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Santi to arrive on Tuesday, Diaby fears the axe & Plenty of Rising Stars for this coming season.

Morning Gooners..

The Santi Cazorla story again makes the headlines this morning, a few newspapers report that the deal is expected to be completed by Tuesday as the Qatari negotiators for Malaga are flying in this weekend to sort out the deal and hope to conclude this quickly.

Just where these negotiators are flying into I don’t know, could be Spain, could be London but either way, Arsenal will finally have someone ‘proper’ to talk to as they attempt to secure this deal.

Another newspaper reports that Abou Diaby fears that if he doesn’t finally shake off his injury woes, Arsene Wenger will lose patience and sell him:

It is a crucial season and it is really important for me to be back strong and have a very good year.

I think everyone would agree that Diaby needs an injury free season and he really needs to start showing us all just why Arsene Wenger has such belief in him. For the good of the player, club and results he really does need a great season but as for Wenger selling him, I doubt that very much.

Should Diaby continue his dreadful run of injuries, Arsene Wenger will have no problem giving a few of the youngsters a chance and a few of them have played well on this pre-season tour of the Far East.

Chuks Aneke and Thomas Eisfield both found the back of the net against Malaysia, something which senior counterparts couldn’t manage and of course others have stood out too, like  Benik Afobe, Nico Yennaris and Ryo.

We have some young players who are already experienced, for example if I tell you Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, you will tell me he is not young but he is 18 years old.

Jack Wilshere is 20, Aaron Ramsey is 21 and we have some more young players who might push up this season.

On tour we have Chuks Aneke who has shown quality and of course Ryo. We also have younger players who are 16 or 17, who are not with us on tour, who will certainly appear this season. We are faithful to what we want to do which is to promote young players and give them a chance at that level.

Finally it seems that we really have a few players coming through doesn’t it?

For a few seasons now it seems that the future always looked bright with the reserve/youth players at the club, but apart from Wilshere, no-one has really made their mark and proved themselves.

Ok it’s still early days with this current crop but they look different somehow…

We should get to see them all on show again today as we play out our final match against Kitchee FC in just under half an hour.

Let’s go out in style eh….

Have a good day all…..

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210 comments on “Santi to arrive on Tuesday, Diaby fears the axe & Plenty of Rising Stars for this coming season.


  2. Morning all….

    So RvP hot tipped to be heading up to Manchester to join Fergie, if the club make the right offer and pay him the same as Rooney


  3. Make sure the rising stars can help to win gaames. It’s no use playing sumptuous football only to be beaten or finish with one point.One more point. The gunners must shoot on sight otherwise it will slow down the attack.I’m afraid Wenger better go for direct football which can win games.No ifs and buts.
    This could be a crucial season for everyone at ES including Wenger. The final table will decide his future,believe me.

  4. Morning all,

    I am rooting for Diaby…Diiiiiiii—aaaaa–byyyyyyyyyyy—–haha..

    Rico house was empty without you y’day.

    Btw, I hope Wenger becomes brave and plays player who is hungry and not who can be great if he wants to. Apart from Diaby I am really rooting for Rambo this season. Rambo and Diaby my pics for the season.

  5. Chambo-Ryo starts. Oh forgot to add Ryo there. Ryooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…………….

  6. Oh dear, 1-0 and again some shocking defending…

  7. Hi S2S – had a busy day, missed you all though ;)

  8. I have never doubted Diaby’s ability as a footballer but I have my doubts he will ever reach his potential because of persistent injury’s. Hope I’m wrong though because he could be a fantastic player for us.

  9. Hate to say this but Diaby is shocking as is Chamakh…

  10. You watching the game TT?

  11. No what channel is it on rico?

  12. And these are preseason games. The opposition will take the game seriously where’s our players are only looking for a run out so I would not read to much into the result today. The game against Cologne will be much more competitive on our half as we will be close to kick offf and our players will have much better fitness. Its when you are not fully fit when you are in the most danger of injury.

  13. So ask your self’s would you rather win to day and have a possible injury or loose and get all home fit?

  14. Chamakh is woeful

    1-1 Theo…

  15. No-one wants an injury, that’s for sure

  16. 2-1 Kitchee….

  17. Could we sign some of these Kitchee defenders?

  18. Haha Esp, they are more committed and organised than ours aren’t they…

  19. I’m not saying my sunday league team would beat Arsenal, but we’d definitely put a few past them!

    I can’t understand why defenders by the boat load have not come in, we concede 49 goals last season, and nothing is done about it?

