Defender departs, Walcott & Chamakh to stay? Arsenal offer a ray of hope in this debt ridden world of football…

I come from a country where there is so much inequality. So much so that only few people in the country can afford what you really call a necessity i.e. modern medicine facilities, nutritious food etc.

The reason for a lot of this is down to a corrupt government and, its by and large corrupt policies. As a tax payer we pay for things that are not even there while the biggest criminals of the country roam free and sit in our nation’s Parliament. These able leaders are given less chances but leaders with no backbone, get promoted because of their lineage.

Now, you know why I love Arsenal, it reminds me of my country.

But then Arsenal is not just doom and gloom, Arsenal means much more than that. Arsenal stand for all that in modern days we have forgotten about – Morals, Ethics, Self Sufficiency, Sustainable development, love, peace, unity, togetherness and much more.

I’ll just give a small example of that.

During last few months I have come across many fans who say our wage system and wage structures are crap. They say we pay mediocre player too much. They say we need to differentiate between a Superstar and a first team player.

I’ll ask the same thing to you folks, if the same happened to you at work would you be happy?

Let’s for example say –  if you are working in sales job and there are 10 of you in the same department and one is paid twice as much as you even though you both do the same job, would you be happy??

You wouldn’t mind if the other person sells more than you and thereby gets hefty commission, but would you like it if there is differentiation between your basic pay? I wouldn’t!

That is how I believe the AFC wage structure works, the wages include bonuses which are based on a player’s appearances, assists, goals, pre-assists among other things. So, if any player is injured for a season then he’d lose some part of wages and if I am not wrong then every players is insured and there by we maybe able to claim part of their wages and we take care of our fallen ones.

As a club we do care of our injured ones don’t we?

We nurture them like nature does, we don’t differentiate between any of our first team players, there by keeping equality and this is the feeling that touches me the most. I know I am going to be slandered for this but it’s how I feel.

Being in Education I always feel we are not just an entity but we are a school of thought. One which says, we would not sell our souls to Satan just to achieve what we want. Ironic coming from a guy whose nickname is Satan, isn’t it? But then isn’t it true that when you make a deal with Devil, you know what you’d have to pay in the future.

We say it is important to be at the top of the world but that should not be by pushing some one off the top and killing but by building that one more step and creating a new shelf for us. We say ‘yes football is more important than life and death’, but it’s not more important than blood, sweat and tears on which we want to build our empire.

We say in the ocean smaller fish is eaten by a bigger one but there is a way for both to co-exist.

For me, in this corrupt, debt ridden and dead world, Arsenal F.C. present a ray of hope.

I know it presents me with a chance to visit the roots of humanity and humility and that is the reason why I am a proud Gooner and all the time the club keep on believing in our philosophy, I will always be.

I will never be ashamed of Arsenal F.C. even if they haven’t won anything for 7 years.

Written by Satan to Saint


Pedro Botelho has left us and returned to Brazil with Atletico Paranaense, not sure what finances are involved but he’s another off the wage list.

Chamakh has spoken about his future and whether he is staying or going:

Yes. If I am staying here with Arsenal, I will do my best for the team and give the maximum. I hope this season I will play more than last. I have not spoken with the manager but I will soon.

 I am determined to stay.

Theo steals the day though, he too has been talking whilst on tour in Asia:

I’m not at all fazed by the speculation.  I actually don’t have a clue about all the reports.  I just like to get on with things and work hard.  My agent and the club will talk things out and when there’s something to be decided I’ll get involved.

Of course I am excited about the future of the club. Not many people recognise we’ve qualified for the Champions league so many years in a row. Now the next step is to prove them wrong by winning trophies.

Staying? Sounds like it…..

Finally, Mancini is upset as his Sheik won’t give him the money to buy our captain, well not until he has sold Adebayor and Tevez…

Ha ha!!

Arsenal play their first game in Asia tonight against Malaysia XI, kick off is at 2.45pm UK time….

That’s it, have a good day all…

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