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Left Back on his way in? Wenger confirms three exits & shares our fears……

Morning Gooners

So, we have finished our tour of the far East and Arsene Wenger spoke about yesterday’s performance:

I think defensively we looked fragile, especially in the first half. In the second half not so much because we were not challenged. Defensively we have a lot of work to do as a unit to do much better.

Most Arsenal fans voiced the same concerns during and after the game, the simple ball over the top or a pass down our left was exposing our frailties, those same frailties we witnessed week in week out last season and something really needs to be done about it.

Many will say that we weren’t playing our ‘proper’ back four and of course they would be right but surely the tactics are the same, regardless of who plays?

Once everyone is back at Arsenal and the Bould/Banfield duo get to work, something surely has to change and they need to be allowed to change it.

Our left back position is the worst on the pitch, not players but the way both Gibbs and Santos are caught out time after time is a huge concern, maybe that is why Arsene Wenger has turned his attention to Luke Shaw from Southampton?

Wenger spoke about possible defensive incomings:

We let everybody play today and some players are not yet at the level of the Premier League. It is a learning process. If you don’t do it in pre-season then you never do it – you give them a chance to see what is requested at the top level. I played all of the defenders during this tour to see who is ready and who is not. We have Sagna, Koscielny and Mertesacker at home – three experienced defenders.

What that really means I don’t really know.

One defender who is definitely on his way is Sebastian Squillaci:

Bendtner, Squillaci and Park will be on their way to go somewhere, Arshavin, it depends. We have to sit together and talks. He could still have a future at the club.

Looks like Chamakh is staying though, deary me – after watching him play in the Far East, I’d have thought Wenger would want him gone pretty sharp – he really was poor.

With Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud unlikely to be fit enough to start the new season, the thought of relying on Chamakh up front is a worry.

Benik Afobe looked more of a threat than Chamakh but suggestion is that Owen Coyle wants him to join Bolton on loan for the season. A good move for our player but hopefully he won’t be allowed to go until the two new front men are fit and playing.

That’s about it for today, have a good one..

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350 comments on “Left Back on his way in? Wenger confirms three exits & shares our fears……

  1. Good morning Rico. How is it that Podolski and Giroud won’t be fit enough to start the season?

  2. morning all…

  3. Good Morning to you Adam and All…

    AW said they are not fit as no pre-season etc – he plans on ‘breaking them in’ slowly….

  4. anybody knows anything about Luke Shaw ?

  5. Wenger:

    : ‘Sagna will be short for the start of the season and Rosicky will not be back until September, in my opinion.

    ‘Rosicky did fantastically well for us at the end of the season, so it is a big blow. The injury he has got comes from the European Championships.

    ‘Podolski and Giroud may take longer than expected. I cannot play them in pre-season, so I will ease them in the Premier League.’

  6. bondex – he’s meant to be pretty good, future England left back….

    Chavs are after him too, think they had an offer turned down earlier this summer…

  7. Good planning that. I wonder if Bould will be allowed proper coaching access. It isn’t like our defensive problems are new is it? I am pretty worried when I hear Wenger talking about our frailties at the back as if it has him completely stumped and has just happened out of the blue. Why not start with the old concept that defenders should defend. It might all follow on from there.

  8. I hope so Adam, something really needs to be done otherwise it will be our downfall yet again this season.

    I noted that after saying that we were frail in defence, Wenger added, but missed chances on goal that we should have taken.

    Same old ‘we will score more than you’ approach…

  9. For Gawds sake, just give Chamakh away.

  10. I’d pay the local council to take him away….

    Have to go out this morning, back around lunch time….

  11. There’s no question that the club needs a lift. A couple of decent players in and some of the others out would be a good start but, as you so rightly say Rico, our defence will kill us again this season unless something is done. Wenger just doesn’t seem concerned by it and I don’t get it at all.

  12. Wenger better improve the defence to have any chance of winning something. Otherwise it will another season wher 45 goals will be conceded. Statiscally an improvement by one goal less ,but still poor.

  13. I don’t believed Podoski and Giroud are not fit to start the season….. Afterall. Ox and Walcott went to the same tournaments as these 2 yet they are fit…. Rico, pls dnt increase the panic, Arsene Wenger never says they are not gonna start d season with the rest of the team….. Or else u wanna tell me Koscienly will not start the season either.

  14. Our left backs are just so keen to get forward….they seem to only have an eye for that. I thought gibbs was improving in that regard but……..

  15. Morning all, yep 49 goals shipped and we sign/linked with attack minded players!?!?

  16. Whilst the defence definitely needs to be addressed, I do sympathise with the manager and Bould in this respect.

    This Asia tour is a brand excercise. The players have spent more time on planes and doing Q&As rather than training and getting match sharp. We can only hope that Bould can really have an impact in the next three weeks.

    Ideally, you’d like to have 6/7 pre-season games to get up to scratch but our preparation this summer has been poor. Hopefully now with everyone back, training can step up a notch and we can maybe get 1/2 competitive games behind closed doors.

  17. we must sign cazorla and nuri sahin…………… then we must buy a good centeral defender and good left back,,,,,,, gibbs is not good enough

  18. Guys,I take Wengerof comments of defensive frailties as a positive….at least he recognises and admits there’s an issue,and that’s a start.
    He’s also said we will definitely have more signings coming in,so I’m pretty content at the moment.

  19. And Wengers comments are good,too!!

  20. full backs a problem,simple solution start playin 3 CB, verm,kos,per then he can choose to play 343 or 352, his available squad is more suitable to dis formation than his prefered 433

  21. why don’t we send chamakh on loan ?

  22. Of course Lee. There is no point in buying more defenders as the ones we have are not that bad at all…..or would not be if they where coached as a defensive unit and there was some resemblance of a defensive strategy.

  23. Agree with you Scott that he is recognizing the problems in defense but the point is that this is nothing new. We have had this problem for few years now.

  24. A defensive midfielder is what we need!

  25. Apparently QPR will be making a bid for Arshavin,and RVP has refused to go to Citeh whilst Adebayor is here,so he may be let go for nothing.

  26. I know TT,but he’s always made excuses….now,he’s saying out loud…we have a problem.
    Calvhora(spelling) from Real….is he any good??