  20. Well, here we go again..

  21. But how many times will we see this back four together this coming season, possibly never…

    The real work begins when we land home, then Bould/Banfield can get to work…

  22. Btw, is Bould travelling with the team or is back home working unfits and RvP to hell?

  23. Rico, knowing our injury record, it could be very possible!

  24. Rico are you on ESPN live

  25. Btw did anyone of you go to watch Olympics?

  26. Bould is in London S2S

    Not this season Esp, things are going to improve, it’s some other clubs turn to get the injuries…

    Talking of which, Bale was on the receiving end of a nasty one from Charlie Adam…

    AVB is not very happy…

  27. Rico,

    AVB is a whinger. Remember, firt game he played against Stoke, he criticized them so much without even have to see his most talented player going to hospital in ambulance.

    Btw, if Bould is in London then he has hardly worked with this fellows. I am sure he’d put fear of god in them every time they concede. Wenger is a softie in that manner.

    Btw Bould must be putting fear of god in Robin to get him in shape. I still hope we play Barnet in practice match.

  28. Please wenger sign Santi is a welcome development and we need more experience players because i believe you can do it for us (gunners) once more “in Wenger i trust”

  29. I hope we keep RVP for the season, even if he doesn’t want to sign, another 30+ goals is worth more than the 15m which wouldn’t go back into the team anyway.

  30. I do S2S

    Exactly re the training, this tour is about the asian fans, and a run out, getting fitness etc. The hard work begins tomorrow/tuesday..

  31. He’s gone Esp…

  32. I really like Aneke…

  33. Good Morning Fine Folk.

    We are down 2-1 and AW has made 6 subs. Hope they work out now. We need to win.

  34. And that’s another post. Afobe vibrates it after some good work and a good cross by Gervinho.

  35. Morning, Bouldy is on the tour Rico not in London…!

  36. Really wish we still had Nasri and Cesc.

  37. Another good shot by Aneke. Seems as if we are not afraid to shoot now. Better than passing the ball till death and trying to walk it in

  38. I do worry about our left backs….

  39. Its Gervinho time……

  40. Rico I worry about all of our backs…

  41. Morning devil, thanks re the post..

    Morning Wath – i was sure he stayed at home, oops…

  42. One of the midgets in our side has headed a ball. WWWOOOWWW

  43. And the routine begins. We start creating chance after chance but there is no goal to show for that.

  44. Erm….that was Theo. Forgot to tell you the midget’s name

  45. :lol: Esp..

    To be fair though, they are not training much are they, play a game, and jump on a plane to the next venue…

    Can understand why AW doesn’t like these far east tours…

    Good to see Theo starting to shoot more, ok they are not going in as yet but they are not far off either…

  46. Hopefully it starts going in……

  47. When I was in Spain one of the pubs was showing an old champs league game Arsenal Vs Deportivo (maybe 02?). Was painful to watch how far we have fallen, could you imagine Arsenal of today playing Arsenal of 10 years ago..

  48. ESP:

    Thank god we ain’t Deportivo fans..

  49. It could get a whole lot better this season though, we have signed two quality players, Gervingo in his second season should be a lot better, get M’Vila or similar and Santi and all won’t be so bad imho…

    Add to them two or three of these younger players and the squad will be stronger…

    Also reinvest whatever we get for RvP…

    I fee more optimistic than I did this time last season…

  50. Will it be Tomas again to score today?

  51. Is he on yet?

  52. If the right players come in Rico, M’vila is a must and Santi would be a huge plus, Sell RVP and bring in a solid defender, then maybe we could do something.

  53. No. Waiting for him to come on. He’s also one of those classy midgets.

  54. Gervinho does look a different player to the one we had last season. He has been very lively.

  55. Great play by OC, deserved a better finish…

  56. Don’t think we’ll get a defender Esp, not now Bartley has been added to the squad..

    Second season step up devil ;)

  57. Yennaris, Arteta and Song on.

    That is 9 subs so far this half.

  58. @Devil

    He’s dribbling and close ball control is second to none. Hope he’s chicken legs start finishing as well.

  59. Tomas on as well. Bartley too.

  60. Afobe should have scored with his header.

    A goal might not be far away.

    Jenks is a quality crosser. His defending leaves a bit to be desired but attacking wise he is simple and effective.

  61. Eisfeld on for Theo, Bartley on for JD

  62. 15 minutes left and we have camped in their half.

  63. 2-1 Thomas :)

  64. Hahaha Tomas scores again.He’s getting into Cesc like habits. Ain’t he. Little German.

  65. So what’s the score now?

  66. 2-2. Btw it looks as if we got the right German after all.

