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The Legend that could be Theo Walcott! Who will solve the ‘goals for’ problem?

Morning Gooners,

Five games into the Premier League season and we have conceded two goals, this time last year we had conceded fourteen!

Yes, fourteen and we went on to conceded another thirty-four before the season ended, something which most Gooners said needed to be rectified this season.

Well Sunday we faced the Premier League’s side which on paper, contains some of the best and most entertaining footballers in the league, but they couldn’t score more than just once against us!

They couldn’t stop us from scoring either, in fact this season they have already conceded seven goals and to be fair, that figure could be a lot worse had we taken our chances.

So far so good it seems and if things stay as solid at the back, we won’t be heading the goals conceded league come May 2013.

At present, we have the meanest defence in the league, equal with Chelsea, in fact we match them on goals scored and conceded so this coming weekends fixture should be an interesting battle, in more ways than one.

But as we witnessed on Sunday, converting our chances was again our downfall, as three points were really missed out on, so how do we fix it?

Is Theo Walcott the answer?

Throughout my time on Highbury House, there has been a common theme from a majority of fans and that is should Theo Walcott be playing through the middle as a striker.

It’s been suggested that Walcott, in fact, was used as a striker at Southampton before his transfer to Arsenal in 2006. At what level that was at, I’m not sure, be it Youth, Reserves or 1st team.

Harry Redknapp recently claimed that he had used Walcott as a striker and had actually given him his debut in that position, the same season Harry took the Saints down a division. Something all his chums in the Press conveniently forget, just as they routinely forget everything that doesn’t suit their warped agenda.

Snippets of Theo that I saw on Television prior to him joining Arsenal, seemed to show him playing out wide!

So I’m not convinced about this Theo the Southampton striker tale, but he wants that central role and he wants to stay too.

It’s a slow process, my last contract took over six months to happen. Hopefully it can be sorted out.

I’ve never said I wanted to go, I’ve always wanted to stay. I want to be an Arsenal legend. Thierry joined the club when he was 22 and I want to become an Arsenal legend like him, playing up front as well, which is a big factor for me. I’ve played on the right wing and had the opportunity to play up front a bit more so I think it’s about time.

That speculation on the money side of it has never been me. That’s not me. I’m not the sort of person who’s influenced by money. I always make my decisions based on football and only football. Hopefully something can be sorted out. I’ll just wait for the club to get back to us now and go from there.

It’s one of those things that happens in the game. If it comes to it, if the club had to sell me, I’d be disappointed but, like I said, hopefully something can be sorted.

Theo might get that chance in the Capital One Cup fixture tomorrow night and if he does he really needs to make it count, as does Giroud if he starts. Maybe both will start up front together and we’ll see a deadly pairing?

In the meantime of course, the concern about the lack of striking depth at Arsenal by many of the Gooner faithful will continue, although it has to be said that it’s 50% stronger than 12 months ago when we had one decent striker…

So whilst on the subject of Walcott and putting Chamakh to one side (many fans would like to see that permanently) there might be an answer in situ.

That answer is Gervinho…

Yes, I know he can appear flakey, with arms and legs going all over the place but that’s when he is on the wing, maybe a permanent switch inside could be the making of him?

Initially as an emergency to solve our goal scoring problem but if Giroud get’s off the mark and goes onto have a great first season, then the panic will be over.

But he is an interesting option, one that worked against Southampton when he caused mayhem for their defence.

They didn’t have a clue how stop him, and he could do that to many more defences.

So Theo or Gervinho is the question…..

Written by Allezkev

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226 comments on “The Legend that could be Theo Walcott! Who will solve the ‘goals for’ problem?

  1. Mornin g

    Gervhino all day. first of all I think he will do better against Chelsea defense than MC. Even though Chelsea have conceded fewer goals I don’t fancy Luis or for that matter Cahill when faced with the trickery that Gervhino possesses.

    TW simply doe’s not have what it takes to be a striker and I have been saying for a long time that the only positive he brings to Arsenal is as a impact sub against a tiring defense.

    When Giraud starts to bang them in we will look a totally different team again with Gervhino, Giraud and Podolsky all capable to play through the middle.

  2. Good Morning my Esteemed Fellow Gunners.

    Nice analysis Kev. Maybe two pairings for a 4-4-2 combo??

    Giroud and Gervinho

    Podolski and Theo

    But I still have my doubts regarding Theo on the EPL stage.

    BDW………..did I mention Sagna and Inter in the same sentence yesterday??? lo and behold its in the news today.

    Unfortunately I think he will leave.

  3. Morning all,

    Good post Ak, think everyone knows my view. I want Theo to get his chance through the middle before he is totally written off.

    I like what he says in his interview, he wants to stay, he isn’t driven by money and he wants to emulate the great TH.

    Whether he will ever be able to get close to being that kind of player I doubt, but TH was a one off.

    And, I suspect AW rubber stamped his interview before it was published, and after AW’s comments on Gerv and his missed chances, who knows….

    Sign up Theo and get on with playing football, you may then get your chance….

  4. Just seeing that Gail Cliché is upset after being blanked by Wenger on Sunday… Ahhhhhh, bless him…

  5. Can’t believe some people still champion 4-4-2. The formation is so outdated and there’s a reason why hardly anyone uses it anymore.

  6. If Theo does not get a decent run in the middle by Christmas then he will be off in January. But he might get one starting against Coventry. If he does not start against Coventry or else he is shafted to the wing then the writing is on the wall.

    I know that I might sound boring, but unfortunately that is the way it is.

    I would like all AFC players to be successful so dont get me wrong. I am not bashing Theo. But the reality is what it is.

    Remember me saying that the club wanted RVP to go last year?

    And got good money for him?

    Unfortunately that is reality and we have to face it.

    At least AW is getting ruthless with his players again. Maybe the financial position is on the up now? Hopefully yes since it will not tie his hands and tongue down.

  7. Morning all.

    Although gerv frustrated the hell out of me the other night, the city defence didn’t have an answer for him. He got into numerous goal scoring positions and should have had at least 1 goal to show for it. The finishing needs to be worked on but he is so unpredictable defences can’t cope, as TT stated I don’t see cahill and luis coping with his energy this weekend.
    I would like to see theo given the opportunity to prove himself through the middle against Cov. I reckon he’s gone in jan though.

  8. RH I do not champion 4-4-2. But its the only formation that allows Theo to play centrally. He is not capable of playing centrally in a 4-3-3/4-2-3-1/4-4-1-1. He cannot hold the ball properly and has an awful first touch.

    My favourite formation has always been 4-4-1-1 or 4-2-3-1.

  9. Gervinho through the middle does not worry me at all since he was drifting left and right and being in the centre all the time. he was here there everywhere.

    Theo as the lone striker does worry me though.

  10. Pele,

    Surely there is a call for such a formation against certain opposition?

    devil, you could again be right, but I hope not ;)

    I want to see him playing, head up and fighting for every ball. Bould needs to take him to one side and read him the riot act….

