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3 Signings in 5 Days? Yohan Cabaye linked & Jamie Redknapp really is a buffoon!

Morning Gooners…

No match report this morning, there are plenty out there if you want to read one.

What’s the point in one really, we have all either watched yesterdays game on the television, a good stream or even the highlights later on in the day. Some may have even been fortunate to have been in the stands at The Britannia Stadium and be part of what was a loud and proud group of away fans..

What are the positives from the game?

Another clean sheet.

The performance of Kieran Gibbs and Carl Jenkinson, both of whom were very solid and both of have been under scrutiny from the fans.

Mannone – well his kicking was very good, possibly the best distribution by one of our goal keepers in a long time. Not sure about the rest of his game as he was hardly tested and again that has to be credit to our defensive unit.

Giroud – well in my opinion, his performance deserved that outrageous shot to dip just a little more and find the back of the net. Love him already. Of course some will say he should have passed to Ramsey who was free in the centre and maybe he should but I suspect on another day, when he no longer needs to open his scoring account, he will.

There were plenty of other really good performances yesterday, in fact too many to mention…


We didn’t score!

And that for me is about it…..

Seriously, that is the one and only thing missing, an end product and I don’t lay that blame on ours strikers. Gervinho and Diaby really need to start shooting instead of looking for another pass.

59% possession, 16 shots on goal of which 6 were on target, the best of which came from Santi Cazorla which forced a good save from the Stoke keeper. We earned 12 corners but couldn’t make one of them really count.

After the game, Jamie Redkrapp decided to voice his opinion:

For me, those two aren’t in the same league as Van Persie. I was disappointed in both of them.

Wenger’s response to that was:

I have worked for 30 years on the football pitch, every day. I know what it is to improve a football player.

What it is to go out morning and afternoon and try to make a player out of somebody. Not everybody can say that.

Of course they are quality players. I do not listen too much to what people say — I try to see if it is exaggerated or not.

In other words Jamie, shut up and mind your own business!

I wonder if he thought the same about Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp when they first struggled in the Premier League, it took both of those players a while to get off the mark.

He’s a football pundit, nothing more, nothing less and not a very good one at that. If he believes he is better than Wenger then why is he not a football manager or coach by now?

Podolski and Giroud will start scoring goals, they just need to get their first.

Arsene Wenger on what is missing up front:went onto say:

It is an understanding because you have Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud… one month ago they didn’t know each other. So that will come. There is some work to do on the training ground but you can feel the potential.

You can see as well that there is something missing – we are not spontaneous enough in some situations. I am very positive about my team. People will say ‘OK, you didn’t score for two games’ and I cannot deny that. We played against two teams who defend very well as a unit – Sunderland and Stoke. Overall I believe we can be a good surprise in this championship.

‘You can see as well that there is something missing’.

This sentence is one to make us believe that another striker is high on Wenger’s list of players to sign and that has to be good news. I say that not because I think the same as Redkrapp, but what happens if we suffer an injury up front? Yesterdays omission of both Park and Chamakh would suggest that neither are in Wengers plans this season.

The Daily Mail link us to Newcastle’s Yohan Cabaye, they linked us to his team-mate Tiote yesterday but Wenger soon dismissed that story later in the day but Wenger has hinted over the last few days that he wants to add a defensive midfielder to the squad.

The links to defenders Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa and Angel Rangel won’t go away either although Mbiwa has suggested he hopes to join AC Milan.

So a striker, defensive midfielder and a defender and we’ll be sorted ;)

Five days left Arsene, just five days…..

That’s it for another day, have a good one…..

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421 comments on “3 Signings in 5 Days? Yohan Cabaye linked & Jamie Redknapp really is a buffoon!

  1. Good read rico.the only pundit who is worth listening to is Gary Neville.he actually knows what he is talking about.when Rvp was 1st played at CF after Ade went the same pundits criticized Wenger since they said he wasn’t one.he went for a period barely scoring.I trust Wenger on this one too.

  2. Morning all, a points a point up there….

  3. I’d agree there Kt, I like Neville as a pundit. He looks more relaxed this season too and he’s even put a few pounds on…

    I think the difference is he respects AW for what he has done, he loved the old battles between them and us, where as JR is just a bitter and twisted old dipper/tott player….

  4. Morning

    Have to say that I agree with you completely Rico. The goals will come, though none of the chances we got yesterday where sitters we created them none the less and once the goals come they will keep coming.

    Best of all the team seams to defend much much better and as a unit.

    As of the signings I don’t think it’s a striker he is looking at but more of a DM to free up Arteta so he can play a bit further forward or/and a creative player to help Santi to unlock the defenses.

  5. What do you make of the Cabaye rumour?

    Can’t see much truth in it tbh, he’s on a long contract with the Geordies…

  6. Evening all.
    In my most humble opinion,we look to have fixed our major problem,which is the defence.
    Even the work up the pitch has improved…..defence is an attitutde,and hasnt urs changed dramatically?
    Goalscoring is a confidence thing,and any striker in the world would feel under pressure after the season our previous #10 had last time around.
    Once the side scores on,our confidence will grow.
    Once Cazorla,Giroud or Podolski net one,their individual confidence will grow.
    Sorry to those who disagree,but i think we are a much better unit than last season,and will show it soon enough.
    Keep in mind our previous #10 WAS in our side when we were 17th in the league early last season,so that shows goals alone dont cut it!
    To all those Gooners around the globe suggesting Jenkinson and Gibbs arent good enough,i have one word…..SERIOUSLY????
    Steve Bould has had the desired effect on players as individuals,and the squad as a whole.

  7. Great read,too Rico!!

  8. Diaby had the best chance I think TT, but lost his footing/balance..

    The reason i think we will get a striker is down to Mirallas – we were in talks with him but i guess couldn’t offer him enough playing time..

    Some will scoff at this suggestion but Michael Owen is looking for a club… give him a pay as you play contract for a season…

  9. Spot on Scott…

    I was really impressed with Jenks, the way he has come on since last season. I do worry though if anything happens to Gibbs.

  10. Rico,Santos has shown unprecedented SPEED this season…could be set for a big one :)

  11. Firstly 2 clean sheets against teams that were supposedly bully us proves we are moving in the right direction, i see there is more a team mentality that a individual one as players are tracking back to help each other out.

    The goals will come as will the return of rosicky, sagna, wilshere to a team that is ever improving defensively. Sign a couple of players and rid of the dead wood and we are well on our way to proving that collectively we can challenge for honours once more.

  12. what is missing is the correct execution of tactics…arsene wenger needs to change some of his tactics now…playing a proper playmaker in the hole has not been working out lately for the past few seasons…and cazorla is not a proper playmaker…yes he has vision to pass but he is skillful and needs to be deployed on the wings…
    yesterday i saw no work done at all from the wings(excepts some crosses from gibbs and jenkinson).
    but we need to provide good crosses from wings if we’ve bought a towering striker…playing gervinho was a waste as i’ve never seen him produce a good high cross…and he can’t produce game changing passes as well.
    podolski should be played in the centre behind giroud because he has the eye to score goals…yesterday he was drifting in the centre all the time and there was no one on the left flank.
    cazorla should be played on the left flank because in the centre he was totally outmuscled…he can get past full backs and produce good crosses from the wings.

  13. Got to pop out this morning, be on and off….

    Catch you in a while…

  14. Morning Rico…Big positive the defence……. you build a team from the back in this division..arteta done well to keep his discipline….he is not a defensive midfielder..we lost a bit going forwar…..the fullbacks were under orders..so a steady start.

    You can hear some moaning from the fans and media …but this is an improvement from last year and we came 3rd,our first 5 games.
    0-0 0-2 2-8 1-0 3-4

  15. Jenkinson is most definitely showing more discipline to the defensive side of his game so far.

  16. Gibbs will end up much better than Clichy,and rank alongside Cole at his best-i do believe that.

  17. The defence kept another clean sheet.However football is about scoring golas.The longer the gunners keep it goalless,more questions will be asked.
    Sometimes it’s the pretty soccer that is holding the gunners back,. Why not go direct.

  18. Rico who else than Mirallas and his agent have said we where in talks?

    As for M Owen no bloody way. If we need a striker to back up Podolsky and Giraud then buy a younger striker that has the speed…..or give TW a chance up front.

    And don’t forget that NB has not been sold yet and after the humiliation of not being courted by the worlds best clubs he may well decide to knuckle down and get him self a move for next year by actually trying to live up to his own hype and start performing.

    So for me the additions will most likely be in midfield and possibly in defense and if we get another world class midfielder, be it creative or defensive we will have the best squad we have had since the invincibles.

  19. The pundits and Rvp questioned Wenger back then.we don’t deny Rvp was quality.his 3 strongest attributes were impeccable technique,intelligent movement and positioning and clinical finishing.Poldi has all those attributes bar Rvp’s technique.however,he has direct running to take on defenders which Rvp couldn’t.yesterday we saw Wilkinson just bounce off him at one point.he just needs to adjust his movement as AW said.he needs to add more diagonal runs to his game in addition to lateral runs in behind.he’ll come good.Giroud offers hold up play and physical presence that Rvp couldn’t.we have replaced him with 2 players who basically offer what he couldn’t.when we click am sure they’ll come good.

  20. Makes a nice change to hear someone talking positive about the Arsenal performance and have to agree. Watch the whole match and yes we didn’t score but the defence is looking much better as a unit, perhaps the influence of Steve Bould? As Wenger says the front 3 need time to get to know each other.
    My only negative is pretty much the same. Think Gervinho was trying to hard, trying to go passed one more player instead of passing.
    Finally would like to see another striker come in even just in case of injury.

  21. Main problem with Wenger\’s statement is that it\’s his fault Cazorla, Podolski and Giroud don\’t know each other well. His preseason fixtures were strange, they had one decent half-time against relegated Bundesliga-team to gel.

    Now, I agree with you regarding defensive performance (bravo, Steve Bould!) though I believe Jenkinson is not material for Arsenal and Wenger should add quality right back to his shopping-list before it\’s too late. Diaby was pretty good in first two matches but this team needs steel midfielder that is capable of making strong pressure on opponent in every third of the pitch. Sunderland and Stoke can fool us that we already have solid steel in midfield but it will get serious in next fixtures when we face more creative and more dangerous players like Suarez (unless he bites someone during this week), Hazard, Torres, Yaya Toure, Tevez and Silva.

