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Sakho linked, Cazorla signing today? Here’s what to expect from him……

Today’s post is about what we can expect from Santi Cazorla if he agrees to sign for us and Lee found an article written by La Liga expert David Cartlidge who describes the player as having:

Exquisite technical ability, passing, vision and movement….

He was also asked:

What happens to the best players in Spain that don’t play for Barcelona or Real Madrid?

Well, one of two things. They either join one of the Big Two, or move abroad. This summer Jordi Alba chose the former, joining Barcelona, and it looks like Santi Cazorla could do the latter.

Malaga’s pocket-sized magician may have run into trouble off the field with his current employers – a complaint was filed against the club for unpaid wages and subsequently withdrawn – but on it he rarely encounters any problems at all.

At just 5ft 6in Cazorla fits the typical mould of a modern Spanish midfielder, making up for his lack of stature with exquisite technical ability, vision and movement.

As agile as they come, Cazorla has matured brilliantly over the years in various surroundings. He first came on the scene with Real Oviedo as a product of their glorious cantera, before heading to Recreativo de Huelva.

Villarreal then saw something special in the midfielder and is was at El Madrigal where he really began to shine. The midfielder became an integral part of the Castellon-based club’s rise from unknowns to European heavyweights – when he left for Malaga it was no coincidence his former club struggled.

Playing in the famed Villarreal 4-2-2-2 he shifted gracefully between defence and attack proving himself to be a vital cog in the works of the Yellow Submarine as they produced some of the finest football on the continent.

Not only was Cazorla efficient in his attacking work, providing a presence between the lines and picking opponents part with his agility, he also understood his defensive responsibilities and was energetic and selfless at the back as well.

Further recognition of his talents came with a Spain call-up at Euro 2008, when the country won their first international honour in 44 years.

Questions were asked when Luis Aragonés called up the uncapped Asturian, but time would prove him right and he was one of the first people to truly acknowledge his talent.

Moving onto Malaga helped Cazorla’s beloved Villarreal ease their financial troubles but it also gave him the chance to lead a team into an exciting new era.

Linking up again with Manuel Pellegrini, Cazorla was a key figure in Malaga’s qualification for Europe as he produced another phenomenal individual season.

The 27-year-old again showed his maturity and added more versatility to his game. Cazorla moved through various roles: most interesting was his deeper role in which he dictated play and moved the ball into advanced areas for the attack to thrive upon.

He also featured in his favoured attacking midfield role, positioned on the right but cutting in effortlessly to pick holes in the centre of opposition defences.

Despite not being the quickest Cazorla is still capable of smart bursts of pace and changes of direction when necessary to evade defenders.

It’s his on-field intelligence that remains the finest asset though, deceiving opponents by remaining one step ahead of them, whether it be with a cute pirouette or a subtle pass.

Often surrounded by three or four players, Cazorla still manages to find passing angles and create space for himself.

His 86% pass success rating throughout all competitions last season shows he rarely wastes an opportunity.

At free-kicks he can be deadly too, firing four in directly last season and generally providing classy delivery.

Altogether in his first season with Malaga, Cazorla managed nine goals, five assists and contributed directly in 23.9% of his teams goals.

For many, he was the best player outside of Barcelona and Real Madrid all season.

Cazorla then went on to be part of Spain’s elite squad that won Euro 2012 – a bit part player may be, but an essential inclusion given his outstanding season and the undoubted quality he brings to the squad.

Despite being a consistently good performer, it seems Cazorla never gets the recognition he truly deserves.

Perhaps with a move to a bigger stage – like David Silva took when moving to Manchester City – his talents will get the platform they deserve.

Cazorla has all the attributes that Arsene Wenger deems necessary in a footballer and the Frenchman has always been a fan – indeed it remains a mystery why he didn’t follow up his interest last year.

Wenger has already brought in two big money signings this summer with Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud, but his best bit of business this year might yet be Cazorla – and the little Spaniard would not disappoint.

So there you have it, if you didn’t know about the little Spaniard before, you do now.

Suggestion is that Malaga, Arsenal and the player will strike a deal today, one that would be welcome by all Arsenal fans I’m sure.

Another deal which could be seriously considered by Arsenal comes from Juventus. According to most newspapers, the Italian club have, or soon will offer £20 Million for our captain with a wage of £190,000 a week.

Will that be enough, who knows but what it might do is force one of the richer clubs to dig a bit deeper…..

Mamadou Sakho of PSG is linked with a move to us, primarily he is a centre-back, but he’s known to slot in at left-back if needed.

Wenger not convinced by either of our two full backs?

Neither am I.

That’s about it for today, have a good one.

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281 comments on “Sakho linked, Cazorla signing today? Here’s what to expect from him……

  1. Morning all..

    Forgot to give a mention to Almunia who has signed a one-year deal with Watford..

    Not sure whether to wish the Spaniard good luck, or his new club ;)

  2. Morning Rico,

    A good read. If he’s half that good, wrap him up, I’ll take him.

  3. Zenit are readying a bid for Yann M’Vila :roll:

  4. Was that article describing Fabregas or Cazorla??
    Brilliant….haven’t heard a remotely negative report on the guy.
    One season without Fabregas,still finished fourth after a terribly bad start,so with this guy and one or two more signings we truly are in business.
    I always am positive,and I’m hoping it’s not misguided faith this time.
    Get this deal done,and I promise I will drink the ’31 Port,as it will be reason enough for celebration :)
    Go Arsene,you legend.
    You’re showing us all that you’ve found your mojo again.

  5. Morning Billboy,

    The article is a good one isn’t it, Lee C&P’d it into a comment early this morning so thought I’d pinch it and post it for us all to read. Santi sounds ideal for us…

  6. Rico,Almunia was a foot player who tried his best for us,but it just didn’t work out.
    He’s never complained about anything at all,so I reckon he deserves our best wishes.
    You know my thoughts on anyone who gives their best :)
    Morning all.

  7. Sure cazorla will sign today,be optimistic gunners fan.afc till i die

  8. :lol: Scott,

    Cesc wasn’t the quickest either was he but….