  11. Hi Lewis

    Gerv can frustrate and ridicule some defences, but he’s still got to finish his chances. He did against Southampton, he just needs to do it more often.

    Mind you, Podolski needs to keep his head over the ball too…

  12. Rico……even I hope that I am wrong. That is part of coaching which makes me sad. you want all players to succeed, but there are some which you immediately know will never do. Whatever they do. and whatever the coach does.

  13. Theo deserves his chance,but he is been the club and PL long enough to be given one shot,and one only.
    He wants it…give him til Xmas in CL and cup games.
    Let him show us what he thinks he can do.
    I love his desire,confidence in gimeself and love of the club.
    Give him his crack!!
    Evening all.

  14. A good player/coach can adapt to any formation, whether it is 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 or whatever numerical combinations exist. against any opposition. at the moment its 4-3-3 which holds sway. however if you have 11 willing players in a team you can play 1-1-8 and still win.

  15. Evening Scott. Or is it morning we should say?? ;)

  16. I understand that devil…..

    Just have this horrid feeling he’ll be one of very few who leave us and go onto haunt us….

    Still, nothing any of us can do about that if he does…

  17. Theo shows many attributes of a good striker. His pace is obviously one but his first touch on the move when running toward goal is also generally good which is important to cushion the ball into the right area so that the next touch is actually his shot as he runs onto it before the defender can intercept. Walcott also has a decent strike on him. Where Walcott falls down is when he receives the ball deeper and wider and a defender drops off him and he has time and space to run at them. That is when we often see him become undecided and almost get the ball tangled up in his feet. When a defender gets tight to him he often spins them well with a good touch taking the ball away from them and he is off after it straight away. These are all attributes of a good striker where everything happens in a split second without time and space to worry about it.

    Gervinho is almost the polar opposite for me where his strength is Walcotts weakness, that he is good running at defenders that have backed off from him. Gervinho doesn’t have the shooting ability or finish of Walcott which is why I find it strange that Walcott is still playing wide while Gervinho is more playing as a striker. I feel it should be the other way round. I would keep Gervinho as an attacking wing forward and try and work on his shooting ability from the edge of the box.

    Theo’s goal against (I think) Villa last year with the ball over the top and one touch and calmly side footing it past the keeper was high class and, lets be fair, if it had been TH we would have all been salivating over it. It is time to work out whether Theo can become a good striker as the signs are there he could and we don’t want someone else to get him and play him in this role and realise he is better at it than we realised. To do this AW has to try him there. What worries me is AW had opportunities to do this last season in some games and didn’t, so will he try him out now? I really hope Theo gets a chance and works out well as a striker and signs up for us again. I would hate to see him bang in 25 goals for say Liverpool, with us looking on with egg on our faces realising we missed a trick.

  18. Perhaps we should stop trying to pigeonhole players. We have the players to remain fluid but do we have the front players with enough footballing intelligence to know where and when to be in certain positions? Perhaps we do. I say give Theo licence to play centrally when the occassion demands. In Cazorla and Arteta we have players who will always create chances. I know that Gervinho gets into good positions but his finishing is, at this moment, terrible. If he could score then we would have taken three points from Man City and not be feeling quite pleased that we ended up with one. I really have no idea whether he will improve in this regard or not. But I say Wenger should subtly change Theo’s role to bring him into play in central positions in the final third as the alternative seems to be that he leaves. This does bring up the point of whether the club buying him will agree, in his contract, that he will play centrally. I can’t see that working at all. No PL team has the fluidity of Arsenal so ultimately it is down to him to show Wenger that he can and should play there.

  19. Theo has composure when shooting,Gervinho does not.
    Gervinho is one of the best dribblers i have ever seen…Theo is not.
    If they ever produced a love child,he’d be one serious footballer!?

  20. GoonerB………but can Theo play as the lone forward and hold the ball?? Many people comment on how he can spin those who stick to him………but forget that for this to happen we need other teams to play a high line of defence whereas other teams always park the bus against us. If teams played high lines every time against us we would win all games 5-0 to 10-0. Yet last sunday even shitty parked the bus during certain moments.

  21. Hi Scott…

    I’m with you there, try him first, then get rid if it turns out he’s all talk…

  22. Adam,Gervinhos shot against Southampton was sensational….his problem,i reckon,is when he has time to think about it.
    He just ran onto the ball and belted it,and it was a clean strike.
    Give him a moment to look up,he goes to water.

  23. Devil,it is evening here :)

  24. Morning Gb,

    Good comment…

  25. Morning Adam. I too am very disappointed we didn’t get 3 points on Sunday, they were there for the taking and we should be talking about how we beat the rich kids, not just grateful for the point.

    Podolski, Santi and Gerv were all guilty of not taking their chances and in the end it took are centre back to get the point.

    Had Theo had that heavy touch which Gerv did in the opening minutes, he would be slated around the Arsenal blog world….

  26. Scott – many say similar about Theo, when he has little time to think, his finishing is better….

    Wish he’d just get on and sign his contract….

  27. Morning all, a nice teasing question there AK you know how to pose one, I’ve got to say that i am wondering if it should read Theo and Giroud, it has to be said that Giroud has still to find the net whilst Theo and the Gerve are both of the mark, all i keep hearing is when Giroud finally gets one in the net and i have to say he has had enough chances, yes i like his challenging his workrate and his attitude but for a scorer i am looking for goals. I understand how supporters are sticking up for him but i feel you also need to feel the same for Theo, its not the first time this young man has asked for a chance up front and i am sure should he leave it will be for those reasons. Personally i don’t think Theo stands a chance at becoming another Henry but i would be mighty upset if he went to say a club like Chelsea or City and made it big, Giroud has been given time and still hasn’t scored surly Theo also deserves 4 or 5 games as well.

  28. Rico,i reckon Theo is a composed finisher.
    It is when he has a few options that he wavers.
    When he has no option but to soot,he is bloody good.
    If he can shoot OR pass,he is stuffed.

  29. Steve,did you realise Giroud has been playing professionally for only two or three seasons??
    Sorry mate,but he most definitely is worth patience,and he most definitely will produce the goods.

  30. Devil, on the question of whether he can hold up the ball, I don’t really know but I would imagine it is not really his strongest point. The question for me is whether he needs to be good at this? Is it important for all strikers to be able to hold up the ball or is that the job of some strikers and others should have different strengths? For me there have been plenty of prolific strikers historically who were not great at holding up the ball. On the question of a deeper lying defence, I still think he has a good enough shot to hit the back of the net from anywhere around the edge of the box. We will only find all these questions out by giving it a go.

  31. Devilgunner,

    I remember the chant ” he’s here, he’s there, he’s every f*****g where Bobby Gould…Bobby Gould” Could that work with Gervinho??