  22. quote

    ” Gervinho and Diaby really need to start shooting instead of looking for another pass.”

    LOL Harry is right, Wenger is wrong

    Gerv & Diaby need to go to Manure as well

  23. Morning all, nice one Rico,
    Who gives a shit what pundits say, i watched an Arsenal team that worked hard and defended well, i would say that Bouldy is doing his bit, and Wenger is trying to get players that will fit in that won’t break the bank, not that we have to worry about money but expensive players expect big wages and that is something we are trying to keep down. Wenger will try and secure Wangy tangy or whatever his name is or he will find another, he has found three gooduns so far and i wouldn’t be at all surprised if we don’t have a couple more, no goals yet but they will come and i reckon they will come thick and fast.

  24. Mohd Isa said

    ” it’s the pretty soccer that is holding the gunners back,. Why not go direct. ”

    because AW is a fairy, and like all queers involves his own and they hijack the parade

    Stoke type defense for mine

  25. Morning Alan, your a hard man to please but you will come round to the the queer way of thinking its gonna come and your gonna love it

  26. Yanga-Mbiwa has dual citizenship with both France and the Central African Republic meaning he is eligible to represent both

  27. LOL Hi Steve. I understand it’s mandatory in France and Harangay Council

  28. Don’t care what country he plays for Alan, but if he signs for us i hope he’s good.

  29. Alan,id like to ask if its personal experience that allows you to be sure of Wengers sexuality.
    Was it Wenger spurning you that made you emigrate down under,so to speak :)

  30. I have allways been a big Homaphobic but what they do in their spare time is allright by me as long as its a long way away :)

  31. Morning
    You mention in the post that AW is looking for some deffence, DM and a striker. Well the first 2 are surely a deffinate but what chance do you lot think of aquiring a decent striker? I ask because although I think OG will be great we are due to ship out Bentner and hopefully park and chmk so surely we arent thinking of going it without another. Our midfield will be ace by end oct, cazorla will be teeing up goals all season but I firmly believe we need someone scarey to just wack it in! anybody see any light at the end of this tunnel? Podolski can, yes but is there any chance of a lorente???

  32. You like Arsene really,dont you?
    Admit it.

  33. Thorny,i reckon he has to get rid of one or two before that happens.

  34. good morning/evening
    some pundits forget that,it took former striker 7yrs to
    hit real form!! give our new ones a break please.
    feeling so positive already after seeing our defence flaws
    in the process of being ironed out ,true,we didn’t score
    as yet,but we did not concede either ,last year we were
    0-2 down already against liverpool!
    only few pundits out there know what they are talking about.

  35. Got to go out and price a job but will get back later to see how this conversation pans out be good :)

  36. me too scott but id be really suprised if we didnt shift them this week and get a late deal on a out and out S. Its not a good feeling going into another season with chmk and bentnr

  37. tevepalmer1 says:
    August 27, 2012 at 9:47 am

    Don’t care what country he plays for Alan, but if he signs for us i hope he’s good.

    and hope springs eternal while he’s away for 6 weeks at the ACON

  38. Fingers crossed mate.

  39. I know ive said it before several times and things have changed but id take dempsy on a 2 yr if we had to find something. It would work. good prem experience, gets goals, got balls.

  40. Lets hope he chooses France,Alan.

  41. Whats up with him anyway? is he going to liverpool?

  42. I dont think Dempsey himself knows where hes going.

  43. Good Morning Chaps…

    Really nice article…and I am absolutely loving the fact that the dee-fence seems to be on the same page and looking strong…I mean Mertesaker has played two games in a row and well at that and we haven’t leaked in goals!
    What will become of my fragile heart each time a member of the opposition runs in our 6 yeard box!

    I do however see very little value in Diaby’s contribution and noticed (for the past few seasons, when fit) that he slows the game down way too much. His vision in the final 3rd is poor…

    Maybe its just me (and I really hope so) but if we are all hoping for a new, more effective DM then we should rather sell the lad as once Wilshere is fit and Ramsey continues to improve…there will be no space for him…

    What do you guys think…(feel free to point out the obvous!)
    Have an awesome bank holiday…

  44. Hes your hero Alan…you can admit it.
    The fact is he can buy African players cheaper than he can get overrated Europeans for,and you know his philosophy,so it stands to reason he has a few in the squad.

  45. i did hear something about refusing to play or something, not good. Ah well all 3 mentioned in the post would suit me. its my birthday on friday so im hoping for a gift wrapped lorente. Modritch has gone so thatl get the whole lot moving.

  46. Thorny, I agree. Dempsey is a guy I’d like to see as a gunner

  47. Oh,and footballing ability not important??
    I really hope you dont believe what you write,because Cazorla seems a fair player.

  48. Dempsey DID refuse to play.

  49. Alan I find your comments not only unfunny but down right repugnant and as much as I support different opinions and view’s I can’t see you adding anything to any debate here.

  50. reports here in france , Totts are in talks with Rennes over M’villa…with his price rumoured to be lowered down.
    yesterday on TF1 ,he said to be up for a move to a bigger league
    and spoke highly about spuds ,he looks eager to play in
    the prem/league…i hope we go for him.
    Arteta will be far more effective further up the pitch.

  51. Dembele would be a great signing for us, can’t believe he’s still at Fulham! Also I believe we still need a back up Goalkeeper. Thoughts?

  52. surely jol would take chmk in a deal? Gotta be a target for wenger as he’l be cheap as chips.

  53. Arsenal FIFA 13 latest player ratings

    Santi Cazorla – 85
    Bacary Sagna – 83
    Lukas Podolski – 83
    Andrei Arshavin – 82
    Thomas Vermaelen – 82
    Jack Wilshere – 82
    Mikel Arteta – 81
    Theo Walcott – 81
    Gervinho – 81
    Per Mertesacker – 81
    Laurent Koscielny – 80
    Tomas Rosicky – 80
    Olivier Giroud – 80
    Wojciech Szczesny – 79
    Aaron Ramsey – 78
    Marouane Chamakh – 77
    Nicklas Bendtner – 77
    Park Chu Young – 76
    Lukas Fabianski – 76
    Abou Diaby – 76
    Kieran Gibbs – 76
    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – 75
    Andre Santos – 75
    Johan Djourou – 75
    Seb Squillaci – 74
    Ryo Miyaichi – 71
    Francis Coquelin – 71
    Emmanuel Frimpong – 71
    Vito Mannone – 70
    Henri Lansbury – 70
    Carl Jenkinson – 64
    Nico Yennaris – 60.

  54. Yennaris at 60……watch that rise.

  55. imho, i believe this team can actually compete for trophies, just need a little tweak here and there, and game against livepoo will show us the real character of our defence, since we’lld be playing against a side that wants to score rather than park a bus.
    I predict that the goals will come against livepoo.

  56. Kt You play much fifa?

  57. If you look at the early signs the only club that’l be feeling good are Chelsea. we can nail this season if this week goes well with the chq book and we get the missing lads back. Its pretty open if you ask me.

  58. I do Andrew since FIFA 10.I was pretty much a PES fan before then.Scott do you think EA will rank us as a 5 star team?…also i hope we clear some of the deadwood and add some more quality.I want some more 80’s in there ;)

  59. Dembele would be a massive step up from Diaby.. Would Arsene to snap him up. But well, it will never happen.

  60. KT,i only play it a bit with my son.
    I will ask him :)

  61. Montpellier owner Louis Nichollas on his side’s poor start to the season “Three quarters of our players are assholes”. :D :D

  62. I have to agree with TT alan, why do you bother posting, you are on a mission to ridicule AW and his ways most days. Your last has been deleted and any further of a similar nature will go the same way…

  63. Kt im a massive fifa fan since 11! Still wish pes would get back to its glory days though :(
    Oxlade chamberlain is 80 in my game i edited him :D
    Capoue and a Stiker in there would be nice to have on the bench! Chamakh dosnt even get on my bench

    Sagna Kos Verm Gibbs
    Wilshere Arteta
    Giroud podolski

    My Fifa team so far!

    Gibbs should be 78 in my opinion in the next one!

  64. AlanMP. Arsene, he loves you.

  65. Pals tho we have not scored a goal, we equally have conceeded none, so game on buddies. We are gonna step up in subsequent games and take this, we got a silWARE dis term! EbiraBoy Says so

  66. He loves us all,AK!

  67. *Louis Nicollin*

  68. Hi AK, someone has to…

  69. AlanMP. Arsene thinks you are a very sexy man….

  70. He just loves that ocker accent…so damn masculine!!

  71. Hiya Scott…

    Had to larf at the report in the Daily Tripe (Mail).
    They gave the Stoke players a higher average mark for the game. Despite the fact that Arsenal dominated.
    Bog roll, that’s all that lot of rubbish is worth.

  72. I can’t think of one Stoke player who played that well Kev…

  73. Morning all, good post Rico. Why are people being so fucking negative? FFS 2 games in and we’ve not conceded, the goals will come and as I said yesterday someone’s gonna get it!
    M’Vila to that shower of shite up the road….not so sure about that.
    What we’ve spent is what we got from rip & song, we’ve got last year’s dough plus land sales, so AW don’t be a tight arse get spending you know what we need!!!

  74. Andrew those aren’t the final ratings.i hope they get boosted before the final release.

  75. Thanks Lee. I don’t get it either, so much to be positive about, neither Sunderland or Stoke are pushovers as many other clubs wil find out..

    Solid defensive display in both games and thats a big big plus….

  76. Lee,i still say we have two,maybe three new boys coming in.

  77. Weve had two bloody tough games so far and come through defensively,which is where we all saw our weakness.

  78. Hopefully the dippers will get in next weekend …..

  79. Scott – i think 3 by friday night…

  80. Morning Rico…
    Great post.
    I simply despair at the Press reporting.
    They’re lack of basic football knowledge is quite astounding.
    How some of those ignorant cretins earn a living at journalism is totally baffling…
    Morning AKB’s

  81. Thanks AK, and morning to you and Lee :)

    I love the fact that AW has told Redkrapp what he thinks…

    As Lee says, a team real soon will be on the end of a hiding and the sooner that game comes the better…

  82. Morning gunners,

    You can read a detailed analysis of the match and individual performance here http://www.eplindex.com/18103/stoke-0-0-arsenal-profligate-gunners-remain-goalless.html

  83. rico – i thought the possession was 67% to 33%
    Guess we are due for a win at anfield. The dippers wont sit so deep in defence like the sunderlands and thugs(stoke). Arsenal will be able to exploit the spaces provided. Giroud will come good. We have a goal poacher in the making. It’s just a matter of time. Podolski looks better when he plays from the wing to join the attack.

