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‘Special Signing’ on his way? Cesc and Essien on loan? Wrong about Walcott…..

Morning Gooners,

Here we are then, Sky Sports kicked off at 6am today with all their ‘breaking news’ stories, one’s which have in the past just meant Arry Redknapp had either arrived at the building or left it and they’ve managed to get him to wind down his window and speak. Well I think that is what he was doing!

Not today though eh, he’s probably trying to sign the name ‘rosie’ on his withdrawal slip at the bank seeing as he’s unemployed!

Talking of money, since the news broke about Theo Walcott not agreeing terms for a new contract, all his ‘haters’ have jumped on his back. He’s not worth a pay-rise, stick in him the reserves and let him rot, sell him now the useless ********* – and in general the comments have been about him trying to rob the club and thinking of his own bank balance above football and in particular, Arsenal.

Well, Arsene Wenger has spoken and those who have said all of the above have been very wrong:

His situation is simple – he will stay with us and play for us. No he will not leave this window. Theo has one year to go [on his contract] and that is simple. We have to find an agreement with him on whether to extend the contract or not for a longer period. That is what we want to do. 

I think Theo loves the club. Contrary to what some media have written he is not obsessed by money, there is just a little difference that we hope we can, at some stage, find an agreement with. That is it basically.

Some will still believe that should Citeh or Liverpool come in with a substantial bid, our club will reconsider but I’m not so sure. No doubt Man City thought that too as they went straight back to Swansea and signed Scott Sinclair. Liverpool and any other club can take a hike.

Back to today, the long-awaited final day of the transfer window and Arsene Wenger is after only special players if they are available:

We have enough [players], that is for sure, but you always want to improve your squad and if we find a top, top, top player we will do it. We are working very, very hard. We have resources available so if it is not happening now it will happen in December.

We are active but we do not just want to bring average players in. If we find a special player who can find us a plus we will do it, if not we will not do it.

Yeah right Arsene…..

We all know that special players cost special prices and Arsene Wenger/Arsenal FC don’t spend that kind of money on footballers.

Also, do we really need ‘special players’?

I would say no, we just need good players, committed players, players who will bring experience to our team and depth to our squad.

Player who will make that little bit of difference…..

Will we see one or two?

I think so…..


Well a few could depart today, Chamakh and Park on loan and Bendtner should finally become a Juventus player.

Essien and Fabregas are the latest to be linked with a ‘shock’ move. The latter of course stems from being dropped to the bench by his current manager. I doubt there is any truth in either.

The Champions League draw saw us join Schalke, Olympiakos and newcomers Montpellier in Groub B and in the Capital One Cup we were awarded a home tie against Coventry.

That’s it for today, it’s going to be fun guys and gals, let’s just hope our club is part of it.

And I don’t just mean selling or loaning players out…

Have a good day all….

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827 comments on “‘Special Signing’ on his way? Cesc and Essien on loan? Wrong about Walcott…..

  1. essien more likely….

  2. Good morning everyone. This is the big day. I hope you are all ready to be shocked. I know I’m not.

  3. 4kit! I dnt wnt essien in arsenal!

  4. Morning all…

    Essien is on £100k a week, if we take him on loan and pay his wage then I for one will be pretty peed off. Sign a DM, and we wouldn’t need to pay him that kind of wage….

  5. choro, neither do i….

  6. good morning Rico and all
    yes, yes …sunshines and hopes
    started well already with NB 52 on his way to juve.
    2-3 players coming on today…roll on the dice

  7. Sorry but I am getting frustrated and disappointed. Anyone noticed this is the same as last season except the other way round. Last season we sold our best two players and then panic bought during the transfer deadline. This season we bought early then sold our best two players, and then started looking for a washed out cheap loan player. Wenger can no longer lead from the front. He loves the ‘backs gainst the wall’ season. He then wins nothing and says ‘we did well in the circumstances. He then reminds us he will only buy a special quality of player. Yeahh! Squillaci, Chamakh, etc etc. We have gone backward. Other clubs have managed to buy good players, but not good enough for Wenger? Mirallas, Sahin, Dembele, etc etc all lost. No possible way to finish above, Chelsea, Man Utd, Man City. So sad because Wenger is such a great coach, but he has genuinely become the dictionary definition of a Despot.

  8. I actually believe that this is one of the most important days in Wenger’s Arsenal career.

  9. i dont think we nid essien bt wat d latest on m’villa nd yohan cabaye.

  10. Adam, I don’t think any of us will be shocked, we are too tight to part with the kind of money to sign a ‘shock’ player…

    Just hope we get to 11pm and we all feel that the squad is a bit stronger and deeper than it is right now…

    I know that outlook is wrong, but sadly the last seven years have made me think that way…

  11. If we can get M’Illa or Capoue,i reckon we have done fantastic business lverall.
    If not,the club has dome terrible business.
    Its as simple as that,imo
    Evening all.

  12. wenger beats around the besh every year giving us false hope,
    we being the knob gooners that we are get excited only to be heartbroken come transfer deadline.the only reason he signed on last years deadline was bcos of the thrashing by united

  13. Really hope to be suprised today but it’s not looking good :(
    Just one dmf/ or utility defender and il be happy…
    Sign of desperation

  14. I’m as calm as ever… I’ve been taught the last few years not to expect too much from AW.

  15. Oh,and i really can’t understand why we need to bring in players on loan!!

  16. Good morning gunners

    Let the madness begin!!!
    All rumours and speculations end today

  17. Sagna Merti Vermal Gibbs


    Cazo Wilsh

    Walcot Giroud Gervinho

  18. £ssien, another one for the treatment table. No way. I will be pissed if we sign him or Tiote.

  19. Transfer deadline day, we will be doing the one legged hokey cokey today, out, out, out!

  20. Hi Hak, 2/3 players of quality, not just any old player either…

    As do I Adam, there are rumbles of discontentment, they will get louder and louder if things go bad…

  21. Morning all,
    Flying pigs…very apt rico.
    Maybe Arsene has been inspired by the paralympics if he looking at Essien.
    Its simple, spend some of the Song and RvP money or expect the fertilizer to hit the fan.


  23. Wubey,what happened to yesterdays line up??

  24. arsenal-steve..

    i think we are all frustrated…

    We have still made more money than spent this summer, same old so far..

  25. If they don’t strengthen with 2 good players today it will confirm the boards aim is it get into CL and thats that. Titles and silverware mean nothing to them. If however we do get 2 good players in it will, to me anyway, show that they are at least trying to put together a side that can win thing other than the “4th place trophy”.

    But if the Essien story is true then we truly need a change of management and owners. Don’t kid yourself into believing that Arsene is innocent when it comes to the board policy, what ever it may be, he would not be at the club if he had not bought into it.

    But here is for being optimistic and I’ll go for 2 good players signed before 23:00.

  26. If that is the case Rico and I think you may be right, then this will evolve into a difficult season. The fans, especially those in the ground, have stood a lot of Wenger’s nonsense and given him the benefit of the doubt on many occasions. But I can see big, big problems this season. Arsene’s body language at the last couple of press conferences was that of a man in a bubble, refusing to accept that anyone else has a relevant point of view. He dangles the carrot for sure but our experience of his previous promises says everything. His casual explanation of the Theo situation was ridiculous. Walcott either accepts the new contract or he doesn’t. What is going to change except the club will see him walk for nothing at the end of the season? Or they will cave into his demands and pay him what he wants. To leave it this late suggests really very poor management indeed. Pretty soon Wenger will seem even more like a man at odds with Arsenal’s future and not part of it and a house divided against itself cannot stand. Today is just razzmatazz really. We are way, way behind City, Chelsea and United in squad depth.

  27. Morning Scott, emma, wubey, Micko…

    Simples isn’t it Micko, AW season is in his own hands, either get the 2/3 players in today or face a tough season in the dugout…

  28. Hi TT, I’m trying to be optimistic too….

  29. Taking Essien would be a gamble on his fitness. At 75% he would be better than Song/ Diaby and his presence might be what Frimpong needs to settle into being a footballer.If he can do what Benayoun did last year I would not be too unhappy. I would still like the marquee signing but I am not holding my breath.

  30. A striker / defender / defensive midfield is what we need in my view. Especially if 3 strikers go today.

  31. Morning Rico and all. I think we all hope that we get a couple of players in but I am slightly less convinced it will happen. I hope to be proven wrong but the cynic in me is reading between the lines on AW’s statement. “we don’t want to bring average players in” and “if it doesn’t happen now it will happen in December” sound like statements designed to prepare us for nothing happening. It suggests to me that they are not as close to securing deals as they had hoped. I hope it is just AW toying with everyone while he sneaks someone in under the radar before Citeh can hijack it.

    On Theo, I am glad he is staying otherwise I think it would have meant too many changes. It is still a ridiculously amateur performance by the club to allow it to get to this stage with a key asset. If we don’t come to an agreement with him I doubt we would fetch much in January so, for me, the only way the club do not look silly with this situation is if we get him signed up. At least then if it is not working out 1 year down the line we can get a decent return and have more time to bring in the right replacement.

    Rico I know you and I feel we need one more goal-poacher, preferably of EPL experience, and we both quite fancied Defoe. If I am correct he has just signed a 3 year deal at Spurs so that bird has flown the nest. What should we do now? I wonder, now that Theo is staying, if it is worth playing him as an out and out striker as he wants, and instead then buy to replace him on the flanks with someone like Isco. Would it work out, I don’t know. Many will argue he is not strong enough for this role but his first touch, finishing and pace are his assets, exactly what a good striker needs. His weakest point is when he picks up the ball deeper and wider and has too much time to think when running at defenders. As a striker he will have to react instinctively and instantaneously and I just have this slight feeling he is a 20-25 a season striker in the waiting. What do you all think?

  32. I just wish cesc 2 cum 4 greatness i love him essien will also add good football 2 the team upppp gunners

  33. Balancing enthusiastic anticipation against reality is the Arsenal supporters lot.

  34. Adam,

    I strongly suspect that one man will be sitting watching today’s events unfold. Waiting patiently to see how the fans feel and if all is not well he will no doubt expect many who doubted him to eventually come round and want him to make his move….

  35. Good morning HH, AW never fail to disappoint.

  36. arsene is playing hide & sick we need results…as 4 essein its a no 4 me he can’t fit…we dont have 2 buy in December dis is the right tym..Arsene yes we put our trust in u but its been a long without a trophy….do something heyyyy.. Essein & delpiero are old horses…something like Navas,cabaye dats the quality we need we can reach to the promising land……gunnerz 4 eva…

  37. Essien is no where near the player he used to be. Even half his wages is a waste for a loanie.
    We can’t even sell the crap we need to loan out and Arshavin needs to stay to fill the squad with experience.
    I don’t see us buying, Wenger will say we have enough defensively, Arteta is our holding mid and Coq needs his chance to develop, Mids he’ll rapp off all the walking dead that will return and up front he’ll say we have Olie and Lukas who each scored 20 last season.

  38. Potter Jesus Christ could not make Frimpong better than he is, he simply is not a top club material. I love the guy and all that but …

    And even a fit Essien would not be a good coice over lets say M’Vila. That player we would own. Essien we would nurture back to match fitness for Chelsky.

  39. Morning GB,

    Defoe has indeed just signed on for another 3 years. I’d like us to go and get Dempsey now.

    I have to agree with both you and Adam re Theo, one is the situation has been badly handled and he should have signed by now but I did read a while ago that he would probably sign after the window had closed, why? Goodness knows unless they know something we all don’t.

    Also, to lose the top scorer and the two top assists players would be too many for one summer, we needed to build on what we had, not sell…

    But, each summer it happens, and maybe until someone like AU takes over, it will continue to be that way….

    Its wrong..

  40. morning DNA
    wha a gwaan ..irie..

  41. GoonerB :- 20 – 25 is pushing it a bit , but used correctly he will score goals. I can’t see him being as productive as Henry using his pace as he isn’t strong enough and he isn’t as predatory as Wrighty was he is often caught on his heels when the ball breaks in the area . However the slide pass for him to run onto could be productive as when in position he can finish . However it would need a change in style playing two up front unless we are going the Spanish route as plan A or B with Giroud being the other.

  42. Adam – Alisher Usmanov…

  43. Hi Potter – Essien not for me either, sign what we need not loan. A loan for a squad player is fine, but a DM is a necessity, for this season and onwards…

  44. T.T . My problem with Frimpong is that I don’t think he thinks that he is a footballer and I just think the Ghananian connection might be the role model he needs to knuckle down . He needs to realise that he is not a ” pop ” celebrity and that the world is a bigger pond than the one he is swimming in at the moment. Only then will we know if he’s got it , if he hasn’t then it’s the route taken by too many of our young starlets and down the ladder he goes until he finds his level.

  45. Gud mrng 2 all ma gunners coliques. Asene wenger insist 2 bring in essien in 2 ur squard and which is not ritght 4 me, is a wrong decision micheal essien is 29 yrs old en he’s an injury player. Then wenger y not 2 get us a gud defensive midfield that re physically strong, lyk yan m’villa, tiote,. Gunners 4 life

  46. Everyone Hi . I too would prefer an alternative to Essien and would have gone for Dembele , however that ship has sailed . If there really is no-one else that we can get then as I said , he would be useful as a back up and if he could have as much of an influence as displayed by Benayoun then ………………………………….

  47. No depth up front. What if podolski or giroud gets injured next week? Moving for Dempsey is a no-brainer now that Bendtner looks to be on his way out

  48. emma – good, i’m convinced that if he and Chamakh go, we will sign an attacking player

  49. Villa have had an offer for Dempsey accepted…. :roll:

  50. Who is your tip Rico??
    Ive a feeling Affellay will join us…..cant say why…gut feel.

  51. Wenger said yesterday that he has the money to make the super player signings. I am sure he loves the brinkmanship and must have derived great pleasure from Fergie’s praise of his bargaining skills. But the negativity I am hearing down my phone line over the last few days is concerned with the future success of Arsenal and not the strange ego of Wenger. Even to let it get to the last day is traditional but nonsensical. If we hadn’t got that spanking last season at OT. He would never have bought those players on deadline day anyway. He actually thought we were strong enough to win the PL and the CL without them. Now that is scary.

  52. Dont get the bad mood here… I am in jovial spirits waiting for the pool match and i guess wenger is too… With our current squad we can challenge for trophies… Dont be fooled. Tactics, man management will see us through. For those saying man utd have a better squad than us… Bad news they didnt last season and dont now. Although i would like a new midfield signing, i would very much swap an injury free season for one…. Rotation in midfield will help us to do it. Getting the dead wood out today is a priority…. Ok I’m confused!!!

  53. Jeff,i think is moody isreflecting everyone’s frustration that our business should have been completed already.
    Still….the day isnt over.

  54. Scott
    Affelay’s gone to Schalke already…he will face us in the champ/league..

  55. Joy. Who will score the goals for us this year do you think?

  56. getting Essien at this stage is like buy it now off ebay with a vague description and blurry photo

  57. Hakzah,thats not definite….yet.

  58. Adam,ask Merlin :)

  59. Morning Potter. Re Walcott as a striker. Your analysis of the type of striker he could be seems sound. I think we will not really know until he plays this role regularly how prolific he can be. I am not sure how many he scored last year playing on the flanks but would it be unreasonable to add 8-10 to that total if he was playing regularly through the middle.

  60. Seriously one good signing… Dempsey, mvilla mbiwa just to make a statement. No essien or tiote. We dont need them rushing off to acn and coming back broken. Gerv and chamakh is enough.

  61. @ Scott, I saw on another blog that Affellay is going to Schalke

  62. Joywedsjeff, at least we’ll finally get the chance to see Sahin this weekend, that transfer took ages to go through.

  63. Ive read it too Bradster,and i am probably wrong.
    Still…it isnt confirmed yet.
    Anyway,we will get two or three players in today.
    Ive said for about two weeks we would get three more,and im sticking solid!!

  64. Scott. I did and he replied “ad hominem pour moi Gadizi adn wegnr si snake oil” so that clears that up then.

  65. Well Adam,if you cant decipher that,i cant help you lol!!

  66. Sky Sports Scott

  67. Rico????

  68. Good Morning Rico and Fellow Gooners.

    All this negativity and doom & gloom is stifling.

