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Finally we can beat Barcelona! Chamakh looked sharp, Giroud off the mark and a tricky next round fixture….

Morning Gooners,

No doubt you have all seen the goals from last nights 6-1 victory over Coventry, so there is no need for me to describe them.

Coventry put up a decent resistance in the first half, keeping the score respectable and credit to them for not parking the bus. They came to The Emirates and played the right way.

Giroud worked hard throughout the game and thoroughly deserved his goal, the one which will hopefully see him go on and score many more.

Arshavin too had a very good game and Yennaris worked hard in midfield but I personally prefer him at right-back.

1-0 at half-time.

Coventry began the 2nd half really well but it wasn’t long before Arshavin was fouled in the box, penalty!

Two idiots decided to run onto the pitch which delayed, and possibly prevented Giroud from grabbing his second of the night. All the same, he hit a good low shot right into the corner, only to see the Coventry goalkeeper make a great save.

Yes it was a save, not a miss!!

We didn’t have to wait too long though for the second, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain smashed in a wonderful goal and with it came the Coventry collapse.

From then on it was a case of how many and that is not being disrespectful to the opposition.

I honestly believe that Arsenal could have scored as many as 9 goals, but I’ll settle for 6.

Arshavin grabbed himself a goal, Walcott got 2 and Miquel popped up with a smart header to get in on the act.

That’s 12 goals in successive home games for the Gunners.

Chamakh looked sharp when he came on (yes really!) whilst Frimpong looked understandably rusty, but got the loudest cheer when he came…

For me, the highlight was seeing Serge Gnabry for the final 15 or so minutes, he only made a few runs and subtle moves, but that kid oozes quality. Believe me, he is going to excite us all in the years ahead…

I also thought that Martinez looked assured in goal, He has a very safe pair of hands and could do little about Coventry’s goal.

Good job done……..

Now to smash Reading in the next round….

Finally, a mention for Arsenal Ladies. They were in Spain yesterday for their Champions League first leg against Barcelona. They battered them 3-0 thanks to goals from Jennifer Beattie, Jordan Nobbs and Katie Chapman.

Barring a catastrophe in the second leg in London, they will be through to the next round.

Great night all round for The Arsenal…..

Written by Allezkev

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228 comments on “Finally we can beat Barcelona! Chamakh looked sharp, Giroud off the mark and a tricky next round fixture….

  1. Good Morning my Esteemed Fellow Gunners.

    The goals scored by Theo were typical TH goals the one scored by Theo.

    What I cannot get or fathom out is why the hell he wants to be a central striker when playing on the wings is a much easier.

    Ultimately, I think its all about money, not position.

  2. Morning DG,

    Perhaps Walcott doesn’t want an easy life on the wing, maybe he wants to prove he can play where the game is harder. Good luck to the lad!

  3. Morning devil and all…

    Not being pompous here but…..

    He’s best cutting in from the left ;)

  4. And AW said again that he will get his chance as a striker, he even said his finishing is excellent….

    Contract talks are ongoing, just get on and sign the darn thing Theo and we can all move on….

  5. Good morning,

    Devil- Your comment is exactly what I was thinking re TW14.
    He seems very good at the PR stunts. In reality, it is of course financial, so my guess is he will come out with something about not being played in the preferred position by AW even if wide attack is where he will probably turn out for his next club.I suspect he may be going to replace Nani at the manure.

    Le Coq seems to have a bad attitude though.He seemed miffed when substituted. I know we all love him here but if this is is attitude at 21 when he is a squad player then what will it be like when/if he is well established. Judging from yester nights performance, I think our Yennaris is ahead of him in all areas. He grabbed two assists too.

    All in all I think we have a very good squad for this year, will luck aside we can finish 2nd and grab the first CoC.

  6. How rude of me, thanks Ak for the post, good read….

  7. Up gunners. I pray for arsenal to beat chelsea so that we can close the point between them.I LOVE GUNNERS TILL THE LAST STRENGTH IN MY BODY.

  8. Morning JW and Tsgh…

    Can’t see Walcott ever joining Manure, his dad would never forgive him….

    If Coq wants to behave in such a way, Frimps will soon overtake him imho…

  9. RIP Andy Williams…..

    Without him, we wouldn’t have all been singing ‘We love you Freddie’…..

  10. He was signed as a striker according to him and I have got to agree with him that he should be tried in the central role. With him on the shoulder of any CB it would be very scary for them and as he showed last night without too much time to think he just slots the ball home. However on the wing how many times have we seen him run into defenders because he does not know what to do with the ball and he does not have the trickery to go round them.

  11. Goodmorning gunners,

  12. That’s because he isn’t a winger goonerob and he knows that too, trouble is, he is played there, performs average and gets a slating from fans.

    Really hope he gets his chance with us first before he shows how good he could be in that central role for another club…

  13. rico says:
    September 27, 2012 at 9:31 am
    Morning JW and Tsgh…

    Can’t see Walcott ever joining Manure, his dad would never forgive him….

    If Coq wants to behave in such a way, Frimps will soon overtake him imho….. we said almost the same thing about ..you know who.

  14. Morning emma, more good news then….

  15. Love WENGER for this statement:

  16. Good morning Rico et al.

    AK — Nice summary of the game. However, you didn’t comment on the crowd or the atmosphere in the stadium. Did the ‘Celestial Choir’ make an appearance or are they an away game phenomenon?

  17. Good Post Kev. Well done for saving the day mate. I was frustrated at not seeing the game.

    This morning I watched some good highlights. And I will be answering the question you asked me a few days ago.

    Who will be the eventual successor to Arteta? Le Coq, Frimps or Jack. I told you none of them are his level as leaders and readers of the game. Yesterday you had the answer in front of your eyes. And his name is Nico Yennaris.

    Yes he has his youthful exuberance, but he is more the better reader of the game than the others. He is more the Gilberto/Arteta type than the other three.

    I can imagine a midfield of Jack, Frimps and Nico. With Coquelin rotating . But I can tell you that in two years time Nico will be one of first names on the sheet.

    Imagine this Line-up which includes the following…….Mannone, Jenkinson, Miguel,Gibbs,Yennaris, Wilshere, Frimpong
    Theo, Eisfeld, Gnabry, OX, Ramsey, Ryo…….that is 13 players from the academy.

