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Unbeaten run goes on as Koscielny’s ‘penalty’ secures a point…..

The starting line up was a little bit different then usual due to TV05 having flu, while Ramsey played instead of Giroud.

The team was:

Mannone, Jenkinson, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Ramsey, Diaby, Arteta (Captain), Cazorla, Gervinho, Podolski.

Subs: Martinez, Andre Santos, Giroud, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Djourou, Coquelin.

We kicked off the game equal on points with City but with a better goal difference.

Contrary to what was suspected, and that is Cazorla being pushed out on the right, it was Ramsey who played out wide, being placed there to give a better balance to midfield and allow Cazorla to work his magic behind Podolski and Gervinho. However there was nothing to stop the forward players from interchanging positions whenever they wanted.

The first few minutes saw a lot of Arsenal possession but the City players kept nipping in to dispossess the players in red. Whenever City had the ball the Gunners usually dropped back until they retrieved the ball and that was when they usually opened up.

Cazorla was usually at the hub of action in the attacking half, always being positive, always trying things, always trying to be innovative and it was he who stretched Hart first, however his shot did not have that enough power.

Statistics have shown that in this year’s EPL, Arsenal have been the team who have made the most tackles and with a high success rate too. During the first ten minutes, that reputation was enhanced as even the attack was pressing and tackling and this was shown mostly by Gervinho who neatly dispossessed Lescott before passing to Gibbs. Cazorla, with his giant frame of 5ft 6 ins managed to down the slightly built Yaya Toure and was even clever enough to make it seem as if he was fouled.

This teams attitude was shown all around and it helped in Mannone not being called into action before the 14th minute when he was equally good to a stinging shot from Sergio Aguero.

Arsenal continued to press mainly from the right and the 23rd minute saw Jenkinson get behind the City defence before squaring a cross to Podolski who fired high. Santi Cazorla and Aaron Ramsey were finding a good amount of spaces in between City’s midfield and defence while Gervinho spurned arguably the best chance of the game for Arsenal.

City was playing a very solid 4-4-2 system with two banks of players whenever AFC players had the ball. However they quickly switched to attack whenever they were in possession and every now and then, they threatened the AFC defence near the box.

The Gunners had their moments especially from the wings. However if one was to consider the sum total of play it was evident that Arsenal were the more positive of both sides and always tried to play the ball forward at every opportunity instead of the crab like sideways passing we had grown accustomed to previous years.

Cazorla slipped Gervinho on the right and only a last gasp challenge from Clichy stopped him getting away. Moments later Podolski over cooked his pass to Diaby. Had it been a good pass Diaby would have been in on goal. Arsenal were in charge of the midfield battle and Mancini was clearly upset about it and he was constantly berating his players to close down the spaces.

However for all their good and positive play, Arsenal’s good play was undone by just one simple set piece. From a corner delivered to the far post, Lescott jumped the highest to steer home a power header.

Arsenal, conceded the goal at the worst possible moment! Just before half time and they were the more positive of two teams.

Zonal marking should be slightly questionable, however lack of communication in both the concession of the corner (when AFC defenders should have told Gibbs that the ball was going out) and in the marking of Lescott contributed to Arsenal finding themselves down at half-time.

Arsenal had been impressive both defensively and offensively, however at set pieces they have not looked good enough. Their zonal marking in open play was very good however during set pieces zonal marking meant that City’s players who were also tall could get a run at the ball. Podolski should have stopped Lescott but he allowed him to drift in while his mind drifted elsewhere.

Moments later Mannone made a great save when he chipped a shot by Aguero over the bar for a corner.

The half time whistle went and AFC players trudged off to get a warm drink safe in the knowledge that no hair-dryer treatment was awaiting them. Rather a few tactical points and a motivational speech.

If Arsenal could stay positive and keep calm, it was possible that they would get something from the game.

And by the way, contrary to what many have said recently, Ramsey was having a very good game. He was tackling, he was making runs and was very much in the game. He was not bullied by the aging Toure and that was the best half we have seen him play in a long time. Jenkinson and Gibbs were also impressive.

The second half saw City being more the dominant side, having switched to 4-2-3-1, with Toure given licence to go forward while Garcia and Rodwell stayed in the defensive positions. Twice Aguero had a sniff at goal, especially when Diaby faffed possession on the half way line. However nothing came of them.

City continued to dominate possession and Arsenal were going through a torrid time, barely being able to implement their passing game in City’s half. This situation was getting to Podolski’s nerves and he made his presence felt when he tackled Zabaleta with a very strong challenge, followed by an equally impressive Germanesque stare towards the referee. The yellow stayed in the pocket.

Arsenal started to build patiently and slowly began to increase their possession stats. There was no panic from them and slowly began finding space behind the City defence, courtesy of Gibbs and Jenkinson, yet the final ball was always lacking and Hart was rarely seen during the first twenty minutes of the second half.

Tevez came on for Dzeko in a tactical change which meant that City now had three quick small players up front who could interchange positions at will. This meant that the AFC defence had to be on the look out more now as the front three were a dynamic lot compared to the one-dimensional Dzeko who always goes through the centre.

Then Arsene Wenger made a change. He bought on Giroud for Diaby and Theo on for Podolski. Both had a good game having run themselves to the ground. Neither looked too pleased but both had given a good account of themselves for the benefit of the team.

Within a minute of coming on Giroud had a shot on the turn, however it was cleared by Lescott for a corner. The ball was played in again and Hart had to scramble to reach the ball before Arteta, after the whole City defence stood still for an offside whistle which never materialised.

City broke quickly and Yaya Toure galloped nearly the whole length of the pitch before Mannone produced a fine save from Aguero.

Cazorla replied with a wonderful strike to which Hart was equal to.

From the resulting corner, Kosceinly struck a wonderful penalty. Well it was not a penalty in the actual sense but it was bang on the penalty spot. That was a tremendous strike from our free scoring centre-back who has now scored two in his last two games. A few minutes later Mannone made a superb save after Kozzer went from a hero to zero when he allowed a city player the time to perfect a scissor kick.

Catch me if you can…..

Arsenal looked to win it in the last five minutes and began putting in a lot of pressure. Gervinho was everywhere and he was harrying the City defence, culminating in him and Ramsey sandwiching the small frame of Yaya Toure between them.

Every Arsenal player seemed as if he wanted to play in this game and this kind of attitude is what stands the team in good stead as contrary to past years, players seem to demand the ball, full of belief that each and everyone could contribute something to the cause.

Coquelin came on for Gervinho, who received a standing ovation from me while typing this article. Well sort of.

Garcia received a yellow card for downing Jenkinson who was through on the right. Arteta lined up to take the free kick but nothing came of it.

The game went into added time over added time, but the whistle soon went.

They did…….

Arsenal are still unbeaten.

Next up ….. the Chavs.

Written by DevilGunner.

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261 comments on “Unbeaten run goes on as Koscielny’s ‘penalty’ secures a point…..

  1. Good Morning my Esteemed Fellow Gunners.

  2. Morning all,

    Mighty fine match report devil – love the Santi/Yaya cheekiness….

