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Van Persie staying? Oxlade-Chamberlain needs to improve & New Signing without a shirt number…

Today really is a slow news day.

We discussed the squad numbers yesterday and how poor old Lukas Podolski has yet to be given his, well we all know why don’t we?

Of course we do, he is going to get Dennis Bergkamp’s old number 10 as soon as it’s freed up this month or maybe next, either way, the writing is on the wall isn’t it.

Another significant number change is the goalkeeper department, even though afc.com told us that Almunia has left, seeing Wojciech Szczesny finally listed as our number one keeper brings some kind of comfort and reassurance that the Spanish waiter really has gone and it wasn’t all just a bad dream!

Olivier Giroud has been given the number 12 shirt – I’m sure he’ll be good even if he had ’52’ on his back!!

Francis Coquelin will wear No 22 and Kyle Bartley No 35.

Number 15 stays on the back of one of the most exciting young English players ever seen, well since the emergence of Jack Wilshere of course, and that’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain but he’s giving himself a bit of a tough time.

I am taking it step by step and the first aim is to make sure I am fully fit for the start of the season, to get the best chance to get in the team, I know it won’t be easy. The new signings are really good while we have good talent here coming through.

So if I do manage to get into the team, I need to try and stay in there. 

Being more of an attacking player, I need to score more goals and get more assists. That wins games and people notice of that. I will always put my own style on things, which is taking people on and try and be an exciting player to watch.

Sometimes it is all too easy to forget how young Oxlade-Chamberlain is, he’ll turn 19 years old just before the Premier League season kicks off, but he keeps his feet firmly on the ground and knows that his career will be a long and successful one as long as he puts the work into his game and remains confident in his own ability:

You have to have that confidence otherwise you won’t go anywhere. If you don’t believe in yourself, no-one else will. But you also have to keep your feet on the ground, realise it is a very hard league and know you cannot take your foot off the gas at any time. 

There are always lots of errors he [Arsène Wenger] speaks to me about, he wants to fine-tune my whole game and make me a better player. 

I think I have to be more assertive defensively to be a better player. I will hold my hands up for that. It is not a natural side of my game – defending. But it is equally as important, particularly when you are playing in the team and especially in a league like the Premier League. 

Don’t worry Alex, there are a few of our players who need to work on their defensive side of the game, and they are defenders!!


There was a story going around yesterday which suggested we are interested in Brazilian goal-keeper Julio Cesar, Celta Vigo have joined the race to sign Nikki Bendtner and PHW’s newspaper suggests that RvP will not be sold until January…

That’s all folks, have a good day….

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344 comments on “Van Persie staying? Oxlade-Chamberlain needs to improve & New Signing without a shirt number…

  1. Moaning all…

  2. Misleading fucking headline. Wanker!

  3. Morning should we look at Moses from Wigan rather than Niang?

  4. Morning all,

    Sorry about all the cut and paste from the official site, slow old day…

    Quality comment H, feel better for that do you??

  5. Good Morning

    Nice post! I believe Chamberlain will improve this season, if he’s played in the Middle though, because he’s more expressive and quite efficient while playing there. Remember how he performed against AC Milan and Olympiacos.
    For me I’d like RVP to have a change of mind and stay afterall, but we must show some ambition.. It’s my second time posting here. Good day.

  6. It is time for Mr Wenger to prove to the world that he can rebuild his invisible team again and win tropies. Seen wenger puting on eye glass remind me of his invisble day and think he is upto something. I wish him good luck. Victoria concordia cresit.

  7. vernat – are Chelsea still interested in him? How many more are they going to sign, Oscar and the younger Hazard, they are going to a very strong side…

  8. Can’t see that happening Santos, his shirt number is going to Podolski I’m sure…

  9. Rico

    Yeah that may be wishful thinking. If he goes, I’d like us to add some more Germans like Thomas Müller!! He’s RVP’s natural successor. Wishes and dreams ,I know

  10. Chelsea don’t need Moses. They’re just stocking up their team with young AM’s. So much for FFP.

    Saying that, I don’t think we need Moses either. Cazorla and M’Vila/Capoue = good work

  11. Supposedly the younger Hazard is even more talented than his older brother. Chelsea have made some exciting signings, could be a very competitive league…

  12. Henry wanted no12 but it was taken when we signed him – he has had no12 everywhere else, and he got his wish last season during his loan spell – OG12 :)

  13. Muller would be a great addition Santos… We’ll see, at least AW has said he plans to make more signings, best he is truthing for once..

    Romford – Kt isn’t keen on Cazorla, not sure why though…

    Ditto re M’Vila/Capoue and then a keeper and I’d be happy…

    Anyone else in the door would be a huge bonus..

  14. MC – read that too on Hazards younger brother, but they can only play eleven ;)

    I didn’t know that DG, looking forward to seeing our new no 12 in action, that’s for sure..

  15. “Kt” Rico?!

  16. K-TR7 Romford, he watches a lot of footie, and I mean a lot and he doesn’t seem to rate Cazorla…

  17. Anyone know who the No:9 going to be.

  18. Park fred, he’s the no9…

  19. Mate, i’m not sure who he is but Cazorla is all that and a bag of chips. Many rate him as the best player outside the top two in Spain. The guy is a two-footed cross between Nasri and Cesc. He’s also a dead ball specialist and is entering his prime at 27. What’s not to like?

    I’ve just seen him distance himself from a move on his Twitter page though – hopefully that’s just a smokescreen.

  20. Park can keep the number 9 – that shirt is cursed!

  21. Poldi no9
    Santi no10

  22. Morning Rico


    tidy link. There are listening to offers for Toulalan too

    The No. 9 isn’t cursed Pele, Reyes was sound in it.

  23. Think it’s nearly a done deal Romford, AW has too much to say about him for this to be just mere rumour and I’ll be chuffed if we get him.

    Then onto the DM swiftly I say ;)

    Who was our last red hot no9, Jeffers ;)

  24. SYG – Can you translate that article?

    Also, Reyes was sound until he started missing his mum’s Paella! It was also clear for everyone to see that he didn’t get on with Titi – shame, there was some serious talent there.

    Think of the people that have worn it before and after though.

  25. Podolski number 10

    Carzorla no 23??

    Morning SYG – thanks re the link, will take a peep…

    Reyes, destroyed by the Nevilles :(

  26. Romford, there is a translate link at the top of the article..

  27. In Málaga say there is no record of any formal offer from Arsenal for Santi Cazorla, although it clear that they are aware that there is interest from London club for the Spaniard. For now, the position of Malaga is not to negotiate with any club seeking to sign their stars (Isco, Toulalan, Cazorla itself …). Although the picture could change if the Spanish international press continues to leave the club in the Rose Garden. Yesterday appeared athletics stadium in Malaga City accompanied by one of its agents, Amadeo Rengel.

