and Ox, would be great. Areteta can hold and the other 3 can all interchange as and when needed. Podolski just off Giroud….and Robert’s your mothers brother.

  282. Please have sympathy for Santos :X

    When Santos was asked why his performances have been like a bag of hot horse s**t so far this season, his responds was that since he lost his driving license he has not been able to reserve his energy as he has to wake up 20 minute early every morning in order to drive below the speed limits to go to training’ :o

  283. He’ll be off to prison then as he’s banned from driving. :)

  284. It took only 3 games for Cazorla to be found out…. :o

    If we are to persist with this 4-2-3-1 then I expect TR07 to take his place when he is fit…

  285. Maybe tsGH…. But then maybe SC can take Gerv’s place…..

  286. That is where he should be playing Rocky he is more effective there or as part of the central midfield 2 as he did for the later part of his Malaga career. He is not a natural number ten

  287. Gervinho should be chasing headless chickens in an abattoir instead the way he has played the last 2 games.

    Rico- no excuse not to start TW14 upfront because at least opposition will be qorried about his feet.

  288. Schwarzer, capoue and Llorente!

  289. my 4-4-2 is looking better by the minute then!

  290. Gervinho should be selling snide watches on a beach….

  291. I don’t goonster…

    I’d settle for that rocky, with TW coming off the bench to get the goals ;)

  292. Tsgh, can’t see TR07 having much influence on his return, he’ll be gone in the summer won’t he.

  293. Lee, I will go for huntelaar instead I think he is a pure striker. With 6 months to go on his contract I bet he would love to wear the red& white of Nth London instead of going to the spuddies or somewhere in Italy.

    The other two are no-brainers ..

    The only issue is he will be cup tied in the champions league…

  294. hi Micko, I thought he signed a 2 year deal?

  295. :lol: Adam – anything to keep him off the turf…

    I would Tsgh – it might work, he might get a new contract and we might yet to see the real player inside. I’d rather we sold Gervinho in Jan than tW..

  296. Add Sakho Lee and I’d be really happy ….

  297. Same here Rico, he supports Barca and then us he says (in that order). I can see him do a Nastry and f*** off If he ever comes good next year.

  298. At least we should get a few pounds for him Micko, strap Diaby too him too…. ;)

    Seriously, if he does get his fitness back, Rosicky is a good squad player…

  299. I thought switching Santi to the left and bringing Poldi centrally would have helped yesterday. Switching Poldi for Gerv May have helped too. I may be unpopular for this view, but i also think Arteta’s role might be too limited. It only suits us when our other midfielders are allowed a lot of space or when they are playing brilliantly. At all other times it only serves to accentuate the stagnation. Our attack must must must be more dynamic and proactive. If there is no-one to drive the ball into the gaps, we will not be able to pull the opposition defense out of shape as we pass too slowly and our movement off the ball is late, unimaginative and not synchronized. That’s why there is such a difference when a player like Diaby or one of the unmentionables was in our midfield. Such players are not afraid to push themselves into even small gaps that put pressure on defenses to react. We don’t even draw fouls in midfield. And That’s something we used to complain about. It’s because we don’t ask questions when the opportunity presents itself. Instead we elect to pass backwards then wide… Invariably. Funny enough, the two times that Gnabry had his pass intercepted, we were actually in , classic Arsenal attacking shape and would have been well placed for an attack on goal… Pity the passes never made it and one led to a goal.

  300. I didn’t know that Gerv supports Barca before us, perhaps they would like him in January then…

  301. We could have made all sorts of changes Will, not only the ones you suggest, Cog at Lb maybe should have been one of the first changes to be made. Gervinho should have been off a long time before he was and Gnabry on a lot sooner than he was….

    If only someone on the bench had the balls to change things around sometimes instead of just carrying on regardless. We could see the problem, why can’t the management?

  302. As footballers put it… they follow certain teams as youngster not support… :D

    The pain this week for me was seeing Song play as the most discipline DM you would ever find on the market. He did not even venture past the half way line. When he got the ball he took a touch and passed it to Xavi.

