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The League Cup can throw a few surprises, let’s not have one tonight….

Morning Gooners,

Coventry City roll into town today, for a 3rd Round tie in the much maligned creation of the late Alan Hardaker O.B.E.

Hardaker was the Secretary of The Football League back in the days of Division’s One to Four, and during the 1960’s, was the main architect of The Football League Cup. His remit was to create a competitor to the all-powerful F.A. Cup.

Those were the days when The Football League and The Football Association were in competition for the running of the professional game in England. The F.A. of course, won out in the end thanks to the creation of the Premier League.

The rest, as ‘they’ say, is history…

The League Cup has been an ‘item’ in the English football calendar, in many different guise’s.

The Milk Cup, The Rumbelows Cup, The Littlewood’s Cup, The Carling Cup and this season, The Capital One Cup but I tend to refer to it as The League Cup, the name that Hardaker intended for it.

The League Cup provided me, as a very young boy, with my first two visit’s to Wembley, vs Leeds United in 1968 and more painfully the infamous mud heap that was the final vs Swindon Town in 1969.

In 1969, because of the turnstile fiddling that went on at Wembley at that time, my Father and I were unable to get to our places on the upper tier terraces. My Father made a fuss and a senior steward, sensing an embarrassing situation that could have exposed their little money-making scam, placated my Dad, by leading us down the tunnel and squeezed us into a large group of fans from Wiltshire… Swindon fans…

My memories of the game are not strong, but I recall a very large women from Wiltshire, fainting after Swindon took the lead.

I also recall Bobby Gould’s equaliser, my first Arsenal goal at Wembley but I mostly recall the exhausted and haunted faces of the Arsenal players as they left the pitch at half-time. The result of a debilitating flu virus that spread throughout the team prior to that final.

Leaving Wembley disappointed twice in a row is not a happy experience but it left me with an affection for The League Cup, and a desire to see my club win it…

I have been fortunate to see The Gunners lift The League Cup twice, 1987, thanks to Charlie Nicholas and 1993, thanks to Paul Merson and Steve Morrow but it rankles with me that Arsenal have not won it for 19 seasons now…

And Birmingham City in 2011 was a very very painful experience…..

Whilst fully understanding Arsenal’s policy to this trophy, a policy I agree with. I would love to see The Gunners lift it, if only to exorcise that awful cock-up between Koscielny and Szczesny, which gifted Alex McLeish’s team the trophy two season’s ago…

My team for tonight would look like this:


Yennaris  Djourou  Squillaci  Santos

Coquelin  Eastmond (If he hasn’t left us for Colchester)

Eisfeld Arshavin  Gnabry


Subs:  Miquel, Olsson, Akpom, Ebecilio, Angha, Watt, Shea…

I doubt much is known about Coventry by many of us and that is not being disrespectful so here are a few statistics to bore you all:


  • Arsenal are unbeaten in their last eight home meetings with Coventry in all competitions since a 3-0 defeat in August 1993.


  • Arsenal won the League Cup in 1987 and 1993 and have been runners-up on five occasions.
  • They have qualified for at least the quarter-finals in each of the last nine seasons.
  • The Gunners were last knocked out by a non-Premier League club in December 2008, when Championship club Burnley defeated them 2-0 at Turf Moor in the fifth round.
  • Their last League Cup defeat by a third-tier side came in November 1983, when Walsall won a fourth-round tie 3-1 at Highbury.


  • Coventry have not beaten Premier League opposition in the League Cup since knocking out Manchester United five years ago.
  • That is the only occasion they have qualified for the fourth round in 11 seasons.
  • The 2-0 victory at Old Trafford was the last time they played in the third round.

Coventry have been going through a tough time of it, the were relegated last season and results haven’t been good so far this campaign. They have not long appointed a new manager in Mark Robins and he’ll be after a good performance form his side.

Robins knows what it’s like to beat Arsenal on their own turf, Robins scored twice on his Norwich debut on the opening day of the inaugural Premier League season in 1992 as the Canaries came from 2-0 down to win 4-2 at Highbury!

Coventry knocked Man Utd out at this stage five years ago at Old Trafford, that was a surprise back then.

We don’t need another tonight.

Written by Allezkev 

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306 Responses to The League Cup can throw a few surprises, let’s not have one tonight….

  1. rico says:

    Morning all,

    Good post again Ak, and I didn’t know all that about the cups history …

    Looks like it’s going to be quite a strong squad:

    The visit of Coventry City will follow the same trend as Wenger puts his faith in some of the Club’s teenagers.

    “Hector Bellerin, Kris Olsson, Serge Gnabry, Nico Yennaris and Craig Eastmond could be [involved],” Wenger told Arsenal Player. “All these players could have an opportunity to play. Ignasi Miquel will play. We will have a good mixture of experience and professional top-class players.

    “We want to put out a talented side that has a good chance to win the game. We will give a chance to some players who have not played as many games recently. The players that did not play on Sunday [at Manchester City] will get a chance and it’s a good opportunity for them to show they can do well.”

  2. rico says:

    On a side note. I hope the FA reach their decision soon and Terry gets the same ban as Suarez….

    Then he’ll be out for our fixture :)

  3. rico says:

    Frimpong is definitely on the bench tonight, bet he’s chomping at the bit….

  4. Mattyboy says:

    I think this would be a perfect fixture for Giroud to find his feet he should be included also.

  5. devilgunner says:

    Good Morning my Esteemed Fellow Gunners.

    Nice pre match summary and a good throwback through the club’s history. After the first paragraph I was certain it was written by you habib.

    No Rico………I do not want JT to be suspended for our game. I want Gervinho, Giroud, Podolski and Cazorla to roast him due to lack of speed. Then hopefully he will get a long ban.

    It would be better for us if he plays than if he does not.

