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Dudu hinting at return? Don’t listen to the media, We are On the Up…

Morning Fine Gooners,

I’m back…..

I see Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal Board are still busy in this transfer window.

Where there is normally a mad rush for a cheapo with seconds of the window left, this window has been busy from day one, in fact even before.

The signings made to date are really positive and there is no taking that away from our manager but, I think he has been shrewd by sorting out the wage structure.

We have had and still have, many mediocre players on an undeserved wage and I believe that with this restructure we are starting to get our wages back under control. Over the last couple of seasons we have offloaded some of our high earners Henry, Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy and now, RvP and Song, all of whom would be on a higher salary scale.

I would imagine that Thomas Vermaelen now tops the wage bill and that is how it should be as with the Captains armband comes responsibility and no doubt, a little salary increase.

I haven’t seen any lists of players wages but I would be surprised if any of our new players have actually been awarded an amount which we would consider to be inflated.

I believe we have reconstructed the team and in my view for the better and with all the talk about others who could still to join us, I would say that our transfer team are doing well this summer.

I would have liked, and still would like to see a keeper and a defensive midfielder recruited and now Songhinio has now packed his bags for sunny Spain I expect to see the latter be completed, maybe even as a last gasp signing, just to make us feel at home.

Wages are important for the future of football clubs as many other clubs are now finding out. They are realising that once a player has signed for any considerable time that their huge wages places a strain on resources, and many of those players aren’t even getting time on the pitch. Then, they can move them onto another club as their demands are simply laughable.

Don’t we know that to a lesser degree?

Player exodus is not easy to take as a fan though, but if they want to simply make money then let them go, our club needs players who want to be at Arsenal and accept the salary we offer. This way we will remain competitive in the transfer market place, attract the right kind of player and become the force that we all want us to be.

I must say though, I’m starting to get a bit worried about Jack Wilshere, after a couple of operations and over a year out, yet still no sign of him returning. Stress fractures seem to be long-lasting and I am now having serious doubts about his durability, for a lad of his age he should be able to heal quickly yet still we wait.

I’m starting to wonder if perhaps Wenger see Sahin as his replacement this season and should Jack come back in three months time maybe a loan spell is in store l for him, to help him get back to his old self.

We have brought some fine players in this window and I’m feeling quite happy with our squad. Watching City and United struggle against what many would say mediocre teams has left me feeling that we are now on the same standing as any other club in our league.

We are in good position, all that’s needed is a few games for our newbie’s and we will soon be up the top of the table.

We will definitely be up there challenging for the trophies, don’t listen to the media we are definitely on our way back.

Written by Steve Palmer.

There’s an interesting article on the BBC website about our old boy Eduardo, sounds to me like he wants to come back….

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537 Responses to Dudu hinting at return? Don’t listen to the media, We are On the Up…

  1. Mattyboy says:

    Rumours are to say that there has been a u-turn on the sahin deal because mourinho wont add a buy out clause within the contact and now he is off to get his alloys robbed in the Pool!!

  2. Lee says:

    Morning all..
    I read that too….

  3. southyorkshiregunner says:
  4. mattyboy86 says:

    sayin that lee it was only yesterday the paper said that the deal was finalised…. pain in the rear this transfer but i can see where wenger is going with this i wouldnt take him on unless there was guarentee to keep him at the end of it.

  5. southyorkshiregunner says:

    minutes ago

  6. southyorkshiregunner says:

    There you go


    Still Arsenal bound

  7. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning Mattyboy don’t you worry about Sahin many more fish in the sea if he does’nt appear, Many thanks as usual Rico, Got a day off to day but its my daughters birthday today and we have an invite for this evening and been promised a take out , seeing how they are all Vegans i could be treated to a nut crunch or something similar, might stop off for a proper meal first, usually a dry old night but i may just take a Gooseman tipple with me .

  8. Lee says:

    Good post SSP, nut cutlet…mmmm!

  9. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Morning all. Morning Steve. Been a while! Great post btw

    I share your fear re Jack. This whole saga with his fitness really is taking too long for my liking. I hope I’m wrong, but I really fear the worst for him. I hope he won’t be another perennial crock like Diaby.

  10. mattyboy86 says:

    Hey Stevo – I hope so mate just frustrating get so close to signing someone who’s character would fit in so well and then the next his going off somewhere else… Guess it’s what comes with the territory with the media today and more fool me for believing them. .

  11. allezkev says:

    Morning Sir Stevo, bag of KP all round then..? :-D

  12. allezkev says:

    Morning Gooners, great post SP btw…

    Lee, restaurant is Maidah Grill….

  13. stevepalmer1 says:

    Thanks guys, this guy sounds like Arsenal material to me and just what we need, i can’t see him go north can you after all were talking about the Arsenal :)

  14. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Morning AK. Sorry, I’d gone for the evening when you came on! It’s ok, I’m having a curry Saturday night and next Saturday also, so I’m not going cold turkey until you’re back in town! Although I am missing those lamb chop starters quite a lot……!

  15. allezkev says:

    Gotta say that i’m very cool over Jack’s fitness.

    Never thought that his problems were career threatening, more a case of LJW trying to come back before he’s ready and suffering complications…

    I honestly think he’ll be fine, but i can understand others’ concerns, brought on by mixed messages from the club about his return.
    They should just shut up and not raise expectations…

  16. allezkev says:

    Morning Rock, yeah, those chops were different, and very tasty…..
    Very more-ish…

  17. emma says:

    Goodmorning gooners,

    If Mourinho expects Arsenal to sign Sahin without the clause to purchase at the end of the season long loan then he is crazy. Let Sahin go to Liverpool if he so wishes. This(Mourinho) is somebody that hasn’t given him(Sahin) a chance to prove himself in the team. If he listens to him then best of luck. I would rather have m’vila on a permanent instead of sahin on a season long loan without the purchase option.

  18. allezkev says:

    Eduardo, now there s a tragic case for all concerned.

    What a great striker he could have been for us?!
    Great club man. The fans loved him…
    A great loss to us at a time when he could have won us a trophy…

  19. stevepalmer1 says:

    I hope your right AK, i just get a bit pissed when every month we heaar his about to return and then doesn’t, and when i see new faces appear i get the jitters.

  20. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Morning Emma. Tend to agree with you. And all this in the press about Mourinho saying he doesn’t care which club he goes to is crap. What he meant was, he doesn’t care which club he goes to….. As long as it’s not Arsenal. The guy’s a grade A cock.

  21. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Too true AK/Steve. The club should leave it with the announcements on expected returns. It’s be a very welcome surprise when we do see him on the team sheet when it finally happens.

  22. allezkev says:

    Tbh Steve, it’s really Wenger’s fault for not taking more care of him…
    Unusual for Wenger, but on that first full season, too much was loaded onto his youthfull shoulders…
    But i think he’ll be fine mate…

  23. Frankie says:

    Steve, I know you love the Arsenal but I’d wait until after 10-15 games to say we are on the same level as the Manchester clubs. The reason why I say this is because they have more of a stable team than us especially Man City. Stable teams have more effective partnerships – see RvP and Song last season. We are rebuilding again and no one knows for sure how this new Arsenal team will turn out. I am hopeful but I am not confident. Cazorla looks great but him saying Arsenal should spend to replace RvP should not be overlooked. The presence of the injury-prone Diaby and the continued absence of Wilshere means we are not yet there but lets hope one or two more new players coming into the squad would mean that we can challenge for that elusive trophy. BTW good blog, keep it happening.

  24. stevepalmer1 says:

    Hi Emma i can see your concern and understand what your saying, i get the feeling that Maurine is working a flanker let us show the lad the ropes and if he shines sell him to the highest bidder, but at the end of the day he aint costing us fortunes and if he helps to fill a cabinett i can suffer it.

  25. allezkev says:

    Morning Emma, yes i suspect the dark hand of Mourinho involving itself with some grade A mischief making…
    I dearly hope we never see him back in the EPL, but sadly i predict that we will. And maybe within the next 2 years!

  26. stevepalmer1 says:

    I see what your saying AK but as soon as the little shit comes back England will be after him and my oppinion is that he should only play for us for a season after all we don’t want him stressed :)

  27. allezkev says:

    Jack will actually be like a new signing when he comes back Rocky…
    He will be like the cherry on the cake.
    With no need to rush him, but instead allowing him to gradually build up his match sharpness…

    Fortunately, and unlike Eduardo, Diaby and Ramsey, his injury problems haven’t come from a smashed leg, so no psychological demons to overcome for ‘Wor Jackie’, just games in the tank!

  28. Lee says:

    AK I checked the website for that restaurant looks the nuts…next HH venue?

  29. allezkev says:

    Steve, maybe we should hold Jack back until there’s a long gap between England matches.
    And definately ‘no play’ in friendlies…

  30. harry671 says:

    Great article Steve and 100% agree, very positive about the season. Definitely we will be up there challenging.

    The addition of Sahin would be awesome, he is world class, but as with many I have an uneasy feeling this morning, with the scousers in the shadows, he would take them up a level……Personally I would sign if only for one season, he would add to our team and there would always be the possibility that he would want to stay…….

    In regards to the article hyperlinked by southyorkshire about Sahin, had already read that and to be honest it contradicts itself and leaves the issue in the air….I think I shall leave the F5 button trg till deadline day.

    I can see 3 more coming in and upto 6 leaving, wage bill as you say will be more structured…..I think we have been linked to more players in the last week than in the last 3 seasons……

  31. allezkev says:

    Lee, i was given a very high recommendation…. :-P

  32. allezkev says:

    Keep it too ourselves eh….. ;-)

  33. EastSidePaul says:

    I’d be happy with M’Vila and Jesús Navas. Walcott could leave and easily bring in 15m if anyone would take him.

  34. Long Suffering Gooner says:

    I wouldnt mind seeing Mou back in the premier league. that is pure entertainment guaranteed.

    As for the Sahin thing, I dont think it is so much of Mou not wanting Arsenal in particular to take him on loan. I think he wants to hold on to Sahin as a long term solution for Xabi Alonso who is the wrong side of 30 hence their reluctance to include a buy out clause.

  35. allezkev says:

    Paul, do you think we’d ‘get’ as much as £15 million for him..?

    I’m not so sure?

    Theo is a bit of an enigma, but i can’t help liking him..!

  36. stevepalmer1 says:

    Wenger allways seems to allow players to play for their countries but my view is we should hold them back Rednose seems to do that and i think its time we took up the batton

  37. Frankie says:

    If Theo doesn’t extend his contract then let him go now or we will have another Fab, RvP situation.

  38. eastsidepaul says:

    Kev I honestly don’t see anyone paying it, I’d like to see someone pay it! I’d be happy with 8m for him and bring in Navas to replace him.

  39. stevepalmer1 says:

    Trouble with Theo is he is to consistant he’s bad most of the time, but i must say when he does turn it on he’s worth double that

  40. Lee says:

    Downing went for £20m and last season’s stats were 0 goals 0 assists………..

  41. allezkev says:

    Depends on what you consider is entertainment LSG..?!

    Mourinho is a great manager, but some of the tricks he gets up to, leave a nasty taste in the mouth…
    But i respect you opinion…

    On Sahin, you make a good point, but i still see him interfering by trying to persuade Sahin to join his ‘old mate’ at Liverpool…
    Rodgers needs a quick fix and would be happy to take Sahin for a year, if it secures his position at Anfield…
    Wenger doesn’t want or need to improve a player for 12 months, just to hand him back to a man who called him a voyeur…

  42. stevepalmer1 says:

    Maybe its me but did any of you watch the Manchester games and Chelsea last night seems to me that when they struggle the other teams get booked very easily and decisions given in favour started to get to me a bit.

  43. allezkev says:

    Great point Lee, but was he in the last year of his contract?
    Also Liverpool are idiots, we must not forget that.. ;-)

  44. Andrew says:

    xabi alonso is 29 LSG!!his never ever been a player blessed with pace ! His style of play will suit him for years to come!

  45. emma says:


    Update on Sahin to #afc: Wenger doubts Sahin can perform defensive midfield role. Agent looking for alternatives, #lfc interest revived.