    Cazorla is training with Mathijsen (both have joined a few days of vacation after playing the Euro) while the computer is on tour in Venezuela. Two international Apoño accompany them and Recio, who finalized his departure to Zaragoza.

    The issue of Cazorla not be resolved, one way or another, until Abdullah Ghubn not return to Malaga to tidy up the front you have open right now. There are few. The vice president plans to reach these days to Malaga. Besides the issue of Cazorla, by whom say that Arsenal are willing to give between 20 and 25 million euros, Ghubn have to reactivate the issue of transfers. Malaga has not been strengthened.

    Most pressing for the proper functioning of the club is to organize the economic plot. Are the allegations of Villarreal and Osasuna for late payments of VAT own Cazorla and Monreal penultimate term. He will also meet with the template. Players want the executive arm of Sheikh clear all the doubts about the solvency of Malaga.

    You also need to pay the sheik before Friday morning one of the installments of the purchase of the club with Fernando Sanz. The amount is around EUR 3.5 million and 27 July is the deadline for payment.

  28. Not sure Malaga are being truthful, not if we are to believe other reports, especially the one from Graham Hunter…

  29. Break the bank get Kaka, offer him whatever he wants, Gold, Myrrh, Frankincense, sacrificial virgins (that might be hard in UK though) his own religion whatever just sign him

  30. Kaka?! He’s one of my favourite players ever but this guy breaks down more than Rosicky and Diaby now. Not worth the £20m transfer fee and astronimcal wages at 30 years of age. He’s definitely past it. Give me Cazorla every day of the week. Thanks.

  31. Brinkmanship Rico. It is what Wenger is doing re: Van Persie.
    Saying that Wenger should forget about brinkmanship re: the deadwood. Take the squad numbers off them and put them out to seed. Their agents would soon move them on.

  32. Can’t see us getting Kaka, too old and would cost too much money…

  33. Pele – I think Kaka could be got for a lot cheaper than that. AC Milan said that they wouldn’t pay more than £8.2M for him.
    As it was mentioned yesterday, Kaka could have joined us last year, and there were rumours of a medical, but somehow it didn’t happen.
    As it was also mentioned yesterday, shirt sales alone would generate tens of millions in the UK. Kaka with No. 9 on his back in the R&W. Exciting prospect.

  34. I think some already know they aren’t going to be in the squad syg, how many of these in reality, should be gone by the 31st August.

    Squad numbers:
    1 Wojciech Szczesny
    2 Abou Diaby
    3 Bacary Sagna
    4 Per Mertesacker
    5 Thomas Vermaelen
    6 Laurent Koscielny
    7 Tomas Rosicky
    8 Mikel Arteta
    9 Ju Young Park
    10 Robin van Persie
    11 Andre Santos
    12 Olivier Giroud
    14 Theo Walcott
    15 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
    16 Aaron Ramsey
    17 Alex Song
    18 Sebastien Squillaci
    19 Jack Wilshere
    20 Johan Djourou
    21 Lukasz Fabianski
    22 Francis Coquelin
    23 Andrey Arshavin
    24 Vito Mannone
    25 Carl Jenkinson
    26 Emmanuel Frimpong
    27 Gervinho
    28 Kieran Gibbs
    29 Marouane Chamakh
    31 Ryo
    35 Kyle Bartley
    52 Nicklas Bendtner
    TBC Lukas Podolski

  35. I know we probably wouldn’t get him but at 30 he is not to old, and as for too expensive nah with merchandising he would be easily self financing. But he is a bit injury prone which is a shame

  36. At least six of those could/should be sold and sell them cheap too, just so they can get a better wage offer elsewhere and we get them off of our books finally…

    That equates to £250 – 300K a week (give or take a pound or two)

  37. £20m plus £200k+ is expensive for an AM who has not accomplished anything in the last three years. At least half of that time has been spent on the treatment table. Cazorla is better.

  38. rumors in the past few days say cazorla would be bought with van persie cash, but new, and less believable sounding, news says the dutchman will stay til january. this needs to be sorted by this time next week.

    in the meantime, santi and a dm would be great while i dream of how lethal we’d be if we replaced our captain with jovetic/muller…

  39. Kaka could be got for less than that Pele. AC Milan stated yesterday that they wouldn’t pay more than £8.2M for him.

    As it was mentioned yesterday, Arsenal were in for him this time last year, and there were rumours *don’t know how true) that he was over for a medical, however Madrid / the Special One, refused to let him go.
    Kaka with No. 9 on his back in the R&W would generate tens of millions in UK shirt sales alone. It would be an exciting prospect.
    Robin who?

  40. SYG, bi-lingual top man! ;)

  41. For AW he is too old vernat, not sure he’d actually sign a player over 30, loan deal yes, but a permanent deal, I doubt….

  42. good day all…cant see why we keep talking about players we (AW) wont buy even if we can afford them…AW will definitely prefer a NIANG to good old KAKA

  43. Good Morning Fine Folk.

    A busy day today. But the sun is kind also so no grumbling.

    Julio Cesar is 32. And he is one hell of a goalkeeper. If we get him I will be delighted. What about Chesney you might ask. Why not both I would answer. Between the League, CC, CL and FA we will get to play circa 60+ games. So giving them around 30 games each will be fine for everyone concerned.

    But then again I doubt if AW is really interested.

    If we get Cazorla it would be great. Muller would be the icing. KAKA will simply be a dream…….and that is how it will remain. A dream

  44. Yeah fuck RvP!

  45. b1727 – i honestly don’t believe that RvP will stay until Jan, too much money to lose out on…

    £8.2M for Kaka, that would be a wise purchase, Park has probably sold all the merchandise he was signed for ;)

  46. If it was up to me I’d get shut of:
    2 Abou Diaby
    9 Ju Young Park
    18 Sebastien Squillaci
    20 Johan Djourou
    21 Lukasz Fabianski
    24 Vito Mannone
    29 Marouane Chamakh
    52 Nicklas Bendtner

    Spaces for three forwards, two gk’s, two central defenders and a space on the treatment table.
    Replace that lot with three world class players and we would walk the league. I would also give Henri Lansbury a shot at the squad.

  47. Hiya Lee. My missus says I’m a right clever bastard too.

  48. from grace to grass..we were almost mentioning your name in the same breath with TH14.How the hell did you get here….RVP

  49. Hi bondex, I’d prefer a fit and healthy player than an injured Kaka, we have too many already who struggle to heal…

    But that’s just my own view….

    Morning Devil & Lee

  50. £8.2m for Kaka?! I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m not sure his brittle self will be able to handle the rigours of the EPL now anyway. People who really believe Kaka has anything to give at the highest level need to take a step back. This guy can’t hack it anymore. As a PR stunt, yes – on the playing side of things – HELL NO!!

