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Wanyama linked, Losing out on Santi Cazorla & Juventus don’t want RvP…..

What a day ahead we have…

We all get to see Arsenal perform again in Asia, today we are in China at The Beijing National Stadium and kick-off is at 1pm UK time. Coverage of the game is live on ESPN or Arsenal Player.

Then a bit later in the day we have the Olympic Opening Ceremony and if you aren’t interested in that, Eastenders is on BBC2….

Back to our game  though, lets beat Manchester City today, don’t care if it is a friendly, let’s get one over the current Premier League Champions and show them and the rest of the lazy, moaning, gutter media that we are a strong side and we will be competing with, and beating the so-called best in England this coming season!

Let’s get one over the moaning Mancini, who is crying in his cornflakes this morning as his rich boss won’t shell out for Robin van Persie at the moment, or any other player it seems right now.

I strongly suspect though it will be little different to the way we approached the Malaysia fixture, a run out for everyone which is fine, just make sure we win…

One who will no doubt feature a some stage today is young Benik Afobe, an exciting young player who is in a bit of bother after a little spat with a Tottenham fan on Twitter. The offending comment written by Afobe is this one:

2-0 and you f***ed it up. 10 points clear and you f***ed it up! 

Don’t worry this year might be your teams year.

It seems this will heinous offence will be dealt with in-house, or should I say has been dealt with in-house as an Arsenal spokesman said:

We are disappointed and will be reminding Benik about his public responsibilities as an Arsenal player.

Is using the ‘F’ word in such a way that Benik has, really that offensive??

Personally, I found last nights antics far more offensive, the Welsh players representing Great Britain’s football team in the Olympics refused to sing the national Anthem. Disgraceful in my opinion, they are there representing GB, not Wales!

Maybe Stuart Pearce should have selected David Beckham after all he would have done GB proud!!


The Defensive midfielder link isn’t with Yann M’Vila or Etienne Capoue – today it is Celtic midfielder Victor Wanyama, according to The Daily Mail anyway!

Sky Sports report that Juventus are not so keen on signing RvP, the clubs director Giuseppe Marotta told Sky Sport Italia:

A top player is not only judged by how much he costs, it can also mean a player who costs less but on the pitch shows an absolute value.  

Van Persie is a great player but Arsenal do not intend to lose him. And you cannot indulge in a player if the owners don’t want to sell

Talk of our real interest in him seems excessive to me.

Sky also report that Malaga are after top price for Santi Cazorla. Thier coach Manuel Pellegrini confirmed that an offer has been made but they won’t be selling him cheaply:

If significant offers come in for players they are worthy of consideration, but I don’t think Santi will be leaving for €20 million.

Has that offer been made by us?

Is it a ‘derisory’ offer that will see us lose out?

That’s it for another day, have a good one….

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277 comments on “Wanyama linked, Losing out on Santi Cazorla & Juventus don’t want RvP…..

  1. both mancs are after him too. We don’t need him. Forget him

  2. Morning Rico – everyone.

  3. Morning all,

    Sponsored by Nintendo this morning then :lol:

    We need a DM alan….

  4. Morning syg, looking forward to the game later…

  5. Moaning all…

  6. Moaning to you too….

    Bless young Benik eh, he was only telling the truth ;)

  7. alanbstard- just how do you figure that?? Manshitty have so many midfielders they cant play them all and Manure have bought in Kagawa already.

  8. Interesting bit in the Standard:
    Fulham have registered an interest in signing Andrey Arshavin who is assessing his options after being told by us he is surplus to requirements for the forthcoming campaign.
    Zenit St Petersburg are keen on bringing him back to Russia but want the player to publicly express his desire to return and Standard Sport understands he would prefer to stay at Arsenal.
    Arshavin is reluctant to leave but is slowly becoming resigned to the fact he will get precious little first-team football at the club.
    His wife, Julia, is pregnant with their third child and they are keen to school their children in London, meaning a move across town to Craven Cottage would appeal on a personal level.

  9. iain, alan is anti us signing overseas players…

    Don’t know anything about Wanyama, does anyone else?

    All I read is Celtic play him in defence but he wants to be in midfield…

  10. Good morning Rico and everybody. A lot of posturing seems to be the main news this morning. Arsenal appear to be playing hardball with van Persie. This might become a strong negotiating position. Juventus can pay about £200k a week but can’t stump up £25 million? We must pay through the nose for Cazorla and Mankini ( I wish I’d thought of that one) is continuing to behave like a total wally, continuing his growing reputation as a dickhead of enormous proportions. The finances of nations are in tatters but the role models we know as footballers still haven’t got enough money. I feel really sorry for them.

  11. AA was linked to Fulham quite a while back, some even suggested in a swap with Dempsey..

    I’d have thought he’d wanted to go back to Russia, he has moaned enough about the tax here, and the food. Not that it seems to have stopped him eating plenty of it ;)

  12. Morning Adam, money eh, the root of all evil…

  13. Morning all. See we’re aiming high again, wanting a player from the mighty footballing powerhouse that is Celtic…..

  14. I bet it’s us though who have made the offer for Cazorla and it’s well short of what Malaga want for the player…

  15. Great email by the way Lee!

  16. Poor old Arshavin. But I see a natural pattern here. You reap what you sow. I do wish Arsenal had adopted this “you don’t deliver or put it in, goodbye” some time ago.

  17. How can a great player, one of the top five in world football, who oozed with confidence, become so “not bothered” with the team and do disorientated with the club, and then be on about wanting to stay?
    I read somewhere; I forget where – re: Arshavin’s non-relationship with Van Persie … If anyone knows more I’d be interested

  18. Morning rocky, I’m sure it’s made up, you know the Daily Mail…

  19. Yes Rico. Money has always caused people to behave in a despicable fashion. I am in shock this morning though as PHW actually said something yesterday that made sense.

