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Dentinho deal done? Celebrate Theo staying & This is when it all started last summer….

Morning Gooners,

Don’t you just love Wikipedia…

‘Bruno Ferreira Bonfim (born 19 January 1989), commonly known as Dentinho, is a Brazilian footballer who plays as a striker for Arsenal FC. He is considered a skillful striker that can double up as a target man’.

Yes, that’s the page about the Brazilian player which no doubt has been interfered with by a naughty girl/boy after a couple of tweets were on Twitter yesterday suggesting we had struck a deal for the striker.

LadyArse broke the story yesterday but as she says, the Twitter account is no doubt fake.

Another rumour gathering pace involves Gregory Van der Wiel, suggestion is that he could very well be the defender making his way to us.

In other news, Theo Walcott and Wenger sat down yesterday and had a good old chin wag and the result was our striker is staying, for a while anyway. What went on in that meeting no-one really know, but John Cross of The Daily Mirror believes he does.

As long as the clock strikes 11pm UK time and he’s still an Arsenal player, it has to be good news. He will no doubt then sign a new long term contract .

There are plenty of players to be shown the exit door before Theo.

Celebrate him staying, yes I will but I know a lot of fans will be choking on their cornflakes over that!

Onto today’s post: 

Two days to go before the heavy clunk of the transfer window closing will herald the end of the silly season and managers will have to make do with what they have.

Put another way, managers will have to get on and do their job. Manage! Yes, even you, Senor Mancini…..

Are we Arsenal fans in for another exciting, if rather embarrassing, last day jamboree, as was the case 12 months ago. Or will we see one or two more quality additions, to make this the most encouraging Summer Window since 2001, when Jeffers, Van Bronckhorst, Richard Wright and Sol Campbell arrived to settle down an unsettled Patrick Vieira and propel Arsenal onto their 3rd Domestic Double.

It’s only eleven years ago but 2001 could be in another century, such has the business face of the transfer market changed. Back then, the type of business done by Arsene Wenger this summer, would be viewed as normal. Well, except, probably, selling Robin Van Persie to club in decline!

Go back 20 years and if one or two quality signings were made, it would almost be a case for an open-top bus parade.

Nowadays we seem to need to see four, five or even six big signings before we’re satisfied….

Even then, we’re still that two or three ‘mythical’ signings away from the complete squad, such is the unquenchable hunger of the football fan, myself included….

But even if Arsene cannot get in one more quality player, I’ll still consider this window, all things considered, a successful summers work.

In Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla, I think Wenger has collected three of the best signings of the summer. Three signings that in my opinion, have made this current squad considerably superior to this time last year.

We, as fans, or many of us, are still to see how good some of our young players are. These young players can save the club millions and reward us with the type of loyalty that is an ever-increasing rarity these days. They want to play for the club, wear the shirt and they realise what it means to be an Arsenal player…

Players like Yennaris, Frimpong, Gibbs, Aneke, Afobe (when he returns), Boateng and Jenkinson (living the dream) need to be encouraged by the fans and shown patience by the supporters, something Arsenal fans were well versed in when I first began to visit Highbury.

Familiar as we once were in bringing through our home-made players, giving them time, and showing what knowledgeable supporters we were…

That patience and knowledge has diluted in recent years as fans desire a quick-fix….

You only have to see the reaction to Jack Wilshere, to see that those traditional Arsenal values of showing patience with our young players, whilst encouraging them, is still alive and well.

Arsenal’s NextGen 3-0 victory over their French counterparts Marseille last night is another reason to believe we have a very good crop of younger players coming through too.

We can all drink to that….

Champions League draw later today, let’s hope we get a good group….

Written by Allezkev

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633 comments on “Dentinho deal done? Celebrate Theo staying & This is when it all started last summer….

  1. Morning all. Nice post Kev.

  2. Onya Kev.
    A positive start to a wonderful day…actually,its evening here,but its the thought that counts!!

  3. Nice post Kev. dead positive. Like it.

  4. Morning all,

    Nice post Ak, have to agree re the signings already made, but we still need 2/3 more. 2001 set to return, I hope so….

  5. salut Kev …morning all
    great post …always thought we have some of the best policy
    around when it comes to youth developement,

  6. Top Dutch newspaper

    Afellay in contact with ‘big club’
    Ibrahim Afellay hopes for the end of the transfer deadline Barcelona in exchange for a new club. His agent Rob Jansen currently has contact with a ‘big club’ for Afellay. “I love that name, however for me, because it is sensitive. The names that I read as candidates, are completely out of the blue, totally nonsense, “said Jansen in the AD. The advocate is referring to Zenit St Petersburg, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, clubs in the Spanish media said.

  7. Didn’t it all start this time last summer, two in and then 3 on DD?

  8. Your sensational headlines are akin to some gutter press used to pull in readers.

  9. All this positivity it may catch on…. Top drawer 47!
    Inbox Adam re the mutt!

  10. Syg – that counts us out then ;)

    I couldn’t find the Nik story in the link you sent me..

  11. Top dutch newspaper

    Van der Wiel candidate at Arsenal
    Gregory van der Wiel (24) is still in the picture at Arsenal as right. The Amsterdammer must away at Ajax and preys on a transfer to a big club abroad, reports AD Sportwereld. Arsenal’s Bacary Sagna’s first choice on the right in the last line, but the French international broke his leg early May in the duel with Norwich City and is therefore still not recovered. Arsène Wenger and players affairs director Richard Law, Van der Wiel for a while on their list and standing next few days will decide whether to make an offer. “I can not confirm or deny,” Law said yesterday. “We never notices on transfer issues.”

  12. morning Rico
    yes,some positivity to start the day with,refreshing.
    rumours start to come about Arsenal this morning which is
    a good thing surely.

  13. Nice Positive post thanks Kev!

  14. Please not another…

  15. Well done Franny… !!

  16. Seems so Lee :roll:

  17. Its probably the most sensible post all summer seen as everyone wants song replaced forgetting absenties from last season Diaby, Wilshere ( soon to return fingers legs and arms crossed) and Frimpong all able to play there so 3 new signings there all in that position and still got Eisfield, Gnarby and Aneke all ready for 1st team appearances so I think we have a great squad and for the 1st time in a few years a good balance between youth and experience and if we can lose some dead weight maybe another signing but I think if the strikers settle in ASAP we will have a terrific season and do the treble GOONER4LIFE

  18. Nice post…. For me i am more concerned with squad integration. The past two matches(without rosicky,kolscieny,sagna,wilshere?) has given me hope of a top 2 finish and a carling cup win. If and only if le boss can sort out the goalscoring issues. So one more signing for me-mvilla if theo stays.

  19. this year arsenal will finish fifth or sixth unless they sign M’villa, Falcao, Baines and Subotic.

    Sagna Subotic Vermal Baines

    M’villa Wilshe


    Walcot Falcao Podoliski

    This has to be Arsenal

  20. Hiya Rico. I mailed you last night @ 11.00pm ish – it was on the front page. It’s moved a bit since. !!!!!


  21. Did anyone watch the Nextgen match?

  22. I would agree with you that the 3 signings we have made this year are incredible signings for the mighty AFC and our 3-0 win last night was mre than impressive but on recent history are these young players really going to make it in the first team? With only Wilshere the notable exception and to a lesser degree Gibbs who in the last 15 years has come through the youth ranks to be a real star in the 1st team? I still think we need 2-3 signings – 1 defender, 1 holding midfielder and 1 proven premier league experienced striker and we will once again be champions!!!

    The next 2 days will be interesting to say the least and I still have every faith in Arsenal and Wenger!!!!

  23. Wubey… Which planet are you on?

  24. joyswed, the game on sunday will be very different and i wouldn’t bet against both Pod and Giroud opening their account.

    They just need one and hopefully we’ll see another striker sign or Theo finally moved central.

  25. Interesting story re: M’Vila if you want to read it that way ….


  26. Wubey, that’s all a bit wishful thinking isn’t it?

    AU hasn’t taken over yet…

  27. Great post Kev, morning all.

  28. I don’t think we have concluded our player purchases for this window yet. In fact I believe we have at least 2 more players to come and one of them could potentially be as big as Cazrola, Poldy and Giraud.

    Regarding Walcott I really cant be bothered. I think he realizes that if he leaves Arsenal he will be going from his comfort zone into a club that will not support him in the manner the manager has done.

    Van der Weel? No don’t really rate him to be honest. I would rather have Mbiwa who is a far better player.

    With a possible 2 more signings and the youngsters that are now pounding on the 1st team door we have one hell of a team in the making.

  29. good post kev…joywedjeff…was going to ask the same question…morning all.

  30. Thanks Syg, fingers crossed on Nik then…

  31. According to FranceFootball.fr Olympique Lyonnais had their official team photo shot and missing from the line up was Hugo Lloris, Cris, Michel Bastos and Gomis Bafétimbi and Yoann Gourcuff.

    Both Bastos & Gourcuff have been linked with us.

  32. Welcome to those just joining HH this morning

    TT – i’m not convinced re VdW either and i’d rather Mbiwa too, or even Sakho..

    Theo – one good thing is he wants to stay, really wants to stay, it could be a case of AW telling him to pull his socks up and proves he’s worth keeping…

  33. Morning All,
    Fine positive post Kev….We may need another come the morn of sat/01/09.

  34. You enjoying this transfer window Syg ;)

  35. ha ha. Nice one Gunner-Mac….

    Kev and Rico are on with it now…. They’re like the Government’s PR department…. LOL

  36. Gourcuff seems to crop every now and again,doesnt he.
    Guys,stop picking on Wubey.
    I believe hes the anonymous one buying up Arsenal shares.
    He must be,because if he’s not that loaded,who the hell else does he expect to cough up for those players??

  37. Bastos o.k,but Gourcuff why?

  38. I can’t wait for the moment that Jim White brings the transfer window to a hysterical! screaming and quite ludicrous close tomorrow evening on SSN. His cheeks glowing red and his silver hair glistening under the studio lights, Jim treats every tiny thing as if it is an announcement that aliens have landed on the Emirates pitch as he shuffles his attention between the papers shuffling across his desk and the countdown clock. Then we can all make our own assessment as to whether the squad is strong enough. I have put my cynicism away until then.

  39. GM – that saturday one may yet be very positive, I bloomin hope so…

  40. I like the transfer window, Rico. Always have. It gives you a sense of optimism. I certainly cannot fault Arsene Wenger so far. What he has brought in is quality.

    Hope it continues and there are no bum deals to spoil it i.e Park, Chamakh, Squillaci etc

  41. Hasn’t gourcuff Injured his knee ligaments in pre season syg?

    I read he’s out for 6 months

  42. Anyone got a take on Esteban Granero from Real Madrid to QPR? That is an odd one.

  43. I feel like only half the plan has been implemented myself.

  44. francefootball mentioned a “knee” but translated it all sounds garbled. You’re probably right, Rick.

    The same page it mentions the headline “Berbatov, setter rabbits”…
    God knows what that means???

  45. Gotcha Rick – he’s out for 3 months according to Remi Garde…

  46. He’s perfect for us then.

  47. Can anyone really tell me that they will be happy if the window closes and we haven’t added any players to the squad??

    Even Cazorla thinks we should add and how can we sell players make a profit and still not buy.Please tell me we are still in the market.

  48. Just read Gourcuff could be out for up to 3 months.

  49. Mr Arsenal. I am with you on this one.

  50. :P Adam, you and most of us I think..

    bondex, not for me either..

  51. Has anyone heard Wenger say anything that remotely suggests he wont be bringing in more players?
    I haven’t.
    It will happen.

  52. Keep the faith guys……plenty happened this time last year.

  53. I will be gutted if we don’t to be honest.

    I know i shouldn’t listen to the mirror sfo,but john cross article suggest’s we have done our business and there will only be out going’s.I so hope he is wrong.

  54. I won’t be Mr A….

    Syg, that move seems likely, they are closing in on Mbia too….