  46. Andrew says:

    XABI’S 30 SORRY :l:)

  47. allezkev says:

    Lee, i would love to see Navas join Arsenal, all that worries me are the comparisons with Reyes…
    We don’t need another flakey Spanish winger…
    Mind you i did love Jose, as with Eduardo another star player lost to us, although for different circumstances…

  48. stevepalmer1 says:

    Maurine is quality, he will take a lot of attention if he comes back to the Premier league and hopefully by that time he can sit and view Arsenal quality as well what goes round comes round

  49. Andrew says:

    james olley’s tweet dosnt make sense! why would he suddenly doubt his defensive ability!:L his known the player for 7 years for gods sake!!!

  50. Lee says:

    Yeah Navas has Reyes written all over him….really liked Reyes as a player, shame he was homesick! That prick neville kicked seven bells out of him….

  51. stevepalmer1 says:

    What you have to remember Emma is that Wenger talks with a forked toungue when he’s negotiating, he may be a lot of things but dumb he is not

  52. emma says:

    steve – I guess you are right. I just want this saga to be over. The sooner the better

  53. Dan says:

    Squad’s looking good but if we gonna compete properly we still need two more quality signings… Sahin and Jesus the saviours?

  54. stevepalmer1 says:

    If that happens Dan i will start praying again :)

  55. stevepalmer1 says:

    Probably today Emma :)

  56. eastsidepaul says:

    I would also like a new LB. Find Gibbs a bit lightweight, maybe he will improve though.

  57. Scott from Oz says:

    Evening all.
    If Wenger is “suddenly” doubting Sahins defensive ability,it’s not that has suddenly noticed a problem with the player,it’s that he’s questioning whether or not Sahin is the player we need.
    On Sahin though,anyone thinking he’d be remotely interested in going to Liverpool after their first up game is kidding themselves.
    Media crap!

  58. stevepalmer1 says:

    With Wenger signings normally negotiations about wages holds things up wenger will be Sweet talking him but still trying to keep it cheap.

  59. Scott from Oz says:

    ESP…Gibbs was our second best player on the weekend.
    If he’s light,the rest are average :)

  60. Micko says:

    Morning all,
    Jesus saves but Podolski scores on the rebound !

    Losing my patience with Sahin.

  61. eastsidepaul says:

    He wanders way too much though scott, how many times have we seen balls played down the left with Gibbs nowhere to be seen.

  62. Mr Arsenal says:

    Moaninho is a cock and i will never ever respect that guy ever.

    Not getting Sahin will be sad,but Arsenal have to do what’s best for Arsenal and i respect that.

  63. stevepalmer1 says:

    Morning Scott, Liverpool has probably been mentioned as they are a team we can probably compete with had it been Manchester or Chelsea we wouldn’t be in the picture.

  64. stevepalmer1 says:

    Well said Mr Arsenal but we do need charactors in the premier and beating a team he is involved with gives me so much happiness

  65. eastsidepaul says:

    How about we bring in Navas and M’Vila, that would make an unbeatable midfield!

    Gk: Szczęsny

    RB: Sagna
    CD: Koscielny
    CD: Vermaelen
    LB: Gibbs

    RW: Navas
    CM: M’Vila
    CM: Arteta
    LW: Podolski

    DB role: Cazorla

    S: Giroud

    I’d be okay with that team starting week after week!

  66. allezkev says:

    I like that team Paul….

  67. Lee says:

    ESP that team would give chavs/mancs a run for their money..

  68. Mr Arsenal says:

    Navas is no better than walcott and is just another reyes.Have people even seen navas play?? There is no way he is leaving spain.

  69. rico says:

    Morning all,

    Good post Steve, very upbeat, just how we should all feel with our new signings in and more to come…

    So Sahin might not be joining our PL campaign then….

  70. Mr Arsenal says:

    I see what your saying SP and i must admit that i love shutting that fool up.I think he see’s Arsene as a threat and that’s why there’s so much hate from him.

  71. rico says:

    VdV is being shipped out of the totts…

  72. eastsidepaul says:

    Mr. Arsenal I’ve seen him play for Spain a bit, looks a tad better than Walcott. He is an actually footballer, not an athlete who plays football.

  73. Canadian Gooner says:

    Good morning fellow Gooners.

    Another slow newsday as the English press rehash, recycle, or if all else fails dream-up transfer stories. I haven’t given up on Sahin yet.

    You’ll drive yourself to distraction if you hang on every word of the crap written by most of the so called sports reporters. Few have any real sources or insight. As usual Arsenal’s prospects for the coming season are being downplayed and cast in shadow. We have heard it all before; only the years and player names have been changed to protect the incompetent.

    I know following Arsene’s transfer dealings is like being a child waiting for Christmas. It never seems to get any closer. At least we’re not selling players for a fifth of what we bought them for two years ago and having to pay most of that little transfer fee to the player to cushion the blow of a significant pay cut (see Adebuymore). If Arsene operated like Mankini, Arsenal would be bankrupt like Rangers FC north of the border.

    Cheer up we have plenty of potential for a great season.

  74. allezkev says:

    Mourinho is an ace manipulator of the media.

    He plays journalists like a musician plays a violin…

    But he knows how to get into the heads of footballers, so you have to give him credit for that…

    I’d like to see Arsene be a tad more pragmatic about his tatics and how he approaches certain games/situations…
    But certainly nowhere near the degree that Mourinho works towards…
    because the media love him, they gloss over some of the terrible things he has done and said.
    Whatever anyone thinks about Arsene, he’s never been responsible for a referee having to retire…
    Can you imagine what the Press/Media would have to say/write, if he had…?!!!

    But they conveniently forget ~Jose’s finest hour…
    Hypocrites, the lot of them ( except Adam ;-) )…

  75. eastsidepaul says:

    That team I put down. is by far better than any starting 11 United could put out.

  76. Mr Arsenal says:

    Esp sorry i disagree.Every time i’ve seen him play,i have never been impressed.I’d much rather walcott stay.

  77. eastsidepaul says:

    Thats were we will have to agree to disagree Mr.Arsenal!

  78. stevepalmer1 says:

    Seems to me Mr Arsenal that he has always been backed with money with his teams where we have built it with nobodies untill they become somebodies were not doing to bad in my opinion and still not breaking the bank i doubt we have spent any of our own money so far

  79. Mr Arsenal says:

    Very true mate,it’s all love :)

  80. eastsidepaul says:

    Would also like to see Ramsey go on Loan for a year, Everton or Swansea would be a nice fit.

  81. allezkev says:

    Morning Rico… You on part-time today… ;-)

    Morning Canuck…

    Gotta get me bowler hat on in a minute and do a bit more felting….
    Another fine mess i’ve gotten into…

  82. rockyrocastle07 says:

    I agree with ESP on the Walcott / Navas thing. But then most people know I just don’t rate Theo at all. Then again, I’ve not seen loads on Navas’ work. But I’d rather Ox plays down that side and ditch Theo.

  83. rico says:

    I’d rather Theo than some guy who’s going to shed a tear and want to go home sooner or later….

  84. Mr Arsenal says:

    Esp,now i agree with you there.A loan could do the world of good for rambo.

  85. allezkev says:

    Paul, if Sahin does arrive, i’m not sure how much game time Ramsey will get this season….

    He could be in for a regular substitute spot this campaign?!

  86. Mr Arsenal says:

    RR why is there so much distaste for walcott in our ranks??
    He is one of the most productive wingers in the premiership and yet he’s made out to be a shyte player.If it was not for the injury’s he would be even better than he is now.

    Still check the stat’s and not a lot compare.

  87. eastsidepaul says:

    Exactly Mr. Arsenal. Only a huge injury list would see him getting a regular game this year. Although….

  88. rico says:

    Hiya Kev, I wish ;)

  89. allezkev says:

    Gotta watch the sun today, it’s roasting out there Rico.
    Weather supposed to change, big style, tomorrow…
    We’ll see?

  90. stevepalmer1 says:

    The only problem i can see for this coming season is who to field with who, i see new players i want to see play but i felt we had a half decent team before kinda makes you wonder how Wengers gonna play it doesn’t it

  91. rockyrocastle07 says:

    He’s not consistent though Mr A. He should be able to control the ball, run with it, cross it, shoot, and make good decisions. He rarely does that. I admit, when he’s good, he’s VERYT good. But that just doesn’t happen often enough in my opinion. I lose count of the time he runs off and leaves the ball behind, or tries to take someone on and the ball bounces off his foot and goes out of play. He should have learned how to run at his pace at players and keep the ball under total control. He just hasn’t progressed nearly enough for me.

  92. Canadian Gooner says:

    I have never understood the glaring bias in the English press.

    Wenger has always made himself available for press conferences and is, for the most part, affable and forthcoming. Yet he is rarely given credit for his accomplishments. When he is, it is half-hearted and/or qualified.

    Auld Whisky Nose categorically refused to attend some post match press conferences and little was said.

    Happy Harry Redknap swore at the press and walked out on them. Yet, he was their darling lawhen hw finally got the chop by the Tiny Totts. Go figure!

  93. allezkev says:

    sheikh ahmed saquib‏@Saquib_07

    SSN germany reporting Sahin has passed his medical at #AFC while German TV says Arsenal have completed the signing of Nuri Sahin.

    Yawn…………. :-?

  94. Ben Barrett says:

    Godd morning everyone.
    AAAAaaarghhhh, please let transfer window close its driving me bonkers! :D

  95. rico says:

    It’s nippy in not so sunny Berkshire Kev and a horrid wet, gusty and cold weekend forecast….

  96. rico says:

    Amen to that Ben, as long as we have M’Vila, Sakho and striker in the bag and those who need to go, gone…

  97. stevepalmer1 says:

    I noticed you still log on to find out the latest BB :)

  98. alanbstardmp says:

    Press report from 1 hour ago, Sahin favouring Liverpool

  99. stevepalmer1 says:

    Just a light shower forcast here Rico sounds like fishing weather to me.

  100. rico says:

    LadyArse is reporting that Sahin deal is done and he’s passed a medical with us…. …

  101. allezkev says:

    Morning AlanMP, our little ray of sunshine…. :-)

  102. alanbstardmp says:

    lol Hi AllezKev :D

  103. rico says:

    Ha ha Steve, I’d want to sit on a riverbank and have sunshine on me, but then guess the rain is the reason big umbrellas were made….

  104. Canadian Gooner says:

    Kev @11:32 — It’s not limited to Ramsey. With the exception of Szczesny, unless Fabiansky has a miraculous resurrection, everyone has serious competition for their position in the team; hopefully no more complacency. Ramsey and the rest will have to show they are willing and capable to compete for their positions That competition and pressure shouls separate the sheep from the goats and be the making of some players.

  105. Ben Barrett says:

    On a good note, after watching Chelsea, Manure and shitty this week, I really think we are on a par with them, maybe just below shitty. ;)

  106. allezkev says:

    Where is JM (‘We’re all doomed’)…….???? :-|

  107. allezkev says:

    I always look forward to your comments AlanMP, funnily enough, they always cheer me up… ;-)

  108. rico says:

    CG – just what we have been crying out for – competition, that’s the only way to get the best out of players.

    Look at Song, had Coquelin been two years older, I bet he would have stepped up his game.

    On the other hand… maybe he realises that Coq or even M’Vila would be challenging him so he took the easy option…

  109. stevepalmer1 says:

    Got to say watching Hazard last night was entertaining we missed out there he is quality.

  110. Ben Barrett says:

    Ah, and the Ramsey debate comes back, last year i thought he was awful, inconsistent, terrible shooting, trying too hard etc etc. But for team GB arguably there best player, maybe that little time away helped him to get his head together.
    As sub in first game same old Ramsey for Arsenal, what to do? He needs competition for his place as i feel he can become a decent player but he has to really put his ass in gear because the fans, arsene and his team mates all deserve better than the performances he is putting in!

  111. alanbstardmp says:

    we should turn our attention away from Sahin. Waste of time being buggered about

  112. allezkev says:

    That’s what all successfull teams have Canuck….

    No more ‘showboating’ hopefully?