  20. If Benik gets into trouble for that comment, i’ll be seething!

    And as I said about this Cazorla thing, it looks like it’s going to run. Getting a player of his quality is not gonna be cheap, especially considering he’s about to enter his prime.

  21. This Cavorla deal is in wengers back-yard if you know what I mean.

    Malaga are having trouble paying the players..who turns up

    Cologne need money quick…………………………who turns up

    Montpellier make the mistake of including a clause in Giroud contract of 15million euros (after quoting 75 million euros)
    ……………………………………………………………… who turns up

    M’vila club Rennes are asking 22million euros for him,the reason this has not got of the ground yet,is that Rennes have not got the tfransfers in to replace M’vile yet……………….wenger will wait

  22. I have no time for AA either Adam, sulky toad..

    syg – i don’t think the day he was brought on for Chamberlain would have helped if he does have an issue with Rvp..

    What did PHW say that made sense, that has to be a first…

  23. Apparently PHW lit an 18 inch Havana cigar and said ” Did I hear correctly that Scott from Oz has a bottle of ’31 Niepoort?”.

  24. Fred, I agree….

  25. Romford – think its done and dusted, dealt with by the club so should be the end of it..

    If AW wants Cazorla, just go and offer the right money I say and get it done…

  26. is rvp playing in todays match?…… we keep building for players every week in week out but will never wake up to sign any what is really wrong with the gunner? does that mean Podoski and Giroud are the two players we need? pls wenger have to do something before is too late.

  27. good morning all- Adam be carefull,your comments about MANKINI could draw a fine from the FA
    Rico-Wayama sounds typical of AW

  28. What have you got against M’Vila fred :lol: :lol:

    I see where you are coming from there though….

  29. But, more seriously, he said that he understood Cesc’s desire to return home but thought that Robin was happy here so was surprised that he wanted out.
    Did anyone see those pics of Cesc with his girlfriend. Personally I thought them to be sickeningly explicit and unsuitable for publication.

  30. Morning Rock, notice I didn’t send it to Rico!

  31. :lol: Adam..

    Morning bondex, fingers crossed he is after one of the two French DM’s and not Wanyama…

  32. At what point do we agree personal terms with a player before a bid is accepted when a club doesnt want to sell that player. you can cut through the BS with a knife on the Cazorla news today. RVP is more believable simply because there are just 3 clubs who even care about him and 2 of them who just want to strip US of him. He is in real danger of looking like a twat. Where are all the other clubs?

  33. Rico what do you mean?

  34. Morning Lee. I didn’t notice that, but good move!! I bet O’Hara is seething!

  35. Rico. I was hoping that, as a country girl, your delicate sensibilities would not have been offended by those Cesc pics. I trust you averted your eyes.

  36. What pics Adam?

  37. Lee. This is a family forum. :)

  38. I’m waiting for the mail from you….

  39. There certainly is a few kids on here from time to time.

  40. benik’s remarks weren’t impeccably timed but the truth should keep him out of trouble. he’s young enough to get a slap on the wrist, and if he knows that, i like him even more.

  41. The truth hurts.

  42. It’s a pic of cesc yawning…. or peing pleasured by his missus’ mouth. That isn’t too smutty for this forum is it?! I love the way loads of people seemed furious about the picture on the website I saw it on, when it was clearly innocent!

  43. Haven’t seen Cesc Adam, not sure I want to now either..

    Rude was it Lee… :)

  44. I really do like Benik, hope he makes it too.

  45. That’s the thing Boomer… Whenever I’ve read interviews with Benik, he’s always come across as a pretty decent guy. Pretty articulate etc. Twitter is just the worst. I pray for the day that site gets taken down.

  46. Truth does indeed hurt Lee! I see she didn’t deny any of it though! Well…. SHe can’t really form what I’ve read in the papers about her ever since Teddy Sherringham parked it up all those years ago! Sorry Rico, but I have no time for the particular woman in question! Pure scum.

  47. Rocky. I think you are right. He was yawning and his girlfriend was looking for the €50 note she had dropped by his thigh.

  48. He really is looking weird these days though Adam. His forehead looks like it’s had some really bad prosthetics stuck on it! Still….. Great player.

  49. i was at 4 celtic games last season with my sister (celtic fan) Wanyama played in those games, ( sent off in 1) my opinion of him was extremley strong ie essien power, stood out in the spl tho that doesnt mean anything but he is fast, very strong, and when it comes to tackling well it’s simple ” he wins “…. i’d fully expect a few red cards if he arrives at the grove!

  50. Rocky. That’s true. He seems to have grown in his general swarthy-ness. But, as you say, a great player that should have had better players around him when he was with us.

  51. Wanyama? another cheap African not satisfied with playing in defence. Hopefully QPR will get him.

  52. Teasing your fred, you called him M’Vile ;)

  53. I will keep my eyes away Adam, a country girl can be so easily offended…

    Hi b1727 & kel..

  54. Reading a few different things today, there seems to be a hint that we may be adopting a 4-4-2 system sooner rather than later (apologies if you have already discussed this in tha past couple of days). Could AW finally be becoming less stubborn and more open to new ideas?

  55. Nobody has said anything about us tapping up carzola. How can we agree fee with someone when the club hasn’t accepted our offer?

  56. I think so too rocky with Pod in the middle, AW has said he will be playing central. He and Giroud together or he and Theo :)

  57. Wengers throwing out signals to Rennes,saying we have a fit this one and that one in midfield,then we hear through the grapevine that Jack and Tommy are not starting the season..

    wengers at the stage again where he don’t know his head from his arsenal…Don’t just love him….Ps Rico no offence taken

  58. Ben Lyttleton @benlyt
    European football writer

    Ben Lyttleton @benlyt
    #M’Vila update in France Foot: Rennes rejected €18m #AFC bid last year, wanted €25m, would now take €15m. Interest has cooled.