  18. Emma — Than you for posting the link to the goal round-up last night. It was nice to see what I had been listening to on an audio only report of the game. It was greatly appreciated.

  19. positive days ahead…..

  20. bondex, I always thought ‘you know who’ would go to manure….

    but Theo’s dad is a Liverpool fan and we know what they think of manure

  21. I think the media changed their tune on EF26 when he stated he wanted to play for Ghana.

    His performance against Udinese and Livepool last year showed he can play in the DM role by himself.The fact is that he is the most combative and physical player we have in the squad. Remember Roman Riquelme even stated that he was the strongest DM he had ever played against in his career after the Emirates Cup 2 years ago.

    For fact is that Le Coq could have really established himself as a full back but he never seems to come across like he feels privileged to play for us.

  22. You can watch 13mins highlight of the match(Arsenal v Coventry) here : http://arsenalist.com/video/?id=xtwgwc

  23. Wenger is spot on, we have all been saying we need two in every position. Thankfully he finally see’s it the same, and hopefully we will stop seeing square pegs in round holes….

    Morning Cg…

  24. It was great to see the scoring duties distributed through the team with six goals from five scorers. That is going to concern opposition teams far more than one star striker.

    Emma — Thank you again for the extended highlights link.

  25. Sure is bondex, three more weeks and our injury cupboard could finally be empty…

    Long may it stay that way….

    Tsgh – I was concerned that Frimps would recover mentally from his doubly injury and from what AW has said, his attitude and fitness has never been better.

    The next few months will be interesting watching him progress and at least there is no need to rush him…

  26. Another thing.

    I strongly suspect that Jack Wilshere is fit, and ready to play and would have ordinarily been included last night.

    However, as soon as he steps foot onto the pitch, Roy Hodgson would include him in the England squad for the October game. That imho is why his return is delayed…

    Norwich away it is then ;)

  27. Bondex, Rico money talks.

    I guess my training and exp from my old job as a … is clouding my judgement but … hey its a suspicion.

    The reason I mentioned manure is that, I heard, him and Song were the ones to have made the most noise about VP going to the manure. Also in the last few days/weeks he been going on about missing you no who. If things are not going as well as they should be going for the Red Nose by January I can see him planting the seed to link ‘You know who’ with Theo. Just a theory I guess.

  28. any one got any highlights clip link???
    the one emma mentioned is not working

  29. I totally understand your theory Tsgh

    Reckon he’ll sign on real soon though…. or am I just hoping too much…

  30. Sorry lolly, seems that link has been withdrawn…

  31. lolly – Sorry the links has been removed due to copyright ….

  32. Morning all.

    Just watched the highlights from last night and from the little I saw must say all were impressive. Not seen arshavin play that we’ll in an arsenal shirt for a long time. I know it was only Coventry but you can only beat what’s on front of you and they did a fine job.

    Interesting to see what the line up will be for the weekend now as all those who had a point to prove last night did just that.

  33. Morning all,
    Great result last night, i understand that You were at the match last night AK, blinding report mate, to be at the match and write the report when you got home shows your a goooner through and through, While people like myself searched the internet trying to find a stream without any luck at all, i admire your reserve. Watched the highlights this morning as staying up till half past twelve last night was too late for me. Bloody cheek if you ask me the television people are only interested in United sod everybody else. We seem to have goalscorers all over the park and i must admit they were all good goals, even Coventry’s goal was a gem and i have to agree with you AK that the young keeper had no chance. The penalty save was again as you said a blinding save and not a miss, glad to see that Giroud has finally got off the mark with a lovely little chip, shame the penalty may have knocked his confidence though. This team or should i say squad has given me the belief that we are onto a very good season , i have seen that one or two supporters are a bit miffed by the coqu’s attitude when he came off but thats the attitude we need nobody should want to come off and while were firering on all cylinders i wouldn’t take kindly to being replaced either. Well done AK you are fast becoming a legend yourself :)

  34. I hope so Rico. Any point the media keep forgetting is that TW14 started playing on the wings 3.5 years ago after Hleb left us. If I can remember correctly in the CC final in 2007 he played up front with TH14 when he scored first in the 2-1 loss against Maureen’s Chelsea.He then moved to the left to try to cut in like TH14 with Hleb playing on the other side.

    Harry was one of the first ones to say TW14 should play as a striker and that he use to play him as a striker at the Dell, but that is a fat lie. All his goals at Southampton were scored when he played on the left. When he first join us, I remember him saying how he was trying to model his game as TH14 by cutting in from the left. He even went to the WC as a winger.

  35. Good morning gunners, who is chamakh?

  36. If utd offered theo £100k/week and a fat signing on fee, I’m sure he would go there, as TSGH said, money talks.

  37. Morning Lewis and Steve..

    Spot on re the ‘you can only beat who is front of you’ and we did, with it will come more confidence and the ‘habit’ of winning…

    That’s all we ask for…

  38. see the pitch invader at the fantastic arsenal display against coventry:

  39. Think he’d be happy as a left sided winger Tsgh, just not a right sided one, it’s not natural for him and we see that each week…

    He’ll sign, and lets not forget that he says, he has already turned down moves away in the summer… He is happy with us and says its not a money issue and we have to believe him….

  40. Any comments/opinions on the Ox’s performance apart from his well taken goal. I am hearing he was quite selfish or if I may put it in a politically correct way, trying too hard in the first half.lol

  41. Morning Gdna, no idea re Chamakh ;)

  42. It`s a good job I took time out to watch the extended highlights. I must have just made it under the wire before they were withdrawn.

    Five players scored and Djourou and Gnabry both had decent attempts save or deflected. It was great to see Giroud and Ox open their scoring for this season. If it keeps up like this, it wont be a question of who has scored or will score, but who hasn`t. Andrey Arshavin had a beautiful goal and played very well centrally behind the striker. He really seemed to be enjoying his football and it was nice to see him playing for his supper.

    Even with the inclusion of a number of the Academy and U21 players the team maintained the flowing passing and interchange of positions. It was fantastic to see our Young Guns slot into the team so seamlessly. The future truly looks great with so many promising young players schooled in the Arsenal Way with the real potential to step up into the first team.

