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Iron out the little problems Arsene…..

Morning Gooners,

We seem to be posed with questions about some of our players who are not entirely happy with ‘their lot’ and some who may be feeling the strain of being pressured.

We are in an enviable position at the moment,  the squad are responding to what looks like the Bould experiment and we seem to be doing very well.

Lets not get to complacent though as we all know things can build up and start to unhinge all the good that has gone before. Let’s not run before we can walk as we still have a few things that need sorting out. Theo for one, Bacary another.

We all know by now that Theo is not entirely happy with being played out wide and after the victory over Coventry, the manager has reiterated that he will get his chance centrally but he has to stay patient. In the meantime, the player has to make up his mind whether to sign a new contract or not.

What we have to consider is that Theo has just seen two new players signed who play primarily up front so it could be he see that chance to play central slipping away. Also there is the emergence of Oxlade-Chamberlain and Gervinho although neither are not the finished article yet, but it has to be said, they look good.

Theo is in a quandary. Should he put pen to paper, will he just remain as an impact sub who comes on to give Gervinho or Oxlade-Chamberlain a rest, and still be asked to play on the wing a position he is not entirely happy? Or does he sit tight and pressurise the Manager and hope that Wenger will give him his promised chance?

Personally I wonder if Theo has what it takes to be an out and out centre forward but credit where it’s due, he has waited patiently and I feel he at least deserves a few games in his favoured position.

Should Theo hang out till the end of his contract he will undoubtedly leave on a free with a very good signing on fee, and of course a chance to play his preferred position.

Bacary Sagna – Some supporters suggest that his recent comments have surprised them and now the same supporters are saying ‘well let him leave if his not happy’ as we have Jenkinson who has played well to date filled and Yennaris behind him.

I am a huge fan of Jenkinson but there is no question in my mind that before Sagna got injured, he was one of the best right backs in the Premier League. I feel that whatever is in Bacary’s mind about his future, it has to be sorted out sooner rather than later. Good fullbacks are not that easy to come across and Sagna has been the mainstay in our side for quite sometime now and will be in the future.

If we are to finally win silverware, we need both Sagna and Jenkinson.

Although Arsene Wenger is a great manager, he does have his faults, one being that he is not very open with information and I suspect that none of the players were aware of his plans to bring in new summer signings.

Cesc Fabregas left for Barcelona as he must have felt that Arsenal had stagnated and with the constant signing of ‘unknowns’, he must have believed that life with us was always going to be an uphill struggle. Nasri saw Fabregas depart and he must have felt the same way and I can understand that. Clichy no doubt felt the same and with Arsenals wage structure it’s quite understandable.

Although I felt betrayed by them, I now see why they moved on.

Robin van Persie was coming up to 30, he had just had a great injury free season and his contract was up for renewal. I am sure Robin must have thought he was at the right club for him but as negotiations started he must have been quite shocked at what was probably offered to him. At 30 years old and with Arsenals policy, he would probably only been offered a one year contract and had he signed that contract and his form dropped, the chance of another year at the end of it would probably not have materialised and who else would want a washed up centre forward of 30 odd years old?

I am not one who believes that Arsenal polices should be changed for the sake of one individual, but my heart fluttered when he left for United, but at the end of the day Robin would have only of had his family and future earnings on his mind. I wish him well, but not against us.

As I said before, Wenger holds things very close to his chest, his briefings tell us very little and I guess the players are told even less. His dealings in the transfer window would have surprised the players as much as it did us.

They couldn’t have expected to be in the position they are in now after Van the man went, I certainly didn’t, but Wenger again has worked his magic and the players have belief.

We have just played the Premier League Champions of last year on their own turf, a fixture that last year we wouldn’t have been looking forward to. We went there this season with one thought in our minds and that was to win and we almost did. We didn’t sit back like we did with Montpelier, we went all out and outplayed them for most of the game and we were unlucky not to win. They certainly wont relish the return.

Saturday is a home fixture against Chelsea, another Big Gun in the Premier League and I doubt they will be looking forward to this one. They are top of the league at the moment but they know in their hearts that may not be for long.

Both sides have had midweek cup games and players were rested but the big guns will be back for this fixture. Both will be desperate to win tomorrow, it could very well play a big part in who finishes top of the league come May.

That could very well be us but we have to sort our little problems out soon before they become a long-term problem.

Come on you mighty Gunners.

Written by Steve Palmer.

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102 comments on “Iron out the little problems Arsene…..

  1. Good Morning my Esteemed Fellow Gunners

    United have just bought a chinese player by the name of FAK RU NI.