    The same can be said of Nastry; he use to complain he wanted to play through the middle with us even though no other manager had trusted him to play there but now plays wherever he is told to play for $hi££y.

  303. Mick, i just had to look diaspora up in my dictionary…

    Now i’ve got a headache…..

    You over for Fulham?

  304. will I am with you with SC19 playing on either of the flanks.
    Le coq was at fault for the 2nd goal playing at RB wasn’t he?…

  305. Rico, a sparkling cup of tea sounds rather exciting… ;-)

  306. It does not take 15 or 20 passes to create an exploitable hole. Arsenal used to be good at creating AND exploiting these gaps. In times like those, when things didn’t go right you would often find us blaming the forward for poor movement or finishing, or the winger who was unable to make a telling cross. In our team currently, we don’t even have the opportunity to lay blame in any of those places. Our midfielders are failing us. TR7 must return as he did last year to remind our midfielders when to force a run instead of settling for a pass.

  307. Either that or the coaching team needs to recognize and address the issue.

  308. I think you lot are such a fickle bunch……………..

  309. Rico, i don’t think we have ever used coq at lb. That’s the only reason i can see for us not taking off Santos instead.

  310. Seriously Tsgh, was Song really that good??

    Hi Wath, fickle :lol:

  311. Will- Arteta made the same comments you have made in the link below. Like I have mentioned before football over the last 2 years has shown that 82% of times when you score first you don’t lose the match. We are creating less chances so that means the players or the system is not working…


  312. Ha ha Kev, it was ok in the end and thankfully, its just back on so I’ll be able to have some dinner ….

    I think we have Will, not often but. And Miquel has played there too, much better than santos I have to say …

  313. I might be wrong though Will ;)

  314. He did a better job creating chances than what our so called best player is doing now. Even Arteta thinks we are creating nothing. The issue is not the defence or that OG12 is rubbish the issue is we are creating almost 60% less chances than last year so if you factor in who was creating most of the chances then and who is meant to be creating the chances now…

  315. Kev, I robbed that from one of your posts last night, it jarred my brain as well.
    I’ve given my ticket to a mate who got me a seat at Craven Cottage last season, one good turn deserves another.

  316. Le Coq played for 20 minutes as a LB in february against sunderland and then pulled his hamstring last season. He played there sometimes for Lorient whilst on loan with them.

  317. Who let Stanley out… it’s like having our very own PHW on the site…. let him out, talks crap then someone throws him back in the cupboard for a few weeks with a few cases of Jack Daniels…!

  318. Who Tsgh – Song?

    Trouble is, Jack is going to be thrown into the game now and the pressure is going to be on him. Just hope he’s fully recovered and ready for what is heading his way…

    Totally unfair on him imho….

  319. One good turn Micko?! That match was a shocker!!

  320. Good heavens Mick, my memory must be going…

    You sure it was diaspora and not diamorphine, i need a shot of that for the Fulham game…?

  321. Maybe Rico. I can only recall him filling in for Sagna. Not sure. I need to watch these matches again because i really cannot understand why Santi is unable to provide that spark. I really do not see teams going out of the way to stop him. He is so quick and gifted that he should easily be able to drive the team forward. Maybe it’s the areas where he collects the ball.

  322. He was doing well too before he got injured wasn’t he Tsgh?

    Looks like he could have found the JD then Wath…

  323. Hey Wath, you leave Stan alone.

    He’s an HH institution….

    Some say he should be put in one…. ;-)

  324. Santi is coming too deep Will, and when that happens we are lost….

  325. What about Sagna at left-back?????

    He’s played there before…

  326. Tsgh… I think it’s a problem that can be fixed fairly easily as far as problems go. That’s partly why i do not see all doom and gloom for us. It will click again. These guys are smart enough.

  327. Am saying nothing Kev you hit the nail in the head or is that the bottle on the head…….?

    JD a box of cigars and a raunchy bit of totty and thats Stanley off on his merry way…!

