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Taxi for Santos! Jesus Navas linked & Nuri Sahin finally set to be confirmed..

Morning Gooners,

Only one place to start this morning and that’s with the news surrounding Andre Santos.

Last Friday morning, our Brazilian left back displayed a little bit of erratic driving which caught the eye of the local constabulary. Instead of stopping for the boys in blue, Santos put his foot down and a bit of a ‘chase’ followed. Santos finally stopped and got arrested for his trouble.

There was no alcohol involved, mind you at that time of the day you wouldn’t expect there to be.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said:

Shortly after 9.30am on Friday August 17, a 29-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving and failing to stop for police on the A1, near to Junction 22 of the M25.

Officers’ attention was drawn to the vehicle due to the manner of its driving.

The man has been bailed to return at a date in mid-September to a north London police station.

I reckon Song was in the car too and Santos was trying to get him away from the club asap. ;)

A lengthy ban from driving looms I suspect so there could be a  Maserati GranTurismo supercar up for sale, £110,000 and it’s yours!

Talking of speedy, Jesús Navas González has been linked with us this morning in Spanish Newspaper AS, which is known to be reputable He’s a right-winger who can also play on the left, his main assets are his quick dribbling and an ability to run at opposing defenders.

If this has any truth in it, surely Theo Walcott is soon to depart. Navas has a buyout clause of £27 Million, so don’t get too excited!!

One who seems to be arriving, finally, is Nuri Sahin. The deal has at last been finalised according to the media and we should have that confirmed by Arsenal today. This must be the longest transfer saga ever and it’s only a loan!

Sahin’s arrival will please all Arsenal fans but it doesn’t seem to be enough to quiet some sections in the media, they choose to carry on their ‘let’s look back and laugh’ campaign against us having watched us sell two more players this summer.

The Sun reports that since winning the 2005 FA Cup, the 17 top players who we have sold have gone on to win 44 major medals with 11 different clubs. They suggest that we have raked in £163m for those who left and that is not including those we have sold this summer.

Staggering really, all that money in just seven years but players are nothing more than ‘just players’. Where one leaves, another steps up or as last summer and this one is proving, others come in.

We are signing more mature players now, players who really want to be at Arsenal and don’t just see us as a stepping stone to a so called bigger and better club.

That is what a club like ours deserves and as Gary Neville has said:

AFC are the most important thing, players are just grains of sand on the beach.

Arsenal are 125 years old.

Well said Gary, I still don’t forgive him though over the way he treated Reyes!!

That’s it for another day, have a good one….

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586 comments on “Taxi for Santos! Jesus Navas linked & Nuri Sahin finally set to be confirmed..

  1. If this is true, then this would be as bigger signing as Arsenal have ever made.

  2. I think he is too expensive at that price..

  3. could i be first to comment :D Good morning highbury housers!
    Sahin today maybe:)

  4. Morning all. It would be pretty good SYG! Nearly as big as when we signed Bergkamp!

  5. Piss poor third Andrew lol.
    Evening all.
    You rate him that highly SYG?
    Let’s hope it’s right.

  6. Morning

    Hopefully Sahin will be confirmed to day. Is there anyone else but be salivating when thinking of a midfield of Cazrola, Sahin and Wilshere?

    It would simply be the best midfield trio in the Prem by a mile.

  7. imagine arteta and sahin linking up with navas down the wing!
    Still would love walcott to sign!?
    At least i got top four Scott ;)

  8. Morning all…

    Thanks Lee and Syg for the two snippets of news in the post :)

  9. great player, but doesn’t he suffer from home sickness and depression, thats what was reported when he was off playing with spain at one of the euro’s or world cups, anyway great player

  10. Hi TT. I’m happy enough with Cazorla, Arteta and Sahin! Add Navas to that, and it’s pretty tasty! Something in the back of my brain thinks that Wilshere will only be a bit part player now due to injuries. If he ever plays again that is. This injury has rumbled on far too long for my liking.

    Our press guy here (and NUFC season ticket holder) has heard rumours that we are after Tiote.

  11. navas i mean

  12. Morning al..
    Happy 2nd year blog anniversary rico..

    2 yrs befor same day ;)


  13. Morning all. AW has definitely had open wallet surgery!

  14. Lee – Ever since his “Yes-man” Rice has left!

  15. Rocky,don’t mention Tiote…..I did,and Rico tore me a new one lol.
    Andrew….good call mate,but no prize for 4th :)
    Still,I was a very ordinary 5th,so no spruiking here!!

  16. One team one dream Rico…

  17. I’d swap Walcott for Navas in a heart beat! He’s better than Mata.

  18. Hiya Rocky – not seen you for a bit!

    AS sports paper is nothing like our rags – it’s a dedicated sports paper. It ran both stories on Sahin and Cazorla and implied nothing, but spoke of what they knew. There was no speculative 2+2= 5.
    Remember Reyes? Their chairman said exactly the same. “£12M wouldn’t buy you his shoe laces” or something like that.
    We bought him for not much more than that.
    There is a flip side though. If true, where does it leave Walcott?
    And if true, this would be a major, major coup for the club.

    Four class players in already, maybe Navas?
    That is massive intent

  19. I still reckon Wenger has been waiting for economies to collapse before striking and taking advantage.
    I still can’t believe how much we paid for Cazorla!!

  20. What’s wrong with Tiote Rico?! I’d love him at Arsenal! Then again, I still want Nigel De Jong!

    I’m still chuckling to myself about Santos trying to outrun the police!! 130 mph isn’t bad going. Maybe someone phoned him and told him the buffet was closing in a few minutes….

  21. Rock, were your trains fukked last night?

  22. ……..

  23. SYG,apparently the “little boy inside” didn’t actually know what the word intent means.
    More’s the pity,hey??

  24. Thanks Stv, Hanson still does eh ;)

  25. Jesus playing for The Arsenal…..well I suppose we had his dad in a no10 shirt!!

  26. Been a bit hectic SYG. How’s things?

    Personally, in my humble opinion…… I couldn’t care less where that leaves Theo if we get Navas. He’s had his chance. Muffed it.

  27. :lol: Lee re the surgery…

    I can’t see the club meeting Navas’s buyout clause….

  28. That guy can play…even looking at a few minutes of footage shows you he is class!!

  29. My trains were fine mate. They were bad last week and the week before. I’ve started emailing Greater Anglia every time there is a delay now and demanded compensation! Fed up with it. Paying £3,000 a year for bad service.

  30. RICO,we may not need to though.

  31. Talking of Dream Team Lee… Rico, are you not bothering to do a league this year?!

  32. You fibber Scott ;)

    rocky, i’d love Tiote at the club too but, he’s happy at newcsatle, signed a new 6 year deal not long ago. The story was started by a geordie fan…

  33. I agree Scott. I can’t see us having to pay that amount for him.

  34. Lee says:
    August 22, 2012 at 9:46 am (Edit)
    One team one dream Rico…

    Spot On :)

  35. Honestly Scott. I haven’t felt this confident since the pre-season prior to Arsenal’s third “Double”….

    First two results that season …..

    Saturday 18th August 2001
    Middlesbrough 0-4 Arsenal

    Tuesday 21st August 2001
    Arsenal 1-2 Leeds United


  36. Morning Rico..If anyone is still concerned about the defensive left side of our midfield,after the new signings of Podolski and Sahin…
    I would have to say don’t worry…….
    Football is as much about defending as a team…..
    and these two we have that.

    Rennes have once again told the media that we have put in,an offor M’vila,and once again not mentioned by name it’s us.
    The bid is at the bottom end of what they think his worth,I said it will go to end of the tranfer window 2 months ago…thats when the rumours started to begin about Mr Song being late for training early in the year.

    One thing I do know Steve Bould is not a yes man..
    I’ve got a little feeling that he may had something to with that tranfer?

  37. Signing a new deal recently means one thing and one thing only Rico…. We have to pay a bit more for him. That’s it. Nothing to do with the player loving the club!

  38. TT – Cazrola, Sahin and Wilshere??

    I’d rather 4 in there – Arteta, Santi, Sahin, M’Vila :)

  39. I’t take Tiote over M’vila Rico…….!

  40. rocky – re the Dream team, it didn’t really take off last year.

    If you all want one, I’ll try and set it up today, those in favour say now or forever hold your peace :)

  41. I say Aye Rico…..

  42. fred, two months ago ish, news cam out that we’d signed M’Vila ;)

    rocky, don’t shoot the messenger ;) ;)

  43. I can understand why too rocky, he’s the heart of that newcastle side and he wouldn’t need time to get used to the PL…

    We sure need a DM…

  44. I’ve done a dream team in the office……. -1 after first games! Mint!

  45. Same here Lee… Although I mustered up 18 points in mine!

  46. I’ll count the yes’s rocky and see as the day goes by…

  47. Spanish papers confirm Alex Song fee,as is Barca’s way, will be paid in three installments in next two years. £5M up front.

  48. We’re like Freeman’s catalogue for Barcelona !

  49. Rico……the bid went in two months ago and as far as wengers concerned that’s as much as he wants to pay…cat /mouse…or poke…..
    you must know wenger by now.

  50. Dejong is bit too rough for arsenal imho,
    Navas is a great player scores lot of goals too.. any body from spain national team will do me thinks

    Nice to see AW continue going with ‘older and wiser’ Arsenal policy.

  51. Can’t say fairer than that Rico!

  52. It’s a shame we can’t refuse Barca’s dogshit payment methods. Basically buying the worlds best talent (and Alex Song) on the never-never.

  53. :roll: re Barca….

    Freemans Syg ;)

  54. Depends on the system you play Rico. I’m not sure anymore that we will be going for a DM. Looks like he will be using Arteta and Sahin as two deep lying midfielders and a fully fit Wilshere with Sahin and Santi in a tree man mid field or add Arteta to a 4 man midfield. either way it would be the best midfield in the prem.

  55. fred, sure do and at the end of the day, the player will choose where he goes and i think he wants to join Wenger. Is he in his last year of his contract??

  56. I’m a 442 fan TT, hence my selection but I understand where you are coming from.

    I can’t see Jack coming back just yet though and I doubt we’ll see too much of him before Christmas…

  57. Everything’s sounding positive, again….
    Isn’t it great how things change within a week!

  58. Tom Huddlestonne off to Stoke, he’ll be there on Sunday…

  59. Lee –

    Dream Team – I’ll judge you in May :lol:

  60. Rico, Aaron Lennon will be gutted Tom’s off! A friend of mine is the manager of a poncey clothes shop in Loughton, and says that he sees Lennon and Huddlestone going into Pizza Hut accross the road at least 4 times a week!

  61. Serious rocky? No wonder he’s a chunky guy, has your friend seen Santos in there with them ;)

  62. I know SYG! It really is amazing the difference a few quality additions can make to everyone’s attitude! I think it’s just as much the fact we are all happy AW realises what was wrong and is finally doing something about it.

  63. But we haven’t signed anyone since Saturday, that makes it quite bizarre :)

  64. Rico, I think they get in there before Santos, because that clown would destroy the buffet within minutes! Yeah, seriously! In there all the time! Although I know Wenger rates pizza as recovery food (brought to light with the Pizzagate moment) but I don’t think he would mean eat it every day like those 2!

  65. M’vila contract runs out June 2013..mate

  66. It IS Zee and Co Lee, good shot! Is that a fave of yours for your clothes?!

  67. who is Zef colombi??

  68. I stopped being trendy enough to shop in there 15 years ago Lee!

  69. M’Vila race hots up as Spurs aim to beat rivals Arsenal to French midfielder

    PUBLISHED: 08:28, 22 August 2012 | UPDATED: 08:57, 22 August 2012

    Rennes have confirmed that highly-rated France international midfielder Yann M’Vila will leave the club before the end of the transfer window after three bids were made for his services.

    The news was leaked to a French newspaper by the Ligue 1 club’s director Pierre Dreossi.

    Arsenal, who have reignited their interest in the 21-year-old after selling Alex Song to Barcelona this week, are believed to be one of the clubs to have made a bid.

    ‘Arsenal? Maybe, you would have to ask Arsene Wenger,’ Dreossi hinted.
    ‘But with Song leaving, it means that Arsenal are going to reinforce that position.’

    Arsenal’s north London rivals Tottenham and Russian giants Zenit St Petersburg are thought to be the other two clubs to have made offers for M’Vila.

    Dreossi also confirmed that the £17million-rated player would definitely be leaving before the transfer window closes at the end of the month.

    ‘I think that it can be settled by the end of this week or the start of next,’ he added.
    ‘But it is complicated because some clubs are not agreed within their clubs about the deal and there are clubs where Yann does not want to go.’

  70. This would be huge, we have to pray this happens as he is the best RW outside of the big two. Add Llorente and the title race is back on. We do need a Viera replacement which we haven’t found yet. Personally I think we should jump in and nab Javi Martinez from under Bayen noses whatever the cost. Add Navas and Mbiwa from Montpellier and we are doing alright. My biggest fear is that both podolski and Giroud will not find the net as much as they should so for me a superstar striker should be purchased to give them both a kick up the backside if they want to be first choice. The only available player at the right quality I think is Llorente. If we can’t get martinez then I would go for tiote over m’vila as I don’t get a good vibe from this player but who knows until he is on the training pitch. Still think we need a new owner and we could save ourselves a lot of heart and headaches. Anyone who thinks we would turn into a chelski of a man city must bear in mind that this is the Arsenal the best and classiest club in the country and will never be compared to the scummy clubs who ever owns us. All I can say is that I feel like we have just sold Henry to Man United and no one seems to care enough to call the board into question. They crossed the line with selling to Man united, I mean there one down from the spuds! There is a petition on petition buzz if you feel its time we started challenging again, and stop being a feeder club which we are right now undenible.

