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Cazorla – ‘The Poor Man’s Fabregas’! Media, Mentality & Mediocrity

Yesterday was a nothing day in terms of Arsenal FC, however the tabloids can always make something out of nothing.

The Nuri Sahin to Arsenal story has been stretched, turned around, pulled apart and stitched back together on numerous occasions, so much so its become of boring irrelevance to the press.

“Who’s Wenger after anyway – he’s just some young Turk.”

I never thought anything of any sports journalists until I started watching Jimmy Hill’s Sunday Supplement about ten years ago. I loved the programme, and apart from the odd exception, I thought the majority of journalist’s who took part in the programme were a set of tossers. I’m from Yorkshire, I like to say it how it is – but it made decent television.

On Sunday the shows headline regarding Arsenal was “Cazorla is a poor man’s Fabregas”, which would be laughable, if it wasn’t aimed at the club. It was a cheap and vicious shot.

Then, a couple of days ago, the main headlines in The Sun was how Santos could be jailed for dangerous driving and ‘Arsenal 0 Arsenal Old Boy’s 44′. Again, it could be laughable if it wasn’t aimed at Arsenal.

It really is poor journalism!!

These tabloids plagiarise stories from each other, adding a bit here and offering “sources within” stories along with a fact or a statistic to give it credence.

It’s lazy.

“Eduardo says it was a mistake selling Van Persie and Song”, claimed another paper aiming more negativity towards Arsenal who have also had to endure stories of how Kevin Mirallas snubbed Arsenal for Everton.

Disgraceful really.

Arsenal’s players like any other players will read the press, check out the internet and watch TV.

We all love to see our names in the spotlight, and Premier League footballers – well they are like yesterday’s pop stars.

Sir Alex Ferguson gives Danny Wellbeck, a player who is possibly one of the most mediocre forwards that has ever pulled on an England shirt, a four-year contract worth millions after paying £24M on a 29 year old with a poor injury record plus a contract worth £40M and United get the positive accolade and the plaudits.

Make no mistake here, United are a club on the slide.

They are up to their eyes in debt and have just bankrolled two players along with the purchase of a Japanese player, which is something that Arsenal would have never have done, even if they did have the money to squander.

Yet the press drool over United?

Munich ’58 brought United to the attention of the world. It was very sad, yes, but it was also a PR goldmine, and they have been living on its history ever since.

Over the past eight years Arsenal have procured various players to fit in with both the dynamics of Arsene Wenger’s system, but who have been relatively inexpensive to buy. The majority have been young foreigners who Wenger has made sure they got paid highly in return for both performance and loyalty.

Young players are young, meaning they do everything you expect of a young lad, but the upshot is that they perform erratically. When it’s good, it’s good and when it’s bad it’s bad. Young people need mentors for things to rub off on them.

Thing’s like being a winner.

Last year we had a rubbish season, which was only made half-decent due to Tottenham and Chelsea being equally as bad. It shows you how poor we have become when teams like Newcastle are biting at our heels for a place in Europe and that a poor team like Wigan can come to the Emirates and go away with three points.

There was nothing good about last year, we were dire.

Every time we went on a good run the Arsenal.com machine would trundle out the same old rubbish about this player loving the way that player was playing and that there is a real bond within the side etc., which due to the nature of our nil transparency as a club gets plastered all over the media as there is NO other news coming out of the club barring Wenger’s “mental strength” quotes.

There’s a scene in Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” when Harvey Kietel has helped clear up the mess of a dead body with half its head missing. He looks at Samuel L Jackson and John Travolta who are praising each other for helping each other get out of the shit circumstance they themselves have put themselves in.

Kietel quips: “Let’s not start sucking each other dicks, yet.”

Metaphorically speaking this is exactly what the young Arsenal team did after a nice run of results and reading their self-promotion all over the press. Their fickle mentality believed what they read, however reality bites when you go one, two and three goals down in the San Siro, no matter how much Wenger says that Milan are not the Milan of yesteryear.

He was right, but nor are Arsenal the Arsenal of yesteryear.

Mentality is key within a side.

Look at Djourou, Diaby, Song, Chamakh, Bendtner and even Walcott and ask yourself, would you want these guys in the trenches with you watching your back?

There’s a realistic answer. No you would not.

Walcott may have been England’s most dynamic player at the recent Euro’s, and would have probably been even more so were it for Rooney not wanting to pass to him. Saying that, playing for England has always been a case of self-preservation – Walcott wasn’t that bothered about passing the ball to Oxlade-Chamberlain either.

One of Wenger’s chief problems at the club has been well documented. Arsenal pay too much for mediocrity, and as such we find it hard to offload. We have players picking up high wages for non-performance. It’s vile and it stinks. They are referred to as the deadwood and we can’t move them on.

Arsene Wenger recently pulled off a transfer master-stroke, bigger than that of purchase of Henry and the sale Anelka. He got shut of Alexander Song for £15M, a lazy player who was offloaded before that kind of attitude spread any further.

Steve Bould has only been in two minutes and by all accounts had Song’s ‘number’.

Bould is no shrinking violet. Over six feet tall he has been up against the best and has tasted success throughout his career. Bould is the man who backed Tony Adams up and walked into the Coventry manager’s office and threatened to knock hell out of him as he had been needlessly provoking Adams, who at the time was a recovering alcoholic.

That manager was the great Gordon Strachan. Strachan apologised and it takes a big man to apologise and mean it.

Bould is everything that Pat Rice was not. Bould is a man’s man and he no doubt hated watching a player train with a lazy attitude, so after a little word in the ear of the manager, Wenger duly packaged him off to Barcelona.

Wenger shows a humility to his players and never bad mouths them in public, that you have to admire. However there are certain players who should have been stripped of their squad number and publicly told to go. They are no good here.

It is pointless having bad apples, they spoil the whole bunch!

The media love it when we talk of the likes of M’Baye Niang ‘coming’ to Arsenal. A 17 year old French-African full of promise is the archetypical Wenger signing. Nurture him through the harsh reality of the Premier League and give him a lucrative contract so he either thinks he’s too good and shows no loyalty and leaves – or the club can’t get him out of the door without use of a crowbar.

But this pre-season hasn’t been like this at all. What Arsenal have brought in has been exceptional. I cannot believe that Arsenal as a club have invested so well in players. Good, world class players.

And it isn’t done yet.

The fact that we were at an advanced stage in talks with Mirallas suggests that we are still in the market for a striker/attacker, plus the M’Vila rumours will not go away. Over the past few days we have been linked with Jesus Navas of Sevilla and Michel Bastos of Lyon, which can only smart of ambition.

I just hope that Wenger and Bould continue what they have started.

This season Arsenal WILL win the Premier League.

Written by southyorkshiregunner 

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436 comments on “Cazorla – ‘The Poor Man’s Fabregas’! Media, Mentality & Mediocrity

  1. Good morning fellow fans, this nuri sahin story is getting boring already

  2. morning red army, hope all is well.

  3. Morning all,

    Great read Syg, first of many I hope :)

    The press are gutter and nothing like a doom and gloom story about Arsenal for them to get excited about. Never anything positive…

    Even Lily savage has jumped in with both feet saying we are a selling club….

    They will be doing a ‘Stanley’ once Sahin goes to the Dippers….

  4. SYG,

    congratulations on this. . . best article I’ve read in weeks.

    Thank you.

  5. Anyone with half a brain can see what a bad deal Sahin was turning into,at Mourinhos doing,so nobody can say anythinmetro worry me about him going to Liverpool.

  6. Yes,well done SYG,great post.

  7. we need to win in order for the pundits and media to respect us..
    we haven’t won anything no matter who comes and who goes if we win the league.. the same media will talk good about us…. Man u are debt strapped but they have won so much in the last few years its obvious the media will speak good about them.

  8. Wens arsenal palyin

  9. good good post SYG….the post was without the proverbial handbrake…well done.

  10. the best way we can reply the media is by winning something this season (preferably the EPL)…morning all.

  11. Thanks Rico, MickB

  12. Have to agree guys, once we get that first trophy under our belts, the good old ‘Arsenal, who haven’t won a trophy’ – comment goes out the window….

  13. As a debut, South Yorkshire Gunner, that was exceptional.
    Very well done…
    Treat yourself to a chip buttie… ;-)

    Morning AKB’s
    Morning Rico, Onwards and upwards… :-D

  14. Morning Kev, Syg, bondex and anyone else I have missed…

    Forget Sahin now then and go get M’Vila…

  15. What will be more annoying than not getting Sahin is going to be the press reports suggesting ‘wenger losses out’ – well I hope Arsene comes out and tells it as it really is…

  16. Rico we know AW won’t do that….lets hope he gets M’villa /Capoue .

  17. Makes you wonder if the interest in Sahin, was a diversion whilst Wenger was working on other possible signings….?
    If the financial package was in Arsenal’s favour, then the deal would have gone through, but there was no way that wenger was gonna do a deal that was advantageous to Mourinho.
    They both knew it, and fortunately for Mourinho, the desperate Brendan Rodgers came up with the deal that suited his ‘old boss’…
    I’ve no doubt that Wenger has been working on other deals as the Sahin deal stagnated…
    Shame for Sahin, as i think he could have been brilliant in the Arsenal system…

  18. Rico,Gooners will e the ones saying that though.
    That’s always been the problem.
    We give the media a loaded gun.

  19. really good piece syg. the mirallas ‘saga’ was comically misconstrued, he didn’t think he was good enough, how is that snubbing?!?!

    terry- while i agree that the media respect their credentials, they seem to enjoy our struggles a bit too much. as syg pointed out some of the disrespect would never be directed at fergie (or manure), chavs, etc.

    online gooner did a great piece on transparency at the club recently worth reading. to a certain extent you could say they make up drivel to fill the void WE create.

  20. I love the look of the player – He would fit in well.
    But a £5M loan fee plus £5M wages for 1 season? And what if he gets injured?
    ..£10M is a lot of money when you could get say Luis Biglia for much less than that AND on a permanent deal…
    Liverpool have made a massive gamble – not as big as Andy Carroll, but still a massive gamble.. £10M is not chump change ..

    It’s a shame, but it all boils down to Madrid trying to get more money and Liverpool wanting him more than us …

    The upshot is that Wenger wanted the option of him permanent.

  21. Syg great post mate..covered a lot of stuff..the Bould bits are true to the man..when I hear his a yes man from some people it drives me insane..you know Bouldy done more players on the pitch than any player who ever played for arsenal..and he done it he a manly way,you know he could drink any one under the table after a game…yer including Big tone/Ray.

  22. Cazorla a poor man’s fabregas indeed

  23. He might do on this one bondex, he usually says ‘i tried but…’

    Makes you wonder AK, but not for long ;)

    Yes Scott, some will and most of them will already be moaning about the three we have signed.

  24. Great article. Bang on. Press are low life’s scraping the barrel for fodder. I agree with your opinions on the overpaid players. Less incentive too do well.. Too much too young. I hope Steve bolds pushing wenger. He needs to be pushed. And will get it right. COYG

  25. Interesting comments on Uncle Bouldy in SYG’s post…
    We should not underestimate the effect he and Banfield, will have in organisation, discipline and defensive diligence…
    I certainly notice certain players working a damned sight harder to regain possession, than was the case last season…
    I suppose the acid test will be Sunday, at the home of the Neanderthal’s….