  67. if gervino plays like that we wont need santi and what about eisfield another goal

  68. Ohhhh Shiiiiiiiiittttttttttttt. I went to Sh** and lost the goal.

    2-2 and Thomas Eisfeld has his second of the tour.

  69. Oh yes we will need Santi Steve. He will be playing centrally not on the wings.

  70. I meant Gervinho playing centrally.

  71. Thomas looks like Rambo only but only with better finishing.

  72. and we go to penalties

  73. The missus has just asked me how can one take penalties in the kitchen???? :lol:

  74. Def need Santi….

    That’s that then, now to get back home safely and let AW get on with securing a couple or more new signings this week.

    Need them in before the 12th August and need RvP out before then, IF, he is going….

  75. He has to GO Rico.

  76. Has Emirates got any Olympic game?

  77. With Manchester United currently embroiled in the race to sign Arsenal’s wantaway striker Robin van Persie, a report by John Richardson in the British newspaper The Express on Sunday revealed that, were a move to take place, the Dutchman would demand a wage packet similar in size to United’s current top earner, Wayne Rooney.

    Rooney is currently on a salary believed to be close to £220,000 a week and is one of the Premier League’s best paid players as a consequence.

    In a bid to have Van Persie stay at the club, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger had earlier this year offered the striker a three-year, £130,000 a week contract, with a £5 million signing bonus attached to sweeten the deal.

    But the offer was rejected, the player believing he could earn almost £100,000 a week more at another club.

    Greed is believed by many to be the primary motivation for van Persie wanting to leave North London this summer.

  78. I think so too now devil, but if we get offered the right money etc, he may have little choice but to stay…

  79. Someone let me know how the shoot-out went, please. And, yes, Robin has made his remaining with our club untenable.

  80. Afternoon everyone.
    The Hong Kong side are exactly what they are – poor. Anyone can look good against a shite opponent …. The thing is we apparently did not.

  81. S2S – no thankfully

    Unless your own theory is right devil, greed became clear as he refused what we offered… good luck to him i say as he’s going to need it…

    Hi syg, but they are the league champions for the last three years ;)

  82. Plenty here,there and everywhere are now thinking this Eisfeld is pretty good.
    App. 7 months ago,not one positive comment good be found about the guy.
    He has a long way to go,no question,but he’s started off on the right foot.
    Evening all.

  83. They are League Champions of Hong Kong, Rico. An ex-British province that is FIFA ranked at No. 160 in the world.
    Vietnam are at 120 along with Liberia????
    Arsenal are supposedly one of the top ten teams in the world, and one of the richest, whilst England as a country are ranked at No. 4.
    We should be despatching sides like these with rugby scores.
    We need a massive clear out. Djourou and Diaby would be the first to get their P45’s.

  84. Hiya Scott.

    A bit of a mistaken comment…….seeing that I had posted a couple of clips on him and said that he has good technique.

  85. Hi Scott,

    glad I never had a word to say about Eisfield, other than ‘not another youngster’ – he could turn out to be a master stroke of a signing by AW, but lets see him in the Pl first…

    Just as you say though, he has started well, may that remain…
    How old is he?

  86. syg – the ;) should have been a good indicator of my irony :)

    I really have been underwhelmed by Diaby and what will JD be this coming season, 4th, 5th, 6th choice – behind Bartley and Miquel, or could he yet leave as advised by the Swiss coach…

  87. Devil,ok…one against a few thousand or so.
    Rico,he was 19 when he joined us….may be 20 mow though.
    I can’t wait to see him a year or to down the track.
    These aren’t trial games,they’re a PR visit.
    Better these games than what poor old Spuds have copped….couldn’t happen to a nicer prick though.

  88. Test.

  89. Sorry guys,just had a post disappear into thin air.
    Devil,I was taking a punt….I knew someone out there would have said something good about him :)
    He’s a talented kid who,if he continues to progress,could be a sensational buy.

  90. Sorry Rico. I’m running the gym over in Scunthorpe this morning and the Pc behind the counter is about as capable as flipping Abou Diaby… I didn’t notice THE ironic smiley..

  91. Trials,especially of this nature,are totally irrelevant to how a club is travelling.
    Better drawing with a side of this nature than having some wanker from Liverpool taking our player out.
    I must say though,Charlie,you picked a right target to go after lol.