  84. I must say that any article in the paper is still one persons opinion,so i never give journos much credit.
    Also,they’re trying to sell papers,so the truth needn’t get in the way of that.

  85. Not seen that site before emma, it’s good… thanks for the link…

  86. I got the possession stats from one of he newspapers emma, i wouldn’t be surprised if your figures are more accurate though, certainly looked that way..

    Agree again Scott, that’s why i don’t like writing them…

  87. Lol Rico,you go ok!!

  88. rico – Dont mind those papers. In some site it’s 68% to 32%. Check here http://soccernet.espn.go.com/report/_/id/345817?cc=5739

  89. Got to go again, back very shortly…..

  90. will do in a bit emma…

    thanks Scott ;)

  91. David Ornstein ‏@bbcsport_david

    Spurs bid for M’Vila last week. €16m rising to €19m. Rennes (want €19m straight) replied offering face-to-face talks. Yet to hear back

    Our noisy neighbours are really set to splash the cash from Modric’s sale

  92. What made me so happy about yesterday’s match was the Peter Crouch was so ineffective that he was substituted.

  93. BGF and TV5 handled him beautifully.

  94. Apologies if I got the wrong end of the stick, but if it was Mbiwa’s nationality being discussed before, he made his France debut in the friendlies a fortnight ago. Stand out performance apparently….

  95. AK thats the Daily fail for you.They have even called Giroud who has played only 1 PL game the new Gervinho :o

  96. If that shot goes in they’d be calling him the new bloody Henry!!

  97. we have not conceded a corner in the 1st 2 PL games.We are absolutely dominant,even more than in the Cesc era.All we need is goals and we’ll get them soon enough.L’pool will attack us so we’ll have more space to work with.

  98. Scoot any striker that has the balls to attempt such an audacious effort will do for me.Just the other day they were calling Santi the poor man’s Cesc :o I’d rather the poor man’s cesc rather than the rich man’s Stewart Downing ;)

  99. Emma such a good read.I have read several of their articles and they are bloody accurate.Better that sort of analysis than MOTD’s.

  100. Excellent Post, again, Rico. :-)

    I don’t think the team needs much to get on a winning run. We could and should have won at a canter, yesterday, and Giroud’s shot/lob deserved to settle matters.

    Redknap shows the inanity of hiring ex-professional footballers as window dressing on football shows, unless they are intelligent and informative like (gulp) Gary Neville.

    Redknap is bland and likes stating the bleedin’ obvious, because when he comes out with vacuous and stupid anti-Arsenal comments, he just makes himself appear even more stupid. Me no like!

  101. Great points KT
    A win at Anfield would be a thing of beauty.
    But I would take a 0-0 if you offered it to me now.

  102. Santi is a poor mans nobody!!
    I loved the fact that Giroud had the confidence to have a go as well.
    Imagine what the football world would be saying if it had gone in??

  103. Modric and Mou ;)

  104. We may not have seen the goal of the season so far……..But I think we have seen the save of the season..Wilkinson what a keeper

  105. It was a ripper Fred!!

  106. Jogi Low said the reason Poldi plays in the German NT over the flair players in Gotze/Reus/Schurrle is because he has some pf the best off the ball runs in the team.

    Since he has been deployed on the wing alot most of his runs are lateral in behind defences.To play CF for us he needs to make more angled runs against tougher defenders.Once he adds that variety and couple that with his ability to brush past players and a ferocious shot he’ll succeed.He needs more games.

  107. Felt a bit sorry for cazorla yesterday..he must have like he was a member of the…….Where the f–k are we tribe.

  108. Match of the Day pundits are garbage.
    Just because “you” were a decent player in “your” era doesn’t necessarily mean that “you” know everything about football….
    Lineker, Hanson, Lawrenson and Shearer … Jesus Christ!
    If they were good at being football pundit’s, I WOULD openly admit it. But they are not.

    e.g. I hated Gary Neville as a player, but the lad ‘speaks’ exceptional football.

    The BBC have also got Robbie Savage and Garth Crooks giving us their expert advice … Now you have got to ask … Who are these two gimps…?
    Crooks’ thinks that he’s Prince Charles’ son the manner in which he condescends, whilst managing to juggle a the set of snooker balls in his mouth …. He’s a class A prick….
    Savage – I liked him as a player – a slightly over average player, but in reality he is a grade A prat. I’m sure if you asked him – he’d even admit it…
    A kid I know spoke to Savage the other week and said to him: “For an average player you have made a good career out of it…”
    Savage replied with a smile: “Thanks for that mate.”

    As for Jamie Redknapp….? He’s openly admitted that he hates Arsenal …. What else but drivel about the club would you expect from him ….

    I have just read this



    You CAN twist and turn them around to make what them you want… The same as a newspaper can put over it’s opinion to the weak minded….

    Just because someone says it, does not mean it is true.

  109. Wonder if, injuries allowing, AW might consider bringing AOC in for Gerv at Anfield…
    Not sure that i’d fiddle with the mid’ or def’…?

    RA, Rednapp might be a crap football analyist, but he looks the part, with his wife, on a sandy beach…
    Maybe he should stick to what he is obviously good at, sunbathing..

  110. SYG,dont tell Merlin that :)

  111. Hiya Kev. Liverpool will play a game of football.
    Personally I’d play Chamberlain in Diaby’s role, and providing Walcott’s still with us – give him a shot on the right …

  112. Morning all.

    Positives for me:

    Jenkinson – Looks like know one will bully him and he reminds me of a young Stuart Pearce.

    The defence. Disciplined, kept their shape, played passes when on but had no problem smacking the ball away when there was no pass on.

    The way we dealt with high balls, our players threw themselves onto every ball that came our way.

    Dealing with set pieces. Not one of our players were pushed out of teh way or bullied. You can see Steve Bould at work there.

    Negatives: A little slow with our passing but that will change once all players know each other.

    Anyone think Giroud will batter teams soon? That chip at the end of the game just oozed arrogance.

  113. Hiya Scott – what shouldn’t I tell Merlin ??????????
    I wasn’t aware I’d pissed him off as well …..!!!

  114. Will – you’re right. All positives.
    If Girouds shot would have gone in we’d all be patting each other on the back as a job well done…

  115. Afternoon guys and gals, we sold anyone??

  116. SYG. As a rule, I never miss AFC on MotD. But as I had been to the Brittania, and knew what I had seen was progress, the last thing I needed was that bunch of has beens and never have beens, trying to twist the facts to match their agenda.
    I would be interested to know how many UEFA A licenses are held in total, by messrs Lawrenson, Hansen, Shearer and Potato Head.

  117. MOTD = K***s ;)

  118. Hey Rico and hey housers,

    How are you all? Didn’t see the game. Stuck in horrible job. Hate jobs. Didn’t see even first game. But after listening to you all we did well. And still heart broken over Robin. I hope some one steps up soon for me to get over.

    Btw, Did anyone get to see how well U21 played?

    Anyone think Tomas should be used as a sub every game till he’s got Midas’ touch?

  119. Modric – Ral madrid – Deal done.
    AVB wants Anderson and Nani too

  120. Hiya Kev. Valid point. It’s about time the BBC put them out to grass.
    Joey Barton to Shearer, whilst player and manager with Newcastle: “You’re a shit manager and you tactics are shit.”

    Another pint – Madrid lost at the weekend one point from two games. And that is after a pre-season in which they blasted Milan 5-1 and have told Kaka he’s surplus to requirements and have also offloaded Sahin …

    Real Madrid are just about everyone’s favourites for La Liga and the Champions League ….

    I wonder if the Spanish press are writing them off and publishing lame statistics re: their players efforts …. I very much doubt it

  121. Rico – Before I have WATH suspending you and shuttling you off to Le Grove.
    Learn to spell! It begins with a “C” and not a “K”…..

  122. S2S, did everything but score imho ….

  123. Not the word Knob Syg ;)

  124. @Rico,

    Its okay. We’ll get there. We sure will.

    Btw, anyone for Eisfeld as sub every game? The boy is scoring in every match he’s playing no matter in which ever team he plays. Supersub any one?

  125. ha ha…

    Nothing re: Arsenal in the Spanish press

    Maybe interesting


    I think he’ll walk….

  126. M’Vila is slipping away it seems, but, if its true re the Totts and AW really is hoping to sign him, this could force his hand….

  127. He looks a nice plater S2S. As does Conor Henderson …

  128. .. player I meant ..

  129. Billionaires PSG

    3 draws on the bounce ………

    sorry – Billionaires in a shit league …

  130. I’m sure we will S2S

  131. All this buzz about Affelay and us…..why? I dont even reckon hes any use…..seems barca dont either.

  132. Denilson’s club – sao Paulo – the club the hasn’t got the spondoolah’s to buy him, have just bid £11M for Ganso of Santos … A player we were reported to be looking at …


    His name translates as Goose

  133. AVB is the most entertaining thing in football…Im so glad he is back in the prem at our least favoirte club after f ing up another one of our least favorites.

  134. @SYG

    As for them all i.e. Aneke, Henderson, Jack, Rambo all, they have grown up play Arsenal way. One for all, all for one.

    But I’d still give first chance to Eisfield when we badly need a goal. He seems to know to put one in. Btw, Terry Burton seems like a good coach, doesn’t he?

  135. Only Bayern (72%) and Barcelona (69.5%) have averaged more possession than Arsenal (68%) this season in Europe’s top five leagues.

    Arsenal stat ranking in Europe: Avg posession 68% (3rd) – Shots per game 20 (3rd) – Aerial duels won per game 20 (17th)

  136. S2S Eisfed certainly knows how to score goals.

  137. A lot to be said for an Arsenal person/man/lad…

    They give that extra 10%…

    I’m pleased to see Jenkinson is doing okay – because I never thought he was up to it..
    …Rumour has it that he is to represent Finland at international level…

  138. Syg/S2S – we seem to have a cracking bunch coming through for the next few years now.


    And a few more i can’t remember or spell ;)

  139. Off twitter…

    #ARSENAL: are currently renegotiating fee with #Rennes for Yann M’vila. #Arsenal only ready to pay €13M rising to €15. Deal to go through.