  32. Morning Steve,

    I personally would love to see Giroud and Theo together up front tomorrow, could do them both the world of good, the start of a beautiful goal scoring relationship ;)

    Think you have summed him up well there Scott, maybe he knows it too which is why a central role would suit him. Ball through the defence, va va zoom through the middle and bang, goal… :)

  33. Good morning Rico et al.

    AK — Good article. I share your concerns and doubts about Theo. I don’t believe he has the guile or the instincts to be a central striker. His forte is his speed and being able to break into space to shoot or cross/pass the ball centrally. While I don’t think he will ever make a central/lone striker; I do believe he should be given his chance, possibly in the Capital One Cup. If he can’t cut it and refuses to acknowledge he is not a central striker material, then sell him in January.

  34. Scott, it was a very nice near post strike but the pass dictated the finish. Not really sensational for me. One swallow doesn’t make a summer when weighed against the chances he has missed over the past year. Perhaps he will, as some say, come good. I hope so. Natural strikers are generally always instinctive but do we have one at the club? I think not. Perhaps Wenger will address this in January.

  35. Wouldn’t it be funny if TW has already signed his new contract, just as Rosicky did but Afc didn’t tell anyone….

  36. Morning JW & CG…

  37. Rico — Until we see one or the other can work for us centally, I can’t see the point in trying the two of them together.

  38. Adam — You’ve nailed it, “Natural strikers are generally always instinctive…”. I just do not see that in Theo. Theo’s best attribute is his athleticism. He is not great at taking on defenders or shielding and holding on to the ball. One thing I did notice on Sunday, when he finally came on, is how often he had the ball nicked right of his feet,

  39. Just think they could compliment each others game Cg, Giroud can hold the ball up and lay it off for Theo, also, Giroud wins the ball in the air well….

  40. Theo definitly has talent but to his disadvantage he doesn’t like the position his in, i was also a center forward and on many ocasions was put on the wing and as a halfback i also played inside forward but i never enjoyed the game more than when i was up front, i feel for Theo as he has always felt he was a striker when i played i scored more goals than anyone in our team and was without question the obvious choice to play as cf but managers see things diferently we will undoubtedly lose him if he doesn’t get the chance but should he have a good run upfront and it doesn’t work out for him he may just enjoy wingplay again. Giroud is not scoreing how long do we persevere before we look at other options, i have no doubts he will eventually come good but in the meantime give the young man a try what we got to lose.

  41. Good morning Rico and and all.

    I think this is the first time that it has been made public that the reason for Theo’s reluctance to sign a new contract is not money but his desire to play centrally. Surely he has made his feelings known to Arsene Wenger before now and it can only be Wenger’s need to try out Giroud and Gervinho in the central striker position, that is keeping Walcott on the bench. Wenger is a fair minded manager and will, I’m sure, give him a start when opportunity arises, possibly against Coventry.

  42. I’m not sure I agree about Theo not being instinctive….

  43. Two different attitudes by two different players, Walcott unhappy with his role as a winger, “Arteta – I’m totally happy with my new role”.

    The Spanish playmaker has had to curb his attacking instincts this season, with Arsène Wenger deploying him as part of a two-man shield in front of the defence.

    And Arteta is happy to play in a deeper position if doing so helps the team.

    “It is a big transition but it is more a mental thing. The boss is convinced that is the best thing for the team and I am too, so let’s do it,” he told Arsenal Player.

  44. Adam,it was a great pass,but my point was he was onto it so quickly,he just it it…clean and pure.
    His most woefully bad shots are those where he beats a player,looks up,lines up and sprays it.
    Giroud is an instinctive striker.
    Is movement off the ball is superb.
    I think we need to give him three or four more games at least,as he is not yet playing in sync with Cazorla as Podolski is.
    If we do not give him time,then it was pointless buying him,and i reckon Wenger knew he would just improve each and every month.
    I have the utmost confidence he will come good.
    I hope it happens sooner rather than later,naturally.
    There enough competitions to give him and Theo there chance.
    We are unbeaten,as well,so things are working.

  45. Steve, AW made it clear a couple of seasons ago that Theo would play in the middle, maybe it’s time he stood by his promise…

  46. Simple really , in the system that we are playing it’s theo or gervinho , lay the ground rules and let him fight for the place.

  47. JW,Arteta is a brilliant footballer who coldprobaly play keeper lol.
    Regardless of anything anone says,you have to like Theo,and i doubt a Gooner alive would wish bad things for him whether he stays or goes.

  48. JW, that’s what maturity brings with a player like Arteta……..

  49. potter – i suspect those rules have already been laid out and Gerv is getting his chance. If he keeps fluffing his finishing lines, Theo will soon be back on getting his chance….

  50. He either will Rico or he will leave i’m sure of that. Arteta is an older player he has seen it all he saw his mate Benny go down the road and he is just happy playing a proper pro but Theo is still a kid and has visions of goalscoring and having his name sung by the fans he still has visions of being a superstar where Arteta is allready well in my eyes anyway.

  51. Arsenal are rolling in cash

    By DAN KING, Sport Uncovered

    Published: 24th September 2012

    ARSENAL are expected to release figures any day now which will show Arsene Wenger is sitting on at least £50MILLION of cash.

    Despite the team’s decent start, some fans want to know why he has not invested more money in the squad.

    Accounts for last season will confirm Arsenal again made a profit in the transfer market, thanks to the sales of Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri.

    The books will say the Gunners had well over £100m in the bank at the year end of May 31, 2012. But that will include most of their season ticket revenue for 2012-13, a big chunk of which will go to cover current operating costs.

    Financially savvy Gooners will look also at the net debt and expect to calculate Wenger has £50m or more stashed away – excluding the expected £25m windfall from the Queensland Road development.

    They will also study the size of the pay package to Ivan Gazidis. In 2009-10, he earned £938,000 basic, a £669,000 bonus and other benefits. In 2010-1, it was £1,026,000 and £601,000.

    After another trophyless season and the exits of Robin van Persie and Alex Song, fans may ask at October’s AGM whether the chief executive should have to deliver more than top-four finishes and transfer profits to earn his bonus……

  52. I still think he’ll stay Steve, wherever he plays on the pitch, he loves the club he says. He knows where the contract is, just go and sign it and be happy…

  53. GoonerB says:
    September 25, 2012 at 10:26 am

    Devil, on the question of whether he can hold up the ball, I don’t really know but I would imagine it is not really his strongest point. The question for me is whether he needs to be good at this? Is it important for all strikers to be able to hold up the ball or is that the job of some strikers and others should have different strengths?

    Yes mate it is important. Very important. For one simple reason. If he starts scoring in fast breakaways the opposition will soon realize that they cannot defend a flat high line and it will be possible for one to drop off deeper and cover the defender nearest Theo who would allow him to turn safe in the knowledge that once Theo gets his head down he will not be so effective. If you do that with Drogba or Yaya you would be squashed to pulp with their strengths for they would literally barge through the defender. But Theo does not have the strength of these two. So he needs to hold the ball to allow others to come up in support so that he can lay it off.

    We do need a CF who can do that due to our system of play.

    We so not play differently.