  51. Most definitely. rico goodmorning

  52. If we signed Kaka, Rico, you’d be one of the first to buy the shirt !!!!

    I think Overmars’ injury record prior to us wasn’t that good …

  53. Have you guys seen Cesar in the last season and a half? No thanks. Buying big names is all well and good, but the right ones. You’d be surprised at how bad Cesar would be over here. Brazilians, whilst being awesome, don’t really have a long shelf life.

    Bring me someone between 32-40 who can deputise for Chesney and mentor him.

  54. SYG i think you are being harsh on JD as a fourth choice CB he is not a bad player cant see us getting a better choice as good CG are in short supply and wont sit on the bench (unless they are paid a fortune at city or Chelsea), we wont shift Diaby the rest yes please go though i feel sorry for park as he has not had a fair crack but that’s life. HL yes give him a go and lets see what he is made of, if we could sign a kaka at 30 he could be invaluable for the Ox, Ramsey and JW to learn of and then at 32 or 33 he could go back to Brazil, its not going to happen but it is a nice dream to have.

  55. Dreams sometimes come true … ?
    The last couple of seasons under Graham we were dire.. He got the Spanish-Archer and then bang – one of the world’s best players joined us after a bad spell in Italy.

    Never says never.

  56. SYG – I think Henri Lansbury is in the squad, just doesn’t have to be name as he’s home grown and under 21…

    That’s pretty much my eight too, with hesitation around Diaby and JD

  57. Aren’t all Arsenal fans?

  58. :lol: SYG, but I wouldn’t….

    But Overmars was a lot younger wasn’t he??

  59. Dreams sometime come true vernat?

    The last two seasons under Graham Arsenal were dire. He got the Spanish-Archer and bang, the season after we bought one of the best players in world football, and after he had endured a horrible couple of years in Milan.

    Never say never as history in some form or other – always repeats itself.

  60. JD can-not be trusted in a 2 game squance,he may have a 45min in him,but 2….. 90mins……No..really has anyone seen him play well 2 games running.

  61. What’s Mark Schwarzer up to??

  62. Still at Bolton I think Lee…

  63. JD in 10/11 was our best CB for long periods of the season. I remember him being imperious in the home leg vs Barca. Kos got a lot of praise that game, and rightly so, but JD was nearly just as good.

    As a 4th CB, he’s more than worth keeping. And he loves the club, counts for a lot. Just don’t play him RB!

  64. Oops, blonde moment, Fulham ;)

  65. Personally I prefer Schwarzer or Jussi. A bit old but used to the EPL. Cesar is not. However, he had a bad defence and midfield in front of him the last season so he might turn out good.

  66. @rico

    i agree i don’t believe for a minute that this drama would end in his leaving mid season for less cash. i’d really like him to recommit and stay but his improved wages could mean cheaper signings, i think.

    if cazorla and the impending dm weren’t bought with funds from his transfer, we wouldn’t have another area of the pitch in need of improvement besides striker, ergo, we would need another…right? and no i don’t mean niang :P

  67. Schwarzer or Jussi would be my options too DG.

  68. Maybe it’s just me; but what’s the point of Niang when we have Afobe? -_-

  69. William Hill have got Arsenal at 9/1 to win the league and 25/1 for the double.

    Spurs are out at 25/1 for the league and 100/1 for the double.

  70. pele

    fully agree. been following the kid for a few years now and he has massive potential. i’d like to grab niang too, though, looks to be another ‘next big thing’-type.

  71. From what I hear, Niang isn’t too dissimilar to Afobe. Me personally i’d rather continue and invest more time with Afobe. I’m not sure if you guys follow him on Twitter but he seems like another in the Wilshere, Frimpong mould who is Arsenal through and through. He’s had a few decent loan spells as well. If RVP leaves, i’d still be tempted to get shot of Chamkah and promote Afobe to third choice striker. May just be me though.

  72. b1727 – not sure many fans want him to stay now, i’d love him to to do a U-Turn after he see’s us make a few signings, it would show that he wasn’t chasing money after all..

    But, and as devil has said all along, maybe the club are the ones who have made the decision for him to go whilst we still get a good price for him…

  73. If we stated our INTENT by dumping the dross and getting those three to four world class players and Van Persie did the U-turn and came out publicly and stated:: “This was all I ever wanted – to see the club get in several world class players and for us challenge for every trophy” ….I doubt if any Arsenal fan would hold that against him. In fact they would endear themselves to him even more.

  74. pele- you’re right about afobe he’s a gooner at heart and investing in him would be wise. his loans have been good and he’s been more than solid at for the young lions, too. if it weren’t for his injury problems i think he could have already claimed that 3rd spot. chamakh might still edge him out as the better areal threat at the end of a match but i’m all for his inclusion in the first squad either way.

    rico- always thought the business side of things was the ruling factor and don’t trust that he’s not in for the cash; i’d just hoped for the opposite (of both).

  75. Regarding the GK situation there is a 35 year old who is free. He can be a good mentor to Chesney plus he is used to the rigours of the EPL. He is 6ft 3 and can offer good advice to Chesney and step in when he needs a breather.

  76. SYG, Scott wrote a good post about just that, and part of me will always wonder if RvP has been the ‘sacrificial lamb’

  77. He is the Sacrificial lamb Rico. With his money the club can get two good players plus the ones already signed.

  78. I suspect it is all about cash b1727 but I like to think there are better ‘men’ in the world of football….

    devil – Gomes ?

  79. I kind of meant more about him being the mouthpiece for R&W Holdings devil, but it’s only my own silly idea in a crazy world ;)

    Gomes is 31, forget that suggestion…

    Almunia :lol:

  80. Rico guessed. I was trying not to burst with laughter. :lol:

  81. According to the Daily Telegraph, these players can leave for free this summer:

    Andrei Arshavin looks certain to leave the Emirates this summer, following his loan spell in Russia, but could be staying in London having been linked to Fulham. It will mark the end of a somewhat disappointing time at the club for the Russian international who was signed for £15m in 2009.

    Error-prone goalkeeping trio, Manuel Almunia, Lukas Fabianski and Vito Mannone are all also out of contract.

    Manuel Almunia, 35 – Goalkeeper signed in 2004, on loan at West Ham this season, played 173 times.

    Lukas Fabianski, 27 – Goalkeeper joined in 2007, played 59 times.

    Vito Mannone, 24 – Goalkeeper joined in 2005, played 9 times.

    Andrei Arshavin, 31 – Midfielder, signed in January 2009 for £15 million, played 132 times.

  82. Naughty devil ;)

    AA isn’t out of contract this summer is he?

  83. Sometimes in life you have to stand up for what you believe is right.
    Prior to Giroud and Podolski, we looked lightweight.
    Another three or four of the same with the dross gone and we’ll challenge for the title.

  84. Hopefully Wenger sees it the same…

  85. Flappy still has a year to run on his contract Rico. Likewise Mannone.

  86. No Rico. AA still has another year to run.

  87. You got the blonde syrup on again?

  88. Mikel Arteta is relishing the chance to play with Santi Cazorla at Arsenal.

    The Gunners have agreed personal terms with 27-year-old winger Cazorla after Malaga accepted a fee of £16million.

