Dudu hinting at return? Don't listen to the media, We are On the Up…

Morning Fine Gooners,

I’m back…..

I see Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal Board are still busy in this transfer window.

Where there is normally a mad rush for a cheapo with seconds of the window left, this window has been busy from day one, in fact even before.

The signings made to date are really positive and there is no taking that away from our manager but, I think he has been shrewd by sorting out the wage structure.

We have had and still have, many mediocre players on an undeserved wage and I believe that with this restructure we are starting to get our wages back under control. Over the last couple of seasons we have offloaded some of our high earners Henry, Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy and now, RvP and Song, all of whom would be on a higher salary scale.

I would imagine that Thomas Vermaelen now tops the wage bill and that is how it should be as with the Captains armband comes responsibility and no doubt, a little salary increase.

I haven’t seen any lists of players wages but I would be surprised if any of our new players have actually been awarded an amount which we would consider to be inflated.

I believe we have reconstructed the team and in my view for the better and with all the talk about others who could still to join us, I would say that our transfer team are doing well this summer.

I would have liked, and still would like to see a keeper and a defensive midfielder recruited and now Songhinio has now packed his bags for sunny Spain I expect to see the latter be completed, maybe even as a last gasp signing, just to make us feel at home.

Wages are important for the future of football clubs as many other clubs are now finding out. They are realising that once a player has signed for any considerable time that their huge wages places a strain on resources, and many of those players aren’t even getting time on the pitch. Then, they can move them onto another club as their demands are simply laughable.

Don’t we know that to a lesser degree?

Player exodus is not easy to take as a fan though, but if they want to simply make money then let them go, our club needs players who want to be at Arsenal and accept the salary we offer. This way we will remain competitive in the transfer market place, attract the right kind of player and become the force that we all want us to be.

I must say though, I’m starting to get a bit worried about Jack Wilshere, after a couple of operations and over a year out, yet still no sign of him returning. Stress fractures seem to be long-lasting and I am now having serious doubts about his durability, for a lad of his age he should be able to heal quickly yet still we wait.

I’m starting to wonder if perhaps Wenger see Sahin as his replacement this season and should Jack come back in three months time maybe a loan spell is in store l for him, to help him get back to his old self.

We have brought some fine players in this window and I’m feeling quite happy with our squad. Watching City and United struggle against what many would say mediocre teams has left me feeling that we are now on the same standing as any other club in our league.

We are in good position, all that’s needed is a few games for our newbie’s and we will soon be up the top of the table.

We will definitely be up there challenging for the trophies, don’t listen to the media we are definitely on our way back.

Written by Steve Palmer.

There’s an interesting article on the BBC website about our old boy Eduardo, sounds to me like he wants to come back….

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