  27. Try Carvalho….close enough :)

  28. Would anybody take Adebayor back? Adebayor + 20m from City?

  29. Barndoor need £120k pw to live, apparently!
    Not for me!

  30. On a quarter of his current wages I would.
    Then send the bastard to the Uzbekh Stars on loan,just to piss him off!!!

  31. Fuck no Scott send him to North Korea.

  32. Stoke???

  33. That may have been a tad harsh!!

  34. Helmand Province All Stars….

  35. Can’t believe you nasty lot are so spiteful to Mr Adebayor….! poor bloke has to earn a living you know..!

  36. morning all …


    A sign of things to come, I hope.

    Maybe Man City are next?

  37. So you’d welcome him back with open arms WATH? Or b)…..

  38. Malaga local newspaper, Malaga Hoy, is reporting that Santi Cazorla can sign for Arsenal today so that Malaga can use the €20m to offset debts.

    The paper expects the transfer to be confirmed today.

    The paper quotes sources close to the player as saying that the sale will be confirmed for a price in the region of €20m, all of which has been earmarked to clear the clubs debts to players and will mean that Malaga will meet their July 31st deadline.

    Malaga are also stated to believe that this will not be the only sale they are forced to make.

    Cazorla has been linked with Arsenal all summer in a deal which respected La Liga journalist Sid Lowe said he was sure would happen. The player signed for Malaga last summer in a deal reported tobe worth €19m.

  39. Can he play RB Lee?

  40. Don’t be daft Lee……………! I think he should be dropped into Volcanoes to test heat resistance !.

    Lets hope all this “gossip” regarding Cazorla turns out to be true.

  41. Please let this Cazorla stuff be true.Not entirely sure about the Sahin rumours though…

  42. Adam, who barndoor? He’s mustard as a RB!! ;)

  43. Hey all, surely it is time to give Walcott a go through the middle, at least he had something about him in the last few games. Ox on the right.

  44. It’s looking every bit as good as the lead up to Podolski,and even better than the days before Giroud signed.
    Still,let’s see it announced by AFC before we get too excited.

  45. I think we all know Stanley is going to come on here and tell us about his “pants” being soiled….!

  46. Lee. Anyone really. This defence thing is worrying me.

  47. What a splendid thought…NOT!

  48. Adam, it’s been on a downward spiral for a few seasons…

  49. Agreed Lee. For too long for it to be a temporary state of affairs I think.

  50. Who was our last top DM?
    I’d still like to see the eleven defend as a whole,as too much pressure has been placed on the back 4.

  51. Adam,I’m getting seriously itchy fingers,and am bloody tempted to crack that port…it was made to drink,after all…..Thoughts??

  52. Any opinions on Carvalho guys??

  53. Not if we’re looking to play a high line – Carvalho will get taken to the cleaners. Plus i’d think he need even more portection than our current crop of CBs.

  54. Thanks HC…..

  55. Hey all,

    Been a good day, ain’t it? At least AW has decided to get 3 of our books and Denilson has already gone.

  56. Scott : no for Ricardo. He’s what nearly 33? Well I hope we do make one genuine signing.

  57. Btw it seems we’d definitely get Santi and Sahin except Arsh convinces AW that he’d work as hard as Tomas does while playing in the whole.

  58. No worries Satan.
    I no bugger all about him,tbh.
    All good.

  59. Does Cazorla play on the left or the right?

  60. Scott: Your talking about Ricardo Carvalho from Real, ain’t you? Former Chelsea man, good defender who bailed out Terry so many times?

  61. ESP
    I think both wings as well as through the center.

  62. That’s the one Satan.
    Real are happy to let him go for nothing…..just thinking out loud.

  63. A versatile player! He’ll find himself at LB before the season is out! He looks good though, but is there any real point in signing a player that Barca will tap up before he has taken his pictures in an Arsenal shirt?!

  64. I think he’s really done now.Don’t think he would survive PL anymore. Not sure but that’s my opinion.

  65. cazorla!!!! cazorla……another M’villa?

  66. ESP, He’s 27, very much doubt he’ll be getting tapped up in the near future. Plus Barca are well covered in his position.

    What I like about Cazorla is that he’s two-footed and also a dead ball specialist. Surprised many are not familiar with him.

  67. ESP

    Yes. Getting much more than we paid for him. lol. I haven’t seen him play. And even if I have I don’t remember. Lets hope once he comes we all remember him forever.

  68. I still think M’Vila is on the radar. At least i’m praying for it anyway!

    Remember what Arsene said about Podolski and Arteta before they signed!

  69. Scott. Get your best friends round and decant that sucker. :)

  70. The same things he’s saying about Cazorla,HC.
    He plays the game,our manager.

  71. That’s my thinking Adam.

  72. Carvalho was the best defender in the league when he was at chelsea knew how to defend when to foul and more importantly how to get away with fouls and not get booked, but at 33 and not good enough for the spanish league cant see him with us. Scott not sure if you can get it in Oz but see if you can find Noval Black reports on it say would slake your thirst and save your vintage port for a celebration.

    Couple of interesting articles on defense an tactics on Ladyarse and on M’Villa in particular, by all accounts would be better of going for Capoue hopefuly this will happen with the injury situation. Would like to see Ensfield kept around the squad until new year anyway looks like an intelligent player and a clam one as well.

  73. M’Vila and Cazorla I’ll be happy….still think we need a back up keeper though!

  74. Lets not get carried away thinking Bouldy is going to put right the wrongs of a “team” that has forgotten ho to defend as a unit over the past few seasons now… It’s not going to happen overnight thats for sure and also difficult on a “brand” tour when they have not really been able to knuckle down and do the training and the things they want to do..! The hard work starts now…!

    As you say Adam we still need M’Vila or similar for sure..! So lacking in that department.

  75. Lee I’d tag a LB onto that list and I would also be very happy!
    (With the fat being trimmed also!)

  76. Vernat, Dev been saying for months he’d rather Capoue over M’Vila as he’s seen both quite a bit…!

  77. Breakdown of the Two players here


  78. Craig Gordon Lee. At times he was as adventurous as Flash Gordon. I don’t know why we are not going for him but I am still hoping we get him.


  80. ESP, Baines now he’d do…

  81. It’s decanted,and it ain’t corked,so that’s a decent start lol!!

  82. On M’Villa and Capoue,one has experience on his side,the other has youth.
    We seem to have a nice blend of each at present,so I’d take either.