  328. Talking of which am off, need a drink or several after the last week or so…….! Make sure you wash properly Rico behind the ears and all that, don’t want you smelling the chickens out…!


  329. Cheeky old toad Wath!! Enjoy your evening….

  330. I was in the home end rocky, it was a complete nightmare !
    Just returning the favour I should say.
    Kev, as Potter said earlier our next 3 home games are all London derbys, a few battles ahead.

  331. i actually loved Le Coq at full back Rico. His attacking instincts were great and his touch was silky. Pretty quick on the defensive end too. Pity he got injured twice back there.

  332. Wenger said that the games against Norwich, Schalke 04 and QPR will define our season. Right now, ℓ̊’m sure they sure did.

  333. What about Miquel at Lb in the short term?

  334. He’s worth trying again Will, he has to be better than Santos…

    I’m not looking forward to Qpr, not one bit…

  335. Big Santy… That merely meant that Wenger was on a high and very confident. No way he would be willing to put his season to the sword so early. He wanted to look smart. He expected points. If there was a doubt in his mind that we would not get full points from Norwich and qpr, and either a draw or win from Shalke, he would not have said that.

  336. Or what about using TV there and bringing in Kos at CB? I’m not a fan of that but tv has a lot of experience there. That would stretch is at cb however.. not good.. Miquel’s howler for the youth squad dented my confidence a bit.

  337. Darren ‏@DarrenArsenal1

    Stan replied to my question by going round the houses and not answering. I was polite and not disrespectful.

  338. I’d rather see Squid at LB than Santos lumbering up and down the pitch, breathing out of his arse trying to catch yet another player that has skinned him!

  339. Darren ‏@DarrenArsenal1

    Ivan does a good job in being somewhat open, but he is a lightening rod for many, but in essence is owners mouthpiece. Remained respectful

  340. Darren ‏@DarrenArsenal1

    PHW is disrespectful, perfectly valid and polite people who are treated with disdain imo. And not ‘ast troublemakers’ regular shareholders

  341. Darren ‏@DarrenArsenal1

    Arsene and Ivan do spend 45 mins after answering people questions, and deserve credit for that.

  342. Rocky. Now you’re talking.

  343. Arsenal’s AGM took place today. Hayley Wright was there for Arseblog News.

    Having denied shareholders the right to ask un-vetted questions at the previous AGM, the Arsenal board must have been quaking in their brogues at the thought of being confronted blind by the pesky stake-holding minority on the back of two acutely abysmal performances. The renewed potential for unsolicited bile was facilitated by the AST who demanded that exposure to interrogation from the floor be reinstated as a statutory requirement. The poised minions did not disappoint as the somewhat inevitable stench of eau de hostility diffused into the atmosphere and heated exchanges ensued.

    Gazidis began proceedings with the usual assertion of the board’s commitment to success, winning trophies and competing at the highest level with the top clubs, in keeping with the financial values to which we are inextricably linked. He spoke about his optimism and faith that Financial Fair Play will benefit Arsenal in the long term and perhaps more interestingly confirmed that we will have acquired the resources for tangible success within the next two years.

  344. As questions rolled in from the floor it became apparent that Gazidis was shielding the indignant and patronising responses of Peter Hill-Wood and, more surprisingly, answering questions directed at Kroenke, continually asserting that the board as a collective makes the decisions that affect the club, not one individual.

    When Silent Stan did speak, it was to explain for the second year running that he didn’t really know why he was there, despite being the majority shareholder. He then dodged a question concerning dividend payments which, worryingly, did nothing to rule out the possibility of him taking money from the club to line his own pockets. In addition to this, Stan denied he hadn’t had meetings with fan groups post takeover which led to head of the AST Tim Payton storming the mic. Payton insists that absolutely no meetings have been held between Kroenke and any fan groups since the takeover.