    On the issue that he might come back to haunt us I would like to ask a simple question. Who would you like in our team as an attacker? Theo or Aguero? If the answer is Aguero then I would like to point out that Merte and Kozzer had him in their pocket with their positional sense and tackling. If they did that with Aguero, would Theo stand a chance? I doubt it.

  54. Rico……regarding the article of Dan King…….why is it that AW needs to spend all the time?? Yes I do realize we need another striker/finisher but does it have to be a high profile one?

    Jenks anyone?

    Kozzer anyone?

    Vermaelen anyone?

    Did we hear about them before AW bought them to AFC? No. But still many frowned when they heard about it. Can we do without them now? After 5 games in which only 2 goals were conceded and both after mistakes I still do not get it why people still comment or state that AW needs to buy better players.

  55. Morning Gooners
    Morning Rico, nice sub-edit…
    JW, Bobby Gould, Arsenal’s record signing at £90,000, from, Coventry City…
    I remember standing at the back of the North Bank, among all the bigger lads, chanting that song…

  56. Rico — I don’t know that Arsene made a promise that Theo would play centrally, although Theo may think so.

    Theo’s best shots come from fast breaks into the box with a fast hard shots as soon as he has an opening. The more time he has before he has to pass or shoot, the poorer his choice tends to be. He has not demonstrated he can play with his back to the goal. He is not good at retaining the ball when tightly marked or marked by multiple players. I just don’t see that killer instinct. However, I would be happy to see him prove me wrong.

    My biggest fear is that, if he doasn’t cut the mustard as a central striker, he will not see the writing on the wall and persist in seeing himself as TH14s successor. He is a great winger, but wants to be the star – not a team player. If he can’t convince Arsene, I can’t see him doing it elsewhere. He may have to learn to be satisfied with current position.

  57. Devil,credit where it’s due tough….not many strikers in the world would have played a dominant role against us on the weekend…our CB’s were superb.
    I get your point though….well made.

  58. I would go with Rico’s thoughts on playing Giroud and Walcott together to see how it goes. Interestingly for me it would be Giroud I would want to see come slightly deeper at times to receive the ball and bring team mates into play, with Walcott looking to play more off the last defender. I just wonder whether with defenders tied up worrying about Walcott it may give Giroud the extra space to get into better goal-scoring positions. If it is not working then change it.

    CG Interesting you feel that Theo is not instinctive enough for the strikers role. IMO I feel that is when he is best, when he has to rely on quick instinct rather than having time to think about it. Again i would refer to the Villa goal last year from the ball over the top. Good first touch, no time to think and instincively slide it past the keeper on the second touch.

  59. JW, regading Arteta, the tatical switch to a more defensive role, could mean his career being extended by 2 or 3 more years…
    Much as we saw with Makalele playing well into his mid 30’s…
    Mikel’s job now means he can just sit and read the game, as he does so well, without the need to charge around, joining the attack…
    I think he is a wonderful player, just a shame we never got his compatriot Alonso. Imagine the pair of them as a shield in front of our back-four..?

  60. Shit stiring from the media Rico i read that statement yesterday filthy rich Arsenal, they don’t want to write about how we outplayed City and should have won they would rather tell us about John Terry and how good United was, Arsenal football club is being run very well i guess Ivan Gazedez is on about the same as other clubs but who wants to know that, shit stiring of the highest order by guttersnipe so called Journalists.

  61. GoonerB says:
    September 25, 2012 at 11:15 am

    I would go with Rico’s thoughts on playing Giroud and Walcott together to see how it goes. Interestingly for me it would be Giroud I would want to see come slightly deeper at times to receive the ball and bring team mates into play, with Walcott looking to play more off the last defender. I just wonder whether with defenders tied up worrying about Walcott it may give Giroud the extra space to get into better goal-scoring positions………

    GB……….that might really work. Honestly. Theo can drift from the left or from the right or from the centre after spinning off the last defender. If Giroud drops of in a sort of DB10 way and passed in space for Theo to run onto it can click in. But behind them we need two solid banks of 4 with two deep DM.

  62. Theo has a big decision to make over the next few months….

    He may or may not, be a lot of things.
    But stupid is not one of them….

    The Man City/Chelsea option would probably see him in a worse position than he is now, given the playing strengths of those squads. Just ask Nasri…

    The Liverpool option? is it really an option…???

    Who, in their right mind, would give up this Arsenal squad and join that shambles at Anfield???

  63. devil, I still think we are 3 players short, striker, versatile defender and a gk with experience.

    £25 million could easily get all three with change…. ;)

    Cg – it was in an interview on afc.com last year or before, AW made it very clear that Theo would be one day played central…

  64. Devil,as i said earlier i’d love Theo playing deep in behind Giroud,and running off his aerial supremacy.
    He would get chance after chance,and it would give us a plan B v certain sides.

  65. morning Ak..

    Guys, sorry but have to dash, need to get Fido out before the rain comes…..

    back shortly

  66. Theo going abroad is a possibility…

    He is intelligent enough to adapt and make it work…

    I am torn between what he may decide.

    No doubt, so is he…

  67. AK — Who or what in Hades is a Lunjback that you lumbered me with the other day? Is it some obscure Aglicism?

  68. A 1-1 draw V Citeh away,a game in which we dominate,and you reckon we are 3 players short Rico??
    Harsh taskmaster,me thinks :)

  69. Yes I agree Rico. But that would not necessarily mean they must be high profile, which many seem to suggest. The press want AFC to sign big players and what is worse they want them to fail so that they will have much to write about.

    If Jenks fails……they would laugh at AW for spending so little on a player who is already a failure before he started.

    If AW bought Ronaldo for 50million and he fails AW would be said to be foolish for not using him properly.

    Yes we need an experienced GK, a striker and a versatile defender. But not necessarily big names, or from another club. They may already be at the club.

    Incidentally there were even people who still found something to complain about in the Invincibles.

  70. Devil, you make a valid point about the importance of a striker holding up the ball, but i would still say that there have been plenty of good strikers who were not great at holding up the ball with a defender on their back. I would argue that those players adapt and find a different way to receive the ball and hold it while their team-mates join the attack.

    For Theo I would prefer to see him pull off from the central position into wider advanced spaces when they become available, so that the ball can be fed into these channels rather than just stand centrally waiting to receive the ball with his back to goal with a defender at his back. If he spins into wide advanced channels, where space has become available, and the ball is played in their for him it becomes risky for the CD to track him wide and lose position, and if he is the only advanced player but is isolated, a ball into the wide advanced channels that he can get to first can give us that quick release option. We can then move into quick counter attack mode with other players quickly joining Theo in the last third. If Theo is not then receiving with his back to goal and the defender is not directly at his back then he is able to have the ball at feet while facing the goal. IMO he still has enough about him to hold possession in the wide area or to come inside and look to play in the arriving support. I would look to Giroud as the striker to receive the ball with back to goal and hold it up with a defender at his back, which is why I would find it interesting to try them both together like Rico said. We may find that they actually compliment each other well.