    If you get a chance, you’d better perform or end up being sent to Coventry (or Sunderland)…

    Agree on Fabianski, tbh, i didn’t think he’d still be at Arsenal

  113. Mr Arsenal says:

    I think your looking at him too negatively.At the end of the day who else has been giving such important goals and assist’s from the squad.He was half the reason that rvp scored the goal’s he did.

    I think there’s far worse players in the squad and for some reason theo get’s it the worse.I really want the guy to stay,because he will mature and when he does,what a player in my opinion we will have.

    Every player has bad points,but theo’s good points out weigh the bad ones for me.

  114. rico says:

    Steve, you could be right about Hazard but lets see how he is when they face Stoke ….

  115. Lee says:

    AK all we need now is JM with a bit of doom and gloom… ;)

  116. STV says:

    Morning al..
    Slightly shocked to hear Sahin uturn. Still thinks he’ll sign.

    Lee funny stats re Downing. Even I half expected that when he signed but 0 goals n 0 assists were hilarious.

  117. Canadian Gooner says:

    Kev — I’d prefer Coventry over Sunderland.

  118. allezkev says:

    ‘The End of The World is at Hand’…
    ‘Arsenal are finished’…
    ‘Wenger to be Sacked’…
    ‘Good Morning everyone’ ;-)

  119. rico says:

    Mr Arsenal – I am totally with you on Theo and as much as he frustrates in certain games, I still believe he’s got much more in him and we’ll regret seeing that in another clubs colours if he goes…

    Tbh, there are many players who frustrate me during matches…

  120. alanbstardmp says:

    allezkev says:
    August 23, 2012 at 11:51 am

    Morning AlanMP, our little ray of sunshine…. :-)

  121. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Trust me Mr A, I totally agree that there are worse people in the squad! That goes without saying!

    I really think we’ll have to agree to disagree on Theo. The only positive for me is his pace. Oh, and his missus is very attractive….

    His control, poor crossing, bad decision making, and lack of composure all outweigh his good points. In my opinion. But that’s just me. I’m just frustrated by what I see as a lack of development from him. Every year we are told that he is now a year older, more mature and ready to deliver. I’m still awaiting that to be demonstrated through his performances.

    As for Ramsey, I think a loan move would be great for him. He did well for GB, so hopefully his confidence will be high now.

  122. allezkev says:

    That, is an interesting question Canuck???

    I’ve been to Coventry and there isn’t a lot there!

    Equally, i’ve been to Sunderland, and guess what???
    There isn’t a lot there….

    Hobson’s choice…. ;-)

  123. allezkev says:

    Nice One AlanMP;

  124. allezkev says:

    Blimey AlanMP, was that Roy Wood..?

  125. rico says:

    And Merlin Lee/AK…

  126. Andrew says:


    says sahin had his medical dismorning

  127. allezkev says:

    Yes Rico, it just goes on forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever…. :-P

  128. Canadian Gooner says:

    It was interesting to compare the full interview with Eduardo on the BBC website with the carefully edited (misleading) versions on the major newspapers sites. THe usual bobstic and misleading headlines with the usual self serving spin in the articles.

  129. southyorkshiregunner says:
  130. Adam says:

    I just heard, from one of England’s leading sado-masochists, that Sahin has signed for Stoke. Wenger out!

  131. allezkev says:

    Mein Gott Andrew, das ist gut…. :-D

  132. allezkev says:

    Afternoon Adam and SYG…

    I’m still avoiding going up on that roof…
    Sorry Ollie….

  133. alanbstardmp says:

    LOL I love Victor Meldrew. Funny bastard

    Actually it was not Roy Wood. The lead singer was Glen Shorrock, later of the little River band

  134. Adam says:

    Get on that roof this instant Kevin!

  135. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Hiya Kev, Adam, Rico, ESP, the Rockster, Canadian, Lee etc…

    Proofing the magazine at the moment – Like the transfer window it’s doing my head in.

  136. Adam says:

    Is this the tunnelling magazine SYG?

  137. Canadian Gooner says:

    Adam — With the exception of the trusting few who don’t follow the biannual circus that is the transfer window; aren’t we all just a little???? sado-masochistic.

  138. southyorkshiregunner says:

    It is young Adam. Been at it since 5am.


  139. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Afternoon SYG. What mag is that? Please tell me it’s smut……!

  140. Adam says:

    Speak for yourself CG. I am a good friend of Max Mosley myself.

  141. rico says:

    Morning Adam, I am shocked by Sahin’s decision….

    It does AK…

  142. Adam says:

    SYG. Is there an online version I may peruse?

  143. Adam says:

    Me too Rico. I say Wenger and the board out. Darren Dein and Harry Redknapp in.

  144. Canadian Gooner says:

    Kev @11:29 — “Gotta get me bowler hat on in a minute and do a bit more felting….
    Another fine mess i’ve gotten into…” As per SYG @12:33, are you Stan or Ollie?

    SYG — Great picture.

  145. GoonerB says:

    Late to the chat today. Anyway good day everyone. AllezKev I saw that about the German SSN and I believe they are quite reliable. Fingers crossed we could be getting some good news later today.

    Good post SP. Touching on the Wilshere situation I too am possibly a bit concerned about the length of time it is taking. Without divulging what I actually do for a living I would be in a position to comment professionally on his injury if I had more info. Needless to say my job means I am not always by a computer hence why I often vent my spleen in one big post when I can rather than a number of short posts.

    If I was attempting to analyse the Wilshere situation I would look at 3 scenarios in total with 2 being the more worrying. The first of the more worrying would be that they have discovered he has some sort of congenital degenerative condition with his joints, which is uncommon in his age group but can happen to some people. This would be much the same as happened with Ledley King and would be the worst case scenario. The second worst case scenario would be if those viscious rumours were true. I believe they were the same ones that were used for Rosicky in some circles, and I am sure most of you know what they were without actually stating it. If this were the case then there should be a positive resolution to the situation in time, but would leave a big question mark regarding professional attitude. I for one don’t actually believe this but can we the long suffering bloggers ever be entirely certain of what goes on behind the scenes in planet football.

    The best scenario is that his injuries were genuine and are not ongoing conditions and will fully resolve. If I am correct I believe he had one injury that required surgery then while rehabilitating from that he developed another injury that required surgery. This can happen. Sometimes the 2 injuries are mutually exclusive but sometimes they can be linked, i.e the first injury causes you to move differently which then mechanically overloads a different area which can result in another injury such as a stress fracture. Wilshere had a period of time when he was probably overplayed for someone whose body had still not stopped developing. This was necessary for AW due to the lack of quality options at that time. AW may realise this and wants to get it right with our prized asset and make sure he is fully recovered without taking a chance on bringing him back early. The signings and potential signing of Sahin may indicate AW is not going to rush him back and is covering for him being out for a while longer. At his age, even if he is not back fully til say February, we could still have him for another 12 years of top flight football, so delaying his return a few months if you have cover for his position makes sense. As a positive and happy gooner I am going to plump for the last scenario.

  146. Mr Arsenal says:

    But look at the goal’s against our rivals last season.Surely a player who has nothing but pace, would score goals as class that?

    RR i think yes we have to agree to disagree.Let’s just move on aye :lol:

  147. alanbstardmp says:

    Good man Max Mosley, although we go to different tailors

  148. Canadian Gooner says:

    Adam — If I hadn’t seen some of your other postings; your “Darren Dein and Harry Redknapp in.” would have given me a coronary.

  149. alanbstardmp says:

    allezkev says:
    August 23, 2012 at 12:08 pm

    ‘The End of The World is at Hand’…
    ‘Arsenal are finished’…
    ‘Wenger to be Sacked’…
    ‘Good Morning everyone’ ;-)

    Ah! Good news at last

  150. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Rocky – I wish

    there is Adam – I haven’t updated it in ages…


  151. allezkev says:

    Probably a bit of both Canuck…. :-P

  152. rockyrocastle07 says:

    That works for me Mr A!! Right, I’m off for a spot of luncheon. Back in an hour or so.

  153. Adam says:

    SYG. S63 looks interesting.

  154. rico says:

    Syg – I find saying Hello All usually covers it ;)

  155. Adam says:

    CG. I can’t think why. :)

  156. rockyrocastle07 says:

    SYG – just had a look at your gym/fight club…. looks pretty good. Shame you don’t have it down this way!

  157. Adam says:

    RIco would knock you sparko Rocky. :)

  158. rico says:

    Not sure on Redknapp Adam, maybe Pullis??

  159. Canadian Gooner says:

    GoonerB — I seem to recall something similar to your final with Dennis Bergkamp. He was having some troubles with one of his legs??, but in trying to take the pressure of it to ease the pain by altering his stride/stance it transferred the problem and the pain to his lower back. It wasn’t until they diagnosed and treated the root cause that they alleviated his back pain. I may have the cause and effect reversed.

  160. allezkev says:

    AlanMP, you are such a cheerfull soul, but we luv ya…

  161. Adam says:

    Now you’re talking Rico.

  162. southyorkshiregunner says:

    That’s another website I’ve not updated since July 2011, Rocky…

    It’s a nice place. There’s some good lads that get in there.

  163. Adam says:

    Yes Alan. I can see you and Max Mosley getting on quite well

  164. rockyrocastle07 says:

    I don’t doubt that for a second Adam!!

    I used to do boxing, and also a bit if Jeet Kun do, but the gym hiked its prices up and I couldn’t afford to do it anymore. Was gutted as would love to get into something like that or Krav Maga again. It’d make the journeys home through Spudland every day more entertaining!! (only kidding… like Goonster, I’m a lover, not a fighter!!)

  165. Canadian Gooner says:

    Rico — That is cruel. You better call for a cardiologist; I’m fading here.

  166. rico says:

    Hi GB – I’m not overly concerned about Jack, sure he’ll be back soon. But AW isn’t prepared to rush him and rightly so, he is our future and we need him recovered properly and with no further setbacks…

  167. Adam says:

    SYG. Is WYG a member?

  168. allezkev says:

    That’s a seriously good magazine SYG….

    Not sure what Stan would make of Micro-Tunneling?

  169. Adam says:

    Rocky. Kev told me you are a lover and not a fighter. :)

  170. Canadian Gooner says:

    Kev — I hope that wasn’t Adam’s shed in that clip.

  171. rico says:

    Me Adam, I am a gentle soul…

    Don’t go encouraging him rocky…

  172. allezkev says:

    Canuck……. :lol:

    Was i that transparent?

  173. rico says:

    CG – good job you are getting used to our humour, otherwise you’d be looking for a blunt knife ….

  174. rockyrocastle07 says:

    WYG is the punchbag….

    Adam, Kev was supposed to keep that a secret….

    Ricgh, the delights of Wagamama are calling. Defo off for lunch now.

    Back soon (bet you can’t wait…..!)

  175. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Hey Adam – I would have asked him. But both you and I know WYG isn’t really WYG. He’s Arthur from Braintree surfing http://www.stalker.com

  176. allezkev says:

    Ok, see you lot a bit later, if i don’t fall off… ;-)

  177. southyorkshiregunner says:

    .. shit stalker dot com isn’t a website is it ??????????????????????

  178. rico says:

    Reports are suggesting that AW is have a change of heart over Sahin, as he wants a permanent signing….

  179. Adam says:

    That is so funny. I really wish he would make a reappearance. The banter between you two was great. We need more of that stuff. He was very politically correct as I remember. As a fellow Yorshireman I would have thought you might have had more in common. Surely he wasn’t really from Braintree? That is near Lee.

  180. Adam says:

    Use a safety net Kev.

  181. alanbstardmp says:

    rico says:
    August 23, 2012 at 1:07 pm

    Reports are suggesting that AW is have a change of heart over Sahin, as he wants a permanent signing….

    I just watched the Midsomer murders. Sadly, AW was not a victim

  182. rico says:

    I hope not rocky, M’Vila or Capoue surely…

  183. southyorkshiregunner says:

    I think its brinkmanship with Wenger.
    You don’t work that hard on getting something, just to let it slip away at the last minute ….
    The Arshavin deal was similar to this… Is he or isn’t he …

  184. Adam says:

    Isn’t the rumour site amusing? Some real strange people o er there I think. Amusing, but strange.