    Midfielder Arteta said: ‘I cannot talk about the actual situation but I can say that I know him as a player really well. He’s a top, top player. He has got unbelievable quality and talent and that is all I can say.’

    Gunners boss Arsene Wenger, who has already signed Olivier Giroud and Lukas Podolski, is looking forward to Cazorla’s arrival and insists he is far from finished in the summer transfer market.
    ‘I share the opinion of Mikel Arteta. Cazorla is a great player,’ said Wenger.

  89. Mikel Arteta is relishing the chance to play with Santi Cazorla at Arsenal.

    The Gunners have agreed personal terms with 27-year-old winger Cazorla after Malaga accepted a fee of £16million.

    Midfielder Arteta said: ‘I cannot talk about the actual situation but I can say that I know him as a player really well. He’s a top, top player. He has got unbelievable quality and talent and that is all I can say.’

    There now Goonie will be so happy that he will be wetting himself within seconds of reading this.

  90. We are telepathic Rico!!!! :lol:

  91. That’s what I thought devil, and i thought the DT was better than that

    Me Lee, sure have ;)

  92. Evening all.
    Highbury Lad ran a great race for second tonight….he’s doing the name proud.
    No new signings….bugger.
    Schwarzer loves Arsenal…he’s the man if we can get him.
    The ultimate professional,and still at the top of his game.

  93. Q: What do you call an eternity?
    A: Four blondes in four cars at a four way stop.

    Q: Why do Blondes have TGIF written on their shoes?
    A: Toes Go In First.

    Q: What do SMART blondes and UFOs have in common?
    A: You always hear about them but never see them.

    Q: Why do blondes always smile during lightning storms?
    A: They think their picture is being taken.

  94. What will we gain by keeping RVP til January??
    He will be cup tied for starters,and if he cops an injury,we’re stuck with a guy who doesn’t really want or be here.
    Sell him now or extend….nothing in between will do.

  95. Malaga seem pretty adamant they don’t want to sell – this one could run :(

  96. :lol: devil, sounds to me like its pretty much a done deal and Mikel knows ;)

    Romford, so is AW adamant not to sell RvP, but he’s going…

    Hi Scott, did you see the Chavs have signed Eden’s younger brother?

  97. What a tool…

  98. Rico are you sure about this?

  99. As I said, i’ll believe it when I see it. The guy cost nearly £60m when he signed for Real just over two seasons ago and is on more than £200k a week.

    That is a massive wage cut to take and I don’t see it happening, to any club that is. Either way, I don’t want him. There are better options. There’s only so long you can live off a reputation.

  100. Adam might have something to say about mankini’s frustrations…. :lol:

  101. Totally agree Lee….

    Popping off for an hour…

  102. Let’s hope you’re right there Rico but Cazorla is a serious investment. I haven’t been this excited about a transfer since Na$ri .

  103. Yes Rico,Thor has joined his brother on the dark side.

  104. Thor just makes me think of the Marvell series!

  105. today’s really slow on news…nothing much to talk about.

  106. Let’s make some shit up!

  107. Messi has just signed as player manager at some Russian side for 1 million per week.
    His first signings include Squillaci and Almunia,showing he has a decent eye for talent.

  108. Sorry Lee,hats all ive got…I am just knackered.
    Off to bed guys…have a great day.

  109. Night Scotty!

  110. Dream signing guys? Mine would be Neymar in an instant!

  111. Night Scott…

  112. Dream signing easy , Messi

  113. Hey Highburians (IS it a word?)

    So we signing anyone today? Santi? Btw Arsene seems to be looking under every rock to find some one. C’mon Arsene get at least people on free that are good and available. Hmmm…Kaka and Gordon. Please. Kaka’s wages were some where around 117K a week last I had heard. I guess we’ll make enough from his shirt sell to pay him that. Won’t we?

  114. Lionel for me closely followed by Gus Caesar.

  115. Mine will still be DB10. Some one get me a bloody time capsule please.

  116. In front of Gus?

  117. CSKA have bought Argentinian Matius Suarez from Anderlecht for £13M. I think the press at one time linked us with him and his team mate Biglia.

    ….Meanwhile 40plus cap Chilean international defender Waldo Ponce (really) has extended his loan with Universidad de Chile…
    ….I wonder how he does on shirt sales !!!

  118. Hi S2S – we don’t care, we know who you mean :)

    Dream signing…. Now that’s a toughie…

  119. s from oz…very funny,he should take bartendar too

  120. Messi and then Pascal Cygan…

  121. You know what I like about football….peoples opinion..don’t you think its amazing we watch the same game with our family and friends,and always disagree afterwards,
    who played well and who was crap…its the same with rumours..who’s right who’s wrong..who do we believe.
    ….love it don’t you…..Funny old game

  122. Ha ha syg, he pro has Waldo on it…

  123. http://gossip.ladyarse.com/2012/07/arsenal%E2%80%99s-kelly-smith-and-her-battle-with-alcohol/?

    What is it with Arsenal footballers ;)

    Kelly Smith has done really well, good on her I say…..

  124. She wouldn’t do well on here with our booze and food forum…..

    Afternoon all…

    SYG least his initials aint – I.A.M Ponce

  125. Spot on fred and we don’t feel the need to be rude to each other when we disagree either, that’s what makes it even better… :)

  126. Afternoon Wath…

  127. Nice one Wath.

  128. I see Hill-Billy is trying to make friends the best possible way with vP in his daily mouthpiece the Star as usual….. They must fill the old fart full of Brandy give him a cigar and take the duck-tape off him gob and away he goes………..!

  129. Just seemed rather strange giving my chickens a few sage and onion stuffing balls which were left over from the other day ;)

  130. :lol: Wath, don’t know why he bothers, no-one believes a word of what he comes out with, apart from him….

  131. Good read.rico by the way i would be happy with cazorla since we lack such a player.what i said is that he is a level below Silva/Iniesta but still a very good player.if he comes to us he may become even better.im however very sceptical about this deal since i don’t think Malaga will sell.

  132. Geriatric piss head really should be put out to pasture…! preferably under lock and key and muzzled..!

  133. Rico, you can’t do that….
    WATH, how you doing my man?
    Stanley you creaming?
    I’ve hit a big wall, got home a 1.30am after night on the piss….the ruby house may get a bash tonight!
    SYG, you’re a ruby man aren’t you?

  134. Am good Lee, your obviously not so good lol….. See what happens when the Mrs ain’t around to keep you in check…!

  135. Come on Lee, educate me .. Ruby man?

  136. SYG, we drink in The Whitehouse pub on Green Lanes there used to be a coach full of Gooners from Leeds parked up outside every home game!!

