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Defender departs, Walcott & Chamakh to stay? Arsenal offer a ray of hope in this debt ridden world of football…

I come from a country where there is so much inequality. So much so that only few people in the country can afford what you really call a necessity i.e. modern medicine facilities, nutritious food etc.

The reason for a lot of this is down to a corrupt government and, its by and large corrupt policies. As a tax payer we pay for things that are not even there while the biggest criminals of the country roam free and sit in our nation’s Parliament. These able leaders are given less chances but leaders with no backbone, get promoted because of their lineage.

Now, you know why I love Arsenal, it reminds me of my country.

But then Arsenal is not just doom and gloom, Arsenal means much more than that. Arsenal stand for all that in modern days we have forgotten about – Morals, Ethics, Self Sufficiency, Sustainable development, love, peace, unity, togetherness and much more.

I’ll just give a small example of that.

During last few months I have come across many fans who say our wage system and wage structures are crap. They say we pay mediocre player too much. They say we need to differentiate between a Superstar and a first team player.

I’ll ask the same thing to you folks, if the same happened to you at work would you be happy?

Let’s for example say –  if you are working in sales job and there are 10 of you in the same department and one is paid twice as much as you even though you both do the same job, would you be happy??

You wouldn’t mind if the other person sells more than you and thereby gets hefty commission, but would you like it if there is differentiation between your basic pay? I wouldn’t!

That is how I believe the AFC wage structure works, the wages include bonuses which are based on a player’s appearances, assists, goals, pre-assists among other things. So, if any player is injured for a season then he’d lose some part of wages and if I am not wrong then every players is insured and there by we maybe able to claim part of their wages and we take care of our fallen ones.

As a club we do care of our injured ones don’t we?

We nurture them like nature does, we don’t differentiate between any of our first team players, there by keeping equality and this is the feeling that touches me the most. I know I am going to be slandered for this but it’s how I feel.

Being in Education I always feel we are not just an entity but we are a school of thought. One which says, we would not sell our souls to Satan just to achieve what we want. Ironic coming from a guy whose nickname is Satan, isn’t it? But then isn’t it true that when you make a deal with Devil, you know what you’d have to pay in the future.

We say it is important to be at the top of the world but that should not be by pushing some one off the top and killing but by building that one more step and creating a new shelf for us. We say ‘yes football is more important than life and death’, but it’s not more important than blood, sweat and tears on which we want to build our empire.

We say in the ocean smaller fish is eaten by a bigger one but there is a way for both to co-exist.

For me, in this corrupt, debt ridden and dead world, Arsenal F.C. present a ray of hope.

I know it presents me with a chance to visit the roots of humanity and humility and that is the reason why I am a proud Gooner and all the time the club keep on believing in our philosophy, I will always be.

I will never be ashamed of Arsenal F.C. even if they haven’t won anything for 7 years.

Written by Satan to Saint


Pedro Botelho has left us and returned to Brazil with Atletico Paranaense, not sure what finances are involved but he’s another off the wage list.

Chamakh has spoken about his future and whether he is staying or going:

Yes. If I am staying here with Arsenal, I will do my best for the team and give the maximum. I hope this season I will play more than last. I have not spoken with the manager but I will soon.

 I am determined to stay.

Theo steals the day though, he too has been talking whilst on tour in Asia:

I’m not at all fazed by the speculation.  I actually don’t have a clue about all the reports.  I just like to get on with things and work hard.  My agent and the club will talk things out and when there’s something to be decided I’ll get involved.

Of course I am excited about the future of the club. Not many people recognise we’ve qualified for the Champions league so many years in a row. Now the next step is to prove them wrong by winning trophies.

Staying? Sounds like it…..

Finally, Mancini is upset as his Sheik won’t give him the money to buy our captain, well not until he has sold Adebayor and Tevez…

Ha ha!!

Arsenal play their first game in Asia tonight against Malaysia XI, kick off is at 2.45pm UK time….

That’s it, have a good day all…

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517 comments on “Defender departs, Walcott & Chamakh to stay? Arsenal offer a ray of hope in this debt ridden world of football…

  1. Morning all…

    Good post there S2S, first of many i hope..

    I understand where you are coming from but, not sure I agree 100% with your view.

    I hope we never ever become a debt ridden club like others in the PL or corrupt as some in Italy but I do believe our wage structure is wrong.

    How could Almunia be paid more than Ches last season (just one example)

    Let players show they have what it takes before the bumper pay rise I say….

    Don’t think anyone objects to players being paid a top wage, but we have too many ‘average/young’ players earning far too much…

  2. Got to pop out – back in an hour or so….

  3. Thank you Rico..Btw I am ready to get slaughtered today..

  4. great piece! I agree, Arsenal is so much more than a football club. Kickoff is not 9.45pm UK time, it is 2.45pm uk time! =)

  5. love the raw enthusiasm of the post, even if i do struggle to agree with all of it. minor note, the malaysia XI game starts at 14:45 UK time, 21:45 local time (in malaysia)

  6. Morning all.

    Don’t think you’ll get slaughtered Satan, don’t worry! Like Rico, I see where you are coming from. However, with regards to your “10 salesman” analogy, it’s not quite as black and white as that. There are other factors that come into it. Time at the company, past performance etc. But if you knew there was an amazing sales guy out there who could change the fortunes of your company, you’d pay him more to get him in. And if the others knew how good the guy was, and how much better he was than them, then there can’t be too much dismay. You can only hope it will act as an incentive to them to learn from him, up their game, and be on the money he/she is. Unfortunately that’s just the way o the world. And lets face it, we apparently offered v.Persie 130k a week to stay. I bet Bendy, Chamug, Park, Giroud and Podolski aren’t on that but yet they apparently all do the same job.

  7. Rocky,

    Agree with that.

  8. I think your analogy is deeply flawed and your views are 100% incorrect.

    In fact I’d go as far as to say that it’s this kind of attitude that creates the idle society we find ourselves in today. Top players deserve to be paid more, simply because they are more important to the club. If they move, the club will be rewarded a higher financial incentive to sell them, right?

    It’s basic economics. The higher the value of the asset, then the more important they are to the business.

    What incentive do we offer to people in life if they are to be given the same as the next man who performs with far less professionalism or quality?

    And for your information, if I sat next to somebody who clearly out-performed me in a working sense then I would expect them to be paid more. Otherwise i’d have no motive to strive to achieve.

  9. Good Morning Gooners, AKB’s and Children.
    Good Morning Rico.

    And if you didn’t stand on the terraces in the 1960’s, then i’m afraid you’re not entitled to an opinion, so says that wise old sage Mikey.

    Now i’m off to read Satan’s post.
    God help you if it’s not up to scratch… ;-)

  10. I have to say that I agree with Steve on this. Further more the clubs that are in depth are the smaller clubs without sugar daddys. The Oil rich clubs will simply turn the “loss” into shears like it was done at Chelsea.

    But there is a class about how Arsenal has behaved for the last few decades. Not only since the current manager came in but long before that Arsenal started to do things differently from other football clubs and that is the main reason why we have never gone into financial difficulty’s or dropped a to the lower echelons of the English football league’s since the end of WWI.

  11. Yep sounds like we share that government. I feel our wages are high for average players because it seems difficult for us to sell these players where Man U seems to easily drop off their dros. I’m not sure if other teams have cottoned onto the wage issue to make Arsenal lower their asking price but they have mentioned it as a reason not to buy them.
    I also think it’s a catch 22. Need to offer youngsters high wages to convince them to come to us instead of the other teams but end up having a player we can’t get rid of if they end up not being good enough. Other side is reaching the top salary tear when he comes good enough and only the other teams can match the salary he expects.

  12. I like the sincerity and passion of the post but football has become a meritocracy of the highest order. You only need to look at Robin to see how it works. I can remember him, a few seasons ago, talking about his love for the club and of how he admired the way that Arsenal worked through Wenger to give young players, like he was, a chance. I can even remember him saying how he had talked with Dennis Bergkamp and realised that the grass is not always greener. Now look at him. After one great season he has completely changed. People have been getting in his head, telling him how great he is. Even Wenger has said on many occasions that he believes Robin to be world-class and possibly the best striker around. So he looks around and sees players who are nowhere near as good as him playing in the same team earning nearly as much as him. Then he looks at Rooney, Yaya Toure, Tevez, Aguero and thinks that he should be earning as much as them. Don’t buy all this “trophies” business. It’s the money. Big money is seen by van Persie as a recognition of his new-found greatness and all the rest of the other stuff goes out of the window. But, once your feet aren’t on the floor anymore, then anything can happen and it just might not be all good. It’s a xlqssic modern day tragedy played out endlessly. Arsenal must become more meritocratic. It’s not ideologically sound perhaps but it is unfortunately today’s reality I think.

  13. That’s the thing though Bradster… When did it become essential for us to NEED to give young players an incentive to join us?! They should see it as a previlege to be asked.

  14. Morning Adam / AK.

    Yep, pretty much agree with that Adam. It won’t be the last time we see it at Arsenal. Seems as though Adebayour is doing exactly the same thing at Spurs (a few years on from doing the same thing to us!)

  15. Morning Rocky. Glad to see you back these days mate.

  16. Cheers Adam. I try and get on when I get a few spare moments!

  17. Morning Satan to Saint.
    That was a very interesting read mate, and for your debut, and the first of many I hope, a damned good post.
    It’s not easy putting your views on the line, but very easy for those with less bottle, to take cheap shots.
    S2S I admire your stance mate…
    Great effort.

  18. Good post Satan, i think that the revisionism of some fans clouds their views on players as an example Squillaci being on 60k a week when we signed him at 27 from a club where he had played champions league football and had 20+ caps for France, excessive for an experienced centre back in the league not really par for the course really.

    I mean John terry on 150k+ a week etc.. as for Alumnia being on more last season than Ches well that was hardly surprising either, the same with Chamakh who signed for nothing and consequently is on higher wages because of no fee.

    I know we have players who are paid more than they are worth but so does every club and the situation is changing as the wage structure will be altered but it is not a simple matter and the just pay him off or ship them out mentality narks me to, I mean it is not that simple look at how hard it was for City to shift Wayne bridge or how much they paid of Adebayors wages last season.