    Hunter reckons it will take more than €20 million to get Santi, just go pay it AW…

    Not sure on the Sakho link, but hope its got legs, tall, strong and quick, and can play Lb, better than Vertonghen maybe?

  9. Oh,and I do not want Sahin on loan.
    Why should we help him find form for Real….hey can get stuffed.
    Permanent deal or no deal.

  10. Good morning, interesting article lets hope it can get done. With regards to Alumnia all the best he always has acted with class and dignity and gave his best I wish him well.

  11. If this deal happens then what happens next? Big DM, back-up GK? Another front man? I’m getting carried away now. Just going to take my tablets.

  12. I’d rather a DM than Sahin ….

  13. Zenit have never had a black player before Rico, so I doubt they’ll start now. Their fans are notoriously racist too.

    With regards to Sakho, if we’re actually going after a FB, i’d rather us sign a specialist than deploy a CB in that position. That’s part of the problem we had with Vermaelen and Djourou respectively last season.

  14. Cesc was JUST quick enough,but his brain was three plays ahead.
    I was full of empathy when he left,as I understood he wanted to go home,but was cranky when Gazidis said he refused to play for us.
    That’s passed…a little….but what a player he was.
    He was the epitome of beautiful football.

  15. Anyone else getting as tired as i am over this M’villa myth, you would think he can leap tall buildings at a single bound and without him at Arsenal the world axis will deteriorate and we will fall into the sun. I think we need another midfielder but not this guy so lets wish him well somewhere else and get on with finding another player who fits in.

  16. M’Vila is that guy, that’s why we’re so keen to get him..

  17. Back in 30…

  18. I kow I’m gong against the grain here,but I’ve got no problems witho our backs.
    I reckon Gibbs is much,much better than 12 months ago,and Santos will also be better for his first season.
    Sagna..we know how good he is,and Jenkinson suddenly is copping criticism which I find bloody harsh….he’s a kid,and can only get better.
    If we get a back,it needs to be a CB with TV5 going to DM,or even Kozzer(someone suggested that last night,forgive me,I can’t remember who it was).
    Either that or just buy a DM…..I don’t reckon we need both.
    To all HHer’s……how does our squad look right now compared to 12 months ago??
    It’s much more stable,our young guys have another years experience,our new guys have a year of PL under their belts,and we have a cranky bastard coaching our defenders!!
    I’m positively bloody ecstatic!!

  19. Vernat. What sun? I think you are right though, there are a number of players out there that would fit the bill.

  20. I wouldn’t really wanna move Kozzer out of position Scott, he’s a superb CB and i’d prefer to keep it that way. Specialist DM for me.

  21. Vernat,he won me when he said “I mark,I tackle,I pass”.
    Very simple,but the ideal temperament for a DM.
    He’s young,he’s fiery,but he’s very talented.
    I’d have no problems getting another player of equal ability,but he seems an easy signing…Rennes have said he’s going,they just need a buyer.
    They need the cash.

  22. Fair enough Pele,Romford,HC,,,,which do you prefer,because I’ve been tripping over it lately lol.

  23. Scott, we finished third, the rest of what you say is spot on though :)

  24. Good read mate! Best wishes Manuel Almunia! I will forever remember that incredible saves against Barca. Cazola hope it is true, Theo will score 20 goals with those weighted passes from Cazola, confident Song and settled Arteta.. M Sakho won’t happen, Kyle Bartley deserves a chance. Let’s wish Jack and Diaby a good healthy season. Cheers.

  25. why do we keep seeting ourselves up for dissapointmnet. carzola said he does not wish to come to arsenal. get a life please guys.
    wenger has als said no more signings,

  26. My preference is M’Vila. I think with a bit of fine tuning from Bould, Kozzer and TV5 can be the best CB pairing in the league. Btw, I actually also think Koz > TV5. May just be me though.

  27. I presume this Lance dude is a WUM?

  28. Mamadou Sakho would be a massive buy, saw him play a while back, looks very solid :). I hear Juve will offer £20m for RVP… Take it Wenger!

  29. not yet convinced wit arsenal… i bet we need a new manager first..if he leaves i will ruturn.

  30. RP I agree with you about Koz overtaking TV5.

  31. Wambam,8 beers will do that lol!!

  32. Remember TV5 has had an injury interrupted 2 years tough.
    He will be even better this season?

  33. That’s true Scott, but I just think TV5 can be a bit rash from time to time. It’s not to say he’s not a good defender but I don’t think he’s positionally as good.

    Either way, it’s good to know we have two awesome CBs for Arsenal. Onwards and upwards.

  34. Morning all…

  35. @ Romford, WUM???

  36. wind-up merchant bro

  37. We are finally looking on the up transfer wise. So this would be my squad for next season at the beginning when were without whilshere or sagna.





  38. I got another description but Rico will get the needle so I’ll leave it. How’s you mate? I think we’ve got some more good players coming in…

  39. Not bad JP. I’ll give you mine:

    Jenks/Coquelin Kos Verm Gibbs (Very much doubt we’ll get Sakho)
    M’Vila (If not, then Song) Arteta
    Gervinho Cazorla Podolski

  40. all i need to here today is the signing of Santi Carzola

  41. Morning again all….

  42. I’ll throw in my ideal starting line up. 4-4-2

    GK: Szczesny
    RB: Sagna
    CB: Sakho
    CB: Koz
    LB: TV5

    RM: Cazorla
    CM: Arteta
    CM: M’Vila
    LM: Myiachi

    FW: Giroud
    FW: Podolski

  43. Lee – me get the needle, you must be referring to Theo ;)

  44. There’s been a re-blog of the re-blog!!
    Just looking at ESP,Romford and JP’s starting 11’s their bench’s would be strong too….just a thought!

  45. Seen the manure Chevrolet deal??

  46. According to AS we have bid eur.23M for Carzorla

  47. Let hope dat carzola will arive today,but we still need m’villa and a left back plus a back up GK.Best of luck Almunia,gunners till i die?

