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Sign or be sold! A true Gooner gone & Forget M’Vila….

Morning Gooners,

Yesterday saw a fine young Gooner depart for pastures new having obviously been considered not good enough to play for Arsenal.

Personally, I find it quite strange how certain players get and continue to get chance after chance regardless of the performance they put in, when others don’t even get a chance.

Henri Lansbury may not ever be one of footballs ‘greats’ but not many are, but what our club would have been guaranteed from him, is hard work, dedication and a commitment.

After all Arsene Wenger’s words about him about how he has a bright future and how he will be “a big player”  for Arsenal, he’s now gone.

I truly hope that Henri’s career kicks off from here and proves to Wenger that he was wrong to have sold him. Hopefully we have first option to buy him back when that day comes.

Talking about players who give their all, one player who many fans believe doesn’t could be on the move in the next few days. Theo Walcott, well, probably more like his agent, has snubbed the latest contract extension offered to him by the club. Reports suggest he has until tomorrow evening to make up his mind. Sign or be sold on Friday.

£75,000 a week he is reported to have been offered, that’s not bad is it but if he wants more, then I guess he’s going to have to go elsewhere to earn it but if he really is happy at Arsenal, he’ll do the right thing and sign the contract on offer.

Liverpool and Manchester City are the clubs linked to him and I suspect the latter might be the favourites as they have just failed to reach an agreement with Swansea for Scott Sinclair. Or maybe Fergie will try and sign him up……

If he goes, he needs replacing but I strongly suspect he won’t be…

Not much else in the news really, other than Rennes confirm that no bids have been made for Yann M’Vila yet and the longer this drags on, the more likely it is he’ll stay in France.

Finally, well done to Paolo Di Canio and his Swindon side who battered Stoke City last night 4-3 in the Capital One Cup…

How did they score so many at The Britannia Stadium, when we couldn’t manage one??

Oh well, at least we won’t have to face Pulis in that Cup should we do well….

That’s it for another day, have a good one….

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568 comments on “Sign or be sold! A true Gooner gone & Forget M’Vila….

  1. Morning Rico. Nice post.
    Still feel sad re: Lansbury.
    Walcott? I think we all knew this was coming. Le Grove have a rather “vicious” take on it
    Stoke expected to batter Swindon so they played an open game and got caught, eh?

  2. Morning all…. There’s a fucking shock Le wank having a vicious take on something!

  3. According to the newspaper Bild, Bayern Munich will close the signing of Javi Martinez ,,,,,

  4. Morning Lee, Syg and all…

    I haven’t read LG’s post but I can guess they are happy Theo could be off…

    I think it would be a great shame if he does go….

  5. obviously Wenger did not rate Henry Lansbury personally on the few occasions he appeared he gave his all looked more than promising and i feel he never got given a fair crack of the whip good luck to him with Forest i hope his career goes onwards ana upwards.

  6. I hope he enjoys his 75k a week and doesn’t forget the poor people who do real work

  7. It’s all very well saying we can sign someone better than Theo, but how much will that cost us in both transfer fee and wages?

  8. Still we’ll be faffing about being tight arses waiting for bargain basement deals….. gets extremely boring this annual shit show it’s not like we’re skint is it? We all know what needs to be done on the player front but it’s been that way for a while maybe that’s why we keep losing our best players….. just a thought!

  9. Also, I bet your bottom dollar that Theo won’t be replaced…

    AW said he wants a 60% core of English players, well Bartley, Lansbury and possibly Theo gone, that percentage will have just been decreased…

  10. Evening all.
    Disappointing re: Henri,but i guess if he hasnt made his mark by now,maybe he never will.
    Having said that,it does seem hard to justify others loitering around the Emirates on big money who haven’t made a mark on anything but the bench…..therein lies the answer.
    Henri deserves everyones best wishes,and i hope he makes to the PL,without without Arsenal.

  11. £60M in the bank Lee…

  12. barry – he’s better than a few we have isn’t he… never given a proper chance

  13. dissapointing news all round today and no fun rumours to keep us going:P

  14. exactly my view too Scott, what has Chamakh, Park, Squilli etc given us, or Nik, Denilson etc – bloody nothing….

  15. more deadline day drama ahead :( terrible management from Arsenal… they’ve had all summer to sort this out with theo, yet here we are again with time running out!! i dont see this happening to often at city, utd chelsea…

  16. Andrew, we need more than a rumour now, we need to see something happen in the transfer window.

  17. http://www.bild.de/sport/fussball/hsv/klar-mit-van-der-vaart-25914154.bild.html

    A piece in Bild re: Van Der Vaart leaving Tottenham

  18. Omg today is the 29th…

  19. Morning Rico and all. Seriously now, with a couple of days to go Wenger had better be ready to pull a couple of big rabbits out of his hat because, if he doesn’t, I am telling you that the fans will absolutely not accept it this time. Last season was a stretch too far for supporters patience. Who can honestly be expected to support his current policy? I don’t and my enthusiasm is waning. If nothing of substance happens this window and we have the usual Wenger-isms for excuses then I believe that the club are taking the piss. Pure and simple and the call for change will gain a momentum that will be detrimental to the very fabric of the club. All sorts of scenarios could be played out.

  20. kel – this theo situation should have been sorted out two months ago, call me a cynic but leaving it until now suggests to me that AW will have the perfect excuse not to replace him – ‘we tried but it was a little bit too late’..

    As most here said a while back, players going into their last year of contract should have been set a deadline date in july, not the day before the transfer window closes…

  21. Cop this

    Marouane Chamakh operation

    Besiktas management, striker stepped up attempts. Black-white, 28-year-old Arsenal for Chamakh offer sales option to lease learned. 400 thousand pounds to the British as the cost of rent for a season are being offered to the French player to be bonservisinin decided to write the contract option for 4.5 million pounds. Arsenal’s Moroccan player wants to sell its supposed unwillingness to bid for the lease; Chamakh’ın was stated that the Besiktas look hot.

  22. I was surprised to see AVB is selling VdV Syg…

  23. ive heard that henri lansbury is a little prick like david bentley, thats why arsenal have no time for him,,

  24. Morning Adam,

    As much as the signings we have bought are quality, we are looking at 3 out and 3 in if nothing happens before Friday at 11pm

    We have sold the highest goals scorer and the two players who set up most of those goals…

    If no other players sign, I would totally understand the fans reaction and again the calls for Usmanov in and Stan out will be heard loudly as will the Wenger out comments.

    For AW sake, and the fans, I hope he has a few signings up his sleeve….

  25. I think this is AW last year at the club, its obvious that he really lacks ambition, even Spuds spend some of the modric cash already, I’m wondering who is in charge of anything at afc…its getting frustrating to even read comments that this guy make…

  26. Chamakh has been linked with Besiktas before hasn’t he…

  27. rumour only though ryan…

    gdna – i could be, but then again if he makes the right signings in the next few days, he could be here for a while ….

  28. Blame the board!!

  29. really hope there is a positive end to all of this…!
    Although it dosn’t look likely….

  30. Morning gunners,

    Has he sold anyone yet?
    Selling Theo for less than £15m will be a great loss. :(
    Don’t know why arsenal allowed it to get to 2 days to close of transfer.

  31. I really do notc understand how people blame Wenger,an employee of the club,for club policies!!
    It is the responsibilty of the board to dictate the clubs direction,isnt it??
    Of course it is.
    Blame the board.
    Anything else is just too convenient.

  32. dont know why theo allowed it to get to two days either emma…Contract talks go both ways

  33. Scott – I blame them all…..

    Hi emma – agree, as Scott said a while ago, Theo should have been told to sign or be sold by the 1st july, not with a day or two to go…

    If he does go, we should try for Dyer or Scott Sinclair…

  34. Agreed Rico. The dynamic between the manager and the fans used to be much stronger but it has grown fragile over the years. Looking at our squad on September 1st and knowing that it isn’t strong enough, yet hearing Wenger say that it is, might be ok every now and then, but this has been going on for far, far too long. As we stand, right now, I can’t see us competing for the CL or the PL. Three proper players could well change that, but we have been here many times before. The basic problem is that Wenger is not equipping the club with enough quality in depth. Who is going to score all the goals this season? What if Jack doesn’t come back as a new, injury free player? Too many chances being taken for me. The squad is stretched too thin. Arsenal of today certainly does seem a rather staid, flat institution, trundling along, but with no real energy and compelling ambition. I reckon Usmanov must be rubbing his hands together.

  35. If Theo is sold,its no great loss imo.
    If he’s sold,its because the board wanted their annual profit.

  36. Wenger has his part to play too Scott, ultimately he chooses who we sign or sell…

  37. Morning.

    I have never been a lover of Walcott but let’s just presume we would have won the league in the last two seasons or even the Champions League, do you think any of the departed players would have stayed ?

    It’s all about money,money,money and agents and three teams can blow us out of the water when it comes to wages.
    Hopefully FFP will work, though I have my doubts, but don’t expect any silverware for a while

  38. Scott. Wenger has so much power that it is entirely right to blame him. Essentially he runs the club. Who else could be doing it?

  39. As ever good young English players Bartley and Lansbury are sold to keep the crap love childs Diaby and Djourou who are poor at best with no passion for the club. Of course we have so many of Wengers crap signings overpaid and difficult to get rid of..Same old shite from Arsenal.

  40. Hey Rico , all

    This just in Catalonia asking for bail out. Well they need Sheikh at city since they want roughly 5billion euroes.


  41. Betting…

    Cheick Tiote 11/10 – faves
    Clint Dempsey 9/2 third fave – Sunderland fave
    Yann MVila 13/8 from 4/7 faves? – Tottenham faves
    Yohan Cabaye 4/1 faves
    Stephane Sessegnon 13/2 – tottenham faves
    Alan Dzagoev 13/2 – tottenham faves
    Isco 6/1 – Tottenham faves at 4/1
    Edin Dzeko 6/1
    Fernando Llorente 7/1
    Arjen Robben 8/1
    Klaas-Jan Huntelaar 12/1 – Liverpool faves
    Ibrahim Afellay 12/1 – Liverpool faves
    Robert Lewandowski 12/1 – tottenham faves
    Jermaine Defoe 14/1
    Kaka 20/1 down from 16/1
    Giuseppe Rossi 20/1
    Nani 25/1

    Theo Walcott 7/4 faves – Liverpool at 7/2
    Nicklas Bendtner 8/13 – Milan

  42. I couldn’t agree more Adam…

    Not only Jack but what about Diaby and to a degree Tomas Rosicky. Both could easily suffer injury again and Tomas was a key player for us last season.

    I guess we just have to hope that our DD will be as busy as last summers and we get the three players in that we really do need…

  43. wenger is definatly not innocent in all this!!

  44. Do you not think that leaving the Theo contract until the very last possible moment is deliberate?
    Wenger has decided that he doesn’t want him any more but hasn’t the bals to tell him, so he has contrived a catch 22 situation. Theo has no choice but leave the club. Assuming another club are prepared to take him on,
    Will Wenger buy to replace all the players he’s cleared out? I doubt it. As someone has already said he seems to have left it too late. Ho hum, Wilshire’s coming back, Diaby’s like a new signing, etc. etc

    Same old, same old! Another fruitless year? And I was feeling so good until the defection of R.I.P!

    I’m soooooo underwhelmed!

  45. If the board allow him that much power,who do you really blame??
    If a child is a spoilt little arsehole,i lame the parents.
    If a company goes broke,i blame those in charge,not those who follow their directions.
    It is all too easy to blame Wenger,because he is in the limelight,and the face of the club.
    The board sit back and allow it to happen with no intervention.
    Im sorry,but i just can not grasp how people blame him for club policy.
    Adam,if hes been told to sell a 10-15 million pound player,then Theo is the obvious one.
    I have absolutely no doubt Wenger makes these decisions,but based on what is in his job description.
    Yes,he pulls the trigger,but blame those loading the gun.
    Thats it….i wont speak on this any more,because these discussions always end up the same way.