    Good news however as kosielny has signed an extension to his contract which should hopefully this season stop others sniffing round him.

  19. Offering a different view or disagreeing is not taking cheap shots. That’s the benefit of a democracy. I admire the author for taking the time to put his opinions into writing. I just don’t agree with them. Which surely is the whole purpose of a debate.

  20. Don’t think he mentioned your name in that comment Steve…..

  21. I disagreed with it for the most part too, but I don’t take offence to AK’s comment!

  22. Does anyone think that the financial crisis that threatens to engulf Spain, with Italy up next, will have any effect on their top clubs ability to pay ludicrous fees and wages? I can see the lesser clubs being affected but what about RM, Barca and indeed Juve. Perhaps Arsenal should insist on money up front for van Persie. I imagine that The Sheikh Of Manchester is the only dude who could find that kind of wedge at the moment. That could certainly have a bearing on where he goes. I love it when I hear that Mancini is throwing his toys out over, of all things, a lack of funds.

  23. Morning Rocky, good to see you back mate.
    Morning Adam. I think with the RVP situation, that more money from Arsenal, might have been on the table, if not for his appalling injury record.
    That, I believe, was always going to be the elephant in the room.
    Basically it was too great a risk to pay him what he wanted.

  24. Real will always be bailed out by the royals. Barca seem to operate in the red all the time and still pay ludicrous amounts for players. I think a LOT of clubs will be affected. Especially in Italy. Most probably most teams not in the north of Italy.

  25. Totally disagree, the wage structure is a major problem at Arsenal…. for example, if are wage bill is 120m, i see no reason why RVP shouldn’t get 8-9m of it (160-180k pwk).?? it’s a no brainer in my opinion! Arsenal must change it, because it’s totally outdated

  26. Thanks AK. Nice to be back. My boss isn’t sitting behinnd me at the mo so have an extended run on here this morning!! I agree about the injury record. I really don’t think they wanted to take that gamble. And personally, I really don’t blame them. I’d be amazed if he goes another season without missing games. Italy would be better suited to him, as the game is slower, and they play until they are all about 100 years old anyway.

    On the injury front, anyone else seen the news that Rosicky is out for a while again?

  27. Kind of agree Kel, although there has to be a wage ceiling set at some point otherwie it will get ridiculous.

  28. BUt I agree our structure needs tweeking.

  29. Steve, my comment was not aimed at you, don’t be so defensive.
    Of course you are entitled to your opinion, and it’s welcomed.
    I was offering encouragement to the author, surely you realised that?

  30. IG did say at the last meeting that the wage structure was going to be changed at the club so that is an action already in progress..

  31. Cheers Rocky.
    Look Steve, you are a semi-regular on here, so you know the drill.
    You get the one-hit wonders, who just pop in, take a ‘cheap shot’ and troll off somewhere else.
    You are not one of those are you mate?
    My barb was not aimed at you.
    But I apologise if I offended you.

  32. I don’t believe for one moment that the banks in Spain will keep on loaning to RM and Barca. because:
    1) The austerity measures that are about to hit Spain big time are going to seriously affect the commercial side of the game in Spain, both in attendance and in shirt sales.
    2) The loans to Spain have to be under written by Germany and the Germans will insist on a complete stop to unprofitable lending IE to football clubs than have no hope of paying back.
    3) The royals in Spain have never been a financial backer of RM. It was Franco and the city of Madrid, which among all city’s in Spain is in financial difficulty’s so that resource will close also.

  33. C.G, no problem mate. It is a character flaw of mine to go on the defensive. You haven’t offended me.

  34. Rocky and all, yeah, agree on wages, but it ain’t gonna happen overnight.
    Moving the ‘unwanted ones’ on, is proving problematic.
    We may have to suffer them draining the coffers for another season or two.

  35. Peace Steve… :-D

    Now where’s Wath, because I DO want to offend him. ;-)

  36. And we shouldn’t be totally shocked that they don’t want to buy anyone else while there’s still dross hanging about picking up a good wage, nicking a living and stealing oxygen….

  37. Bit of information on the squad and the tour


  38. Sorry if this is a silly question.

    If a player goes out on loan doesn’t the club who has their services for the season pay their wages (as well as a nominal loan fee to Arsenal). Or does Arsenal still end up paying the majority of the player’s wage (as they are on ridiculous salaries)?

  39. I agree Kev. I have mentioned this before but, it made an impression on me and my thinking, so I think it does bear repeating. When you offer a player a new, improved contract, you do so based on what he will do and not what he has done. Sit down with a calculator and work out what a 4 year contract at £130-140,000 a week for van Persie works out at then add the supposed £5 million bonus/ drink. Think about how old he will be as that contract matures and reckon on no sell- on fee. It’s only one way of looking at it I know and life can’t be just about money. But, in this case it probably is. Could that money be better spent, bearing in mind that at Arsenal there is a limited amount of it? This is what FFP was originally bought in for. To level the playing field and strike a balance between income and expenditure. The deeper this financial crisis goes, the more clubs will get behind it perhaps.

  40. Depends on the agreement MC

  41. True Adam, buit past performances must play a role in the contract. Maybe a small part, but it has to.

  42. TT. Very interesting points indeed. Footballers seem to think that they exist in a bubble. Anything that shatters that illusion must be good.

  43. Rocky. Yes. I agree, hence the new deal for Koscielny, based in some part on his improvement and age.

  44. I see Kev’s stirring up trouble again. :)

  45. Really glad he’s signed that Adam. He was great last year, and will be a beast. (which touches on what you said about what they will do for the club in the future)

  46. Noitice that some of our kids were training with the Brazillian Olympic team.
    That won’t do them any harm.
    Offski, see ya lata Gooners.

  47. MC, Arsenal paid half of Bendtner’s wages last season apparently. So that equates to about 30k per week. Tottenham’s agreement with City regarding Adepaymemore resulted in City paying him more than 100k per week to play for a competitor. It’s unbelievable.

    I think we also paid Sao Paolo to take Denilson on loan. We were still paying Almunia’s salary too. If we had paid those salaries to RVP we wouldn’t be in this situation now.

  48. Yes Rocky. With Kos it’s all positive. Money in the bank. If he wanted to go in a few years then there’s an upside. Listen to me, I sound like a bloody accountant.

  49. Morning all, thought provoking post S2S.
    What’s this Cazorla like? Apparently we’ve agreed terms with him…fleet street bollocks??

  50. Steve. There is something deeply unfair about the system that allows this to happen. Taken to the extreme it can affect results.

  51. Hasn’t barndoor decided to warm the bench at citeh on £170k pw for the remainder of his 2yr contract??

  52. Are you sure you don’t work for Arsenal with a comment like that Adam?!

    Steve…. Are we still paying Almunia? Hasn’t he left the club yet?

  53. I hope so Lee. Shows the world what an absolute c*** he is.

  54. Apparently barndoor said he cannot survive on anything less than £120k pw….my heart bleeds for him!

  55. Hi Lee. I watch a lot of Spanish football and Santi Cazorla has been one of my favourite players for years. He plays between midfield and attack, right across the pitch. He can beat a man but doesn’t need to do it twice like David Silva. He is stronger than Silva and less easy to mark. I think he would be a tremendous asset and bring creative fluidity (I sound like Wenger now) to our game. He is also a grafter.

  56. Rocky. I know. I am sounding like a cross between Arsene and Ivan this morning. I could certainly do a better PR job than the knob who does it at the moment. Great chat this morning guys.

  57. ‘Tis true. Santi is a little geezer. Like many of the Spanish team.

  58. Hopefully it is not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog

  59. For a player in that position, I don’t care how tall he is…. if he can beat a man, pick a pass and get a decent shot away that’s on target regularly, that’s all I ask for.

  60. rocky, I think he has now joined Watford.

  61. Adam Gazwenger.

  62. Shame height as the Shaver??

  63. I see Grandad has left just in time before I stick him in the sin bin for being an old fart….!

    How much truth in the Cazorla story is anyone’s guess but Malaga are owned by an Arab so why is he not bailing them out with dosh like he has done previously..? Very strange situation.

    Relax Rocky, Amonia is finally “OFF” the payroll…!

    Amazing that we loan players out and due to over paying them end up subsidising their salaries…. Utter joke..!

  64. Cazorla coming to Arsenal?


    This is a really wierd case….the owner is loaded, but WTF is he playing at? Trust Wenger to go where money is tight ;-)

    However back to Cazorla…I remember him playing as a right winger a few years back but I didn’t rate him as highly as other wingers around. But now he’s become the AM at Malaga and this is where we lack. Imo its good thinking by Wenger, a player at his peak, a winner, gr8 experience and gives Oxo time to bed into the role as AM.

  65. Morning again all :)

  66. Apparently they didn’t pay Cazorla and this has given him the hump. If he wants out then we should buy him, especially as we lost out on Mata last season.
    Adam Gazwenger.

  67. Hi RIco. Good debate on HH this morning. Some great points.

  68. Cazorla

    Short highlights, shows his pace, passing range, skills and technique. He can play as LW, AM, RW….but is better in the latter 2.

  69. Hi Adam –

    Certainly is, and I admire S2S for putting his thoughts out there to be debated, of course not all will agree with the view about the wage structure but re the debt ridden clubs which are allowed to carry on in the way that they do, spot on I say…

    I admire AFC too for what they are trying to achieve but there is a lot of improvement to be made in the way they neglect the main priority, the squad.

    A happy medium is best for all, whereas they tend to lean rather too much towards saving rather than spending on making us a force to be reckoned with..