    Arsène Wenger’s speech elucidated what everyone in the room already knew – that he views Champions League qualification as the third trophy. He also revealed – contrary to the club’s official line – that Giroud and Podolski were purchased as replacements for Robin van Persie, not as additions to the squad. His acknowledgement of fan disenchantment and call for a united front were nothing new, but his offer to meet with potentially unhappy fans at the end of the season was definitely a step into previously unchartered territory.

  345. In summation, despite the tactic of using ultra smooth Gazidis as the mouthpiece, this was viewed as one of the most fractious AGMs of the past ten years. The board are still failing to convince shareholders that their joint investment is aligned with identical ambition.

    Bullet by bullet report

    Ivan Gazidis
    •Acknowledgement of the achievements of the Arsenal Ladies’ team, going through the whole season unbeaten.
    •Appreciation for the contribution of Pat Rice. 44 years with the club as player and coach.
    •Our emotions are raw after two difficult losses. AGM is the time to show perspective.
    •Our ambition is shared by everyone at this table and everyone in this room. Ambition all about football – to compete at the top of the game here and in Europe, to win trophies in a good way, that protects our values. Important to understand our off field journey. Must have foundation of viable and sustainable business on which to build.
    •Arsenal took a bold decision to build a new state of the art home that would elevate us from a leading club in Europe to a leading club in the world. Brave and ambitious. Massive leap forward had to be undertaken with fundamental Arsenal principles at its core. A path of independence and self-reliance is paramount. Must stand on our own two feet.
    •Hasn’t been easy journey. Many clubs have tried and failed to follow us. We can be proud of what we’ve done and how we’ve done it. Ten years later we are coming to the end of the stadium move.
    •Long term and affordable rates of debt. Time to take advantage of our successful position. Commercial revenue streams doing well. Tours of Asia in the past two years. Primary commercial deals that made stadium possible are coming to an end and now we need to take advantage of this opportunity.
    •We are at the forefront as Financial Fair Play comes into practice. In the next two years Arsenal will have the financial resources to compete among the leading clubs in the world.
Our financial success is relevant because it supports out football vision. The money we generate is available to our manager. Arsène makes the decisions about how it is spent. He has done brilliantly considering the spending of other clubs.
    •He has made sure that we have qualified for the CL for 15 successive seasons. Arsenal are a top ranked UEFA team. This is taken for granted. Not viewed as an achievement anymore. We have played some of the most attractive football in the world.
    •We can and will return the club to winning trophies. This is our shared ambition. We will achieve this if we stand together, if we keep to our values and if we continue to be brave. Standing together we can make Arsenal one of the leading clubs in the world and we can do it in a manner that will make all of our supporters proud.

  346. Financial Questions

    Q: Ticket prices. Massive impact high prices are having on all fans. Gazidis stressed that there would be less reliance on fans as commercial deals were renewed. Will you consider freezing prices again and commit to the reduced League Cup pricing?

    IVAN: Approach not based on supply and demand. Long waiting lists. Try to achieve a responsible balance between revenue stream and what we need to do to compete as a club. Attempt to have pricing that attracts fans to games. Greater percentage of our revenue comes from our local fans. Challenge is for us to compete with the massive spending around us. Only had 2 season ticket price increases in 7 years in line with inflation.

    Not kept us at pace with rising costs in the game. League Cup pricing gives chance to come to the stadium at more affordable prices. This will continue despite objections from the opposing clubs. Held season ticket prices flat once again. Spent a lot of time in consultation with supporters groups to regrade the categories of games. Groups welcomed this. Protecting the club’s revenue but also created 90,000 cheaper seats for games and a £25 starting price for many games. Affordability is something we take seriously. We have a responsible, restrained approach.

    Q: I hear what you say and I don’t agree with a word of it. You’re putting profit on the balance sheet over success on the pitch. You sell our best players. Operating loss of over £16m has affected the transfer dealings. Was RVP sold to comply with UEFA fair play rules?

    PHW: No. We’re compliant with FFP but money is available to strengthen squad as Arsène sees fit.