  26. Lets forget about Sahin. £5m loan fee, that’s way off it. Liverpool must be so desperate to be willing to spend that much. We ‘ve got options M’vila/Capoue to come in I hope. Lets just hope wilshere wont suffer a setback.
    What we need is a DM, versatile defender and possibly a striker, then get rid of the dead horse Arshavin, Bendtner, park, Chamack, squillaci etc

  27. sky sports are all mu loved it when after bigging them up for hours everton beat them however it is a pain that most love to kick arsenal knowing that they are safe

  28. Oxlade-Chamberlain is fit to return at Stoke RFU, so does that mean Arshavin dropping out?
    Once Rosicky is fit, he will also jump ahead of the Russian…
    Recipe for a 31st special for Andrei…?

  29. I don’t think we gonna get either sahin or M’Vila.

  30. The news has come as a notable disappointment to the Gunners, who had been confident of securing a season-long loan deal for Sahin earlier this week, only to be beaten at the last minute.

    Arsenal had agreed terms on a transfer with both Madrid and Sahin over the weekend, and manager Arsene Wenger had even spoken to the player on the phone to reassure him his development was in safe hands.

    But with just the formalities to complete, Liverpool stepped in on Wednesday evening and offered a significantly better deal, which Arsenal refused to match.

    It is understood that the Gunners had agreed to hand over a £2 million loan fee, plus pay most of Sahin’s wages, only for Liverpool to trump that by promising a £5 million fee and to cover all salary and relocation costs.

    Liverpool have also promised Sahin regular playing time, and working under Jose Mourinho’s close friend Brendan Rodgers has been a pull, as the 23-year-old still harbours ambitions of making the Madrid first-team next season.

    The Reds are now expecting Sahin on Merseyside in the next 24 hours, with Rodgers confirming a deal is close following Liverpool’s 1-0 win over Hearts in the Europa League last night.

    ‘Hopefully in the next 24 hours we will get some confirmation on that. It’s quite far along,’ Rodgers told reporters.

    Liverpool are not expected to have an automatic option to buy Sahin next summer, but will get the first refusal if he is put up for sale.

    Arsenal meanwhile, will turn to other midfield options after refusing to match Liverpool’s bid, believing it not to be value for money.

    Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/sport/football/909566-liverpool-guzump-arsenal-for-nuri-sahin-loan#ixzz24SAaRsVs


  31. Old wenger he creates these problems in the transfer market,who else but him waits for the supermarket to nearly close and price comes down on the meat and veg.Waiting for that sticker to go on.REDUCED

  32. Syg, then it’s a good job he walked away, I still say as long as we sign a ‘dm’ kind of player, not getting Sahin will be no great miss, especially at that cost..

    Fans spend lots of time moaning about how much we pay some of our players, so why would those same fans want to pay vast amounts to a player who, maybe very good, but never ours….

  33. emma – spot on, i always preferred we got M’Vila or Capoue anyway ;)

  34. People also talk of “intent”…..it’s hardly the word to describe spending so much money on a loan deal.
    Try “insane”.

  35. I just hope we’re looking to buy a keeper, Szczesny’s not ready yet and Manonne and Fabianski well the less said the better.

  36. J.Sanderson on Navas;

    It is not the first time news has been rife about Navas and Arsenal – in 2009 he was strongly linked with a transfer, after enjoying his best season to date, scoring nine goals and picking up 14 assists during the season.

    However, a transfer away from Sevilla is extremely unlikely, given that the player suffers from an anxiety problem exacerbated by home sickness.

    Navas has since had treatment for the problem, to allow him to travel on internationals with Spain, but he is unable to spend lengthy spells away from Sevilla.

    Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/sport/football/909524-jesus-navas-in-the-dark-over-arsenal-transfer-link#ixzz24SCIh5tM

  37. ‘Liverpool have also promised Sahin regular playing time, and working under Jose Mourinho’s close friend Brendan Rodgers has been a pull, as the 23-year-old still harbours ambitions of making the Madrid first-team next season’.

    I think that bit says it all….

  38. Goo AK, don’t want Navas anyway….

  39. I don’t think Wengar is or was stupid enough to be bringing in weaklings like Mirrallis or Sahin. Sahin is a good player but no out and out defensive midfielder and he is no better than Wilshere or the OX. We need a rock now.

  40. I’m beginning to think that M’Vila could well tread the path taken by Vertonghen…
    Could be that Wenger has lost interest, despite the rumours, most probably over Rennes’ financial demands…
    Notwithstanding what M’Vila & his agent wants…

  41. morning rico- there was a funny rumor yesterday that totts were using the modric deal to dictate where sahin went. even though its (probably) not true can we just say it is and leave it at that? ;-P

  42. Could your 10.25 be in any way connected to the future of some fresh-faced, ex-Berkshire schoolboy, by any chance Rico??? ;-)

  43. sahin is a shame, no doubt. sahin is pirlo style. a deep lying play maker not a Dm as such. footballs playmakers are swallowed up by holding Dm’s. sahin would have been a change of emphasis in the team. i would have loved him but he aint come, the money for the deal appears to have been wrong.
    i think this article is spot on ! perception of the club is everything ! i love wenger but sometimes you gotta pay out big just to show that you can live with the big dogs.
    M’vila for me, i dont wanna see a cheapie this time!

    good article

  44. He has already rejected a move to the totts AK, well according to Rennes, there is only one club he wants to join i think, otherwise he stays in france and leaves for free next summer…

    Re Navas, nothing to do with Theo, honest. Just don’t want another Reyes at the club…

  45. What if sahin gets injured in his first few games?……imo BR will be the first manager to axed.

  46. allez – If m’vila is proving a hard nut to crack will might need to settle for Capoue. He is worth less (£10m)

  47. I’ll put a pound on at 4/9…

  48. Hi b1727, i doubt any of that is true either…

    We are favourites then Syg, hope they transpires to be true…

  49. excellent article

    sahin was gonna cost us 7 million for a loan, which is expensive. xabi alonso wont sign a new contract so will leave at the end of this season. Sahin will go back to madrid.

    it could workout well for liverpool but sahin’s priority is too get match fit again.

    I dont want navas,

    I would like to see AOC play as a striker, i think he has the potential to be the new henry, he has skill, technique, dribbling and can finish.

    M’vila would be great but how long would he stay if he played well, mourinho is an admirer, who os not to say after two years at arsenal , madrid want him, hopefully coquelin and frimpong would be able to fit in by then.

    Coquelin could be our new star this season.

  50. Emma, as Rico commented, Rennes will have to sell by the 31st, be it August or December, otherwise M’Vila will walk for nix, and we most probably won’t get him then anyway!

  51. RICO: Youve come up with a lot of sensible comments today as usual. A rattling good show sir!

  52. I suppose that i saw Sahin as Wenger’s last big deal of this Window…
    Now, i really don’t have a clue where he is looking.

    We all kinda assume that the club are constantly working on deals, but maybe they’re as clueless as i am..?

  53. Either would strengthen our squad emma..

    I think it’s Rennes who are the problem, they want top notch price for their player and who can blame them. It’s only the same as what we have just done with Song and ‘him’

    AW can’t have it both ways…

  54. Goona, thanks for that, Rico is a Madam btw, and very good at multi-tasking….

  55. Thanks Goona, less of the sir though please ;) ;)

  56. Emma, are you any good at multi-tasking???

    I am quite good, i can use a knife AND a fork, at the same time….. honest….. ;-)

  57. Do we ever really know what AW is doing though AK? All of this so far has been paper talk and snippets from Jose…

    Looks like we’ll be heading to DD again, hoping for a few additions…

  58. Arsène Wenger has revealed the following team news ahead of the Stoke City game:

    on Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (ankle)…

    He should be back in the training group from Friday. He has not practiced with the team yet. But he should be in the squad for Stoke.

    on Laurent Koscielny (calf)…

    He will not be back. But he should definitely be back next week. So he should play in the game after Stoke.

    on Lukasz Fabianski, who missed the Sunderland game…

    He should be OK. He has a test today [Thursday] and, normally, he will be back. He has had a problem with inflammation of the back.

    on other team news…

    Touch wood, we have no further problems apart from the guys who are out in the longer term.

  59. allez – ;-) ;-) ;-)

  60. Welcome to those just joining HH this morning….

  61. Ak…you call using a knife and a fork multi tasking… :o

  62. FootballCharlie Speaks: Transfer Sagas

    barmyarmyuk is delighted to have obtained this intriguing piece on transfer sagas that blight each and every Transfer Windows these days by Charlie Johnson. Having become increasingly frustrated with the near constant transfer rumours Charlie took to pen and paper, well more specifically a computer keyboard, to display his thoughts in a typical engaging ‘FootballCharlie’ way.

    Read on for this guest post, and who knows the Blog might be able to tempt FootballCharlie into penning more in the future!

    “We’re signing who? I’ve never heard of him.”

    And yet curiosity is spiked so of course I’ll Google him. An impressive pedigree, followed by 30 appearances for Real Mallorca 5 years ago, and 8 goals at the age of 20. Not a bad record for a midfielder that, and look it earned him a big money move to Germany, where he didn’t really hit the heights. Forget him then, we don’t want someone with a failure on their record.

    Wait though, he wasn’t signed as a first choice there and was behind a few very good players there, so maybe he just didn’t get a chance. He spent a few years in Germany, before signing for Benfica, where he’s returned back to some kind of form. They want rid though to free up some wages.

    I mean he’s not brilliant by any stretch, and perhaps hasn’t delivered on his earlier promise, but well if our manager can get him fit and playing games he’ll be a great signing. If nothing else it adds squad depth. Saying that though he’s not really what we need, is he?

    We need defenders more than a lightweight midfielder. Still, I’m not adverse to signing him, better that we take a punt on him than our rivals, so yeah it’ll do. However I’m not that sold on it.

    “Who else is interested? Well in that case, we’ve got to get him now”

    So it turns out a rival club has shown an interest, and I hear from a source that they are going to trump my clubs bid. Suddenly a player I didn’t want that much has become the only player I can possibly think of.

    Oh bloody hell, a journalist has just posted that if he can get his head straight he could be a great signing for anybody. Well that’s it now; if we don’t sign him then I want the manager sacked. I mean we missed out on that player last year, and he ended up going to Turkey where…well I don’t know, but it annoyed me at the time.

    “Oh so he’s having a medical at us now is he, sensible bit of business that”

    Yes, that’s that. I never had any doubt, and if we can incorporate that player into our team properly, it’ll be a great piece of business. Faith is fully restored, and hopefully I might spend a few hours refreshing the club website and see if I can see his smiling face holding the scarf above his head, or awkwardly holding a pen over a contract whilst the manager smiles next to him.

    I mean when this is sorted, we can hopefully go and buy that centre back we’ve been chasing for years. It might just be our season now.

    “What, that journalist who said he was having a medical was actually talking bollocks”

    Well I’m sure it’ll still come off though, I mean it seems certain to happen. Not that I’m bothered anymore of course, he’s not all that and we’ve got better options anyway.

    “Oh he is signing now and a proper journalist said it, phew what a relief, great player”

    I might have only seen him on YouTube, but that was a pretty awesome video of him doing a step-over and curling a shot into the top corner against a goalkeeper I’ve heard of. I can just see him doing that for us now.