  43. I think we should get off Walcott’s back.. He’s a good player who wants to stay at Arsenal, I believe him when he says it’s about his playing position not money. If he can score goals, like he did last night, on a regular basis, he’s worth keeping and well worth £75k a week, what’s more he’s English and we need to build a core of local talent.

  44. I have those extended highlights but on facebook…..can’t copy the link sorry guys.
    Just about to watch them!!

  45. Rico. I sincerely hope so. Personally, I do not understand what is stopping him from signing a contract if it has nothing to do with money.

    My reason is that I can not believe that any manager worth his salt will be guarantee to play a player in only 1 position. Judging from the outside looking in, if he truly wanted to stay, at his age he can sign a 3 year contract and then force a move away in 2 years time if he hadn’t gotten a decent chance at CF.

    Having been on here for a few weeks now, I judge you always have a very positive outlook on things, but for me as former military man I look at things from a cynical point of view. lol

  46. You can download the full match here. It takes less than an hr. Enjoy!!!


  47. Can’t comment Tsgh, only seen the goals…

  48. Theo’s dad a Liverpool fan !!!!! …… now I see. Truth is either he signs or goes I’m already recreating his space for gnabry in my heart.

  49. Thanks emma

  50. Gee we have some class coming through.

  51. Emma,

    Is that an hour to download or an hour to watch? If it’s to download, on my ultra-low-speed broadband I wont get to watch it until the middle of next week. :-)

  52. So was Theo as a kid bondex…

    His choice, if he wants to be at a club which is on it’s way to being winners again, then he’ll stay. If not, he can naff off ;)

  53. You need to watch the match. Arshavin was smoking good playing behind the striker. He interchange position with the OX. Have being saying it that Arshavin could be best utilize behind the striker and not the wings

  54. Trouble is Scott, we seem to say that every season but seldom do the younger players make it…

    Something though does make me think that this next crop finally will… IF they stay patient and if AW gives them their chance…

  55. JW – It takes about 55mins to download. It’s the full 90mins of the match. Dont know how long it will be on ur ultra-slow but you could give it a try

  56. Just in the 13 minutes package,you can see how good Arshavin looked.
    Ox looked great,and what a goal.
    He hit it off one step,amd it cold not have been hit any cleaner.
    Girouds goal was ice cool,and his first time pass to Arshavin was brilliant.
    Angha,Gnabry,Miquel,Yennaris…plenty to look forwrd to.

  57. Rico,i reckon if they see us winning trophies,they will be more inclined to stay,but also,these kids do have the ability,without question.
    They aren’t just hyped up,they are brilliant.

  58. emma

    Wenger on Arshavin’s central role…

    Arshavin’s best position looks to be behind the striker now because that’s where his vision, the creative side of his game, can be very efficient. When he has to work on the flank it is sometimes working against him because he has to work too hard up and down. But when he’s central he always had an influence on the game.

    Finally AW thinks the same as us ;)

  59. Think you are right Scott, that is how its been for the mancs over the years. The younger players coming through there are bred into winning things. We haven’t been able to do the same…

    Once this squad wins something, we’ll be back I am sure, they just need that lucky break.

    Giroud got his last night, let’s hope the squad can get theirs this season…

    And I don’t care if that is the CO Cup either…

  60. Reading away will be a tough game though…

    Glad the Mancs have drawn Chelsea, one more big side going out…

  61. Rico — With a few exceptions, I don`t think we have had as promising a batch of youngsters as the current one. The real killer for some of our young players is having no room in the squad when they are ready to step up into the first team. If there is no realistic expectation of regular playing time for a few seasons it is unfair to the players and their development to hold onto them. Arsene has been candid and honest with many of our young prospects. Some, like Seb Larsen who we tried to buy back a year or so ago, have chosen to move on to gain a regular spot and continue their development.

    Unlike Chelski and Abu Dhabi Citeh we don’t try to warehouse promising young players in case we may need them or to keep them from playing for a rival team. There have been numerous players who have missed real opportunities by moving to those teams only to make the occasional cameo appearance.

  62. I think this time round, the younger players have experienced pros to learn from. The Carlos Vela and Bendtner class of youngsters, expected to just play the next match in the EPL after appearing in the CC mid week.

    I dont think Gnarby for instance expects to play ahead of Poldi or Gervais whilst Frimpong or Yennaris wouldn’t expect to play ahead of Diaby or Arteta.

  63. morninh happy gooners

    great game,had everything was wishing for…lots of positive stuff.
    now roll the diving chavs over..

    Theo will be much better drifting in from the sides…both of his goals last night came from the sides…,the great Henry’s most goals drifting from the wide side..i say be patient and wait your chance,mean a while sign up and move on.

    found this on footylatest.com…dont know how credible it is,but if it is so…it raises some question marks over his stalled-contracts

    ‘You always miss your best players and he’s a great man and great professional,’ said Walcott.

    ‘I wish him good luck at Manchester United. He’s always looked after me and always backed me up.

    ‘I do miss him but you’ve just got to get on with it and wish him all the best.’

  64. I am sure you are right Cg but just hope we don’t put too much pressure on them too soon but it could very well be the reason AW has turned to signing more mature players of late.

    No doubt he and the two B’s will have seen this current younger crop from a young age and will know what to expect from them in the years to come.

    In the meantime we have age and experienced players to guide them and help them learn…

    It certainly does look bright though, finally…..

    Just watched Coventry’s goal again, Djourou really should have done better ;)

    Got to moan about something….

  65. Hi Hak, that Theo bit is correct, he did an interview with The Sun and they printed the same. The questions were from fans and one asked if he missed RvP, and that was his answer..

    Otherwise, I don’t think he has ever mentioned RvP’s departure….

  66. The good team about this current squad we have is there is competition in every position. Whoever puts on the shirt on match day will count it as privilege and will be ready to give their best unlike what has being happening in previous seasons. So no resting of your laurels after having one good performance. The moment you play below par someone else giving the chance will take that opportunity.

  67. Rico,

    The young players ARE coming through the system, can you doubt that, but for injuries, Wilshire and Frimpong would be regulars? Gibbs is another and there are a number of very good players moving up towards the first team squad.

    I don’t think the Manure academy is producing anything like the quality and numbers that our’s is. I may be wrong but a “winning mentality” isn’t defined by winning trophies alone, but by winning personal battles in overcoming adversity and coping with disappointments.