  55. Are you happy with the squad then rico??

  56. Nice post :) I am happy with what we have now, but yeah, I would definitely want one more striker in the form of Dzeko(or any good striker for that matter with prem experience)…Our defence has developed in a huge way with Bould coming in and our midfield is rock solid now except for Diaby(Sloppy I feel)…it is a penetrator in the D we need and a strong one…We have Giroud and Podi…but still it will take sometime until they gel well…And a strong striker will get us some goals…I have a feeling that almost every game we play …we’ll have a clean sheet… :D (fingers crossed)…

    Have a good day! :)
    Arsenal for life! :)

  57. i think we will bring in at least two more, maybe more if we can get rid of a few….

  58. No Mr A, I said I won’t be happy if we don’t add at least two more….

    Reality is we need 4.

    Defender who can play across the back line
    Attacking player

  59. Rakesh – The times reckon we are interested in Dzeko, but £18M would suggest we are not…

  60. watched highlights of nextgen match,our youngsters look a
    class act in the making,i wont be surprised if i see 2-3 promoted to the first team this season already…deservedly so.

    apparently we are linked with Dzeko ,city are holding out
    on 18m..

  61. Oh i get you rico,were on the same page then.I agree with you fully.
    For once can’t Arsenal put there hand in there pockets and just buy what we need.

    That article has put doubt in mind that i never had.

  62. Much to agree with in this article, but not all.

    To feel that we’ve already done enough in the transfer market is almost delusional … we haven’t yet and need at least 2/3 players brought in yet ?
    But first, players out : We must off-load Bentdner ; Squillachi ; Djourour; Chamakh; Denilson ( not just another loan ),; Fabianski ; and possibly AA ( if he still wants his homeland ? ). These combined will add another £20+ to the already healhy coffers. We have heard already that AA is back in negotiation with Zenit, whilst Squiilachi, Chamakh and Bentdner are all about to sign elsewhere the quicker, the better really ). Just Park, Fab, Djourou and Denilson to ship out then …
    On to players still needed brought in : a defender ; DM ; and another quality striker. Some are calling for another back-up goalkeeper, as Manny seems to have a touch of the Fabianski’s about him, but he is a fairly decent shot-stopper whom needs to build a touch more confidence, I feel. So, as for defence, it’s a difficult one to call ? I like young Jenkinson at right-back and he is good cover for Sagna ( maybe given time will be more than his equal ? ). I see the left back area as cause for concern still, despite young Gibbs coming into the role fairly well. Gibbs can often get cuahgt out of position and Santos is really an attacking winger, if anything ? Bould is soworking his magic on the back-line, for sure, but in I’d aim for a versatile defender who can play across the back line. DM … well that comes down to M’Villa or Biglia, for me. Striker … I like Dempsey, but we’ll either go for Defoe or another spanish/french import possibly.
    With the above aquisitions and departures, I’d feel very, very positive about Arsenal’s chances for this coming season.

  63. Plus Dzeko wages would put Arsenal off right from the start.

  64. Guys,most,if not all,of you know im in Australia.
    My question is how these journos get their information on possile Arsenal targets??
    If they have decent sources,why is they are totally wrong 98% of the time??
    Next question is,regardless of why they’ro wrong 98% of the time,why would anyone stress over their latest “scoop”??
    Mr A,im not trying to be a smart arse here,but its always struck me that most Gooners ignore positive rumours from journos,yet then jump all over negative ones.
    If John Cross(just using the obvious example),suggested we were looking at Lionel Messi,no Gooner would believe it.
    If he then suggested that Vermaelen,Kozzer,Cazorla and Szczesny had all handed in transfer requests,most Gooners would be having heart palpitations.
    Media equals selling newspapers equals do ANYTHING to sell newspapers equals who gives a shit about the truth as long as we sell newspapers.
    Wenger never discusses targets,end of section.

  65. Swap deal with Theo for Dzeko…..

  66. Juve for Bendtner now???

  67. hakzah – i think some of the younger players will get a chance in the CO Cup and maybe the FA Cup too…

    MR A – don’t believe the press…. Wenger loves the last two days of the summer, it’s bargain days….

  68. No sfo i don’t think your being that at all and i don’t often listen to anything the media write,but its just that john cross is a gooner and has close links to the club that has me a bit worried.

    I think it’s me worrying that the window is getting closer and there’s no real link’s.I still deep down believe we will sign someone.

  69. Scott, stop with your naughtiness, Theo is staying put ;)

  70. I honestly feel AW has put on his old self…he is probably saying to himself we don’t need another goalkeeper if the defence can always be as god as it was against stoke ( i agree)…reading the mind of this man(AW) is like reading the mind of a dead pig….IMHO we won’t be buying any more as we’ve already gotten a new striker in TW 14

  71. Rico. Your 10.30 is bang on. :)

  72. Sinclair to Citeh back on, medical today….

  73. will be funny if city forced to pay half of Dzeko’s wages a la
    (Ademoneymore), like the funniest of all transfer deals ever that took him to spuds.

    City might be after Loic Remy ,so they could be offloading
    Dzeko….he will be quality signing if…..

  74. What was going through everyones mind exactly 1 year ago,to the day?
    What happened next?

  75. Ganso being labelled a mercenary by Santos fans who were slinging coins at him from the stands


  76. Whats Dzeko an a week guys?

  77. I’m not so sure bondex….

    Mr A – it could be JC isn’t in the know. JS suggested yesterday that we are still trying to sign players and he has a bit more inside knowledge I believe..

    Adam, in reality, that could cost less than £50million, some of which could be recouped by selling:



  78. Scott. Funnily enough, more or less exactly what’s going through it today. Different situation though.

  79. hakzah – Totts are in talks with Remy this morning

    Scott £150K + I would imagine…

  80. 140,000 grand a week mate.

  81. I was still angry, bitter, sad and furious after a loss at OT Scott and wanted Wenger out the door asap!

  82. Yeah Jamie sanderson is very good.I’ll try focus on the positives :)

  83. Well,if Citeh gave up some of the transfer fee,he’d be a decent buy.

  84. And i was saying we would still finish top 4 Rico lol!!

  85. Morning all,
    Walcott probably went home, kept punching the numbers into his calculator and reality set in.
    20 odd mill ain’t to be sniffed at, even Kev would get outta bed for that.
    The transfer window started off great with some early additions but I don’t quite get it how a club like ours has to go down to the final line every year to get it’s business done, well I do really AW loves a bargain.
    I’m sure we could have got M’Vila weeks ago if we really wanted him, we still might with a bit of haggling.

  86. Rico. As we have discussed many times before, everything stems from a successful side on the pitch. Wenger’s only job is to win football matches and equip Arsenal with a squad strong enough to do that. This he has failed to do for a while. Obviously, there are extenuating circumstances which have contributed to this but, I believe we were told, that this year, we could compete in the transfer market ably enough to achieve the depth of squad we all desperately want to see. This could yet happen. I refer again to your 10.30 post. I think you are right. Why are we always bumping along the bottom? If, for a single season, Arsenal lose money by covering all bases in the squad, then what difference? The club is worth over a billion quid and on-pitch success would only enhance that. We are not under threat from FFP and as Ivan never tires of telling us, nobody takes any money out of the club in the way of a dividend anyway as Arsenal shares do not pay them.

  87. Buongiorno tutti! Great post Kev. Nice to see you so positive ona a wet Thursday morning!

    We’ll bring in at least one more player. I don’t think we need anyone else up front. And Wubey…. Is Baines the best you could have come up with in your fantasy team?! I confidently predict we’ll finish higher than you predict we will, WITHOUT those 4 players.

    Anyone see Paddy Barclay was actually not slagging us off for a change in yesterday’s Standard?! Had to read the article twice to make sure there wasn’t some sort of pun that I’d missed in the article!

  88. Mr A, that’s what we have to do, if AW doesn’t make the signings, then he’s in for a tough time IF things go wrong, but until 11pm tomorrow night, I’m going to try and keep hope…

    Our problem is what has gone on before in the transfer windows and that’s why we are all sceptical, but Arteta, Yossi and Merts weren’t bad signings this time last year….

  89. And – we haven’t had the ‘next young star’ signing yet ;)

  90. wenger is one of the most frustrted person when he sees arsenal play…it looks like he may just explode any minute… i know for sure that we will buy new players.. our players are not a problem our style of play is…
    we are too slow when we attack whick allows the opposition time to regroup… we need quick players … players who pass the ball around quickky .. having a bunch of pacy players dosent mean we are a quick team.. Diaby is too slow… arteta is also slow… walcott, Gerviniho are all slow players… by slow i dont mean they cant sprint… by slow i mean they take too much time on the ball thinking what to do…
    How many times have we seen arteta hesitate to play a through ball..
    how wany times have you see seen diaby take too long on the ball… how many times have you see walcott and gervinho jus run straight at the oppositions defence and then loose the ball…
    If we sign new players i dont want them to be super start but players who are quick coz in a 433/ 4231 that we play we need players with quick thinking.. 433 is not whatyou do with the ball its about what you do without the ball at your feet.

  91. I have just heard that a “super class” player will be coming in. But I can’t tell you who.

  92. Adam,

    you and I agree there and yes we were told we would be competitive this summer and to a degree we have been. But as we know, right now it stands at 2 out and 3 in and imho that is just ‘keeping up’.

    Suggestion is we have £60m in the bank available to spend and that is what we should be doing. Give the dross away if need be and save on wages.

    Those four players would make us winners and with that comes all the off field deals which would bring in far more money than we are earning right now….

    But then you already know that ;)

  93. Betting

    There’s been some movement

    Cheick Tiote 11/10 same
    Yohan Cabaye 2/1 up from 4/1
    Yann MVila 13/8 same
    Edin Dzeko 9/2 up from 6/1
    Fernando Llorente 5/1 up from 7/1
    Clint Dempsey 5/1 down from 9/2
    Isco 6/1 same
    Arjen Robben 8/1 same
    Klaas-Jan Huntelaar 12/1 same
    Robert Lewandowski 12/1 same
    Jermaine Defoe 14/1 same
    Giuseppe Rossi 20/1 same
    Kaka 20/1 same
    Nani 25/1 same

  94. Morning Micko.

    calculator, the school he went to would have taught him how to add such small figures up in his mind ;)

  95. Morning Rocky & Terry

    Back in 20…

  96. rico says:
    August 30, 2012 at 11:07 am

    Still waiting for it, Rico !!!

  97. Hi SYG. I stand by my Goonster-esque prediction from last week that Tiote will sign for us. Can’t see the point in us going for Cabaye. a guy here with a NUFC season ticket (same one who told me about Tiote a couple of weeks ago) insists Cabaye is certainly no better than we have, and doesn’t rate the bloke.

  98. Hiya Rocky – Is Barclay that bad?
    I read yesterdays article and it was sound. James Olley generally writes positively.

  99. Gee,i say do a Dzeko x Theo deal,and it’s already up on the net as a rumour lol!!
    Im reasonably confident its a coincidence :)

  100. plz go n retire mr wenger

  101. Tiote makes sense Rocky. Another African who we’ll lose for half a season…

    A twitter by NUFC fans yesterday stated that Cabaye going to Arsenal was a “step down” !!

  102. Loic Remy is our latest “target”!!!
    How many is that so far??

  103. Scott, don’t suppose you’ve had any Chamakh abberations by any chance have you ?

  104. Barclay is a massive twat generally. Olley is pretty good to be fair to him.

    Scott… Remy is off to the Spuds apparently, along with Affelay according to some. They’re welcome to both. I’m just gudded they got Dembele.

  105. Morning from the list that SYG posted for me Kaka please, creative spark we need and we could give RM Arshavin? Wishful thinking I suppose but it would put a smile on my face if we signed him, can you imagine how many shirts would be sold with his name on them?