  83. Think you’ll find they both the same age Scott… 22..??

  84. Lee I agree, but I highly doubt if he had a choice he’d join us, and one thing I have to say is that I can’t blame RVP for wanting out, don’t get me wrong, I would have liked to have seen him show some loyalty to the team that paid him for 6 years on the treatment table, but if its true that he wasn’t happy with the direction the team is going then I can’t blame him. I can only guess he sat down with Wenger and asked who he will bring in during the summer, and wasn’t happy with the answers.

  85. I’d take either also Scott. Would that mean the end of Song? Plus the end of 4-5-1?

  86. Morning all,
    Have I missed something here, up until now Carzola has been all media talk, at least with Mata last summer Bungle and Zippy managed to get to the table before flucking it up, don’t think we’re that far down the line as of yet with Carzola or are we ?

  87. I thought Capoue was 26….my mistake.

  88. I think he is 24?

  89. Capoue is 24 Wath….split the difference lol!

  90. Either would add more quality to the defensive side of our game thats for sure..! We’ll see eh..!

  91. Our midfield is definitely getting clogged so i’d say someone would have to make way if M’Vila did come. Hopefully Diaby.

  92. We could easily say goodbye to Diaby, song and Walcott to bring in M’Vila and Cazorla.

  93. Then why not my favourite Plan B?
    Get a CB in and throw Vermaelen forward as a DM.
    All those in favour………

  94. I’d flog Song and Diaby and get M’Vila or Capoue with Cazorla…! Also as most have said an older experienced keeper is a must as well as Flappy just isn’t good enough..!

  95. Wath,I reckon Fabianski is most definitely good enough,he just doesn’t believe he is.
    Most laughed,but Wenger said if he ever got his head right,he’d be the best keeper in the league,I agreed totally.
    The trouble is,I very much doubt he will ever get his belief and confidence.

  96. Oh,so that’s means I’d flog him too Wath.

  97. Yes i’d be happy to get rid of Theo and Song, though they have some serious fans at the club. Not sure it’d go down well though.

    My squad for next season:
    Szczesny, (back-up GK), if not Fabianski
    Sagna, Jenks
    Kos, Mert, Bartley
    Verm, Djourou, Miquel
    Gibbs, Santos
    M’Vila, Coquelin (also filling in at FB if necessary), Frimpong
    Arteta, Wilshere, Ramsey
    Cazorla, Rosicky
    Gervinho, Ox, Ryo
    Giroud, Podolski, RVP?

    Other players, youngsters in with a shout:
    Aneke ( I like him a lot)

    Decent mix of youth and experience there. I expect Song, Diaby and Theo all to be in there when the season kicks off though.

  98. Thats the problem though Scott he isn’t good enough as we can all see he’s a wreck…!
    Regarding TV as a DM i still say thats a Wenger stunt mate… square peg round hole..! He’s a defender for me we need a DM so go buy a DM…! I know what your saying but long term solution is to buy what we need.

  99. Frimpong must be a massive risk.
    I like him,but it’s dicey if he’ll hold up.
    I suppose he’s not alone though,is he?

  100. I doubt Frimpong will be there long tbh. Probably a loan beckons for him in January. It’s obvious that Wenger has a lot of faith in Diaby. We’ll see whether it pays off over the season, sincerly doubt it though.

  101. Wath,im not listening to Wenger on TV5,I see him as at least worth a try.
    He’s a beast,he can shoot and pass,and can time a run into the box.
    I think he’d be world class,personally.
    Once again,we have exactly no idea what Wenger is thinking.

  102. Scott, alll those traits you list sound more like a box-to-box CM rather than a DM. I like M’Vila because he is positionally sound and won’t stray too far from his position. I have my doubts over whether TV5 would do that.

  103. I don’t even start to 2nd guess wenger Scott he’s in his own world…! I reckon LK would make a better DM than TV…! Better on the ball and that bit quicker..! Again i wouldn’t want either in midfield though as we should be just looking to buy a world class D and we’d be far better off

  104. Imagine having a positionally sound DM?! Would be a wondrous thing!

  105. East Side Paul – I’ve said it for ages… Song, Diaby, Adebayor, Walcott, Eboue were a job lot panic-bought more or less in the same transfer window.

    Marca – re: Malaga


    The sale is imminent if the accounts clear
    Taci total debt required to announce today the purchase of the club.
    J.BALLESTEROS / A.ESPINAL. MÁLAGA 30/07/12 – 8:09.

    The talks for the sale of Malaga are at their peak. Today while a final decision is expected in the transaction between Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani and the international holding company that commands the Albanian Rezart Taci. Everything seems very well-guided and hours should be disclosed for sale. Malaga will belong to the current owners after two years.

    After a marathon meeting on Saturday, were held Sunday new contacts between lawyers for both sides. The audit that is putting the purchasing group is the key to concluding the agreement. According to sources in the negotiation, everything is close, but they say: “The only obstacle is the debt that generated the club and the collateral damage of this.”

    From the club no signs of life, while the purchasing side, this newspaper was able to contact one of the middlemen who intervened in the operation, Fernando Martinez Vela. “We are still analyzing the debt. We have to see how high is the disaster. All we ask is transparency in the accounts,” he said.

    Apparently, the debt can accumulate Malaga slashing 90 million, so the final operation iríapor above 100. This is because the present owners also require an amount for transfer.

    In any case, there must be a quick decision. Weather plays against the club he has to make numerous payments before Tuesday. Complaints overwhelm the body that could look in the sale of a player the quickest way to alleviate the lack of liquidity. Be seen also how the school reacts to the change of power.

  106. Seems what ever’s going on with Malaga SYG and who ever owns/buys them they are going to have to sell to resolve the debt issue and they need to do that quickly or they will be relegated…!

  107. I’m not sure I agree SYG. Song and Diaby both have talent and can contribute, I just don’t think it’s for Arsenal. Song would actually be good next to a DM who is disciplined.

    As for Adebayor, someone who scores 30 goals in a season for us can’t be a panic buy can he? The quality of goals werenawesome too. I know he’s a tool of the highest order, but you don’t play for the teams he’s played for if you lack talent.

  108. HC,I was actually thinking that as I wrote it.
    12 months ago,would have dreamed hat Rangers and Malaga would be in such a positions today??