  48. Isn’t today the deadline for when Malaga have to pay their debts? And as far as i’m aware, there’s been no takeover of the club yet.

  49. SYG, is today Malaga’s dealine to pay off some of their debt?

  50. £18M plus pennies

    The Euro was at 0.785 last time I looked….

  51. There has been Lee ;)

  52. Let hope dat carzola and sahin will arive today,but we still need m’villa and a left back plus a back up GK.Best of luck Almunia,gunners till i die?

  53. Liverpool reject Citeh bids for Agger ….

  54. It is stating that all over the Spanish press if you can decode the translation…


  55. Hunter said over €20M would get him, well we have now done that, what a lift it would be to get Santi…

    Just need to not overlook the leaking of goals…

    M’Vila or Capoue, go on Wenger

  56. 1.2793 Euros to the £

  57. I last looked on Friday, Lee – I do the £ to Euro and Euro to £ prices for civil engineering contracts in the UK and Eire …

    The Malaga sinvivir
    Albanian oil group “Taci Oil International” has denied it intends to purchase the equipment from Malaga, which is experiencing financial problems

    Albanian oil group “Taci Oil International” has denied Monday that the team intends to buy Spanish Malaga Football Club, which is experiencing financial problems. “I read this story in the press and I’m surprised. We have not had and have no intention of buying Malaga,” said one of the directors of the company who requested anonymity.

    According to several newspapers in Malaga, in the last hours have intensified negotiations between a group of Albanian and Russian companies headed by Taci Oil and the owner of Málaga, Bin Nasser Al Thani, about buying one of the top teams in Spanish League .

    The group is led by Taci Oil oil tycoon Rezart Taci, 41, who in 2010 paid 2.5 million euros to Real Madrid played in Tirana for a friendly match against his hometown team, the “Gramozi” of Ersekë, who currently plays in the second division.

    Known for his love of football, Taci, a former Albanian emigrants in Italy, so unsuccessful attempt in 2009 to buy the team from Bologna in Serie A.

  58. Remember the days under Dein when arsenal would just announce a new signing without anyone knowing about it for weeks n advance?!!

  59. :( Esp – yes…..

  60. Yes ESP :( #BringbackDein

  61. Reyes…
    At work and SkySports gave an activeX type news flash….

    Campbell was the biggest surprise. How they kept it quiet I’ll never know

  62. I remember the days of who is Vieira? Or didn’t see van bronckhorst coming in, or Pascal Cygan that guy sounds like a winner!


  63. I thought Campbell was all over the press ;)

    Rosicky – when the Czech camp broke the news that he’d left the squad (euros or WC) to travel to London for a medical – within hours we’d signed him….

    Oh those days….

  64. Cygan loooool

    We’ve had some duds, luckily they’ve been overshadowed by the absolute gems!

  65. I was going past Nottingham on the M1 when Radio 5 Live broke the news of Van Bronkhurst – £8.25M I think..

  66. I’ve said all along Pele … we can carry average (at best) players some of the time, but not all of the time…
    We certainly can’t carry more than one all of the time …..

  67. I remember being in a hotel lobby in Gran Canaria when the news of signing Nelson Vivas broke!

  68. I honestly don’t remember the announcement of us signing Igor Stepanovs – thank God tooo!

  69. Scott:

    I’d get Sahin on loan gladly. He’s our back up plan to Jack. He’s very much like him except older and scores more. He’ll give Arteta a breather. Remember every time he was out we almost always didn’t win? Diaby will move in the whole with Sahin back there and he’d rotate that role with Rambo. I think this is the most sound plan and once Sahin plays for us for a year then may be he’d not even want to go back and if he does then hopefully he’d have won something with us this season.

    Take my word if Sahin happens then we’d challenge for every trophy there is to challenge. We’d have 3 good players in every position.

    CBs: Koz, Verm, Mert, JD, Ignasi and Kyle
    RB: Sagna, Jenks, Le Coq
    LB: Gibbs, Santos, Verm, Ignasi
    The most Defense minded player: Song, Le Coq, I hope M’villa, Pong,
    The ‘Arteta’ Role: Arteta, Sahin(if happens), HL, Diaby, Jack
    CAM: Rambo, Santi(if happens), Rosicky, Diaby, Thomas
    Defensive RW: HL, Eisfield
    Attacking RW: Theo, Ox
    Defensive LW: Ramsey, Rosicky
    Attacking LW: Ger, Poldi, Ryo
    Strikers: Poldi, Giroud, RvP

    To me it looks like we’d go for all four.

  70. :lol: Romford…

  71. Anyone remember the signing of oleg luzhny?!

  72. Guys,we all speak because of the Internet.
    We all have access to footage of players around the world because of the Internet.
    People everywhere know about possible transfer targets because of the Internet.
    Even Dein would not hold up v the Internet!!

  73. Satan – but we still need to stop conceding, if won’t address that then no matter who we have in the side, we’ll still get caught out…

  74. Satan: At the moment Jack would be the back up plan to Sahin! October?! And we all know that really means we will be lucky to see him play this season..

    I think we could easily lose 10 players out of our squad add 4-5 and be far stronger for it.

  75. Yeah and Stepanovs ESP.
    We were also frigging about with Tomas Danilvecius and a left winger who went to Palace and whose name evades me ….. was it Rubins or something??????????

  76. Btw Hello every one. How’s Olympics affecting you all?

  77. Esp – I recall Oleg departing with more fondness

  78. Don’t forget the signing of Rami Shaaban in 02 ;)

  79. At least they won things with us though – unlike RvP :)

  80. Oleg was MOTM in the 2003 FA Cup fina vs Southampton. I was there lol. What about Christopher Wreh! Haha

  81. That’s a fair call Satan….I’m not knocking the guy at all though,I’d just rather see him here for good.
    I do see your point though,and it definitely has merits.

  82. Nelson Vivas, and of course the Blessed GG who graced our club and hacked down anyone who got in our way… good days

  83. Romford, Henry should have gone to ground that day ;)

  84. What about that Korean dude,Park was it??
    Does anyone remember him??

  85. Can’t say I ever saw him play scott, was he good??

  86. Henry and FA Cup finals just never went together. I remember all those sitters he missed in the 2001 final against Liverpool :( Bloody Owen!

