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Wenger eyeing the ‘Next Henry’, Yaya link rumoured & Jack over Nuri any day of the week…..

Ok, a bit of humour to begin with.

Thierry Henry has become a father again in the last few days and it’s a boy…. Yes, you have guessed the rest!

Who knows, by the time the little one is ready to play, his father may just be the Arsenal manager…..

Congratulations to Thierry and his wife/partner, second time lucky I hope…

And the rumour of the day goes to Yaya Banana, a Cameroon Under 21 International who plays in central defence or at right back. He’s 21 years old and stands just under 6′ 4″ tall and currently plays for French club Sochaux in Ligue 1. (That really is just a rumour from the site with the same name – another bit of fun)

We all something to smile about don’t we after Nuri Sahin slip through the net?

So, onto Nuri Sahin. A selection of fans believe Wenger has really messed up not getting this man.

Arsene Wenger’s decision to withdraw from the bidding for the service’s of Sahin was disappointing, but understandable under the circumstances…

Arsene thought he had an agreement with Real Madrid, despite the dark hand of Jose Mourinho and the urging of Xabi Alonso in favour of his old club but Brendan Rodgers has now been in charge at Everton’s old stadium long enough for him to realise the malaise at work at the club that once ruled England and Europe.

And he needed some good news.

Liverpool are no longer the well-oiled machine that dominated for the majority of the 1970’s and 1980’s, before the rot set in, following Hysel when Liverpool hooligans attacked and murdered Juventus fans in that crumbling old stadium…

Jose Mourinho’s dark hand caused the impasse that allowed Liverpool to regroup and ultimately gazzump Arsenal’s agreement.
Problems over Liverpool’s illegal approach for Clint Dempsey acting as a spur, as Rodgers desperately acquiesced to the terms Mourinho and Real Madrid wanted…

Therefore Liverpool pay £10 million in loan fees and wages and in 12 months time hand Sahin back to Madrid…

Mourinho is in essence, using Liverpool as Real Madrid’s ‘Nursery Club’, quite a comedown for the King’s of Europe, as was!

Rodger’s is desperate, he would have probably agreed to anything in order to give the restless Liverpool fanbase some good news…

Only time will tell if the gamble Rodgers has taken, will pay-off?

A top-four finish has to be the absolute minimum requirement for Rodgers, a requirement that I believe, is simply beyond his squad!

Malevolent Mourinho will be well satisfied at a job well done in retaining Sahin and stitching-up Wenger in the bargain…

Arsene now has to activate any back-up deal he may have had in the pipeline.

There is of course, no guarantee that any of the deals which the club have been working on during the past 2 or 3 weeks will come to fruition for us in time for the deadline of Friday 31st. Thus is the machinations of the modern transfer market..!

However, there is good news in the images of Jack Wilshere wearing football boots and training with the lads. Those images should gladden the heart of any true Arsenal fan…

Sight for sore eyes……

Give me a choice between Sahin & Cazorla or Wilshere & Cazorla, and I’d pick the latter every time.

I look forward to seeing Cazorla, Wilshere and Arteta in the Arsenal engine room in the not too distant future .

We still have a heck of a lot to come and enjoy this season…

Lets see where we are by the end of September and likewise, it will be interesting to see where Liverpool are..

Good luck to the Under 21’s, they face Blackburn at The Emirates today.

Written by Allezkev 

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304 Responses to Wenger eyeing the ‘Next Henry’, Yaya link rumoured & Jack over Nuri any day of the week…..

  1. emma says:

    Goodmorning gunners,
    allez – Good post

    Wenger – My options for deeper midfield role

    Arsène Wenger is in the market for a defensive midfielder – if the right one is available.

    The Frenchman sanctioned the sale of Alex Song last weekend and, in his absence, Mikel Arteta played in a deeper role in the 0-0 draw against Sunderland.

    Wenger has other options to fill that position but he has not ruled out a new recruit before the transfer window closes.

    “If someone really top, top class comes up… I do not need to buy an average midfielder,” said Wenger. “If someone top, top class turns up, completely defensive, we will consider it.

    “If you look at the numbers you will see that Song was more of an offensive player than a defensive midfielder,” he added. “Arteta can play deeper – the kind of Pirlo role – and we have Diaby who is a very strong defensive player.

    “We have Coquelin who is also doing very well. I’ve played many games with Diaby and Wilshere [in midfield] and they were very efficient.”

    If wenger needs my recommendation: Capoue/Mvila

  2. rico says:

    Morning all,

    Mighty fine read there AK, Sahin who ;)


    “I do not need to buy an average midfielder. If someone top, top class turns up, completely defensive, we will consider it.”

    There are plenty out there Arsene, now go and get one

  3. Tlailaxu says:

    First …=)…

  4. rico says:

    3rd Tlail, no trophy for that ;)

  5. Scott from Oz says:

    I still reckon he will get M’Villa.
    AK,great post.
    As for where Liverpool will be at the end lf September?
    Theyll be exactly where they are fow…….f**ked :)
    Evening all.

  6. jojo says:

    there is no need beefing liverpool. Though it’s disappointin nt having Sahin afta the hard struggle by wenger

  7. Adams says:

    rico rico…… come out from your ganza pipe… lol… you spurs fans dnt have to post a comment here… :-)

  8. Scott from Oz says:

    We dont even do trophies for first here,do we Rico?
    Dont we leave that for the children at LG lol

  9. rico says:

    Ligue 1 outfit Rennes have announced that Jean Makoun has linked up with them on a season-long loan deal from Aston Villa.

    The Cameroon international has struggled for game time at Villa since making a move to England in January 2011.

    He spent the 2011/12 campaign with Greek side Olympiakos after being deemed surplus to requirement.

    Paul Lambert has decided that Makoun is free to head elsewhere once again, with the 29-year-old allowed to return to France where he has previously turned out for Lille and Lyon.

    The agreement to take him to Rennes includes the option for the move to be made permanent next summer.

    General manager Pierre Dreossi told Rennes’ official website: “We were looking for a player with experience.

    “I know Jean well because I took him to Lille (in 2001).

    “I followed him in Greece last year and he had a good season with Olympiakos in the Champions League and Europa League.”

  10. rico says:

    We don’t Scott lol

    If AW stays true who his word we will get a DM, whether or not it’s M’Vila is another question imho, LG suggest that he’s in talks with Chelsea…

  11. ktr7 says:

    Good read AK.also OX has given a very good i/v with John Cross.its well worth a read.it was interesting to see he is modelling his game on Iniesta who is my favourite player in the world.

  12. Adams says:

    rico rico…… come out from your ganza pipe… lol… you spurs fans dnt have to post a comment here… :-) be at your point… or tell your mom that ganja’s over… :-)

  13. eastsidepaul says:

    Morning all, any M’Vila news??
    Good write up Kev.

  14. alanbstardmp says:

    quote ” Yaya Banana ”

    You’re Joking. The usual suspects will have a field day

  15. ktr7 says:

    I’d be surprised if we signed anyone before friday to be honest.

  16. emma says:

    Etienne Capoue

  17. rico says:

    You have a link Kt or is it in the Mirror?

    Adams, seems to me that the only one smoking something wacky is you, and please, do no suggest i am a spud fan, other sites might put up with that old rubbish, but not this one.

  18. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Wow Kev – Impressed – Murderous Liverpool fans. That’s passion, mate. You’re welcome in the trenches with me any time.

    The Van Persie deal made financial and logical sense as does the Sahin “non-deal”. I would have liked him here, and he would have fitted – but £10M for a loan?
    I’d rather put it towards Javi Martinez – a player that has not been properly linked to us. He’s supposedly a special and non-average player.

  19. allezkev says:

    Out for the weekend Adams????

    There’s more ‘out’ than ‘in’…..