    IVAN: We’re trying to run a self-reliant football club. Objective not profit, but to have success on the pitch. Player wages escalating, there’s new money from outside the game. Clubs going into bankruptcy in Europe and increasingly in England. There has to be a more sustainable environment. We lose a player like RVP, not because we want to, but have to make sure we are creating a sustainable future for ourselves. Football is heading in our direction. Confident that we will be able to retain our best players. It’s been a challenging time for us. Can’t deny that.

    Q: You talk about how ambitious we are. I believe fans and board have different ambitions. Estimates by outside bodies say our uncommitted cash reserves are at £70m. Is this money really available for Wenger to use?

    IVAN: We don’t talk publicly about the money we have available despite being transparent. We certainly do make the money we have available for reinvestment into the team. That doesn’t mean that we spend every penny in each transfer window. We have forward commitments, debt and future operating costs. Within constraints, all money we make is available to make a competitive team. The nature of the transfer market is lumpy.

    There are v. limited no. of top clubs, competing for a very limited number of the same players. There may be issues with a player in terms of contractual obligations and fitting in with your team. You can buy someone who is available but not top quality, or wait and buy someone who your manager actually wants. Judge us over time by looking at league performance against spending. We spend the money we have and we will spend it all. Over time we have out performed that spend every single year for 15 years. Tremendous consistency. Arsène has managed our resources and kept us at the top of the game. Spending all the money isn’t the answer to all the challenges we face in the modern game.

    Q: No plans for the majority owner (Stan) to take dividend payments? Board’s intention to release cash?

    STAN: Tendency to direct these questions at me. This club is run through the board. These are board decisions. I am a majority shareholder. It’s clear that we have a record in sports around the world and they can look at our record with our other clubs and we’ve never put any debt on this club for acquisition. We’ve never said money isn’t available to spend. We’ve acquired our own resources. The one regret I have with Arsenal is that I didn’t get involved earlier. We have a record of reinvestment in other clubs and it’s there for everyone else to see.

    IVAN: Dividends are a board decision. Board looked closely at Stan’s record of reinvestment. Stan has done everything he said he would do. He hasn’t placed debt on the club and he will help us be at the top of the game.

  347. Q: In 2007 Arsenal commercial income £42m – same as United. United’s has rocketed since then, not ours. Not all down to poor deals on stadium naming rights and sponsorship.

    IVAN: Easy to second guess deals. I don’t think we did poor deals. Tempting to think that you develop your commercial revenue by going and negotiating deals. You have to develop capability across the club. United’s is a result of investment in that club. Touring, digital capacity, CRM servicing and a wide range of different issues. We have also been investing in those capabilities. It doesn’t happen over night. Three years ago we had a very small commercial department.

    Our commercial group is developing opportunities all around the world. Asia tours for example. Serious about strengthening our appeal around the world. Consistent values, important to partners. London location, together with our football performance make us very attractive. Grown commercial values again this year. Will see more growth soon.

    Q: FFP – Will introduction actually create a level playing field where Arsenal will be able to compete again for best players? Or will bank rolled clubs still have the advantage?

    Ivan: Optimistic about FFP in Europe. Not being driven by Platini as a UEFA plan to punish English football clubs. Driven by clubs themselves. Idea of enforcement mechanism to make clubs live within their means. Developed from small idea to something that today is unanimously supported by clubs. Comes from clubs, not UEFA – crying out for more sustainable environment in which to operate. Tremendous pressure on UEFA to enforce these regulations.

    Pressure from clubs gives me optimism. UEFA are putting measures in place to start enforcing financial regulations. Convinced they are intending to take this seriously. Growing consensus within EPL itself that we need greater financial regulation. Strong movement – convinced this will happen at a domestic level. Will benefit game and Arsenal. Even if UEFA enforcement falls short, break-even principles at EPL level will still happen and enhance our position.

  348. I wish I’d been there.

  349. Q: Many supporters are from Fanshare scheme. 2,000 + fans given the chance to belong with symbolic ownership stake. Since takeover, fewer shares available. Stan, please will you hold your first meeting with Fanshare supporters? You pledged to do this. Talk about how we can work together to secure scheme’s future.