  46. rico – dyer or sinclair? those 2 are walcott in disguise :)
    I would prefer Sergey Gnabry being fast track to the first team

  47. Keep the good news coming SYG……

  48. Remember guys,we are three big signings in front of where we were last season,so stay positive.

  49. This is AW fault, he runs the club. Ivan and Stan are just there. which other manager in world football talks about economics of a club like AW. He got to go, i prefer sb because he can motivate players

  50. Hi Kelsey, I didn’t get your email….

    I guess we will never know the answer to that question, but I strongly suspect they would have stayed….

  51. Adam i personally hope the kronke “out” chants start anyhow, the guy quite simply has no interest in investing!!

  52. I’ve trawled through all the European and South american sports press – Nothing apart from Chamakh to Besiktas and Bendtner to Italy…

  53. Hi S2S..

    Wavy, i’m still keeping hope until the window closes, we all know how AW works…

  54. I know Rico. It’s all wing and a prayer isn’t it? Every year we get the same old platitudes and every year we seem to have a better idea than Wenger of how strong the squad is. I know many, many ST holders, some of whom have been going to Arsenal for 50 years and all I see when we discuss the club and it’s immediate future is a resigned shrug. They know when they are being sold a pup. The Wenger era has been coming to a slow drawn out end for a while. The sugar daddies killed his management and team building ethos and we will never know if he did or didn’t have the financial power to do more. I suspect it was that Economics degree that weighed heavily on him together with his resentment for Abramovich and whoever the bloke is up at Man City. Keeping Arsenal in the CL for these years has been a great achievement but I have seen supporter’s expectations lowered each year. Even on here when I hear people calling for signings that are nowhere close to the quality we should aspire to. I can feel a certain inevitability to the whole thing. We can write posts and discuss forever but nothing will make any difference until the fans turn the club upside down and demand change.

  55. morning all
    bit of sour taste all around….let’s wait till
    friday and see where we are

  56. AW still has cham, squid, bendy, park, arsh, mann, fab, and cant get them off the wage bill. I prefer theo stay and we release a couple of those useless p[layers.

  57. That’s why I blame them all Scott, anyone of the board/wenger could change things.

  58. emma – or maybe Eisfield ;)

    Good point made but that won’t keep the fans quiet…

  59. Scott, we were 3 big signings ahead of where we wre, but if Theo goes and no signings are made, we are 3 big players out again….

  60. Adam, your 10.25 is so true and very sad…

    And there was me suggesting we should sign Sinclair or Dyer, doesn’t that just prove what you have just written is right….

  61. rico – we need 3/4 marquee signings now!

  62. Trouble is emma, I think we all know we are not going to get them. I really hope I am wrong this time though..

    We have £60m sat in the bank….. Spend it Arsene

  63. Theo,a big player Rico??

  64. JS is quite reliable isn’t he Syg?? That gives some hope….

  65. Theo Walcott to Man City plus £10M

    We get David Silva…

  66. Emma. I am with you on that but, familiarity breeds contempt and we have been here too many times before. I do expect a signing. Wenger has intimated that it will be a World-Class player, but he has said that so many times now that I actually feel embarrassed when I hear him say it again. Rico was right earlier. The deadline in a couple of days gives Wenger the ideal scenario to play out this annual farce.

  67. The calm before the storm. Very soon we will get wind of who arsenal is chasing

  68. Where theres time,theres hope guys.

  69. Imho yes Scott, if he doesn’t sign, the top clubs in the PL will all be in for him…

  70. i would love us to replace walcott with Mertens (PSV/Belgium).
    Arshavin with Dempsey, Loernte for Nikki b, Chamakh and Park and
    we get M’villa and a defender for the departed bartley and squillachi.
    our 25 man squad would be:

    Giroud, Pododlski, Lorente-3
    Mertens, Aoc(h), Gerviniho, Carzola- 4
    Mvilla, Dempsey, Diaby, Coquellen, Arteta, Ramsay(h),Wilshare(h)- 7
    Gibbs(h), Santos, Sagna, Jenko(h), Vermy, Kozzer, Mert, Djouru,a new def- 9
    Schezny(h), Mannone(h)- 2
    Home Grown:7

    so either the new defender we get should be home grown or we get Scott Sinclair/ Dyer from the Swans.

  71. JS is an Arsenal lad.
    You can’t beat a local sports journalist.

    We all want the same thing (end product), Rico… !

    World Domination for Arsenal.

  72. syg – That wouldn’t be a bad idea but doubt it will happen

  73. Fair enough Rico.
    I know you love him…just winding you up :)

  74. Emma – I very much doubt it … But Real Madrid have been sniffing around him… He would definitely fit

  75. SYG. Personally, I would be happy with a squad capable of challenging for the PL and the CL. World domination would follow obviously, but not I suspect, under Arsene

  76. Terry, that really is wishful thinking but I love it :)

    We fans do Syg, but I’m not sure those at the top of our club feel the same….

    Scott – you toad ;)

  77. Toads are very positive critters,Rico!

  78. Talking of Theo…

    He reminds me of Ian Wright and at what age did he start hitting the footballing headlines?

  79. Good morning Rico et al.

    A lot of people have been saying Henri Lansbury was not given a chance. He has been at the club since he was nine?? so he has had adequate time to demonstrate his skills/talent. He had the misfortune to suffer some longterm injuries at crtical junctures. Then he was sent out on loan a three times. He hasn’t set the sport afire. Yes, he may be a nice bloke, he is determined and works hard. Is that enough?

    He has played for Steve Bould in the youth setup and Banfield in the reserves. Both now working with the first team squad. I’m sure they had input in determining his progression. As he is or soon will be inelligible for youth status and has not developed to the point where they think he is ready for the first team squad of 25 designated players. what do they do.? Send him out on loan again or sell him. As we have seen with him and other of our players, loans don’t always work out well. If you sell him his new team are more likely to play him; which is better for the player.

    Arsenal MAY have asked for first right of refusal or inserted a buy back clause; we don’t know. Unlike other teams like Chelski and Abu Dahbi Citeh we don’t warehouse players just in case we need them. Read Bartley’s comments about his talk with Arsene and why he subsequently chose to take a transfer rather than another loan. When young players are approaching the end of their youth status it is crunch time, decisions must be made. Whether its a lack of development, too many better players in their position ahead of them, etc.; it does not serve the club or the player well to hold on to him if his current prospects are slim.

  80. Ha ha Scott….

  81. My wish on deadline transfer day is to get rid of the deadwoods.(Squillaci, Chamakh, Bendtner, Arshavin etc)

  82. Hi CG –

    You and I will have to agree to differ re Henri ;)

    At least he’s won a trophy with both Norwich & West Ham though ;)

  83. Morning I wonder if besides the money the issue with Walcott is that he wants to play centrally and Arsene wont guarantee that for him. I cant see the club letting him go and not having a plan B ready as they had with R$VP and given what happened to Wiltshere with overplaying him I also cant see them relying on playing AOC all season. Interesting days ahead and all will be revealed on Saturday when thank God the transfer window is closed until then lets wait and see.

  84. Morning all,
    Shame Walcott feels he has to act like a dick this late in the transfer window, it all reeks of Man City.
    Five year deal and a reported 75 grand a week, what is there to think about.
    Wish the club would put as much effort into getting rid of the deadwood, Chamakh, Squallaci, Bendtner, to name a few, that would be a good start.

  85. More on Walcott


    Ian Wright was a Sunday footballer and didn’t start playing pro until he was just in his twenties …. as I recall…

    There’s a massive difference between the two players though, Rico

    Walcott has a brain, Wright hasn’t
    Wright had a predatory instinct, Walcott hasn’t
    Walcott is like Henry, the mild mannered janitor, Wright was a fiery bugger

    What they do have in common is that they both were/are very quick paced players..

    If you just integrate two styles into one eh?

  86. those departures are important emma, get their wages off of our books once and for all and use the money to offer a good wage to a couple of marquee signings….

  87. vernat – who knows, seems to me that either AW believed he would stay, or he’s left it late for a reason… the cynic in me believes the latter…

    Hi Micko, agree – maybe £100K at Citeh is what he’s thinking about, did he get on with Clichy and Nasri?

    Or Fergie, maybe he will sign him to provide his other new signing…

  88. Vernat, that could have a lot to do with it. He needs to be played in his preferred position

  89. Scott – considering he made half of RVPs goals last season, yes he is a Big Player.

    Also, put him in RVPs position this season and you’ll see him notching up more goals too….not as much as RVP but certainly equal to or more that RVP contributed to the team at that age.

    The only players close to replacing Theo would be Miyachi and Joel Campbell, who won’t be in a red & white shirt this season….(Eden Hazard already gone to a club who pay top market rates, which AFC are a pauper to)

  90. The big problem with both Walcott and RVP is that they should have been told to sign with 2 years left or be sold. Someone is not doing their job properly letting them get to 1 year and in this business I would class that as negligence. If you were in any other job and were repeatedly negligent in a way that was extremely harmful to the organisation you worked for you would get the standard warnings first and then if you kept being negligent sacked. How is it that those within the Arsenal hierarchy are so unaccountable to these mistakes relative to someone in any other business.

    The problem is we don’t know whose fault this is and after a while this lack of insight begins to look like a dictatorship and we, the paying fans, are all seemingly being played for fools. It may not even be AW’s fault. He may have told the board to get these players signed up 12-18 months back, we just don’t know. Either way if Walcott goes and no-one else comes in all the early transfer feel good factor from earlier in the summer will be gone, all the good work undone. Those of you that have mentioned it above imo will be spot on that this will likely lead to a poisonous atmosphere seeping through the stands. This will likely affect the team and even the new arrivals enjoyment at being at the club will be short lived. Results will deteriorate and sponsors will not be so keen to do business with us, or at least we will not be able to negotiate top level deals. In other words it could be a big slippery slope that we may well struggle to get back up for many years. I feel we are on the precipice of this slope.

    Other clubs will sense our desperation with the transfer window closing and I feel the only answer is that the club may have to pay over the odds for once in order to secure the top players required. This will be their fault though so it will be a pill they will have to swallow. As a fan I would rather pay £12m over the odds on 3 players to have the right team than not get those players at all because we refuse to pay that extra. The worse of the 2 scenarios is to have a team unable to challenge because that is the way to the slippery slope.

    On another note if Walcott were to go and we were looking to replace him who should it be? I know there are a few players outside the EPL that are being mentioned but I don’t know how good they are or who would be best. I have been worried about losing too much EPL ready players and that British core. A question. How good is Scott Sinclair? How does he compare directly to Walcott in strengths and weaknesses and would we be well covered if he came and Walcott went? Just a thought as at least he is British and EPL established. From the ones I have seen of the overseas lot I think I would go for Reus. He may cost us £25m or so to prize away but I really like the look of him. He could give us a bit of what we would have lost from both Walcott and RVP IMO. For me he looks a pacey creative striker who can score goals but looks good during games when he pulls deeper both in central and wide positions. IMO his addition would give us a very mobile interchanging forward line with players who can interchange positions to cause the defence a nightmare, and I believe would have a great goal threat in addition to that movement. Reus in addition to Giroud, Podolski, Cazorla, the Ox, and Gervinho may be enough to move forward with.

  91. Brand Walcott is more marketable and therefore more profitable as a striker than as a winger, but if he wont sign then goodbye, thanks for the contribution to the club and lets move on with players who want to be at Arsenal.

    You can see with the KP Andrew Strauss situation what a self centred player who does not contribute to the team can do, to often it becomes about the player not the club or team.

  92. I meant more of the ‘he’ll come come’ a bit older really Syg, but it seems another club will get the benefits…

  93. Rico, AW is a dickhead, 2 days to go and Walcott does this. AW was not prepared

    Wenger est completa lima maor moron. Facit maximum tribulationis et debet abiit

  94. GoonerB,the club has wanted Theo to extend for near on 12 months!!
    5am,personally,i think Theo is one dimensional,and totally overrated.
    He is no better now than he was a few years ago,so asking for more money is a joke,imo.

  95. Yes vernat, England lost both the test and one day series to SA and now Strauss is quitting….

    probably because they were missing one of their best players….