  59. Why is it that Afc are easily shaken off by a price tag on a player? It has become a weapon by other clubs. They use it to push AFC by the way in order to buy any player of their choice. There is no need paying scouts for top players because once any club hears about it, AFC are out of contention.

  60. … Rennes inform Arsenal they will now sell Yann M’Vila for £11.7M

  61. Wanyama is great player,top prayer in Kenya and great work rate op its true

  62. Pancreatitis Rocky pancreatitis, surely it has to be!

  63. SYG, then we need to do that deal, imho!

  64. Rico,you can collect your winnings anytime.
    Adam,PHW has emailed me saying once RVP is sold,he will place a formal bid for the port!!!!

  65. or are we going to bid £11.5 and miss out on him?

  66. Is he really that good Lee? There’s been conflicting views about him all oer the forums. Would it be so bad to play Le Coq in that position from the start?

  67. Emma,they don’t have a bottomless pit of money….it’s pretty simple!

  68. Bytheway morning to everyone. Rvp holding out for man utd smacks of money and not ambition. Player to player our squad is equal or better than what they have. Its just a question of mentality.

    written 23/07
    Whenever a continental defensive midfielder arrives on the footballing scene, he is automatically linked with Arsenal. This summer’s Emirates transfer speculation has centred round Rennes’ tough-tackling unit, Yann M’Vila, despite boss Arsené Wenger’s complete denial of interest.
    M’Vila is currently caught in a transfer problem the Gunners have been trying to rectify for years. Ever since Patrick Vieira moved away from Highbury, Arsenal have struggled to replace the strength, speed, and leadership Vieira spread throughout the team.
    The Vieira position, however, has almost developed into a curse for Arsenal. Since the Frenchman’s departure, their fans have witnessed a conveyor belt of potential replacements come in and fail to live up to the standards he set.
    When he left in 2005, Wenger seemed confident that his young side could handle the loss. Gilberto offered a respectable imitation for the former captain, but eventually moved on. As did the young Mathieu Flamini, who played a fantastic half season for Arsenal in 2009 to subsequently force a transfer to AC Milan.
    Flamini’s loss came as a huge blow to Wenger’s title aspirations the following year, and neither Abou Diaby nor Alex Song have quite filled the cursed Vieira position since. While Diaby has suffered continual injury problems since breaking his ankle in 2006, Song flits in and out of games and rarely offers the vocal command needed to instruct the midfield.
    So will M’Vila be the answer to Arsenal’s problems? The Frenchman hardly performed well at Euro 2012 this summer, failing to implant his game upon England in the first match of Group D. He is young, and still has a lot to learn, but so does Emmanuel Frimpong, whose appearances before going out on loan lit up the Emirates crowd.

  70. @rico, i think you are supporting the wrong club if you want a club that just goes on to pay what is demanded by the selling club…try Citeh or PSG

  71. No single player will ever replace Vieira

  72. emma – AW just doesn’t believe in paying overinflated prices, he is happy to sell for them though ;)

  73. As much as I love Frimpong, he’s a walking red card waiting to happen. Le Coq has much better discipline.

  74. True Rico. Reading reports over the past few weeks about the Spuds, I really do wish our top brass were as ruthless as Daniel Levy. That man doesn’t fuck about.

  75. Welcome to those joining us today
    :lol: Scott…

    adexxy – yawn!

  76. Rico…. How are you have an opinion! You cannot support Arsenal if you dare to air a view! Adexxy, you have shown yourself to be a world class cock of the highest possible order. Get back to the Bleacher Report or Transfer Tavern where you belong please.

  77. I think adexxy has a point. I’m off to support Citeh and PSG. Bye. It’s been quite lovely but….

  78. Imagine he wine cellars Adam.
    I’m off to.
    Blue moon……you saw me standing alone…………

  79. Rocky. I will not tolerate criticism of the Bleacher Report. You should know that. :)

  80. Sorry Adam… I forgot you were a guest writer on there from time to time!!

  81. See you in Paris Scott, or Manchester.

  82. It’s gospel Rocky.
    Seriously,who writes that crap??

  83. Sorry Adam, I apologise for that vicious slur!!

  84. I have no idea mate! It truly is en epic piece of turd!

  85. Rocky. That’s right. I write under the name of Hiram J Knobnosher the third and my bio says I am a bull-necked 17 year old running quarterback for the Minnesota Morons who is hoping to do a degree in Sports Journalism.

  86. Adam, Where the hell do you pull these names out from?!?

  87. Rocky. But it is only one of the many alias’s I use.

  88. Is that the one you use when booking a table at Claridges?!

  89. No, then I use the name Rory Eglantine Peregrine Farqhar.

  90. Not bad. I usually use Chuck Jism.

  91. I used to use Harold Monk quite a bit too.

  92. Sorry, not only have I let myself down with that, but I feel I have let you all down. Apart from Adexxy… Who is, of course, a knob.

  93. I don’t need to know what you use behind closed doors Adam… That’s your own business!

  94. Actually I believe adexxy is female Rocky and the wife of Adran Durham.

  95. So basically, a wanker’s wanker.

  96. Thanks Adam & rocky – always one eh….

  97. You two are very jolly this morning and full of mischief ;)

  98. I used to write for the Bleachers.
    After a while,they decided writing under the pseudonym of Mancini was a turn off to 98% of readers,so asked me to change.
    Out of respect for the man,I just couldn’t do it.

  99. It’s Friday Rico…. It’s overcast, and there are threats of rain, so I’m happy! Plus I’m going to see Batman tomorrow, so as much as it makes me sound like an uber-geek, I’m very excited!