  140. Syg, just why many having been saying ‘get the arsenal back in arsenal’…

    Not all may have the ability of jack, but they sure as heck make up for it in heart and passion and sometimes that can win games.

    Just go back to the CC final, B’ham fought hard for each other and gave that little be more. We turned up looking like a pub team and thought the game was won before trying.

    It was so refreshing to see a side yesterday that worked hard and that has to be the Bould, Banfield and maybe even Vermaelen influence.

    TV may not be AFC born and bred, but he speaks as if he could have been…

  141. Kt, is that a real account??

  142. MOTD=much of the dismay
    clueless pundits…funny how someone earn good money
    of showing us how clueless and unclever they are

  143. Its some guy who has maintained throughout the summer that M’vila was ours.Lets just wait and see how this plays out.

  144. This is from Goal.com’s chief correspondent…

    Wayne Veysey ‏@wayneveysey

    Tottenham edge ahead of Man United in race to sign Dembele although Arsenal also retain an interest #MUFC #THFC #AFC

    Told #FFC have triggered option to extend Dembele contract for a further year (until 2014). Means it will take £12m, maybe £15m, to get him

  145. Morning Rico and all

    What do people expect with these news papers, they want to sell and people will buy if it says Arsenal are shit. Let them write what they want even when the obviously truth is there to see that we haven’t conceded a single goal in two games.

    IMHO MA should be up front to help with the creating rather than sit back. If he peers with Carzola up front the goals would surely come.

    Gerv for some reasons is not clicking. I would give the OX the chance, let Gerv sit on the bench and watch how it done.

    These guys will gel once they start to feel and thoroughly familarise themselves with what their team mate is thinking; whether to do a run or open up space to create a pass or take a direct shot at the goalpost. Arsenal 1 Mancity 0 comes to mind by MA.

  146. Rico,
    The interesting thing is they all can defend, pass, attack and score. Not many have that ability.

  147. Many of the dickheads hakzah :)

  148. Hello guys, can’t exactly share in your optimism. Personally I think jenkinson and Gibbs are holding our attacking play back. Yes we have played two defensive minded teams so obviously both have been under less pressure than they would when playing an offensive team. Trust me, they are not good enough yet. Watch the game again, jenkinson hardly crossed the half way line in a game where we had 67% possession? Laughable. I agree the team looks stronger this season but wenger needs to change the starting eleven based on opposition. For teams that will park the bus for us I’d suggest we go for Santos and coq for they will assist the attack better (fullbacks) and in the middle ox for diaby , then we’ll have a much more mobile team. Ox needs time now to develop and he simply can’t get it 20 minutes run out now and then. Diaby needs to come in as a sub until he becomes fitter. I think poldi , giroud and theo should start.

  149. Kt, trust me, I don’t believe anything from twitter …

    NG, Ox was just back from injury otherwise I suspect he would have started…

  150. Good afternoon fellow gooners, how many players have we bought today? 6?

  151. true Rico,many of them out there and they are straight
    up for a fight against Arsenal,foolish dogs bark at a flying bird

  152. So can this current crop S2S, they just need a lucky break and that will kick start the goals…

    7 Esp….

  153. Will, like your comments on the defence.

    I am so delighted to see Gibbo & Jenks gradually developing into good defenders.
    Games and confidence is what they need.
    Many were saying that Stoke RFU was the real test.
    Well, they passed with flying colours.

  154. rumours going around here in france linking M’villa with the
    spuds are getting louder……hope not

  155. hakzah
    Looks like it unfortunetely but is a dm what they really need?

  156. Afternoon Everyone.
    So glad its wasn’t another match report here, that’s why its the best read of all Arsenal Blogs.
    My match report would have been ‘played good, didn’t win’ simples!

    And on Giroud shot at end, come on he has abviously been watching tapes of Ramsey’s finishing qualities! :D

  157. Coming on late but saw the posts by Alan and thought “does it really matter his Nationality?”. In any case, with due respect, the Central African Republic is hardly ever a regular at the AFCON, so there is a chance that won’t even be a problem if we go for M’biwa.

  158. This will make you all chuckle, that Adams twurp has just tried to get on by using a different name…

    Mine :P

  159. Yes I was impressed with both FB’s but i am sure jenkinson was told not to get forward to much and concentrate on defending as I only saw him make maybe 2 overlapping runs and on numerous occasions looked like he was going to bomb on then stop and hold back closer to half way line.

    On Gibbs, he was more adventurous and made a few forward runs, but what I think has improved his defending is having the burly, chasing, tackling Prince Poldi in front of him, must inspire him with confidence!

  160. But loud noises came out about us signing Nurin, and we all know what happened there….

  161. Thanks Ben …

    emma – I love the guy already, i really do…

  162. Gotta say that it’s a very pleasant Bank Holiday in London today.
    And where is Adam…???
    If we were discussing recipes, food or restaurants, I know for sure, that he would be here.

  163. It’s easy to do Rico (RE ADAMS)
    That is why the internet can be such a dangerous place for some…

    You think you’re having a conversation with someone on “your level” if you like – and in reality you’re having a debate with a fourteen year-old dick head who’s playing FIFA 2010 or on the X-box all day – or some forty-five year old ‘hasn’t got a life’ mummy’s boy who’s stuck in his bedroom ..

    We have a free internet cafe at the gym… We log everybody down … always

  164. Glad to see the positive vibes on here today. Fix the defence and the attack will fix itself.

  165. Hi Rico good read as always, creating plenty to be discussed.
    BJ…..2.07 was spot on and is exactly what is saw.
    I am not knocking their performance on the defensive side but in terms of offense they provided no overlap for either wing and gerv especially was left isolated. People were so eager to knock walcott but he too suffers form the quality of balls he receives. Diaby is doing a good job but is so slow in attacking distribution.
    We are sacrificing our speed of attack for safety. Again i am not knocking our teams overall, but our wingers need the support of our left/right backs, otherwise they will all too often be blocked in by 2 or three defenders. As BJ said, watch the game again.

  166. Arty, Walcott’s problem is he doesn’t play to his strength.

  167. HI Will, we are not playing to walcotts strength, SPEED. He needs balls behind defence and balls to run on to.

  168. AK, Adam has a lot of work on…

    Talking of which, just popping off to cut the grass, before the ten days of rain come in !!

  169. Syg, I know it’s simple but some forget that IP addresses give them away from home ;)

    Will, did you see Scott Sinclair is off to Citeh, remember last summer

    Thanks Arty..

    Back in 20 mins …

  170. I might be a bit old-fashioioned Ben, but I prefer my full-backs to, primarily, be good defenders first.

  171. The problem Arsenal have had these last few years is lack of squad depth, especially as we know how many injuries we get. So we end up playing same system with no plan ‘B’!

    What we need to do is start (and it looks like we have) picking the team/tactics to play the opposition. Theo up front when playing teams we are deemed equal to and will bother to try and push up etc and like yesterday pick a big strong side vs a big strong (c**t) side. ;)

  172. Arty, that is because Walcott comes short all the time, I want him to sit on the defenders shoulders and just go.

    I do Rico, I see Mankini is saying they need more players. MORE?

  173. Spot on Arty.

    I was stating that Jenkinson wasn’t up to scratch, but his defensive attributes have gotten better. Why? because he is sacrificing his offensive play for his primary role of defence. No more “Galloping Major”…
    Sagna is a great role model and maybe if you concentrate on your primary role in the team, you will get good at all the other aspects of your game… Hope so – as he’s one of us.
    Football starts from the defence…. Get that right and you can work on the rest …

    There was something on the Arab site re: Diaby


    Oxalde-Chamberlain would be probably better deployed there.

  174. Next week vs Liverpool i would go with Theo up front, peeling off the centre backs giving Cazorla a chance to feed those through passes.

  175. Then we agree Will. As long as he gets the through balls he needs. No one can catch him. I hope to god he stays cos i would not want to play against him.

  176. Hi SYG, i can wait for the team to gel and i for one am sure we will be stronger than last year and pick up points we lost to the money teams. We definately will not be easy to beat. Take into account we are fairly new team, we are doing better than ok.

  177. I agree Ben and yes Arty, that is exactly what should happen. Defenders would have nightmares for weeks thinking about that.

  178. Remember the 4-4 (a) v Liverpool.
    Attacking we were awesome. Just the defence that was shite.
    Walcott played a big game that day – all the attack was undertaken at full pace. That is Walcott’s forte. Pace
    We would have won 5-4 if it wasn’t for the ref ruling out Bendtner’s strike…

    After we’d been battered by Barcelona and were 0-2 down, Walcott came on. He terrorised their left back and helped turned the game .. …. just a pity we went to the Nou Camp with Silvestre as one of our central defenders … who was that poor he got replaced by Eboue …
    God we were embarrassingly shit ….

  179. Ajax full-back Nicolai Boilesen says he is in the dark over speculation linking him with Southampton and Arsenal but admits he is flattered by the reported interest.

    Reports on Monday suggested Boilesen had turned the heads of the Premier League duo, while also claiming the Saints had made a £5million offer for the 20-year-old Denmark international.

    The defender saw his last campaign hindered by a series of thigh injuries and he was limited to six appearances with Ajax, but is closing on recovery.

    Boilesen, who is also thought to be on the radar of Serie A giants AC Milan, says he is focused on regaining full fitness in Amsterdam but is pleased by the Premier League links.

    He told ekstrabladet.dk: “I have not heard anything about it yet. Someone from the Dutch press told me about it 10 minutes ago that is all I know right now.

    “Therefore it is difficult for me to have an opinion on these rumours. For now I am concentrating on my rehab here at Ajax.

    “But, I am very flattered if it is true that a Premier League club has made an offer for me.”

  180. 5-3 at the Chavs too Syg and who can forget our comeback against the totts at the Ems….

  181. Any news on Santi, cos i got a feeling that the horrid late tackle on him in the first half did him for the second half. He looked a bit in pain when coming off. Also Ox was hurting a bit.

  182. Arty, the one on TV was pretty bad too, another day, a different ref and a red card might have been produced…

  183. Joey Barton is going to be let go on a free by Qpr, que alan returning and saying we should sign the little weasel….