  96. Difference between Walcott and Ian Wright is that old cliché Walcott is a scorer of great goals (occasionally) Ian Wright was a great goal scorer, with the exception of perhaps Robbie Fowler (a dick but a hell of a striker) the best natural finisher that England has produced in the last twenty years

  97. You don’t know for sure alan…

  98. Vernat – If he is craving to be a striker, he will not get it elsewhere be it Liverpool/mancity.

  99. I’ll go with that Vernat..

  100. No I don’t but it stands to reason if you are a good player and played out of position, your future will advance elsewhere

  101. http://www.as.com/futbol/articulo/wenger-quiere-afellay-isco-recambios/20120827dasdasftb_36/Tes

    AS reporting that we are “apparently” in for Isco.

    Skybet have got him at 6/1 to join us….

  102. No Rico, instead of being able to concentrate and plan and play 100% on competing with a formidable team they had to put up with a stroppy prima donna who played when he wanted, scored when he wanted and unless it was all about him through his rattle of out of his pram.

    Take a look at how many counties and teams he has left in bad circumstances, best player nope not any more give me Cook, or Bell or Prior who play for the team.

    As for replacements for Arsenal, would like us to hijack the Dembele deal from the Totts as looks a good player and a winger/forward

  103. Alan. I don’t believe Wenger is a dickhead.

  104. well, in truth Adam. neither do I. He is doing his bosses bidding re money & transfers, but he is an unsavoury bastard

  105. habet rem pro Afris qui futuis off ut African calicem gentium et futuit nos propter sex septimanas

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  106. Agree with GoonerB, other clubs do sense our desperation and it makes us vunerable, if Walcott is sold this late on in the window will the money be reinvested or will it go straight into Kroenke’s money belt, crazy position to find ourselves in.

  107. You speak Latin well, Alan

  108. Alan. But you wrote that he was. You don’t know that he is doing his bosses bidding. You have just made that up to suit and an “unsavoury bastard?” No. I think Wenger is actually a very decent man. A man out of place and time perhaps and a man stuck within an idealism perhaps.

  109. Alan. Please translate that Latin and save me the trouble of researching it.

  110. I thought it was Swahili SYG.

  111. I don’t believe Wenger is a bastard either alan, I strongly suspect his parents would disagree with your comment too…

    Syg – I’m not believing any rumours at this stage, what we all need is afc.com to tell us they have signed a couple…

    I’m done on the Theo debate, and I respect your views guys… I still want him to stay though ;)

  112. I thought it was utter bollox! Sorry if that offends…. but name calling is just so tedious…

  113. To what do you refer Rico?

  114. The Latin Adam – the translation is not pleasant…

  115. rico, think I heard both AW parents passed away within a year of each other a liitle while back while he was managing us, that must have been a lot to cope with at the time.

  116. There have been signs that Walcott and/or his agent has/have been angling for a significant pay rise for some time now (over a year). I’ve read in the past that Wenger said he would sanction it if Walcott showed more consistency in his play.

    Meanwhile, Theo like other Arsenal players has taken a page from Mathieu Flamini’s operating manual and avoided serious talks regards a new contract in order to increase his leverage in bargaining or in hope of a transfer as the clock winds down. If, as has been suggested by others here, you set a deadline, say July 1st; you are pushing the player towards the door and also giving him more time to find another club. It takes at least two parties willing to negotiate to reach an agreement. The club can’t force a player to negotiate in good faith and a player can’t always force his terms on the club, as Alex Song recently demonstrated. It is now up to Theo.

    Unfortunately for us, supporters emotions and feelings aren’t part of the negotiating process. Like it or not, we’ll just have to be patient.

  117. I didn’t know that Micko, must have been a terrible time for him…

  118. Micko. That is true re Arsene’s parents. I am sure Alan has a suitably unpleasant Latin phrase to cover that sad fact.

  119. Andrew Strauss has stepped down from all forms of cricket…


  120. Yes Rico. I didn’t know you were a Latin scholar. What was the translation then? Alan doesn’t seem to want to tell us.

  121. Says a lot about the Wenger Adam that it went under the under radar at the club, its the way he must have wanted it.

  122. Similar to:

    Africans, who has a thing for the African cup of nations to f**k off and screwing us for six weeks

    Can be turned over by the dwarfs and gay f****d up the ass like a chook

  123. Micko. It was publicised as I remember but in a dignified, low key way. Never an easy time for anyone.

  124. Have shocking rain and thunder grumbling around here, if i disappear you know why :(

  125. Afternoon AKB’s…
    Afternoon Rico, a posy tinged with sadness methinks…

    Well everyone, how is the PTWT today???

  126. Rico, it’s arse, not ass. That’s American

  127. Adam says:
    August 29, 2012 at 11:54 am

    Yes Rico. I didn’t know you were a Latin scholar. What was the translation then? Alan doesn’t seem to want to tell us.

    I’d love to tell you, just there is a sensor running around :D

  128. Ah, I see Rico. Beautiful. What could possibly motivate a white supremacist racist to say such a thing? I guess the Latin thing was just to emphasise his intellectual prowess as a member of the master race. I don’t really understand what that sort of thing brings to the debate other than to incite and provoke. Personally, I think it to be vile. It simply demeans us all.

  129. Afternoon AK, I had a feeling that might come through, it’s how I feel today….

  130. How applicable then alan, we do have an American owner…

  131. Do you mean a censor Alan? Your ability to spout racism in Latin seems to outweigh you grasp of English. You can end your posts with a smiley but you appear to me to be becoming more and more unpleasant as time goes on. Why don’t you keep you propaganda for the other sites you must inhabit? Don’t peddle your shit here Alan. Nobody is buying it.

  132. I do try and ignore such extreme silliness myself Adam….

    I will now delete the translation…

  133. AH our goalscoring troubles gone. It to AW

    The Indepedent claim that Sir Alex Ferguson will allow Wayne Rooney to leave Manchester United.

    In a bombshell they claim as an exclusive, 15 months after Rooney rocked Old Trafford with a transfer request, the English broadsheet are claiming that Ferguson has decided he no longer wants the striker at the club.


  134. Actually alan, this has been a long time coming – for the sake of other bloggers, maybe you should find somewhere else to spout your racist comments. It’s gone a bit too far now and in the last few days you have cheesed off a few.

    I have a sneaky feeling you only do it to get a reaction, a bit like your LG pal Gambon…

  135. That bastion of Truth and hard investigative journalism the Metro has said that Dzeko could be a makeweight in the Walcott deal if it went ahead, I can think of Several players i would rather have from City ahead of him, Richards, De Jong even Kolo back to be honest

  136. Just My thoughts on the current situation.

    First of all Walcott. now when he is on the brink of leaving us he is reaching something like super star status among some of our fans. Walcott is average footballer with speed nothing more. If he could make it as a striker he would be able to beat the keepers on all those one to one he has fucked up regardless if he came into that position from the wing or the middle.

    Signings. We are still in the window and anyone who says we are out of time please look back to last year. 5 players in the last few hours, 2 of them very good and Santos not a bad buy either.

    Wenger and the board. The blame lies with both. If the boards policy is detrimental to the progress of the club and the manager go’s along with it he is guilty by association.

    If we get a winger/play maker, defensive mid fielder and a versatile defender before close of the window on Friday then I for one will consider this transfer window a great success. you may point to the 3 players going out but the sad fact is that they no longer wanted to play for this great club so we are better off with out them.

  137. Tell you what Alan. I use the term racist as you have demonstrated time after a time that it is a term that fits you well. You say I have no argument? Millions of people died fighting against people like you so we could be free to have the sort of chat and banter that we enjoy on HH. You always bridle when called a racist then go on to talk about the violent crime committed on our streets by ” these people”. You sound just like that fascist scumbag Anders Brevik. Why don’t you go and put on your black uniform and march around your bunker for a few hours.

  138. That made a bit of sense until you mentioned Kolo vernat ;)

    TT – If, that’s the key there….

  139. hi all
    waw,today HH is full of doom&gloom??!
    cheer up please fellow gunners,let’s all wait and see
    am still positive,knowing how we do our transfers,still there is
    a long three days to go
    just saying

  140. Adam, sorry, i deleted his last comment which you are referring to…

  141. ‘Sign or be sold’.. Stupid policy when you’re 48 hrs from transfer window deadline. They bang on about letting players go but are so sluggish and impotent at signig them as in the Sahin case lately.

    Enuf said already about Gazidis and Co ‘s abilities.., just it’s too frustrating during this transfer circus.

  142. Got a lot of time for Kolo still, I would rather Gallas had gone than him to be honest as Kolo was always up for the fight and I am not sure that can be said about Billy Gallas

  143. Dzeko is a beast. I would love it if he came to Arsenal. Imagine a frontline of Cazorla, Dzeko and Podolski, Nice!

  144. alan is a plank…….but i love him. good morning folks. the death of theovanasrigas huh? it hurts so bad guys. am not a walcott fan, no on the contrary am up for flogging the fresh face plonker but this has got to be damaging poor old arsene’s health. he brings up a player, stuck by him through injuries, poor form and media bashing only to get stabbed in the back! how does he get out of bed in the morning????

  145. rico you are far to much pessimistic, once the window closes and no signings then yes there is a reason for doom and gloom but I hold high hope that we will be getting a least 3 players before the close of the window.

  146. Has Walcott been given an ultimatum of ‘sign or be sold’?


  147. Another point – Two players we have been linked with….
    The Malaga side that drew 0-0 in the Champions league had both Toulalan and Isco playing for them. Both would be cup-tied if we signed any of them.

  148. Afternoon all. Bit gloomy huh.
    Well there goes my Friday i’ll be glued to SSN all frickin day!

  149. Outside of the we-hate-Arsenal tabloids, it doesn’t really read like that CG….

    Check Jamie Sanderson on Twitter

  150. Where is alezkev a.k.a. Reverend AK? Maybe he could lead us in a prayer for our collective cases of angst. I believe he refered to it as PTWT (Pre-Transfer Window Termination ??).

  151. Goonie. Perhaps it’s the £7 million a year? It would certainly get me up.

  152. hahahahahaha adam you prissy old twit. how are ya this morning? how’s the missus?

  153. Hi Hakzah – not doom and gloom just a little reality, i’m hoping AW soon brightens our day…

    Citeh have agreed a defender signing…

  154. Not bad Goonie. Thank you. I am feeling slightly under the weather and am taking it easy for the day. What about you?

  155. More on Bendtner leaving ……


    Very few takers for him …. He may well end up on loan at Birmingham

  156. SYG — You may well be right. I am not that familiar with the relative merits of England’s news sources. However, IF he has been given an ultimatum, it shouldn’t have been unexpected. I would like him to sign, but I wouldn’t mourn his loss.

  157. I sense a lot of despondency on here today.
    AlanMP will be pleased… ;-)

    If Fred is corrrect, hope he is, and M’Vila signs for us in the next 24 hours, then I suspect thay the smiles will return.

    Don’t start panicking yet, a lot can happen and any deals being done, were set up a couple of weeks ago.

  158. Syg, he is listed as a striker on afc.com..

    TT – honestly, i hope too and as i said all summer, i’ll wait until 11pm on friday and keep hope…

    But I guess history leaves me a tad concerned, but not ready to give up on AW just yet ;)

    Hi goonster

  159. This has to be TW’s biggest chance yet to play central, it may just work too – i sure wouldn’t bet against it….

  160. Kev. Experience + time= Despondency.
    I wait in hope but live in reality. It gets too painful after a while mate.

  161. Well I’ll get started on making ‘Ben’s Ark’ because by sound of alot of people here today the ‘END OF THE WORLD IS NIGH’ ;0

  162. hey kev, how’s it going pal….morning mama bear. i think he ll sign a new contract before the window closes.

  163. Like it or not, Arsenal FC is a business and if it is fully instituted Financial Fair Play should force all the other teams to operate as businesses. That will leave most, if not all, of the sugar-daddy teams with many expensive and highly overpaid players on their rosters that no one can afford to buy and/or pay. You only have to look at Abu Dahbi Citeh’s recent mega-loss fiasco transfer of Adebuymore to Spuds.

    Have patience – have faith Gooners, our turn on the dais is coming.

  164. The fact that Arsenal are so quiet and no news being leaked means they are very busy and taking every precaution to stop clubs gazumping us.