    Didn’t realise that Kos scored from the penalty spot ;)

  3. Morning all.
    Great game yesterday, I thought.
    We were good.
    What would turn us from good into great is a good keeper and a good centre forward. Not great, but good. Good players playing together make a great team….
    Sat in the east stand at the Emirates (not watching MOTD highlights on youtube) I saw Gervais Bottle a 60/40 against a Southampton defender in the second half which could have given him his hatrick… He didn’t fancy it.
    Yesterday, he had the chances to put us out of reach – he took none. He’s a tidy player, with tidy skill but …. he’s no Robert Pires or Freddie Ljungberg … More Hleb ….
    Mannone was at fault for their goal…. He went for the ball but failed to jump…???
    Apart from that we took the game to Man City and we deserved more… We deserved three points.
    Ramsey, Cazorla and both central defenders played extremely well… A win versus Chelsea at the Emirates at the weekend would make everyone sit up and take notice …
    ..A tweek here and there and we look good enough to win the Premier League … A bit of luck and we could go through the season unbeaten.. It’s not impossible.

    One of the top sides in world football – the billionaires – were outplayed on their own turf…

  4. Thanks Rico. That is why I do it during the game itself. To be spontaneous and cheeky. ;)

  5. SYG. Have to agree with a lot of what you say. A top striker would have on the game for us yesterday. Probably 3-1. It’s that difference that wins championships.

  6. Morning Syg

    Imho, we’d have seen a different Gerv yesterday had he not overrun his first chance, think his confidence went a bit…

    Certainly believe that was a game we should have won but they had a few chances, especially in the second half.

    I doubt may sides will go there and get a point, reckon we played them at the right time….

    Def agree about the goalkeeping situation, really hoped and thought we would sign an old head in the summer. Now we have three young keepers, none of which at this moment in time are great.

  7. Good post D gooner,

    That City team was there for the taking…….a good point though. Lots of positives, Diaby back to his old ways, Ramsey, Jenkinson, Per, Arteta et al were fantastic.

    Gervinho….think january we will need a striker.

  8. Adam and SYG……..you are both right.

    However please, I beg you all not to start with the crap that the press is throwing at us………that if Purse was still with us we would have won.

    With him in the side we would not be able to play that type of game since he is EFFING SLOW.

  9. Morning devil & Adam..

    I like it devil ;)

  10. Hey All!!!

    What a game, just ashame gervinho can never finish, he has everything but a finish!! its so frustrating !!

  11. Mannone will be GREAT Rico. He is Italian dont worry.

  12. Devil. That is a road to nowhere. If we had Henry, Dennis or Wrighty we would have won. There’s no future in that at all I agree. Van Persie was very average yesterday in a very average Man U team.

  13. He might not be a good finisher, but he can certainly mesmerize others with his quick feet. His finishing will come.

    I predict 18 to 20 goals this season for him.

  14. Manure were outplayed……the Ref gave them the three points.
    Video technology anyone….

  15. With that comment I agree 1 million per cent Adam. Had it been Henry, Dennis or Wrighty or Pires or Freddie instead of Gervinho we would have won. Why??? Because they were all fast players (bar Dennis) and great finishers.

    Gervinho is very fast, both with the ball and without. Robin slowed the attack……..the same thing that he is doing with Manure at the moment.

  16. I would actually put the blame on the defense more than Mannone fore the goal. And if that was zonal defending then what the hell are we doing still using that system.

    At least with man marking you know who is picking up who. Also had Arteta stayed on the post he might have been able to stop that ball.

    Apart from that we played well….we were lucky maybe not conceding a penalty from Kozzers tackle on Aguero and a goal from his bad clearance again to Aguero but it’s not like we did not have our own chances and we were never dominated at all.

  17. Did you get it now Rico? I sent it again.

  18. Great wrap up Devil.
    Just saw highlights of Chelski v Stoke.
    David Luiz should have been sent straight off his “attempt” at a tackle,and Chelski had a few guys hit the deck literally witout a single touch being laid on them.
    12 months for the pricks!!

  19. Hi Erick & Matty

    Man City will batter RvP and co when they meet, they are very very average indeed. In fact this season is the one where we will finally get one over them too…

    But I also agree with the comments about a striker, unless Giroud suddenly starts scoring we could struggle.

    Time will tell devil, I know he’s only 24 and he will make mistakes, as will Ches. Just why we should have signed an old head to help them and be a stop gap until they are ready. But, in this day and age, players won’t wait and I suspect both would soon ask to leave….

  20. Good morning gooners, i’m very happy with the team performance, this team is the truth, we are only going to get better. When rvp and song left the media says we are going to get relegated and look at us now, i like what AW is doing false 9. lol

  21. It’s all positive stuff DGun –
    A Songless Arsenal has us Singing.
    We are a team. We needed change, mate.
    End Chelsea’s unbeaten run at the Emirates and see how the land lies ….

    As a point of note: Jenkinson? I can’t believe how he has come on … He rarely put a foot wrong and roasted a £24M player in the dying minutes…. No showing the opponent the ball by his once trademark showboating-push before a cross or pass …. 90 mins hard graft … dead pleased for the lad … An England call-up beckons …. Same with Gibbs …

  22. I have devil, just reading it again…..

    Hi Scott, TT….

  23. Now now Rico. I know that Jussi would have been your desire and you are deeply shocked about not going for him, however you should look carefully at Don Vito. He is more good looking you know!!! ;)

    joking lady.

  24. And to think some said Jenkinson was rubbish and should be sold asap….

    Thankfully not me :)

    And Gibbs, just how much has he improved….

  25. SYG………..you deserve an applause for saying that about Jenks and Gibbs. I really enjoyed seeing them play. Shades of Dixon and Cole any one.

  26. The goals we’ve conceded – Two goalkeeping flaps and a penalty….

    And in the six games we’ve played the English Champions and beat both the French Champions and former European Champions….

    Lost none.

    Next up the European champions …. Can’t wait!

  27. Agree with you Syg,

    Jenkinson was on fire yesterday, worried a bit for Sagna….you don’t change a winning team.

    Competition for placea will see us winning.

    Diaby off for Ramsey on saturday….he was average yesterday.

  28. devil, even my new stronger specs would not help me find any good looks there ;)

  29. I am not worried a bit for Sagna Erick. He is getting old and at 29 now is the right time to fetch a bit of money for him. We have Jenkinson and Yennaris who can fight it out for the right back spot. Sagna did himself no favours with is comments and the moment that AW said that he is there to stay meant only one thing…that he will soon leave.

  30. D-Gun… I didn’t rate Jenkinson, but I love it when a player comes good. I hope he has the “balls” to turn down Finland, and opt for England..

    If Gibbs can emulate Cole, fantastic. I already rate him better than Glichy!

  31. 18 /20 .Can’t see it Devil, he doesn’t have the composure to be clinical. If it is the case that his head goes down when he fouls up then he won’t have the necessary when required.

  32. Rico. :lol:

  33. Nor can I Syg, just hope we get a strong ref, some of the chavs antics these days are not good….

    I’d stick by Diaby for the Chavs Erick, some of his play is very good but when he starts to tire, he gets sloppy, AW needs to get him off earlier if that happens…

  34. I hate to break it to you. Lot of errors. do some r&d b4 posting. Some are:

    1) It was not Kun whose shot Vito tipped over but Dzeko’s.
    2) City was playing 442 but were overrun by arsenal’s midfield. Check Mancini’s comments “We were overrun [by Arsenla] in the first half. No system is solid by itself(be it 4-4-2 or even 4-5-1) it the player who make it so.
    Only when he got Rodwell in a 4-2-3-1 formation that they got some solidity. For most of the first half the ball quickly went to the defense of City which they tried to get to the front but kept giving back to Arsenal midfield. Dzeko didn’t have a shot @ goal b4 40 min. Or else it was long balls [but not that many though].
    It was Arsenal who was playing 2 banks of four when not in possession(a 4-4-2 if you will).