    IVAN: Football club run through board. I’ve met with Fanshare board many times and I’ve kept our board informed. We are aware of liquidity issues. Stan has met with fan groups in the past. I meet regularly with our fan groups. Key issue is fan engagement. We believe in it and I commit that we will all do this. We do this more than any other major football club that I’m aware of and so will individual members of the board.

    Q: Can we have a meeting that does include Stan please?

    STAN: I have met with fan groups.

    Tim Payton (storming the mic): Legal commitment in takeover document that you would meet with Arsenal supporters. You haven’t done that.


    STAN: I’m surprised that Tim would stand up and make that statement because I’ve met with him several times. I’ve met with several fan groups.

    IVAN: Can I de-personalise this a bit? It’s not about any of the individuals. We run this club through our board of directors. The idea that one person makes the decisions for the club is not right.

    Long pause.

    PHW: Ok.


    Q: If you put something in writing Stan, you are obliged to go through with it.

    STAN: I guess I’m missing something because I thought I answered that.

    Q: You talk about uniting and working together. Can you give us an update on the 30% shareholder who is probably not here. Are we working together and pulling in the same direction?

    PHW: Red and White (Usmanov)? I don’t know. When were they last in touch?

    IVAN: I’ve been very transparent. There are differences of opinion, but the basic thrust of what we’re doing is united and conflict is overstated.

    Q: RVP didn’t believe club has the ambition that he has. It’s not just about money. Painful and humiliating. I don’t know how to explain this to my son.


    IVAN: I’m not sure if that’s a question or an expression of angst. We’re losing a bit of order now. Let’s get through the pre-submitted questions first and then open up to the floor.

    Q: Your whole model is totally reliant on your approach of sustainability meeting with the FFP approach. If it doesn’t, you’re admitting to the room that we can’t compete at the top level. Every summer we lose our top players to people who are spending more money on players and wages. These clubs may not be stopped by FFP and everyone is cynical about it. If we’re unsuccessful in stopping their approach we have nothing else. One trick pony and you’ve said your skeptical about it.

    IVAN: Even in a non-FFP world, I think we can complete. You assume that Man C. and Chelsea will continue to spend as they are now, forever. Made point about development of the revenues in our club. Other option is to outspend people who seemingly have limitless resources and that isn’t a great strategy either.

    Q: Are we prepared to sacrifice winning EPL and CL for 20 years for principles?

    IVAN: No, we aren’t, but we are advocates of FFP. Don’t monopolise the mic. I will have tea and biscuits with you afterwards.

  350. I wish you had been there Adam…

  351. Arsene Wenger’s address

    Sorry for last night. I used to say to the players that our job is not to talk, but to produce performances, so I don’t really want to talk today.

    Thanks Pat Rice.

    A lot of dissatisfaction and I understand that because we want to win, but important that we don’t go overboard. If everyone is devastated when we finish 3rd in the league, I promise I won’t be here when we finish 15th in the league.

    Not many teams don’t lose at all for 43 games. We finished 3rd last year in a season where we had a very difficult start. We had to be solid. One of the consequences of last year is that the club has been solid. During the season we didn’t have Wilshere and Diaby.We bought Cazorla, Podolski and Giroud because we anticiplated RVP departure. We lost 40 goals. I think our new players will be a success. Started in a very convincing, promising way. Hit the wall in the last two games in an unexplainable way.

    Team attitude and focus is very good, particularly in training. Good to have players coming back. Always difficult after a defeat to look at the bigger picture. I am optimistic that we will have a good season.
Don’t want to go too much into financial discussion. My job is with the team. You can be proud when you produce the resources from which your team delivers. I wouldn’t be proud to take my wages from money that the club hasn’t produced. We produce our own players, have our own style of our play. Proud of the way we want to behave.

    Important that 60-80% of players come from our own ranks. The rest have to be top class players. When we speak about trophies, I rank them as follows: 1. EPL 2. CL. 3. Qualify CL. 4. FA Cup. 5. League Cup.