  6. rico says:

    Ditto Matty, him and Theo up front I hope but I suspect we might see Chamakh…

    Morning again devil, don’t think he’ll be missing even if he does get a ban, the chavs will appeal any ban i suspect so that he can play…

    Knowing him though, he’ll get off…

  7. devilgunner says:

    Kev wrote……….

    In 1969, because of the turnstile fiddling that went on at Wembley at that time, my Father and I were unable to get to our places on the upper tier terraces. My Father made a fuss and a senior steward, sensing an embarrassing situation that could have exposed their little money-making scam, placated my Dad, by leading us down the tunnel and squeezed us into a large group of fans from Wiltshire… Swindon fans…

    …….That little account took me back to when I was around 5 years, just before my grand-father died. My Grandfather, my dad and I went to see our home town play against the local champions. And my grandfather went to pay and we heard him tell the cashier “One father and two sons”

    Now my father was 30 years at the time, but he was his son so to say. And to this day I still remember the look of amazement when my grandad, my father and I breezed in. He told my grandad “Oyyyy, you said one father and two sons”

    To which my granddad replied “Of course it is. He is my son and the little one is his son. I did not lie did I”

    Dad was dying with laughter.

    Thanks for the memories habib. you made my day

  8. rico says:

    I like that devil, did your Dad get away with it?

  9. Canadian Gooner says:

    Good morning Rico et al.

    DG — I may be as thick as three planks, but I agree with you regarding John Terry. If Chelski play without Terry when we beat them, the press will again try to diminish our accomplishment by saying that the Chavs missed the inspiration and defensive solidity of their Captain. If he had played surely Arsenal would have been denied their lucky goal or some other lame excuses ad nauseum. Let us lay a real ass kicking on their full first string so they and the press can offer no plausible excuses. Unless the referee is blatantly biased in our favour, but what are the chances of that happening?

  10. devilgunner says:

    Oh yes he did.

    My Grandad and my dad where wearing their army uniform that day and the ticket cashier was not going to have any arguments with them. Grandad was had just turned 55 then and that is one of the memories I will always cherish in my heart. 12 days later he was gone.

  11. devilgunner says:

    Morning CG. Thick as three planks??? :lol:

  12. rico says:

    Morning Cg,

    With or without him, we have to beat them at the Ems… I’d still rather he didn’t play, b****x to the media ;)

    devil – that’s a horrid ending to the story…..

  13. EastSidePaul says:

    Morning everyone,

    Does anyone know if the match will be on TV tonight?

  14. JW says:

    Good morning all,

    AK, I was at Wembley for that match, the pitch had been churned up by The Horse of the Year show the previous week and the ball kept getting stuck in the mud when Ian Ure tried passing back to Bob Wilson. I still have nightmares about Don Rogers goal.

  15. Canadian Gooner says:

    AK — A nice touch of history and nostalgia. I think your teamlist has too many of our youngsters on it. Although I would like to see them all play, especially Akpom. I’ve only read about most of them. I’m sure we will see the likes of Giroud, Koscielny, Oxlade-Chamberlan, and Walcott included in the squad to ensure we get off to a good start.

  16. Bendtnersgone says:

    Matty, spot on. While I agree with Kev about Wenger’s use of this cup I’m hoping he’ll be looking beyond tonight and thinking that this could be just the lift off Giroud needs, albeit against a lower league side. Any goals tonight are senior goals and it wouldn’t hurt to see Walcott up there with him. Neither of them have been overworked in recent matches so it could really help our season as a whole.

  17. Canadian Gooner says:

    Rico — I agree with your explative to the media, but Arsenal fans have been fed this constant stream of negative stories and many are beginning to believe some/most of it. No excuses – our team need to grab the Chavs by the scruff of their necks and show what a mangy pack of currs they are.

  18. Scott from Oz says:

    Evening all.
    Well,the cup games are the only games i can’t see,so i shall sleep in tomorrow morning.
    It is a shame,as i’d love to see some of our young guys go around,but i am sure i will have ample opportunity to see them in the following years.

  19. Joywedsjeff says:

    I want theo upfront with giroud at least so he can stop moaning…. If he fails against convetry then…. I was dissapointed on sunday when instead of taking on the tiring LB he opted to go central. On another note why are theo, welbeck and sturridge all clamouring to play central and their managers think not

  20. rico says:

    Morning everyone I missed ;)

    Esp – it’s not televised

  21. rico says:

    Cg – I take your point, we are certainly getting fed up with them writing negative stuff…

    You’ll never sleep Scott, the game will get the better of you ;)

  22. rico says:

    joywed, i want to see Theo and Giroud together too, it might just work…

  23. Lee says:

    Great read Ak, as per! Most people are buying Arsenal goals at 2.1 over for tonight’s game…..

  24. Lee says:

    How rude of me…….Morning all you Gooners!!!!

  25. Bendtnersgone says:

    Rico, I think we need it to work because Gervo scares me in front of goal. Lovely finish for his first against the Saints followed by sphincter tightening against the Arabs. To mount a challenge this season we need someone that’s a bit calmer in front of goal. A couple for Giroud tonight may just settle his nerves and Theo may prove a useful alternative.

  26. rico says:

    Morning Lee, what does that mean ;)

  27. rico says:

    Couldn’t agree more Bg – really can’t wait to see the best of Giroud, he’s doing everything but get off the mark….

    The needs to sign, put his contract situation behind him and get his head down….

  28. rico says:

    John Bond has died…..

  29. bondex says:

    good post AK…. would like to see theo in the striking position though

  30. allezkev says:

    Morning Gooners.
    Morning Rico, thanks again for the sub.
    Eastmond on loan it seems.
    A couple of the guys have commented on the youth of my suggested team, and on reflection, they are probably correct.
    JW, yes I recall the state of that pitch mate. The Arsenal players, in their bright yellow shirts, looked like rugby league players, covered in a layer of mud.
    Walking down the players tunnel was quite an experience, but I was too young to appreciate it at the time.
    My Dad bartering with ticket touts before both the 68 & 69 finals is another vivid memory.
    Needless to say, my Dad got a good deal…

  31. devilgunner says:

    Their time will come Kev. Some of the seniors on show tonight will just be cogs in the machine until a newer and more adaptable technical version can fit in without having any breakdowns.