  71. STV – Looks like he’s the subject of a spoof Arsenal article

  72. I really doubt the Jesus Navas link; he is a one club man and captain at Sevilla. On top of that it is well known that he suffers from homesickness. Couldnt see him leaving sunny Seville for London and its magnificent weather.

    I was thinking though, if Walcott leaves, perhaps Adam Johnson could be a replacement on the right flank?

  73. Scravaldio – I think Giroud and Podolski will be fine once they have found their feet in the league. Both already looking better than Chamakh ever has for us.

  74. LSG – I’d really love Adam Johnson to come to us. I thought I was in the minority of people that rated him!

  75. :lol: rocky, I’m surprised their club allow that to happen…

    Thought so fred, just why AW is holding out to get him on the cheap. Funny though, £22M for a 29 half fit guy and AW squabbles over £15M for an up and coming great DM….

    both in the same cotract situation…

  76. yes, an albanian painter ;) I thought he was from africa though !

  77. Also, you may be right about Navas. We learned what happened with homesick Spaniards when we had Reyes, who needed him mum to tuck him up in bed every night with some cookies and a mug of warm milk.

  78. LSG – I’ve been a AJ fan too, City have ruined him though, just like Stephen Ireland…

  79. Some would suggest Syrian and even Bosnian STV!

  80. Scravaldio

    I think most here on HH are excited about this season, first time in years and losing the two players we have is not too much of a big deal. The 3 we have signed so far will settle, they are all internationals.

    The great Henry and Bergkamp took a while to settle, lets give these guys a fair chance.

    Thanks re the petition details, but personally speaking, its not one I will be signing….

  81. Scarvaldio,forgive me for rejecting your kind navigation.
    I’m too busy supporting the club!!

  82. AJ was awesome when at palace.

    Rico this 3 x 5 m deal is bs.

    How about both MVilla and Sahin.. I suspect tat will be the case. MVilla is much cheaper now and best available replacement of song.

  83. STV – Did you mean that as a joke or did you genuinely have the wrong player?! (Adam Johnson / Andy Johnson)

  84. Is the captain Kirk a 100% done deal yet??

  85. Rocky- AJ I think is the sort of winger we need. A left footed inside winger who has pace, can dribble and can cut in and shoot. Let Sagna and Jenkinson get to the byline and cross. For all his pace, Walcott is just not dangerous enough, defenders dont fear him because they know all he can do is pace them.

    On another note, I am very pleased with the loan deal for Sahin. I have been an admirer of him for a while now and I was annoyed when Real swooped and got him for peanuts a year ago.

    I feel like we have been missing a player with his vision and passing range since Cesc left. the boy can pick out a pass from his own half that Song could only dream of.

    Here is a vid of some of his passing and vision during his time in Dortmund if none of you have seen it already.

  86. Rock, I used to shop there a few years ago.

  87. STV, i hope Sahin and M’Vila. Sahin to cover Jack, M’Vila the proper DM in for Song and for seasons ahead…

  88. I agree re Sahin. I freely admit, when everyone on here was talking about Cazorla, M’Vila and Capoue that I had no idea who 2 of them were, and had only seen M’vila once. But Sahin is someone I’ve seen play a few times and really rate him.

  89. Good Morning everyone.
    A belated Happy Birthday for HH, as usual and same as in real life i always forget peoples birthdays! ;)
    So Sahin has signed, good news. Personally can’t see anymore signings except maybe a defender maybe one that can play on both FB positions…ik ik sounds pessimistic, well maybe chuck me in Jesus for good measure. :D
    Had a good laugh at comments on ol’tubby’s driving. hehe.
    Finally, I would still like Theo to play as main striker against teams that don’t all camp in their own penlty box ie. Sunderland.

  90. A “few” years ago Lee? You gotta let your youth go mate! We can’t pull off these snazzy clothes anymore! You saw me in my everyday clothes the other week… jeans, trainers and a trackie top! I can’t do trendy anymore!

  91. Morning Ben. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind seeing Theo up front in Carling Cup matches to see how he gets on. But until then, I don’t want him anywhere near the CF position!

  92. I wish the guys at Arsenal.com would get up a bit earlier, i will have to buy a new f5 key by the end of the transfer window!

  93. same page rocky..

  94. You are so harsh on poor Theo rocky ;)

  95. Morning Bondex. How’s things?

  96. Rico,you left him outlf your starting 11!!
    His ingest fan,and you’ve jumped ship :)

  97. Rico, I keep waiting for him to prove me wrong….. Still waiting……! One day he’ll surprise me and find a bit of composure from somewhere!

    I know Ben, they are painfully slow updating anything.

  98. if city are willing to sell Adam Johnson we should rather get him than Navas… i think navas is very similar to walcott.

  99. Question guys….is Tommy Smyth a pundit you guys know,or is it only we Aussies having to endure the little smart arse hobbit???

  100. Remember Rico. We were the first here.
    Newsnow hadn’t even picked up on it

  101. Terry… Similar to Walcott in what way?! they both have the letter “A” in their name?! Navas is a million miles better than Walcott.

  102. Terry,with all sure respect,that few minute clip of Navas shows he’s much,much more skilful than Theo.

  103. Haha! That’s it Scott, you tell her! Fair weather Theo supporter Rico!!

  104. Also, Scott, I am aware of Tommy’s work. My best mate moved out to Melbourne 6 or 7 years ago, and whenever we talk about football, he slags the guy off.

  105. Morning all,
    Santos not quick, he’s put that myth to bed hasn’t he.

    Rocky, elasticated jeans ain’t all they’re cracked up to be.

  106. Although. Terry, I think that Adam Johnson is a much more realistic choice for us. And personally, I’m happy with that!

  107. So will Arsenal FC be paying this useless flash c***t 60,000 a week while he’s in jail? Sell him, he’s a talentless fat twat….
    Navas is quality and the price is right. The signings this year so far are whats been needed over the last 5 seasons…FINALLY!!

  108. Santos should count himself lucky, the last Brazilian to run from the Rozzers in London was shot.

  109. Rocky,the guys is a complete dickhead!!
    Arsenal could win the treble and he’d still bag us.
    I want to stomp the little bastard!

  110. No at all Scott, you wind up ;)

    We need a strong squad and there are certain games I’d start Theo, but also ones I wouldn’t.

    Against sides that come at us, he’s a starter for me, but against the likes os Sunderland, Stoke etc, I wouldn’t but a great player to have coming off the bench in those…

  111. If we sell Theo we could bring in Navas, win win in my own opinion. Have a genuine right winger.

    Sahin hopefully done today, M’vila should be wrapped up asap.

  112. Rico, rocky is not been harsh…its just the reality of the times.

  113. He will rocky, he will ;)

    Terry, AJ is on the move isn’t he, Liverpool I think??

    Micko, he is behind a wheel, but that’s where is ends …

  114. Syg, that’s because HH has it’s own Spanish footie reporter, who needs Hunter when we have you.

    That story will be all over NN in a few more hours….

  115. Haha!! Especially when worn halfway down your arse Micko!

  116. While I like the look of Sahin and share a lot of the optimism for the season I still think there are many question marks over where we are heading with the players we are looking at and what it means. Is Sahin to replace Song or Wilshere? I hope it is not the latter otherwise it could mean that Wilshere’s problem is a lot worse than we thought and could be an ongoing injury concern rather than a normal injury episode that he will recover from. That is a frightening thought. If Sahin is to replace Song and Wilshere’s injury is normal and he is due back in the next number of weeks, then it still raises other questions.

    Firstly is Sahin a player that is happy to sit at the base of the defence in a disciplined role or will we still be buying another player for this like M’Villa. If we got both of them and Wilshere comes back I can’t help but think our midfield will be a bit overloaded. I also don’t like not having an option to buy. As well as not liking the idea that we are just training him up for Madrid for a year it also raises the question as to how emotionally attached he is to the club, and could that have an effect on how driven he is to push us on this year. A first option to buy is different to an actual option to buy and I can’t see Mourinho sanctioning it to us or if he does consider it he will put the figure beyond us and he will then likely end up somewhere like Citeh. That would mean another summer of having to replace a key player that ends up at one of your rivals with a “thanks for polishing off that player for us Arsene”. A proper option to buy would remove most of my remaining nagging doubts about Sahin.

    On Navas, I am not sure he is what we need to balance out our attack despite him being an obvious talent. I still hope Walcott signs otherwise we are losing more of our EPL established or British influence in the squad. IMO rather than a tricky winger we are maybe one extra goal-scorer light. Not necessarily as a first 11 player but as a utility player in the squad. Preferably an experienced goal-scorer who knows how to get on the end of balls but not someone that will be expecting to play a large number of games or will stand in the way of emerging strikers such as Afobe or Campbell. In other words someone to do a job. I know he is past his best but I just wondered if Owen is a no brainer on a short term deal who I think could give the squad that critical extra cover that can be the difference in 2-3 games in a season. It can be those fine margins that win or lose you titles. A player like this and probably M’Villa for me and imo we are ready to rock. I had some doubts with M’Villa from the euros but I just think he will pretty quickly look the real deal with us with the other quality players around him. Sahin I am excited about and doubtful in equal measure and as I said I am not too sure how it all comes together with him.

  117. There you go, Rico

    A straight swap. Sorted. We are offering Park for Navas.

  118. :lol: Steve

    bondex, i’m just kidding rocky…

  119. GoonerB, with a valuation of £27M, I think we can forget Navas…

    I think we’ll get M’Vila and Sahin…

  120. Syg, you seen anything in the gossip pages about Thomas Muller, suggestion is he is fed up with sitting on the bench at BM…

    At least park didn’t say he wants to play for Barca, just in Spain….

  121. Shain who?? Warne?

  122. :lol: lee, just changed it…

  123. GoonerB. Wenger was interviewed on TV re: Michael Owen when Madrid got shut, and he said then that he was in two minds about signing him but pointed to his injury record.
    In his day he was a cracking forward.
    But I highly doubt it.

    Sahin is quality. The midfield will gel. These are exciting times.
    Most football people linked with Arsenal – and I don’t mean the dumb pundits on TV or the shit tabloids such as the Sun or Mail, but the respectable football people state that the midfield doesn’t necessarily need an out and out defensive-type midfield man over the 38-game season.
    In some respects yes, but most of the time no.
    Accountability in midfield is everything.




    Using these as the pivot is fine in most games. Ox-Cham could even play a role in there, or if desperate Diaby.
    I think Arteta is key.

    Saying that, I am up for any TOP QUALITY additions.

  124. Haha steve! :D
    So with rico on the Theo issue, totally agree.

  125. Aidsan Daley – you have a fine way with words…!

    What makes you think he’ll get a custodial sentence??

  126. Wenger stated that young Ox will play through the middle of midfield, didn’t he?

  127. We desperately needed a DM last season,as we didn’t defend higher up the pitch.
    Maybe this season,things will be different.
    Still,nice to have one.

  128. Arsenal finalise loan deal for Madrid midfielder Nuri Sahin
    The Gunners beat off competition from Liverpool, Besiktas and Galatasary and will have the option to buy the player at the end of the season, for 17 million euros. http://www.as.com/english/articulo/arsenal-finalise-loan-deal-for/20120822dasdenspo_1/Ten

  129. Morning, can see us signing Jesus as this would contravene the clubs ecumenical approach to religion. After his rattle out of the pram stunt perhaps Dempsey would be an option for us as the price should have dropped and he does cover multiple positions though I think that refusing to play for his existing club does leave a question mark over his attitude.

    Pat Rice served Arsenal football club for over four decades faithfully and well to brand him a yes man and accuse him of influencing signings is wrong in my opinion, We as a club have finished paying off all the debt we can without incurring financial penalties hence the increased spending, also these are the first two seasons where Stan has had majority control as well add these together and that is why we can spend more.

  130. Pat Rice was a yes man. End of story. No-one’s denying his service. But he was a yes man.

  131. He did Ben, but he also said Theo will play centrally one day ;)

    emma, €17 million, no wonder this has taken so long. If Sahin has a great season, he’ll be worth a lot more than that… Really hope we have first option on him as Citeh will soon start sniffing around…

  132. Rico – Santos won’t get a custodial sentence.
    Dangerous driving is a prison offence but ……
    1. Has he got form for a similar offence?
    2. Was he drunk – No.
    3. Did anyone get hurt – No.
    4. Did he aim the car at anyone? No.
    5. Was he insured – Hope so.
    6. Was the car MOT’d – I should think so

    £2-3000 fine and banned.
    Anyone who knows the legal system will tell you that if he’s not got any of the above, then a fine banned plus re-test is what will happen.

    Sensationalised media headlines…. All it proves is that Santos, like most football players is a prat.

  133. Manchester United are interested in signing Mexes???

    Odd one…

  134. Rico. Nothing on Muller bar the July headlines… however things are changing at the bookies

    In order

    Yann M’Vila 4/9
    Stephane Sessegnon 7/4
    Alan Dzagoev 13/2
    Fernando Llorente 7/1
    Klaus Jan-Huntelaar 12/1
    Kaka 16/1 — down from 40/1 last week?
    Xabi Alonso 16/1
    Thomas Muller 20/1

    Walcott to Liverpool 5/4

  135. I know he won’t Syg, but that poster earlier suggested he will…

  136. rockyrocastle07 says:
    August 22, 2012 at 11:40 am

    Spot on Rocky. He wasn’t that good a defender either.
    Better than Sammy Nelson, yes – but a good defender, no.