    “The deal is off, is it? Bloody agents causing problems no doubt”

    Come on just offer him more money and we’ll have him signed by tonight. If this doesn’t happen I am going to be so furious, especially after that guy who went to Turkey last season…I really must look him up and see how he actually got on. He is such a brilliant player; I mean how can we not sign him, he’s the future of the club?

    “He’s signed for who, them, seriously? Well I never wanted him anyway”

    After 2 months, of the above I cannot believe he signed for them, I mean it’s the same thing over and over again. I hope he breaks his leg, and they get relegated. Lack of ambition though by the player, had a chance to come to a proper club and didn’t bother. Also I read somewhere that his attitude wasn’t the best, and that’s why Benfica wanted rid of him. Well it’s his loss, and that guy said on Twitter we are going to sign that Dutch lad anyway.

    Written By: Charlie Johnson.

    You can follow FootballCharlie on Twitter @FootballCharlie.

    barmyarmyuk Blog. is very appreciative of Charlie for allowing us to post this piece for him, you can follow the Blog on Twitter @barmyarmyuk.

  63. There are close to 12 players we could see that back of, bring in 4 and be a stronger squad.

  64. AK,I can sit,breathe AND type,and all at once.
    Multi tasking is easy.

  65. Seems everyone wants M’Vila then, hope AW is reading…

  66. Bondex, only if i’m having a conversation at the same time… :-P

  67. Your boy Capoue will do,Rico.

  68. Wow Scott, i am impressed, i have to hold my breath while typing….. 8-O

  69. Name and shame ‘em Paul…?

  70. @OliPriceBates

    Liverpool pay £12m to loan Sahin for a year , wow.

    This is what i call crazy. Brendan Rogers should be praying he doesn’t get injured.

    One thing i love about wenger is ‘he spends when he wants’ and ‘he sells when he wants’

  71. Let’s not forget that the only thing that give the ”unreasonable press” joy is to spike Arsenal even if we won the Carling cup they’ll say why not FA, if we won the FA, they will say why not the Premier League or Champions league; if we even won all that, they will have a reason to spike Arsenal. That is what gives them joy. Its harsh reality that the club that plays the most attractive football on the English soil is dominated by foreign players majority of which are French by a French Coach “what do you expect” (The hatred is obvious in the kind officiating that Arsenal gets during matches by typical English refs; a typical example was the 4:4 against New Castle where 2 penalties and a red card was manufactured just to shrink Arsenal) We are used to it common press we enjoy the fact that you don’t feel fulfilled with your daily write up if Arsenal has not been mentioned. If Arsen Wenger was not a genius all the plot of the press would have seen Arsenal relegate. Too bad, very backward and unprogressive attitude which in my opinion is worse that “Racism”

  72. Morning all, Great post SYG…..Great post!!!

  73. AK..i can swallow my saliva,think,raise my hands,spread my legs while staring at you ….all at the same time..what will you call that.. :D

  74. Bonded,you’re a women after all :)

  75. BRAVO!
    Excellent post! Agree totally, really needed a post like that after all the doom and gloom blogs!
    And good morning all. :D

  76. Bonded,sorry….bloody predictive text pisses me off!!

  77. BondeXXXXX

  78. SCOTT…. :x

  79. :eek:..scott

  80. I’m a full blown man Scott….

  81. How do I stop that crap on an IPad guys??

  82. We are all fat bastards on here,BondeX

  83. I will throw €4.30 of my own money into the M’vila transfer fund to Arsenal… I mean business here people!

  84. Bondex, i really don’t think i can add anymore…. ;-)

  85. esp – 12, that’s a lot…

  86. Im in ESP.

  87. cazorla poor man’s fabregas? i hardly think so! he had release clause of something in the region of £30 mil? just because we got him on the cheap because of malaga’s financial slump does’nt mean he’s anything less. If united would’ve signed him he would’ve been vested as the “one of the best in the world” status by the media! foolish media!

  88. Ben, no doom and gloom here, just realism…

  89. looking at the sahin issue critically, he looks more like luxury to me.What we really need is a player in the mould of capoue or M’villa

  90. I say we raise a cool €76 and wire it to Mr. M’Vila, show him that Arsenal football club isn’t all talk, we take care of our players!

  91. Rico,Alan will be on shortly :)

  92. funny text from a friend on RVP and song sales….arsenal sold the username to man utd and then sold the password to barca…they both almost useless individually..

  93. Chelsea have signed a defender

    West Ham have finally got Jarvis

    Adam Johnson is off to Sunderland

  94. Rico the cuts I would make, some of them would not be popular! I think you know two I would cut that would not go down well with a few! ;)

    One of them (Not giving too much away) would be a Mr. A. Ramsey… wait thats too obvious, a Mr. Aaron R… thats better!

  95. One especially with me I suspect Esp… ;)

  96. That am not tired of the press is a lie, I wonder why they all so happy to criticise Wenger. I believe there is something with Song and that’s why Wenger decided to sell and for RVP am sure he is having fun working very hard to find the goal(s) in ManU, loyalty is what the players in Arsenal alway have for their striker and that’s why they always flourish, so I await his 30 goals this season or should I say 20 lol. The team should just prove everybody wrong this season, best of luck.

  97. eastsidepaul…I think the thing about Mr A R is that he prefers to play like somebody else.We all know he has the skills but it’d be better if he tries harder to play his normal game..

  98. Ha ha Scott, he has already had is word of doom this morning..

    bondex, i think that will soon become even more clear as their seasons go on….

  99. It’s all over the Italian press that City have offered £30M for Jovetic

  100. Oh fab Syg…. Just what we didn’t need to hear, no wonder they didn’t bother with ‘him’…

  101. I’d definitely,definitely keep Ramsey at least until January.
    He deserves it,and i reckon this season will be his chance to sow what he’s got.
    Last season was a write off,and its ot fair that he is judged on it.
    If he cant shape up now though,let him go.

  102. Thought as much Rico!
    But my cuts would be..

    Nicklas Bendtner
    Park Chu-Young
    Marouane Chamakh
    Vito Mannone
    Andrei Arshavin
    Łukasz Fabiański
    Johan Djourou
    Sébastien Squillaci
    Aaron Ramsey
    Theo Walcott

    Bring in 4-5 top class first teamers. Sakho, M’Vila, Ibrahim Afellay, Cristian Tello (think he could be another Henry) and a back up goalkeeper.

  103. https://twitter.com/yannmvilafr

    I’ve asked him whether or not he’s coming to Arsenal…..
    The press will pick up on it….

    ..Asked if Yann M’vila was coming to Arsenal by a journalist associated with Arsenal (I’ve supported them since ’72 and I’m a member)… M’Vila declined to comment, leaving us to assume that he is not interested as Arsenal are just a selling club ….

  104. Been following the site for a few days….great read SouthYorkshireGunner.

    Press are generally attracted by negativity and we as Arsenal ‘fans’ don’t do ourselves many favours….have you read Le G this morning?? Lots of school kids wetting their pants because we did not stump up idiotic amounts of cash for Sahin.

  105. Wouldnt it be easier for the media to tell us who Citeh WEREN’T in for??

  106. Nice culling there ESP… No time for sentiment…

    A bit like the scene from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (the worst title for a film ever)
    …Line ‘em up and machine gun them down….

    Very ruthless. Like it

  107. City are not in for Bendtner, Scott

  108. I’d keep Ramsey and Theo esp, the rest can go…

    Syg, or he just doesn’t want to jeopardise a move, but yes, the media will see that only one way…

  109. Lol SYG…nobody is!!

  110. Nigel Reo-Coker is available on a freebie…..

    Just saying ;)

  111. SYG silence is golden when it comes to a ‘real’ Arsenal transfer!

  112. Pzii, welcome.

    We would have been crazy to agree to the terms that Jose wanted…

  113. Swansea manager Laudrup apparently wanted Bendtner, Scott. No idea what happened re that. AC Milan are the bookies favourites to land him.

  114. They can have him.

  115. Ben. The deals for Campbell and Reyes were massive surprises … as was the transfer of Suker …
    They never go public with deals.

  116. At the end of the day, a ‘Govan poker school’ manager is up too something I am sure! ;)

  117. Feel sorry Yann,wenger won’t up the bid yet……
    he has to go ..Rennes want a fee no matter what.

  118. keeping my fingers crossed….no real news on any new signing yet

  119. SYG, Mighty fine post matey…..! Well done, Best new post award earns you a nice fresh loaf of Hovis…!

    I think with the terms wanted for Shin it would of been madness to carry on with the deal and Arsenal have done the best thing in walking away, Livpoo are showing exactly how desperate they really are, make no mistake the bloke is a top talent but not for a deal that would cost us upwards of 5million and no assurances we could then buy him…!.

    Not for one minute do I think thats the only deal we been working on either.

    Oh and morning all….!

  120. M’Villa is shaping as a Wenger classic.
    Rennes MUST sell him,as they cant afford to lose him on a free next season.
    He only wants to go to one club,so Wenger is sitting back smoking his pipe.

  121. Morning Wath, just up eh??
    :lol: Scott, I thought he was a cigar man…

  122. scott..AW smokes pipe?…..well i could indilge him this once if it is in anticipation of m’villa or capoue

  123. Big ups from Toulouse/france to all in HH,always makes my day with constructive reads….great stuff

  124. I thought I would take SP’s advice Rico………… Just up ya cheeky wench….!

  125. maybe we should start thinking of how to help the club sell the unwanted players…starting a few youtube videos on how good the bartender is you never know…

  126. if you want to make a utube clip to make the bartender look good bondex you’ll still be at it this time next year mate….

  127. I think SYG has gone off for a while he’s come over all emotional after winning the Hovis….!

  128. SFO M’vila not in the last year of he’s contract thou??? And they are sticking to the 18M they have have reported to have put on him.

    So far no one has gonna higher than 15m.

  129. Well i read that earlier today,so am not sure whats right now!

  130. Ha ha Wath…

    SS’s have been talking transfers and credit to them they say it is AW’s decision to withdraw interest in Sahin, and not the player…

  131. Where’s AlanMP….?

    Where’s our little ray of sunshine…???

    AlanMP, i’m too optimistic, i need you to bring me down to earth… ;-)

  132. MrA – i thought M’Vila is in his last year of contract too…

  133. Mr A…. Isn’t M’Vila out of contract end of next season… I read his contract is up 2013…!

  134. ESP, i agree with you on five of those….
    We could transfer out Bendtner, Park, Squillaci, Denilson and Mannone without replacing any of them…

    The other seven would need replacing imho…

  135. AK……….. Stop being such a poop and being so happy and optimistic… It’s not good….! It’s gonna snow 2moro and we’re gonna lose 5-0 on sunday…. that make you feel better..?

  136. Just realised Paul, you only listed eleven….

    What happened to number twelve???

    A mystery…….

  137. sfo – that’s what i’ve been thinking as well, it just makes too much damn sense. didn’t totts bid 12m? i don’t see why the club he wants to play for couldn’t get him for >14m. the later he goes the cheaper we get him.