    Hope that all makes sense :)

    Much rather discuss the fine wines of France though ;)

  70. Theo through the middle then?

  71. Have we signed Cazorla??

    Wonder if he’ll be able to squeeze into Arshavin’s shorts and shirt ;)

  72. Adam, WATH was asking you about a French wine last night but you’d gone, I think.

  73. I’n not an alcohol drinker Rico…. Now a discussion of cheeses in France would be more like it!

  74. Theo cleaning and lacing the proper players boots, Lee….

  75. Lee. Which wine was it mate? I can’t see it.

  76. He’d definitely get in Jimmy Krankie’s….if reports are true about him being vertically challenged!

  77. Does he have the arse though Lee?

  78. Yippee Lee :P

  79. Vin de Constance…

  80. Make’s more sense to see Theo playing out to in as he is not a natural winger, what we need is for him to get the ball one touch and shoot. Would also push teams back as they would not be able to keep a hight line against us

  81. Go ahead rocky, I’d rather cheese than wine any day of the week :)

    you’ll be taking those words back about Theo in a few months ;)

  82. Stand a pint on it Rock!

  83. Ah yes. Vin de Constance. No I haven’t tried it but it looks interesting. Desert wines from around the world normally come about through naturally occurring events that conspire to convert the sugars and concentrate them by eliminating the water content. I am fascinated to try them, usually with a ripe peach. I will obtain some Vin de Constance and report back.

  84. You’ve started her off again Rock!! ;)

  85. Rico, that’s if Theo doesn’t get injured at the Olympics!

  86. Nxt season our 1st 11 is looking good but we still need those extra quality squad players.




    At present, I think from our front 6, I believe we are lacking a left winger, Hoilett would’ve been perfect. I’d like to give Walcott a crack as impact striker, give him a 2yr contract and let’s see what he does. We still need another DM imo, Coquelin is potential but we need something for now and maybe M’Vila/Capoue would be good.

  87. Spot on Adam. I went to an Ice Wine vineyard on the way to Niagara Falls while in Toronto a few years back, and that stuff is phenomenal. For a diabetic non-drinker, the stuff is bad for me on ever conceivable level, but my god it was good!

  88. You just might like Sauternes with Roquefort Rico. A classic, like Port and Stilton. Or Dairylee and Sainsbury’s house white, a particular favourite of mine. :)

  89. I know Lee, sorry! Rico, I hope you’re right about Theo, but can’t see it! Even looking at the match last season when we dicked the spuds when everyone went on about how good Theo was, his touch when through on goal very nearly let him down. Granted, he did well to finish, but the chance nearly got away from him. It’s that lack of composure that worries me.

  90. Rocky. Eiswein from the Moselle ( green bottle in German wines ) is an insanely concentrated experience so I know what you mean. A fascinating process too.

  91. If it’s Stilton, Adam, it HAS to be Colston Bassett. Nothing else will do. I buy a massive lump of that every Christmas from Neal’s Dairy down the road.

  92. Little sips Rocky. It’s all you need. Just let it sit in the mouth.

  93. It really is Adam. Massively pricey as well, due to the fact they need so many more grapes to make a bottle due to the freezing of them by mother nature. Well worth it though.

  94. For years we have wondered about what might happen when Abramovic got bored , perhaps at Malaga the sheik has run out of patience and is fed up with pouring his cash back down the hole the wealth came out of.

  95. In Germany they get a half bottle out of the cellar on special occasions. A half bottle, shared by 4 after dinner is very hedonistic.

  96. It’s a thought Potter. Now Abramovich has won his belover Campions League, he could well go the same way. Here’s hoping…..!

  97. Campions League?! What the hell is that?! Champions League even!

  98. Just called Sky, three months free ESPN..

    Result :)

  99. I still have mine in the cupboard somewhere Adam. Had about 3 glasses of it in about 4 years! It really isn’t good for me, and have NO idea how much insulin I’d need to match a glass of that bad-boy!

  100. I wish it would happen but what else is he going to spend his dosh on? Most people were asleep with boredom by the time John Terry appeared from nowhere at the end.

  101. I hope I’m right too rocky, i’d like to see him sign a new contract and see what this season brings – often a player will step up when another leaves.

    My money is on him to do just that, more so than Chamakh….

    If he doesn’t – then we’ll be in a good place to sell him for more than we would right now…

  102. Julian Clarey has a football team in the Campions League ;)

  103. I bet he does Rico!

    I see Barca are offering Carles Poohole a new long term deal. He’s 34! Could you ever see AW doing that? At least now they may leave Kozzer alone.

  104. ‘Or Dairylee and Sainsbury’s house white, a particular favourite of mine’

    Now you are talking Adam, but swap the Dairylea for a chunk of Cornish Cruncher ;)

  105. Dairylea is awesome. I love a babybel too!

  106. It gets better rocky, love the BB’s too…

    and bbq’d haloumi …

  107. BB Gouda is a big fave! Ir the marmite cheese… Sweet deal!

    Never had haloumi. Never really appealed to me. May give it a whirl!

  108. No extra mature cheddar and Chocolate perfect match

  109. Or extra mature and honey with a sprinkling of coffee….

  110. Rico. You old sophisticate you. :) I like La Vache Que Rie ( the laughing cow). A peculiar cheese-like substance that can be enjoyed on toast or used in the engineering world as a damping material. Grilled Haloumi excellent, lightly smeared with chilli flavoured virgin olive oil and served on a slice of lightly toasted Newbury bread.

  111. Stop it, I am hungry now :)

    You must rocky, it’s really tasty, especially if you like salty cheese..

  112. Best news of the day is that Kozzer has signed a new contract. By far our best defender last season.

  113. Great news on Kos. Mmm, just off to get lunch ready for Mrs Adam and her friends.

  114. That is great news TT. He was easily our best defender last year. For me though, the best news of the day is that apparently it tastes great if you drizzle chilli oil on cheese. Never thought to do that, so thanks Adam!

  115. Modric what a rodent-faced little fcker!

  116. Grilled haloumi with sujuk sausage and a basil infused olive oil on levant bread

  117. My pleasure Rocky. And a final recommendation that I have made before. Spanish Manchego cheese with membrillo, a sweet quince jam or with a few Medjool dates. I recommended it to a mate and him and his wife ate a doorstep of it in one sitting. Sheepskin milk cheese of exquisite flavour. Seek it out and you will love it.

  118. Vernat. Sounds decadent. Must try it.

  119. you have to go easy on the basil oil though…. As much as I love it, it can be a bit overpowering sometimes!

    I know Lee. Shrew-faced little prick.

  120. Sheeps milk. predictive text again.

  121. Adam, I go balls out with the quince at Christmas. I also make my own plum jelly and also a tomato, aubergine, chilli and pepper chutney. Bith afre awesome with any cheese. Only just got into Manchego. It’s not bad at all.

  122. both are*

  123. sheepskin cheese sounds a bit much for me Adam!!

  124. Fish in the oven and a nice smell throughout the cave. Agreed on Modric. Isn’t he the largest land-based rodent alongside the Capybara?

  125. Coypu faced fck!

  126. Rocky. I can see you are a dude with hidden talents. Make an extra jar of Quince jam for me? I’ll come down the Strand and take you for a beer/ coffee/tea.

  127. Adam, I sampled the sheepskin combo whilst in Murcia, very moreish!

  128. Is there any other Arsenal blog where one can learn so much about food? I think not. Except perhaps The Bleacher Report.

  129. Sounds good to me mate! It will be nearer Christmas, but I’ll keep you posted!!

  130. I think the only thing you learn from the BR is how to suck arse. It does that extremely well on a regular basis.

  131. Lee. Another man with impeccable taste. And very wealthy too I hear.

  132. Anal bleacher report…

  133. Mmm. That sound interesting Rocky. I have never actually sucked arse before. It doesn’t immediately appeal I must say. I think I’ll stick with Manchego.

  134. The former of your 12:38 is indeed true, however the latter not so….Mrs Lee can spend it like Mrs A!!!

  135. Very good Lee!

  136. Off for a fishy lunch. Later guys.

  137. Afternoon you sweet things…. Is that keeping in tow with the Julian Carey Campions league we’re on about…..!.

    Vin De Constance Adam is superb, the story goes that Napoleon preferred it to Y’Quem…!
    Another stunner out of South Africa is Straw Wine by Mullineux Family Wines do yourself a favour and try..!

    Quite the food channel on here today…!

  138. I think sticking with the Manchego is a wise move Adam.

  139. I hear that you are the font regarding hi-fi equipment? I dabbled in it in a small way a few years ago but it gets so bloody expensive…

  140. Does it taste as good as Ribena though wath?

  141. Ooooh now you got me Rocky although I’m a Vimto man myself ;-)

  142. Good Afternoon Fine Folk.

    Cazorla on the radar???? I believe it when I see him play for us.

    Good post S2S. And yes, when you deal with me I do expect something in return. :lol:

    I had a lovely three days lazing around and enjoying myself with the family.

    And soon I will be off to La Bella Italia for a looongggggg stretch.

  143. Dev’s back…. lucky lazy sod :P

  144. Vimto’s pretty spesh wath, I’ll give you that. Some think it’s pikey. I’ll not have a bad word against it!

    Afternoon Dev

  145. :lol: Adam, especially re the Newbury bread….

  146. Very informative today.

    Cheese recommendations of the day –

    if you like Manchego you should try another Sheeps milk cheese – ossau iraty.

    if you like strong cheddar you should try Lincolnshire Poacher.

  147. Lee. ( while eating). True. Audio is a broad church and a good sound can be obtained for reasonable money. It’s all a matter of approach. Get my mail address from Kev perhaps?

  148. Afternoon Wath, who needs Gino and Mel eh ;)

    Afternoon to you too devil… you been hiding ;)

  149. If you like cheese, this is the only place you need to go:


  150. Nothing like it RIco. I am told of a great baker out that way. Never been myself of course. :)

  151. Strong Cheddar is a very personal subject as well MC, I love Isle of Mull and Montgomery’s although many say they are not strong other say merely the taste alone is taste bud blowing…! How civilised it is on here today….. perhaps I better get off…!

  152. I hear rumoours of a decent baker out that way too Adam. Having never sampler their wares though, I am dubious to say the least….!

  153. Rocky. I know it well. They do sell some stinkers down there though. There is also a wonderful cheese shop at Highbury Barn, near the Emirates.