  185. southyorkshiregunner says:

    I’ve no idea who he was or where he was from, Adam – but he certainly wasn’t who he said he was. He just did that name to wind me up ….

  186. Lee says:

    WYG a member? He’s a massive member!! :lol:

  187. Andrew says:

    A sudden change of heart! Seems unlikely rico :l

  188. Canadian Gooner says:

    Rico — Re: “CG – good job you are getting used to our humour, otherwise you’d be looking for a blunt knife ….” With the sado-masochism exhibitted by following the events of this transfer window and reading some of the other poster’s comments; I am am contemplating alternate and unadvertised uses for a defibrillator.

  189. southyorkshiregunner says:
  190. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Hurrah for Christmas day !!!

  191. rico says:

    You are a hoot alan, you are a hoot….

  192. rico says:

    Adam – I love it, in just one page we have signed a player, sold a player or been totally ruled out of sellng those that we have sold or signing who we have signed :lol:

  193. rico says:

    Hope not Andrew… But if we sign M’Vila/Capoue instead, all will be ok..

    Haha CG..

  194. rico says:

    Got to pop off, back in a short while…

  195. Adam says:

    Surely not. I think he writes for either The Bleacher Report or my other favourite, Here Is The City. If ever there was an argument for the Internet dumbing down the level of debate it is those two sites. There are others of course. But pictures of young men staring into the distance with bios saying they really wanted to be F1 drivers writing the most meaningless drivel with titles like “Is Arsenal’s Financial Model Holding Them Back?” or “The 25 Players Arsenal Should Have Signed” or even “Cazorla-The Poor Man’s Alonso”.

  196. Canadian Gooner says:

    Rico — Regards Sahin doing or not doing a U-turn, I’m sure some sites are just slow (12 – 24 hrs. or more) recycling/reposting (plagiarising) from other sites. I’m with SYG; I can’t see Arsene spending so much effort on a transfer only to walk away. Unless he has found a better and/or cheaper alternative.l

  197. Good Morning Rico and all

    Upbeat post Sir SteveP, contrary to the last one. NIce to see you back.

    @Adam, it looks as if we have our usual Adam back. Yesterday was not the usual Adam. Hope everything is ok mate.

  198. Adam says:

    Hi Nashua. In what way was that?

  199. Canadian Gooner says:

    I see we and Spuds are being linked with Bojan Krkic.


  200. Joaquim Moreira says:

    KaKa and Sahin not in the squad for tthe fixture today versus Barcelona.
    Marca newspaper: no more news of Arsenal and Jesus Navas.
    Eduardo now for what? He didn’t play in UKraine since two years. He his always on bench
    Our midfield? Well JW, Diaby and Rosicky are usually not fit. We more injuries and suspensions we have a ashort squad.
    We need four more players (at least): one Gk, one full back;two/tree midfields one forward.
    Or, we must wait for January…..again

  201. Adam says:

    Nashua. Oh yeah. I remember now. I can’t stand Doomers at all. We can all have a moan every now and again and I am sure we will have plenty this season. But negativity, for it’s own sake, seems defeatist to me. We need more humour and that’s why I like SYG’s posts. He is a funny guy.

  202. @CG 11:41
    I’m not surprise with the press when it comes to AW. Anything he say or do they will be all over it in an heartbeat. Other managers get a pass but not Arsene. The simple reason to me it because he is not British, imo. Just look at some of the things SAF get away with, Visa for new players, shouting at referees and linesmen, wrong calls in favor of ManU.

  203. alanbstardmp says:

    no more news of Arsenal and Jesus Navas.

    We need the other Jesus

  204. Lee says:

    A mushroom Adam.

  205. southyorkshiregunner says:

    NashuaGunners says:
    August 23, 2012 at 1:49 pm
    The simple reason to me it because he is not British.

    That is definitely not the reason, Nashua.

    Wenger gives the press nothing. He discusses nothing re: transfers in a transfer window. He stonewalls them. They hate it.

  206. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Chu-Young Park
    The Korean Arsenal are very close to being the sixth team reinforcement Vigo.
    Signed reinforcement for the left, Celta has eight days to complete its workforce by hiring a striker. During last Wednesday, several Korean media entity linking Balaídos with compatriot Park Chu-Young, whose name is not new in Vigo since last July also discussed a possible interest for this player Celtic that belongs to Arsenal.
    This past Wednesday, Miguel Torrecilla refused to talk about “clubs and players with names, all I can say is that shuffle various alternatives for this position and that there are new situations that we are considering.” The truth is that Park-Chu-Young, flaming bronze medal with South Korea in the recent London Games, wants to play in Spain to understand that our country could be the ideal showcase to relaunch his career. The British wanted to transfer it to a junior championship, but the Asia welcomed the possibility of calling at Vigo.
    Unlike the signing of Krohn-Dehli, the arrival of Park Chu-Young to Vigo on loan and would always be the possibility of a call option to run after June 30, 2013, as the 2.5 million euros , amount set by the Arsenal way of transfer, escapes to the economic possibilities of olívico box. Although this is a clear vocation offensive player with great physical stamp, Korean is not your typical “opener”. His best performance on the field are as second striker.

  207. Canadian Gooner says:

    Nashua — I’m not so sure about that. As mentioned by someone else earlier today, Maureen Yo got away with a lot without much comment from the English press. Whatever happened to fair, impartial, unbiased, and informative reportage? I can recall the recent admission by a CNN (Cable News Nerwork – a large US cable TV concern) that they were in the entertainment business, NOT the news business. That puts them on par with the WWE.

  208. Canadian Gooner says:

    That should be *CNN executive

  209. stevepalmer1 says:

    Hi ya JM, still coming in with some usefull info you still taking long walks along the beach or is it raining there. :)

  210. Lewis says:

    Good day all.
    Why do all our transfers seem to take an eternity to be completed?! FFS just get it done, put us out of out misery.

  211. Lewis says:

    Good post Steve. Loving the positivity!

  212. stevepalmer1 says:

    Hi Lewis,I would say this is all but over maybe a friday signing theres something about Fridays that they like maybe the end of the week so he can collect a full weeks pay.

  213. Canadian Gooner says:

    SYG @2:12 — Are you sure that is the National Turk and not the National Jerk, as the site reads like most of the English ones as far as Arsenal are concerned — negative and sarcastic?

  214. allezkev says:

    Hooray, here comes JM…….

    “Oh happy, happy-happy happy-talk…
    Talk about things you like to doooo…
    You’ve got to have a dream.
    If you don’t have a dream.
    How you gonna have a dream come true….”

  215. stevepalmer1 says:

    Got a good feeling about this season Lewis still a bit shell shocked by our activity in the market but am mostly surprised by our supporters, no matter how many we enlist they still allways want 2 more, If we brought eleven they would want more for the reserves, i suppose Wenger has got it right , and if i speak the truth i am more than happy with what he has brought in, that man supprises me every season just when i think i have him worked out he changes tact no wonder they call him the proff

  216. W.A.T.H says:

    Afternoon all…….. AK get back up on that hot tin roof…!

  217. Lewis says:

    Also feeling good Steve, signings so far are top drawer. Santi looks the bollox! Can’t wait to see the team really start to gel, hopefully that happens at Stoke. Sure Pulis will have some anti football up his sleeve, god I hate stoke!

  218. allezkev says:

    It’s just too hot Wath, too hot….

    Bet it’s baking in Islington?

  219. Lewis says:

    Ox and kos fit for Sunday?

  220. stevepalmer1 says:

    I must admit Lewis they grind me a bit as well, and i still have my doubts over Merts he came across pretty good the weekend but i worry when he goes forward he lacks pace and i just worry :)

  221. Canadian Gooner says:

    Well I’ve had enough of the sado-masochism of following and discussing the current transfer market/window. Adam, Kev, Rico, SYG, et al — thanks for the laughs and the ocassional sympathetic ear. Now for a bite to eat and a few hours sleep.

    Till tomorrow fellow Gooners! Hopefully we’ll have some real news, better yet good/great news, on our incomings and/or outgoings.

  222. stevepalmer1 says:

    Afternoon Wath just got up mate :)

  223. stevepalmer1 says:

    You sleep well CG

  224. allezkev says:

    See ya Canuck

  225. stevepalmer1 says:

    Guess you nodded off again, :)

  226. Adam says:

    You back on terra firma Kev?

  227. W.A.T.H says:

    I’m in Camden AK not Islington thats far to posh fo me mate you know that ;-)

    It’s nice lager weather I must say…! I like your plan SP, a hip flask of GG sounds like a good idea for 2nite, just got up… I wish mate. Good post mate.

    I will say although we’ve bought 3 very good players lets not get carried away with what the club has actually spent which is nothing so far….! We had 20mil we had left over from last seasons transfers, we have 29million from Queensland road property deal and 39million from vP and ding a long…. We’ve so far spent 35million so the club is as usual well in pocket considering…! No I’m not moaning just saying lets not think we’ve broken the mold on spending just yet because we certainly have not..! I always said we were 2/3 players short last season SP so when you consider we 3 in 2 out i’d say we still 1 or 2 short of being really competitive but the signs are looking far better than this time last year for sure. 8 days and counting…………

  228. rico says:

    Afternoon again all….

    We sold anyone??

  229. stevepalmer1 says:

    What you roofing AK, or do you have to get up there to see over the fence posts you erected

  230. Lewis says:

    2 more players in then Steve?! ;)

  231. rico says:

    Wath – have to agree we are still a couple of players short, in fact I’d say 3 maybe 4 once Nik, Park, Arshavin and Chamakh go and we can’t forget that Bartley has gone too….

  232. goonster says:

    morning AKBs, what’s new? have signed sahin yet?

  233. goonster says:

    for adam’s sanity i hope we don’t sell squid. the poor fella ll have a fit….but i ll rather the squid on the RW than theo!

  234. stevepalmer1 says:

    You have a good way of working things out Wath, but even with RVP and Song gone i don’t feel like were missing anybody, i know its only one game gone but watching the team last weekend has rejuvinated me any more signings will only make me feel better, i know i usually believe i can see good in our team but i really believe it now, I know Wenger has not allways been your favorite but he does seem to make strange moves at times, i would have thought that selling Van Persie would have Fazed me out but i don’t believe it has bothered me that much, and he had a blinder last season, i also liked Song many moaned about him but i felt he was a goodun but i am not worried about him either do you thing the goose is started to have an impact on me or what.

  235. W.A.T.H says:

    I’d say Miguel covers Bartley Rico and selling that lot makes no odds they didn’t play a major roll last season in any case so they classed as dead wood and can be replaced from within IMO… I still say a proper def mid is the priority after that any other player would be a bonus, still think we lack width when we playing the parked bus teams so we def need to address that but maybe thats more tactical than playing squad

  236. W.A.T.H says:

    Am with you SP i am not at all bothered about vP or ding along going as the three that have been brought in are quality, I still say they don’t address where we lacked last season though and thats a proper defensive midfielder, you add a player like that to what we have now and i’d say we’ll be right up there.

  237. W.A.T.H says:

    Has the Goose given you wings SP ;-) Oh shit thats that red bull stuff..! Yuk don’t mix GG with that crap..!

  238. allezkev says:

    Yes Adam, it’s so hot up there that the felt is like paper…..

  239. goonster says:

    hey W.A.T.H, what’s the latest? any recent development?

  240. W.A.T.H says:

    AK looks like the Rooster on the Hen House ;-)

  241. W.A.T.H says:

    It’s all very quiet Stanley…………..!!!

  242. goonster says:

    Sup kev, how’s the cab business? am thinking of owning my own cab too. any tips on how to start and rip poor unsuspecting folks outta their hard earned cash?

  243. Adam says:

    Goonster. They told me you were crazy. They said you were a blond Lothario. They named you Stan “the creaming nailer of Old Compton Street”. But I always believed in you.