  92. At the moment he is not good enough to start matches in the EPL. He is just 18/19 and physically he is not strong yet. It may have to be season 2013/2014 before we see him start games. His muscles are not that formed and his bone mass/density need around 3 more years to be adult strong. But he will be a great impact sub and should be used more in the last 20/25 minutes in the EPL. In the CL that may be a different matter, especially against not so tough but technical opponents. Eisfeld, as you say Rico, may turn out to be a master signing. And as I said yesterday…..the way he controls the ball, looks up and sprays long/short passes is reminiscent of Cesc.

    I have just been reading some reports on NN and it amazes me just how ignorant and quick to judge journos and bloggers are. Everyone is claiming that the fault for the first goal was Miguel. He is FUCKING NOT. He does not have eyes in his arse does he. The player simply put the ball behind him. And Miguel or any defender for that matter would not have turned around that quickly to defend it. Rather the mistake came from Diaby who expected the ball to arrive to him on a plate and moved only when the opponent had stolen a yard away from him to give the killer pass. Secondly JD was not covering at an angle and was placed square in line with Miguel and he did not offer support with the consequence that he could not make ground. Miguel had covered his angles well and the only place that his opponent could put the ball was behind him which he did. Mark my words…..if AFC let Miguel go back to Barca he will become another Pique.

    Watch all the goals here………..

  93. Adam has been having similar probs Scott, it’s annoying and i don’t know why it’s happening…

    syg, you are forgiven ;) ;)

  94. Welcome GonerEris – there was no shoot-out

  95. I know what you are saying there Scott, but these sides are basically pub sides. We ought to be driving through them like a hot knife through butter, and certainly not conceding.

  96. Definably Diaby at fault devil, just why we need a DM, that kind of giving a sloppy ball away so easily, would never happen….

    Think Miquel got his studs stuck in the turf as well…

  97. DevilG. I thought the same. Diaby is a lazy bastard. He was in smoking jacket, pipe and slippers-mode when the ball was played to him. His body language is shit. Djourou is Djourou he wants flogging to Grasshoppers, Basel, Gay Boys Berne or whoever.

  98. TA06/MK/SB and SC would have read that situation well and would have blasted the ball and the forward combo in the stands.

  99. SYG,it depends what Wenger is asking of them,as well.
    He may well be telling them they’ve a long season ahead,and this is a taxing trip,so just cruise,put on a show and sign some autographs.
    Our last trial or two sould give us some idea.

  100. Just realized that, Rico. Thanks mate. A very good work-out for the lads, it would seem, from the highlights I have seen. Now, back to London for the hard work.

  101. Good read.the defence is still a huge concern.with cazorla and sahin coming we seem so attack heavy.IMO we need a DM,RB backup and starting LB.

  102. Scott – i totally understand where you are coming from, but what Diaby did was bread and butter – you or i would have have put more effort in for that ball than he did…

    That was laziness imho and from a man who says this is his most important season…

  103. No probs GonerEris, glad you found HH by the way, we are a good bunch here, usually ;)

  104. I agree with you 100% Scott. I feel that the players are asked to just go through the motions. AW does not agree with these long haul trips. And tbh I do not either. No galivanting across the world for me. But money matters now.

    The game against Cologne will give us a good indication since it will just be a short trip and we will have all the big guns who were missing….plus those who did the tour. I have a feeling that for the last 20 minutes Eisfeld will play.

  105. Miquels pass wasn’t great,but Diaby showed no urgency.
    What a pass laid on to the striker though…..Dourou should’ve been drifting over in cover,but was plodding around again with no urgency.
    The second goal was just a scramble.
    Gervinho will show his class this season.

  106. Trust me, Rico. I am a fan.

  107. thanks Kt, i really worry at Lb, Gibbs got caught out so so many times, far better players are going to really target him

    Santos was even worse when he came on….

  108. Devil,It is the money on one hand,but it’s also paying respect to those around the world who do follow Arsenal religiously,but will never get a chance to see them.
    I think it’s a great thing for worldwide fans,and it shows just how big the PL is around the globe.
    Even in Oz,on a day to day basis,I’d see ten PL shirts for every one from all the other world leagues combined.

  109. Scott, I agree with you and others have to pay attention. Miguel could have done better than give a pass, from such a dangerous area, that was 50-50. A stronger challenge by Diaby could result in a regrettable injury to the lad. He said this would be a make or break season for him. Can we just wait to see him start the SEASON in one piece before we start to judge him?