  154. Montgomerys is great wath. Nice and nutty.

  155. On Blackstock Rd Adam just past the pub… little Italian deli…? That one.?

  156. Shame you can’t add pics on here… I have a great one from a wedding I went to on Friday! It was cheese-tastic!

  157. The flour is hand ground on a Staddle Stone Rocky.

  158. Stinkers as in nasty cheeses Adam, or as in Ardrahan and Bishops Finger that reek the place out?!

  159. That’s the one Wath but it is quite big inside and the cheeses are at the back as I remember.

  160. You like the Mull as well Rock..?

  161. I try stay out that shop Adam, doesn’t do my waistline any good I come out with a months worth of shopping that I tend to eat in 2 nights…!

  162. Milleen’s cheese smells really ghastly.

  163. You live near there Wath?

  164. Whats the cheese thats banned on the Paris metro…?

  165. Never had the Mull wath. May give it a go this year. Every Christmas, it’s a massive lump of Colsten Basset Stilton, a wedge of Montgomery’s, sliver of Coolea, some Keen’s Cheddar and Red Leicester. And I wonder why I need to go tho the gym every day…..!

  166. No Adam but used to pass by quite often as used to meet friends in the Barn through the week sometimes and that shop was a nightmare it always dragged me in…………! Did you see my previous on the VDC and the Straw Wine..?

  167. Dunno wath… 80’s music?! That’s pretty cheesy…

  168. I was told not long ago by a mate that there is a cheese banned on the Paris Metro due to it’s “stink” I did find that rather funny seeing as they all smell of garlic anyway…!

  169. Nah it’s soap that’s banned WATH!

  170. Actually wath, I might just pop in Neal’s on the way back from the gym and sample a bit of Mull! I’m intrigued!

  171. I did Wath. Read up about it too. Obviously I want to try it it. They dry their grapes on straw I see, depleting the water content and increasing the sugar content. Trick is to maintain decent levels of acidity to balance the sweetness.

  172. Crikey, these comments are coming thick and fast today, I can’ keep up :)

    One day Adam, one ;)

  173. I am often in Covent Garden Rocky. I like to eat in Food For Thought and have done for donkey’s years. Quite near your place of work.

  174. Epoisses de Bourgogne wath – that”s apparently the one that was banned. It lookes like Chaumes. I accidentally left some shopping in the car a couple of Summers back for about an hour, forgetting I had a big hunk or Port Salut in the shopping. I couldn’t get in the car until I’d aired it for close to 20 mins of full-blast fan action

  175. You tease me all the time Rico. :)

  176. Is that the one on Neal St. Adam?

  177. My stuff is really dated (12yrs old) but sounds sweet still, so won’t be updating it in the not too distant…

  178. Try it Adam if that’s your tipple am sure you will enjoy… Met the owners and winemakers a few yrs back on a trip to SA young and very driven to make stunning wines…! The process is different but the taste is awesome…! Amazing concentrated tastes on the palate..!

  179. Well done Saint,well done.
    Whether people or not agree with your post is irrelevant,imo.
    Suffice to say you’ve written it from the heart,and you should be bloody proud of that.
    I’ve always defended Wenger for one reason…..he does what he truly believes is the right thing for Arsenal FC,so must be respected for that alone,and anyone penning their honest opinion will always have my respect.
    It’s what makes this site stand out from the crowd!!

  180. St Agur is my downfall Rock least it doesn’t stink to much, ah yep thats the one he mentioned… How mad is that to ban a cheese on the metro lol

    The Mull has a subtle yet wicked taste Rock, let me know what you reckon.

  181. I’m off to the gym shortly wath. I’ll let you know!!

    Afternoon Scott!

  182. You see that Carluccio on t.v eating an Italian cheese that had maggots crawling in it….

  183. I know wath, the French are a strange bunch. Ban a cheese but think nothing of hacking up a horse and munching on it.

  184. Want wine….come to OZ….best in the world!
    Evening all!!

  185. Carluccio himself makes me feel ill Lee.

  186. Yes Rocky. You sit in the basement. It’s a bit cramped though. I usually have the Quiche and salad withe dressing of the day and one of their amazing fruit crumbles. Mrs Adam and myself think the mixed salads to be the best we have tried. Even Rico would like it and she has lofty expectations.

  187. I may give it a go at some point Adam. I do like a salad if it’s made well.

  188. Hiding??? Me???

    Nah!!! I been enjoying myself with the missus and the little prince. Its not every year that we celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary. It only comes once in a lifetime.

    Soon I will be off to the Alps. Where my heart lies and where my mind resides. And I will be treading the paths that once my ancestors enjoyed.

    In the meantime……….saw some good news. Koscielny has signed a good long term contract. GOOOOODDDDD!!!!!

    Theo might sign. Good for him. Hopefully Bould will instill some tactical sense in him.

    Cazorla might be signed. So basically that means that in essence Theo is RVP’s replacement, while Cazorla will go galivanting down the right.

  189. I do drink the Penfolds Grange Hermitage Scott. It is extremely good. It’s got a bit expensive over the last few years though. Like everything I suppose.

  190. This is far too civilised today. I’m just waiting for Gambon or someone to come on and start calling us all c***s!

  191. Do try it Rocky. But, get there at midday when they open and be one of the first. Gambon is swimming in the smelly stuff.

  192. Civilized????? You are wrong Rocky. W.A.T.H has already labelled me a sod. And you call this discussion civilized??? ;)

    Gambon has encountered a dreadful disease called Gambonits and he has been binned until he takes enough medicine which cures him of having a head bigger than Bendy’s. :lol:

  193. Well, that’s civilised for wath dev, you have to admit that!

    Right, off to the gym. Back in a couple of hours.

  194. This is very funny…………….

    Spurs have been long-term admirers of Lloris, while Arsenal were attributed with an interest last month.

    Such a move would have suited the Ligue 1 outfit as they seek £16million for their wantaway keeper, which is £3million more than Spurs are willing to offer.

    However, French weekly sports newspaper Le 10 Sport, claim Spurs are now suggesting the leaked Gunners ‘interest’ was part of a ploy set-up between Arsene Wenger and Lyon manager Remi Garde, who played under the Arsenal boss for three years.

    Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is said to be suspicious of the interest shown by Arsenal, who are already fully stocked in goal with Wojciech Szczesny and Lukasz Fabianski.

    Sources at the Emirates told Le 10 Sport that Lloris was never a serious target for Wenger.

    The Frenchman is said to have doubts over the 25-year-old’s ability to cope with the physical nature of Premier League football.

    Lyon chairman Jean-Michel Aulas, meanwhile, has said that no official offers have been made for Lloris.

    ‘I will see Hugo when I arrive in New York on Thursday and we will take a definitive decision [on his future] the day after the Champions Trophy [on Saturday],’ Aulas told the Progres newspaper.

    Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/sport/football/906112-hugo-lloris-saga-gets-personal-as-spurs-accuse-arsenal-of-fake-bid#ixzz21Xg2QcBB

  195. Adam,if you can get it,try Penfolds St Henri Shiraz.
    I’m no wine expert,but I thinks it’s every it as good,and about a quarter of the price….well,it is here.
    Evening Devil!!
    Long time,mate!

  196. Afternoon AKB’s
    Whose this Carzola Cola fellow?
    Is he as good as Diaby???

    A bit cheesey on ‘ere today.
    Thought it was Wath’s kippers. :-)

  197. He’ a bit paranoid old Levy isn’t he? As far as I can see Arsenal never said they were interested, never made a bid as per usual. I see it as part of a ploy by Levy to extract more money from tax-exile Joe Lewis who has, it is alleged, been propping up the tradionally unsuccessful club for years.

  198. Where are we on Welsh rarebit? That’s a fav of mine…

  199. Will do Scott. Thanks.

  200. Hiya Scott.

    Hey Charlie. you all ok???

    Cazorla will run rings around Diaby.

  201. I don’t really think Wemger would play that game,but I wouldn’t be disappointed if he had lol!!!

  202. Just checked out the Waitrose price Scott. It is £570 a case for the 2007. Think I’ll try a bottle first.

  203. Afternoon Scott – it’s the HH food and wine show today and thanks re the comment about HH, we try ;)

  204. Good call Adam!!!
    I hope you enjoy it….let me know what you think.

  205. No probs Rico.
    It’s probably a good thing we aren’t discussing targets/transfers again.
    Adam,it seems you can buy it for a similar price we can.
    It was $90 odd Aussie a dollars a few weeks back,but it’s worth every cent,I reckon.

  206. It’s looking more and more likely Theo is staying….settle,Rico,settle :)

  207. I’m trying to remember the name of an Italian sparkling dessert wine it was divine…

  208. Manchester City makes £250 million bid for Arsenal’s history

    PREMIER League champions Manchester City have tabled an offer to buy up Arsenal’s entire roll-call of honours for an estimated £250 million, plus Adam Johnson.

    If accepted, the offer would see City retrospectively crowned league double winners in 1970-71, 1997-98 and 2001-2002, first division champions three seasons running between 1933 and 1935 as well as last-gasp victors in 1989 when they went to Anfield and snatched the title from Liverpool.

    The transfer of history would also mean that the 1939 filmThe Arsenal Stadium Mystery, to which City’s owners have acquired all rights, would be renamed The Etihad Stadium Mystery.

    Furthermore, copies of Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch are set to be recalled and a new edition written, culminating in Manchester City’s thrilling Division Two play-off victory in 1999 when they upset the odds to beat Gillingham.

    Insiders say that the money would be used to strengthen Arsenals squad, with £1.5 million of it put towards a bid for Laurent Ouidy, the injury-prone French winger whose three goals for FC Pantalon almost saved them from relegation last season.

    The rest would be used to service the debt on the Emirates stadium, reupholster the executive restaurant dining lounge and as lavatory paper for the club’s shareholders.

    Nathan Muir, senior accountant at Arsenal FC, said, “I know fans think trophies are what count – trust me, they’re not. Have you seen the Inter Cities Fairs Cup? You take that mantelpiece bauble down to a car boot sale and trust me, you’ll be driving the bugger home.”

    Professor Henry Brubaker of the Institute For Studies said, “Clubs trading each others’ histories is nothing new. Deals like this have been commonplace in football for years.

    “Take Manchester United – a nothing team until 1980, when they came into cash and did exactly the same thing as City. Nowadays, no one remembers it was originally Port Vale who beat Benfica to win the 1968 European Cup.”