    3) 29, my friend, is not aging[yaya]. It is probably peak period for effectiveness. Ask RvP(29), Arteta(he is 30), Xavi(he is 31) as did viera(was 28 during invincibles season). Maybe you have been influenced by the avg age of Arsenal team of recent yrs. But most team’s strikers and influential performers are usually in 26-31 yrs bracket.

  35. Gervinho will never be like TH14. He will not score that many against top teams. Yet he will find the net against teams from 6th/7th position downwards.

  36. Have faith in Diaby. He is slowly overcoming his demons. He will tire quicker than the others, but for his own benefit and the benefit of the team he should be started. If it was for me I would start him and sub him around the 55th minute giving more time to Coquelin. The latter has never let us down.

  37. Yet he will find the net against teams from 6th/7th position downwards.

    Then don’t play him against the top 6.

    TT I thought Mannone was too central for the corner, a yard nearer the far post and he would have been attacking the ball as opposed for trying to get a standing jump.

  38. Good read.as erratic as Gervinho was he played his tactical role in the 1st half especially very well.its easy to remember his poor 1 st touch or a failed dribble but his movement in the middle was fantastic opening up pockets of space for his teammates.city defenders had a tough time containing him.he just needs that extra 5% in his game and we may have a gem of a player.he made us direct yesterday especially in the 1st half.I don’t think the wing is best for him since he tries too much in limited space.he for me has shown lots of potential to play in the middle.

  39. Wenger only subs before 70 minutes if there is an injury.

  40. Personally, I hope we don’t sell Sagna. I like him.

  41. I think we really need to cautious of the Chavs, we need to take our chances and run them rugged.

    Oscar is a diver…..Ivanovic too.

    Cole is a………. :-)

  42. That is my line of thought KT. I think Gerv is more suited to a central role since his speed together with his technique can cause other teams problems. He does not have the finishing power of TH14 or the predatory instincts of Pursies, but he leads the line well and allows the team to be more direct. Certain direct passing reminded us of the times when we used to transform from our penalty area to the opponents penalty area in just 3 seconds.

  43. Good match report Devil, I know everybody finds Gervinho a blinding player but i feel he resticts us a little when we advance forward with quick precise passing, when he recieves the ball he seems to dwell on it a bit to long for my likeing and often his pass would be backwards, he also appears to me as being awkward on the ball often his first touch seems hurried and the break peeters out i have found that i have started to find him more of a hinderance than a help, but its still early days and maybe i am being a bit harsh on him.

  44. Teams are scared coming to the office again

  45. I will tell you how well we are going,and how fickle fans can be.
    People all over the net were distraught that Vermaelen was missing.
    I am sitting there thinking that Koscielny was first choice CB for most of last season,has certainly done nothing wrong this season,losing his spot to injury,and we are suddenly wondering can he do a job??
    I sat back,soaked it up(knowing my Kozzer shirt was in the mail :) ) and enjoyed!

  46. I imagine Ferguson is in touch with Mike Riley now arranging for us to have Martin Atkinson against Chelsea.

  47. I too like Sagna Adam. But as I told you……this is the last year where we can fetch a good bit of money for him. Imo AFC can get between 14 and 16 million for him.

    Get another couple of youth players with that money and invest in an attacker.

  48. Hi Potter, Kt..

    Shame our result is getting little coverage, all about Anfield and JT on SS’s this morning…

    How did Evans and RvP stay on the pitch, and some nasty nasty chants at the end of their game….

  49. I hope you guys are right about Diaby…….played great against liverpool but yesterday he choked.

    Howdy, Ktr7……Jambo?

  50. Gervinho is better with no time to think.
    His shot last week was hit as crisp as you can get,because he just hit it!

  51. Erick,Diaby was sensational in the first half,and tired in the second….not signs of choking at all.

  52. I don’t think Gervinho is strong enough to lead the line. He is quite quick and has a decent body swerve but he isn’t a killer in the box. Stick Falcao in that team and with the chances we make he would score 25-30 goals a year. It won’t happen because he would be too expensive and I imagine Chelsea will buy him for £35-40 million. And Wenger doesn’t like the baggage that superstars bring.

  53. Scott……..Kozzer was, is and will always be awesome. We should thank our lucky stars we got 3 highly rated centrebacks for the paltry sum of 30 million. How much did the poor man’s Cazorla (Silva) cost??? I think it was something around 34 million.

  54. rico says:
    September 24, 2012 at 10:17 am

    Shame our result is getting little coverage, all about Anfield and JT on SS’s this morning…

    No Rico. its best that it stays the way it is. The less coverage means that we are getting more under their skin. And they do not like it.

  55. You can see why the Germans think per is the best defender in the world.he made 7 interceptions yesterday,that shows he has intelligence to read the game in spades.he is immense for us.it also helps that the team is better structured now and he is thriving in it.am so happy for him.you can see why he has so many German caps for their National team.

  56. Devil. I doubt £14-16 million for a RB of his age, but, you never know. What is the point of selling him when the money will not be adequately re-invested? Wenger will buy or promote a kid and Jenks will become first choice with the result that the squad will be weaker. Keep Sagna. He is a really fine player.

  57. Adam – but who would Fergie prefer to win?

  58. Morning Steve, he was good last weekend though ;)

  59. Hi gdna, chavs won’t fear us, but we need to wallop them at the ems…

  60. A draw with a couple of dismissals Rico. :)

  61. I said last season that Merts didn’t need speed to succeed.
    If that’s all it took,Theo would be king,and Gervinho Prince :)
    I wore my new Kozzer shirt when i ducked down to the shops today.
    People were owing and even knealing before me…well,the shirt at least!!
    It was how it should be!!

  62. Scot I disagree apart from few runs he had nothing to show for it, he should thank Arteta for playing DM and pushing forward when he had the ball.

  63. Bloody Ipad……BOWING AND KNEELING!!!

  64. Adam………..Toure fetched 16.6million when he was the same age. So you never know. Like you I like Sagna….but I do not think that with Jenks the team would weaken. This year he has played really well and looks more solid than ever.

  65. Fair enough Erick,but we tore them apart in the first half,and i reckon Diaby was superb.
    Don’t get me wrong,Arteta is just a supreme professional who never,ever has a bad game…never has an average one in fact.
    He is our engine room.

  66. It seems we are in a win-win situation with Sagna.
    Even a month ao,we would all have been terrified if Sagna left.
    Now…not so much.
    If he stays,beautiful.

  67. Devil. Toure was sold to Man City for a stupid amount. In my opinion he was worth half that and how can Sagna and Jenks not be a superior choice to Jenks and a kid? Yes, Jenks has done very well but we are only a few games in. Sagna is proven quality.

  68. Wat a gud run 4 d gunners dis season,we r going 4 d whole 3 pnts against chels on saturday.

  69. Scott may be am expecting too much from him….

    Arteta though were do I start, quality all over and Yaya did not have us in the pocket as many suggested.

