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Pulis at it again, Song rant & Freddie set to return…..

Morning Gooners,

Alex Song has spoken about his move away, he’s not a happy chappie and professes to have wanted to stay a Gunner for life but the club thought otherwise. There is an article in The Sun if you are interested in reading more.

Rumours are gathering pace that Newcastle’s Cheick Tiote could be the man to replace the now Barcelona star, well he’d be a great signing if true – six days until we find out!

Onto some more interesting news….

Freddie coming home?

Sorry Boys……

Yep, according to the man himself via his Twitter account, he’s been offered a coaching role with us and, like the man from Del Monte, he has said yes!!

Whether or not that twitter account is real remains to be seen but if it is, I suspect most Gooners will be excited and interested to see what our old Swede can bring to our set up from next summer. He has been reminiscing about days gone by in an exclusive interview with The Daily Mirror.

Freddie has finally said goodbye to his playing days and I for one wish him a long and healthy retirement and will always look back with great fondness at what he gave to the game and in particular to our football club. He was simply a wonderful player for us….

How we could do with him and his left-sided counterpart today eh?

Fear not, we have a strong squad and if they all gel together today and find their shooting boots, we can cause an upset at Stoke.


Of course it will be should we win, after all, no footballing pundit will expect us to get three points today will they?

Ahead of today’s game, Pulis has felt the need to defend his side’s ‘dirty’ tactics, taking a swipe at Arsene Wenger at the same time:

People talk about us being a dirty team, yet we haven’t had as many red cards or I haven’t had as many red cards as a manager as Arsene Wenger has had as a manager. 

People always talk about me and Stoke City. Nobody ever talks about the situation with Wenger.

There was a situation not so long ago when a lot of red cards were being dished out to Arsenal. Everybody seems to have forgotten about that.

All we want is fairness and a balance. It is frustrating when you get labelled for this or that and people don’t look at the other side of the coin.

Of course all this stems from a horrific tackle on Aaron Ramsey back in February 2010 by Ryan Shawcross, which left our young player   with his leg broken in two places.

Wenger points to the fair play table of last season which indicates we are not a dirty side, and of course the Stoke has done the same but  as our manager rightly points out, it’s not always about the amount of yellow/red cards a club receives it’s about the constant niggly tackles throughout a game on our players. The ones that go unnoticed by the referee and are allowed to tot up and go unpunished.

I hope Lee Mason and his assistants have all had their eyes checked during the summer break and they don’t miss a thing today, and that goes for both sets of players.

Missing for us today is

Koscielny (calf), Rosicky (tendon), Sagna (leg), Frimpong (knee), Wilshere (ankle)

Stoke have doubts over Pennant (thigh) and Whitehead is suspended. Already Mr Pulis….?

1.30 kick off, live on Sky Sports 1, let’s turn up and rip the heart out of Stoke City….

Quick word for the under 21’s, they sure ripped the heart out of their counterparts from Blackburn in front of more than 5,600 fans at The Emirates.

Have a good day all……

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431 comments on “Pulis at it again, Song rant & Freddie set to return…..

  1. This is a carry over from yesterdays post….

    Exactly AK.
    Morning Rico.
    Actually,its late afternoon here down under.
    Ive been to a BBQ,sunk twelve beers,had a few Whiskies and am loving life.
    Come on you right royal Gunners!!!
    Guys,im going to Brisbane next week to visit my 18y.o. princess(daughter),and have organised a pub who allows Gunners jerseys,and all games shown live.
    Ive told my daughter shes my taxi and beer wench!!
    Shes not happy,but doesn’t want to upset her bankroll lol!!!
    Rico,i am on a scouting mission to find more HHer’s….whats my fee???

  2. Morning- just off to open up the gym.

    Maybe of interest.


    Portuguese sports paper – David Villa to Juventus?

  3. Hiya Scott – twelve beers. Nice one.

  4. Morning all

    Scott, I would be in a coma lol

  5. We’ll sit down at Christmas to discuss that Scott, but just like for Song, that date will never arrive ;)

  6. Ive spent the afternoon with Aussies who follow Rugby League and Motor Racing!!
    They cant believe i have so much enthusiasm for a pommy sport……well,they didnt believe it at the start,but im sure theyll be watching tonight to see what its all about.
    How good is this……i can indulge in lovely beverages all afternoon,and then watch the mighty gunners play tonight.
    Life is good.

  7. Syg, wish he was coming our way…. Always hoped we would sign Villa and maybe should have done when Cesc dropped a big hint…

  8. Youre a tight arse Rico lol!!

  9. I hate pulis, i hate stoke and you know what……..I’m finding RVP’s mere existence difficult to take. What a W@%&er!!!! We simply have to take Stoke down today for me to be able to be nice to my customers. Sorry for sunday morning hate but yesterday riled me something chronic and ……anyway.

  10. Good morning Gunners

    Sunday morning brings the news that Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has launched another bid to bring Rennes midfielder Yann M’Vila to Eastlands, with the signing of Swansea’s Scott Sinclair also set to be confirmed in the next 48 hours.

    M’Vila has been linked with two London clubs – Arsenal and Tottenham – and hugged his team-mates after scoring this weekend in a way that suggests he will be leaving France shortly. A bid of around £20 million will certainly bring the defensive midfielder in to whichever club pays it, but which will that be? A bidding war could begin. via soccernet(on the move)

    3 points today COYGs !!!

  11. :) Scott, you know me too well….

    Crack on Thorny, I understand….

  12. That’s not the news we wanted to hear emma – we’ll never compete with Citeh…

  13. We’ve got a lot more people who can grab a goal from distance in the team today. As well we’ll have Mert and Vermaelen doing their Bould-esque corner routine and of course strength up front in giroud whenever he’s played. We look a lot more diverse than in this fixture last season. Would love to see Pulis throwing his boy scout cap in blind rage.

  14. rico – Citeh will blow us out of the water. :)
    Dont mind if we go for Capoue before everyone jumps in

  15. Emma..Thats exactly what rennes want…not to sure if it’s true.

  16. Lee Mason?! Is this a set up!??!

  17. Citeh dont want M’Villa.

  18. Vito Mannone in goal today. Sczesny couldn’t pull through. We do need a keeper.

  19. Good morning, all!! Mannone??? Oh nooooooo!

  20. Hackney Marshes here we come…that pulis reminds me of one those sunday morning pub manages…I mean how can you have the man of the match with the most assists and he hassent even kicked a ball…..Rory Delap

  21. If M’Vila wants to play, why would he choose the Manc chavs? As it is, their superstars are all huffy about the lack of playing time.

    Better weather, rico?

    Scott, now that is the life. :)

  22. Fabianski will play,surely.

  23. Spot on there Ben…

    emma, me too re Capoue, just hope AW is thinking along the same lines…

    Mannone in goal, Lord help us…!!

  24. Morning, Holy Shit… Mannone in goal……………

  25. Sure is Mason Esp…

    agag, what’s up with Fabianski, he’s fit isn’t he?

    Got to be better than Mannone…

  26. fred – not a Pulis fan then lol

    Much better thanks agag, sunshine and blue skies today…

    Wath, Holy s*** indeed….

    If Fabianski doesn’t start, surely that means he is on the move….

  27. whats this about no chez? what source?

  28. Rico..got that wrong the other day M’vila signed another 1year extension on his contract till 2014

  29. Thanks fred, no wonder Rennes are holding out for £17m

    I haven’t seen it either Andrew..

  30. Geoff Arsenal ‏@GeoffArsenal

    Oh Dear, Vito Mannone is in goal today. Confirmed. I feel its best we keep the rest of the team quiet until a bit later.

    prayformannone COYGs

  31. Got to be honest rico,I think the older men in football know how not to lose a game,notice how wenger has brought in the over 55’s to coach our youngsters….Hope for me yet..

    Liam you my number mate

  32. schez will start guys! The guys a fighter!…

    Thats not to say i dont like fabianski but its Stoke! :P

  33. Fabianski is still injured Rico…..!

    Mason is a fuckhead as well, never gives us anything…! One of the worst for me, not a good start to the day…!

  34. Fabianski is world class in the making….laugh all you want,but if he ever gets his head right,Szczesny will end up in reserves,and anyone who knows me knows i think Szczesny is just brilliant,so i realise its a big call.
    Mannone is another issue……he’s a Better keeper than he’s shown because the pressure gets to him even more than it does Fabianski.
    Technically,there are 1000 keepers around the world of Arsenal class.
    Mentally,there are 1000 keepers around the world of Arsenal class.
    Technically AND mentally,there are 4 or 5 guys of Arsenal class.
    You guys can bag Fabianski,but his mental/confidence deficiencies can be fixed.
    If a guys not good enough though technically at 23-25 y.o.,he never will be good enough for us.

  35. just checked afc.com, nothing on there but they do confirm Fabianski is fit…

  36. No he isn’t Wath… ;)

    There is a minor doubt over Wojciech Szczesny (rib) but Lukasz Fabianski returns after missing the Sunderland game with a back complaint.

  37. Oh,and yes,its a ig IF whether Fabianski will get his head right.
    Mannone will have bugger all to do today,so dont stress….i could jump in and keep a clean sheet.
    Big,useless Crouch comes at me and he is in for an elbow sandwich!!

  38. Scott, to be fair, i don’t think that Fabianski has ever played in an Arsenal side which has an organised defence.

    Yes he has made a few blunders on crosses but a lot of those crosses should never have been allowed to be.