  209. Lee,if you can get a bottle of De Bortoli’s Noble One,try it…another favourite.
    Not overly expensive,but lovely.

  210. Evening Scott, just received an email I thought you’d appreciate…

    The Australian husband says….

    Bruce took his wife Sheila to a disco….

    There was a guy on the dance floor giving it large: breakdancing, moonwalking, back flips, the works.

    Sheila says to Bruce, “That guy dancing proposed to me 25 years ago and I turned him down for you.”

    Bruce says, “And look the lucky bastard is still f****ng celebrating.”

  211. Interesting read Devil.

  212. Will try it Scott…
    Le Figaro are reporting that the RvP to Juve deal is getting closer…apparently 26m Euros, this is what a French client iof mine just told me!

  213. Classic Wath!!

  214. Just teasing you devil ;)

    Hi Charlie…

  215. Lee, whats this Le Figaro crap… Is that Luis Figo’s daily rag…?

  216. French rag…..

  217. U sure it ain’t a pork n cheese..?

  218. Thanks coach.

  219. Good one W.A.T.H. A classic one.

    Do you like wines Lee????

    My cousin still makes them. But not sparkling ones. The white ones are his speciality while the red one is ok.

    But I prefer the Italian wines.

  220. BDW W.A.T.H…………the missus has asked whether Sheila is a BLONDE or a brunette??? ‘)

  221. Tell the Mrs “female” says it all regardless of blonde or brunette… ;-)

    Awaits the “swoosh” of the machete from Rico’s direction……….

  222. WATH, you been on bravery tablets or a few GG’s and lemonades?

  223. Audio, well price is relative but with NAD and some Monitor audio oe PSB speakers, or wharfedale diamonds can get a really nice sound. Also cambridge audio when matched with some nice speakers gives a good system.

  224. :lol: Wath, I like that one…

    Well, the joke, not sure about the last – off with your head ;)

  225. Arsenal.com ‏@Arsenal
    Arsenal: Mannone, Jenkinson, Vermaelen (c), Djourou, Gibbs, Diaby, Arteta, Coquelin, Santos, Gervinho, Chamakh. #MALvAFC

  226. I’m always brave after a Vimto Lee…………… :D

  227. Some good Italian wines Devil. I prefer those from the North. Sassicaia being my favourite. The great Barolos are wonderful but very heady. Tignagnello is another goodie but it is much, much too expensive now. After years of being a largely claret man my Miami based friend introduced me to the world of high end Californian wines several years ago. Wow. Are they good? Younger and fruitier than great aged claret but very delicious. Still crazy prices though.

  228. Wonder if Diaby will make it to half time….

  229. Can we watch it live?

  230. Righto Off to the sea.

    cu mates!!!!


  231. You lucky chap Devil.

  232. Adam, I’m a claret man and what ever else I taste nothing ever really compares…! The pretenders come and go but great clarets remain..!
    Have had through contacts some really really good SA wines and for me (Sorry Scott) they knock the crap out the Oz wines and the Yanky stuff.

  233. I had Solaia once Adam, it was lovely!

  234. Cheers Dev have fun matey…!

  235. Now you’re talking Lee. Solaia, Sassicaia and Ornellaia. The three Tuscan titans.
    Just watching the Ars live on the iPad.

  236. I like Claret Wath, one of a few reds i do enjoy, as long as its French ;)

  237. Wath. I hear you, but try the Harlan Estates ( can’t remember the exact year). Honestly, it is extraordinary.

  238. anyone got a link for the game?

  239. Fair enough Wath,but for whatever reason,Claret isn’t popular here at all.
    Shiraz is by far the most popular red here,and we produce it as good as anyone.
    I live app. 40 minutes from the Hunter Valley,which is one of our biggest wine producing regions,and it’s just a great place to visit.
    Our best Shiraz regions are in South Australia.
    I’m a port man,myself.
    I duck up to the Hunter and buy ten litres of bulk,green,immature port,and fill my barrel up.
    In 6 months,it’s liquid gold.

  240. Scott. Careful mate. You’ll get gout. :)

  241. I’ll keep an eye out Adam…! If you anywhere near Berry Bros Adam lookout for the Antonij Rupert Cab Franc and the Cab Sauv 06 and the 07 they not cheap but superb…!

  242. He other thing,and correct me if I’m wrong here,but it seems that it’s mainly our larger,more commercial us sending wine over.
    What you find only available at the cellar door of some of our boutique wineries is incredible.

  243. Lee. I am watching it on Arsenal Player.

  244. If not,it won’t be through a lack of trying Adam lol.

  245. Have you tried a Californian pinot noir…Calera Jenson?

  246. Watch that throbbing big toe Scott…………. A barrel of port thats funny mate, yep I know the Oz Shiraz is good although purely personal not one of my fav varietals I like the big ballsy full bodied reds.

  247. I was in Berry Bros a month ago Wath. I used to buy en primeur from them. Great, drinkable claret is quite crazy money now as are the great DRC burgundies. If I have a few quid spare I might indulge but I generally pick up the odd great wine here and there. Fortunately I have a rich mate who comes over from the States several times a year and that’s when ai really get to taste those things that are out of reach to all non-cab drivers.

  248. Not that one Lee. I take it that it’s good? I did try Screaming Eagle a while back and that was excellent and some Shaeffer when I was in Arnhem.

  249. See you later devil, have a good one…

    I’m watching on ESPN :lol: :lol:

  250. AK, drinks Chassagne-Montrachet spritzers!

  251. Good Morning all and to you Rico.

    @S2S, good post and it show you’ve a thick skin. Your opinion is valuable but others will disagree with you because its comes with the territory in HH. Just ask Adam Ak SteveP Scott and so many others before you. This is the main reason why HH is for matured bloggers that agree to disagree, we all share different views. Threats and Bloggers bully is the thing of the past and shouldn’t be tolerated in HH.

    @AK 9:25 “And if you didn’t stand on the terrance in the 1960’s, then I’m afraid you’re not entitled to an opinion?” you said it all, nuff respect to you sir.

  252. Afternoon Nashua.

  253. Wath,I had a day at the pub a few years back,got home and had a few more beers,then I woke up the next morning.
    On the kitchen bench the next morning is about 10 empty port bottles.
    I’m thinking there’s no way I had anywhere near that…..couldn’t work it out.
    A few hours later,it all came back to me.
    I’d run out of beer,so decided on a port.
    Bloody barrel was empty,and me being pretty pissed,decided to fill it up.
    I did a quick tally,and here was between $700-800 worth of empty bottles,all poured into that barrel.
    9 litres lasted a good few months,and it was just sensational.
    Luckily though,I was sensible enough NOT to throw in my 1931 Niepoort’s (Portugese) specimen!!

  254. Afternoon NG

  255. Enjoy the game all, chat lata…!

  256. Kit looks quite nice….

    Mr ‘Static’ Chamakh remains the same…

  257. You too Wath…

  258. I’ve this in my e-mail. i’m share that wiht all you:

    Rvp’s injury record

    Groin Strain 2012 February 29th
    Ankle/Foot Injury 2011 August 7th
    Knee Injury 2011 February 28th
    Hamstring Injury 2011 February 22nd
    Flu 2011 February 8th
    Ankle/Foot Injury 2010 August 28th
    Ankle/Foot Injury 2010 June 1st
    Sprained Ankle 2009 November 14th
    Knee Injury 2009 September 13th
    Groin Strain 2009 April 18th
    Groin Strain 2009 March 30th
    Hamstring Injury 2008 October 6th
    Ankle/Foot Injury 2008 August 31st
    Thigh Muscle Strain 2008 May 2nd
    Thigh Muscle Strain 2008 April 4th
    Thigh Muscle Strain 2008 January 11th
    Thigh Muscle Strain 2007 December 24th
    Knee Injury 2007 October 18th
    Metatarsal Fracture 2007 January 22nd
    Ankle/Foot Injury 2006 November 19th
    Hip/Thigh Injury 2006 September 14th
    Ankle/Foot Injury 2006 February 10th
    Ankle/Foot Injury 2005 December 22nd
    Knee Injury 2005 October 17th
    Ankle/Foot Injury 2005 February 5th
    Sprained Ankle 2004 November 26th
    Sprained Ankle 2004 August 27th

  259. …well well…been just watching proceedings but football is back… now watching the game live… such a great feeling to just see the guys back in action…. =)…

  260. This commentary team are a joke, it’s a pre-season friendly, not the CL final :roll:

  261. diaby not impressing at all so far…
    chamakh just had a decent chance…

  262. Hi JM,

    That is staggering….

    Blimey, Chamakh just had a good shot on target ;)

  263. Hi Tailaxu..

  264. hi rico and all, how you guys been…. i pop in to read the comments from time to time, but try to stay off PC as much as possible otherwise will go mad with all the transfer nonsense… all the RVP ‘saga’ (which is not saga at all) and so on…

  265. Gibbs looks really lively..

    Diaby with a slide rule pass to Gerv, but Gerv fluffs his shot…

  266. Good thanks Tlailaxu, the RvP saga will end soon hopefully…

  267. nicely played by Diaby on the edge of the box…

    my oh my… they played just under 15 mins but the pitch looks already destroyed…

  268. This pitch is shocking, dangerous and expect an injury today guys….

  269. Diaby is playing really well and I am truthing….

  270. yeah…I for instance since day one 4th of july thought its funny and close to boring… i mean, really? u wana go? fine … the door is that way…(points to door)… why waste time on him….thanks for last season, but its gone, if you treat the club this way then fair enough thats your choice robin, now we give him to whoever offers most and bye bye, if he stays strip him off the captaincy and thats it…. and then a deffo sell him in january…

    regarding Cazorla…havent seen much of him play but i know he is one hell of a player, regardless of being short, but his work rate is immense…wenger comment about him in yesterdays press conference made me laugh for a good minute… I dont know this guy… =DDDD

  271. Diaby is really playing well…..hope this is just the beginning of things to come

  272. the pitch is horrible

  273. omg…did you see that ‘reaction’ of pitch after coquelin tackle?…jesus christ i hope they water it in half time and pray for no injuries…

  274. chamakh so weak… he cant even hold of malaisian fellas… poor poor form…

  275. Still need another club to offer the right amount though, it will happen i’m sure..

    Bondex, agree, long may it remain…

  276. i guess one of the main reasons why chamakh is failing in PL is his physical condition…

  277. Off to bed guys……enjoy the game,and I expect a full report tomorrow.

  278. JD looks to be playing better.

  279. how did santos miss that

  280. come on…what a waste by santos… oh dear…

  281. is it just me or diaby is playing a holding midfielder?