  110. Afternoon AKB’s.
    Afternoon Rico.
    The negatives from today’s game will be surgically examined by the tabloids, so i’ll pass over them.
    I didn’t see the game, but from what i’ve read, there are a few positives.
    Eisfeld being the stand-out.
    Seems that AW has dug up another gem.
    The form of Aneke/Yennaris/Afobe, is encouraging.

  111. Gibbs got better and better last season though,I reckon.
    If he stays fit,he could be another of our big improvers.

  112. Mankini wants to sign FIVE players :roll:

  113. I don’t see any comments commending Diaby’s industry in intercepting with a strong challenge before laying the pass for Theo’s goal. Fans are too quick to criticize the players.

  114. Eisfeld is growing on me.he seems destined to play a part next season.he may turn out to be a masterstroke considering how critical gooners were when we signed him.

  115. GoonerEris………..an we just wait to see him start the SEASON in one piece before we start to judge him?

    Yes mate. you are right. But hopefully we do not see that attitude in the EPL games.

    BDW………..Rico is a she not a he. ;) A a nice blonde who takes care of a couple of chicks. :lol:

  116. GoonerEris,wait to the end of the season to judge Diaby.
    Count the games he’s played,and tally up his stats then.
    Keep your fingers crossed he can play 30 plus games,and he will definitely have a big impact.

  117. Hiya K-TR7.
    Wenger isn’t an idiot. He’s stubborn, but he’s not an idiot.

    He knows the midfield is lacking an anchorman. He knows that Jenkinson isn’t good enough and that Gibbs and Santos are flawed.
    He should also know that to depend on the likes of Djourou and Diaby is an accident waiting to happen. You can play whatever formation you want, but the upshot is that if these problems aren’t rectified then we are going to get goosed big style.

  118. RICO,five players would equal a 200 million spend,if my math is correct!!!

  119. Afternoon AK,

    The negatives = a few of the older players

    The positives = The young ones coming through.

    Chamakh really needs to leave, he is hopeless

    Gervinho – much improved….

  120. Again you are right regarding Diaby’s interception for Theo’s goal GoonerEris. And top marks for that since he atoned for his earlier mistake.

    But if you read my comments I was just irked by the fact that everyone on NN blamed Miguel while the real culprits for the first were Diaby and JD.

  121. KT,I remember saying at the time that if Eisfeld cost 20 million,everyone would be rapt.
    It’s all a matter of perception,and even after Wengers history of finding cheap gems,the perception still is that money equals quality.

  122. GoonerEris – I’ve been watching Diaby since he signed.
    He’s inconsistent. This game is a true indication of the man.

  123. Hiya Charlie. How are you all mate??? Hope you are fine. Still at work???? When are you off???? Why dont you come to Italy with me in a few days time??? Would love to see you there relax and trying to get in a few words with me chattering all the time mate. ;)

    You will get to like Eisfeld mate. Much more than you did on Cesc etc.

  124. GonerEris –

    trouble is, one error/sloppy play gifts a goal against and having just seen up let 49 in last season, we are all desperate so see that reduced.

    As for judging him, I personally will do that when results matter, but in between times, it’s inevitable Diaby is going to be pulled to pieces…

  125. He reckons some younger players Scott so maybe £180 Million ;)

  126. Lol Rico.
    I’m off to bed…have a great day guys.

  127. Rico – cop this off one of the blogs. Dead cool.

    Nice to see Eisfeld getting on the scoresheet again. He’s looked strong in his very brief cameos so far and I wonder what Wenger has in mind for him this season.
    With only 43 minutes of first team football to his name you can’t argue with his scoring record. Projected forward I can confidently predict that he’ll score an average of four goals a game for us or 152 a season.

  128. Righto….off to have a nap before going off to the sea for a couple of hours. Back later on today.

  129. Hi Coach. Visit Italia, that would be fantastico, but alas, i’m needed in London.
    Hope you are all tajjeb…

    GE, Rico is the Queen of the blogs mate. You won’t find better. And if you need a few eggs, well, sorted. ;-)

    Rico, that was good news re: Gerv. I’m expecting big things from him.

    Btw, did Ryo play?

    Also Ox sounded promising. Big season coming up for him?

  130. laters devil and nighty Scott…

    Cracking Syg, reckon he is a dead cert for this seasons squad – and Aneke…

  131. Ak,

    you know I have given Gerv a bit of stick, but do I dare say that without him always looking for a pass to rvp, he’s a different player.

    Ryo was ok, but didn’t really do anything outstanding imho, but he did get back and help Gibbs…

    Am I right in thinking that every on of the young ones who have been on this tour won’t need to be named in the 25 squad because of their age?