  137. Syg, no Jesus in that betting and you have to get up pretty damn early to get one over on dem bookies hey. ;)

  138. Ben, the OX oozes confidence, never seems fazed, sure he played central midfield last season at some point.
    Sahin won’t feel so much like a new signing but old news, I’ve already moved onto the next one.

  139. hi rocky I meant Andy ;) I was not aware of city man’s link to Arsenal.

  140. rico – I hope he will have a good season and arsenal will exercise the option to buy. I guess Mourinho is not happy and decided to play hard ball. Thank goodness the saga is over.

  141. That man lived through Arsenal !!

  142. It`s been an open secret for some time that Arsenal`s Assistant Manager Pat Rice will be retiring at the end of this season. This was confirmed last night as a number of players tweeted pictures of an official club function in his honour, adding their thanks for his service. The Belfast born Arsenal man has always been a quiet, studied character and rarely gives interviews to the media. Indeed, it looks as though he wanted to eschew any fuss by announcing his retirement in advance of the last home game. As a result of his taciturn nature, his 44 years of service if often under credited. So here follows a short biopic of Arsenal`s mystery man.

    Rice was born in Belfast on 17th March, 1949 but soon relocated to Finsbury Park, where many Irish immigrants set up home in the post war years. Rice went to school in the borough and earned pocket money working in his mum`s greengrocer store on Gillespie Road, adjacent to Highbury. Rice was a keen footballer and once work was over, he and his friends used to kick a football around the quiet streets of Avenell Road. One day, a 15 year old Rice began idly kicking a ball up against the walls of the old East Stand. After about half an hour a club official emerged through the doors of the Marble Halls and summoned Rice. Sheepishly expecting a telling off for his antics, Rice reluctantly walked over. To his astonishment, the stuffy club official asked him if he could attend a trial.

    Details of who exactly had been watching Rice or had thought to ask him for a trial are sketchy. But the bottom line is, the young Ulsterman took his chance and was signed on schoolboy terms in 1964. He made steady progress through the Youth and Reserve sides as a sturdy, if unspectacular right back, making his full debut as a callow 18 year old in December 1967, a 2-1 League Cup win over Burnley at Turf Moor. Though manager Bertie Mee liked his quiet work ethic, Rice spent much of the next three seasons in the Reserves, with Peter Storey the favoured right back. Though he did make his debut for Northern Ireland in 1968, his first of 49 caps for his country.

    Rice watched on from the sidelines as the club secured its first silverware for 17 years with the 1969-70 Fairs Cup win. But that summer, Mee fell upon a plan to convert the uncompromising Storey into a defensive midfield player, to add more steel to Arsenal`s midfield at the expense of the flair of Sammels. As he had 6 years earlier, Rice took his chance. The following season, he became the club`s first choice right back, forging a resilient alliance with McLintock, Simpson and McNab at the back, with the fearless Wilson in behind them, Storey shielding them with gritted teeth. He became a significant part of the side that won Arsenal`s first ever F.A. Cup and League Double in 1970-71. Rice remained Arsenal`s first choice right back for the whole decade.

    In fact, he was an ever present in three seasons in the 70s, in 71-72- where he was an F.A. Cup runner up, 75-76 and 76-77. As Mee dismantled the Double side and Arsenal were closer to relegation than silverware, Rice was one of the few constants. When his ex Arsenal teammate Terry Neill became manager in 1976, he made his compatriot Rice club captain. Rice captained the team to three consecutive F.A. Cup Finals- in 1978, 1979 and 1980, as well as the 1980 Cup Winners Cup Final. Though he would only lead his side up the steps to silverware once, as captain in the 5 minute Cup Final in 1979. He became the first Arsenal player to play in 5 F.A. Cup Finals for the club- a record that has been since equalled by Ray Parlour and David Seaman- though never surpassed.

    In 1980, with the bitter taste of two Cup Final defeats in the same week, Rice left Highbury at the age of 31. He had won 2 F.A. Cups and a League title, having made 528 appearances and bowed out as club captain. His young compatriot John Devine was by now 22 and considered ready for the first team. Rice went on to make 137 appearances for Graham Taylor`s Watford during the most illustrious period of their history. He scored the Hornets first top flight goal in August 1982 against Everton. In the 1983-84 season, his legs began to give and he became a bit part figure as Watford made it to the 1984 F.A. Cup Final, which Rice watched from the stand. That summer he decided to retire from playing.

    Rice was not a man for idleness however (though a 1970s footballer salary wouldn`t have left much room to retire to one`s garden as Voltaire would have it). He rejoined the club of his life as coach of the Youth Team. It was a position he held for twelve years. Don Howe- who had coached Rice as a player- made the appointment. Old ties remained as Rice`s ex teammate George Graham was appointed to the hot seat in 1986. Graham set about reconnecting the club with its traditions and, obviously, felt having Rice as part of the backroom staff would only aid that initiative. Rice won two Youth Cups in 1988 and 1994 and oversaw a crop of talent that would emerge to win Arsenal the league title in 1989.

    The likes of Michael Thomas, Paul Merson and David Rocastle passed through his care as a youth coach, with Kevin Campbell, David Hillier, Ian Selley, Martin Keown, Ray Parlour, Paul Dickov and Steve Morrow all serving various levels of first team distinction having been coached by Rice. In 1996 he found himself at the centre of great upheaval for the club. The sacking of Bruce Rioch was the catalyst for a maelstrom of activity. Assistant Manager Stewart Houston became Caretaker Manager and Rice was promoted to backfill his place. A month later, Houston, aware that he wasn`t in the running for the full time job, also resigned with manager elect Arsene Wenger determined to see out his deal in Japan. Rice was suddenly Caretaker Manager. On top of that, the club captain admitted to the press that he was an alcoholic.

    Rice`s steady hand kept the ship on course though. He won all three league games of his Caretaker reign, with a 4-1 home win over Sheffield Wednesday, a 2-0 away win at Middlesbrough and a 2-0 home win against Sunderland. The only blot on his copy book was a 3-2 home defeat to Borussia Monchengladbach in a UEFA Cup 1st Round 1st Leg tie. Determined to maintain connection with the club`s heritage, Wenger immediately appointed Rice as his number 2, with Boro Primorac appointed as First Team Coach. Rice`s quiet work ethic earned him Arsene`s trust very quickly, as well as his capabilities as a coach. Rice has held the position for 16 years, overseeing two more Doubles and the unbeaten season, as well as a further five F.A. Cup Finals, bringing his tally as an Arsenal man to an astonishing 11 F.A. Cup Finals in the employ of the club.

    Rice holds the joint distinction with Bob Wilson of having been involved in all three of Arsenal`s domestic Doubles. He has lifted a league title and two F.A. Cups as a player, four F.A. Cups and three league titles as a coach and won 2 F.A. Youth Cups as Youth Team Manager. He was part of a backroom staff that oversaw League Cup wins in 1987 and 1993 as well as league wins in 1989- sitting in the dugout at Anfield that fateful night of May 26th- and 1991 as well as the 1994 Cup Winners Cup. The final that night in Copenhagen saw four of his Youth Team graduates in the starting line up and a further three on the bench. In total, Rice has been on Arsenal`s books, in one way or another, in 24 different Cup Finals (25 if you factor in the 1993 F.A. Cup Final replay) and 6 league title winning campaigns. He appeared for the club 528 times as a player and will be in the dugout as Arsenal`s number 2 on Sunday for the final, and 903rd time (having taken in 4 games as Manager too), in a total of 44 years service to Arsenal Football Club. Those statistics are barely comparable for any other figure in our history. For that alone, he deserves our unbridled respect, our congratulations and our thanks.

    Shame people don’t read and give the man the respect he deserves instead of accusing him of being a yes man with no evidence, we as fans ask for loyalty well here is the definition of Loyal and what does he get for it baseless accusations and classless generalisations.

  143. Yes Micko, he played in CL in CM and also in pre season, I just thought I read a Wenger statement saying that Ox will play there this year but can’t find it anywhere.

  144. SYG 11.29. I totally agree about Sahin’s quality and I also agree that a pure DM is not always necessary if all midfielders are accountable. Barca seem to operate this way without having pure midfield destroyers and you would have to feel that the likes of De-Jong would not get near their first 11. Lets hope Bould instills this discipline into the team. My main question re Sahin was not having an option to buy but just seen Emma’s post at 11.35 and I hope to god this is right about the 17m euro option. If Emma is right we have just done a great bit of business.

    Re Owen SYG I just thought it was an addition to the squad we can’t lose on. I am sure his wages would be very realistic and if it didn’t work out and he didn’t play then we will have lost very little. It is more risky for me not to get someone like him if he is available as I still feel we are 1 light as a squad, not 1st 11, in a player who can play as the focul point in attack.

  145. Any man that gives nearly 50 years of his life to a club deserves nothing but respect,I reckon.

  146. vernat – to be honest, i think Pat Rice had little input in his last couple of seasons, he seemed to just carry on the same as he had always done. He should have left when he really wanted to and not be persuaded to stay on by AW.

    Great guy
    Great Gooner
    Great assistant manager, but just stayed on a season or two too long imho…

  147. Hiya GoonerB
    I think Owen buggered off Stoke as he was offered a salary based on games played….

  148. Imagine Owen coming on and scoring a winner v Liverpool one week,and Utd the next!!

  149. Yes man or not…Pat Rice is an Arsenal Legend.

  150. Scott from Oz says:
    August 22, 2012 at 11:55 am

    He was paid Scott … and rather handsomely, too.

    There have been better servants to Arsenal than Rice, who have got absolutely nothing back.

  151. Hate to burst your bubble but until announced on Arsenal.com Sahin has not been signed :/

  152. I’ve always loved the sight of him warming up the players before each game!!

    Hope Steve Bould will do a better job..

  153. Vernat…. What’s that got to do with anything? You don’t half come out with some crap sometimes! Yes, he was a loyal servant. The players are hardly going to come out and slag him off are they?!

  154. Syg,there’s been better paid people who’ve done a lot less as well though.

  155. Like I said….. No-one’s disputing his loyalty. But he stayed on too long and did very little from what ot seems to try and object to anything Wenger did (as nothing changed in the past few years). Why rock the boat? Agree, he was a great guy and loyal, so deserved his little thank you dinner and a few players tweeting how nice he is. But he was a yes man. And had shit glasses.

  156. Scott from Oz says:

    August 22, 2012 at 12:02 pm
    Syg,there’s been better paid people who’ve done a lot less as well though.

    You got that right mate. And there still are.

  157. TT damn you bubble burster!
    Arsenal.com is notorious for being so slow to give the news, so i am not to worried ;)

  158. STV – Did you love the sight of him on the sidelines during the Champs League match when Wenger was suspended?! I know I didn’t!!

  159. Much the same way I was bricking it whenever I saw Stewart Houston in the managers role!

  160. He was there when we had a hell of a lot of success……plenty are wrapping Bould,but we haven’t won anything with him yet.
    Respect and credit where it’s due.
    Let’s hope Bould does turn out a better AM.

  161. Afternoon all, i read somewhere that Wenger practically begged Pat Rice to stay for his last two seasons with AFC….Just saying!

  162. It is totally beyond me why people go on about Rice just going through the motions in his last years. First of all the assistant manager serves at the pleasure of the manager. Secondly Rice wanted to retire earlier but was strong armed by Wenger into carrying on for another year.

  163. Everyone is entitled to their opinion mine is based on the fact that he served the club faithfully and well and does not deserve to be denigrated by people who have never played, coached or been involved at this level and have no knowledge of what happened inside the club and his contribution.

    Crap it may be but I stand by what I believe and it saddens me that fans of Arsenal can just write off a man like that.

  164. Scott – You are dead right.

    Ted Drake gave everything for Arsenal. A blood and thunder forward – Like a comic book hero sort of character …
    His ratio of goals per games throughout his career for Arsenal was nothing short of phenomenal. The war took 5 years of his life…
    When he started back playing at 33 he broke his back … and never played again..

    Arsenal never gave him his chance coaching – he was buggered off…

    Chelsea did though ….

  165. Mourning has confirmed Sahin is on his way to England…..good enough for me.

  166. The man is gone now.. lets thank him and move on.. (That answer is no)

  167. Jose Mourinho just finished ranting in his presser about 10mins ago. This is what he said about sahiin:

    Real Madrid Info ‏@RmadridInfo

    Mourinho: “I just want Sahin to play, I like the option premiere League will help him in certain type of game features,

    Mourinho: “I do not care where you go, what I expect is to close the deal soon, because it will be better for him,”

  168. Mourinho,that should read.

  169. Kevin Sheedy has been diagnosed with bowel cancer, lets hope that the operation he is to undergo is successful and that he and his family get all the support they need at this time.