  244. allezkev says:

    SP :lol:

    Re-felting the garage roof Stevo…

    Unfortunately, there are no topless women sunbathing in the adjoining gardens….. :-(
    Or else i’d still be up there… ;-)

  245. goonster says:

    morn adam, how’s mrs A?

  246. Adam says:

    Very well Stan, thank you and how are all your girlfriends?

  247. allezkev says:

    Stan, you driving a cab, creaming all over the place, that’s a vision i would rather not have….

    But Old compton Street is a go’er….
    Wath & Mick are gonna help me to escort you to the hottest spots in Soho….
    Then it’s up to you, Lord of the Nailers….

  248. goonster says:

    girl friends!!!!! adam, really? well i have none. am a nailing demi god. i dont like cimmitment. heck i run from it! pah, girl friends he says.

  249. goonster says:

    hahahaha kev me old cracker, of course i wont cream in my own cab. it ruins business. can you imagine if a passenger caught me creaming?

  250. Adam says:

    When do you return to Arnhem. I reckon they are missing you. All those young blondes cycling around. Do you know that huge cycle park by the station and that weird Chinese style building just outside town on the slight hill beyond the station? I saw them all from the Arnhem WTC.

  251. Joaquim Moreira says:

    no more news for the moment…

  252. southyorkshiregunner says:


  253. allezkev says:

    For Stan…..

  254. Adam says:

    SYG. Is that actually a picture of Stan?

  255. allezkev says:

    SYG…. Classic :-P

  256. rico says:

    Wath, they make little difference for sure, but Park, Chamakh and Bartley all had a squad place, one which can be filled when they have gone…

    Miguel – I’m not convinced by him…

    Hi goonie

  257. goonster says:

    SYG, you just know how to make my day dont ya? wonderful picture. i think i ll save it. thanks pal…..means a lot.

  258. goonster says:

    yeah see, yeah see………we re gonna take over your town see. hey adam, am gonna blow your building sky high see.

  259. Andrew says:

    i thinks miquels gunna be class! far better prospect than bartley ! Looks like his grown out aswell!

  260. Micko says:

    Kev, not sure about Soho, in my day if you wanted a good time all you had to do was ring 123.

  261. Adam says:

    You could drive round in your cab wearing nothing but underpants Stan. I think that Kev will confirm that is entirely permissible under current black cab legislation. Especially down Old Compton Street.

  262. allezkev says:

    Yeah Mick, how did it go….

    ” At the first stroke, it’ll be, etc”

    Memorable times indeed….

  263. allezkev says:

    Adam, if Stan ranked down Old Compton St in his underpants, he’d earn himself a fortune.

  264. stevepalmer1 says:

    Rico you worry too much,whatever happens at the Arsenal all i remember you saying is just two more, one of these days you will surprise me by saying your happy with the squad but i may have to wait 5 years for that. :) Are you happy with the hens laying or are they playing up.will be seeing my daughters hens tonight don’t know how their doing but no eggs have come my way yet.

  265. Adam says:

    Kev. No doubt about it. :)

  266. rico says:

    Andrew – Would you start him ahead of JD?

  267. goonster says:

    then am going in my underpants then guys…..i need me some serious action. the type i had in high school!!!! gosh, good old days.

  268. W.A.T.H says:

    Miguel over JD…. all day long Rico…!

  269. Andrew says:

    I think his shown enough progress to be on a level par with djourou!
    Djourou does have a good partnership with koscienly though!!
    ……Miquels more talented than djourou no doubt!

  270. Adam says:

    Stan. I think we can promise you plenty of action.

  271. Mr Arsenal says:

    Islington may sound and look posh,but that’s far from the truth. :lol:

  272. rico says:

    Not worrying really Steve, just want M’Vila, Sakho and a striker in and then I’ll be happy :)

    My chickens are as regular as clockwork and making a few pence now selling the eggs, so much so, I don’t even get to eat many these days…. :)

    You should nick a few later ….

  273. allezkev says:

    Stan, you will have an evening, that’ll stay with you forever….

  274. Adam says:

    Speaking as an Islingtonian I must ask what you mean by that Mr Arsenal.

  275. stevepalmer1 says:

    I must say Rico JD is one i would quite happily see down the road he either has a nightmare or he’s injured i would much rather he gets well elsewhere Miguel for me too. Maybe its JD@s look on his face he allways looks like he is about to panic and usually does.

  276. goonster says:

    so its a deal guys. you just point me to this compton street and i ll do the rest.

  277. Micko says:

    What’s the long term vision with the eggs rico….tesco’s.

  278. stevepalmer1 says:

    sorry guys as a born Shorditch man Islington is a prime market place, done a job down there a couple of years ago welding a staircase in leading down to the Regents canal cost more for the parking than it did for the the stairs

  279. stevepalmer1 says:

    Rico, could do with a few eggs as when i mix my Carp baits up i have to use 4 eggs and the old woman keeps giving me grief.

  280. Adam says:

    Stee. Where do you come from in Shoreditch?

  281. Adam says:

    Sorry…Steve P

  282. stevepalmer1 says:

    Wath, was going to take the bottle but at the price it is now i took your advice put the hip flask in the fridge gonna be a secret drinker :)

  283. southyorkshiregunner says:

    I once did a site visit to Islington Canal Tunnel in Feb 2000. It was being refurbished ….

  284. goonster says:

    hey guys what happened to devil. he’s been AWOL for a while now.

  285. rico says:

    But will AW see it that way re Miquel?

    I’d still prefer to see another good strong defender signed, you just know we’ll get another bout of injuries in the defence…

  286. Adam says:

    SYG. Was that the long one that run from the Angel right down to Caledonian Road?

  287. stevepalmer1 says:

    Penn street but i’m not sure its still there there was a bomb site at the end of the road which was a playground for us but moved out to Cheshunt in Hertfordshire when i was young but for some reason i still talk like a cockney lad i have tried to talk normal but too many Londoners must have moved out at the same time, if i speak the truth i should sound more countryfied but sadly you can’t take the londoner out, you know the score. :)

  288. rico says:

    Neil Taylor and Scott Sinclair of Swansea are the latest to be linked to us….

    Good old rumour site….

  289. Adam says:

    SP. I know it well. It’s still there and I drive very near it every time I go to a home game or up to Islington.

  290. Micko says:

    Steve, I was at a wedding (gotta be careful how I say that) in Cheshunt earlier this year, St. Josephs Church, you must know it, off a big roundabout with the pub right opposite.

  291. southyorkshiregunner says:

    That’s the one Adam

  292. stevepalmer1 says:

    Adam as far as i was told we had two rooms in a three story tennament and my Nan and Granday lived on the other side of the street my Mum come from a family of twelve but sadly ten of them have gone maybe even more now as i havn’t heard or seen any of them for years glad to hear its still there went there many years ago and half the street was gone with a block of flats on it.

  293. rico says:

    Fulham now want Park….

  294. stevepalmer1 says:

    Hi Micko yeah i know it i believe you mean The Vine had a few in there myself before now

  295. rico says:

    Guillem Balague talks B****X ….

  296. stevepalmer1 says:

    Rico, decorum please :)

  297. Micko says:

    Another slimeball of the highest order.

  298. Adam says:

    Half man- half chipmunk Balague has spoken.

    SYG. That is quite a tunnel. Bit spooky actually.

  299. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Steve – All Cheshunt residents sound like Cockneys!

  300. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Barhale were the contractor, Adam. I went into the job on a boat. They were bolting the tunnel off some form of pontoon. There’s actually a “secret passage” inside it – or there was – I don’t have a clue where it goes …
    I love Islington …

  301. Adam says:

    SP. Yes mate, nearly all flats now. I had a bad car crash just round the corner from there many years ago. Some drunken old sod, I think it might have been Alec Ferguson, pulled across in front of me in a Jag. I t-boned him and ended up in Homerton Hospital. Car was written off completely

  302. stevepalmer1 says:

    Used to Rocky, most sound like Poles now, but yeah your probably right mate.

  303. Adam says:

    SYG. Even a lot of Islington residents don’t know about that tunnel. Am I right in assuming that it is quite unusual? Do you get down often then?

  304. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Haha! It’s getting like that in Hoddesdon these days too! Micko, can’t believe you were in our neck of the woods and didn’t offer to take us out for a curry!

  305. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Are there any news from The Sun? ;-)

  306. Adam says:

    I think I used to race Go Karts in Hoddesdon when I was a kid. Was there a track somewhere there Rocky?

  307. Adam says:

    Yes JM. They say the 2nd World War is over.

  308. rico says:

    You know me Steve, sometimes struggle to hold back ….

  309. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Islington Tunnel? No

    London? When I go on site … Last down there at Beckton STW and am due back there again… I’ve done Greenwich a few times recently … as well as a bit on the Proposed Thames Tunnel ..

    Socially…me and a few mates do a pub crawl around the west end and end up at the Blind Beggar in Whitechapel each year ..

  310. rockyrocastle07 says:

    There is Adam, at Rye House. Just behind the Speedway stadium, home of the mighty Rye House Rockets!

  311. Adam says:

    Do you re-enact the shooting of Jack The Hat in there SYG?
    I often walk through the Greenwich foot tunnel. Now, there’s a tunnel!
    Where is the proposed Thames Tunnel then?

  312. Adam says:

    That’s it. Rye House. Blimey. What memories.

  313. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Good pub trhere too Adam. Especially the beer garden on the river in the summer. Every 20 mins or so you get a massive waft of shite from the seage treatment plant 500 meters away!!

  314. southyorkshiregunner says:


  315. Micko says:

    Strictly bacon and cabbage rocky, no decent curry houses over here, always try and have a chinese when i’m over for a game.

  316. rico says:

    If those three come off Syg, I’ll be one of the happiest Gooners around….

    Just M’Vila and Sahin would do me….

  317. stevepalmer1 says:

    I worked for zip karts in hoddesdon and welded up the european champion Martin hines Kart which he used to run round rye house the pub there was a a nice place to go with a mystery, many thanks for your comments today , i know you would have been here anyway but thanks all the same got to get ready for my nut crunch will try and get back later night all.

  318. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Knocking off for an hour. Dogs need walking…

  319. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Plenty of good ones round here Micko.

  320. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Do you know any of the Ripp family Steve?

  321. Adam says:

    Rocky. You make that pub sound so attractive.
    Did you go to wagamamas?
    What do you eat there?

  322. Micko says:

    Enjoy the vegetarian nut cutlets Steve.

  323. rockyrocastle07 says:

    It really is a nice pub Adam…. Just hums a bit in the summer! I did go to Wagamama…. SHared the duck and chicken gyoza, and had myself a chicken katsu curry. Not very exciting, but I love it!

  324. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Enjoy the vegan meal Steve! nip in to Burger King or something first. I always fine a double whopper with cheese fills a small hole….! Stan could well find that out if he goes down Old Compton Street in his pants……

  325. Adam says:

    Rocky. I tried to go into Wagamamas in Canary Wharf for lunch a few weeks back, but the noise as I walked in was unbelievable so I came out again. Is the food generally good or just average?

  326. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Try the one in Southampton Street when you’re next in Covent Garden (my Waga’s of choice, over the road from me). I really like it, buy my great is someone else’s rubbish. The noodle soups are pretty special though. Have you tried Wahaca before?

  327. Adam says:

    Wahaca? No. Pray tell.

  328. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Mexican “Street Food”. Basically Wagamana but Mexican. Really is good. Also in Covent Garden, near Bedford Street. The founder, Thomasina Miers won Masterchef in 2005, and is married to a fund manager at the company I work for. Unfortunately I get no discount.

  329. goonster says:

    just had me an egg, stake and cheese on a croissant with a hot coffee. so what’s new people? any news?

  330. Adam says:

    Oh yes. I remember Thomasina. Tall,slender girl. When I lived in California I ate a lot of Mexican food but when I have had it here it sometimes doesn’t agree with me.
    I have some American friends over next week and am doing the sightseeing thing with them. I was gonna take them to Tayyabs the first night and Cafe Spice the next but, if a double ruby doesn’t appeal to them I thought perhaps Wagamamas on Tower Hill as a stand-by.