    Kif int habib??

  32. rico says:

    Morning Ak, pleasure as always…

    AW suggests a strong squad, so a bit of a mix it seems with Frimpong on the bench…

    Annoying SS’s are showing the Mancs, no surprise though I guess…

  33. allezkev says:

    I’d love to see Akpom and Olsson get a run out tonight, even if it’s just a 15 minute cameo from the subs bench. These lads really are very very good.

  34. allezkev says:

    Tajjeb Habib, everything is great thanks.
    Really looking forward to tonight’s game.
    Scott, surely there are highlights programmes in Oz, where you can see some of the game?

  35. JW says:

    Sorry to hear of the deah of John Bond, I met him once, when he was manager at Norwich City, He was a lovely bloke, always had a smile on his face and always ready to chat to the fans.

    I’m sure he will be remembered at the Norwich game tonight.

  36. devilgunner says:

    I think it will be Arshavin who plays behind the CF in a 4-2-3-1 formation. So I think it will be the following……..

    Coquelin, Frimpong

    I think that Frimpong will start since we need two defensive midfielders behind Arshavin. Then again AW might decide differently.

    I do not think AW will risk putting a loan move for Eastmond at risk so he will not play him.

  37. hakzah says:

    morning all

    AK ….good post & very informative…well written as usual..

    not Squillaci !!…hope he never plays for us again…he may go come next Jan or surely next summer..give a chance to those who gonna be in the club for years to come ,Miguel should start for me…

    i agree in playing both Giroud & Theo up front , it can be a good opportunity for Theo to show what he can do and prove himself worthy or …not….so much uncertainty surrounding him..time to put it to bed..

    looking forward to see some young guns tonight..

  38. Wavy says:

    I was there in 69 too! Full of hope and certain in the knowledge that our trophy cabinet was going to have another bit of silverware to polish! I learned that day that football was a bizarre and ttotally unpredictable game. A tear rolled down my cheek at the end! It’s never happened since!
    My enduring memories are twofold: Don Rodgers skipping across the top of the Wembley turf like Tinkerbell -it really was his day, and Pat Rice at the end of the game looking like me after a night on the beerm wobbling about like a drunk in toilet!
    Ah, happy days.
    Please no repeat of losing to a 3rd Division team tonight. Not that I’ll cry or anything but you know it’s about pride, you know!

  39. allezkev says:

    Canuck, as you say, Wenger will probably use tonight to give some of his squad players some game time.
    Not Kozzer though mate. He has Squillaci(sadly), Djourou and Miquel, to play, and you never know if and when we might need them. In Squillaci’s case, never, I hope.

  40. allezkev says:

    BG, on reflection, playing Giroud, does make sense. I just hope he scores, as can you imagine his confidence level if he fails to hit the net against Cov..?
    It’s a delicate balancing act for AW…

  41. rico says:

    devil, AW has said Frimps will only be on the bench to start…

  42. rico says:

    Chelsea have called in police after six wallets, nine mobile phones and several watches were stolen from staff and players at the training ground in yet another amazing security breach at the club.
    The thefts, which took place earlier this month, were discovered when the players returned to the changing room after training at their Cobham base in Surrey.
    It is the latest serious incident at the training ground this year and has caused disruption and anger amongst the players affected.

  43. Canadian Gooner says:

    AK — Amen to “…never, I hope.” Squilli is just running down his contract.

  44. devilgunner says:

    So probably that would mean Ramsey moving deeper to be defensive midfielder and Eisfeld playing. I would have like Frimpong to start.

  45. devilgunner says:

    Seems as if there is a sort of racist thief at the Cobham base. Hmmmmm. are the lawyers costing too much? ;) :lol:

  46. rico says:

    I reckon the back five will be:

    Martinez/Fabianski (if fit)

    Yennaris Djourou Miquel Santos

  47. devilgunner says:

    I think that Djourou will be captain today.

  48. Bendtnersgone says:

    Kev, I had that very same thought but he is a French international and if he can’t handle the pressure of playing against Coventry how can he expect to handle prem sides.
    In fairness to him it’s early days and he’s finding his feet. I like him as a player and, the sitter against Sunderland aside, he hasn’t done much wrong when on the pitch. I still think he should cope with CC though.

  49. rico says:

    I reckon so too devil, bless him ;)

  50. devilgunner says:

    I am offski guys

    I will be later on tonight

    I will try to do the match report Rico. but I will not promise anything since first I have to see the match and if I am lucky to get a link via an arabic/chinese station online I will do so. but by half time I will be able to tell you.

    Later my Esteemed Fellow Gunners

  51. emma says:

    Good morning gunners,

    Wenger names squad for Capital One Cup tie
    Arsène Wenger has included Serge Gnabry, Thomas Eisfeld and Hector Bellerin in his 18-man squad to face Coventry City in the Capital One Cup third round tonight.

    The talented trio have caught the eye in the Under-21 Premier League and NextGen Series this season, and will be joined by Martin Angha, Damian Martinez, James Shea and Nico Yennaris for the game at Emirates Stadium.

    Elsewhere, Emmanuel Frimpong is in line to make his first appearance since rupturing the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee while on loan at Wolves in February.

    Arsenal squad:

    11 Andre Santos
    12 Olivier Giroud
    14 Theo Walcott
    15 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
    18 Sebastien Squillaci
    20 Johan Djourou
    22 Francis Coquelin
    23 Andrey Arshavin
    26 Emmanuel Frimpong
    29 Marouane Chamakh
    36 Damian Martinez
    38 Martin Angha
    40 Hector Bellerin
    46 Thomas Eisfeld
    47 Serge Gnabry
    54 Ignasi Miquel
    60 James Shea
    64 Nico Yennaris

  52. rico says:

    Thanks devil, i’ll be watching a similar link ;)

  53. Scott from Oz says:

    Sleep is overrated anyway Rico :)
    Kev,i will no doubt see some highlights at some stage tomorrow…no dramas.
    As long as the boys get the result,i will be happy.