  20. rico says:

    Esp, In talks with Chelsea I just read…

    You talking about yourself there alan??

  21. yusuf says:

    d perfect replacement 4 song is fellaini.he is strong,tall & has premiership xperience

  22. rico says:

    emma – Capoue is a cheaper option to M’Vila isn’t he, I could see us getting him…

    Kt, I can..

  23. allezkev says:

    Ditto SYG…. ;-)

  24. rico says:

    Syg, would make no sense whatsoever would it, especially as Sahin has made it clear he does not want to leave RM next summer…

  25. alanbstardmp says:

    No, I don’t throw bananas at players. This boy better get a sense of humour

  26. ktr7 says:

    Its in the mirror rico.I also saw part of the i/v in the telegraph.

  27. rico says:

    Maybe yusuf, but can’t see Moyes selling him…

    Talking of Everton, seems they have signed Niang, and SS’s say we lose out, funny how all the other clubs in for him were just ‘interested’ but didn’t lose out….

  28. Red Arse says:

    A really good read, Allez, I agree with your viewpoint concerning Sahin, and like you, I detect the malignant hand of Moanhio behind all the procrastinations of that deal. He was always going to jerl Arsene around.

    Morning Rico, how are you?

    It’s wonderful to see HH going from strength to strength — not that I am surprised with you at the helm! :-)

  29. Adams says:

    rico such a joke spying us…. go back to zoo

  30. southyorkshiregunner says:

    You’re right Rico. £10M is a lot of money to invest on a short-term stop gap …. who could get injured

  31. alanbstardmp says:

    Red Arse. It’s Wenger’s fault. Can’t blame ” the special one “

  32. Scott from Oz says:

    Rico,im behaving…hope you appreciate it.
    They’re out early today lol!!

  33. allezkev says:

    Thanks RA, yes, that was pretty much my feelings throughout this protracted and ultimately unsuccessfull transfer saga…
    Mourinho is a spitefull turd, who despite his success as a manager, has, imho, sullied his record with some outrageous and uncalled for behaviour…
    I dread the day he returns to England…

  34. rico says:

    Off you go Adams, don’t bother trying to come back, you won’t get on… You pop off and get your school bag ready for the end of the summer holidays, there’s a good boy….

  35. Scott from Oz says:

    Alan,some would blame the hole in the Ozone layer on Wenger.
    Some blame the worlds economic crisis on him.
    Gotta love the press,but truly must stand astounded at those who actually believe their tripe.

  36. alanbstardmp says:

    emma says:
    August 25, 2012 at 9:39 am

    Etienne Capoue

  37. rico says:

    Thanks Kt, I’ll go have a look…

    alan, he’s prob not even going to sign for us and in any case, the PL would not allow such a thing…

    Hi RA, all is good thanks, you ok?? Thanks re HH…

  38. Scott from Oz says:

    Give Mourinho credit for the deal he has squeezed out of Liverpool….its pure genius!!
    Equal credit to Wenger for stepping away.

  39. Red Arse says:


    Well most of us do not see the point of training Sahin just to give him back to Real next year. AW wanted to sign him permanently, but no dice, so no fault there.

    My comment related to the history of bad blood between AW and the Septic One. Even if it had been the best deal in the world for us, he would have polluted it.

  40. allezkev says:

    Adams, your grammar, has a lot of room for improvement…..

    May i suggest adult literacy classes….

    Or a cranium operation…

    Just saying…

  41. alanbstardmp says:

    Rico you missed the point entirely

  42. ktr7 says:

    RA!!!Its been a long time but hope you are well.Rico is the boss here and she is doing a fine job.

  43. emma says:

    rico – Capoue is a beast. I wouldn’t mind him over m’vila. I watched him play last weekend in ligue1, he is very good

  44. rico says:

    Syg, and the same fans who moan about him not signing would be saying what a waste of money…

    Like you, it would have been nice to see him join, but not for that kind of silly money…

  45. allezkev says:

    Your labrador RA…?

  46. rico says:

    alan – i don’t think so….

  47. rico says:

    Don’t worry Scott, he/she has gone into the HH nursery…. ;)

  48. allezkev says:

    Emma, the lack of Press linkage to Capoue, suggests that he could, in fact, be the target of Arsene…
    Thanks btw…

  49. rico says:

    Thanks Kt..

    emma – me too re Capoue but I’d settle for M’Vila … lol

  50. Scott from Oz says:

    Rico,when i was reacting to these tossers,im sure you let them hang around to spite me :)

  51. rico says:

    Ha ha Scott, you made it difficult for me to spam them when you joined in, you would have to have gone too – now, it’s simple, give them a chance and then ‘ping’ gone :)

  52. alanbstardmp says:

    yes Scott, but in this instance, we can’t blame Mourinho if a player chose not to come to us.

    Is it a matter of blame anyway?

  53. emma says:

    Sorry if you are a Liverpool fan visiting this site. But Mourinho just punkd you. 5m loan fee, 75% of his wages(£120,000) which amounts to another £5m in wages. All together £10m. This was a player bought for £7.9m from Dortmund. Dont understand the economics behind the purchase. This shows you how desperate liverpool are.

  54. Red Arse says:

    I am not bad thanks Rico, limping along, so to speak.

    I’m glad that you took action against that pillock Adam. It still gets my dander up when I see people like him having a go at someone like you. You are like Blackpool rock – Arsenal red and white all the way through and a very talented ‘blog meister’!! :-)

    I always pop over to have a read of HH because the standard of Posts and blogging is high on here, and to see what my mate WATH is up to!! :-) :-)

  55. emma says:

    rico – I wouldn’t mind if we get both

  56. ktr7 says:

    I also think AW is really confident jack will be back soon and thats why we cooled off Sahin.

  57. Scott from Oz says:

    Alan,you can’t be serious!!
    How the hell did you come to the conclusion Sahin didnt want to come to us??
    Enough of the lies to get a reaction mate…everyone knows the facts of this deal falling through!
    We all know you hate Wenger,but enough already!

  58. Scott from Oz says:

    KT,i reckon hed still have taken Sahin until Liverpool offered Real the world AND their arse for the guy.
    Seriously,it ranks up there with the Carroll deal.

  59. frednerk says:

    Theo’s contract…wenger must want him out..7 days left on the transfer window…what are they still talking about..7 more days his a freebee.

  60. Red Arse says:

    Hi KT, :-) As I said earlier, I read HH often, and you are still as interesting as ever. :-)

    Allez, he would be really offended! A Labrador?? :-)
    No, he is a 10 stone long haired German Shepherd – gentle but with big teeth. Bit like me really!! :-)

  61. Scott from Oz says:

    Guys,remember i told you a few weeks back of a mate having a dog here called Fabregas??
    I said he’d end up a star….he is the faourite to win the National Sprint championship of Australia tonight.
    Ok,we mightnt love Cesc anymore,but the owner is a champion,as is the dog.

  62. Ben says:

    M’vila or Capoue, I don’t mind. Both would do the job Song was supposed to do and give freedom to our awesome attack minded CM’s. Wenger is clearly hoping to dive into the final day bargain bucket though which is very high risk.

  63. Scott from Oz says:

    Not sure what to make of the Theo situation.
    When it comes to Arsenal and contracts,not sure what to make of ANY situation.

  64. Red Arse says:


    I think you have it right.

    Leaving aside the ridiculous terms the ‘Pool have agreed, I think AW was worried about L’il Jack, because this time last year we were hearing he would be back soon and it all went wrong.

    The news is now much more positive about Jack, and I think AW lost interest, even before the stuoid money Moaniho wanted for Sahin.

  65. rico says:

    RA – they don’t stay here long, one way or another they clear off…

    emma, now you are talking :)

  66. ktr7 says:

    By the way guys it seems Götze is no longer guaranteed to start games at Dortmund.they have played Bayern and Bremen but he has started neither game.its ironic since he now dons the no.10 shirt but doesn’t start.yesterday he came off the bench to net the winner against Bremen.Reus does look quality for them though vastly different to Kagawa.