    Today will be a huge test and we should see whether or not our defence as a unit have improved.

  39. Scott, Fab is a great shot stopper; but he hoards panic like the world is running out it. Gulps.

    WATH, such a colorful vocabulary. :D So early in the morning, too!

    rico, I thought Fab was injured?

  40. Wenger said Friday Fabianski still wasn’t 100% Rico…!

  41. I don’t think fabianski is 100% fit. Probably that’s why Mannone is starting

  42. We’ll beat Stoke 2-0.

    Wenger needs to play Giroud and Podolski in the same set up today…

  43. One day,Fabianski will show all you non believers how good he is.
    I just hope he hasn’t been sold when it happens.
    Luckily,Uncle Arsene trusts my judgement :)

  44. Prefert o wait until the teams are announced……..

    Twitters never too reliable!

  45. Then Fabianski shouldn’t be in the squad….

  46. I’m on the GG already AGAG after hearing the keeper news….!

  47. Scott after 12 beers and whisky even Fabianski can look great ;-)

  48. good morning all

  49. Agag,and everyone else.
    Please,i know goalkeepers……..
    I concede Fabianski lacks confidence and arrogance……two major reqirements for a world class keeper.
    Its not too late for him though.
    Its not.
    Szczesny,in a few years time,will be a top 5 (in the world) keeper,and ive said that since his debut V Utd.
    Experience will give him decision making,and its all he’s lacking.
    However,If Fabianski ever gets his head sorted out,he will be one of the best the world has ever seen…..IF,IF,IF.

  50. Your morning cereal is swimming in the clear stuff, WATH?? I should try that one of these days. :D :D

    That is nice, rico. :) Andrew, we’l know soon enough. But it’s not looking too good, is it?

  51. Wath,my opinion has never changed on Fabianski…..grog or not.
    Again…im not sure he will ever sort himself out,but if he does…….

  52. I think I’d rather have the waiter in goal….or WATH!!!
    Morning all btw from sunny sunny Espana!!

  53. You on the Estrella’s already Lee ;)

  54. I’ve been reading the posts and comments….. Adams was a real live wire the other day, how did he break out???

  55. Not yet Rico, but it’s thirsty weather here…..

  56. Hola, Lee! Still on hols? You’re exactly like JM!

  57. Hiya AGAG, I am to holidays as you are to shopping!! ;)

  58. Wish we had a Tiote, M’Vila or Capoue in our starting 11 today…

  59. Suggestions that we might sign Cheick Tiote or Yohann Cabaye?

    Yohann Cabaye –
    Good points: a cracking engine – 30 odd cap French international with Premier League experience, gifted play maker
    Bad Points: Another midget

    Cheick Tiote
    Good points. Big horrible ugly bastard and defensive midfielder, Premier League experience, 30-odd cap international in same team as Gervais & Drogba – FIFA ranked 14 (so not that bad)
    Bad points: Another African with disciplinary problems (mental midget?) – 14 yellow cards means at least 14 fouls and a couple of suspensions

  60. Not sure Lee but he soon went packing….

    You are lucky – we had pretty bad storms yesterday and it’s totally mucked up my pc security….

  61. news here in france that M’villa is on the verge of leaving to a team in England…wonder if it could be for us

  62. Voetbal – The Dutch sports paper – Has Affellay to Arsenal on its front page … I can’t translate the thing as PC at gym is shite

  63. Mannone……….. Noooooooooooo.

    I wanna go home…. :-(

  64. Lee, :P hardly. I’m not that bad.

    rico, I like the photo by the way. :oops:

    SYG, I’ve always liked Affelay; but he may be a bit lightweight for the prem.

    Hello, hakzah. Well, I hope he’s headed to Arsenal. I’m sure if AW tries to convince him, he would.

  65. HAZKAH… M’Vila would fit into our system, totally.
    Rennes are waiting for Arsenal to make a move, but at eur.20M, I doubt that it will happen. £10M is more realistic….

    I read somewhere that Wenger is willing to chuck £20M at the right player. We are all assuming similar names – M’Vila, Capoue, Biglia and now Tiote .. Maybe we may be surprised… Arguably the world’s No. 1 player in that position is Javi Martinez…

    The deal with Bayern fell-through due to Bayern’s valuation of the player fell well-short of the buyout clause.. about £20M short…

    We already have Arteta and Cazorla here, with Miguel, Toral and Bellerin coming through….
    When we were last successful we were a team full of French champions who along with Zidane were carrying their country to success….
    Maybe it is time to follow that blueprint and get some top class Spaniards in …

    ..Arteta and Cazorla are MEGA players …

  66. AK, :lol:, you were saying something in the earlier post about Micko being envious of your trip to Mordor and your date with the Orcs. :D

  67. Mannone in goal, is as good a reason as I have ever needed, to get totally hammered.
    Just to dull the pain you understand. ;-)

  68. Agag, Mick is a glutton for punishment like me.
    There is no gain without the pain.
    Pain today unfortunately.
    A draw would constitute a miracle with pony Mannone between the sticks.

  69. ‏@GrooverBlog

    M’Vila on french tv ; “I think Tottenham is the choice for the future”

  70. Rico…Ya I know..Lets just hope to God that mannone can put in the performance of a lifetime!:l

    M’villa or Biglia to me looks the most likely!
    Giroud to get off the mark today!
    Interestin fact about giroud…………He was voted sexiest footballer in ligue 1 last season!

  71. @Thomas_Bergkamp

    M’Vila : “Tottenham is a great team in England , close to be in top 3 , and it’s the team to follow in future”. Goodbye Yann.

    I think we can starting crossing m’vila out of our wish list

  72. Unlikely that tottenham would sign m’villa… Parkers back training in 2 weeks…They have the ever improving sando! And Local boy Livermore! Creativity is what they need in midfield…….

  73. emma, I’m sure that statement was preceded by “AFC is the choice for NOW.” :D

    AK, I don’t envy you today. :( Except for the drinking part. ;)

  74. I can’t believe M’Vila would join that shower of…..

    AK, looks like you are going to be right, he’s following JV…

  75. Off out with the woofa, back shortly….

  76. Guys,why believe any media,let alone French media??
    We blame them,castigate them,insult them,curse them on negative things involving Arsenal,but believe every word they say when theyre negative about us…..please explain?

  77. agirl – Lets hope so :)

    This week is setting up to be an interesting week in the transfer this biz

  78. agirl – Lets hope so :)

    This week is setting up to be an interesting week in the transfer biz

  79. The midfield trio need to work as a unit, after his antics with the French in the summer M’Vila doesn’t look like the best team player. He is quality, but if Wenger had truly wanted him he’d be here by now. Really hope we can bring an enforcer in but I think Wenger will make his mind up after watching today’s game.

  80. Strange if true! It would seem like they are preparing to replace Scott Parker in midifield.But surely Parker has a yer left in him..What creative midfielders do tottenham have?

  81. maybe its a blessing in disguise to have the Schez injured so early in the season ,its better now than later anyway, when the transfer windows still open so le prof could actually see what we have and make up his mind if we need a reliable back up keeper,the 32yrs old Julius Cezar will be good option for me, available and relatively free ,our young goalies would benefit from older and experienced keeper like him.
    still relishing today’s encounter,Allez les gunners

  82. Schwarzer would be the best choice if we get another keeper.

  83. Schwarzer would be great for the younger keepers!

  84. I dont care what any quote says……there is absolutely no way M’Villa would choose Spuds over us.
    Equally,theres no way Sahin “chose” Liverpool over us.
    The media have one thing in mind…selling papers.
    The truth is no barrier in their aim.

  85. Andrew,i conced that im an Aussie,but the guy is simply the most professional keeper in the PL.
    Equally,hes a mad Gooner.

  86. Arsenal negotiator Dick Law is in Germany according to the ever reliable twitter. Martinez to Bayern, Gustavo to us?

  87. Scott thats even if we are in for M’villa! His a true pro…And as a younger keeper in my days he was somone i looked up to!

    They don’t make em like Schwarzer anymore…………..

  88. If Martinez goes to Bayern maybe Gustavo could head here! He’s a good player and impressed me during their champions league!

  89. Matt Ryan……a young Aussie keeper who is never going to be overawed by an opponent,the kid is brilliant.
    Ive said it before…if he was 2-3 inches taller,hed already be in the PL.
    Still,a keeper of the future.

  90. Im irish scott but i have to say i do like Australia and its Irish roots ;)

  91. Hello again all…

    Ches in or out??

  92. Good morning!

    What a day, Arsenal is playing I got a day off, cold lager and food in the fridge. What can possibly go wrong?

    Mannone in goal for a start? :(

  93. morning guys…..hey rico what time is the game?

  94. manone in goal?!?!!?!? hungooner, please tell me your kidding.

  95. Terry Burton..said yesterday that Martinez traveled up with the first team

  96. Goonster I have read it above, had the same reaction though….

  97. christ help us….so when’s the game?

  98. Yeah it seem like that my TV screen is in for some abuse today.

    The match is at 13:30 UK time.

  99. i think the boys ll be up for this. chelski are already 8 points clear. we dont need to fall further behind. am sticking out my neck and say 2.1 to the arsenal. COYGS.

  100. goonster – 1.30 uk time..

  101. i think wenger ll go for giroud up top. he’s big, strong and physical. he ll be a handful for huth and shawcross(God i hate that c**t). giroud and arteta to score.