  100. Haha Scott

    But no rain rocky, not yet – Batman, ah, the real reason you are happy…. Bet there’s no Robin…

    TGIF :)

  101. You could lose that bet Rico…….! I’m one of those people that HAS to know what happens in a film before I see it if it’s a film like this. So I read numerous forums extensively the day after it was released!

    It WILL rain Rico.

  102. :lol: but not our Robin……

    Not here it won’t rocky ….

  103. Morning all,
    Struggling to get excited about pre-season games at the moment, not even the Markus Liebherr Memorial Cup has helped ease my pain, when we gonna see some transfer activity ?

  104. I am a couple of miles from the Olympic Stadium and it is raining here. On and off.

  105. There’s only one Batman

    and its not Christian Bale !

  106. Good read.Sahin?

  107. SYG, and to think they didn’t use stunt doubles in those days which makes it even more impressive.

  108. Don’t say Adam, off to the local ford later with Fido, don’t want your rain :(

    Hi Micko and Kt

  109. SYG – He was a legend! That clip is great! How do they write this shit?!! Is that shark gumming him to death?! Robin’s so camp it hurts!

    Adam – Is it very bust where you are? Covent Garden was a write off yesterday. Waited 50 minutes for a bus before giving up and getting a cab. (AK – where were you in my hour of need?!). Not looking forward to Liverpool Street tonight.

  110. Is that a real shark?

  111. and by “bust”, I mean busy!

  112. My lad was besotted by Adam West’s character as a 3-4 year old.

    He’s now 20, and last night he took is girlfriend to see the new film.

  113. It is a real great white.
    Miko said there were no doubles or stunt sharks. Lol

  114. Traffic yesterday to he west of London was bad. Round here all the roads are a mess with those bloody Olympic Lanes.

  115. A real Great White! Wow, Batman really must have strong legs! Or REALLY strong tights….

  116. That’s me SYG. Adam West.

  117. Holy Strand Palace Hotel, Batman…!
    The traffic around King’s Cross is a Joker.
    Call Commissioner Gordon. :-)

  118. Exactly AK! I was waiting near there like a right plank for an eternity yesterday!

  119. Afternoon AKB’s
    Great post Rico.
    Adam & Rocky. Incognito in the city.
    Lee. Help. I’m trapped in Grays Inn Rd.
    It’s all Wath’s fault.

  120. Hi Kev.
    Actually that shark does look more real than the one in Jaws.

  121. Good afternoon Fine Folk.

    The club are doing it fine digging in their heels over the RVP affair. I think if he stays he will not last like last year. He will be crocked and AFC will only pay him his current wage.

    How many will come clamouring for him next year if he is on the TT???

  122. What’s Wath done now?!

  123. Arsenal are set to complete the signing of Real Madrid midfielder Nuri Sahin on a season-long loan deal.

    The 23-year-old had been linked with a move to the Gunners’ fierce rivals Tottenham as part of Luka Modric’s proposed move to Spain.

    The German-born Turk only joined Madrid from Borussia Dortmund last summer.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2179789/Arsenal-sign-Nuri-Sahin.html#ixzz21owuB4CA

  124. Afternoon Dev.

    That’s the thing though, I bet there will still be plenty of clubs willing to give him a chance. Especially if they’ll be getting him for free.

    Look at Kieron Dyer!

  125. Bordeaux are braced for a bidding frenzy after confirming they would listen to any offers for the highly-rated winger Yoan Gouffran.

    The 26-year-old caught the eye of a number of clubs around Europe with his 14 goals in an impressive season with the French side last time out.

    Aston Villa, Everton, Newcastle and Sunderland have all been linked with the forward in recent weeks.

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger tried to sign him after he was part of Caen’s successful promotion push to the French top-flight and was named as Ligue 2 Player of the Year.

    The winger, though, chose to remain in France and eventually signed a five- year contract at Bordeauxin 2008.

    But the Frenchman has yet to sign an extension and as he is able to leave for nothing next summer when his contract runs out Bordeaux are eager to cash in on their prize asset.

  126. Afternoon Devil & AK, thanks ;)

  127. Why are we suddenly in the same bracket as Everton, Newcastle, Villa and Sunderland?!

  128. Arsenal Team:

    Fabianski, Jenkinson, Bartley, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Song, Arteta, Diaby, Santos, Walcott, Gervinho.

  129. Or the Squilster, for thta matter…

  130. Thinking about it, and I have plenty of time to do that thanks to the effin IOC, the loss of Flamini, may have contributed to some of the problems we’ve got now..?!
    That is, the club signed ‘The Unwanted Ones’ on longish lucrative contracts, to prevent them doing a ‘Flamini’, only to discover that they’d signed a bucket of crap.

    Hey, it’s only money….. :-D

  131. It looks like Wenger’s pissing about with Santos like he did with Eboue.

  132. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuri_%C5%9Eahin

    Current club: Arsenal @ 12:45

  133. worrying rocky….

  134. looks like TW gets his chance to play central or are we going down the Spain route playing with no striker? Santos ahead of gibbs I think is an interesting option especially away from home,

  135. SYG, can’t anyone change Wiki???

  136. Prob just about fitness SYG..

    Got to pop off for a while, enjoy the game, mine’s recording for later viewing :)

  137. sahinnnnnnnn!!!!!!! yeah.

  138. back to bed……..later guys.

  139. It’s all over the place.
    A season long loan.

  140. “I’ll scweam and scweam and make mythelf thick”
    was that Bonnie Langford or mankini to the Sheikhs because they hadn’t purchased RvP for him?

  141. I don’t know a great deal about him, is he any good?

  142. He’s a gun Lee.


  144. Doesn’t get on with Podolski apparently. Great.

  145. Not as much as me AK. Not as much as me.

  146. Pretty quiet on here at the mo, so I’m off to the gym for a bit. Back later

  147. Where are the olympics this year??
    Ah,you guys must be having a ball,what,with all these intruders.

  148. Electric at Dortmund but left out in the cold at Real Madrid. Now it looks like Nuri Sahin is on his way to Arsenal in a season-long-loan, a move which could revive his career and would definitely be great business from Professor Wenger.