  165. Utd sell a player they paid £30m for for £4m and no media outlet gives a flying fucking fuck.

  166. BB — I agree. Arsene and Arsenal prefer to do their negotiations in complete privacy and public silence. Also, Arsene always has at least one alternate if a transftarget is missed.

  167. Benny B at 1:01 pm
    that’s too true.

  168. Adam, Stay Strong.

  169. This might cheer some up. :D

  170. Ak, don’t really understand re M’Vila, if we were really interested in him, surely we’d have signed him by now….

  171. :) Ben, I like that…

  172. People must be putting money on Walcott to leave.

    Man City now 5/4 favourites. Liverpool 7/4

    Liverpool were 7/2 favourites this morning …..

  173. Is Cabaye the World Class player we have been told to expect?

  174. AlanMP, I almost never ever agree with anything you post.
    There is an agenda in all you write.
    Latin cannot disguise it.
    It’s all Greek to me anyway.
    I honestly believe that you enjoy your role as the blogs Arsenal extremist.
    I can imagine you chuckling away, thinking how what you write will upset and shock all us faint hearts.
    Well that’s ok Alan.
    I’ve long given up, taking anything you say, seriously.
    You have a view, I don’t agree.
    You know that i’m sure.
    So enjoy your role, a kind of Guy Burgess, Anthony McLean figure I suppose.
    A naughty subversive. :-)

  175. Tottenham are now favourites to sign Iffellay at 6/4 and M’vila 1/3.

  176. Burgess was a faggot wasn’t he, Kev?
    Can I say faggot?

  177. Rico — If Arsene is still interested in him, it wont be at Rennes’ valuation. It then becomes a matter of who blinks first. With Rennes already having secured Makoun, they already have M’Vila’s replacement. I don’t think anyone has lodged a recent bid for him. All the talk of his transfer seems to originate from the Rennes President.

  178. Well its all so quiet in the transfer world, I think we can expect maybe 1 really good signing, but probably not till Friday.

  179. Bet Victor have got Nani at 12/1 to join us …

  180. Is that right SYG?
    Burgess was a meatball… :-D

  181. Spurs put Lennon, Van der Vaart and Parker for sale? Do they have any intention of having a squad this season? :D

  182. Who is going to score the goals? A simple question.

  183. Good piece that CG.

    The London Evening Standard and the Metro to some extent provides a much more realistic read than that of the Daily, Mail and the Sun.

  184. Definitely right, Kev.

  185. Good news on Kos, especially as we are playing the dippers, different test for the defence…

  186. Theo Walcott: Of the 45 PL players to attempt 100+ crosses last season Walcott was the least accurate, finding a teammate 13.4% of the time.

  187. Sy(?)
    didnt know you where gay mate…no worries your secret is safe with us faggott !…

  188. Married with two kids Tombstone…

    You’ll have to try copping off with someone else…

  189. CG – I think all the smoke coming out from rennes is trying to get a club interested, they seem intent on selling him despite what they say…

    Adam – Theo ;)

  190. or maybe faggott isnt a good word to use on people SyG…or ?;)you should really learn to respect people..!!…and that includes Swiss…Norwegians…and hey and behold Yes Gays to :)

  191. Well laughed off Syg…

  192. It’s difficult to blog whilst I’m working.
    Hi Stan/Canuck & anyone I missed.
    Gotta do some work.

  193. Thx Sy(?)
    hehe …no wonder the world is such a peaceful place :)sorry about that Rico…:)cant blame me for not trying..and i promise that was my last attempt to…well im sure you know..im off…be back when the English People once again accept foreigners…keep up the good work with the blog…

  194. Rico — Rennes have baited the hook, but Arsene isn’t biting and wont bite at their valuation. Howeber, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Arsenal sign a different DM (e.g. Capoue, Biglia, or someone no one has mentioned).

  195. Tom – don’t start that all off again…. please…

  196. Nor you Syg…

    jeez, what’s wrong with people today, talk about live and let live…. :roll:

  197. CG – that’s my thinking too, we’ll get a DM, but it could be N’Zonzi for all we know ;)

  198. Rico – bookies state Walcott WILL stay

    Contract rebel Walcott 7-4 to exit Emirates

    BY MARK LANGDON 12:31PM 29 AUG 2012

    Theo Walcott is reportedly refusing to sign a new contract at Arsenal with some suggesting he will be sold in the summer transfer window rather than be lost for nothing come the end of the season.

    Coral make the Gunners winger 7-4 to exit the Emirates and 2-5 to stay past Friday’s deadline with Liverpool and Manchester City said to be chasing the speedy England international.

  199. I reckon he’ll stay Syg, he’ll know where he’s better off, I heard he is happy and this is poss his agent trying to squeeze a bit more out of the club…

  200. Tiote or Cabaye, who is the better player and more the kind of player we need?

    Tiote imho….

    I only ask because it seems that we could get one of them…

  201. Rico — The final death throws of this transfer window has a lot of us a little tense and testy as we grasp at straws and hear/read conflicting stories of our transfer dealings or lack thereof. Regardless of who we do or don’t buy or sell; I’m sure most, if not all, of us will return to what passes for our normal selves come Saturday morning. The transfer window will have closed and we all should have had a nights sleep. Until then it is going to be like a werewolf convention on a full moon.

  202. Hi Rico……..HI ALL
    I just think that since the bosman ruling things have gone up sh…ts creak without a paddle. Too much player power. How can a club pay 15 mil for a player at say 100k per WEEEEEEEEK for 4 years and then lose him for nothing. Even if the club want to sell him, he doesnt have to leave. Just runs out his contract and goes off on a free looking for another mug to pay hefty signing on fee. Wengers right, the games heading for a crash.

  203. I think you are right, Rico. All the signs are that he is happy …. the CF may be the real sticking point ……

    A few years ago – and it is a few years … Charlton had a forward line that boasted Derek Hales at CF and Mike Flanagan at Outside Right or Left….. Top scorer Hales left for Derby thus Flanagan took over the scoring reins at CF… It didn’t work out for Hales and he wanted to come back and Flanagan was all over the tabloids at the time stating that he wasn’t going to be shifted back out wide to let Hales come back play CF….

  204. Certainly seems that way CG, bizarre really….

    Hi Arty, that’s football as we know it today, and it’s not good….

  205. Well I’m of to bed. These late late nights are killing me. Maybe tomorrow will bring good tidings, but I suspect we will have to wait until late Friday night.

    Till tomorrow fellow Gooners.

  206. rico 12.49, who you kidding, you struggle to make it through the news at 10.
    If Walcott does go then maybe there is some truth in the news that Jesus will be coming to save us, although Ryo returning from his loan is more likely.
    Canadian Gooner, patience is a virtue.

  207. Syg, i struggle to remember all things afc, goodness knows how you remember the goings on at other clubs….

    Night CG, rest well….

    Ha ha Micko, the latest is Joseph, not Jesus ;)

  208. Arty, shame about the Limossol result last night, looks like the Gooners won’t be coming your way for a while yet.
    Laters CG.

  209. This was ages ago Rico and back then there was no X-Box or Play stations etc. As a kid football was everything …

  210. Micko, they battled well and at least went to play football and tried to get that one goal for Anderlecht to need two. I think that team was put together for about 10 million, not bad. If they had reached the group stages, then cyprus may have received another CL place next year making it 2 teams.

  211. Good old days Syg….

  212. Watched Biglia again, what an engine he has. 90 minutes full running. He is good.

  213. Norge, you can run, but you can’t hide.
    I will track you down… ;-)

  214. Arty, they surprised many by winning the league last year didn’t they, punching above their weight in the Champions League but now have a bit of experience and taste for it which should bode well next time around.

  215. He’ll be back Ak, hopefully….

  216. You seen the Dick Law rumours??

    Asked if we are hoping to sign VdW, he refused to comment….

  217. Watch out Norge, Kev is a bit pistachio’s these days, he means it.

  218. rico, we should have signed him first time around, AW missed a trick there.

  219. Micko, they also earned a few bob and i think still go to europa. Yes they did surprise many, but they are a fully attacking team and fear no one. I like that, value for money to watch.

  220. But we had a fit Sagna didn’t we Micko, be a great addition to our back line though….

  221. And Brazils to you too…

  222. Arty, Europa it is, you might get the chance to stick one over on our poor relations up the road as well so it’s not all bad.

  223. Sorry rico, I read that as VdV, spec-savers for me.

  224. Van der Vaart? Over rated and to slow IMHO.

  225. There was a reason why RM let him go and why none of the big clubs have been pounding down the door down at shite stain so far…

  226. meh micko speck savers for me too…

  227. Ha ha – I had a feeling you had Micko, that’s why I added the back line bit ;)

  228. any idea wen is our u19 match wid marsellie

  229. Rumour Site :P

    29 Aug 2012 15:17:07

    Cabaye has signed for Arsenal.
    13 mil + add ons.

  230. surely we ve signed someone???

  231. Afternoon all.

    Today, since 2007/08 season, I hope you People understand what I am driving at on Malevolent Fate.

    Today, I hope you People understand what I am driving at that this 3rd and greatest Arsene Wenger’s team is nurtured and built on Victoria Concordia Cresit.

    Victoria Concordia Crescit

    O Fortuna
    velut luna
    statu variabilis,

    semper crescis
    aut decrescis;

    vita detestabilis
    nunc obdurate
    et tunc curat
    ludo mentis aciem,

    dissolvit ut glaciem.

    Sors immanis
    et inanis,
    rota tu vulubilis,
    status malus,

    vana salus
    simper dissolubilis,
    et velata

    michi quoque miteris;
    nunc per ludum

    dorsum nudum
    fero tui sceleris.

    Sors salutis
    et virtutis

    michi nunc contraria,
    est affectus

    et defectus
    simper in angaria.

    Hac in hora
    sine mora
    corde pulsum tangite;
    quod per sortem
    sternit fortem,
    mecum omnes plangite!


    We are downed, but not OUT!!!!

    Keep the faith, people!!!!

    We still can win the title!!!

    Fun isn’t it at HH? :lol:

  232. merlin
    and u r nuts :D

  233. 7pm Uk time tonight lolly…

  234. No goonster….

  235. perfer et obdura; dolor hic tibi proderit olim

    Be patient and tough; some day this pain will be useful to you.

    Lets hope so and we will know more soon when the window is closed until then i’m with merlin keep the faith and all things are still possible (though some are more possible than others)

  236. Yup.
    Sometimes it gets too serious over here….tiem to defuse tension by going nutty.

    He is not suitable to play “tiki taka” Crab Football at Emirates and will blossom in any ENglisht eams that play Direct Football like Swansea, Liverpool, ABu DHabi, ManU, etc where th balls are passed immediately and direct to the feet of players in midfield and developing an attack..and then at final third, plenty of thru’ balls, diagonal balls and reversed passes witht eh forward expected to run into space between defenders and off-the-shoudler running an spinning off the defenders……and this suits Walcott very well with his direct running style and coached to make runs intot eh box with balls delivered directly to his feet or for him to run to them..

    No mroe all those “tiki taka” rubbishes when Theo is expected to take 3 or 4 touches, beat hsi man, passes the ball accurately…

    Theo is a striekr..not another “False No. 10″ liek RvP or another Pires or Freddy or Hleb or Rosicky that can cut into centre and attack..and make plays.

    Wenger completely mismanaged Theo trying to mke him into a player he is not.

    Sell him and let Theo blossoms under a different manager with a different playing style….as a striker.

  237. Merlin, I want some of what you are one ;)

  238. Did anyone see Lansbury’s tweet, he’s leaving with a heavy heart.

  239. @ merlin, no regrets over leaving theo….but letting it too late to happen so taht no replacements wud b made is phatetic

  240. I didn’t Micko, he must be heart broken…. he’s a true gooner…

    Merlin, agree re Theo, definitely played in the wrong position. don’t want him to go, would rather he got his chance through the centre with us first…

  241. excuse my spelling…this kee board n my vision sucks nowadays :/

  242. any news over that muppet eastmond??? is he moving r not???

  243. rico
    thanks fr infrmation :)

  244. lolly – if we can let Lansbury go, i sure as heck don’t know what Eastmond has to offer our squad…

  245. rico says:

    August 29, 2012 at 3:48 pm


    *******************sigh************** anybody remember Anthony Stokes?

    I don’t have high hope for Roberts then as he maybe on his way out..like Anthony Stokes.