  138. Sorry Wath, i just can’t help my sunny disposition…. :-D

  139. Hiya WATH – I heard you !!!!!….
    …I have posted before – That INTENT is the key, thing… with the inflationary prices re: the transfers of Ball, MacDonald, Nicholas, Talbot etc… and the fact that Arsenal have always bought top players..
    .. In it I also mentioned that Song was the weak link in the team ….
    and which Will, Nashua and WYG pommelled me for …. the latter two calling me a racist bar-steward!!!

    …Surfed the sports papers through Europe and South America – Nothing.

    A bit about Paulinho and Ganso possibly moving to Europe- Did you know Ganso translates as “Goose”…
    …Hopefully we give Stoke a “Frigging Good Ganso-ing” on Saturday

  140. Boomer,its working beautifully for us.
    MR A,if hes not,im sur
    Rised Rennes are in fact shopping him around so much.
    Whatever the reason,they want to cash in.

  141. I think AK gone all sun kissed and he has sunstroke….!

  142. Wath, just by the 5??

  143. SYG, you must feel better for that, quite some post.

    Never rated Sahin anyway, just a poor man’s Vinny Jones from the clips i’ve seen.

  144. Sorry SYG, my apologies… Ok best 2nd post award then you just got ;-)

    Ah so I can now ask for a bottle of Grey Ganso…… That will get me a few weird looks…! Seems SP still recovering from his episode last night…!

    The game Sunday SYG ;-) but I echo your sentiments…..

    Paulinho and Ganso seem good players but the Brazilians do take time to settle that’s for sure, I’d go offer 20million for Fellaini and be done with it…! We still got 60million to spend so lets make it count and thats just to break even..!

  145. I’m 90% sure he has 2 years to run on he’s contract and if this was the last year of the contract,there is no way Rennes would not accept the 15m offers that have been put on the table.

    I’m gonna have a look into this.

  146. Welcome hakzah

    What’s the news in France??

  147. Sorry WATH my mistake – I should know… Cheapest ticket you can get for the potteries is around £120 after they’ve pissed about with all the “unforeseen extras and handling fees”. Not a bad profit on a £25 ticket

  148. I was being conservative Rico it could be 6 or 7… :P

    Micko, you think he could even tie Vinnie’s laces… Not a change… Hod carrier my arse…!

  149. Hiya Micko. A poor man’s Vinny Jones … Christ! LOL

  150. ESP, we couldn’t just bomb out Fabianski, Djourou, Chamakh and Walcott without having replacements.
    Whilst i think that Arshavin and Ramsey could be replaced from within…

    Having wrote all that, i would not want to see Walcott, Ramsey and Arshavin leave….
    I think we will need them all later in the season…

  151. Hakzah, Any news your side on Capoue… Are there confirmed stories that we are interested in him or not..?

  152. “doing a stanley”…………what’s that rico? morning AK, i told you the doomers will have field day today. i just read on another blog where on creep says he’s leaving AFC to support everton! i mean how gloomy is that fellow? anyway am so glad the deal didnt happen. we dont need to do moaning hoe any more favors……the last one we did is still laughing at our karma(casley cole).

  153. I’ve just been informed that he’s contract runs until 30.06.2015.

  154. Micko, that good eh ;)

  155. bloody ipad…….grrrr

  156. Bon jour Hakzah, what’s the rumours coming outta France today….
    You have been nominated to keep us in the loop mon ami….

  157. Problem is Mr A if he really wants to leave do Rennes want to keep a player that really doesnt want to be there…? same scenario as us with ding along and vP…!

  158. Mr.A, well if that’s true, then forget M’Vila…

    Hiya Stan….

  159. Fuck me I was only joking but now it could come true………….

    Breaking News Chez is an injury doubt for Sunday….!!!

    Where’s the bloody bottle of GG… I now need a very large one

  160. Wath, it’s gonna snow tomorrow you say, no wonder Song packed his bags so quickly, one and only time he ever got a sweat on was when it snowed.

  161. Wath, i do hope you are joking…..

  162. morning guys, chez out you say? good, now we are really in the suwer to our chins.

  163. No mate am not……!

  164. wath but does yann really wanna force the issue and put a transfer request in? Only the other day he said he’s more than happy to stay in france if a big move does materialise.

    Van p basically forced Arsenal’s hand by going public stating that he would not be renewing with us and questioning the club’s direction.I’m not so sure M’vila would do that?

  165. Highlights what we all been saying all summer… Get decent back up for Chez or we in the shit big time….!

  166. Great post SYG, nicely highlights the positives, recognises the issues and definite ongoing frustrations with the club/team and hopes they are addressed by the close of the transfer window. It would be great to see a follow up piece from you when the transfer window does slam shut and we actually know where we are and your thoughts on the differences between your view of the world now and on the 1st September.

    Feels liks we are currently on a knife edge, the addition of some further new faces feels like it will bread a lot of positivity towrads the club and the team, from both fans and possibly even the media alike – thats if anyone gives a toss what the media think, personally I don’t. Despite the addition of 3 new faces who imo are quality additions, this is obviously slightly tempered by the exits of 2 first teamers. As such, I think failure to invest in this final week will leave a negative feeling, as it starts to look and feel like previous transfer windows – loss of star players and another transfer surplus.

  167. Agreed Mr A the players these days don’t need to ask for a transfer as they lose the 10% but there are other ways to force the issue as we are all very well aware…! He seems to be saying the right things in public and to the media but we don’t know whats being said behind the scenes..!

  168. Well the crosses will be flying into the box, with a vengence, this Sunday…

    A draw at that shithole, would seem to be a good result…

  169. you re kidding right W.A.T.H…….quit yanking me man. is chez really out?

  170. Kev, you and your lad packed the neck braces ?

  171. Spot on Ryan, that’s what I said yesterday, 3 in 2 out leaves us only slightly better off than last season but the ground work is there that possibly 2 more quality signings and we are right in there with a chance to win things..!

  172. Sorry Stan not joking mate, Chez a big doubt for Sunday, late fitness test sunday morning to decide !!

  173. Hi Stanley, i think you know lol

    Where did you see that MrA?

  174. great panic button activated………watch the doomers wail. lord God help us.

  175. That is just what we all feared re the keeper situation…

  176. Nevermind, Fabianski is fit…… :-?

    Yes Mick, with the binoculars….

  177. I’d rather Bob Wilson in goal…. Even at his age

  178. SyG
    Thx for the post mate and we could agree on one thing the media is having a go at us as always..thats for sure..
    But as often the case no fire without smoke and i must say that we have been extraordinary poor when it comes to transfers lately and given the media something to write about..selling your best players every year and then claim to be a top top club..doesnt make sense..and its abit over the top…gooners knows it the whole world knows it even wenger admits it..add to that :the media have icked up on our ambitions..4th..and of course our prudence…imo this transition period have all the signs of becoming an everlasting story…god help us all ;=
    Last night i was havin a beer with some friends…not Gooners…but die hard Newcastle fans…and its rather strange,…we discussed transfers and they think pardew is a gem at it..and i couldnt really disagree..and what they was most surprised about was our incompetence to get rid of high earners who didnt pull their weight..like Chamakh,Park,Bendtner,Squllaci,Arshavin,..and in many ways they compared the *** deal to the sale off Carroll…very poor decission….should have been shipped overseas…
    Well Newcastle did manage to turn things around get rid off deadwood amd move on..i hope The Arsenal can do the same..
    We need to have a closer look at the team who deals with transfers they are doing a good job but not nearly good enough…

    and today i lost my battle with the misses and my daughter…so my trips to watch Our Beloved Arsenal are gone…family decision…barca is our new destination…well i can live with that..sun..beer…and good footy…..i dont care much for barca..but im able to watch em play…still it will be a nightmare..and im still shocked…not sure i will survive..but ive already set plans in motion to make this barca trip..a once in a lifetime thing ;

  179. AK, fabianski is a good keeper but throwing him in against stoke is just asking for trouble. i just hope sir ches passes the fitness test. lord help us.

  180. All down to other clubs not willing to match our players wage demands tomstoned… and can you blame them?

    Hopefully AW and the club are learning from this situation…

  181. 1981-82 Pre-Season
    I was 16 years old and I’d just left school and had come back from a hoiday in Torremolinos (Malaga) and me and my mate applied for the vacant Stoke City manager’s job which had been advertised in the Daily Mirror as Alan Durban had been sacked… We got a reply to say thanks for our interest from their chairman …. and he gave the job to Richie Barker ….
    That is a very TRUE story

    Arsenal had just bought Kenny Sansom and Paul Barron from Palace for £1.2M … and sold them our newly purchased striker Clive Allen for £1M.
    These were massive transfers at the time …

    Opening results

    Saturday 29th August 1981
    Arsenal 0-1 Stoke City
    IRONY: Soon to be Arsenal striker Lee Chapman scored against us and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s dad, who had been bought from 4th division Port Vale and pissed all over Kenny Sansom that day..

    Wednesday 2nd September 1981
    West Bromwich Albion 0-2 Arsenal

    Saturday 5th September 1981
    Liverpool 2-0 Arsenal

    Saturday 12th September 1981
    Arsenal 1-1 Sunderland

    It’s strange how similar things happen throughout history … The transfers, the links, the similar fixtures… … and I have to ask myself “Where’s fckng Richie Barker now, eh?”

  182. got to pop off for a while, catch up later…

  183. gosh i cant stand hansen…i hear he’s been bigging up rodgers and the liverpoop board. he’s calling it a coup and saying we lost out cause we havent won anything in 7 years……something about “small club”……..God i cant stand that uncouth, two faced, pimp. watch him lawrenson and that fat chinned shearer crow about how liverpoop ll finish ahead of us cause they ve got a better team. grrrrr, come on arsene i wanna have the last laugh.

  184. tomstoned, seems we quibbled over the buyout clause with Sahin, Lucas Biglia looks like he could be heading to Norwich, I said the other day Arsenal would be too big a step for him, we need to put everything into getting M’Vila now, last throw of the dice.

  185. i agree Rico …but we need to make a stand..make an example..let bendtner rot in the reserves…dont send him on loan…sometimes i life we need to show who we are and not always think about pennies…
    i see that many Gooners think we have done well this summer ..im not sure i agree…relying on Jack,Rosicky,Diaby and other injury prone players could come back and bite us…there are many opinions on Song but he was able to play every week..dependable..
    my main concern is that i have a strange feeling that something is happening to Our club..cant figure out exactly what but its not good..why on earth would we put in so much interest in sahin and then let it just go away…after having spent valuable time and money on that deal…im guessing our transfer team doesnt work for free.??..

  186. @johncrossmirror

    #afc Wenger says Koscielny out, Ox back, Szczesny should be ok but has slight injury

    #afc Wenger says Stoke’s ‘specific style’ makes it hard. Praises their ‘efficient’ style and expects hard game

    #afc Wenger says he’s still in market for ‘one or two’ positions but says he has strong squad. ‘We have a good mixture.’

    #afc Wenger said: ‘We only have players who will add something special. Always a lot going on, I have a clear idea of what I might do.’

    Wenger says Bendtner could go, says Song wanted to go. #afc

    #afc Wenger says ‘both parties around the table’ and is hopeful Walcott will sign and stay.

    #afc Wenger says on Sahin: ‘at the moment it’s not alive.’