    It has been reported that while he was entering the grounds a gang of Manure supporters were beating his father who was around 50 meters behind him.

    The player said that he does not yet know the reason why. All he knows is that his father started calling his name to give him something, when suddenly a gang of Manure supporters started beating him up. An eyewitness said that a stocky broad shouldered United player was seen running towards the mob and it was thought that he was going to help. However he was seen to kick the poor man together with the rest.

    Fak Ru Ni is suffering from shock and is being consoled by SAF red nose himself.

  2. Off to read the article now.

  3. Good post Steve…… we truly need to sort these issues out before they come back to hunt us in the end.

  4. Morning all,

    Good post Steve.

    I don’t think ‘off field issues’ for the want of a better expression are ever good for a side. And I don’t believe that the contract situation will be doing Theo any good at all. Hope it’s sorted soon.

    Sagna, well he has said his comments were all twisted and he loves the club, so I’m not overly fussed about him, other than I really hope he signs a contract extension too, as you say he is one of the best in the PL, maybe in football, before his injury…

    Interesting though that the Daily Star, Adams favourite newspaper, reports that Jenkinson could get a call from the England camp. Will he accept any such offer or will he stick with Finland…..?

  5. Nice post Steve.

    Personally I’ve always thought theo would come good in the end, I have to say this season he has a bit more purpose about his play and so far a bit more end product. He is currently our top scorer after all. ;) I hope he signs on but if not so be it, I’m sure he could be replaced from within and with at least £36mill in the bank we should be able to buy a replacements.
    also hope Bac stays, we are much stronger with him in the squad than without.
    Surely both players must look at our start this year and see we have a good chance to challenge!

  6. Sry, morning all.

  7. Morning all!

    I don’t see Wenger’s habit of keeping his cards close to his chest as a fault. Why give any information away when it could be used to our club’s disadvantage?

    Should he make public his transfer targets before they are signed up? I don’t think so.

    I imagine that Wenger tells the players exactly what they need to know. Let’s face it anything he did tell them would no doubt get passed on to agents, friends, families and eventually to the press.

    Once that information got into the hands of the press it would be twisted, misquoted, taken out of context and used to further the anti-Arsenal agenda of much of the sport media.

  8. Nice article Sir SP. Good points regarding the unstable effects the off field issues might have.

    However let us remember that this time we have Bould/Banfield instead of Rice and while the latter was a faithful servant the former two are new and eager to impose their authority.

    I would like Sagna to stay. However knowing the way Arsene works it might be that he would be sold since now is the right time to fetch a good amount, especially as he is wanted by Inter.

  9. Was it just me, or did anyone else notice the lack of celebration after Theo’s two goals. Ordinarily the whole team will bombard the goal scorer but not the other night…

    Maybe they were just being respectful to the Coventry players…

  10. Rico,

    Maybe they’re not exactly ecstatic about his contract situation.

  11. I did not notice it Rico. But viewing the goals again proves you right. Do the players know something already??

    Last season it happened with Song. Whenever another player scored AW would jump up but whenever Song scored AW remained seated. Now we know a little bit more about Song.

    Is the fact that he is not playing regularly from the start of matches indicating something??

  12. JW – I would’t be either…

    He either wants to be a part of this squad or he doesn’t and if its the latter, AW should stick him in the reserves..

    However, from his latest comments, he’s up for a battle will Cashley tomorrow…

  13. It’s a beautiful morning, countryside calls, off for a nice long walk and a pub lunch.

    Back (much) later.

  14. Rico…….I gave you the answer to who was beaten up in the first reply to this article.

    Can you imagine why his father was beaten up?? It is escaping me. :lol:

  15. or maybe Theo is just not happy scoring goals

  16. I didn’t really spot that with Song devil….

    Think you are right about why he doesn’t start too and even blinkered me can see his body language is far from being right when he comes on….

    Chelsea is a perfect game for him as it will be very open, be interesting to see whether he starts, could tell us a lot…

  17. Enjoy JW, I think you will too ;)

    devil, I thought that was a wind up??

    bondex, he loves scoring goals, just others don’t seem to share his joy right now….

  18. Does this still give you shivers?????

  19. Morning all….good read SP!
    My head is sore….too much vin rouge last night!

  20. It still does with me. And IMO I still think that that was a significant and poignant moment for Arsenal as a club. I think that the present team was built from that moment onwards.

  21. What gives me the shivers this morning is the fact that my boiler has broken and have no heating :(

    Oops Lee, a long day for you then….