  132. Afternoon Rico and all. What the hell is happening in our defence? More to the point, do we actually have a defence? Even schoolboys are warned about trying to push the ball out of defence straight down the middle like Miquel. Use the bloody wings. Honestly, if Wenger doesn’t sort this shambles out then we will be in the same old position of always coming from one or two goals down. Am I alone in finding the goals have conceded on this tour so alarming?

  133. Afternoon Adam

    Goals conceded are worrying but let’s give Bould/Banfield a chance to work with the entire group when we get back home.

    The next three weeks are huge for our two new first team coaches…

    Left back though, now that really does worry me….

  134. I don’t understand why people are clamoring for a DM or new defenders when what we have is a problem that lies soly with the manager. We have some very good defenders at the club but they are not trained properly IMO. Can you guy’s imagine this kind of shambolic defending under GG?

  135. That’s where/why Bould/Banfield have been brought in imho TT – I thought earlier in the season you were saying we needed a DM as Song was not and never will be one??

  136. Unless Wenger buys a purely defensive midfielder, how are things going to change. Diaby and Song are not the most astute when it comes to defensive awareness. One ball from the opposition behind the midfield and we are all at sea. France were rubbish at Euro 2012 but M’Vila just sat in there and broke things up. After a tackle he would lay the ball forward and wide and he did this time and time again. Not spectacular, no dribbling past players and getting caught in possession like Song and Diaby. Just win the ball and set the attack up. No Hollywood balls. He gave the whole defence a fixed focal point to operate around. But, since Gilbert left, Wenger doesn’t seem to rate this type of player anymore. In the quest for fluidity we have become easy meat for any team with shape. Tony Adams has said for years that we are always too committed offensively and I have to agree. We could be set up quite easily to soak up a bit more and hit fast and hard as the opposition moved onto us but I just wonder if Bould will have the midfielders available to improve our whole defensive set-up and strategy. Once the ball is into our defence it’s bloody Russian Roulette back there. And I too am concerned about our full backs as they both seem to prefer playing Centre Forward. As a full back, be a defender first….please!

  137. TT. What are you proposing? To bring back GG?

  138. That’s why I really hope we sign M’Vila Adam, that’s just what we need, just what Gilberto used to do…

    No fancy stuff, just do what they are meant to do, no more no less…

    I too agree with Big Tony, we are too offensive, is that a problem which 4-3-3 brings to the side?

  139. GG – no thanks….

    Mind you, Wath likes GG but that’s getting back to the food and drink website ;)

  140. You know Rico, I have lost out of the times where we are attacking at the Emirates and the ball rolls to one of the opposition’s full backs or deep lying midfielders who then hoofs it forward as a desperate clearance. I then switch my attention to what should be a bread and butter ball for a structured defensive unit and guess what? We have one defender back, no midfielders except a couple on the halfway line. Vermaelen is in the opposition box, Gibbs Is up as an outside left and there is nobody to be seen anywhere near the ball except an opposing attacker and a midfielder charging up to make it 2 against 1. I have seen this scenario played out from one of our corners more times than I care to mention, only then we don’t have any CBs in play as they are both in he oppositions area and only Gibbs is back. Everybody knows this. To play against us must be quite easy, even for the most Neandethal of managers.

  141. You won’t find me disagreeing there Adam… ;)

    Will Bould/Banfield have the doo dahs to tell AW that this kind of approach needs to change??

  142. Do you believe that Wenger will change Rico, or allow them the personel, strategic set-up or starting positions they want?
    Kev asked here the other day why nothing hd been done to address our 49 goals conceded situation. It was a very pertinent question, actually it was a vital question. Everyone assumes Bouldy will be able address it as he was a great defender. I hope they are right, but I have o admit to serious reservations. If Wenger is not buying M’Vila because of his confidence in Diaby, then he might just regret that stance I think.

  143. I am hoping that AW was the orchestrator of their ‘promotion’ for that very reason Adam.

    His comments about the midfield being far too attacking also makes me believe that he wants to add a M’Vila type of player.

    Of course I could be very wrong but these M’Vila stories won’t go away.

    My own thought is Sant and M’Vila or Capoue will be signed and that will be our lot.

    Maybe a DD singing or too as well, if we see the back of Chamakh, Nik, Arshavin and one or two more…

  144. Fergie wants Ashley Cole…..

  145. Is that as a player or in the Biblical sense do you think Rico?

  146. This tour, despite being a PR, merchandising & revenue raising exercise, has given Wenger the opportunity to see certain players in a match situation…
    Of course, we all want to see positive results. But for me, I want to see everyone come back fit..

