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Defender signs! Midfielder Next? Wenger to sign Malaysian player & New Coach set to join….

First up is the news about Emmanuel Frimpong, he’s in trouble with the FA after a tweet to a Tottenham fan calling him ‘Scum Yid’. This was of course in reply to the same fan’s tweet which said ‘I prayed you break your arms and legs’.

I can understand why Frimpong would get pretty narked by such a comment but he should realise that as soon as you start bringing race, colour or religion into a response, he is in trouble.

Hopefully he will get away with a stiff talking to from the FA and they will make it clear that it’s not until he’s a bit older, has played and captained England a few times and of course, slept with his team-mates wife/girlfriend, will he get away with being abusive to someone in such a fashion!

But of course, Frimpong has opted for Ghana so he will never be favoured by the FA or any other authority.

But it does make you think doesn’t it, how many internet sites other than twitter, allow that level of abuse and worse to be plastered all over comments section? Just imagine if Arsene Wenger sat down one day and thought he’d look at some of the Arsenal blogs, there would be a few people in the dock.

Thankfully, Highbury House isn’t one of them, well, majority of the time…. ;)

From one up and coming youngster to an old boy, a one-off who wants to make his return and of course that is Thierry Henry. He doesn’t want to play for us again though, in fact he didn’t really want to play back in January but he agreed to help us out when the ACON took a couple of players away.

His plan now is quite clear in his mind, once his playing day are over, he wants to coach and at Arsenal.

Eventually I’d like to go back to Arsenal,

I don’t know how, it depends. Seriously, I don’t know (what it will be). I just want to finish my career (first). I would go back to England, for sure, with Arsenal. Coaching does interest me but I really don’t think about it right now.

Henry is 35 years old next month so that day of returning could be sooner rather than later…

Onto the will he or won’t he, much news has been about Santi Cazorla. Nearly all the newspapers report that we have agreed terms with the player but Arsene Wenger strenuously denied that after our 2-1 victory over Malaysia.

When asked if he was close to signing him, or any other player:

No we are not close. Maybe we will sign a Malaysian player?

Large pinch of salt taken there Arsene.

Of course now the speculation over Theo Walcott’s future will go into overdrive and already, one or two lazy journalists already suggest that he’s soon to be a goner, well why?

Santi Cazorla is described as being a versatile winger who can play on either flank, being ambidextrous so should he sign for us, all this will do is provide more options on both wings, isn’t that what we all want to see within the squad, a bit more depth and strength?

There is a place for both and it could be that Wenger plans are to move Theo central, after all he has said that he will one day, maybe that day has arrived.

Yesterday’s friendly showed us all that we clearly have a few youngsters that will one day get their chance, but for me, this season is too soon. Most need another season on loan before they are ready to take place in the squad.

In the meantime, add Cazorla, M’Vila or Capoue and definitely a goal keeper and we’ll be ready to challenge and beat the rest….

Finally, and I know we are already aware of this but Laurent Koscielny has signed a new long-term contract and he is delighted:

I’m delighted to have reached agreement with the Club. I have had a fantastic time here and look forward to an exciting future with Arsenal.

Trust me Laurent, so are we……

That’s it for today, have a good one…

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335 comments on “Defender signs! Midfielder Next? Wenger to sign Malaysian player & New Coach set to join….

  1. Morning Rico, good gossipy post……….. The Cazorla thing is interesting that they owned by an Arab and yet they have financial problems…! Has he spurned all his dosh or just bored with football..?

  2. Morning Wath and all…

    Plenty of gossip around Wath, but AW’s comment about signing a Malaysian may not be far from the truth, their little number ten (i think) was pretty special, stand out player imho….

    I read about the goings on at Malaga, the Arab could clear all the probs with one cheque, seems he either wants to conform to FFP or as you say, just getting bored…

    Hope AW doesn’t hang around hoping to get Cazorla on the cheap, or Tottenham (PC) might get in there and try and sign him….

  3. Hey Rico and all,

    Sorry, couldn’t hang out more yesterday. Just not feeling well of late.

    Btw, everything sounds promising, doesn’t it? Arsene signing 27 year old seasoned pro that will be helpful to give time to all the young lads. And after last night’s performance it looks like our young lads have more fight then most. Why won’t they? After all they have learned to win at very young age for club and country. Haven’t they?

  4. No probs S2S, hope you are feeling better today?

    Your post nearly broke the record for the most comments, best you get working on your next :)

    I’m going to wait until any signing is official before believing all is looking good.

    But, if we get M’Vila/Capoue and Cazorla, RvP will look a bit silly really as it will be clear that he’s leaving for money. Those two additional signings would show a lot of intent imho…

  5. Morning all, AW should ban twitter, more aggro than it’s worth imo!

  6. Morning S2S,congrats on yesterday’s post!!

  7. AC Milan have announced they will be offering season ticket refunds after selling prize assets Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva to the latest moneybags on the European block, Paris Saint-Germain.
    You reckon our board will do the same? :lol:

  8. Totally agree Lee, Ches has lessened his comments hasn’t he, about time Frimps did too….

  9. @Rico,

    Thanks. I hope to. I am better now. Still a bit under weather. Off from work makes all that better.

    I’d like M’villa and strengthen the MF but not sure of AM. I’d rather give free reign to all the kids and ask them to step up. I really feel had Ozzy not left, he would have been break out star.

    And I really feel these lot of youngsters if kept together and stay injury free can achieve more than TA or SB or MK did.

  10. They can’t sell them so no-one to refund :lol:

  11. Thanks Lee..

    But I don’t think AW will ban Twitter. He does believe in freedom of speech. May be he’d now arrange classes on media management or twittwraction..lol..

  12. Not that I give a shit but that diving monkey bale managed to play for the yids in the US but is out of team GB…..

  13. Because he was injured…

  14. Lee,

    Arabs are weird. I mean they sponsor Arsenal and A.C. and they are the real ones who make sure that these teams become weaker. Irony?

  15. Lee, stop being rude and derogatory to monkeys…..!

  16. Bale is the most most overrated player….

  17. WATH, I had to do a double take on yesterday’s post you posting pre-9.00am!!! ;)

  18. Morning all. Glad you are feeling better S2S. I meant to ask, after yesterday’s interesting post, what is your country?

  19. I think he’s a banned word on here!

  20. Do you know Kozz has never appeared as a sub for Arsenal?

  21. Morning Adam.

  22. I was worried about you going without your tea and 3 shredded wheat mate :D

  23. Hiya Lee. Hot one today I think.

  24. Morning all. Had RVP stayed this season my wish was for AW to switch formation slightly and play him as a number 10 in behind Giroud in the Bergkamp / Zola type role. I think the additions of Giroud and Podolski leave us well covered in the number 9 strikers position and, if RVP departs, that a tricky number 10 is what we need to give our forward line balance. That is why I have been a bit sceptical about Llorente or Lewandowski who, if I am not wrong, are typical number 9’s and for me would leave us overloaded with this type of player. I like the look of Corzola. he only stands 5’6″, (according to Wikipedia), and although he is described as an attacking winger / midfielder, his style of play reminds me very much of another 5’6″ player, namely Zola. I think if we get him we should play him in the role I mentioned for RVP as the number 10 and our forward line would, for me, still look very formidable.