  22. Do you reckon TH14 had a word in AW’s ear??

  23. Put a jumper on Rico!

  24. Hiya,

    rico says:
    September 28, 2012 at 9:48 am

    Was it just me, or did anyone else notice the lack of celebration after Theo’s two goals. Ordinarily the whole team will bombard the goal scorer but not the other night…

    Maybe they were just being respectful to the Coventry players…

    Are you catching some of my paranoia tendacies?lol
    Very interesting observation, I thought the same Re. celebartions, but as you have informed me on a few occasions here, I thought I may be reading too much into it. haha.

    May it was because his goal were not really seen as relevant at that stage.

  25. theo should sign before january or else AW will sell him.i love theo,but he should be patient cos after all its wenger’s duty to draw his formation and play him anywhere he want.wenger says he’s never against theo playing centrally but he need to be patient.

  26. I have two on already Lee….

  27. Morning all.

    What I said on Monday?


    Bacary Sagna is a good solid player and doesn’t appear the type to unsettle the ship.

  28. Thanks for that video DG. So good!

  29. :lol: Tsgh – I hope it’s just that the goals weren’t really significant as the game was over.

    The way AW has spoken Seedou, he’s prepared to let this run until summer, hoping that in the meantime, he signs…

  30. Fire up the log burner!

  31. Syg, me neither re Sagna.

    And, I still have the view that one day soon, we will see Jenks playing central defender, he’s just filling in, learning another side to his game on the right.

    Bit like Theo really ;)

  32. Just thinking about that Lee, the engineer is supposed to be here before midday, if he’s not, it will be lit.

  33. Carl Jenkinson = Tony Adams (one day)…

    And I said it first :lol:

  34. So the gunners have posted a healthy profit. But they were from player sales not on the football pitch.If the gunners can win somethingg this season the sponsorships expiring could be a bonus. Sponsors want to be associated with brand name winners.
    Arsenal is a well known brand internationally. So hopefully they can win any of the Fa,epl or cl . It would be great if thye pull it off.

  35. We always knew the figures would reveal that James, at least so far we look like a side that can win something.. Injuries will as always be our worry…

  36. Already our odds have tumbled from 14/1 for the title down to 8/1.
    A win versus Chelsea on Saturday will shake the media up.. We’ll be taken seriously

  37. I’m on at 15-1 SYG!!

  38. I’d rather we were 50/1 and we all had a £1000 on them, and of course we go onto win it :)

    Rob the bookies….

  39. What will the centre back pairing be this weekend? I imagine verm is back being the captain and all, but who will make way? Per has been immense this season, but Kos had a great showing last weekend!

  40. I have a feeling it will be Kos and TV for their speed…

  41. Was thinking the same. Chelsea’s attack is very mobile.

  42. Wonder whether Terry will play, Chelsea have a run of tough fixtures ahead…. I hope he appeals and the FA double his ban, how he only got 4 matches is a joke…

  43. I am with you Rico. I think that Kos and TV will be the centrback
    Per might have a flu or some gastroenteritis due to taking a soup with some queer roots brewed by AW himself.

    Regarding Jenks I am of that thought also. I have a feeling that he is learning all positions. He already has played at rb and lb for Arsenal. CB for Charlton.

  44. Utter BS isn’t it. Just for using the words he should get at least the same as Suarez. Double standards.

  45. Anyone else waiting for the Ryder Cup to get going??

  46. Ah, but I still said it first devil ;)

    Merts and Miquel on the bench I hope….

    Lewis, Fergie isn’t over the moon about it either…

  47. At the moment Fergie is taking care of FAK RU NI.

  48. Nah devil, he’s been talking to the press…

  49. Good morning Ric et al.

    SP — A good, fair and balanced article. My only exception has already been well covered by JW’s 9:45 am post.

  50. I agree too. It could be him and Miguel in 3 years time in the heart of defence. Possibly earlier if the captains curse does bite

  51. Hi Cg…

    Tsgh – Miguel over JD for me. He is more athletic and versatile…

  52. Hello, all!! Back in a bit! :) Off to read everything now!

  53. Rico. I think he should be used as a backup to Gibbs to be honest. Santos should be used as a backup to Poldi when we are playing attacking teams like Montpellier

  54. Rico — I think we should avoid trying to read too much into the Theo situation until we have some factual information. The game had already been well and truly won by the time Theo scored his second goal. We haven’t played Coventry City since about 2000 and one of our Young Guns (forgot which one) was a mascot for that game. Therefore, no animosity or hyper rivalry with them and no need to rub another goal in their faces.

    I hope Theo’s contract extension is sorted out very soon and that he chooses to stay with Arsenal. The last thing I want to see is some of our more reactionary fans booing him because he has not yet signed.