    Early days though, lots of games to go and lots of goals needed.

    Come on Arsenal.

  70. Full of inaccuracies. Kos didnt allow “a city player the time to perfect a scissor kick” he was however at fault from the resulting save when his clearance fell straight to Aguero who missed an open goal. Also Aguero was not the player who forced mannone to make a great save tipping over the bar – That was Dzeko. Also no mention of Gervinho being clean through in the first half and his shite control letting him down nor his burst through in the final minute which left him with a clear shot on goal which he instead ballooned miles over the bar. Standing ovation for Gervinho? He got in to some great positions I’ll grant him that but his composure was akin to that of a rabbit in the headlights.

  71. Yes he is Adam….and I am agreeing with you. But I also think that we are speaking about a Sagna that was. Following two leg breaks do you honestly think that he will be the same one for more than 1 season?? He will not. He will be good for this year and mostly up to December 2013. but not more. He will soon start going downhill. And in my opinion next summer is the right time for him to be sold. Maybe 14 million seems stupid……..but then there are always stupid people willing to throw stupid money around.

  72. Good post DG
    The goal we conceded is not an issue of zonal marking or non-zonal marking. It was just a lapse in concentration by Poldi & Vito. Poldi was picking his nose when the corner was taking and jump a bit too late. Vito shouldn’t have come for the ball when he knows he can’t get it. Watching the match again we used zonal marking in all the corners and set pieces taken by mancs.

  73. BDW….thanks to all for the compliments.

    Emma……….zonal marking is very good, but only when you do not drift off. Like you said, Poldi was picking his nose (I wish I wrote that during the game), while Arteta seemed mesmerised by the blond chick behind the post, and Don Vito was thinking that he was in Val d’Aosta in North Italy trying to catch butterflies when he cam out.

    If you are on your toes in zonal marking then the latter is very good.

    But as a coach I prefer man to man during set pieces.

  74. Erick,as long as Wenger manages Diaby well,we can get a decent season out of him.
    I think,and i too could be wrong here,his second half performance may have overshadowed his first half,because he was pretty awful after the break.
    Arteta,Cazorla…..these guys are just so technically brilliant,yet not even first choice in Spain,it explains exactly why Spain are so good,and how much ground England have to make up.
    I cannot believe Cazorla isn’t already a household name.
    I think he is that good.

  75. :lol: Adam….

    As long as both are Chelsea players…

    Hi emma. Curbishley has just been talking about Zonal marking, he doesn’t like it as the attacking players can out jump the defenders/keeper… And as all the Citeh players stayed out, as they attacked the ball they were strong in the air….

    Simples ;)

  76. Jenkinsons seems to be positioning himself to own the right flank, truth be told at his age he will surely be here for a long time.
    Also forgot he’s a gooner……exciting.

  77. Our passing at one point on the left side between Arteta/Santi/Poldi/Gibbs was unreal.it was 1 touch with the ball fizzling between them at an unreal speed.it was tiki taka at 100mph.City were bamboozled by that passage of play.the more the team chemistry develops am sure we’ll get even better at this.

  78. ktr7 says:
    September 24, 2012 at 10:11 Well said. Personally, what matters is that he gets in the correct positions. Something TW14 does not have. AW will fine tune him before January and then he will be off for the AFCON. Its a shame.

    Adam says:
    September 24, 2012 at 10:16 am Re Alex Red Nose Ferguson.Be careful there mate. You may have a horse’s head through your letter box.

    But on a serious note, I don’t understand how these referees are allowed to be that poor. The premier league is a multi billion pound business but who audits the referees? The media say AF is the greatest coach but every season since 1999 he has had referees gift him at least 4 matches they should be losing. That is 12 points and in any league that is the difference between being finishing1st and 4th.

  79. Was it just me,or did Jenks tone down his passing game yesterday….it has been getting him in trouble of late.
    He kept things very short,and very simple,and it worked amazingly well.
    His defence is brilliant this season,and i am positive Bould is loving being able to influence Jenks and Gibbs….the others as well,but the younger guys especially.

  80. Ferguson knows what to say,who to say it to,and when to say it,and all this with one aim…….to benefit his club.

  81. Hi TSGH,

    Thank you for bringing that up…..yesterday Ref should not be allowed to officiate any other game.

  82. If Arsenal had got the first goal we could have ripped the mancs apart. That would have forced them to come out of their shell and with our slick 1-2 pass …….

  83. Who did ref Utd yesterday?
    I only saw highlights…i totally agreed with the send off,but the penalty…….ridiculous!!

  84. Gary Neville said Jenkinson is the type of player that would run into a brick wall for the team and I agree.he is living a childhood dream and I think he may turn out to be our very own version of G.Neville.I was a critic of his but am glad he is proving me wrong.

  85. I have an Idea.
    Fine the manager of the club of any player caught diving £1,000,000.00.
    Reckon it would last long??

  86. I think the term Zonal Marking was invented by blokes like Jamie Redknapp to make themselves seem a lot cleverer than they actually are. Seems to me that you either get touch tight to your opponent and get involved in a shirt tugging wrestling match trying to drag each other to the floor, or you move toward the ball as it arrives. The problem yesterday was that our defenders allowed Lescott an easy jump at the ball. Zonal or not, you can’t do that. Surely if you can’t reach the ball cleanly yourself you must make it as difficult as possible for your opponent to do so. Too simple an explanation for Redknapp I imagine.

  87. ktr7 says:
    September 24, 2012 at 10:45 am

    The speed of our slick pass in that 1st half was unbelievable. Arsenal moved the ball at an unbelievable speed. Arteta made more completed passed than Yaya and Silva put together

  88. You are right Emma. I actually forgot that Silva was playing. :)

  89. KT,i reckon most Gooners are overly harsh on our players,so you weren’t alone.
    I am speaking from afar,so stand to be corrected here.
    Most seem to want or even expect every player to be able to come in and do a job from day one,but i think the quality,speed and physicality of the PL are underestimated,and need time to adjust to.
    Fans seem reluctant to give these guys that time,and again from afar,i don’t fully understand why.
    Very few players can come and perform like Cazorla,and we all need to take a breath and realise it.
    Just my opinion.

  90. Hey all,

    Finally getting some time.

    Btw, did anyone ever think that any defender playing next to Kozzer will be said to have played with more flair then kozzer did? Y’day was one such day. Still think Koz is best flair defender. He defends with style. At times breathe taking.

  91. Zabaletta – he got kicked by Poldolski because, to qoute Freddie Ljunberg, he’d been ‘kicking the shit’ out of him, Gerv and Gibbs plus anyone else who strayed into the right back’s space! The ‘foul’ was very well executed piece of revenge! The argentinian’s later tackles were somewhat less challenging! You can always trust the germans to do a thorough job, no matter what the task is!
    Gerv reminded me a little of the early days of TH14 he too could not hit a barn door. Then one day he could and did 200+ times. Is it Gerv’s time now to emulate one of Arsenal’s greatest players?

  92. I noticed that too Emma. The speed of the ball was so fast that I could not keep up with it during certain times.

  93. 100% right Adam.
    We offered no challenges to the attackers in that corner…end of section.