  25. Isn’t Bale a member of the Cymru Pithecus family?

  26. Thanks Adam. Won’t say name of my country. But its a country of plenty good people, run by wrong people.

  27. Ok. I understand.

  28. S2S, Kozzers last season stats were on tv last night…..unreal!!!

  29. S2S – I hope we don’t rely on too many of the kids, not yet, their day will come…

    Glad you are feeling a little better…

  30. Bale isn’t overrated at all.
    I reckon he’s shit….thats my rating of him :)
    Morning all.
    Speaking of wine…………

  31. GoonerB..

    Being one of Zola’s biggest fan, if he’s 50% of what Zola was then sign him up.

  32. Scott there’s bush that needs beating around….

  33. On Kozzer,just remember that 18 months ago,nearly all Gooners wanted him gone.
    All I’m saying is that players coming from other leagues need at LEAST a season to come close to fully adapting,so players like Gervinho should be given until Xmas before a judgement can be made,and though Podolski and Giroud will be great for us,patience is still required.
    Podolskis experience at the guest level should help him adapt a little quicker though.

  34. Good Mooring all Arsene at this press conference this morning said

    “We are not at the end of it [transfers]. We will still bring players in.”

    Maybe that is Niang but looks positive, thought Ryo looked good in the game yesterday didn’t stay out on the wing, instead found space to play in i think of those playing yesterday he would be the one i would keep in and around the squad whilst others go on loan.

  35. Lol Lee.
    You know me!!
    Wenger has stated that more players WILL be brought in before the season kicks off.

  36. Thanks for understanding Adam.

    Lee, mate Koz and Arteta both have unbelievable numbers. Was reading article on Modric the other day on Opta where Arteta was in the mix and the guy is real star. If you find that article read it. I think if Diaby remains fit then in that department we are really well covered.

    Btw how did Diaby do last night? You know I am a big Diaby fan. How was he?

    That is what even AW is thinking. I think we are or may be going for Santi cause Rosicky is out 8-10 weeks. Ramsey will miss start of the season. Jack is out till Sep, Diaby is Diaby. So due to that we are thin there. But still I think HL should take up MA’s place in the MF and MA should be pushed a bit further up in the beginning of the season.

    MA’s shot on goal to conversion ratio is amazing…

  37. Oh to see an Arsenal team with a bit of shape again. A team that doesn’t look it can be instantly unravelled by the simplest ball over the top.

  38. Morning Adam, GoonerB, Scott and anyone else I missed ;)

    Very hot today….

    Not me, the weather :P :P

  39. I may be alone in thinking that, in midfield, we have numbers, injuries and a lot of ifs and buts. Personally, I feel like we need a huge injection of quality in there. I liked M’Vila’s positional discipline myself. He could be the fulcrum that the team revolves around.

  40. Scott:

    Agree with you on that. But every time I saw Poldi’s video, he seems more and more like RvP. He gets in there finds a cross and shoots with either foot. He hits spectacular volleys. He drops deep helps out defense. The man can replace RvP but we still should hold on to VP for a season. Or at least till December.

  41. S2S. Have to respectfully disagree. Van Persie would be a corrosive influence now. He has made his bed, he must lie in it. Arsenal need to move forward without him. All that should linger from him is who we buy with his transfer fee. He clearly doesn’t want us. We should reciprocate that sentiment.

  42. S2S – and the imminent departure of Arshavin and we also have no Yossi…

    Same old though Adam, high in numbers but still not an out and out defence minded player, one who will protect the back five and not leave them vulnerable too often…

  43. Adam,

    M’villa is someone who all of us would take with open arms. I guess if Le Coq doesn’t do enough to convince AW that he’s just as good as he then we’d have M’villa on 31st August.

  44. Hi Rico. Precisely.

  45. Podolski and Giroud – IN

    Cazorla – Likely
    Niang – Likely

    M’Vila/Capoue – Maybe
    GK – Maybe

    If and yes, a big if we get those players signed, is that not showing intent??

  46. I think M’Vila is a couple of seasons further along than Coq. Let the cream rise to the top.

  47. Rico. We sing from the same hymn sheet. All together now…..but disappointment might lurk around the corner.

  48. Coquelin is most definitely good enough,imo,but he just needs to show it asap.
    I also think Yennaris is a gun.
    We’ve got some good kids coming through…should we trust in them and allow them a season to sink or swim?

  49. I though Coq was pretty poor yesterday, I know it’s first game etc etc but….

    Yes, let the cream rise, we need a bit of fight for places in this team, each season it’s all too easy for players, they have little to prove as they know there is no other option.

    And if they are not up for the fight then I am sure another club would be better for them…

  50. Adam,I’m with you on Coquelin.
    I actually meant he’s got it all,but can he do the job right now…thats the question.

  51. @Adam

    The only player that comes anywhere close to him is Ba. People might fancy Cisse but Ba is genuinely a better player. For once his goals don’t seem like fluke and he can score in anyway possible. Giroud and Poldi may turn out to be real good but still scares me what if they don’t get it right in the beginning and that is why I feel we should hold on to VP till they start to get them right.


    And both were genuine match winners in their own rights. I’d still miss Arshavin the most. The way he played false #9, makes Fab look not so good. But then we might have Diaby and Jack back. That works right?

  52. No is my own view Scott, we have been doing that for 5/6 years now, get them out on loan playing each week and toughen them up.

    They need to be playing, learning and getting stronger…

  53. 26 – Age of Laurent Koscielny when he signed a “long term contract extension” with Arsenal
    4 – Years most of Arsenal’s “long term contracts” run
    33 – Games started by Laurent Koscielny 2011-2012
    91 – Interceptions by Laurent Koscielny
    2.8 – Interceptions per game by Laurent Koscielny
    33 – Fouls committed by Laurent Koscielny
    9 – Yellow cards given to Laurent Koscielny
    1.9 – Aerial duels won per game by Laurent Koscielny
    61 – Percent of aerial duels won by Laurent Koscielny
    5.1 – Clearances per game by Laurent Koscielny

  54. Rico,my response would be what did Lansbury get out of playing for West Ham last year?
    Ok,thats one stand out example,but you get my point.
    Our guys learn the “Arsenal way”,then we loan them out to teams where they play a totally different style.
    It all comes back to a B side being the right fit,but it won’t happen,unfortunately.