  67. frednerk says:

    One season wonders..thats last f..king thing we need.

  68. rico says:

    Kt, Scott – I think it’s a bit of both, Jack and the crazy money…

    alan, Sahin wanted to sign for us, Jose wanted Rodgers money, simple really…

  69. Red Arse says:

    Scott, :-)

    Like you, I am puzzled by the Theo contract negotiations, but AW seems very confident he will sign.

    There isn’t any time element, viz a vis the transfer deadline, in signing a contract extension, as he is our player already, but it means that we would lose him for nothing, next year, if AW’s confidence is misplaced and Theo does not sign, after all, as we could not sell him after the 31st August.

    It is a little strange.

  70. rico says:

    If AW speaks the truth, Theo wants to stay, the club want Theo to stay…. Just a few little issues to sort out I suspect….

  71. ktr7 says:

    The OX is really intelligent judging from his i/v.i hope in FIFA 13 he is a beast since he is already on the cover.

  72. Andrew says:

    the ox would want to be a beast in fifa 13! Sick of them overating manure and chelski players…Arsenal players are seriously under rated in the game! Ox has to be 80 in the game!
    Adam johnson was 80 in the last game for gods sake!

  73. Scott from Oz says:

    Fabregas just made mince meat of the best dogs in Australia!!

  74. W.A.T.H says:

    Morning All,

    Arsus Redus, how’s you..? All well I hope…..

    I’m amazed none of you have picked up the the most frightening part of what wenger said yesterday…!

    “and we have Diaby who is a very strong defensive player”.

    It seems those new glasses wenger has treated himself to really are no different to the last pair…! He states that ding along wasn’t really a defensive midfielder and we don’t really have one then says that and then throws in that “special player” rubbish…….!

    IF we don’t really have a defensive midfielder then surely ANY defensive midfielder is a step forward seeing as you’ve admitted we don’t have one Mr Wenger…? to throw in Diaby is delusional in the extreme and very very worrying..!

    Are we playing tight arses with the fees as usual and trying to get rock bottom offer accepted for M’Vila or are we really so blinded by the obvious?

    50/60million in the bank and as usual we’re pissing about over transfers.

  75. Merlin96 says:

    Good morning all.

    Good business sense not to sign a contract extension now..and is good PR declaring he will stay at Arsenal FC.

    Theo only have to live up to hsi potentila, score 10 league goals before December 2012….and watch the scrabble to sign him up on a Bosman in January 2013!

    At a minimum, he will command 5-mil sign-on bonus, plus at least 100,000pw in a 4-year deal.

    What Theo needs to do on SUnday is to score a hat-trick…and oh well……

    Rodgers may cave in again and pays 20-mil to sign Theo on 31 Aug….giving him 100,000pw on a 4-year deal…

  76. Charlie G says:

    Agree with the Club on the Sahin situation. Crazy tp pay 10 to develop a player. What if had a fantastic season. Real will thank them for it thats all, 10 million thanks!
    I think Boss is hopimg for last minute deals on Mvilla and Llorente. It will be close.

  77. rico says:

    Just read the Ox I/V Kt, what a good guy he is….

  78. rico says:

    Thanks for that Wath, moaning to you…

    Diaby, defensive – even Wenger won’t make himself believe that surely ;)

  79. W.A.T.H says:

    Your welcome Rico, Nearly choked on my three shredded wheat reading that crap about diaby…………. So much for learning lessons..! Well we got 6 days to put it right.

  80. Scott from Oz says:

    Merlin,how is Wenger going to score ten before December….you’re spreadsheet cant be wrong :)

  81. Andrew says:

    interesting he said if his going to sign a midfielder he has to sper defensive? Mvilla or capoue fit that to a tee! ;)
    A visit to Mordor awaits us towmorrow!

  82. rico says:

    Exactly CG….

    Ha ha Wath, fingers crossed as we head towards DD again it seems… Surely he will replace Song and not run the risk of a fan backlash…

  83. Andrew says:

    *who is super defensive

  84. Kato christopher says:

    Am arsenal fan but wat u’ve posted is not pleasant at all, full of envy b’se he has not come in arsenal? U know very well about a proverb which says ” u can’t control ur destination.” If his destination is liverpool, don’t blame and hate any one and if it’s arsenal he’ll still play for us. Wait dis season reach it’s end, he’ll again be linked back to arsenal, in fact u’ll be among the p’ple who’ll be linking him back to ur club of interest. U just wish him the best man! Remember, what’s urs will always be urs. Sahin! I wish u de best at liverpool. Hey we still have M’villa who is better than him defencely, less go for that one menn!

  85. rico says:

    They sure do Andrew but it seems AW thinks Diaby does too….

    Scott, hope you had a few pennies on Cesc..

  86. Montlenyane says:

    AW did a great job in pulling out of sahin deal, P10mil for a loan mm thats ridiculuos indeed, atleast we cn use that money in buying a quality player, remember AW always does deals wit the best interest of the arsenal on his heart, thats y he ddnt jus thwro himslf into ths poor deal, its a loss indeed to whichevr club that took him.
    Plus we got Couquelin, jack(hop he makes it ths season) arteta, rosicky, carzola,ox who cn perform in any given day.
    big up to the boss here, we cn go nd challenge mvilla or one gud player out there.

  87. Scott from Oz says:

    Rico,i did even better.
    I know the owner pretty well now,so after the dog had its fifth start,i told him i thought the dog would be a superstar,and i have organised a straw of frozen semen from his very first batch,and at the right price.
    Seriously,the price will have trebled just on what hes done since,so im very happy.

  88. Tlailaxu says:

    Well well,I have a strange feeling that we are done with ‘ins’ this transfer window…only change could be couple players going out…

  89. emma says:

    Wenger has revealed why he’s decided not to sign Nuri Sahin.

    He said:

    “Sahin isn’t a defensive midfielder.I see Sahin as not a deep, deep midfielder, but a little bit higher.

    “We have Wilshere coming back quicker and he is a similar type of player.

    “But of course Sahin wants to join a club where he will play. We have nine midfielders and they all need a chance to play.”

  90. rico says:

    Good on you Scott..

    emma, guess the imminent return of Jack helped him make up his mind on sahin…

  91. Scott from Oz says:

    Rico,get a cople of HHer’s to chipmin and i will sell you a cheap pup.
    I wIll ask Mr Wenger to do the deal :)

  92. emma says:

    I guess so. Sahin and wilshere are similar players. If fully fit wilshere has the edge since he is an arsenal player while sahin is not. I hope we sign M’vila or capoue this week :)

  93. rico says:

    Welcome to those just joining HH today…

    Tlail, I’m not convinced, 31st Aug could yet see a couple of arrivals….

  94. Scott from Oz says:

    If we did go the extra ten yards for Sahin and Jack did come to hand quickly,we would have been left in a very awkward situation.
    Im sure the right decisions was made based on the facts at hand.

  95. rico says:

    And a striker and defender emma, or is that me being greedy….

    Ha ha Scott, one woofa is enough for me

  96. allezkev says:

    Emma, you’re up there…..

    What’s the vibe from the Liverpool fans?
    Are they excited by the signing of Sahin?
    Or maybe a little relieved??
    Or, are they aware that Real Madrid have had them over???

  97. Scott from Oz says:

    I want a few acres where i can rear a litter or two,Rico.
    Wife may be hard to convince though!

  98. Red Arse says:

    Hi WATH, :-)

    Your pithy comments always bring a welcome smile! :-)

    As you pointed out, and I think you are right, AW does make some strange and unnecessary comments.