  106. *gutted

  107. Hiya Vernat. We failed with a loan bid for him last year.
    Milan recently pulled out of negotiations with Real Madrid as Madrid were apparently looking for £20M. From reports in Italy – Gazzetto I think – Kaka described Mourinho as “Not a nice man”.
    Real Madrid definitely want to get him off their wage bill – that’s the problem – he’s on mega money.

    Suker signed for us in 2000 and took a pay cut, so who knows?

  108. I thinkl Arsenal have to change their formation this 4-3-3 is not working for us, i would try something like this:

    arteta/or whoever we signing as a DM!

    depending on team we play against 2 of the 3 strikers ie. stoke like teams poldi and giroud, top 10 teams play theo and either giroud or poldi depending on form.

  109. Gooner in Barcelona blog says club has enquired after two RM players doesn’t name names so another rumour out there. Thank god the rugby season starts tomorrow as well so i can keep my questionable sanity for a little longer.

  110. £20M would make that back in merchandise in a couple of years if he plays well no problems, as for Mourinho he’s a twat but he wins so that is why he is at Madrid.

    If WWE made managers for football clubs Mourinho would be there man, wait until the ref isn’t looking and poke in the eye for the opposition, classless egomaniac actually is probably a better description.

  111. Micko,Chamakh will go to Besiktas or Malaga on loan.

  112. Rocky,story has it we are considering a late bid for Remy,and the reason he hasn’t signed with Spuds is he is hoping for CL football.

  113. Shit,i beat SYG!!

  114. Twice!!
    Your slowing down,Syg :)

  115. Good Morning Rico et al.

    Kev — Great article with an good upbeat tone. Just what we needed. It was getting a little gloomy and testy here yesterday.

  116. Ha ha. Nice one Scott. The Besiktas link was in FotoMac – the Turkish football journal the other day … I didn’t know about Malaga though … That is interesting …

  117. I bet we get one Syg ;)

  118. Part of the Cazorla deal was some sort of loan agreement….Malaga really are struggling,arent they??

  119. I read it 7 minutes ago.
    Nah,just kidding Syg :)

  120. It would be great if we could do a deal for Dzeko similar to the one the Spuds did for Adebuymore. Arsene was interested in Dzeko before we were outbid by Abu Dhabi Citeh. He has the Premier League experience to hit the ground running.

  121. I wouldn’t mind Toulalan or Isco from them…
    However they are now both cup-tied for the Champs League

  122. I reckon Dempsey might sign for us yet……

    I wish Niks agents would stop talking and get on with a bit more ‘doing’…

    Chamakh offski too

    Hoorah :)

  123. Hi CG, I will try and maintain Ak’s positivity tomorrow, maybe AW will help me to do that at some stage today….

  124. I’m just hearing that dempsey is on the verge of signing for liverpool.

  125. Isco is the one i’d love Syg……a star in the making.

  126. The enigma that is Bendtner.

    Juventus wanted Van Persie, Llorente and they end up with Bendtner …

    It’s like scouring JCT600 for a Ferrari and coming home with ……

    The king of the road !

  127. Afternoon all you happy Gooners.
    Except Franny. You must have a dull life son!
    Thanks for a great sub-edit Rico. Top drawer.
    Cheers for all the positive comments guys.
    Busy busy today, so gotta catch up.

  128. Rico — This is always a difficult time for the fans, but I think no news is good news right now. That means Arsene, Law. and Gazidis are busy doing deals on the QT.

  129. Hi Rico, :-)

    Excellent Post, AK, made good reading!! :-)

  130. I saw the first draft AK,and it was shit.
    Sorry…an oldy but a goody….as was the joke lol.
    How goes it mate?

  131. Hey Rico everyone,

    Anyone for Donny Graham for Swansea?

  132. Mr A, i didn’t realise that one, thought Fulham were naffed off with Liverpool over the deal and there was little chance of him now going there..
    :lol: Syg….

    Morning AK, pleasure as always, good to get a bit of upbeat back after my doom and gloom post yesterday ;)

    CG – think Aw is doing his press conference today, wtach out for a few fibs and grins from him

    Hi RA

  133. What’s the betting we’ll end up in a Champs League Group with Man City, Paris SG and Malaga … whilst Man Utd get Braga, Anderlecht and Nordsjaelland?

  134. We definitely won’t pay that kind of money, not for a back up striker ;)

  135. Rico — Re: positivity, etc. That was not a dig at you, but one or two of our less tolerant posters high-jacked the agenda yesterday.

  136. SYG, I’d be gutted if we sold Bendtner to Juve.
    He’s the clubs top scorer with 45 goals.
    Where’s our ambition ?
    It would be a sad day for Arsenal.

  137. Betting on Berbatov to West Ham has JUST been suspended?

  138. Such a humble,modest chap as well,hey Micko?
    A sad,sad day in the life of a Gooner.

  139. Were there a lot of doomers on here yesterday?

  140. or just a load of bellends?

  141. Too right Scot, people quickly forget he also scored 8 goals for Sunderland last season.

  142. Adam has Squill,we have Nik…fairs fair!!

  143. rico, 12.00, I can guarantee we’ll all be scratching our heads half an hour later, still none the wiser.

  144. Rico — I think Arsene is doing his press conference a day early as he expects to be very busy on Friday. That is a positive sign. I think how he looks and how he reacts to questions will tell us more than what he says. If he looks tired, but relaxed, talkative, and gives us the odd tounge in cheek grin; I’ll be pleased. If he is upbeat so will I.

  145. Can we get a club in the groups from the PL syg?

  146. I suspect so too Micko, he gives nothing away, not even Chamakh ;)

    Nik may have been a lot better had he played as a CF and didn’t have such an ego… Best thing he did was nut Ade ;)

  147. Micko — Re: your 12:04 You’re taking the Michael again.

  148. I didn’t take it that way CG ….

    rocky – i think you know the answer to that…

  149. One from the rumour site just to keep you all smiling ….

    30 Aug 2012 09:44:24

    Apparently Tiote can’t agree personal terms with Arsenal after meeting Gazidis last night – reliable source who works in Arsenals head office – also she indicated that there were talks with bringing fabregas on loan from Barcelona (he didn’t feature in the super cup)

  150. Its all fun Canadian Gooner.

  151. Rico,tell your source to tell their source to tell the lady in head office to tell Wenger….shit,cant remember what i wanted to tell him!

  152. The Fabregas “thing” has been all over the Spanish press for the last few days. At Arsenal he was a Goliath of a player, however at Barcelona he isn’t quite fitting into their system …..
    Barcelona would never loan him back to us ….. Sell him, maybe.

    This early it would smart of failure on Fabregas’ part. Especially as he “engineered” his move away.

    Rico – re: the Champs League – no idea……?

  153. Man City got a deal for Scott Sinclair …

  154. Micko — We could have used a bit nore of that yesterday.

  155. Just passing it on Scott.. ;)

    Syg, just checked on afc.com

    The draw for the group stage of this season’s UEFA Champions League takes place at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco at 4.45pm (UK time) on Thursday.

    Thirty-two sides, including Arsenal, have qualified for the group stage and the strength of the Gunners’ UEFA co-efficient means they will be seeded for the draw.

    The other clubs in pot one are Chelsea, Barcelona, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Porto and Milan.

    Manchester City are in pot two but teams from the same national association cannot be drawn against each other in the group stage.

    Scroll to the bottom of this page for details on the workings of Thursday’s group stage draw and check the tables for the teams in pots one to four.

    Stay close to Arsenal.com for news and reaction from Thursday’s draw plus fixture dates and ticket information.

  156. Have to pop out for a couple of hours.

    Be good and be nice to each other :P

    Later all

  157. That means we’ll get Valencia then Rico… We never seem to do well against them …!

  158. Ok Alan,Gambon,Merlin…she is goooone……..

  159. What time is Arsene’s press conference scheduled for?

  160. Stay close to Arsenal.com mmmmmmm.

  161. A new player announcement??

  162. Scott — Please don’t tempt fate. Let us keep things positive.

  163. I think ‘Terry’ above makes a good point about ‘speed of thought and action ‘ above ? In terms of pace, Arsenal possibly have more than their fair share in the EPL, but I too have noticed a rather obvious slowing down of anticipation in the Arsenal play and build up when on the pitch over the last two years in particular ? I wouldn’t haul Arteta into the blame fore for this, though – he actually is pretty good at spoting a pass and getting it through rather sharpish … but I think the team’s creative players seem to have lost some of thier spontaniety and this oft results in us doodling on the ball longer than is necessary of conducive to a good defense splitting move ? Carzola is a breath of fresh air in this regard and he’ll unlock a lot of defenses this year, I feel. It just comes down to the striker and players around him really mentally tuning into the guy, along with Arteta, and we’ll see some pretty spectacular stuff on the field of play ! This is why I stressed earlier that we really need a top quality DM brought in, so that Arteta’s own creativity is not lost in that back role – Arteta has a lot to give and he’d serve well up alongside Carzola.

  164. Afternoon all………….. Far to positive on here today I’m on the GG already and awaiting all the excuses that I’ll hear on Saturday :D

    We can’t play another English team in the group stages so the answer is no we cant get drawn against Shitty….!

  165. Another sad day on transfers in, i honestly think our best transfer for the last 7 yrs is going to be AW out…

  166. LB,i said the same thing all of last season……when we have good movement on and off the ball,we won,but when we didnt……..
    CG….i go against the flow mate.
    Tempting fate is my little enjoyment.

  167. Or you going to LG,DNA :)

  168. Gunnerdna wenger is the most loyal person at the club.
    Be very careful what you wish for.

  169. Not sure Canadian Gooner, it has to be before the CL draw ceremony at 5, I know that’s about as much help as a broken leg to you.
    I’m off, wath’s here.

  170. AW is also the highest paid at the club that brings lots of loyalty….!

  171. Bendtner agreed terms at Juve…just Arsenal to agree! wtf snap their frickin hands off!

  172. Nice post Kev, nice and positive at this stage. Though if the transfer window closes and we haven’t added anyone I have to say I will be hugely disappointed. As usual it also appears that Gazidis again stands to look as though he is full of sh** !! “We have learnt that this year we will do our business early” blah, blah, blah and that is after putting himself and his team up as being incompetent in last summers transfer window. That is partly why i hate the idea that we benchmark what is going on in this window, with what happened in the last, because that was simply not mean’t to happen. However, that is what we are left with to grasp at.

    I really do like the transfers that we have made but to say we are better than last year is such a close call to make that it is therefore highly debatable, which is a shame because pre RVP departure it really felt that we were making a staement – that feeling has subsided a hell of a lot, its now a case of will we make that investment push.

    A team and a squad shouldn’t necessarily be judged on total investment etc, but yet ANOTHER transfer profit really would smack of a lack of ambition and actually start to reek of asset stripping Mr Kroenke !!

  173. Ur just after my spot at the bar eh Micko :P

  174. Jim ‏@OliPriceBates
    Official: Juventus have agreed terms with Bendtner (the hardest part) and will now discuss a fee (loan or perm) with the Gunners.

  175. Mr A we will all see loyal when the team drops from the top 4 and we loose a few players because we cannot offer ecl. AW has 38 more hrs to save himself or he is going to b 1 of the most hated person over the season…watch this space

  176. The ‘OUTS’ are gonna happen now lets have some ‘INS’ ! :D

  177. Hallo gunners! It looks highly likely that NB52 is offloaded to Juve. Player agreed terms and the clubs are talking.

    Park is off as well as he goobyed the players. Celta showing interset. And with Chamakh set to leave also either to Malaga or Besiktas, which is very keen than A massive salary cup relief has achieved..

    Nzonzi deal to Olympiacos collapses due to sudden interest from club from PL.

    Source JS except for Nzonzi.

    With these players out now the true colors of any potential intent in bringing late players in will be reveiled. Fingers crossed mates!

  178. DNA your post without giving an alternative solution proves that

    Real stupidity beats artificial intelligence every time.