  137. Ruby Murray = curry!! ;)

  138. Geriatric piss head I’m only 45!!

  139. Spain are on the box!!

  140. Hi Kt, sorry, I didn’t see that bit, only the unhappy face you left with a smiley :(

  141. I’ve a mouth like the bottom of a parrot’s cage.

  142. Guilty conscience there I see Lee…………….. Lee = PHW… :D

    You mean you didn’t go neck a pint at lunchtime to solve the problem Lee…?

  143. A few guys here do that not me I’m shite the next day!

  144. They love them Lee

    While the cats away I see…… ;)

  145. Currying: Monday and Tuesday this week…Did a Tuesday and Wednesday last week and a Monday and Thursday the week before…
    Most Monday’s after 6:00pm you’ll find me in the Khyber in Epworth… The owner’s a Man Utd fan and the two main lads serving on are Arsenal and Liverpool..

  146. Feeling sorry for myself now! Drunk and stupid is no way to go through life….PHW does ok I suppose! ;)

  147. Ballingdon Tandoori, Sudbury, guvnor and majority of the staff Gooners but one is a yid (oops not allowed to say that!!) ;)

  148. He has us fans paying for his privileges though Lee…..!

    3pm and your day has nose dived lol

  149. Looks nice SYG!

  150. The last one I did in London was in Brick Lane ’round the corner from the Blind Beggar. It was dire.
    The best one we’ve been to is Chaman’s in the Wicker in Sheffield. The downside is that you have to drive down the M18 to it, so you can’t have a drink…

  151. Haven’t hit the wall for ages!!

  152. Good Morning all and to you Rico.

    The best suggestion so far with regard to RVP came from W,H.A.T.,.. Keep him until our new signing bedded in then he can leave if he choose to, by then we still have champions league money and players(Giroud & Podi) that are settle in.

    @SYG, mate you’re on fire today. All your suggestions are right on point, but disagree with re. Diaby. Let give him the same chances we gave RVP, at least this season and see how thing pans out.

  153. The one I use I’ve not had a better one….do you go hot?

  154. Spain play Japan in Olympic football opener but dear oh dear what an idiot hypocrite the ref is…it’s one way traffic:Spain commits foul-no foul given,japps touch any Spanish player-straightforward freekick…disgusting

  155. Hi NG..

    I do, Madras for me – veggie one of course ;)

  156. Hey hey…go Japan…=)

  157. Vindaloo my tops!

  158. Unbelievable…straight legs tackle…not even a yellow cards…=/…can’t take these shit refs…can’t even think of the brainless decisions that will be back together with new PL season

  159. Spain down to 10 men!!

  160. Finally…=D

  161. Some things seldom change then Tlail

  162. spain in trouble 1 goal down,1 man down

  163. I couldn’t cope that hot….

  164. Yeah Lee,but they should have been down to 10 some8 mins ago…these are youngsters playing…tackles like the one on Otsu shouldn’t be allowed

  165. Who got sent off?

  166. Yeah I know rico…last two seasons were full of decisions against us that infuriated me to the point of Breaking a TV…good it’s not my TV

  167. Inigo martinez

  168. Don’t like Curry I am afraid Turkish or Mexican food with some nice cider over ice however … perfect.

  169. Lee whats the mental hot one that’s not even on the menu that you have to ask for…? Is it Tintaloo…? My mate has it and the chefs come out to see what lunatic has ordered it… I put my fork into his grub once and the fork melted…!

  170. Thanks Tlail, nice to see De Gea making a right hash of his keeping…

  171. So hot the chef has to wear a mask to make it


  172. Phal isn’t it Wath – or similar spelling ;)

  173. No Rico, it’s hotter that Phal…..! It’s not even on the menu as I said…!

  174. martinez inigo

  175. Can you imagine what it does to your insides Vernat…. Sod that, not for me..!

  176. I don’t know of one hotter than a phal…that’s proper toilet roll in the fridge material!!

  177. Hiya Nash.
    I know you’re a Diaby (and Song) lad…
    The best I saw of Diaby was in a first half match away at Villa Park. He was awesome and we were two-up, mainly due to him.
    The second half, like in other games we capitulated big style- the big man included. We were shite and he was shite and Villa brought it back to 2-2. They could have had six the way we played. We were garbage.
    Then you think of the garbage games he’s played in, the blind alley runs, the bad control, the bad decisions, the fragile mentality and the daft fouls etc. and the fact that he’s been out injured the last 18 months..
    I’d love nothing more for him to prove me wrong Nash – I really would. But I can’t see it.
    He’ll tiptoe through the tulips during pre-season and come out of the traps like Usain Bolt on speed and get injured on 2nd of Sept so we can’t replace him. He’ll come back in the Xmas period when Wenger will tell us all that him coming back is like a new signing so we don’t have to bring in anyone in the Jan transfer window.
    I really hope he proves me wrong.

  178. Some of the challenges on the Man V Food program are absolutely insane heat wise, don’t get it you wont be able to taste the food why bother?

  179. Tindaloo is my dish. Prawns, Khyber Special, Pasanda all beefed up to a Tindaloo. Phone up the Khyber and ask em who has it and which team he supports and which team he hates.

  180. Lee, arse like a Japanese flag in the morning.

    I’ll stick with my bacon and cabbage thankyou.

  181. Vernat. I’ve had Tindaloo/Vindaloo all over the world. It is hot, but you can taste the food.

  182. So it’s Tindaloo SYG not tintaloo……………. followed by runtotheloo….!

    You must have asbestos taste buds mate…..

  183. Me neither, Phal is the only one i have seen Wath but if it’s not on a menu, good ;)

    Thanks bondex, hope a few more follow him…

  184. Talking about flags the Koreans got a bit touchy walking off the pitch yesterday didn’t they.

  185. North South cant see what the problem was Micko…. As you say very touchy ;-)

  186. Man v Food is the nuts! You see the one where the chef is preparing the hotest wings in America with a mask on! Adam Richman had to eat six wings in 30 mins..
    Micko, arse like a car cigarette lighter!!

  187. Cast iron constitutions those Northerners! ;)

  188. Hi Micko, with extra chilli sauce?? ;)

  189. Hands stands in the shower Lee with cold water followed by bog roll out the freezer will help resolve the problem…….

  190. Rico.
    Just read it. The injured “Song” coming back eh?

  191. Not good is it SYG, don’t know why but I thought Song was fit ;)

  192. And who exactly do these journo’s think they are, if they all that they like to think they know about the game, why don’t they get off their fat arses and get more involved at a football club…

    No, it’s easier to be lazy and write utter garbage based on their own shallow opinion and hatred for AFC……

  193. making a list of blogs and sites never to visit again..as i dont want to be infested with their way of thinking..looks like every foolish idea i have about my beloved club is a hundred times better than the cheap thoughts of those lazy journalists.