    Anyway, given Diaby’s injury problems it is asking for divine intervention for him to avoid further injury this season.
    A few weeks ago we were told he may have to retire from the game because of the continuing problems, before he had even more surgery.

    As for having 9 midfielders, we had them before we asked for Sahin on loan – so what changed there?

  99. emma says:

    allez – :)

    rico – I doubt if wenger will buy another striker. He said a DM and a versatile defender. But you never know :)

  100. Scott from Oz says:

    RA,i agree with a few others who’ve suggested that Jack may be further along the line,as far as fitness goes,then even Wenger realised a week or two back.

  101. Tlailaxu says:

    Yeah rico,I can only see us doing a deal for some1 completely unknown and unexpected…why?…because all the ‘well known’ signings we could have done…we did already,now think of others that were linked to us…I think all were bulls*** stories that came up at some point and just didn’t go away,that’s how transfers work in England…Joe said this and jack heard that…and also a close friend inside the club…I never believe or expect anything until it’s official on arsenal.com…=)

  102. Scott from Oz says:

    Just a thought…….
    Why get M’Villa who is young when it would stifle the educaton of Coquelin when Capoue is much cheaper,and a few years older??

  103. Red Arse says:

    Hi Emma, :-)

    Your 10:01 is spot on! If I was a ‘pool fan I would be happy to have Sahin (they need him) but I would worry about the idiots running the club.

    Still, a fool and his money are soon parted — and they are well on the way!! :-)

  104. allezkev says:

    RA, despite the teeth, that’s both of you ;-) he/she looks a very fine dog…..

  105. Scott from Oz says:

    Tlailaxu,if you dont believe anything until its on Arsenal.com,then why believe all the narks saying we won’t sign anyone else?
    Cant have it both ways.
    The best thing to do is speculate,guess,estimate,discuss but all the while wait unitl a new guy is announced officially.

  106. Red Arse says:

    Hi Scott, :-)

    I hope you are right about Jack, and that might have been the deciding factor with AW not proceeding with the Sahin deal (apart from the ridiculous money).

    Have you got a twin? :-)

  107. allezkev says:

    Scott, you’ve been rumbled…. ;-)

  108. emma says:

    “October will be an important month for Jack,” Wenger said. “I will promise you that I will be careful, but Jack works very hard.

    “Every day he is in early, late going home, is focused and has built up a good basis for his body. After how quick he will be sharp again for competition, I don’t know. We will have to wait for at least a month to see that.”

  109. W.A.T.H says:

    Morning RA…. I know you appreciate my ramblings ;-)

    I wonder sometimes if wenger really does think we are all so gullible to fall for some of his more outrageous comments, As you say, wasn’t so long ago Diaby was a retirement case not he’s strong defensively, Hmmmmm sorry but no Mr Wenger he isn’t…! Even when picked for France they still always pick M’Vila of a defensive midfielder in the side to do the donkey work, diaby is not the answer and never will be hence we need to strengthen there as a matter of urgency.

    Why does Arsene not just say the truth, we decided against the Sahin deal as RM wanted far to much for a loan deal and no option to buy and as a club that wasn’t in our best interests….!

    Simple..! also two fingers up to the press going on about Livpoo beating us to his signing..!

  110. Scott from Oz says:

    No twin…..rumbled…….am i missing something guys??

  111. allezkev says:

    Gotta feeling that Arsene plans to fast-track Serge Gnarby this season, a la Cesc & Jack….
    I’ve not seen the lad in the flesh, but it seems he could be of the same quality as Cesc/Jacky-boy.
    In fact, i’m really looking forward to the League Cup as i reckon we could all be a little suprised by some of the uncut gems we have just filtering through from the Stiffs/Youths…

  112. Scott from Oz says:

    Wath,i reckon everything Wenger says in public is to confuse the hell out of the media,and other clubs.
    It works well :)

  113. Red Arse says:


    Thanx. I love German Shepherds altho they need careful handling.

    It’s not that I am jealous or anything, but at almost 19 stone and 6′ 5″ no one has ever said to me that I look fine. Beaten by a dog!! :-)

  114. Scott from Oz says:

    AK,im with you here……project youth was always going to take much longer than people thought,and hopefully,is starting to produce that steady stream of class players.

  115. W.A.T.H says:

    Scott, when is Black Caviar due to run again…? recovered from the injury yet or not heard..?

  116. Scott from Oz says:

    Youre a wee lad, then,RA lol.

  117. Thorny says:


    Do we STILL have Chmk, bntnr, arshavin hanging about? Its a bit annoying losing RVP and Song but not the crap leftovers. I mean these guys (perhaps barring arshavin) are’nt gunna get a game. surely we’ve had enough time to shift/swop them and sort out a couple of decent players who will at least be worth paying each month. For this reason alone there just has to be more movement in the market this week. everyone says that arsenal is run like a business but we are just hemoraging money paying these fools and thats horrendous business. get shot of them, take the loss and get someone else, I would happily swop bentner and chmk for 1 striker like Dempsey (EG ) regardless of age

  118. rico says:

    Scott – that is my dream too and preferably not too far from the coast. Then more dogs, more chickens and a few sheep/pigs… Perfect….

    Your wife will come round to the idea, one day ;)

  119. Scott from Oz says:

    Wath,BC is definitely not racing until the Autumn(March,our time),if at all…..she may still be retired.
    As far as i know,a final decision is yet to be made.

  120. rico says:

    Tlail, a lot can happen in six days, after all, look how much happened in a few hours last Aug 31st…

    Sadly yes Thorny, but not for too much longer i hope, Park and Nik certainly seem to be going somewhere…

  121. rico says:

    No Adam this morning, unusual, hope he hasn’t got man flu…..

    He’ll be away for weeks… ;)

  122. W.A.T.H says:

    If the dog was 19stone and 6’5″ he’s not be called fine either RA, he’d be called Deenosour

  123. Scott from Oz says:

    Mere coincidence Rico,but my mum has asked my wife and i to think about selling both houses and buying a property,with a granny flat set up for them to live in.
    Their house and yards are getting too much for them to handle,so it could be happening quite soon.

  124. rico says:

    That sounds just the ticket Scott, don’t ponder, in with both feet and get in done I say…. :)

  125. Scott from Oz says:

    Just an acre or two will do me.

  126. Thorny says:

    Man I hope so…..we’l all be here this winter cursing the fact that we failed to offload if we dont just shift them. trade them all in.

  127. Red Arse says:


    I am in agreement with you, again, re Serge. the papers are today saying that Everton have signed 17 y.o. M’Baye Niang, the kid we had on trial and allegedly tried to sign.

    I think AW pulled out of that deal, not because of the money, but precisely because of Serge Gnabry and the way he has come thru.
    I think he is potentially so good that Benik Afobe will have to watch out!


    I remember, you, I and Rico discussing the Arsenal PR failings over a year ago. Nothing seems to have changed in that respect.
    On the one hand it is so limited, on the other, mainly thru Arsene, it is so contradictory it is almost impossible to understand what he really means.

    Scott could be right that it is to confuse other clubs, but as it also confuses Arsenal fans you have to ask what is the point?
    Better to say nothing than issue nonsense statements.

  128. allezkev says:

    OK, guys & gals, gotta go and pay a few bills…

    I’ll give the boys a cheer for you up at the home of Stone Age soccer tomorrow…
    take care you lot, and RA, don’t be a stranger…


  129. rico says:

    An acre would do me Scott

    So do I Thorny, really not looking forward to seeing Chamakh on the bench….

  130. southyorkshiregunner says:

    I was in the curry house last night …..
    The Liverpool fan (ear-wigging pervert) caught me after five pints of Lal Toofan …. “Liverpool have got Sahin…” he said smugly..
    I told him they’d only got him through Liverpool’s desperation – £10M to rent a player?

    Taxi for Brendan Rogers come the end of September ….

