Defender signs! Midfielder Next? Wenger to sign Malaysian player & New Coach set to join….

First up is the news about Emmanuel Frimpong, he’s in trouble with the FA after a tweet to a Tottenham fan calling him ‘Scum Yid’. This was of course in reply to the same fan’s tweet which said ‘I prayed you break your arms and legs’.

I can understand why Frimpong would get pretty narked by such a comment but he should realise that as soon as you start bringing race, colour or religion into a response, he is in trouble.

Hopefully he will get away with a stiff talking to from the FA and they will make it clear that it’s not until he’s a bit older, has played and captained England a few times and of course, slept with his team-mates wife/girlfriend, will he get away with being abusive to someone in such a fashion!

But of course, Frimpong has opted for Ghana so he will never be favoured by the FA or any other authority.

But it does make you think doesn’t it, how many internet sites other than twitter, allow that level of abuse and worse to be plastered all over comments section? Just imagine if Arsene Wenger sat down one day and thought he’d look at some of the Arsenal blogs, there would be a few people in the dock.

Thankfully, Highbury House isn’t one of them, well, majority of the time…. 😉

From one up and coming youngster to an old boy, a one-off who wants to make his return and of course that is Thierry Henry. He doesn’t want to play for us again though, in fact he didn’t really want to play back in January but he agreed to help us out when the ACON took a couple of players away.

His plan now is quite clear in his mind, once his playing day are over, he wants to coach and at Arsenal.

Eventually I’d like to go back to Arsenal,

I don’t know how, it depends. Seriously, I don’t know (what it will be). I just want to finish my career (first). I would go back to England, for sure, with Arsenal. Coaching does interest me but I really don’t think about it right now.

Henry is 35 years old next month so that day of returning could be sooner rather than later…

Onto the will he or won’t he, much news has been about Santi Cazorla. Nearly all the newspapers report that we have agreed terms with the player but Arsene Wenger strenuously denied that after our 2-1 victory over Malaysia.

When asked if he was close to signing him, or any other player:

No we are not close. Maybe we will sign a Malaysian player?

Large pinch of salt taken there Arsene.

Of course now the speculation over Theo Walcott’s future will go into overdrive and already, one or two lazy journalists already suggest that he’s soon to be a goner, well why?

Santi Cazorla is described as being a versatile winger who can play on either flank, being ambidextrous so should he sign for us, all this will do is provide more options on both wings, isn’t that what we all want to see within the squad, a bit more depth and strength?

There is a place for both and it could be that Wenger plans are to move Theo central, after all he has said that he will one day, maybe that day has arrived.

Yesterday’s friendly showed us all that we clearly have a few youngsters that will one day get their chance, but for me, this season is too soon. Most need another season on loan before they are ready to take place in the squad.

In the meantime, add Cazorla, M’Vila or Capoue and definitely a goal keeper and we’ll be ready to challenge and beat the rest….

Finally, and I know we are already aware of this but Laurent Koscielny has signed a new long-term contract and he is delighted:

I’m delighted to have reached agreement with the Club. I have had a fantastic time here and look forward to an exciting future with Arsenal.

Trust me Laurent, so are we……

That’s it for today, have a good one…

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