    Joywedsfeff — I’m with you. As Rev. AK would say, there is way too much PTWT.

  69. Adam… Giroud is my man. Pold told us to give him two weeks which expired last weekend. Micko…. Sahin, allen and gerard VS carzola, arteta and ox is an interesting proposition… I think the game will be won in midfield. Arsenal shades it for me. Going for a narrow win

  70. Adam, Wenger has said he has the money to make that kind of signing for the last 3/4 years, we know he won’t.

    What he should do is go and sign 2/3 players with that money…

  71. Who’s in a mood – I’m not, I’m hoping :)

  72. my god! essien????, i think wenger have problem in his brain.

  73. That’s good emma, if it means we get Mbiwa ;)

  74. I’m looking forward to this Sunday’s game away to Liverfool. They didn’t look that good in last night’s Europa League game vs, Hearts. If Giroud or Podolski can break their ducks, we’ll be away to the races.

  75. Morning all.

    Am I the only one that thinks Essien would be a good move? Ok, if we have to pay his entire wages, thank no, but if we only have to supplement them, I can’t see it being bad business. Even if the best that comes out of it is Frimpong (who basically loves Essien) and the other young DM’s we have can watch and learn something from, what I believe, on of the best players in hios position in the Prem’s history.

    I’m pretty sure a lot of people would have slagged off Yossi’s loan move to us last season, but I think that one worked out pretty well. I agree Emma, his fitness hasn’t been great of late. But its been better than Diaby’s, who somehow still manages to get a gig each week!

  76. See the Spuds may be getting Dimitar Burgerpits back according to that wankstain Fergie

  77. is it possible to be an arsenal fan and still get your work done at the office today….just wondering.

  78. http://www.metro.co.uk/sport/football/910253-yann-mvila-transfer-falls-through-as-arsenal-spurs-and-everton-all-pull-out

    There must be a reason that NONE of us are interested, and I don’t believe it’s to do with price.

  79. Not sure Bondex. I started off well, resisting News Now etc…. But the draw is too big, and my output at work is now practicalle zero!

  80. Some intersting comments regarding the new squad rules and Abu Dhabi Citeh in a RedLondon article.

    “…Onto my last point, well more of an observation. What is going on at man city’s transfer policy at the moment? Yes Sinclair and Rodwell are able players, but they’re hardly tevez, augero or silva are they? And Richard Wright? You’re having a laugh! I would venture that this is the most obvious consequence of the homegrown rules we have seen so far. That would also explain the reported interest in theodore….”

    Full article here;


  81. looooool that pig killed me!

  82. Morning CG & Rocky…

    Essien is a bit of a crock these days isn’t he??

  83. Morning, some movement out which is good, now all we need is for us to go and buy Moutinho and ruin Spurs day and incidentally sign the final piece in our midfield puzzle.

  84. Good to hear its not me alone rocky…one of my earlier posts today says I’m calm…totally far from being calm.

  85. Morning Rico. More of a crock that Diaby? Kos and Vermaelen have had their fair share of injuries in the last year. I just think he could do a job. At least while Essien is playing, Diaby can recover from his latest injury and vice versa!

  86. He makes Diaby look like Mr.Motivator.

  87. No work done in the office today folks. Worse I am breaching security policy by trolling various blogs but still I bet Arsene says hes calm. I need a drink.

  88. God Bless You Canuck.
    And God Bless Gooners everywhere…
    Saint Arsene will see us through to the Promised Land.

  89. Fair point made there rocky and maybe an inspiration for Frimps?

  90. I’m not calm either Bondex! I’m getting a bit edgy now, as reports of other teams going in for players and we aren’t yet…. So edgy that if the guy opposite me doesn’t stop whistling and drumming his fingers on the desk, I’m throwing a stapler at his head!

  91. Exactly that Rico. Frimmy will be watching his every move in training hopefully and try and emulate him.

  92. Its different having crocks and bringing in crocks though.
    Bugger a loan deal….if he can do a job for us,buy him,i say.

  93. Does Essien force Diaby to go around in lairy leotards and cycling shorts then Micko?!

  94. Rocky,if you throw the stapler at Arsene,im coming over!!

  95. Why do I feel we will, as ever spend nothing or worse buy players from EBay like Essien.
    As ever I hope my season ticket money will eventually be used to strengthen the club rather than balance the books.
    Ah well here’s hoping.
    Have a great day gooners.

  96. But if I remember rightly, Yossi had a bad injury prior to him coming in… And still did a good job. I know what you are saying Scott, and I would love us to buy (I’m really disappointed we didn’t try for the cut price Nigel De Jong) but I think Essien would do us well..

  97. no stapler rocky…scot going over for what?

  98. Essien or no-one = Essien

    Capoue/M’Vila or Essien = Def not Essien

  99. Scott…. Depends what Arsene does today! You may see me on Sky Sports News, rushing the Arsenal boardroom at 11.01pm!

  100. TSGH – think we will all need one soon ;)

    Stoke have got Charlie Adam…

  101. i get your drift rico…I’d rather we get essien than no one..if he can be as effective as youssi .

  102. Storm the beaches Rocky…go you good thing.

  103. I can sense some unbelievers out there.
    Some that may cast doubt on the words of Saint Arsene?
    Some that are swayed by the ramblings of the Ginger Devil on TalkHell.
    Well you must be strong.

    Adam, I shall see you in Confessional later, join the queue behind Mick & Lee.

    All will be forgiven my son. ;-)

  104. Rico

    Capoue/M’vila/Essien – M’vila isn’t fancied by anyone anymore (maybe he’s a massive wrong’un). Capoue – Never seen him play. I doubt there’s many of us here who can say hand on heart they are totally aware of the guy other than the odd Youtube Clip. Essien – Tried, tested, injury-prone, yes, but still great. I really wouldn’t know which way to go. But I know which Arsene would get. The cheapest!

  105. Wonder if we could see a Dempsey/Arshavin swap?

  106. I’d swap Arshavin for some Luncheon Vouchers.

  107. I’m really pissed off about that Emma. Was really cheap according to the Sun this morning. HE could have done a job for us.

  108. salut Kev
    still in hope..at least 2/3 coming in …i know it

  109. Dempsey NOT going to Villa, he is holding out for a Liverpool move… rules us out then…

    I know rocky, but as Scott says, sign him and have hime with us for the next few years rather than pay hIm £100k a week only for him to get fit and leave us…

  110. No signings will be made today – the club have already made their usual annual profit out of the fans. We only have two strikers who cannot score,no decent reserve GK and no DM. Nothing will change at the club and no trophies will be won until Wenger leaves – hopefully in 2014 when his contract expires. The board will be then forced to change as no decent manager will take the job on with these stupid financial restraints!

  111. rocky, you obviously haven’t seen that dodgy dvd doing the rounds.
    A couple of signings will change everything Canadian Gooner.

  112. Here is one….Drogba is available!!
    China has fallen apart for him…seriously.

  113. Rev. AK — Re: Your 11:01
    Thank you for your kind blessing. However, I am at a loss as to why I have been so Favoured.

  114. I agree Rico, and like I said – If we only pay a max of half his wages, it’s a good loan deal. 100k a week for a loan? No thanks.

  115. I haven’t Micko! Can you courier me over a copy?!

  116. Morning AK, keep those eyes open in the City ;)

  117. Capoue will be some signing indeed ,seen him playing many times,
    can deputise at CB effectively too, at around 9mil, is a steal.

  118. Arsen wenger he is jus doin business he doesnt want titles.

  119. Bad News !!!!! Shocking Lack of Ambition by Arsenal… Del Peiro has signed for Sydney FC. Another one we have missed out on.

  120. £50 million war chest?????? + RVP+song are we actually gunna spend some of this f##king money!!!!!

  121. Drog and Anelka Scott, suggestion is Drog could return to Chelsea….

    Lord help us all if he does,,,

  122. Del peiro …!! i think we can do better than that !!

  123. Wenger is sick and sickening Arsenal fans should boycott all matches till they get rid of him

  124. VDW for 5mil !!!! did we miss out ?

  125. Luzing 5 good players in two season its a stress to b an arsenal fan i’ve bn tryin all along

  126. IMHO i think Drog is on the way down…CL was the highlight.

  127. Rocky — Re: Capoue

    I watched him in the recent France vs. Uruguay friendly. He is a very tidy player. He e caught in was comfortable with the ball at his feet and retained possession and was very cool when under pressure. He was good at cutting out long and high balls similar to our former Brazilian Irishman Gilbert O’Silva. He was good with both short and long passes. He can run with the ball if no one is open and moves to give other players an outlet if they are caught in possession. I was impressed with his cool, calm, confident manner.

  128. Canuck, 11.17.
    You ask a deep and spiritual quesrion my son…
    But you, are a true, believer.
    Therefore, you a blessed among all Gooners.

    Cast ye out Spectrum.

  129. On the BBC Website just reported

    We’ve been given word from Arsenal that, as things stand, it is unlikely there will be any major arrivals before the transfer deadline.

    Reports linking them with a move for Newcastle midfielder Chieck Tiote are wide of the mark, while there have been informal conversations with Chelsea about midfielder Michael Essien – the Blues are open to him leaving on loan – but this move will not happen unless Arsene Wenger changes his mind on a player he has not been tracking.

  130. Rev. AK — Supporting (not a fan) a football team is a lot like following a religion; you can’t explain why, but you do need to have FAITH.

  131. Reply Retweet Favorite
    6m Jamie Sanderson ‏@YoungGunsBlog
    Arsenal have been offered Anderlecht’s Lucas Biglia. No interest at present in that deal. His agent says player ready to move today.


  132. Well thats depressing pretty much confirms whats i have been fearing!! Top 4 again our only ambition………And we more than balanaced the books :) I’m pissed off:L

  133. Reverend AK, don’t go anywhere, may need you for the last rites later.

  134. Fair enough Canadian. But lets face it…. Unless Wenger is going to get rid of either Diaby, Le Coq or Frimpong, we won’t be signing another DM. And I know which player out of that lot I’d not be disappointed about leaving us….

  135. CG -Rocky
    Capoue isn’t rated enough in my view, he is some player and has
    all what it takes to be an awesome midfielder,he can be that solid
    anchor man that we have been bracing for ….

    i hope he end up today with us.

  136. It’s all going to plan then. Who would have thought?

  137. Is Biglia any good? I really have no idea. I remember when people were getting massive hard-ons for Esteban Granero. And he ends up and QPR. So how good is he really?

  138. Can anyone explain why, AW sells players for 20-30mill and above,
    but claims other clubs are inconsiderate to rate their players as much?

  139. Wale – Because he’s a tightarse.

  140. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  141. I believe when Arsène Wenger says special players he is not talking about expensive players. He meant game changers like Casola who did not cost us a fortune to acquire, special gifted players. After our match with Sunderland he did reckon that we needed two midfield enforcers like Casola and hence the move for Nuri. I believe we will be getting someone skilful and adaptable to the ball like Caso, who will break defence and midfield, pull the right passes and also defend well. Watch this space

  142. That’s great news from the BBC then… Surprised…? No

  143. Wale – tight and to balance the books…

  144. Biglia an Argentina international rocky…His a really good player to be fair a tidy passer of the ball with a nasty streak in him aswell:p..
    Not feeling optimistic about this deadline though…
    Hope coq has a big season but god help us Arteta gets injured!

  145. Rico. Now you mustn’t be so negative. Don’t forget the self-sustaining model and that no trophies are as good as trophies.

  146. vernat 11:39..thats exactly the type of news i dont want to hear… :cry:

  147. I thought we’d have some news by now….

  148. who would tell bbc we are not signign anybody?!

  149. The special signing has been spotted at London Colney. Relax folks.

  150. Andrew… Jonas Gutierrez is an Argentine international also….. He’s awful. Argentina aren’t what they used to be!

  151. How silly of me to forget that Adam, chin up and soldier one eh…

  152. BBC are never to be trusted with transfer info. They really don’t have a clue.

  153. Absolutely no smoke never mind the bloody fire! Sky arnt even at the emirates so its nots looking great

  154. Bakri, Whats with this wenger insults… Get a life. Seriously will be dissapointed if we dont replace song. How wenger can live through another disapointing season beggars belief. If he dosent win a trophy then i think he should resign but guys no booing @ the emirates. Support the lads or stay away. COYG

  155. Surely Wenger realises that if he does nothing today and the club end up with yet ANOTHER transfer surplus (lets not forget it was only last season they whacked up the season tickets by an inflation busting 6%), then he puts massive pressure on himself and every defat and/or bad performace will have a magnified codemnation to it. Whereas even a hint of proper investment, atleast creates the impression of ambition, carries favour with the fans and buys time and patienmce from the fanbase aswell as creating positivity.

    At the moment the last 2 summers which coincide with Kroenke’s ownership position, involve transfer profits and stink of asset stripping !! Seems like they are gambling heavily against fan revolt, maybe they really do think we are all that stupid that we will continually roll over, have our tummies tickled and part with the cash !! I am glad someone at the club can see the big picture, what with the big commercial deals heading towards their end too (i hope you can sense the sarcasm of that last point).

    Oh well, 11 hours to go to change the perecption and the outlook !!

  156. have we been banned from the transfer market?….

  157. keep the faith gunners..still time to go

  158. @rocky, LOLZZ
    AW had better win something, this season, if not the fans will give him their own version of tightarse.

  159. Citeh are hoping to sign SIX players today..

    Sky are so confident we are not signing anyone, they haven’t even got cameras or a reported at Colney….

  160. Stiff upper lip and all that Rico. Altogether now “We adhere to the self-sustaining model. We know nothing as we haven’t worked a half day in football. We don’t need new signings as we have more than enough top, top players already” , sung to the tune of Maybe It’s Because I’m A Londoner.

  161. Oh to be a Gooner!!

  162. Ryan L. Bang on mate, bang on. I don’t think he gives a damn. The more the fans demand, the less he listens. The best transfer coming in would be Usmanov with a huge broom. Kroenke is playing right into his hands at the moment.

  163. All together…. One. Two. Three…….

  164. I’m joining in as I type….

    Happy days eh Lee :(

  165. Reverse psychology….. We don’t need any more players!!!!

  166. rocky personally i rate him from having watched him …..Saying that though isnt going to make it happen

  167. Afternoon Lee! Been a while! How’s the pooch?

  168. Fair enough Andrew. But we won’t get him!

  169. Good comment Ryan, We have to hope that it was R&W Holdings who bought all those shares a few days ago…

    10 hours, 45 mins and I’ll be supporting their takeover more than ever….

  170. That’s right Lee. After all, we still have Craig Eastmond waiting in the wings…..

  171. Off to the beach,please don’t buy two world class players!!!

  172. Kroenke is just in it for the money has he ever invested in the squad at all! I hate usmanov personally and would hate the idea of us becoming a toy for that fat shit but kroenke isn’t great either

  173. Rico — Is the picture of the flying pig related to your early comments regarding AU?

  174. Get the pooch on 5th sep mate. See you lot later……”Always look on the bright side…..”

  175. Lee says:
    August 31, 2012 at 12:09 pm

    Oh to be a Gooner!!

    I cant keep track of the number of times i’ve made that exclamation!
    welcome to the club.

  176. Wenger told us that we had a strong enough squad yesterday and that we didn’t need any additions. Well, he’s said that for the past seven seasons and he wasn’t wrong was he?
    As for Usmanov. Can he really be any worse than Kroenke?

  177. Are are we the only fans in the football world who will take this big con? Judging from Juves boss comments about TWBF52, I guess we are. The sad thing is we pay the highest ticket prices as well.

    Almost lunch time for me folks. Just to cheer myself up, I am going to the bookies to see if they will take my punt on TV6 leaving next summer.

  178. Andrew , I am ambivalent about both of them , however What is there to hate about either , they are both business people and are using the club for their own ends. Personally I wish that when the shares were divied out and the board took their 30 pieces of silver the shareholding was more evenly divided to keep a balance on the board which we don’t have at present.

  179. Morning Rico

    I could actually live with a self sustaining model, the trouble is that doesn’t exist either as there is a huge difference between self sustaining and profiteering !!