  131. rico says:

    Safe journey AK, catch up soon, have a good time in the City….

    You off to Stoke? Have a great day then and bring back 3 points…

  132. rico says:

    Bet that sent him off with his tail between his legs Syg…

  133. rico says:

    Got to dash guys, back in a couple of hours….

  134. eastsidepaul says:

    What is this craziness about chelsea wanting M’Vila??!

  135. W.A.T.H says:

    Safe trip AK, watch out 4 neanderthals roaming around….!

    As you say RA, rather keep quite say nothing, why make yourself look a plum with comments that clearly make no sense what so ever and in quite a few instances come back to haunt you.

    Lessons learnt from last year………..? we will find out in 6 days I suppose

  136. southyorkshiregunner says:

    I’ve known him years, Rico…


    …. as previously stated on HH, we got the cheap version ……

  137. Scott from Oz says:

    RA,i guess he must say something at press conferences though.
    The worlds talent scouts are waiting to hear who we are looking at,so feeding them tripe may be the best way to go.

  138. W.A.T.H says:

    Scott, you may have a point there…. So bigging up Diaby is wengers way of trying to get interest in him from other clubs so someone comes and buts him..?? Cunning plan indeed…!

    Your spot on though, the yids just try buy who ever we are linked with, Mankini jumps on the bandwagon so agreed keep quiet about players BUT as said no need to then talk utter rubbish about our players that we all know cannot do the job in the position that he is discussing.

  139. W.A.T.H says:

    Afternoon SYG, we all know we wanted Hazard but the minute Lille decided to keep him the price was always going to be to much for us when the chavs n citeh came calling..!

  140. Scott from Oz says:

    Wath,the crap Wenger offers up only fools the fools,so no real harm done,i reckon.

  141. W.A.T.H says:

    That make us all fools as well Scott ;-) or is it just me..??

  142. W.A.T.H says:

    makes me wonder why someone as intelligent as him keeps coming out with such rubbish…!

  143. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Nice story re: the 52/53 season for all the young Arsenal fans….

    After Arsenal got beat at Preston 2-0 at Deepdale and the team were travelling home, Denis Compton got off the train at DONCASTER station to pick up a Green Un/Evening Paper to find out the Wolves had lost away at Tottenham and all that Arsenal had to do was to beat Burnley at home the following week ….
    …They did 3-2 at Highbury…

  144. Scott from Oz says:

    Nah,Wath…..i never believe him!!
    Hes a lying bastard,but hes OUR lying bastard :)

  145. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Like Ferguson stated: Dealing with Wenger was like a poker school in Govan …. He plays his cards close to his chest….

    I like Diaby better than Song, but he slows our game down a bit … I hope he comes good, but I can’t see it…

  146. W.A.T.H says:

    I only ever think he’s telling lies when his lips move Scott… The thing is as RA said earlier, rather say nothing than make yourself look a plum with comments that are plainly stupid….! Really doesn’t do him any favours what so ever.

  147. southyorkshiregunner says:

    12:28 forgot the link


    Nice story re: the 52/53 season for all the young Arsenal fans….

    After Arsenal got beat at Preston 2-0 at Deepdale and the team were travelling home, Denis Compton got off the train at DONCASTER station to pick up a Green Un/Evening Paper to find out the Wolves had lost away at Tottenham and all that Arsenal had to do was to beat Burnley at home the following week ….
    …They did 3-2 at Highbury

  148. W.A.T.H says:

    He’s very much like Song SYG, he holds onto the ball to long never lets the ball do the work, slows the tempo down and far to often gives away silly fouls with stupid tackles due to allowing himself to be the wrong side..! A taller skinnier version of Song with a lot more skill but is even more frustrating to watch.

  149. Scott from Oz says:

    Wath,you do have to admit though,some of the questions hes asked in PC’s deserve nothing but contempt in their response.

  150. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Just up on Marca

    Arsenal in for Affellay ..

    This computer at the gym is shit it won’t translate

  151. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Top man WATH.

    sorry mundo deportivo

    Arsenal regains Ibrahim Afellay in the spotlight as a possible reinforcement ofesivo, although the club ‘gunner’ also contemplate going for Sevilla’s Jesus Navas.
    In addition, Liverpool have renewed their interest in the Dutch international Barça and although he rejected a transfer to Anfield.

  152. W.A.T.H says:

    That’s the thing though Scott, the questions are asked by dickbrain journo’s, he is far above their intellect to respond so why respond at all, question the motives of their question tie them up in knots and show how stupid and bias they really are but there is no need to mention players and make statements that add ammo if things go pear shaped in the season and the diaby comment and the special player comments are dumb in my opinion.

  153. Will says:

    Afternoon Rico, Housers. Great entry today but I have one point.

    ” Cazorla, Wilshere and Arteta” makes a great attacking midfield, who defends?

  154. W.A.T.H says:

    If true which I doubt, Is Afellay what we need…? I’d say no…! decent player but nothing special.

  155. Scott from Oz says:

    Will,i think hes made it clear he wants a DM in.
    Wath…as with a lot of things,we will never know his motives.

  156. Scott from Oz says:

    Afellay would not be needed unless Theo is in fact going.

  157. Will says:

    I would like to see a midfield of:

    Cazorla Arteta Brutal Bastard Wilshere The Ox.

  158. Scott from Oz says:

    Im off guys…..go West Brom!!

  159. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Bilbao have got Martinez and Llorente training separate from the other players ….
    Martinez’s proposed transfer with Bayern is a no-go bebause Bayern’s valuation of the player falls very short of what Bilbao are asking for … about £20M more, I think
    Llorente is waiting for a eur.21M move to Juventus ….

    Affellay and Dos Santos are not in Vilanova’s plans…. Dos Santos is on his way to Sevilla….. Hopefully with money from the sale of Navas …

  160. W.A.T.H says:

    Cheers Scott take it easy fella..!

    You reckon Martinez worth the dosh SYG, seen very little of him so can’t comment..!

  161. southyorkshiregunner says:

    All the European press are raving about him, but I’ve seen as much of Martinez as I’ve seen of Capoue, WATH.
    When we were successful, was when France as a football nation were successful. Maybe another couple of Spanish lads are what’s called for.
    Martinez is obviously a “special” player, how “special” I have no idea.

    Wenger is giving away nothing – Who can blame him – every player he looks to go for others follow ….

    There’s still at least 5-7 players here that need still shipping out. Their replacement with three quality ones would be a start.

  162. Will says:

    I still don’t see any new marque players coming in.

  163. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Wenger said “you’d surprised what players want to come to Arsenal…..”
    He actually said that.
    I’d love to know who they are ……

  164. Will says:

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has admitted he is looking for a top-class holding midfielder as the transfer window draws to a close. The Frenchman also revealed why he pulled out of the race to sign Real Madrid midfielder Nuri Sahin.

    The Gunners were understood to be in the driving seat in the race for the Turkish playmaker but Wenger then decided to turn down the chance, allowing Liverpool to sign the 23 year old on a season-long loan. Wenger has now revealed he wanted a purely defensive midfielder, after selling Alex Song to Barcelona.

    “If we wanted to sign Sahin, we would have done it. Sahin is a quality player but he is not a purely defensive midfielder. We have Jack Wilshere coming back and he is a similar type of player,” The Sun quoted Wenger as saying.

    The manager also pointed out Sahin wanted regular starts but he would not have been able to provide that to the former Borussia Dortmund captain, with Mikel Arteta, Santi Cazorla, Wilshere, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Tomas Rosicky, Abou Diaby, Aaron Ramsey, Andrei Arshavin and Francis Coquelin all competing for the three central midfield spots in the Gunners’ 4-2-3-1 formation.