  102. chelsea have played two more than us goonie…

    HG, and my TV…

  103. thanks maam, looking forward to game are ya? we need to hit the ground running. no pussy footing(pardon the pun). we need to harrass them, with or without the ball. shooting from distance could also help them come out. i really believe we ll win this. its not gonna be easy but the lads ll be up for it.

  104. i know maam but lose to day and its just one game. we dont need to start playing catch up this early. we have to win this game. our next game is against your “special” enemy.

  105. Bit nervous goonster but if we can start quicklly and well, anything can happen…

    I too would start with Giroud, with Pod up front…

  106. @Arsenal

    Arsenal team v Stoke: Mannone, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Arteta, Diaby, Cazorla, Gervinho, Podolski, Giroud

  107. Ah, yes, the dippers, i actually want Citeh to batter them today….

  108. Subs: Martinez, Santos, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Djourou, Coquelin

  109. Stoke team sheet is in, ours should be soon…

  110. Emma..thats gotter be the tallest team with had out for few years.

  111. Oops, already in it seems emma ;)

  112. That has to be 442??

  113. Yup Mannone in goal….. brilliant.
    And Lee “Fuck Arsenal” Mason is over the whole thing.. I’ll call it now, you won’t see a screw job in professional wrestling as obvious as what will go down this afternoon with that asshat in charge.

  114. yaaaaaaaaaaaay now watch us rip them…….good call wenger. i applaud the line up. theo to come in the second half when they begin to tire. good call le prof. good call.

  115. fred, it may be tall, but is it strong enough :(

  116. Podolski will play on the left of midfield.I reckon rico

  117. rico – looks like a 4-3-3. Podolki out wide
    fred – you re right

  118. calm down paul….

  119. Here is how it will go down…

    Shawcross as bumped into Mason, Mason is down, wait what is Tony Pulis doing with the steal chair, good god he has hit Cazolra square on the head with the chair and ref has seen none of it!

  120. Rico.. your asking million dollar questions

  121. I’m not a Lee Mason fan Stan, not at all!

  122. it is maam.its strong enough. we just need abou to release the ball quicker. the ox is on the bench aint he? good, am looking forward it already. COYGS.

  123. esp – really unhappy with that too, that keeper is simply not good enough for Arsenal or even the PL in general…

    Mind you, looking at that Stoke midfield, if we can’t overrun them, then we really have no chance this season. And that is not me being negative…

    Whelan, Cameron, Pennant and Knightly…

  124. sorry fred, questions that only the final whistle will answer…

  125. Nobody is….that guy is a first class twat but hopefuly if we stick to our gameplan he ll just be a passenger.

  126. Wengers strategy will be to wear them down. Bring in Ox and Walcott when stoke are tiring in the 2nd half to tear them apart :)

  127. Give Vito a chance rico :P………

  128. Wayne Rooney’s badly gashed leg against Fulham takes its place at the back of most of the Sundays, but The Sun goes further than just saying that the England striker will be about for four weeks.
    According to the paper, the United backroom staff have been unimpressed with the player’s conditioning to start the season, and he “could even be sold for £50 million if he does not shape up.”

    The paper says that, “Manchester United’s patience has been stretched to the limit by Roo’s behaviour on and off the pitch.”

    They later explain: “Rooney was poor in Monday’s 1-0 defeat at Everton and (Alex) Ferguson is understood to be unhappy with his fitness levels.

    “But the club were concerned about Rooney’s form, fitness and off field behaviour even before he returned for pre-season training – and discussions were held at boardroom level.”

    The paper also pulls what they call a “significant sentence” from Fergie’s programme notes that states: “If I hear a player has fallen out of love with us, and is looking elsewhere I invariably help them out of the door.”

    Elsewhere, and after missing out on Nari Sahin who has joined Liverpool on loan, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is said to be now chasing Newcastle United midfielder Chieck Tiote on a potential £15m deal.

    The Daily Mirror explains that, “Tiote is now Wenger’s top midfield target, ahead of Rennes star Yann M’Vila, even though Arsenal know Newcastle are desperate to keep the Ivory Coast international. Chelsea and Manchester City have previously been quoted over £20m for Tiote and remain interested, but Wenger will test the water with a bid of around £15m.”

    The paper also says that Wenger will make a move for a utility defender before the transfer window shuts, with Montpellier’s Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa “high on his list.”

    Manchester City have been fairly quiet in the transfer market this summer and the back page of the Mail on Sunday suggests that Roberto Mancini could quit as Manchester City boss inside a year if he doesn’t receive the backing he requires.

    A source tells the paper that: “He has three targets before the window closes – Daniele De Rossi, Maicon and Stevan Jovetic.

    “We will see what happens in the next few days. He feels there is no one at the club doing the transfer dealing for him and he has been left with just 19 players for the new season. He is angry, as you can imagine.

    “He is ambitious, he has just won the Premier League and wants to win the Champions League. But he can’t do that without the right support.”

    Lots of other unsubstantiated rumours in the papers too as Friday’s transfer deadline looms large, so in quickfire Eurobot style let’s wrap them up:

    Manchester United are prepared to consider offers of £15m for Brazil midfielder Anderson and winger Nani as they seek to recoup some money after a summer of heavy spending. Tottenham are among the clubs who could be interested in the 24-year-old Anderson should they fail to land top target Joao Moutinho from Porto. (Daily Mail)

    Ferguson is also plotting a £9m swoop for St Etienne defender Kurt Zouma, 17, rated one of Europe’s top teens. (The Sun)

    Newcastle will make a third and final offer of around £6m to Lille this week for French right back Mathieu Debuchy. (Sunday Mirror)

    Tottenham are set to press ahead this week with an £8m move for teenage England goalkeeper Jack Butland from Birmingham City. Southampton have already had a £6m bid for the 19-year-old turned down while Liverpool and Manchester City have also watched him closely. (Daily Mail)

    Sunderland manager Martin O’Neill is weighing up a move for Tottenham defender Michael Dawson. Dawson rejected a £9m move to QPR last week insisting he would not be forced out of White Hart Lane. (Sunday Mirror)

    And finally, Fulham have stepped up their chase for £3m-rated Ivory Coast striker Yannick Sagbo. Boss Martin Jol has been trailing the Evian ace and he had the 24-year-old watched in Friday’s 1-1 draw with Lyon. (The Sun)

  129. Is it just me. I think we need to get a 3rd striker before the transfer window closes

  130. you read my mind emma…..hopefully we ll get one of them sent off. the quicken it. am relaxed guys. we ll win this one. giroud ll be up for it. he ll wanna make up for that miss against the mackems….and prince poldi, what can i say. well watch us rip them a new one.

  131. bloody i pad…grrrrrr

  132. Stoke team today: Kick, bollock, bite, hoof, four, timber, choppa, cuthim, razor, studs and long streak of piss up top. :) :)

  133. line-up:Arsenal: Mannone; Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Gibbs; Arteta, Diaby; Cazorla, Gervinho, Podolski; Giroud. Subs: Martinez, Santos, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Djourou, Coquelin.

  134. Well pleased to see Giroud starting..this boy looks an athlete..lets hope he punches his weight……I know one thing….glad I’am not one cazorla’s shin-pads

  135. hahahahahahaha what’s that emma? sounds like a game plan to me.

  136. Afternoon All!
    Mordor awaits and I predict our Frodo (Cazorla) to get a sweet brace of netbusters! 3-1 to the good guys! :D

  137. I’m right behind him Andrew :)

  138. sorry ben but i think today belongs to the forward line…..giroud and poldi. i think santi ll have a quiet game. its his first game away from home. he ll be marked out. we need arteta and diaby to look out for him.

  139. We have only played a match and we have 7 players out: Kos,Fripong,Rosicky,wilshere,Sagna, Fabiansky nad Szesc.
    What will be happen when we must play 2 games a week?
    We need more 4-5 players…

  140. I’m not confident for today..

  141. Our boys will be up for this, I can feel it!! I hope AK comes back smiling. :)

    Goonie, you’re a fine one to be telling someone to calm down. :P

    JM, nobody would buy Shrek for that much. He has to shape up first. And I’ll make a mental note re: Pinhão. It does look very pretty. ;)

    emma, I agree re: the striker since we’ve let Vela go, there seems no way back for Bendy, and Chamakh is underperforming. :(

  142. keep that to yourself JM…..am super confident. COYGS.

  143. Afternoon all, nice one Rico :)
    Looks like nice weather at Stoke no doubt this will be a good test for us, Manone in goal maybe a good game for him he may just have to keep his eyes open for this one, Merts will also have to keep allert as Crouchy can be a handfull, Merts will be tested and i think he knows it, i see merts as a possible weak link i hope he proves me wrong but i am looking forward to this one. COYGS

  144. hey lil mama, how are you holding up? how’s manila? well i think we ll win this. its not gonna be easy but we ll come back with the 3 points.

  145. :lol: emma – that’s a cracking stoke line up….

  146. 2-0 to Arsenal
    Giroud to score.

    Gervais will play in Walcotts position – He might be better there cutting inside for Giroud to run on to it. Oxalade-Chamberlain will probably come on for him after 60mins.
    Still have reservations re: Diaby, but if Wenger wants to placate us by saying he’s defensive – “fair-do’s”. Let’s see.

  147. Hey, SSP. Mertesacker will do well enough. Crouch worries me, too but not as much as Mnnone does. Can’t wait for Kozzer to be back

    Manila’s rainy still, goonie. :?