  331. rico says:

    Have a loevly evening Steve, don’t forget to nick a few eggs… ;)

  332. frednerk says:

    Listening to you lads reminds me when I used to go to rye house flapping track with the old-mans dogs,every night after school me and me brother would get on at cambrigeheath station and meet the old-man,some nights it was trailing others racing….Those were the days

  333. goonster says:

    jeez can you go a day without talking about “girls” adam? you re married for pete’s sake.

  334. rico says:

    Good to see Fulham have lodged a complaint about the way Liverpool have ‘hunted down’ Clint Dempsey….

    FA are now investigating….

  335. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Waga’s is always good to have up your sleeve Adam! Quick, easy, and not particularly expensive! DOn’t mention Tayyabs…. I’d kill for one now!

  336. Adam says:

    Stan. I was going to move on to garden erections.

  337. goonster says:

    i heard he refused to play for them over the weekend maam…..that’s terrible. i ve lost all respect for him. he used to be one of my favorite non arsenal players but am appalled at such behavior. serves that twat faced c**t jol right though.

  338. Adam says:

    Was Tayyabs that good then. What about the service?

  339. rockyrocastle07 says:

    They were the days Fred! Used to love the dogs at Rye House. Mate’s mum used to work in one of the tote’s upstairs in the bar. That’s a long way to come for dogs!

  340. goonster says:

    its not working on me adam………am immuned. try AK and W.A.T.H.

  341. Adam says:

    Stan. You used to be fun too.

  342. rico says:

    Adam – I knew it wouldn’t take you long….

  343. goonster says:

    sorry adam i lost it……….heck i live in raleigh NC what do you expect.

  344. Adam says:

    Sad, but understandable.

  345. frednerk says:

    Rocky..we went all over the country to get a dog beat so to get a lower grade next time…

  346. rockyrocastle07 says:

    I was really pleasantly surprised with Tayyabs. Service was average I guess. It’s obvious they want you out quickly. Kev had to tell them 3 times to leave the popadums and pickles at the end of the meal as he was still picking at them. And, like in the States, they bring your main when its ready…. NOT when you have finished your starters, as we’d only got about halfway through the starter when the mains came. That really wasn’t an issue though, as the quality of the food more than made up for that. Basically, if you want a long, leisurely meal, go somewhere else. But id you want tasty as hell food and don’t give a monkeys if you are rushed, I can’t recommend Tayyabs enough. And it’s cheap, because it’s a BYO!

  347. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Haha!! Dog racing is such a scam! My mate owned a part share in a greyhound – Dainty Duchess or something like that. Some of the stories he told us about the scams etc involved were great!

  348. southyorkshiregunner says:
  349. southyorkshiregunner says:

    that was 5 mins ago

  350. rockyrocastle07 says:

    I’m over him now to be honest! SYG! How was the dog walk?

  351. southyorkshiregunner says:

    Okay, Rocky. 1.5 miles morning and evening, otherwise they get the “monk” on.

  352. goonster says:

    SYG you are enough to make a man shit himself. enough already.

  353. rockyrocastle07 says:

    Guillem Bollock is a jumped up scrote anyway.

    1.5 miles each time is pretty good. What dogs do you have?

  354. allezkev says:

    Stan, you must be running outta clean pants….

  355. Adam says:

    Rocky. I don’t really want to be chased through the meal when I am with guests. Wagamamas might be the way to go. And I am going to cafe Spice the following evening and I think that is one of the best curry restaurants I have eaten in. And they don’t rush you out. Thanks for the heads-up.

  356. allezkev says:

    If Sahin picks Liverpool, then so much for wanting CL football.

    It could all hinge on the size of the backhander Liverpool pay Sahin’s agent…

  357. goonster says:

    i see navas has said he knows nothing about arsenal interest…….you can read what you want from that. arsene didnt know carzola then BAM a week later we signed him…..now navas says he knows nothing eh? well we ll seen how it pans out. i wouldnt hold my breathe though.

  358. rico says:

    Syg, if Sahin ends up at the dippers then I see that as he’s been snubbed by AW…

  359. Andrew says:

    WTF is going on with sahin surely he would pick arsenal! A chance to play with cazorla arteta and reunite with thomas rosicky!

  360. rockyrocastle07 says:

    I agree Rico. Same way Vertonghen was.

  361. southyorkshiregunner says:

    goonster says:
    August 23, 2012 at 6:26 pm
    i see navas has said he knows nothing about arsenal interest …

    Of course he does – it was all over the papers the other day … plus we’ve supposedly enquired about him before ,,,,

  362. frednerk says:

    Rocky..I could make you hair curl mate.Thats for another day.

  363. goonster says:

    he wants to join us rico…..its that portuguese prick moaninho that’s holding the deal.

  364. allezkev says:

    It’s beginning to stink that stink you get when a player/agent is more concerned with money than football…
    maybe Wenger is re-evaluating his interest in Sahin…

  365. rockyrocastle07 says:

    No probs Adam. You’ll get to sample Tayyabs hopefully next time there is a HH Curry Club outing!

  366. allezkev says:

    OK, i’ve got a ruby with my name on it….

    See you Gooners later on….

    Stan, nice to see you calm….

  367. rockyrocastle07 says:

    You’re such a tease AK!! Enjoy! have a good evening / weekend. I’m at a wedding tomorrow and another on Saturday so won’t be around over the weekend I would imagine. Too busy crying over my abused bank balance…..

  368. goonster says:

    later kev….have a good one.

  369. Adam says:

    Looking forward to it Rocky.

  370. Adam says:

    Off for dinner. Later people.

  371. goonster says:

    is oxcham fit for stoke? i hope he is. i wouldnt wanna start santi in the middle. those northern monkeys ll kick the shit out of him. i ll go with….sir chesney, jenk,big mert, TV5, gibbo, arteta, diaby oxcham, gervinho, theo( for rico’s sake lest she bans me from HH) and prince poldi. save santi till the 78 mins then bring him, giroud amd ramsey on. 2.1 to the good guys. oxcham and arteta with the goals.

  372. southyorkshiregunner says:


  373. rico says:

    I’m off for dinner too guys, back in a bit….

  374. goonster says:

    hahahahahahahahaah SYG, you re the bomb! hahahaha. how do you know i ponder on all things arsenal while taking a shit!

  375. southyorkshiregunner says:

    I’ll email image to Rico – she can send it on to you …

  376. rockyrocastle07 says:

    On that lovely image, SYG, I’m off to the gym, then home for the evening.

    Stan, always a pleasure mate. Catch you all later

  377. goonster says:

    please do SYG…….my friends gotta see this. hahahahahaha.

  378. goonster says:

    later rocky…

  379. EastSidePaul says:

    I know Liverpool is a historic club and all that jazz, but for what reason would a player pick Liverpool over Arsenal?
    We have a better squad, Stadium, training facilities, manager.
    Where would you rather live, Liverpool or London?!
    Would you like some Champs League football?
    Would you like to play in a team that plays football in the correct manner?

    Maybe i’m just a tad bias, but could someone name me one reason any footballer (With ambition, not motivated by money) would choose Liverpool over Arsenal??

  380. rico says:

    Syg, just a quick one, did you get my earlier email??

  381. rico says:

    see you rocky, have a good one..

  382. Andrew says:

    We all know that :L
    The two reasons i can think of are Money and Mourinho……

  383. rico says:

    I can’t think why any player would choose Liverpool Esp, unless it’s about playing time….

    And, if Sahin has been told he won’t get that with us but he will for them, then credit where it’s deserved I guess….

    Bit like JV joining the tiny ones…

  384. southyorkshiregunner says:

    I’ve just opened it now, Rico…
    Yeah no probs whatsoever…

    EastSidePaul says:
    August 23, 2012 at 7:04 pm
    Hey…. I’m supposed to be moving over there !!! LOL

  385. Andrew says:

    i think wenger wants sahin alot to be fair…. Sahin would more than likely hold down to cmf role with arteta!…liverpool have lucas gerrard allen henderson spearing shelvey and they play 4 4 2!

  386. Will says:

    Evening all.What’s the news from today?

  387. Andrew says:

    Around the stadium area there are one or two rough areas but overall liverpool’s a lively city to be fair! Just londons better ;)

  388. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Sahin – Liverpool – Marca online

  389. seedou says:

    hi everybody.
    nuri kazim sahin will be confirmed a gunner tomorrow,friday.according to skysport german.he may play for us on sunday as wel

  390. goonster says:

    is that a recent tweet vida? i think i saw something similar on monday. can you confirm if its a new tweet?

  391. goonster says:

    this is crazy……some reports says he’s ours, others say he’s mersey side bound. grrrrrrrrrr, make up your mind you stupid journalists!

  392. Joaquim Moreira says:

    El culebrón Sahin sigue sin terminarse, pero está a punto. Yparece que el capítulo final se va a cerrar en Liverpool, donde ayer Reza Fazeli, el agente del futbolista, se reunía con los dueños del club de Anfield para terminar de concretar los términos del acuerdo.
    El representante de Sahin acudía el pasado lunes al Bernabéu con la idea firme de llevar al turco hasta el Emirates. La presión de Wenger había surtido efecto sobre el futbolista y estaba decidido a marcharse al Arsenal, pero el Madrid cambió el rumbo del caso cuando hizo saber al jugador que el conjunto gunner no aceptaba finalmente la cesión y que quería un traspaso. Condiciones que ni Madrid ni Sahin ven con buenos ojos.
    Así las cosas, el Liverpool volvió a aparecer en escena como la primera y la mejor de las opciones, ya que el futbolista por medio de Mourinho sabe que el entrenador del Liverpool, Brendan Rodgers, va a contar con él como titular.
    Sahin, que se ha hecho a la idea de que lo mejor para su carrera es dejar el Real Madrid para jugar con regularidad, dio el visto bueno a la opción Liverpool el pasado martes, lo que provocó el viaje relámpagado de su representante para cerrar la operación con la mayor celeridad posible.
    El acuerdo aún no está sellado, pero tras la reunión de ayer parece que Sahin jugará en Anfield la próxima temporada. El club de Liverpool quiere hacer oficial el acuerdo hoy mismo si se terminan de atar los flecos que ayer aún quedaban sueltos con el jugador, porque el Real Madrid y el Pool tienen los términos de la cesión más que atados.

    It’s over. Sahin goes to Liverpool.

  393. goonster says:

    is that a fact JM?

  394. goonster says:

    but am hearing reports he’s already an arsenal player. this is so confusing. i need me a drink.

  395. Will says:

    I really son’t see Wenger buying a marque midfielder this summer.

  396. Andrew says:

    what a ridiculous transfer saga

  397. Andrew says:

    I really do! after selling song it his priority!
    We need somebody who can move the ball quicky and with recision…….Sahin is perfect if we get him

  398. seedou says:

    morinho is playing a an idiotic game on us..wish banruptlona beats them today.

  399. Andrew says:

    no need ot wish seedou they will ;)

  400. rico says:

    vida – i saw that one from LA, not sure its reliable though…

  401. southyorkshiregunner says:

    France’s no 1 marksman … really… Injured again


  402. seedou says:

    sahin wants to play in champions league and liverpool are not playing in that level……..a small team isn`t it?

  403. rico says:

    Hi Will, no news really just the same old stuff…

  404. Will says:

    Andrew. Wenger will state that we have Diaby back and he can take the Song role and that we have Arteta, Cazorla, Wilshere coming back, Ramsey, Rosicky coming back, we have The Ox and that we still have Frimpong to come back and we still have Arshavin.

  405. seedou says:

    banruptlona vice president say we didn`t want to sold song,they force us to.i hate to think that we are a feeder club.

  406. rico says:

    I’m having an early one guys and gals…

    Enjoy the rest of your day

    Stay safe….

    Night night…..

  407. Andrew says:

    smell a doomer about ….

  408. rico says:

    Who Andrew??

  409. Will says:

    I doubt Barca forced into anything.

  410. rico says:

    Just looked back, can’t see one ;)

    Til tomorrow all….

  411. goonster says:

    am back guys……any new development?

  412. Will says:

    No, to put it bluntly.