    CG, I don’t see Theo as not being a team player. Was it his statement about wanting to play up front and to become an Arsenal legend like TH? I don’t have a problem with that as rather than looking at it as being selfish and all about him, I read it more as being ambitious and wanting to really do something for Arsenal football club.

  71. Morning all,
    I like Theo, always tries hard for the club, chips in with goals, still only 23, he’s not perfect but does seem to have Arsenal at heart.
    The other side of the coin is he can be infuriating to watch at times and if he does try to hold Arsenal to ransom there will only be one winner and that will be Arsene Wenger.
    If being a genuine nice bloke equated to playing up top every week he’d be our number one striker but unfortunately for Theo it don’t work like that.

  72. Canuck, haha, i just thought of you, striding through the forest’s of the Yukon, in your checked shirt and foxfur hat, singing ” I’m a Lunjback and i’m ok, i sleep all night and i work all day”

  73. Coach, 11.34, a top top comment habib….

    Maybe we will see those players vs Cov, tomorrow…

  74. GoonerB says:
    September 25, 2012 at 11:37 am

    ………………………For Theo I would prefer to see him pull off from the central position into wider advanced spaces when they become available, so that the ball can be fed into these channels rather than just stand centrally waiting to receive the ball with his back to goal with a defender at his back. If he spins into wide advanced channels, where space has become available, and the ball is played in their for him it becomes risky for the CD to track him wide and lose position,

    HELLLL. he is already playing in wider positions. Does he need to start central before he realises that the wider positions are better? That is why I said that a good player adapts anywhere and in any formation. Its in the head only.

  75. GoonerB — I see Theo’s best play and shots usually coming from situations where he is given no choice. When he has time and and a choice, his choices often aren’t the best.

    My son used to play as a striker and was good at it, but hadn’t played there for about seven years. Due to injuries his coach pushed him up forward. He did well and was a good target man, at 6′ 5″ he should be. He received the ball with his back to goal. held it until he could lay it off and set up a couple of crucial goals. After the game I asked him how he felt playing striker again? He said he didn’t enjoy it because he had to think about what he was doing. It just didn’t come automatically or naturally like it used to.

    Theo also has to think about what he is doing. Given time in the central position that might change, but I don’t think it will.

  76. Maureenho reckons we’re “dark horses” for the PL…

  77. I do not know Steve Palmer and have never met him. Yet from what I gathered from his writing ever since I have joined HH is that he used to play CF or wherever the coach played him when he needed it. He had his favourite position of course but was humble enough to accept. But there is another point I sensed. Its that besides being humble enough to accept any position the coach saw that Steve could read the game well and adapt to any needed position. From what Steve writes, he always gave his best in a genuine way.

    Is Theo capable of following in such footsteps? IMO a resounding NO.

    Obviously there are many logistical reasons why Sir SP never played in the premier or top divisions, so I can only calculate upon his level. But even at the lowest level you get players who can read the game better than those at the top. Physically they might lack something or other, or technically they might not be fine enough.

    Ask yourself some questions …… Who gets you on the edge of your seat on the wing? Theo or the OX? Who would you prefer as a striker? Theo or Podolski? Because remember………to keep Theo in those two positions you need to remove one or the other.

    When I speak with my old Dad, God bless him, he always would like to see AFC buy this player, buy that player. Like any AFC supporter. But I just tell him……….yes Dad. But who would you take off from the team to accomodate that player? Because to put in that player you must put one out.

    Would you honestly take of Podolski and put Theo in his place?

    I would not. AFC should have signed Podolski a long time ago not now. Because his blood is full of Fekking AFC DNA.

  78. Canadian Gooner……….your son went exactly through the same experience as me when I was still in my teens. I always like the freedom of the flanks. yet there were certain moments when the coach wanted me to play centrally. I always did it to the best of my abilities, but I never enjoyed it there. Yet whenever he put me on either flank he used to see a different person always with a smile on his face.

  79. Lee, i’m sure that Arsene, hangs on every word Jose utters…

  80. ………and he will soon send him a Thank you card. :lol:

  81. Oh what a change a season makes. Last season we were woried and complaining about our lack of defensive cohesion. We had one the worst goals against stats in the whole PL. This season we have the most parsimonious back four in the league. On Sunday the team managed to blank the cream of the PL strikers (Aguero, Dzeko, Tevez and Balotelli). Both teams scored through their centre backs.

    This season we are worried about our forward line. If Giroud doesn’t start scoring regularly by Christmas, I think Arsene will enter the market in January. Much as I like Theo, I don’t see him as a central or second striker.

  82. Good afternoon everyone, excellent post as usual Kev.

    devilgunner says:
    September 25, 2012 at 9:47 am Re. All good players can adapt, I think on this occasion I will disagree with you. Typical examples were Kanu & Berkamp together. Even AW said that it was strange how two excellent strikers could never play together. Another example was Wiltord & Henry. Those two never worked together at both international and club level.

    For those saying TW14 should play as a striker by pairing him with OG12, have we all forgotten that on sunday when both of them were on (just before the gervais mile high shoot over the bar), OG12 laid off a fantastic ball for him and he had a chance to either go left or right behind lescott but instead went short.AW, is an expect at turning forwards to strikers e.g include Ramón Ángel Díaz of Monaco (1989) to more recently RVPursey.

    Wasn’t Cashley Mole transformed from a forward to a defender by AW?

    AW has said he is working on transforming him in training and I believe if TW14 improves he will get a shot but unfortunately, like Robson has said before TW14 is an athlete wearing football boots.

  83. I know he couldn’t give a fuck AK but we must be doing something right, for that gobshite to comment on us in a positive way!

  84. I expect Theo will given his chance in the COC. I hope he does well, but I expect him to be eclipsed by some of the Young Guns from the Academy and U21’s.

  85. Thanks for all the positive vibes, re; post, i’m off to see a man about some carpet…
    See ya lata…

  86. Yes, i know Lee, Jose really is full of himself and a lot of shit, to boot.
    gone now.

  87. CG, if your son is 6’5″ then it probably means you are rather a large chap also. In future I will make sure I never disagree with anything you say, for fear of upsetting you.

  88. What carpet Kev??? A flying one? ;)

  89. Afternoon all…

    Scott, wait until Dec, then we will see if we are a bit short…

    devil – agree they don’t need to be high profile Mbiwa isn’t is he ;)

  90. Rico……..Kev has gone to buy a magical flying carpet. See if you can warp it out of him from where he gets it? :lol:

  91. GoonerB — All my children are taller than me, even my daughter at 6′ 1″. I only made it to 6′.

    As for disageeing with me, don’t worry, I like a good discussion. I’m willing to change my mind when presented with a good well reasoned argument. Sometimes, we just have to agree to disagree. I like Highbury House for that reason. You can post your thoughts without someone jumping down your throat and calling you thick as two planks. However, they are only too ready to point out the errors of your facts or reasoning. I also enjoy the good natured banter.