  94. I was away most of the day yesterday but I managed to get a quick early post on Rico’s article. I said I felt that these big games are often decided by fine margins and it usually involves the quality of the opposing keepers and how clinical your forward players are in taking their chances. I hate to say I told you so but I said I still had reservations about Mannone despite his obvious improvement and that we did not have enough clinical finishers in the forward line.

    To be fair to Mannone he largely had a good game but I don’t think he commands a crowded box well with high balls, as was evident for the goal. When he came out he should be clearing that ball from immediate danger (possibly punching it away) and if players are in his way to doing this then he has to wipe them out in the process and it is just unlucky if one is your own player. I can’t help but think that a Schwarzer or Friedel would have dealt with this.

    I also feel that currently Podolski is our only clinical striker, and in tight games like this, against the best sides, it is not enough. The problem with these games is that you get few chances and you can’t predict which of your forwards they will fall to, so basically you need 2-3 clinical forwards. This is the difference between winning the EPL and being 6-7 points adrift at the end of the season, and if we are serious about winning it then Giroud and Gervinho will have to be better in this department or we will need to buy in January. If Gervinho had the shooting ability of Messi from the edge of the area we would have some player as like Mannone he was largely very good. Largely very good however, IMO, doesn’t result in silverware. Giroud obviously needs more time. I am ok with that as there is nothing we can do about it til January anyway. I like them both in many ways, so I desperately hope that both of them step up with the goals and we don’t need to buy someone. If they haven’t stepped up come January then I feel AW needs to make a ruthless assessment of the situation. This is something he hasn’t done in the past in terms of bringing one player in which may push another down the pecking order, preferring to not hurt a players feelings over what is the best for the club.

    Although I have looked more at this from the negative side, I am not at all unhappy with yesterday as we played well and a draw there is no bad thing. I do recognise the many positives. It is just that we could have won that game, and if we are seriously ambitious then we need to look at what stopped this happening. I just feel we are so close, but as I say the time for proper reflection is January. In the meantime could someone at London Colney please get Gervinho practicing shooting and could someone please bombard Mannone with high balls while surrounded by Stoke like Orcs.

  95. I said during the game Zabaletta was constantly running straight through the back of Gervinho….didn’t get pinged once!!

  96. Wavy…….the germanesque stare at the ref by Poldi was enough to melt even the rocks. I was chuckling quietly to myself when I saw it.

    Boy, did I enjoy that!!!!!

  97. Hi Erick,

    Are you referring my comment that we do not win games with Mr Bean in charge?

    Unfortunately, he will be officiating lots of our games post January. It has always been like that for the last 4-5 years. Who can forget about that blatant push on AA23 by Titus Bamble Bee at the Emirates 2 years ago which he refused to give. And also that weak penalty he award against Eboue the clown for Liverpood

  98. Podolski will prove himself an Arsenal legend.

  99. Scott from Oz says:
    September 24, 2012 at 10:55 am Mark Halsey I am afraid. He was meant to last decent referee in England who was not in the Red noses pocket but after yesterday. Well, his performance warrants an Oscar for best performance as a bent copper.

  100. Food for Thought

    Arsenal’s Santi Cazorla has played the most final third passes 161 (84.5%) in the #EPL this season

    Koscielny won 83% of duels, made 10 clearances and didn’t concede a single foul v City

    Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta is the Top Passer in the #EPL with 484 (93%) passes this season

    Arteta had the most touches in the game with 119. Passing Accuracy of 94%, Won all of his Aerial Duels. Another outstanding game

    2nd behind Arteta in total distribution, Aaron Ramsey made 82 passes with an 89% pass completion.

    Mikel Arteta won possession of the ball 12 times today. More than any other player

    Passes: 434-638 – AFC made 204 more passes than ManCity

    The Gunners dominated the ball – Ramsey 73/82 – 89% and Santi Cazorla 66/75 (88%) also played their part

    Mikel Arteta passed the ball 106 times today – 100 of them accurate (94%). In comparison Yaya Toure passed most for #MCFC 63 (87%)

    Per Mertesacker has made seven interceptions today, the joint-most of any player in any Premier League game this season.

    Aaron Ramsey with the most passes in the Final 3rd Vs #MCFC – 32 (84% accurate)

    Mikel Arteta won possession of the ball 12 times today. More than any other player

    Mancity Arsenal
    43.9 1st Half Poss. 56.1
    36.2 2nd Half Poss. 63.8

  101. Excellent stats emma

  102. Hi again all….

    Halsey was the ref at the Mancs Scott, and he should have sent the Dutchman off. Funny enough, Sky Sports aren’t showing that tackle today, hope the Dippers make a complaint…

  103. Emma………..

    Mancity Arsenal
    43.9 1st Half Poss. 56.1
    36.2 2nd Half Poss. 63.8

    That tells only a part of the story. During the first 15 minutes of the second half it was the other way round since City had 58% possession. After that the pendulum swung once again.

  104. Halsey suffers sick abuse on Twitter after officiating United’s visit to Anfield

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2207604/Mark-Halsey-suffers-sick-abuse-Twitter.html#ixzz27NiDZlbg
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  105. I didn’t see that tackle either Rico.
    Emma,brilliant work.
    Ramseys performance looks even better now.

  106. Goody for you Emma. Incidentally, is it possible if you can provide those stats after a game for Rico to include in the match report?? It would make a very good read with any match report and soon we will have HH as one of the top blogs.

  107. DG – I will do that henceforth :)

  108. I always thought Mark ‘Horsely’ was a decent referee. In fact I thought he was the only ref not in the Red Noses pocket but based on yesterday I think he has had his visit from the Scottish Mafia

  109. you can arrange with Rico about that I think. So hopefully we might be having two match reports after every game written down by two authors. One analytical the other statistical.

    What do you think Rico???

  110. If we can play those passes at that speed for even 60 minutes in a match we’ll run teams to the ground.in that 1st half our passing was as good as i’ve seen from an Arsenal team.our midfield is so immense at the moment and they’ll get even better.

  111. Henceforth is fine Emma,but can you do it from now on as well :)

  112. Jack added to the equation…Rosicky….ot much to look forward to,is there :)

  113. For you all to enjoy………….

  114. For Xavi read……….Arteta
    For Iniesta read……Cazorla
    and we have Diaby, Wilshere, Coquelin and Frimpong.

    Is there a place for Cesc??? On this season’s showing I do not think so. Maybe a false centreforward??

  115. devil re your 11.29 – anything you guys want is possible (within reason ;) )

    Just email it to me and I’ll include it in the post….

  116. I love that celebration. All the players with the exception of don vito formed one great pile ;)

  117. Thanks Emm……henceforth….it’s gotta be for something….not sure what though!!

  118. Morning all,
    Ramsey was very good yesterday, didn’t see that coming when I saw the starting line up, very neat and tidy, kept things ticking over in midfield, the lad done well.
    Scott, if Podolski can sort out his goal celebrations he’ll be the real deal.

  119. Big,red haemorrhoid so to speak,hey Emma??

  120. Give the lad time ….poor old Koln haven’t scored many in recent seasons,so a lack of practice is a legitimate excues,me thinks!!

  121. Yikes……I have seen that goal many times now and it is only now that I realise that Kozzer was assisted by Lescott himself. Well Well Well.