  170. SYG…bit before my time :)

  171. A lot before my time too, Scott.
    All I’m saying is that Rice was fortunate, many weren’t
    He like a lot of footballers, made a good living in the sport and only possessed minimal talent

  172. SYG re 11.45, true but Sammy Nelson was better at pulling off moony’s.

  173. Oh Vernat, the old “Never played/coached” chestnut! Ican still have an opinion deapite the fact I have never played at the top level! No-on’e “Denigrating” him! By saying he’s a yes man is hardly a character assassination, so get off your high horse for a change before you start pulling more comments off the website showing that people liked the guy. I’ll say it again for you, for the 3rd or 4th time…. No-one is saying he wasn’t a faithful servant. He had a lot of respect, and rightly so. The last few ytears he contributed nothing, and that is evident. No-one’s saying he is a c*** because of it, but we needed new blood, with new ideas. If you work with the same person day in day out for that long, you generally will just tend to go along with it as opposed to rocking the boat.

    No-one’s written anyone off, so before you start spouting ill-advised shite again, read what people are saying. .

  174. Greetings All,

    Have we sold anyone today………….?

    Ah Ted Drake… Ask AK about him SYG they went to school together..!

  175. Gunner-Mac, he did from what I read. Probably while his replacement was being brought up to speed.

  176. I got to go get the Dyson out, back in an hour….

    Hi and bye Wath ;)

  177. TT, I heard Arsene grabbed Pat Rice by the wrist and gave him a Chinese Burn, poor sod had no choice but to stay on another season.

  178. The quote from a good source was ” 8k a week to put cones out…”

  179. Cheap at half the price, Lee…..

  180. Rocky sorry you feel I am on my high horse, i have no wish to offend anyone on this site, However my view which is contrary to yours is as stated, I have tried to read and understand the comments that have been posted on here and in addition I don’t see the need to use abusive language in responses.

    You have your opinion which you hold to and that is fine and i respect that and again I apologise if how I have stated mine seems to be ill advised, or offensive to you.

  181. I had my heart broken today.
    I did a quote for a customer,he hands over his deposit and we start to chat.
    I could see something was wrong,and asked if he was ok….trying not to pry,but it was hard not to.
    He tells me his wife took ill a month ago,and was given 10-12 weeks to live.
    The guy never asked for sympathy,didn’t complain,but obviously was completely devastated.
    We ended up chatting for a while,and he told me they’re renewing their vows,then having a very quick holiday.
    The worst part was when he told me his son came home,and basically said his goodbyes to his mum last night…he will never see her alive again.
    What can you do?
    What can you say?
    The guy actually thanked me for my time,for gods sake.
    I have never felt so humble,or just average in my
    To make things worse,i leave this lovely man and hop in my car….in a million years,I wouldn’t have believed it,but Rob Thomas singing Her Diamonds is the first song to come on….that finished me.
    For those who aren’t familiar with the song…..Thomas wrote it about his wife’s battle with Cancer.
    Kevin Sheedy,my thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Prick of a disease.

  182. Ditto Scott. It’s f*cking shit.

  183. Hey WATH .. long time no see..

  184. Your comments haven’t offended me Vernat. I just thought they were rubbish. Lets agree to disagree (although if you DID read my posts, you’d see that we weren’t actually disagreeing as I said that I respected him and he was a loyal servant but that was obviously lost on you somewhere along the line.) . Lets just leave it as I really can’t be bothered to get a ridiculous arguement where there isn’t actually one to be had.

  185. Too true Rocky.

  186. Hey ST, how’s you mate…..!?!?!

    I’d go one better than that Scott… CNUT of a disease….!!

    Thoughts are with the man and his family also with Kevin Sheedy, hopefully makes a full recovery.

  187. SYG, did you see that Skybet have suspended Kaka to AFC? Probably a crock of shite but…

  188. Gooner in Barcelona ‏@Gooner_In_BCN
    Tweeps Sahin deal is agreed to but not signed, sealed and delivered. Still have to cross t’s and dot i’s, if it takes 1/2 days so what?

    agreed, saves me refreshing constantly.

  189. Ah double G, how you diddling?

  190. WATH – It’s a shitc**t of a disease. It really is. As you said, fingers crossed for Sheedy. Sweetest left foot of all time.

  191. You’re not going to sleep properly until this is on the AFC website are you Ben?!


  193. Just had them up now, Lee
    They don’t look like they’ve been suspended although Twitter and the web was rampant with it early doors..

    Our odds had shot down from 40’s to 16/1.

  194. too true scott :( That man is a hero!

  195. Sheedy. Nice player in his time.
    Scored against us in the World Cup in Italy.

  196. Glad its not just our defence!

  197. Yeah let’s not talk about that fucking hideous disease!!!

  198. Am all good Lee, how’s you mate..?

    Kaka to us… thought yesterday it was the mancs… Now they want Mexes lol they welcome to him….!

    I’ve heard there is no buy-out clause with Sahin but we do have first option to buy and no price has been agreed. Still a great deal as he a top player, hopefully he loves it with us and tells RM to sod off…!

  199. Why would anyone want Mexes?!

  200. Scott. Just read your 12.28.
    It stopped me short. I read it again and just sat there really, thinking about your words and this poor family. Then I looked around and realised that I have a lot to be grateful for. It also reminded me of what is important in our lives. I feel so much for those folks and they are on the other side of the world and I don’t know them and never will. Like many of us, I have lost family and a couple of close friends and the pain never goes away, you just learn to live round it.
    I wish Sheedy all the best but I will admit that I feel a bit empty right now.

  201. Sorry Lee.

  202. Start of season is so slow, drives me mad, just can’t wait till the fixtures come thick n fast!

    So damn transfer saga’s will have to keep me occupied :D

  203. Adam, I was having a bad day,or so I thought!!!

  204. Onwards and upwards,hey guys.
    Here’s to family,health,happiness and our Arsenal.

  205. Your fine Scotty, just a real fucker of a disease!!

  206. Fine man thanks.. hope u too.

    not in full football frenzy. just started !!

  207. Afternoon Adam. Been a while!

    You’re right. Some of us are very fortunate.

    Totally agree Scott.

  208. Agree with u Lee WATH Scott and RR.. Hope for their full recovery.

  209. Still anyway the granny fcker and purse strings are probably on £500k pw between them. I switched over during the game on Monday and watched a programme on BBC3 about our boys in Helmand Priovince. Two of them got blown up up by I.E.D’s, I wondered how much those poor fckers were on p.w?

  210. I’m good thanks WATH…

  211. Don’t even get me started on sportsmans wages Lee!!
    Nurses,fireman…….they earn shit,put up with shit and get treated like shit.
    That’s just to name a few.
    Soldiers….well,they ought to be on millions a year!
    RVP can stick his “trophies” right up his arse.

  212. Puts it all into perspective when you watch that eh Lee…..! Am all good ST…!

  213. Scott your 12:54, I’ll drink to that mate!!

  214. Lee,I actually came home and DID have a few ales to it.
    Couldn’t get in the mood to paperwork,so just relaxed and soaked it all in.

  215. I’m off guys.
    I’ll be back brighter and merrier tomorrow.
    I fully expect to wake to news of Sahin.
    Catch you all later.
    Fight the good fight,fellow Gooners.

  216. Best way sometimes Scott….WATH taught me that!! ;)

  217. Hi Rocky. I used to shop at Zee too. Both the one at The Angel and the Loughton store. Their clobber feels a bit ” young” for me now and £50 for a T shirt that is finished after 2 washes and ends up as a duster doesn’t fill me with joy. You still down in The Strand mate?

  218. Sleep tight mate.

  219. Cheers Lee.

  220. Yeah, cheers Scott.

  221. You should have a tipple of that Port of yours re your 12:54 Scott…!


  222. Cheers Scott…!

  223. Hey WATH. How’s it going? You busy?

  224. You keeping busy Adam?

  225. Great minds and all that Adam!

  226. Busy doing the groundwork for things that might make me busier Lee. If that makes sense. And trying to broker some guitar business between the US and here.

  227. Or nosey fuckers…

  228. I think Scott’s powerful post has left me a bit vacant so I am sitting here listening to my Amstrad HiFi.

  229. I know Adam. Even with discount, it’s still too much for me!

    Yeah, still here. Seems like a ghost town here now compared to the past few weeks with the Olympics!

  230. Yes I get your drift Adam.

  231. Nice positive post this for Saturday!

  232. Hello again all….

  233. This tickled me yesterday…”Last night me and my girlfriend watched three DVDs back to back. Luckily I was the one facing the telly.”

  234. Where is that GG man, I see that drink got Prince Harry into a bit of bother yesterday….

  235. Amstrad Adam?! That has too many ties to the Spuds for my liking!

    You want to buy yourself a nice Saisho……!

  236. How you Adam, not to bad mate just trying to stay out of trouble so busy-ish but nothing manic…!

  237. Rocky. I strolled past your workplace the other day walking from the Aldwych to Trafalgar Square for a quick look at a couple of paintings in the National Gallery. We’re you the guy standing outside the Savoy, covered in tattoos with all the piercings and the leather shorts?

  238. Hiya Ben. Our pitch was 110yds by 73yds for years

    100.58m x 66.75m

    which was the smallest in the league

  239. Adam, that was gambon!

  240. No, I upgraded from a Saisho to an Amstrad. It only works on one channel but then I only have one ear.

  241. Sorry Rico, Harry told me not to tell anyone he likes the GG after I got him onto it..!

  242. Lee. :)
    Whoever it was, he looked quite lovely.

  243. How do you wear glasses Adam?

  244. El jugador turco-alemán sigue entrenándose con el Real Madrid a la espera de que se termine de cerrar su cesión al Arsenal, que podría ser cuestión de horas. Pepe no ha saltado al césped.
    Acuerdo con el Arsenal por Sahin, según la prensa inglesa.

    Do you understand or speak spanish? I do.
    Basically, Sahin is trainning with RM, hoping for the deal with Arsenal.. English press refers the deal (only english press)


  245. As I recall, the biggest were Belle Vue, Doncaster Rovers and Northampton Town…..

    Arsenal winning 3-0 at Belle Vue in 1987…

  246. I hope that Sahin signs soon. I want the little boy inside of me to keep shouting we are moving in the right direction

  247. Chavs are after Cavani…

  248. El Arsenal se quiere llevar a Navas por 15 millones de euros
    Conociendo a Del Nido y la respuesta que dio públicamente hace unas semanas al ser preguntado por Negredo -“Tendrán que venir con varias docenas de millones”, dijo- es obvio que tal cantidad sería rechazada.

    15 millions euros is not enought for Navas!

  249. Come on Emma… you’re leaving yourself open to getting ribbed there ….LOL

  250. Cavani looks very much like Richard Ramirez, the night stalker.

  251. Yes Emma. We all resisted it. :)

  252. Joaquim Moreira says:
    August 22, 2012 at 1:35 pm

    We know. It’s a straight swap. Sevilla are taking Park.
    Park’s told all the Spanish press that he wants to play in Spain.
    see comment at 11:19 am

  253. Hush my mouth…That was a Ricoism!

  254. Amstrad is quality…

  255. last news from”As” (Spain):
    EL SEVILLISTA, ES LA APUESTA DE GALLIANI COMO ESTRELLA DEL MILAN: Ha sido la gota que ha colmado el vaso de la paciencia. Ayer el Milán perdía con la Juventus y los dirigentes quieren hacer un fichaje rutilante para calmar a una afición que está más que irritada. El número de abonados se ha quedado en 19.000 y tras el fracaso para hacer con Kaká, los técnicos han puesto su punto de mira en el sevillista Negredo. Lo ven como el recambio perfecto para Ibrahimovic y van a intentar su contratación hasta finales de agosto., cierre del mercado. Incluso se habla de otro delantero nacido en España. Se trata de Bojan, ahora en la Roma y al parecer están negociando un posible intercambio con el defensa francés Mexes, que pertenece a los milanista.

    LLORENTE TAMBIÉN GUSTA MUCHO AL CHELSEA: Cuando todo apunta que está muy cerca de cerrarse al acuerdo entre la Juventus y el Athletic por Llorente, hoy mismo en la prensa inglesa se abre otra posibilidad. Concretamente se asegura que el Chelsea se ha dado cuenta que anda escasos de delanteros con la salida de Drogba. Solamente de peso tiene a Fernando Torres y quiere al goleador del Athletic como su pareja para esta temporada. El Niño avala esta opción ya que ha hablado maravillas de las cualidades técnicas de Fernando. Abrahamovic ha escuchado esta opción, le gusta y ya se sabe que cuando es cuestión de dinero no repara en gastos y a Llorente la Premier le atrae mucho más que el Calcio.

    OWEN PUEDE COLGAR LAS BOTAS EN EL EVERTON, EL ETERNO RIVAL DEL LIVERPOOL: Puede ser un final de carrera más que curioso. Michel Owen es un producto de la cantera del Liverpool, deslumbró, conquistó el Balón de Oro, jugó en el Real Madrid, pasó al Manchester United y lo más curioso es que ahora que ha recibido la carta de libertad, se está planteando la opción de colgar las botas en el Everton, el eterno rival del Liverpool, y que desde luego no sería muy bien recibida por sus aficionados.

  256. On monday the ball was’nt moving the right direction.,, little ball inside said ‘dont go in to goal..

    but we’re!!

  257. I can’t resist….

    You expecting Emma..? ;-)

    Sorry in anticipation….

  258. Although Navas is better than Walcott, he is a lightweight, diving little shite. Still have memories of him and Dani Alves tripping over blades of grass when we played Sevilla a few years ago.

  259. Kev. You are right. Amstrad is fantastic. So lifelike. So reliable.

  260. Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    Arsenal also looking for a defender. Versatile full-back who can play DM would be ideal. Nothing close at present on that.