  55. Koscielny is a gun,and I’m going today it again……just to wind up Rico.
    I loved him from the first few times I saw him,I really did :)

  56. S2S. I know this isn’t going to happen but….with van Persie gone, Chamakh hopefully gone, Park gone? Guys, I’ve been saying this for a while, but, we need another central striker. Podolski plays wide, as does Theo and Gervinho. I don’t buy Theo down the middle at all. We will have only Giroud to play with his back to goal receiving out balls, battling for headers etc. we need another central striker. Niang? Lot to ask of a young boy I think. Unless Wenger is going to “do a Spain” and play without a striker, or hope for big up-front mobility we won’t get lucky with injuries as we did with van Persie. If he’d got crocked last year where would we have finished? Sorry, but, whichever way I look at it, I come to the same conclusion.

  57. Love him Lee…

    Scott, and you would be spot on with that, I would say he learned very little.

    But, he went to the wrong club, how much did Jack learn at Bolton, huge amounts I would say, he almost ‘came back a man’. Ryo did well there too..

    If I was AW, I’d look to send players back to Bolton or even Reading/Southampton in the PL, both have very good managers, especially Reading, McDermott teaches defending from the front too so win win..

    I hope we never send a player to work under Big Sam ever again….

  58. The sun is shining Scott, you won’t wind me up today :P

    Adam – Diaby :)

  59. as reguards to blogger attacks sky sports have started their anti arsenal attacks early using words like set back on a game that was effectivelly a run out

  60. g clarke – agree there, we said the same yesterday, what a load of planks they are…

    ESPN were really battering us all the way through the game…

  61. Who cares what he media says?
    I don’t even buy a newspaper anymore…they’re all egotistical wankers,these journos.

  62. Rico. You know what? I think Diaby could be the man. :)

  63. Adam,

    Scares me too. But Poldi does play as a CF. And he does get into those position as VP does. Still playing in PL and against monster defenders is a different task.

    And evenif we want to play 4-6-0, who would we play false #9? Arshavin who could play there is going as well. May be Ox? Still not sure.

  64. Scott. Speaking as an egotistical wanker I have to agree with you.

  65. I think that we should stick with Coquelin and concentrate on buying an attacking midfielder and back up goalkeeper. As I have said before there is no guarantee that because some players have performed well in other leagues that they will play well in this league and with how referees treat us. If we can buy from inside the league then fine otherwise play Coquelin with Arteta beside him i think he will learn and develop very quickly.

  66. Lol Adam!!

  67. Scott, I have to read them all, otherwise there would be no post, bet you feel sorry for me now ;)

    He could be Adam, get those long legs running into the penalty area, he can’t be any worse than Chamakh and if he keeps his head turned the right way, he might get one in the right net ;)

  68. I have windows to clean, back in a short while, don’t have many ;)

  69. morning all.

    Lots of rumours about who we are in for but the real issue is we are nearly at the end of July and we still have Bentner, Arshavin, Chamakh, Park, Squillaci on our books. Why can’t we get rid of them ? We can only have a squad of 25 players (with a limit on foreign player numbers. How do we bring in M’Vila, Cazorla etc if we can’t get rid of these guys?

  70. MC, because we put shit players on very lucrative contracts!

  71. Afternoon AKB’s.
    That is a post made from next to nowt. Great work Rico.
    Do you think any possibility of us having a day with no mention of Stanley’s Y-fronts?
    Probably not!

    Looks like Mannone & Martinez are going to share the SirChesney, deputy spot?!

  72. MC – Lee is spot on….

    Hi AK, thanks ;)

    I suspect not too, the more the rumour hots up on Santi, the worse he’ll get ;)

  73. Anyone think Remy could be a striker AW is interested in getting to ‘replace’ RvP….

    Back to the windows…. :(

  74. You don’t have to get rid of them MC. We could have hundreds of players on our books but we could only include 25 in the squad.

    If the club is willing to give them away to get them off the books or simply not include them in the squad of 25 then we could easily bring in those players.

  75. Hi Kev. How’s the traffic?
    I’d prefer Llorente Rico.

  76. I read Llorente wants out Adam.
    Never know!!

  77. Big, skillfull player Scott. Strong too.

  78. good day all,see nothing has really changed from yesterday…good post rico..

  79. bondex, apart from the lack of cheese/wine related comments….

  80. But Adam, we have Giroud….

  81. Aren’t Llorente and Giroud similar types of players?

  82. I bet Giroud enjoys a good claret Lee.

  83. Sauterne, toasted brioche and foie gras….

  84. If only I had your disposable income Lee I’d be a cabbie.

  85. Girouds a Shiraz guy.
    After last nights events,I decided to check out that 1931 Port I’ve got……there was only around 1000 bottles made,and they sell for $1500.00 odd dollars!!
    Glad I didn’t throw it in the barrel!!!

  86. Coke Zero and chicken twisties were my little evening snack.
    Not quite in the same class as yours Lee!!

  87. What ’31 Port is that Scot. Must have missed that one.

  88. Niepoorts 1931, decanted in ’79.

  89. Has it been well stored? Cool and on its side in the dark?

  90. It’s the Garrafeira,Adam.
    Ever heard of it??

  91. Afternoon everybody.
    A lot of reading between the lines and decoding from Wenger’s latest PressCon – He’s smiling and being semi evasive.. “Transfers are a fragile and secret subject”?
    There’s something big coming. Reminds me a lot of the run up to the Sol Campbell. Very few people saw it coming.

    What’s the betting on Kaka coming to Arsenal?

  92. Yep,it’s in my drinks cabinet,in the coolest part of the house.

  93. Neymar??
    Grab Moura from under Utds nose?
    Oscar from under Chlseas?
    Who knows??

  94. No Scott, not that one. There are so many of these Port houses. A great vintage Port is a thing of beauty, though I have had a couple of disappointments. A few years back I was offered and bought a 1924 ( I think) bottle from a maker who no longer exists. The levels were good and the cork seemed ok so I opened it when some friends came over. It had completely gone. The cork fell to pieces as I tried to get it out and it was just one of those things. Foul and rancid. Fortunately I had another bottle of something on standby. The best Port I have ever drunk is the Taylor’s 1963. It is my benchmark in serious vintage Ports and I have never drunk it’s equal. But yours sounds interesting. Enjoy it mate.

  95. Actually Scott I just did a quick research of your Port and it is unique in many ways. Whereas most Ports are aged in wooden barrels, yours is aged in small glass containers called demijohns. This, by all accounts, gives the wine a unique balance and flavour. I’ll be round later.

  96. I was given it in lieu of a Favour…..I’m guessing the giver didnt realise exactly what he had.
    Fingers crossed when it’s finally opened,it’s drinkable.

  97. Kaka would be an awesome signing, however can’t see him coming as PSG are rumoured to be interested and would be a less physical league. If we did sign him would be like when we signed Dennis as if he has anything left in the tank could be awesome.