  54. rico says:

    Hi emma, that’s a very young and inexperienced squad….

  55. rico says:

    10 hours a night for me Scott ;)

  56. Scott from Oz says:

    Apparently Jack is scheduled to make an appearance in an U/21 game next week.
    Scary….he has already shown so much talent,torn Barca a new one,had over 12 months off and he is still a baby…incredible.

  57. Scott from Oz says:

    Rico,my wife is the same!!
    I live on around 6 to 6 1/2.
    My problem is even if i go to bed at 8,i will wake up around 2 or 3 bright as a button!!

  58. Canadian Gooner says:

    I’m off. Have a good afternoon and evening fellow Housers. Until later.

    P.S. If anyone finds a decent link to the Cup game, would they please post it.

  59. Scott from Oz says:

    Please be kind……..i have never watched anything on a live stream…wouldn’t know where to start….but what is the quality like??
    Will any PC or Ipad pick it up??

  60. rico says:

    Early as next week eh, great news on Jack …

    That’s probably because we ladies work the hardest and need the sleep Scott ;)

    Catch you later Cg, will try and find a link before KO…

  61. Scott from Oz says:

    You don’t think it’s because we men must get up before 9 to start work Rico??
    Actually,i reckon i am the only salesman in the world who is up at 5 each morning!!

  62. rico says:

    No Scott ;)

    During the summer months, 6am ish start but now the mornings are so dark, I take advantage…

  63. rico says:

    I’m At Coventry Now So I Hope The Lads Do Well – Henderson

    Thoughts of Conor Henderson

    Conor Henderson has said that he enjoyed his Coventry City debut and will provide information on thie Arsenal players if requested.

    Speaking to the CT’s Andy Turner, Henderson who is not allowed to play against his parent club tonight, said: “I would have relished the opportunity but I’m not allowed to play, which is a shame, although it would have been a strange feeling.

    “I only found out about the move to Coventry a few days ago and then everything was finalised on Friday afternoon and I drove straight up. I got on a bit earlier than expected against Carlisle but I was more than happy to go on. The manager just told me to get on the ball and try to get the team playing and enjoy it.

    “I like to get on the ball and pass it and although it was a tough start to my short stay at Coventry I did enjoy it.

    “I know a few of the players already and how good they are and we just need to get a few results. We hit the post twice and created some good chances and hopefully next time we’ll take those chances and win the game.”

    On which team Arsene Wenger will actually field tonight, “I have no idea which team the manager will put out,” admitted Henderson.

    “I know there are a few players who haven’t played too much this season and need games but I think it will be quite a strong side.

    “It would be nice to see some of my under-21 team-mates involved. Ignasi Miquel is a really good centre-half and Nicholas Yennaris a defensive midfielder but there are a few good young players who are there and will hopefully get a game. But whatever team plays it will be difficult.

    “I hope to travel down with the Coventry players because it will be nice to be involved in and around the dressing room, although it will be very strange.

    “If anyone asks about anyone I’ll let them know. I’m at Coventry now so I hope the lads do well.”

  64. rico says:

    Falcao has been in talks about a move to Chelsea according to the paps…


    Isn’t AW sitting on a £50m kitty ;)

  65. goonster says:

    morning rico, i ll be need that link too maam….looking forward to seeing the lads this afternoon. make us proud boys. COYGS!

  66. goonster says:

    nice apparently maureen has been impressed with our season so far. he says arsenal are on the rise again, that he has never been “anti arsenal”….good to know others are sitting up and taking note. our fear factor is creeping back. once OG12 starts banging them in, we ll be unstoppable. COYGS.

  67. rico says:

    Hi goonster, I will post it later once i find one…

  68. rico says:

    jose is a fibber!!

    He hates us… Bet Sahin wishes he’d not gone to Anfield now….

  69. rico says:


    Here is one to try later, think this is the link i watched the Saints match on…

  70. Micko says:

    Afternoon all,
    Enjoyable read Kev, even managed to sneak Walsall in, nice one.
    It’ll always be the league Cup to me.
    Coventry have gone through 11 managers in 11 years and we’re stuck with Wenger, where’s the justice I ask ya.
    4-1 tonight, c’mon Arsenal.

  71. Micko says:

    rico, I can’t do streams anymore, they drive me nuts, don’t do it Scott you’ll go banana’s.

  72. Scott from Oz says:

    Yeah Micko….technology and this little Aussie don’t see eye to eye!!
    Probably will not bother.

  73. goonster says:

    hey micko, how’s it going my man? thanks rico will give it a whack. any predictions?

  74. Scott from Oz says:

    I am off guys….catch you all later.

  75. NashuaGunner says:

    Good morning Rico and All.

    Kev, you always bring Arsenal’s history to mind and give us something to reflect on we the new comers. Thanks young man. :-)

  76. rico says:

    Hi Micko, you reckon we’ll concede? ;)

    Streams are very annoying, and seldom work for me…

    Night Scott….

  77. rico says:

    1-0 for me goonie….

    Hi NG…

    And Micko, its quite frightening how many clubs get through so many changes, but change is good….. isn’t it?

  78. Micko says:

    I’m good Stan, how’s the form ? You recovered from the weekend, you ain’t getting no younger.
    Nite Scott.

  79. jimario says:

    Looking forward to tonight and watching the youths. Being a gooner living in coventry gotta say the buzz around the city is amazing though being the only man wearing red n white on the train homes gunna be interesting. From what i’ve seen from my home town club lately we should get a cricket score

  80. Micko says:

    They never should have got rid of Jimmy Hill rico.