    SOmetimes..sometimes, it makes moi wonder ..
    Arsene Wenger the “Snake Oil Salesman”..
    Arsene Wenger the “One Hit Wonder”, i.e. only French SPine and nothing else…

    Or Arsene Wenger, Le Professeur whose Youth Policy is finally proven correct by the maturing of his 3rd and greatest Arsenal team with thsi new crop of finestkind youngsters?

    Like Pharoah told Moses: “You go and make brick without straws”.
    That is, Arsene Wenger is desperately trying to find “straws” to turn all these “muddy doss” into sturdy “bricks”.

    In 3 days time, we will know whether Wenger got his “straws” or liek Moses retorted to Pharoah: ‘You go and make bricks without straws then!”

    Oh yes, Arsene Wenger had been making “bricks” without “straws” for the past 7 seasons..flattered to deceive…and all come crumbling down under the slightest pressure like baked mud without straws…no tenacity, no toughness and mentality fragile like “baked mud”.

    Has Wenger ever developed a successful striker like Henry?
    ANelka – one season wonder.
    RvP – one season wonder.

    Aliadiere – a flop
    Lupoli – flop
    Stokes – flop
    Jay SImpson – not Arsenal standard
    Bendtner – oh man………
    Vela – baked “mud”
    Walcott – blind alley runner
    Ryo Miyachi – out on loan
    Wellington SIlva – out on loan
    Benik Afobe – when he be sold like Lansbury?

    See..since Henry and Anelka, this is Wenger’s track record of developing a striker for senior team – exactly zilch.

  246. rico_ really gutted wid chamakh and eastmond …coz theres no news f ‘em moving :/
    as for sqiullaci wats happening ??? is he kidnapped :D

  247. merlin _ are u typing all this ur own or copy paste frm somewhere???
    if ur typing it …cud u make it short :)

  248. Jeeeeeeeez..those pile of deadwoods are giving WInston Bogarde Suite at Emirates a bad name.

    Winston Bogarde must be sulking right now as he only collected 40,000pw for sitting down at Stamford bridge…whereas those french poodles are collecting way above 50,000pw.

    Has Park CY departed yet?

  249. I am typing directly form my heart, hence “left finger faster than right finger”….

  250. Hi Rico, :-)

    It will come as no surprise to you, but I hate this transfer window closing lull.

    What is worse this time is that there has been so much in the press and on the radio about the Spuds buying anything and anyone who is mentioned.

    What’s worse, some of them are rather good players, especially Dembele who I rather hoped we would buy. :evil:

    Enjoyed your Post, as ever. :-)

  251. Change the record Merlin. Those long things moving around the clock face are hands. They give a visual representation of the passing of time. We have to move along or we are doomed to continually flogging the same horse. And he is dead. We must move along. Criticism without enlightenment is really, really dumb. I think we all get it now. You hold Wenger and Gazidis in total contempt. I know this because you never, ever tire of telling us.You must, by definition believe that you could do a better job. I have some news for you Merlin. You couldn’t.

  252. lansbury must really be hurting. poor fella. i wish him all the best.

  253. hey adam…

  254. Merlin,

    You had me worried there for a minute! :-)

    That first stanza means;

    O Fortuna velut luna statu variabilis,

    O Fortune, like the moon, ever changing.

    Sounds a bit like a West Ham chorus!! :-)

  255. Adam @4:23,

    Tell us what you really mean!! :-)

  256. Merlin, “You looking at me or chewing a brick, either way you lose your teeth” that was a favorite of Moses as well.

    Don’t think Walcott will ever make it as a striker, that’s my humble opinion, hasn’t got enough about him.
    Dutch was saying a while back that Bogarde hasn’t got two pennies to rub together these days, declared himself bankrupt, has hit very hard times.

  257. Walcott and Wenger held talks today. He won’t sign contract now but will not be sold this window #afc

  258. Red Arse. I would but I am not fluent in Latin. :)

  259. After David Dein elft with Arsene Wenger taking on everything…this is the accummulaiton of bad fianncial management by an arrogant Wenegr with a poodle of a Gazidis, a hapless bystander tryign hard not to antagonise Wenger in case he decided to leave.

    As long as Arsene Wenger keeps on generating profits and paying off that 20-mil mortgage bond every year……Kroenke is most happy to leave Arsene Wenger alone to manage the Budget.

    PArk CY

    All these are Wenger’s buys and his final decision to proceed or abort the transfer.

    Let’s not be fooled by Wenger initial successes from 196 to 2005 as it is just a passing phase.

    The key is to build a legacy like Chapman, who laid the foundation for his successors to bring Arsenal FC to greater height.

    Arsene Wenger has no legacy to give to Arsenal FC..yet.

    Legacy means that after the initial burst of successs….had you got the managerial acumen to continue to rebuild upon past successes to greater successes?

    You can equate Arsene Wenger to the late Brian CLough..initially great successes..and after that never heard of again.

    Look at SHnakly’s Liverpool and Ferguson ManU….it is successes upon successes….and with SHankly’s Liverpool with other “Boot Room Boys” to continue the successes.

    Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal?
    “One Hit Wonder” with teh French Spine…and thereafter….one continual decline to mediocrity.

    Wenger has two seasons to put it right…or I am proven correct in branding him as just a ‘One Hit Wonder”..like Brian CLough.

    Look at all the successful English teams of the past since 1970s that won titles and trophies.

    You ever heard of one of ‘em operating on a shoe-string budget?

    SO who is Arsene Wenegr kidding by perpetually harping “you must count yoru pennies and watch the budget”.

    Excuse moi?
    You are running a corporation to generate profits or managing a football club to win titles and trophies?

  260. merlin :/

  261. wud there be any live straeming for ton8’s match…anyone…

  262. Gawd ‘elp us. Is there no end to it?

  263. lolly – i asked vipbox.tv if they can stream

  264. Emma. That seems like a no-win situation to me. What do you think Merlin?

  265. No. No. I was only joking.

  266. oh guess you can’t say streams for game 2nite. sowwy!

  267. Deep breaths Adam, deep breaths.

  268. Red Arse, translation:

    O Fortune,
    like the moon
    you are changeable,
    ever waxing
    and waning;
    hateful life
    first oppresses
    and then soothes
    as fancy takes it;
    and power
    it melts them like ice.

    and empty,
    you whirling wheel,
    you are malevolent,
    well-being is vain
    and always fades to nothing,
    and veiled
    you plague me too;
    now through the game
    I bring my bare back
    to your villainy.

    Fate is against me
    in health
    and virtue,
    driven on
    and weighted down,
    always enslaved
    So at this hour
    without delay
    pluck the vibrating strings;
    since Fate
    strikes down the string man,
    everybody weep with me!

    That my friend is the frustration of supporting in this climate of the Decline of “Wenger’s Arsenal” ..ll vaporous..all initiial promises form May, vowing to build a new team……and 3 days to 31-Aug…2 games….0 goals……all promises but when is the substance now on 29-Aug?

    It is like you are eying this bimbo…wooing and wooing and hoping and hoping……….till you got her into the bedroom…you kisses her…you undresses..she undresses…..last pieceoff…”The Crying Game”

  269. Hi RA, we can do better than Dembele ;)

  270. let him fuck off adam…..he thinks he’s all that and a bag of chips well news flash theo…….you re just a one trick pony. now go clean up your locker you whining book writting freah faced tosser.( is that a word)

  271. Adam – I guess if we could flog him for £12m to the dippers i would be very happy. Even if it’s just a little profit i don’t mind. Otherwise we lose him for free. Don’t know why Arsenal waited until now…

  272. You really are wasted here Merlin. Your prose, your immaculate spelling and grammar, your spreadsheet attitude to life. Not to forget of course your kind spirited articles and support for our club that never wavers. May I ask where you sit in the ground as I would obviously like to avoid that particularly jaundiced section.

  273. Yes Adam, deep breaths… ;)

    Didn’t Wenger say a few weeks ago that the Walcott deal might be sorted after the 31st Aug..

    Maybe that suggests that:

    AW – Yes Theo i will play you central.

    TW – Ok Mr Wenger – but I need a few games there first to prove you a re not fibbing – then I will sign

  274. Goonie. Eloquent as ever. Micko. I do try but something about today has made me all confrontational. I don’t mind negativity at all and in fact subscribe to it many times where Arsenal are concerned. But this stuff is drivel, complete and utter tosh. It says nothing and doesn’t even make bloody sense.

  275. spot on emma……he’s shit. way overated and that’s cause (rico thinks he’s cute though, i dont he looks like a puppy doll but giroud, now that’s fine) he’s british and home grown.

  276. EXCLUSIVE: Arsenal have agreed a €8.5million deal to sign Shakhtar Donetsk striker Dentinho. More on http://lancenet.com.br soon


  277. Emma. For me it is simple. You don’t want to be here. Then bugger off. We will get as much as we an for you. Now sod off.

  278. Adam, Wenger will sell if buyer meets his valuation of say 15-mil to 20-mil.

    Or it si really another “Henry” situation who wil wiat to see how the team panned out.

    Walcott’s agent had got Arsene Wenger over the barrel and it is a “win-win” situation now:

    If Theo comes go and becomes a 20+ goal striker, then in May 2013, he can demand a signing-on bonus of 5-mil with a 100,000pw 5-year contract.
    Worse, Abu Dhabi or Chelski or Liverpool willing to offer him 160,000pw plus a nice signing-on bonus as well……

    Or another FLamini situation where he leaves on a Bosman.

    Cashley Cole?
    AT least he did nto walk out on a Bosman but signed a one-year extension, matching CHelski offer of 70,000pw with the condition that he cna leave in the summer tot eh club of his choice.

    If Theo si looyal tot eh club, then all he ahs to do is sign a one-year extension paying him 100,000pw with teh condition that he can leave to any club of hsi chocie in July 2013.

    Otherwise, he is just another greedy git eyeing the richness of Abu DHabi or ABramovich.

  279. Rico,

    It does not make much/any sense to me if that tweet is right, that he won’t sign until after the t/w shuts and Arsenal won’t sell.

    So he is off in January instead, I presume, for a pittance.

    I will believe that when the fat lady sings at window’s end on Friday night! :-)

  280. Tiote Deal Collapses As Navas Edge Close To Arsenal.

    Dbl hmmmmm….

  281. Adam, I am shocked!! :-)

    “Emma. For me it is simple. You don’t want to be here. Then bugger off. We will get as much as we an for you. Now sod off.”

    And Emma is such a nice young lady, too!! :-)

  282. Yes. Thank you for that fascinating in-depth estimation of the situation Merlin. Deep stuff.

  283. goonie – i do not think Theo is cute, I just think there is a player in there and we will see that either when he moves central or goes to another club who will play him there..

    That’s my own view, ok, it’s not everyone else’s but that’s fine….

  284. Red Arse. I know Emma is a lovely young lady but I am all fired up today. :)
    And she knows I never meant any offence to her.

  285. My prediciton for this weekend:

    Liverpool 0 Arsenal 0

    Our DEFENCE can keep a clean-sheet.

    But we are not clicking as a team yet.
    We need a run of 6 to 8 games before we can see fluency, off-the-ball running and udnerstanding between FORWARD and MIDFIELD.

    7 points from first 7 games;
    22 points from next 8 games.

    The key to a successful season is to get into double figures in points from first 7 games.

    And in frist 7 games, we meet Liverpool, CHelski and Abu Dhabi City.

  286. merlin i think you’ll find brian clough won the league title with derby and forest. two small clubs from the east midlands, 2 european cups also with forest and the league cup a few times. if thats a one hit wounder what would you call success.

  287. You put your left leg in.
    Your left leg out.
    In, out, in out,
    you shake it all about.
    You do the Hokey Cokey
    and you turn around.
    And that’s what it’s all about…

    What’s that in Latin????

  288. Merlin, you are as bad as alan for guessing, no-one knows what went on in the talks, maybe, just maybe AW wants Theo to stay and Theo wants to stay too???