    “I see Sahin more in the attacking department – not in a deep midfield role. And of course, Sahin wants to play. He wants to join a club where he will play [every week]. We have nine midfielders and they all need a chance to play,” the Daily Mail quoted the 62 year old as explaining.

    Wenger also said that although he did have a number of options for the deep-lying playmaker’s role, he would loosen his purse strings if a top quality anchorman became available in the last week of the transfer window.

    “If someone really top, top class comes up… I do not need to buy an average midfielder. If someone top, top class turns up, completely defensive, we will consider it. Arteta can play deeper – the kind of [Andrea] Pirlo role – and we have Diaby who is a very strong defensive player. We have Coquelin who is also doing very well. I’ve played many games with Diaby and Wilshere [in midfield] and they were very efficient,” Wenger said to the club’s official Web site.

    Arsenal have been linked with midfield enforcers like Yann M’Vila, Lucas Biglia, Etienne Capoue and Victor Wanyama this summer.

  165. emma says:

    RVP starts, Wayne on the bench. Looks like fatman(wayne) won’t be too happy about this. Both players like dropping off

  166. Ben Barrett says:

    Afternoon All, Nice post again today a bit of blood and thunder!
    I am giving up on transfer speculation for this year….after we sign M’villa or Javi of course! ;)

  167. Joaquim Moreira says:

    I’m watching Swansea – Hammers (3-0…)
    Mourinho dreams to be Liverpool manager in the future. He would like to be again in England but be the manager of Liverpool.
    I’m not agree with Aw. We haven’t a enought squad for all the competiitions.
    Everybody talks about a DM. What is that in a squad with no more then 24 or 25 players? A “DM” is a midfield player, but is very good in a defense role and good in the forward role. With a boundary of 24 or 25 players, we must have a few players able to play in different positions. In my view, it’s that contribution who can make the difference between a balanced squad and unbalanced one. When got a few injuries or/and suspensiosn the coesion of the team is gone.

  168. alanbstardmp says:

    :D :D

  169. alanbstardmp says:

    Hey Red Arse. You 6’5?

    Do us a favour. Nick down to ” Talksport ” and give Stan Collymore a hiding :D

  170. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Roaring Twenties. You want to watch the film with James Cagney, Alan. A top film.

  171. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Swansea – 6 points – 8 goals – 2 games – no goals conceded…

  172. southyorkshiregunner says:

    I heard it on Radio5 live in the gym. They sounded as good as West Ham sounded dire ….

  173. alanbstardmp says:

    Hi Yorkie. I’ll see if I can pick that film up. Speaking of film, I’m thinking of ditching digital capture with my camera and returning to film. I’m sick of menus and software and all that bollocks

    Poor Hammers. Got a belting today. Alf garnett won’t be happy

  174. agirlagunner says:

    United are already 1 goal down. Haha.

  175. alanbstardmp says:

    hi agag Seriously? HAHA!

  176. alanbstardmp says:

    RvP scores

  177. alanbstardmp says:

    Man U will rip em up. Man U will win the premiership

    Toffees 1 up too

  178. agirlagunner says:

    of course vPersie had to equalize. Eeeek.

  179. boomergooner1727 says:

    and there u have it. disgusting. come on fulham!

  180. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Van Persie scored …. writing on the wall for Rooney

  181. Joaquim Moreira says:

    The first of the season.. a very good goal

  182. Andrew says:

    fuckin sick! He has no soul!

  183. agirlagunner says:

    AK, great pos, btw. You be careful driving. And I hope those bills aren’t shopping ones. :D

    alan, Manu are poor. :D Fulham are still in it. The commentators sounded deflated after Fulham scored, it was quite funny.

  184. alanbstardmp says:

    Freddie Ljunberg says gunners lost their winning ways. How true. These new signings won’t make much difference I suspect. Hope I’m wrong

  185. alanbstardmp says:

    Hi agag. Even if Manure lose today, they will be there at the end of the season

    Well balanced side. Best in the EPL

  186. agirlagunner says:

    alan, you’re wrong. ;)

    Hiya, JM, great goal, indeed. I still think he’s hateful.

  187. Andrew says:

    The bias towards United is sickening !! I know not to expect anything else but still!

  188. Gooner Sam says:

    I actually thought I hated Cashley the most but you know what RVP is worse to me now. I really do hope Wenger buys one or two more. The squad is on good shape but with a couple it could be great.

  189. alanbstardmp says:

    Hi Gooner sam. Therese foreigners are mercenaries. They should be banned and let locals play for local clubs. tribalism leading to better football playing one one’s own area

  190. Andrew says:

    Im sorry but man city are by far the more balanced side! Better fullbacks Kompany the giant in defence! A foward line to scare any oppisition ! Midfield full of talent and ball retention! Uniteds midfield is relatively poor!
    Newly aquired purchase of sinclair adds width!

  191. southyorkshiregunner says:

    When Sagna and Wilshire get back, plus the two signings this week (just as long as they’re not young Africans) Arsenal will have a cracking side.

  192. alanbstardmp says:

  193. alanbstardmp says:

    Hi Andrew. We will see at the end of the season. You may be right, time will tell

    Yorkie, agreed, no Africans

  194. Will says:

    You sure Alan?

  195. Andrew says:

    Lets hope so would hate to see van persie lift the premier league!
    City would be more bearable

    M’villa maybe? Capoue would be awesome defensively but would toulouse sell?

  196. alanbstardmp says:

    a howler fron S Given. Toffees 2 up

  197. alanbstardmp says:

    RvP assist Manure second goal

  198. alanbstardmp says:

    Hi Will

    I am confident manure will win the EPL

    Andrew I would prefer EPL experienced players, however, if they are any good and aren’t Africans, pr qualify for an ACN country they are worth considering

  199. Joaquim Moreira says:

    no Africans?
    Are cheaper then the other ones…
    If Arsenal can find, for instance, a Drogba 10 years younger, he must reject him?

  200. alanbstardmp says:

    Man U in again 3-1

  201. alanbstardmp says:

    yes Joaquim. I would wear Drogba even now. He’s a fine player, and maybe even adebayor again, but I would rather have local lads in a team for continuity

  202. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Everton 0-3 !
    Careful with the Toffes. I said this last Monday

  203. gunnerdna says:

    Good mornings gooners, real cause for concern our team needs strengthening, we need two world class signing asap….

  204. alanbstardmp says:

    defenders gunnerdna?

  205. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Dani is not playing in M.U today… Zenith wants him – 40 millions!

  206. boomergooner1727 says:

    morning gooners.

    would be nice if AW were watching dembele and fellaini today. i’d take both.

  207. alanbstardmp says:

    40 m. Tempting for SAF?

  208. gunnerdna says:

    we urgently need a DM and a top striker, i’m tired of hearing about diaby and jack its becoming annoying…

  209. alanbstardmp says:

    Diaby is a has been, well, not even that. Jack, well, nothing much there is there?

  210. agirlagunner says:

    Shrek and Chicharito looked miserable on the bench. :D Fulham wasted a great opprtunity to equalize. Rafael is more a liability than an asset, I think.

  211. goonster says:

    hi AGAG, what’s the score i heard that dick head scored! grrrrrrr, gosh i hate manure.

  212. Merlin96 says:

    You want to beat Stoke?

    Then, play like Swansea with its one-touch one-pass directly to teh feet of teh players, and plenty of thru’ balls intot eh box with Graham off-the-shoulder running between CB and defenders.

    No “tiki Taka’ stuff with Stoek players just sweep your feet off the ground, body-check and pack the box…when you are playing Crab Football with 30+ passes around the box..with final pass directly to a Stoke player.

    Look at Swansea energetic midfield.
    Whenever they lost the ball, opponent are swamped by at least 3 Swansea instantly to pressurise you off the ball and will not allow you to settle to pick the pass.

    Same as ManU playing against FUlham..not allowing FUlham players to settle down with ManU players swamping all over the ball carrier.