  81. rico says:

    Hi jimario, things haven’t been good for Coventry of late have they, but always fear the ‘new manager’ syndrome…

    I forgot he was one of them Micko…

  82. goonster says:

    hahaha good one mike hit me where it hurts most….my age. gosh am getting old. i ll be 30 in 4 years. yikes!

  83. jimario says:

    Jimmy hill took cov from 4th division to 1st, perhaps they should look at re-employing him. Theres a statue of him outside of the ricoh arena, not as nice as ours of king henry

  84. JW says:


    That link looks like a no-go, the Arsenal game is not listed.

  85. goonster says:

    rico a one nil to arsenal on a carling cup night???? no way we ll batter them. am going for a 5.1 scoreline.

  86. jimario says:

    Sticking with cricket, we’ll hit them for 6 with 0 coming back

  87. Micko says:

    Jimario, late night for you then ! Hope your right about the cricket score.
    Stan, your still only a whipper snapper mate, don’t get old like me.

  88. rico says:

    jim, hence they should never have got rid of him…

    JW, could be updated later, hopefully they’ll be showing..

    On paper we should batter them, but….

  89. TT says:

    “Chelsea have called in police after six wallets, nine mobile phones and several watches were stolen from staff and players at the training ground in yet another amazing security breach at the club.
    The thefts, which took place earlier this month, were discovered when the players returned to the changing room after training at their Cobham base in Surrey.
    It is the latest serious incident at the training ground this year and has caused disruption and anger amongst the players affected.”

    I suspect John Terry…

  90. rico says:

    I suspect you are a mere whipper snapper Micko ;)

    Hi TT, devil suspected him earlier….

  91. Lee says:

    Any member of the terry family….all known criminals and general Jeremy Kyle trailor trash scum!

  92. Lewis says:

    Good day all.
    Nice post AK, thanks for the view into history, I know very little about the Arsenal pre 92-93 season when my grandad bought me an arsenal shirt with ‘Wright’ written on the back. Wish I still had that!
    Looking forward to the game tonight, with a few of the young lads tearing it up. can’t see anything but a comfortable arsenal win.

  93. rico says:

    Agree there Lee….

    Hi Lewis, I always get nervous when we play the lower league clubs, we have been known to think its won before ko…

  94. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Good luck to Arsenal today and also good luck tonight to Arsenal Ladies who play Barcelona Ladies in round 32 of the Women’s Champions League.

  95. rico says:

    Hi JM – I forgot the ladies were playing tonight, good luck to them too, hope they batter Barcelona…

  96. W.A.T.H says:

    It’s more than likely to be Terry’s Mum she’s the tea leaf………. Ask Tesco’s..!

  97. rico says:

    Hi Wath, you going tonight??

  98. rico says:

    Song has found the need to chat about how hard it was to leave Arsenal…. again….


  99. W.A.T.H says:

    Can’t go Rico got a few things I need to do and doesn’t seem like it’s on anywhere even my ever reliable boozer….! May have to resort to listening to it on Arsenal player, then they showing the game in full afterwards apparently.

  100. W.A.T.H says:

    Song needs to get down Oxford Circus and do some busking…..!

  101. rico says:

    Can’t believe it’s not on anywhere – even the usual streams don’t seem to have it listed Wath..

    Is the Arsenal player worth joining??

  102. Lee says:

    WATH, the whitehouse (now shocking pink!) on green lanes has all that dodgey satellite stuff… i reckon it’ll be on there matey!

  103. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    hi everyone,

    Its funny reading about Song going on about having experience playing in defence etc. He couldn’t be bothered sitting still in the midfield at the Arsenal.

    Also he has confirmed that he wanted to go at all cost and it wasn’t AW choosing to sell him unlike what the journos have published.

  104. goonster says:

    hey guys, i cant wait to see the lads file out…….come on already.

  105. rico says:

    Wath, I bet Ronaldo can’t wait to make Song look silly in defence, shouldn’t be too difficult either….

    HiTsgh –

    He was ok in defence for us though, and yes, his agent said he was ‘forced out’ I think…..

  106. rico says:

    Got to pop off for a while, catch up later……

  107. Lewis says:

    Is song getting a game over there?

  108. goonster says:

    hi TSGH, how’s it going? what time is kick off?

  109. rico says:

    In defence Lee….

  110. goonster says:

    fuck him mikel is 10 times the player he ll ever be…….what a plank.

  111. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    Hi goonster, 19:45 BST kick -off

  112. goonster says:

    hi rico……popping off again huh? do you ever stay on one spot for more than an hour? am begining to think you re the legendary “mary poppings”

  113. goonster says:

    hey thanks my man…..that should be 14.45 est

  114. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    Yes. It should be a good game. I m looking forward to seeing Yennaris in particular. I think he is ready. I saw him play against Blackburn for the U21 a few weeks ago and he was the standout for me. His height may be the only issue especially for the RB and DM position he frequents.

  115. goonster says:

    well that c**t evra isnt the tallest but he does do well in that role dont he? size is overated TSGH, nico is class he ll be alright.

  116. W.A.T.H says:

    Lee, Gonna get home in time 4 the 2nd half and listen on Arsenal player and have a few rather large GG’s…. As you do obviously..!

  117. goonster says:

    hey WATH, how are ya?

  118. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    True size is over rated but not against the pub rugby team Stoke

  119. W.A.T.H says:

    Am good Stan, hows you fella..?

  120. goonster says:

    TSGH, santi held his own against those thugs didnt he? like someone once said” its not the size of a man that matters, but the size of his fight” nico looks fierce like a pitbull with boil on his ass. he ll wont go down easily. he ll be alright i tells ya.(9southern accent again, God help me)

  121. goonster says:

    am just hanging brother man…..waiting for the game. where have you been? i barely see ya these days. is every thing ok?

  122. Lee says:

    Stan, WATH’s busy filtering GG……

  123. Will XL says:

    Good day gooners. I think these guys will give Coventry a thrashing today. They know they must perform today if they want to have a sniff at the first team. They’ll be up for it.