  179. Oz people remain loyal sometimes because u allowed them to dictate, that’s why my name will b on my afc kit from now on. Nobody at afc is more loyal than who is on hh because we will never cheer for spud or man u, players leave afc and play for them…#loyal

  180. Gunnerdna people say that every year and last year was our so called weakest side for years and still finished 3rd.

    I think this squad we have now will get in the top 4,but if we add we can be in with a shout for honours come the end of season.

  181. Hey Wath, how’s things in Camden?
    It’s just stopped raining at Gloucester Road.
    Then again, I may have imagined it as i’m delusional…
    Scott… :lol:
    Stop peeping at my rough draught’s

  182. vern we support the same team, that’s all i got to say….

  183. Also how can you say that Arsene ain’t loyal?? He could have jumped ship plenty of times.We really do have one of the best managers in the world.

  184. hey,does anyone have a link to yesterday game next gen series

  185. Mr A i want afc to be in with a shout for honours i’m tired of hearing top 4..

  186. I don’t have a problem with you or your opinion DNA, but you cant just say sack the manager and not tell us who should be the next manager, what he will do differently and why this will be better especially given that he will not have time to change the squad at all.

  187. All good AK, least my wellies come in handy mate ;-)

  188. Mr A he could only survive at afc, no trophy for 7 yrs?

  189. Anyone knowing when is Arsene’s press release scheduled today? And apparently QPR agreed a fee with Real for Granero. Interesting at least.

  190. Wath, I detect some PTWT on here today..
    Less than 34 hours to go lads.
    Keep Calm….

  191. Gdna, we’ve gone far longer without winning trophies, the trophies for me is secondary, it’s being competitive that’s the issue and with the club selling off our best players and not buying in enough quality it’s why we have struggled…! The three early signings were great then we sell vP and ding along and we’re one player better off than last season. We are still penny pinching it seems and we have 60million in the bank yet so far we’ve failed to address where we are short…! Still 36 hours to sort it though so we’ll have to wait and see.

  192. morning all.

    ssn confirm granero to qpr

  193. i don’t wish harm upon others but kaboul is out for 4 months. ouch.

  194. I think there is plenty of that knocking about AK………….!

    Press conference is now I think Gnet…..!?!?!

  195. W.A.T.H hopefully something will happen today bro…

  196. So now it’s all my fault,hey DNA??
    You were blaming Wenger before…make up your mind champ.
    Kev,Rico runs them by me for the thumbs up lol!!

  197. You have to look beyond the trophy factor dna.
    At other club’s he would be given larger finances and not told to make a profit year on year out.Ask yourself what other club has to do that?

    If your asking those question’s of Arsene,shouldn’t you being put that on the board aswell.If they get rid of wenger what makes you think we would go out and splash the cash like the chavs or city do?

    There are stacks more reasons why i would rather Arsene stayed then left.

    I still don’t see the Arsenal manager being anyone else but wenger sorry.

  198. W.A.T.H. great point well made, it will be interesting to see what the World looks like for us Gooners after 11pm on Friday.

    I actually think we have stood still numbers wise, obviously RvP has gone and Song, but people also forgt that Benny Boy has gone to, not that he was ours on a full time basis, but definitely played a decent role, particularly on the run in.

  199. From what i read around the web nothing concrete right now confirmed by Wenger. I really think that we are not going to sign anyone else in this window AW is talking about the players coming back.

  200. according to sky during wenger conference he said that the club is active in terms of transfer. he also said the club are not looking for average players

  201. Not looking good for us singning players…Don’t think arsene can find the players he ants:(…At least bendtners leaving tho :D….

  202. Mr Arsenal, you make a fair point, but its actually a point that the board deny, in fact they tell a different story and I think its that element of BS that really aggrevates the current fan base.

  203. ‘Wenger on transfers: ‘I am relaxed… if we find a top, top, top player we will do it. We are working hard’ And that’s it i am afraid gunners. Still one player away from being serious contenders but same old story there. Nevertheless the squad as it stands looks strong. God help us with fitness issues of Diaby, Wilshere and Arteta otherwise we will be in big trouble.

  204. Last minute posturing….. inquiries about players availability and then all the back and forth that goes with getting the price that’s right for both clubs means I reckon tomorrow is the day when things will happen IF they gonna happen but at least it looks like one way or another three will be leaving very soon hopefully a couple more as well which helps us with the squad numbers and having positions available for new players.

    One thing MR A, no one should expect us to splash the cash like the chavs or shitty we certainly don’t need to but we do need to spend what we got and we have not done that so far and if you read most of what people on here write it’s never to blame Wenger solely for that, it’s mostly the board, they are indeed the problem in my eyes but thats another story entirely.

  205. morning AKs, just a quick shout out cause am off to the DMV, hey DNA, how are ya? AK, you old crow, dont ever scare me like that. W.A.T.H you just walzt in and out of HH like you own the place dont ya? scotty keep up the positive jives my friend, i feel you.

  206. Too much speculation! I’ll wait until I see it on Arsenal.com before believing anything.

  207. I’m good goonster, waiting for some good news bro, be careful out there bro

  208. Stan,nothing much gets me down bud!!

  209. thanks DNA, where are you now? still in VA?

  210. jamie sanderson
    Wenger says club still looking for new players. Must be ‘top quality’, but adds ‘true strength is getting injured players back’.

  211. Bit of premature exclamation on here today from everybody myself included, the time to say what we have done or not done is Saturday until then it is all opinion or guesses.

    Lets judge the squad on Saturday when the window is closed and the team, Club and Manager when the season is over if there is not progress or success then lets change things and move in a different direction until then lets just support the team and club.

  212. I’m in and out of here like your in and out of ladies undies Stan…! ;-)

    Yeh you wish…!

  213. i trust ya scott….you, me and will come from the same stock i guess but folks like W.A.T.H, micko and alan are from………well you do the reat.

  214. How long have we been told that though Vernat… Judge us at the end of the season…! We have the opportunity to really push on this season, we have the cash from Queensland road property we have the 20million from last seasons transfer kitty and we have brought in three by selling two…! Another 2 quality players and it makes a huge statement of intent…! We have 30 odd hours to get it done…!

  215. Lol Stan!
    All Gooners through and through mate,so gotta love ‘em…..

  216. Wath,i say judge after that 30 hours is up,and not now.

  217. Have you been smoking your socks again Stanley…………..

  218. Plenty things that can be judged now Scott that have nothing to do with the transfer window mate. The main one being why leave everything to the last minute yet again IF we are about to bring more players in…! Why is the club run like that when it seems we’ve learnt not a thing from last August…! People at the club get paid an awful lot of money to apparently do things arse about face…!

  219. Wath,we got 3 players early on…cant say we have left everything to the last minute this time.
    We couldnt get new players in til we got rid of some,and its all happening now…..most clubs are doing their business now.

  220. Couldnt get MORE new players….

  221. Hi gooners,sad lansbury left.wish him all the best cos he’s a true gooner.our kids were sensational yesterday,they beat marsiel comfortably and my final wish is to see de rossi of roma become a gooner today.enjoy and lets pray de rossi join.

  222. If we got 3 players in early why were the rest not sorted earlier Scott…? Of course we’ve left it to the last minute mate we are one player better off than last season thats it and as someone said earlier we have also lost Yossi as well who was/is a good experienced PL player..! As it currently stands who here has total faith in Diaby lasting a season fully fit… Thats not even questioning if he’s good enough it’s saying are you all happy that your convinced he will stay fit… Add Rosicky to that as well and who knows how long Jack will take to be 100% and there are lots of risks being taken with injuries and players fitness and our track record with that is very poor !! We’re playing a very fine line with the above and if that goes tits up we’re in shit..! Why take such risks…! Hopefully they are working on that and will address that in the before 11pm tomorrow night. I sure hope so.

  223. Indeed, Scott.

    As for Wenger, I have more or less been in the Arsene camp, but with occasional bouts of doubt ( more so over the last 2 years, I must admit ) ?
    I do agree also that this transfer window is rather critical for Arsenal for a number of reasons and both the board and manager must ensure that they buy in the quality required, no excuses ! Personally, I am rather annoyed that we didn’t try harder to get Miralles in – at £6 mill he would of been the best striker buy of the window for me ( the kid has real talent and will just go from strength to strength now that he has arrived in the EPL, albeit for Everton and not us – look at his first game from Everton already : a brace and two assists ! ). Miralles stated that he really wanted Arsenal as his main choice, but again we have lost out because of lunacy between the board and Wenger ( it’s not good enough, tbh !! ). I am not so convinced that Arsene couldn’t have talked Miralles into the beleif that he would have plenty of play time with Arsenal had he the desire to enage the young talent ??
    So, like all Gunners everywhere, I will be closely watching the transfer news between now and last thing tomorrow night, in the belief that we will still bring a couple of quality signings in.

  224. i think the sunday game is to tell us something this time round coz i think our team is strong just lacking something in da attacking but i no they will improve and not to far away but on da sunday game trust me i can see it.

  225. Ah Squarepants is here.
    What you up to today Stan???
    Hope you’re behaving now!!!

    Reckon if anything is gonna happen, it will happen tomorrow, so there’s no point in anyone beating themselves up.
    Today would be all about tying up any loose ends on deals (if there are any) with the announcements tomorrow.

    Focus today is the CL draw.

  226. I dream of winning the Premier League title with QPR, says new boy Cesar. LOL

  227. Hi there.
    Sunny at the beach so been busy but with half an eye on here and Arsenal sites.

    One thing that is for sure in a time of unsureness…….

    Lots of folk laugh at Arsenal, especially during yet another T window

    but do liverpool get the same?

    LIVERPOOL ARE A TOATAL JOKE. The manager they call the king cruises in during a crisis, Spends silly money on Andy carol and charlie adam and others. Within 1 year (during which that manager was sacked cause he’s shit) carol is surplus to requirements and charlie adam is off to stoke for 5mil !!!
    I bet there are are still liverpool fans out there that would STILL call kenny “king” and even the Mirror think he’l sell papers.
    Have you ever known of people more deluded than that??

    meanwhile we came 4th with Bentner as striker while RVP missed most of the season, then sold fab and nasri and came 3rd.

    I can not fathom how Liverpool have any credibility at all, anywhere while people take pops at Arsenal.

    Dempsey, cabaye, V D V? that’d do it.

  228. Even now they discuss liverpool on Talk sport without ridiculing them. How? Its the most chronic shambles ever. Brendan Rogers….whoopy doo. Im suprised he hasnt been told to make it work with carol and adam after kennys credit card bending.

  229. Agreed Thorny, liverpoo are a joke but they the media blue eyed boys as well hence the never get much flak the media would rather slaughter us for no reason what so ever…!

  230. It is envy,guys…plain and simple.
    Every now and then,i pop onto other clubs fans forums for a look see.
    Seriously,most have a lot of respect for our club and our manager,but they would probably never allow themselves to be heard saying that in public!!

  231. Wath, it’s a delicate balancing act between bringing through our own talent & throwing a shed-load of cash at some euro-wonderboy.
    We can’t complain that our Academy doesn’t bring talent thru’ and still clamour for 5 or 6 signings every summer, that then blocks off our youngsters’ opportunities.

  232. Goodnight all….catch you in a few hours.

  233. hi, been reading the blog for a few months now, but was wondering whether someone could tell me how and what reputable sites to buy match tickets from? seen as im not a red or silver member. thanks

  234. Rumour has it,at the club wenger has rolled his sleeves-up.

  235. Fred, am I correct in the assumption, that you was the man with the M’Vila rumour..?
    And if so, then any developments???

  236. Cheers Scott, At the moment AK we one player better off than last season and we all know we lacked at leas proper defensive midfielder then which is why we were not competitive enough, we did’t and don’t need another 5/6 new players but also when wenger keeps selling then maybe you do need 5/6 if he sells our best 5/6 …?!?!?