  184. That should have been a red card, I have no idea why the ref didn’t give it.

  185. Rico, they just proved how dirty they are. We did not concede one bad tackle, but they did there best to put players out of the game. Thats is not sport, its hooliganism.

  186. I’d have shown the red Will, stamp on his foot… say no more…

    Agree Arty, nice not to get any yellow cards, unlike Mr Pulis’s fair side!!

  187. Will, maybe the ref thought it was a 50/50 ball, from behind.????

  188. Rico….Lee Mason was the ref…say no more!

  189. Nicolai Boilesen – not heard of him before Rico – 10 games for Ajax = £5M.. 2 caps for Denmark…

    With 50 games and a 1:2 goal ratio Bendtner has to be worth around £100M

  190. Rico, do i take it Santi and Ox are ok or just that no news has been released????

  191. Jeeeeeez Syg, dont let him hear that, well never sell him. He will do an Ade and want a good chunk of the sale proceeds and wont leave unless he is bought for that figure

  192. Seeing as we are actually in profit from transfers I would go for a true MARQUE signing … Javi Martinez!

  193. saw this on another blog( cant remember which) brenda rogers got promoted with swansea, a year later got a job with pool, owen coyle got promoted with burnley, same season got the bolton job, tony pubis got promoted with stoke…..dying with stoke. why do you guys think he’s still there? cause he’s shit and a brute, no one wants him. his stoke side( fans too) are the dregs of british society. most club chairman wont dare appoint him as their manager. i hate that hat wearing bald headed, uncouth son of a bitch, i even hate him more cause he’s fergie’s dog!!!!!! morning guys.

  194. dont you just love OG12…..thanks for the video emma. he’s gonna be our very own drogba but better looking.

  195. Hat wearing bald headed uncouth son of a bitch …

    You got a phobia about hats, Stan?

  196. Ben – I thought Mason had a decent game apart from the stamp on TV, at least he didn’t give them a cheap penalty and even though replays suggest we could have had one, I can understand why it wasn’t given…

  197. So all in all, you don’t like Pulis too much goonster??

  198. i dont SYG, i just dont get why he wears them so much, what’s he hiding?

  199. Be nice if it happened Ben. we could do with a couple more top class Spaniards in the side …

  200. All referees seem to have a phobia about giving us penalties for some reason.

  201. maam, if i ever run into him…….tell him to look out. am 6’2 and built like a tank. i ll knock that smug off his bastardy face.( is that a word)

  202. Balding people tend to wear hats……

    Unless you rearrange your other hair on your head to cover it ….

  203. Pullis looks like he lives on a council estate in salford and buys cheap cider every night whilst selling hash to young kids! :D

  204. Lucas Biglia…..Im gonna go out on a limb here, so please use rubber bullets, im very sensitive, but i like the look of Lucas Biglia as a DM. Saw the champs league game AEL (cyprus) v. Anderlecht and his stats where impressive, most passes, most tackles and most distance run. I know, second rate team and second rate opposition (and they lost) but he holds and protects the back line, wins the ball and distributes cleanly and efficiently, gets things moving in attack. Good age, good price. I do like him.

  205. Ben – if we signed him, even the most staunch Wenger haters would have to have a change of heart…..

    Then again….

  206. Arty – these Cypriot teams are getting better ….
    Look at APOEL in last years Champs League… boring as hell, but like Stoke and Sunderland – they can grind out a result..

    Biglia will be cup tied for Champs League, now.

  207. Arty as AK, i ve been saying it all summer. lucas biglia is a best of a DM. he ll fit in seamlessly. i want him but some people( rico) thinks he’s a midget cause apparently a good DM must be 7’2. i hope we get him. he’s class.

  208. Is that wide or tall goonie ;) ;)

  209. lloris, javi martinez, fernando llorente.

  210. bloody i pad…….that was Arty ask AK……. sheesh.

  211. I think 1 of the missing link is that Arteta is playing too deep, although I did not the match yesterday, but in the game against Sunderland that was and I still think is the issue if he played the same role of a holding midfielder, when Wenger gets a defensive midfielder and Arteta is able to move up front with or without a new striker the goals will begin to come in their numbers or by the time Jack Wilshere returns. Right now it’s more or less S. Carzola alone who really runs things up front. Gervinho and A. Diaby either dribbles too much or don’t really know how, when or where to shoot from.
    By the way this is a very well articulated post, well done Rico!!!

  212. Syg, they are getting better, but there arent any cypriots playing in the cypriot league…….lol
    Goonster, this is a real footballer, who knows his job and has a brain. cant believe he may be going to Norwich ON LOAN????

  213. Rico, I think he would move to Arsenal and maybe not even break our wage structure to much myb 100-120k a week and imagine a Spanish midfield of Arteta, Cazorla and Martinez! Cold shower time! ;)

  214. what about them goonerbegood?

  215. Arty
    Biglia to Norwich on loan is fairly unlikely tbh! They also just signed a dmf in tettey from rennes! And biglia said he would want to join a club playing in europe

  216. he’s going to norwich!!!!!!! christ.

  217. A defensive midfielder just holds his position, protects his back four, wins the ball and redistributes it into attack.
    The job requires both discipline and Skill.
    Discipline to keep your positional play and win the ball without conceding dumb free kicks and skill to find that pass to one of your team mates….
    You don’t have to be a big ugly brutal looking twat like Tiote to do the job – half the job is possessing a footballing brain ..
    The job is basically just a sweeper for when the attack breaks down….

  218. Benny B – Because we have a couple of Spaniards in our first eleven and with three more coming through the ranks it isn’t a bad idea.
    That £100k wage can be offset to integrate within our wage structure by a decent signing on fee…

    I think Wenger would be okay with that … it’s just that signing Martinez would stifle Abou Diaby’s development

  219. SYG and i bet Arsene has never heard of him too! ;)

  220. SYG you just described Lucas Biglia
    Andrew, so i will live in hope that we may still sign him ……………. there goes hope

  221. Also I know we don’t like spending big, but look how Hazard has totally changed Chelsea! Or even Ronaldo to RM.

  222. SYG, i ll rather a speedy attack that can wriggle through parked buses, trucks and trains. the “DM” thingy is dying out. most classy european teams barely play a traditional DM these days. i hope we get a surez like striker. if that’s all we get i wont be losing any sleep but i know rico will……..hahahahah.

  223. somebody get me a new phone cause am gonna smash this i pad……..arrrggghhhhhh.

  224. Goonster, im not sure i agree. I see the DM protecting the back line freeing our right/left backs to venture forward and support the attack.

  225. But i do agree on a new phone………hahahahahaha

  226. Hazard should have been signed by us.

    We got the cheap version, who will be M.I.A for 10 weeks doing a ‘recky’ over in Somalia or Botswana or wherever this years or next years ACN is to be held….

  227. Arty there is noting on norwich newsnow about him signing?

  228. Arty, arteta played well in that role against the orcs didnt it. arsenal is a possession based team. we rely on ball circulating right? so what use is a DM, we tend to have the ball often more than anyother team in the EPL. even the chavs, manure and shitty barely drag possession of the ball with us….heck they let us have it dont they? so why not perfect it by getting a ball, playing, tricky striker ala suarez. DMs are dying out. pretty soon it will be a thing of the past. mark my words.

  229. but i do need me a new i pad arsene…….come on already.

  230. I hate this guy.,

    Stoke manager Tony Pulis believes he can do nothing to end the animosity between his side and Arsenal ahead of the second round Capital One Cup tie against Swindon.

    Stoke hosted the Gunners in an edgy goalless draw with home fans jeering Arsenal players and manager Arsene Wenger. The animosity dates back to an incident two and a half years ago when Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey’s leg was badly broken in a tackle from Stoke’s Ryan Shawcross. Pulis admitted the matter is out of his control.

    “Irrespective of what I say or what Arsene says, you can’t affect what people do,” the Potters boss said.

    “As I’ve said, if I can’t affect it I don’t worry about it and I personally don’t think I can affect it.

    “That’s got to be other people doing that not me and that’s got to be something that happens outside my sphere.

    “You can say and I’ve said it before. That’s gone. We’ve moved on.”

    Next up for Stoke is the cup clash with npower League One new boys Swindon, and Pulis has no new injury worries to be concerned about.

    The Potters boss could rest several players following Sunday’s draw against Arsenal and bring in the likes of Wilson Palacios and Dean Whitehead, who is back from a one-game suspension.

    American Geoff Cameron, who played at the weekend despite having only just arrived in the country, is likely to sit out.

    Didn’t Fergie come out and publicly ask the Man Utd fans not to chant obscene chants at Wenger? Does that arsehole Pulis think he is above doing that?

    I swear, if I ever met the man, I would punch him hard in the face.

  231. Goonster, i will accept that we disagree on this. But what of the future of Frimp and Coq????

  232. Afternoon All,
    Jamie Redcrapp so called pundit what did he acheive in his career to make him a sky sports expert, very little really catwalk model, named as a spiceboy, injured most of the time was signed for nothing twice by his father who probably gave hime a handout at somebody elses expence scored very few goals so should know quite a lot about being a loser played for the filth down the road so never won anything with them married a pop singer so she could support him and has been looked after by sky sports ever since played for england a few times and scored 1 goal so he must be an expert played for Bournmouth while his Dad was learning his trade he probably named twitches dog sky sports pundit my arse.

  233. will give me a call when you finally run into him….Arty lecoq is a fine example of a modern day footballer. he’s versatile and can play anywhere. frimmers i think (my own opinion) wont cut it with us.

  234. morning sir steve, how’s the fishing?

  235. Will, nice simple written statement is too hard. They still teaching their fans the abc……

  236. Will says:
    August 27, 2012 at 4:33 pm
    I swear, if I ever met the man, I would punch him hard in the face.

    That’s passion, Will

  237. Hi Stan i’m about as good at fishing as Redcrapp is punditing Shit.

  238. nothing heard about who we might go for as yet?
    hope its the calm before the storm.

  239. is that good or bad SP1

  240. Make sure you wear protection Will, you never know what you might catch from punching him…….

  241. Stoke really are a pox on English football. Their players, their manager, their style of play and their inbred fans.

  242. My fishing is like Torres first couple of years at chelski very frugal.

  243. I tend to agree with many about Gervinho. He is frustrating to watch and another who hasn’t got a shot on him.In a sentence,just not good enough.