  87. Rico:

    We are addressing that. Aren’t we? Don’t go by Asia tour results. Sometimes I get the feeling we just turn up because we have to. Remember that Legia warsaw friendly we played? I guess it was Kos’s first game. We won that 6-5. Remember? And after that game in the first PL game we conceded one at Anfield. So those results don’t matter. I don’t feel bothered by them at all.

    Its true we conceded 49 last season. But 8 away at OT. That leaves us with 41. 4 away at Ewood. That leaves us with 37. And 3 away at Stamford bridge. That leaves us with 34 in rest 36 games. Its 0.94 a game. That doesn’t sound that bad does it? And remember we hardly had a settled back 4 the whole season. Still we played admirably.

    The way I see it is we should keep doing what we were doing last season except for playing with some what defensive mind set in dangerous away games and we’d concede lot lesser.

  88. To be honest, i’d love to see a double pivot of M’Vila-Song away to Stoke! Let’s see those dirty buggers get through that ;)

  89. Morning all,
    Oleg ‘The Horse’ was around when we were playing our champions league games at Wembley, it was great, I could walk to the games, think Dein was looking into us moving there from Highbury at the time, it was a disaster in the end.

  90. ESP,
    He was ok.
    He ended up going to Citeh for 55 million,and rubbed our noses in it after telling the world he was now “a champion of England”,Ayer tose tossers snuck home and won the league.
    What a tosser he was!!

  91. ESP :

    I think we’d see Jack play around October but we’d not be able to rely on him as much as earlier. We’d need to give him time to settle down. We’d play him in CC and FA few Reserve games and get him fit around January or even Feb. And I am sure Sahin would start tiring around that time and Jack would pick up from him around that time. It will serve as win-win for us and we’ll have even that extra body if needed. If we get him on loan and he plays then it can be master stroke really.

  92. I think we need a 30 -35 goal swing to be there or thereabouts so concede 15 less and score twenty more. Not sure if we can do this but i would hope for more goals from midfield and wide. Will be interesting to see us play as a team rather than relying on an individual like season where Robin scored or assisted in most goals, we need a greater contribution from all around the team.

  93. Scott:

    For me Sahin loan signing can really work bloody well for Jack. It will give him time to settle down and we’d not rush him in playing. For me he holds a big big key to us finishing season real strong. And I think if this time we finish it strong we’d be there or there about of being a champion.

  94. Grimandi vernat, I loved him….

  95. Our first big new signing of the day: Serge Gnabry. He’s signed Professional contract with us.

  96. Good morning Fine Folk.

    I presume that Goonie will be wetting his pants today after reading this article.

    Me???? I believe it when I see him play in AFC colours. Its not negativity but as I said yesterday, I have been disappointed enough to know better. So until we see him or anyone on the official site than I take it with a pinch of salt.

    But I DO LIKE Cazorla. And no Cazola or Carzola or Kazzola please. In foreign languages they mean differently. For example Kazzola in our language means saucepan. ;)

    Sakho would flourish at AFC and Sahin would be a great addition to midfield.

    The only positivity I can feel……….that next season even if RVP goes we will be stronger than last season. There is a certain brightness glowing bigger by the day in front of us.

  97. Hiya Lady……which part of Grimandi did you love???? his hair, face or thighs??? :lol:

  98. Morning devil, mainly the part which hacked down Edgar Davids :lol:

  99. morning all..feel a lot better today…

  100. Also the part that got Gary Mcallister sent off at highbury as well when he stood on his hand the GG was awesome at winding people up

  101. was hoping we’d have signed cazorla by now

  102. 5ft 6in = fail

    This bloke is Barton bait

  103. Glad to hear that bondex, hopefully we’ll get some news later today…

    Forgot that one vernat, he really grew on me, really good squad player.

  104. But will Barton be playing in the PL alan??

  105. the good thing about the malaga situation is that money bags sometimes get tired of their newly acquired pets…..shitty next?

  106. That’s heightest alan! Fuck barton he’s scum our new DM will snap him in half!!

  107. I never liked Grimandi. He was the weak link in a great team. His replacement/s Edu and Gilberto were much, much better.

  108. Hopefully bondex, can’t see Roman walking away though, he’s on a mission it seems with all their signings…

  109. rico, he wouldn’t look out of place at Wormwood Scrubs.

  110. I think saucepan would fit into our team very well!

  111. He wouldn’t Micko, I can’t stand the little weasel…

    Did you guys see the abuse Tom Daley got yesterday from some troll… Cruelty….

  112. Hmm, apparently Chelsea and Spurs have made enquiries for Cazorla…

  113. Where do Spurs get there money from?! Also given a choice why would anyone choose Spurs over us?! Champs league football!

  114. I doubt he’ll choose Spurs Romford, no CL footie and with all the players at the Chavs, surely he be wondering when he’d play?

  115. Why don’t that surprise me Romford, our lot would have trouble running a bath let alone closing a deal.

  116. I hate these teams that seem to have no scouting network and wait for Arsenal to make a move before trying to hijack the deal.

  117. Closing deals has been a real problem since Dein left – shouldn’t be thecase though. We scoop in £3m alone from gate receipts each home game.

  118. hey scott we came third 11~12. paulino from corinthians watched him on setanta 3 or 4 weeks ago don’t no the price he ‘s like andrea pirlo,but only 22.

  119. Morning AKB’s.
    Morning Rico, nice, upbeat post.

    Have we signed The Saucepan yet?

  120. Gavin,that was corrected app. An hour ago mate!!
    Keep up…these poms think we Aussies are slow enough as it is lol!!

  121. Esp, they are probably waiting for the Modric sale to go through, in the meantime, they will try and poach are targets…

  122. Afternoon AK, thank Lee for the post :)

  123. with any luck, yjose players will stay with the tarts in the video

    Rico ” rico says:
    July 31, 2012 at 11:50 am

    But will Barton be playing in the PL alan??