    In life not everybody can win trophies but they can do their utmost to be the best they can.

  68. rico – Give him the credit. He hasn’t feature for Arsenal this season until yesterday. So a bit match rusting ;)

  69. CG I totally agree. The wrong decision at 21-23 can really affect a potentially great players career.

    Good players always have patience to learn from the best players ahead of them. Xavi and Iniesta waited for Guardiola and Mendieta to move on before they got their chance. Lets look at someone like MA8, he could have made it with Barca if he hadn’t gone on loan to PSG. Guardiola also listened to the late Sir Bobby to stay at Barca when players were ahead of him after Johan] Cruyff had turned him from a winger to a DM.

    I do not understand why a player like Kyle Bartley at 21 will leave Arsenal and then move to Swansea to sit on the bench too.

  70. Rico — Unless a young player is truly exceptional, it`s a matter of luck with being in the right place at the right time. It’s hard to predict or co-ordinate the maturing of young players. Some like Cesc and Ox can step up in their teens, others don’t mature until they are in their early to mid twenties and some who shone brightly as youths never mature to fulfill their early promise (e.g. Bentley and Pennant). We are still waiting on those two and who could forget our ‘fox in the box’ Francis Jeffers.

  71. JW,

    I was kind of talking in the past in relation to Manure, now they have to sign the players they want because the youth flow and seized up..

    Totally agree that each player has to win personal ‘battles’ to be winners, but ultimately winning cups, trophies and medals gives a hunger like no other in sport. They always want more.

    Once our squad get that feeling, to stand with a trophy/medal in their hands, they too will want more. The players coming through will want to be a part of it too, they will see nothing other than winning in their minds…

    Winning trophies breeds winning trophies…

    We would have carried on after the invincible year but we as a club let too many go at the same time. The mentality changed, we had a squad who didn’t know what it was like to win together…

  72. Come on emma, that was basic defending ;)

  73. TSGH……….why do you think that AW decided to let him go??? Maybe Bartley does not have enough talent to displace Kozzer, Tommy and Per. Maybe Miguel does have it and that is why he was retained.

    Maybe he is not good enough as we thought.

  74. Rico — Your comments regarding the quotes from Theo`s interview were very interesting. I read them in another article which failed to mention the context of the quotes (i.e. answering reader posed questions). The correct context of the interview changes the tone of the quotes.

  75. Tsgh, I suspect Bould wanted him gone, guess deemed not good enough…..

    I understand that Dg, I really do and don’t wait for those you mention, you’ll be waiting for a long time…. ;)

  76. Here it is Cg

    BACK OF THE NET … Theo Walcott answers Sun readers’ questions

    Published: 26th September 2012

    THEO WALCOTT wants to stay at Arsenal — but he will never join Twitter!

    The Gunners star, 23, revealed his desire to sign a new contract and his reluctance to join the social media revolution in an exclusive SunSport webchat.

    Hundreds of readers sent in questions from all over the globe on a range of subjects

    What impact have the new signings made in the dressing room?

    Renato – London

    TW: They’ve freshened things up and settled in very well. Santi Cazorla has definitely stood out – he’s like the conductor of the team. He’s in my Dream Team which is scoring me points as well!

    Do you think Arsenal can win the title in the next two years?

    Christian Tapia — Mexico City

    TW: We can definitely challenge for it. We need to believe we can win something this year. The fans have been so patient and we players want it so badly. I believe we can.

    Do you think the current Arsenal squad is better than the 2005-06 squad when you joined the club?

    Kassahun Bekele — Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    TW: That squad had Premier League winners. When I first went into it, it was unreal and so daunting. But now I would say the team is technically much better. It’s young, fresh, quick and improving every day. We just need that first trophy.

    Robin van Persie seemed like he was an older brother to you at Arsenal and geniuinely wanted you to do well. Do you miss having him around at Arsenal?

    Khalid Alsayed — Tempe, Arizona

    TW: Of course. You always miss your best players and he’s a great man and great professional. I wish him good luck at Manchester United. He’s always looked after me and always backed me up. I do miss him but you’ve just got to get on with it and wish him all the best.

    With the new signings, is it more difficult for you to make it into the first team this season?

    Miles Sissling – Keighley

    TW: I wouldn’t say so. I feel like I justified what I can do last season. I set up a lot of Robin’s goals, scored 11 for a winger, previously scoring 13 the year before that and that was as a winger. Now the next step is to play up front – the manager has promised me that I will play up front and I’m sure it will happen now.

    What’s your advice to someone who has been out with a long-term injury?

    Matthew Lloyd-Ruck

    TW: You just need to stick with it. I’ve had a lot of injury problems, but it’s positive thinking. I remember when I first had my shoulder operation, I was down in the dumps for months and it took so long to get back. When I did my other one, I just thought, ‘It’s happened now, you’ve just got to get on with it’.

    Have you and Melanie set a date for the wedding?

    Fadeke, Milton Keynes

    TW: Yes, the date is set!

    Are you any good at golf and who is the best golfer at Arsenal?

    Charlie Crudgington — Stanford, Essex

    TW: I’m the best golfer at Arsenal – I play off 10 and have never had any lessons. Aaron Ramsey has had loads of lessons and he’s still not that good!

    Will you ever join Twitter? Why don’t you currently tweet?

    Abdulahi Bana – London

    TW: I probably won’t join Twitter any time soon. I’ve got some important things going on in my life right now. I do a lot of work for charities. I have Facebook but that’s about it.

    When did you first realise that you could write stories for children?

    Darell Philip

    TW: I’ve always loved working with children and when I was a kid I loved the Goosebump books. I think it’s a good thing to encourage more children to read. A lot of people don’t read much anymore, and my books can hopefully encourage more people to read.

    Do you miss being on the cover of FIFA and is there any gloating by the Ox now he features?

    Ted – London

    TW: Not at all. Every year is different, it was a great time for me but you move on. I’m with Mars at the moment and really enjoying it. This scheme, ‘Just Play’, that I’m currently involved in, is particularly good, where we are encouraging young adults who have lost touch to play.

    I know you play table tennis very well — who is your big rival in Arsenal and who is the worst?