  55. Hi agag…

    Tsgh – said similar last season, he played really well at Lb, more disciplined than Santos….

  56. The mascot was Yennaris Rico.

  57. DG — Thanks for the clarification.

  58. Cg, I agree there too, as said yesterday, everyone is just guessing at what will happen, only the player and the club know what will be the outcome….

    But, if TW has said he won’t be signing then just hope he sells him in Jan…

  59. 12pm devil – you have lost me??

    I knew Yennaris was once a mascot – but missed the question ;)

  60. Lee says:
    September 28, 2012 at 10:58 am

    Hope you had £50 on Lee… that’ll be a tidy return

  61. Popping off for a bit…..

  62. Afternoon all, good post Steve,
    Very refreshing going into a big game in such good shape, hasn’t happened for a while now, lots of good vibes in the air, will be a cracking atmosphere tomorrow.
    Sagna’s comments were blown outta porportion, it was the International break and the media were just shit stirring as usual, Jenks for England will surely happen, he’s come a long way in a short time, his patience will be rewarded.
    I do think Walcott’s being a bit of a dick, he needs to take a look around him, he’s in a fantastic place at the moment with a great offer on the table, come January he’ll be free to talk with any club he wants, we can’t let that happen, iron out the problems or hang him out to dry.

  63. Rico — I’m just hoping Theo is a man on a mission to show Arsene that he can be a CF. He certainly seems to be up for Saturday’s game vs. Chelski. He was talking about giving Cashley ‘Ole a roasting. So, he must be anticipating playing on the right wing.

    It’s a great time to be a Gooner when there is very little to whinge about. Anyway, I just popped in to check today’s article. I try to pop back before closing time. Have a great day my fellow Gooners! Let’s give Chelski a real ass kicking.

  64. I dont want to read much into the goal celebrations Rico… I think theo is selfishly thinking about himself. He wanted to be the star of the team after rvp… As much as rvp did for us last season i felt in some games that he was playing for himself rather than the team especially from december to february. Giving walcott the strikers position immediately will breed same selfishness in theo and increase his market value… And who knows he may decide to leave for city to earn more money. This is what wenger is trying to avoid by keeping him on the bench. Also did anyone see theo’s stare at poldolski when pold was substituted against cologne….. It was the type that you give your rival. That said i want him to start against chelsea on sunday.

  65. Good morning (or afternoon/evening). I’m over the Theo discussion until January. Bacary is proven quality and we need to keep him. We’ve seen how the results can drop a bad game at full back.

  66. cracking game between South Africa and Pakistan.

  67. Good post, SSP. I wish both Theo and Sagna would stay. It’s early days yet, but we are looking like a team to contend with. For the first time in ages, we can rotate by choice and not because of injury. Theo would be silly to leave. And Sagna is too good a player to let go.

    Hiya, rico!

  68. Afternoon guys and gals….

    Gosh my home is very warm now :)

  69. Hey Rico, good to know you’re good and warm. We aren’t short on warmth in my neck of the woods. Sometimes i wish we didn’t have so much! The tropics can be great, but it can also be a bit much at times.

  70. At Man. City last season we played at least as well as last week, lost 1-0 but had two stonewall penalties disallowed, and lost unluckily.

  71. Hi Will, where are you if you don’t mind me asking?

    MW – any idea who the ref is tomorrow?

  72. rico, Jamaica.

  73. Ah, I think you may have said, sorry Will….

    Lovely… Never been there, only to one of your neighbours, St Lucia….

  74. Always fancied a visit to Jamaica…

  75. Hello Lee.

    How is your head?

  76. THESE are heady days at Arsenal and such is the success being enjoyed by the Gunners that Bacary Sagna looks set to extend his stay at the Emirates.

    In recent weeks rumours have emerged suggesting the 29-year-old French defender might make a move to one of Real Madrid or Inter Milan. Now it appears he’s ready to commit his future to Arsenal.

    The Metro says that Sagna, currently recovering from a broken leg, will be offered a new contract “within a fortnight” as Arsenal look to send out a clear message to any club eyeing up the French international.

    Although Sagna is said to be disappointed at the lack of silverware won by the club since he arrived from Auxerre in 2007, he’s been encouraged by what’s he seen of the new-look Gunners. Wenger for his part is “desperate” to keep hold of Sagna and will reward the full-back with a lucrative deal. In fact, the Metro says Sagna will become one of the best paid players at the club when he puts pen to paper.

  77. Hi devil, great news, really hope it’s true and he signs….

  78. Martin W. Did we not also have a perfectly good goal ruled out for offside up there?

  79. Seems as if my suspects are unfounded after all. hope its true also. he would help the defence and also ease Jenks through.