  194. Where’s AK?

  195. Blogs or bogs? ;)

  196. bogs really…

  197. Song and Diaby are quite differcult to tell apart in his defense.

  198. Their posts are for the bog….!

  199. Plenty of bogs over here.

  200. If a certain Moroccan was to fall into one of our bogs he’d never be seen again, if only it was that straight forward.

  201. Pasta from hell

  202. Did I just hear right, there is a Japan player called Suzuki?

    Good job Honda isn’t playing as well ;)

  203. :lol: Micko..

  204. Probably in Carphone Warehouse Lee ;)

  205. You seen the other one on newsnow that says ‘Walcott will join Chelsea’

  206. DeGea only shows what a prick he is by not shaking opponents hand after the game

  207. Boo! I see you are all still speaking gourmandise!! :D

    rico, comments like H’s are just soooo pointless!! And is there really a race to sign Bendy?? Hah!

    Hello, all!! :)

  208. @SYG, you have a point there; not only the Villa game that comes to mind but also the Newcastle game when we were leading by 4 two seasons ago. It was hard for me to forgive him for his stupidity during that game that cost us three points. But I do believe he will come good and show himself due to the faith AW has put on him and the backlash he has taken on his behalf. He is more matured now and wants to show his boss how grateful he is. My prediction on Diaby is that he is going to be Arsenal Player of the Year.

  209. What a numpty he is Tlail…

    Hi agag, according to Nikki no doubt there is but how much is truth, goodness only knows, just pray there is a club out there that want to sign him….

    I think ‘H’ was talking to himself….

  210. Abou Diaby says he is full of confidence ahead of the new season after Arsène Wenger praised his “exceptional” talent.

    The 26-year-old midfielder struggled with injuries last term and was restricted to just five first-team appearances for Arsenal during a difficult campaign.

    However, he has played a full part in pre-season and Wenger said earlier this week that “he is the first player who would be on the France teamsheet in midfield when fit”.

    “That makes me feel confident – it is always nice to have the confidence of the manager,” Diaby told a webchat with Chinese fans hosted by Arsenal.qq.com.

    “I’m fit now, I have been training since the beginning of pre-season and also did a rehabilitation session during my holidays – so now I feel great.

    “I know that when I am fit, I can be good on the pitch. My main target this season is to be fit and if I am then everything will be good for me.”

    Wenger has also spoken about how the Arsenal 2012 Tour, presented by Emirates is “crucial” for Diaby in proving his long-term fitness.

    “It is definitely important – I need to be fit in order to complete the whole season,” he agreed. “It is so important that I stay fit because last season I was injured many times and couldn’t play much, so this year is crucial.”

  211. Back in a bit….

  212. Press hatred of the Arsenal – It isn’t hatred as such, Rico.
    The likes of Jamie Redknapp, Lineker, Niall Quinn all have an agenda as such. Two Tottenham lads and an Arsenal reject.
    Arsenal are a snobbish-set up of that there is no doubt. Read Eric Alexander’s take on the boardroom set up in his autobiography. For all the young gunner-bloggers, Alexander was part of the boardroom set up at Mercenary City pre the Oil Strike. Couple that with the fact that we have had limited success over the last seven years makes our clubs snobby high-handed, know- your place attitude and zero transparency – a prime target for the journalists. We look a bit daft because of it. The press play on it.
    We have an erudite manager in Wenger. A megalomaniac say some. Maybe, but intelligent all the same. The press want stories so he gives them quotes of “metal strength” and continual denials as a smokescreen. Interviewing him is boring. They get nothing.
    They want Wenger quoting stories of Fabregas going on strike to force a move; or the fact that Adebayor was nothing but a fucking ponce who didn’t wear shoes until he was fifteen and wanted his salary tripling and that he was just glad to get shut of him. Or they’d like him admitting that he put his faith in “Project Youth” and he has been let down by players who have shown nil faith when they have come good. They also want him to admit that Eboue was shit and Almunia was worse and that neither were worthy of getting a squad number, never mind playing for the club on a regular basis.
    The press are going to vilify the club like us to an extent. The press know that we are carrying about eight players who are deadwood and on ludicrous salaries and who we can’t get rid of. It’s made a bigger joke by the clubs high-handed approach in that they are saying that we are self sustainable. The press are on to it full-time. A prat like Peter Hill-Wood is a joy to them. He makes us look worse.
    I’m from up north so I don’t have a specific hatred for Spurs – Harry Redknapp for all his failings did have transparency and comes over to the press as very okay. He also spoke highly of Wenger, something a lot of the Arsenal fans forget. Quote: “He’s a lovely person, Arsene, I always have a glass of red wine with him after a match.”
    Redknapp Snr. when asked about a specific player he was looking at always gave an answer. Harry to them was a joy. Wenger is not.
    The press hate the high handed approach, not so much the club.
    When we were winning and had great players in the side the press loved us.
    As I keep saying, history always repeats itself !!!

  213. Good for Diaby, rico! I reckon this is his last chance to convince doubters he deserves to be on the payroll!!

    H, what a waste of time! ;)

  214. H what a wanker!!

  215. Hiya Nash. Diaby getting the Arsenal Player of the Year?

    You want to ask Rico to set up a poll …

  216. Arsenal Chairman Peter Hill-Wood has declared that his club are sick and tired of being bullied into selling their top players, and to show the club’s intentions of challenging for top honours this season are prepared to take a tough stance on the sale of wantaway striker Robin van Persie according to reports in the Daily Star.

    After losing their best players on a continuous basis over the last few seasons, the Arsenal boss appears to be fed up with the incessant demand for youngsters who have been groomed by the Gunners, but tend to leave just when they hit their prime, and is keen on making an example of Van Persie.

    The newspaper suggests that Arsenal are going to reject any offers that do not match their £30 million asking price for RVP, and will hold onto the player till the January transfer window in the hope that they are high enough in the League to convince the Dutchman to reconsider his decision to leave.

    Hill-Wood said, “He is a world-class player and we don’t want to give him away. If he is determined to leave that is up to him, but giving him away is not on our agenda. To be honest I do not understand him at all. I understood Cesc Fabregas wanting to go home to Barcelona last summer. I had sympathy with that. But I thought Robin was happy at Arsenal, especially after the season he had with us.”

  217. SYG, sorry if you previously posted it but how did you become Gooner? If you don’t mind me asking?

  218. I completely agree, Lee. :) Hello, SYG and Nashua. I think PHW should just keep it shut. Next thing you know, we’d be selling Robin, anyway. :)

  219. To be honest it is so long since i have seen Diaby play that i can’t really form an opinion on him. I like to think that players can improve and learn so i give them the benefit of the doubt (except Eddie McGoldrick, GG was really taking the piss at that point) I know they can get worse as well but lets hope the time out means he has examined his game and that if he stays fit he can have a great season.