    When I was asked to write a piece on Nuri Sahin and the unfortunate predicament he has found himself in at Madrid my heart sank a little, I had almost forgotten about him. The Bundesliga player of the season last year, the gem in Dortmund’s title winning crown and the player Germany were so loathe to lose has in the space of just 10 months almost completely disappeared. Featuring in just a single league match for Real Madrid after starting more than 40 for Dortmund last season, Sahin has found it almost impossible to win favour over the more established Alonso and ex Bundesliga players Khedira and Ozil in Jose Mourinho’s set-up.

    Sahin has been doing the rounds in transfer rumour columns ever since he starred at the 2005 U-17 World Cup in Peru, collecting the Bronze Ball and Silver Shoe awards for his all action midfield displays for Turkey. Described by Arsene Wenger not long after the tournament as ‘one of the greatest talents in Europe under 18’, it was widely speculated that the Arsenal manager would have tried to secure the midfielder had it not been for a certain young Catalan already making waves under his tutelage. Nuri Sahin was born in West Germany to Turkish immigrants much like his team mate Mesut Ozil, unlike Ozil though Sahin chose to represent his country of origin and played at every level until making his debut for the senior side against Germany in 2005, a game in which the then 17 year old scored the winner to further illustrate just what Germany had missed out on.

    Sahin made his debut in the Bundesliga at just 16 years of age and remains the youngest ever player to feature in the German top flight, he also broke the record as the youngest ever goal scorer netting against Nuremberg in the same season. His outstanding technical quality and maturity belying his teenage years saw him force his way into then coach Bert van Marwijk’s plans, playing alongside Tomas Rosicky and filling in for the injury plagued Lars Ricken. When van Marwijk left Dortmund to return to former side Feyenoord he made it his first priority to bring his young protégé along with him, new Dortmund coach Thomas Doll had opted for a more experienced midfield as the club teetered on the edge of financial ruin. He was an automatic starter for Feyenoord and enjoyed a productive campaign, becoming a fans favourite and further honing his incredible passing range.

    If Mourinho cashes in, one of the finest midfielders of his generation won’t be short of options

    After two seasons as part of Klopp’s steady rebuilding process Sahin exploded last season as Dortmund won the title, playing alongside Sven Bender at the base of the Dortmund midfield as a deep-lying all action playmaker. His ability to consistently produce a killer ball in behind saw him rack up an impressive 13 assists and despite playing in a withdrawn role scored 8 times. His cultured passing and polished delivery from set pieces are not his only strengths with a burning desire to win sometimes bubbling over , his hilarious exchange with Lukas Podolski at the end of a Dortmund Cologne clash last season a perfect example.

    There were suggestions at the end of last season that perhaps he should stay and play in the clubs Champions League campaign before jetting off into the sunset, Sahin declared his absolute confidence in the move at the time however no doubt looking at Ozil’s seamless transition and seeing no reason why he couldn’t do the same. Sahin had a buyout clause of a meagre 12 million Euros and murmurs of a deal being all but agreed with Madrid emerged before Dortmund had even been crowned champions.

    Now there is heavy speculation that Sahin is close to completing a season long loan to a top Premiership club, with Arsenal said to be his most likely destination. Wenger has been quick out of the blocks in the transfer market so far. The scrambled panic of last season replaced by the shrewd, intelligent signings of Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud, with Malaga trickster Santi Cazorla expected to follow suit. If Sahin joins then Arsenal could once again be challenging for the title, even if a certain contract rebel striker does eventually up sticks to Manchester.

  149. 0-2 down.
    That can never be right with Diaby and Song in the side

  150. Jenkinson needs to go out on loan. Position-wise he forgets he is a RB. Arsenal need a RB backup for Sagna.

  151. South, you watching?

  152. Hi gunners! classic Arsenal cheap goals conceded..

    But i am happy to see players try from distance.

    Gervinho and Walcott decent, Song clumsy

    BTW JS is reporting that Wenger stated that he will use Podolski in the middle and Giroud also. New formation on the line? Plenty of reports from Spain suggest that we ve signed Sahin…

  153. Give us a smile Emma :)

  154. I am Lee.

    Gervinho – blind alley run and a flash of the choppers…

  155. The OX eh?

  156. A quick precis please South?

  157. Anyone else having trouble reading the names on the back of their shirts !

  158. can’t wait for Wenger comments. Why Arsenal lost today Arsene? Zhe Pitse vwas deadful!!

  159. Gunnernet, just waiting for someone now to come on and blame the result on the bad weather.

  160. Thats for you Scott :)
    Decent performance but Arsenal still needs to work on the defence to counter attacks esp when the team sits and waits for the break to catch us off-guard.
    I would say the performance in the second half was much better. Man city as usual were just sitting deep to catch us on the counter. Thomas Eisfeld is good

  161. Gunnernet…..its only a friendly. No points won, no points lost, we are not knocked out of any competition.

    The majority of the players who played today will be sitting on the bench come the real fixtures. It was a good pre season game to increase fitness levels.

    Yes we might have lost 0-2, the pitch might have been dreadful. the rain made the pitch heavy but hopefully each match is a learning curve. It is up to Bould and Banfield to try and integrate defensive discipline with the attacking mentality we have.

    No need to be negative before the season has started.

  162. Just messing around mates.. Solid perfomance. I was actually excited with our strikers. I think all of them played quite well.

  163. Don’t tell me lots of possession and a couple of defensive errors? Plenty of tika-taka football…..

  164. ahhhhhhhhhh that’s better mate. I thought it was for real.

    Good Afternoon Fine Folk.