  98. Very interesting link. You learn something every day and sometimes several things in one day. :)
    Off for lunch.

  99. Vintage port is brilliant but i always feel i need to save it for a special occasion so a couple of bottles of unfiltered LBV normally reside in the house so i can feel less guilty drinking them and still enjoy a quality drink

  100. HH Wine and Cheese Club rears it’s head again along with Lee throwing in the odd ruby and Foie Gras….! Interesting..!

    Wenger always has that silly grin SYG it’s his cloak and dagger face although am surprised he didn’t add I want to bring players in “but” only if we lose players………….

  101. Yep. It’s barrelled for 4-5 year,then sits in the demijohn for 30-40 years.
    This particular port was only made 8 times,so it’s definitely unique.
    We will use it to toast winning the league!!

  102. The wine and cheese chat is keeping us sane,Wath.
    Vernat,it’d depend on Kaka himself….does he want another payday,or a challenge.

  103. Another payday for Kaka how many more does he f’kin want…???? When is enough not enough…?
    He’ll go PSG then I take it………….

  104. I’m not suggesting he will take that Wath,I don’t know enough baout him to have a opinion.
    Some players can never have enough money,some want that challenge……I honestly don’t know which he is.

  105. Ditto Scott, we never know what drives any particular player until they move somewhere although Ibrahimovic has obviously gone to PSG for footballing reasons….!

  106. Whichever Wenger does for Arsneal in good faith is highly welcomed
    cheer up Gunners

  107. The bookies have us at 9/2 to finish in the top two

    Odds just been cut to 25/1 by BetVictor and Sky are also running at 25/1 for us to sign Kaka.
    Last summer at this time we were 33/1 to get him and they they fell to 7/4. Wenger did enquire about his availability last year.

    Saying that Fernando Torres is 10/1 to join us ……

  108. I pretty excited about something…..our defence!!!
    No,I’m not crazy….well,I don’t think so!
    We’ve just got the BFG,and he seems to love the place,so could be around for a while.
    Vermaelen extended his contract earlier this year.
    Kozzer has done the same this week.
    Gibbs has definitely come good.
    Santos may well end playing higher up the pitch,but as it stands,I thinks he’s been better than people give him credit for.
    Yennaris is looking good….maybe a little further down the line.
    Miquel likewise.
    Bartley….I don’t know enough of him.
    Djourou…..I’m hoping he some improvement in him.
    Bould…could be brilliant.
    What we have is a relatively young and solid defensive unit.
    What we most definitely now have,for the first time in a while,is STABILITY!!!!

  109. Ibrasunuvabich is the greediest bastard in football.
    I cannot cop that grub at all.
    I believe we tried to get Kaka on loan last year,so those odds did make sense.
    A few of us have touched on it,but I reckon Torres would be great with us.

  110. What you reckon that means SYG, the bookies think we look good OR the longer we go without being competitive law of averages says we’ll have a decent season..?

    Kaka, what is he now 30..? would we not rather one of the new breed of Brazilian flair players…?

    Scott, I think Miguel in the nuts mate think he is going to be superb…! I am not to sure about Bartley but under Bouldy we’ll see.

  111. I’d rather have Kaka than Torres to be honest

  112. They’d prob cost the same in wages Vernat then who would u prefer..?

  113. Wath,Yennaris is my smokey.
    I think he’s going to be outstanding.
    Bartley…..I’ve seen bugger all of him.
    All I can offer is that he’s survived as a young man playing a tough position in a very rough and tough league,so at least he will be up for a battle.
    Miquel,Coquelin…..I keep saying it,we have plenty to look forward to.

  114. Hey, we are 1/8 not to finish in the top two.

    If we sign Santi Cazorla and Yann M’Villa those odds will tumble as quickly as Eboue

    Kaka to Arsenal? Madrid are getting shut – He has to go somewhere.

    Who thought we’d ever take a player like Benayoun on loan? That said, who thought a club like Arsenal would ever take anyone on loan?

  115. No if Kaka has anything left in his legs buy him we need creativity and he would provide that

  116. I reckon Ox would learn a Little bit from Kaka!!

  117. Torres over Kaka for me.
    WATH, thought you’d be external slurping somewhere in North London!! ;)

  118. Right now,I’d take Kaka,as I see an AM as our priority.
    Long term though,Torres would be the one.

  119. I don’t disagree with any of your comments an older experienced class player brings a lot to a squad as young as ours so could be worth a punt just so need to get rid of a lot of deadwood first still.

    Also believe we have 1/2 priority areas to strengthen before we look at someone like Kaka…

    Scott Yennaris would run through a brick wall in an Arsenal shirt and thats exactly what we need and want.

    SYG the odds will shorten the better we buy simple as that mate..!

  120. He’s only just turned 30.He ought to have plenty in his legs. Younger than Benayoun, a year older than Van Persie?

    I think it’s a go-er.

    Modric leaves Spurs and we get Kaka.
    I’m sure most of you would like that.

  121. I wish Lee…………. 2 much to do mate hence on and off of here like a yo-yo…!

  122. I think M’Vila is a done deal.

  123. The home game V Utd,Yennaris was brilliant.
    For a kid to perform like that under pressure,he showed he has a massive future.

  124. Rather than just Modric leaving I’d like it even better SYG if someone nuked the swamp !!

  125. Afternoon guys and gals – it’s very warm today :)

  126. commercially i can see Kaka shirts selling about 10 -1 over Torres, but not sure he fancies the premier league, a bit rough and tumble for him.

  127. he’s hard as nails Scott and there nothing of him…. He could be our next Lee Dixon….. minus the Cov own goal please even though is was quality lol

  128. Kaka :eek: he’s an old has been…..

    I hope so Lee….

  129. That’s probably the main reason Vernat, bit to hard for him to shine..?

  130. Lee,plenty agree with you on M’Villa being over the line.
    Why the wait though??
    You think they’re waiting to offload a player or two first??

  131. SYG, the bookie are occasionally known to be right – top two would be a good start, especially if it’s not second…. ;)

  132. I don’t know.
    Great players can play anywhere,and at his best,Kaka is a great player.

  133. Rosicky has had an operation on his Achilles….

  134. Scott, waiting until RvP is gone, just in case he see’s M’Vila signed and does a U-Turn…. ;)

  135. Could be right Rico.
    Devil may have been on the mark all along!!

  136. I’m off to bed guys.
    Have a great day.

  137. It was only a month ago that M’Vila was “allegedly” seen at London Colney….
    If Wenger wanted, he could get any top French player to sign for us..

  138. Good night Scotty.

  139. not sure Wath i think if he is up for it like Dennis was when he arrived , looking to restore a slightly tarnished reputation then i think he could rip the league apart but that is based on what he was in a milan shirt where he was absolutely class

  140. Kaka and Torres, the sun must be very strong today either that or there’s something in the water.

  141. M’Vila and Cazorla on board and RvP tries to do a “U” turn..

  142. Night Scott….. Agreed Vernat but the Kaka we’ve seen at Real is a shadow of himself for sure but agreed class normally shines through what ever the league.