  289. Merlin. Can I ask, what colour is the sky on your world?

  290. Kev. Don’t forget the Conga too. :)

  291. Mog. Don’t start him off.

  292. Adam, it is kinda like ROy Keane situation.

    Last year of hsi contract.
    He declared he wanted to stay but please, paid me what I am worthed, i.e. 50,000pw..equivalent to today inflated 200,000 to 250,000pw.

    Ferguson refused and went to search for his replacement.
    Aghast, he discovered it si moe expensive to repalce Roy Keane, plus there is no guarantee of success with hsi replacement too!

    Ferguson caved in and paid Roy Keane “what he is worthed”.

    Classic “Roy Keane” situation.
    It is more expensive to replace Theo than to pay him what he is worthed “85,000 to 100,000pw”.

    After all, he may vey well become our top scorer thsi seaosn…and can eaisly be sold for 20-mil to 25-mil in August 2013 if he wanted to leave to “win trophies”.

    I think Wenger will cave in and pay him what he wanted………….

  293. Adam – we all know that was directed at Theo :)

  294. mog says:

    August 29, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    merlin i think you’ll find brian clough won the league title with derby and forest. two small clubs from the east midlands, 2 european cups also with forest and the league cup a few times. if thats a one hit wounder what would you call success.


    Bill Shankly
    Matt Busby
    ALex Ferguson.

    Taht is my benchmark for successes.

    CHapman, SHankly and Busby left behind a legacy for their successors to carry the club to greater height.

    Ferguson has many ups and downs but managed to rebuild and rebuild and rebuild his teams to successes throughout his career.

    That is why I compare the successes of Wenger to that of Brian Clough…which Brian neither left behind a legacy for hsi successors to bring teh club to greater height…and neither did he rebuilt Derby COuntya nd Nottingham Forest like what Ferguson did for ManU.

  295. Hi AK,

    I could translate that doggerel into ‘dog latin’ for you, (no pun intended) :-) but if you give him time, Merlin will give it a crack, and that will keep him quiet for a mo’! :-)

  296. Merlin. I really hate to break this to you but I think you will find that this is the way that most contract renewals go. Shocking I know. But horribly true. Have a lie down and think about it.

  297. Red Arse. I really wouldn’t count on that. Merlin is a multi-tasker.

  298. evening/afternoon all

  299. rico says:

    August 29, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    Merlin, you are as bad as alan for guessing, no-one knows what went on in the talks, maybe, just maybe AW wants Theo to stay and Theo wants to stay too???

    Rico, this is fun of forum sin’t it?

    All guessing, all speculations, all conjectures..?

    If I wanted the facts, I might as well spending my time reading the broadsheets instea dof psoting and bantering at forums.

    The fun is in speculating in forums on “what if”…….not dull and passionless facts which everybody know….

    Adam came acorss as a wet blanket and needs to rmeove the broomstick still stuck in the orifice that teh sun never shines on.

    C”mon Adma…it si no fun to live in a world of codl logic and fact…
    It si just one long gridn of watchingt eh clock…that is why I love to read sci-fi…

    Teh color of my sky?

    I dunno..why don’t you tell moi?

    cheers and goodnight all…I got a sci-fi to finish….from http://www.baen.com “Free Library”.

  300. Rico. I don’t believe I have ever seem a country girl doing the Hokey Cokey. I reckon you saw it on Benidorm. :)

  301. kev
    salut mon ami…nice stanza ..dont know what i can call that hmmm

  302. Sometimes, I really struggle keep up on here…..

  303. Rouge Derrière, I was kinda hoping you would… :-)

    What about?

    Chicken Tikka Jalfriezi
    Pilau Rice
    Onion Bharji
    Keenan Nan
    In Ancient Greek, for Lee…

  304. It is Merlin….

  305. No Legacy? Yeah from where he took over the club to now he has not left a legacy, unbelievable. Also with the exception of Ferguson neither Shankly or Busby had to cope with clubs with the resources of City or Chelsea.

    As you can no longer put in a reducer or hack some one down as Liverpool used to do if things were not going well.Souness, McMahon, Case ring any bells? ( and yes Adams etc used to do that for us), in addition take a look at united record after Busby Legacy my arse. legend or myth yes but a base to grow from nah not even close.

    As for SAF and I hate him with a passion for the disrepute he has brought the game into, choosing referees browbeating the FA etc…. but he wins and rather him than someone like Mourinho for at least his teams try and play.

    Anyway lets wait and see what really happens in the next days and go from there

  306. I have been known to put a left leg in Adam….

  307. kev
    shabash shabash..sounds aromatic spicy curry…roll on the roti

  308. Any news of potential comings in rico ? Its seems very quiet :l

  309. Si no fun to live in a world of codl logic and fact (sic). Coming from you Merlin I would say that statement speaks for itself and requires zero enhancement. The colour of the sky in your world is most likely red as I believe you are a piece of software code embedded on the Mars Rover designed to forever recycle abstract nonsense to check the logic centres. And as for the broomstick you suggest that I have stuck I will let you know that, if you ever return to earth I will introduce you to it.

  310. Reports suggest Zenit have signed The Hulk – €50M

  311. Bon Jour Hakzah, can you do the Conga???
    Adam is at the front, Stan at the rear…
    HH Christmas Party.
    I can’t wait….

  312. Rico. Don’t be a tease. :)

  313. Kev. At the moment, anything for a bit of light relief mate.:)

  314. sorry adam see what you mean
    anyway i would’nt say brian clough was a brilliant magager a good one yes brilliant no.
    all of cloughs major success came when he was in a partnership with peter taylor and how much of a mess will man utd be in when fergie finaly packs up. billions is my guess.

  315. vernat –

    ‘Anyway lets wait and see what really happens in the next days and go from there’

    Agree 100%…

  316. AK,

    The Romans never had a local takeaway in their day, so the best I could do, at short notice is translate into French. Handy for your holidays!! :-)

    Poulet Tikka Jalfrezi
    riz pilaf
    oignon Bhaji
    Keenan Nan

    Now you are set!! :-)
    But next time I will have to charge you – as an accountant it is part of our code!! :oops:

  317. kev
    is that the dance or the drum!!

  318. I know no more than you Andrew, sorry.

    Strong rumours over either Tiote and Cabaye, also Van der Wiel…

  319. Keenan Nan? Wasn’t he an actor? :)

  320. No tease Adam, honesty, and a bit of country dancing :)

  321. AK my man, you know me very well……i like it through the rear!

  322. Boo!! rico, you have your hands full today it seems. :)

    Hiya, AK. What’s cooking? Are you having all that? Yum.

    Adam, hello. You okay? :) I think Mrs Adam should be giving something cool to drink now. ;)

    Hello, hakzah, andrew, and vernat :)

  323. Since Tinny totts have signed dembele that means end of the road for m’vila to spurs

  324. hi agag
    surely lots of cuisine on fire a la française

  325. Hi, RA! Long time. ;) Goonie, behave!

  326. Hi Agag, another positive so far has been our full backs with Gibbs and Jenkinson doing well against teams with not a lot of ambition admittedly , Liverpool will be a test for them but I hope they get a good run as they both are committed to the club and if Jenkinson in particular can carry on being solid we dont have to rush Sagna back

  327. kev!!
    rouge derriere ! quoi?

  328. Agag. Ahhh… One of the voices of reason. I took Mrs Adam out last night, with 9 others and she was eating curry and drinking Rose Sherberts. I also had one but I did look very camp holding a long glass of pink liquid and sipping through a straw.

  329. emma – you see rennes reckon he’ll stay?

    trying to drum up some interest no doubt…

  330. Bayern have confirmed Martinez signing….

  331. Hi agag, all good??

    The boys have been playing up again today ;)

  332. RA, an accountant!!!
    Do you the font, or accountfont as Lee so aptly stated…!

    Next time we converse, I will keep my hands on my wallet… :-D

  333. Hi Agag, :-)

    hakzah, rouge derriere = Red Arse! :oops:

  334. Kev. Perhaps you can claim tax relief on those fivers you drop? :)

  335. I honestly doubt Theo wants to go or that he imagines he will do better elsewhere. He’s hardly my favorite, but I have a hunch he’s staying.

    vernat, I’m quite happy with the performance of Gibbs and Jenks, too. I did’t think the former would cut it, to be honest. But he’s played extremely well in our last two games.

    hakzah, Kev is trying to impress you with his command of French. :D :D

    Adam, I really do like Mrs Adam; I am fond of pink drinks myself. :D You should get her to blog. :) :)

  336. Gossip on Twitter from a ‘Brazilian reporter:’

    Arsenal agree deal for striker. :roll:

  337. rico – lets see what happens. It’s being so eerie quiet. Don’t know what card wenger is playing. I guess he is finalizing deals and by friday all our new recruits will be in town for medicals and signings

  338. Agag. I have asked her but she is very shy. Except when I say “well, pick which pair you like then”. :)

  339. Emma. I love your optimism. :)

  340. AK,

    I have no idea what Lee meant.

    You are wise to keep your hands on your wallet, but when I collect my translation debts, at 6′ 5″ and 19 stone, (121K) I tend to collect!! :-) And don’t call me fat — that costs extra!! :-)

  341. Ak, should be your post up in the morning :)

  342. rico, I was starting to do my countdown on when you would send one or two (or a half dozen) to his/their corner to cool down. :D :D

    emma, we would be announcing Theo’s contract renewal and M’Vila’s signing at the same time. :) Plus vdW’s! :)

  343. I hope so emma, AW did it last summer, he really needs to do it again.

  344. i ve seen that detinho fella play a few times though. he’s quick and tricky but dwells way too long on the ball…….he ll be “shawcrossed” in no time. if we get him and move theo along then am all for it.

  345. Hi all.good read rico.

    Am very pessimistic of the alleged ‘super quality’ AW said he is after.I hope am wrong but i don’t think a club would be willing any good player go this late in the window.I doubt we’ll sign such a player at this stage but I hope am wrong.

    Why can’t we be like Bayern?They identify their targets and do everything possible to get them,no matter the price.Bayern like us run on a self sufficient model and spend their cash accordingly.We seem frightened to take any riskd despite it being documented that we are well minted.

  346. hi RA
    thought so ! but its more à l’ envers (arse red).

    is NB52 still to milan?! they signed another striker on loan( Bojan Krkij) nobody in for him ,hell no!

  347. Maybe luis gustavo will come here bayern just signed martinez so his out of the team!? His main role is dmf but he can also cover defence……..

  348. They’d all be in the cooler today agag ;)

  349. Hi Kt, do BM have a ‘suga daddy’ ?

  350. Off to get some dinner…. back in a while…

  351. The worst manager you can hand out cash to during a transfer window is ….. Mark Hughes of QPR. He did that with city and now almost the entire player he bought have either being sold at a loss or gone on loan. Same he is doing to QPR

  352. Nope rico.They generate their own revenue and milk as much as they can from their commercial deals.They are not afraid to spend their revenues if they deem a player key to their plans.Just look at Martinez.

    On the other hand we seem very reluctant to take a risk even if we know how good the player is.We end up missing out on very good players and AW will keep reminding us how he wanted to sign them.Remember Villa begging us to sign him?

  353. Evening all, nice one Rico.
    Theo Walcott has hardly set the world on fire, he has moments of magic but long spells of not much at all, what do we do pay him more money and hope he plays better for another 4 years or sell him off to the highest bidder if there is one. Theo could go on a free at the end of this season if we can’t find a buyer, if thats the case a loan out to a lower league team may make him see sense as i believe a rotten apple in the barrel is not acceptable.

  354. ktr7 – The problem arsenal has is that the current commercial deals are shit. Looks like we depend heavily on sales of players to make ends meet. Thank God most of this deals will be coming to and end in 2014.

  355. Ah RA, so it was you, who with 5 mins to kick-off, always came and stood in front of me at the Clock End…?!

  356. Spot on hakzah.

    I had a French girlfriend, once, and she said more of the younger people have started using the English idiomatic model of putting the adjective in front of the noun. The world is changing!! :-)

  357. I agree Emma, but at the time the deals wasn’t that bad and we needed the money, everything has been worked out i should think and i don’t think were doing that bad financially.

  358. Emma i know our deals are shit but still we have the cash.We are at a point we no longer have to rely on player sales.