    Out fast counter-attack?
    Ever saw Diaby leisurelymoving the ball in midifeld and Arteta passing sideway and backward?

    If we play the samw way like we player Sunderland, Stoke will easily nullify our players with roughhosue tactics and intimidating elbows and tackles…”the man’s game”.

    If Sahin is the pass-master and effective link-up with SUarez…..we will be in trouble with our vulnerable FB.

    Let’s not get our hope too high now…..and see whetehr Wenger is innovative with his tactics in 2012/13…rather than carrying on playing the same old way of 2011/12 season… ‘tikii taka” Crab Football…

  213. alanbstardmp says:

    tippy tappy gay frog Wenger ball LOL.. What a freak he is

    Fulham 2 manure 3

  214. agirlagunner says:

    Come on, Fulham….

  215. goonster says:

    where is the game being played? old toilet or craven cottage. come on guys. i need minute by minute report or i ll lose it here.

  216. agirlagunner says:

    United are still winning, but son’t write off Fulham just yet, goonie!!

    Who’s a freak, alan? :? vPersie?? Lol.

  217. alanbstardmp says:

    it’s at Old toilet Goonstar

    agag Wenger is the Andy Warhol of football. Freaky ideas and can produce a high pay day out of shite :D

  218. goonster says:

    oh thanks AGAG, come on fulham…..though i hate bald head jol but heck, come on fulham.

  219. Merlin96 says:

    DO notice the rest of teh 19 premiership teams are playing the English way of quick passing directly to the feet of players in midfield; and then plenty of thru’ balls into space for off-the-shoulder running by forwards, spinning into teh box..and brushing defenders aside.

    Since the Rise of Fabregas, we had been playing “tiki taka” Crab Football without a settled team, without highly technical players that can controlled the ball with one-touch and move the ball with the 2nd touch.

    SInce 2005/06 to 2012/13 season, we do not have a settle side that can play 2 seasons in succession.

    – a legion of injury-prone players every season;
    – a fractious dressing room witht eh African CLique and Gallas;
    – disloyal players;
    – daft purchases such as Bischoff, SIlvestre, CHamakh, Squillaci, Park CY.

    Let’s hope that since The French Spine of 2001/02 to 2004/05, we will have a settled side that can play the next 2 seasons in succession without key players leaving in 2013/14.

  220. goonster says:

    thanks alan, gosh i hope fulham equalizes……come on fulham.

  221. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Why we not follow Dembeley?

  222. Joaquim Moreira says:

    totts 1-0 :-(

  223. Merlin96 says:

    Let’s wait for October/November to see who is right – Ferguson or Wenger.

    Remember how Adebayor went off a flying start in his first season at Abu Dhabi?

    Remember how Nasri went off a flying start in his first season with us?t

    Remember Chamakh flying start when Van Persie out injured?

    I wouldn’t read too much in it as after all, Wenger can consoled himself with 1.5-mil extra paymnet if ManU won title or CL Cup within thenext 4 years.

  224. goonster says:

    spot on JM i ve always advocated for his purchase. he’s cheap, french and premier league proven. they want arshavin right, then let’s have moussa in exchange.

  225. Merlin96 says:

    WBA was playing with fear, playing negative football and Tiny Totts should be slaughtering ‘em.

    WBA is prime relegation candidate…a poorish team with a poorish manager.

  226. goonster says:

    merlin has he really been on fire? God give me strength….how many did he score?

  227. goonster says:

    the same wba that ripped the reds last week? no way!

  228. agirlagunner says:

    Nasty gash on the leg for Shrek. :)

  229. agirlagunner says:

    vP, goonie?? Wonderful goal; pretty ordinary otherwise. :P I’m just bitter. Dembele is class.

  230. goonster says:

    what’s the final score maam? did anyone kick him on the groin? i hope.

  231. Joaquim Moreira says:

    3-2 ufff! United lucky
    Totts 1-1 :-)
    I’m now watching them

  232. agirlagunner says:

    3-2 goonie. Shame, really.

  233. agirlagunner says:

    United were very very lucky. Dembele and Petric unlucky not to score.

  234. goonster says:

    shame AGAG, heck now, they conceded 3 goals in 2 games. am happy besides the toots are drawing. come wba.

  235. goonster says:

    i bet those man scum were awarded a “pelanty” right AGAG? gosh i hate fergusnose!

  236. goonster says:

    what’s the current score JM? hope them totts are being stuffed.

  237. allezkev says:

    Lucky ManUre. How much help did they get from the ref?
    RIP will soon pick up an injury, so don’t lose your new found karma Stan.
    Agag, no, these are just those boring bills we all have.
    Shopping bills are happy bills… :-D

  238. stevepalmer1 says:

    Evening all, great write up AK as usual, Just got back from an overnight fishing trip, sadly no fish but came home to Ak’s fine post and SYG post yesterday which i hadn’t read, no wonder HH just keeps getting better. For all those that that may be wondering how the nut crunch went, she supprised us all and ordered a massive chinese which was delicious no complaints from me at all and a fine birthday party it was.

  239. allezkev says:

    Hmm, this tea is just the ticket… ;-)
    Fat Sam for the sack before the end of October.
    Here’s hoping anyway…

  240. goonster says:

    hiya AK, did you see the game? how well did the man scum play? championship material yet? how did that prick fare?

  241. agirlagunner says:

    Was it your birthday, SSP?? Hope it was fab! You don’t sound a day over 33! ;)

    AK, :lol: Like you, I’m happy enough to fork over money for stuff I like.

  242. allezkev says:

    Hiya Sir Stevo. No ‘The one that got away’ stories for us?

  243. agirlagunner says:

    Goonie a goal and an assist for vP. But they are not championship material. de Gea had a few clownish moments.

  244. allezkev says:

    Sorry Stan, I only caught bits of the game via the radio.
    I’m working… Or trying..!
    Don’t think I’ll bother with MotD tonight.

  245. stevepalmer1 says:

    not mine Agag My daughter’s, and only a little ove 33 :) you still shopping.

  246. goonster says:

    good…..thanks for that picture AGAG, really made my day. wish it was van prick though. clowny you say? stoke must be rubbing their hands in glee.

  247. allezkev says:

    Typical, as soon as I’m gone, my old’ mate AlanMP is on here, cracking jokes, being optimistic and generally talking up his hero Arsene…
    Go get ‘em Al, :-P

  248. stevepalmer1 says:

    Hi AK nice one today mate. Whem people talk about fishing hard waters it means there are not many fish and i’ve found one, 18 hours and bugger all, allways next week though :)

  249. agirlagunner says:

    You sound like you had fun, SSP. :) I did not buy anything for a month. (so yes, I bought a few things)

  250. goonster says:

    hey sir sp, wish your little one a happy birthday for me. hey JM, what are spuddies playing?

  251. allezkev says:

    Tea break over.
    Stan, remember, transcendental meditation…
    Just go with flow Stanley.
    Your pants will be fine… ;-)

  252. allezkev says:

    See ya lata Agag/SSP

  253. agirlagunner says:

    De Gea will struggle with thuggish teams. He and Vidic made a meal out of clearing what appeared to be an innocuous ball. :lol: I hear Shrek’s out for four weeks. :D :D

  254. stevepalmer1 says:

    well done Agag a whole month boy thats impressive

  255. stevepalmer1 says:

    Take it easy AK, Thanks Stan i will.

  256. goonster says:

    yes he’s out for weeks….hopefully for longer. later kev.

  257. agirlagunner says:

    One month and two days, SSP. I counted. :P I could get sed to this saving stuff. ;)

    Here you go, goonie:


  258. agirlagunner says:

    AK, take care. Enjoy the match tomorrow. :)

  259. goonster says:

    i just saw the van prick goal……nothing special. my grand ma ll have done better.