  143. A free £25 bet at betfair.
    Put it on Kaka joining us. If he does you get £650.
    Not bad for nowt

  144. The Dennis and Thierry in Serie A were pale shadows as well WATH before they arrived at us.

  145. Night Scott…

  146. Scott will be naffed off, the chavs have signed Eden Hazards younger brother….

  147. Lee – I reckon he would, if it is trophies he is after ;)

    Hi Micko…

  148. Only thing with that scenario Vernat was they were lot younger than Kaka is…!

  149. I think you’re spot on Lee.
    That word again – “INTENT”.
    “Sorry officer, I didn’t mean to hit him with that baseball bat.”
    It’s the difference between a 12 month or 7 year stretch at HMP

    Or the difference between a top four place or a real crack at the title.

    Keep your fingers crossed that the deadwood are replaced by quality. It’s not a major overhaul. It never has been.

  150. Right now the only U-turn i want RVP to take is into moving traffic

  151. Rico, the Olympic torch went up my old High Street this morning, I didn’t think it could get any bigger than Albert Square the other night, its been an amazing week.

  152. SYG, or if they sign and he still fcks off….Robbing van P€r$i€ it is!

  153. As long as it’s not AK coming the other way in his cab…

  154. Sky reckon Kaka is heading back to Milan…
    :lol: Micko, did you watch Billy Boy, it was weird the way the programme suddenly went live for the torch…

  155. SYG – funny considering the other day AW said he didn’t know the player, makes you think a deal is very very close….

  156. Malaga are the 9/4 second favourite destination of Bendtner?

  157. I did, he nearly didn’t make it, edge of the seat stuff !
    My mate took the day off work to take photo’s, not sure if that’s sad or not, there was an old boy who said a little speech afterwards, he carried the torch back in 1948.

  158. Ah, a player/cash deal maybe, win win situation then….

  159. Slippers were funny, he should have worn them..

    Thats not sad, once in a lifetime thing isn’t it really, that little speech would have bought tears to my eyes..

    For all the stick Beckham gets, did you see what he did the other day with the kids having photos taken.. Few tears there too…

  160. Good Afternoon Fine Folk.

    Hope you all are ok.

    Here the sea is heavenly now. The temperatures have dropped to around the 29-31 mark. So the sun is not frying us. And the wind is cool…..WNW to NNW. Long may it stay like that.

    Good to see that we won yesterday. Did Diaby actually stay on his feet????

    Vernat………..like you I want RVPursestrings doing a U-turn into moving traffic……but after he signs for someone else and we get the dosh.

  161. Afternoon devil, think we have the heat here now, it’s a bit warm, you very far from the sea?

  162. AW has told SS’s that he still wants to keep RvP, think he’s fibbing?

  163. Beckham will go on to be a great ambassador for the country, this Olympic’s was for the next generation, he’s a good guy, having said that I wouldn’t shed any tears for him, your just a big softy.

  164. Micko. Do you live in Albert Square then?

  165. If I did Adam, I would’ve been killed off years ago.

  166. Oh yes. Very very very far away. It takes me forever to get there. ;)

    Circa 2 minutes walk from where I live. :lol:

    Usually I do not go before its evening or early morning since the sun is normally bloody hot. But now its cooler and the UV index has gone down a bit. So the little prince and I go to the waterpark first…….where we have fun with water jets and water pistols. Then we call the missus over and we have fun dunking one another and racing each other for about an hour. then we walk back home still dripping with sea water. We are usually dry when we arrive. And its straight to the shower.

    Then on HH for me.


    It will be more interesting though next week when I will be scuttling off for a whole month in the Italian Alps. In the following clip you will see where I will be galivanting for four weeks. At 1.03 mins you will see the village where I will be staying.

  167. I haven’t watched Eastenders for years. Has it got better?, because it surely couldn’t have got any worse.
    Rico? You must be a fan.

  168. Devil. That’s a bloody hard life you’ve got there mate.

  169. And this is the lower part of the village…….Dobbiaco bassa.

    We go there every year or two normally.

  170. Oooopppsssss. I forgot the link.

  171. Rico, Sky+ it Adam…..enough said! ;)

  172. I love him Micko, and still think he was shafted by Pearce, it’s Ok for Giggs to represent GB, but why not Becks… anyway…

  173. A very hard life devil, not that I am envious…..


    Adam, you are right I am, and so are you Lee, it’s on my planner along with Corrie :)

  174. Still haven’t addressed 49 goals leaked last season, have we?…well apart from SB as AW’s no2.

  175. I knew a bloke who was an extra in Eastenders. You could always spot him propping up the ramp in the Queen Vic. Told me some iffy stories about some of the cast.

  176. We might get it down to 45 this year Lee. Make Squill captain I say.

  177. http://www.as.com/futbol/articulo/galliani-kaka-algunos-amores-terminan/20120725dasdasftb_4/Tes

    The only way Kaka will go to Milan is if the transfer is under eur.10M and he takes a wage cut.

  178. Seb Sq’vila type role? I think you may be onto something there….

  179. In the “mane” I think I am.

  180. Good day all,
    According to Arsenal.com, Giroud gets No12 shirt while Podolski gets TBC. That certainly confirms he must be waiting for the No10 shirt held by RVP. Glad Carzola move is imminent. Please Wenger add m’vila and a keeper to that

  181. Hmmmmm I work bloody hard from September till end of June. So in summer I rest bloody hard as well.

    But tbh…….there are two months of the year which are worth living for in my life. And that is the 4 weeks I will be spending in Italy and the month of December. I simply ADORE Christmas month. The rest is a hard slog for me.

  182. ………and then we sell Sq’Vila for around 30 million to Shitty. That would be wonderful.

  183. let’s change his surname to Squissien though. It sounds much better for a DM.

  184. Enjoy it Devil. That’s what I say.

  185. Arsenal fans can finally buy Olivier Giroud Arsenal jerseys and get the right number, as the club announced the shirt numbers for the upcoming season. Other shirt number changes include Wojciech Szczesny’s gaining of the #1 shirt now that Manuel Almunia has finally departed and Francis Coquelin’s promotion to a number below 30, as he’s been given the #22. All of this is no great surprise to the hawk eyed training picture viewers, as all three had been wearing training shirts and shorts that featured their new number.

    Lukas Podolski, though, has not yet been awarded a number for the upcoming season, unless Arsenal are allowed to register a player with the number ‘TBC’ on the back of his shirt. More likely, though, is that Podolski is waiting for a traditional shirt number for a striker to open up; either Park Ju-Young’s #9, or Robin van Persie’s #10. Given the fact that Podolski wore #10 for Germany at the last Euros and for his last club, Köln, he’s probably waiting for Robin van Persie to leave before taking the #10.