    I hope so, he’s been kicked downstairs hasn’t he. Let’s buy him

    Lee says:
    July 31, 2012 at 11:56 am

    That’s heightest alan!


  124. Romford…………that is economy at its best. They do not waste money on scouts. They pay their players with the money that AFC pay/waste on scouts. AFC does all the work and they just snap them up.

  125. Buy Barton alan, no thank you, that man doesn’t deserve to be playing football let alone at a club like ours..

    Thug of the highest order!!

  126. if its not confirmed by tomorrow im gonna give up on listening to this rumour.FOLLOW ME @KYEKYE45 GUNNER FANS ILL FOLLOW BACK

  127. I’ve never minded Barton.
    He’s a damn sight clued-up up than Diaby Song or Gervinho and you’d get 100%

    I’d have Robert Mugabe playing up front, Abu Qatada and Bin Laden as DM’s with Hitler on the wing if it made us a better team….

  128. SYG……..you forgot Gaddafi, Saddam, Nero, Commodus, etc etc etc

  129. I don’t know what position Gadaffi and Saddam would play?

    Anyway Barton is 50/1 to join us …..

  130. Agree devil, no place for Saddam Hussein, a bit controversial.

  131. Commodus, didn’t he make computers…

    Hi Coach

  132. If the Chavs nip in and sign Saucepan, then poor old Stan will eat his pants

  133. Those odds are worrying….

  134. Sakho would be a brilliant signing, but AW has Djourou, so I can’t see it happening

  135. Guardiola is favourite with all four top bookmakers to be our next manager ……. by a mile

  136. Commodus 64, I had one of them kev.

    The day the club stoops so low and signs the likes of Barton is the day I will throw my ticket back.

  137. He’d have to be brave to do that AK ;)

  138. To me, the only pre-season friendly, with any bearing on how good or not we are, will be the game in Koln.
    All the others have been a PR exercise.
    Should see Giroud & Poldi in that game.

  139. That was not Commodus……..it was Commodore 64.

    Commodus was a roman tyrant.

  140. AW’s comments about ‘if they don’t have it in pre-season, they won’t ever have it) or something very similar and he was talking about the defence.

    Maybe he has seen that after Kos, TV, Merts, we are very weak and wants Sakho for that very reason. Also he’d really push Gibbs..

  141. We’ve signed a lot talentless players than Barton …..

    We’ve also employed and cheered on several players who haven’t been angels … jailbirds, alcoholics, drug addicts, pimps

  142. Mick, that was the posh one, think we had something called a Spectrum.
    It had rubber keys if I recall correctly.

    Rico, hope he washes them first… :-)

    Coach, I know mate, wasn’t he the bad guy in Gladiator.
    Not exactly historically accurate, but good knockabout stuff.

  143. You might need to check your facts devil.

  144. I think what we are missing is the intimidation factor in the team so i propose that by the start of the season the entire team goes full John Wark that many serious taches would intimidate anyone.

  145. Yes Rico, that would be my way of looking at things.
    Sakho, like M’Vila, would blossom in the EPL

  146. More from Espana

    Malaga seeks buyer and the players, to burst
    Malaga is for sale. But there is no buyer.

    Charles Honey | 31/07/2012
    “We are more concerned about the future of the club that receivable.” The team just landed at the airport in Malaga following their tour in Venezuela. The institutional predicament facing the club has players on edge. The players are worried and about to burst if the peace does not come quickly.

    The situation is entrenched. Malaga is for sale. But there is no buyer. Today we expect that the copper template the first part of what they are owed monthly June, July and tabs from last season, as agreed with the club in exchange for not filing a complaint with the AFE. Since the entity ensures compliance with this commitment, no later than tomorrow. One possible complaint would now demotion, but a breach in December entails expulsion from the competition if the complaint persists and has not been resolved.

    Sheikh Al-Thani the debe3.5 million euros the previous owner, Fernando Sanz, who had to satisfy the last day 27. And then a new situation, the club and hear offers for their best players and started round of talks on the occasion of interest from Arsenal for Santi Cazorla. The offer is 23 million and Malaga refers to its clause 45.

  147. I still think that Gibbs is gonna be a good player, but I’d like us to have a few tough-uns in the squad, to face off with the EPL barbarians…
    Gotta work now (if I can find any) lata.
    I Hate the Olympics.

  148. :lol: Kev, so do I…

    M’Vila, Sakho, Santi and we are nearly there….

  149. Off for a hour or so, catch up later…

  150. i think guys are focusing too much on koz n TV5 n totally forgetin our german beast per..had a shaky 1st season.bt ill b watching out 4 him this time.he”l b massive…bartley n ignasi shuld also get a few games under their belt this time…coz they r out future C.B ..I dnt think we need sakho thatmuch “ carl jenkinson n le coq should be enough cover till sagna recovers,i rmember the time when every1 was talking bout how we need to sign van der viel till CR7 tore him to shreds in the euros…laughed my ass off.` “ i feel we only need 2 players to be totaly competitive nxt season a solid DM n a utility midfielder.gervinho looks really strong in the pre season games,giroud n prince poldi will come thru with the goods,walcot is totally unapreciated,AOX will b a beast,ramsey will step up big tym n song…will be song,“ “ thats just naming a few …hopefully will also promote our reserves give them some game tym.i.e gnarby,yenarris ,eisfeld,chuks,afobe yu know the list goes on n on

  151. Like yer style Kenyan.
    BFG is a favourite of mine. A bit slow on the turn, but an intelligent footballer.
    Gnarby has signed pro’, we have Eisfeld, Poldi, Siemann (Yths), der Jerries are koming.
    Vor you Tommie, der vor is over…

  152. Where’s JM?
    He’s the boy with the best steer on Saucepan…

  153. The Messiah…

  154. Nasher, don’t believe anything you read, unless you’ve read it on the Bleacher Report first.

  155. We are not worthy

  156. Lee, when are you and your mates going off to Stratford for The Games???
    Give me a call, please. :-(

  157. Not for me mate…. rather sit in my armchair!

  158. @Kev, talking about Bleacher Report, well…

    ‘s 2011-12 campaign was certainly one of ups and downs.