  359. Of the 11 players that started against Barca 6 have already left (nas/cesc/rvp/eboue/clichy/song) and if you add theo we have 7.The game only took place last year!!!So much instability at the club and we are not going to win anything if this trend continues.This summer alone we have let go of i think 13 or so players.

  360. Saviola to Malaga on 1-yr deal now official. Another option for Marouane Chamakh gone.

  361. AK,

    I used to be a season ticket holder in the West Stand at Highbury for a few years, and people moaned at me even sitting down. :-)

    As a Yank, I was not always over here all the time, but I have been here now for about 5 years consecutively, unfortunately after having let my S/T lapse, as I was due to return to New York a couple of years ago. Oh well!! :-)

    Sorry, if that was you!! :oops:

  362. Adam, ahhh, a girl after my own heart. One of these days, I’ll organize my shoe rack, and send her a photo. :)

    The players are as much to blame for the instability as the Board, KT. Walcott refusing a more than generous offer for his limited skills tells you exactly what is wrong with these players.

  363. If we really are after super quality players I refuse to believe we can be able to keep such moves a secret in this day and age of the internet era.Maybe we haven’t even made any moves so far;after all Diaby/jack are like new signings.

  364. NextGeneration @NextGenSeries
    TEAM NEWS: Arsenal XI vs. Marseille – Moore, Bellerin, Angha, Hajrovic, Monteiro, Yennaris, Olsson, Toral, Akpom, Gnabry, Ebecilio #NextGen

  365. The term ” super-class” can be broadened somewhat at this time of year can’t it?

  366. GOAL ARSENAL! 1-0, Yennaris.

  367. GOAL FOR ARSENAL! Yennaris pokes the ball home from close range after superb work from Akpom to get the cross in from the left (8) 1-0

  368. Where’s the next generation game being shown?

  369. 2-0 to arsenal

  370. Evening everyone, any news?

  371. Thanks Kt, and yes I do recall David Villa begging us to sign him, as did Cesc… If only eh….

  372. RA – I never realised you were an American, you kept that quiet…

  373. Shopping Buddy, my grasp of French, is as dodgy as a certain young ladies grasp of economics… :-P ;-)

    RA, I did not know that you was a Colonialist. Hot dog!
    I spent 10 years in the West Stand Lower, from 1990/91, before decamping to the Clock End, where, for me, it all began.

    Adam, are you up for a cuppa next week?

    Rico, any positive transfer news…
    There’s a form of Phoney War going on.
    Friday, it’ll all take off methinks.

  374. I have already prepared myself to come to grips with the high possibility that this window will end in disappointment.

  375. Nothing AK, not a sniff anywhere :(

  376. It looks like Gnabry is having a good game.

  377. Don’t you find it strange that there is not a sniff of any news despite the club saying we are very active?…

  378. I am off, friends. :) Good night, Gents, please behave!

    rico and KT, M’Vila shall be announced soon. :) Not to worry. I certainly hope Theo ends all his silliness. It’s not as if he’s on pauper’s wages.

  379. AK, I’m sure you were not referring to me. :oops:

    KT, don’t feel so downhearted. Although it is a little concerning how everything is just a little too quiet.

  380. Lolly, who got the 2nd goal..?

    KT, do I detect, still, a slight depressed manner.
    We are gonna do ok matey.
    The Reverend AK promises… ;-)

  381. Nooooo Kt, it’s going to be a good one :)

  382. arseblog ‏@arseblog

    Arsene’s press conference taking place tomorrow rather than Friday. Perhaps anticipating a busy day on Friday?

  383. Night agag….

  384. Good news maybe Kt?

  385. Hope you are right rico but am not as optimistic as you are.I told you on Sunday that we won’t sign anyone before Friday and it certainy looks that way.

  386. Agag, referring to you mon ami, perish the thought…
    Take care Shopping Buddy, to hell with the budget, enjoy.
    Just like me… ;-)

  387. evening all…
    looks like it has to spark from tomorrow then…suspiciously quiet
    so far…

  388. BBC Sport ‏@BBCSport

    Brazil goalkeeper Julio Cesar has agreed a four-year deal with QPR, subject to international clearance and being granted a visa #bbcfootball

  389. anybody got a link????

  390. Kt, I don’t expect any either so if we sign anyone its a bonus…

  391. Hi hakzah, it was this time last summer, then 48 hours of madness….

    Amazed he has gone there Kt

  392. Esteban Granero is available apparently,Wenger always rated him
    will be a good buy i think??not too costly either..worth a shout

  393. hazkah in my opinion Granero is average and wouldn’t make much of a difference.we need ‘super quality’.

  394. Wenger,Gazidis and Arsenal crew at the game…

  395. yes,really wanted Arsenal to sign Cesar ,good age and i think he
    is free as well,our young keepers would have benefited from
    his experience…
    last match against Stove,we had Martinez as sub!!

  396. oh well hazkah…

    AS English ‏@English_AS

    Esteban Granero on the brink of signing a 5 year deal with QPR

  397. Modric, Fabregas and Song on benches tonight for EC.

  398. Bloomin heck, they must be paying big wages to get him Kt, they are going to be quite strong. Still got a dreadful manager though….

    Did he really play for barcelona ;)

  399. By all accounts Gnabry looks like a massive prospect.

  400. Kt,Granero is real good option to have in midfield,Real getting rid of him only after bagging Modric in,i would prefer (super quality) further up the field a la Huntelar ,

  401. Think Song might be there for a while…

  402. QPR better do well this season,i think they are in double figures already in signing new faces..but yes Rico ..Huges sucks

  403. He is a good option but a very average one and i don’t think we need more average players.

  404. Sky Sport Italia: Berbatov has rejected Juventus and will now join Fulham :o

  405. Kt – he is, and as emma suggested earlier, if TW does go, rather than by some cheapie to replace him, let Gnabry have his chance….

  406. Song is gonna warm that bench real good !leaving his butts marks on it surely
    only to play centre-back when needed..no more venturing forward
    like he did last season……

  407. Which means Dempsey could be on the move…

  408. Maradona wanted to play for Arsenal…


  409. I doubt Berba would snub juve for fulham.This has the makings of red nose screwing over juve for the Pogba deal.

  410. alas Kt bit too late ,would take his son-in-law though

  411. Sky reports Milan are working hard to bring Nigel De Jong from Manchester City. Contacts ‘very much alive’. Deadline is Friday.

  412. Hakzah, I think he’ll struggle…

    At leasyt he won’t be coming our way Kt, AW did the same to fergie over the ‘him’ deal….

  413. Nick Miller ‏@NickMillerF365

    On Juve’s fax machine, there’s a picture of Fergie & Berba, laughing, smoking cigars with ‘That’s for Pogba, you fucks’ written underneath.

  414. Sorry Ak, moderation again :(

    I’m off for the day guys..

    Have a good one, enjoy Barca v Real and catch you tomorrow…


  415. Berbatov has managed to make himself the most hated man in Italy over the last 24 hours. [Gazzetta]

  416. http://www.corrieredellosport.it/calcio/


  417. Goodnight Rico.
    How did the youngsters finish up…?

  418. Morning guys.
    Another day of frivolity,i see.
    Catch you all leter.

  419. 3-0 Kev, Yennaris and a brace for Akpom, that should make you happy.

  420. Looks like you were right aferall KT, Berbertov has agreed to join Fulham.

  421. Cheers Mick.
    Just found out.
    Akpom scored two and laid on one for Yennaris.

  422. hey guys, what’s new?

  423. micko got the highlights?

  424. good night all gooners
    hoping for better outcome tomorrow
    bon soir

  425. Akpom is only 16.
    I think that kid could well have a first team run-out by the end of the season……Gnarby and Olsson could also feature in the 1st team squad this season imho.

  426. Hi Kev. Yes mate. I will be up or a cuppa next week. I will look forward to it. Sorry for the delay in getting back.

  427. Goodnight Hakzah

  428. am i invinsible to you clowns??? get me the highlights you niinys!!!

  429. Sorry Stan…didnt see you there!

  430. Stan,are you hearing anythingon Van Der Wiel coming to us?
    Reports are filtering through from Dutch media that its very close to being done.

  431. Nice one Adam.
    I’ll leave the place & time to you as I can fit anytime into my day.
    We can work out a curry evening, I know Rocky & Lee are up for it.

    Stan, i’m on a phone like you…
    All I can give you is a load of abuse… ;-)

  432. sorry scott, its greek to me. haven’t heard jack from that part in a while.

  433. hahahahahah AK, you crack me up. what’s up buddy?

  434. AK…three nights of mayhem,and im still keepingout of trouble.
    Its getting harder though,those voices in my head are getting the upper hand :)

  435. Van Der Wiel, hmm, do we really need ‘him’..?
    Stan can he play across the back-four???

  436. hey scott where’s your source on the whole vdw story?

  437. Scott, chatting to Stan will only make the paranoia worse. ;-)

    Leave it to Rev. AK, I shall calm your troubled mind…. :-)

    Think of TV05 lifting silver above his head in May…

  438. he’s shit defensively kev but a dynamite going forward. i ll rather nico in there plus i ve never seen him play anywhere except RB.

  439. Dutch newspaper AD Stan??
    I need a it though AK…..the pressure is building.

  440. Stan, any luck with Next Gen highlights?

  441. gosh what a sight that ll be……patrick veira was the last one right? boy what i ll give to see us win the premier league in ram it down the throats of the media.

  442. Then Scott, all I can prescribe as Doctor AK is an evening on Le Grove, to get it out of your system….

  443. Off to wrok guys…ill catch up during the day…i anyone is still up for it!
    Sleep well guys.

  444. later scott….have a good one. AK,be a pal and hook me up with them highlights please?

  445. Stan VdW doesn’t sound any better than Jenks.
    Therefore a pointless transfer & waste of money.
    If your about KT, give me your SP…

  446. tell me about it kev……i have huge faith in nico kev. i think he ll be a beast in a years’ time besides how much ll that prick cost?

  447. Stanley, I am on a phone like you….. Sheesh, open them there blue eyes Dutchy.
    I haven’t seen them myself either…
    Stan, sometimes I wonder if you take any notice of what I tell you…. :roll:

  448. Stan, what is the point of Wenger pleading poverty then blowing some of the little the Board allow him to spend, on a player we don’t need…

  449. hahahahahaha kev you plonker…..alright i ll be waiting.

  450. its all bullshit AK, i dont see wenger buying a RB… we ll get a creative mid fielder and a beast of a DM… that’s all.

  451. SYG is the man for the vids Stan…
    Ask him tomorrow and he’ll find the highlights.

    Stan, all I’m asking for, is a job home.
    Is that too much to ask?
    Stuck at London Bridge

  452. what time is it now kev? you ok? dont scare me buddy.

  453. what happened to your cab AK? you re freaking me out kev?

  454. are you there kev? talk to me man.

  455. now am officially freaked!

  456. Adam, AK is stuck on london bridge….do you think he ll be okay? am really worried here.

  457. Stan. I think he is at London Bridge Station trying to get a final fare going his way home. Nice of you to worry but I think he is ok mate.

  458. Stan. There is a cab rank there and they file forward to pickup passengers. No worries.

  459. thanks adam…..

  460. but what happened to his cab adam……can you call him just to confirm he’s alright.

  461. No probs Stan. Just off to bed. Night ! Night.

  462. Stan. I don’t think anything happened. When he said he was stuck I think he just meant that he was waiting there for a fare that would take him near where he lives in London.He just texted me privately and he is fine – honest. Nice of you to show concern. After some of the stuff on here today, it is certainly heartwarming. Off now Goonie. Have a good’un.

  463. pheww….thanks adam, good night my man.

  464. hey DNA, where ve you been? how’s VA?

  465. it was flooding yesterday, but its good today

  466. no nothing yet my man…….it only showered here bro. how are you holding out?

  467. I’m good bro, just tired of the way AFC is going about transfers, this team is not good enough to challenge the top 3 teams.

  468. we ll sign a few players….that am sure of. this is just the quiet before the storm. i know wenger has something up his sleeve.

  469. remember how we had a rush of transfer activity on the last day? am hoping to see the samw besides wilshire and sagna are almost back. we look good already just lack cutting edge in the final third. that ll sort it self out with time.