  282. Tlail – it’s because he is rubbish ;)

    Night Scott…

  283. Goodness know Bondex, was easier to score than miss ;)

    Coq is the holding/defensive midfielder isn’t he?

  284. ‘Top 4 is the best ambition for Arsenal’ says the k**b who is commentating, because Liverpool, Citeh and Manure are signing top quality players..

    What a twit, who have Liverpool signed?

    Does he forget we have signed Podolski and Giroud, is he stupid of what?

    And does he not realise that the TW is still open….

  285. …oh…I C … another beautiful miss by santos… what a class run by malaisian guy…we are lucky to be at 0-0

  286. 1-0 to the home side, absolute cracker too….

  287. No closing down again by the midfield….

  288. wow…what a goal…when the guy started aiming i thought… this is it… and booom… =)

  289. Shockingly inept performance on a sticky pitch that is cutting up badly. Coquelin looks about a stone overweight. Diaby had a good 10 minutes Defending was really bad. Any ball played inside the full back caused us problems. Chamakh is a comedy routine really. No shape, everyone all over the pace. Blimey. Two sitters missed by Santos who needs his gob stitched up for a few weeks. really very, very poor indeed.

  290. Not overly impressed then Adam…

    As soon as we said Diaby was playing well, it all changed…

    Chamakh really needs to leave, preferably today…

    They have a cracking little player, number 10 I think but can’t get his name….

  291. mhm…yeah it looks like francis is playing just ahead of back four…well first half was pretty slow… plus they’ve mentioned heart rate devices on our players so again, even though i want us to win i realise its a pre-season game and the victory is not a primary objective

  292. Not at all Rico. Same old, same old. Since when has TV looked so jittery? I thought we might see a tight, solid defence with a structured mid field winning the ball and pushing it between their defenders. I was obviously wrong. I see a schoolboy team of kick an rush with no cohesion at all. Early days but disappointing.

  293. We need to win Tlail, winning breeds winning, even though its a friendly.

    All the first half has done is highlight what we already knew, and that is a few really aren’t good enough or ready to be relied on…

  294. and yes, the quality of game so far is shocking, massive lack of pace and AM…lets see what team comes on in the second half…

  295. …=DDDDD… 10 outfield changes… well well well… good old arsene… lets see if it works… =)

  296. Here we go again then.

  297. look at OX …that lad is gona be huge…

  298. Afobe and Ox looking really good so far…

  299. these guys are playing better…why cant i just switch off and do something else?

  300. should have been 2-0

  301. Awful from us…

    It it number 10, Sami or Salli?? He’s a tidy little player

  302. well…just as expected…the defence is nowhere to be seen, if Ox has to clear the balls then what are the defenders doing?…

  303. maybe we should get their keeper

  304. They sure as heck wouldn’t want ours bondex….

  305. Rico-do we have one?

  306. …u cant deny that malaisian goalie is really good…

  307. …seriously, the more i see that keeper the more im impressed…

  308. Ok i get it …this game is not about scoring

  309. Only one bondex and he’s not on the pitch….

    I don’t think their keeper is that good, we just can’t finish, he’s been a tad lucky imho….

  310. …here we go bondex…

  311. ….better from miyiachi

  312. Are we still losing?!

  313. Ah, it seems, all is not well in Malaysia.
    Surely, it should be somebodies job to check out the pitch & stadium before we go.
    Obviously not..!

  314. Yes rocky, we are awful too….

    Pitch is the only thing worse than our performance AK ;)

  315. Afobe!! clever but……..

  316. And that’ll be our excuse Rico….

  317. I hope not bondex, its the first pre-season game in very warm conditions etc etc.

    Hopefully this is about who wants to have a future at the club, who is good enough etc..

    Oh, and shirt sales ;)

  318. come on OX…nice move

  319. 1-1 Eisfield :P

  320. Estefield ………goal

  321. hey…now i have something to think of eisfeld…and also yenaris…what a run what a drible…

  322. 2-1 OG and we get so so lucky :)

  323. =DDDDDDD…. reminds u something?… =DDDDD… goood old arsenal…

  324. Are we actually winning?!

  325. why score now if you can play DECENTLY for 3 minutes and win the game… =)

  326. We won 2-1 rocky….

    Eisfield and Aneke with a little help with the lattter ;)

  327. Moura to Manure has fallen through then ;)

  328. Haha!! Good stuff! I obviously never had any doubts on the matter…..!

  329. right, I’m off to do some work before hometime comes aroound! Have a good evening all

  330. There ya go… Terry Burton did the trick @ half-time. :-)

  331. @ arsenal,all isn’t well that ends well…..more work to be done.

  332. Cheers Rocky…

    We lacked many things today but in the teams/squads defence it was our first real kickabout the pitch wasn’t fit for rugby if we’re honest about it and a few of the nippers didn’t look to bad..! It’s a warm up for bigger and better performances hopefully, least we didn’t lose as you can imagine the media frenzy if we had.

  333. Two of our youngsters did the trick then.

    Young, enthusiastic, hungry, eager to earn a regular spot in the 1st team squad & on low wages.
    Win win win.

  334. Have a good one yourself rocky…
    :lol: AK, he sure did..

    Plenty of transfers to be done bondex, outwards I mean…

  335. You would have thought it was the CL Final Wath, the way the commentators were going on – what utter k**bs –

    The pitch was dire and glad no-one got injured, do we play Citeh on the same one? I hope not…

    Thought Eisfields finish was very good and Aneke showed just why it pays off to shoot…

  336. well, i would say that it was a game of two halves and the first half team looked really poor due to a mix of lack of class, self- confidence, fitness, terrible state of pitch… and so on and on…. come on guys… its a preseason…congrats with the win to all fans and the team but lets move on…. its great there were no injuries and thats all that matters…

  337. Rico, unfortunately, I think we’re gonna be stuck with Chamakh & possibly Park/Squillaci this season.
    Unless AW can loan them out.

  338. I see we won. Barely. But we won. ;)

    Great debut post, Satan. :) Here’s a toast to more!!

    And I thought I had wandered into a Food and Wine chatroom. :)

  339. Tlail, I don’t really draw a lot from that game, like Wath says, a run out for all, a few kids given their chance to shine and that’s about it.

    Bet we play differently against Citeh though…

    Ak, I really hope not, Chamakhs words about staying sounded like a plea to me, he’s yet to have a chat with the big bad wolf, who after today will tell him to get packing.

    Squlli will know he won’t be in the squad, i truly believe he’ll be gone…

    I’d rather keep Park…

  340. Hi agag, it’s been a fun day, just what the world of an Arsenal fan needed :lol:

  341. Sky Sports Headline:

    Arsenal Avoid Shock Setback!


  342. I know, rico!! A very bookmarkable page!! And it couuldn’t have escaped your notice how the comments were pouring in. ;)

  343. Says is all from Skycherster sports…….. wankers…!

    Don’t we play the Oilers in China..?

  344. Smells like a brewery on here today !

  345. Typical SkySports. I would bet you anything rico that if Manyoo had been playing and nicked that win, the headlines would be more along the lines of “never say die attitude”; “winning mentality” blah de blah.

  346. Afternoon Rico
    just got in from work

    Carzorla to Arsenal on the radio claiming its a near done deal – Graham hunter


    Over 327 comments and nothing re: Frimpong being charged by the FA for racist remarks..???

  347. I haven’t counted the comments agag :) I know I couldn’t keep up earlier though…

    Well said Wath, Couldn’t agree more.. China, good, better surface I hope…

    Hi Micko, with a bit of cheese thrown in…

  348. Hiya, WASH. In your element I see. ;) Micko, you missed all the fun. ;)

  349. Hi SYG,

    Is Hunter the most reliable? I bloomin hope he is in this case…

    Just seen the headline about Frimps, haven’t read it though, I will now though, racist comments though, whats going on there then….

  350. What exactly did he say, SYG? It’s not the first time Frimpong has gotten in trouble re: his tweets.

  351. I think Frimpong needs to be careful, AW won’t put up with his behaviour for much longer, he professes to love Arsenal, well get off of twitter and concentrate on getting fit….

  352. SYG, The FA as usual have their heads up their arses… They accuse Frim of using a so called racist remark as he used the word “Yid” when having an argument on twitter yet they fail to take into account 36,000 of the scum bags call themselves yids every other sat at their home games and sing about it etc etc are they gonna charge them as well..? The whole thing is a joke and best ignored as it’s always picking on us again it seems also mega 2 faced when the yids sing about wenger and pedophile and no one does sweet FA about it in the media nor through the FA nor the swampies !!

  353. If he abused Spuddies, it could only have been deserved. I suppose he said “yid”?? Doesn’t everyone?

  354. Wow – 357 comments today…. and it’s still early ;)

  355. The whole thing also came about when someone said he hopes Frim breaks both legs or something along those lines and am sure also the fella had yid as part of his twitter name…!

  356. He still needs to learn to shut up Wath….

  357. Bet they ignore that part of the comments though….

  358. SYG, I don’t take a blind bit of notice of what comes out of Graham Hunter’s mouth, a bit of a plonker if you ask me.
    Howdy Agag, I’m a tea totaler, I would only have felt like a fish outta water.

  359. He needs to realise Rico that the swampies will never change, laugh at them don’t take the bait and ignore them…! Easier said than done sometimes though.

  360. Micko was stuck in his local and missed todays pleasantries ;-) We never mentioned the Black Stuff once either so Micko would of been gutted..!

  361. Popping off to get dinner an drinks, back later…

  362. Frimpong is a twat but I suppose that writing that you want the player to break every bone quite permissible.
    No conclusions from today, only observations. Goodbye Chamakh. Hello Eisfeld, good passing Song, defence-where are/were you. Alex- you are a strong lad. Enjoy your loan Eastmond. Theo, expecting a rise might be ambitious. Calm down Tommy V. Full backs, please, please concentrate on defending. Arsene- get that bloody chequebook out and buy a quality mf. Coquelin and Santos- just say no when the meat pies are on offer.