    It started off at rock bottom. Arsenal had lost two of their most important players in Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri, and with no sufficient replacements brought in, the season started in absolute disaster. A string of horrid form included a 2-0 loss at home to Liverpool, a 4-3 loss at Blackburn and of course, the 8-2 mauling from Manchester United.

    It was the loss to Manchester United that provided the wake up call for Arsene Wenger, who soon after the drubbing made a number of “panic buys” on the transfer market. Call them what you want, but among those transfers were some players who became crucial to Arsenal this season–including Mikel Arteta, who was arguably the Gunners’ best player after Robin Van Persie.

    So if you told Gooners last August that Arsenal would end up finishing third, chances are you’d have gotten a pretty ecstatic response.

    Once again, key players have departed from North London, and once again, Champions League football has been secured.

    But when I look at the big picture, there is still a big issue.

    As much as this past season seems like a success after the supposed “crisis” at the start of the campaign, it’s a bit worrying that successful seasons are now ones that secure Champions League football. Arsenal’s turnaround this season was remarkable, but it seems like Arsene Wenger has almost lowered the club’s standard in recent years.

    Arsenal need to be a club that consistently challenges for trophies; Champions League football should be a given.

    But things are looking bright for Arsenal at the moment. Olivier Giroud and Lukas Podolski have already been brought in this transfer window, and Santi Cazorla looks set to follow from Malaga. On top of that, Arsene Wenger is standing firm on Robin Van Persie, and seems determined to show that he can keep his key players.

    Will Arsenal end their trophy drought this season?

    Total votes: 2,274
    Wenger usually takes his time in the transfer window, being linked to just about every player on the market, but only completing a few deals. It’s been the opposite this summer, though. Wenger’s been making his moves early before stating that he’s not finished.

    People are throwing around the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea as major title contenders for this season. But I think Arsenal are in that mix, too. They’ve had some of the best transfer activity of any top club so far, making quality signings that are sure to give the Gunners a push for more than just Champions League football.

    In my opinion, Robin Van Persie will not leave this summer–that’s because if Arsene Wenger was eager to sell him, the Dutchman probably would have been gone already in order to raise funds for his replacement. Wenger has learned his lesson about doing late dealings from last summer, so I don’t see the Arsenal boss letting his captain go so late in the window. Unless a deal somehow materializes in the next couple days.

    Arsenal are on the up. They’ve got a strong, positive squad that will only get stronger with the rest of the summer, as well as a host of promising young players rising into the first team.

    Time and time again, Arsenal supporters say that this will be the season that they end their trophy drought. But with the way things are looking at the moment, this could really be their year.

  159. Great article on Untold Arsenal

  160. Afternoon all, have we signed him yet??? ;)

  161. Some really great points Nasher.
    Gotta say Nas, that I imagine that many Liverpool fans also think that the Champions Lge should be a given… ;-)
    The problem we have, when comparing the currant Arsenal with Wenger’s earlier teams is that in his early years he had only ManUre to contend with.
    Back in 2001-02 after Wenger’s 2 nd Double, nobody could have predicted how the whole face of the EPL would be changed by Abramovitch etc
    Gotta go…..

  162. Him Santi ;)

  163. hi all..are we there yet?

  164. Hi bondex, seems not …

  165. The EPL has changed there is no doubt about that but Arsenal has always been in the top 4 even though we spent less as compare to the other big 4. We sell our best players every year yet still we compete. Imagine in a world where we don’t have to sell our BEST to make up for our profit at the end of the fiscal year? Keep the same team with a little improvement where necessary with those we really are asking for, like Saucepan and M’villa for example?

    FFP or AU, let see who would be left standing after two seasons… consistency… Btw, history tends to repeat itself, 2001-02 might just happen, again under AW.

  166. I make you right there Nasher….
    There’s a statue to a great visionary manager outside of The Grove.
    But it took that genius ( and genius is what he truly was ) SIX years to win his first league title at Arsenal….

  167. That’s just it NG, just a couple of additions more this summer and tbh, if we only get M’Vila/Capoue and Santi, I’d be happy, but I truly believe we will get more…

    But yes, considering who we have lost each summer since the invinsibles, its quite amazing that we get top 4…

    Just stop conceding goals too….

  168. Under 21’s playing two fixtures at The Grove.
    Aug 18 th Bolton
    Aug 25 th Blackburn

  169. The Rumour Site:

    31 Jul 2012 16:17:14
    Cazorla announcement is held up b/c he is stuck in London Traffic congestion ….

    :lol: :lol:

  170. Under 21’s – that’s a new ‘label’ isn’t it Kev? Used to just be the reserves ;)

  171. 31 Jul 2012 15:19:51
    Al Jazeera believe that a fee has been agreed for Santi Cazorla

  172. Kev, don’t be too disappointed if you turn up at the emirates on the 18th to find Sunderland running out.

  173. Gossip is always a good tonic rico.

  174. Nashua, I remember PV4 telling us how we were going to go on and dominate English football for the next 10 years back in 2000.

  175. It’s better than Gin Micko ;)

  176. Boo!! Hello, friends. :) Santi in the bag??

  177. Agag, wouldn’t it be nice if Santi came early this year.

    So many rumours, I dunno what to believe.

  178. Micko….. :lol:

  179. Aug 20th Bolton U21’s, 7pm ko

  180. Christmas come early, Micko?? I like!! I want to believe all rumors, including the ones that involve v Persie off for top dollar! ;)

  181. Hey Shopping Buddy, are you well.
    Working hard to save up for something nice from the shops maybe? :-)

  182. Hi agag, wish someone would let him out the bag ;)

  183. Wasn’t Al Jazzera the news network that first broke the news that Arsenal had signed Giroud, Rico???

  184. Best not to believe any of the rumours, wait for it to be official, in the meantime, just chuckle ….

  185. I think so Kev….

  186. Had to work late, AK. I had a major item due today, which I gave to my admittedly exasperated boss for clearance at close of day. :D :D

    Boo, rico… we may have to be chuckling for weeks… ;)

  187. Roll on the 31st Aug agag :P

  188. That feels like aaaages away, rico. :?

  189. It will be here before we know it agag, reckon we may see a few additions before then though….

  190. @Micko,PV4 might be right but provably fail to take into consideration that we could be selling our BESTS every season to make up for profit.