  148. Joaquim Moreira says:
    August 26, 2012 at 1:05 pm

    Why not? Stoke are a set kickers and thumpers and they play to their strengths, however they are still a shite side.

  149. Interesting that no Chamuk or Park on the bench, both offski maybe??

  150. morning SYG, sir steve, y’all ready for the battle of mordor huh? gervinho playing on the right wing is actually a good omen. he supports gibbs well on the left so jenk ll benefit by playing alongside him.

  151. looking at that bench we do lack a cdm… i know coquelins still gunna be a big players for us a i hope so much he will!

  152. Thanks Steve – you and i think alike re Merts, big test for him indeed but it’s second season and we really need to see the best of him…

    Starting today….

  153. emma, I wasn’t aware Orcs had names. :lol:

  154. Hiya Stan – that might be a better position for him, just as long as Jenkinson doesn’t try and fill in the hole Gervais leaves by cutting inside too much.
    Whatever is said – this Arsenal team should be much too powerful for Stoke.

    Like us last year – Stoke only have a plan A and not much else.
    Clog it up to Crouch. Stop that supply and the job’s a good ‘un.

  155. Good Morning Rico and All

    @goonster, the game start: 8:30am

  156. Afternoon all.
    Stoke’s biggest game of the season bar none, we better be up for it coz they bloody will be, that’s for sure.
    Thorny 9.30, let it go or it’s gonna be a very long season, he’s history.

  157. Kev, no surrender.

    Has lee moved to Spain ?

  158. hey nashua….thanks man. 10 minutes to kick off then. SYG,am actually relaxed. this is the first time in years we are playing two goal poachers together. come on arsenal.

  159. Hi Rico, got to say that Merts didn’t look to bad last week, slick passing will win us this one.

  160. Stoke refuse to cut the grass on their pitch. COYGs

  161. The game is our to loss and I believe Mannone will come good, I’m only concern about Jenks. The team looks good way above Stoke standard.

    Btw. good read Rico, especially the link to my boy, Song. I’ll stop calling him ungrateful if what he said is true.

  162. Hate seeing our boys in blue.

  163. Evening all,im ready to doze off,so i hope its an entertainng game :)

  164. see you guys at half time……..come on arsenal!

  165. Here we go at five in the am…zzzzz…let’s go Arsenal!

  166. And we are off. go gunners…

    H/T all

  167. Same old from Stoke, those niggly little clips of the ankles….

  168. That on Santi deserved at least a yellow, at least!!

  169. Cowboy, stop bleating, you don’t hear us moaning about evening kick-offs do ya !

    When we gonna have a shot at goal.

  170. Stoke fans, they are a bit thick.

  171. How frustrating……?

  172. I have not seen much of the game but I have heard it and the Stoke fans are an embarrassment to the English game.

  173. Lacking a cutting edge in the final 3rd! I f**kin hate Stoke!

  174. good half guys……the defense is looking really good. am impressed with all the guys except gervinho……santi, santi, santi….i mean what can i say! what a player.

  175. Still no goals…….
    Gervinho isn’t up to Premier League football is he.
    AOC to replace him.

  176. Well as expected 1st half god we need a goal!

  177. Confirmed Santi Cazorla is just as good as Cesc Fabregas, this team is better than the 1 with RVP and Song…happy days ahead COYGS

  178. positives are if we bring on theo and Ox they are defending quite high up!

  179. Yep,Gervinho hasnt done a thing yet.
    Cazorla is just brilliant,but we need more urgency when pushing forward.
    We get 25-30 yards out and slow things down,allowing Stoke to organise their defence.
    Bunch of bloody Neanderthals,they are.

  180. Poor Poldi getting no luck in front of goal frickin defender fell over and blocked his shot with arm!

  181. I hate shawcross’ face, every time I see it I want someone to put a fist in it…

  182. Mick…bleating? Can’t help snoring during that half…I’d never “bleat” about evening kickoffs as I don’t go to bed until 2 or 3 nightly.

    Diaby…at least five giveaways and three hospital balls. Yikes.

    Santi the Saint. Giroud the Chamakh? Lucas the frustrated worker. Vito the keeper who can CATCH the ball!

  183. You’re right scott its all too slow, Diaby being a main offender for that.

  184. We need to move the ball from midfield to attack quicker
    and with more precision.

  185. Giroud will need time to bed in. We need a striker that can hit the ground running. COYGs

  186. jenkinson has obviously been told not to venture forward!

  187. ESP,Gervinho was terrific last week,ao i cant agree with you there.
    Hes inconsistent,no doubt,but its early days.
    Stoke really are shit.

  188. Gervy is no Hazard. Damn that Hazard is friggin’ good. Pure efficiency.

  189. Gervinho not up to par yet. Diaby is getting there so far. Podi is impressive. Santi, well, is the magic-man

  190. Giroud is doing a great job on his own, the guy is closing down and getting back. Its a pity there is no one up there with him.

  191. Jenkinson has been great again in defence.
    Why didnt we get a penalty when the Stoke defender dived in front of Podolski??

  192. We need a goal and soon. As expected, we have the lion’s share of the possession, but have not made it matter.

    Our defense is managing the aerial threat of Stoke quite well. Gervinho should be pulled out; he has done nothing meaningful in the first 45. Poldi and Cazorla are such classy players; direct and with great movement; Giroud tracks back, which must be a first for an Arsenal forward in recent years; Gibbs is doing okay, too. Mannone doesn’t look fazed.

    Overall, Stoke look the more frustrated, but we really have to stop trying to walk the ball into goal. Just shoot!!

  193. Even Redknapp reckons we should have had a penalty, shock horror ….

  194. AOC to replace gerviho after the hour. our shape defensively has really been impressive. good work bouldy.

  195. I have respect for Gary Neville now, hated him as a player but as a pundit he is very very good!

  196. Chamberlain should be on the Gerve picks the wrong decision everytime i believe he will come good but he needs a rocket up his arse

  197. Ill tell you who we are missing…..Rosicky!!
    He pushes forward with “intent”……gotta love that word!!

  198. Scott – agree on jenks, he’s doing well and not too gung ho..

    Diaby just frustrates – I can see him being the first change for AOC

  199. Urgency with calm nerves…that’s what we need…we had cobwebs for the first twenty minutes. Also…do we have our shooting boots on the wrong feet?

  200. And 1 lickle positive, if we dont score ( i fookin hope we do) we will have to buy someone this week! ;)

  201. esp – totally agree re Giroud, his work ethic is second to none…

  202. I may have to take back what i said about Mertsacker he is playing well, Bouldy has got him useing what skills he has, we need to stretch em

  203. Ben, we need to score AND sign a striker this week….

    One who knows the PL too…

    Nigel Reo-Coker is available on a free ;)

  204. Merty is good against the long ball teams…the Koz vs. any team with skill/flair.

  205. Theo and the ox on for diaby and gerv.

  206. ok, i know he’s a midfielder ;)

    I’m saying nothing about the defence or the keeper until the games ends…..

  207. I reckon so too Lewis…

  208. calm down guys………we ll win this. have y’all ever seen me this relaxed! come on ben go grab a beer FFS.

  209. When Diaby has the ball others need to make room or create an opening so he can pass the ball. That the reason why he is holding on to the ball too long. If no one to pass to when two Stoke men are in front of him and Santi already being Mark, what can Diaby do with the ball? But to hold on to it longer.

  210. Happily, Giroud is hardly Chamakh, Cowboy. He’s been one of our busier players. :)

  211. Steve,Mertesacker was always going to be better this season,Imo.
    Im hoping Gervinho is the same….hoping.
    He seems to be a lot like Theo.
    Hes very hot and cold.
    He can look absolutely brilliant,then absolutely dumb.
    His final touch can be woeful.
    Speed to burn.

  212. lewis theo and ox for diaby and gerv!!!! are you for real?

  213. How many times will this ref get in our way?

  214. Why not goonster?

  215. I see the new “no tackle from behind unless against an Arsenal player” is in play.

  216. They are hardly playing well, we never seem to make changes when it is obvious certain players are being ineffective. Maybe they’ll prove me wrong yet.

  217. Goonster 2:32 “Lewis theo and Ox for Diaby and Gerv !!! are you for real?” I would have said the same thing too, goonster.

  218. Gerv, maybe but not Diaby right now. Santi and Diaby are the creators in the m-field.

  219. Nash – I’ll get you Diaby’s address if you want.. You can write and tell him that you want his babies….

  220. Karl jenkinson turning out a good prospect

  221. Facing time wasting again.

  222. There needs to be a huge fine against time wasting. It ruins games.

  223. We need a goal scorer….

    And I hate Pulis…

  224. Steve – Jenks would have been my motm…

  225. 3 hours of football and not a goal to be had… I don’t see any goals in the team I am afraid.

    There is no way Theo Walcott should be handed a new deal at Arsenal, a coward on the pitch, never looks for the ball. I will say once again he is an athlete not a footballer.

  226. By the way this would be a good result midway through the season with a settled team scoring goals, not a good result today.

  227. The beer was flat, Goonster.

  228. good game….the lads made me proud. come on arsene we need a really good striker ala suarez who can beat his man and score…..but how about that from giroud! when he finally settles down, he ll be a beast. come arsenal. yeah.