  109. It’s a pity we couldn’t rob them of Toulalan.


    I’m sure Bendtner would do well in Torremolinos

  110. I never really liked him SYG….! No idea why, we were linked with him 3/4 seasons ago..!

  111. Hiya Pele. Sound point. Personally, I don’t like their (Song, Diaby, Ade, Eboue) body language or fragile mentality ….. You saw it with Diaby yesterday… “I aren’t running and taking short passes from a boy..”
    ….And some players just don’t gel within a team or just don’t get on with other players and cause problems within…

    At United, Sherringham and Cole hated each others guts, but they stayed professional on the pitch…
    Adebayor had major issues with Bendtner and obviously Van Persie – and Van Persie I have read, has problems with Arshavin.. He probably has problems with others in the team too… possibly Diaby and Song, as he was pushing like hell for Wenger to go after Van der Vaart … and the quote “he’s looking around the dressing room etc etc”

  112. It is Critical that we keep Song and Theo this year and add players, to simply say get rid of them and bring in unproven players in this league is taking too big a risk. Song might well be sold next year if he does not extend his contract, but Theo is important to us due to his pace and his assists and goals. I am not saying that either of these players and Theo in particular are world class footballers however they have proven that they can perform in the league and to get rid of twenty assists and ten goals between them would be foolhardy.

    In addition I think we should see if we could extend Arshavin'[s contract for another year or two an play him centrally as his creativity there would outweigh his lack of work rate and fitness, also his ability to beat one player and pass or shoot is pretty much the best in the squad, I think an Arshavin with the feeling of being the main man creatively and of being trusted would be a very different player than what we have seen recently.

  113. I’d like to see Arshavin play in the hole behind the main striker. I feel there would be more of an effort from him in this position. He is a class player, and you don’t lose that class, you just stop caring!

  114. I agree ESP, i would tell him that I don’t want to see him more than 35-40 yards from the oppositions goal and within the boundaries of the eighteen yard box. From that position one turn or trick and a short burst of speed which he has then he can shoot or pass, especially with wide strikers like podolski playing out to in.

  115. ESP. “He is a class player, and you don’t lose that class, you just stop caring.”

    When he first came he was brilliant. One of the top 5 players in World football.

    There is a major factor surrounding the last part of ESP’s sentence. Arsenal just need to address the question of “Why?”

  116. As Scott mentioned this morning, the fact that AW has admitted to defensive frailties is huge progress IMHO.
    Instead of bullshit, he’s facing up to the problem at last.
    Like an alcoholic admitting his addiction, it’s the first step in tackling the problem.
    Our defenders are fine, they just need to be set-up better and organised.
    Catching up on comments now!

  117. Afternoon everyone..

    We signed anyone??

  118. Afternoon all. AK – I remember him mentioning it at the end of last season (Possibly after the Norwich game)…. Not done an awful lot about it so far though!

  119. Rico good news . .Squilliaci is not leaving and will be LANS for next season.

  120. Some players lose confidence,and with that,goes any enthusiasm they once had.
    I look at Arshavin and Chamakh in the same way.
    These are professional footballers,with professional pride. I’m not sure they don’t care so much as they are simply broken hearted,or broken spirited,and shadows of their former selves.
    It’s not easy to come back after that sets in.

  121. True Scott, but surely they have self respect! That along with a desire to better yourself should be enough to pick yourself up, knuckle down and get better. You’d think, anyway!

  122. Arshavin doesn’t have a mentality that could have his confidence stripped… He appears supremely confident.. A lazy bastard yes, but a lack of confidence, no.

    Chamakh – a different mentality.

  123. haha vernat, thankfully AW has said otherwise…

  124. SYG,Arshavin was a broken man when he replaced Ox v Utd,without a doubt.

  125. He didn’t look a broken man when he was telling all Russia “it’s your problem, deal with it” after they got eliminated from the Euro’s..
    He came over as a bolshy twat who wouldn’t let anything get him down…

    Maybe he caught Van Persie’s body language or the fans’ dissent when he came on v’s United?

    The clubs “superstar” gives him the thumbs-down, or the fans that had been coming in their pants two years before after he more or less single-handedly and without the said superstar managed to help us qualify for the Champions League, giving him the big boos…. are bound to take your mind off the job in hand….

    You turn up at work and your immediate boss says that you’re a wanker is bound to have an effect on your immediate output…. At least for the first ten minutes..

  126. I’d rather AA left……

  127. I’d rather AA middle…. ;)

  128. If Van Persie leaves Rico, or should I say when, you may find that Arshavin – if he’s retained of course, comes back to the player that he once was and what we ALL know he can be.

    A lot of may’s and if’s in there

  129. SYG, if my aunt had bollocks she’d be my uncle! ;)

  130. As long as keep Squillaci all will be fine.

  131. Lee – give my love to your Auntie.

    Nice one!

  132. :) Lee

    I’m not convinced SYG, apart from his 4 goals at Anfield and the odd good game, he’s failed to impress imho…

    A true pro would have upped his game when the chips are down, not let his own head go down and sulk….

  133. :) Adam, what, in the tea rooms?

  134. Rico. I feel that Squillaci has taken a lot of unjustified criticism for the failings of others. Don’t forget the 3 points against Stoke at home last year. In off the fetlock.

  135. Arshavin at Arsenal

    Games Goals Assists
    133 30 35

    Almost one in Four in goals and one in four in assists, looks like a useful player especially if we can convince him that he is wanted an valued to me.

  136. I really must stop being so cruel Adam, poor old Squilli..

  137. If he stays I’ll get behind him, but should he go and he’s replaced with a more industrious player, I wont be sad…

  138. Adam, your playing a dangerous game there my friend. Pinning your hopes for the forthcoming season on the Squilster…..

  139. Lee. I see him as player/ manager in a year or so.

  140. So do I Adam – but not with us ;)

  141. Finding his true vocation in life…

  142. Surely that would spell the end of AA SYG?

  143. Not surprised Sahin wants out of Real though, he only made 4 appearances for them last season….

  144. Anyone seen Charlie Adam’s tackle on monkey-man?

  145. Was there much wrong with it Adam?

  146. Morally yes Rico. It was repugnant. But in another way it was perfection.

  147. Apparently it was fairly lively, it was a Charlie Adam tackle that put monkey-man out for a while, soo there’s some previous. Frank Spencer was extremely pissed off with C.A!