    Sky Sports did have a camera at Colney earlier as they showed Wenger arriving in his car, but its all been very quiet since then.

  180. Schurrle to Chelsea!! wtffffffffffffffffffffff

  181. Adam, I’m still hoping for a bit of ‘Knee’s up Mother Brown’ with Arsene playing the old Joanna.

  182. Based on what we know from the media, it would appear that Usmanov is a dislikable character, but atleast he talks the talk, well actually atleast he even talks !! Kroenke’s presence to date feels like a disease in the club, along with his sidekick the evr so smarmy king of BS, Mr I Gazidis !

  183. I honestly can’t believe that some of you think that Alisher Usmanov could be a beneficial owner of our club. He is the antithesis of everything Arsenal stands for. All you have had from Usmanov is politicians promise like Liverfool got from Gillet and hos partner.

    Ryan L — Where is the asset sstripping you refer to. Kroenke hasn’t taken a penny out of the club.

  184. Ryan L. I wouldn’t take too much notice of the media. Billionaires are seldom angels.

  185. Ryan, I am not convinced that AU will go against that self sustaining model, well, not entirely, he’d just make sure we spent what we have. And right now that sits at around £60M if reports are to believed….

    As we all keep saying, we don’t need to spend millions like Roman or the Citeh needed to do, we have a good squad, just need 3/4 players to make us real contenders, even two quality ones in today would do that but AW doesn’t obviously feel the same….

    Adam, I dont think so, could anyone be worse than SK right now?

  186. CG. Do you know Usmanov personally then?

  187. Afternoon all,
    Please tell me the Essien rumuor is a falsehood! If its true then we’ve gone from Project youth to Project Geriatric!! who’s next Emil Heskey and Ledley King??

  188. Its my birthday today……I forgot to tell The board!!!
    sorry everyone, its my fault.

  189. Happy 21st Thorny.

  190. Ledley King and Squillacci at the back makes sense to me.

  191. CG – I think he will takeover at some stage, he has bought three boxes at the Emirates for no reason.

    I’d welcome him today….

  192. Oh fab Syg…

    QPR are signing M’Bia now…. They are going to have a very strong squad….

  193. no news…..oh to b e a gunner

  194. Happy Birthday Thorny, don’t expect any gifts from the club….

  195. Thanks,
    Sturridge gone to Liverpool I heard. So Dempsy hanging out for?

  196. At least he actually attends the games Rico. The notion that he wants to buy the club to either ruin it or turn it into some Uzbeki outpost of lawlessness is dumb.

  197. happy birthday thorny….expect a surprise gift from AW

  198. Adam — When David Dein failed with Stan Kroenke and then switched to Usmanov’s group, I did extensive reading about Usmanov and his history. The most informative writings were by the former British ambassador to Russia who had a great deal of information on Usmanov’s criminal history and rise to riches. Unfortunately, Usmanov threatened to use his billions to tie the ambassador up in court until he was bankrupt. He was forced to remove all rrefernece to Usmanov from his website. It was very interesting but very scary reading.

  199. CG Total rubbish. UA is a successful business man that has doubled his personal wealth many times over for the past decade.

    He knows how to make money and one aspect of that in a football club is that you maximize your revenue. Ticket sales are but a part of that. Bigger is TV, merchandise and sponsorship moneys. All these 3 factors are directly linked to success on the pitch.

    UA would make damn sure that the investment he has put into Arsenal,if he gains control, would increase in value. Don’t forget that the “product” that will do this is ….yes silverware!

    And as for his past…show me a successful business man and I’ll show you a person with skeletons in his wardrobe.

  200. Park has joined Celta Vigo on loan, one more out then

  201. Yep Rico, like I say I wouldn’t be against a self sustaining model, if thats exactly what it was. The current position doesn’t refelect that in my books.

    Canadian, I accept that Kroenke hasn’t take any money out of the club…………..yet. But he has retained a lot of money within the business to date and obviously control’s that business. My reference to asset stripping refers to the fact that under his stewardship we have to date made profits on player acquisitions/sales and banked them, we have also made profits on property, which again to date has not been re-invested back into the club.

    I understand that football is now business but I won’t apologise for the fact that I support the football team, not the ****ing balance sheet !!

    So from a loyal football suporters perspective I CURRENTLY (recognising there is still 10hrs 20mins to change that) see asset stripping going on at our club. What do you see?

  202. I am indeed expecting several neat packages from AW. He normally comes round later in the eve with a couple of panic buys (CD’s etc) but this year i told him i dont need them and he said he’d change his ways. Havent heard from him yet so just hoping he aint forgotten.

  203. Chelsea say deffo buying a striker today, sturridge to liverpool to make way. Man city striker due aswell so…. Dzeko and Dempsy floating about.

  204. TT remember the malaga issue..what happens if he gets tired of his new toy?

  205. Im not a glory hunting fan who feels we should buy hazard messi or neymar for any amount of cash..
    .Im proud that we spend within reason but seriously its going to be a massive challenge for this squad to be cometitive for the league..
    .Arteta can’t play every game and diaby and wilshere have to be eased into things…As well as sagna who has is recovering well from a 2nd broken leg…….
    .I hope im wrong as i do have high hopes for our youngsters like coq…. But i just wish we would be a little bit more competitive!!

  206. And as for

    “The most informative writings were by the former British ambassador to Russia who had a great deal of information on Usmanov’s criminal history and rise to riches”

    There has never and I repeat NEVER been any concrete evidence put out there that theses allegations are true. If there was such evidence the ambassador, or any other party would long have come public knowing that that evidence would stand up in a western court.

    Having said that I have no illusions that AU is any kind of saint…..never heard of a business man in his bracket that was.

  207. CG.yes, that particular set of writings have been investigated by the British press who found them to be unsubstantiated and motivated by greed. We put that one to bed a couple of years ago here. Money makes people do odd things and British officials are just as succeptible to its attractions.
    As for your assertion of what Arsenal stands for. I know where you are coming from but there is no honour amongst thieves or, as we have discovered, footballers. When my Chelsea friends talk about winning trophies I never fail to counter with the self-sustaining model point of view, especially as I am paying the highest ST prices in the land to assume the higher moral ground.

  208. Rico — There are many corporate boxes at the Emirates, most of them are used to entertain corporate clients. It doesn’t mean they are going to buy the club.

    Usmanov was the only one of the two that has talked about taking money out of the club via a dividend.

  209. Boned. What if Stan does?

  210. bondex remember the Silent Stan issue? What happens when a club is used to generate money for the owner and screw what the fans want?

  211. Has Kroenke paid back the money he borrowed to buy the club yet? And are Arsenal financing his interest charges directly or indirectly?

  212. Er was my comment too risky for you Rico??

  213. The fact there was so much rumours about AU means his not a nice man! I know what i want and that’s not AU dictating things at my beautiful football club………..

  214. Investors should have a dividend. But only if the team is successful. Arsenal, at this point, are not a successful football team despite Wenger’s shtik. But they could be.

  215. Exactly Adam, and he’s said that his shares will stay in his family for years and years. he’s staying around and for a long time…

  216. As for AU paying out dividends….why not. For that he needs the club to be profitable and for that to happen the easiest way is to yep you guessed right to win things.

    I would buy the shirts. I would buy the sky packet. i would attend games at home. I would buy all the other merchandise that I would like to have but fuck me I refuse to do that until the club starts at least to show some ambition and you can be damn sure there are many many more like me out there and AU knows and understands that.

    For those that want to hold on to Silent Stan please tell me what his other sport franchises have won?

  217. Andrew. Well you should be a very happy man then. But, please understand that some of us want the club to be successful and to be competing for the highest trophies.

  218. Why don’t the FA make a rule that only nice men can own football clubs?

  219. CG – he’s bought three and knocked them into one I heard, and don’t forget he is our second major shareholder. He’s more than just someone who rents a box out ;)


    GM, What comment??

  220. Adam — Where was this supposed greed. How did the ambassador stand to benefit? Usmanov has used his used his power and money to supress the tuth, just like his fellow oligarchs and his mentor Putin have. Because of their tactics and lack of ethics that earned them their billions, few savy investors will have anything to do with Russia.

  221. Ah i see its back now Gremlins i guess, But what is going on with our lot??? This sqaud needs adding to!! why is it always last minute with AFC.

  222. Andrew – you said it yourself, rumours.

    We all have a past, most learn from it….

  223. TT dont get me wrong i’m not a great fan of Stan either but just feels as though he is the lesser of two evils really…His open letter stink of opportunism….

  224. Arsene and the board are playing with fire.When we finish 4th i dont want to hear about how great a season we have had.

    How can we be a big club when we keep selling players and never replace them.I’m getting restless and very p’d of by these reports.

  225. I want arsenal to win things as much as any of ye guys…! I love arsene and i love our players….If our lub got relegated i’d be there to support them!….

  226. vernat – Chamakh should follow Park later…

  227. Adam — Kroenke’s purchase of Arsenal Was NOT a leveraged buyout, unlike the Glazer’s purchase of ManUre. None of his borrowings to purchsse the club are on the club’s books. That is all a matter of public record. Swiss Rambler and the Arsenal Supporters Trust have written extensively on this. Do some research before you go any further.

  228. Hi to everyone. I am just surfing in the web right now and i see some inexplicable comments about our intent. I see guys moaning about how Tottenham are going to sign Moutinho for 30 m and we are considering Essien.. Sorry, but i firmly disagree.. Moutinho is highly incosistent and certainly not a 30 m player. A 12 m player MAX. He is not better than a good Rosicky.

    And as far as Essien is concerned if he can stay healthy i’d like his XP and his quality in our club. Of course i would go for Capoue or maybe Tiote instead, but it’s better than nothing. I really believe that we already have a strong squad. Just a DM. That’s the missing part.

    I don’t understand fans’ reactions sometimes really..

  229. Good read.Am not torturing myself regarding transfers.Since last week i’ve said we won’t sign the players needed.We are the only big club that can actually let key players go and not replace them.We have seen this before and its happening again.This squad isn’t good enough for the PL/CL.We have some pretty good players but when a player like Arteta/Cazorla gets injured or loses form we’ll struggle yet again.We have only 2 strikers in the squad and they are all new to the league.It looks like we are in for another season for the dog fight to get into the CL and our best player will yet again be poached away and the all too familiar cycle will repeat itself.

  230. David Ornstein ‏@bbcsport_david

    Wenger likes Tiote but no movement at all. Was also eyeing defensive cover but now happy. Things could change but unlikely

  231. Andrew you are right about the open letter, it did stink of opportunism, but that opportunity he exploited to criticise the running of the club shouldn’t be there !! Five first teamers out the door at a profit in 12 months !! Two of which were and are undoubtedly world class players.

  232. Canadian Gooner he cannot load the club with the depth. Stan needs more % shears . 51 % is not enough for that or 66 % for that matter.

    The Glazers are outright owners.

  233. No , but apparently he still owes money to the board members that he got his shares from. By leaving them on the board effectively he has a troupe of performing poodles.

  234. Rico i highly believe that Chamakh may have a chance staying with us. Celta have just confirmed Park and Bendtner’s deal is subject to medical. I don’t see us sign a striker as our main and only target is a midfielder so th gel boy may be settled with us.

  235. Well here we are , no signings

  236. Please someone tell me if i’m wrong?

    How can we sell song for 15m and there’s no replacement.I think Arsenal are mugging us off big time.

  237. I actually don’t rate moutinho that much.He shone at the Euros but cup competitions are not the best way to judge a player.He is a step down from Modric.No way is he worth 30 mil.Spuds are desperate and they are getting ripped off.

  238. CG – AU is like Park, Chamakh, Nik, Djourou, Walcott etc etc…

    He will always divide fans opinion, me personally, I don’t give a toot about his past, I care about our club and winning again…

    You differ and hey that’s fine, despite what other blogs/people have written, it’s still only their own opinion….

  239. gunnernet – i bloomin hope he doesn’t…

    Nik best hurry up, TW shuts in italy at 6pm

  240. Gunnernet re Essien – Totally agree.

  241. CG. I think you will find that Deutche Bank fund a large part of Kroenke’s buy out and I never said it was leveraged. As for the greed thing. A man like Usmanov has many enemies and it would be in the interest of those to have someone writing bad things about him. As you have tried the old sarcasm thing with me, allow me to respond in kind. Surely it must be within your ability to envisage a scenario where certain financial inducements might be transferred if a series of articles were to appear, apparently from an unrelated source that were overtly critical of him. Perhaps not.
    Am I right in assuming that you are a season ticket holder?

  242. Matt Spiro ‏@mattspiro

    According to L’Equipe reporter @vincentduluc, Tottenham have reached an agreement with Lyon for Lloris, who will have medical this afternoon

  243. Hi Kt, SS’s have just confirmed that Lloris story too…

  244. Samuel J C ‏@samuelj29060

    OFFICIAL: PSG sign Van der Wiel from Ajax. #Ligue1 (via @TheMilanGuy )

  245. Lloris is an awesome shot stopper but like De Gea he doesn’t command his penalty area well.He struggles alot with long/high balls.He as a result ends up flapping alot.

  246. Tottenham lost Modric and VDV. Apart from Vertonghen and Dembele i don’t like the other players brought in. I expect Moutinho to be a flop and it is common truth that Lloris despite being a very good keeper overall, has real issues with crosses and long balls. Not for PL imo..

  247. @ ktr7, one click ahead of me. Anyway i wholeheartedly agree..

  248. Rico — I am no fan of Silent Stan, but to me he is by far the lesser of two evils. As you say, everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, it disturbs me when people make false statements as fact to support their reasons for their choice. The finacial records of the club, details of Kroenke’s share purchases, etc. are all readily available; but like many politicians, people don’t want to be confused by the facts.

  249. Agree gunnernet.Dembele is going to be a very good signing for them but the other 3 am not so sure.Modric/RVDV are huge losses just like cesc/nasri were fo u

  250. That is what we call ambition. Wenger is sitting down in the office waiting for a top top top top player :(

  251. Sky Sports News ‏@SkySportsNews

    Inter Milan tell #SSN that Maicon has completed move to Manchester City #skydeadlineday

  252. Deep breaths Adam.

  253. Adam — Alas no, I am not a season ticket holder. I must follow the club fom afar. That means rising at 4:00 a.m. to catch the early Saturday kick-offs. A similar situation as Scoot from Oz, but in the opposite direction.

  254. I also don’t get all the fuss about van der wiel.He is a very average player.He is a back up player at best.

  255. Sky reports that Juventus rejected Wolfsburg’s offer for Quagliarella…Things are heating up!!!Arsene where are you???

  256. More deep breaths Adam. Don’t feed them.

  257. Arsenal.com ‏@Arsenal

    Ju Young Park will join La Liga side Celta Vigo on loan for the 2012/13 season – http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/ju-young-park-joins-celta-vigo-on-loan

  258. Yes Adam – very deep….

    Come on Wenger, pull your bloody socks up and sign a DM at least!

  259. I dont understand why Man City keeps buying players they should be the last to be in the market.

    Imagine all the players they have and Mancini still complains

  260. The club are obviously working on the outs, maybe that dictates the in’s as far as squad numbers go….

    Not that it should be that way of course….

  261. Rico. I feel calmer with you here. :)

  262. rico makes us all feel calmer :)….

  263. If only she wasn’t so negative. :)

  264. SD London — Sinclair, Re odwell, and Richard Wright are British players who probably are needed to reach the minimum required number of homegrown players in their squad. See my post @10:54 a.m.

  265. No backup striker for Giroud. It would fascinate me to see Wenger putting his faith on Chamack

  266. skybet just – JUST made us 5/6 favourites to sign M’Vila

  267. Huntelaar backed to move to liverpool??? Wtf i”m going to go off my nut.

    Arsenal are taking the mick big time.

  268. We are also 1/3 favourites to sign Cheick Tiote

  269. Nine hours still to go…

    Be calm, my beating heart…

  270. Emma. I suppose “fascinate” is one way of putting it. :)

  271. Wenger is probably reading this blog and just laughing at our mystery and stress.

  272. Hope they get both spot on Syg….

  273. Kev. Take it easy. It will all turn out ok….honest.

  274. Will AA leave?…I can’t see it at the moment.

  275. Canadian Gooner, i know about the home grown situation but there is a rumour they are buying Maicon from Inter

  276. Wenger’s comments earlier this week suggest that we are now using this window to pare the squad down and that there might be arrivals in January. If this is the case , It’s not good enough.