  220. Hiya Lee. I had an old 1968/69 Panini sticker book given to me by my Grandma in 1971. I thought Terry Neill and David Court looked a bit like my dad, who I only saw on a Saturday.
    My Dad told me that Terry Neill now played for Hull and that Arsenal wasn’t a place and that they were from London and that I’d seen the ground when we had gone from Doncaster to Kings X on the train.
    He was a Sheff Wed fan but told me all the history surrounding them. He told me about Arsenal beating Sheff Wed at Hillsbro’ with Cliff Holton scoring three or four goals. He said that Peter Storey was the best defender in the country and that Radford was from Hemsworth.
    All through the seventies I watched their results coming in … Arsenal was everything….

  221. @agag, could please stick around gooster might just be waking up. I always enjoy the conversation especially when he proclaim his love for you. He makes me think about Romeo and Juliet.

  222. SYG, great story!! Nahua, Oh don’t mind goonie. I suspect he started taking some pill when he went to the States. :? Tsk tsk. Poor thing. :D

  223. afternoon guys, have signed him yet? carzola that is.

  224. jeez will you guys ever leave me alone?

  225. nashua buddy, am the romeo to her juliet…..hey lil mama, how are ya today? miss me?

  226. yeah i took some pills and its from manila……its called “imeldacine”

  227. goonie, you’re laying it on pretty thick. ;) ;) Go back to work!!

    And it’s Cazor-la. :D

  228. mi corazon, come back my love. dont go to sleep now. i havent bought the grapes yet and i think i lost the brush. i am nothing without you.

  229. Hi Rico. Locked in traffic on M25. Help!

  230. Great comment at 4.56 SYG, but I still think the press hate the club and Lineker is an absolute T**T, imho they don’t like it because Wenger came in, bought mostly foreigners and then took all the stick for England being rubbish…

    They made have an agenda, but I think that it’s driven by hatred…

  231. what work? i ve been fired for a month now, am jobless. oh well the only consolation is i get to stare into your big brown beautiful eyes. work she says, am into you 24/7!

  232. afternoon adam, hey mama bear, how are ya? i see your boy is heading to west london.

  233. Lee – I was waiting for your ‘village’ comment re H ;)

    Oh no Adam, hope you have some water with you :( Hello to you….

  234. Adam, oh no!!

    goonster, have you taken to reading… Mills & Boons?? Barbara Cartlands?? :D Be careful, you’d be back to being “goonerette”/”staninha” in no time at all. :D :D

  235. Hi goonster, not a chance, not with all their signings already in…

  236. My water supply has overheated. Air con working though. Still an hour from home though

  237. mills and boons! what are those? if it makes you fall for me then hell i read it.

  238. Theo’s staying put. Ask rico, Why would anyone want to be a Chav??

  239. hahahahahahaha adam is stuck in traffic without no water and its frigging hot. can today get any better!

  240. rico ll have a nervous melt down if theo leaves. am hoping for her sake he signs a 23 year contract extension.

  241. Cheers Goonie

  242. Rico re 4.51, third paragragh in, is Wenger on drugs, what a complete load of baloney.

  243. Maybe you can park for a bit, Adam. Or look for a petrol station and see if anyone can help??

  244. SYG, nice idea re the poll, you want it in the sidebar and updated each week with the MOTM, or done after each game where we all vote..

  245. Rico,

    Back on dream signing. I’d have Howard Webb I guess. Or may be Phil Dowd..no wait, its Chris Foy.

  246. hi micko, hey adam stick your hairy ass off the windom. you re already sweating like a pig at suck.

  247. I don’t think I need to look back Micko, you referring to the ‘1st on the French team sheet’

    He’s got to be on something….
    :lol: :lol:

  248. That’s awful Adam, you poor thing…

    goonster, you can be so naughty sometimes ….

  249. Adam, you having a Victor Meldrew moment.
    Hi Stan, how goes it ?

  250. Got it in one rico.

  251. Rico,

    C’mon if French do play 4-2-3-1. Diaby-M’villa would be the best pairing. And I guess Arsene is right. Blanc always gave Diaby a free pass.

  252. naughty!!???? how’s that? am giving him tips on how to cool off. sheesh, what does a guy have to do to be taken seriuos around here?

  253. adam, am lounging with a couple of coconut drinks and fantasizing about AGAG, actually she’s rubbing lotion all over me right now………….uuuhhhhhhh.

  254. S2S – not for me ;)

    Micko – will be interesting to see if when Diaby is fit, he’s the first on our team sheet… Somehow I don’t think he would be..

  255. Your 5.48 Goonie :(

    agag – can’t see him going there and he’s recently talked about the future and winning things at afc…

    Torres, he wanted to be a chav :(

  256. Nah, rico, Torres wanted to be AFC.. ;) We just didn’t make an offer. :) :) As for Theo, I would be surprised to see him bolt. He’s not gonna have it better elsewhere.

    Goonie, your 5:48, I agree. :(

  257. jeez rico, he’s a big boy he ll be alright. you werent this bummed out when i got my ass stuck down the toilet for 5 hours did you? talk about double standards. you brits make me sick.*winks*

  258. ok am sorry guys…..just kidding. jeez cut me some slack. adam knows am only goofing around. hey adam i feel your pain brother and am really,trully, very sorry.

  259. There’s a good boy. You get a star sticker on your wrist! ;) Ahaha.

    Slooooow news day!! Whatever happened to Dutch?

  260. probably stuck in that inferno city, rotterdam! boy, you ll hate it there AGAG, filled with the likes of van persie.

  261. At £50Million agag, I am not surprised ;)

    We haven’t seen the best of Theo yet, Bould and Banfield will whip him into shape….

  262. That’s a bit better goonster….

    DG still around I think (I hope) could be holidays etc…

  263. rico, are you still mad at me?

  264. thanks maam, you re swell.

  265. rico, Torres kept on talking about our club before he left Liverpoop. :) :)

    And I love the optimism of your statement on Theo. Well, you wouldn;t be rico if you weren’t endlessly positive about him. :P :P

  266. It’s not me you need to worry about goonster, it’s Adam ;)

  267. SYG great story thanks for spilling the beans!
    Adam you poor fcker!!
    Sitting in the ruby house as I type…..
    Stanley you been on the Moroccan cigarettes??

  268. I bet AW would have tried for him if his price wasn’t so outrageous agag, he was a player totally off form and still is.