  122. Scott from Oz says:
    September 24, 2012 at 11:45 am

    Give the lad time ….poor old Koln haven’t scored many in recent seasons,so a lack of practice is a legitimate excues,me thinks!!

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  123. Morning Micko,

    Well said, Ramsey has taken some stick recently, like you i was a tad concerned when his name was on the team sheet…

  124. Devil, and would have got himself an assist as well if Aguero hadn’t missed that open goal at the end, still a great day for Kozzer.
    I’m happy to say i’m struggling to find any faults today.

  125. Devil,it was a perfect headed pass from Lescott…it made up the entirety of his 5% of successfll passes during the game!!
    The other 19 were bloody awful!

  126. They went to pricks in blue shirts!!

  127. Off to bed…i have some catching up to do!
    Night all.

  128. Night Scott, sleep well….

  129. rico, starting to think the manager might know what he’s doing !
    Nite Scott.

  130. Night Scott.

  131. Off for now.

    Thanks to all for your kind compliments.


  132. ….and to think i almost missed this game cause of a dumb “baby dedication”….my next door neighbor had invited me to church to dedicate his child to God. i told her i will grace the ocassion only to leave her clutching at straws. i just saw her now outside pushing her walking her dog with her husband trailing behind which their child…..you ll think i ll feel guilty right? No way, i had a smug look on my face. like the black dude next door ll say “fuck the world”………we are the arsenal…..but damn am sure gonna miss her homemade cookies. oh well bummer….morning HH, are you all still buzzing? YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

  133. bloody i phone….grrrrrrrrr.

  134. jeez where is everybody? i pop in they scram!

  135. :lol: Micko, you reckon?

    Have a good day devil…

    Afternoon goonster…

  136. I’m off for an hour or so too, catch up later….

  137. Arteta has averaged 96.8 passes per game this season,the highest in Europe,with an average accuracy of 93.4% :o !!!…best panic buy ever!!!

  138. I must say I was surprised to see Ramsey’s name in the starting eleven, but by adding him to our midfield we outnumbered The Oilers and forced them to change at half-time taking off the ineffective Sinclair and bringing on the almost equally ineffective Rodwell.

    I hate to criticise individual players, particularly after such a good all round performance, but Gervinho had a poor game, snatching at chances and lacking composure, his heavy first touch on the delicious through ball was a dreadful waste of a scoring opportunity. Still I expect him to do better in the future.

    Overall a draw was probably a fair result, although it might have been different if we had converted one or two of the early chances.

    It was great to see the togetherness of the team and what a pair of gems we have in our Spanish duo, Arteta and Cazorla, or as numb-nuts Jaimie Redknap insists on calling him, Carzola.

  139. hey JW, great game huh? i enjoyed every bit of it…..there’s something about this new arsenal team you just get the feeling that they ll pull through no matter the opposition, long may it continue like my friend ll say. COYGS.

  140. Afternoon guys and gals….

  141. :lol: Kt re Arteta.. The big german at the back isn’t doing too badly for a panic signing either….

  142. where is AK? how were the away fans yesterday? i can see from clips that they went berserk after kozzer equalized. gosh lucky bastards.

  143. hey rico, how was your day?

  144. Hi goonster, busy as always but ok thanks, how was your birthday party?? Hope you had one…

    Ak is busy I think…

  145. where did she go?

  146. Can’t wait to experience my first game at the Emirates. I wish i would have gotten a chance to go to Highbury, but oh well. Within the next two seasons, i will be there. North London here i come.

  147. birthday sucked maam until arsenal blew me away. what a performance.

  148. there was a brief moment yesterday where we passed them off the park. we looked like barca on steriods. the passing was so fast and crisp. i think it was between santi, mikel and gibbo. what a game. cant wait for jw10 and tr7 to return. we ll murder teams. COYGS.

  149. i cant remember but i must have drank like 27 bottles of beer last night….gosh i was so excited passed out in my car in the garage.

  150. Goonster,

    I think we have something special now, it’s called Team Spirit!

    Will XL,

    I went to Highbury for more years than I care to remember, but I’ve only been to The Emirates once, I hope you get there soon and enjoy every moment.

  151. I was wondering where everyone had gone. ;)

    Devil, always good to read your pieces; and I never tire of reading match summaries and player ratings about games we win. :D Bring on the chavs! We’d smoke ‘em!

    Hiya, rico. Busy? Goonie, you should get the baby a present; be a good neighbor now. :)

    Hiya, JW and WillXL. :)

  152. hello everyone!
    On the 26th we must change all the line-up!
    Diaby only can play a game a week.
    If he plays more than one, the risk he is been off for a few months or for the rest of the season.
    Wilshere, Fripong, Sagna are ready for Coventry?
    Can Henderson play for coventry? .

  153. Hiya, JM. I agree about Diaby. As he works on sustained fitness; it won’t do to be overplaying him. I thought he had a good start but began to labor in the second half.

    Our midfield is looking good; our defenders (for the first time in ages) are looking like a fantastic unit; now for Giroud to score! (and Theo to sign that contract extension! :) )

  154. Sorry to hear that goonie, thought you’d have had a good night….

  155. Hi JW, JM, Will & agag…

    Have i missed anyone ;)

    Been making soup agag, it’s getting chilly here :(

  156. Evening Gooners…
    Evening Rico,
    Great Post Coach…
    Off to catch up…

  157. Evening Ak, you got that bloomin roof finished yet ;)

  158. hey lil mama, how are you? still shopping huh? well i ll need me a pair of wooly mittens. its gonna be winter soon and i havent shopped yet. its not my thing to shop guys…..i actually hate it.

  159. hey AK, fill me in, how was the away support last night? gosh what i ll give to be at the wastelands last night.

  160. Hi everyone! So apparently Theo had made it a matter of public record now that he wants a permanent move to centre forward. I saw a few quotes from an interview just now. Says he wants to stay. Hmm.

  161. hey will where did you read that? link please?

  162. GoonerB, 11.08

    Very sensible and well thought out points…
    May i refer you to Carl Jenkinson, Kieron Gibbs and Per Mertesaker, all three would have been jettesoned by many Arsenal fans during the summer, Diaby also.
    I agree with many of your reasons, but i believe that both Gervinho and Giroud have the required quality, and will, by the end of this season, be major factors in Arsenal winning some silverwear this season, and very possdibly, the EPL.
    I really believe that…

  163. apparently from a sky sports interview Goonster.

  164. Rico, i finished the roof Friday, been rushing around, doing stuff….

  165. just read the same Will, playing reasons and nothing to do with money and he’s made that clear…..

  166. i wasn’t at Wastelands Stan, more’s the pity.
    My mate couldn’t get me a ticket, but i plan to go to as many away games as i can this season…
    Hopefully celebrate winning the EPL at Shepherds Bush on May 4th/5th at QPR…. :-D

  167. Theo Walcott wants to stay at Arsenal and become a club legend after insisting his ongoing contract negotiations are not due to demands for more money.

    The England international was linked with a summer move away from Emirates Stadium after entering the final 12 months of his current deal.

    Talks over a new contract are continuing to drag on and reports are now suggesting Arsenal will look to sell Walcott in January, with Liverpool again being mentioned as a destination.

    But the 23-year-old is adamant he is not seeking a major pay-rise and instead only wants assurances he will be used less as a winger and more as a striker by boss Arsene Wenger.