  124. W.A.T.H says:

    I’m all good Stan, am never far mate never you worry. Glad all ok with you..!

  125. W.A.T.H says:

    Young over there 2nite Lee..?

  126. goonster says:

    good to hear WATH you got me all worried….hey lee, are you going to the game?

  127. W.A.T.H says:

    Seems Song really likes the sound of his own bullshit… I had to convince Wenger to sell me… Yeh right you plum, the minute the offer came in Arsene had songs taxi booked for the airport…!

  128. W.A.T.H says:

    Makes me laugh all these self obsessed players full of their own importance…..

  129. rico says:

    Good evening from Mary Poppins :)

  130. emma says:

    If you are interested Barcelona ladies vs arsenal ladies(champions league round 32) Link http://www.fcbarcelona.cat/

  131. goonster says:

    you said it WATH….hey rico, are you back now to stay? how many minutes before kick off you guys?

  132. rico says:

    Great stuff, thanks emma …

    Yep, back for the night now….

  133. rico says:

    The ladies can wrap up the WSL this weekend, what an achievement that would be….

  134. goonster says:

    how many minutes to go mama bear?

  135. goonster says:

    i hear its a sellout maam…….gosh the EMs ll be buzzing tonight, i bet ya. wish i can go.

  136. goonster says:

    where is everybody? its a football night you numbskulls……..get back here.

  137. emma says:

    COYGs. Arsenal ladies 1 vs Barcelona ladies 0

  138. goonster says:

    where is the link good woman?

  139. W.A.T.H says:

    I thought Gene Kelly did singing in the rain Rico…. although I could be wrong thats more AK’s age group about 40yrs before my time..!

  140. rico says:

    1 hour goonie…

    Go girls, go girls :)

    He did Wath ;)

  141. goonster says:

    one hour eh? come on arsenal. need me some beers i ll back shortly.

  142. rico says:

    dinner calls, back in a minute…

  143. W.A.T.H says:

    Arsenal.com ‏@Arsenal
    ARSENAL TEAM: Martinez, Miquel, Djourou, Angha, Yennaris, Santos, Coquelin, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Walcott, Arshavin, Giroud #AFCvCCFC

  144. emma says:

    common ladies!!! 2nil up

  145. TalkShiteGingerHater says:


  146. rico says:

    Any team news guys/gals?

    Evening by the way…..

  147. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    Good line-up. 4 -1

  148. rico says:

    Oops, guess who forgot to press F5 :P

  149. rico says:

    Go Girls :)

    Strong on the attack, the defence, well, we’ll see….

  150. rico says:

    Anyone have a link please?

  151. goonster says:

    hey emma i ll need me a good link…..the one above is not working. please good woman please. am desperate.

  152. allezkev says:


  153. osi says:

    anyone have good link for live stream

  154. allezkev says:

    Wath, your on detention again, for bunking off from school. :-D

  155. goonster says:

    AK, give me a live stream buddy, be a pal. get me one pronto.

  156. devilgunner says:

    I give up Rico. The stream is on and off. I see 10 seconds then 2 minutes nothing.

  157. rico says:

    I’ve given up too devil….

    Ak, enjoy the game…

  158. goonster says:

    so we re just gonna sit here and wait! christ give me strength, i ve already bought me a couple of beers. am sure the mancs are on tv there in the UK right rico? gosh this anti arsenal thing is begining to stick in my craw.

  159. rico says:

    why haven’t we scored yet?…..

  160. rico says:

    calm down Stanley, they were bound to show the Mancs, its an all PL tie….

  161. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    walcott missed a good chance

  162. rico says:

    good devil….

  163. Tlailaxu says:

    …none of the links are working… =(((

  164. rico says:

    Tsgh, you watching?

  165. rico says:

    Nor mine Tlail…

  166. devilgunner says:

    Sahin 1-1

  167. rico says:

    Who suggested this would be a cricket score?

    Sounds hard going….

  168. Micko says:

    Highlights on BBC1 at a quarter past bloody midnight.

  169. TalkShiteGingerHater says:


  170. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    Finally.kool finish.Goonster will be creaming when he sees this

  171. rico says:

    Has he scored???

    Yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

  172. rico says:

    See, I said he should start :lol:

  173. rico says:

    quarter passed midnight Micko…. bloomin henry….

  174. gunnerdna says:

    o g o g Oliver Goal

  175. Will XL says:

    Giroud opens his account. :)

  176. devilgunner says:

    Typical. I get no streams. the beeb is slow to update. Nature calls. I go to the loo. When I come back Giroud has scored. 1-0.

    Off to the loo again.

  177. Tlailaxu says:

    …this is so strange, first time when game is not on tv and not a single link online, never seen this sh.. b4… anyway, very happy for giroud, wish i could see it … =)

  178. mariokellzAFC says:

    Ohhhhhhhhh girouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud…wt a luvely goal

  179. goonster says:

    giroud scores!!!!! christ what rotten luck! the first time he bangs it in and i miss it. what are the odds.

  180. mariokellzAFC says:

    I was alive when giroud scored his first goal for the mighty arsenal

  181. devilgunner says:

    And you will be missing his next two goals seeing that you have to wipe the floor clean Goonie.

  182. rico says:

    Tomorrows match report is going to be tough, none of us are watching, only Ak, and he’s in the ground :lol:

  183. rico says:

    devil – best you stay there ;)

  184. rico says:

    Now for Theo to get one…. and AA

  185. vida says:

    giroud taking the penalty

  186. devilgunner says:

    penalty to us

  187. Tlailaxu says:


    this one is working… sound only but better than nothing… =)

  188. Will XL says:


  189. Tlailaxu says:

    oh man giroud just missed a penalty… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….=/

  190. devilgunner says:


  191. TalkShiteGingerHater says:


  192. Tlailaxu says:

    any1 got with view?pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

  193. rico says:

    Giroud misses a penalty :(

  194. Scott from Oz says:

    Morning all.
    Still 1-0???
    Glad to see Giroud pot one,and it is all needs to kick on.
    I have said it all along…the guy is class.
    You ripper.