  261. Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    Scotland Yard confirm André Santos’ arrest for dangerous driving and failing to stop for police on Friday. Bailed until September.

    Expand Reply


    2hJamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    @Bakke82 – Not clear what will happen, but very unlikely he’d end up in prison. Will get banned and fined, certainly though.

  262. :lol: Wath…

    What’s ricoism Lee ;)

  263. Hi Adam, Amstrad has a robustness about it, a kind of Woolworth’s type quality….

  264. Haha! Emma, you should know better by now!!

  265. SYG 1251, that’s top drawer mate.

  266. AK, unlike Jamie to be slow, that NSY confirmation on santos was out ages ago ;)

  267. Yann M’Vila & Etienne Capoue. A statistical comparison of last season for the much talked about midfielders.

    Here’s a look at some interesting stats for some of the most talked about midfielders who have been linked with a move to the Premier League. Yann M’Vila of Rennes, and Etienne Capoue of Toulouse. Both players have had much transfer speculation, and both Tottenham & Arsenal have shown firm interest in signing either player.

    Again, much like my previous statistical comparisons, they will be in a specific order each time, YM for Yann M’Vila, and EC for Etienne Capoue.

    YM – EC
    38 – 33

    YM – EC
    0 – 3

    YM – EC
    2 – 4

    Key Passes p/game
    YM – EC
    1.1 – 0.9

    Average Passes p/game
    YM – EC
    71.8 – 60.5

    Pass Success %
    YM – EC
    83.2 – 76.5

    Accurate Long Balls p/game
    YM – EC
    7.7 – 5

    Accurate Through Balls p/game
    YM – EC
    0.3 – 0.3

    Loss of Possession p/game
    YM – EC
    0.7 – 1.6

    Tackles p/game
    YM – EC
    3.1 – 2.8

    Interceptions p/game
    YM – EC
    2.5 – 3.5

    Fouls Committed p/game
    YM – EC
    0.8 – 2

    Clearances p/game
    YM – EC
    1.7 – 3

    Blocked Shots p/game
    YM – EC
    0.2 – 0.3

    These stats are very tight in most areas, but, as you can see, the general consensus in that Yann M’Vila edges most close categories. He leads in Passing Accuracy %, Passes p.game & Accurate Long Balls p/game.

    Capoue appears to be a slight more attacking player, he scored more goals that M’Vila, and create more assists, but this more attacking style means he is liable for losing possession, he lost possession 1.6 times a game, whereas M’Vila is much more composed on the ball, only losing the ball 0.7 times per game. Because Capoue chases teh ball more, he takes it off the opponents more often too, 3.5 times p/game, M’Vila does it 2.5 times p/game.

    Defensively, there is not much between the players, similar amount of blocked shots per game, and similar amount of tackles per game also, but Capoue does have good positioning, reads the game well, and makes more clearances, but does create more fouls that M’Vila.

    Both players would be very good signings for any side, Arsenal looking to replace Alex Song, either Capoue or M’Vila would be a great replacement, and your not losing anything by choosing one or the other, as both are very similar stats wise, and both excellent midfield players.

  268. Arsenal youngster Conor Henderson is determined to regain full fitness after his knee injury and secure a loan move away from the Emirates.

    The 20-year-old is inching his way towards peak physical condition after almost a year on the sidelines.

    Henderson missed eight months of last term after he suffered a cruciate ligament injury before suffering a minor setback once he had recovered.

    However, he is once again showing his promise for the Gunners as he bagged a brace against Bolton in an Under 21 fixture on Monday.

    “It was frustrating last year because obviously I got injured in pre-season with the first team, and that took eight months to come back from,” Henderson told the club’s official website.

    “Then I returned and played a few times for the reserves, before tweaking my cartilage in training and that ruled me out for the rest of the season.

    “I only started playing again this pre-season. I had a few Arsenal XI games, and now I feel like I am getting back to full fitness.”

    Arsene Wenger is blessed with a wealth of midfield options and Henderson is aware he may have to leave his North London stable to get some much-needed first-team games.

    “It is important for me to get games this season,” he added.

    “I think the plan for me now is to go out on loan, get some first-team experience and see where I go from there.

    “A few clubs are asking about me but I think they want to see I am match fit before they take me, so hopefully I can have a few more games for the Under 21s and do that.”

    From Sky Sports

  269. It’s not Jamie Rico its AK only posting Jamie’s news late……………

  270. There he is, Fiddler on the roof….

  271. Le Prof looks really frail in that pic! He needs a good meal in him!

  272. 16 hours ago – Leading Sports Paper in Brazil

    Paulinho corintianos more besieged by foreign clubs.
    The ten days of the closing of the transfer window in Europe, the midfielder promises to stay at helm until at least the Club World Cup. 
    “I talked with Duílio (Alves Monteiro, associate director of football) and my representatives. Gave my word that I would be until December,” said Paulinho
    The 24 year old has a contract at Parque São Jorge to June 2014 but aroused the interest of Arsenal, England.

  273. For Wath….


    Fußball: Rowdy-Fahrt mit Folgen: Arsenal London-Verteidiger vorübergehend festgenommen!

  274. No probs Micko.
    I remember the headlines.

  275. What are you insinuating with that Lee?!!

  276. KT, I watched Juan Fernando Arango for Borussia Mönchengladbach for about 10 mins last, night looked a tidy player…

  277. Lee/Wath, just having a break from the sun….

    Got quite a lot of felt to lay today and tomorrow…

    if i’ve got any left over, i can do Adam’s shed…..

    Lee, are we signing Shane Warne?
    What about McGrath??

  278. He was waffling about doing some roof related work yesterday….

  279. I know Wath, my comment has ‘AK’ at the beginning ;)

  280. Thought so Lee…….!

  281. Rocky, that should read felter, not fiddler….

  282. It wasn’t meant in a Paul Francis Gadd way…..

  283. Hi Kt, interesting comparison between the two…

    Ak, love that twitter photo…

  284. Haha!!! Of course it wasn’t mate!! Thought never crossed my mind…….!

  285. I am definately NOT the leader of the gang…

  286. Felcher…let’s not go there!

  287. Lee!!!


  289. … it led many a football chant in the 1970’s …. No wonder football fans were kicking hell out of each other ….

  290. Fortunately I wasn’t born til ’78 so I missed delights like that on the terraces!!

  291. And i’ve never been to Viet Nam, or whereever that perv was hiding…. 8-O

  292. Mind you i am dirty……

    Covered in bitumen adhesive… 8-)

  293. You seem to know an awful lot about him AK!! (wasn’t it Cambodia though?! ;-) )

  294. A guide to working on the roof ….
    Safety first

  295. And, for the record, that was my first “smiley” on this site! I thank you!!

  296. I don’t actually know where that came from Rocky…I apologise!

  297. According to opta stats Santi was the best creative plyer on week 1 of the PL.http://www.eplindex.com/17885/premier-league-12-13-opta-stats-best-players-fixture-1.html

  298. Take a bow son take a bow…

  299. I’ve been trying to cut down on those rocky, but they always get the better of me….

  300. You are now a smiley spastic or whatever that tool called us….

  301. Afternoon KT. I didn’t catch any of his performance because I was busy sweating my ‘arris off at a wedding on Saturday, but Santi’s performance was pretty muuch lauded by everyone in the press. It was the only positive bit in the papers amongst the amusing “Arsenal in Crisis” stories because we didn’t score. Funny, but I didn’t see much “United in Crisis” stories after not only did they fail to score, but also conceded a goal. So they did worse. Glad to see the press still hate us this year!

  302. hi fellas, navas huh? i ll take him in a flash but i dont see this happening. my sources say its all bullshit. we are looking for a defender though. someone who can play anywhere at the back and also play DM. i think we ll get yanga mbiwa instead guys. he’s cheap, french and versatile, wenger signing? i thinks so.

  303. Kt, Pires rates him too…

    ‘Cazorla’s vision and passing is brilliant’

    Arsenal legend Robert Pires believes that Santi Cazorla is at the perfect club to make the most of his many talents.

    The Spain international made an immediate impression on his Premier League debut against Sunderland, coming close to scoring on three occasions and also setting up a late chance for Olivier Giroud.

    Pires believes that Cazorla’s performance was just a taste of things to come and is convinced that the 27-year-old will shine in English football.

    “Santi called me when the offer from the Club arrived and I told him that it was the perfect club for him,” Pires told the Official Arsenal Magazine.

    “The way the team plays will suit him perfectly and he is the kind of player Arsène loves too. He is a very exciting player, very gifted technically with both feet. He has an impressive creative touch and he can play in the centre or on the wings.

    “His vision and the quality of his passing is brilliant but he can also take people on. Despite still being quite young, he has big experience with the Spanish national team and has also played in the Champions League.

    “Finally, he has a very good mentality and is a real team player. He will need a bit of time to settle but I’m convinced he will adapt very quickly and will be a great signing for Arsenal.”

  304. SYG, :lol: :lol: :lol:

  305. Hi rico and happy birthday HH.I can’t believe how far this blog has come.When it first began there would be sometimes less than 30 comments a day but now there are about 600+!!!as much as we bloggers contribute alot rico you have done a spectacular job .I can’t believe that I’ve been blogging with rico for 3 years now since the days of Avenell road.Thank you rico.

  306. I must say I feel a little sullied by doing it! (No offence Rico or AK, the 2 “smiley” warrioors on here)! I admit I always went along with the view of Will from the Inbetweeners (Caravan Club episode) that the smiley face is the mark of a moron!!

  307. Ak, you not finished that roof yet??

  308. Afternoon Goonie. “My sources”!! Haha!!! love it!! Hope it’s not that same “source” that declared there was no way Vertonghen was chosing the Spuds over us……!!

    How’s things?

  309. Can you imagine the writing on the wall of Santos’ jail cell…’Andre woz hia gays’.

  310. What language do you reckon Pires spoke to Santi in? Do you think he learned Spanish? Only wondering as he barely bothered learning English while here!! Not that I care…. Still love the guy!!

  311. Syg, NN is now full of the Navas stories, some suggest we are going to make a £15M offer….

  312. Take a look at this…

  313. KT, I also heard that Park Ji-Sung covered more ground than any other player in the premiership last weekend, yet QPR got beat 5-0, that’s statistics for ya.

  314. hahahahaha rocky you twerp, that was a blip in my resume. i gotta admit i get it spot on most times. how are you by the way? you barely come on these days. you okay?

  315. More on SONG

  316. … Steve Bould, Arsene’s new right-hand man, “almost had Alex Song by the throat for being lazy and not listening to instructions”.

  317. Hi goonster, Mbiwa is meant to good isn’t he?

    Thank you Kt, I can’t believe it’s three years either, shame about AR but that’s just the way things were meant I guess…

  318. It looks like for CL games and against park the bus teams at the Emirates we’ll be having a MF trio of Sahin/Arteta/Cazorla.Technically thats the best MF in the league.

  319. Well Rico, i’m putting me bowler hat on and i’m off up the ladder to do some felting….

    Rocky, well done…. :mrgreen:

  320. rocky – I strongly suspect Santi speaks French… and I shall resist adding a cheeky smile…

  321. rico says:
    August 22, 2012 at 2:30 pm


  322. Ha ha Kev, well you go steady…

    Syg, they did and it just goes to show how quickly things spread.

    Itv are now running the Tiote to Arsenal story…

  323. I’m good thanks Stan. Not that easy to get on much as really hectic these days. How’s things with you? Just ablip eh?! I’m sure there were a couple more you said we were definitely signing! Was Matius Suarez one?!

  324. Thanks AK! Only took a couple of weeks of us talking about it in Tayyabs for me to give it a try!!

  325. *after us talking

  326. Yembigwa, is he a good player?

  327. Tottenham are close to capturing Willian from Shakhtar Donetsk for £20m as they reignited interest in Leandro Damiao ?
    Ricardo Carvalho (RM) – QPR?
    Dani in the way out from MU

  328. Rico…. cheeky smile away!! I don’t hold it against you!!

  329. I’m going to make my own “Goonster-esque” prediction – Tiote will sign for us.

  330. Park was running in the wrong direction Micko ;)

  331. Eurosport are running with the NAVAS to ARSENAL story now …

  332. goonster esque??? what’s that? sounds like a corny 80’s french pornstar! hey KT, tell me a little bit about mombasa. i heard its a cool place to visit.

  333. David Ornstein @bbcsport_david
    Arsenal hope to complete Jesus Navas deal within 48 hours. Deal is said to be in the region of €15.5 million #bbcfootball #afc

  334. Omani defender will sign then Rocky ;)

  335. I knew there had to be a logical explanation KT.

  336. Hi Goonie.Its a cool place especially in December.Lots of places to visit.

  337. SYG, i ll eat my head if we get navas! its all a spoof(is that how you guys call it) hey STV…….

  338. You know how Arsene works only too well STV!

  339. I need specifics KT, and why december?

  340. Pires speaks fluent Spanish…due to his Portuguese father and Spanish mother.

  341. Haha! Goonie, didn’t you say something similar about Vertonghen?!!

  342. He speaks fluent spanish due to his Portuguese father!!?!

  343. Goonie the weather is at best in December.There are lots of places to visit…trust me.

  344. Good afternoon Stanley, any creaming or poling?

  345. sorry Lee, couldn’t resist! I know you’d have been all over that if I’d posted it!