    I am concerned about a few things, yet pleasantly surprised that the defence look far more solid but taking away history and Stoke’s home record, they aren’t much of a team and finished 14th. last season .

    In my view RVP was off after the final whistle at WBA and knowing our budget AW had time to an extent and bought Podolski and Giroud who because of the Euros joined up with the squad later.

    It is fine saying that they will come good but our next 3 matches are against Liverpool,Chelsea andd City which will be a much sterner test than our opening two games, and we don’t want to be to far off the pace after 5 games.

    I still believe there are major doubts about the return of Wilshere to full fitness and maybe AW is considering that in these last few days of the window.

    One direct shot at goal just isn’t top four form and it wasn’t much different against Sunderland. Pity Bendtner didn’t work out but with so much chopping and changing I agree it will take time.

    The Ox is pure class and needs to play whenever possible and finally though I am no great lover of Mertasacker he has done well in these opening games and has definitely come on.

    I must add that Cazorla looks a magnificent buy but after only 2 games we appear to look for him alone to create scoring chances. Other teams will be watching that and for that reason alone Podolski and Co need to get their game up in the direct attacking field , more where it counts.

    Oh, hi rico :)

  244. Yes Will, fergie did and Pullit could if he wanted, but he doesn’t he thrives on it and that’s why he is such a plank….

  245. Will, was working on a house in Cambridge Last week one of the neighbours came up to me stood in front and started talking to himself, the next day a guy on the other side of the house came out and started to tell me that him and his teddy bear were going on a train trip and its the first time the bear had been on a train and he wasn’t looking forward to it. I reckon both of those came from stoke i had to get away from there as quick as poss.

  246. Kelsey two things I would like to point out.
    1. Liverpool has hardly set the prem on fire. They where dire against fulham and could not hold onto the lead against Man City
    2. Man City against Liverpool where all at sea and it needed a gift from the Liverpool defense for them to get a point.

    Only Chelsea have had a good start and have not yet come up against a top 5 side. We will see what the 3 games bring but I am not overly worried. The attack will gel and start scoring goals and if our defense keeps improving like it has so far we are onto a good start.

  247. Afternoon all.
    Here is my tabulation:

    Aug 26, 2012 – Round #2
    Stoke City 0 Arsenal 0 [scoreless]

    2012/13 season : 0 wins 2 draws 0 losses.
    00 goals after 2 games.

    An average of 0.00 goals per game

    The strikers are Poldolski, Giroud, Walcott, OX, Gervinho, Chamakh and Park CY.

    We have 0 no. Goal Scorers:
    01) Walcott………………………00 goals out of 15 goals expectation
    02) Poldolski …………………..00 goals out of 10 goals expectation
    03) Giroud……………………….00 goals out of 10 goals expectation

    MIDFIELD contributed .. 00.00% of goals..00 goals.
    STRIKERS contributed . 00.00% of goals..00 goals.
    DEFENDER contributed. 00.00% of goals..00 goals.
    “Dubious goal”…………….. 00.00% of goals..00 goals.

    My expectation is of course:
    DEFENCE contributes —– 10%
    MIDFIELD contributes —– 35%
    FORWARD contributes —- 50%
    “OWN GOAL” contributes – 5%

    Let’s compare our performance against the Top-6 team as after 2 no. league games played:

    Everton 2 ManU 1
    Liverpool 2 Abu Dhabi 2

    W … D … L ….. F ….. A … +/- __ Points
    0 ….. 1 … 0 … 02 … 02 … 00 __ 01 __ Abu Dhabi City
    0 ….. 0 … 1 … 00 … 01 … 00 __ 00 __ Manchester United
    0 ….. 0 … 0 … 00 … 00 … 00 __ 00 __ Arsenal
    0 ….. 1 … 0 … 02 … 02 … 00 __ 01 __ Liverpool
    0 ….. 0 … 0 … 00 … 00 … 00 __ 00 __ Tiny Totts
    0 ….. 0 … 0 … 00 … 00 … 00 __ 00 __ Chelski
    1 ….. 0 … 0 … 01 … 00 … 00 __ 03 __ Everton

    A comparison of the Top-6 team against Bottom-13 teams with 2 games played after 26-Aug-12:

    ManU 3 Fulham 2
    Tint Totts 1 WBA 1
    Chelski 2 Newcastle 0
    Stoke 0 Arsenal 0

    W … D … L ….. F ….. A … +/- __ Points
    03 … 0 … 0 … 08 … 02 … 06 __ 09 __ Chelski
    01 … 0 … 0 … 03 … 02 … 01 __ 03 __ Abu Dhabi City
    01 … 0 … 1 … 03 … 03 … 00 __ 03 __ Manchester United
    00 … 2 … 0 … 00 … 00 … 00 __ 02 __ Arsenal
    00 … 1 … 1 … 02 … 03 … 00 __ 01 __ Tiny Totts
    00 … 0 … 1 … 00 … 03 … 00 __ 00 __ Liverpool

    Minimum: 25 wins 5 draws 8 losses = 82 points, enough to retain Top-4 status.

    Maximum: 30 wins 5 draws 3 losses = 95 points, enough to win 2012/13 title.

  248. TT plus in giroud we have beast in the making. it took drogba a full season to get the hang of the EPL, it will take giroud less than that. this guy ll score spectacular goals. man, i wish that lob from 40 yards crept in. lord talk about man love.

  249. Hi TT,

    WBA not Fulham ;) but I get your point but one of us will be right and I hope it is you.
    Stats don’t lie.We create and have huge possession but as yet no end product.

    We played two average teams who to a certain extent just wanted not to lose, the three mentioned above will be different.

  250. Steve – Redkrapp – I’d call him something, but it wouldn’t be pundit ;)

  251. and here comes merlin with the stats ladies and gentlemen…….

  252. So basically Merlin we played 2 haven’t scored or let a goal in and can still win the league? ;)

  253. Kelsea, you make some good points there, bit surprised you hoped Bendy would improve but understand your other comments. Wenger stated that the three new players had never met before so they had probably not met many of the Arsenal squad either , he stated that they may need a few games to understand how to play together Personall i think Wenger is right but i feel the bouldy training is working so we can afford to wait a little while give them time to gell and i think you will be quite happy.

  254. That’s why stats are so confusing and can be tilted one way or another. remember Denilson :)

  255. Hi kelsey, long time no hear, all ok??

    How privileged HH is eh, first RA and now you ;)

  256. all i hope for is,le prof is cooking some delicious recipes for a
    banquet before friday’s midnight…

  257. Steve,

    I think Bendy’s problem was ego and attitude and nearly always being played out on the wing.I don’t think we ever got to see his full potential, yet played quite well for his country.

  258. Re ‘him’ Kelsey, I think he was off long before the WBA game and imho he and AW fell out the day Chamberlain was subbed for Arshavin and the then captain publicly questioned his manager….

    My own thought is that both Giroud and Podolski will both end up scoring more goals for us than he does for the mancs this season…

  259. I will e mail you rico.
    At least you should be able to understand me as opposed to my friend RA, where a dictionary is often required.:)

  260. What really gets me is that David Dein and AW are still best of friends, yet Dein’s son has singularly broken up our prize assets of the team.He wasn’t RVP’s agent but his “adviser”

  261. afternoon all…been away for a while…just had a tot,when “the only one came” they struggled with scoring many goals, 1 nils were their strong points they dint concede goals it got them the league at the end of the season..one thing I’m very sure about is that we’ll start scoring at some point and the good news is that we look like we’ve learnt how to stop leaking unnecessary goals which was our nightmare in seasons past..continue like this,and we’ll be closer to the top than we ever imagined..good work Bould.

  262. hey bondex….what’s going on pal? where have you been? how’s your wife?

  263. Congratulations Bondex, another future Gooner i’ll drink to that :)

  264. Cannot argue with you there Kelsea but still glad he’s no longer part of the current team

  265. congrats pal…….

  266. I always felt sorry for Arshavin, never played with players as clever as he was. Arshavin would have killed it in the 2004 team.

  267. Congratulations Bondex, what wonderful news, I’ll toast the little one shortly :)

  268. Who Steve, our old captain, or both the Deins?

  269. dont worry rico……i ll have me one some day. guess what i ll call her?

  270. I understand what your saying Will, but quality players do quality things and Arshavin didn’t do to much to make me think he was that special, keeping yourself fit is imperative and he went a whole season overweight and showed very little effort, maybe he will do it elsewhere

  271. am still baffled to why Giroud did not join the squad for
    the trip far-east !! though Theo&Ox did ! after all france played the same number of games as england did !
    surely he would have benefited from being around his new
    team-mates and be familiar with his new approach, even
    if there was no plan to play him for long,few minutes out
    could have done a lot of good.
    playing just one match(cologne) is not enough,considering he is our main striker and goals are expected from him…
    and when the match in Nigeria was postponed,we did not arrange for an alterantive option,like traditional away at Barton.
    pre-season preparations could have been better.
    with time ,Giroud will come good surely .

  272. Sorry Rico, i men’t Bentner. as far as the Deins he left and thats history as far as i’m concerned we have moved on lots leave and some are missed but we move on, no point looking back we have to work for the future.

  273. goonster – rico :)

  274. Ah, him, you know though, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him stay now….

    Totally agree re onwards and upwards and I think there is a lot of positive. Just a couple more players in to balance our needs and we’ll be fine.

    Nigel Winterburn has been on SS’s today and he said that it’s time for people to stop looking at the negatives, finally he see’s the defence shaping up well and like all of us fans, he hopes a DM and another striker are signed before friday….

  275. Bon chance.
    And merci for le info…
    Keep it up mon ami.

  276. Oi Oi AK, what is that in English :)

  277. kev..is that me!

  278. Makes a change Rico most ex Arsenal players are negative as soon as they leave us.

  279. Sure does Steve, but credit to him, Lee Dixon and Keown, they have all been realists rather than negative..

  280. Absolutely Andrew….

  281. There are bad people, spiteful people. There are people who have no room in their heart for anything but hate. Then there are stupid people. Sociopaths who thieve oxygen from others and contribute absolutely nothing to society. They are the muggers, thieves, rapists, animal-torturers, molesters and scum of our land. They are the price we pay for having the sort of freedoms that such people don’t deserve. They are the underclass leeches and fodder that inhabit our jails and institutions. Their ringmaster is Tony Pulis, a man so bereft of any moral compass that he actually seems to enjoy the fact that a decent young man’s career was nearly ended by a vile piece of excrement under his guidance. And then there are Stoke fans. Not all of them, but a large percentage embody absolutely everything that is wrong with football. They are of a different species. They put Arsene Wenger face masks on kids and get them to imitate the crisp-munching moron himself ( now tell us again you brain dead thicko, it was just a piece of fun wasn’t it?) They are of the genus that bleach is designed to flush down the toilet.