    Sahin might be a very good option for us. Hope we get him on loan then outright for the season after.

  165. The result wasn’t important. The 2nd half performance was.
    The thing to remember is it is JUST a kick about.

    There are a few main things that stick out.
    1. Diaby and Song in the same team does not work. It never ever has done. Hollywood mentalities, Coronation Street flair. Diaby will just sneak past the dedwood deadline and probably get injured v Liverpool on 1st Sept. so that’s sorted!!!
    2. Carl Jenkinson is a liability. He should be told about his infamous push and kick routine whereby he tries to look cool by showing his opponent too much of the ball. Like Emma says, he’s positioning is toss too. Arsenal man or no Arsenal man – He’ll never make it.
    3. I know its mainly a reserve team that has played but we looked toothless, reminiscent of the home game versus Liverpool last year.
    Gervinho, Chamakh?

    Other points: Aneke looks a powerful prospect, and Ox-Cham much, much better than Walcott however Coquelin looked slow and got easily skinned v’s Tevez and Afobe’s decision making looks as good as Walcott’s.

    Again, its just a friendly.

  166. Never seen the guy, but i hope it’s true. Very Wenger type of signing. And judging from Arsene’s stance i think that we are in the hunt for more than just 1 player.

  167. @ SouthYorketcguy

    Lol at 1st point. The problem is that we have many midfielders that possess the same qualities and play the same type of football.

    I still think we miss a decent CM guy with not just DM dexterity. What is the name of the player we missed out and we had some exquisite performances at Udineze? The Turkish guy playing for Switzerland? This is exactly the type of player we need imo..

  168. Gokhan Inler?

  169. Yes that’s the answer. What a player he is. And Yaya was class today also.

  170. Much happier with today’s performance. We were ok in the first half but ponderous in midfield and Arteta looks about a year away from match fitness. Too light in defensive situations and way too light for our corners. Same old Man City though. Wait for a mistake in midfield then attack at pace. Their second goal was offside I thought. Second half we were totally dominant and AOC’S was very, very unlucky with the two post shot. Couldn’t believe that Mankini made a substitution in the 90 th minute to run the last 7 seconds down. Shows the man’s mentality. So, a loss, yes but many good things and cause for encouragement considering the players missing.

  171. Was mankini sporting the rattle or dummy today?

  172. Hiya Adam. We’ve got a problem at right back

  173. SYG, Coquelin or Yennaris??

  174. I see he’s got his son on the payroll now.
    Yes, SYG. We do have a problem at RB. Jenks is like The Galloping Major but is seldom where he is supposed to be. Mind you, he’s not alone in that regard is he.

  175. Thanks Emma….good to see you show some positivity lol.
    Eisfeld looked good hey…thats great.
    Bloody incredible…..I could’ve watched Spuds v some yank side the other day,but couldn’t get Arsenal V Citeh….work that out!!
    How strong was the Citeh side??
    Yennaris showed V Utd he can handle right back.

  176. You’re spot on there Adam.

  177. Jenkinson will be a ripper,but definitely has work to do.

  178. QPR have signed Junior Hoillett….or is that old news??

  179. mankini-ette?

  180. A very caring gentleman is our TommyV

  181. You never know devil, that could get us some brownie points away from home next season.

  182. Did we win??

    Afternoon guys and gals….

  183. No rico, I blame it on the weather, Aneke put on a good show though.

  184. That’s not good then Micko, I saw a bit of the first half when Theo and Jenks went close – next thing I knew it was 2-0…

    He did pretty well the other day too, 1st team squad you reckon??

  185. I reckon you could be right there, would also soften the blow if Chamakh was to up sticks as well.

  186. missed the game..any positives ?

  187. :lol: Micko – if Chamakh goes, I’ll be getting the jubilee bunting back out….

  188. Bondex, SYG summed it up pretty well at 3.08.

  189. thanks micko

  190. imo, I feel jenks should be played more at CB

  191. AW on Nuri Sahin rumours…”We did not sign anybody today, this report is wrong. We are not signing anybody at the moment – we are not close. In the future you never know”

  192. bondex, that means we have a deal very close then ;)

  193. Afternoon all.

    I see we lost today. Never mind. Nice to see Talkshite are keeping up their hatred towards all things Arsenal with the headline “Man City Smash Arsenal 2-0″. Fucking idiots.

  194. Did any of the youngsters show 1st team potential?
    What about Bartley, promising or not..?
    Did Eisfeld play, and if so how did he do..?
    Yennaris, Aneke, Afobe, Miquel, how did they do..?

  195. well we can conclude on that rico..rephrase :”We signed somebody today, this report is true. We will sign someone else in a short while. In the future we have more players lined up”..how sweet this sounds!!

  196. CG I hear Eisfeld was really good

  197. Eisfeld is clearly very talented from what i saw today.he is one to watch in future.

  198. Wenger’s comments re:Sahin are as clear an indication that we have either signed him or we are close.

  199. I just saw bits and pieces from the game because the link was on and off.

    However, Eisfeld is a very talented pass master in the making. He mixes the long and short passing in his game. The way he controls the ball, defends it and looks up for the pass is similar to Cesc. He needs to work on his strength and fitness levels, however he is already tactically aware of what is needed in matches and make no mistake he will be USED during the season.

    Bondex today has said what I have said last season…..Jenks should be used as a centreback. With Koscielny, TommyV and Merte that might be difficult but I feel that he can make it there. But I will still not give up on the kid. He will come good for sure.

  200. :lol: bondex..

    Agree Kt, AW never gives anything away…

    rocky – turn that station off ;)

  201. Agree devil.Eisfeld is one to watch.if Ramsey slacks around Eisfeld will nick his place.

  202. It was on their website Rico! You know me well enough by now to know I could never listen to that garbage!

  203. I’m off to fight the tourists on my way home. Have a good evening / weekend all

  204. I compare Eisfeld to Thomas Muller. In which case we can say bye bye to the latter. He will surely play in the first two months of the season since TR07 is out. But one thing……..Eisfeld cannot play in a 4-4-2. He can play in a 4-4-1-1 or 4-2-3-1 but not as a central midfielder outright.