  148. Or, not quite perfect enough, he is still walking :oops:

  149. Frank Spencer? AVB?

  150. Whoopsies and berets everwhere!

  151. You must admit there is a slight resemblance??

  152. Only reason you will see Arshavin in an arsenal shirt is because we can’t unload him,what ever the word is for not a team player..think it starts with Lazy C..t?

    Another nightmare of a player JD..will he improve..No he won’t..
    Wenger wants him to make it…it’s so sad to watch..sorry annoying.

  153. Yes, he is swinging through the trees still. Adam caught his ankle with a premeditated lunge and missed his arms. Not the first time I have seen him do that either.

  154. He is relaxing on his tyre suspended from the ceiling…looks like he’ll make it!

  155. Genus Cymru Pithicus.

  156. Afternoon guys, what’s new?

    AA was awesome when we first got him, but if you’re not willing to apply yourself in this league, you’re never going to amount to much.

  157. There is Lee :)

    fred, you don’t think much of AA then ;)

    Who will be 4th choice defender?


    Not sure any have done themselves any great favours in Asia..

  158. Rico, you cannot put that list up without Adam’s main man!!

  159. We must look up Rico, when thinking of players like those – not down. Of those 3 only Miquel might be good enough and that won’t be for another year or two.

  160. I deliberately omitted him Lee. In the land of the horse, the Squill is King.

  161. Squillinus Equinus.

  162. If superStar sees you day-in and day-out and knows your work rate as lazy bastard who gives the ball away cheaply and don’t retrack, he has to object openly when he sees that a change has to be made in a moment when not really necessary.

    Btw, Jenks loves Arsenal but he is not first team material. With Gibbs; he is there already, just more games. Imho

  163. Most of the goals we concede come from counter attacks,that goal norwich scored to make 3-3 5mins to go,I think we need a shrink more than another defender.Rico

  164. Arsenal didn’t pay nothing for Chamack, why can’t they give this guy away for nothing. Let him make room for someone that looks promising.

  165. Nashua – According to Fiorentina, Chamakh is on £2.35M per annum
    That is £45K per week.

    He’s not even worth the N.I contributions on that…

  166. Cost less per goal than Torres cost Chelsea though :-)

  167. Nashua, the Fiorentina Chairman pulled the plug on any transfer last month when he heard Chamakh was on nearly 3 mill a year and some people feel sorry for him……crazy !

  168. SYG, why AW is dancing with this guy is really beyond me. He has been given so many chances. I’d rather Park than Chamack.

  169. OOPS – Sorry Lee, just for Adam, Squilli will of course leapfrog them all into 4th place….

    Hi Romford..

  170. I’ll let you have that one SYG.

  171. Sorry for him? how much police officers and firefighters make per week?

  172. @Vernat1066, Torres was worth watching when he was with Liverpool, Andy was when he was with Newcastle, Na$ri when with Arsenal. If RVP leaves,the same will happen.

  173. Not Bartley Adam?

  174. NG – I can see Jenks being moved central and imho it will suit his game more…

    At least we all know what we’ll get from him, 100%

  175. I saw that one Lee, toes and fingers have been crossed since…. ;)

  176. Jeremy Wilson ‏@JWTelegraph
    Arsenal working on at least two others deals as well as cazorla, including sahin, which could take a while…

  177. Good news then Wath, is he reliable?

    Anyone watching young Tom???

  178. 46 years ago today Bobby Moore lifted the World Cup, we’re coming up on the rails.

  179. Rico, he is a determined Arsenal player but just not there yet as Arsenal first team. Some of the reasons why we’re linking goals we tend to overlook at what the players can do at the pitch instead we look at their heart. These two must be one. Jenks imo, is a raw material. He needs some more finish touches, not until then.

  180. That makes me feel old Micko….

  181. I agree he’s not quite there yet NG but I have every confidence in him. He’s young, he came from playing for Charlton reserves – 2/3 years I reckon he’ll be a very strong, organised CB…

  182. Wonder if one of those two players is Luke Shaw Wath?

  183. I hope it’s a DM!

  184. Few seasons ago fans were shouting ” we’re top of the league.” This season, we’re going to say the same thing. We going to be on top of the league.

  185. I hope it’s a DM, LB, Cazorla and Sahin…

  186. That’s just being greedy!!

  187. :lol: Not at all Lee

  188. I have my fingers crossed for a 16 year old spanish prodigy that was smuggled into the country via suitcase!

  189. Betty, it’s my trouble

  190. AK, how are you doing?

  191. No, not Bartley for me Rico. All these blokes are just too flakey. Get some proper defenders in. Ruthless bastards who take conceding a goal personally and enjoy the taste of blood. Make Arsenal the hardest and most frugal of teams in defence. If we have to lose a bit of attacking flair, then so be it. Draw teams onto us in numbers as our defenders are drawn over the halfway line like moths to a flame, then win the ball with a proper DM player and convert attack into defence in the blink of an eye. Don’t get exposed by long hoofed balls banged out of defence by cretins like Shawcross, go one or two down and the have to push defenders up, leaving us exposed. And please Stevie Bould tell our CBs that if you see them both in the opposition’s box for a corner when we are 1-0 up in the 92nd minute you will do something really, really horrible to them like make them sit through 6 hours of Lenny Henry CDs or going out for the evening to a car park with Stan Collymore or kissing Adrian Durham.

  192. Never trust a Jeremy. Look at Clarkson and Thorpe.

  193. Or a Malaysian Esp ;)

  194. I’m ok in myself Lee.
    I just hate the Olympics.
    Shaw would be great business.
    I’m optimistic about further signings
    Maybe Arsenal have rediscovered it’s backbone in the transfer market?
    Afternoon AKB’s
    Afternoon RICO.
    Lata, and for Adam, Lara

  195. They’re not too big, we could fit them in the same suitcase!

  196. Afternoon AK, all good??

    Wish you were the manager for a couple of days in this transfer window Adam…

  197. Look at AK, with his new Iphone!! Predictive text spells Rico in capitals!! ;)

  198. Scott does that too Lee

    Take that predictive text off AK ;)

    I want an iphone now, but have a poor man’s alternative :(

  199. You can’t switch it off, you have to type a “x” at the end of it then hit back space…..

  200. Thank you Rico. I take that as a great compliment. Give me Usmanov’s dosh and let no man stand in my way. We would dine on the flesh of our opponents and make the fans proud to be Gooners again. Mankini would cry for mercy as we crushed him beneath the wheels of our canon and Fergie’s nose would burst its billions of blood vessels as our centre halves fell, elbow first on Rooney’s bulging gut and pulled Nani’s earrings out with our teeth.