  80. Devil. Hardly rocket science?

  81. In a press conference today ahead of the match, Chelsea manager Roberto Di Matteo said that Terry would be available for selection after training yesterday, and would remain the team’s captain in the wake of the FA’s ruling that he would be banned and fined after being found guilty of racially abusing QPR defender Anton Ferdinand.

    FA rules state that John Terry will have a two week period in which he can lodge an appeal, which is how he’s available rather than being banned immediately. He almost certainly will appeal, delaying his suspension further, but honestly I don’t care about anything that does or doesn’t happen to him unless he’s playing against Arsenal.

    It’s yet to be determined whether Terry will actually play or not – Di Matteo called Terry “a senior pro” with “plenty of experience” to deal with the situation in front of him, which leads me to believe he plans to start him, but with David Luiz and Gary Cahill there are certainly choices available to Di Matteo should he choose to go another direction.

  82. Yes but if one takes into consideration the way AW treats those who are over 29, plus his commens and the emergence of Jenks it would have pointed to Sagna going off.

  83. Now this is something I really like to see………….

    Arsenal defender Carl Jenkinson could be in line for a surprise call-up to the England squad for the upcoming World Cup qualifier against San Marino.

    The Daily Mail has reported that Roy Hodgson is considering selecting the former Charlton right-back after learning of the long-term injury to Liverpool defender Martin Kelly.

    A cruciate injury means Kelly will be out of action for several months, while his fellow Liverpool defender Glen Johnson cannot feature against San Marino as he is serving a one-match suspension.

    The 20-year-old has hugely impressed this season after being handed the chance to deputise for the injured Bacary Sagna. Jenkinson has started all five league games and has been part of a stringent back four which has conceded just two league goals.

    Having moved from Charlton to the Emirates in the summer of 2011 for just £1million, Jenkinson had a difficult start to his Arsenal career when he was sent-off in the 8-2 defeat to Manchester United.

    However, he came back strong from that disappointment and Gunners boss Arsene Wenger believes that he will become an important player for England.

    “I believe Jenkinson will have an impact here and you will fight for him not to play for Finland,” Wenger is quoted as saying in the Daily Mail.

    Jenkinson, born in Harlow, has represented Finland at Under-21 level and Hodgson may decide to select him in the squad in order to prove that he has a future playing for the country of his birth.

  84. Good old Arsene. He can always surprise us can’t he?

  85. My dad has just said that one day Jenks will captain Arsenal.

    Now that would make my day.

  86. Afternoon Adam….

    devil – again, i suggested similar re Jenks, the future Tony Adams….

  87. Am I the only one…….but I saw a film of the whole game vs coventry and it seemed that with AA in Cazorla’s position he seemed to get a very good understanding with Giroud. Seems as if 4-4-1-1 suited them both. There was a certain fluidity between them and even the team switched from 4-4-1-1 to a 4-2-3-1 easily.

    Rico can you kindly delete the above comment as I have corrected the mistake now.

  88. Head subsided….I have two bags of sashimi and sushi to devour when I get in…hmmm!!!

  89. All done devil…

    sashimi and sushi Lee… Is that nice then?

  90. That was a lovely six mile walk, pint of Charles Wells IPA, sausage and mash followed by lemon sponge and custard and all for just eight quid.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s game even though I shall have to record it and watch later, have to take my grandson to the dry slope for a ski lesson.

    Koscielny, Meretesacker or Vermaelen? I’ll go for Thomas and Laurent, If Drogba was still there then Per would be preferred.

    I can’t see Arshavin or Walcott starting, front three of Podolski, Giroud and Gervinho.

    This is our best chance against the Chavs for several seasons, even though we beat them 5 – 3 last time out.

    C’mon The Glorious Gunners!!!

  91. That sounds simply perfect JW, all topped off with a battering of the Chavs I hope….

  92. All quiet here so I’m off for an evening with The Ryder Cup…

    Night all….

  93. hello all!
    u-18 Arsenal -WBA 0-0 not good
    Any news for the line-up for tomorrow?

  94. Its just a shame things got this far with theo, how did the club not see this coming?

  95. Lee, it’s not a bad place to be a tourist.

  96. Nigel,they have been speaking to Theo for 12 months or so.
    They DID see it coming,they just haven’t come to an agreement.

  97. Morning all…

    Another big test today….

  98. Morning all.
    The mighty Sydney Swans have just won the AFL grand Final…..a massive result for the “underdogs” lol.
    You beauty.
    Arsenal to complete the double for me.

  99. Morning Scott, I take it you follow the Swans??

  100. New Post up….

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