  187. yes Micko..but we had to know about that *buyout clause*all along wouldnt we ???…why then spend so much time and resources on sahin..why not switch focus on someone else who could get…i never have favourites….because im of the simple opinion that wenger knows better than me what players to buy….even though sometimes om shocked…park..squillaci..silvestre…bischouff…etc..;)

  188. Re: Sahin – That means it’s dead then.. He talks in riddles !

  189. thanks emma, you and SYG’s update always keeps me calm. what’s he saying on the mvilla though?

  190. They were bum buys Tombstone… But Wengers 18-year tenure has been littered with bum buys … fortunately they’ve never really cost that much in comparison to others …

  191. Maybe its lost in translation but how do you have a clear idea of what you MIGHT do ? Does that mean there is a reason that you might not do, what you have a clear idea of what you might do ? :-) If so what would that mean? Surely you have a clear idea of what you want to do and then there might be circumstances from you executing a plan, but don’t understand how you have a clear idea on a specific situation but then decide you might or might not do it !! Bizarre

    was that clear ? LOL

  192. so we re still lookinh huh? good to know. i expect two more players. a classy one and a cheap fix. make it happen arsene.

  193. agreed SyG and thats the reason for my opinion that wenger knows best…darn you just love me saying that mate ;)but heey its Weekend…and you should know that even if im critical to us living the american dream…i find alot more positive things about The Arsenal than negative….but if things go well im not needed…when we do bad things we have to be able to spotlight them ,,,and accept them for what they are mate…its actually the only way forward…its simple if you do things the wrong way in life well i hope you sit down..have a think and then learn from your wrongdoings fix em and move on…its always about what you do tomorrow…and learning from yesterday .

  194. good afternoon all!
    So, wiil be strong in the market on January like last year after a probably bad starting, bad scores, injuries, a short team…. the same movie

  195. I’m with Ryan, surely wenger should be saying I have a clear idea of what I want to do… NOT what I could do…. making excuses already… I bloody hope not…!

  196. Thanks Ryan, clear as mud mate.

    SYG, lee chapman didn’t half take some stick from us, he was awful.

  197. what bad score JM? we didnt lose did we? and no its not the same “movie”. we are better placed than last season. we lost nashit and cesc before replacing them. this season we ve replaced van prick before offloading the idiot. i think if we get an all round defensive player and another player we ll have a say where the title goes…..hopefully it will with us here at the emirates.

  198. He had wicked shorts Micko… Rico loved em….!

  199. SYG i dont get that tweet. our santos leaving or ganso coming to us? gosh dude you need to be a bit clear. not everybody is a bright bulb…i.e ME!

  200. Goonster…there’s alot of if’s…if jack comes back ..if rosicky stays fit…what about diaby ?..if giroud comes good what about Podolski..and there is a movie that goes on and on..sell your best players and then get new players in…leaving us to have to gel and bed in players year after year..its NOT the best way to build a team and mounting a serious attempt of winning the premier or anything else for that matter…
    even more serious we seem to be living in transtition..and that seems like planned…make money on selling our top players and then hope that some other players will step up…sometims they will but dont be surprised if it sometimes doesnt happen..
    and be honest..lets say the Ox and maybe Jack comes back with a bang…how can we trust that they wont be shipped out next season…
    one can easily agree with many Gooners who both feel the dispair and dont accept that this way is NOT the way to run a grand club like The Arsenal….why did we move from Highbury ???…

  201. Ganso’s not leaving until January… I think Paulinho is doing same … Inter Milan are reportedly after him.. I think..

  202. thanks for clearing that out but i highly doubt ganso will choose us….but i ve been wrong before.

  203. No idea how true that is ….

  204. Another b/s twitter comment SYG…..!

  205. now you re just torturing me SYG….gosh who ever invented twitter needs to be shot! its gonna drive me crazy.

  206. Cheers Micko, I managed to ramble on for ages there, clearly without saying much – Mr Gazidis should obviously watch out !!

  207. No creaming Stanley it’s just a vicious rumour….! Chill mate ;-)

  208. tell me about it W.A.T.H….. they just like to goad us on there. that’s why i dont have a twitter account. heck i dont even have a facebook account either and am 25!

  209. W.A.T.H am trying not to mate……am dying for any bit of news. sahin’s dead, mvilla’s gone cold and apparently we were never in for navas! God give me strenght.

  210. We would never be in for Navas we know all about his medical conditions….!

  211. yeah i know but wouldnt that be great to have him, santi arteta and sahin running the show. all speaking spanish to each other. dreams i guess. oh well back to earth with a huge thud!

  212. Shawcross won’t play for Wales? BBC reports

  213. meaning the fucker ll be up for the game on sunday. christ every where you look there’s a c**ntish son of a bitch waiting to trip us over. lord help us.

  214. Relax Stan, reinforcements are coming….!

  215. hope it’s true and done soon syg.

    anyone else see this re wilshire?

    Dean Harry
    about 16 hours ago

    Koscielny, Ox and Wilshere Injury Update #AFC

    false:Most of the first team squad were given the day off today, apart from those receiving treatment.

    Everyone in last week’s squad will be involved, Gervinho’s issue was cramp. Alex Oxlade-Charmberlain is expected to be fit after recovering well. The biggest doubt is Koscielny. Whilst the rest of the first team had a day off, he was in receiving treatment. “Kos was getting treatment but moving freely, lets see what happens tomorrow”.

    Long term injury absentee Jack Wilshere is making fine progress. He’s even told staff he “wants to play next weekend!” Although he’s currently running outdoors freely without pain, the club are being extra cautious with him to avoid anymore setbacks. He’s penciled in for a return to full training in just over 3 weeks time, however I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes back quicker.

  216. God i hate ryan shawcross…..he’s the kinda fella i would like to kill at his own funeral!

  217. i know W.A.T.H..i know a few players ll soon pop in but i just hate waiting besides the damned media just love to get me all panicky. gosh i need me a drink.

  218. Offers for Bendtner, eh? Ac Milan or Swansea?

  219. Micko says:
    August 24, 2012 at 1:47 pm

    He was good with Leeds and SWFC. Also scored against us!!!

  220. just got off the phone with a french mate..and he explained it all to me..not sure if he’s spot on but made sense..
    Arsenal are adjusting salaries and preparing for the ffp…that would explain Songs departure..and us not willing to pay out of order and explains why our transfer dealings being problematic..podolski and giroud comes from leagues that pay far less than premier…even Cazorla…
    problems getting rid of players are due to wages(we knew that)but its getting harder as only a few clubs around the world are willing to go against the fffp standards….
    well even though we have known that this is happening we should come to terms with it…experts seems to agree that the market will only get tougher..many clubs need to sell to get their financial situation in order and a fall in transfers fees are expected to take a downfall…
    so this is, if one are to analyze it only the beginning of football edging towards the american model with salary caps and locked transfer fees..
    if one choses to be positive its understood among experts that Arsenal are a step ahead from other clubs in preparing for the future and is looked upon as to be in an excellent shape to meet ffp..
    im not that sure..and the news are well ..we have known about it…but i was quite surprised that the ffp is in some ways already scaring clubs into acting..

  221. … great stuff Tombstone…. That means we’ll win the Champions League when FFP comes in…. We’ll be playing the likes of Rapid Vienna, Odense, Young Boys Berne and Braga because those will be the sort of clubs that will be able to qualify … LOL

  222. Fk the media Stan, we know they hate us so not like they act in any other way is it…!


  224. seems to me that players will have to wake up and smell the coffee,but also explains the players reluctance to move…knowing that they will have to take a big slash in pay…well i guess it will come down to how much they love the game and wants to play..rather than just sitting tight making the good old cash..to me it will be a clear indication of which players are in it for the football and who’s on it for the good old cash….me thinks wenger knows this and have that in mind when buying…

  225. 5mil loan fee for Sahin, No option to buy, RM laughing all the way to the bank…


  226. SyG
    it would in time level the playing field..and hopefully it would effect the footy in that way…what makes me abit worried is looking at russian clubs…citeh..Paris St Germain who clearly thinks there loopholes in the ffp..
    but it makes me quite happy….it would for us mean that the transition period will last no more than a couple of seasons..just about the time we have some big contracts up for renewal…and it could explain why were paying off debt on the Emirates quicker than we have to….
    is this our silver lining ??

  227. Maybe Tombstone, maybe.
    I still think by offloading the deadwood – ESP gave a list earlier – and bringing in 4 quality – no African teenagers – but 4 quality players – We could push on all four fronts …

  228. SyG
    think..that explains..our problems getting rid off deadweight…and it makes sense of *** disagreement..ha was in for a big payday but Arsenal told him what the future brings…so it become impossible for him not to jump ship…money…if the players are informed..ill guess they are..this period..are going to be their last chance to get over the top contracts…explains it all to me..nasri..clichy..theo..song..*** all had to make tough decissions and chose the money..understandable..most people would do the same..
    there’s a growing desperation….players know they are in the last chance saloon…its more or less now or never..to make a big pay day…

  229. lets hope so SyG..but wenger would know that it will be easier and easier to buy as time goes by…me thinks he is playing a waiting game…and he might well be right in doing so…im relieved..if i have to make way with what we have right know..no probs..and i think all Gooners would accept the fact that give wenger the same possibilities to get players in, as f.ex citeh..players will chose Arsenal and Wenger all day long..maybe just maybe this will be Wengers decade..
    darn ..im up for a beer…:)
    have a superb Weekend SyG,Rico,WATH;Goonster and all Gooners everywhere …

  230. Cheers Tom you have a great weekend yourself fella…!

  231. goonster, i hope God hears you!
    But after four fixtures for the League and with the beginning of the CL, we’ll see who he is right.
    We haven’t a enought squad and enought players commit for overcome the challenge of the season: the League, the CL, The FA Cup , League Cup and get a place at least for the next year in the CL.

  232. Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    Arsène Wenger confirms Arsenal are looking at improving ‘two positions’. Says he has ‘clear idea’ of business he will do.

  233. Thanks for that Kev… I’m surprised he could talk with Diaby’s dongler in his mouth … I cannot understand why he rates him so high?

  234. Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    Wenger adds that talks ongoing with Walcott over new deal. Says Sahin deal is dead, and Bendtner very likely to go next week

  235. Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    @samuelruback – Looks that way. Would expect we might also get a couple of kids in, too.

    SYG… :-D

  236. Afternoon all.

    Wenger said: ‘We only have players who will add something special. Always a lot going on, I have a clear idea of what I might do.’

    In Wengerese: “I am nto that daft to tell you I am buying.”

    C’mon, remember what he said before that he had identified “super-super players” and were going to EUro with “an open cheque book” to buy ‘em?

    AFter 31 Aug, declaring he did not buy any “‘cos he can’t find players who were improved the squad and better than current players in the squad?”

    Like: “I want to buy him but I cannot froce him to join Arsenal.”

    I can only dream that he is saving up 30-mil to buy Gotze in the summer 2013.

    Perhaps, like buying Bischoff, hsi “special player” can be Yohann Gourcuff on the cheap?

    Is Wenger biased against English players as he didn’t seem to submit a bid for Scott SInclair or Victor Moses or even Adam Johnson?

    Perhaps, Wenger will adhere to his Youth Policy and intends to give his youngsters – Lansbury, Henderson, Eisfield, Gnarby, OX – to establish themselves into senior squad by Dec 2012 before he enters the Janaury Transfer Market – hence no bid for Scott SInclair, Victor Moses or Adam Johnson?