  346. Dont see anything on his official twitter SYG??
    really hope walcott stays! :(

  347. Vetonghen, Mata and Suarez by the law of averages he had to come good…

  348. Stan’s always slicing and dicing! Chopping intop anything that moves! (Rico, cover your eyes at this point….)

  349. SYG, I’m not convinced at all that the Navas thing has any legs to it BUT Ornstein is well connected with people at Arsenal so all of a sudden that story may not be so far fetched…! interesting. I still say BIG risk with his history of panic attacks an home sickness.. Reyes mark II

  350. I’ve seen nothing on Navas on Ornstein’s twitter account.

  351. hi lee, no creaming for me my man am saving it for when we trash manure. rocky cant a guy make a mistake? sheesh, its just a blip besides the fuck head got scared i guess. not my fault he didnt join us. thanks KT, i ll give it a swirl.

  352. I forgot about Mata! Although to be fair to him, I’m still sure if it wasn’t for Ivan Spazidis’ incompetence, he’s be playing for us now.

  353. “Spanish mother” you pedantic git! :lol:

  354. Came to know the place only after seeing ‘inception’. Whats the main attraction there kt?

  355. Jamie Sanderson ‏@YoungGunsBlog

    Chelsea have finally agreed a fee for César Azpilicueta. £7m. Players agent in London for talks.

  356. Haha! It’s ok Lee, I know!!.

    Mombassa does look pretty spectacular from what I’ve seen. Too hot for me though! I’m a winter weather kinda guy!

  357. mata was our for the taking………dick law goofed up. wasnt my fault too. atleast am always spot on unlike you lee!

  358. too hot you say…..mmmmmmm i like it.

  359. Syg, be funny if we do get Navas, but sad as it will mean Theo must be going…

  360. Pat Rice: That’s an impeccable Re’sume’, it a pity they don’t make them like that anymore. Bunch of twats and money grabbers going around saying ‘it about ambition.’ Where is the LOVE for the game?

  361. 57f and overcast…spot on weather!

  362. STV its difficult to say since there are lots of places to visit down there but lots of tourists like to visit Tsavo/Maasai Mara in addition to touring the Coast as part of their holidays.

  363. We don’t need Navas then, not if he suffers with missing home, mind you it took Cesc a long time before he realised he was home sick….

  364. Rico… It will be amusing if we get Navas, as I’ve never seen a man actually trying to eat his own head… Looking forward to the footage Gooonie!

    Lee…. Think New York in December / January. My kinda weather!! One scarf round your face and one round your neck (and I don’t mean in a kinky way…..)

  365. Goonie you’ll love it in December.Weather is hot and the ladies…lets say you’ll enjoy it.You’ll even find Nigerians there for you Goonie.Ethiopian ladies are pretty tasty too.

  366. christ in heaven watching am watching clips of this navas dude. if we get him plus carzola sahin and arteta pulling the strings? gosh we probably have the best team in england. the league could be a long shot but i wont rule out the CL! wenger hasnt won it and would want to before retiring. anyone thinking in this same direction. christ help me cause here comes the creams!!! COYGS, YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

  367. Why are City so hellbent on a new CF?They have enough IMO.

  368. Stop it KT, am salivating already. ethiopians huh? i ve never nailed me one of them. alright you convinced me. am a believer. mombasa here i come!

  369. Just because they can KT. because they can.

  370. “Never nailed me one of them”!!! Love it!! GQ smooth over here!!

  371. Actually Goonie I think the CL may be our best shot.Our new team will take time to gel which means we should be at our peak around Feb next year in the KO rounds of the CL.If we are within touching distance of the PL by then we may challenge for it.With a kind draw we and luck we may do it.

  372. Ha ha rocky, think i’ll give goonster footage a miss if its all the same …

  373. rocky its very annoying since they’ll end up ruining the career Cavani/Lovetic if they do get him.

  374. BBC – Navas to sign

    ITV – Tiote

    Spain – Kaka

    France – M’Vila

    And Mbiwa everywhere else…

    We are going to have a very strong squad :lol:

  375. I agree KT. Just greed. Don’t want anyone else to have them so they stockpile them. However with the sqaud limitations these days, it’s harder for them to do so. Guess that’s why Adebayour, Santa Cruz etc are all finally getting the boot.

  376. ktr7 says:
    August 22, 2012 at 3:12 pm

    HIV/AIDS adult prevalence rate %
    1. Botswana 23.90
    2. Lesotho 23.20
    3. South Africa 18.10
    4. Zambia 15.20
    5. Zimbabwe 15.30
    6. Namibia 15.30
    7. Mozambique 12.50
    8. Malawi 11.90
    9. Kenya 06.70
    10. Central Africa 06.30
    11. Tanzania 06.20
    12. Uganda 05.40
    13. Demo Rep of Congo 04.20
    14. Rep of the Congo 03.50
    15. Nigeria 03.10

  377. you betcha KT we have a decent squad there. hopefully the injury demons ll stop plaguing us and hit the chavs or shitty for a change. barca aside i think we can take on any team and win with a mid field of navas, sahin, carzola and arteta. lord help me. i cant even breathe properly. come on arsene sign him up already! come on.

  378. I would love us to sign a creative CF in the form of Jovetic rocky.I think thats the aspect that we’ll miss the most up front this year since Giroud/Poldi are different types of players.

  379. SYG you killjoy, why are you posting HIV/AIDS stats on here. HIV or not am heading to mombasa. i ll wear me two condoms if i have too!

  380. Kt, but I blame the players, they surely do their homework and check out what kind of playing time they are going to get…

    If they go there for the money alone, then they reap what they sow in my book and if that means their careers suffer, tough…

  381. That’s put a dampner on Stan’s nailing programme!!

  382. Stan, your living upto your nickname, that’s all I’ll say.

  383. Should find it easier to breathe after we sign Navas, Stan… there’ll be a massive hole at the top of your neck where your head used to be…..

  384. no news signs. So, Sunday we must have more or lesse the same squad.

  385. I was going to put that Rico. If they have no ambition and are happy to sign new contracts knowing full well they will only ever be sat in the stands, and pick up a paycheck (Wayne Bridge, anyone?) then they deserve everything they get.

  386. Did Gambia and Senegal in March, Stan…
    0.09 and 1.00 respectively …

    Go Greenland – you’ll be okay there ….

  387. Mankini has been stamping his feet since he didn’t get rip, so he’s scweamed and scweamed until he got his own way!! Wanker of Biblical proportions.

  388. Wow Masai mara.. Thats enough for me.. great place great tribe.
    I want to visit Sarengetti mara game parks. Hopefully in some time..

    Dont even think of nailing goonie They are strong and fast in olympic standards ;)

  389. Few days to go yet JM, at least any players joining should be fit from pre-season training etc, ready to slot straight in..

  390. think again lee, its invasion time. nothing’s gonna stand in my way.

  391. greenland??? what’s that? you want me to nail native eskimos and inuiets?(spelling)………no way i love africans!

  392. Stan, are you some sprt of unstoppable sex machine?!

  393. strong and fast huh? my kinda woman!

  394. Afternoon all.

    Imagine this conversaiton at Selvilla dressing room:

    Jesus: ‘How is London?”

    Jose: ‘Brrrrrrrrr! Cold enough to freeze the balls off the brass monkeys. You need a hot gal to stay with you..not your mama and family. That was my first and biggest mistake.”

    Jesus: “How is English football?

    Jose: “See those stud marks here? I forgot to jump and that french poodle of the Captain did not protect me and always give me the death stare.”

    Jesus: ‘How is Arsene Wenger and Arsenal?”

    Jose: “He made me into a full SPanish International and Real turned me into a turd. Then, I have only Cesc as a friend. But now? There is a large Spanish community that will help in to settle in..Santi, Mikel Ignasi, Bellerin, Toral, JUan Mata, Torres..and many more”

    Jesus: ‘I should sign for Arsenal?”

    Jose: “Go ahead! It is well-known as a feeder club to Real and Barca. After all, you will be playing in a very high-profile club, always in the news and a few excellent performances in league and CL CUp and with those stupid Enlgish tabliods writing on you everyday – (you must also get a pop-star or supermodel girl-friend)..within 2 years Real or Barca will offer to double and treble your salary! Lok at Me and look at Cesc!”

    “If you love to play in England like Davide Silva, then ABu DHabi or ABramovich will offer to pay you 250,000-quids per week as well!”

    “Jesus Navas, it is a one in a life-time opportunity and you will be stupid not to sign for a SPanish feeder club like Arsenal FC.”

    Jesus: “Si. You are a good friend Jose. I will tell my agent to sign up with Arsenal FC I will talk to Santi now.”

  395. We can add a few others to that list rocky, either to the chavs or city, there has been a few…

    Quite a childish man isn’t he Lee….

    I’m offski for a bit, few things to get done… Back later..

  396. James Brown song for Stan’s signature tune???

  397. sahin loan without a buyout clause is just plain stupid…..what a mess…
    when it comes to Arsenal these days its all about lies and selling our best players every feckin summer…
    its getting ridicilous..
    one thing is for certain we dont act like a top club,and darn Wenger said it himself…if we sell our best players then we cant be considered a big club..since then He has sold cesc,nasri,clichy,*** and song …hmm…i guess they werent that great then..luckily we’ve been able to keep bendty,park,chamakh,squillaci….
    yea moving to The Emirates certainly made us able to compete…
    i’ve gotten a bad habit of puking everytime i see a picture of that henchman gaidis…please sail back over the atlantic..you are a disgrace to The Arsenal…and kroenke…since we’ve all seen how fanatic you are when it comes to Your Arsenal…why dont you just go away…how you do it..doesnt matter…nobody will ever miss you…thats for certain…
    join holly woody up north and start growing tomatoes together..

  398. rockyrocastle07 says:

    August 22, 2012 at 3:38 pm

    Stan, are you some sprt of unstoppable sex machine?!


    WHo is Stan?

    “Big man, big prick;
    Small man, all prick”.

    WHich describes STan? :mrgreen:

  399. i dont know what you mean by sex machine rocky but am pretty good at it. am a blonde stud if i may say so myself.

  400. Very good Merlin!

  401. Stop it Stan, you’re killing me!! I suppose it’s good that you take pride in your work!!

  402. hahhahahahahahhaahahha merlin you sly bastard. that was epic. small man all prick,. hahahahahahhhahahaha. you guys ll be the death of me. oooh i love it here. HH rocks, in your face legrove!

  403. goonster says:

    August 22, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    strong and fast huh? my kinda woman!

    ‘When women go wrong, men go right after them.”
    Mae West

  404. Oxo must be doing something right for him to grace the FIFA 13 cover.congrats to him.

  405. Not bagging up will be the death of you Stan!!

  406. you’re right KT – This’ll be a good year for him.

  407. Women: You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them.
    That’s probably why you can rent one for the evening.

    Okay..okay..don’t hit moi with your handbags..I promise not to rent one of ‘em.

  408. No bare-back Stan…

  409. i dont thinks there is any cahnce of us signing navas! his a class player just cant see him doing so well on a winters night away to villa etc……..Nuri Sahin now that one looks likely! Any1 check out wengers interview after sunderland?
    No way would sahin join tottenham or liverpool if it was his choice!?

  410. re sahin…this is a new low…we have always produced good players help them become great,before they go and play for real clubs,but we always got some money back(and that is as we all know The Ameri..ooppss sorry Arsenal way)…but NOW…we’re starting to do it for free….even paying for it ??????
    well like Mourinho said he dont cares who does it….then again He has real Club to manage…

  411. Ox will progress alot this season alongside santi/sahin if he stays clear of injury.He has a big season ahead.he has also signed up with EA SPORTS.

  412. lee am trying my man……..still its not easy you know. i mean am a blonde stud! have you seen me?

  413. Can’t see it being a low at all to be honest.

  414. Tomstoned lets wait for the official announcement first.also if Madrid say NO to a buy out clause there is not much we can do.

  415. You bettter practice handball then , with your buddies. They might send you to olympic village in 2016 :p

  416. i think this spells the end of ramsey KT, i think he ll be sold pretty soon. we ve some cracking kids about to explode into the first team we cant have duds like ramsey and denilson hindering their progress. toral harper, eisfield and olson springs to mind.

  417. I think so too goonie.Ramsey has gone down the pecking order.

  418. ohh got it…why dont we sell ourselves as the worlds best training centre a place for big clubs to send their players to be carefully managed and nurtured into becoming great players, by and im serious one of the Best trainers in the world Wenger….we could make some serious money and we wouldnt have to worry about points and trophies and all that sh*t..
    its a great idea and it would fit right in with the ambitions of our board and Owner..
    like a real version of fifa….we’re almost there already..

  419. Fair point tombstoned, but if (and I know it’s a massive “if”) we won the league and / or champions league, with him being a major part of the success, would you not be happy about that?

  420. Goonster spot on…and its actually abit sad Ramsey showed so much promise..but imo the horrible injury killed him off somewhat..like Eduardo…they where able to come back and be good players…but never the same..and that is truly sad..

  421. and by tombstoned, I clearly mean tomstoned….

  422. is it true that sky and bbc is running the navas to arsenal story guys? KT, have this orstein fella posted any tweet yet? gosh i cant bear the anticipation. i tell you guys if we sign this guy……..we ll win the champions league. mark my words!