  201. Adam you animalistic fiend ;)

  202. Adam = two ruthless bastards in defence
    Lee = M’Vila
    Stanley = Cazorla
    Rico = Baines



  203. All a bit complex for the tiny mind of a woman Lee :lol: :lol:

    Adam – I am not sure that any of the defenders we have are ruthless enough…

    Not sure I’d want to dine on Rooney’s flesh though, and certainly not Bales ;)

  204. Ramsay on the left Rico? :)
    You are right Romford. No more Mr Nice Guy. I want Gooners to have a smile on their faces after the games again. We need passion and fierce commitment. We know we are better than them and we don’t just want to win. We want to humiliate, obliterate and anhialate. All the ‘ates in fact.

  205. Mankini is a brilliant name, isn’t it?

  206. Obviously Rico, I excuse you from dining on their flesh. You can have a cheese omelette instead.

  207. Or a bit of grilled Tofu?

  208. Boo!! So many comments to read, my head is swimming. ;) Back in a bit.

  209. Ramsey on the bench Adam ;)

    I’ll settle for a nice cheese omelette, thank you…

    Lee – who thought that up? It’s fab….

  210. I think it was Lee. It’s his droll humour. :)

  211. Hi Agag. Stan will be here soon. :)
    You should never have sent him that photo.

  212. Haloumi would be perfect Adam….

    Hi agag

  213. I had Haloumi in a tapas bar today Rico. I thought of you as I munched it.

  214. hi adam,lee,rico,agag…..and where’s stan?

  215. Hi bondex. Stan has just risen in the US and is jet washing his underpants as we speak.

  216. I would be surprised if AW doesn’t bring in one (hopefully, two) of Cazorla, M’Vila, and Sahin (whom I admittedly know nothing about). ;)

    Hiya, rico. You’d get food poisoning just thinking about whether Rooney or Bale are edible.

    Hi, Adam. Bloodthirsty, are we?? ;) Goonster has me confused with his Phuket masseuse. ;) ;) Tsk, tsk.

    I’ve seen Rambo… and he hasn’t impressed. :(

  217. Just off to begin preparations for a sumptuous meal for Mrs Adam. She spied me looking rathe furtively at adverts for a new car earlier and thinks I am too hasty as I only bought one just over a year ago. I will seduce her with Thai sticky rice and mango and a coconut vegetable curry with extra Chilli and sprinkled with fresh lime juice and green papaya. She will be like putty in my hands. :)

  218. Adam, you’re quite the gourmand, aren’t you?? That sounds scrumptious. Try sticky black rice, a bit more toothsome, and has a fuller flavor. :)

  219. How lovely Adam, not thinking of me, but the tapas. I love it with the garlic toast – mind you, not allowed out for a few days after ;)

  220. http://www.sportinglife.com/football/news/article/165/7950990/ferdinand-charged-over-twitter-row

    Ferdinand charged. Nice one. Glad to see that the system works both ways.

  221. Hi bondex, this is stanleys time of day i think, he’ll pop up shortly ;)

    I can feel it already agag, arrrggggh

    Have a lovely meal Adam, I feel a Bentley purchase looming ;)

  222. His comment did make me chuckle though SYG, even though I do not condone it…

  223. I see Mankini hasn’t stopped talking about Robin. ;) Go on and buy him. Make us an outrageous offer. Please!! We are eager to get him out so we can buy.

  224. I’m far too butch for a Bentley Rico and couldn’t afford it anyway. Sad but true.
    That rice sounds good agag. If I could find it. Not really a gourmand though. I just like good food and in Mrs Adam I have a willing accomplice. :). Oh, and I like cooking.

  225. I don’t think they will make an offer agag, he’s off to the other side of Manchester….

    Ferrari then Adam or a nice Toyota ;)

  226. It didn’t make me chuckle, Rico.

    If the powers that be are wanting it stamped out – that’s great. But let’s get it stamped out completely. None of this one rule for one stuff.

    Same in general (and not just sport), and that goes for these so-called gangsta-rappers who cut their CD’s with “N” this and “N” that..
    …I’ve had the portable speakers taken out of the gym because of the young De-Da’s playing that shite…

  227. agag, I have stopped commenting about cooking now that we have our own Raymond Blanc in the house… :)

    I changed it, have to keep the Squilli connection ;)

  228. Afternoon all.

    Breifly, report as of end-July of our squad stands a sfollows:

    1 – Szczesny – still raw, will let in more than 30 league goals.

    2 – Per, TV5 and Kos – who is our bets CB pairing?

    3 – RB – Jenkinson is not good enough.

    4 – LB – Santos is bad and so is Gibbs.

    5 – SOng-Arteta-Diaby seems to be our starting MIDFIELD

    6 – Walcott – Van Persie – Gervinho is our Forward-3.

    I see our starting squad a sfollows:





    ……………………………..Van Persie

    I will rather play Yennaris or Coquelin or even Lansbury as RB.
    Jenkinson is just that..a squad player.

    Santos can’t defend nor trakc back.
    Gibbs is still not tracking back nor does he has that Engine to play box-to-box.
    Moreover, Gibbs positional sense and tactical awareness is bad and got caught out all the times.

    Jenkinson-Walcott is a disaster at right flank as both of ‘em can’t defend.

    Van Persie?
    Wenger realsied that he is vital and if he has his way, there is no way he will sell Van Persie unless someone si daft enough to fork out 30-mil.

    Let’s hope that bald and slimy snake-oil salesman will back Wenger all the way and refused to sell Van Persie for elss than 30-mil, even at the risk of him leaving on a Bosman in July 2013.

    After all, if Van Persie still can get 20+ league goals for 2012/13 season, he is worthed every pennies of that 20-mil “opportunity cost” we may lose in July 2013.

    We bought RvP for 3.75-mil…and that is the actual amount we lost…forget about “capital gains” as sometiems having a bakcbone to stand up to Manchester is wortehd more than 20-mil.