  195. Scott from Oz says:

    Missed a penalty….the guys shit…should never have bloody bought him :)

  196. Andrew says:

    hope he can score another!

  197. Tlailaxu says:

    it was a good save apparently SFO…

  198. devilgunner says:

    What I cannot stand is when the gk makes a good save and all the beeb says is that it is a missed penalty. FFS they should say…the goalkeeper’s saved it not Giroud misses penalty.

  199. Tlailaxu says:

    ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx….. magical goal…. booooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmm…… yeaaaaaaaaahhh… =DDDD

  200. Andrew says:

    the Ox!!!!! Yeahhhhhh

  201. rico says:

    :lol: Scott – good job we all know you are kidding….

  202. devilgunner says:

    off to the loo again.

  203. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    the Ox 25 yards

  204. mariokellzAFC says:

    …and the ox scores

  205. rico says:

    Remember DB10 against the Mancs in the dying seconds of the FA Cup devil…..

  206. rico says:

    The BBC actually say it was saved…. lets see what the other twits say tomorrow

  207. Tlailaxu says:

    devil went to toilet and we score again… =DDD

  208. devilgunner says:

    What the f&^&&^$%^&?????

    I go to the loo again and this time we get another.


    Yes Rico, I remember it clearly.

  209. Scott from Oz says:

    And the Ox……

  210. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    EF26 warming up

  211. Tlailaxu says:

    LOL devil… =P

  212. rico says:

    Too much info there devil 9.01 ;)

  213. devilgunner says:

    seems as if I missed two streakers apparently also.

    Oh bollox.

  214. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    Rico 199. then the hairy chested man goes to make it 2-1

  215. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    newcastle 1-2

  216. Tlailaxu says:

    coventry GK having a good game…we should have been 4-0 up by now…

  217. Scott from Oz says:

    Yep Rico….i really reckon Giroud will be great for us for a few years,and he will get better and better throughout his career.
    Devil…you are right.
    I have seen some very,very good penalties saved spectacularly and yes,the often the penalty taker gets more criticism than the keeper gets credit.
    The perfect penalty is never saved,but very good ones can be.

  218. Lee says:

    2-1 mancs

  219. Scott from Oz says:

    Devil,just tell us you went to the toilet and passed a Stoke…..no need to use the word shit!!

  220. rico says:

    I know Tsgh, why someone didn’t hack him down… to this day i will never know…

  221. Tlailaxu says:

    Little Russian reminds us why we signed him… =)

  222. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    3-0 AA23

  223. goonster says:

    come arsenal…..i wish i was watching. ashavin is on fire.

  224. Scott from Oz says:

    And another. 3-0.

  225. rico says:

    Great for AA, now Theo….

  226. Scott from Oz says:

    Great confidence builders for these lads.
    Off to work,but will pop in a little later.

  227. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    Tony Adams and Lee Dixon. That is why I couldn’t stand Dixon when he was going on about CJ25 performance last year

  228. devilgunner says:

    I think I have gastric flu. grrrrrrrrrrrr

  229. Scott from Oz says:

    Must have got it from me Devil…..sorry mate.

  230. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    Very Selfless from OG12 to set up AA23

  231. Tlailaxu says:

    another good save from coventry keeper…

  232. rico says:

    Was it just those two Tsgh? Thought someone else could have clattered him… but, that’s gone i guess. I love Dixon but like all, sometimes they have short memories….

  233. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    Tiote being very sloppy for the Geordies

  234. rico says:

    Not good to hear devil :(

  235. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    Yeah Rico. Poor pass from PV4 to Parlour, then Giggs goes past PV4 and the Dixon and Adams. I have watched that goal a million times and like you I cant understand the outcome of that match. The pain is second only to the Champions League 2006.

    Link below:

  236. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    4-0 theoooooooooooooo

  237. Scott from Oz says:


  238. Tlailaxu says:

    booooooooooooom….THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… =DDDD …. give me the ball give me the ball I want to be a legend…. well done ‘Peter Pan’…eternaly perspective…

  239. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    Against 10 men |Rico. That pain

  240. Scott from Oz says:

    Have a good night all.
    All the right boys are scoring…..big positive.

  241. devilgunner says:

    At least I was not on the loo this time. :)

  242. rico says:

    I knew there was one more guilty man Tsgh – I can’t watch it again though… seen it too many times and it still hurts….

  243. rico says:

    Now bloody sign Theo…

    You have a good day too Scott, catch up tomorrow for us, later for you ;)

  244. goonster says:

    hey rico, your boy just scored a glorious goal…..wow am pretty sure you are beaming from ear to ear.

  245. goonster says:

    I said 4.1 didnt i?

  246. devilgunner says:

    And you are beaming from where to where Goonie????

  247. rico says:

    was it a good goal goonie, can’t see it until tomorrow…

  248. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    Cant blame you Rico.Old ground………..

  249. rico says:

    have we conceded then??

  250. Tlailaxu says:


  251. goonster says:

    oh poop…..miquel just ruined it for me. grrrrrrrrr

  252. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    Typical Theo goal from RHS

  253. rico says:

    :P :P Tlail….

  254. gunnerdna says:

    its 5 . 1 now goon

  255. devilgunner says:


    Miguel has pooped you. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  256. TalkShiteGingerHater says:


  257. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    My 4-1 prediction down the drain

  258. devilgunner says:

    Off now my Esteemed Fellow Gunners.

    Hope I do not sleep on the loo tonight.


  259. rico says:

    Good Tsgh, I want one more before the end ;)

  260. rico says:

    Night devil, no match report eh ;) ;)

    Sleep well and hope you feel better in the morning….

  261. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    I am still waiting for frimpong and Eisfield to come on

  262. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    Sorry. Eisfield only

  263. devilgunner says:

    #no match report lady.