    It’s hopefully, given Wenger food for thought.
    He maybe now has the confidence to include and utilise the likes of Aneke/Afobe/Yennaris/Eisfeld/Ryo/Bartley/Miquel, on a regular basis in the senior squad.
    Diaby & Song have never worked as a pair, as someone on here mentioned aftef the City game. Not sure that Wenger needed reminding of that, but if he did, then he has..!

  147. :oops: Adam, I don’t know what you are implying…

  148. Ak, spot on re Song and Diaby..

    My jury is out on Bartley, and Miquel but if we compare both to JD, are they any worse? Maybe not..

    Aneke/Afobe/Yennaris/Eisfeld/Ryo – any one of them is good enough for the squad but once (IF) we go out of the CO Cup, I suspect they will be off out on loan….

  149. Remember Rico. Nothing succeeds like a budgie with no beak.

  150. Regarding the RVP10 “untenable position” bulls**t, if Nasri/Adebayor/De Foe were to somehow sign for the club and start banging in the goals/racking up the assists, the fans/supporters’ spectacle u-turn would not raise an eyebrow: Tevez – Man City; Adebayor – Spurs, Usmanov – your average 23 year old supermodel wannabe anyone?

  151. Give me chance to work that one out Adam ;)

  152. Rico, did you see the Queen jumping out of the helicopter the other night, that had me in stitches.
    What are we doing still starting games with Chamakh, just can’t see the point of him anymore, he’s like a leach on the club.

  153. I did Micko, with Mr Bond :)

    It was fab.. As was Mr Bean on the piano….

  154. Adam, Frimpong stated at the beginning of last season that AW didn’t get involved with the defensive training sessions, just kept his beady eye on proceedings from a distance and left it to Pat Rice and Boro Primorac, Bouldy will get his chance to show us his worth next season, we’ll never win the league until we can get that goal conceded stat down to under 30.

  155. Good Afternoon Fine Folk.

    I wanted to share this with you……..click on the link and enjoy the Powerpoint on the Olympics……..


  156. The photos are amazing.

  157. Sky jumping at 86, who-ever would have thought.

  158. Good Afternoon Lady. Enjoy the powerppoint. If you cannot open it from here I will send it via email.

    Right……off to have a bath.

    back soon.

  159. Evening devil, I will enjoy looking at those…

  160. Love the corgis too Micko, what a game old gal, bless her….

  161. :lol: Micko…. I was told she had a male stand in for the jump, I don’t believe that for one minute….

  162. It’s been rumoured Kev is Dot Cotton’s stunt double when he’s not cabbing so it’s possible but like you I don’t believe it either.

  163. Actually, that one sounds as if it could have legs….

  164. Off to cook dinner, back later…

  165. Dot Cotton’s stunt double I can handle, just don’t say that I double for Pat Butcher

  166. Lee’s in the pub.
    Wath’s in the pub.
    Mick’s in the pub.
    Coach is on a beach.
    Rocky’s dozing in front of the TV.
    Dutch is on the ‘coffee’.
    Scott’s in bed.
    Agag’s on the shopping channel.
    Rico’s boiling the guts outta the veg.
    Adam’s eating caviar somewhere.
    Sir Steve is getting over a lovely roast dinner.
    Stanley is washing his pants.
    Alright for some ain’t it..?!

  167. Blimey Kev………….I always saw you as handsome. certainly not wrinkled as Dot Cotton………..more so not as aggressive as Pat Butcher. Nah……..better stay as you are mate.

    Can you handle Dot Cotton’s stunts in bed bdw???

  168. I was on the beach. But now I am on the PC mate.

  169. The little prince asked me “Dad why do moth balls shrink and become small”

    I said “well they emit their gasses and as they do their job they shrink.”

    After a short pause he said “Well those women who go on a diet to become slimmer, why dont they eat lots of peas to emit gases? It makes them shrink doesnt it???”

    I nearly chocked in sea water when a fat lady nearby gave him a look which if it could kill would have grounded an elephant.

  170. Hi Coach. From the mouth’s of children eh..?

  171. Kev. You must be psychic. I just finished a tin of Beluga. :)

  172. @devilgunner, 1:45pm. Thanks for the heads up on Rico. Who would have thought that :-)

  173. Boo.


  174. AK – your 7.30 :lol: :lol:

  175. GonerEris – don’t you worry, that always happens….

    Good to see you back again….