  237. Twice more there is the quote from AW about wanting to strengthen and that if a really really good player becomes available “we will do it”. I believe him.

  238. Nite Scott, only another 32 hours of mayhem to go.

  239. to do that fred beat theo into a pulp???? a man can dream, no?

  240. I see your point Wath, but AW has surely only sold one player who the majority on here regret him selling.
    I don’t regret the sale of Song.
    I won’t regret the sales of Bendtner, Chamakh, Park, Squill, Arshavin etc.
    Benny has been replaced by Diaby/Coq.

    I still think we are a lot stronger than 12 months ago.

  241. Hi Jay, in all honesty i’d be very careful buying tkts online… I’ve not done i not sure if anyone else has on here or if anyone know’s of reliable sites to get from.

  242. Wenger must be in for another striker. We already lost Vela and rvp, and NB52 is almost certainly out. With talks of also moving chamakh and jy park, who is still the phantom of the Emirates, i think it’s impossible to not bring in another striker. Afobe is out on loan too. So even if Theo is pissing for a central role, we would still need cover up front. Something will happen by tomorrow.

  243. hey guys i think we ll actually see two players come in. a classy player and a ‘wenger” gem. watch this space. hey W.A.T.H, you re so intimidated by lil ol me aint ya? always talking behind me. why dont you say it to my face you big old lump.

  244. I wish this Liverpool match happened last weekend. I’m confident with our defensive unit but in truth, we haven’t really been tested. I would really love for us to sign a versatile center half/defensive mid… Just for good measure. But who?

  245. Night Digger

  246. Kev, you dirty stop out, I see you had Stan up half the night worrying.

  247. Agreed AK, wasn’t a big song fan as you well know but he played most games last season like him or not, diaby isn’t reliable is he…? also not a def mid…! We’re only slightly better off than last year and with 60million sitting in he bank where is the clubs ambition ? to put 60million quids worth of quality onto the pitch or have i sat in the bank and keep goingon about how great the club is run…?

  248. Not my fault your never here for me to take the piss out of directly Stan :D you know I would !! lol

  249. alright here i am……spill it you freak of the highest order!

  250. lol :D Stanley, Have you lost your fav clogs or you just a real grump this morning due to all those ladies turning down your subtle approaches…?

  251. hahahahaha W.A.T.H, what do you mean ladies turning me down? have you seen me? am what you look like in your sweetest dreams. am a 6 ft2 blonde with a pout like adonis. ask kev, he ll tell ya. ladies turning me down he says.

  252. Kev..what I said 2months ago was a deal was offered for M’vila that is still on the table,the chairman has said that 100 times I think,without mentioning wenger,M;vila has said when a certain french manager comes calling you don’t turn him down…so in my opinion,I think M’vila wants to jion us….What do you make that mate.

  253. the wage structure needs to be…Well… Restructured. The type of players we aspire to signing already know the kinds of wages available elsewhere. With nothing else to attract talent (no silverware, no attractive football, few real star players) we will continue to be beaten out when it comes to signings. We will always be forced to speculate on youth talent, and when it does come good, they will always be poached by richer, or more successful clubs… Something must change our we will forever float around aimlessly trying to qualify for the CL

  254. Do you have a bolt through your neck as well Stan… should we call you lurch..? ;-)

    Fred, the deal for M’Vila is us trying to get him on the cheap as usual and Rennes trying to get as much as possible…. Not as if they have to sell him when he has 2/3 yrs left on his contract, If we really want him then we need to up the offer I would say. Penny pinching costing us players again…? lets hope not.

  255. let’s just say the ladies cant seem to keep their hands off me…..mvilla is dead guys. we ll be gettting a “cheap” fix and a classy player. they ll be announced tomorrow and its not cabaye! a lot of folks ll be shocked! look out. my sources never lie.

  256. You know wenger W.A.T.H

  257. I made a mistake when I said to rico he had 1 year left on his contract,never realised he extented an extra year,2014.

  258. Sounds like he’s not coming Fred.
    Sounds like M’Vila might be prepared to wait 12 months, in order to join ‘that’ French manager…
    A deal in January is a possibility of course.

    Unless you know different Fred??? ;-)

  259. hi AK, feeling better?

  260. Kev,We must buying different news papers mate.

  261. This guy spotted at london colney with an agent with an arsenal water bottle and a folder saying how to learn english!

    Is it l. bender!

  262. I’m undecided on M’Vila. I haven’t seen him for Rennes, but from what i have seen of him in the French national squad, i haven’t been overly impressed. Nothing that we couldn’t get in England. Add that to the alleged disciplinary problems and i don’t know if he’d be that great a signing.

  263. I’m undecided on M’Vila. I haven’t seen him for Rennes, but from what i have seen of him in the French national squad, i haven’t been overly impressed. Nothing that we couldn’t get in England. Add that to the alleged disciplinary problems and i don’t know if he’d be that great a signing.

  264. looks like chesny to me fred!!! but hey i ve had six bottles of beer this morning so my vision is probably compromised. all these tweets how true are they by the way?

  265. Wath, I wanna see Arsene spend that £60m as much ad you.
    And i’m sure the club will, on the right players at the right price.
    We’ve had our fingers burnt enough already, with all the expensive dross we can’t move on.
    If Bouldy can improve what we already have, then lets see how he goes with that.
    One more good signing will do me…

  266. defo not shezney, the guy that took pic was just in the bar there, guy in photo then got up and went into a conference room at the the village hotel Elstree. Lars Bender me thinks :D

  267. Afternoon everyone…

    AW will only sign special players eh…..

  268. well we ll see ben…looks like chezzer though. bender is not a blonde is he?

  269. Will football is about opinion..wengers habits are well known within football..wenger wanted to sign cozorla to replace Fab/Naz last year but he chose Malaga..Wenger made a bid for M’vila in Jan transfer window by all accounts and then ….another…. but lower at the end of the season…well he went back for cazorla…so who knows……if I knew for sure would I be telling all you guys on here or going down to Ladbrokes..do me a favour guys

  270. Ha ha Fred, no mate I don’t buy them anymore.

    I rely on NewsNow…. :-D

    Tbh Fred, M’Vila probably agreed to a one year extension, for a heafty pay increase.
    Rennes gambled on selling him this summer to get a nice windfall.
    But it’s looking unlikely, unless there’s some last minute coming together on valuation….
    Wenger will wait, as he did with Chamakh.

  271. Ben can you post the other picture because i can’t get twitter in work mate thanks.

  272. definately not him ben…..no resemblance whatsoever, besides rudi voller says he’s not for sale. sorry man.

  273. Blooming doorbell just gone, back in a bit…. :(

  274. Like I said 2 months ago Kev wenger ….will/might wait tell the last day..so far it’s going to plan A.

  275. Hey Rico, was it Jehovah’s Witnesses’..?

  276. afternoon all
    any sign of that special player yet ? seems its gonna
    go to the wire once again

    Affelay looks like going to Schalke 04,Huntelar tweeted ‘welcome to Schalke,tomorrow’s training at 16h00..dont forget !..so Huntelar ‘sn’t
    coming either ? unless we can pick up him after that training
    session ..lol

  277. Fred, I just gotta pay more attention…. ;-)

  278. Ben – that guy looks like Lars Bender of Leverkusen

  279. fred i tell you its not bender…dont get your hopes up buddy. we are getting an unknown player for a DM and a classy winger cum striker.

  280. yes spotted at london colney emma in local hotel going in to a conference room!

  281. jeez its not emma….looks nothing like him. do you guys even know him. he’s not coming to us. voller ruled that out last night.

  282. goonster you keep calling me fred so i don’t trust your judgement atm! :D

  283. Fred, Wenger’s plan B last season seemed to work out pretty well. His so called “panic buys” filled quite a few holes. I’m not worried about the next couple days. Wenger spends much more time than we do thinking of all the possible scenarios. I’m just here for the ride.

  284. it’s him.. no !! not him..let me put my glasess on…oh no!
    Wenger borrowed them …!

  285. hahahahahaahaha you got that right ben……but seriously its not him. i just got a text saying he’s in leverkusen right now. my mum’s family’s from leverkusen. trust me ben. why will i lie to you?

  286. We need a defensive midfielder ,we have to sign someone to fill that gap,german,french,brazilian,who ever..thats what we need.

  287. goonster – At least that shows we are getting someone if the pic info is true

  288. Stanley your 3.10… your sources never lie…. Is that tomato or HP..?

  289. Goonster – :D takes 1 hr to get from germany to england, and arsene always asks clubs he dealing with to deny everything!

  290. emma am not denying that we wont get someone, its just not bender. ben for real dude he’s in leverkusen. God give me strength.

  291. village hotel in elstree. All the players go there or stay there when they initially sign. 15 mins from training ground

  292. W.A.T.H get off my case!

  293. Will if we get 3rd this season and challenge to the end…not the end of world mate.

  294. other name mentioned is Perisic!

  295. we ll see ben….but i gurantee you we wont sign bender. end of.

  296. Personally I think Afellay would look good in an Arsenal jersey. How about moving Theo central and bringing Afellay as cover for the wide role?

  297. Stan has reliable sources… from Mexico I assume……… Say no more..! Head case..!

  298. Know it well Ben, Arshavin in the snow was a favorite of mine at the time.

  299. frednerk says:
    Will if we get 3rd this season and challenge to the end…not the end of world mate.



  300. Well even if its signing a new pitchman, its livened up the arsenal transfer day! ;)

  301. George, Paul, Ringo, er, Ben, that looks like Bender to me mate….
    Stan, calm down…. ;-)

  302. W.A.T.H at least t got one right. when have you ever come up with any info except maybe on GG which to me sounds like a child’s drink. come over to the south side i ll show what a drink should taste and feel like.

  303. @Ben, Its definitely him.If the photo was taken where you say it was taken then wow. Only a young foreign footballer will wear those Adidas running shoes.

  304. a deal involving Affelay +10-11mil to come in for Song ,would have
    been ideal…i still think we let go of Song cheaply,if Downing was for 20mil !!

  305. Emma – look at pic of the goalie guy looks nothing like him!

  306. My bad.
    Emma you are right

  307. Oh look. It’s a Macedonian Goalkeeper. bit.ly/OLL6HH – Deni Illiev, 17, From FK Belastica – Thank you @jlefasie for the link.— Jamie Dalton (@JamieDalton82) August 30, 2012

  308. But if true, so lame. :(

  309. Ben – the transfer window is just less than 30hrs from now. All will be revealed soon :)

  310. hahahhahahahah hey ben why so glum? i told you we re not gonna get bender.

  311. 8mil for De jong is a bargain..worth a shout
    he is boring to watch,but effective defensely

  312. defensively*

  313. Back again, any news??


  314. is Bender a “special palyere” as Wenger saying?

  315. How has it come to this, trying to identify somebody nobody recognises.

  316. Looks nothing like the macedonian goalkeeper tho ;) Maybe its lars or sven :l Looks a hell of a lot like them

  317. How are the wages in Italy? Do the big clubs pay huge wage bills?

  318. micko, it beats me my man, beats me.

  319. Agree Andrew, I think Wenger signed the keeper kid this morning this guy was spotted at 3pm!

  320. A ‘WENGER SMOKESCREEN’ its so him lol ;)

  321. keep dreaming ben……hahahahahha

  322. Ben Barrett says:
    Agree Andrew,

    For a second there i thought u said “Andre Ayew, i think Wenger signed him”…

  323. WillXL, welcome to HH by the way :)

  324. goon r u watching the champs lg draw on fsc

  325. Thanks Rico. I have been reading for a while. Just decided to join in. Great stuff!

  326. That’s a weight of my mind.

  327. Im not buying into it until tho but if i were a guessing man it ould be bender…Question is has this photo been takien where the person ho teeted it claims to be…..otherise it could just be any1 having a meal :L Goonster y u no like bender? :P

  328. Glad you have WillXL, we are a friendly bunch and HH has few rules – just be nice to each other really and disagree all you like :)

  329. That twitter pic is of a 17 year old goalkeeper from some baltic-state or somewhere.

  330. Totts fail with bid for Remy….

  331. Citeh drawn with Real Madrid :)

  332. $ITY GET MADRID!!! sorry for being so excited but this is great.