  363. Chateau Cardboard for Rico…………… ;-)

  364. Least we know Coq will lose the weight Adam, Santos am not so sure although quite liked him playing in front of Gibbs.

  365. Not for me Wath. Santos has skill but is no full back. Midfield? Possibly on the left? Discipline? Non existent as far as I can see.

  366. The club should just ban the players from using Twatter.

  367. Not a full back for me either Adam but left mid a possibility and discipline could maybe drummed into him by Bouldy…. Could work..? just another string to our bow me thinks but not a ready made solution

  368. Somehow, I find that hard to believe, Micko. ;)

    You saying rico likes her wines in tetra pak, WATH?? :) That is the worst idea. I’ve seen some of those.

    Hello, Adam. How was your lunch?

  369. Would I insinuate such slander AGAG ;-)

    You bet I would :D

  370. Can’t see Santos playing midfield myself, there’s no way he would last 90 minutes getting up and down the pitch, as Keown pointed out it’s like he has lead in his boots, great going forward but can’t get back, Bouldy’s got his work cut out.

  371. Your prob right Micko…. We also have a few players who you would want left midfield before playing Santos there…!

  372. Hi Agag. I made something known as Yucatan Fish. How are you? I now know where the Philipines are. So many islands!

  373. I’m sure rico was fully expecting you to, WATH.

    Micko, Santos is a bit like Song. He alternates between brilliant and rubbish. )

  374. Boo, Adam, all that talk of wine was enough to make me woozy.

    A Mexican dish? Or did you improvise?

    The prettiest islands are down south. I can live in Palawan forever. :)

  375. agirlgunner- i agree about santos but not song

  376. Mexican indeed Agag. I saw the recipe many years ao on TV. You need to be a fan of garlic though, soft, slowly cooked, lightly caramelised, sweet garlic.
    It was a great chat today about wine and other good stuff.
    I am kinda keen on seeing the Philipines with Mrs Adam. Would we receive a generally favourable reception from the Philipinos do you believe?

  377. Hi, Bondex. You a Song fan? He goes walkabout/Songinho far too often in my opinion. :?

  378. carzola!!!!!!!!! yeah……………

  379. Hi Stan. Is it done then?

  380. told you knuckleheads we were going to get him but you all scoffed…..now who’s laughing. carzolaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! men me pants are all messed up. be right back folks.

  381. Sounds yum, Adam. :) :) I should go enroll in cooking classes, I think.

    Of course!! Filipinos are generally smiley and talk a lot. And English is widely spoken, not to worry. You won’t have trouble getting around. But you need to fly south from Manila, if you want a bit of sun and sand.

  382. I asked a question th other evening Stan but you had vanished. When I fly to Arnhem I always land in Dusseldorf and a chauffeur picks me up. Is there not a closer airport then perhaps a train? I am off there in about 10 days.

  383. Agag. I wouldn’t want to go when it’s too hot though and a bit of beach goes a long way for me. Next year Mrs Adam and I aim to travel around a bit. When is winter down there or don’t you have one?

  384. Evening All,
    So Micko doesn’t touch alcohol.
    Ha, next he’ll be telling me the Pope’s a Catholic…

    Adam, what did you make of Eisfeld.
    Potential 1st team material?

    Calm down Stan…

  385. Goonie, it’s “Cazorla” though!!! And after being wrong for the nth time, it is high time you were right. ;)

  386. Certainly Kev. Looks like he’s comfortable in possession, knows when to give it and when to hold it, moves intelligently and made the goal look easy. Nice body shape etc.. Looks like potentially an interesting player. What did you think?

  387. goonster- haven’t seen that anywhere..if its true,you might have to teach me the technique on how to cream up my pants too.

  388. Btw Nasher, thanks for the kind words earlier.
    Appreciated mate.

    Also Adam, how did Afobe & Aneke shape up..?

    It seems that Eastmond failed to impress?!

  389. hey lil mama, how are ya? how’s in manila? aahhhhh, now that’s the life(it keeps coming back to me AGAG, you and me under a tree sipping on cocnuts drinks. am trying but the just wont go away)…………hey adam that’s the fastest and cheapest route. am afraid youre stuck with us. ten days huh, maybe i ll send my cousin around to pick ya. what do you say? he’s crazier than me though but dull and a brunette. yuck. hey kev, how can i stay calm when i finally got one over you all. carzolaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! yeaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

  390. AW’s post match comments…….on the players that caught his eye…
    There were many. The No 7 I liked, especially defensively, and the No 8 as well. No 15 did well when he came on – they have many good players. The No 16 and the goalkeeper – he was absolutely fantastic and read the game well. Overall I saw many good players.

    on being close to new signings…
    No [we are not close]. Maybe we will sign a Malaysian player?

  391. Boo, shopping buddy!! Updates?

    The weather here is hot and hotter. December and January seem best for you and Mrs Adam. Although the past few years, we’ve seen a lot of rain in those traditionally dry months. You can go to Baguio and Tagaytay where the weather is cooler.

    Do you remember oliver? His wife is from Baguio. For the beaches, I think you’d like the rustic charm of Coron and Panglao. ;)

  392. I must admit to being slightly disappointed with both of them Kev. Aneke looks powerful and has an out ball while Afobe seems strong but raw. I wouldn’t want to be too harsh but neither are anywhere near 1st team quality yet.

  393. Afraid that I didn’t see the game Adam.

    Eisfeld, if he stays fit, could prove to be a steal.

  394. hahahahahaha it s easy bondex…………just ask lee he taught me everything i know.

  395. hey AK, highlights please?

  396. Agag. I don’t want to eat any furry birds though. :). I will check out Coron and Panglao on the map. Perhaps I will mention it again around Christmas. Mrs Adam is very fair and burns easily so blazing sun is no good for her.

  397. Goonie. I forgot you are a blonde, like Kuyt.

  398. Stanley, you have a lovely Sandwich Lady. Behave!! And bondex, don’t you be encouraging him.

    AK, some of my friends went. One girl said she nearly had a heart attack cos of the way we were playing. Ahahah.

  399. have to go now…..goonster i’ll wait till I see the news @ AFC official site.

  400. Kev. I found the game quite depressing actually.

  401. agirlagunner -well yes maam

  402. not like kuyt adam……like brad pitt! hey AGAG the sandwich lady is married afterall. bummer. bondex pal, wait for it and hey AK am still waiting for them highlights. how long does it take to put it all together? sheesh.

  403. Hiya Shopping Buddy.

    Sorry but I just have this under a coconut tree vision running thru my head…

    Hmm nothing to report on the shopping front agag.

  404. Send your cousin Goonie. I’ll be in the Tulip in Velp. I know you are banned from there.

  405. AK, dont ruin it for me. the coconut vision is mine. go get yours.

  406. And then Adam, you can go to Siem Reap, Cambodia to see the ruins of Angkor Wat. I thought that was amazing. Budget airlines around the region like Air Asia and Cebu Pacific are frequently on sale. It would cost you maybe 120USD (round trip) to fly there from KL or Manila.

    I think the Phils and Thailand have the best beaches and some of the friendliest folk; but maybe if you want something both beachy and cultural, Bali would be best.

  407. alright adam, you asked for it. hope you re ready to party up” arnhem style?

  408. I have a relative who owns a flat in Phuket Agag. I guess I could base there and explore the region by plane trips. There is also a chance of me being invited on a press trip to Taiwan soon. I see that isn’t too far (relatively) but I would be on my own.

  409. The ones under coconut trees are the big burly coconut juice sellers wit their sharp chopping bolos. :) :)

    Ahaha, goonster. Maybe she has a sister/girl cousin. :)

  410. As long as it’s politically stable Agag, I am quite easy.

  411. see you around bondex me old pal……nice chatting with ya the other day. HH is a family blog……ask scott from oz even his 7 year old blogs. we have from 200 year olds like W.A.T.H to hot 19 year olds like AGAG(whoa mama). you ll never be bored on here on HH…as long as adam,devil,lee,micko,kt and my handsome self is around i promise ya. stick around my man and you ll be thrilled.

  412. What does the party thing entail Goonie, bearing in mind I am a man of the cloth?

  413. Evening folks…

    Any news? And I don’t mean Gooster and his undies ;)

  414. nah, they re all old and “mouldy”……….they dont make “em like they used to anymore AGAG. take you for example, you re ” HOTNESS” personified! Dang.

  415. Stan…….. Is that right????????
    Lee actually taught you how to do ‘it’….???!!!!!

    Well i’ve now met Lee 4 times.
    And he never struck me as a pants creamer.

    Just goes to show. Guess i’m just a bad judge. ;-)

    That’s not good Adam…
    But it’s early days.
    A couple more games, more training & they’ll be fine.

    Agag gonna check that shop out Friday.
    I shall keep you informed buddy.

    Work calls, lata.

  416. That would be perfect, Adam. Go to Krabi!!! I loooooove Krabi. Thailand is possibly my favorite country outside of my own. Definitely value for money. I’ll tell you when Air Asia is on sale.

    I haven’t been to Taiwan, but everyone loves their stinky tofu; and a friend said the trip to Sun Moon Lake was well worth it. :)

    I am off, friends. Drive safely, AK. Behave, goonie. :) :)

  417. you ll find out pretty soon adam, you just wait and see…………hey rico, did you just mentioned my undies? i ll have you know they re clean……..atleast it was the last time i checked………..but i bet ya its cleaner than W.A.T.H”s!

  418. Hi Rico. No, the usual fun and of course the repeated soiling of Goonster’s undergarments. Things that are not for the ears of delicate young things like yourself. :)

  419. Thanks Agag. We will chat again.

  420. rico, good night!! :) goonster, who’s 19??

  421. AK, lee taught me all i know…..ask him. night mamacita dream of me feeding you grapes and brushing your long hair.

  422. well you are in my dreams AGAG………..