  176. Adam, I had to google Beluga, fish roe??

    yuck ;)

  177. Morning all.
    AK,it’s true,I was in bed.
    What’s not true is I had the entire Swedish handball side with me.
    I can,and without hesitation,deny that rumour,as it’s simply not true.
    There was one Player missing…..bloody coaches daughter.

  178. Black Caviar….you English can’t get enough of our great horse :)

  179. Hi Scott..

    Just read the rumour site..

    £15m and Javier Hernández for RvP to the Mancs

    AW will try and sign Luke Shaw… A good left back…

  180. 15mil + Hernandez for RVP????

    That will never happen with SAF.

  181. I reckon that’d be a decent deal,if true.

  182. RICO,one thing stood out to me in those pics…….shit,Mertesacker is a big unit lol!!!

  183. how come there is practically no fuss about che$ki loosing to AC milan?

  184. Be good though devil?

    Me too Scott or Wellbeck…

  185. He is huge Scott :)

    Because they are CL winners and loved in the media bondex, they have JT…..

  186. I’m done guys, off to shut the chickens up for the night and then I’m following them…

    Not up the same ladder I hasten to add ;)

    Night all, have a good one…

    ‘Til tomorrow….

  187. Bondex, good spot there. Chelsea also lost to the MLS All stars and there was no fuss. Tells you all you need to know about how the media works.

  188. Bondex not forgetting Milan have lost their two best players in Ibra/Silva.

    To be honest looking past the big names the chavs have bagged they have yet to sort out their biggest issue;CM.

    When they had Drogba the midfield could be bypassed since Drogs was a 1 man army.With him gone and them signing Hazard/Marin/Oscar which means they have to work their way through midfield more.Neither Mikel/Lampard can play the CM role of xavi needed to supply their dimunitive forwards with enough ammo while retaining possession especially against big teams.We are BETTER than them with this regard already.

    Unless they sign a CM of that sort their forwards will not be fully utilised.

  189. SYG- cracking numbers @ 2pm…=DDD

  190. Rico, that Luke Shaw rumour is very encouraging.
    Jernade Meade is the reserve left-back, but although quite skill full, he is tiny of stature.
    Shaw would be a great addition and give us a quality alternative to Gibbo in 12 to 18 months time.
    Saw the goals that Coach posted.
    What struck me was the cool & calm way that Eisfeld passed his goal into the net.
    No need to take the net off.
    He looks good.
    Also Diaby did great in setting up Walcott.
    Yes he got caught for Kitchens first goal.
    But he IS NOT a defensive midfielder.
    He does his best work at the other end of the pitch.
    He IS NOT Patrick Vieira Mk II…
    Don’t blame Miquelon for Kitchens first goal either.
    It was a quality pass.
    Kitchens 2nd goal was more of a worry.
    Thought we had enough chances to clear the danger.
    In a word…….. BFG..!!!

  191. Miquelon……predictive text :roll:

  192. Morning all..
    So RvP’s decision is not financially motivated but his advisors want his weekly wage to be the same as shreks…..

  193. Morning Lee & all…

    No better than Nasri is he…

  194. I seriously thought he was better than that….

  195. Nowt that’s queer as folk!

  196. What have I said all along?
    From the start,I said if it wasn’t about money,he’d go to Uzbekhistan and play for their championship winning team of the last 12 seasons….the Uzbekh Stars!
    They offered him no salary,but a goat,three camels and two pigs,but did guarantee trophies……..shouldn’t that seal the deal?
    Seriously,every player,or very nearly every player,leaving to “win trophies” just happens to cop a pay rise.
    Morning all.

  197. Lee,you’re not alone…..we all thought RVP was a Gunner.
    Money talks,RVP walks.

  198. I did too – maybe we all thought he was like Dennis, but clearly not…

    Morning Scott

  199. getting santi today?

  200. Hi Rico.
    Hope so Bondex.
    A quick one….I watched the Aussie Hockey girls be beaten by the Kiwis overnight.
    A great game,but it’s lovely to see that Football referees aren’t the only blind people running around blowing a whistle!!
    Incredible Incompetence.

  201. Scott, he should be paid handsomely but the way the club rewards shite players it fucks the system!

  202. Strange that Pod & Giroud won’t be fit to start the PL….

  203. Today or tomorrow hopefully bondex, would have thought AW and IG would need to be back..

    Or does someone other than IG sort the transfers out?

  204. New Post up guys…

  205. Lee,I still say he was paid handsomely for years whilst sitting in he stands.
    He owes the club much,much more than they owe him.

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