  423. It’s ‘Navas’ going to happen!!!

  424. Ramsey looked pretty good during the Olympics. Too little too late I think.

  425. Tombstoned. You really are a bundle of joy and happiness aren’t you? You always light up the place with your boundless optimism.

  426. Rocky – I would prefer to buy a player – and by the looks of it with Sahin, we have done our best.
    Personally I think if he gets the game time he will gel and that we will be awesome. I also think if that happens he will want to stay.

    I don’t know if you were here the other day, but Tombstone is from Norway, so his English via the blog may come over as a bit cynical…
    I got caught out with it a couple of days ago…

  427. Sorry tomstoned, i’m not biting today.

  428. 4:07 Adam – that’s just class.
    Smiling to myself now ….

  429. hey adam, havent seen you in a week. how was arnhem? gosh i miss my little town.

  430. rockyRocastle..
    im old fashioned..and i dont agree…it would be far better to use our *own*players….after all we have to at least try to be a real club and show the world we wont be pushed around..
    sahin looks great and i would see the point in gettin him on loan if we had a buyout clause..
    what bothers me is the simple fact that he will need time to bed in,much like it seems like Podolski and Giroud needs too,Wenger usually thinks that players need a good six months to gel in and get used to the premier…and Podolski never made it last time he tried(Bayern)…Giroud well he looks the deal but so did Chamakh…we should be aware of the wear and tear of the premier league..
    Cazorla oh my…what a player…and world class players seems to be able to adjust alot quicker than others..
    but he will have a dip in form this year…we cant solely depend on him…

  431. They miss you too Goonie. I went to Bronkhorsts restaurant and stayed at The Tulip. They said they hadn’t had to throw you out for months now.

  432. Spot on Tombstoned.

    Eduardo in 2007-08 and Ramsey in 09-2010 were outstanding They were great promises to the club Untill pricks 1) Taylor and 2) Screwcross ruined their careers.

    Sad to see but Ramsey has to make way

  433. CAN ANYONE CONFIRM THIS NAVAS THINGY………… am about to lose my mind here. this guy makes mata and silva look like kaba diawara( not as if i know the guy just heard his name here, kaba diawara that is)

  434. Adam mate ;) im just tellng it like i see it..always remember its just my humble opinons…and to be honest when it comes to Kroenke and his henchman gazidis…im pretty firm..

  435. but i bet he’s shit.

  436. I really think we are doing our best with Sahin and thats why the deal is taking that long to be completed.We have scouted him for 7 years now and now we have a real chance to get him.We are insisting on a buyout clause as far as I know.

  437. ok…maybe i should just change the nick then..tomb-stoned works ;)but i promise to be just as postive as i usually am..
    agreed STV

  438. I admit, what Tomstoned is saying may be correct in essence. It’s not the ideal situation at all, and I’m sure we have pushed really hard for a permanant deal at the end of it. But it looks as though they didn’t want that so what can we do? Pass on a player who will undoubtedly improve us, albeit for a year? No, of course not. We were all happy with Banayoun last season, and I’d have loved him to have stayed. But he didn’t. Same will probably happen with Sahin. But if we win something, I really couldn’t care less. No-one will be moaning about it if we have loads of injuries and he is there as cover and does a great job. It is what it is. I’m looking forward to him playing for us, whatever capacity that mey be in.

  439. The difference with these four signings is that they are class.

    Sahin will gel straight away.
    This is Premier League 20012/13 not 1995/96.

    Giroud is much different to Chamakh. He has a brain for a start.

  440. Gawd ‘elp us.

  441. Tom(b)stoned,. Why will it take time to bed in? According to pretty much everyone, Santi blew everyone away on Saturday in his first match. He needed no bedding in at all.

  442. Kaba Diawara was a journeyman footballer of African descent who was bought by Wenger at a similar time he bought Kanu. He was shit.

  443. SyG
    take a close look at Our game against Stoke….it could just as well be in 95 even though Stoke have had to widen their pitch and meet UEFA regulations this year…so we should have more ground to play at..but SyG in all team sport what is judged as the most important thing is teambuilding and keeping players together for a number of years…thats the way to success….and that is what i would like for The Arsenal to do…
    i see your point RockyRocastle(what truly great nick)but i dont agree…to me its about what kinda signals we give up….but ill buy you a pint and forget it for a couple of weeks IF we win anything and Sahin contributes in a good way…;

  444. SYG. I think Diawara was bought as part of a temporary business arrangement for another club which was where he moved to at the end of the season. But, you are right. He was shit.

  445. Fair enough Tomstoned, I do understand what you are saying, and in a perfect world, using our own players would be the ideal way (and pretty much has been Wengers way until last season after we were dicked by United at Old Trafford). I can’t remember many players brought in on loan before. Was Benny the first?

    But the fact is, our own (Denilson – shit; Diaby – always injured; Ramsey – not good enough; Frimpong – 2 bad injuries in 2 years; Song – gone; Wilshere – injured; Rosicky – injury prone; Coquelin – raw, but talented and fills in anywhere there are injuries) are unreliable. How many players do we need as cover for one another?

    Fact is, it’s not always as black and white as it appears.

  446. Tombstoned. I assume you took your close look at the game on TV?

  447. RockyRocastle…like a said in my post..a few truly world class players seems to be able to bed in at once..like Cazorla…but most need time..even Bergkamp needed the few odd games to get gong ;)

  448. I’ll take you up on that Tomstoned! We’ll see in May 2013!

  449. Sorry Tomstoned, I only quickly read that post and missed the bit about Santi at the bottom!

    You’re right about Bergkamp. But don’t forget, he was coming off a nightmare run at Inter, so confidence was low. But I know what you are saying. Some players surprise us. In good ways and others! Ian Wright needed no time whatsoever to gel. Ok, he was coming from the same division (and he was already close friends with Rocky) but it was still a new way of life and new system.

    I hope you’re wrong, but only time will tell. I bet after all this, we don’t even get Sahin!

  450. Adam yes..i drag my misses and daughter over to London twice a year…other than that im more or less watching the games on tele..im sorry to say.but i have made those trips twice a year since 71…thats what my wallet allows mate..

  451. When Bergkamp first came to Arsenal the Premier League was much different …

  452. Kaba Diawara!!! What a shocker! Still, only slightly worse than Chris Wreh!

  453. I am off for a while. See you guys later.

  454. RockyRocastle no worries..lets agree that we both hope it works out one way or the other…and im sure all Gooners stands firm behind Our Beloved Arsenal…nomatter what opinions we have.

  455. Agreed mate.

    Bye Adam. Go listen to your Amstrad and revel in its quality!! Catch you soon.

  456. off to gym,
    bye al..

  457. Rocky. I’m so fucking depressed now I am gonna listen to some Leonard Cohen and wonder why I support Arsenal at all. I may be some time…….

  458. Good blog, Rico.

  459. Jesus Adam…. Things can’t be so bad that you want to listen to LC!

  460. Hey Adam. I’m not depressed. For the first time in 8 years we are looking like a team that’s moving forward.

    Four class purchases – All internationals – all European.
    Ligue 1’s Leading goalscorer 2012
    a 100-cap German international
    An international World Cup and European Nations Cup Winner 2008 & 2012
    And the German Player of the Year 2011

    Not one 17 year old African !!!!

    Norwegian’s are noted for their solemn approach. I think it costs them about £25 for a beer !!!!

  461. Hehe, I love the banter on here.

  462. Me too Micko! I think it’s because a lot of us are sarcastic bastards, and not like other sites where people have no imagination so just call you a c***!

  463. Could be worse, might have re signed Eddie McGoldrick , GG was taking the piss at that point

  464. c’mon Adam…positives..Chamberlain..Jack back…Koz…Wermy..Cazorla….and soon Gnabry…lets just stop selling our best…keep em….and we will be truly great..
    and when we do play at our best…heck we’re better than Brazil…
    lets just end this transition period..avoid serious injuries..then we would be almost unstoppable… :)

  465. Tombstoned – That’s what Barnsley fans said when they’d won promotion to the Premier League “It’s just like watching Brazil.”
    Unfortunately they defended like Brazil and went straight back down.

  466. Jeez, I keep forgetting about Eddie McGoldrick!! Him and Glenn Helder weren’t exactly GG’s finest moments!

  467. I vaguely remember GG was in for Andy Sinton at roughly the same time! Thank God he chose Sheffield Wednesday over us!

  468. Arsenal fans were shocked this morning at suggestions by The Sun newspaper that Andre Santos had been involved in a 130mph chase with police.

    While breaking the speed limit is fairly normal, and not just for footballers (right folks? You’ve all done it!), being involved in something like that seemed totally out of character for the cuddly maverick.

    Today, the world’s most attacking left back revealed that The Sun – shock horror! – had somewhat exaggerated events, and thanks to our friends at Arsenal Brasil we can read what he said:

    I was going to work, to training. It was about 8:30/9am. I was driving on the motorway and I was a bit over the speed limit because I was running a little late. As soon as I saw the police I pulled over. They asked for my papers and I respectfully obliged, knowing they were only doing their job. I had my passport and drivers license with me, and I’m allowed to drive with my [foreign] license for a year.

    They told me I was going to fast, and I ended up missing training. As soon as I arrived I explained everything to the club and Arsenal offered all assistance possible. I have to be in court in September when I’ll present all my papers, i.e, passport, local and foreign driving license. I was going too fast but not as fast as The Sun has reported

    So there you go. All seems right with the world again, and let’s hope Andre leaves earlier for training in future.

  469. Right all, I’m off for the day. Have a good evening

    Vernat – I was a bit off with you earlier and apologise for some of the language directed at you. Heat of the moment stuff which shouldn’t have been said.

  470. At the crack of Dawn when spirits at their lowest and the soul of man trembles, when the darkest nightmares walk and run through your head shredding your sanity there at the end is … Eddie McGoldrick. Wish i could forget him to be honest but .. oh no his memory remains

  471. Rocky no problem part of the fun on here is being able to disagree with people but still respect their (wrong) opinion :-)

  472. It was his bad ‘tache and fat arse (along with woeful finishing) that lingers in my mind….

  473. Vernat
    AMAZING FACTIOD: Eddie McGoldrick lives on Bognor Road in Corby … He was one of substitutes in the European Cup Winners Final when we beat Parma 1-0

  474. The Navas rumour/linkage can be either a veiled threat to Theo, that is sign or be sold….
    Or, it’s gone beyond that, and he is being sold…

    Great to see Arsene/Arsenal showing some backbone to these players and their agents…

  475. Spot on rocky, laters and i’m sorry as well, elasticated jeans are pretty cool really.

  476. All good Vernat. Glad you realise your opinion was wrong!! :-)

    Tomorrow’s another day. See you all then

  477. Evening Gooners….

    Btw, that was a great post Rico…..

    This roofing lark is a piece of pee….

  478. They work well for fat lads Micko……!

  479. Evening Kev. Are you currying tonight?

  480. Yes i am SYG….

    And tomorrow…. :-D

  481. Evening Guys and Gals….

  482. Don’t talk about curry Kev! When are you next hitting Tayyabs?! (I am logging off in a sec, honest….!)

  483. evening Rico

  484. Another player I always dreaded playing was Andy Linighan every time he played i was convinced we would lose, factoid about him after retiring he became a plumber and a successful one a lot due to his advertising on his van which says

    Andy Linighan – Average Footballer, Excellent Plumber.

  485. Thanks Kev re the post….

    TTFN rocky, have a good one…

  486. check 8mins 30
    His finest hour

  487. Rocky, i will be in touch….
    Lee & Adam are a bit tied up, but it’ll be soon mate…
    Now don’t miss your train… :-P

  488. Eddies finest moment in an Arsenal Shirt?

    Standard Liege 0-7 Arsenal

    UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup Second Round 2nd Leg. November 3, 1993.

    Arsenal scorers: Smith 3, Selley 21, Adams 37, Campbell 41, 79, Merson 71, McGoldrick 81.

    (Arsenal win 10-0 on aggregate)

    Beating any team 7-0 is impressive; doing it without your chief striker even more so.

    Ian Wright – one booking away from a suspension – was omitted from George Graham’s line-up but the manager’s gamble paid off as Paul Merson, Kevin Campbell and Alan Smith swarmed all over Standard Liege.

    Leading 3-0 from the first leg, Arsenal put the tie to bed inside three minutes when Smith converted Merson’s cross. Ian Selley fired in his first goal for the club 18 minutes later and a goal apiece from Tony Adams and Campbell left Liege in tatters before half-time.

    Adams scored from close range after Jacques Munaron parried a Campbell header; the latter got his goal four minutes later after a free-kick from David Seaman caused havoc in the Belgians’ defence.

    Eddie McGoldrick entered the fray at half-time and he set up Merson and Campbell for further goals before adding the icing to Arsenal’s cake nine minutes from time. The Republic of Ireland international slammed a shot in off the crossbar after a fine solo run.

    “It was a breathtaking performance, especially by the three lads up front,” said Graham afterwards. “Every time we went forward it looked like we would score.

    “If it had gone wrong and we had lost 4-0 no doubt I would have been crucified for leaving Ian [Wright] out but there was never much danger of that, was there?”

    Arsenal Seaman; Dixon, Winterburn, Davis, Keown (Bould, 82), Adams, Jensen, Selley, Smith (McGoldrick, 45), Merson, Campbell.

    Standard Liege Munaron; Genaux, Leonard, Soudan, Cruz, Pister, Hellers, Asselman, Goossens, Van Rooy, Wilmots.