  229. There is more positives than negatives, the team looks more organised…

  230. This team will come good when they start winning. We have a solid base at the back. We just need to start scoring and we will be fine. COYGs

  231. Stan I would easily pay 30m for Suarez.

  232. I thought Diaby did well today. I should think AW did not want to pull him out because Mannone may have needed protecting, and to be fair, he did that.

    Giroud would have been my MotM for his overall contribution. That would have been a spectacular goal if he had scored it.

    Stoke fans are loathsome. Boo Ramsey?? Really??

  233. me too paul even though he’s a clssless prick.

  234. Giroud will be nothing if we can’t cross him the ball. Jenks was brilliant, I agree. Santi goes without saying…I hope the Ox didn’t pick up another knock or reaggravate anything.

    Wing play doesn’t matter much when we can’t cross or cut in. The Ox was 1K times better than Gervy…still alot of season left, so no reason to cry about it. But it still is a bit worrisome to see such a lack of cutting edge and inability to capitalize with a SHOT on goal when we do have a chance…just put it on target at least! Make the keeper play!

    First day of school of school tomorrow…gotta get those syllabi done…and clean the classroom…would have had more pep in my step had we won…not gonna say at least we didn’t _______.

  235. Tbh, I find it hard to criticise any player today – just think we lack a goal scorer, Giroud will come good as will Podolski and Santi but their work ethic can’t be scoffed at…

    Thought Mannone kicking was top class apart from one where he was put under pressure by a sloppy back pass but…

    Stoke is a tough place to go…..

    The defence finally looks organised and disciplined and that has been a long time coming, now go get an old head up front and we’ll be better…

  236. We find a spine just as we lose our goals. :( Already it is evident that Bouldy has done wonders with our defense. We got more corners than Stoke, haha. :)

  237. agirlagunner what did you expect from Stoke fans? They are disgusting.

    Did anyone see how long the grass was left. I hate that club.

  238. A tough October awaits. 4 points had to be the minimum from these 2 games. Let’s be honest Sunderland and stoke are not great teams and if we have any aspirations of a successful season we have to be dispatching teams like this. Sigh…..

  239. We really need an M’Vila, midfield is awful lightweight.
    We could easily afford 17m once we flog Walcott off to what ever club are stupid enough to take him.

  240. i need to see a goal!!!!!!!!

  241. £30m on Suarez esp, i hope we never do that, he’s a diving cheat imho…

  242. tell me about it AGAG, that would have brought the roof down. good game though. we dealt with all stoke threw at us. am impressed.

  243. 49 goals conceded last year.
    0 so far.
    Bould is working the defence, we are tightening up.. The offensive play will come. We have the players, so nothing to worry about.
    There are no real issues.

    And remember what was being said on here over the last few days …. which of the top clubs came away with three points from here last year?

    This year Arsenal have a different mentality.

  244. 186 minutes whitout a goal. How many saves has done Stoke gk? 0? 1?
    I remark this: 10 or 11 corners. All of them lost. Why we cross over the area where Stoke team are much more stronger then us? We must doing “short corners” and play by the pitch. The same with wingers and full backs. Whem the ball is on air nothing happenned. When the ball was croos by the pitch, we got chanches and Stoke defense were in problems. No homework did or we not read the match well.
    More two drop points..

  245. Rico he can be a diving sucmbag cheat for a l’ll I care, he is in the business of scoring goals not making friends. He scored 17 PL goals last season with that awful Liverpool team. I would gladly have him play for Arsenal any time.

  246. But all in all very impressed especially with Jenkinson, mature performance. Cazorla magic 1st half, Giroud played well, the goals will come, but not soon enough for me. ;)

  247. Ben Barrett says:
    August 26, 2012 at 3:32 pm

    I feel the same way, Ben. And they will come. Podolski and Giroud will score.

    Once one goes in you’ll see a few 2-0, 3-0 and 4-0.

  248. Yes SYG i see a team getting on the end of a goal rush from us!

  249. eastsidepaul says:
    August 26, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    I’m not bothered who plays for us, just as long as they are better than what we’ve got…

  250. calm down lewis……..sheesh its just 2 games into the season. there are still 36 more to play. watch this team get better and better. i remember my first season as an arsenal fan (97/98) season we did poorly till christmas then what happened after the holiday season? we didnt lose a game till we wrapped up the title. i believe this team just need more time. we ll get there. COYGS.

  251. To come out of mordor with a point, i happy, just woulda liked to see a goal!

  252. ESP, it was bad enough that they booed him when he came on; but I couldn’t believe they booed him everytime he had the ball. I agree. They are disgusting.

    Cg, the Ox will be fantastic. :) It is looking good; and we will only get better. A bit frustrated with Gervinho, is all.

  253. Next week then.
    Can’t see us scoring at ANfield.
    At best, another 0-0.

    It may well be a repeat of 2 seasons ago when we string together four 0-0 in succession.

    I am hoping for at least 10 clean-sheets this season and will most likely have 10 clean-sheets by October!

    Now then, when are they going to start scroing?

    Scotty mate….if only we played like Swansea………

  254. God where is AK when you need him? we didnt lose did we? JM, i ve noticed a trend lately. it looks like you re going over to the dark side. always moaning and complaining. come on man.

  255. syg, have to agree there, we look solid in defence, now just a DM to free up Arteta imho and let him do what he does bet.

    I’d still get a striker who has 2 seasons left in him and let Giroud have less pressure on his shoulders, we could all see how desperate he is to get off the mark. Another day and he would have passed to Ramsey….

  256. Wasn’t AK at the match?

  257. The back four played as a unit; if they continue this way less goals to be conceived this season. But we need a goal scorer.

    @Syg, your 3:06, is that really necessary mate?

  258. merlin you ninny, teams dont pack their team bus in front of their defense against swansea do they? come on you guys. there are positives from this game……a lot actually. last season, we would have lost this game. come on. jeez.

  259. I am happy with that performance. We looked solid in defence and once we click, some team will get a hammering.

  260. Each to their own esp, I prefer us not to have a diving cheat in our side, and I won’t mention his other quality which I also despise him for….

    Give me Tevez over him any day …. or even Dempsey


    Ben, I’ve seen stuff like this over the years I’ve watched them…

    ask Kev, Adam etc. Someone is in for a caning.


    1998/99 season – The Season before we had done the double – opening games.

    Monday 17th August 1998
    Arsenal 2-1 Nottingham Forest

    Saturday 22nd August 1998
    Liverpool 0-0 Arsenal

    Saturday 29th August 1998
    Arsenal 0-0 Charlton Athletic

    Wednesday 9th September 1998
    Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal

    Saturday 12th September 1998
    Leicester City 1-1 Arsenal

    That was with Bergkamp, Anelka & Kanu.
    One win in five games – no loss. 2 goals against…….

    A week later we stuffed Man Utd 3-0.

    Stay positive. It will come

  262. Liverpool I hope Will…

    goonster, plenty of positives imho

  263. Yes he was Esp..

  264. God bless ya ESP i vividly remembered that particular season. it was my first as an arsenal fan.

  265. Bouldy wants us to be Invinsibles again Syg, only prob is, we will end up with 38 points ;)

  266. Nash – sorry mate, but you talk bollocks….
    …I’ve been reading your stuff now for a month. You love SONG – I get it. You love DIABY. I get it. GERVAIS Will be a world beater – I get it…

  267. Goonster, “play like Swansea” means quick-passing with one-touch, one-pass directly to the feet of the player.

    You make the ball do the running and not you running with the ball to launch to swift coutner-attack.

    And watch Swansea plays the ball out of defence.

    And when Swansea lost the ball, just watched at least 3 Swansea players immediately closed the opponent.

    It is not whether Swansea playing against an opponent who did not packed the box, it is a matter of F0otball Philosophy – “One-touch, One-Pass and move into posiiton”.

    Next time, watch Swansea and see how they play the ball out of defence and the “triangular pass” in MIDIFELD.

    Just watch how Kagawa drifted into space in support of the “Lone Striker”.
    Contrast that to our “Tiki Taka” Crab Football.

    Remember, Swansea “Direct FOotball” did beat us last seasonw ith our “Tiki Taka” Crab Football.

  268. that was for SYG though……heck God bless us one and all.

  269. Not scoring is something I’m not used to. :( On the other hand, not having to worry about our defense is new to me as well. :) I don’t feel so downhearted about our results. But we really need to transition from MF to attack much more quickly.

  270. And Rico, i said before match no goals = big signing coming! :D

  271. goonster, is not that. We must adapt our football and the players against who with play with. The same mistakes are not for clever and wise players/coach. Has another name.

  272. And why didn’t all teams parked their Santini Bus against the likes of ABu DHabi, CHelski and ManU?

    Or is it all managers now knew the formula of how to get a result against a toothless Arsenal team?

    I.e. pack the Box and hit ‘em with swift counter-attacks down the flank and burly centre-forward thru’ the middle?

  273. rico says:
    August 26, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    Rico – no we will not. Read the comment at 3:46

    “we” would all complain about those results, but the upshot is we chased and harassed Man Utd all the way and in both competitions. We were awesome.

    Was it for an offside flag or a missed penalty we would have won the FA Cup that year.
    Was it not for Tottenham throwing their game against Man Utd after being 1-0 at the death we would have won the league.


  274. Well time to watch 1st half at scumfield then poppin round the ol dears for a roast dinner. Don’t let the 0 goals scored Bite!