  92. So if we call you “As thick as three planks” would you agree to disagree CG?? :lol:

  93. He could be anywhere by now then devil ;)

  94. I am off now my friends. Nice talking to you all.

    laters if I have the chance. Got to fix a clutch and a pressure plate today and that will take my whole afternoon.

  95. DG — As with most things in life, it would depend on the circumstances. But I can assure you it wouldn’t be the first time.

  96. Good luck devil, have a good day….

  97. Till later fellow Gooners. Keep up the good work and have a great day.

  98. Sleep well Cg, catch up soon….

  99. Fair call Rico on waiting til December,but shouldn’t you heed that same advice??
    It is easy to say we are short,but we can’t buy for the sake of it.
    We have players,and important ones,coming back from injury which add to an already strong list.
    Yes,we will cop some injuries but surely we can’t go through what happened last season…or could we??
    Anyway,as it stands we look good.
    If Jack,Frimpong,Rosicky and Sagna come back,we look bloody brilliant.
    I don’t see the point of buying squad players as it stands.
    I’d rather we bring in one top notch player than three decent ones.
    Yes,this opinion is open to change in December :)

  100. See ya CG.

  101. I see that Lunjback swore on the BBC the other night. Shocking.

  102. Not at all Scott, I can see we are short now, we should be proactive, not reactive..

    We have a great squad, but we always seem to be 1 or 2 injuries away from being a great squad.

    I admit we are stronger than last season in many respects but one injury to Arteta, Santi, Podolski or one of our centre backs and we will be down to the bare bones again…

    What if Mannone gets injured, we already have Fabianski and Ches out?

  103. Dreadfully shocking Adam….

    Back again shortly….

  104. Rico. You’re my hero. :)

  105. If we do buy more midfielders or keepers,then what happens when they are all fit?
    We become overloaded and end up with unhappy players.
    Sometimes you just have to ride out bad periods.

  106. Scott. When was the last time they were all fit?
    Hope for the best. Plan for the worst.

  107. I am off to bed.
    Night all….have a great day.

  108. Adam,we can’t have a Citeh like depth to our squad though,whether we’d like to or not.
    A little even luck on the injury front and we will be fine.
    We are due some.

  109. Squad levels are limited to a certain amount of players Scott. Only so many can be registered to play. Quality wise I generally agree although there are a couple of glaring omissions in our squad and we do have the money to address those positions. Pro sport is a rough competitive business and surely the cream must be allowed to rise to the top. I see where you are coming from though.

  110. “On the issue that he might come back to haunt us I would like to ask a simple question. Who would you like in our team as an attacker? Theo or Aguero? If the answer is Aguero then I would like to point out that Merte and Kozzer had him in their pocket with their positional sense and tackling. If they did that with Aguero, would Theo stand a chance? I doubt it.”

    Have to disagree with that DG. It was Aguero bad finishing that let him down not that he was in anyone’s pocket. Kozzer could….and maybe should have been penalized with a penalty when Aguero fluffed his first chance and Aguero’s finishing let him down badly when he had a open goal at his mercy when Kozzer messed up his clearance.

    Aguero’s problem in that game was more to do with bad service. Having said that the whole Arsenal team defended well and that was a factor in denying the MC forwards more opportunities.

    And Theo as a striker? Please no. He has had over 6 years to convince the training staff at Arsenal that he can function as a striker and obviously has not been able to prove his case, please remember that most of player assessments take place on the training field not in a mach environment. Putting him up front has no purpose IMHO. I would rather keep forehead there and keep on introducing Giraud to the center forward role. He is going to be an animal once he starts scoring.

  111. TT. It might be appropriate to point out that it was Aguero’s first game back. I still like him though.

  112. Glad to hear that Adam.. :)

    Night Scott, have a good sleep…

  113. Rico. Hello there.

  114. Don’t get me wrong Adam I rate Aguero highly and I would have him at Arsenal in an instant. He is even in my fantasy team :P

  115. Ding dong…afternoon all.

  116. Rico – 2.09………… Stop trying to scare people… There are old people on here you’ll give AK a heart attack..!

  117. He’s one of the few Citeh players I’d welcome at Arsenal TT…

    Hi Adam, TT and Lee…

  118. video analysis of BFG, carl, ramsey and santi performances vs city

  119. TT. Yes, he is a great player. I also like Falcao but Wenger would never pay his fee so I imagine he will go to Chelsea. Even with Aguero, Tevez, Balotelli and Dzecko as strikers old Mankini is still moaning about needing to buy players. He sells Adam Johnson then buys Scott Sinclair. What is that all about? And he sells De Jong and buys that Spanish Javi Garcia (?) bloke who looked way off the pace. Kid in a sweet shop if you ask me. :)

  120. Obviously woke you up Wath ;)

    Afternoon to you…

  121. Wilshere is taking part in his first full week of training after returning from 14 months out with serious knee and ankle problems, both of which required surgery.
    The 20-year-old is yet to be set a date for his return to competitive action but manager Arsene Wenger believes he will reach peak form by around Christmas.
    Walcott says the diminutive playmaker is looking increasingly sharp in sessions and now wants to pick up a few knocks to prove he has fully recovered.
    ‘It’s nice to see him back. He’s the sort of player that’s just different. He spots things nobody else does and he hasn’t lost it, trust me,’ said Walcott.
    ‘He’s buzzing, he’s getting stuck in and that’s what he wants.
    ‘I had a chat with him and he said “I just want to get a whack on the ankle, whacked everywhere, to prove my fitness”. I told him I was the same with my shoulder problems, I needed to get hit to see what it was like.’
    Wilshere is expected to get his first opportunity for a competitive kicking an Arsenal Under-21 league fixture in the next few weeks.
    By jamie sanderson

  122. Hi vida…

    Adam, a big kid at that….

  123. I am worried about others health Rico you know that… You also know I don’t miss much ;-)

  124. vida, i reckon both he and Frimps will be in the squad tomorrow …. Definitely the latter…

    Wath, I know on both accounts ;)

  125. hey, rico. yeah i think that frimps more likely to feature, but i think wenger wants wilshere to play some reserve u21 matches before playing for the first team. i believe october 20 vs norwich when wilshere comes back.

  126. Vidic out for two months, that’s their defence in shambles :)

  127. Ah, the behind closed doors fixture, well its best he takes his time, don’t want any setbacks this time vida..

  128. if only another manu player could get injury, you all know who im referring to.

  129. give it time vida ;)

  130. Hi rico, vida and whomever i am missing

    Just had a good read of what a city blogger thinks about Mancity v Arsenal match. Here is the link http://www.oldham-chronicle.co.uk/news-features/9/sport-news/73632/profligate-gunners-let-city-off-hook?

  131. Hi emma, is it worth reading? ;)

  132. They are right, they were lucky, and we were were guilty of missing chances….

    If only….