    Leung Wing Yan — Hong Kong

    TW: My main rival at Arsenal was Robin but now is probably Wojciech Szczesny. The worst player would have to be Manny Frimpong. He holds the bat funny, he talks a good game but he’s no good.

    Do you think that penalties can be coached or are they all psychological? How can England improve on them?

    Joe Burdett

    TW: It’s just one of those situations where you don’t want any player to be part of. It’s a bad way to go out of a competition, but that’s the way it is. I don’t know if it’s the pressure, but it’s surreal. It always happens. But I think we will get there, we always practise it.

    If Usain Bolt challenged you to a race, would you accept and what do you think the result would be?

    Saif Mahmood – Rochdale

    TW: I would definitely accept, just to be in the same room as Usain Bolt. He would absolutely smash the hell out of me! I would probably be winning the first 10 metres, because I’m good over the first 10-15m, but that would be it. He’s world class and not human at times. I’m clocking 10.5sec for 100m which, on a pitch, is not bad.

    And finally, Theo… we’ve had hundreds of Arsenal fans from around the world wanting to know this: Do you see your long-term future at Arsenal and do you want to sign a new contract?

    TW: I’ve said that I’ve always wanted to stay at Arsenal. I love playing for the club, hopefully something can be sorted. It’s not going to happen any time soon, you’ve just got to patient. It’s frustrating at the moment but it’s one of those things that’s not going to happen overnight. If it came to it, and the club had to sell me, I would be disappointed. But I’m quite positive that something can happen soon.

    Walcott was speaking to The Sun at the launch of The FA’s Just Play scheme with Mars, which is free for one week across the country from October 8.

    Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/4557049/Theo-Walcott-webchat-Arsenal-star-will-never-join-Twitter.html#ixzz27fM5Pnfk

  77. DG — Sometimes it is just bad timing. The player is ready to step up, but there are too many players ahead of him. Sometimes the players are just not willing to wait for their opportunity. I think the likes of Wilshere distorts the expectations of their contemporaries. If he can make it at this age, so should I. Unfortunately some players just take longer to make the grade, if ever.

  78. Exactly devil. He was never good enough. His performances on the Asia tour were below par. Even Eastman played better at CB than he did.But when an egotistical player decides he wants to play when he wants to play most of the time he is not ready.Bartley is not even making Swansea’s first 18 yet expected to be playing regularly for us because he had played half a dozen matches for Rangers.

    After the Man Shitty game in the Fae East, AW stated that some players are not as ready as they think they are. I believe he was referring to Bartley.

    That is why I think Le Coq should be careful.

  79. It does Cg, the way some have printed it, it sounds like Theo is having a moan and booing about his old buddy going. But it’s nothing like that at all….

  80. Tsgh, think you are spot on re AW’s comments about players not being ready and if I am honest, I thought he was referring to JD too… and one or two others….

    Le Coq was shocking in Asia and very sluggish/chunky imho…

  81. Off for an hour, Fido needs some exercise or she will start looking like Santos ;)

  82. Rico — Thanks for the repost of the Sun article. THe one I read had obviously credited the Sun, but had selectively lifted the juicier responses and stitched them together. It seemed that Theo was complaining about The Lying Dutchman being sold. Tack on a misleading headline and you can put a totally different spin on it.

  83. rico says:
    September 27, 2012 at 11:51 am

    It does Cg, the way some have printed it, it sounds like Theo is having a moan and booing about his old buddy going. But it’s nothing like that at all….

    I totally agree but who would have thought ‘You know who’ would have released a statement dissing the team he reckon he supported as a boy in Holland after releasing a foto of himself wearing an arsenal shirt when he was on the side lines for what seemed like aeons.

    I am always suspicious of well spoken boys like him who sound like they are from the Tory Tea party prep school. What we are all forgetting is that he join us in the first place instead of manure or the Chavs because he was guaranteed he was going to be playing in the first team and also offered a better offer but not because he adored TH14.That was the same with Ramsey because we offer our youngster the best pay packet. That is why players like Jay Emmanuel-Thomas were driving 100k cars at 17.

    Like I have said before I hope he signs but to me he is gone. What other guarantees does he need from AW. Should we accomodate his personal wishes at the expense of the team to make him a star? As in 2 years time if we have won nothing he will turn around and say like those who have left before him say he is moving to won trophies.

  84. I think we all expected that. Ahh well, he has to employ someone to drive him to training and back.lol

  85. TSGH — I`m not sure what Theo wants or is doing. Despite his denials, does he want more money? Does he want guarantees about what position(s) he will play? The club may up their wage offer, but I can’t see Arsene or the club guaranteeing playing position.

    Or, is he setting up a scenario so he can save face when he doesn’t sign an extension? The Cashley ‘Ole ganbit – the club didn’t give me what they had promised. Maybe he is holding off to see what other clubs are interested in him and what their offers are? Then again maybe it is simply as he has stated and we fans are reading too much into the situation. As the old Saturday matinee serials used to say “join us next week for further adventures/developments in the exciting story of (insert character name or title here)”.

  86. CG, I think he is saving face. His run around the ground after the match last night was pure PR stunt to me.

    He wants more money pure and simple as well as more money for the photoshoot/modelling job he does on the side.

    In his resent interview didn’t he say if the club wanted to sell him because he has not signed a new contract he will go even though he will be disappointed. A player who really wants to stay will not say that.

    We are all forgetting that he is 23 not 27 so even if he signs a contract with us and he does not play where he wants to play he can still leave at 25/26 and still make it somewhere else.

  87. Contrary to what the media like to say about our clubs contract dealings, we offered him and that snake a contract 2 summers ago before Cesc and Nasty left. They both turned it down siting the desire to seek where the club finished in the league last May.

    Cesc said something along the lines of this when he left when he was asked about TW14 and VPursey. On VP he said he is not as young as him Cesc so he has to decide before last January if he wanted to stay at arsenal or go somewhere to win a trophy. But on TW14 he said he still needed Arsenal to develop his game. Take that how you want but players talk and when they say I dont know what the other is saying, it is a big fat lie.

  88. I get a kick out of all the fans who “know” Walcott wants money. Oh really? How do you know that? Because you’ve been reading about it in blogs for the last month? That’s a reliable source.

    Indeed, Walcott must be a greedy scum who wants 100k a month. How could all of these fans who are so angry at him for that be wrong? After all, blogs and the media have never been wrong about Arsenal before.