    If you want to attract the best players, they don’t ask if you won the League Cup, they ask if you play in the CL. Anecdote to illustrate that club comes before individual manager success – priority to qualify for CL. 90% managers feel the same. I accept every different opinion.

    The modern world creates smaller communities within bigger ones. Little communities have to learn to live together for the sake of the strength of our club. Even if we don’t agree. Must remain united for the same goals. The good of Arsenal. Sometimes we can forget that. I’m sure we can count on you for the whole season. If you’re not happy at the end of the season, I’m happy to listen to you and I’m happy to meet you. Thank you very much.


    PHW: Any other questions? Time for one or two. Are they going to be on the same subject we’ve had already?

    Shouts of accusations of patronising.

    Q: Arsenal Ladies don’t have as high profile stadia as European ladies. Over 5,000 saw ladies play Chelsea. Better stadia would encourage more fans.

    IVAN: We invest and are more committed to women’s football than any other club in this country. We do things to a great standard for the ladies. A long term commitment. Good news: we are seeing women’s Super League getting more broadcast exposure. Sure we’ll put on another game at the Ems this season. Something we’re continuing to develop and remain committed to. This is something we can all be proud of.

    Q: In event of 1,2, 3 teams going out in group stages of CL, will there still be 4 places for English clubs?

    IVAN: Yes.

    Q: Season ticket prices frozen. Club level prices are increasing. You do not choose to mention that. Says a lot that you do not include us. Not transparent at all. Disrespectful and treats us like we’re a cash cow.

    IVAN: I acknowledge that this is a mistake. We’ve had a 2% increase. Reinvestment at club level has been dramatic. I take your point on board fully.

    Q: £13.90 for fish and chips is indeed dramatic.


    Q: What criteria used to raise CEO’s wages?

    PHW: All renumeration from club is considered by renumeration committee. Ivan and Ken extremely valuable members of the club and it was committee’s considered opinion that they were fairly rewarded for an extremely good year. So that’s why we agreed to it.

    Q: Clarify your commitment to Red and Silver members over individual ticket pricing for matches.

    IVAN: Held season ticket prices with the exception of club level flat, with long waiting lists. Costs in the game have gone up dramatically over the last seven years. Instead of increasing all the time, we’ve tried to be responsible and balance the pressure we have to spend money on players and pressure we have to generate that revenue in responsible manner. We try to achieve a good balance since we got new stadium.

    Q: Most expensive tickets in the world.


    Q: 23 clubs across Europe falling foul of FFP, excluded from European competitions this year. What about Chelsea and Man C?

    IVAN: Different part of the regulations. This is not the part that enforces break-even test, it’s overdue payments where UEFA has enforced regulations.

    PHW: Well, I think we’ve really had enough questions if you don’t mind. One more, otherwise we’ll be here all day.

    Q: I’ve been coming to these AGMs for years and nothing really changes. Please tell me if there will be changes to the board in terms of age, gender, increasing members.

    PHW: We’re all getting older. I think we’re guiding the club in the right direction. I’m not sure we’re looking at increasing the number of directors. Thank you. Ivan is prepared to stay and answer your questions. Thank you for your support and your interest in our affairs.

    Disbelieving jeers. People leave.

  352. Blimey Kev, I am going to rad all that just before bedtime ;)

    Squilli at left back, I like that, not as much as Adam will….

  353. I actually have no interest in anything the board has to say. I know what i see and i know what i want to see. I have been very disenchanted with them for a very long time. I read the report earlier. Same old same old.

  354. It’s part of my 3 point plan to get us back to winning ways Rico. :)

  355. Just going to eat, back shortly….

    Kev, I meant the board were boring, not your comments about the agm, if you know what i mean :)

  356. By the way, I’ve had no electricity at home since yesterday. The hurricane did quite a bit of damage down here. Thankfully not a lot of casualties. I’m at work but I’ll be heading home early. It sucks!

