Iron out the little problems Arsene…..

Morning Gooners,

We seem to be posed with questions about some of our players who are not entirely happy with ‘their lot’ and some who may be feeling the strain of being pressured.

We are in an enviable position at the moment,  the squad are responding to what looks like the Bould experiment and we seem to be doing very well.

Lets not get to complacent though as we all know things can build up and start to unhinge all the good that has gone before. Let’s not run before we can walk as we still have a few things that need sorting out. Theo for one, Bacary another.

We all know by now that Theo is not entirely happy with being played out wide and after the victory over Coventry, the manager has reiterated that he will get his chance centrally but he has to stay patient. In the meantime, the player has to make up his mind whether to sign a new contract or not.

What we have to consider is that Theo has just seen two new players signed who play primarily up front so it could be he see that chance to play central slipping away. Also there is the emergence of Oxlade-Chamberlain and Gervinho although neither are not the finished article yet, but it has to be said, they look good.

Theo is in a quandary. Should he put pen to paper, will he just remain as an impact sub who comes on to give Gervinho or Oxlade-Chamberlain a rest, and still be asked to play on the wing a position he is not entirely happy? Or does he sit tight and pressurise the Manager and hope that Wenger will give him his promised chance?

Personally I wonder if Theo has what it takes to be an out and out centre forward but credit where it’s due, he has waited patiently and I feel he at least deserves a few games in his favoured position.

Should Theo hang out till the end of his contract he will undoubtedly leave on a free with a very good signing on fee, and of course a chance to play his preferred position.

Bacary Sagna – Some supporters suggest that his recent comments have surprised them and now the same supporters are saying ‘well let him leave if his not happy’ as we have Jenkinson who has played well to date filled and Yennaris behind him.

I am a huge fan of Jenkinson but there is no question in my mind that before Sagna got injured, he was one of the best right backs in the Premier League. I feel that whatever is in Bacary’s mind about his future, it has to be sorted out sooner rather than later. Good fullbacks are not that easy to come across and Sagna has been the mainstay in our side for quite sometime now and will be in the future.

If we are to finally win silverware, we need both Sagna and Jenkinson.

Although Arsene Wenger is a great manager, he does have his faults, one being that he is not very open with information and I suspect that none of the players were aware of his plans to bring in new summer signings.

Cesc Fabregas left for Barcelona as he must have felt that Arsenal had stagnated and with the constant signing of ‘unknowns’, he must have believed that life with us was always going to be an uphill struggle. Nasri saw Fabregas depart and he must have felt the same way and I can understand that. Clichy no doubt felt the same and with Arsenals wage structure it’s quite understandable.

Although I felt betrayed by them, I now see why they moved on.

Robin van Persie was coming up to 30, he had just had a great injury free season and his contract was up for renewal. I am sure Robin must have thought he was at the right club for him but as negotiations started he must have been quite shocked at what was probably offered to him. At 30 years old and with Arsenals policy, he would probably only been offered a one year contract and had he signed that contract and his form dropped, the chance of another year at the end of it would probably not have materialised and who else would want a washed up centre forward of 30 odd years old?

I am not one who believes that Arsenal polices should be changed for the sake of one individual, but my heart fluttered when he left for United, but at the end of the day Robin would have only of had his family and future earnings on his mind. I wish him well, but not against us.

As I said before, Wenger holds things very close to his chest, his briefings tell us very little and I guess the players are told even less. His dealings in the transfer window would have surprised the players as much as it did us.

They couldn’t have expected to be in the position they are in now after Van the man went, I certainly didn’t, but Wenger again has worked his magic and the players have belief.

We have just played the Premier League Champions of last year on their own turf, a fixture that last year we wouldn’t have been looking forward to. We went there this season with one thought in our minds and that was to win and we almost did. We didn’t sit back like we did with Montpelier, we went all out and outplayed them for most of the game and we were unlucky not to win. They certainly wont relish the return.

Saturday is a home fixture against Chelsea, another Big Gun in the Premier League and I doubt they will be looking forward to this one. They are top of the league at the moment but they know in their hearts that may not be for long.

Both sides have had midweek cup games and players were rested but the big guns will be back for this fixture. Both will be desperate to win tomorrow, it could very well play a big part in who finishes top of the league come May.

That could very well be us but we have to sort our little problems out soon before they become a long-term problem.

Come on you mighty Gunners.

Written by Steve Palmer.

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