  277. Rev. AK — It may require a miracle or possibly a fire and brimstone sermon to calm your troubled flock.

  278. Breaking: Michel Bastos to join Fulham for £7m #FFC – http://www.leparisien.fr/sports/football/ol-bastos-finalement-vers-fulham-31-08-2012-2144827.php

    Are we really not going to get anyone?…

  279. I am 9 hours away from being livid!!

  280. looking more like that ktr7

  281. Wenger thinks we are solid enough, he should wait till Carzola gets injured then he will understand how thin we are.

    We will then put our midfield hope on poor Ramsey

  282. If huntelaar signs for liverpool,i’m jumping out the nearest window.
    This has gone beyond a joke.

  283. Don’t worry guys…in AW’s mind we have made 5 signings this summer Santi/Giroud/poldi/jack/diaby…probably 7 if you include BFG/sagna.

  284. You will probably need to have two posts ready for tomorrow Rico, depending on what happens in the next 9 hours. The ying and yang posts.

  285. Calm Ak, Calm… How ….

  286. SD London — Sorry, the Maicon situation is news to me.

  287. I’m beginning to have this intense headache borne out anxiety..I’ve been trying to convince myself that we haven’t bought anyone because we’ve just received a ban from UEFA restraining us from buying any player….more acceptable to my aching head than the thought of AW sitting on a big sofa smoking his pot saying..” We have enough [players], that is for sure, but you always want to improve your squad and if we find a top, top, top player we will do it”

  288. Bondex. Sit in a darkened room, in the Lotus position and repeat ” I love the self-sustaining model” over and over. Come back to us at 11 pm and all will be well. Hare Krishna to you.

  289. I shall just get up earlier Adam….

  290. “We’ve been given word that, as things stand, it is unlikely there will be any major arrivals at Arsenal before the transfer deadline” – BBC

  291. You will be just in time to see us carrying the Michael Owen commemorative stretcher into the Emirates as he is apparently signing for us Rico.

  292. Rico. I would offer to write the post for you but I can feel you are bursting with ideas.

  293. Canuck, ya come on here, with yer lumberjack shirt, upsetting everyone.
    Adam’s busy making a noose.
    Mick has gone into a deep depression (again).
    TT is off to the Isle of Man.
    Rico is eating a ham sandwich.
    Hakzah is thinking of entering a monastery.
    Lee is getting pissed. No change there.
    Wath is; see above.
    Agag has become a nun.

    Canuck, are you from Quebec…??? :-D

  294. ADAM…I was trying to what you told me but then RICO comes up with this news…“We’ve been given word that, as things stand, it is unlikely there will be any major arrivals at Arsenal before the transfer deadline” – BBC…somebody help meeeeeeee.

  295. Kev. Wait ’till Stan arrives.

  296. Adam, Stan will still be telling us at 11.30pm that we are signing Vertonghen!

  297. Whispers that NUFC have accepted our offer for Cabaye.

  298. Adam, Owen eh, cracking free signing…

    Oh yes, bursting at the seams with ideas for tomorrow, but if I were to post them, I would have to send myself into Spam…

  299. Twiter says, Newcastle accept our offer for cabaye….

  300. That has to be rubbish, £8M??

  301. Thank You Gazidis…you promised us a dazzling summer…:)feck You an Arsenal…your stealing our money…im not going to take it anymore….feck you all….Kroenke the hollywood whore should tu put it gently just die…
    The New Arsenal is nothing about football…its a cover up….they just want to take your money…winning isnt an option anymore…its all business..
    im doing a cesc…barca seems nice…the same bullshit but at least they do have a great team..and for me a Gooner..its easy..there will always be Arsenal players there…and heeyy even the best one
    Hasta La Vista…

  302. M’Vila in talks with Citeh according to the rumour site….

  303. I don’t want Cabaye. Cabaye can fuck right off.

  304. £8M + AA but AA won’t go there, deal off….

  305. That’s an unusually optimistic post from you Toombstone.

  306. RICO on whose side are you?… Adam gave me a recipe but as soon as i try to use it,you come up with something that distracts me… M’villa to shity will make me feel cheated..

  307. Have I missed anything exciting ?

  308. When we signed Giroud/poldi/Santi i was convinced with 2/3 additions we were going to challenge for the major tourneys.Since then we have sold 2 first 11 players and not replaced them.We have balanced the books yet again and it seems the board is comfortable with us just fighting for the CL spot.

  309. You are not happy right now then tomstoned…

  310. Micko. In short…no.

  311. You have Micko. You’ve missed everyone in a transfer frenzy. Except Arsenal. Again.

  312. :lol: bondex..

    Micko, yes, Anderson got Smith out, bowled…

  313. Two out maybe one in!?

  314. Exactly Kt, and £60 million on it’s way to the building society…

    Actually, it probably never left….

  315. Is this addiction ?…. the transfer news is killing me but i cant let go of it..

  316. BreakingNews:

    7.9 mag earthquake reported in Philippines; tsunami warning issued for 7 countries including Philippines, Indonesia & Japan…

  317. maybe i should just take a sleeping pill and hope to wake up on sunday when all the news will be about our match against lilypool..

  318. Wouldn’t be surprised if we went for Benayoun again.

  319. oh no Rico….not again

  320. allezkev — Are you laying all that sorrow and woe at my feet? You invest me with powers that alas I do not possess. The only people that I have crossed swords with today are Adam and Rico and both are now ignoring me.
    For the record, I haven’t worn a lumberjack shirt in two or three decades and I am from the the west coast nut Quebec.

  321. That won’t be enough Andrew….

  322. Really Rico. That’s bloody tragic. I really wish there were no victims..

  323. CG – don’t be daft, I am not ignoring you :) :)

    No crossed swords, just disagree and that’s fine….

  324. Also AW must really think Gnabry/Eisfeld will really push on this season.This may be true but not at the cost of additions.

  325. 7.9 mag earthquake reported in Philippines; tsunami warning issued for 7 countries including Philippines, Indonesia & Japan…

    Puts things into perspective.

  326. Sky Sports News ‏@SkySportsNews

    Reports: Manchester City have agreed a £24m fee with Benfica for midfielder Javi Garcia. More when we have it #skydeadlineday

  327. Bugger ! thought I was pushing my luck.

  328. It’s not fair that you all live in a different time zone. I have too many posts to catch up on!

  329. Yes, again guys, hope to see agag pop up here very shortly…

    Rennes touting a buyer again then….

  330. I wonder if there is something happening with Kaka, rumour has it he is fed up with Mourinho and Mourinho is keeping him benched because they dont seem to like each other, apparently would be willing to move on even with a wage cut to get his career started again, and just seems weird that he is no longer part of Real Madrids plans and no one has has put in a bid for him………..he still seems to lhave a lot in the tank and would be a good signing for Arsenal. Also from a business sense with the shirt stuff coming up for renewal to get a name like that to sell shirts. Probably waaaaaaaaaaaaaay off though!!

  331. Will, you don’t need to read the posts…. All you need to know is, we’ve done shit all in the trf market today, while everyone else is going bolo.

  332. Rico — I believe Kev had his tongue firmly ensconced in his cheak, at least I hope so. Therfore, I replied in kind. I await his next post for confirmation or denial.

  333. Shouldn’t bother Wxl, we are only moaning :lol:

  334. Maverick — If what you say is true and I am not doubting you, it just shows what a small minded and vindictive person Maureen Yo is.

  335. Maverick, i’d prefer a DM and defender before Kaka, not that i’d moan if we did get him of course…

  336. I know its not rico but its as much as we can hope to get :(

  337. at last somebody makes me laugh…CG…Maureen Yo.. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  338. That’s ok then CG ;)

  339. Bondex — I am glad to be of some small service. After Rico’s post re the earthquake in the Pacific, I’m forced to pit things back into perspective. Arsenal is life, but some things are more important.

  340. I’m with you CG totally true…

  341. mmmmmmmmmmmmM yus Canuck ;-)

  342. @canadian gooner, I cannot be 100% just stuff floating around and information i have gleamed. It seems that Kaka is a very good player but CR7’s Ego doesnt want to share accolades with him, and CR7 is Mourinhos golden boy. Apparently Kaka has come out in interviews and has said he cant stand Mourinho and is sick and tired of being benched and just wants to play football and that money isnot what he is there for and will take a huge paycut just to play…………but funnily enough noone has noticed this and there is no one bidding on him. Just like Wenger knew about Malagas demise i am quite sure Wenger will know of this because he tried to get him on loan last season but Maureen being the a$$wipe he is blocked the move because he didn’t want him going to Arsenal, but things have broken down so much now that a sale could be on the cards………he won’t be cheap but i reckon Arsenal will really easily get the money back in shirt sales, and it is known that Kaka did want to come but was blocked……………so i am just putting all this information together, not sure if it will be 2+2=4 or my theory is gonna turn out as 2+2=2002. I just find it strange that everything is so quiet on the Kaka front when he is a world class player which is not being used and is not happy and wants to revitalise his career……this is the exact type of Wenger signing i would have thought because no one has cottoned onto it either.

  343. Can’t say i didn’t expect it. Still hoping AW has a rabbit in the hat. For the good of AFC.

  344. Eight hours.

  345. Michael Bastos on his way to Fulham??

  346. back soon…

  347. surely not … no signings? no replacements? surely not …

  348. Maverick — It is interesting that you mentioned the ‘Golden Boy’ CR7. Earlier, someone posted a picture of him at a recent awards ceremony for UEFA Player of the Year??, where as a ruuner-up to Iniesta, he had a face like thunder. If it wasn’t the last gasp of the transfer window it would have made my day.

  349. Indeed AK, the average hours in a days work for most, best Wenger gets started on his day…

  350. Canadian Gooner – CR7 is just a baby, if it truly is Kaka we are after (as i say i have a hunch but cannot be sure) then Maureen is the most stupid person alive, because on his day Kaka can literally win matches on his own and is more deadly than Ronaldo can be. I know people will disagree with me on that but people forget that CR7 is a selfish player, but Kaka is a very dangerous striker of the ball and also very deadly at pinpoint passing and is a team player, that to me is more valuable because he will always pass to the goal threat when CR7 does things by himself when there are better options. But Maureen doesn’t want him anymore….he doesn’t know what he is giving up and it is all for his ego and being pally with CR7…..i sure hope i am right, knowing my luck i am way off the mark….but something tells me that things on that front is waaaaaaaay too quiet to be true considering how hard we pushed for him last year just for a loan. It is not like Wenger to really want a person then no longer bothering to pursue the person there has still gotta be an interest (unless of course Wenger knows he will never get him because of Maureen and has given up)

  351. nothing wenger does can be ruled out as ‘strategy’ but the arsenal camp is too quiet. not including r*p we’ll clear up 150k in wages, around 200k if chamakh goes, in one day. in need of at least 1 in attack, dm & def, have we really not leaned our lesson??

  352. Easy Maverick

  353. @SD London, imagine if i was right lolol…….i think i would have a seizure. Would you like Kaka? Or do you feel he is past it and not really what we want or need?

  354. Fulham Football Club ‏@FulhamFC

    He’s signed! Dimitar Berbatov has completed his move to Fulham http://bit.ly/PFEF6J #ffc

  355. salut kev…@2:05
    ..i was on a divine mission…down the road to Toulouse
    football ground hijacking Capoue and Aymen Abdulnoor(defender)
    then straight to Madrid ,picked Kaka up by the scruff of the neck…
    and off for a quick stop at Schalke throwing Huntelaar in.

    now i’m with these four flying on the magic carpet ,arriving soon
    at the emirates…
    i forgot….Alladdin is there too ,rubbing his jar with a grin
    on his face

  356. Phew re Berbytoff….

    Mind you, am starting to think we should have signed him, is that me sounding really desperate….

  357. Maverick — We can only dream; but after the Sahin saga, where he screwed more money out of desperate ‘friend’ Brendon Rodgers, I can’t see Maureen Yo doing business with Arsene (the voyeur).

  358. Philippe Auclair ‏@PhilippeAuclair

    According to RMC.fr, Lloris deal: £7.9m plus £3.9m bonuses. If so, great business. Bastos to Fulham? Not done yet. Wd be great value at £7m.

  359. Boomergoon, i don’t think there are any lessons to be learnt that weren’t well known from the outset. At least when it comes to AW. He is way too knowledgeable to not know the eventual result of this kind of stance.

  360. Its really quiet on our front.We really aren’t going to sign anyone today.

  361. It’s you sounding desperate…

  362. hakzah — Whatever it is your smoking and/or drinking, I think you should share it with your long suffering fellow Gooners. Thanks for the enthralling fairy tale, would that it were true. We would strike fear into teams across the continent.

  363. As opposed to now CG, as we don’t even strike fear in West Brom.

  364. Arsenal have super players currently sidelined through injury.When they come back to the senior team,they will blah,blah.
    Beat Liverpool first. No easy game. Pool may have played in mid week but they shd have beaten MC. That shows the std Arsenal have to show to win.
    I think it will proably end in a draw or three points to the Reds with more pressure on Wenger.

  365. Rev. AK — I appear to have sinned in your eyes. What have I done to offend thee. How may I atone for my transgressions?

  366. I thought so too TT…

  367. Rocky — I’m in enough trouble as it is. I’m not going to touch that one at all.

  368. If I recall correctly, Arsenal did most of their business around and after 5pm
    I think we could still be at the ‘Who’ll blink first’ stage…
    I’m sure that there’s a lot of talking, phone-calls, e-mails, going down.

    Not sure that there is a cat in hell’s chance of Kaka to Arsenal.
    That malignant cnut Mourinho, would ensure that there’s no chance of that happening.

    Dempsey is still a possibility, but doing business with Fulham is a nightmare.

    Seen rumours of Malouda and Essien, but they were 3 hours ago.
    Didn’t know Malouda was still at Chavs..?

    I wouldn’t mind Essien on loan, but after Benny, I cannot see Chavs doing us any favours.

  369. Hakzah – That really made me smile

    Canadian Gooner- That is a good point , Morinho just doesn’t want to be helping Wenger in any way plus he is friends with Fergie.

    Maverick – If we live in an ideal world i will take Kaka , he is talented and experienced , somebody like him would have studied the game and come up with something against Sunderland and Stoke and we would have won.

    Players like that will look for that killer pass , or perfect free kick spot or just score an awkward goal somehow.

    I will take him anytime , plus he will make us look good.

  370. Rumour site :lol:

    31 Aug 2012 15:11:33
    i am being told that a medical is being set up at 6pm. my source works for the club but would not tell me who he did say a private jet was involved.

  371. Why anybody would want us to take Essien on loan so we can get him match fit for Chelsky is beyond me….

    And AK its malignant c**t not malignant c**t…..just saying :P

  372. Nikki B has passed his medical….. Thats him gone on loan too then…

    Just Chamuck to shift

  373. @allezkev I felt the same way about maureen……….BUT, if there is any hope of Signing Kaka it would be now because of the following.

    Real want to offload some midfielders to begin with but now even more so because they bough Modric. All the while Kaka is unhappy and is losing value fast so Real will likely over-rule Maureen and tell him to sell and free up some cash and it seems that we are likely the only club that are able to give him playing time be able to afford him and have space in midfield for him without having to offload players first.

    We play the type of game Kaka loves.

    Real are in debt to huge amounts and the banks etc are not willing to give them too much money anymore because od the state of affiars in spain and money is being wasted on player like Kaka thatis just dying on the bench whilst they are paying him huge wages.

    Kaka likely is even more mad that Modric has come in and already played whilst he has been benched and will likely start getting a bit disruptive if they dont do something soon.

    So maybe just maybe Maureen will have to eat **** and sell him to us because with everything stacked against him including Real madrids board on top of it he will be forced to sell, or at least loan. As far as i can see we are the only club that would be in for him and also he would like to come!