    Perhaps he will fast-track COquelin and Yennaris to takeover from Song.

    Or may even covnert Djourou into a DCM..i.e. coming in as a substitute as DCM in 2nd half.

    WIth 4 no. CB in Vermaelen, Mertesacker, Koscielnya dn DJourou, I can see that one of ‘em will come in at 70th minute as DCM to protect a lead in a tight game when our MDIFIELD looks as if it is beign swamped over.

  237. Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    Liverpool nearly there with Nuri Sahin. Brendan Rodgers confirms ‘all paperwork is sorted’. £5m loan fee. No option to buy.


  238. Oh boy, I thought Roy was bad at Liverpool…..and AvB was bad at Chelski.

    But Rodgers?
    I think on Sep 2, Arsene Wenger should put this pretender to the sword by whupping his team with a cricket score.

  239. I saw Jamie’s tweet Kev.
    .. It does smack of desperation, unless Mourinho and Rogers are going to split the £3M excess between them and nip into Liverpool and blow it all on hats ….

  240. Navas?

    I do remember a certain Angulo from Selvilla who is ready to sign, arrived in London for a medical…and did a sudden U-turn and returned to Spain!

    Navas suffers from anxiety attack and is not cured of it.
    He will certainly do a U-turn at Selvilla Airport even ebfore stepping into the Departure Lounge!

    The very idea of leaving home will trigger off his anxiety attacks!

    Ever for a normal person, leaving home for the very first time to work aboard will increase one’s stress elvel..let alone a known sufferer of anxiety attack.

    Is Arsene Wengegr that daft after Reyes and Angulo?

  241. SYG….. Liverpool vs Man City this weekend, could see the pressure really pile up on Rodgers’ shoulders…
    Maybe he is beginning to realise, at last, what a poisoned chalice the Liverpool job has become….?!!!

  242. Agreed.

    Rodgers looks more and more liek ROy – superb at a middling club, but ike a fish out fo water managing a marquee club.

    Like AvB, perhaps Rodgers had angered the senior players by changing the team immediately instead of evolving the TEAM.

    Senior players are confused by the sudden change fo tactics from “Route 101″ to “tiki taka” with barely 1 month of pre-season training with a full squad.

  243. I’d forgotten about that one Merlin – Miguel Angula

  244. It’s certainly a high pressure game….

  245. Sunderland have signed striker Steven Fletcher from Wolverhampton Wanderers in a deal that could be worth £14m.

    The 25-year-old has signed a four-year deal with the Premier League side paying an initial £12m. The rest is performance-related add ons.

    Last season Fletcher scored 12 Premier League goals as Wolves were relegated.

    Are they sure??????? £14 million….. :lol:

  246. SYG, if you look at Liverpool’s next 5 EPL games, it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that Liverpool could be in the bottom three at the end of September..!

  247. ..like you had forgotten our famed S.A.S? :mrgreen:

    But seriously SYG, you ever see Wenger going to sign a premiership player by 31 Aug?

    If Wenger is goingt o sign player(s) by 31 August, I am betting it will be totally unexpected and going to shock the heck out of us like – Arteta, Santos, Benayoun on loan, Park CY…….

    I see Wenger doing bottom-fishing in premiership team.

    He may even pick up Michael Owen on a “pay as you play deal” promising him at least 10 starts and 20 substitute appearance..as long as he is fit.

    If he tok a gamble with Silvestre and Bischoff..adn Eisfield, I don’t see why he wouldn’t gamble on an injury-prone Michael Owen as cover….

  248. Bendtner is certianly sh*t if O’Neill paid 14-mil for Fletcher and refused even to buy Bendtner…. :lol:

  249. Jamie Sanderson saying Milan have got the kid from Caen on a loan with a £3M option to buy

  250. Good read SYG.If what they are reporting on Sahin is true im glad we’ve pulled out.Sahin would’ve been sublime in our team but we should not make him better for Madrid’s long term benefit.if he came and became a key player and left we would be in transition yet again.Lets hope AW has a special player lined up.

  251. hi guys, any news?

  252. Don’t panic Captain Mannering! :D

  253. lol at merlin 3.55pm so true!

  254. hey KT, what’s good?

  255. Bendtner is not a bad player it is just his attitude that stinks.
    He really has got a superioirity complex.
    The Milan boys will sort him out , he doesn’t really know what he is in for.

  256. hey SD long time fella, how’s it going? and errr bendtner is shit. sorry pal!

  257. SYG: 12:17 That was a shocker there mate, don’t seem to remember calling you name.

    Btw, sharp post; though there is a paragraph about certain individual who I happen to disagree with you about, you know who. We threaded that field before so no need to go back. I don’t know much about the British press besides the few papers I read and what most bloggers in HH commented about, how they treat AW and give other managers a pass. I mentioned SAF with immediate visa for his players while AW have to wait, re campbell in France.

  258. Not much goonie.also did anyone here catch El Classico last night?…Iniesta was brilliant.the way he kept ghosting past white shirts time and time again was amazing.he is my favourite footballer even though he plays for them.I hope jack/Santi reach that level or even better it one day.

  259. i didnt KT cant bring myself to watch those two teams. there just an epitome of everything wrong with the game. i hate those lying cheating barc**tolonians and i cant stand that dick head moaning hoe. i would rather watch WWE women championship!

  260. Must admit when wenger throws in the special players comment he really makes himself look a complete plum considering some of the utter rubbish he’s brought in over previous years…. Most are special needs cases let alone special players…!

    I hear that and think ah wenger lining us up for disappointments again in the transfer window while the club pockets 50million in profits…!

  261. KT, Iniesta was on another planet last night he was absolutely f’kin brilliant..!

  262. W.A.T.H he has said he ll buy let’s not make rash statements. let’s wait and see what happens. the window is still open for another week right. come on GG man keep the faith.

  263. Tell you what though KT that Busquets is the biggest cheating little fucker I’ve seen in a long long time…! His antics are pathetic… Someone really does need to do him properly t really give him something to roll around for…!

  264. @Ktr7, agreed there mate, the guy is pure class; anything less would be uncivilized and, I like his attitude even though I don’t like Barca. I cant stop thinking of him in Arsenal mid-field.

  265. that’s where shawcross comes in W.A.T.H…….. he’s a nasty bastard but his talent could come in handy. God i hate barca. grrrrrrrr

  266. Hi Rico, I am fine just been busy

    About Bendtner , i meant for Sunderland because i think he scored 9 goals for them or something, then he got injured and got himself arrested as well then his attitude ; O’neil just got tired of him.
    I cannot forgive him for missing that last minute goal against Barcelona .Still hurts.

    I am expecting Wenger to get 1 or 2 cheap deals in the last day of the window.I am not expecting Wenger to pay 15mil for M’Villa the media are just using the situation to sell their stories.

  267. there you have it SD…..he has an overinflated ego. he needs to go. that goal against barca would have taken us through and maybe just maybe. i ll never forgive him too.

  268. @goonster, Bendtner is one player I for one will never missed when all is said and done. He thinks and believes that he is in class of his own.

  269. Hi WATH.what I like about Iniesta is that he does the basic skills (dummies/shimmies/feints) exceptionally well.you’ll rarely ever see him attempt anything fancy unless he needs to unlike say Ronaldo.also the speed at which he shuffles the ball between his feet is incredible.everytime I see him play I hope JW10 can develop to be that good.

  270. Hardly a rash statement Stan when wenger has been preaching that special player rubbish for years now…… We not all stupid there are plenty players in the squad that are average and it would not need special players to better them. What we need is that def mid that we all been on about so lets hope he not gonna try pull the wool over our eyes with the Diaby and JW like new signings and the squad being good enough and he has faith bla bla bla when we quite clearly are still a couple of players light and in crucial positions and where we get found out time and time again…! It’s called reality am afraid Stan and when Wenger buys what we need then I’ll hold my hands up and say well done but until then the last few years have tainted my faith and belief in the man

  271. afternoon nasher, i cant wait to see the back of that fucker. if he and robin had pull their weight behind the team during eduardo’s injury we could have won us a trophy or two. i just cant stand him. its a good thing we are fazing that team out and replacing them with winners in podolski, carzola and giroud. we need winners not “wimpers”

  272. As you say KT, his touches are pure class mate his quick feet are only bettered by his quick footballing brain…! His vision is superb…! I just want JW back fit and playing first but after that he can be that good…!

  273. Afternoon everyone….

    How have we sold….

  274. W.A.T.H this is the same man that delivered santi, poldi and giroud in less than 2 months and ruthlessly kicked out van prick and music to the curb. he has his ruthless streak back and i for one ll give him a benefit of a doubt. we were looking aat sahin and navas meaning he’s over that” special player” crap. believe my man believe.

  275. U keep believing Stan you can believe for both of us mate ;-)

    I’ll sit and wait for Sep 1st and see what happens…! As said 3 in 2 out so we one player of quality better off than last year and we lacked the DM last season and still need one now..! As for your heart attack earlier are you happy that we have no proper back up for Chez as well…? Basics mate…!

  276. Merlin 3.55, dunno what to say to that except the guy obviously thinks he a legend in his Paddy Power underpants !

  277. Lets hope the no.10 jersey inspires jack to come back and develop even further.

    WATH he indeed has a quick brain.Madrid were desperate to sign him for years.Barca are annoying but I like Iniesta and is my fav footballer on the planet.He is for me the best midfielder right now.Messi’s dribbling is insane but there is something about Iniesta in full throttle that I admire so much.Not a single Madrid player could get the ball off him even when they crowded him out he still outmanouvered them.I would take him in a heartbeat if he was available.

  278. just wait W.A.T.H…….a week before the window closes a thousand and one thing can happen. a tsunami may wreck havoc and take you with it. i may fall inlove and rico may slaughter all her chicks while AGAG and adam get dizzy with shoe shopping and quits. believe fella, believe. its the only thing that keeps us going.

  279. WATH not only the three internationals but in other cases he had tried to bring in names like Ozil but they turn us down. Mata was a screw-up not his fault.

  280. Iniesta:a knife wrapped in velvet.

    Hi rico.

  281. slaughter my chicks goonie and I’ll be pickling your nuts!!

  282. spot on nasher……..at least it shows he’s trying. give him the benefit of a doubt. i know he’s ready to turn things around. that 8.2 mauling and the fact that we lacked fire power in the second half against milan in the home leg is playing on his mind. relax man, he’s got this!

  283. Hi NG &Kt…

    Any more news on Ches?

  284. Whether we buy or not Stan Arsenal will still be there like always and I’ll still be supporting mate just like always but belief is a two way thing… I’ll believe when they give me something to believe in…! No empty promises….. Actions always speak louder than words..!

  285. hahahahahaha that’s not a “lady like” behavior is it? Goddamn where is adam when you need him. picking my nuts she’s says. hahahahahaaa.

  286. I’m off out as the pub calls…. I wish you all a great night or morning where ever you may be and have a great weekend…!

    Lata Rico… Ooops thats Stans nuts gone for a ball of crap lol

  287. atta boy that’s what i wanted to hear. keep the faith my man.