    And of course Wenger must be a liar too – why else would he have said in August that Theo’s contract issues were NOT financial. They must be in on it together!

  89. TSGH — We’ll just have wait and see. If it’s money he is after, he can certainly get that elsewhere. However, Arsenal are a club on the up and his career and development may best be served by staying with us. I don’t think the coaches and managers of other top flight clubs would be as patient and tolerant with him as Arsene.

    FFP, if fully instituted and enforced, will mandate changes in how the sugar-daddy clubs operate – no more financial doping. Will the likes of Abu Dhabi Citeh be gridlocked with players whose wages they can’t afford to pay and who no one else can afford to buy? You could already see the changes taking place in Italy and Spain. Where would Theo go? Liverfool – by their managers own admission they are going to take years to turn around. Citeh already have Aguero, Balotelli, Dzeko and Tevez and look at the difficulty they had selling Adebuymore. They took a huge loss on him. ManUre already have ‘He’ who shall not be named, Rooney, and Chicarito. They need to replace Scholes and Giggs. Scholes plays CM not CF and Giggs is a winger, which Theo doesn’t want to play. Chelski might be interested, but that may depend on how their new boys bed in this season.

    Theo has a big decision to make. If wage envy, greed, blind ambition, etc. are the main factors; it may not be the right one for his career. So many questions and too few definite answers. I’ll be sad to see him go, if that is his decision, but he can be replaced.

  90. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt until he leaves, if he does..

    Afternoon all…

  91. I also think they are in it together and believe that they are Freemasons in collusion with Opus Dei and David Icke. It’s all part of a grand scheme really and Nick Clegg and his Spanish wife are involved too. That’s how she could afford that white dress that she so brazenly wore yesterday. It is a scandal really. I imagine crusading journalist Adrian Durham will expose the whole rotten conspiracy on Talk Sport very soon.

  92. DocB, not everyone here thinks its about money with Theo, personally speaking, i am taking his word on the situation….

  93. Afternoon Adam, someone upset you this morning? ;)

  94. Rico — Your`s may well be the sensible approach. Sometimes overreacting to a situation has the exact opposite effect to that which you wished for or intended to happen.

  95. No Rico. Just been reading The Sun and The Mail as usual.

  96. You know I worship at the Church Of Kim Kardashian.

  97. Adam — I bow to the Master of the Conspiracy Theorists. I`ve had ny say on the subject.

    It`s very late for me and I have a busy day ahead. So I bid my my fellow Housers adieu and wish you all a good day. Until later.

  98. Catch up soon Cg, go steady….

  99. Not The Daily Star yet then Adam, that’s where it’s ‘happenin’….

  100. Adam- the gingerman has already given his opinion on the matter already on TalkShite. He says we gooners are gullible. He said Nani is begging manure to extend his contract whilst we are begging our players to stay.lol

  101. What does he know though Tsgh? He’s guessing, just like most of us…

  102. That man is clueless. He spends his evening and weekends devising plans to insult Arsenal and preaching false gospel.

    I had a friend visit me from USA and he heard him speak on the radio and his first question was; was he a world class player previously? I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard that.

  103. I only speak of The Daily Star in hushed tones Rico, such is my reverence for that glorious publication. As for Durham? I think I have mentioned my feelings about him on several occasions before so won’t re-visit them here. But the other evening, while I was watching America’s Top Model I found myself thinking about both him and Carol Voorderman. :)

  104. Adam is bitter cause he was not chosen as wenger’s assistant instead of bould. He takes every slight opportunity he has to vent his disdain on arsenal

  105. Not you Adam ;) but Tony Adams

  106. hey good people…..am so chuffed after rewatching(is that a word) last night’s game. guys we haven’t look this good in years and i mean years like the invinsibles…..i have a good feeling about this season guys. am so chuffed. COYGS.

  107. Who me Emma? I don’t think I was ever in the running. If I was I would have insisted on Squillaci on the right and Ramsay on the left.

  108. To me the Theo issue is simply this. If the team he has played for for years will not guarantee him a central role, then what team with signing for will? None. The premiership knows Theo as a winger. No-one has seen him play striker enough to guarantee him that. Players who want to be at a club do not hold out on contract talk over position guarantees. That is unheard of and i don’t buy it. Sounds like cover up for the real issue… Not speculating on what that might be, but i just know when a story sounds strange.

  109. So we all agree Durham is a buffoon, so let’s just ignore what his view is on Theo, like I said, he is just guessing at what goes on at our club, and he just speaks tripe….

    Adam, poor daily star ;)

    emma, that was funny….

  110. hey adam, where you at the game last night? what a second half perfomance. teams ll dread visiting the EMs now. wow am so exited.

  111. Hi goonster & Will…

    Don’t know about anyone else, but I’m getting bored with the Theo stuff…. He’ll either stay or go ;)

  112. hi goonster

  113. haha rico i wouldnt wanna toy with you when you re in a foul mood…..durham is a buffoon she says..hahaha.

  114. Hi Stan. No, those cup games are not on the season ticket. A good win though over mediocre opposition. But winning is a good habit.

  115. hey TSGH, i see you re still listening to that drivel….turn off the damned thing. i ve never been to the UK but i already hate that scum bag. do yourself a favor my friend “dont feed the troll” let him be and he ll probably go back to sleep.

  116. mediocre you say but had manure whupped them y’all ll be screaming….you all make sick especially you adam, by the way how’s the missus? doing any gardening this fall? i might you know. the next door neighbor is, so i might as well just too.

  117. Stanley, I thought I was being very polite actually…

  118. Interesting end to the SLv NZ game. A super over.

  119. Hi Rico. In the end that’s all there is to it. I’d like to see him stay but we know how that goes. No matter what we think, only he knows.

  120. I am sorry I make you sick Stan.

  121. hahaha adam you nitwit…i miss you.

  122. the chavs better watch out….they might be getting a hiding this weekend. i hope terry plays. would love to see how he copes with gervinho, santi and poldi running circles around him. christ i cant wait, am like a feen guys, arsenal is my drug. COYGS.