  374. Canuck, God loves all sinners.

    So you’re ok…

    Me too. :-P

  375. we won’t be signing anyone :(

  376. John Cross ‏@johncrossmirror

    #cfc in talks over Marseille striker Remy after deal for Schurrle stalled. Sturridge not gone – he’s available… http://tinyurl.com/9fqmgu3

  377. ADK – Doesn’t look like it

  378. Are Arsenal using Mo Farah tactics? Waiting until the last lap(hr) before making a move

  379. Everton blog NSNO website reporting unsubstantiated rumour of Fellaini to Arsenal.

  380. Maverick — Interesting! I’ve read that a number of the bigger Spanish clubs’ loans with the shaky Spanish banks are secured by the club’s player contracts. So, there may well be something to what you say. We wont have much longer to wait.

  381. Or has Arsene done a runner.

  382. will- what we have now only has an outside shot at the title (being optimistic). if we brought in 2 players on par with the first 3 signings i’d feel a million times better about our chances. 1 is not enough but if it had to be a dm/cb versatile-type is what i’d want. essien and an attacking player would do.

  383. Like i said earlier Man city just keeps buying , that place must look like a school assembly every training they have.

    And some will ust be at the back knowing that they will never get to see or talk to the manager not to mention play.

  384. I came in today with such high expectations, and thought I wouldn’t have the same shitty deadline day feeling that everything has passed us by. Yet that’s EXACTLY how I feel now. I really want Wenger to prove me wrong and have a few things lined up. Really struggling to believe it though.

  385. Back from pub, who have we signed?

  386. When you put it like that Mav’ it’s difficult to argue.
    And I would love for you to be right.
    But Mourinho is poison and he rule Real like a Fascist dictator.
    Franco even…..

    That jet Rico???!!!
    Kaka or M’Vila, or Malouda? ;-)

  387. Oh I see, no one….

  388. Wenger will buy , trust him (yn)

  389. patience is the word of the day. Go and have a pint, take a walk or breath easy. Lets take all our frustrations when the deadline window is closed.

  390. allezkev — If that is the case. then I think we are both well loved. For I’m sure your as big a sinner as I.

  391. Micko, done a runner sounds more like it…

    Jet Ak, thought he left us ;)

    Have a sneaky feeling Rodgers might make a late bid for Theo….

  392. Remy??

    I’d like him at Arsenal…

  393. rocky – part of me thought it would be a good day, however, the other part expected little…

    About 8pm, Wenger’s alarm clock will go off….

  394. I have a feeling that if we do sign a player it is going to epl who hasn’t been on the media radar. It would be shocking move to everyone.

  395. Moutinho to Totts has broken down….

    Yossi to Liverpool….

  396. Every Arsenal fan at the moment…


  397. @vida, my thinking on Kaka……we were hot on him last season and it has all been forgotten by the fans and the media and no one can say he is not a big name or a ‘special special talent’!

  398. There’s two reasons I reckon that AFC leave their business so late…
    To force the price down from the selling club, but also agent ( remember )
    And to leave less time to be gazzumped

  399. Matt Spiro ‏@mattspiro

    Montpellier vice chairman Laurent Nicollin (on RMC) congratulates Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa for his exemplary attitude and confirms he is staying

  400. ktr7 – so true. we have hardly a clue of who he is after at the moment.

  401. @Allezkev
    I think i’m going to need one of your special positive posts 2morrow!! pls be gentle.

  402. Rico — We were linked with Loic Remy last year with Loic issuing a come and get me plee to Arsene. I’m not sure how much real interest there was on Arsene’s part. It may just have been the agent/player trying to tout himself for a transfer or better contract with his current club.

    I’m hoping the private jet is for Capoue.

  403. Gunner-Mac — Sad to say that it is all too true.

  404. I’d like to pose a question here…
    Imagine if Rvp/Song had left before Poldi/Giroud/Santi had signed.Then we signed the aforementioned trio today would you have been happy with that piece of business then or would you feel the same way we are feeling now?

  405. Arteta disappeared from me brackets…?!

  406. As the time goes by, my mood gets worse. I need to just leave and return after everything has been sorted.

  407. MirrorFootball ‏@MirrorFootball

    Liverpool reportedly interested in Yossi Benayoun. They should recreate 13 July, 2007, and sign Ryan Babel too.

  408. GMac, you read my mind.
    I’m mulling it over

  409. Gunner-Mac — I was referring to your link to the picture on Twitter, but it could equally apply to your plea to allezkev.

  410. Boo! The mind boggles at the number of players we have signed today. :D :D

    rico, the earthquake epicenter was down south. No casualties, I think. Tsunami warnings are still up though. :(

  411. ktr7 no, This means we stand still. If we get two more players in we are progressing so my answer is no I would not have been happy.

    It is not the timing of the sales and purchases but the over all strength that matters.

  412. Seen this on twitter…

    Official: Arsenal have completed the signing of Japanese international Fa Kin No-Wan. #AFC

  413. ktr7, we would be right where we started. Replacing players that we lost but not adding enough to improve our chances significantly.

  414. Hi agag. Glad to hear you and others are ok.

  415. CG – I’d like to think they are both ‘green’ players and share the jet to London Colney ;)

  416. Vert good kt! I may have to nick that to send to my mates (and obviously claim the credit for it, naturally!!)

  417. Agag — Good to hear that your alright. Yesterday we had a small quake centered about 20-30 km away.

  418. Samuel J C ‏@samuelj29060

    BBC’s African journalist @oluwashina confirms talks between Arsenal and Chelsea re Essien are underway. #afc #cfc

  419. Hi Agag.Its nice to see you.Thats the only piece of positive news i’ve heard today.

  420. Rico — Can we send you out on a shopping spree? If I recall correctly, that worked with one of our previous big signings.

  421. Good point KTr7 if we baught those three(Podolski,Girioud and Carzola) today we will be happy bunnies

  422. Oluwashina Okeleji ‏@oluwashina

    Last Tweet: Someone from the Essien camp just informed me on BBM. He’s close to Micheal. Let’s just keep an eye on this one.

  423. Almost 5pm.
    Get ready for take off.

    Canuck, I reckon your gonna be up all night.
    You’ll be found, fast asleep, slumped over your keyboard… :-D

  424. We shouldn’t buy Essien or on loan because he his a blue blooded chav man , he spent a lot of time with them.

    We need players that are happy and honoured to be playing for us , not a RVP kind of player :)

  425. Good to see you agag and glad no casualties… Long may than remain to be the case….

  426. Kev — I HAVE been up all night. Its 8:50 a.m. right now. I’m going to take a break for breakfast, before returning to flagellate myself with nore transfer rumours.

  427. Ha ha CG, it did, in fact more than once.

    Shall I log off and go watch the cricket until 11pm ??

  428. The frustration seems to stem from the fact we always seem to be 2/3 players short.If we fall short again and say Cazorla has a superb season the vultures will circle.If we cash in AW will then come out with stuff like a new signing will kill Gnabry/Eisfeld.Even the most AKB fan out there must be running out of patience.Its too much for us fans to watch us falter in March onwards due to lack of squad depth.We have always had a solid core of around 17 players but failure to supplement them always haunts us.We have got rid of some deadwood but why are we not buying players to take us to the next level?…

  429. Essien or no DM, definitely Essien…

  430. Arsene Wenger has just departed London Colney ( Picture: http://bit.ly/NBq41I ) #AFC – ( @ArseGlory )

  431. Besiktas board member confirms club would “love” to sign Chamakh from #AFC but admits transfer unlikely – http://bit.ly/N3wSUd

  432. back and refreshed..

  433. That’s him arriving Kt ;)

  434. Rico — I’ll leave that decision in your capable hands. Otherwise, the Rev. AK will have me pilloried for another transgression against the collective Goonerdom.

  435. I hope Essien is a go-er. Really think his influence will be massive on the young’uns. Couldn’t care less who he’s come from. We loved Gallas when he came, and he’s been a blue for years. Really doesn’t matter these days as they are all mercenaries at heart

  436. berba for 5 mill wouldn’t have been to bad of a buy i mean we paid 2 mill for silvestre LOL!!!!!

    We need a DM thats for sure and maybe a striker!!!! Tiote is a bone crusher and wouldn’t be too bad of a signing…. Essien i am not to sure about cause i remember 2 seasons ago he was bullied by Walcott and Cesc when we wont 3-1(Alext song scored the first goal at the stroke of half time)….

    Essien could add more experience and given a decent run can regain his form back… Like they say something is better than nothing,…..

  437. Won* and Alex*

  438. Does the Essien move mean that the confidence isn’t there for coquelin/frimpong ?

  439. Look at this dude at spuds tarinin ground…

  440. Looks like Spurs are busy…..
    I’m sorry if we don’t make signing I don’t hold high hopes for us. As it stands we have no chance of winning the league (Just being real here). We need to buy today to fight for a champions league place next year.

  441. so we have nothing yet….@rico Essien or no DM, definitely Essien…

  442. Berba for £5Mil for Fulham , Man utd owners must wish Wenger was their coach.

    Fergie just wastes their money. Berba from £30Mil to £5Mil in 2years is bad bad business.

    Now he his gambling on a 29 years old RVP for £24mil , i am just waiting because Arsenal will have the last laugh on that one.

  443. John Cross ‏@johncrossmirror

    #afc Essien is NOT joining Arsenal. It’s not something they’ve been pursuing today. #cfc

  444. Frimpong has to get fit first. They could both benefit from training with him. Who have they had to learn the arts of a DM from? Diaby and Song? Please. I could teach them as much as those clowns.

  445. SSN: “One source has told us Essien is waiting for Arsenal & Chelsea to agree terms, another saying it’s pure speculation.” #afc

    It seems no one really knows WTF is going on!!!

  446. SD Berbatov played for United for 4 years played 108 games scored 48 goals

    Arsenal are paying Chamakh 70k a week…

    Which do you see as a bigger waste of money?

  447. It seems the board are really not ambitious enough.Why don’t they just remove the statues of the legends outside the club and they replace them with a statue of a balance sheet?…we are not behaving like a football club anymore.

  448. Sky Sports News ‏@SkySportsNews

    Juventus sign Nicklas Bendtner from Arsenal #skydeadlineday

  449. hey everybody, what’s new? have we signed anyone yet?

  450. HI goonie.There is some news…
    Official: Arsenal have completed the signing of Japanese international Fa Kin No-Wan.

  451. christ from the look of things seems everyone’s busy ‘cept us! christ give me strength.

  452. Right, I’m off home. Off to watch the rest of this (un)eventful day at ho,e with a couple of Spuds. See you Sunday
    Hi Stan / Bye Stan! (no, we haven’t signed Vertonghen……!)

  453. eastsidepaul – We got Chamak for free

    Manutd got Berba for £30mil with arround 100k a week salary,as you corrected me : for 4yrs and he hasn’t been a full first team member for the last 2years.

    IT is still a very bad bad business.

  454. Bye the best striker in the world

  455. fa kin No who? christ! a japanese! on DD day! this is serious.

  456. nooooooooo gooniee….join the moaning

  457. SD its business though isn’t it?
    How many trophies has Berbatov picked up during his time at United? How many has Chamakh?

    We should have been paid to take that piece of crap, who I remind you will be our main striker if Grioud gets injured…

  458. hi bondex, what’s going on buddy? who’s fa kin No who? what happened to our “special” player. gosh am so gonna lose it if we dont sign a tricky winger! that’s what we need now….dont know why everyone’s clamoring for a DM. God give me strength.

  459. :) CG, I’m staying….

  460. Laters rocky, get the missus to put the Irn-Bru on ice for ya.

  461. 49 goals conceded last year stan, thats why we’re clamoring for one.

  462. Is Essien a smokescreen??

    Safe journey home rocky….

  463. Goonie the player is F****n no one ;)

  464. Samuel J C ‏@samuelj29060

    Arsenal recouped £70m this summer (player sales & Queensland Road sale). Spent £38m on new players. #afc

  465. I honestly hope so Rico…goonie good to hear from you..i’m about getting a relapse of the headache..had it all morning

  466. Kt, same old, same old Arsenal…..

  467. hey paul, how are you? kt what’s twitter saying? gosh where is AK and SYG when you need them?

  468. So do I bondex…

  469. Twitter is saying zip goonie.It seems we are done in the market.Its better you just stay off social media.I’ll not be anywhere near twitter when the window closes since fans will explode i we sign no one.

  470. It seems Moutinho deal has collapsed…

    FOX Soccer ‏@FOXSoccer

    Sources have told our partners at Sky that TOTTENHAM have made a late bid for Clint Dempsey.

  471. christ in heaven…KT how do you manage to keep calm. am losing my mind here. look at my eyes twitching.

  472. East side – i was talking from the perspective of the owners

  473. we will most likely sign players on loan…..said that to console my self.

  474. Goonie am relaxed because since Sunday I had already expected no further additions.I told rico the same and she didn’t believe me.

  475. even the spuds are buying players?? where the heck is gazidas? somebody get me a crowbar.

  476. Evening Standard: Loic Remy to Chelsea depends on Daniel Sturridge.

  477. am so gonna lose it if we sign no one……right now i ll take a wenger “gem” over no signing at all. weave your magic arsene. please prove us wrong……show us you really know best.

  478. I know SD I just wish we would waste some real money, show that we actually would like to win something.

    Good Stan, yourself?? Have to keep myself away from SSN, its just making me angry.

  479. Hi esp, Chamakh will be at Fiorentina (spelling) before the window closes…

    I hope…

    Kt, that’s harsh – you did say that but I just tried to remain upbeat, if only you knew what I really think ;)

  480. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……..i cant even stay still.

  481. Stan I’m seriously contemplating taking sleeping pills…by the time i wake up on Sunday afternoon just before our match with lilypool, would have spared my self all this trouble…..by then football will be the only thing on my mind.

  482. Cmon Arsene.. Nothing until now?? Pull sth out. Do it for ktr7. I am hearing he is having 4 buttons F5 replaced until now!! #AFC, #CFC, #MCFC, # NUFC, #TsHitFC,… LOL

  483. rico – I doubt that will happen. Italy transfer market closes at 6pm. We may have do hold on to him as a backup striker

  484. I did not mean it that way rico.I meant to say we disagreed on signings.It makes me sad that I may have been right all along.

  485. Remy to Chelsea????

  486. dont worry Stan, you’ll soon get used to it..

  487. Saviola just signed for Malaga. So i am guessing Chamakh to them is off table now :(

  488. poop, i forgot that about italy, even though i typed it earlier emma, it’s all getting to me i guess ;) ;)


  489. Would you take Sturridge on loan?

  490. Gunnernet it also means Chamakh is staying and we are not getting a new striker.Poor business on that front.

  491. Kt, just kidding you, like i say, i have my own thoughts but try and stay positive…

    That may soon change…..

  492. Hiya Stan mate – I’ve been up and at ‘em all day …. We’ve got friends coming over for dinner…..

    Essien is a top-tier African – Similar to the profile of Eto and not the bling-wearing mercenary rubbish we generally employ …
    …At 29 though, I don’t know what kind of service we would get from him if he came …. He still has to be ten times the player Billong was/is…

    There’s no Arsenal news rumours around the European papers apart from Chamakh, Bendtner & Park leaving ….

    Just a hunch …. Maybe we have got a South American coming in???

    The Brazil papers are choc-o-bloc with stories re: Paulo Henrique Ganso being unhappy and we did supposedly bid £9M for Paulinho….

    Who knows – Arsenal don’t publicise their transfer dealings and they constantly tell untruths to deviate attention … They’ve been doing it for years….

  493. Jamie Sanderson ‏@YoungGunsBlog

    I’m told Michael Essien’s camp not expecting a transfer out of Chelsea today, but are aware of talks with Arsenal. 7 hours to go!

  494. Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    I’m told Michael Essien’s camp not expecting a transfer out of Chelsea today, but are aware of talks with Arsenal. 7 hours to go!

  495. ktr7- No way. sturridge has a self inflated ego like Bendtner. Way too selfish when he has the ball :(

  496. I honestly feel as I sit here, that we will be falling behind more teams this year.

    Essien would be a great acquisition, but here is the thing, Chelsea are a big club they do not have to sell their players to their “rivals” Where as we do, we have to sell, and the RVP case shows it could be to the devil himself, we HAVE to sell. That is not a big club.