  423. I bet she can’t wait for that Stan.

  424. I’ll pass on finding out about your undies thanks goonster ;)

    Hi Adam, you really do know me too well….

    Night agag., sleep well….

  425. I know Rico. :)

  426. well its your funeral…..you dont know what you re missing……adam you bet she cant wait. she loves it when i feed her and brush her hair. why do you think she’s going to bed in the first place?

  427. To dream of you Stan. What else?

  428. Of your Brad Pitt face , tousled blond hair and Dutch pout.

  429. adam, you re a man after my heart. how about i tell my cousin to fix you up? what do you say to that buddy? he ll treat you good! arnhem style.

  430. I taught you what Stanley? Pray reveal all……

  431. Tell him to go to The Tulip, ask for the Reverend Adam Adams and then he can take me wherever he wishes.

  432. Adam do you use FaceTime on your iPad?

  433. shut it lee, you dont want our dirty secrets out do you?

  434. reverend who? thought you were jewish……

  435. Adam, careful what you wish for, you could end up in Stan’s local, The Pink Slipper !

  436. Stanley, I’m a happily married man with three children my “creaming” days ended years ago…..

  437. Lee. No. My iPad is an original one.

  438. Micko, I heard it was the blue oyster….

  439. No Stanley. I am a Christian, just like William Of Orange. It’s my wife who is Jewish.

  440. well so is W.A.T.H…………marriage is so overated.

  441. Lee. Why is that? Did you get my mail address from Kev?

  442. My first 3 wives had me believing that Stan but I got lucky with my 4 th.

  443. I heard it was The Blue Prawn.

  444. mickooooo!!!!! wher the hell have you been buddy? i missed ya.

  445. No Adam, but I can pass it on if you like..?
    I usually leave all that to Rico…

  446. Not yet Adam, I got sidetracked this afternoon. Just facetimed my kids in Spain..

  447. Well it’s been fun in the sun today everyone. I am off for the evening. Good night all.

  448. have you guys seen arsene’s post match interview?

  449. Run be Ben Doon & Phil McCavity if my memory serves me well…….

  450. get back here adam….am not done with ya.

  451. Nice one Lee. Must have been good. House still quiet?

  452. Night Adam, have a lovely evening…

    Who wants who’s email??

  453. I need to make some calls to the US Stan. I’ll check back later, just before bed if you need me.

  454. goonster – No Santi he says :(

  455. Hey Lee, how are the Waiterose supplies bearing up?

  456. As we speak I’m eating cannelloni & salad…..

  457. Life on the hard shoulder, hey?

  458. just bluffing rico…………you know wenger. we have him i tells you.

  459. Very nice too Lee…

    I’m not so sure goonster, i’ll wait for something official on afc.com and I won’t hold my breath….

    If only to be able to afford Waitrose Ak ;)

  460. Stanley, FFS don’t get all Juan Mata on us…..you had the shidas touch re his signing mate! ;)

  461. Been to the gym for the first time two weeks I ache like fck!

  462. wait for it lee…..be right back.

  463. I’m done guys, off to walk fido now it’s finally cooler…

    ‘Til tomorrow

    Night all…..

  464. Good night Rico.

  465. KUALA LUMPUR: Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger denied he was close to signing Spain’s Santi Cazorla as the English football giants kicked off an Asian tour Tuesday with a narrow 2-1 victory over hosts Malaysia.

    Wenger dismissed speculation the Gunners had agreed terms with the Malaga winger and instead joked his sights were now on the Malaysian team, following their strong performance.

    “We are not close to signing Cazorla. We are still working that out,” Wenger told reporters immediately after the match in the capital Kuala Lumpur.

  466. KT, do you rate Cazorla?

  467. yes lee.he is a slightly less talented version of silva/iniesta.

  468. i wont say slightly kt, give santi the same team mates silva and iniesta has and let’s judge then….

  469. reading from that article kt i can deduce that its in a matter of days before we unveil him…come on arsenal. give us a reason to be believe again.

  470. but am getting reports the quotes were wrong, that wenger didnt really say that. oh well we ll know pretty soon.

  471. Morning all.
    Win,lose or draw,I never,ever worry about pre season games.
    The Aussie Rules team we follow…Sydney Swans….are renowned for copping beatings in trial fixtures,as they mess around with formations and try different players,yet they’ve possibly been the most consistent side in the competition over the last ten years.
    Great to hear Eisfeld do well.
    When we signed Him,everyone no doubt thought what is this,a joke.
    Just seeing little snippets proved that the kid had a hell of a lot of talent,and,as a midfielder,was definitely a player so knew where he back of the net was.
    I’m disappointed to hear Coquelin is overweight though.
    He’s a guy I think can be THE reason we don’t need to sign a DM,yet he’s not ready to go?
    As I said earlier,it’s only a trial game,but gee,you’re much more likely to cop a injury if you’re not fit compared to when you are!
    Diaby got through….a small step,but one in the right direction.

  472. hi scott…..how are ya?

  473. so happy for diaby scott….am his biggest fan. hope he makes it through the entire season without any injury scare. am praying for him. here’s hoping he comes back smoking. amen.

  474. G’day Goonster,how goes it?
    Diaby is just a quality player.
    I said the other day,he’s worth nothing on the transfer market,so there’s little point in selling him.
    Personally,I’d give him this season,but if he doesn’t give us a decent amount of games,maybe then offload him.
    It’s my belief that you’re better off giving a player one too many seasons rather than one two few.

  475. Imagine if he did have a great season?
    Fans from other clubs would wonder who he was,and where he’d come from??
    Actually,plenty of gooners probably would,as well :)

  476. exactly scott….he’s worth nothing so why not leave him and see what he can do. i personally believe we ll see the pre 2006 diaby. the one maureen wanted to sign for chavski. am praying for him.

  477. have you seen the clips scott? i really wanna see how well he fared. with carzola coming in. we might have one of the best mid fields in world football….jack,arteta,song,lecoq,TR7,diaby,ramsey and carzorla. wow, i cant wait.

  478. It’s the same situation with Jack,and whilst plenty are uneasy,I love the fact here really taking their time with him.
    I train a few greyhounds,and,as with footballers,injury is the biggest enemy……at least dogs don’t have bloody players agents!!!
    When I have an injured dog,if the vet gives me a diagnosis of two weeks rest,mine get three.
    I’m yet to have any dog suffer a recurrence of an injury,and it’s because I’m very,very cautious.
    I believe,or at least I hope,Arsenal is simply being very wary on Jack,because coming back a monh early now wll mean 3-4 months off later.
    It’s also why,I believe,Ox is being taken along very,very slowly.
    I never push my pups early,meaning once here in hard work,they’re mature,strong animals who can cope with the workload.
    Anyway,I’m off for a little while,but will check back in soon?
    Have a great night,and go Diaby!!!

  479. can someone send me a link for the game. i need to see eisfield’s goal.

  480. later scott…………and yes go diaby!

  481. wow 487 comment! how about i take it up to 500! all by myself,. oh well here goes nothing.

  482. I think our formation for next season ll be tweaked to suit another player like previous seasons. the question now is, wich player?

  483. meant*which*

  484. but left to me i think the team should be let loose and just play to its strength. ne need making one player feel like a superstar re van persie.

  485. if theo signs like its looking like….will wenger finally play him through the center? hmmmmmm.

  486. i hope he does so we can rip teams apart during a counter attack. imagine theo, carzola, gervinho and prince poldi running at you!

  487. whoa, i wouldnt wanna be one of the opposing defenders.

  488. john terry ll definitely shit himself.

  489. even prick face ferdinand ll bust a gut tracking back

  490. hahahahahaha

  491. whatever happened to vidic? God i hate that guy!

  492. i ll never forgive him for that deliberate hand ball at the EMS two seasons ago.

  493. i still dont get it………was the referee blind! he was just metres away yet he didnt see it. what a tool.

  494. yet after the said game, that twat facxed, gum chewing, red nose, uncouth son of a bitch came out and said they deserved atleast a draw. grrrrrrr, i hate fergusnose.

  495. yipeeeeeeee, i did it. now to get some dinner. see ya good people.

  496. Well done Stanley…
    We couldn’t have managed it without you mate.

    That’s quite a debut for Satan.
    It’s easy really S2S…

    Man City next. That will be tough.

    By all accounts, Verm has been looking after the youngsters in the party. Captain material indeed.

    Seems that Miyaichi had a usefull outing.
    Very encouraging seeing our kids getting a chance.

    Despite the Doomers i’m quietly confident that AFC are going to do well this season, and both suprise AND disappoint certain individuals, Arsenal haters and Arsene haters alike.

  497. You know,I read Mancini is filthy that his owner won’t give him the cash he’s after to sign RVP and others.
    Is it just possible that the Qataris realise the implications,and want to conform??
    Is it also possible Mancini just doesn’t give a shit?
    Another season of winning trophies,and he can walk away from Citeh into a Job at Real or the likes,and without a worry in the world of the situation Citeh are in.
    He’s a prick.

  498. Who will be his next target after RVP, Jack when he is fully fit? Mancini is from another planet where he thinks he can get anything he wants without regard for others’s feeling. Arsenal needs to stop this scumbag. We have to tell him to piss off. We gave Mancity an inch, now they’re asking for a mile. Enough is enough.

  499. Morning all…

  500. Morning Lee and all….

  501. Lee just got up early to make a comment to show people he can get up without the Mrs bringing him tea in bed…!

  502. Morning Wath :P

  503. Morning Rico…………… pheeeew what a scorcher………..!

  504. Am just worried it’s gonna piss down all weekend and then we’ll have snow next week..!

  505. It sure is a warm morning, up to 30o today Wath…

    Bit of rain forecast for Friday, then another lovely weekend :)

  506. 513 comments yesterday, that’s heading near the record isn’t it? Mind you it is make the refreshing a bit slow,,,

  507. Ah so they forecast a lovely weekend…. See what I mean… Snow I tell ya…!

    I think 528 a few weeks back was the record…! Stanley did a 2Scotts last night I see ;-) What a plonker…! :D

  508. I haven’t read back as sorting the post, will do now..
    :) re the snow, better bloomin not…

  509. Bless him, he gave up in the end i see ;)

  510. New Post Up….

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