  470. i ve seen all our rivals aside chelsea and i dont think they have anything on us. the reason we look ordinary(according to some fans and media) is cause we ve played 2 teams bent on defending for the duration of the game. you ll see a different team against a more attacking team, hopefully this weekend. am not worried.

  471. goon, i still think we need a dm

  472. goon i’m off..have a good 1 my man

  473. well so far we ve done relatively well without one……what i think we lack is a spark on the wings. that’s why i want walcott sold and a better player brought in. one who can beat his man and deliver a good cross.

  474. See ya later my man, take care out there.

  475. its dinner time folks….see ya fellas and ladies. AK, take care brother i hope and pray you got home in one piece. night guys, always fun on HH.

  476. Hey Stan, I’m sound as a pound you wally.
    Thanks for the concern… ;-)
    Just laying here in bed, relaxing.
    As Adam said, there is a railway station called London Bridge and I usually finish my shift there. So chill my man… :-)
    When you going home to
    Or are Interpol still after ya, :-D

  477. What’s on the menu Stan?

  478. Well you must be tucking-in Stan, Scott is working, so I’m gonna buzz off.
    See ya Stanley, and stay calm… ;-)

  479. Im working,but not too hard Kev…..save that for the toilers lol.

  480. I am having a bastard of a time finding a new away shirt in Australia atm.
    Got a home one coming no probs,but i dont think any away shirts have landed down under yet.
    Typical treatment of we colonists!!

  481. Adam says:
    August 29, 2012 at 5:22 pm
    Si no fun to live in a world of codl logic and fact (sic). Coming from you Merlin I would say that statement speaks for itself and requires zero enhancement. The colour of the sky in your world is most likely red as I believe you are a piece of software code embedded on the Mars Rover designed to forever recycle abstract nonsense to check the logic centres. And as for the broomstick you suggest that I have stuck I will let you know that, if you ever return to earth I will introduce you to it.


    Adam, I had been ignoring your scacarism and ad hominem fallacy towards moi out of respect for you as a mainstay at HH and I am just a newbie a guest and will not retort tot he sam elevel as you.

    I am an anarchsit and go as I like and apprently I ahd outstay my welcome at HH with a mainstay such a syou idnulging in sacrasima dn personal attack on moi.

    Yes, English is not my first alngauga and I spoke four languages…and I will leave you to your World..and I will live in my own world.

    I liek here as there is no ad hominem fallacy..but apparently you ahd started to take offense ove rmy fantasy and my amke-beleive world.

    SO be it, life move sona dn I will move on and will not toruble you and the snes eof properitary voer here,

    This is yoru world, not my mine and I will not encroach into it at HH when you took offense at every of my gfantays posts.

    The fun si that I cna post my fantasies ove rehre without people tkaing offence..and will just politely ignore moi when I am nutty..but certianly not you as you are the ‘Mainstay” here.

    then i will nto psot my fantays over her eno more.

  482. Scott from oz

    Rebel sport in Melbourne has plenty mate.

  483. Theo is staying for now.
    Wenger wants him to stay,contrary to popular belief,and is thought to be ready to try Theo as a cental striker.
    Give him his chance,and if it doesnt come off,let him go.
    I reckon he may sign a one year extension,be given his crack,and if not go,at least we can get something for him.

  484. Etienne Capoue has stated outright that he wants to leave Toulose.
    He wants CL,and toplay for a great club,so i guess he is headed to Shite Hart Lame….NOT!!!!
    Wenger,go get him!!

  485. Lars Bnder will NOT be sold this summer.

  486. Nor will his alter ego,Lars BENDER,!!

  487. You know…all these names being thrown out and I really don’t know which way is up for most of them. I YouTube the players and see the highlights, but they are exactly that…highlights. How about some lowlights. Capoue, Biglia, and a few others I just don’t have the access or time to really know what they could bring to the Arsenal. But I sure enjoy reading your thoughts on what they could bring to the team. However, I haven’t said bring in anyone b/c it would just be a blind bet following what everyone else can say.

    So I do hope we bring in a few more blokes to the squad. We definitely need at least one more dependable creative thinker in the squad and someone to release Arteta further up the pitch so he can get his shooting boots on. Who that player is, I don’t know. But he must be mobile. Dominant in the air. Have at least a quick burst of pace. A strong engine. And of course, pure ferocity. Let’s hope we can find that player along with one who brings guile, a stepover or two, and no look telepathic passes like Maradona to Burrachaga in Mexico ’86…oh yeah…and they need to stay healthy, too.

    Is that asking for too much? Santa? Hannakuh Harry? Easter Bunny? Tooth Fairy? Please?

  488. Lars plays a Fender, doesn’t he? Metallica?

  489. Sorry Cowboy….sometimes i post in between jobs at work,so if theres a delay,its bloody customers interrupting me!!
    Youtube is still a good guide,because sme players will never be made to look good,but its how consistently they achieve these highlights that makse the difference between a good and great player.

  490. :) on Lars!!

  491. Morning all….

  492. Welcome Down under but not down hearted.

    Will have to think of a sway to shorten that one :)

  493. Just call me happy!!
    How goes it Rico??

  494. Merlin. I have no problem with you expressing your opinions whatsoever and could not care that they don’t accord with mine. What irritates me about you is your constant insults toward our club and your repeated name-calling of Arsene Wenger, who I believe is a decent man. I don’t agree with a lot of things about Arsenal either. But your posts are long and repetitive. You try to show by some weird statistical analysis that Wenger is hopeless and an idiot. It doesn’t work. It didn’t work yesterday nor the dozens of times you have insulted him in the past. You do what you want. If you look back at our exchange yesterday I think you will understand that, once again, it was you who started with the insults and yes, I won’t put up with that as it is personal. Telling me I have a broomstick inserted where the Sun don’t shine was always going to get a response from me. I don’t take offence at your make-believe world, as you call it, as for your fantasy? Well it is surely up to you to differentiate between that and reality and not me. Strange though that, even when fantasising and living in you anarchic make-believe world you still managed to lay the insults on with a trowel.

  495. Tha broom has to hurt Adam :)

  496. Morning Rico and Scott. Apologies for that rather abrupt first post of the day.

  497. Hi Scott,

    All good thanks, looking forward to a couple of positive days for AFC, 2/3 signings and then go to Anfield full of confidence..

    How’s you?

    Is that your buddy who has just joined HH??

  498. Adam,im just glad that ive avoided all the arguments over the last few days…very proud of myself lol.
    Gotta tell you,ive had a few ripsonrting replies typed up,but the new Scott walks away,catches is breath,re-reads it,then decides whether to post or not.
    Its bloody hard!!

  499. Who Rico??

  500. Cheers Rico. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I thoroughly enjoy it, keep up the good work. Pretty hard to shorten my title so just call me Keith if you like!
    Scott not sure if you caught my earlier reply but rebel sport in Melbourne has heaps of the new shirts (both home and away) mate.

  501. Aussie boy……so youre a bloody Mexican,hey?
    Im a NSWelshman……our Rebel shops have the home shirts only,from what ive seen.

  502. Is that you Elia??
    Fess up,bud.

  503. Rico,im spreading the word…..where is that tenner you promised me?.

  504. Scott. I have done that too. Yesterday, first with Alan, who crossed a rather unpleasant line and then with Merlin. I normally ignore Merlin but I don’t see why people need to constantly insult Wenger and the club. If they do, there is a site ready-made for them. Yesterday, I just had enough of it all and I am genuinely sorry if I pissed anyone off. Sometimes a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. :)

  505. Morning all….seemed like a real hoot on here yesterday!! Or b) ;) Who we sold/signed? Off to Lo Pagan today, natural mud baths…

  506. Adam,ive stepped over the line on numerous occasions.
    You’re right though,sometimes,something MUST be said.
    It cant always be Rico,and because ive had clashes with some of the guys involved,it would probably look like me simply taking another crack for the sake of it…hence,i let it go.
    Also,i know exactly how i respond when im pissed off,so am taking Mr Costanza approach of SERENITY NOW :)

  507. Morning Adam,

    I have to apologise, I didn’t see that comment and I haven’t looked back this morning and I flying around like a loony tune. Would it be in order for me to borrow your broom to speed things up a little please…


  508. Mud bath……are we playing stoke away,Lee???

  509. Adam was that busy taking on the lads,he thought he’d shove the broom up and sweep the floor as well!!

  510. I’m extremely pissed off Adam, Alan’s Joey Barton comments will sorely be missed…..that and his 21st century views on African players….such a shame! :lol:

  511. Morning Lee, it’s no hoot when trying to keep up ;)

  512. As i said Rico,you cannot be held responsile for evey single post getting through.
    I mean,if that was he case,nobody would EVER be allowed to disagree with me,would they??

  513. Is Alan actually gone???

  514. Scott. You are far, far less confrontational these days. As you no doubt remember, we had a few run-ins in the past and circled each other warily for a few months. But these days, things are good between us as regular posters and I am pleased about that. I think we even agreed to have a beer together if we found ourselves on the same continent.
    Rico. As you know, my broom is your broom. :)

  515. Long handled, soft or yard?

  516. I’m sorry you be missing alans comments Lee, I’ll let him back on… ;)

  517. Lee. Yes, Alan’s enlightened views on racial equality were a breath of fresh air weren’t they? :)
    I hope the holidays is going well. You’re back next week aren’t you?

  518. A Bessem Lee. :)

  519. Scott – once people get on, it’s hard, especially when it’s busy but I promise to try harder ;)

    Thanks Adam, you are very generous…

  520. Ha ha no mate not a Mexican, just been over there for a holiday, I’m actually from WA.
    Anyone else expecting some good news before the deadline? I mean I think we look pretty good atm but I would love to see a couple more signings or even one. Whatever happens I’ll be up at all hours cheering on the lads wearing the red and white (and purple) all season.

  521. John Cross reporting that it is unlikely Wenger will buy anyone else in this transfer window. More good news then.

  522. Thanks Down Under, hope you become part off HH for a long time…

    DU – how that for a shorter version ;)

  523. Made of birch Adam? We get back on weds and pick up our new four legged addition! The holiday is good fun, I’m being kept extremely busy by my kids.
    My prediction…. M’Vila and Dempsey.

  524. I don’t believe JC Adam, he’s been on an AW course on how to do transfers without Citeh/Totts jumping in ;)

    Totts are trying to get Remy, always thought we might sign him…

  525. Is it you though Elia??
    Adam,at the end of the day,we ARE all Gooners,and its only really those who are negative and narky every single time they post that piss me off now,and really,they’re not worth worrying about.
    It did take me a while to find me feet at HH,and i hope I’ve proved that i do love the club,and am not just on here to cause dramas.
    I will defend Wenger staunchly,because i truly believe the board have given him too much power,but also abandon the man when it comes to taking responsibilty for problems,but i will have my say,argue my point and be done with it.
    Yes…it is ok to disagree here.

  526. Cheers Rico, and yeah DU will do in fact I love it, reminds me of our little crozilian!!

  527. If that’s the case Adam they’ll be a mutiny. The team wanted three quality players before dumb and dumber left so we MUST add more quality! The systematic weakening of our squad has to stop.

  528. That’s why AW gets paid more than most other managers Scotty.

  529. Elia?? Not me champ. Not a bad rugby player though I have been told!

  530. Miss him DU….

    I’m staying positive… until 11pm tomorrow and then handbags will be drawn :)

  531. No worries DU…
    Thats it Lee….he appears to have the power,but he is doing exactly what those bastards want.
    If he doesnt,someone else will,but we wont be finishing top 4.
    I really think hes in an awkward position,though a very well paid one :)

  532. Cheers Lee

  533. New Post up…..

  534. Lee. What’s the new 4-legged friend?
    Cross added that Wenger won’t buy, unless a great deal comes along. I agree about the mutiny too.

  535. Rico. I, like you, am staying positive. But I feel we have been here before. Hope springs eternal and all that.

  536. Me too Rico and yeah let’s just see what happens in the next day and a half, me I’m almost certain there will be a happy ending! At least that’s what I keep hoping.

  537. Adam – did you see that someone has snapped up a vast amount of shares ;)

  538. We’ll see DU, and it won’t be long now ;)

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