  333. Richard Wright has signed for Citeh on a freebie – that’s a strange one….

  334. b1727 – i think we all are…

  335. man u getting a good group so fa

  336. afc, schalke, olympiacos

  337. wow, half of manchester almost soiled themselves.

  338. afc, schalke, olympiacos, montpellier, not a bad group

  339. no long trips etc etc very happy :D

  340. Fancy us getting Girouds old club…

  341. Not a bad group, on paper we should qualify, maybe even top if we sign a few more players…. ;)

  342. city get dortmund and madrid. reason to drink.

  343. Group of death, group D

  344. @rico, good group we won’t have to travel far, mate

  345. Man shitty have been shafted :D

  346. gdna – i’m happy with that group

    love citeh’s too …. ha ha

    Chelsea have a tough group too…

  347. how come Man Utd always get the easy group

  348. No trips to Russia in November = Win!

  349. kind draw …will be interesting to play against
    Huntelar+(affelay) …schalke
    Belhanda+m’biwa …montpellier
    olympiacos…Squillaci ..anyone ?

  350. @rico, yes mate, good group to get the team chemistry together for the remaining rounds, u only need luck to win this trophy…#cfc

  351. @hak, huntelar will b a afc player soon, sorry mate just a dream..lol

  352. saving the drinks till tom-evening
    mancity?? europa surely

  353. Group D was so close to being PSG too.

  354. hak – some of those you list won’t still be with their current clubs i suspect….

  355. Man City is out

  356. DNA
    hope your dream come true mate, and mine of Squillaci at
    olympiacos too…win win situation

  357. Rico …hope so if they are coming to london colney,surely will be
    welcome..how i love to see M’biwa in particular,he is a warrior
    and any of the double-dutch….can only dream till tom-evening

  358. Not quite sure what AW has in his plans after his comments in his press conference.

    Don’t think we’ll get a striker as I strongly suspect Theo is going to be considered for a central role after their little chat.

  359. Mancini will sweating right now

  360. DNA, no i didnt i was at the lousy DMV. some old crone giving me a hard time says she cant recognise my accent!!! i mean what has that got to do with a driving testt???!!

  361. Goon what ur nationality mate

  362. Messi said cfc was lucky to win the cl

  363. Good group for us
    Man utd always get easy groups , i still dont know how that happens
    Well so far so good

  364. am dutch mate, you?

  365. Iniesta deserved it, congrats mate, legend

  366. hak –

    I really can’t see us signing Huntelaar because that would mean Giroud would no doubt become the benchman, and I personally don’t see him to be that.

    If we get an attacking player i’ll be very surprised.

    As Ak says in the post and some have witnesses during the friendlies, we do have a few under 21’s who may just get their chance this season…


    I just hope we sign a DM and a versatile defender … anything after that would surprise me right now….

  367. hi SD, manure always get the easy groups yet cant get past the group stages.

  368. @ goon, I’m a island boy mate, jamaica

  369. SD – I think De Matteo will be too

    gdna – they were….

  370. gdna – i think you may just be the first on HH from Jamaica, congrats to you….

  371. Don’t forget to take a look at the adverts every day guys and gals, the one at the bottom of the post…..

  372. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay one of them days i ll visit the caribeans. wonderful place from all accounts. hey rico i dont see you congratulating me for being the first dutch dude here….ahhhh double standards.

  373. Hi housers.im glad Iniesta.well deserved son.

  374. Arsene was also credited by weah in the ceremony…

    Weah “Thanks to Arsene, who brought me to Monaco, my father figure.”

  375. Hi goonie, it took you a year to tell us you were Dutch, by that time, you weren’t the first ;)

    Hi Kt, What has Iniesta done?

    Bet SS’s hated AW getting some credi from Weah….

  376. Champions League appearances: Emmanuel Eboue 54. Tottenham Hotspur 10.

  377. Rico Iniesta is UEFA Player of the year.Also take a look at CR7 in this pic https://p.twimg.com/A1kBMDNCQAIHjRx.jpg

  378. Rico
    i see your point there,but to go with just one proven striker
    for the whole season ,will be a huge risk i think..after all Wenger was after Kevin Miralles ,so that might suggest we could be after someone.

    i know L.pod.can play there,but he is most effective drifting in
    from wide left position.

    if we are going to shift Theo more centrally,then we need a
    wide attacking player to cover …should have kept Ryo in my book.

    surely some youngsters will come up good,but they need to be esaed in slowly to take that pressure of their shoulders,so they need time to flourish.

    if not signing a striker ,may be a goal scoring attacking mid.
    we lost the game against AC milan because we had poor bench,
    we dont wanna be bitten again from that same hole.

  379. To be honest i’ve already given up on a new signing.

  380. AW-“We are working very, very hard. We have resources available so if it is not happening now it will happen in December”….no signings then.

  381. ktr7 – me too. I will wait until 11pm tomorrow before i start ranting

  382. @ Rico, I guess that would make me the second on HH from Jamaica. :D

  383. we know AW plays with the minds of the media and other
    clubs,i just hope he’s gonna pull some wonders in time .
    having the press conference today suggests we might be for
    a busy day tomorrow….only time will tell

  384. We need to win that CL soon.We were the only team in pot 1 to never have won it.In the past we had the chavs for company but now we are alone.There were 31 CL wins in Pot 1 but none of them was ours.When the rest of the pot 1 teams were being introduced there was lot(s) of CL wins to talk about.For us it was only CL finalists in 2006 in Paris… :(

  385. Just off to eat, back real soon….

  386. To take with a lot of caution : French TV Beinsport claims Arsenal complete a deal for the incoming of Cheick Tioté (NUFC)

  387. Hakzah, I agree re:keeping Ryo at home this season.

  388. It would be typically Arsenal to sell a first team player and not replace him.I will be very disappointed if we take the rvp/song cash back to the bank because Diaby/jack are like new signings.

  389. Oliver Kay ‏@OliverKayTimes

    Arsenal: Sept 18 Montpellier (a); Oct 3 Olympiakos (h); Oct 24 Schalke (h); Nov 6 Schalke (a); Nov 21 Montepllier (h); Dec 4 Olympiakos (a)

  390. I agree ktr7 but we still have time left….Live in hope :P…..Check tiote seems unlikely as we have frimpong tho

  391. relax KT, sheesh, we still have a day to go besides according to ben and emma we have signed bender. so chin up big guy. we ll be alright.

  392. welcome to desperation city….c’mon..we’re nt going to upgrade”we’re a elling club we’re not ever going to be a top club..we’ve ben fecked…we’ve being ruined by kronkers..we’re left for dead….in Norway we have reduced our menbership from about 15.000 members to roughly about 7400 this year…feck You Kroenkers..and feck you gazidis…

  393. We have apparently enquired about Essien.

  394. tiote is shit….he commits more fouls close to the box than even song and diaby combined besides he ll soon burger off to the ACN next year. nope we can do better.

  395. emma ho reliable is AFCAMDEN?………Surely sky ould have picked up essien enquiry if true!!…Still hope for bender think he would be perfect !

  396. More sunshine and optimism from Norway. Always good, always reassuring. After yesterday’s turnout I think I will leave it there.

  397. oh no…..no essien. this fella can barely even move. hey emma what happened to your “bender” story? hahahahahahaha.

  398. hey adam,

  399. Tiote/Essien are not specal players in my opinion.

  400. Goonie. Hope you are well Stan

  401. you said it KT…..we need better besides i ll rather a tricky winger than a DM. that’s what we seriously need right now.

  402. am alright man….some kid just washed my car with tiny rocks. wish i got my hand on him. grrrrrrrr little pricks. what do i need to do to be taken serious around here?

  403. Stan. Did you get your license then?

  404. WillXL – I guess so then ;)

    Evening all…

  405. Thought you had left us tomstoned, that comment is a tad silly isn’t it??

  406. Hi Rico. Nippy here tonight.

  407. Good news re Nik, hopefully he’ll score a few against Chelsea in the CL :)

  408. Hi Adam. It is here too, just popped the central heating on to take the chill off. Think it’s the damp from all the rain, not good for my old bones :(

  409. First time for the CH this year then? You’ll feel all warm and cuddly after the “special players” arrive tomorrow Rico.

  410. Second Adam, a couple of days ago it came on for an hour too, soon be the log burner lit….

    Special players my foot, 3 good players, and i don’t believe a word that AW says…

    Back in ten, feathered ones need securing….

  411. Little buggers wouldn’t go to bed….

  412. Morning all…..no major deve
    lopments then?

  413. Suggestion is that we have had a bid for Victor Wanyama turned down…

  414. Hi Scott, not yet but……

  415. Ok…catch you all later.

  416. Afellay is signing for Schalke….

  417. Twitter wii explode if we sign no one.

  418. Sunderland are in for Dempsey….

    Later Scott, have a good day….

  419. I think many Arsenal fans will explode Kt, who won last night? I got bored at 2-1 ….

  420. It ended that way rico.Barca dominated the 2nd half but couldn’t create enough chances.The cameras zoomed in on cesc at one point and the look on his face told you how disappointed he felt to see even Song used ahead of him despite Barca being a goal down.

  421. Cesc’s coming home Kt ;)

    Could he be that ‘special talent’ …. ;)

  422. BREAKING: Lyon statement: Olympique Lyonnais informs that they have not reached an agreement with Tottenham for the transfer of Hugo Lloris.

  423. Looks like West Ham are going to get Andy Carroll. Bet he wishes he’d stayed at Newcastle….

  424. And AVB concedes defeat in signing Remy Kt….

  425. I almost felt sorry for him then i rememberd how he even refused to train with us to force his move to them.

  426. Any news on our Macedonian goalkeeper? ;-)

  427. Hi AK, haven’t seen any….

  428. I bet spud fans in were in dreamland at the thought of Lloris,Remy and Moutinho by the end of the day.

  429. I get that Kt, but that came from IG, was he just spinning us a yarn to justify him being sold?

  430. Nope rico.Cesc boycotted playing or training with us.Nasri also wanted out but he participated in pre-season training and also played in our Pool game at the Emirates.

  431. That’s only what we have been told though Kt, we will never know the whole truth. AW hasn’t muttered a bad word about him…

  432. Its rare for AW to say anything bad regarding an ex-Arse player.If Cesc wanted to participate he would’ve.

  433. I understand what you are saying Kt, but I guess my point is we never really know the truth.

    And we all know how little truth comes out of Arsenal…

  434. You’ve got a point rico but he is gone now.I really hope we sign a player(s) tomorrow alyhough its looking unlikely at the moment.Things may just explode tomorrow.

  435. David Ornstein ‏@bbcsport_david

    Spoken to Rennes – M’Vila will not join a PL side before deadline after #thfc offer & interest from another club (not #afc) was not pursued.

  436. Guess if we don’t sign a CM/DM AW must really have alot of faith in Coquelin/Jack/Diaby.

  437. I bet M’Vila leaves Rennes tomorrow, not sure to where though. did you see my earlier about victor wanyama?

  438. Darren ‏@DarrenArsenal1

    Told Arsenal focusing on 2 players one transfer and one loan. No idea who. But its the info I have.

  439. I saw rico.I don’t think it will happen though.He is cup tied now and isn’t eligible for a work permit.

  440. David ornstein has been wrong with all sorts of shit this summer…Not saying his wrong now but he cant be 100% trusted………

  441. But he may go somewhere emma….

    Talking of which, I’m offski for the day, need to be up early to catch all the transfer news ;)

    Have a good evening all, until tomorrow…


  442. I guess all rumours and speculations ends 11pm tomorrow

  443. Why Kt, he’s been in the UK playing for Celtic?

  444. Andrew, agree there….

    Roll on emma…

    Def gone now….