    I think he’s unhappy… Would have loved to see him in red and white, as I know you would…

    Theo shows flashes of brilliance but not enough, I’d be a fool to suggest otherwise. Maybe because he lived near to me etc I am a bit more defensive of him but, I truly believe that he has the makings of being a great player – Even Ian Wright took years to become the player he was…

    And Henry did too to an extent…

  269. Have a Kingfisher for me Lee :)

  270. Just had two pints of Mongoose! Bloody lubberly!!!

  271. Second one was for you Rico! ;)

  272. If only AW had my shoe spending habits. ;) ;) Torres doesn’t seem very happy in Chelsea, either, rico.

    The thing about Theo is that when he plays better when he’s acting on instinct. When he has time on the ball, he almost invariably makes the wrong decision, rico. :D :D

    Lee, you do sound like you’re enjoying yourself. :) :)

  273. Popping off for dinner, back in a bit..

  274. Mongoose, that will do, have a third for me too please Lee ;)

  275. Good night, friends! Have a lovely dinner, rico and Lee. Goonie, behave!! ;) :)

  276. Hi everyone. Just got home after the horrors of the M25 in the heat. So much traffic, so little water. The New Forst was amazing with all the ponies and their little foals strolling about. The old Reliant Robin struggled a bit, but not too bad. Anything happened today?

  277. Good night Imelda!
    Adam, are you home???

  278. Ignore my 7:32 Adam!!

  279. Is the New Forst anything like the New Forest Adam?

  280. Cheers Lee. Yes mate just home. Left at 7am – back at 7pm. 7 hours driving, but a lovely, lovely lunch.

  281. If you want to see three pricks right now….BBC1.

  282. Make that 4 pricks Ryan Giggs is on!!! :lol:

  283. Fucking hell 5 pricks Pearce is on now…..

  284. How many nationalities do we have in The House???

  285. @Micko 5:52 “What a complete load of baloney.”
    I’ll remind you and Rico when Diaby becomes the player of the year for Arsenal this season.

  286. Nashua, I really hope you’re right….

  287. Lee, how many people ruled RVP out…but yet he has one good season to compensate for all the sick tables. I’ve high hope that Diaby will do the same.

  288. Night agag, sleep well..

    Good to hear you are back safe and sound Adam :)

  289. Got the footie on in the curry house Lee, or have you moved on ;)

    Nearly as many nationalities as Arsenal maybe?

  290. :) NG, and I will be so happy when that day comes, you fight his corner, why not? I do the same with Theo…

  291. At home, full of curry. Watching the match….

  292. I’d like Abou to fight his corner….

  293. Nashua, more chance of Elvis crashing his spaceship into the Emirates but I’ll be the first to buy you a beer if the impossible happens.
    I think its safe to say none of the Welsh players are Royalists judging by the national anthem tonight.

  294. And full of Mongoose ;)

    Can’t be bothered to watch GB….

  295. I’d just like him to stay fit..

    Even Ramsey Micko, he should be ashamed…

  296. Embarrassing….

  297. Thanks Rico. I see Goonster was in full flight earlier.

  298. Best you have a herb tea and an early night Adam ;)

  299. Lee. You saucy young man. The New Forst adjoins the New Forest as you well know. :)

  300. I am just eating more cherries Rico and have ruined another white T-shirt. That’s four now.

  301. Adam, you could sell your stained tee shirts to hippies, tie dye is all the rage amongst the great unwashed! ;)

  302. :lol: Adam, another telling off tonight, maybe that is your plan ;)

    I have to go now, want to take Fido out for a walk now it’s cooler…

    Catch up tomorrow…

    Have a good evening all, nighty from me….

  303. I was saying to Rico last night Lee that this bag of cherries has now ended up costing me £60 at £15 for each T shirt. The cherries go a dark mauve as they spray all over the place.
    Just off for some of that flowering green tea that Rico loves so much. Goodnight all.

  304. Sleep tight you Gooners! I’m done too…

  305. hey get back here guys, i go out for a burger you all creep out. am not done, so get back here.

  306. I’m alive,but only just Goonster.
    Long bloody day after racing the dogs last night….can’t believe I’m still up this early!
    Work really does get in the way of thins,doesn’t it??

  307. hi scott, win any?

  308. what kinda dogs are they scott? greyhounds?

  309. looks like he’s gone again………..oh well, i guess i better do something fun.

  310. see ya guys

  311. It seems a club has bid €20mil for cazorla according to Malaga’s manager Manuel Pellegrini…he has however said that isn’t enough and would send a wrong message if they agree to sanction his sale.

  312. Yep,greyhounds.
    I’ve got to who have just started their careers.
    Got a second last night with Highbury Lad.
    Sorry mate,just getting ready for work,so will be on and off for a little while.

  313. The way things sit KT,the player will have a massive hand in whichever club he goes to.
    Hopefully he wants to be a Gunner.

  314. KT seems to me Malaga are merely looking for the best price possible for a player they know they gonna lose…! Sounds like us posturing with vP…!

  315. Adam, I hope you had a good trip.
    Busy again today. :-)
    Knackered, so good night Gooners

  316. Well it’s the nutty hour of midnight maybe it’s my turn to talk to myself in 50 comments………..

    Bollox to that, Lee stuffed his face with a ruby and now in the land of nod… AK ripping off a few gullible tourists (good lad) and Adam is dreaming of Cheval Blanc 1945…! Rico is stuffing her chickens…. Not literally of course and then we have Stanley………… God know’s what he’s up too and I’d rather not say… Micko is on a final pint of the good stuff, Scott’s working hard and AGAG working hard planning on what shoes to but this weekend….!

    If I’ve left anyone out am sorry……….. Oh and SYG is on the bog soothing his firesome bottom after his tindalooooooo

    Night all.

  317. hello there !
    No interesting news….
    Traoure (ex-Arsenal) -Benfica ?
    totts wants many players…

  318. Morning all…. Juve cool on RvP!!

  319. Morning Lee and all

    How’s the head??

  320. That’s not good news about Juve..

  321. Brand new this morning!! Mankini is getting the hump with RvP situation too…. what you reckon he’s still with us at the start of the season???
    Also, that prick durham is not on talkshite at the moment so they now do the daily chelsea not daily arsenal…god I hate that ginger twat!!

  322. Morning Rico. In other words they can’t afford him.
    I see that man-child Mancini has been blubbering again.

  323. Lee. Do you not like Durham then? :)

  324. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is still with us, he is asking for huge wages and the club are asking an unreal price for him, £30M AW wants doesn’t he?

    No club will pay that surely….

    Never listen to talksport, thank goodness ;)

  325. Morning Adam

    He is so annoying isn’t he…

  326. He may end up staying with us,copping a long term injury,and we will resign him for a further three years on the same wage.
    I bloody hate this time of year.
    Evening all!!

  327. Hi Scott, you are bright and cheerful this morning :P

  328. Mancini is the single most annoying person in football.
    Balotelli is second.
    Nasri is third.
    Can anyone see the pattern??
    A nip of 1931 port for the first correct entry!!
    (get to it,Adam)

  329. RICO,I’m cool as a cucumber.
    Very relaxed,and looking forward to the weekend.
    Game day tomorrow,and I have dog poo to pick up,heir next race to plan,beers to be had,lawns to be mowed…….well,I was happy a minute ago!!

  330. Manchester City :)

  331. Adam, I hate him with a passion and don’t even start his name with a capital letter!!!

  332. Good to hear Scott ;)

  333. New Post up….

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