    Referee K Natri (Finland)

  489. OK, a flying visit, enjoy your curry SYG….
    Speak soon Rocky.
    Email ya soon Rico, tata….

  490. Went to Leeds v Arsenal after we’d won the league in ’91.
    We were 2-0 up with about 10 mins left – We should have been about 6-0 up but Kevin Campbell had his Turkish slippers on …
    I think Linighan had some input into them equalising in the last minute..

  491. See you Micko and Syg, enjoy the Phal ;)

    I’m not feeling confident about Sahin….

  492. hi Rico how are things with you

  493. Hey Coadsi, all good thanks, how’s you? long time and all that…

  494. Hey Coadsi… it’s you Rico Coadsi was around the other night..!

  495. Evening all,
    Nice one Ricolicious, The Suns Stats what a joke that is, looking through the paper the other day i read the Suns story about Mclaren apparently he’s been Sleeping with one of Svens old matresses, it took 4 0f the Suns Journo’s to put that story together, they even took it to court because brolly man wanted to keep it from his old dear but the Suns Barresters got the ruling overturned the journo’s stated that the story was in the publics interests what a load of crap that is. Apparently the Mattress said its a shame she never met Fabio Coppelo a close source said she met Mclarren at a Manchester hotel, so happens to be the same one Sven met her the aid said she is currently shackled to a four poster in the same hotel which she insisted upon and left the door open Rooney has been ringing Manchester hotels since. Now that is the strength of Sun Stats. Even i wrote to Sun letters and got printed now that says it all.

  496. Oops wath, I must try and stay up later, either that or concentrate when reading….

  497. Evening Steve – that article in The Sun naffed me off too, sly devious gits they are.

    I didn’t realise all that about SM, i know he has been at it with Nancy but didn’t realsie the rest…

    You dark horse, do I dare ask what you wrote about??

  498. Hi Rico, I would like to say Manchester Hotels but thats not true (pensions) keep it quiet :)

  499. Thanx for clearing that up WATH. so how are you guys liking the business done so far? i for one would like to see more of the waste of space players off the books as well. why is SS18, NB52, JP30 still doing at the club. there are a few others i would not mind see going or at least on loan. AR16, AA23, JD20, MC29 to name a few. but again thats just me.
    Based on the 17+ rule we need to get rid of some of these in order to buy more foreign players right?

  500. Safe with me Steve ;)

    Coadsi, loving who we have signed, now for a few out as you suggest, not sure we should give up On Ramsey just yet though…

    And, 3 more + Sahin in will do me just fine …

  501. ar16 is gunna be class ! give the lad time!

  502. He could learn and get his ‘proper’ game back with Santi on board Andrew…

  503. Ha ha Steve ….

  504. have signed navas yet? hey rico, what’s the story so far? any new development on the navas story?

  505. yesterday and today first leg of Champions League…last year,we played versus Udinese. Ufff!… This year, we overcome this leg.
    Huddlestone (tots) Stoke. Another one… for the rugby team. One more for next Sunday

  506. Mourinho confirmed that Madrid had received a number of offers for the 23-year-old Turkey international, with Liverpool and north London rivals Arsenal and Tottenham linked.
    “The Premier League is a good place for players to pick up certain characteristics which he does not have,” said Mourinho.
    Sahin has had little game time since making his move to the Bernabeu 12 months ago and Mourinho is eager to farm him out to continue his development.
    And the former Chelsea boss believes the English top flight is the best place for his young midfielder, regardless of the club.
    “It is all the same to me, though, which club he goes to.,” added Mourinho.
    “I just hope that it happens soon for him, as it is best for him. Liverpool, Arsenal or Spurs – I have no preference.”
    While interest in Sahin is high, Mourinho revealed the club were yet to field an offer for Brazilian Kaka.
    There had been reports Manchester United were interested in tabling a bid for the 30-year-old, but Mourinho denied that was the case.
    “Kaka’s situation is completely different,” the Portuguese said. “We have no official request for Kaka; we do for Nuri.”

  507. No goonster, I reckon Navas stories are all rubbish….

  508. Give him a tweet Stan and ask him where he’s at…


  509. Marca – The spanish newspaper:
    Afellay – Zenit? (AA – problem? )
    Arsenal news: only Cazorla “Zidane was the best player…) nothing about Sahin or other.

  510. Santis amazing though! I remember he was surrounded by three players by the touchline.. One quick feint of the shoulder ,a quick touch with his right to put onto his left>…and it was gone! He flicked it inbetween the two players at the blink of an eye! World class stuff! Gunna love this guy

  511. i thought as much it was too good to be true…………what about the sahin rumors? any news on that front?

  512. if Wenger were to sign Navas, M’Villa, Sahin that would be really showing some INTENT. We would definitely be in a “crisis.”

  513. cant argue that i am being a bit harsh on AR16 but still not convinced by him. if tw14 goes i wont cry either but those waste of space players still around thats my major concern now. i think it would be great if we can sign 3 more players inclusive of sahin, a utility player (Ah-sen love those) and prolly a forward. now i do not think we need another forward as things stand but the fact that ah-sen went after that lad that went to everton is interesting. but i would love sahin, sakho (from psg) and a midfield enforcer and an experienced CF.
    not convinced that they are after nevas as suggested here but he certainly not worse the tw14

  514. believe me SYG am trying…

  515. that should have been or an experienced CF

  516. gosh vida you sure know how to get a dude salivating!! i ll bet you re a hit with the ladies.

  517. is it serious that navas suffers from home-sickness.

  518. JM, thanks goodness we have no CL qualifiers this time around…

  519. vida, i’d rather stick with Theo than sign Navas,

  520. well i ll rather chuck the squid on the wings than play theo maam…..you cant keep defending him rico. he’s shit! if he wasnt british am sure a whole lot of you would have been crying for his blood.

  521. @ goonster. it just come naturally.

  522. yes rico, so now I can watch Chelsea-Reading in a calm place

  523. can you teach me vida? i ve got to “up” my game you know.

  524. Chelsea are better then last year.

  525. Another penalty… Hazard again. Chelsea 1-0

  526. Reading 2:1 ! :)

  527. 1-2….Reading ahead!

  528. Evening Rico, Housers.

    “The Sun reports that since winning the 2005 FA Cup, the 17 top players who we have sold have gone on to win 44 major medals with 11 different clubs. They suggest that we have raked in £163m for those who left and that is not including those we have sold this summer.”

    What the Sun doesn’t report is that it is a shit-house rag that hates The Arsenal with a passion.

  529. reading ahead??? those two words dont merge! but hey i ll take it.

  530. The sun again:
    André Santos’ statement:
    “I was going to work, to training. It was about 8:30/9am. I was driving on the motorway and I was a bit over the speed limit because I was running a little late. As soon as I saw the police I pulled over. They asked for my papers and I respectfully obliged, knowing they were only doing their job. I had my passport and drivers license with me, and I’m allowed to drive with my [foreign] license for a year.

    They told me I was going to fast, and I ended up missing training. As soon as I arrived I explained everything to the club and Arsenal offered all assistance possible. I have to be in court in September when I’ll present all my papers, i.e, passport, local and foreign driving license. I was going too fast but not as fast as The Sun has reported “

  531. I think I get it. Maurhino wants rid of Kaka we want Sahin Real won’t release Nuri unless we take Kaka as well. We don’t want Kaka, deadlock. Sahin pissed off goes to Liverpool cos that’s where maureen wants him to go and then suddenly AC Milan turn up out of the blue and whip the Brazilian maestro back to Italy. Real are happy they are rid of Kaka, happier still because they’ve shafted Arsenal and curried favour with Liverpool, who now owe them a favour. Choose any player they want for their already overlarge squad, sometime in the future.
    So no Sahin to Arsenal. Shame!

  532. I HATE THE SUN.

  533. chelsea 1 – 2 reading lmfao

  534. check out this video out for tactical analysis of arsenal vs sunderland game

  535. Vida – yes he does.

    Coadsi, i am hopeful of plenty out still and 4 in, including Sahin…

    Sorry, popped off to eat and walk fido

  536. what’s the current score guys?

  537. 1-2 for Reading

  538. Mata is out of the game. He was played at The European Cup and Olympic Games. How long has he rest? One week? He must have one month of holidays… good for us!

  539. thanks JM, so which team is the better team?

  540. 2-2 Cahill – not a good new for rico

  541. Cahill is the one we really missed out on JM, I’d rather him than Merts….

  542. oh poopie, so the chavs have equalized? great, i ll bet they go on and win the match. cheating bastards!

  543. yes, I know. I think Chelsea will score soon.
    Oscar is another tired player.
    Reading only score again in a miracle.

  544. 3-2 Torres but was off-side!
    The Sun again!

  545. :( JM, poor old Reading, it will be tough enough without a ref against them….

  546. yes, but HH can built a different scoreboard and at the end of the League show the “real” table. For instance: Chelsea has now 6 points but in the reality must have 4!

  547. 4-2 Ivanovic! Was a revanche. Everybody, include Reading goalkeeper was in the Chelsea area in the corner.
    Corners: Chelsea 1 Reading 5

  548. Its started happening again chelsea awarded a clearly offside goal linesman with a clear view its groundhog day

  549. :( :(

    On that note, I bid you all a good night….

    Catch up tomorrow….

    Night all….

  550. I have decided i am no longer reading the Sun or their website. i am fed up reading their bias against my club. I hope we can get a couple more players in this week but honestly, I just don’t see it.

  551. Will, it’s not just those cnuts at the sun it’s pretty much all the media are anti-Arsenal…FUCK THEM ALL!!

  552. I have noticed Sky really don’t like us. Watch their ads for football, nearly all of them have teams scoring against us.Never against Man Utd or City.

  553. It’s pathetic the anti-Arsenal situation…

  554. Wouldn’t it be lovely to win the PL and rub their noses in it….?

  555. Especially as we’d of done it without a sugar daddy, totally under our own steam.

  556. Marca are claiming that Sahin is going to the dippers as the Arsenal deal falls through…..

  557. That is the thing that is forgotten Lee. We have finished in the top 4, Champions League places every season without losing £100M a year and spending obscene amounts every season. I don’t see the league wins for Chelsea or City as anything but bought silver. Give Wenger a bottomless money pit and we would have dominated the league for most of the last 10 seasons.

    As for Sahin, I really don’t think we are making any more signings.

  558. Hooray, well done Will….
    Now be like me, and don’t buy a newspaper at all.

    The only newspaper i get is the Evening Standard.
    Because it’s freemans…

  559. Totally agree Will with the spending scenario…it makes me sick when you hear mankini moaning about his squad. Financially doped wanker…
    I still think we’ve got two more coming in.

  560. Morning AK, how’s you my man?

  561. Lee, if the Marca story is true, it can only be because Mourinho has succeeded in killing Sahin’s move to Arsenal….

    There has to be some truth in the rumour of Mourinho’s interference, otherwise why would he have come out the other day and claimed not to care where Sahin goes…
    Of course he cares, he most certainly doesn’t want him to benefit Wenger…

  562. Morning Lee, i’m very good, and you?

    When are you back over to Spain again??

    I had a very nice jalfriezi yesterday…

    I was given a restaurant tip by the owner of my regular rubyhouse…
    A restaurant very close to Taybets….
    I will email you and if you want to look it up or ask around then it’s another alternative?!!!

  563. Is it called Lahore?

  564. Mario Aquilina‏@mario_aquilina

    Nuri Sahin a.k.a “the yoyo” will officially sign for #LFC, no for #AFC, no for #LFC, no for #AFC, no for #LFC….

  565. Evening all.
    Sahin signing will hardly make or break our season.
    Yes,he’d be lovely in our squad,but if not,no dramas.

  566. Lee, Maidah Grill, Arabic, Turkish, Lebonese…

  567. Sahin saga takes new twist with Liverpool set to beat Arsenal to loan of midfielder

    By Sportsmail Reporter

    PUBLISHED:09:30, 23 August 2012| UPDATED:09:30, 23 August 2012

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2192404/Nuri-Sahin-set-join-Liverpool-Arsenal.html#ixzz24M9s0jMM

  568. After Liverpools performance on The weekend,they’ve doubled their offer to every player they’re interested in!

  569. The on-going transfer saga of Real Madrid’s Nuri Sahin looks to take another twist as Liverpool and not Arsenal look set to land the midfielder.

    The player’s agent, Reza Fazeli, travelled to meet the Anfield club’s hierarchy and iron out the details of the deal.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2192404/Nuri-Sahin-set-join-Liverpool-Arsenal.html#ixzz24MAUqA4p

  570. On Monday it looked as if a deal had been done to take the player from the Bernabeu to Arsenal but Madrid changed the course of events when it told the playmaker that the Gunners were unwilling to accept a loan deal and were pushing for a permanent transfer.

    And neither Madrid nor Sahin himself were happy with this arrangement.
    And now Liverpool, who were the first club to show an interest in the player look to be back in the driving seat.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2192404/Nuri-Sahin-set-join-Liverpool-Arsenal.html#ixzz24MAsFcHn

  571. Brendan Rodgers will guarantee him a place in the starting line-up and Sahin looks to approve a switch to Anfield on Tuesday, leading his representative to undertake his whirlwind trip to complete the deal.

    Liverpool wants to make the move official on Thursday, provided it can tie up any loose ends with the player.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2192404/Nuri-Sahin-set-join-Liverpool-Arsenal.html#ixzz24MBATUDV

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