  133. rico – I have watched a replay of the match over 3 times and I keep asking that same question how we let them off the hook esp in the 1st half. We were never troubled in the match. So guilty of not taking our chances. Had we scored first we could have bash them at home

  134. Dont know why Gerv. left his shooting boot in London. Goodnews is he has brought it back from Africa ;)
    Can’t wait for him to bash the Chelski ;)

  135. You and me both emma, and I still believe that had Gerv taken that first opportunity, he would have gone on to get one or two more but his head went down….

  136. Can’t say we where never troubled. We could easily have conceded a penalty and regarding Gervinho leaving his shooting boots at home we could easily say the same about Aguero. He arguably missed the best chance in the game.

    We may never really have been over run but to be fair MC where not hanging on by their finger nails either so a draw was a fair result IMO.

  137. afternoon all

  138. TT – We should have had a penalty as well. Lescot playing the ball to his hand

  139. That’s it Wath, no Curly Wurly for you young man…
    Straight to your room when you get home from school…
    No cartoons or Bill & Ben, bed early…

  140. Good read AK.In our strikerless formation with no focal point the emphasis is on keeping the ball moving and not holding it up.this means that our furthest player forward has to facilitate this.Gerv plays there over Poldi/Theo because even in tight areas he has a good burst of acceleration and excellent close control/dribbling.when he gets past players he disorients the opposition’s structure creating space.Poldi on the other hand has excellent burst of acceleration over longer distances and can therefore make runs from deep to take advantage of the spaces created by Gerv.even against Montpellier/Pool we saw he is at his best at running into space created by our frontman who was Giroud in those games where we played with a focal point.Can theo play the role of Giroud or Gervinho…?I have my doubts on either role.I however like Gerv up front roaming everywhere across the backline.he is very dangerous in that role since he has space to work with unlike on the wing.if he can get his finishing right he’ll be excellent for us there.

  141. KT, great points, i love the fluidity of our attack, very difficult, if well nigh impossible, for opposition defenders to tie us front three down…
    Gervinho is a key part of that strategy, and when Giroud plays we have, a, Plan B….

  142. I agree TT but looking at ourselves only, we could easily have won the game. We didn’t because of our misses, we bossed possession yet but failed to make it count…

    Harsh maybe, but….

    Afternoon bondex…

  143. Afternoon Ak & Kt ….

  144. I’m confident we can on the way up for the title….against man city,people silently expected out play us but that dint happen not forgetting we played at one of the most difficult grounds in the league.

  145. concerning theo’s preferred position…. ARSENE knows.

  146. Hi Rico, no magic carpet, just a bit for the passage.. ;-)

  147. Hi AK.I also love that fluidity and it allows us not to rely on a single player for goals.in the 1st half at Etihad City couldn’t contain us since we were so mobile and thats how the invincibles played.Defenders love marking a player out of the game but hate defending space since attackers can come from anywhere and multiple angles.thats why Southampton were battered and City were lucky not to lose.its a shame Gerv will leave in Jan since by then he will most likely have grown to that role perfectly.

  148. KT, Oxlade-Chamberlain will just fit into the Gerv position mate…
    I’m totally relaxed about our squad. I keep on hearing/reading ‘experts’ going about Arsenal’s squad, it’s size, it’s weaknesses, blah blah blah…
    Well maybe i’m missing something Kt, but i can’5t see all these weaknesses, all i can see is a squad as strong as anyone else’s in the EPl and a squad that will be even stronger in a couple of weeks time when Jack, Frim, Rosicky and Sagna return…
    Where’s the problem????

  149. Starting 11 for tomorrow then??

  150. Did you get that shag you were after kev ?

  151. One thing I am sure of this season and that is we will finally beat Manure….

    Ah, just a little strip then Ak ;)

  152. Arsene has this £50mill to spend, well maybe if an ‘interesting’ player become’s available in January, maybe when Gerv leaves, then Wenger can sign him.
    The kid at Malaga possibly, Llorente, or someone we’ve not heard about…
    How about Bender (is that right) or Gotze???

  153. Now your talking Mick….

  154. Rico…… shags, strips, what’s going on here???? ;-)

  155. No more Abu Hamza on matchdays………..gutted !

  156. I thought it was a deep pile Micko ;)

  157. Martin Angha the headline starter for tomorrow according to @AFCAMDEN Also says, Martinez, Miquel and Yennaris all definitely start. #AFC

  158. Hope this is accurate…..

    Daily AFC‏@DailyAFC

    Vidic set to miss the game with Arsenal. #3Cheers #AFC

  159. And piles Ak ;)

  160. Keep up Ak, I posted earlier that he is out for two months following surgery.

  161. Farmer Giles?
    Not me Rico, i eat too much porridge… :-)

  162. Didn’t know when we played them Rico…
    Would it not make a wonderful change, if Ferguson has the injury crisis and Arsene has all his best players available…
    we really do owe them a rare old kicking…

  163. Training pics on the arsenal website. White training tops to start against cov?

  164. That looks interesting Lewis, if your correct, then Theo and Giroud are starting tomorrow, along with Yennaris & Arshavin…

  165. And Djourou.

  166. Ha ha Ak, I like a bit of farming, but no Giles ;) I was just pulling your leg re Vidic, but yes, how good would that be, especially if one or two others get injured before that game too …

    Good spot Lewis, Theo starts then :)

    Off for an early dinner, back shortly

  167. Offski for a spell, see ya soon…

  168. Good Evening Fine Folk.

    Back but tired and frustrated. A couple of hours work took me around 5 hrs. That damned pressure plate gave me a lot of trouble. But in the end it found its way in. Clutch ready and pronot. Car on the road again ….. after a large amount of swearing. ;)

  169. ky Sports understands Arsenal midfielder Craig Eastmond is set to join Colchester on loan.

    Colchester caretaker boss Joe Dunne is keen to bolster his squad and has targeted a move for highly-rated Eastmond.

    Eastmond is highly-regarded within the corridors of power at the Emirates and has made 10 appearances in the first-team since progressing through the club’s Academy.

    The 21-year-old enjoyed a spell on loan at Millwall in 2011 and also had a stint with Wycombe last season.

    Gunners boss Arsene Wenger is ready to sanction another loan move for the versatile performer so that he can get some valuable first-team action under his belt.

    Dunne believes Eastmond will be an excellent addition to his squad as they still search for their first League One win of the campaign.

  170. Evening devil, good for Eastmond….

    Have a good evening Ak…

  171. Just thinking…

    Eastmond is a 21 year old defensive midfielder who we as a club probably pay £10-15k a week.

    He can’t get into our first team, which is understandable, but the only club who want him on loan is Colchester….

    Doesn’t that just about say everything…….

  172. Evening Adam, you had your dinner?

  173. I have Rico, you?

  174. Hi Rico.

  175. I have Adam, very good tonight, salad, jkt pot and tuna….

    Had a glut of tomatoes, so this afternoon I cooked Passata, have never tried to store tomatoes this way so could be interesting….