  445. Tinny totts thought the transfer market is easy when you have a shit like AVB

  446. cesc is coming home huh? well that is what dreams are made of. someone got shot in my neighborhood guys. a 65 year old man shot his wife point blank. the cops are everywhere. just got home and found out.

  447. I Already have both eyes fixed on our next match. I think one commanding performance where the team clicks in every way and scores goals that result in a win, will make up for any transfer inactivity.

  448. David Ornstein ‏@bbcsport_david

    Walcott camp adamant he will not be leaving Arsenal before deadline even if Liverpool make an offer following Carroll’s exit #afc #lfc

  449. hahahahahah vernat i guess you can call it that….any new development vernat? are we really looking at essien cause i ll totally lose it.

  450. Goonster, as you might have noticed, shit like this happen in America every day. It one of the reasons why I took vacation in England I tend to relax.

  451. Will – watching liverpool v heart. Suarez very trickery and slimy. Arsenal need to watch him carefully

  452. Emma come sunday Suarez will be kept under chain and key.

  453. nasher its gruelsome my man……blood everywhere. gosh, according to reports he’s suspecting she’s cheating on him.

  454. dont worry emma, kozzer should be back fo him.

  455. Lucky you goonster, you don’t live in Washington DC, I used to some years ago. All the drive-by and Stick-up.

  456. nasher i wont wanna live in DC man….its too political for my liking. i hear newark is crazy.

  457. Newark, New Jersey is not even closed to DC in terms of crimes. But much better now though in DC. Virginia because of the death penalty is much better with crime. But Washington DC in southeast, that another level.

  458. Don’t forget to duck Stan…

  459. Hi Kev, good post and I see you trying to lift the spirit up in HH.

  460. so glad am down south…..durham is mad too nasher its north of raleigh. there’s a murder there every night. kev, me duck? no way. they better look out am dutch and dangerous!

  461. Manchester City v Aston Villa #CapitalOneCup
    West Brom v Liverpool #CapitalOneCup
    Manchester City v Aston Villa #CapitalOneCup

  462. Arsenal v Coventry City #CapitalOneCup #AFC

  463. Manchester United v Newcastle #capitalonecup

  464. Arsenal vs Coventry in League Cup

  465. Carlisle v Spurs #CapitalOneCup

  466. Hi Nasher. The Scousers were arsehole lucky against Hearts. Was hoping for extra-time.
    Still, a nice stressful evening for Rodgers.

  467. When people come on here or other sites and say “I have been told that x,y or z is joining us”, who is it that has told them? Is it David Icke by any chance, or perhaps the postman?

  468. Quite a good Champion League draw Nasher.
    Notice your boy was playing for Barca, whilst Cesc was sitting it out. :-)

  469. Hiya Adam – just got back from curry house – David Icke ?


  470. Adam, you sound too confident concerning a super addition or two tomorrow…

  471. Hi there syg. I have been told that we are signing someone.
    Cesc looked well pissed last night.

  472. Don’t sound

  473. Kev. I think that, as you astutely pointed out recently, a kind of collective madness seeps through fans at this time of year. I thought Wenger looked a bit odd in today’s press conference.

  474. Kev. How could I be confident, despite what I have been told?

  475. Hi AK.Top post mate…again.i’ve not written in a while but with the CL coming guess my writing hiatus must be coming to an end.

  476. Check tioite is going mad on twitter…But surely doesn’t make sense…We have frimpong his like a carbon copy of Tiote…..Poor Yossi wants out of chelsea wouldnt mind seeing him back ….

  477. Never like Barca but they saw something in Song, it a shame that Arsene did all the hardwork and now Barca gonna enjoy the benefit. I didn’t see the game yesterday hope he did well though. Maybe Cesc would be coming home after all.

  478. Tioite de doo be doo be tioite de do be doo be tioite de do be do be doo.
    What do you wanna make those eyes at me for
    When they don’t mean what they say

  479. Andrew its desperation time fast approaching.any player will do to most gooners.

  480. I watched Song Nashua. He looked like he was operating in a slower time-frame. Played one decent pass though.

  481. Tiote vs Song (2011/12) – Tackles p.g 2.80 vs 2.94, Interceptions p.g 2.71 vs 2.10, Was Dribbled past p.g 1.3 vs 1.35, Passing % 84% vs 83%.

  482. If we could get Yossi brilliant, we know what we are getting will make Andre Santos happy and in addition add a bit of class and graft to our midfield

  483. yossi was a legend for the club!! And the man can still play too .. he was a great person to have aroung the traing ground aswell some said!
    Last year i wouldnt have said Yossi was one of my favourite player but he is now:)
    A real pro!
    Still hoping for bender but dosnt seem even realistic:l…..Thought he would have been perfect

  484. Vernat. Who are we getting? I missed the news completely.

  485. Statistics KTR7. They can be twisted and turned to suit. I have said it a million times.

    Arsenal 0 Chelsea 5.
    that is a statistic.
    It tells you that Arsenal got hammered at home by a superior side.
    We were obviously shite and they were great.

    But the statistic is not the whole truth ….

  486. We’ve done great in the transfer market so far…


    Benayoun is a statement.
    A statement that we are in trouble.
    We’ve had about 12-14 weeks to sort out our problems –
    Benayoun? It’s really a step backwards.

  487. Cheick Tiote 1/3 up from 11/10. Somebody’s backing him to come here ….

  488. SYG I know stats don’t tell the whole story.I just saw them somewhere and decided to share.

  489. SYG ….
    I just love the guy is all :P….I realise that his not the quality we need but if we signed lets just say m’villa towmorrow and benayoun arrived id be happy!
    Saying that though yossi wants games and he wont get enough with us….
    Ultimately im just being sentimental…:)

  490. Kev, I think we will do well in our group “B” even with our current crops and those coming back from injuries, and just worry about the PL if we don’t add players. Someone said Theo plus cash for Dzeko, I second the idea.

    Adam, I hope Song makes it but it going to be hard. What Arsenal can put up with Barca cant. Some players moved they flourish, others moved they get lost in the Down

  491. SYG Yossi played well for us and frankly if we could add him to the squad I would see that as a positive, because when last year all around were losing their heads he kept his. Not a spectacular signing but one that makes us better definitely right attitude, right work ethic and a good example to the young players at the club.

  492. I can live with that Andrew… M’vila would be nice … I’d love to know what’s happening

  493. I know what you are saying SYG.for example,
    Iniesta’s La Liga campaign: 2 Goals 9 Assists, only 21 starts. Messi had 72 goals while Ronaldo had over half a century of goals.Stats will tell you Iniesta is shit compared to the latter duo but he was the one who won the UEFA Player of the year award.

  494. Check Tiote is a older version of frimpong and with a commanded fee of over 15 million pounds really cant see it happening

  495. tomstoned,i find your comment about the decline in gooner membership in Norway very interesting.I have heard many similar tales of fans abroad leaving Arsenal in their droves.Gazidis wants to increase Arsenals worldwide fanbase yet the policy of the club is resulting in just the opposite! Fans are attracted to a team because they have good players,play good football,and win things.I’m afraid this current Arsenal squad falls short in all categories.
    The bottom line is new fans in Asia and Africa do not have the same attachment to the club as your average “homegrown” fan.There are so many other clubs out there who do not continually sell their best players, and who are not terrified of spending money.Arsenal is no longer an attractive proposition to those deciding on a team to support.
    Why should this matter?Gazidis has failed to increase Arsenals fanbase,failed to bring in any commercial deals of note, and has overseen the biggest exodus of talent from this club in recent memory ,due to his insistence that renewing contracts with more than two yrs to run is a waste of money(he openly admitted this in his meeting with the AST)It doesn’t matter how many foreign tours we go on,if the club continues with the same policy it will always remain dwarfed by United and Liverpool abroad.Of course it can’t help that Wenger uses these tours to decide which Youngsters he wants to sell or loan out,you know decisions that should have been made at the end of last season.If i lived in Malaysia i would want to see the first team squad,not a bunch of kids!

  496. Benayoun’s an ok player – He is, of that there is no doubt …. but we need to be looking a little bit further ahead.

  497. andrew you forgot to put” and he’s shit”

  498. hmmmm….

    Pardew on Tiote and Cabaye to Arsenal rumours: “I’m never confident (about them staying) and I’m not going to rule anything out.” #afc #nufc

    Pardew: “Until the day comes when Newcastle are in the Champions League, that’s going to be our fate right up until 11pm on deadline day.”

  499. KTR7 at 10:34 pm …

    I know mate… Fingers x’d well do some good business by 12 bells !

  500. Hiya Stanley… You okay?

  501. Javi Martenez would have been an upgrade for Song replacement.

  502. SYG pal, am greeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaat. just had a late lunch. now what’s new man?

  503. at eur.40M Nash…. it’s an expensive one …

    ‘Just hope he’s not the German equivalent of Andy Carroll…

    Big price tags can be a burden … Ask Steve Daley

  504. I agree that he is not a spectacular signing or a long term one but for the next two years he would improve the squad, he would not need the adaptation period that players from abroad would require. Would i like to see a younger or more famous player like a Kaka or Schweinsteiger but we are at the point now where a player of quality and premier league experience with knowledge of the club and how it works would be a positive for us.

  505. Javi Martinez I believe Nashua.He has cost Bayern a fortune though;40 mil euros to be exact.We would never shell out so much for 1 player.

  506. I’m ok Stan…. Done a curry and six Lal Toofans….
    The mood up there is sombre … Man Utd and Liverpool supporters….

    Just waiting for us to buy Gerrard and Rooney…. LOL

  507. QPR FC ‏@OfficialQPR

    #QPR are delighted to confirm the signing of Real Madrid ace Esteban Granero on a four-year deal. #QPR

  508. You talk sense Vernat…

  509. “And shit” sorry goonster!:P haha……….His not a great passer of the ball is he …Thats why i want a cdm who can pig the ball left right and centre quickly and efficiently…aka m’villa…
    Dissapointed that he turned out to be a bit of a twat with his attitude

  510. i wanted that granero fella…bummer.

  511. Anybody heard anything on AA?

  512. Certainly seems something is going on re:cabaye/tiote after pardew’s comments.

  513. Granero – I think Stan – Is more a squad player – Again, I think… I don’t really know …
    I still can’t understand why he opted for QPR though?

  514. Arsenal, Tottenham & Liverpool have enquired about Daniel Sturridge, and Chelsea will consider farming him out on a one-year deal. (Mirror)

  515. noooooooooooooooooo, no tiote or whatever they call him. we need less africans besides how come we never seem to get the good ones? we always end up with shitty ones like song, eboue and now this clown.

  516. Hope Thomas Eisfeld gets a chance in some of the games this season looked in the pre season games Calm and clever with his movement as well. I suppose he might get a game or in the squad for Coventry but looks a good player hopefully he can get better with a few games this season.

  517. Stan you fucking madman….what’s your sources saying?

  518. I’ve seen Granero play and I think he is just average but would make a good squad player.

  519. cabaye yes, tiote no…..please arsene. even W.A.T.H can see this fella is shit and W.A.T.H isnt overly smart!

  520. Everton fail in Essien loan bid…


  521. Spuds getting blanked by players all over the place… hahaha! Wankers!!!!!

  522. Stan – you’re a card …..

  523. Gentlemen I know Arsenal will never shellout such fund on just one player, if we are determine to dominate the M-field we have to spent. Not just on any kind of player but one that can put the extra minutes, the special one but not Tiote. By that we have to spend and spend big.

  524. lee i lost my source!

  525. Times: “Arsenal made an approach to sign Michael Essien on loan last night after being frustrated at being unable to secure a permanent DM”

  526. it was cast in stone: “Wenger will pay £20M for the right player”….

