Wenger getting snappy & No Signings…. Yet!

You have to feel a bit sorry for Arsene Wenger really, having just lost 2-0 to Manchester City in China the press after the game didn’t really want to talk about what was a much better display from Arsenal. Despite the loss there were many positives to take from the game.

Of course their were a few negatives too, but those just need addressing not moaning about.

Not just yet anyway!

As Wenger faced the media, only one thing was on their mind and yes, that was Robin van Persie. Whether that was down to us having played Manchester City, the side heavily tipped to win the race to sign our captain, or not I don’t know but they were itching to ask about the Dutchman.

Wenger wanted to talk football, the previous 90 minutes to be more accurate but no, Robin van Persie was the main topic.

The Van Persie case doesn’t cross my mind. We have had no offers. He is close to fitness, of course, but we have not had any contact (from City or United) about him at all.

We will not come back forever on Van Persie, We have many strikers at home. Van Persie is one of them, but we also have Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud. 

For now, we must prepare for the season and it is about more than one player.

So, that was all made pretty clear wasn’t it and of course, Arsene is right, Arsenal are not about just one player, they never have been and never will be and he has a season to prepare for.

But no, it seems it wasn’t clear.

Wenger was then asked to clarify the Van Persie situation after it was reported last week that City, United and Juventus had all lodged bids for the player and that was one question too many on what has become a very boring subject!

Wenger snapped, and I’m not surprised!

We have talked about Van Persie. We have just played a football game tonight, there are four English people here and there have been four questions about Van Persie.

I have talked about that, I am not talking about that question anymore. Do you understand? If you understand and respect what I said, then why do you ask me again?

Arsenal have made their offer and RvP has turned it down. What more can Wenger say or do other than concentrate on the players who do want to be with us and any that want to join us this summer. If another club really want to sign him then let them put their money where their mouth is and in the meantime, may the gutter media get off of Wenger’s case!

Another question they wanted answering related to the rumour that broke yesterday afternoon relating to us being close to sealing a deal for Real Madrid’s Turkish midfielder Nuri Sahin.

He said categorically:

We haven’t signed anybody, this report is wrong. We are not signing anybody at the moment and we are not close.

Sorry Arsene, I don’t believe you…. 😉

That’s it for today, have a good one.

Don’t worry about yesterdays result, we’ll get our own back, but when it really matters!

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