    Just look at the derisory figure of 8-mil to 12-mil bantering aorund as if Arsenal FC is a feeder club like any Championship teams.

    Where is the respect with both MAnchester clubs plus marquee European clubs treatign Arsenal FC with contempt as if they knew that Kroenke and Gazidis are only interested in milking as much dosh out of Arsenal FC as fast as possible to get bakc their investments?

  229. Rico. I have my eye on a Ferrari red Reliant Robin to replace the old one. I aim to have a strip across the top of the windscreen saying Adam and Mrs Adam above each of us. Sounds cool eh?

  230. I just want him gone, rico. I don’t really care where he goes, if he fetches a good price. He had one stellar year with us. He’ll get crocked again, I’m sure. Best he’s sold!

    Adam, rico likes to cook, too. :) :) You should exchange recipes. The only person who says I’m a good cook is myself. Ahaha.

  231. Merlin. What investment has Gazidis made in Arsenal that he is looking to recoup?
    Rico. I do hope you are not referring to me there.

  232. rico, I remember, I used to ask you pretty much every night what you were cooking!! Haha. We have fancy drinkers and eaters here. ;)

  233. Hi Merlin…

    Cushtie Adam :lol:

  234. Rico and I do exchange recipes agag. She will confirm that to you.

  235. Adam, bet your rubbish at taking corners.

    A lot of these players must have shit for brains when it comes to twatter and that includes some of our lot.

  236. Of course I am Adam….

    agag, I know, all goes over my head some days ;)

  237. Micko. You are right. My speciality, according to Mrs Adam, is spending money frivolously and spilling staining liquids on t shirts.

  238. And exchanging recipes Adam…

  239. Boo. Micko. A lot of ours are just plain silly on twitter. :D

    rico, I swear that one time, HH was like a wine blog. ;)

    In defense of frivolity, Adam, there is nothing like it to make one happy. :D My shopping buddy and new iPhone owner, AK, would attest to that.

  240. I could get a bit of a complex here.

  241. Hi agag, can you put the record straight, is it purely plutonic between you and Stan, it’s a bit unclear.

  242. Just a few days ago wasn’t it agag ;)

    Complex Adam, you should be flattered ;)

  243. Adam I wish you could spend some of than money on getting us Cazorla…. don’t think it will be frivolous then…

  244. SYG, does that article say what i think it does, malaga really are in the mire?

  245. Micko, Stanley is just soooo… Stanley. :) Anyone could log in as “Candy” or “Honey”, and he’d want to be feeding them grapes and brushing their hair. :D :D

    Adam :lol:

  246. Our style of play would suit Cazorla. :) Come on, Malaga. Sell!!

    What does all that mean, SYG?

  247. agag..that isn’t true about stan….

  248. Afternoon Agag.
    Been under that cocoanut tree all day munching grapes?
    Gal, you know how to live…
    Don’t worry your ‘mate’ will be along soon.
    Er, that mate in friend terms I hasten to add…..
    Phew…. ;-)

  249. Malaga failed to pay…?

    read the comments section. Fairly interesting.

    Spanish call them what most of us call Mercenary City FC

  250. Agag, word on the street is Kev found the iPhone on his back seat, perks of the job !
    Did anyone see the news last night that Saudi Arabia are threatening to pull out of the Olympics if their female competitor isn’t allowed to wear her head scarf when competing in the judo, the world is going bonkers.

  251. Micko. The world has gone bonkers.
    Loads on here racially abusing Gareth Bale.

  252. I will read the comments…

    Love that Micko, ‘perks of the job’…

  253. SYG, it’s not big and it’s not clever and I’m not talking about Gareth Bale before you ask.

  254. Adam talking about a new Robin Reliant, reminds me of my first car.
    I could drive it on my full motorcycle license.
    Happy carefree days…
    God, I hate the Olympics

  255. we haven’t been racially abusing Bale on here???

  256. Where’s Rocky?
    That fella don’t stop working

  257. Off to have dinner, back in a bit….

  258. 12 more days, then it’s home to the seaside, thank heavens.
    No more IOC mini-cabs hogging the road.
    No more idiots in pink vests looking like they know what they’re doing whilst not have a scoobie.

  259. We were just saying that Bale resembled a strategically shaved chimpanzee….no racialism at all!!!

  260. afternoon guys…..thIs DMV folks sure know how to tick you off……hey lil mama, miss me dont ya? bondex pal, thanks for standing up for me. AK, get your own dream you plonker. adam, my man, where do i start from?

  261. hey lee…….

  262. Stanley my man, what’s the word?

  263. You called this Cazorla transfer a while ago….looks like its gonna happen!

  264. lee you know me………..am always on point! how are ya?

  265. carzola should unveiled within the week i heard…..

  266. Mick, I often find the odd abandoned women on my back seat, but sadly no phones

  267. Lee, the words is, pants…

  268. I’m ok mate!

  269. hey AK, still ripping off folks are ya? yet you moan about how you hate the olympics. dude, i can see through you man. you love the olympics. you are making a killing. poor unsuspecting tourists i feel for them.

  270. lee, who’s luke shaw? sounds like a dirty old republican to me.

  271. Stan, I wouldn’t dream of intruding on your dream.
    You gotta play it cool Stan.
    Hang loose man…

  272. I was just trying to avoid the pants route…..

  273. am always cool AK, thanks to you. hey how’s the missus?

  274. I don’t too much about him he’s a young left back at Southampton….

  275. Damn ya Stan, you can see right thru me.
    And I thought I had y’all fooled

  276. is he any good lee?

  277. AK, i ve got x rayed vision. i can see through AGAG’s blouse too! dont tell her though,

  278. The Missus Stan, last time I saw her, she asked about you

  279. Kev, I’m sure you could tell a tale or two, confessions of a taxi cab driver.

  280. She said, “that young man must be forever doing his laundry”…

  281. hey here comes my favorite irish guy…………howdy micko?

  282. Mick, when eventually we meet up for a pint, I shall regale you of some of my favourite tales

  283. How do Stan, how’s your hammer hanging today ?

  284. micko, am flat broke brother plus the DMV people ticked the hell outta of me today. damn brunettes, always jealous of my golden fur. men i outta…….

  285. she really said that AK? wow, i am on fire.!

