Dentinho deal done? Celebrate Theo staying & This is when it all started last summer….

Morning Gooners,

Don’t you just love Wikipedia…

‘Bruno Ferreira Bonfim (born 19 January 1989), commonly known as Dentinho, is a Brazilian footballer who plays as a striker for Arsenal FC. He is considered a skillful striker that can double up as a target man’.

Yes, that’s the page about the Brazilian player which no doubt has been interfered with by a naughty girl/boy after a couple of tweets were on Twitter yesterday suggesting we had struck a deal for the striker.

LadyArse broke the story yesterday but as she says, the Twitter account is no doubt fake.

Another rumour gathering pace involves Gregory Van der Wiel, suggestion is that he could very well be the defender making his way to us.

In other news, Theo Walcott and Wenger sat down yesterday and had a good old chin wag and the result was our striker is staying, for a while anyway. What went on in that meeting no-one really know, but John Cross of The Daily Mirror believes he does.

As long as the clock strikes 11pm UK time and he’s still an Arsenal player, it has to be good news. He will no doubt then sign a new long term contract .

There are plenty of players to be shown the exit door before Theo.

Celebrate him staying, yes I will but I know a lot of fans will be choking on their cornflakes over that!

Onto today’s post: 

Two days to go before the heavy clunk of the transfer window closing will herald the end of the silly season and managers will have to make do with what they have.

Put another way, managers will have to get on and do their job. Manage! Yes, even you, Senor Mancini…..

Are we Arsenal fans in for another exciting, if rather embarrassing, last day jamboree, as was the case 12 months ago. Or will we see one or two more quality additions, to make this the most encouraging Summer Window since 2001, when Jeffers, Van Bronckhorst, Richard Wright and Sol Campbell arrived to settle down an unsettled Patrick Vieira and propel Arsenal onto their 3rd Domestic Double.

It’s only eleven years ago but 2001 could be in another century, such has the business face of the transfer market changed. Back then, the type of business done by Arsene Wenger this summer, would be viewed as normal. Well, except, probably, selling Robin Van Persie to club in decline!

Go back 20 years and if one or two quality signings were made, it would almost be a case for an open-top bus parade.

Nowadays we seem to need to see four, five or even six big signings before we’re satisfied….

Even then, we’re still that two or three ‘mythical’ signings away from the complete squad, such is the unquenchable hunger of the football fan, myself included….

But even if Arsene cannot get in one more quality player, I’ll still consider this window, all things considered, a successful summers work.

In Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla, I think Wenger has collected three of the best signings of the summer. Three signings that in my opinion, have made this current squad considerably superior to this time last year.

We, as fans, or many of us, are still to see how good some of our young players are. These young players can save the club millions and reward us with the type of loyalty that is an ever-increasing rarity these days. They want to play for the club, wear the shirt and they realise what it means to be an Arsenal player…

Players like Yennaris, Frimpong, Gibbs, Aneke, Afobe (when he returns), Boateng and Jenkinson (living the dream) need to be encouraged by the fans and shown patience by the supporters, something Arsenal fans were well versed in when I first began to visit Highbury.

Familiar as we once were in bringing through our home-made players, giving them time, and showing what knowledgeable supporters we were…

That patience and knowledge has diluted in recent years as fans desire a quick-fix….

You only have to see the reaction to Jack Wilshere, to see that those traditional Arsenal values of showing patience with our young players, whilst encouraging them, is still alive and well.

Arsenal’s NextGen 3-0 victory over their French counterparts Marseille last night is another reason to believe we have a very good crop of younger players coming through too.

We can all drink to that….

Champions League draw later today, let’s hope we get a good group….

Written by Allezkev

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