  275. lets not fall for the doom and gloom…two clean sheets..nice to see Bould’s work paying off..
    and remember all great teams are build from being solid at the back..
    but i have to point out..many Gooners thought that Podolski and Giroud would be more than sufficent when it comes to strikers..
    a)its not that easy and wenger himself said that they needed time to adjust…
    b)so lets be honest and me i dont think they will come good for anther couple of months at least…then Bergkamp needed tome too and from what i can see…i think they will adjust..

    finally it most be clear to all Gooners…we really cant keep selling top team players every summer..thats for sure..and if the players who left was right…well that is exactly what we intend to do..its The New Arsenal…

    Wenger will never change..so lets accept the fact that we will not be a top top team again until either the ffp rescues us or there is a change of Owners…i have never believed that people who doesnt care one bit about football should be allowed to own a great football club like The Arsenal..they have no other interest than making money….thats not very difficult to understand now is it..and we cant be forced into being happy with making a profit and not being able to compete…

    but lets hope we can musk up a fight to be among the four at the end of the season..i wont think of what will happen if we dont get the money from being in the CL…

  276. Merlin – Quite agree with you the way swansea play. But no team will park the bus against them as they do against arsenal. That’s just the difference. If stoke were to play swansea, they won’t sit in their own half like they did against us, hence opening up space.

    I still believe when the attack and midfield gels it would be difficult to beat this arsenal team.

  277. Consolation?
    We are still ahead of Tiny Totts with th first DOUBLE “double zero” in premiership hsitory..or perhaps even ENglish League history?


  278. @Syg, I think you should see my 2:22 about Gerv.
    I’m no football expert, i call it the way I see it. If you believe my comments are “bollock’ by not crying players down that too bad.

  279. Rumours… we have an agent in Germany in negotiatios… wAre there anyone in the radar?
    AA, chamack, Park not in the bench today.
    Only agag understand me.

  280. Getting the defensive side to your game is paramount.

    Every person who knows football will tell you that.

    We had a problem last season – we conceded too many.

    We are obviously trying to rectify that problem.

    The offensive side to our game will come.

    READ THE COMMENT at 3:46 pm

    That was the team with Marc Overmars and Patrick Viera in it.

    The team NOW is a relatively NEW team….

  281. Spot on Emma! 3.57pm Spot on!

  282. Afternoon all.
    Sorry, can’t be assed to read all post game comments but I thought today was positive. The team needs time to gel but we matched those inbred scumbags physically which hasn’t always been the case and is going to be more than useful for the rest of the season. Arteta and Gibbs outstanding imo. Santi tired after the horror tackle. Diaby will be ok IF he stays fit! Swop Ox for Geronimo and looks pretty good to me. Not to even give a corner away up there is impressive.

  283. Emma, we must not paraniod as to teams packed their boxes only against Arsenal.

    It is just that Wenegr refused to change his predictable tactics and managers just closed thei eyes and knew how tod eal with Arsenal to get a result – pack teh box and rely on quick coutner-attack against Arsenal high-line.

    We are lukcy so far..and will be found out when opponent scores a quick goal..adn then pack teh box.

  284. Like I said Nash – I’ve been reading you comments for the past month. Stick to rounders, softball or whatever game they play over in Sleepy Hollow ….

  285. first time in a long time and amn’t watching arsena while sitting on the edge of my sofa fearing….. we gonna concede from a counter attack or being caught venturing forward…
    we were much better organised and disciplined ..good team work all around ..though disappointed not to come with all three points…
    but the signs are much better already….
    we will come good gunners

  286. SYG 3.59
    Totally agree!

  287. Can’t wait till we click.

  288. Bob John.

    You can’t be THE Bob John, surely…. That would make you over 100 years old….

  289. Syg, I thought you would have noticed my irony re the 38 points…..

    Ben, I don’t think our transfer window is shut, not just yet ;)

  290. Better get your pipe and slippers out Will.

  291. Okay, now I feel under pressure to understand JM. :P goonie, that’s JM’s version of “sunny”, you must be used to it by now.

    Merlin, with so many players out, how do you make us “unpredictable”? We made the best of what we had at our disposal; our boys refused to be cowed by those thugs; our third choice GK did himself proud; what is all the doom and gloom about?

  292. SyG
    i have read alot of post from you that i think is well..why dont you let the man has his opinions..??..grow up !!

  293. NG/Syg – take a chill pill :P

  294. tomstoned, don’t join in either…

    Oi Oi, we won’t always agree with each other, lets not start the disrespectful comments guys….

  295. Why the doom and gloom?

  296. Gents, behave! The lady of the house runs a tight ship. ;)

  297. Rico…wasnt meant to be disrespectful or anything else…you should now…i have gotten my fair bit of ….;)because im always so postive ….and have opinions that everyone shares ;)..no worries..greetings from..ehmm..tom(b)stoned..hehe

  298. SYG,
    Sadly not. But THE Bob John was an all time great who never gets a mention when the history of our great club is discussed.
    Think you should be looking at the Spuds blog LG!

  299. I would just like to see the goals come soon…
    And for us to move the ball around faster, far too slow at the moment, Defence was very good today.

  300. We drew with a team who had to resort to not cutting the grass, taking almost a minute on every set piece and who got away with blue murder on the niggly fouls. Once we click and I believe it will be very soon, we will batter teams.

  301. Jamie Redknapp says some really stupid things. I haaaaate the Redknapps.

  302. Tombstone – Nash – No problems with opinions – they make the world go around. I would say nothing over the net that I wouldn’t say to either of your faces…

  303. rico, lay off SYG, he’s never fully recovered after being rejected for the Stoke manager’s job in the 80’s, this game always brings out the worst in him.

  304. Syg is the football “History Expert” in all things Arsenal. You either agrees with or ready to be called names. Thugish mentality is really on call for. Will, Wyg, and now Nash.

  305. Bob John – There’s very little about him in the history books … I knew he was at Arsenal about the time of David Jack ..

  306. agag – spot on :)

  307. NG – let it go, please, everyone just move on…. we are all gooners and that’s what matters and some prefer different players over others…

    I like Theo, Esp doesn’t but that’s fine by me, doesn’t mean we have to have a spat about it, and we don’t…

    That’s life….

  308. There’s more I agree with on HH than I don’t. A lot more.

    I am no history expert, I have just followed the club a long time. I like to think I know what is shit and what is not and what is good and what is not.

  309. @Arsenal

    Wenger: ‘Offensively we have work to do because we miss accuracy in the final third… we should have won the game’

    Wenger: ‘Stoke defended well and they were happy with a point. It is two points dropped but it is difficult to take points here’

    Wenger: ‘The understanding will come [up front]. You can feel the potential. I am very positive about my team’

    Wenger: ‘The understanding can come quickly. We want to play as a team and if we do that we will score goals

    Wenger: ‘Defensively we had no problem. In the air we dealt very well – they have six basketball players!’ :)

  310. Micko says:
    August 26, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    Stoke got relegated the year after and Richie Barker got the sack, Micko.

    We were planning on building the team around Adrian Heath and Lee Chapman…..

  311. One’s mans shit is another mans sugar though Syg, everything we write is from our view, and each and everyone of us has the right to say what we feel, from the way we believe it is…

    That’s all….

  312. but the Gunners boss says he is not targeting a particular position to strengthen.

    “I’m pleased with what we’ve done but I anticipate we will do something and we are still on the market,” Wenger told Sky Sports after the 0-0 draw at Stoke City.

    “It depends on the quality of players who are available. If we can find somebody who can strengthen our squad with the quality we want we will do it in any position.”

    Speculation in Sunday’s newspapers had linked Newcastle United’s midfield duo Yohan Cabaye and Cheick Tiote with £15million moves to Arsenal.

    Interesting! Here’s hoping we get two boys in b4 the window closes

  313. emma says:
    August 26, 2012 at 4:29 pm

    That sums up, what has been said.


  314. Good Andrew, that’s good…..

    Not sure AW will worry about the Rb position after Jenks performance today….

  315. Wenger: “I anticipate that we will do something, we are still on the market. Defensive midfielder, it depends on the quality available”

  316. Comparing Liverpool and M.City transition from midfield to attack much more quickly then us…
    We “six basketball players” 11 corners cross to the air, almost all the crosses by the air and a slowly transition. The beneficts is for the “basketball players”
    dippers 1-0.

  317. emma – that means he’s got one in the pipeline :)

    Dippers 1-0 up…. Not so good…

  318. Should have won.
    But well satisfied.
    Mannone in goal made no difference.
    Loved the solidity of our defence.
    Cazorla is wonderfull.
    Arteta motm for me.
    BFG was great.

  319. AK, Jenks was pretty darn solid too….

  320. I think the main thing that gets me about Walcott was that he made it as a footballer and I didn’t! >:(

  321. I can understand that Esp….. There are many footballers out there that some would suggest shouldn’t be…

    I just hang on to some of his performances and think if only he could do that every game. I honestly believe he will very soon and I dread him coming good for another club.

    His old teacher raves about his footballing skills as well as his pace….

    One day… one day ;)

  322. Kev, time to get out of that cesspit, glad your satisfied but I have to say i’m slightly concerned by this start.

  323. Totally agree Rico..
    Jenkinson and Gibbs were solid and robust.
    At no time did I see us being bullied.

  324. If you want doom and gloom

    Headlines in the mail


    Brilliant if you want to get inside the head of a player

  325. Nope. Do not agree Mick.
    From small acorns etc.
    I am very optimistic.
    It’s a long season Michael.
    We’re doing fine.