  123. Looking forward to tomorrows little tussle Adam…

    Exactly, and maybe AW knows too…

  124. Got to nip out, back in 30 mins…

  125. Eng v WI right now Rico.

  126. Goonster- Its like the art of war. When hone can’t stand someone you have to know how they think and what they think.

    I like to know what how arsenal is getting under his skin.At the moment its not about arsenal being clueless and a club in crisis etc but about why AW earns 7 or 9 million euros a year. It hates him to the core.

  127. hahahahaah are for real? now its all about arsene earning 7 mill quid? hahahahahah dude how can i listen in? any link?

  128. I m off now as I can see my writing and spelling is getting worse.lol Multi-tasking and all.lol

  129. Goonster link below:


    You can catch the ginger man and his ignorant sidekick between 1700-1900 BST; I think that is 1200-1400 EST

  130. thanks TSGH, i ll give it a whack…can i call in too? i ll like to give him a piece of my mind “wakefield plantation style”

  131. later buddy, thanks for the link.

  132. It is simply that, deep down, he knows he is entirely irrelevant and nobody gives a damn what he thinks or says. He is so pathetic that he would prefer to be loathed than ignored and this is a role he knows how to play. Classic sociopath. Sick, deluded and completely and utterly worthless, he is resentful, loathsome and of absolutely no value whatsoever. He should be boiled down and made into a jar of glue.

  133. Boo!! Good one, SAK! Confidence is high for the ENTIRE team, it’s looking like!! Now, to beat the chavvies!

    Hello, everyone! Hiya, rico! Howdy?

  134. You can. I tune in just to listen to the part of the show called ‘Daily Arsenal’. Its about 17 35 BST time every single weekday. This is when he disses the team big time. I wouldn’t bother calling him though, he just loves the attention.

    He supports a team called Peterborough Utd. or ‘the Posh’ and last friday the chairman of the team called in to give him his piece of mind re his opinions on the club he claims he supports. That was one of the funniest moments ever. The chairman then told him to go to the hairdressers to get his hair dyed and get a makeover before he ever talks bad about his team.hahahaha.

  135. Adam, I would haaaaate to ever cross you. :P How are you? I am glad, I do not hear anything from this Durham where I am.

    Hi, TSG. :)

  136. “daily arsenal” what’s that about? just dissing you say? Lord in heaven. this guys are really the scums of this earth, the worse ones that is, inbred scums..grrrrr “daily arsenal” why not the spuds? they haven’t won squat in ages(the tin pot dont count, but i ll take it right now just to shut up all those mugs) so why not pick on them? what about newcastle? villa? christ give me strength.

  137. Agag. The mere mention of his name is going too far. And you are far too sweet to ever upset me. I am very well and Mrs Adam sends her regards. :)

  138. Hi agag

  139. Goonie. Even us talking about him is giving him the oxygen of publicity. My advice is to forget his very existence.

  140. Is there a double standard by FA? Why issue suarez with 8 match ban and terry with 4?

  141. hahahahahahahaahahaahah OMG, adam you re killing me. boiled into a glue!!! now thta’s the best piece i ve ever read! hahahahahahaahahaha, i can’t breathe, hahhahahahahahahaahh

  142. Emma. Good point.

  143. Yes Goonie. Sticking two pieces of paper together would be more useful than he has ever been as a man.

  144. Another question how did he get acquitted in the court of law but found guilty by the FA?

  145. Haha, Adam. He sounds hateful. I would understand if he were someone outstanding in his field but he sounds scummy in every regard. :) Hello to Mrs Adam, too. Has she gone shopping lately?

    TSG and Goonie, you’ll have a coronary listening to that fella, be careful! :)

  146. stop it adam, hahahahaahahahahaah you re killing me. am gonna pass out laughing. hahahahahahah

  147. She has Agag, a Burberry Mac. Looks very nice. :) slightly military in flavour.

  148. Sweeeeeeet! You guys sure can shop! They have some lovely cashmere scarves in fall colors on their website, too, by the way! :) :)

    emma, the FA makes no sense; and English courts keep going down in my estimation; they acquitted ‘Arry Redknapp, after all. :D

  149. Has Terry been found guilty then??

    Only 4 match ban, absolute disgrace!!

    Hi agag…

  150. Interesting stuff that Adam; Is that the trending stuff now? My Mrs. was having a hard time choosing between a Burberry Mac and Aquascutum last weekend.lol.

    I thought Burberry stop when Millwall went down

  151. Agag. About 5 miles from here is the Burberry factory shop where they sell all their stuff at pretty good discounts. It is full of Chinese and Japanese plus a few from your neck of the woods, spending fortunes on clothes. I took Mrs Adam there and she bought the Mac and a lovely olive green quilted coat. When you come to the UK Mrs Adam says she will happily take you there. :)

  152. TSGH. Some of their clobber is a bit chavvy. But the quality of my wife’s mac is, I have to admit, brilliant. And I promise you she’s no chav. :)

  153. So I guess Terry will play on Saturday and then accept his ban….


  154. I’ll hold you to that, Adam. :) I order most of my stuff online at Saks. they have pretty much the best deals on shoes. And if you sign up to receive their email; you get 10% off on your next purchase. I think I’ve set up at least a dozen email accounts for that sole purpose. TSG, I should imagine your missus would have fun talking shop (haha) with Mrs Adam and me. ;)

    rico, how chuffed are you about Walcott’s perfromance??

  155. Pardew has signed a new Eight year contract….

  156. Adam- not saying that at all.It was meant to be a jock.In fact their stuff is very nice. Tan Macs in particular.What I meant was the price range. The last expensive stuff I bought clothe-wise was Gore-Tex jacket for Kosovo ages ago. I stick to under 200 pounds.lol

  157. Eight years for a humanitarian like Pardew seems right. Another one for the glue pot I think.

  158. I’m not sure how he played to be honest agag, but his two goals were very good, especially the second. Now he needs to do that against a bit tougher opposition.

    Saturday would be a good time to start, I do like seeing him come in from the left though :)

  159. Did you have fresh lemon juice with lunch Adam ;)

  160. Agag.She would. In fact she wants to go over to NY for christmas shopping. She keeps reminding me its her money. Shoe -wise she is more L.K Bennett and Giuseppe ZANOTTI.

  161. TSGH. No, I know mate. She got a light beige mac. A classic look at a decent discount. Looks nice. I’d recommend that factory shop every time even though it is a little manic.