  288. I hope AW buys WATH but you get the feeling that if he doesn’t he’ll come up with the usual bull.am not confident he’ll buy those ‘special’ players he is talking about.I remember him saying the same thing a couple of years ago prior to signing Silvestre… :o

  289. later W.A.T.H………

  290. If Aw kept the money in the Kitty and the same thing happen like last year when Arsenal suffered with injuries, even those who believe in him will lost faith in him.

  291. he wont nasher……we were looking at sahin right and that mirallas fella did confirm we were at an advance stage with him…………meaning he’s looking to bring in a few more players. i believe he will.

  292. Have a good one Wath…

    Not picking goonie, pickling! ;)

  293. NG – I know I will, said all year that this is his summer to get it right… If he doesn’t, as said earlier today, he is going to be in for a tough time at the home games.

    Adam was there at The Emirates last Saturday and there were boos at the end.

    It’s up to Arsenal and Arsene now to put a stop to that escalating…

  294. pickling?????? what’s that?

  295. Cutting them off and placing them in a jar of vinegar….

  296. He just cant keep on relying on injuries players coming back, that what caught us off guard last season when we went in late in the TW. Jack is a good player but there is no guarantee he’ll picked up where he left off? Look at Ramsey, uptil now. he hasn’t picked up where he left off.

    Diaby, you should always have a replacement for him,because you never know.

  297. In-box Rico…..

  298. christ!!!!!!!!!! kev, rico just threatened me with castration!

  299. @goonster take my advise, start running.

  300. am way ahead of ya nasher………there’s nothing scarier than a british woman with a pair of jack bowie knife.

  301. I know we cant spend money silly like Chelsea but look at Hazard Mata Cahill and Oscar, dont you wish we have those four.

  302. He can’t NG but I bet he will…..

  303. re Cahill, sorry Kev I cant lied.

  304. i just know we ll see new faces in a week’s time. relax guys, it could be worse. we have the basis of a strong team in the making. just a few tweaks and we ll really rip it. just hang on till sept 1st before we all go bananas. i know i will!

  305. Cahill and Mata – too true NG

  306. Calm down Stan….. :-)

  307. we ve got kozzer and carzola!

  308. hi ya Kev, what have you got for me? am doing my best here to keep the guys here from going over to the other side but i cant do it all alone, you gotta give me something man. any news? what’s jamie sanderson saying now? i need news kev, positive news.

  309. Oh well, we won’t be signing Celtic’s Ki, he has signed for Swansea

  310. Sorry Adam, someone told me you’re a shareholder in BR. :-)

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger could make yet another big move by going after Sevilla winger Jesus Navas, according to the Daily Star.

    The addition of Navas would not be a direct replacement for Song, like Sahin or M’Vila, but he would make up for the loss of the Cameroon international in certain areas—meanwhile, he would make up for the loss of Van Persie in others.

    Wenger has money to spare following the transfers of both the Dutchman and Song. With the September 1 transfer deadline looming, Arsenal will be looking to complete the negotiations with Sevilla quickly.

    If Wenger can indeed complete a deal for Navas, the Gunners could give Manchester City and Manchester United a legitimate run for the Premier League title this season.

  311. did you say daily star nasher? pffffft, forget it. its ‘navas” gonna happen.

  312. Sky Sports understands AC Milan are weighing up a move for Arsenal midfelder Denilson.
    AC Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri is in the market for a defensive midfielder and Denilson is thought to be on his radar.
    Denilson is currently on loan at Sao Paulo after finding first-team chances limited at the Emirates.
    The Brazilian came through the youth ranks at Sao Paulo before joining Arsenal in August 2006 and he enjoyed a successful spell back on loan at his former club last season.
    SOURCE: Sky Sports

    Unlike the sales of Alex Song and Robin Van Persie to Barcelona and Man United respectively, this is surely a bid from a European giant Arsene Wenger will be happy to complete. Quite why the San Siro side would be interested in the Brazilian youngster is hard to fathom but perhaps Rossoneri boss Massimiliano Allegri is an admirer of the 24 year old.
    Tigerish midfielder Denilson took a couple of seasons to bed in at Arsenal but appeared to become part of Arsene Wenger’s first team plans in 2008/09, leading to the Sao Paulo born midfielder making 51 appearances in all competitions. However sub-standard displays over the next 18 months curtailed his progress at the Emirates Stadium.
    Jack Wilshere pushed the Brazilian out of the first team picture and he spent last season on loan at Sao Paulo, during which he was sent off twice. Wenger appeared to be trying to permanently offload the box to box performer but Denilson was once again loaned out to Sao Paulo for another season but perhaps a move back to Europe is on the cards.
    AC Milan may well feel that Denilson has the potential to make an impact in Serie A and surely any decent offer would be accepted by Wenger as the player doesn’t seem to have a future at the North London club.

  313. hi guys…see stan has been troublesome lately

  314. Hi AK, got your email ;)

    Just off for dinner, back shortly

    NG – good, they can have him….

  315. hey bondex, how are you? how’s lagos? am always in trouble my man. i cant help it.

  316. Hiya Nasher incredible isn’t it? Denilson to Milan…

    It’s a strange one that.
    They get rid of their two best players in Silva and Ibra and let Flamini walk before offering him a deal so long as its a cut in wages type of deal … They are offering us their best player in return for Bendtner … and now they are wanting Denilson…

    You think our supporters can be a bit emotional when we lack ambition…

    Their supporters must be ready for torching the San Siro …

  317. tell me about it SYG and that’s no ordinary club. that’s a seven time european champion. our fans are just too fickle.

  318. Football is strange Syg. Who ever thought Barca would come for Song? Who thought Arsene will go for Park instead of Hazard?
    What did you say…one mans’ fish eggs is another mans’ …

    On a serious note though, some of the players we don’t want we should ask them to leave for free, unless. they not leaving. that’s one way to help the Book in wages.

  319. In-box Rico….

  320. christ in heaven!!!!!!! SYG!!!!! what in the world?? but she loves me huh? i ll take her.

  321. My God, what vision of……… well, a vision!

    SYG, you are on a roll buddy…

  322. hahahhhaahah even kev choked!! hahahaha

  323. I think that’s that “special” player Wenger was on about …
    …Gives the opposition absolutely no room to manoeuvre …
    … Absolutely mustard when in a tight spot …
    .. Great at hugging the touch line …
    ….the dogs bollocks on set pieces…..
    … and is on a contract worth 55 pies a week….

  324. Stan, that’s just tooooo much buddy…..

  325. SYG, sounds just the contract for Micky Quinn.

  326. hmmmmmmmm SYG sounds tasty. so who do you have in mind?

  327. J.Sanderson says Niang is joining AC Milan…

    Good riddance.

  328. Pray that this is true…………

    Sky Sports understands AC Milan are weighing up a move for Arsenal midfelder Denilson.

    AC Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri is in the market for a defensive midfielder and Denilson is thought to be on his radar.

    Denilson is currently on loan at Sao Paulo after finding first-team chances limited at the Emirates.

    The Brazilian came through the youth ranks at Sao Paulo before joining Arsenal in August 2006 and he enjoyed a successful spell back on loan at his former club last season.

    Denilson made 37 appearances for Sao Paulo and the club moved to sign him on loan again this term.

    However, there is a clause in his contract which enables Arsenal to cancel the loan and sell Denilson to another club should they receive a suitable offer.

    The Gunners are believed to be willing to offload Denilson and the news has alerted Milan who are preparing a bid for the talented midfielder.

    Another Italian club and sides from Russia are thought to be monitoring Denilson’s situation as they look to tempt Arsenal into selling the South American on a permanent basis.

  329. sky sports is full of shit kev……they like toying with us. dont get your hopes up mate.

  330. I saw that earlier, Kev. A loan deal with a view to buy.
    – he mentioned Milan players being loaned out to Caen.as part of the deal…..

    Anyway the missus’ nagging me to get ready … Currying again…

    See you all later…
    Look after yourself Stan …

  331. Bon apertite SYG…..

  332. adios me old cream cracker…always fun when you re around.

  333. I reckon that there must be some legs in that Denilson story Stan…
    Getting him off of our books would be a real bonus.

  334. i wouldnt hold my breathe stan………think about it. why would milan want our rejects? come on. its all media bollocks(is that how you say it in the UK)

  335. Jeez i must have overdone it…….just called kev “stan”…..christ.

  336. Stan, there is only one Stan on here, and you fill that role perfectly…

    Now go and have a cydrax and chill… ;-)

  337. but seriously kev, that story stinks. i wont even buy denilson for my local sunday side team. he’s shit. take it with a pinch of salt. dont get your hopes my man.

  338. Evening Rico,Housers.Everyone cool today?

    I have stopped reading the English press, they hate us.

  339. Ljungberg: “I tried not to upset the #AFC fans by going to West Ham instead of Spurs and Man Utd. It’s a big shame RvP chose United.”?

  340. now that’s a legend talking. van prick is a disgrace. they dont make them like freddie anymore. gosh what i ll give to have him back 20 years younger!

  341. denilson was a quality youngster to be fair!! He had some serious back problems and that coincided with his loss of form! A decent player by all accounts! Has all the attributes to succeed bar his mentality!

  342. Will, the British Press are poison, but we get the Press we deserve because we still buy their useless product, whilst moaning about it….

  343. Andrew might have a point Stan, none of us know how he has been performing in Brazil….

    Any fee would be welcome for him.

  344. I don’t buy and I only read broadsheets websites.

  345. well just like W.A.T.H i ll believe it when i see it. he was actually a good prospect though until flamster left and we chucked him in the middle. fair point andrew……i hold my hand up.

  346. Evening everyone….

    Whoe needs Denilson, we have Diaby ;)

  347. Sky Sports reckon Biglia is heading to Norwich on loan….

    I just read online Will, wouldn’t pay to read such garbage

  348. here comes rico to ruin the party. trust a country girl.

  349. Will i stopped buying a newspaper on a regular basis when i came on the Net 3 years ago….
    Now it’s the Evening Standard, it’s free, but the rest is just garbage….
    Tbh i think our Press are commiting suicide by going more and more dumbed down…
    Not sure if there will be much of a Press left in 20 years time…
    I won’t mourn their passing.

  350. Hopefully Talkspite will go the same way, when people wise up to the fact that all they do is take the piss out of their listeners….

    Adrian Durham must hold the average football fan in absolute contempt.

  351. Always trust a country girl goonie ;) It’s the townies you need to watch….

  352. a city girl wouldnt threaten to cut off my nuts…..heck she ll like to have them in her mouth!

  353. Stan, country girls are better cooks…..

  354. The thing that really gets my goat are the after game reports which are basically about whatever the “reporter” wants to say and not the game itself.

  355. Stan, do you have too, i was just eating a sausage roll…… Cheers mate… :roll:

  356. Will, not only those idiots, they already have an agenda, what about the brainless inbreds who commentate….
    There you are watching the game, and you have to wonder if the commentator is on some form of hallucinatory substance, as what they’re prattling on about, holds no similaritary with what you are watching….

  357. I know what you mean Kev. How many game reports have you read and the actual game gets two lines but the reporter goes on about how rubbish The Arsenal were even if we won 5-0.

  358. Stanley :roll:

  359. AK, totally agree there – look at our pre season games, you would think it was a CL final, not a bloomin friendly..

    Anyway, hope with give them something to shut them up on Sunday!