    We sell and sell and sell, does anyone here actually expect us to push for the league this year?

  497. Just a little thing on Stan$$$Kroenke.His “soccer” team the Colorado Rapids are sitting second bottom of their league.His Football teams the Rams finished second bottom of their league last season.His ice hockey team Colorado Avalanche finished third out of Five in their league,and the Baketball team the Nuggets actaully finished second out of five in their league but then lost in the playoffs.HMMMMMM what a guy eh,the year he took over,before he got a chance to work his magic,the Avalanche won the Stanley cup.He has a history of taking decent sports “franchises” and ruining them though lack of investment.That in my book is like taking money out of a club;his shareholding increases in value whilst he contributes NOTHING.He is a fucking cancer who is eating this club up from the inside.

  498. Just off to have an early dinner, later guys and gals

    Where did agag go :(

  499. @ ktr7 Jesus mate, how many pages do you have opened? Me just 7!

  500. somebody give me some news, any news ll do.

  501. AW is probably sitting comfortably on his couch with a bowl of popcorn watching Sky Sports.

  502. He wears a nice syrup though.

  503. HirooNakamura ‏@HirooNakamura

    #Arsenal legend Anders Limpar just said on Swedish TV that Arsenal agreed terms with Leighton Baines last year but Everton later backed out!

  504. I would say no too. Emma. He is just a good striker. Certainly not the ‘special’ player Arsene touted about.. I don’t like his finishing and decision-making also. We have already Theo and Gervinho with these ‘qualities’. We don’t need him.

  505. “Special” players are out there and available, Wenger just won’t spend the money. We’re a money making organisation not a football team.

  506. feeling sick..

  507. Did Gazides not say that the fans could expect some big news player wise this week?

  508. bondex am feeling nauseous……i might lose it anytime now.

  509. expecting loan deals…3 new players coming in.

  510. Andy Dunn ‏@AndyDunn_SM

    Essien not travelling with #CFC team from hotel to stadium. Clearly has business to attend to. #AFC ?

  511. later guys can’t take no more……

  512. TT – I’m sure you have noticed by now that Gazides and Wenger enjoy lying to the fans, up to the last second until the window closes and then come out with the same shit year after year “oh we tried, but the right players were not available, but this is the strongest squad we’ve ever had” … yawn.

  513. Is Essien even fit does anyone know?

  514. Wenger said it was the strongest squad after Reyes went to Madrid and we ended up with Baptista….

  515. am out too……need me a drink. later guys. good luck. wish i had your composure and strength.

  516. esp gazides is to good of a business man to lie to the fans. That will always come back to bite you and saying that big news will be had during the week player vice is not something he could wriggle out of.

  517. What they do though is to be unclear so they can have a way out but if he sayed what i heard he has no way to back out of it so……..I need a drink :/

  518. question is though, what is Wenger leaving Colney for, is he picking someone up, just going home driving to talk to someone about something….i find that very intruiging especially at this time.

  519. Yes at last !!!

  520. strictly speaking he does not need to be a colney for player transfers. Thats where the medicals take place and a player dont go there unless a contract has alrady been agreed.

    They are better of negotiating away from the media spotlight.

  521. i am just wondering if Wenger is going somewhere to meet with someone about a player or actually going to meet a player himself……more than likely it is him picking up shopping or going home though

  522. Daniel Sturridge and Michael Essien not in Chelsea squad to face Atletico Madrid tonight. #CFC #AFC – (Via @CliveTyldesley )

  523. Lot of Arsenal fans in need of a stiff drink this evening, I’ll be joining you. Jameson on the rocks for me.

  524. WOOOOOW!!!! If true
    Sky Sports News ‏@SkySportsINews

    Reports suggest that Arsenal have bid £15m plus Theo Walcott for Liverpool striker Luis Suárez. #skydeadlineday

  525. False alert.it was some troll…

  526. Goddamn KT, you almost gave me a heart attack!

  527. Ktr7 not true….probably one of the stupidest rumours i’ve heard today actually and takes some going!! Essien looks like a possible goer!!

  528. but gosh what a coup that would have been. rico ll shit herself. hahahahahhah

  529. Selling Song doesn’t look like such a good idea now,does it?…

  530. I’m supposed to out of here but i just cant leave…..oh to be a gooner!!!!!

  531. KT i wont give up until the 11pm my man. wenger’s not stupid. he has to replace song. he will.

  532. I’d give Walcott and €4.45 for a meal at subway.

  533. Coq/Diaby better deliver since it seems Wenger is leaning on them to replace Song.

  534. when i read some of the things i post here,it makes me laugh…now i’m beginning to loose my spelling abilities.

  535. I can recommend a joint on the last day of the transfer window. who gives a shit if we sign anyone man!! :lol:

  536. bondex, you and me pal…..am even lost my cojones!

  537. @ eastsidepaul Excellent choice my friend. Try Jameson 15 yo. I would have a Glenfiddich 12 yo..

  538. Ress like a lizard pon a limb…

  539. goonie, i am reading !! ;)

    Lee – I want one now ….

  540. Probably the last transfer news regarding this window on Arsenal.com


  541. Daniel Sturridge IS on bench for #CFC tonight – Essien NOT on bench. (via @SamWallaceIndy )

  542. So does this mean that Chealski aren’t buying someone and they are sticking with Sturridge?? Should that be the case then the Reds will make their move for Dempsey i reckon.

  543. NEWS: Newcastle have shut up shop for tonight. The club say no players coming in and nobody going out.

    so i guess its essien or a frenchman on a private jet.

  544. Oh well, Essien might be coming our way then….

    I’m pretty sick of today…..

  545. NUFC just confirmed that they won’t buy or sell for this window. Bye bye Tiote or Cabaye.

  546. Essien would provide great education for frimpong and coquelin….He has been impressive this pre season according to cfc fans

  547. no idea gunnernet

    b1727 – we know that means little if they get a good offer….

  548. I guess our business is done and dusted.

  549. Seriously Rico what were your expectations?

  550. why oh why are we not ready top match FFc’s asking price for a really good player who will give us more depth in attack…

  551. gunnernet – at least a DM and a defender. But if AA/Chamakh went, an attacking player too…

  552. I think that Dempsey can’t fill in this 4-3-3 system because he plays freely. A bit like Cazorla only more advanced. That would create havoc in offence. But i like him and clearly at 7-8 m he is a bargain.

  553. Suggestion IS Ches is out for Sunday….

  554. I just woke from a nice nap and nothing has changed except a lot of messages on the phone from very frustrated Gooners. Hi Rico.

  555. Well as i ve posted earlier i would be more than satisfied with a decent DM Capoue or Tiote or even M’Vila. In th end Essien seems to be out of the equation too. I am afraid we are able to call it a day.. :(

  556. Hey Lee, you sound super-chilled man…
    On a beach, in Spain, with a beer and a joint, certainly beats Waterloo…

  557. A joint what?

  558. I seriously suspect that Chamakh had his chance to leave and join Besiktas, but Wenger killed it because he did’t want to buy another CF. That wuold blow the confidence of newly-acquired and under-fire Giroud..

  559. Nobody in their right mind would want to lose Chamakh. I remember how good he was when he first came.

  560. hahahahahahahahahahhaha adam you plonker……but i bet he’s way better than your squid.

  561. Stan. Good evening. Do not take the name of the Squid in vain please. It is both disrespectful and hurtful.

  562. Morning all….how any newbies in??
    Come on,i can take it.

  563. adam, am about to lose my mind here buddy. why are we not active in the market? essein??? really? God help us all.

  564. I am afraid you are wrong Adam. The same goes for Vela and even Bendtner had flashes of real quality. But the truth is that Chamakh was never a prolific striker even at his good days..He was brought in to supplement and aid Van Persie not to be the main striker..

  565. We are not getting another marque signing this window.

  566. rico – i agree, money talks, but things have been far too quiet today for anything to happen besides essien.

    m’vila would cost 7-10m today. even if he somehow turns out to be a dud i don’t see why we couldn’t just pacify the fans for once.

  567. hey scott,

  568. Stan. But I see that Wenger has got a £1 million a year pay rise. So, not everyone is a loser today.

  569. Gunnernet. I’ve always thought he was a great striker so I am shocked that you say that.

  570. Citeh have offered Utd 38 million,and Utd have rejected it.
    Fergie stated here is just no way he will will sell those bastards Howard Webb at ANY price!!

  571. I am going back to bed. Night all.

  572. how many hours to go guys?………christ i cant feel my legs.

  573. I am done mates. Off for a drink. I have resigned myself to signing noone. Maybe i’ll be back after this madness. Big game ahead we badly need to score at least.. Goodnight folks

  574. Hi and Night Adam, I doubt if you will see a changed Arsenal squad in the morning….

  575. I really dislike Brendan Rogers since he became Liverpool manager, he is no better than Floppy bonce…

  576. I will set the alarm for 10.55 Rico. Am really looking forward to your post tomorrow.

  577. Night gunnernet, I won’t be far behind you…..

  578. hahahahahaha floppy ponce? who’s that? rico you re on fire tonight! wouldnt wanna be next to you now. floppy ponce she says. hahahahahha.

  579. You lot giving up??
    Fire up guys….3 coming in :)

  580. Scott, we have our three.

  581. It could be a late one Adam, it won’t be many words I suspect….

    Bonce goonie, Mankini!

  582. Rico. I am finding it hard to tear myself away. I son’t want to miss the super class plqyer’s arrival.

  583. RDM confirm essien is out of the team as they are looking to loan him out.

  584. You are late with that news Paul…its not that dodgey watch you bought,is it mate :)

  585. WTF are we doing getting players in on loan???
    I dont get it.

  586. Ha I only just heard now scott! Would like Essien to arrive, but on a permanent basis, not a fan of the loans, who are we Bolton?!

  587. Essien to everton some say :L

  588. Well I can Adam, and very soon ;)

    Esp, we behave like we are Bolton…

  589. Di Matteo says Essien out on loan but not to Arsenal.

  590. not to arsenal sky sports …! say no transfers in thats it for us today im off….fucking disgrace today has been!

  591. SS’s say Essien is going on loan, but NOT to us…

    Bloomin hope that means we are actually going to sign a DM, however, I doubt it now, it’s too late….

  592. Unless a miracle occurs in the next few hours,i will have lost a hell of a lot of faith in the board and Wenger…
    He has had a chance to really make a mark on fans,and the entire footballing world,and,as it stands,has not done it.
    I may be a noody,but i’m one of the very,very few who actually still had faith!!

  593. Depends on whether it is a loan or a loan with an option to buy. The latter would be ok with me. We take a chance that Essien can rediscover something like his best form after the injuries but we have done that before with the likes of Overmars and that worked out not too bad. Remember that a DM addition is not necessarily to be a regular starting 11 but to give us more options for different types of games and to get extra strength in depth. Essien would not be such a bad gamble and if he excels and we have an option to buy then it could turn out to be a shrewd bit of business. There are very few guarantees with most players; would Capoue or M’Villa settle and would they be as good as touted or is Essien shot with his best days behind him? Who knows the answers to these questions but I for one would be prepared to go with a loan with option to buy on Essien and see what happens.

  594. Crap just read the above posts after I wrote. No Essien then. AW and the board playing a very dangerous game.

  595. I’m not wasting any more of my time on Arsenal tonight…

    Let down again by a tight owner and a manager who is prepared to go along with it….

    Sorry guys, but I said all along that I’ give AW this summer to change and he hasn’t.

    He, together with IG promised us that we would see a proper summer of transfers and yet again they have gone back on their word.

    Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla are great signings, but we needed those before we lost Song and RvP…

    Some things will never change I guess, not all the time we are being run by Stan Kroenke and his merry yes men……

    R&W Holdings, well I just don’t see them being worse than who we are all having to put up with right now….

    Good night all……

  596. As did I Scott, as did I….

    Gone now…..

  597. The way oher clubs have strengthened shows we are in for a long,tough season.

  598. David Ornstein ‏@bbcsport_david

    Arsenal were in talks earlier over Chamakh exit but Bendtner/Park moves mean Wenger needs him. No arrivals as things stand #bbcfootball #afc


  600. Adam, Adam, stay calm.

    Hold it together…

    I can feel a big signing, in my water.

  601. Atletico are 2-0 over Chelsea atm..only 20 minutes in.

  602. At least chelsea are losing :)

  603. Guys….i am heading up to Brisbane this morning to visit my gorgeous daughter for her 18h birthday…she is at the Institute of Interior Design up there.
    I have it all sorted!!
    Ive found a pub up there that shows Arsenal games live,and i have my beer wench….can not wait.
    Apparently the pub in question has some resident Scousers,so it should be a cracker of a night,this sunday!!

  604. Said we should have gone big for Falcao last year. My prediction for the season is that once again we will be better than everyone expects, despite all the gloom now, while some teams that have bought big and we currently feel will surge past us will end up looking slightly average (read Liverpool last year). Quality players coming back from injury will get us playing like a top side again and able to match the Manchester clubs in a head to head, but we will not have had the strength in depth to really challenge at the top for silverware. We will look back on the season and realise that with 1-2 extra quality signings at the start of the season we could have been EPL challengers and will look forward to adding those to the existing squad next year so that we will then be proper challengers, only to lose some key players and have to replace them again but without ever adding those 2 extra key players in addition to this.

  605. whoa adam, you have an 18 year old daughter??? christ, is everybody on here married?

  606. Thats it GoonerB.
    We won’t finish midtable like some gooses on the net are suggesting,but we haven’t done enough to challenge the Mancs sides.
    Chelsea are showing right now that they cant defend.
    Liverpool will still be shit.
    Spuds…who knows,they’re habitual pretenders.
    Newcastle had their time in the sun last season.
    Arsenal,well,with two more top players in could have and would have challenged in a massive way.
    As it stands,we will be hanging on to the leaders tails.
    It doesnt bother me as i do not require trophies to justify my supporting Arsenal.
    What pisses me off is that we have been hearing all along the resources are there to buy top players,and if they are available we will bring them in.
    Well Arsene and the board,there are a shitload of class players around,so what the hell are you waiting for.
    As with a player leaving for money and citing other reasons,why don’t these guys simply say we aren’t buying any more players??
    Ok,people may be cranky,but at least we wouldn’t be living on false hope.
    Falcao….fucking spend 70 million on him…what a bloody player!!
    Arsene,the guy is the epitome of “super class” mate!!

  607. good god Falcao is destroying Chelsea…..i wish to god that we signed him, but we would never be able to sign a player of his quality, the likes of mancity, chelsea etc would dump 75m on the table for him without blinking!

  608. When Athletico lost Aguero they went for Falcao the next day.Replacing class with class.We should’ve done the same.To think we could’ve had him for less than 5mil…

  609. Stan,i have the 18 y.o. Daughter.
    Keep away from her….she’s gorgeous.
    She looks just like her dad :)

  610. 3-0 up and it should be 5!!!

  611. what’s the latest score mav?

  612. Wenger wants to do a Montpiller and beat the oilarch clubs with shoestring budget…..

  613. @scott from oz……….wenger put 70m on a player, i think he would shudder at paying 20m for someone, we have never ever spent more than about 15m on anyone i would be shocked if we even spent 25-30m on a player let alone the mad sums that would be needed to pay for Falcao, i mean Atletico on recently paid 40m euros for him and now he is so big for them the would want double that before they even think of selling him.

  614. AW…..omg…why u lie to us..i hate soccer

  615. christ, scott, why the secrecy? why havent you mentioned her all along? gorgeous you say. i ll be paying you a visit soon pal.

  616. hey DNA dont hate. come on cheer up. we still have a few hours to go. anything can happen, keep the faith.

  617. Falcao is a f***n animal!!!The pace of Athletico would slaughter PL teams.to think 10 of the 11 players starting tonight did not start in the supercup against Inter 2 years ago.