    Those amongst you who are shirt number traditionalists will be glad to know that the #10 will go to a player who does, at least, play in an attacking position, and not a defender. You will be disappointed, though, to find out that Abou Diaby retains the #2.

    The only other shirt number change sees Kyle Bartley take the #35 shirt, which, if previous shirt numbers are to be believed, shows that he’s definitely the fifth-choice centre back.

    ‘Full’ squad number list

    1 Wojciech Szczesny 2 Abou Diaby 3 Bacary Sagna 4 Per Mertesacker 5 Thomas Vermaelen 6 Laurent Koscielny 7 Tomas Rosicky 8 Mikel Arteta 9 Ju Young Park 10 Robin van Persie 11 Andre Santos 12 Olivier Giroud 14 Theo Walcott 15 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 16 Aaron Ramsey 17 Alex Song 18 Sebastien Squillaci 19 Jack Wilshere 20 Johan Djourou 21 Lukasz Fabianski 22 Francis Coquelin 23 Andrey Arshavin 24 Vito Mannone 25 Carl Jenkinson 26 Emmanuel Frimpong 27 Gervinho 28 Kieran Gibbs 29 Marouane Chamakh 31 Ryo 35 Kyle Bartley 52 Nicklas Bendtner TBC Lukas Podolski

  186. I think Sebastian Equillaci myself.

  187. Patrick Squivieira

  188. Afternoon all.

    Wenger mentioned “negotiation is fragile and secret..” and he wouldn’t confirm or deny signing of any players till it is done….

    From his previous records, he will not signa DCM, especially they are pricey, and perhaps he si correct that they are no better than what he got in Song, Arteta, Wilshere, Coquelin….

    And he was silence on Lansbury, Yennaris, Frimpong……

    Like in 2011/12 when Nasri-Cesc left, he gave Ramsey his chance..but he flumbled it..now at Olympic..and he will be just a bit-part player for 2012/13 as other youngsters in Aneke, Eisfield…..and Diaby will take over Ramsey’s spot..not forgetting Santi Cazorla if we really buy him.

    Guess that was what we are missing in the squad like Juan Mata or David SIlva or Gotze.

    A winger that is different from Gervinho or Theo……playing more like David SIlva or Juan Mata to vary our attacking options instead of so predictable with Ramsey and Rosicky……or SOng..looking for oen target in Van Persie.

    WIth Cazorla, we have a different kind of players from Theo, Gerivnho or OX down the flanks…

    Podolski, Giroud, Walcott, Gervinho, OX, Santi……we can play fluid 4-4-2 which can transform into 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 or even 4-2-4 with Arteta-Diaby as the anchor when SOng goes roaming froward….






    This is for August/September with Ramseya nd Gibbs at the Olympic, Sagna and Roiskcy still recovering…..and Santos not reliable and injury-prone….he was clutching his hamstring yesterday????

    We may end up with 3-5-2 if Jenkinson of Vermaelen si pushed forward to attack the box….with Giroud-Poldolski or Giroud-Walcott or Giroud-Santi leading the line..

    Wenger is looking for versatile players that cna play across the line…and allowing Walcott to play more centrally for this season.

    If what Walcott said is true, then he will sign as it is now a matter of how hsi agent can squeezed out of Arsenal FC for a new contract.

  189. On yesterdays showing, we are not likely to either Lee, but Kos, Merts and of course Adam’s favourite all to come back …

  190. Off to the shower………….it is free FINALLY.

    cu soon folks.

  191. Do tell all Adam, nothing like a bit of showbiz gossip ;)

  192. Enjoy the rest of your day Devil….

  193. I could only tell at a F2F Rico. It’s too explosive for HH. :)

  194. I might divulge it to The Bleacher Report.

  195. Apparently there’s an exclusive on ” Bleacher” that RVP has turned down a new contract. Surely not.

  196. Arsenal would make tens of millions in UK shirt sales alone with KAKA and No. 9 on the back.

  197. Soon then Adam ;)

    Wow, the BR are really on top of things….

  198. Park might have something to say about that SYG ;)

  199. They really are top of their game, those ol’ Bleachers! Finger firmly on the pulse, cutting edge stuff…..

  200. Olympic football on GBR v Soap Dodgers….

  201. Back and refreshed.

    SYG…..you are right. Kaka with the No9, even if he stays on the treatment table would make tens of millions from shirt sales alone.

    AW likes him, But I doubt if he will go for him.

    Then again………AW likes to surprise us sometimes.

  202. Thought you meant Spain Lee, turned it on and its New Zealand… :P

  203. I work with a few kiwis….you know what a kiwi shower is?
    Putting deodorant on after not washing for a couple of days before a big night out with clients!!!

  204. That’s vile, I didn’t know they were like that. I’m shocked ;)

  205. Hi emma and Merlin, don’t know why but you both went into moderation….

    emma, i think you could be right, Pod the new number 10 :)

  206. Is that Chamakh playing for GBR, how many chances has she missed???

  207. Adam, F2F….nice! :lol:

  208. GBR should be 4-0 up… ring any bells ;)

  209. Apparently there is 22 men waiting at home for their dinner, isn’t women’s football a joke? ;)
    Sorry in advance Emma & Rico!

  210. I’ll get my own coat…see you people later, saved by the pub!! :lol:

  211. Good job you have made a run for it Lee.. :lol:

  212. Hi everybody

  213. Well i think the most important contract renewal should be Song , he should be rewarded with a better pay because he was fantastic throughot last season and mad almost 10 assist for RVP and they were important ones at that.

    **Against Chelsea ** et al

  214. carzola!!!!!!!!

  215. so chuffed……afternoon guys

  216. hellooooooo!!!!!!1

  217. Afternoon goonster, he’s not in the bag yet ;)

  218. he’s almost in the bag maam………wait for it. you all owe me big. i dont take cheques…..

  219. but from AGAG, emmmm maybe a lap dance!

  220. how come i always miss W.A.T.H? is he avoiding me rico?

  221. Get in there, GB 1-0 up, super free kick :)

  222. oh please who watches olympic soccer? its so booooring. is that why all you brits dissapear from HH? tsk tsk tsk, you guys are so pathetic.

  223. wenger ll definitely sign carzola now…..TR7 is out for 2 months. yipeee.

  224. its been a wonderful off season so far guys. wenger has admitted that the soending spree isnt over. here’s hoping we bring in one more player(after santi of course). for rico’s sanity i hope its capoue or mvilla*winks*

  225. I think you could be right goonster, next few days maybe…

  226. Wath is busy with work – that’s all ;)

    The games are here in the Uk, of course we want to watch, surprised you are not watching all the ladies playing footie ;)

  227. Either would do me goonster, our side would be a lot stronger with a proper DM….

  228. ladies! you didnt say anything about ladies. am off to watch too.