  176. Hi devil, glad you got your car sorted ;)

  177. Sounds good. I made Thai rice with ginger, garlic, coconut milk, lemon grass and lime leaves. It was unimaginative but ok. I wasn’t really in the mood to get stuck in tonight.
    I like the Passata thing though.

  178. Not mine……Dad’s. The worst thing is that at the moment he is in Munich sipping beer and indulging in Frankfurters while I am here.


    But I am not annoyed. just complaining a bit. ;)

  179. The missus laid a carrot soup and then a carrot pie in front of me.

    plus the odd bottle of wine that is.

    the bottle of wine died. :(

  180. Hi Devil. My next door neighbours just got back from a week in Malta. Said it was very nice.

  181. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger hailed Nico Yennaris as a shining example for other young players.

    Yennaris, a product of Arsenal’s youth system, is part of the first-team squad for the Capital One Cup match against Coventry on Wednesday.

    The 19-year-old, who was the club’s mascot for a Premier League game at Highbury in September 2000, signed professional terms in July 2010 and made his senior debut against Bolton last October.

    “He has a good chance to be on the pitch on Wednesday night, so that is a fantastic story,” Wenger told Arsenal Player.

    “Dreams do come true sometimes when you really want it and have been lucky as well.

    “First of all you must really want it and Nico is one of these guys who has that. He is ready to give himself a chance with full commitment.

    “Nico is a fantastic player, but also has an excellent attitude – his is a good example to follow for all of the fans who will turn up on Wednesday night.”

  182. That is unlike you Adam…

  183. Wait till Nico starts playing regularly. he will soon become a favourite of mine. I sincerily hope he succeeds. Imo I think that Sagna will be sold in January or summer if he continues to impress at right back.

  184. Ha ha devil, think you Pa has the right idea…. and I guess you will be seeing well in the dark after tonight’s dinner….

  185. Not wanting to eat Adam…

  186. For you English lads Malta is very nice. probably also the best place for you lot to retire. but for people like me it is ok between October and May. The rest is shit due to the extreme heat.

  187. It would be sad to see Sagna sold devil, he’s been very loyal to us….

  188. Oh, I see. No, I was hungry but just lashed some rice together with a Thai flavour. We both ate it but it wasn’t that interesting. I would have preferred to have been round your place having someone else doing the cooking. Just a low key day with a bit of writing and a bit of laying around and a bit of guitar playing. Off to Cambridge tomorrow at 9.30 am.

  189. Carrots, grapes mushrooms are all my favourites. I eat them daily.

    Ever since I did the laser op I have optimal vision…..helped by carrots daily.

  190. I agree. I don’t want to see us sell Sagna. I am fed up with this cycle we have got caught up in. It’s like Tomorrow Never Comes.

  191. Devil. I hate extreme heat except in the Mojave desert where I rather enjoy the dry, quiet atmosphere. Lots of air con too.

  192. Even I Rico. But AFC must go on. I would like him to stay but if its at the expense of holding back Jenks and Nico then no. he must go.

  193. Hold it Devil. Sagna is a world-class full back. Jenks has had a few good games and Yennaris isn’t a first team player yet.

  194. Nico cannot play as a centreback due to his height. he can only play at rightback or defensive midfielder. Maybe at right wing. but not more.

    Jenks is 20. Nico 19. Sagna is 29. Rocket science needed or not?

  195. Arteta is that age. Do you want him sold too? He might be holding Jack back.

  196. Might be good someone else cooking, but the taste would be awful Adam ;) You drive carefully then….

  197. I shall Rico. And I am off for the night. Have a nice evening. See you on HH tomorrow evening.

  198. Sorry devil, we need youth and experience, proper international players and for me, Sagna is just that… He has to stay imho…

    You have let AW’s youth policy get to you ;) ;)

  199. You have a good evening too Adam…. Nighty Night….

  200. You are right Adam. but many people are ignoring one simple fact. Sagna is 29 and old school. he cannot be remoulded into Bould’s new defensive regime. Jenks is young. Nico is young. but both can be moulded into a system. Have you noticed that Santos who is also29 cannot get in the team? but Gibbs at 22 can. if a player is less than 24 he can easily be moulded. but at 29 that is difficult to change.

    I have a nagging feeling that Bould prefers Jenks and Gibbs. And though it seems that Le professor I think that it is Bould who is already being groomed to take over. and Bould chooses the team.

    Read this carefully………………..

    Maybe AW is already the DOF at AFC and is simply overseeing things while Bould is first team manager without any of us knowing.

  201. Good night mate. Drive safe my friend.

  202. But as Adam says devil, Arteta is over 30, Rosicky is too and we are now signing older, more mature players instead of kids. Sagna is one of the best right backs in the world of football, and selling him would be so very wrong…

    Jenks has done really well, Yennaris will be a super little player but lets not make or expect these guys to run before they can walk.

    Just look what that did to Jack….

    Also, Sagna can play anywhere across the back line…..

  203. I am with you all regarding Sagna. but I am reasoning from the usual way AW reasons things out. Hope it changes.

    But I was right about RVP. I hope I am wrong about Sagna.

  204. I was glad RVP went. Even Nasri, Adebayor, Clichy. But I was sad about Toure and very unhappy about Cesc. Sagna is up there with Toure for me. but reality is that AW’s logic is very much different to our emotions.

  205. I hope you are wrong too devil. RvP was different, he had one great season in eight, Sagna has been a rock…

    Anyway, let’s wait and see ;)

    I’m going off to watch a bit of television before turning in for the day…

    Have a good evening devil and all, catch up tomorrow….

    Night all….

  206. I was sad when Toure left too devil…..

  207. Good night lady.

    I am off too.

    just a little bet………when you and I leave Goonie will come onlinbe. lol. :lol:

  208. Morning all.
    Work beckons.
    Scott tried to ignore her calls,but alas,i have a massive weekend away,so Mrs Scott boots me out to pay for the upcoming event…very harsh,me thinks.

  209. Just wondered why my little orange man turned green…..incorrect email adress added lol.
    Aaaahhhhhh….there he is!

  210. hahhahaahahh Devil you numpty…..its not my fault though. i missed everybody, darn it. oh well there’s nothing else to do than COYGS!

  211. Morning all, Just tuned in and read some of your comments and to answew Devils Question about me playing, I felt i was good Devil but compared to profesional players i was rubbish i just feel that for someone like Theo he deserves the chance thats all.

  212. I agree SP give the boy a shot….
    Morning all, btw.

  213. Morning Steve and all….

    So do I Steve….

  214. Good Morning my Esteemed Fellow Gunners.

    less than three months till Christmas. :)

  215. Morning devil, thats not long enough….

  216. Morning Rico & Coach….looks like a pretty strong team to face Coventry then?

  217. Cracks are appearing in the manc teams…GOOD!

  218. Morning bondex…

    Shame about the Mankini’s getting battered last night :)

    I hope it’s a strong side, there are a few players who need games and this is the perfect chance

  219. New Post is up….

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