  618. Falcao is a joy to watch !!! 1 reason why I still love the game :D

  619. Adam, I may come across as flippant, but it’s a simple case of many years of disappointment, more than I care to remember, and that I WILL NOT allow our parsimonious Board, to fcuk with my head.
    I treat the money men at Arsenal with complete and utter distain and contempt.
    That is why, with the exception of the 50% that I pay towards the season ticket that I share with my son, that I steadfastly refuse to spend any more money at the stadium, in the club shops or in buying any Nike Arsenal Merchandise at any other shops.
    I enjoy the away game and I shall be going to Liverpool this Sunday, but none of what I spend will end up in Shit Stan Kroeke’s pocket…
    Whether he gets it now or in the future…
    I still enjoy watching Arsenal and feel that we have a great squad with some fantastic youngsters on the fringes.
    Steve Bould and Neil Banfield will make us competitive this season.
    But injuries could kill us in the vital run-in months, and that’s where a lack of depth will see us fail in the chase for silver wear.

  620. Could you imagine we were able to keep RVP and bring in Essien?

  621. hey kev, where have you been? this transfer day deadline is killing me. i need your strength big guy. just tell me we ll sign some players and i ll believe you. i always do.

  622. Im with AK…….we will be much,much tougher to break down,and we have already seen evidence of that.
    We needed to do this to take the next step.
    We also needed to get some more strike power in…we did this.
    What we didnt need,was to counteract the good work done by selling RVP,or,at least selling him without replacing him.
    Maverick…..i am quite aware that Wenger wouldnt spend even close to that amount of money on a player.
    Im also aware that he doesnt read anything that any of post on here mate,so we are all making suggestions for the sake of it.

  623. Wenger: “If Song goes, we will sign someone in the defensive midfield area, certainly.” #Lies @Arsenal

  624. @goon bro transfer in is done and dusted for arsenal, AW needs to leave the club he is certainly the prob, Spuds and qpr are not bigger than afc, jesus christ afc can do better, its a disgrace, we are the laughing stock of soccer.

  625. I dunno why, but i think there will be a surprise……..they did say there would be a surprise maybe it is already done and the media doesnt know about it………surely Wenger cant leave the squad like this. Or maybe the surprise is that we are not really getting anyone after being built up to think we are.

  626. mav surprise, afc clearly lacks ambition

  627. calm down DNA, its not over yet. we signed arteta at 11pm last transfer window remember?

  628. Pretty depressing reading all around. :?

    rico, sorry, I took a nap. :oops:

  629. Top 4 will be our aim…..hope coq and ox have a big season but could they be poached by the big money boys later!!
    This is a joke!….
    I’m not saying Stan Kroenke is 100% at fault! But y d flip doesn’t he invest anything into this squad? Or at least offer Arsene the option!

  630. You know Kev, I have a lot to say but think I will save it for another day mate. I feel washed out at the moment.

  631. guys am positive something ll happen during the dying moments of the window. believe guys believe.

  632. watching Natalie Sawyer is the only thing keeping me sane at the moment…..

  633. afc biggest transfers of all time AW, Stav, Gaz out…..

  634. And I was sooooo sure we’d get M’Vila. :( Hiya, Adam, Andrew, Goonie, KT, gunnerdna and Rev AK.

    Have a lovely time, Scott. :) :)

  635. Ok I’m done guys. No mas. Highly disappointed, but still hopeful for both the short and long term.

  636. wenger is still looking for bargains buy one get one free . good that i didnt renew my season ticket.

  637. 4-0 chelsea lol

  638. cfc is b eing humiliated

  639. Chelsea 0 v A. Madrid 4
    Chelsea is an embarrassment to english football

  640. Stan, I can’t help ya mate.
    We’re not buying.
    Gazides has lied. There’s a shock.
    Arsene was economical with the truth.
    No shock there.
    I’ll chat with ya lata mate

  641. chelsea’s football is so slow mikel is slowing it down so much! At least we dont have him dmf :) haha

  642. hey little mama, what are you doing up this late? go to bed young lady. its past your bed time.

  643. See ya later guys.

  644. just goes to show that chelscum winning the CL was pure luck on the day, they are goig on like they are gonna have the league wrapped up by december because they are a class above. Hazard looks lightweight and they cant defend for toffee and the players look clueless and RDM might actually be starting to be found out. He’ll be gone before this season is done i reckon.

  645. :) Stan, you sound like my grandpa. :)

    Mikel is a disaster…

  646. yes i am AGAG, a naughty grand pa. the kind that rocks you on his knee while “things touch”………..

  647. only God can help us now DNA..

  648. Eeewwww, goonie. Yuck.

    gunnerdna, there is no help for any of us… :? We have such a lean squad. :(

  649. @goon i know there was no hope from the same day afc sold rvp to man u. Its a disgrace, bro

  650. hahahahahahahahahha AGAG, you crack me up……..did you just say yuck to grand pa?

  651. we ll be fine i tell ya…….relax bro. go get a drink and chill out. we ve got carzola dont we? relax my man.

  652. it’s going to b some tough time at the emirates for aw this season, fans r going to boo him if we aren’t doing good, from hero to zero

  653. This is ridiculous.

    I truly feel Wenger no longer actually wants to compete, himself and his cronies just sit there and lie to the fans year after year, he no longer even wants to win, has no interest in it.

    The squad is getting weaker and weaker every year, concede 49 goals what do you do? buy zero defenders and sell your first choice DM without replacing him, I mean is that genius or what?!

    So what do we do now? Lie to ourselves some more? Oh maybe the younger players will really step up? Yawn.. we have said that every year, and have they ever?

    We have have bought 3 world class players! False, we have bought one world class player and two which we are taking a HUGE gamble with. If either turn out to be duds we struggle with scoring, but we still have chamakh though, rejoice.

    Finial question, i’ll ask once again, who here thinks we can win the league? And if not, is that really good enough?

  654. i do paul……i really do. i ve seen shitty, manure and today the chavs. they have nothing on us, injuries permitting.

  655. I bet LFC are pissed right now

  656. spurs get clint dempsey, jesus christ

  657. emma you sure know how to bring a dude down. here i was bigging up our team for the season and you came up with that story…..ok its panic time!

  658. Stan who will score goals for us?
    We’ve all thought this season after season that we’re better than the rest, but we clearly are not. If it wasn’t for Spurs shitting the bed last year we’d be playing UEFA this year.

    And Stan you know as well as I do that injuries will never permit at Arsenal. If Giroud is injured … the Chamakh up front all on his own..

  659. can’t believe aw turns the club in a mid table club, god help, i’m scared to watch the epl

  660. Actually ESP I dont think our squad is weaker this time around. It’s about the same but thats not the point. It has to be stronger other vice we might as well throw our hat in now.

  661. calm down DNA, jeez you ll make me shit myself……christ. paul i know what you mean but i really think we ll do better than last season. the team looks stronger than last season to me and having chamakh up top isnt a bad thing. he did well while that prick van purse string was out injured. with RIP gone we might see a new improved chamakh. i have huge hopes for this season.

  662. @goon we r only stronger on paper, sold all the goals and assist..come on bro

  663. At least spurs aren’t getting moutinho i player i rate very highly anyway :)…..His every bit as good as modric believe me!!…Essien to madrid i think !!

  664. @goon do u have a # for rennes, i want to have a word with M’villa

  665. DNA, we ll come be fine i tell you. just relax.

  666. Sky Sports News ‏@SkySportsNews

    Sky Sources: Tottenham sign Clint Dempsey from Fulham #skydeadlineday

  667. Arsenal haven’t won anything since they had a world class dmf. coincidence? Gonna be too much burden on Arteta this season imo

  668. am not worried KT, we look fine already. with jack, sagna and TR7 coming back we look like a championship winning team already. COYGS! Who needs new signing?

  669. Goonie the squad depth is the issue.When injuries hit we’ll struggle.

  670. bye top 4, welcome top 6

  671. David Ornstein ‏@bbcsport_david

    West Ham to pay YB £20k a wk until Xmas (Chelsea pay £40k), £45k a wk after (#cfc pay £25k) & £350k lump if #whu stay in PL & he starts 60%.

  672. goonster : Arsenal shouldn’t place too much pressure on wilshere he has had some bad luck so we should just ease him in! :l……
    But when he is back he is going to be class!!

  673. KT, i know what you mean but i think january will be a very important month for us. he has to sign a few players then. i have faith in our current squad. we ll be fine till january at least.

  674. goonster
    I think share that view. I think not many have thought a year ago that RIP will have a season what he had. Now not many thinks that Podolski or Giroud can do…..

    Personally I think they can.

  675. exactly andrew……we ll be fine i tell yous.

  676. God bless ya hungooner….i really believe poldi and giroud will be a huge hit soon. gosh didnt you guys see the 40 yards lob. that shows he has balls to try the unthinkable. RIP in all his glory never attempted such feat. we ll be fine i tell you. did you guys see how wilkinson bounced off podolski against stoke? we have beasts up front they just need to click and the premier league is in trouble. believe guys believe.

  677. Disapointing arsene, but not surprising. A cdm is required arteta is not a defensive mid. To rely on coquelin or frimpong is risky, its a shame AW doesnt see this. All other areas of team relatively happy with but i believe not replacing song is a serious mistake as i think he was most important player despite his mistakes over the last three years or so. I hope bould does a bloody good job on defensive play, its the least required.

  678. goonster: i admire your positivity…. Rosicky with Cazorla would be amazing! And what about the Ox !…In January i can see us signing someone to add that extra spark…Just like we did with Arshavin!

  679. More fantastic lies from Wenger.

  680. andrew, am sure wenger is waiting to get mvilla on the cheap in january. he’s a sly tactician. we ll be fine till january.

  681. calm down paul……it could be worse you know.

  682. i took my glasses off, we r fu$k.

  683. @goon wait until january when we are 20 points from the top 4, i’m honestly hate AW

  684. DNA, go get a drink pal….or better still drive by my way. i ll calm you down.

  685. When AW says were only adding if exceptional talent appears at a good price you can be sure we wont buy anyone. I hope i’m wrong but if the spuds sign moutinio? they’re not looking bad

  686. dont say that…..why do you all blame wenger? he’s just an employee doing what he’s been told to do. you should be venting your anger on kranky and gazidas.

  687. postiga, mendes, pavluyenko have all played for the spuds yet they are shit. calm down jimario. moutinho wont cut it here. AVB is a crap manager. he ll soon castrate himself.

  688. Whether Wenger or owners/board somethings amiss.The books are in credit whoevers calling the shots

  689. Hopd the spuds players do all fail but avbs not that bad he justneeds time n backing from board. In the long term AVBs got good ideas, just not instant enough for chelsea

  690. moutinho is class goonster but his not going to tottenham so all is cool man!

  691. Without modric vdv or moutinho thinks spuds lack spark, which is nice

  692. Zero ambition, this is why players have been leaving. Pretty sick of Wenger and his empty promises.

  693. christ ESP, calm down. hey andrew did the spuddies finally get dempsey?

  694. they did ya goonster for 6 million !!!
    Moutinho likely to be confimed as staying at porto ! According to sky sports…. Hope to god they dont get him !!!

  695. Oh Arsenal! & Wenger promised to get us a “SPECIAL PLAYER/S” … Very heartbroken.

  696. Rico…i see that my post has been removed..i can understand that…it was somewhat over the top…but honest…ive printed Sy(?)’s post on our Norwegian site..www.gunners.no and it has been an uproar…we feels that HH has been an absolute fantastic blog…and are followed by a few thousand Norwegian Gooners..not everyone feels up to posting….but we are deeply in love with The Gunnners…yet we are very worried..and not very found of our current state of affairs..
    i know personally that my English could be better…but i have never been as abused as i have been on this blog…We desperatly try to be Gooners…our site started in the early seventies..2010 we had over 25.000 members…it has gone down….imo due to The New Arsenal…kids today dont want to watch a club they look upon superstars…messi…cesc was one..nasri was one..rvp is another one…i feel ripped off..i feel raped…my Arsenal has gone..whats left…an American business model…a hamburger stand…once again we have flogged off our best players…
    to be honest..im deeply hurt..much more than some can ever imagine..its like my misses have left me…with no explanation..im truly sad…..thats it…im sorry…

  697. If wenger thinks that this squad has enough depth to win something he’s been on the crack pipe. Still we banked a load of money, it’s a fucking travesty what we get fed from AFC.
    Something has to give, AW’s I’ll beat everyone on a shoe string budget mindset or Stan the syrup et al fuck off….. If this team don’t click soon, the supporters will be bloody vociferous!!! The media will love it… shock horror!! For what the season ticket holders pay they shouldn’t be subjected to a let’s hope the players coming back will be the difference. It’s fucking fraud.
    Another season of 4th will be like a trophy, what utter bollocks! We truly are being mugged off…..getting semi excited by potentially signing Essien, do me a favour we should be setting our sights higher! Rant over, glad I don’t subscribe to those thieving cnuts!!
    Good night all……

  698. @eastp that’s true bro, AW has suddenly turns afc into the mickey mouse club of football, a lot of people talking about board AW has the biggest voice at the club, if he had any ambitions of signing any player today Ivan would have supported him, but he will talk about his useless lot of ramsey, cham, diaby who is a total waste of space, i’m honestly over afc and this BS. Every season we take a quantum leap. But i will wait until sunday afternoon for people to see why in so upset.

  699. Tom supporting Arsenal is like someone constantly taking the piss out of you and you paying extortionately for the privilege!
    Btw your English is a lot better than my Norwegian! ;)

  700. All of my optimism after the 3 signings has gone. Once again going in to a season with a paper thin squad. Remember how bad we looked when Arteta was out? I am a massive AW fan but if he really has a much power at the club as we are led to believe then he has to be responsible for who comes in and who goes out. No ambition any more. Lied to us once again. Same old bollox – only want top, top quality, players coming back like new signings. The same thing will happen in January.

  701. gdna don’t get too upset we will get 3 points on Sunday!

  702. Wenger should have been honest enough to tell us gooner fans that he has concluded with season transfer instead of decieving us this bad… This is lack of respect to the club supporters & it’s fans!

  703. You know we’ll get fed the usual bollocks…. we tried to get a special player (bidding 50% of his true worth) we have players coming back (put a load of weight on JW’s shoulders…what a fucking top idea, you did it last time and run him into the ground!!)
    I’m really over this fraudulent bollocks…we needed three players, we got them. We lost two players they needed replacing, fuck all done about it. We are weaker than last season!

  704. Paul I fully understand your frustration, but players leave for the big money mate, you know that.
    Nobody believes all that nonsense about ambition and trophies, it’s simple finance.

  705. @ BS probably needed to shift some more season tickets so kept everyone hanging on a string! We are a joke club and it pains me to say it but AW is undoing his legacy every season! The fans will be unforgiving if the gamble backfires!!!! Again!

  706. Thank You Lee….i will and know that quite some followers will read this..and can only once again Thank You for being what we call human…i hope that more Goooners will speak..will shout..with tears from despair…we are being ripped off..they Kroenke and his henchman gazidis are stealing Our Arsenal…and what do we do ?…moving to the emirates..should make us able to compete with the best??…is it only me who actually knows and miss our Library…our highbury..our fate..our destination..our true self..today we are nothing…i can buy a hamburger anywhere…feck Wenger..most of all..im not going to let Kronkers..steal my money…ive rather have a beer…cheers

  707. HunG if we beat loserpool on sun its a miracle, its the same players who failed miserable for the last couple of years is still at the club, why we all think they are super quality overnight, bro i dont see where our first win is coming from, i hope they prove me wrong, no player in this current midfield can tackle to save there life, whats the point of selling song. Omg

  708. AK I know they do leave for money, but why on earth would any of the big players stay at Arsenal? What do Arsenal have to offer to big players? We haven’t been close to winning anything in a long long time, big players like to win. Thats not what AW wants.

    AK they do have a point when they point to lack of ambition. The whole club stinks of it.

  709. True Kev but if we didn’t pay £50k plus to absolute cnuts we could reward those that need it and add super quality players. I really think we’ve had the piss taken out of us….AGAIN!! This can’t keep happening.