  360. Will, the journo would focus on a foul, a red card or maybe Wenger’s reaction to some incident.
    Write a couple of paragraphs on that rubbish, whilst the goals/goalscorers might get a sentence squeezed in at the end…
    My arse……

  361. Rico, i think a draw would constitute a good result up at that dump…
    Especially if Fabianski is playing….
    As long as we escape that shithole with all our players uninjured…

  362. Dortmund 1 up courtesy of Reus.anything new?…

  363. Reus, what a great signing he would have been for Arsenal….. sigh….

  364. Ches will be fit AK, I’m sure…

    but yes, a draw would be ok, but i see us getting all 3 points… The new boys will come good and if Flappy plays, he’ll shock us all….

  365. Bastos on the bench for Lyon.

  366. Have to admit the sahin deal surprised me,not us signing him but the loan agreement that was mentioned…………….
    other than benny(last minute) the top clubs never loan players to another top club to get fit…. do they.

  367. I trust your judgement Rico….. 8-)

  368. I remember you hoped we’d sign Reus Ak….

  369. fred – you suggesting that liverpool are not a top club, how could you ;) ;) ;)

  370. Exactly Kev, which is why I have stopped reading them.

  371. hahahahaha i didnt see your comment AK……i went for a quick burger. i love it that i ruined your dinner. wish you could see the smile on my face.

  372. New rules this year on pitch size…….the potters won’t like that.

  373. Rico, Reus, he reminds me of Freddie.
    Goalscoring midfielder…

  374. Will, reading newspapers is a bit habit forming.
    We tend to pick the habit up from our Fathers.
    It’s a kind of right of passage, as you grow out of comics and when you start work…
    But once you break that habit, you find you don’t really need or miss the rubbish they print.
    Which in truth, is yesterdays news!!!

  375. Stan, you’ll never stop me enjoying a sausage roll, i just gagged a bit….. ;-)

  376. Yes, Fred, i read that a couple of days ago….
    Pulis was trying to blag about how Etherington and Pennant will benefit…
    Well, we shall see?!!!

  377. Like to see Afobe get a run out in the 2nd 45 at the Reebok…

  378. what’s the latest AK? is ches fit or not? its not easy playing those bastards let alone without your first choice GK. i would hate to be fabianski tomorrow.

  379. Congratulations Thierry Henry, his wife has given birth, and it’s a boy! Arsene Wenger has him on the shortlist already. #SonOfTheKing

  380. Just what we lack AK…..

  381. Anyone notice how Sky have us live against a team they expect us to lose against/

  382. I didn’t know TH had remarried…. Oh well, congratulations old boy…

  383. good will, hopefully we ll spank them. gosh i hate sky.

  384. Very entertaining to-day…popping off and on the site rico
    down the pub now to listen all night to the west ham boys going on about fat sam.
    .must remember the cotten wool

  385. I’m watching Dortmund-Bremen.
    Transfers news only next weekend

  386. Prayogo Prima W‏@prayogoprima

    stupid Liverpool,spend same amount of cash with madrid as madrid bought him for only 1 year and without buy out clause

  387. hahahaha who’s this prayogo fella kev…..would like to shake his hand and buy him a drink.

  388. JM, only good news now…… Don’t let me have to remind you again, ok…. ;-)

  389. I’m off for the day guys, been a bit of a long one…

    Stay safe all and enjoy the rest of you day/night/morning….

    Night all….

  390. West Ham, i remember when they had a ‘football’ team…
    Now it’s just lump-it-ball…..

  391. Goodnight Rico, see ya for a short chat in the morning….

  392. Morning all.

  393. Morning Scott, i’m off in a minute, you ok?
    Watching the game Sunday?

  394. Benik on at Bolton….

  395. I will be watching mate,have no fer.

  396. Morning Scott.

  397. 2-1 Dortmund Götze.

  398. That’s me done…..
    Goodnight Stan/Scott…

  399. See ya AK.
    How goes it Will?

  400. I am pretty good, looking forward to the season and I think, once the attack clicks, we will see alot of high scoring games.

    How are you?

  401. allezkev….goonster thanks guys :) or should i say gays( andre santos joke )
    Had high hopes for our samba dancing brazilian but he was never quite rugged enough!
    He was a superb passer of the ball… Peaple complain about him passing sideways all the time!..
    How much we would like a new dm to keep things ticking with short passes…
    Arteta and cazorla would be freed to go higher up the pitch safe in the knowledge that our new dm/cm wouldn play a hollywood pass that would be intercepted!

  402. So have we sold anyone….?

    Has the little fella’s footie season finished Scott…? when the hounds running again..?

  403. hi guys.i just saw a picture of Jack at arsenal.com,can`t wait to see him wear his no10 shirt.
    sahin is motivated by greed if he join a non champions league playing club.

  404. Im back.
    Just had Seans presentation day….season is all over,but ive made tha fatal mistake of agreeing to play cricket again!!
    Its been a whole,18 odd years,so it should be interesting.
    Dogs are having a little break Wath,but should be racing in around 2-3 weeks.

  405. Morning all.
    Just testing alignment of my tabulation:

    Aug 26, 2012 – Round #2
    Arsenal 0 Sunderland 0 [scoreless]
    Goal ……Scorer .. ………………….. EPL – CL – FA – CC – Expectation
    00 .. 00 – Jenkinson……………………00 – 00 — 0 — 0—————-0 goal
    00 .. 00 – Koscielny ……………………00 – 00 — 0 — 0—————-1 goal
    00 .. 00 – Djourou ………………………00 – 00 — 0 — 0————— 0 goal
    00 .. 00 – Gibbs………………….………00 – 00 — 0 — 0—————-1 goal
    00 .. 00 – Sagna………………..…………00 – 00 — 0 — 0—————-1 goal
    00 .. 00 – Santos………………………..00 – 00 — 0 — 0—————-3 goal
    00 .. 00 – Vermaelen…………………..00 – 00 — 0 — 0—————-3 goal
    00 .. 00 – Mertesacker………………..00 – 00 — 0 — 0—————-1 goal
    00 .. 00 – Frimpong ……………………00 – 00 — 0 — 0—————- 0 goal
    00 .. 00 – Coquelin …………………… 00 – 00 — 0 — 0—————- 0 goal
    00 .. 00 – Yennaris …………………….00 – 00 — 0 — 0—————- 0 goal
    00 .. 00 – Diaby………………………….00 – 00 — 0 — 0—————- 3 goal
    00 .. 00 – Cazorla……………………….00 – 00 — 0 — 0—————- 8 goal
    00 .. 00 – Arteta………………………….00 – 00 — 0 — 0—————- 5 goal
    00 .. 00 – Ramsey………………………00 – 00 — 0 — 0—————- 5 goal
    00 .. 00 – Oxalde-C…………………….00 – 00 — 0 — 0—————- 5 goal
    00 .. 20 – Wilshere……………………..00 – 00 — 0 — 0—————–3 goal
    00 .. 00 – Eisfield………….…………….00 – 00 — 0 — 0—————–1 goal
    00 .. 00 – Rosicky…………….…………00 – 00 — 0 — 0—————–5 goal
    000 ..00 – Giroud……………………….00 – 00 — 0 — 0—————–10 goals
    000 ..00 – Gervinho……………………00 – 00 — 0 — 0—————–10 goals
    000…00 – Walcott………………………00 – 00 — 0 — 0 —————-15 goals
    000…00 – Poldolski …………………..00 – 00 — 0 — 0—————–15 goals
    000…00 – Chamakh…………………..00 – 00 — 0 — 0——————-0 goals
    000…00 – Arshavin………..……………00 – 00 — 0 — 0——————-0 goals
    000…00 – “own, dubious” goal….00 – 00 — 0 — 0——————-5 goal
    00 goals after 1 games.
    An average of 0.00 goals per game
    100 goals in a 60-game during 2012/13 season?
    2012/13 season : 0 wins 1 draws 0 losses.
    MIDFIELD contributed .. 00.00% of goals..00 goals.
    STRIKERS contributed . 00.00% of goals..00 goals.
    DEFENDER contributed. 00.00% of goals..00 goals.
    “Dubious goal”…………….. 00.00% of goals..00 goals.
    The strikers are Poldolski, Giroud, Walcott, OX, Gervinho, Chamakh and Park CY.
    We have 0 no. Goal Scorers:
    01) Walcott………………………00 goals out of 15 goals expectation
    02) Poldolski …………………..00 goals out of 10 goals expectation
    03) Giroud……………………….00 goals out of 10 goals expectation
    My expectation is of course:
    DEFENCE contributes —– 10%
    MIDFIELD contributes —– 35%
    FORWARD contributes —- 50%
    “OWN GOAL” contributes – 5%

    Let’s compare our performance against the Top-6 team as after 2 no. league games played:
    Everton 2 ManU 1
    Liverpool ? Abu Dhabi ?

    W … D … L ….. F ….. A … +/- __ Points
    0 ….. 0 … 0 … 00 … 00 … 00 __ 00 __ Abu Dhabi City
    0 ….. 0 … 1 … 00 … 01 … 00 __ 00 __ Manchester United
    0 ….. 0 … 0 … 00 … 00 … 00 __ 00 __ Arsenal
    0 ….. 0 … 0 … 00 … 00 … 00 __ 00 __ Liverpool
    0 ….. 0 … 0 … 00 … 00 … 00 __ 00 __ Tiny Totts
    0 ….. 0 … 0 … 00 … 00 … 00 __ 00 __ Chelski
    1 ….. 0 … 0 … 01 … 00 … 00 __ 03 __ Everton

    A comparison of the Top-6 team against Bottom-13 teams with 34 games played after 16-Apr-12:
    W … D … L ….. F ….. A … +/- __ Points
    02 … 0 … 0 … 06 … 02 … 04 __ 06 __ Chelski
    01 … 0 … 0 … 03 … 02 … 01 __ 03 __ Abu Dhabi City
    00 … 1 … 0 … 00 … 00 … 00 __ 01 __ Arsenal
    00 … 0 … 1 … 00 … 01 … 00 __ 00 __ Manchester United
    00 … 0 … 1 … 01 … 02 … 00 __ 00 __ Tiny Totts
    00 … 0 … 1 … 00 … 03 … 00 __ 00 __ Liverpool

  406. Everton 1 Utd 0 i think Merlin.

  407. Also Merlin,i’d get rid of Liverpool from that top 6 :)

  408. You’ve got Podolski scoring 10 goals on one list,15 on another.

  409. Morning all….

  410. Tabulation?

    So we are in for a season of mind-blowing statistics eh Merlin…?!

    Well i love my stats, so you carry on…..

    Merlin, are you an accountant by any chance…?

  411. Morning Rico…

    Had a nice downpour last night and the garden has perked up nicely…

    My new roof is as dry as a bone…. :-)

  412. I wonder if Wenger will make an enquiry about Clint Dempsey?

  413. Morning AK, we had the rain too…. saved all the watering :)

  414. Can’t see Dempsey going to the dippers now, that’s for sure… Well, that’s if the FA grow some..

  415. Denilson to AC Milan…….

    Can you believe it Rico..???

  416. New Post up, it’s yours AK :)

  417. Problem with Dempsey is the problem of negotiating with Fulham, they’re a very awkward club to deal with…
    Could be something to do with the owner…

  418. The mind boggles AK….

  419. See you on the new one Kev

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