    What I’ll dream for is DD joining HH so we can get indepth knowledge of the past that have caused us to fall behind instead of dominating the EPL.

    @Rico, for all those players that have been rumored for Arsenal, all we do now is just dream and hope.

  191. ” instead of us Dominating the EPL”

  192. That would be good re DD NG but I think we already know the answer…

    I think we’ll be a strong force come the start of the PL….

  193. Off for dinner, back in a bit…

  194. Very true Rico,we’re a force to reckon with come the start of the season. Our keeper has already said it…

    Szczesny: We’re stronger than last year
    July 31, 2012
    Email Print
    By ESPN staff
    Goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny claims Arsenal are in a stronger position to challenge for trophies this season even if skipper Robin van Persie leaves the club.

    PA Photos
    Wojciech Szczesny: Arsenal in trophy hunt
    • Giroud, Podolski doubtful for start

    Manager Arsene Wenger has already added strikers Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud to his squad and is still in the hunt to sign Santi Cazorla and Nuri Sahin.

    And despite the continuing speculation surrounding the future of top scorer Van Persie, Szczesny feels the Gunners are in good health.

    “At the beginning of pre-season last year, everyone was saying it was doom and gloom with everyone leaving the club,” he said. “No-one’s left the club at the moment. We have new signings, we’re stronger defensively and so we’re in a better position.”

    “Those who were lacking experience last year now have that experience. We have a couple of signings, more players who can score goals.

    “Podolski’s goal record speaks for itself. We’re strong offensively, and Steve Bould has been doing some fantastic work with the defence. That seems to be working very well. It all makes me believe we’ll be that little bit stronger.”

    Arsenal’s last silverware came in 2005 when they beat Manchester United in the FA Cup final. Despite appearances in the Champions League final and League Cup final, they have yet to add another trophy – but Szczesny believes this season could bring an end to the drought.

    “This club always has the same aim – and that’s winning trophies,” the Poland international said. “We obviously haven’t done it in the last few years, and that’s disappointing for the players and the fans, but I believe we will be that little bit stronger than we were last year.

    “We have a couple of quality signings already. We’re already sure of our place in the Champions League. And we’re confident we can fight for the trophies more than we did last year.”

    Speaking about Van Persie’s likely exit, Szczesny said: “It will be disappointing if he leaves because Robin is our captain and he’s our leader.

    “I’m very happy to have him at the club. He’s still an Arsenal player, and we support him all the way.”

  195. Nas, I didn’t read that, but what SirChez says about Bould’s defensive coaching is very encouraging.
    I suppose that is what we’ve all wanted to hear.
    Now let’s see what a few more weeks of Uncle Bouldy working on our defence will produce in Koln…

  196. see what i mean, i pop in they all leave……grrrr. second day running. one more day and am off to legrove!

  197. Good Evening Fine Folk.

    I have always been an advocate of pre-season in Europe. Like the one we used to do in Austria. I am not a fan of those who want the club to go galivanting in the far east or the extreme west.

    I think that the Podolski, Giroud rumours are simply that. Rumours. AW found a way round the situation and wanted to give the players a good rest. And at the same time promote a good number of youngsters to see what they are made of. Let’s be honest………Eisfeld will not be a starter in any of the early matches. Neither will Bartley or Djourou or Miguel for that matter. They got good experience in the trip and no harm was done to a good number of the players.

    So as I always said…….the real test is against FC Koln.

    How are you all Kev?? As you said…..the proof is in the eating so we can only wait and see how we perform in the game vs Koln and the first ten games to be able to give a good judgement.

  198. Hiya Coach, must say that I’m quietly optimistic about Cazorla now.
    Al Jazzera are a good omen.

    Stanley, for heaven’s sake stop being a big girl’s blouse.
    It’s called coincidence…

  199. Women soccer: Great Britain 1 vs Brazil 0

    Are they playing in Emirate?

  200. Good for Ches NG

    Eveing guys and glas..

    Go GB :P

  201. Wembley NG..

  202. Watch out for Marta…. No10 Brazil…

  203. Yeah habib, I think you’ve sumed up the PR tour very well.
    Wenger knows a bit more about those youngsters on the fringe and knows that in an emergency, who he can call on and rely on…

    Stanley, looks like you’ll be able to crow about Cazorla in a day or two?!

  204. Wonder if Sahin is a genuine target or a diversion?

  205. @Kev, go easy on Goonster, the guy is in love. You can’t blame him.

  206. devil – I don’t think travelling to the Far east does the squad any good at all…. But it pays the debts….

    Stanley – i’m with Kev, it’s pure fluke we all go off when you arrive, its the time zone and we need to eat ;)

  207. What a good and long overdue idea, staging two Under 21 games at The Grove.
    Superb opportunity for Dad’s & Mum’s to take their children to a game at the main stadium.
    Let’s hope that the admission prices are sensible and aimed at the next generation of fans?!

  208. Silky stuff by the Brazilians…

    No end product ;)

  209. Spot on Kev…

  210. Nasher :lol:
    You’ll have Agag after you mate.
    Stanley needs no encouragement… :-D

    I know Rico, since he’s been in the USA, he’s become a right old drama queen. ;-)

  211. Quite fancy the Bolton game myself Rico.
    Eisfeld, Aneke & co

  212. Hasn’t he just Kev ;)

    Could see a few more than that I think, a very good ‘reserve’ crop…

  213. I’m offski Rico, see ya, and you Nasher.

  214. Sorry Kev, didn’t see the & co ;)

    Nighty to you, have a good evening….

  215. I’m going to have an early one too, want to watch GB ladies…

    See you all tomorrow…

    Nighty night..