  282. Forgot to put Hakzah, Rico.
    Le twerp!

  283. Again, without sounding a pessimist, we are going against teams like Chelsea who can throw £80+ million in a summer. I think we have the makings of a very decent team.

  284. Anymore whisperings of a signing or two around rico? :l
    4 DAYS TO GO!

  285. Good to see you back Adam, what a comment…

    And to think the BBC, the organisation which charge us each year to view their channel, deem what Linekar did to be acceptable….

    Had they taken action, what happened yesterday may not have …

  286. Hi Rico and all.

  287. Affelay available on loan..shall we go for him?
    or maybe his mind is poisoned by our former *10 !
    will be worth a shout

  288. Will, Chelsea are done with spending and Mankini hasn’t had the free allowance he thought he would.

    We have a lot of money in the pot so let’s not make out we are broke, we all know we aren’t. BUT, not for one minute am I suggesting we should just spend for the sake of it.

    Defender who can play across the back line and we will have a squad to beat any team…

  289. Hi Adam…

    I would have said yes once hak, but now I’m not sure… where would he slot in?

  290. Sorry Rico, it’s busy, what with the Carnaval and all.
    I’ve exhausted my Franglais, so your ok.
    Hazkah, thanks for le info.
    We’ve got Dutch & French correspondants.
    Used to have German Ben, but I think he’s disappeared to the Russian Front. Shame!
    4 days to go Rico….
    It’s gonna be mental. As usual… :-)

  291. Rico, it was more aimed at those “experts” who roll out the Arsenal have won nothing line yet fail to mention that teams have spent enough to fund coups in South American states. I think we are doing very well and also that we have a squad to really challenge this year. As you say, bring in those three and we are bang on.

  292. ‘In other words Jamie, shut up and mind your own business!’

    LOL he’s a football pundit its his job. What did he say that’s not true?

  293. Affelay would deputise for inconsistent Theo surely.
    with the prince playing in the middle at some stage,we can do with
    more options up front with him (affelay)in the squad.
    and still will have funds to buy a MD and versatile defender.
    it looks a bargain to me.

  294. Afternoon all,
    I wouldn’t say fans are negative more disappointed at the start we’ve had, the defense looks stronger, can’t deny that but ask any travelling supporter going up to the game yesterday what he/she wanted and it would’ve been a win, to put one over on them neanderthals, the clean sheets are always a bonus, I’ve no doubt our strikers will get it together, they’re too good not to but until they do we’re just throwing points down the drain, some tough games coming up, Scousers, S’hampton, Man City & Chelsea, we gotta get this show on the road, I won’t be happy with another 0-0 this weekend, bollox to that.

  295. Ha ha AK, as long as you are being kept busy, that’s all that matters…

    I’m looking forward to seeing what AW does in these last few days….

  296. Micko, would you prefer a 2-8 like last season?

  297. Ah, I see Will but it wounded like your comment was directed at bloggers here…. But we all know we are not broke but we are not silly enough to expect us to compete with Chelsea and man City.

    To be fair to Chelsea though, i think they have only spent what they earned from winning the CL and whatever they had in reserve. And they have lost one or two who were on big salaries too…

  298. steve ?????

  299. hakzah – afellay is only avalable on a loan, i’d rather we’d paid a wage to a player who sees a future with us…

  300. stan..I thank God,my wife is doing well…what ave you been up to yourself?

  301. I don’t think they made enough to chuck £80m on players. They make a loss every season. The so called experts never state how much others have spent to “win” trophies when then mention the fact we have won none.

  302. I get that Micko and yes, I am frustrated with us not scoring, had we beaten sunderland, Sundays result would have been been much better but it’s looking like the focus has been on stopping us conceding and that can only be good.

    The dippers will be the first ‘true’ test imho, a side who will attack us and we will get more chances, we could see a few goals in our next game…

  303. Will, with the greatest of respect, that question is a silly one, no fan would prefer that result…

  304. £72 M for winning the CL I think Will….

    And don’t forget the FFP has another 1/2 seasons to go before sides have to break even…

  305. Dinner calls, back shortly

  306. Diaby Diaby Diaby

    Doesnt look convincing…..losing possession at critical moments

    love the analysis ..very spot on

  307. Rico, I am fed up with the we have drawn two games we must be shit brigade. We had to fix the defence from last year, it looks like that is happening. We sold out top striker and replaced him, those players need time to work each other out. People need to quit their mother mothafunking bitching and see th eprogress that is heppening before our eyes.

    Also, Chelsea made £47.6 million in prize money and TV revenue this season from winning the Champions League. That doesn’t even cover their wages.

  308. Hey, what I can say this is the most exciting time of the season.
    Some news.

    jame sanderson
    Arsenal, #CFC and #MCFC are all scouting Montpellier captain Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa. No bids yet.

    Mbiwa is the type of player who can play across the backline when the injuries that to pile up. Wenger type of player as he could bought for around 10m, if there is not a bidding war.

  309. Will, you really are a prize plank sometimes.

  310. Cashews Mick

  311. And you are a twat Micko, guess we are even.

  312. Right now i’m thinking fruit and nut kev.

  313. We need to forget the spending of other clubs and how they handle their expenditure thats their lookout we need to concentrate on aquireing the right players for us i can understand Wenger not getting cought up in bidding wars with clubs that have not worked for their money, but he has to spend the right money on the right players the man is usually a genius with his signings and i expect the same kind of quality should we sign anybody else.

  314. Don’t let us deceive ourself, the team is ok. Let us be realistic truely something and to my own contribution, let us flash back to the 2009-2010 season downward arsenal create alot of chances, the of life somebody alex hleb & sami nasri, i beleive who can drible from the side and deliver a wonderful final pass is ok for the team.

  315. Vida, if CFC & MCFC are interested, then Wenger better start looking elsewhere.

  316. Steve, it wasnot a moan that we can’t compete, it was a mention that the experts never mention the fact we are going against teams who can buy nations (and in one case, are a nation) when they have their cheap pops at us.

  317. Will, grow up mate, your just making yourself look silly.

    I said I was disappointed with our start, that our strikers will get it together, they’re too good not to, what’s your problem.

  318. Mick, fruit & nut, hmm my favourite.
    With a glass of cold milk.
    Awfully unhealthy. Awfully delicious.

    Will, chill…. Please….

  319. Kev, how about asking the little boy not to start with the insults?

  320. Ok Will.
    Ok Mick.
    Can we please move on fellas.

  321. Will, I can understand where your coming from but so called experts or pundits have never said good things in our favour and i say fuck em they will see the full force of the gunners this season whether they like it or not, i believe we have the makings of league winners i have seen nothing yet that worries me but they have seen us and we haven’t exactly had an easy start teams that park the bus but we have to play them again yet and i expect a diferent approach then.

  322. I love people that start with an insult and then cry when insulted back. Yeah, we are shit, wish Wenger had concentrated on the attack rather than the defence, who needs to defend any way?

  323. Steve, not only parked the bus but in Stoke’s case, didn’t cut the grass.

  324. lets not argue amongst ourselves over two good draws

  325. Kev – I think MCFC will only go after him if they fail to get De Rossi and they bought jack rodwell who can fill in the back as well.
    CFC is only our major threat to getting him. They defense doesn’t look that stable.

  326. I wasn’t arguing. I just react with insults to insults, I think it is called parity.

  327. Oh, I forgot….

    Congratulations Bondex.

    See ya lata

  328. Taking the Mrs out for a meal before she starts on me you lot be good.:)

  329. Will, don’t pretend your 7.03 wasn’t aimed at me, still not sure what mother mothafunking bitching is when it’s at home.
    And there you go again making things up at 7.33 to suit yourself, don’t remember saying anything like that either.

  330. We aint got no soul Wenger..that’s what is missing!!!

  331. See Will, you just mugged yourself off again, I called you a prize plank at 7.08 after reading what you aimed at me ! and you’ve carried it on with silly name calling since.

    Now who’s the twat.

    SYG summed it up perfectly at 2.52.

  332. Laters Gooners and you Will.

  333. Will. Leave it out. You are beginning to sound like another plonker called Will who used to come on and wind people up a while ago.

  334. Will, you did all this last summer, like I said to you then, the Chavs/Man City are free to do what they like as long as the FA say it’s ok…

    You started all this with a silly question to Micko about would he prefer another 8-2 loss… Why?? You know that any Gooner would not want that, its outrageous to even suggest that AND, had you been here all the time Micko has been, you would know the answer to that crazy question before feeling the need to ask it…

    And I strongly suspect that is why he called you a plank….

  335. Sorry Micko, I was having dinner and shutting the chickens up….

  336. wow i love the banter on here……awwwwww man looks like i missed it all. i blame you kev and tony pubis!

  337. Goonster. Do not start on humanitarian Tony Pulis please. Without him the World would be a better place.

  338. goonie, banter is fine and I love that as much as the next person but sometimes, silliness is simply wrong and everyone suffers….

    No true fan wants us to lose, and no true fan would need to ask a fellow fan whether they would want us to…

  339. Human and Pulis are two words that don’t belong together Adam…

  340. I am aware of your sensibilities Rico so I tread carefully as I am sure you have noticed. But Pulis brings out the Torquemada in me. Not a pretty sight.

  341. hey adam, what’s cracking brother…….i missed ya.

  342. Sometimes sensibility goes out of my window Adam….

  343. rico, is adam and that twat adams the same person? cause its weird they sound alike. i can barely understand them both!

  344. Thank you Goonie. I am touched that you noticed my absence. I hope you are well.

  345. evening all
    chill out please

  346. Adams is the bad Adam Goonie. Two sides of the same evil coin.

  347. in other things,did we sign ,sell anyone?