    “Hopefully it can be sorted, because I want to stay, I want to play for Arsenal, I want to try and win things”
    Theo Walcott Quotes of the week

    Walcott, who has started just one of Arsenal’s six games in all competitions this season, is determined to become a hit in North London and thinks he can follow in the footsteps of the iconic Thierry Henry.

    “It has been a frustrating start for me, because of false speculation about me and the money situation,” Walcott told Sky Sports News.

    “For me, it has never been about money. It has always been a football decision for me.

    “If I had opportunities in the summer to go but if I wanted to go, I would have gone, if it was about money. It has never been that.

    “The main factors for me now are I want to start playing up front. That is all it is, really.

    “It is not going to happen overnight. My last contract took over six months to do.

    “We have only started to come to terms with it. The club have been quite busy with the likes of Robin (van Persie) and Alex Song, and players coming in.

    “I am just there now. Hopefully it can be sorted, because I want to stay, I want to play for Arsenal, I want to try and win things.

    “I remember when Thierry Henry joined at 22 and the legend he was. Hopefully I can be the legend he was as well in that upfront position.”

  168. See all the Gooners doing ‘the Poznan’ at Wastelands yesterday… :lol:

  169. see what i mean rico? all these damned journos dont have a clue. they keep painting our players as traitors. i like the fact he said he wants to play for arsenal and win things…makes me proud. come on arsene sign him up already. we are really looking good.

  170. lucky bastards………gosh am so jealous.

  171. Goonster. Did you have a good birthday among the Yankees?

  172. Good old Theo. I am heartened to know that it isn’t about your Ferraris but about you earnest wish to play up front. :)

  173. yaaaaaaaaaaaaay adam is here. where ve you been big brother? them yankees are a boring lot. they just cant grasp football(soccer) but they bawl like banshees when its time for american football. i just dont get it.

  174. Off to have dinner, back shortly

  175. That is great Kev. Are you in town tomorrow?

  176. You and me both goonie….

    Hi Adam, you are becoming more cynical than me…

    At least he has said it’s nothing to do with money….. Unlike some we all know but never miss..!

  177. Yes Adam, got a load of running around to do.
    But looking forward to Weds’ and the League cup tie with Cov.

  178. I have been holding a watching brief Stan. Are you feeling more upbeat now? When I lived in California I used to go to American football games in San Francisco. They took hours and hours and all I remember were lots of men and women eating hotdogs and drinking Coke by the bucketful. Great atmosphere though.

  179. Are you around over the next couple of weeks Adam, maybe a cuppa mate?

  180. Yes Rico. I am a quick learner.

  181. No problem Kev. I would enjoy that. I can also give you some parking vouchers I have put aside.

  182. Good Evening my Esteemed Fellow Gunners.

    You gotta love EBOUE………..

    Following his transfer from North London club side Arsenal to bitter rivals Manchester United, Robin Van Persie had come under severe attacks from fans and threats were made to his wife and family on twitter. But one person who seems very embittered by that move and doesn’t pretend about it is former Arsenal player Emmanuel Eboue.

    The Galatasaraay defender had always hurled abusive words at his former team mate at Arsenal on twitter and even after their UEFA Champions League match last week, the trend continued. He tweeted via his handle, Emmanuel Eboue @TheRealEboue: “The bloody Traitor was trying to hug me . I couldn’t look at his face

  183. Is that really the real Eboue though? If so, then he is a hero of heroic proportions.

  184. Thanks habib. Look into your inbox. sent you an meail Kev.

  185. devil he said that!!! you don’t say!!!! am buying an eboue shirt pronto, gosh i miss him.

  186. What a player he has become

  187. Cheers Adam. I will be in touch when i’m in town…
    Look forward to it.

  188. kozzeris a man apart. he’s the best technical CB i ve seen in years(look at me talk like i ve been around for that long, hahahahah)…..he’s so comfortable on the ball i wanna cry. can you guys remember the little skill yesterday to beat yaya and silva? i mean what was that? what a player! so glad am not wenger.

  189. Eboue is thee most entertaining character on Twitter. Brilliant stuff.

  190. Theo has a lot to do achieve this. He will not succeed. That is my opinion……..

  191. shut up devil, dont be so pessimistic….am sure you said the same about th14 too.

  192. “i never lost against totenham, so great” thiery a LEGEND! what more can i say? love the man.

  193. Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    Wenger mulling over Capital One Cup side today. Hints at strong lineup. Walcott, Arshavin, Chamakh, Djourou all likely to play.

  194. No mate…..I never said that. Simply because I had been following TH14 since he was at Monaco. I was standing by him even when he was having a nightmare at Juve. And if you remember I was already standing by Jenks from the time I saw him on his debut. I told HH that he was highly similiar to a young Dixon. I rarely make an error of judgement on players.

    And what I said of Theo still counts.

  195. oh shut up DG….who made you king? walcott ll come good period! and that’s the last i wanna hear of it. capishe?

  196. Hello again….

  197. Gotta say, that following the sparkling form of Mikel Arteta this season, that i’m beginning to think that we don’t need a beast of a def/mid anymore, as i formerly did during the summer.
    Maybe it’s more about reading the game and making intelligent interceptions/tackles, rather than thundering challenges?

  198. hey rico, devil’s been knocking theo again. bin him.

  199. Chill Stanley ;)

    Mind you, I too think Theo will come good – just hope it’s with us…..

  200. Yeah Coach, belt-up ;-), stop upsetting Stan, you know how sensitive he is, shame on you… :-P

  201. Theo will never come good at AFC more than he is now. He may become good in a side like Liverpool, Everton or even Manure. but not at FC who utilize ball artistes players. His first touch is very weak…..and it will never improve.

  202. Goonster – HH = ‘where it’s ok to disagree’…..

    We will just have to fight Theo’s corner together :)

  203. duh…..where have been all this while kev? under a rock? that’s why i was advocating we buy lucas biglia. great player yet pint size. the days of thuggish ruggish beastly DMs are over. we need technical players now not lumbering oafs!

  204. I told you Kev………for XAVI read Arteta. both are the same size.

  205. I will be the first to own up if Theo comes good. But I will not need to do so. ;)

  206. I bet you do devil, IF he stays with us…..

  207. Stan, i apologise for not paying attention to your foresight, i am not worthy…… ;-)

  208. Coach, who, out of Frim, Le Coq and/or Jack, would you see as the long-term successor to Mikel Arteta?

  209. rico says:
    September 24, 2012 at 8:07 pm

    I bet you do devil, IF he stays with us….

    That is basically what I said Rico. it will not be with us.

    Others with a better first touch and a better footballing brain have failed to live up to expectations when they left AFC.

  210. Rico, if Theo tries to overplay his hand, by trying to force Arsene into playing him through the middle, then he’ll be on his bike this January…
    Arsene doesn’t take kindly to being dictated to by anyone….

  211. TBH I am a bit biased towards Coquelin. But Wilshere can also do it. sadly though I like Frimps a lot I do not think that he has that calming influence that Arteta has. And never will.

    I will go for Coquelin. but then again I am biased as I have stated earlier.

  212. But out of the three of them no one is a master and a calming influence. Arteta reminds me of my greatest two favourites…Petit and Gilberto. You know how much I used to love them Kev. And still do bdw. I rate them all superior to PV04.