  229. and hey am always right…..just a few blocks off the intended target but you gotta admit am always spot on.

  230. Hi SD, long time, how you doing??

  231. SD – rumour is that Song isn’t keen to sign a new contract….

  232. Chavs confirm Oscar….

  233. but seriously rico i dont think we ll be seeing any DM. wenger believes(and i share his belief) that we are already well stocked in that department. i wont be losing sleep if we dont. what we lacked last season was a “cesc” kinda player and we are almost on the verge of signing one. my cup is FULL! YIPEEEEEE!

  234. wouldnt you rico? he’s witnessing a revolution and he wants to be part of it. come on alex sign up already. and to make rico not too mad at me, theo sign up too.

  235. jeez i read that the wrong way….well fuck him then. let’s get capoue then. who needs that shit head anyway.

  236. I think AW will sign one goonster, he said his midfield are far too attack minded, wouldn’t be at all surprised if M’Vila is a done deal, just waiting for RvP to depart…

    Its difficult re Song, if wants out then go I say, just as RvP, Song is easily replaceable ….

  237. And, same with Theo, if he wants to go, then naff off, but I’m not sure he wants out, not judging by his latest comments…

  238. well we see things differently rico….i think we are under staffed in the attacking part and well stocked in defensive department. theo is staying, he knows the fans love him and i have a feeling wenger has assured him the CF is his. cant wait for the season.

  239. what does rvp leaving got to do with mvilla?

  240. But goonster, we could sell

    And no Yossi this season
    Rosicky is out two months at least
    Jack two months at least

    And Diaby’s fitness is a question.

    Don’t know if you saw the earlier but it could be that if the club have made the decision to cash in on RvP, then they will want him gone before signings are made.

    Otherwise, he may see who we sign and think about a U-Turn…

    Just a thought, devil could be right all along, and it is the clubs choice…

  241. IF we get Cazorla, M’Vila, Niang and add them to Pod and Giroud, that’s intent …..

  242. fuck him rico, he has burnt the bridges between us and him. the damaged is done. let him fuck off.

  243. wenger rates that niang fella though….but so far he hasnt impressed me.well am willing to give him a chance.

  244. From Sky Sports…

    Wenger has promised more new recruits at Arsenal after adding attacking duo Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud to his squad already this summer.

    Spain international Cazorla has been linked with a move to North London, but Wenger did not disclose whether he is trying to sign the Malaga winger.

    “You see I have come here to say as little as possible!” joked Wenger, before adding: “I am ready to talk a lot, but not a lot about transfers, because it is a very fragile subject and a very secret subject.

    “But I share the opinion of Mikel Arteta – he [Cazorla] is a great player.

    “We bought Giroud and Podolski and I hope that we bought Diaby and Wilshere too, who didn’t play at all last season. We will add Wilshere to the squad as soon as possible. But we are not at the end of it [transfers] – we will still bring players in.”

  245. That might be what AW thinks too goonster, despite what he says in public….

  246. its in a matter of days rico….not even weeks. we wanted him last season but he ended up in malaga. come on arsene.

  247. atta boy, mikel arteta has set himself a target……he wants to score double figure goals. now that’s what am talking about. robin who? we are better off wihout that fucker. we ll see a better a team next season.

  248. I’d still rather he had just signed a new contract but…..

  249. stop it…….let him go. if he stays i ll personally go to the emirates and boo him!

  250. Not me – i honestly thought he would stay, i love the guy, but i love the club more and if he doesn’t want to be there then yes, pack up and go…

  251. well sorry i dont love him anymore. back in arnhem when others knock him, i stood by that fucker….i loved him with everything inside of me. i remember the day we signed him. i didnt know him back then but i was estatic that we ve bought another dutch player. whenever he picked up an injury i felt his pain. he was my 4th favorite arsenal player of all time(bergy,henry pires and him) but not anymore. i hate him and i dont wanna see him in red and white anymore.

  252. I understand that goonster…

  253. it hurts so bad rico…..he betrayed me and the gooner nation and he needs to be sold!

  254. I feel your pain Stan. Hi Rico. Just had some dinner. Early start in the morning down to The New Forest.

  255. afternoon adam, thanks my man.

  256. Hi Stan. Busy?

  257. Stan. Are the people from Amsterdam and Rotterdam different then?

  258. how’s the missus?

  259. I know goonster, but we’ll get over it…

    Evening Adam, what time do you set off?

  260. Just before 7 am Rico.
    She is well Stan, many thanks. We are all a bit hot here in London and I only live about 2 miles from the Olympics so travel will be difficult for a couple of weeks.

  261. nah adam just lazying about here. i wont say different. we are all dutch! just that before papa died he did say that “dutch culture” is fast dying out and my uncle(who by the way is a huge gooner) said the old guard wont behave the way robin did……meaning we, the new generation are a rotten lot! and i can attest to that, i mean look at me!

  262. Early one then Adam, at least the roads will be quieter heading South, not sure about on the way back though :(

  263. its hot here too my man….like 97 degrees. rico, of course we ll get over him. we always do.

  264. Funny you should say that Stan. The people that I see in Arnhem were saying a similar thing. I was asking about the special feeling between the English and the Dutch etc..and my friend started talking about the essence of being Dutch and how that was fading away. I guess it happens in all cultures. Really sorry to hear about you losing your Dad. That’s a deep cut.

  265. Yeah Rico. I am aiming to get there just before 10 am. Do what I have to do then leave by 1-1.30 pm and hope to catch a break with the traffic.

  266. thanks adam…..i miss him. took me to my first arsenal game i eindoven. i remember gilberto scoring the faastesat goal i CL history. ohh to be a gooner.

  267. I remember that. Doesn’t seem so long ago.

  268. goonster – I too am dreadfully sorry to hear about the loss of you dad, i didn’t realise….

  269. I hope you succeed Adam, once you are out of the city you should be fine, we notice a high drop in traffic when the children are off school. It’s your end that has the problem ;)

  270. Hey Rico. Have you eaten any of the cherries around at the moment. I bought a load of Turkish ones yesterday and they are amazingly sweet and meaty. I have ruined 3 t shirts though. Mrs Adam keeps flapping about trying to make me wear a paper napkin.

  271. thanks maam, it was two years ago. mama was devastated.

  272. Had a few from the supermarkets Adam, but I don’t eat too many as fresh fruit doesn’t like me, although I bloomin love fresh fruit…

    Have to give them a good scrub before consumption :)

  273. ‘I have ruined 3 t shirts though. Mrs Adam keeps flapping about trying to make me wear a paper napkin’.
    :lol: :lol:

  274. Stan. What you say kinda puts a lot of things into perspective. I feel for you and your family. We are all brothers and sisters on HH.