  260. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Not bad..
    Chelsea 1-0 – penalty

  261. goonster says:

    another penalty for chelsea? that’s 3 in 3 games. christ help us.

  262. stevepalmer1 says:

    They don’t need Christ Stan, they have the FA

  263. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Arsenal 3 Blackburn 0 :-)

  264. rico says:

    Evening everyone, would have been back sooner but for storms :(

    See ‘HE’ got off the mark today then….

  265. Edwin olem says:

    It will be good, if wenger can look for Ndembele from Fulham

  266. Will says:

    Evening all, how are you all this fine Saturday evening?

  267. agirlagunner says:

    Hi, rico. :) Howdy? He did okay. ;) He’s not one we’ll miss. :D Gulps. Power went out?

  268. rico says:

    Dodging the storms Will, what’s it like where you are??

  269. rico says:

    Hi agag, all good thanks barring the weather, it’s really dark and it’s only 7pm :(

    You ok?

  270. agirlagunner says:

    I thought it was still summer where you are. :( I am well. Busy-ish. :?

  271. agirlagunner says:

    Chelsea are also winning, it seems. :(

  272. Joaquim Moreira says:

    here, the sun shinning :-)
    I just came om the beach.
    another rumour: Malouda – arsenal? I hope not…

  273. Joaquim Moreira says:

    … from the beach

  274. agirlagunner says:

    JM, you showoff!! :P Still on holidays? Torres is good, I hear.

  275. Will says:

    Spitting Rico but getting darker by the minute. Anyone worried about the game tomorrow?

  276. emma says:

    Capoue not playing tonight for Tolouse. M’vila playing tonight for Rennes. Has Wenger made a decision?

  277. rico says:

    Just had another downpour, the skies are like night time and even Sky TV has blown :(

  278. Joaquim Moreira says:

    I’m in holidays all August month. Fortunately, I live at the seaside! :-)
    Torres was playing the best match since have been in England…

  279. rico says:

    So much for the Rennes president saying M’Vila had played his last game emma…

    Fingers crossed for Capoue then it seems…

  280. Will says:

    Just seen the first Chelsea goal, wonderful dive by Torres.

  281. Andrew says:

    Capoue injured??

  282. emma says:

    rico – probably the rennes president is still sticking on his valuation of m’vila. Notice also Tiote didn’t feature for Newcastle

  283. agirlagunner says:

    Hiya, emma. Howdy? I think we’d get M’Vila on a free… (if not soon).

    JM, I know someone who went to Pinhao (?) and really liked it. :) Have you been?

    rico, but is power back on? I hate it when it rains here and the power is out; cause you would have to open doors and windows and get eaten alive by mosquitoes. :(

  284. rico says:

    Just looking at the Chelsea v Newcastle game, in fact, looking for Tiote and couldn’t find him…

    Surely not…

  285. rico says:

    Have power agag, just internet/satellite keep going off :(

    Mosquitoes, you can keep those little rascals….

  286. agirlagunner says:

    And earlier I thought you were finally off on hols, rico. ;)

    We have our work cut out for us tomorrow, it seems. :(

  287. rico says:

    Sadly not agag…

    Going to bid you all a goodnight – fed up with the hub having to sort itself out…

    Have a good one all, and hopefully all will be back to normal tomorrow…

    Night all

  288. EastSidePaul says:

    RVP pictured celebrating his first goal for United tonight at home with his family –

  289. Joaquim Moreira says:

    agag, Pinhão is fantastic. It’s a small place in Douro valley. Everybody likes it. Has a nice train station. Was a very important place of grapes/wine. It was an important entrepot of wine when it was transported by boats typical to Porto. Today as yesterday, is surrounded by farms, vineyards and breathtaking scenery. It’s a remarkable place in all that beautiful region. The whole region is a World Heritage Site.

  290. Scott from Oz says:

    Merlin,i nearly spat up corn flakes when i read you want us to play like Swansea if we are to win.
    All i will say is you obviously did not watch Swansea play,because they could easily have lost 3-0!!!
    That was the luckiest 3-0 win ive ever seen against a terrible side,and you want us to emulate them?
    Ive heard it all.
    Van Persie did score a cracker,but i will bet hes not as effective throughout the season as he was for us last year……his chances are very,very limited for Utd.
    Dembele is such a good player,he shouldnt be at Gulham,quite honestly.
    Morning all.

  291. Scott from Oz says:

    Shouldnt be at Fulham,either :)

  292. Micko says:

    To be fair Scott, Swansea do play good football, the way it should be played, on the ground and with their new manager Michael Laudrup that we continue, they won’t be parking the bus when they turn up at the emirates, they’ll give us a game.

    Re your 11.02, please tell me you won’t be keeping the donation in the fridge !

  293. Scott from Oz says:

    Dont get me wrong Micko,they play very attractive,open football,but even a mid table side would’ve destroyed them last night.
    I watched it,and if it were us playing that game,we would have put six in.
    They were non existent defensively,but the opposition werent good enough to take advantage.
    In fact,they were like Arsenal on a bad day,and dont let the score line fool you into thinking otherwise.
    If we aspire to those standards,we will never play CL football again.

  294. Micko says:

    I know Scott, watched them on the box earlier, 8 goals in two games and none conceded ain’t bad though, they’d be top if it weren’t for Chelsea playing the extra game, we gotta put in a performance tomorrow, rather Kev than me !

  295. wellingooner says:

    £5m fee and £6.4m in wages to have a player who is pretty much the same as Wilshere for one year… Hmm, no thanks. I’d rather buy M’Vila and then play Diaby or Ramsey in Wilshere until October when he’s supposedly returning.

  296. Micko says:

    Wellingooner, crazy if true, that’s more than what Real Madrid paid for him in the first place.
    Still, if your a Liverpool fan desperate times call for desperate measures.

    Catch you for the game guys, I’m heading for my bunk.

  297. Scott from Oz says:

    Again,i agree to a certain extent Micko,but they havent played anyone yet.
    I do not want this to sound like im knocking Swansea…thats nowhere near the truth.
    Its just that we cant “play like them” and expect to finish any better than 10th or 12th,can we?
    Their opponents so far have allowed them to dictate terms with little resistance……like us V Blackburn last season.
    With no real defensive resistance,any side can play pretty and go on a rampage.
    Id go as far as to say if theyd played,say Everton and Newcastle,theyd be sitting on no points,but yes,as it stands,theyre on top of the table,so all due respect to them.
    Theyre a mid table side……why should we aspire to imitate them?
    I read an interesting comment from Wenger….he wants Arsenal to be made up of app. 60% home grown guys.
    Its interesting that Wengers biggest knockers on here are also those advocating more English players,then do a U turn and bag him for his youth policy.
    Quite strange.

  298. Scott from Oz says:

    Liverpool got right royally screwed…again :)

  299. allezkev says:

    Scott/Mick, teams don’t park the bus vs Swansea, as they do when they play Arsenal.
    Similar styles but totally different circumstances & problems to overcome.
    Mick, don’t pretend….
    I know that you are insanely jealous & wish you were also catching the 7.45 coach to visit the Orcs…
    You can’t fool me.

  300. rico says:

    Morning all….

  301. rico says:

    New Post up….

  302. Scott from Oz says:

    Exactly AK.
    Morning Rico.
    Actually,its late afternoon here down under.
    Ive been to a BBQ,sunk twelve beers,had a few Whiskies and am loving life.
    Come on you right royal Gunners!!!
    Guys,im going to Brisbane next week to visit my 18y.o. princess(daughter),and have organised a pub who allows Gunners jerseys,and all games shown live.
    Ive told my daughter shes my taxi and beer wench!!
    Shes not happy,but doesn’t want to upset her bankroll lol!!!
    Rico,i am on a scouting mission to find more HHer’s….whats my fee???

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