  348. adam you re like my brother from another mother…..i love you man. i barely know you but i can relate with you, kev,devil.micko,lee,W.AT.H and recently SYG and bondex. you guys make me look good. i love you all……..

  349. Hakzah. That’s what I’ve been saying.

  350. Goonie. When I read your last post I broke down. I too feel deep fraternity with you, especially when you don’t abuse me.

  351. hahahahaha adam do i really abuse u? am sorry my man. its how i express my love for ya. no hard feelings ok?

  352. No selling yet hakzah, still time though ;)

  353. Goonie. I just saw on TV that our Galaxy has a half a trillion stars and in that incredible expanse there is only one Goonster and he is my friend. How could I feel anything other than love for you?

  354. Rico,why i suggested loan of Affelay b/coz i dont see we gonna sign three players,and we look still short in attack incase of any injuries
    or dip in form.
    if we can do that,we will be likely to sign a DM &versatile defender.
    M’biwa for 8m and capoue for 9-10m..then we will have strength
    in depth all over the pitch.
    other one i really love to have is Moussa Dembele,he is class

  355. hahahaahaha adam, what a load of crap. you say that to girls? i need to teach you some new lines, hahhahaaha, but am serious man, i respect and love you guys. i ve learnt so much just listening to you guys talk. hopefully one day your bloody government ll issue me a visa and i ll visit you. will you still take me to compton street?

  356. I get that hakzah but I’d rather we pay a player who wants to stay after nest summer, we got lucky with Yossi but then he was older and very experienced…

    Afellay will be on a high wage, one that we can’t afford…

    Dembele could be on the move, I doubt to us though…

  357. Goonie. Absolutely. It is, to be accurate, Old Compton Street.
    I was actually serious about that. I have a degree in Philosophy and another in Sado Masochism. I see us all in relation to the bigger picture even though I have a tendency toward manic depression. Oh, and I stopped chasing girls this lunchtime after Mrs Adam threatened me with emasculation.

  358. Ok guys. I have some self-flagellation to attend to. See you all tomorrow.

  359. see there you go adam, all i can hear is yada yada yada……jeez, in english! christ, give me strength.

  360. Can’t you read Goonster? They are only words. There you go insulting me again. Would you prefer words on one syllable? I think you are brighter than that.

  361. Night Adam, enjoy the rest of your evening….

  362. hahahahaha good night man…….i can hear mrs adam coming with a rolling pin. see ya brother. you re my hero.

  363. We might NOT be so disappointed not to get Capoue/M’vila. Our link to Capoue/M’vila might just be a smokescreen. Rumour has it that Arsenals chief negotiator is in germany for Lars Bender. He plays for Leverkusen as a RB/DM role. He plays the RB role for German NT

  364. good night all dear cannons
    hoping for a storm of transfers for us ins & outs by dawn break .
    bring the sunshine

  365. If we signed lars bender is shit my breeches :O…Podolski Mertesacker Gnabry Eisfeld and Lars Bender!! Germans Attack!!!

  366. should that be ‘might not’ emma, i hope so ;)

  367. night hakzah, sleep well….

  368. rico – lars is still a good player :) Wish i could change it :)

  369. Easier done than said emma…

    Andrew :)

  370. I know nothing about Lars Bender emma, have to take yours and Andrews word…

  371. Is it safe to come from behind the settee…
    I blame Spectrum

  372. His a very bright prospect rico!
    If it happens it would be something else!:D

  373. Don’t forget Leander Siemann in the Youth team

  374. Good then Andrew…

    Yes AK, just ;)

    And as it is, my day is done and my pillow calls….

    Nighty all, stay safe…

    ‘Til tomorrow…..

  375. I think I recall KT mentioning Bender a year ago when all the transfer tittle tattle concerned Mario Gotze…
    He looks just the type of def/mid we need…

  376. Stan, you and Adam seemed to be enjoying some brotherly luv…
    Yes, I do look forward to your visit.

  377. ooopppsss guys…..no TOT but THOUGHT…….pardon my language,where I’m from we often interchange the word tot with thought (colloquial)…still, I receive all the well wishes as I can assure you a gooner is on hi way shortly…a rare breed,he will be TH14 and DB10 combined…. I’ve been really busy with work,would have corrected this earlier.

  378. Wait until Alan reads about your manly “love” for each other guys….arent you going to cop it!!

  379. Yeah Gibbs has improved so must he deserve eleven, match against stoke i wud definitly rate 9/10 and my player of the day .
    Verma and gibbs solid pairing. Jenkinson and merta yes they both hv improve but confidence and combination need to be improve.
    I wonder if we sign two more players before the transfers end 1st of all Dembele and Cabaye wud suit our stle of play they are hungry for goals and with both defensive and attacking minded we need both of them. My dream team of AFC so far,…………….


    Sagna Koscielny Vermaelen Gibbs

    Dembele Cabaye


    Chamberlain Giroud Padolski

    Sub;Manone, wilshire, walcott, arteta, Gervinho, coquelin, Santos, Merta,

  380. Morning all, so Wrighty reckons we should sign Defoe…..

  381. Morning all….

  382. Scott from Oz says:
    August 28, 2012 at 1:38 am

    Wait until Alan reads about your manly “love” for each other guys….arent you going to cop it!!

    Higth Scott. LOL As if this isn’t bad enough, they could be after a German Gay named ” Bender ” LOL

    Joey Barton is looking for a start :D

  383. Nice bank holiday Rico? Busy week ahead on the transfer front. Without song and rip leaving we needed at least three players so now we need two players bare minimum IMHO! Come on Arsene get it sorted…..

  384. Morning Lee, sorry I didn’t see your comment, he does…

  385. Yes thanks Lee, although shocking weather, no doubt you are scorching where you are?? Good time?

  386. Get a proper DM in to free up Arteta then add an out & out CF and go get Schwarzer…….job done, it’s not like we haven’t got the dough is it?

  387. Best you get back to London lee and go have a word with AW, those signings and we’d be sorted – simples …

    £60M I read… seems every signing we all hope for, the totts are in for with their windfall..

  388. It’s not been below 32c too bloody hot, I took my daughter horse riding last night at 7.00pm it was still 30c!!!

    What’s the word on TW?

    Handbags on here yesterday I read!! :lol:

  389. Spxrs and citeh piss me off dot they have their own scouting network? Piss off and leave our potential targets alone……

  390. Morning Rico and all and well said Mick Dennis in The Express.

  391. That is hot, nice ;)

    Handbags – just a bit, but then asking a fan if they prefer an 8-2 defeat than a 0-0 draw was bound to get a response….

    Rumour is that L’pool are going to try and get Sturridge, which suggests they dont want TW. Whether or not the Chavs want TW or not then is another question..

    If he’s got any sense, he’ll stay…

  392. Morning Adam, what has he said?

  393. Morning Adam, what has he said?

  394. Bloody hell Rico…. ;)

  395. Hi Rico. A very short piece regarding the moronic booing of Aaron Ramsay at Stoke. The knuckle daggers apparently took to the net in droves to justify their abuse with some disgusting language. Dennis has called for the police to act. They won’t of course, but at least a leading journalist has highlighted it. And, of course, there in some grubby corner, in his baseball hat and tracksuit, sits the mastermind of it all, armed with that inane grin and pleading ignorance. The despicable Pulis.

  396. Woooooo spooky Lee :)

  397. I’m not an overly aggressive man but I would love to beat two shades of shit out of pubis.

  398. Thanks Adam, at last it seems a journalist with common sense, unlike so may other who like to laugh about it…

  399. Lee. I think the queue for that particular task could stretch from Tayyabs to Spain.
    Hope you’re having a great time out there.

  400. With a giant baseball cap!

  401. Yes Rico, or even a TV pundit like the CMM himself. He is another, just behind Pubis and ahead of Allardyce.

  402. Thanks Lee for the link…

  403. Don’t get me started on my death list…
    It’s wonderful Adam but too hot, found a wonderful restaurant… http://www.restauranteramon.com/public_html/presentacion.html

  404. You spelt bat wrong Lee ;)

  405. Oh yes Lee. Those rice dishes look excellent. I could fancy trying a couple of those with, perhaps a chilled white Rioja? You lucky boy.

  406. You’re a bloody bad man,Alan lol.
    Evening all.
    Im heading to Brisbane this weekend to see my daughter for her 18th birthday,and have found a pub up there that show all Arsenal games live……i will be meeting some Queensland Gooners and sharing several pints with them.
    Apologies in advance for any tedious,painful,drunk posts at that time!!

  407. CMM Adam?? (blonde moment)

  408. Im going to play devils advocate here for a minute guys,so bear with me.
    First,let me pre-empt any nasty comments by stating i despise all those i am about to defend.
    Pulis…..well,he’s a prick of a human being,but does a good job with the little he has at hand at Stoke,so credit where its due.
    Citeh,Spuds and others…..our Arsene Wenger is renowned as one of the best talent scouts in the world,so it stands to reason others will watch his every move.
    If was boss at a club,i’d be following every single player he showed a skerrick of interest in,or else i’d be negligent in my duties.
    The funny thing is,as a Gooner,we should be bloody proud of the fact that our manager is so well respected,yet we spend our time either insulting or defending him,as fans opinions are split on the man!!

  409. Crisp munching moron Rico.

  410. Hi Scott – sorry but I will not give that man an ounce of credit…

    Ah yes Adam, how could I forget …

  411. Rico,he’s got a very,very limited squad and keeps them competitive….thats my point.
    I’d smack him before bidding him the time of day.

  412. but look at his tactics Scott, thugs and cheats imho…

    not for me, and the sooner they get relegated the better…

  413. see you on the new one

  414. jamie redknapp, writes us off every season, always predicting spurs or liverpool to finish above us.
    What doesnt he understand, wenger made all the strikers he has had, made bergkamp better. we should get a petition for this idiot to not comment our games because he hasnt got a clue just like his bitter dad.

    another idiot is matt le tissier on soccer saturday, he actually wants arsenal to lose, he loves it when we are losing.

    I met mark wright (ex-liverpool) through a family wedding and he told me that sky chose a team to pick on, he was offered a job and they told him this and he rejected it, as its not punditry but bull. He also said redknapp is dumb and hasnt got any football knowledge.

    Also what;s with linekar’s problem with arsenal? its as if they want to see wenger sacked. Afterwards they will say its a shame, surely this cant go on.

    Its just arsenal bashing everywhere.

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