    I would like to ask a question. I know I might look a fool but here goes. Is Lansbury with the team?? Why didn’t he play??? And why hasnt he featured with the exception of the first game?? Why isnt he utilised in a holding midfield role and given the same chances as Denilson the crab was given?? Because in my opinion both Lansbury and Eisfeld are noth superior to Denilson. Yet the latter was given all the time in the world while Lansbury seems to be given the cold shoulder.

  205. Lansbury is injured mate.Eisfeld took his place and he had made the most of it.

  206. Devil G – its not just Denilson who has had the chances in midfield. Song was dreadful there when he first started playing, He’s better now, but still ill disciplined, then there’s Diaby… and we even had Eboue playing out of position.
    I feel a bit sorry for Henri Lansbury,
    A point worth noting and seeing as we are supposedly a self-sustainable business model that IF Lansbury took any chance that was put his way, HIS marketing value to the club would be massive…

  207. cheers ktr7

  208. Injured????? During training or during the first game??? What injury?? There is no news of it on AFC.com

  209. J.Sanderson of Y.guns said his injury meant he missed the trip to Asia with Eisfeld taking his place.

  210. What did you make of Gervinho at CF??? Technically and with the ball at his feet he was excellent, but too many blind alley runs. What say all of you who saw all the match?

  211. The OX is going to be some player though and he must be banging the door to the 1st 11.if we add Sahin/Cazorla to the mix we’ll be in for a massive season.

  212. The natural skill is there DG,
    The second half chance was a good chance but he put his boot through the ball and made their keeper look good.
    Henry in his pomp had a dozen permeations for a chance like that whilst Pires or Ljungberg would have just buried it by putting it across the keeper.
    It is something he has to work on.

  213. Fingers X’d ktr7, he has a debut season like Jack Wilshire did, He is certainly capable of it. It may be that Arsenal hold the key to the future England set up.

  214. Gerv looks excellent on the ball but his movement as CF leaves alot to be desired.Rvp’s movement is outstanding and thats why he was so damn good last year.

  215. Like TH14 in his first season as a centreforward his movement will come. That was the first time I saw him there. We should be careful not to compare him with TH and RVP at their pomp.

  216. You may find that Gervais Lombe Yao Kouassi may be overtaken by 宮市 亮 for a spot on the flanks. Ryo is certainly more quicker and direct. If he gets a run in the team, he just might take it.

    I keep on saying it but we only need three or four more world class players in the team to go for the title.

  217. ARSENAL are furious after another player was involved in a Twitter spat with a Tottenham fan.

    Just days after the FA charged Emmanuel Frimpong with improper conduct over language he used to a Spurs supporter, young striker Benik Afobe is in hot water for an F-word rant.

    The England Under-19 star, currently on tour with the Gunners in the Far East, let himself be drawn into an exchange of insults with a female Tottenham fan.

    The spat ended with Afobe tweeting: “2-0 and you f***ed it up. 10 points clear and you f***ed it up! Don’t worry this year might be your teams year.”

    The message was a reference to the way Spurs threw away a two-goal lead against Arsenal in February and ended up losing 5-2.

    Of course Arsenal are furious and are going to remind him of his responsibilities as an Arsenal professional……..they are going to remind him it was 13 points and not 10!!!!!!!!

  218. alright which of you nerds stole my mojo today? am off color, a blonde hot mamacita “literally” walked through me. adam, am looking at you……give it back. am nothing without my mojo!

  219. …. Friday night and the curry house beckons ….. have a good night everyone…

  220. Ha Goonie. Serves you right.

    Off for a cool brisk walk with the family along the promenade now. Back in around 2 hours.

    CU all tomorrow Fine Folk.

  221. hey devil, am not kidding…..nothing is working for me today. adaaaaaaaaaam, give me back my mojo you dimwit.

  222. cripes, where is everybody? its just a pre season friendly you guys……sheesh1

  223. I’m here goonster, friend popped in for a cuppa.. three hours later!!! Bloomin heck, can he talk….

  224. he’s a he?!!!! what did you guys talk about?

  225. wow he must have talked you head off…….

  226. so how did you ever get out of that one? poor thing, want a hug?

  227. who’s wayama? sounds like a brand of mayonnaise i know of.

  228. He did goonster, I am exhausted ;)

  229. He’s a DM who plays for Celtic, that’s all I know….

  230. check this out “man city exposes arsenal weakness” for crying out loud, its just a fucking pre season friendly! lord help us.

  231. what’s with the press in your country rico? why are they so anti arsenal? what did we ever do to them? God you ll think we just lost the CL final to the oilers. jeez.

  232. Saw that headline too goonster, they love to hate us… Best ignored..

    No Kos. Merts, Pod, Giroud, rvP…..

  233. and you forgot “no sahin and carzola”…..God, i cant wait for the season to kick off maam. i can barely contain myself.

  234. I wouldn’t be surprised to see both of them sign goonster…

    Got to go and eat now, very late thanks to the visitor..

    Back shortly..

  235. now you re speaking my language…..good girl. we need to instil some belief in ourselves. we keep complaining that the team lacks belief whereas we the fans base have stopped believing since like forever! get your belief system back on guys. COYFGS……COME ON.

  236. If Mourinho has any say in it, Sahin won’t be coming to us!

  237. yes he will…….sahin wants to come and totnum are playing hard ball with fuck face modric. so he’s ours.

  238. hahahahahhahahahah apparently sahin refused to join totnum. he didnt want to be part of the deal that sees modric going the other way.