  357. Rico.. :lol;

    I hope that’s what you meant… ;-)

  358. Maribor 1 totts 0 (half-time) :-)
    Resume: Win the League maybe next year; our challenge will be again the 4th position but we must improve our football. At the moment, there are 8 teams playing better then us and maybe more 3 or 4 at the some level.
    Champions League very dificult. Schalke won two games away;Olympiakos won where we won too and will play with us at home. So we must fight ver harder to 2nd place or even the 3rd place (Europe League). No money..
    Next week, League Cup versus Reading…
    So, in November we can be out in 3 competiitons!

  359. The End of the World is Nigh……

    We’re All Doomed….

  360. Will, sounds like you need another holiday !

    JM, get your notebook out, might come in handy for Maribor yet.

  361. Stan’s hair looks suspiciously black at the AGM.

  362. Everything written about our club these days make for very depressing reading, indeed. :cry:

    Hello, all!

  363. Adam, it’s amazing what “Just for Men” can do…

    Or in Stan’s case, can’t do..!

  364. I look forward to hearing the other two Adam…. ;)

  365. JM, We may not be either :)

  366. Hi agag, it sure does…

    Kev, syrups come in all shades and sizes ;)

  367. No Rico, it cannot be true……. 8-O

  368. Next you’ll be telling me that Jimmy Choo is designing Wellington boots… :-)

    Hi Agag, how are ya buddy?

  369. That’s me done, offski ,

  370. Kev, DG10- David Icke says that when the mayan calender ends in december this year, PHW, and Stan will be enlightened to sell their shares due to the change in the earth’s magnetic flux… :o

  371. :lol: Kev, I don’t think so….

    You have a good evening, catch you soon….

  372. Morning all.
    You have all been busy overnight!!

  373. Day here Scott ;) Evening….

  374. Next Gen result – 1-0 to Marseille….

    Not a good week all round really….

  375. I’m off for the day too folks, ‘Til tomorrow all…..

    Night all….

  376. I definitely need one Micko!

  377. sleep well Rico.

  378. I say start miquel at lb. He was ok there last season, but another possibility is sagna at lb and keep jenks rb. Ive seen sagna play lb for us in the past. Better than santos, i reckon. Get huntelaar, cheap in january, top quality, if we wait for summer he could be gone. Cup tied no problem, we need him for pl — and i still like giroud. He is not the problem. Santi and arteta need some rest. Start a cap one cup team this weekend if necessary, cant be worse than what we are getting. Maybe start koz if healthy. Shake things up a bit.

  379. Gervinho to play behind Marouane Chamakh. Really he’s just about running with his long legs but has no football intelligence and quality.

  380. I think Peter Hill-Wood is a much undervalued,underestimated and under utilised part of the Arsenal family.
    Seriously,why people discard and disregard him is beyond me.
    Wenger should use the man to help our club revisit out glory days.
    Bugger the cardboard cutout….let the man BE the wall at free kick practice.
    Piss the punching bag off….he will make a more than useful stand in.
    Arsene whould never be found guilty of abusing officials again….Pete showed a talent for it last night when speaking to the clubs fans,so let him take the fines and suspensions.
    No need for Wenger to ever lower himself to shaking hands with grubs like Fergie and Pulis….step in,Big Pete.
    Trains aren’t running on time to Norwich…strap the big guy to the front of a snowplough,and through rain and hail and sleet and snow the mighty Arsenal team shall go!
    When walking down the main street of Manchester,the fans can use him as cover…..he can take the knocks…he has more hide than an elephant,after all….
    Do you want to send a “sarcasmgram” to a fellow Gooner…send Pete and have your mate ask him a questions..he will answer in a way only he can…..simple!!
    These are but a few uses for the man,and prove without question that he DOES have a use at the club.
    Unfortunately,his talents,or lack of them,are being totally bloody misused right now!!

  381. Morning all….

  382. Good morning ….


  383. TGIF indeed, dreading Saturday though…

    Morning Lee and Tsgh…

    Just going to put the new post up…

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