  275. No doubt goonster, hope she’s a little stronger now…. and you of course….

  276. It’s true Rico. She keeps saying “I’ll never be able toget tht cherry/beet root/salad dressing out”. Anyway we have a lot more dusters now. But it means a bag of cherries actually costs me £45 in real money. :)

  277. We are big into fresh fruit here Rico. Today I bought a box o honey mangos that are in season from Pakistan. I also have a Champion Juicer which I use to do Apple and Carrot juice or Apple and Strawberry.

  278. just going to eat, back in a bit….

  279. guys you re making me misty eyed…..thanks adam i ve always felt like HH is my home away from home.

  280. Anytime Stan. You’ve got a friend here in London.

  281. thanks adam…..you re the best.

  282. Ha ha Adam re the £45..

    I’d love to be able to eat all the fruits, you are lucky…

  283. Didn’t meant to get you all emotional goonster, but glad you found a ‘new home’….

    I’m not washing your undies here in Newbury ;)

  284. Good evening Fine Folk.

    Goonie……… :(

  285. hahahahaha rico you crack me up. hey devil dont go all mushy on me big fella. how is your vacation coming? how’s the little prince?

  286. Evening devil…

    As do you me goonster ;)

  287. We are all ok Goonie. The little prince????? At the moment he is a bit irritating. You know the type that keeps getting under your skin when he is in the mood. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. :mad:

  288. Evening Rico.

    Julio Cesar has been mentioned.

  289. good, now you how i feel when you get under my skin too…..get him little prince, make him beg for mercy.

  290. julio cesar is alive!!!!!! quick wake up cassius and brutus apparently they didnt do a good job!

  291. I come to bury Cesar, not to praise him.
    Et tu Goonie?

  292. I get under your skin???? Do I????


  293. Just read that on LadyArse devil, not sure there will be much in that but….
    :lol: goonster..

  294. in your dreams devil…….i ve got a thick skin. hell, am dutch.

  295. Ok chaps and chapesses. Rico, Goonster and Devil. It’s been a laugh as usual but I am off for a bit of telly, a cup of Rosie Lee and an early night. Bless all true Gooners. Night, night.

  296. Night Adam, enjoy the rest of your evening and catch you soon….

  297. later adam, thanks buddy. i owe you one. say me well to mrs adam. hopefully i ll visit you guys soon. do you have a hot daughter adam or perhaps a hot niece.

  298. I’m off for the day too folks – got some watering to get done etc…

    Been another good day all, HH is very lucky…

    Nighty and stay safe…

  299. nah rico….we re the lucky ones. thanks for a well run blog. you re the best.

  300. Night Rico.

    So that is me and you Goonie fella.

  301. Thanks goonie, means a lot, night to you, and you devil….

  302. bring it on devil…..

  303. What do I bring on mate??? Some Italian vino???

    Or do you prefer some home made wine??

  304. marijuana……devil. you have some?

  305. No mate. And I do not even smoke. So do not suggest it either.

    Only wine does for me mate. The rest I do not like. Maybe some Rum. Or the sicilian wine my uncle used to make….mixing Vermouth with wine (that was heavenly by the way).

  306. hahahahahaha devil you old wind bag…..i was just yanking you. you fell so easily.

  307. Stanley where the fuck are you…………….. I been here ages waiting for you to show you skinny little arse…!

  308. hey W.A.T.H, how do you know i ve got a skinny ass? spooky huh? anyway how are ya?

  309. Here comes the ref now. Good. ;)

  310. A skinny ass full of prickly hair you should have said W.A.T.H!!!!

  311. Evening Dev, Stanley that was a mad game at PSV… I was there also…! I was also there a few years before that when we played them pre-season…. We had a right laugh, went with a few friends of ours who were Ajax… was an interesting day to say the least…!

    Stanley, as much as the words are hard to describe it’s never easy to lose someone close fella… we are all a bunch of people thrown together on a blog we know not who we are yet we get on and through chatting we have a bond and hence we feel…. As much as your a plonker we feel for you mate and we are all mates and most of all we are all Arsenal…..!

  312. Dev I am flabbergasted your so in touch with Stanleys arse ;-)

  313. I may have to delete your comments so as not to induce further grief… wait til AK and Lee see what you just wrote lol

  314. Cazover :( :(

  315. Why u say that KT…?

    Hows you mate long time no see….!

  316. It’s not me mate. A flying birdie and a buxom chick told me that on their travels they had some travails with a dutch fellow who goes by the name of Stan who had a bum similar to a prickly pear. :lol:

  317. I have the feeling that AW is just playing with us. He knows that Cazorla is a done deal.

  318. In that case Dev i’ll let you off with your very outrageous comment earlier about Stanleys bum…!

  319. I am off to indulge in some chocolate and half a glass of cold wine now. Cu all tomorrow Fine Folk

  320. Been good Wath.Malaga have sorted out their issues so expect “Cazorla is staying” vibes any time now…

  321. A comment on twitter from a pretty reliable source make of it what you want….!

    Have been told feeling is #arsenal are very close on a couple of targets, dominos needs to fall somewhat on one of them to complete deal…!

    Interesting for sure..!
    Cheers Dev you take care mate.

  322. So basically the Arab has decided to put his hand in his pocket KT…?
    Will that resolve the fact a lot of the squad are highly pissed off as they went months without wages last year..? This story has legs on it for sure…! Will be interesting to see how it pans out..!

  323. Off for the night fellas… you all take it easy…!

  324. Morning Gooners… Too hot to sleep.

    Stanley, sorry to hear about your Pa…
    I’m sure he’s keeping an eye out for ya.

    Wath, don’t forget…?!

    Drive safely Adam. The New Forest is fantastic.

    KT, good to see your about.

    Morning Lee.

    Don’t forget the gym Rocky.

    Busy busy for me today (yesterday).

    Don’t know about you lot, but i’m bored with Olympics already and the bleeding thing ain’t started yet.
    The roads are a nightmare. I managed to avoid the West End etc. Stayed in the City, Kings Cross & Bermondsey most of the day, thank heavens.
    I’m dreading somebody asking me to take them to Stratford. Reckon i’ll just drive off and leave em.
    Let Boris give em a lift.
    Rant over.
    Goodnight all.

  325. How rude of me.

    How ya doing Rico?
    When are you going to start the Highbury House Food & Wine blog???
    I reckon it’ll be a hit… :-)

    And Sir Stevo, you must be busy mate. Take care eh?

    Not forgetting my Shopping Buddy.
    Got an interesting purchase to tell ya about later. ;-)

    Goodnight all, and Coach. :-D

    Bloody hell, this is getting like The Waltons… :-)

  326. I think this midnight talking to yourself bug is catching…. Now AK on a mission…..!

  327. Afternoon all!!

  328. Chelsea have got Oscar!!

  329. I’ve got Oscar!

  330. Morning all…

    Oscar and Eden Hazards younger brother…

  331. Mines a Toyota ;)

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