  710. I don’t know whether we will end up looking short in midfield. We all seemed to want another DM but maybe we will be ok. If I am trying to put a positive spin on things we have looked ok in midfield in the first 2 games and haven’t looked out-muscled despite playing 2 teams that would look to try and dominate us physically. If anything I feel we are a goal-poacher light. For me if AW has any sense he should bring in Owen. As a free agent he can be signed after the window. He is past his best but still knows how to find the back of the net and would be good squad back up. The other thing for me is that AA looked good in the number 10 role at Cologne and some forget we still have him. He is still a class player to have in the squad and I could see him getting some playing time this year, and I have this little feeling he will change a few opinions as long as AW only uses him through the middle behind the main striker and not from the flanks. That’s my positive spin on things but I am not sure if I am trying to convince me or the rest of you.

  711. I hate the sight of AW to me he is just lost in a different world

  712. If top four is the mindset from the board that filters down…..sorry but I was really optimistic for the season before the window closed but I also thought M’Vila plus a n other were coming! We seem to get so close to being the finished article and never quite get there! A long season of Wenger blaming everyone for his own shortcomings! Boring really.

  713. AW needs physiological evaluation, he is the a hazard to success

  714. to sum it up…its all about the money,,,,its not about football

  715. I hope I’m wrong about the coming season but maybe if we’d been beaten 8-2 by stoke or Sunderland we may of seen more signings!?!? Feel pretty angry right now but do the board give a fuck, nah not at all they all get paid fortunes and the stadium is sold out every game. Wenger’s made a profit, hallelujah! Wenger gets 7 large in his bin and hopefully we’ll have a good run in a cup and maybe just maybe get top four……BLINDING!!!!!

  716. DNA, dont talk like that my man….you ll have a lot of troubles here if you continue treading this “anti wenger” path. let it go bro. come on.

  717. calm down lee…..sheesh it could be worse. hey AK, i still believe we are better placed than last season. we ll be fine, we always are.

  718. Tom, what are you doing here?
    I thought you was raiding the East Coast of England or discovering North America?
    You spend too much time, giving it skol, instead of rowing your long ship. ;-)

  719. We are relying on sagna, wilshire and rosicky coming back from injury.We are relying on podolski and giroud to hit the ground running and score goals in the hardest league on the planet. Early days but…. We don’t have an experienced goalkeeper….mistake in my book! We are hoping diaby coquelin etc come good…. All massive gambles.

  720. Arteta was missing for the last games of the season and we struggled…..who fills his boots? The squad is way to thin imho and we’ll come up short yet again.

  721. Goonster one might well accuse wenger of being a whore ..ike a good old lady of trade..he’s doing just the same making money for tha pimp Kronkers the worst part is we The Gooners accept it…we have no soul anymore..we let this happen to our big love…we’re not worthy of being Gooners…we’re like a customer at a burger stand…
    my waring is simple..We are being ripped off…listen to nasri..clichy..rvp…cesc…

  722. gdna I’m really not fussed about the sale of Song, I believe that the midfield will be more discipled without him, Arteta seems already better than he was in that holding position, even though I would like him to play more attacking, but in the attacking midfield we are well stocked. In my view the midfield should work together as a unit and Arteta just seems the man for the job to command that unit….

  723. Anyways the board and AW get paid handsomely do they give a fuck about my thoughts or feelings? No they don’t give a toss because I’ll still support the club but I’ve stopped buying into their fraudulent empire!!!!!
    Good night gooners, the peasants are revolting!! Something like that….Buenos noches!!!!!

  724. Let’s see where we are after Sunday.
    Brendan Rodgers is getting a caning from the LFC fans.
    We won’t have a better chance of a good result up there, than we’ve had for years.
    A bad result for AW and the knives will be out…

  725. Allezkev mate…let me be straight..ive often looked and read your blog comments and thoughts..You are a person i do respect…we dont always agree but i find You Sir to be a true Gunner…why am i here ??-…im off …but sometimes Norwegians do set sail to our longships…especially when needed…my thoughts apart from the abuse mate is simple…we need to rescue The Arsenal…
    and i’ll tell You once more,…imo You are a true Gunner…i do like your posts…some of them have ended up on gunners.no…

  726. COYGS!!!!!!!!!!! that’s all i can say for now.

  727. Stan, I’m glad you’re still optimistic.
    It’s a long season a lot can happen.
    The Press would have you believe that Arsenal are in crisis and everyone else is tickity boo.
    Well it’s not like that at all.
    All the other top clubs fans are moaning

  728. Come on, gunners. It’s not like we haven’t been here before. God, I stayed up the entire night (nap, excluded) for… NOTHING.

    But then again, we could be so much worse off. We could be Liverpoopy or Man United… ;)

  729. you know me Kev…….chelsea bought a truck load of players yet a skint team thumped them. its not about personel guys its about the fight. chelsea ll struggle this year. hazard dont track back, neither does mata and oscar. they are in deep shit. i ll rather be an arsenal fan now.

  730. Well thanks Tom… Tak.
    And if you fancy raiding my village, just let me know and I’ll put the kettle on. ;-)
    In the meantime, try to be positive, ok
    I know it’s difficult but I’ve still got good vibes about this season.

  731. AGAG, are you still up? christ! please go to bed little mama. i dont want ya all cranky tomorrow.

  732. I’m already wide awake. :) Gearing up for a big day of shopping, just because you’re not buying Arsene does not mean that I am not. :D :D

    Hiya, Rev AK. Don’t feel so down, tom!

  733. Allekev ,,,Please let me ask you a couple of questions.

    1.Do you think or believe that back in07 a deal was made including kromkers
    2since 07 do you feel that our team nas been looked out for,or do you as many feel that it was a hoax
    3.do you accept or simply believe that every playuer who leaves Arsenal are doing it for the money??i know mentioning rvp isnt popular,..but what if the man is right ??
    4.moving to the Emirates..have it made us more compitable…??where has the money gone..do we attract world class players ??
    5 there is so many questions Allezkev…and for the moment no answers…im asking you as a Gooner..are we headed in the right direction…are we..the club we ought to be…or are we being slowly but directly being fecked up
    Your a Gooner to the heart…so give me a straight answer please

  734. please go to bed AGAG, for me< please? do it for papi. pretty please? promise i ll pay for all your shoes from now till xmas!

  735. I’m so frustrated not looking forward to Saturdays and Sundays anymore, my wife just call from Florida and told me she is not looking forward to coming home tomorrow because she knows my weekend is spoiled and she just start supporting afc, i feel for her with her nasri, fabregas and van p kit, i’m honestly going to reimburse her because i drag her in this mess, poor child.

  736. Goddamn it DNA, calm the fuck down! you ll get me all worked up and brother you dont wanna do that. ask AK,.

  737. ok goon i’m off for the night, have a good 1

  738. Hey Agag, I just checked, it’s 7.30am in Manila.
    You just relaxing in your silk kimono and Jimmy Choo slippers?
    Saturday eh?!
    Yeah, hit those shops and get in some retail therapy. :-D
    You know it makes sense.

    Btw, I think that Rico is gonna let rip in her post today.
    Better be wearing a hard hat.
    The Lady is well pissed off… :-(

  739. dont worry bro…….we ll be alright. i promise ya. keep ya head up. we ll be fine ok. good night my man.

  740. AK now you re messing with my head now. gosh AGAG in kimono on a summer day. with the summer breeze! christ, what i ll give for a binoculars now!

  741. Thx Agag:) your a true Gooner,,,me im just a Norwegian male who happens to love The Arsenal….and i must admit ill do my time of worrieeng ??see im not that good in English…but ive been over visiting You country every year since 71 and i have to say You are a great people…
    maybe i should shut up..have a beer…and be just nice..but its hard..i love The Arsenal Ma*m…i just do…im again sorry

  742. Don’t have nightmares, friends. :) :)

    Calm down, Stan. :) It’s rainy (and earthquakey) here, hardly summer.

    AK, I’m sure there are biblical verses on being bold and stouthearted. Come on now, you know you wanna. :P

    rico, we’re close to 800 comments. :) :)

  743. allezkev — Is the Rev. AK writing an uplifting and joyful sermon to comfort and soothe his battered flock? Many seem to feel let down and betrayed.

    I was expecting/hopeful we would sign another player ot two, but not surprised we didn’t. I’m cautiously optimistic about our game on Sunday. Hopefully that wont interfere with Rev. Ak’s pastoral duties.

  744. Blimey Tom, you asked me things that I’m not sure that I can answer?
    There are others on here better qualified than me…

    Think the sacking of David Dein was a huge own goal.
    For me, things have never been the same.
    You should put those questions to RICO and she could put them in a post for us all to debate.
    Good questions Tom.

  745. Really, tomstoned?? You’ve been to the Phils?? :) :) Lousy year we’re having weather-wise. :( At the end of the day, no matter how angering our board is, how frustrating our players maybe… there really is just no divorcing Arsenal. Our lot in life, eh? And it’s a pretty good one, if I’m honest.

  746. well at least you have rain. a soaked kimono reveals much!

  747. Agag — allezkev said you had entered a nunnery. So, I will say Amen Sister to your 12:54 a.m. post.

  748. kiss ass…….you never ask rico to put my own questions in the post do you? double standards.

  749. Agag, I did hear that you was thinking of becoming a nun?!
    Sister Agag is it… :-P

    Canuck, my son, I have been giving the situation some thought.
    As a good Christian and lumberjack, I think you should go out to the mountains for 40 days and 40 nights, and then return with the answer, god bless you!

    Ok, and now I lay me down to sleep.
    So my blessings to you all, Stan, Canuck, Tom and all in Norge and of course Sister Agag…
    Goodnight my flock… :lol:

  750. whoa 10 more to the golden 800 comments. who’s with me?

  751. ok i understand its not allowed to be like me.pretty mad..darn you should really know me im a father husband and everyone thinks that im a rock..but when it comes to my real love The Arsenal…im not sure,,
    Allezkev…you are a rock..keep on never detair…me personally find you to be differing in opinions of course to be a true Gunner…
    Agag…im too old :)some years ago i was a better Gunner,today the cmfort of life has overcomed me..a house..a job..a car…a cabin in Khata Noi Thailand…a Wife who i must stress are the single reaosn for my success…without Her there would be no me…a daughter who loved cesc…then >Song..see my life is good but hard because my only love is going down..i just cant accept that..hehehe that was some strange >English…darn ill try to be better…i promise…and soon very soon our longships willl sail….and with one purpose to save My Arsenal…

  752. allezkev — Good Night! I shall consider your sage advise about journeying in to the wilderness. It would be painful to miss my beloved Arsenal for forty days and knights.

  753. too old huh tomstoned, i ll bet you re not as old as grand pa W.A.T.H……… he’s a whooping 200 years old. he actually saw chapman go to school. why do you think we call him old man W.A.T.H!

  754. where is cowboy these days? hey pal, if you re out there….i miss you man.

  755. goonster — I’m with you although I’ll miss the soothing ministrations of our Rev. AK.

  756. kev is a wuss canuck….i still dont know why fans are complaining man. we are better placed than last team. we signed 5 players didnt we? isnt that enough?

  757. goonster — Are you still out there or have you too lost faith in our beloved club? Only a few more posts to go.

  758. and the first 2 were the most important…..we ll be fine. we ll surprise a few. watch out guys.

  759. I went to an all-girls school for years, AK and Canadian. :D The nuns made us sign a True Love Waits covenant. Lol. :P Seriously.

    Good night to all of you. Off to brekkie now. :)

    Goonie, tom has a cabin in Thailand. He’ll host you, I’m sure. :) :)

  760. goonster — I was on here most of the day, but I stopped posting as the collective angst and negativity was becoming infectious. I think after a good nights sleep most of our fellow Gooners will return refreshed and renewed and more like their regular selves.

  761. nah i want you to host me AGAG, its either you or i stay home.

  762. You’re staying home then. :D

  763. goonster — Agag’s 1:23 a.m. post is the 800th. With that, I’m off to nourish the body and calm my troubled mind with a wee dram of a good single malt Scotch. Till tomorrow fellow Gooners. Gooners for life!

  764. i guess……so what chu up to this fine morning AGAG? indulge me.

  765. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay 805 a new record. hey rico, you owe me big time sister.

  766. @CG, You can’t blame fans because it becoming frustrating to see our best go without adequate replacement.

    Good evening gunners.

  767. Fans are blaming AW for nothing, Silence Stan and the board are the problem. Look at AW face during the press meeting, I think he is tired and frustrated.

  768. Nashua — I don’t blame the fans at all. They, like we, are entitled to their own opinions. I just don’t share the depth of their despair. I can understand it; but as much as love the club, life and football go on. I’ll continue to be a supporter, not a fan, of the team.

  769. Agreed there CG. But the frustration every season during the transfer window breeds despair. We are looking less likely to to win EPL and the CL.

  770. Gutted….. Again! Oh well let’s get behind all the lads this season, their going to need all the help they can get.
    Kronke please just fuck off…. Now

  771. Until AU step in I don’t see any changes in the near future. How can we challenge for trophies with the likes of Chelsea and the Mans. We have to face reality, we are only fighting to stay in the top 4. Top 4 is good enough for the BOARD.

  772. I am not surprised. Are any of you REALLY? AW said he’d only buy a special player…I guess none were special enough. I feel like he’s got this year left before an all out mutiny. Kroenke doesn’t care as he isn’t a fan. Lady Bracewell-Smith knew it and knew we were in trouble. Why did she sell? She said the days are gone when a fan ran our club, didnt she? Then why ot sell to Usy? He is not our answer i guess, but is this?

    FFP or not, maybe we should have taken the money from Usy when we had the chance. It would be nice to still have RVP and a few other class acts. Ok. I make no sense. I am distraught. Had a bad city with the fiancée and went to my classroom to cool off…I open the door and there are two custodians blowing each other pants down.

    So that cooled me off I guess. Not that I care what dudes do…but in my class? Yowsers. So the end of the transfer day was not a good one.

    Goonster…I could use that trip to Mex right about now. Wasabi with you?

    I don’t know.

  773. Morning all….

  774. Hello guys.
    I am going to say that we are a better squad than last season,without question.
    My issue is that with a little more spending,we could have been contenders.
    Why go 90% when you can go 100%???
    I do not understand it.
    I will still be there supporting the club with everything i have,but the fans shouldn’t be the only ones giving it all………the board,the shareholders and the manager need to do the same.
    Stan,Arsene….i’ve defended you all i can.
    It ends here.
    Stan….you are a prick….you are the single person in a position to distribute money and demand Arsene spend it,but you chose not to,once again.
    Arsene…..you have forgotten what managing a football club means,as you are too engulfed in managing an economy……fuck the board,tell us the truth,even if it costs you your job…….we will forever be in your debt if you open up!!!
    As the last of the AKB’s…im fucking devastated.
    I still believe in you,Arsene…..it is a shame you don’t believe in yourself any more.

  775. Morning Rico,
    What a let down that was.

  776. Hi Rico.
    The glass remains half full here,but the reality has hit home.
    Im still convinced we can make an impact,but we can not win the
    Even signing M’Villa or Capoue would have given us a chance,but we could not even manage that!!!

  777. Morning GM and Scott…

    Personally I think it was a shocker of a transfer window, but I’m going to rant today in my post and after that, no point….

  778. Totally agree Scott, even just a DM would have made so much of a difference. Instead we are now relying on the fitness of Diaby and he is not and never will be a DM unless Bould is going to work his magic.

    No doubt Arteta will continue in that deep position and by doing so we are inhibiting his natural game.

  779. Morning Rico. Just woke up. Think I’ll nod off again. Looking forward to the post. I wouldn’t trust myself with one at the moment.

  780. Morning Adam, don’t blame you, I’d rather go back and wake up after the game ends tomorrow …

  781. Morning all…..Arsenal never ever let us down do they? We better start winning some games because there will be a mutiny! Another massive gamble from AW, I just hope he’s got it right.

  782. Morning Lee – I think AW has got it dreadfully wrong….

  783. I was the wrong side of a couple of bottles of Marques de Riscal last night so apologise for my negativity and ramblings! Got attacked by a mossy in the night to add insult to injury!!!!

  784. I’m off to Cartagena now but will be back as Arnie once said….Essien went to RM on loan in the end, even he would of given a glimmer of hope!

  785. Oh no Lee, bet you are a bit itchy this morning :(

  786. Have a good day Lee, catch you later….

    New Post up…

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