    I am awfully sorry.

    But I was only following what you and the beeb were saying.

    Off now.

  264. rico says:

    Devil, just pulling your leg, i knew… and on top of that you are poorly, just go and rest…

  265. Tlailaxu says:

    is this guy again… the one this legend boy… =DDDDD…

  266. goonster says:


  267. TalkShiteGingerHater says:


  268. goonster says:

    what a game he is having…..ashavin is on fire.

  269. Tlailaxu says:

    shall we call the sculptor to get some temporary monument for Theo ‘The Legend’ Walcott and when we sell him in january just demolish the thingy… =P

  270. rico says:

    Woop woop….

    one more Theo, one more ;)

  271. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    You are right Rico.I m not receiving anymore updates from my brother at the emirates.Even MC29 is on and still playing sh@t

  272. Lewis says:

    Another 6. Get in there!

  273. rico says:

    Tlail, he is not going anywhere in January…

    Ok, that’s me done for the night – can’t see Coventry coming back for the draw now… ;)

    Nighty all, catch up tomorrow….

  274. vida says:

    Jamie sanderson
    FT. Great workout for #afc. Giroud, Arshavin and Walcott proved points. #ccfc steely but poor. Miquel ace. Gnabry lively. 6-1.

  275. goonster says:

    what a game…..theo looked impresssive in burst but miquel is a beast, i see why wenger didnt sign another CB. what a player. my man of the match is ashavin. he was a man reborn. hope he kicks on from here. COYGS

  276. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    The FA will be doing all they can to give us Manure for the next draw

  277. Will XL says:

    Knew the boys would go out there to play today. Great job.

  278. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    the dippers are through.2 Sahin goals

  279. Micko says:

    TSGH, draw is coming up in a couple of minutes, anyone at home will do.

  280. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    Excellent night.No Squillaci

  281. TalkShiteGingerHater says:

    Fingers crossed Micko. We have a chance if we can get past the next round

  282. goonster says:

    ashavin’s work rate was phenomenal today. i just hope he could be consistence. he’s a classy player am a huge fan. i just hope he finally steps up and be counted this year.

  283. Nigel Tufnel says:

    someone tell me…what position was theo in mostly..did he start on wing and shift around to other spots, as poldi and gerv have been doing recently ?

  284. Lewis says:

    Bradford at home please!

  285. Lewis says:

    Oh we’ll cud have been worse.

  286. Micko says:

    Reading away next round, I can live with that.

  287. Scott from Oz says:

    Brilliant news.
    Giroud off the mark is great.
    By all reports Arshavin played a similar role to Cazorla,and did it almost as well….nice to know he can slot in if needed.
    I am happy Ox scored…..second season syndrome doesn’t seem to have affected him much so far.
    I am very,very happy for Theo.
    Miquel apparently was brilliant.
    Just great news all round.

  288. goonster says:

    emma God bless you good woman…

  289. Nigel Tufnel says:

    thanks Emma

  290. allezkev says:

    Serge Gnabry. Only saw about 15 minutes of him, late in the game, but that kid is quality.
    It wouldn’t surprise me to see him given a few more opportunities in the 1st team this season, and not just in the League Cup.

  291. allezkev says:

    Damien Martinez, didn’t have a lot to do, and had no chance with the Coventry goal, but he had the look of a very accomplished and safe goalkeeper.
    Another one to watch..?

  292. devilgunner says:

    Good Morning my Esteemed Fellow Gunners.

    Just saw highlights of the game.

    Six well taken goals plus a well saved penalty from the Coventry Keeper plus the usual goal conceded contributed to a good 6-1.

    All 6 goals were beautiful in their own way.

    If Theo signs then that means he is accepting the AFC project.

    If he does not sign take a look at the following……….

    ………. ICELANDIC striker Aron Johannsson has caught the eye of Arsene Wenger and the Gunners are “considering a move” for the 22-year-old in the New Year, according to Talksport.

    Born in the USA, Johannsson has scored ten goals in just four matches this season for AGF, including the fastest ever hat-trick in the history of the Danish Superleague, taking only three minutes and 50 seconds to find the net three times against pitiful AC Horsens.

    Although he’s played several times for the Iceland U21 side, Johannsson is allegedly being courted by America with a view to playing for them at senior level.

    Talksport says that the youngster’s agent, Magnus Agnar Magnusson, is aware of Wenger’s interest and standing by his phone. “Arsenal haven’t called me yet, but they’d be more than welcome,” explained Magnusson. “It’s natural they would show interest in a player who scores so many goals… Aron has the speed to succeed in English football.”

    Read more: http://www.theweek.co.uk/football/premier-league/49238/arsenal-tempted-hat-trick-superstar-aron-johannsson#ixzz27eUr7cck

    Johannson can play on the right, on the left or through the centre.

  293. bondex says:

    morning all….. yesterday’s match was a fruitful one…glad to hear ashavin played well.

  294. bondex says:

    T14 ‘s goal was henry like.

  295. rico says:

    Morning all,

    Did someone say TW14 can’t score goals :)

    Six great goals and a really good result….

  296. devilgunner says:

    Theo can score goals Rico, but lacks some grey matter between the ears on tactical level.

    Good day Lady.

    How did you get on with the report.

  297. rico says:

    bondex – it sure was, down the left, cutting in and then curled inside the far post..


  298. rico says:

    Morning devil, Ak saved the day, the on the spot reporter emailed a few bits and bobs :)

  299. rico says:

    New Post is up folks….

  300. devilgunner says:

    They were typical TH goals the one scored by Theo.

    What I cannot get or fathom out is why the hell he wants to be a central striker when playing on the wings is a much easier.

    Ultimately, I think its all about money, not position.

  301. JW says:

    Morning all,

    Thanks Emma for the highlights.

    Great result last night, Walcott’s second goal was straight out of the Thierry Henry archive.

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