  213. No devil, if he stays with us, he will make it….

    I’d rather Frimpong than Coquelin….

    Ak, we all slate the press, and all they report. None of us know if he really is trying to force AW’s hand… But if he is, then yes, he is a fool….

    But, I am glad he’s made it clear it’s not about money…

  214. Frimps has passion and a great character. Good skill and good body strength. But not a calm mind. Over exuberance of youth maybe yes. but he is not a calm reader of the game. his positional sense is a bit flawed…..and this you either have it or you do not.

  215. A player who will eventually have the same influence on a team is playing for Dortmund……Sven Bender. watch out for him.

  216. devil, do you recall the comments made by Brady about Jack?

    Frimps is still young too, he, like Jack can calm down…

  217. I am off now.

    See you all tomorrow.

    Good Night my Esteemed Fellow Gunners.

  218. Coach, i tend to lean towards Frimpong as well, although i rate Coquelin very highly.
    But i believe that Frimpong will calm down as he matures and will proves to be a very technical footballer and not just a midfield enforcer.
    Saying all that, i actually see Jack more in the Arteta role rather than an attacking M/f…
    It’ll be exciting to see which of them ( hopefully all of them ) becomes our next Quarter-Back…

    Hope Gnarby starts on Weds night…
    That Kid is a massive talent…

  219. Night Coach.

  220. hahahaha AK you numpty…..of course you re worthy. who am i to look down on the great ALLEZKEV!

  221. TA was giving instructions to those around him from day one. Ok he had the exuberance of youth…..but he was already good in commanding those around him. Arteta has it. Frimps and Jack do not.

    off now mates.

    cu tomorrow

  222. Stan, i know my place…. ;-)

    Rico is The Boss OK….. :-)

  223. Night devil, have a lovely evening….

  224. I’m not the boss Ak, I just try and keep the peace ;)

  225. yes but without you HH ll not be as cool and friendly as it feels. you re a peoples person kev….you welcome all, befriend all and most of all give a mean advice. i thank you man. you rock big guy….you really do!

  226. Well thanks Stan, but i’m just one many, that Rico has attracted to this fantastic blog, many are now my friends, whether on-line or in person….

  227. Rico, is it nearly Soapy-Time?????

  228. Stan, when are you returning to the Low Countries?

  229. Strong core to League Cup side as youngsters fight for places

    Posted by Jeorge Bird on September 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

  230. After an unbeaten start to their Premier League and Champions League exertions, Arsenal commence their campaign in the newly-rebranded Capital One Cup against struggling Coventry City at Emirates Stadium on Wednesday night, with Arsene Wenger’s side hoping for a swift and struggle-free progression to the next round.

    Traditionally this competition, particularly in home fixtures, has been used by the Frenchman to bed in potential talents of the future although, such are the options at his disposal this time around, the make-up of his squad for the contest with the Sky Blues may have a considerably more experienced feel about it.

    Several members of the first-team squad have received extremely limited game time so far this season, or in some cases, none at all, and it is these players that Wenger will principally be calling upon on Wednesday in case they are required later in the campaign.

    Andrey Arshavin, Marouane Chamakh and Sebastien Squillaci were all left out of the squad that travelled to Manchester at the weekend, and are likely to start, whilst Francis Coquelin, Andre Santos (despite having to attend a court case the following morning), Johan Djourou and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain could all receive much-needed run-outs.

  231. Emmanuel Frimpong and Jack Wilshere are also back in full training but, the latter especially is highly unlikely to be risked following a sustained period on the sidelines.

    As far as youngsters from outside the first-team squad are concerned, Damian Martinez, who was on the bench against City, his fifth involvement in a senior match-day squad, should receive his first start, whilst Nico Yennaris and Thomas Eisfeld may also receive run-outs from the off, with Conor Henderson absent having joined Coventry on loan, although he is not permitted to play in Wednesday’s game.

    The highly-regarded Serge Gnabry should also feature at some stage, with Ignasi Miquel, Sanchez Watt, Jernade Meade, Martin Angha, Kristoffer Olsson and Kyle Ebecilio also hopeful of making the squad.

    Possible team:






    subs: Shea, Miquel, Angha, Eisfeld, Olsson, Ebecilio, Watt.

  232. unfortunately kev am still here till my contract runs out…that ll be sometime in january. i may renew it but it depends on the financial package. i miss home so much but i gotta make money too, so you see am in a dilemma.

  233. Your living comes first Stan.
    If you’re earning a good wage, then make the most of it, and try to save as much as you can, for those leaner times…

  234. Think that Rico has crept off into the world of Weatherfield and Albert Square…
    So i’m offski too.
    See ya Stan, take it easy pal…

  235. see what i mean? AK, you re my hero! thanks and good night.

  236. Not crept off Ak, just been on the phone…

    But now I am going to get the Sky Planner on and catch up…

    So it’s goodnight from from me….

    Have a good one all, stay safe and sleep well…

    ‘Til tomorrow, night all….

  237. night mama bear….guess i ll just hang around till somebody pops up cause am bored outta my mind.

  238. Morning guys.
    There aren’t many better things than Good nights sleep.

  239. Nice posts…sometimes I am quite glad to be wrong. Such is the case as I thought Jenks was too inexperienced and Per too slow. All I know is that I don’t know everything, and if I did, why watch the games?

    This team is gelling and working as a unit like no other in quite a few years. But who would take AM if Santi went down? Tomas? Aaron? I’d take the Ox, personally…but what do I know?

    The Citeh goal was deplorable. Again another Arsenal lapse in concentration padded with erroneous goalkeeping. Ugh and anger…

    Goonster…don’t kick the baby.


  240. Morning all….so Theo wants to fill TH14’s boots? What’s AW going to do? I don’t think he’s got it in him…….

  241. Morning Lee and all…

    I’d certainly like to see him get the chance before he goes…

  242. Morning Lee. Seems to me that if Wenger can play the flakey Gervinho through the middle he might try Theo there? The position can be fluid though and I personally don’t think he is an out and out winger though, when Henry was in his pomp, he often picked the ball up in wide positions.

  243. Imho, his best position would be on the left, then he can cut in onto his natural foot…

    Morning Adam.

  244. Wenger must have looked at him in training in that position surely.

  245. Start Theo in every cup game,and use him as sub in PL and CL games to start with.
    See how he is going in January and make a call.
    Evening all.

  246. Just read that Theo is saying we should have no fears…Jack has lost NOTHING.
    Reckons he is every bit as good as ever.

  247. The way Giroud wina aerial duels,why not have Theo running off his shoulder.
    I mentioned it during the game…..Giroud turned a header into clear running,15-20 yards from goal,but our guy(can’t think who) didn’t read it and went the wrong way.
    Theo would be getting plenty of free space to run in to just by loitering around the big fella!

  248. I doubt it Adam ;)

    Morning Scott …

    I’d start him against Chelsea, it’s his kind of game. But I doubt AW will unless he signs, really hope he starts tomorrow as he needs it and see how he gets on. If he plays central and can’t rip the Coventry defence apart then he has little chance in the PL…

  249. I’d give him a crack through the middle….
    Hola Adam,Scotty & Rico…

  250. I’d be happy with that Scott…

    Inter Milan are keeping tabs on Sagna’s situation then :roll:

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