  413. vernat1066 says:

    Yossi Benayoun fears he is being priced out of a move away from Chelsea. The club want £3million for the midfielder, who is desperate to quit.

    Known quantity and a quality player and bloke buy him and we know that the squad is better with him especially if Arshavin is sold

  414. southyorkshiregunner says:


  415. allezkev says:


  416. vernat1066 says:

    I’ll believe it when he is in the shirt next to Arsene until then .. meh .

  417. Will says:

    Exactly Vernat.

  418. vernat1066 says:

    Maybe they have spotted Elvis as well coming out of a take away with a peanut butter donner? Sorry thanks for keeping us all up ot date but there is so much of he is here or there its got a little bit of a non story really.

  419. goonster says:

    is that a fact guys……please put me outta my misery. i can take it just tell me he has either signed for poop or he’s coming to us. am gettting dizzy with all this merry go round. SYG, be a pal and tell me the truth. i can take it.

  420. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Benayoun probably in Olympiakos.
    I read today MU wants Lewardowsky. They offer 30 million to Dortmund but they want more. Then, RVP what’s their goal. It was a second choice.
    Song not in the line-up

  421. allezkev says:

    The truth is Stan, nobody knows…

  422. Andrew says:

    Will rico! he was sayin arsene wenger wont buy a midfielder! I seriously doubt that ! he dosnt often say his in the market for a paticular player and when he does you can be sure he wants an extra body in midfielde! A bit of optimism dosnt go a stray :) As we say in ireland

  423. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Alvaro Pereira (Porto) not going to chelsea. He goes to Inter

  424. Will says:

    So you are saying I am a doomer?

  425. goonster says:

    AK am really tired. i just want an end to this saga. it should have been sorted now had it not been for that twat moaning hoe. God i hate that guy.

  426. Joaquim Moreira says:

    International sport press:
    Sahin near Liverpool thanks to “friend” Mourinho
    The dossier Nuri Sahin may be close to knowing the final chapter. The average Turkish does not account for Mourinho and wants to play more, so output is elsewhere given as virtually certain, but more difficult to decide which has been the fate of the player.
    And if Arsenal was far more likely the club, Real changed the turns and the gunners preparing to sell Sahin to … Liverpool. Says the English press that the fact Arsenal have tried, after all, get the player on loan when he was initially shown willingness to buy was the deciding factor that led Real to change her mind, but there is another idea to circulate.
    It turns out that the new Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is a former member of the technical team of José Mourinho at Chelsea when this happened, and the good relationship between the two is known, for what many believe was not on hand for Mourinho to Arsenal but the Liverpool, with a request for help from Rodgers to the mix.
    One is that the player is close to signing the emblem of the city of the Beatles, where he hopes to continue career and be able to play more than at Real Madrid, where despite repeatedly being dubbed by a talented young Mourinho never had large opportunities.

    So, he is gone, like Hazard, Verhongen,RVP,etc.
    Modric – Real Madrid
    Moses (Wigan) – Chelsea?

  427. goonster says:

    JM stop confusing me man….

  428. Joaquim Moreira says:

    It’s the international press… but everityhing points to this direction: Sahin signs for Liverpool.
    And Moses (Wigan) goes to Chelsea

  429. goonster says:

    yes but others say he’s already had his medical for us and will be unveiled in 48 hours. which to believe, oh dear.

  430. I’m just sick and tired with this speculations. Why always keep us in the lope?

  431. Where is this young man called SYG, when we need him? Come on SYG, we need you,show us what you can do.

  432. Joaquim Moreira says:

    Brendan Rodgers expects to discover in the next 24 hours whether Real Madrid midfielder Nuri Sahin will join Liverpool on loan.
    The manager was asked about a potential move in his press conference following the 1-0 victory over Hearts.
    He said: “Hopefully in the next 24 hours we’ll get some confirmation on that.
    “It’s quite far [along the line]. He’s a very good footballer

  433. seedou says:

    too many anti-arsenal medias around……………………if sahin is not confirmed tomorrow then we loose him.

  434. goonster says:

    nasher am about to lose my mind. seedou, spot on my man. the hate is unbelieveable.

  435. goonster says:

    where is SYG when you need him or even emma…..this waiting is killing me.

  436. goonster if we miss on Sahin, I believe AW has something on the pipeline as a back-up. Dont loss sleep over this one, even though it would be hard to accept the fact, that Liverpool of all clubs, beat us to him.

  437. Andrew says:

    his gone move on to the next target….his choice was arsenal! mourinho’s was liverpool!

  438. Joaquim Moreira says:

    I’m off now. I’m commit at Barça-Madrid

  439. goonster says:

    nasher i just dont wanna see sahin in liverpool red….besides i dont want that twat faced bastard shearer laughing at my karma,

  440. This is the problem with footballer, just like politician, you cant trust them. They say one thing and do the other.

  441. You’re right; Alan Shuthead.

  442. goonster says:

    well we ll find out pretty soon but i think you re right. i think arsene has another payer in the pipeline if this move is scuppered by moaning hoe.

  443. seedou says:

    wow sahin story is already boring men……………………alternatives to sahin are m`villa and de rossi

  444. goonster says:

    we ll never get de rossi in a million years seedou….mvilla maybe but de rossi? no way my man.

  445. seedou says:

    every player has a price.goonster…………..though its highly unlikely but every football loving player loves Arsenal except those that wants more money and more trouble like na$ri loves citeh.

  446. goonster says:

    not de rossi seedou…..he’s roma through and through.

  447. seedou says:

    we lost sahin skysports said,rodgers confirmed their interest in him.they want him on loan and we want him permanently according to the same source.its morinho`s doing init?

  448. goonster says:

    seedou am not surprise. oh well arsene spring into action my man.

  449. allezkev says:

    Nuri Sahin talks to Liverpool as Arsene Wenger cools off ….

    James Olley

    23 August 2012

    Liverpool’s interest in Nuri Sahin has been revived after Arsene Wenger cast doubts over the Real Madrid midfielder’s suitability for Arsenal.

    The 23-year-old had indicated he would prefer to move to Emirates Stadium as the Gunners can offer Champions League football and terms for a one year loan deal have already been agreed.

    However, the Arsenal manager is considering other midfield options amid concerns over whether Sahin could perform an orthodox holding role. The Gunners are scouring the market for a disciplined midfielder after Wenger grew frustrated by Alex Song’s attitude and agreed to his £15million switch to Barcelona.

    Wenger’s deliberations have forced Sahin’s agent, Reza Fazeli, to look for potential alternatives should Arsenal decide against signing him.

    Fazeli was in Liverpool yesterday to discuss terms with the Anfield club, who according to reports in Spain, have made assurances he would be a first-team regular this season.

    The long-running saga is expected to be concluded this week given Madrid boss Jose Mourinho is keen for Sahin to play in England.

    He said: “It is all the same to me, which club he goes to. Liverpool, Arsenal or Spurs — I have no preference. I just hope that it happens soon for him.”

    Sahin did not train with his Real team-mates and is expected to complete his move to the Premier League in the next 48 hours.

    Arsenal remain unlikely to move for Rennes midfielder Yann M’Vila although there were indications following last weekend’s draw against Sunderland that a new midfielder was on the agenda, but Wenger has also hinted the club would not replace Song.

    The Arsenal boss Wenger has great faith that Emmanuel Frimpong could emerge as a bonafide holding midfielder with Francis Coquelin able to deputise.

    Meanwhile, Inter Milan are thought to be leading the race to sign Denmark international striker Nicklas Bendtner.

  450. allezkev says:

    Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    Arsène Wenger confirms Koscielny out v Stoke. Chamberlain should be fit. Fabianski back on bench. Wilshere and Sagna still out.

  451. goonster says:

    but kev sky sports germany is reporting the opposite. blid magazine too believes he’s heading to us. this is really crazy. i cant wait for it to be over.

  452. allezkev says:

    Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    Liverpool say they hope to sign Nuri Sahin in next 48 hours. Liverpool have bettered Arsenal’s offer. AFC not spoken to him today.

    Expand Reply



    @YoungGunsBlog did Liverpool better arsenals offer to sahin or to real Madrid?


    28mJamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    @HirooNakamura – Not sure on exact details, but suggestion is that both. Madrid will get bigger loan fee and he’s been promised games.

  453. seedou says:

    my fear is wenger won`t sign any player and he`s gonna say we have diaby,wilshere,frimpong,,,,,,,,,etc i`m going crazy at the moment,

  454. allezkev says:

    Joe McPhee‏@Joe_McPhee9

    @YoungGunsBlog bettered how? Thought Wenger had spoken to & convinced him to come?

    Expand Reply


    26mJamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    @Joe_McPhee9 – Yes, but Arsenal delayed and another club has agreed a better deal.

    [Wonder if Gazides has done it again????]

  455. goonster says:

    then its official then! jamie sanderson dont tweet crap. oh well, let’s move on to the next target.

  456. goonster says:

    so that’s it then shearer will have the last laugh. arrrggghhhh.

  457. allezkev says:

    Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    Disappointing if Sahin’s move to Liverpool goes through, but not worth handing over large loan fee. Club have other targets.

    Expand Reply


    31mJamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    @afcmark1 – Certainly not dead on Monday, but delay is completing it then certainly costly. Have allowed ourselves to be out bid.

    Hide conversation Reply


    3:19 PM – 23 Aug 12via web · Details


    @YoungGunsBlog @afcmark1 not the case we pulled out Tuesday morning.Wenger got cold feet for one reason or other.check my timeline from tues


    27mMatthew Jones‏@Mattrj

    @afccharlie from the minute we realised jack was actually looking fit and close to returning we seemed to go cold on sahin

  458. allezkev says:

    Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    BBC now confirming Liverpool have bettered Arsenal’s offer for Nuri Sahin. Will pay more wages and bigger loan fee.

  459. Andrew says:

    promised games surely wenger would have said he was songs replacement for the season!
    lucas or allen aren’t gurantted games by the looks of things if sahin is ?! Move on I’m sure wenger has made a midfielder his priority for the rest of the transfer window!
    Sahins is alonso’s long term replacement and diarra’s contract runs out soon at madrid also! hell be coming back to the bernabau

  460. allezkev says:

    Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    Not worth Arsenal handing over £5m loan fee, then £15m for transfer. Club not looking to spend that much. But need another DM.

    Expand Reply


    23mJamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    @AshinAFC – £2m loan fee is what Arsenal had agreed. Liverpool now offering £5m.

  461. allezkev says:

    Maybe Jack and Frimpong are progressing well, so the need to spend £17/£20 million on Sahin has lessened…

  462. Andrew says:

    liverpool better get champions league football next season or hell have no interest in signing permanently !! Shame really as the player preferred us ! Think wenger went cold on this one tuesday guys!

  463. seedou says:

    sahin another scum-bag.he ruins the rest of my day.

  464. allezkev says:

    Lets just we don’t look back on missing out on Sahin, the same way as we look back on missing out on Alonso?

  465. allezkev says:

    I doubt if Sahin will stay at Liverpool, maybe Mourinho got his way, which was a 12 month loan, then to take him back to Madrid.
    Wenger might have smelled a rat, with the way that Madrid were negotiating, and therefore pulled the plug?

  466. goonster says:

    so i guess it all comes down to who offered more money!!! what happened to playing just for the love of the game? its a sad state. mercenaries every where.

  467. allezkev says:

    I know it’s disappointing Stan, but if Sahin was a £20+ million player, would Real Madrid be loaning him out…
    Liverpool are desperate, Brendan Rodgers is desperate, that’s why they have paid over the odds.
    I think Sahin’s wages are £4.2 million pa…
    That’s a lot of money mate…

  468. goonster says:

    sad day for football kev…..i was really looking forward to him, arteta and carzola running the mid field. but what happened to his preference of champions league footie. gosh players these days. they are all just lying thieving bastards!

  469. goonster says:

    guess we really to move fast for mvilla now. my fear now is rennes will sense our desperation and milk us out of every last pound.