  286. where is everyone?

  287. you guys make me sick……….i pop in and you all leave! that’s it am heading to “legrove”

  288. Stan, what’s wrong now???
    I thought you was cool.

  289. So you reckon Carzola will be in the bag by the weekend then Stan?
    Hmm, not so sure myself, hope your right.

  290. Any news….

    Evening all….

  291. You get right back here Stanley!!

  292. no i wont……..am heading to legrove!

  293. Everyone seems to have gone so I’m having an early one…

    Nighty all,

    ‘Til tomorrow….

  294. how re you doing mama bear? you guys owe me big. i told ya about the whole carzola thingy but you all were like” dont go all mata on us?
    now who’s laughing?

  295. get back here rico…………you owe ten bucks

  296. Dang, she’s gone again. grrrrrrr

  297. early night…feeling a little under the weather ….good night all

  298. We haven’t signed him yet Stanley…

    Thought you had gone to LG??

  299. Nighty bondex, hope you feel better tomorrow…

  300. now this is getting ridiculous………..i pop in they all vanish. is this a plan cause it sure aint working. AK, DEVIL,LEE,W.A.T.H,AGAG,MICKO,BONDEX,SCOTT,ADAM,NASHUA where the heck are you guys?

  301. Def off now….

  302. Blame you time zone goonie ;)

  303. there you are……….what’s going on guys? giving me the silent treatment are ya?

  304. well its not my fault……grrrrr, get back here rico or i swear i ll go to legrove now

  305. blimey, she called my bluff. she left!


    Stan behave. Or we will tie you up and put you in a miniskirt after shaving your legs.

    You go on LG?????? Buuuhhhhahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

  307. took you long enough……

  308. so who’s this luke shaw fella devil? is he any good?

  309. I was doing the odd jobs today and they take up all the time. And then I was planning with W.A.T.H how are we going to tie you up and trying to get Adam to shave your legs. It was a hard piece of negotiation nut in the end he saw our point and decided to get a sander on your legs before waxing them. :lol:

  310. Luke Shaw is a tad fast. Faster than you are after a skirt!!!!!

  311. He is also a good dribbler…way better than you when you handle melons.

    He also does a defensively cleaning up job better than how you clean yourself after wetting yourself when we sign a superstar.

  312. i doubt it, have you seen me chase skirts? anyway is he a disciplined LB or the type that likes to bomb forward? cause we already have those in abundance.

  313. hahahahahahaha devil you re in your zone tonight….

  314. He is attack minded Goonie. But he is also a good player. Type of Bale but with better technique. The thing is that if Winterburn had been playing now he would become like Gibbs and Santos….bombing forward and lacking defensive sense. Its the way AW plays his tactics.

  315. I am off mate……..got to go to sleep now

  316. yeah you re right….anyway what is this i hear about chamakh staying? wenger’s saying poldi and giroud wont be fit? then play theo there ffs! sheesh

  317. night devil….see ya!

  318. gotcha mate. I am not going to sleep at the moment but will do so soon

  319. seems as if Sahin might be moving to AFC on permanent basis

    Cazorla will be AFC player in a couple of minutes, days, months, years……….depending who you read.

  320. that’s a good thing, no? sounds like you re not happy with the deal devil.

  321. I believe it when I see them playing in AFC colours mate. I prefer to keep my feet on the ground and not get over excited only to see an egg or two on my face,

    Good players both of them………but I prefer Capoue. Then again Sahin is not bad but quite good.

  322. permanent!!!!!!! does that mean we wont be signing carzola??? no way, carzola over sahin anyday.

  323. I meant both. But RM want Sahin on a loan deal while it seems as if AFC want him permanent.

    Cazorla I like also.

  324. devil, its almost a done deal, do you need moses,abraham and elijah to appear before you believe? jeez, talk about no faith. even my spuds mate are already congratulating me.

  325. As I told you mate. I have been disappointed more than enough times to believe before I see them in an AFC shirt.

  326. sahin is class but carzola is something else plus he’s aworld cup winner. we need him more than we do sahin in my opinion.

  327. Which one are you mate……….

  328. yeah i know how you feel but its almost a done deal! we goofed up with mata and alvarez cause we had competition but carzoola is ours to lose. have faith man(even though you re the devil)

  329. are you CHUNK?????

  330. Neither am too cool for that kinda crap!!!!! plus am dutch we are a proud people!

  331. loooooollllllllll

  332. just pulling your leg mate. ;)

  333. Watford have today announced Gianfraco Zola has brought seven new players to the club.

    The new Watford manager has brought in former Arsenal goalkeeper Manuel Almunia and defender Fitz Hall in on one year contract’s whilst also signing five players on season long loans.

    Good luck Manuel. Whatever anyone might think on your abilities you are one of the club’s best gentleman. We never heard a word from you downgrading AFC. Hope you get four good years at Watford.

  334. hahahahahahahahaa joey is a goof ball…..chandler really did him in there. i really loved that girl though. kinda hot. she’s not dutch by the way. we dont talk like that. the accent is a bit germanic!

  335. I am off now Goonie mate.

    Hope to see you tomorrow

    Good night Fine Folk.

  336. good old clownmunia………..will miss him though. scared the crap outta me. no gooner ll forget shite hart lane 09/10 when danny”fucking” rose scored his first and only goal to the tots.

  337. no you wont………..am heading to legrove. they love me there.

  338. Morning all.
    Stan,Le Grove won’t have you :)

  339. On Sahin,I’ve been wondering why we’d other getting him in loan,so am glad to hear we are attempting to make it permanent.
    He hasn’t settled at all in Real,and one season on the bench is more than enough to convince a young,talented player that it’s not the club for him.
    I understand why we got Yossi in last season,but normally,we’re not a club requiring loaned out players.

  340. Is that right Stanley, they love you on Le Grove?
    Well maybe I’ll pop over to LG and see how your getting on?!

  341. Morning Lee and all :)

  342. Ches on Bould:

    ‘Steve likes to shout at players and keep them on their toes which some of us need,’ said Szczesny. ‘Pat was like our father and he didn’t want to scream at us. Steve is a little bit different.’

    Think we might see Bould off of his chair during matches… Good!

  343. He’d better pull his finger out we are leaking goals like a colander leaks water…

  344. We need a plumber it’s that bad….

  345. New one up…

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