  216. took you long enough…..i was almost logging into legrove now.

  217. see it happned again……arghhhhhhhhhhh. what’s going on?

  218. get back here rico! and i mean it.

  219. During the volley ball game between Italy and Japan the latter had one of the players named……..Yoshi Takeshita…..yo she take shit ahhhh!!!!!
    :lol: :lol:

  220. or what goonie ;)

  221. Now what is f****ng you Stan!!!!!

    You lost a few nuts mate?????

    Calm down.

    We do like you but its just coincidence.

    We have our time schedule you know!!!!

  222. christ…..it fels like a morgue on here……out for a few burgers.

  223. shut devil….this is my home and i ve got to meet someone anytime i pop in

  224. Feeling tired Lady???

  225. how would you like it if you came home and the little prince is no where to be found?

  226. your home???? here get a broom and start sweeping the floor then mate. Plus cook the dinner and then wash the plates.

  227. goonster says:
    July 31, 2012 at 8:43 pm

    how would you like it if you came home and the little prince is no where to be found?

    I would be singing ITS A MIRACLE like Freddie Mercury. ;)
    :lol: :lol:

  228. Later Kev. Goonster you’re always missing in action. We need you in HH, please don’t go to LG.

  229. i have….where do you think AGAG is now? she’s here with me in a jacuzzi sipping on banana juice….”here honey you just spilled some”….where was i? yes AGAG is here and am about to switch on the tv to watch the olympics!

  230. Not tired devil, just watching the OG’s and GB ladies footie team…They are doing well against Brazil

  231. goonie – i wouldn’t want to live in ‘your world’ ;) ;)

  232. nashua buddy, am this close to heading over there.

  233. I am not watching any TV at the moment Rico. Today I was covering the internal yard with rubble stones to make it look country style and believe me when I finish it, it will look great. But it takes a lot of work and its very tiring. I will eat and then pop off to bed.

  234. yes maam, you wouldnt last a second….how are ya?

  235. Banana juice????? More like tomato ketchup in your case. :lol:

  236. lazy maltese bastard…….is that all you ve done all day? jeez, and you call yourself a man? dude, strap on a pair!

  237. That does sound heavy going devil, you rest well after dinner…. Nighty to you…

  238. tomato? what’s that?

  239. Chill goonie, yes i’m ok thanks are you apart from feeling the need to be cruel to us all ;)

  240. Kelly Smith has just missed a penalty :( :(

  241. maam sometimes i need to be hard on you “kids”…….so carzola huh? guess you owe me ten bucks rico?

  242. No you don’t goonie, we are not kids…. just chill a bit eh??

    I owe you nothing, not until he is on afc.com, IF we ever sign him….

  243. kelly smith? the singer? christ, what is going on? kelly is playing soccer now? lord give me strenght.

  244. This woman ref is as bad as Phil Dowd….

  245. goonster says:
    July 31, 2012 at 8:51 pm

    yes maam, you wouldnt last a second…………

    If she does not last a second you would not even start with her Goonie.

  246. why does everyone tell me to “chill”……jeez am not on coke? christ! and yes you owe ten shiny dollars…..or is it pounds!

  247. goonster, she is a footballer who plays for Arsenal, England and now GB, jeez, I thought you knew all about our club?? ;)

  248. hahahaha very funny devil….by the way am thinking of visiting you soon. mail me your adress.

  249. oops sorry, my bad. hell iknew that! kelly smith, arsenal captain right? i knew it.

  250. You always seem so wound up goonster, hence the chill, calm down a bit, you’ll give yourself a hernia ;)

  251. I’m definitely going now, last 20 mins of the game and then off to have an early one…

    Nighty NG, devil, goonster and all…

  252. Hernia???? He is so stitched up that the docs decided to do his stitches with rubber bands. They got tired of sewing him up.

  253. is that how i come off to you guys? jeez this is normal maam, wait till you meet my cousin. adam is in for a treat, that’s all i can say for now. hahahahahah.

  254. Nighty lady. Hope to see you in fine health tomorrow.

  255. devil, send me your adrees you numpty. i wanna visit you.

  256. ………..and have my house robbed at night?????

    its still not insured mate.

  257. and seeing that soon I will be off to Italy you will not be finding me here.

  258. rob you? what are you prince charles? anyway i ll just ask kev.

  259. Thanks devil, you too….

  260. you can ask him all you want Goonie. He will not tell you for sure.

  261. hey rico……how about a good night kiss?

  262. then i ll track you down……atleast i know your scent. a few lolipops and the little prince ll lead me to you like a bird to a cage!

  263. I just saw the last ten minutes of the ladies game and I was impressed by the tactical and technical level of the GB ladies. Better than the crap served by Rooney and croonies.

    It seems as if the coaching level at ladies grassroots is much more better than the one found at men grassroots

  264. Come and find me in Italy then mate. In the middle of the Alps. And trying to track me there will be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

  265. no problems little man…..wait for me.

  266. Morning all….

  267. Wenger says:

    “We have to be ambitious but also make sure we are not getting in trouble financially.
    “It is difficult for us because the wages in some other clubs are very high.
    “But of course our players quite rightly compare themselves to the players of the other clubs.”

    BUT if we didn’t pay decent wages to dross players we could reward our good players, no?

  268. Thierry……
    In an interview with Sky Sports, the Frenchman said: “We hope it stays, and that’s the way it is. I don’t know exactly what is happening but as an Arsenal fan I want him to stay. He is still an Arsenal player and the boss has to deal with it.”

    About van Persie’s contractual situation, Henry added: “I’ve got nothing to say about that, you will not get me to be one of the guys talking about the club and the player. I just want Arsenal to do well. Robin will do what he will do and we’ll see. When I left, everybody cried, but then the year after they went on a run of being eight points ahead. Everyone comes and goes.”

  269. Morning Lee & all…..

  270. What’s the word?

  271. Or White Rabbits – or pinch punch…..

  272. Evening all.
    Who is this Cazorla dude everyone’s talking about :)

  273. Morning Scott, no idea, new one on me ;)

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