  162. Rico. I did, with a squeezed lime. :) England getting creamed in the early overs.

  163. Where is the store you talking about. That might save me a few quid.My neck of the woods is Reigate

  164. rico, I just saw the highlights, too!! :) I always seem to miss the really good ones; although for some reason, I manage to see the ones where we ship plenty. Haha.

    TSG, I don’t know L.K Bennett but Giuseppe Zanotti is love. Mu sister lives in NY and says that the sales on Boxing Day are fantastic,. Adam, I have a dozen Burberry scarves, which makes no sense cause I’m from the tropics. Ahaha.

  165. TSGH. It is in Hackney in East London. Not that far from you really.

  166. TSGH. Google Burberry factory shop for details.

  167. christ your sister lives in NY AGAG? why didnt you tell me? grrrrr you spend all day talking about dresses and shoes yet you left the single most important thing out! i dont get you imelda. i just don’t.

  168. I thought England played WI tomorrow, its now :)

  169. I see Adam ;)

    agag, you and me both, thanks the Chelsea game is on Sky Sports Saturday….

    Mind you, I am not looking forward to it very much….

  170. Excellent I grew up near Shoreditch, so I know that part of town very well.
    Agag- L.K Bennett was Ceo for jimmy Choo a while back.Kate Middleton wears a lot of their clobbers. My mrs use to work as a buyer for Max Mara

  171. You lot and the posh shops, all I want is a North Face winter jacket, in red….

    Can I find one…. No :(

  172. Especially their wellies these days doesn’t she Tsgh ;)

  173. Think I may need a winter jacket next Wednesday, first trip to the Emirates this season! Another 6-1 please!

  174. haha Rico.I am an ex soldier who grew up in hackney. There is one near mine near Crawley I believe. (recession and all probably closed)

    The mrs is into these stuff so I had to PRETEND to be interested in it.

    But then I had to give up my season ticket if I want to start a family she said 4 years ago.lol

  175. rico, friends of mine, Chelsea fans, are flying to London tonight in time to catch that match; couldn’t secure tickets for the Chav section; so they’ll be in Arsenal territory. I told them to behave, the gooners will lynch them if they don’t. :)

    She’s getting married, Goonie! :) Sorry. :P

    TSG, WATH laughs at Jimmy Choo; but he’s my favorite. :) :)

  176. :lol: Tsgh, best you keep on pretending if you want to keep that ST…

    Lucky you Lewis, think its meant to be ok next week, tomorrow a lot of rain but then a few milder days…

  177. Robbing true gooners of tickets then agag, best they behave indeed, they will get lynched….

  178. Not enjoying this innings by Chris Gayle…..

  179. Rico. I gave it up but she is allowed to spend. Her come back is at least my shoes make me happy but Arsenal dont make you happy all the time.lol.

  180. TSGH- they have an answer for everything….

  181. Lmao lewis.No comment I m scared of Rico

  182. Ha, yes I better wind my neck in.

  183. Ha ha Tsgh….

    I am a mere kitten, no need to be afraid guys ;) ;)

  184. Craig Eastmond and Sanchez Watt have both gone to Colchester on loan…..

  185. It doesn’t bode well for them, I am afraid. The youngster who have gone below Championship level on loan have not made it with the first team yet I think.

  186. Did we really believe that either were good enough to make it at Arsenal though Tsgh?

  187. Think if we are honest neither are at the level of the youngsters we saw on display last night.

  188. Rico, is Chris giving your bowlers a hard time then? Hope he is. :D

  189. I thought Eastmond had a couple of decent appearances for us. Watt is a poor mans TW14. He wasn’t too bad at Leeds. They have had their contracts renewed a few times so far so AW must see something in them. They both look good for the reserves and U21 but not quite good for top championship.

    Is it because they have been loaned to teams who dont play our way? I would like them to have gone to Cardiff or Crewe.

  190. Spot on Lewis…

    Will, no longer thankfully, he is out, as is the other danger man, Charles I think it was….

  191. They are both quite old now Tsgh, in AW terms and we have Afobe and Campbell up front and Coq, Frimps in Eastmonds position…

    They may yet come back and be part of the squad, but I doubt it….

  192. Reading could have done with a striker – surprised they didn’t take Watt…

  193. Extended highlights are back up on arsenalist.com

  194. Thanks Will…

    Off for an hour, dinner to get etc etc…. back later…..

  195. Boo – wake up Wath….

  196. Ah, no-one around…. not surprised really ;)

  197. I’m always here… At half hour intervals. :)

  198. Ha ha Will, me too mostly, but sometimes i have to pop off and do things…

  199. And right now, one of the things i must do is sign off for the day and go and watch television for a short time….

    Night all, stay safe and catch up tomorrow…..

  200. Arsenal win 6-1, and everyone goes to bed early. :-D

  201. Sir Stevo, thanks for the kind words.
    You set the standard mate.
    Canuck, no Celestial Choir buddy, but lots of ‘Day Trippers’…
    Loads of Mum’s and Dad’s with Kids, the fans of tomorrow.

  202. TSGH, looks like any chance of Eastmond getting a reprieve and a 2nd chance at AFC has gone. His loan, IMHO looks to be the precursor of his departure…
    If that makes sense!!!
    As I’m in a pub, that could be doubtfull… ;-)

  203. Hey Wath, you still in the Hawley Arms….
    Give it a rest mate… ;-)

  204. Hawley ! that just brought me out in a cold sweat.

  205. Is anyone here?

  206. The lights are on but nobody’s at home JM.

  207. Mick you know the Hawley then..
    Quite an interesting establishment.

    JM you won’t know it and that’s just as well.
    Stay on the Algarve, it’s safer.

  208. Good Morning my Esteemed Fellow Gunners.

    United have bought a chinese player yesterday. Goes by the name of FAK RU NI

  209. Morning all….

  210. Morning Lady

  211. how are you??

    What do you think of Manure’s new player?

  212. New post up….

  213. Morning devil, I like it – have you one for ‘you know who’ ;)

  214. hehe.

    And I heard that this player’s father is already in hospital.

  215. He was beaten up by a gang of Manure supporters.

  216. Who has been beaten up devil, have I missed something?

  217. See you on the new one, you can tell all then ;)

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