  326. JW and TV currently have always been my best players in Arsenal shirts, I said that the very day I joined HH. Diaby is an Arsenal player, who to no fault of his, always injured. But he looks like a good prospect if he stays injured free. It makes no difference whether I hate or love him. AW is the one on the driver seat that reads the GPS, in which direction the team in heading. My opinion doesn’t matter, it don’t change a thing.

  327. finally AK is here was about to lose it with all the moaning……hey kev were you the big bastard that was yelling when giroud almost scored the goal of the season?

  328. SYG… What’s that. Daily Tripe disappointed that we’ve played 2 games and got 2 clean sheets…

  329. Micko – Its clear that the focus has been on the defence and maybe something has got lost with the creativity – not helped by three new signings, who all need time to gel and get used to the PL…

    Hazard has struck gold in his first two matches, but look who Chelsea played, both attacking sides where as we have faced two sides who set themselves up to nullify our game.

    I laughed at suggestions about signing a player like Berbytoff, but maybe that is the kind of player we need, someone who knows where the goal is and takes the weight away from others.

    Also, should we sign a DM, Arteta will become more free, and we’ll see more chances being created….

    As much as Diaby was ok today, i still struggle to see what he gives our side….

  330. diaby was class today nasher cant believe somebody wanted him out for theo and oxcham!

  331. No Stan, I was the big bastard abusing Tony Pulis…
    Well deserved IMHO.

  332. I always liked John Wayne and Telly Savalas, Nash.
    Ask Micko – John wayne in the Quiet Man was brilliant. A top film… And Telly Savalas in the Dirty Dozen … now he was a psycho thug … but
    “My boy Song” you said earlier, Nash ……..?

  333. That DM article is absolute crap, really really lazy journalism….

  334. there you go rico bashing diaby whereas your boy walcoot didnt do squat when he came on. diaby was a beast today. he won almost everything in the air, linked up the defense with the attack, held up play, created a chance for giroud and almost scored one himself. what more do you want??? God in heaven.

  335. hahahaha kev, what is it like with the “away fans”……..gosh what i ll give to be one of them. i love our away fans. God bless them all.

  336. Kev, stop talking nuts.

  337. Remember guys, we were playing on a field as Joke didn’t cut their grass.

  338. Kev, I had a laugh at your mention of BFG. :D We do all have our favorites. Kozzer and Rosicky are mine. And Ramsey. :D :D

    We could have done with Rosicky today, I think. He know how to mix things up. ;)

    No one’s bashing Diaby,goonie. I think we are all happy enough that he’s managed to stay fit for two games in a row now. :)

  339. man had that ball just dipped at the last moment we could have been singing his name now. giroud ll come good, that am sure of. that “volley” and the lob from almost 40 yards says it all……chamahk mark 2 some people labelled him……even before seeing him kick a ball.

  340. Ignore the media.
    I can can see progress on the defensive side.
    It isn’t a problem that can be solved overnight.
    We won’t be conceding 49 goals this season.

  341. Mick, almonds to you…

  342. The Daily Mail is aimed at making us look bad…
    The Sun is even worse …..

    Prior to Ramsey getting injured at Stoke, we were on a roll and Diaby was out of Wenger’s thinking for the first eleven… When Wilshire comes back I reckon Diaby will be relegated to being part of the squad…… Today at Stoke it was a horses for courses scenario … We needed height… Diaby will give you that….
    Diaby is much better than Song, however there are much better players, who don’t hold the ball up and who have a better passing range … and who don’t get stupidly sent off or have lapses in concentration…. and who don’t get injured as much…

    Still. The creative side of out first eleven is still gelling. Stay positive.

  343. goonster – had that dipped, goal of the season would be in the bag :)

  344. rico, that Jamier Redknapp endlessly talks rubbish. And he has ridiculously tight pants. No wonder he’s pants at his job. :D

  345. kev i wasnt around to watch the GG side that almost went unbeaten the whole season but from what i saw…..they were a hard nut to crack defensively. for years doomers have been complaining on how we ship in cheap goals. now we ve played 2, no goals conceded yet they complain. they great championship teams were built from the defense up.

  346. Football will be better served if the press took to task the fans who booed Ramsey. I swear, they were disgusting.

  347. rico had that gone in…….i would have let off an “atomic” cream!

  348. pool still leading shitty rico…..i ll bet your skin is crawling. hahahahaha. come on liverpoop!

  349. :lol: agag… trouble is, until we win, pundits like him will have a field day…

  350. Hazelnuts

  351. goonie :roll:

    citeh will get an equaliser i suspect……

  352. dream on maam……hahahaha come on you dirty bastards. rub it in their noses. nashit is off, he didnt like it.

  353. oh poopie……spoke too soon. why you stupid scousers.

  354. Off for an hour or so… Laters…

  355. get in there…..get me suarez arsene! yeaahhhhhh poop ahead again.

  356. When Song makes those killer passes two seconds before the end of the game everyone loves him; when he makes those stupid passes or commit foul in unwanted areas, even me, hates him. That’s the general feelings. It not just me, opinions will always divide when it comes to Song.

    John wayne is crape. Dirty Dozen ok. “TombStone”, well that western worth watching. Psycho thug,I say watch ” The man on fire” He shows Intent.

  357. Suarez eh…… ?

  358. Stanley, more power to your pants.
    Agag, Redcrapp is a male model.
    He should stick to advertising holidays as he knows fcuk all about football.
    Rico, I thought the Brittania was a volcano of noise..?
    Stoke fans are just pussycats.
    With the emphasis on pussies… :-)

  359. Watched Man on Fire….

    Nash …. “My Man”

    Watched American Gangster

    Nash… “My Man”

    I love Denzil Washington.

    Nash… “My Man”

  360. Lord God in heaven look at the size of that guy’s knockers!

  361. poop is well……poop. i hope they get relegated. what a c**tish team. grrrrrr, serves me right for supporting them.

  362. Wenger:

    on the performance…
    We showed we are very strong spirit-wise and we were dominant in the challenges. We were prepared, highly-focused, defensively very strong overall. Offensively we still have some work to do because we miss a bit of accuracy in final third, in our movement and in our passing. We are used to finding each other blind in the final third and there is still something missing. But I still think we should have won the game 1-0.

    You have to give credit to Stoke as well, they defend very well and they have experience at the back. They are very strong defensively and as long as we didn’t score an opener they were happy with a point, you could see that. Is it a point gained or two dropped? I would say it is two dropped on the game but it is maybe a good point because it is difficult for everybody to take points at Stoke.

    on what is missing up front…
    It is an understanding because you have Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud… one month ago they didn’t know each other. So that will come. There is some work to do on the training ground but you can feel the potential. You can see as well that there is something missing – we are not spontaneous enough in some situations. I am very positive about my team. People will say ‘OK, you didn’t score for two games’ and I cannot deny that. We played against two teams who defend very well as a unit – Sunderland and Stoke. Overall I believe we can be a good surprise in this championship.

    on references to Robin van Persie…
    Of course [that will happen]. Look, if you want to convince me that we lost an exceptional player, you are wasting your time. I was the first to say that. We have to find a way to get around that by sharing the goals more than we did before with Van Persie. I think we can do that. Giroud scored 20, Podolski scored 20, and I am convinced we will get some goals from Diaby and Ramsey, Walcott, Gervinho. We have to share that around a little bit.

    on criticism of the strikers…
    I do not listen too much to what people say [on TV]. I listen and I try to see if it is exaggerated or not. I have worked for 30 years on the football pitch every day, and I know what it is to improve a football player and what it is to go out morning and afternoon and try to make a player. Not everybody can say that.

    on building the understanding…
    It can be very quick. The more you speak about the problem, the bigger it becomes in our game. Giroud does not have to think that he has to replace Van Persie with the number of goals he needs to score. We want to play as a team and if we play as a team we will score goals. I would just like to say I had the same questions when Thierry Henry left as I have had with Robin van Persie, exactly the same. And even last year I had to answer questions about why I played Van Persie as a centre forward. You have to take that into perspective and what for me is positive is that you feel there is potential there.

    on fears of making a slow start…
    We played a 0-0 against Sunderland and we came here today and we have taken a point. Some big teams will drop points here – it will be easy for no team to come here and just take a win.

    on pushing for a late winner…
    I feel we played against two teams who are highly focused to defend. When you see other games you see they are open games. We played against two teams who were really focused on defending, defending, defending – and they did very well. I have seen other teams who go forward, they play and they open their game. After it is easy to score, but today it was a fight for 90 minutes. What is the most important thing is that you learn about your team and see they are capable of standing up. You could see we behaved like men who are ready for a fight. That is the most important thing at the moment.

    on a relatively comfortable game against Stoke…
    Yes, certainly defensively we had no major problem. They had one good chance in the second half when we lost the ball in midfield but apart from that we dealt very well with them in the air. They have six basketball players, size-wise! It is difficult on set pieces because we had plenty of corners but when you look at their back four and then the guy they brought in, Cameron, the midfielder, he is two metres tall! It’s difficult to take advantage of set pieces against them.

    on reports linking Tiote with Arsenal…
    Tiote is a good player but he is not on his way to Arsenal.

    Thank God for that never wanted Tiote anyway

  363. you and me both emma, he’s way overated would rather have dembele instead.