  470. allezkev says:

    Tbh, i don’t think that he prefered Liverpool, i think that Arsenal pulled the plug when the loan fee went from £2million up to £5 million…
    Of course the tabloids will give us ‘Arsenal in crisis’ bullshit, and ‘Arsenal outbid by Liverpool’ plus ‘Sahin snubs Wenger’ tripe, you know, all the usual garbage, tomorrow…

  471. goonster says:

    watch that twat hansen crow now about how they beat us to sahin. God i hate being in this kinda predicament.

  472. allezkev says:

    Will, might end up being proved right Stan, unless Wenger manages a couple of 11th hour deals on next Friday 31st…

  473. goonster says:

    we need to move fast kev….wenger needs to move really fast and i hope we thrash them we they visit the emirates. classless twats, no wonder rico hates them.

  474. allezkev says:

    Stan, frankly i couldn’t give a toss what coaching failures like Shearer, Lawrensen and Hansen think…
    As annoying as their waffle is, in the grand scheme of things, what they say is irrelevent…
    Just ignore them Stan…

  475. goonster says:

    i think he ll sign someone AK, he’s not stupid. people keep crying about a well stock mid field that we dont need any more mid fielders but what they forget is that we have a mid field of crocks, diaby,TR7 jack the lad, frimmers and even lecoq. that leaves just santi, aaron,and arteta. we are really light in the middle of the pack kev. wenger sees this. i know he ll sign a player maybe two. i wont give up yet.

  476. goonster says:

    i hate shearer kev….i wont forget how he almost snapped eboue’s leg into two.

  477. allezkev says:

    Not only Rico, Stan, after the Spuds i also dislike Liverpool intensely, they are a club surrounded by media bullshit, very similar to West Ham…
    I actually would support ManUre over Liverpool in any game not affecting Arsenal…

  478. allezkev says:

    Maybe Stan, not sure tbh, Biglia possibly?

  479. goonster says:

    i know he will kev,,,,i know he will. yanga mbiwa can play any where at the back, so maybe we ll go for him besides he’s french and cheap. we need someone and fast AK.

  480. allezkev says:

    I’d like M’Vila, but i just don’t see Wenger paying the fee that Rennes want.
    That has all the makings of a 31st special, if Rennes get cold feet and drop their asking price…

  481. allezkev says:

    Despite all the chat on blogs, i can’t recall any cast-iron linkage to Etienne Capoue in the media, therefore we’ll probably sign him….

  482. goonster says:

    but i dont think they will now kev. they know we are desperate. they ll play hard ball. i ll rather we move on to other targets, capoue, yanga mbiwa, and biglia.

  483. allezkev says:

    Real Madrid’s Nuri Sahin set for Liverpool as Arsenal end interest
    By Ben Smith
    BBC Sport Liverpool are confident of completing the loan signing of Real Madrid midfielder Nuri Sahin on Friday after Arsenal ended their interest.

    The Reds offered to pay a larger proportion of Sahin’s £115,000 wages, swinging the deal in their favour.

  484. allezkev says:

    There will also be an option to buy the player for £14m at the end of the loan.

    “Hopefully in the next 24 hours we’ll get some confirmation,” said Reds boss Brendan Rodgers. “It’s quite far [along]. He’s a very good footballer.”

    Sahin had been expected to join Arsenal, having privately expressed a preference for the north London club but Liverpool and Real have now agreed a deal.

    Real boss Jose Mourinho had given the go ahead for Sahin to move to the Premier League after the playmaker struggled to make an impression at the Bernabeu since a move from Bundesliga champions Borussia Dortmund last summer.

    Sahin signed a six-year deal with the La Liga outfit but made just 11 appearances for them last season as they won the Spanish league title.

  485. goonster says:

    he’s a class act kev. i watch a few of his clips. he’s a good player but bombs forward too like our erswhile no 17. we need a disciplined DM. i ll take mvilla but we ll probably be priced out so am hoping we get biglia or yanga mbiwa.

  486. goonster says:

    gosh i hate being in this kinda situation. watch the doomers have a field day tomorrow kev. chants of “wenger out” ll fill the air.

  487. allezkev says:

    This Yanga Mbiwa, who does he play for Stan?
    How old is he?
    How much would he cost?
    Is he African?

  488. allezkev says:

    I’m off Stan….
    Goodnight buddy…

  489. goonster says:

    he’s of african decent kev but is a french international. i think he’s 23. he ll cost around 6 million AK.

  490. allezkev says:

    Cheers Stan, gone now… :-)

  491. goonster says:

    good night kev, off to drown myself in a liquor. good night HH.

  492. Scott from Oz says:

    Theres no way Arsenal should be paying a loan fee without a decent buy out clause at the end of the deal….thats ludicrous.
    Mourinho is a prick,and wants It all his own way,and I for one am very happy Wenger didn’t bow to his demands.
    We can spend much less money to get a player of similar money on a permanent deal!
    Liverpool must be bloody desperate already this season to be falling for such a one sided agreement.

  493. rico says:

    Morning all…

    M’Vila or Capoue Scott and we’ll be ok…

  494. Adam says:

    Morning Rico. Surely we need a CF and a defender too.

  495. rico says:

    Morning Adam,

    For sure we do, I was referring to the Sahin situation. One of the two above and the Sahin loss will be less of a worry..

  496. Adam says:

    I agree. But I can feel it coming. That same feeling that has bugged me for the past several years. I mentioned ages ago, after last season ended, that we deserved to get to transfer deadline day with a squad that looked capable of actually competing. As I said, I have that feeling that we have been here before.

  497. rico says:

    Rather annoyingly Adam, I too am starting to believe we are done in the transfer window and again we have balanced the books.

    Hopefully we will both be wrong but……

  498. rico says:

    ‘There still could be some transfer action’

    Wenger exclusive

    This close season, the Arsenal manager has done the majority of his work early with Santi Cazorla, Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud all involved in the season’s opener against Sunderland on Saturday.

    The manager is still anticipating movement in both directions before the deadline on August 31 – just not as much as last year.

    “Some things can still happen,” he said.

    “I don’t want make a promise that I cannot keep. It does not only depend on me. But there still could be some action on the transfer market – ins and outs.”

    “We are working [in the market],” he went on. “We’ll see what we can do.

    “The transfer market is open for two months and yet for one month and three weeks it is nearly closed. It wakes up completely in the last week and then every minute becomes important. Everybody has played for time for seven or eight weeks and now suddenly everyone is in a hurry. And that is when the most intense activity happens.

    “We knew we had to buy [at this point] last season. We had lost Wilshere and Gibbs. We had just beaten Udinese in the Champions League but had just lost to Manchester United. This season is completely different. We have a good, stable, focused squad. We just have to show how good we are in the season.

    “We have Diaby and Oxlade-Chamberlain back now while Rosicky and Wilshere are coming back. They are all international-stature players. I focus highly on that. If we get these players back in good shape then we have a very, very strong squad.”

  499. Adam says:

    I have spoken to quite a few supporters who go to the games this week and I have to say that there is the overwhelming desire to see Wenger assemble a proper squad with depth and quality throughout. But this is somewhat tempered by a rather unpleasant feeling that he has decided to roll the dice again. If it doesn’t pay off then he is going to catch it big time at the home games and that can only be self-defeating. I really felt, or should that be, hoped, that he was going to do it properly, especially after the whole van Persie fiasco.

  500. Scott from Oz says:

    Looking at the
    Positives,we are definitely stronger than last season.
    Having said that,we still aren’t strong enough to be winning the League.
    Get two or three more I,and that situation changes.
    Evening all.

  501. Adam says:

    That last paragraph says so much Rico. “I focus highly on that”. I say expect the best, but plan for the worst. And quite why the transfer market only gets going in the last few days seems to go against common sense to me.

  502. Adam says:

    I am not sure we are stronger than last season Scott. I would need some convincing about that. What we see is speculation on potential for me.

  503. BigSanty says:

    Good morning all… & Rico, any news update regarding us?

  504. Scott from Oz says:

    Adam,I reckon Cazorla alone makes us stronger….he gives us creativity we lacked badly last season.
    A DM must be next.
    If we ole sign one more player,it just has to be a top DM.

  505. Lee says:

    Morning all, fuck maureenho why should we pander to his demands? Totally one sided deal and our old friend money playing a major part in the whole debacle! Go and get M’Vila he’ll cost 700k more than we got for song…. It’s a no brainer Arsene, all this waiting to last minute crap to get a bargain is ridiculous!!!

  506. Adam says:

    Scott. I agree. Cazorla makes us stronger creatively. But, we conceded 49 goals last season and we have not addressed our lack of depth in either of the full back slots. We have 3 quality CBs and need another. Bould is in and we all hoped that he would regiment the defence but, I have to say that, against Sunderland, we still sent both CBs up for every corner and set piece and left Gibbs back as our only cover. And of course we have lost van Persie, the best player in the PL last year and the one who scored the goals that got us into 3rd place. Once again Wenger is gambling that Wilshire comes back without set-back and that Diaby and Rosicky remain injury free. I tell you mate, the fans that go to see the games week in, week out, will not buy it. The booing after last weeks game was profound. Where is the intent to really compete? Where is the depth?

  507. rico says:

    If he doesn’t sign anyone else Adam, it will be a huge risk. And as much as we have signed three great players, we still need to plug that gap in midfield and relying on Jack, Tomas and Diaby is a very dangerous game to play..

    Morning Scott, BS & Lee..

    I thought you had flown Lee….

  508. Scott from Oz says:

    I don’t blame Mourinho…he’s doing best by his club….but I agree Lee,we shouldn’t be giving him what he wants.
    He is the guy with the unhappy player,so why should we take such a player on his terms?

  509. Scott from Oz says:

    Adam,yep,we do need a DM,without question.
    Losing RVP has been watered down by signing Cazorla.
    RVP created a lot of chances from nothing,and he had to.
    This season,we have two top strikers who will be getting much better service,so should manage a decent haul between them.

  510. rico says:

    Lee, I’d much rather we signed M’Vila permanently or Capoue. A loan would see us in this same situation next summer, unless AW feels that Coquelin will be ready by then. Losing out on Sahin may force his hand back towards M’Vila…

  511. Lee says:

    In a couple of hours Rico….

  512. Adam says:

    I see where you are coming from Scott. But Cazorla will not score 30 Goals this season. Is Podolski a CF? Can Giroud step into the PL and score a bundle of goals? It’s a big ask and they will take time to bed-in and in that time we could be out of it. Yes, Wenger bought three players but that is only half of what we need. We certainly need a DM as you say but we need some quality cover at RB at least and a proven CF. It isn’t like the club doesn’t have the money. At this rate we will show another transfer surplus this year.

  513. Lee says:

    He loves to take huge risks AW….last season we only had one striker if he’d got injured we’d of been up shit creek. We had no fit recognized full backs for ages the list can go on….we need a back up goal keeper, defensive midfielder and a defender… Getting hen would of been perfect, bizarre we didn’t get him….

  514. rico says:

    Ah, I sent you an email yesterday, thought I’d missed you departure ;)

  515. Lee says:

    Vertonghen even!!

  516. Lee says:

    I got thanks Rico!

  517. alanbstardmp says:

    a chap could say I told you so, but good manners demands otherwise.

    Yanga Mbiwa? Christ, another for the ACN

  518. rico says:

    Good Lee

    I thought JV was in the bag, buts stories suggest we didn’t even go after him. really strange one that…

    Maybe we should sign Dawson ;)

  519. alanbstardmp says:

    Third at best this tear. Man U will win the EPL

  520. Scott from Oz says:

    Utd Alan…you’re kidding lol.
    We need strengthening for sure.
    A DM would be my priority,but after selling RVP,there’s no excuse not to add more class players,that’s for sure.
    If we don’t get at least two more 10 million plus players,I’ll be very disappointed.

  521. rico says:

    31st is still seven days away alan

  522. Adam says:

    Rico. What’s even stranger is that no other club moved for Vertonghen and many of them need a CH.

  523. rico says:

    New Post up…

  524. rico says:

    It is Adam, but the player made it clear he wanted Tottenham. I suspect strongly that something was sorted out in January and just needed the Harry situation resolved before it went through

  525. alanbstardmp says:

    Hi Scott, seriously, Manure have the best balanced squad

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