    As Stan says… so long as its not Check Tito

  527. Tiote or Cabaye….hmmm I think we need to set our sights a bit higher.

  528. Sure it wasn’t your sauce?

  529. if we sign essien i ll drive up falls of nuese and jump off the bridge..and am not kidding!

  530. Stan you chillax man….

  531. Hiya Lee – 58 minutes to go…. How’s Jack Wilshire’s Twitter account?

  532. lee, sauce, marbles what difference does it make right now?

  533. Not been on Gary Glitter for a few hours….

  534. Problem is no sane club would let go of a ‘special player’ on deadline day since they don’t have adequate time to replace.There are of course exceptions but you get my point and thats why am not expecting any exciting signing.

  535. João Filipe Iria Santos Moutinho would be a great player to get just quality on the ball, workrate and a real fighter on the pitch. Right age and would just make a dream midfield three for me with Arteta and Cazorla

  536. Remember this last year???


  537. Well I have long wanted Arsenal to prune the squad and add some quality players, but I never expected Arsene n Co to swing the blade so unmercifully. I could not have foreseen RvP and Song on the choping block.

    Arsenal have added a few quality players, but I am hoping stay out of the bargain bucket. I know some people just cannot avoid the sales, but so often it is when you take the items home, you spot the flaws.

    The most important thing is having a squad capable of battling to the bitter end. Who will be Arsenal’s Top Gunner this season? Hard to predict as the new boys firing blanks.

    Before I depart, credit must be given to the new defensive coach. I am aware others have already done so, but I had my doubts about his credentials. So far Bould have proven me wrong. Second person to receive my praise is Mr. Theo Walcott. Like him or hate him, the lad is professional and a gentleman. Despite the mud slingers at Arsenal he showed class. Yesterday, all the daggers were thrown his way. Today was certainly a different day for him. You appoint an agent to secure the best deal in a confidential forum. Someone at Arsenal is conducting business online with a viral Blogger acting as secretary!!!

  538. I can live with that Bear Man …

  539. Can anyone tell me why Maserati, Porsche and Ferrari are so expensive? Are they just brand names?

  540. it’s because they are shit hot Nash …
    Ask Andre Santos….

  541. History plays a part a sporting heritage and a reputation for elegance, quality and style as well. Add to this the cost of developing cars that perform at the levels that these do and that is why the price is so expensive.

    Also people will pay for that exclusivity sure a BMW M5 can perform almost as well but it doesn’t have the cachet of Maserati, Porsche or Ferrari.

  542. And they tend to be beautiful to look at as well

  543. what’s the latest guys? SYG be a pal keep me posted. i need news, any news but not on essien or tiote. anyone one but them.

  544. My mate had a BMW M5 and I had a 6.0 XJ12.
    He piss took me that my car was an Arthur Daley motor….

    We set off from HMP Everthorpe near Beverley and on the M18 – within minutes I overtook him at just under 150MPH… He was flat out… Mine never battered an eye lid ….

    BMW is a brand name … a 6.0 v12 jag is a toned down beast ….

    A maserati grandtourismo is beauty and the beast …

    That is the car.

  545. @Syg, if we want “special Player” we’ve to pay. There is no way around it, Javi,Yaya, M’Villa Xavier, any of those names would fit in perfectly well in Arsenal shirt, and dont forget Iniesta.

  546. Stan – this time last year young Jack was tweeting like hell …

    What I’d do for a Jagielka and Thomas Muller ……

    or a Jesus Navas and Yann M’Vila …

  547. so what’s he tweeting now man? essien, tiote and bender? no way. we can do better than them. capoue or yanga mbiwa for me.

  548. I’m with you on that one SYG the Maserati GranTurismo is beautiful end of story, oh and it goes like the clappers if you want as well. Not sure on Jagielka but i would love to take a rain on Spurs party and sign Moutinho

  549. I hope everyone get my point. “Special” comes with a price tag. We have to pay up if we want special.

  550. Ha ha …. Nice one Vernat … As I am from Doncaster-ish I don’t have the rivalry with Tottenham as you do …. But I get your point re: Moutinho ….

    I just hate Man Utd and Liverpool ….

  551. Nash – I agree with that, totally. You certainly do.

  552. One of the reasons we got carzola so cheap and easy, it because Malaga is in financial trouble; It would have cost more. Just look how much different our attacking forward looks? Carzola, it says it all


    Nash can you translate this ????


  554. Syg not a clue. I hope it says they have agreed with terms.

  555. good to see the deadwoods being shipped out….but what about incomings guys? come on am desperate. give me news SYG. come on be a pal.

  556. KT, sorry, I got a run of jobs.
    Yes mate, I shall very much look forward to your European posts.
    Always interesting and enlightening.
    Good to see you upbeat again…

    Adam, I need to meet up with you for a cuppa, so we can have a larf whilst eyeing up the women.
    I know you harbour reservations about the coming season, but we’re gonna do all right.
    Even if Arsene doesn’t make another signing, I still have very good vibes about this campaign. The best I’ve felt since 2005/06…

  557. hey where is everybody? SYG, nasher, KEV, scotty. come on guys. am gonna lose it soon.

  558. get back here AK, dont leave me hanging buddy. i need news man. am bored outta my skin and delirious too. come on be a pal. help me here.

  559. Nasher/Stan/SYG, what’s the latest?

  560. I ain’t got any news Stan.
    Not unless you want to hear about the large slice of homemade chocolate cake I’ve just scoffed. ;-)

  561. Haven’t you checked out NewsNow Stan.
    They’re always entertaining, even if 90% is nonsense.
    I enjoy nonsense so I always read it.

  562. kev am desperate……i need your tweets or SYG’s they always keep me calm. come on man.

  563. Stan I’m turning in now, don’t get yourself arrested now…
    See ya tomorrow buddy.

  564. night kev…….dinner calls. night HH.

  565. No tweets Stan, am on my phone…
    Gotta go mate, I need to wash & sleep.
    Be good ;-)

  566. if we want to build worldwide fan base, we need superstars.. in last 2 years we managed to sell 2 of the top 10 players in the world…. how a team that had cesc + RVP gave them up that easy…..

    we need a superstar. we currently have a good team but no players to increase our image, its the way around that those players using arsenal as a one hop to fame..

    If Arsenal serious about building a better team for next year contract extinctions for shirt + logo. we should sign nymar.. other than that. the names on the table are all very average

  567. Last day guys! Keep the Faith

  568. Morning all…..

    Finally, it’s here….

  569. Morning Rico… Any truth to the cesc rumours or am I dreaming?
    Would be amazing if true!!

  570. Morning DU, dreaming I think but that would be pretty special wouldn’t it…

  571. Rico, more outs no ins is my gut feeling…. :(
    Morning Rico and all.
    Bloody cloudy this morning as well….

  572. If we do sign someone it won’t be a superstar no team would let one go without adequate time to replace him…..well unless you are Arsenal.

  573. Morning Lee,

    Think you could be right and I don’t like the Essien rumour….

    Cloudy, what is that Lee, bright blue sky here and not a cloud to be seen …

  574. I had a feeling it was to good to be true rico. I hope your gut feeling is wrong on the ins lee! Would love to see a couple of top, top, toppedy top players signing today!!
    Surely now we have Sant(i)a, a couple of early pressies wouldn’t be out of order!

  575. I don’t think we’ll see a superstar, and you are right, who other than us would allow such a DD signing…

    Reckon we could see 5/6 depart today..


    Hope you are having a lovely holiday…

  576. Again the squad is so so very close to competing and yet AW gambles on players returning or injury prone players! Still we’ve banked a tidy sum that’s all that really matters, one of the main reasons I binned my ST.
    I was really excited with our three signings but like you, felt we needed to add two more players….and not injury prone rejects from other clubs!

  577. DU – 2/3 in today imho, but still more outs than ins but that’s not so bad if we look at who could go…

  578. I am Rico, really nice spending some quality time with the family. Be the icing on the cake if we snapped up a couple of proper players!!! I might even have an Estrella or two…. :lol:

  579. Give him until 11pm Lee – I don’t believe a word AW has said about a special signing…. 2/3 in before the deadline and we could be ok..

    But, we should have spent the £60M that is sitting in the bank… That is what would have made us truly competitive…

  580. morning all..

  581. If we get rid of those listed and see a couple more coming the other way then I think we’ve done fairly well, provided the couple coming in are not 17 year old unknowns from the a-league reserves!!

  582. We wouldn’t need to spend it all get M’Vila and good striker plus schwarzer…….simples!

  583. I have a feeling that of all the rumour we’ve heard recently,essien might be one of the “top top top player” AW was talking about … can’t judge him yet though but doesn’t just sound like the kind of name AW will throw into the mix?…

  584. Great to hear that Lee, and then only a few days before your big summer signing joins you :)

  585. Although I’d love to see arshavin hang around if he could rediscover anything resembling his form from what seems like ages ago now. He can change momentum at crucial times when he applies himself, sadly he doesn’t seem to care anymore.

  586. Morning bondex…

    Lee, get those Estrella’s in the fridge, you know he’s going to surprise us :)

  587. Sadly, I don’t think he is…… :(

  588. DU, imho, he’ll go back to Zenit today

  589. that confirmed rico?

  590. No bondex, just my view…

  591. are we in trouble lee?

  592. Morning Rico. I am just so excited. I have several bottles of champagne in the fridge and have invited some friends over this evening to celebrate the super class players that Arsene promised.

  593. Your probably right Rico. Well it’s knock off time here so I think I might go down to the pub and avoid the endless speculation for a while… Fingers crossed by the time I get back Ivan has delivered his “exciting news”!

  594. Morning Adam…

    You little tinker you, I cannot be you are so cynical ;)

    Must be where I get it from….

  595. Catch you later DU, have a good evening…

    New Post up, see you there….

  596. No cynicism Rico. Wenger and Gazidis promised top signings and exciting players. Apart from the last seven years, when have they ever let the fans down? I remain supremely confident.

  597. I know Adam, I was being cheeky. I totally understand why you expect very little today… History tells us that…

  598. Ok this is getting bloody ridicule how people can applaud a blog that completely whitewashes the truth about what is going on. To say that this has been a satisfactory summer is outrageous!! We have lost our only remaining world class player who virtually single handedly dragged us up from relegation shambles to finish I. 3ex place! Then we sell another important player (Song) to barca ….in their place we buy a French striker who has only had 1 ok season , plus a German forward who was poor at euro 2012 and who Bayern let go to Koln because he failed to do anything ! We Get cazorla on the cheap as malaga are in a mess. But we have not improved the squad in any way! Where are the goals coming from? Why are we once again. having to suffer Diaby ,, Gervinho , Arshavin ? We have no class, Wenger has now proven himself to be an inveterate liar … The club , if you haven’t yet worked it out, are only intent on making profit, quite obviously under instructions from Stan Kronke ……that my friends is the true state of play at Arsenal…..don’t make the mistake of being blinded by budget posts like this or the rubbish pumped out by Arsenal.com the whole thing is worse than the old KGB!

  599. Kevin you write a post then before slagging this one off! Bell end!

  600. Yeah Rico…im sorry to say that most wont accept the abuse..Sy(Faggott)may of course be right in his opinion…Norwegians are feckers..im sure…but then you have to look away when looking at statistics..we’re far richer than England..we have a far more advanced security..social services than the poor and rather more laughable England..
    Sy(?)looks like shite and most probable is a poor dude..never worked or work as a slob…this will of course be my last post..i never stand by blogs who accepts racail slander or mobbing..but your free to keep defending those issues…look back and tell me..Switzerland is a land of Cuckoos…and Norwegians are stupid..imo.You should adree these arguments and You should never accept them..Sy(?)are simply a racssst bastard and should NOT stand for Your views on this point..im shocked..im left with no more arguments..as a member of Gunner.no we have a voice and we seems to agree..its really sad that we’re not allowed to be Gooners or is looked down at..we pay more to support Arsenal than You lot can imagine..

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