  364. Gotta say, after reading back on some recent comments, I find it hard to understand why some of you guys are falling out…
    To me, it was a very satisfying result at a ground where we have a terrible record.
    At no time did Stoke intimidate us.
    Our finishing was the only blot on, what for me was, a great team performance.
    The Press/Media are an irrelevance.
    If you take any notice of those pricks or MotD then you are a walnut …
    If we draw at Anfield and smash Southampton, then to me that’ll be a good start to the season….

  365. Dembele over Tiote any day of the week in an Arsenal M-field.

  366. Frimpong when he’s fit and Coquelin over all of them…
    Rosicky, Sagna, Wilshere and Koscielny all to come back…
    Be positive…

  367. Liverpoopy is our exact opposite. They are so keen on scoring that they had a hand in all four goals. :D

    I like Dembele. He would shine in a team like ours. ;)

    Jamie Redknapp could not be more irrelevant if he tried. :roll:

  368. @Kev, I like Coquelin but not there yet. Frimpong, Arsenal in his heart but doubt if he will ever make it to what is needed in the m-field.

  369. kev,i owe you a drink. same thing i ve been saying to these mugs here. it was a satisfying result for me. i was particularly impressed with diaby,BFG, arteta and jenk. bouldy is really drilling these guys into a unit.

  370. You see Kev, emma goonster agag and hash. I think you are on the wrong side on this one.

  371. Dembele one on one beat ManU on every challenge for the ball yesterday. He wasn’t bully out of the ball throughout the game. And his dribbling speed is good.

  372. nasher am always on the wrong side….

  373. rico, emma and I are ladies. We. Are. Never. Wrong. :) :)

    Most of us those who blogged today are happy about the performance, if not the results.

  374. dembele ticks all the boxes nasher but i dont see that twat faced jol doing us any favors. he’s a scummer for pete’s sake.

  375. @agag, today guys are right.

    @goonster today you’re not on the wrong side re: diaby and dembele. I think Kev is on the wrong re: dembele.

  376. @agag meant you guys are right.

  377. hey nasher it could be worse……we could be liverpoop!

  378. It could be worse goonster…we have to hold our heads up, once Giroud get his first goal all hell will break loose.

  379. i cant wait nasher….the guy oozes class. i mean that chip was audascious. that would do his confidence a whole lot of good.

  380. SYG,
    Sorry, had to eat after being out all afternoon watching the game. Bob John was appearance record holder before David O’Leary. He played in our 1st ever cup final 1927 and was a regular throughout the great 1930’s teams. He played every position except in goal which is probably why he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. He truly is one of our all time greats and I am old enough to have spoken to people who saw him play. Legend!

  381. the ladies seem to like him too….AGAG was drooling all over him during the game. you already know rico is a sucker for anything fine. am happy with the season so far. 2 games, 2 points and no goals conceded? come on. onward and upward….come on you gunners!

  382. yaaaaaaay…is that for real emma? i love this guy. at the right club, he ll be a beast. hope its true cause he ll surely improve us big time. am a huge fan. come on arsene make it happen. and he can play anywhere at the back. this is shaping out into a wonderful season. am super excited!

  383. Giroud voted sexiest footballer in ligue un Goonster :L
    Almost scored the sexiest goal in the premier league too :)

    Would love Yanga to come here emma!….

  384. andrew if i were a lady, i ll let him clean my box daily.

  385. goonster, andrew – hopefully before deadline day

  386. 0-0 against those tossers, I’ll take that result in a heartbeat! That’s a typical game we’d of lost last season. Once the offensive side of our play clicks someone’s going to get a hiding, and we’ll have another clean sheet!!!! ;)
    The media are wankers gloat after we get drubbed by manure last year gloat post rip saying another blank! This team will gel, chillax!!

  387. spot on lee, when we got mauled last season, it was all”arsenal can defend for their lives, arsenal’s defense can be breached every 2 minutes. now we are looking solid they are looking for something else. well like kev said, i ve learnt to ignore the media. let’s let our football do the talking.

  388. Evening guys and gals….

    AK, re the fans, they were outstanding…

    Lee – have to agree there, and with AW, can’t expect 3 new players to hit the ground running, but once they do, watch out PL….

  389. I was very impressed by our defensive phase of play today.Bould is doing something right since we look so strong in both open play and set pieces.that is a good foundation to build on.

  390. Indeed Kt….

  391. Rico I am.today i wasn’t nervous at all since we were very strong.our forwards have only played together for 2 games (S’land/Stoke/Cologne).they need at least 3 more to develop that chemistry.if that happens we’ll destroy teams especially with Cazorla dictating the game.am optimistic for the new season.

  392. reckon well spash the cash on someone special just cant decide what postion on!?

  393. Hiya, KT. Cazorla just oozes class. Can’t say enough good things about him.

    I wish our home crowd made as much noise as our away fans, rico. I agree they were outstanding.

    Na$ti didn’t look too happy when he was subbed. Hah.

  394. andrew we will….i bet wenger has his eye on that special someone. i think we ll all be wowed! wait for it……hi KT, Santi is something else isnt he?

  395. he’s good enough for any team in the world……
    I think one more wow signing even just to raise the spirits of the team after song nd vp depature! We have the money for it !

  396. Think how good the squad is when Walcott and The Ox are subs and we still have Rosicky and Wilshere to return.

  397. I can’t believe I’ve watched 12 matches since Saturday last week :o !!!

  398. I still think we need one more top class striker and a brutal bastard in the centre of the park and we are sorted.

  399. Good morning/night. For those who watch the game, what do you think the team is lacking besides scoring?

  400. Will we are looking good.AW wants a DM/V.defender but i still think we need a nippy striker in the mould of Suarez in addition to them.Bendy/AA/Chamakh/Park were not on the bench so its fair to assume they are on their bikes.

  401. I agree, I am also looking at if either Pod Giroud get injured.

  402. Santi has the potential to be one of our best ever signings.he is that good.I was impressed by how quick he shuffled the ball between his feet to confuse defenders.he hit some excellent long balls using either foot too.am glad he is ours.

  403. Yeah, he will be the signing of the summer.

  404. Add a defender Will and I’d be happy….

    3 players….

    Ok, I’d love a GK too but that just isn’t going to happen unless either Fabianski or Mannone go….

  405. Rumour has it Dick Law is in Germany.if we are going for a CM id like us to go for Lars Bender.

  406. Am quietly impressed by Gibbs.this may be his breakthrough season if he stays fit.

  407. Santos is in trouble if Gibbs continues to play the way he’s doing now. Improves in every game. Jenks I’m not too sure about but impress the hell out of me today. He didn’t abandon his posting, but I missed his crossing into Stoke box.

  408. We are getting rocked by Earthquakes right now! I mean rocked!

  409. Where did you see that Kt??

    CG – head down and stay safe you all….

    NG – My own thought is Santos will be used on the wing more as long as Gibbs stays fit..

  410. Stoke made 150 passes in total.our MF trio alone made 180 passes.

  411. Morning all.
    I thought we were impressive.
    Im stating the obvious when i say how mich tighter our defensive unti is,and our attack will just take some time.
    We are set up for a very good season,as we could easily have come unstuck in both games so far,but are probably unlucky not to have come awy with two wins.

  412. As Scott arrives, i need to head off and sort the chickens etc out…

    Then it’s bed for me…..

    Have a good one and be happy with the point…

    Night all…..

  413. We were impressive but we didn’t win and not scored.
    I’ve wrote this afternoon about the rumour in Germany.
    Zenith is in the market. AA difficult going there.
    Bendtner is in way out.
    Park- Celta? no more news
    Chamack – loan?
    If they go, we have 4 free places in the squad. (Squillacci stays?)
    In those cas we need, at least, one more centre forward.
    I’ve watching Cazorla a dozen times and it’s not a surprise. But whitout him and Wilshere, who build our football?

  414. Rico, delighted to hear that the Arsenal fans were making all the noise.
    We were giving it “Shall, we sing a song for you” etc.
    Pulis was getting ‘Dog’s abuse’, not very nice, but payback for all the insults Wenger has to suffer at that dump…
    The Stoke fans actually looked a little surprised at the poison thrown in their direction.
    Shocked at being on the receiving end, for a change.

  415. kev, you re my hero. gosh i love the away fans. what’s it like man? lucky!

  416. Goddamn i ll fit right in with those away bastards. drinking and calling people c**t is my specialty. i ll personally walk up to that hat wearing turd and spit in his face.

  417. reading some of the posts, you can tell that the team needed more pre-season games. giroud and pod only played one before the start of the epl.i hate to bring this up as well as but selling rvp and song and lead to lack of team cohesion

  418. We still have time and money to bring some quality in.
    For the last few seasons weve complained about our defence,but at the moment,its rock solid.
    We’ve never had a problem scoring goals,and that was the case before RVP hit his purple patch,so nothing has really changed there,our new guys just need game time together.
    Yes,goals win games,bit as well know,theres no point scoring 2 if you give up 3 so all in all,a very promising start to the season.

  419. Damn. Like eight hours of quakes…Just when I cleaned up all the glass and dishes off the kitchen floor, a 6.0 comes rumbling and knocks even more down! I had just put a bottle of rum and vodka back on the shelf unbroken…two minutes later the second nasty quake knocks them back down and breaks them this time. Ugh. And Arsenal didnt win.

    I’m all shook up.

  420. Take care CG.
    Be safe.

  421. Morning all….

  422. New Post up..

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