The Legend that could be Theo Walcott! Who will solve the 'goals for' problem?

Morning Gooners,

Five games into the Premier League season and we have conceded two goals, this time last year we had conceded fourteen!

Yes, fourteen and we went on to conceded another thirty-four before the season ended, something which most Gooners said needed to be rectified this season.

Well Sunday we faced the Premier League’s side which on paper, contains some of the best and most entertaining footballers in the league, but they couldn’t score more than just once against us!

They couldn’t stop us from scoring either, in fact this season they have already conceded seven goals and to be fair, that figure could be a lot worse had we taken our chances.

So far so good it seems and if things stay as solid at the back, we won’t be heading the goals conceded league come May 2013.

At present, we have the meanest defence in the league, equal with Chelsea, in fact we match them on goals scored and conceded so this coming weekends fixture should be an interesting battle, in more ways than one.

But as we witnessed on Sunday, converting our chances was again our downfall, as three points were really missed out on, so how do we fix it?

Is Theo Walcott the answer?

Throughout my time on Highbury House, there has been a common theme from a majority of fans and that is should Theo Walcott be playing through the middle as a striker.

It’s been suggested that Walcott, in fact, was used as a striker at Southampton before his transfer to Arsenal in 2006. At what level that was at, I’m not sure, be it Youth, Reserves or 1st team.

Harry Redknapp recently claimed that he had used Walcott as a striker and had actually given him his debut in that position, the same season Harry took the Saints down a division. Something all his chums in the Press conveniently forget, just as they routinely forget everything that doesn’t suit their warped agenda.

Snippets of Theo that I saw on Television prior to him joining Arsenal, seemed to show him playing out wide!

So I’m not convinced about this Theo the Southampton striker tale, but he wants that central role and he wants to stay too.

It’s a slow process, my last contract took over six months to happen. Hopefully it can be sorted out.

I’ve never said I wanted to go, I’ve always wanted to stay. I want to be an Arsenal legend. Thierry joined the club when he was 22 and I want to become an Arsenal legend like him, playing up front as well, which is a big factor for me. I’ve played on the right wing and had the opportunity to play up front a bit more so I think it’s about time.

That speculation on the money side of it has never been me. That’s not me. I’m not the sort of person who’s influenced by money. I always make my decisions based on football and only football. Hopefully something can be sorted out. I’ll just wait for the club to get back to us now and go from there.

It’s one of those things that happens in the game. If it comes to it, if the club had to sell me, I’d be disappointed but, like I said, hopefully something can be sorted.

Theo might get that chance in the Capital One Cup fixture tomorrow night and if he does he really needs to make it count, as does Giroud if he starts. Maybe both will start up front together and we’ll see a deadly pairing?

In the meantime of course, the concern about the lack of striking depth at Arsenal by many of the Gooner faithful will continue, although it has to be said that it’s 50% stronger than 12 months ago when we had one decent striker…

So whilst on the subject of Walcott and putting Chamakh to one side (many fans would like to see that permanently) there might be an answer in situ.

That answer is Gervinho…

Yes, I know he can appear flakey, with arms and legs going all over the place but that’s when he is on the wing, maybe a permanent switch inside could be the making of him?

Initially as an emergency to solve our goal scoring problem but if Giroud get’s off the mark and goes onto have a great first season, then the panic will be over.

But he is an interesting option, one that worked against Southampton when he caused mayhem for their defence.

They didn’t have a clue how stop him, and he could do that to many more defences.

So Theo or Gervinho is the question…..

Written by Allezkev

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