  239. it now puts that “mind the gap” jab into perspective. hahahahahaha would love to see arry’s face now. i ll bet he’s twitching like a chicken stuck under a monster truck!

  240. Did the Totts want sahin then goonie…

  241. cant wait for the NLD…..we are going to stuff them this time. its been long we whupped the tar out of them in shite hart lame!

  242. yes maam, sahin was suppose to go in the other direction but apparently he didnt wanna play for a small club. hahahahahaha

  243. Lets hope so goonster…

    Heading off now, want to watch the Olympic Ceremony…

    Catch you tomorrow all..

    Night goonster and all…

  244. :lol: goonster…

  245. night mama bear…

  246. its so quiet around here…..am practically talking to myself. folks will start questioning my sanity soon. and i dont need that. already my reputation stinks!

  247. be right back……gotta grab a few burgers. later guys.

  248. Despite the fact that the Robin van Persie transfer saga looks far from nearing its conclusion, it was reported yesterday by the Daily Mail that Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has made a splash for Malaga winger Santi Cazorla, agreeing to terms with the player over a possible move.

    The price quoted is an eye-opening $15.6 million, a rather steep figure considering the player’s age, club’s desire to sell and the player’s desire to move.

    Make no mistake, though. Cazorla is a world-class talent, and would go some way towards softening the blow that van Persie’s departure would cause.

    Despite perhaps feeling most comfortable playing on either wing, the ambidextrous Cazorla is also capable of playing through the middle in a more advanced position, possibly behind the sole striker.

    He is also a player capable of changing a game with one spell-binding run.

    Last season, the Spaniard played in 34 games for La Liga side Malaga, scoring an impressive nine goals, four of which were free-kicks.

    Before moving to Malaga, Cazorla had spent most of his time at Spanish side Villarreal, during which he forced his way into the international team. He has since appeared 45 times and scored six times for the country.

    The only possible doubt that Arsenal fans could have over the move would be the player’s height, or lack thereof.

    However, despite standing at only 5″6, Cazorla has trickery and speed in abundance. If the transition of Manchester City’s David Silva to the English game is anything to go by, it shouldn’t be too much of a worry.

    Should Arsene Wenger sign Santi Cazorla?
    Submit Vote vote to see results
    The 27-year-old has long been a target for Wenger, with the player linked with a move to the club last summer.

    With Robin van Persie having cited the club’s lack of ambition as reason for demanding a move elsewhere, the transfer would certainly draw into question his comments.

    Indeed, with Arsenal having already signed Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud this current transfer window, the Dutchman can have little reason to complain.

    Are you watching, Robin?

  249. Who is Robin :)

  250. i think its a “horse placenta” scott!

  251. guys if we end up getting the aforementioned players(mvilla,carzola and sahin) does that make us a title contender?

  252. hell yeah it does!

  253. I reckon we are a massive chance this season.

  254. scott buddy, we ll smash a few teams. i feel for totnum. i hope we do all the deals before the season kicks off. then there is the question of a back up keeper. who’s your choice scott?

  255. AW:no offers for RVP?

  256. totdumb will always be behind us thats where they belong

  257. please dont say shwarzer……

  258. hey bondex, how’s it going buddy? havent seen you this week.(or have i?)

  259. Stan,I’ve said all along We couldn’t get a better,more professional keeper…as well as one who has always loved Arsenal…than Mark Schwarzer.
    I’m not saying it just because he’s an Aussie,but the guy really is the ultimate pro,and was very disappointed we didn’t get him a few years back.
    He’d love to finish his career as a Gunner,and he’s still playing in great form.

  260. Sorry Stan,but he’s been my choice for ages lol.

  261. Totnum….who arehey?
    Never heard of the bums.
    We killed them last season.
    They had us cold,and couldn’t finish us off.
    I believe they will finish 6th or 7th this season.

  262. hahahahahahaha scott you re so predictable. anyway you re right. right age, wont “kill” sir chesny and martinez. loads of experience and most of all a gooner. ticks all the boxes if you ask me.

  263. totnum? isnt that a disease you get from starring up continously at arses?

  264. And he’s an AUSSIE…..gotta be a bonus lol.
    It’s one position that we’ve always been able to produce top players in.
    I reckon we’ve got hree or four now who are good enough to play in the PL.
    Maybe not at Arsenals level,but they’re certainly better than some of the guys falling asleep between the posts.
    I wish we could transplant Szczesneys head (confidence wise) onto Fabianskis body,because you’d have the best keeper that ever lived.
    I’ve always believed that technically,Fabianski is just a brilliant keeper,but you can see his anxiety and total lack of confidence when he plays.
    A keeper MUST be confident,even cocky,as he MUST be king of his area.

  265. Lol mate.
    I could also be described as what’s left in the crapper after a Vindaloo!!!!
    Oi,mate,come and look at that dirty big Totnum I just dropped.

  266. It’s game day Stan,so I’m off.
    Have a good one champ.

  267. spot on scott, i ve been saying that to my pals too. fabianski is class if only he could ever get his acts together but i dont blame him….almunia ruined him. so glad chesny didnt catch the same bug. i wish only good things for him. he’s a likeable fella. hope he suceeds else where cause chesny isnt giving up that no 1 shirt any time soon.

  268. Shezzas a long termer,that’s for sure.

  269. later scott…

  270. seems like its “go time”………that’s the wrap. am done. sayonrra,adios, and all the other good byes. chat tomorrow.

  271. hello
    I just watching City goals :-( and also Benfica 5 Real Madrid 2 (Benfica won Eusebio Cup, again)
    well, last year, Benfica won Eusebio cup also versus us… but at the end of season they won nothing and Madrid won the league…
    was just a friendly game ! :-) ;-) :-( ???
    (however, not good at all)

  272. That’s it JM……you get nothing out of winning a trial.

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