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Wenger all but confirms Cazorla but no M’Vila! Winning a Trophy in 2012/13 is a real possibility…

Is 2011/12 our worst season during the Arsene Wenger Era and inception of Premier League in 1992/93?

Apparently not as 2005/06 tops it.

Season … W … D … … L … F … … A … +/- … Table Position

2005/06: 20 … 07 … 11 … 68 … 37 … 31 … 67 points … 4th
2006/07: 19 … 11 … 08 … 63 … 35 … 28 … 68 points … 4th
2011/12: 21 … 07 … 10 … 74 … 49 … 25 … 70 points … 3rd

But without Van Persie, managing a record 49 goal as a “One Man Team”, scoring 30 league goals or 41% of 74 league goals scored, it would have been our worst.

Look at 2011/12 season League Table, it gives an indication that from the failures, from an abysmal 17th in September to 3rd in May 2012.

W …. D …. L … … F ….. A … +/- … Points

28 … 05 … 05 … 93 … 29 … 64 … 89 — Abu Dhabi City
28 … 05 … 05 … 89 … 33 … 56 … 89 — Manchester United
21 … 07 … 10 … 74 … 49 … 25 … 70 — Arsenal
20 … 09 … 09 … 66 … 41 … 25 … 69 — Tiny Totts
18 … 10 … 10 … 65 … 46 … 19 … 64 — Chelski
14 … 10 … 14 … 48 … 41 … 07 … 52 — Liverpool

We can win the 2012/13 title if only Arsene Wenger can get his act together tactically, plus have a willingness to buy experienced players to strengthen the squad for this two-year transitory period to allow his Wunderkind to mature, develop and fulfil their potential as world-class players, and with it, transform this 2011/12 inconsistent bunch into a title-winning squad.

So, if Arsenal are to win 2012/3 title, we must have this kind of result:

W …. D …. L … … F ….. A … +/- … Points
30 … 05 … 03 … 96 … 30 … 66 … 95 — Arsenal

Manchester United won the 2008/09 title by securing 70 points out of 72 against the bottom 12 teams or 74 points out of 78 against the bottom 13 teams. They were notorious in scoring winners in the 90th minute and beyond, with Tevez playing a key role in many matches.

In this coming season, we need to be securing:

74 points out of 78 points against Bottom-13 teams.
21 points out of 36 points against Top-6 teams.

So, against Top-6 teams, we can afford to lose 3 matches and draw 3 matches; but we must not drop points against any of the bottom 13 teams.

This is achievable only if we cut out all the silly mistakes we committed against the bottom 13 sides last season, have a fully fit squad, turn The Emirates into a Fortress, and score in all 38 league fixtures.

Just look at our 2011/12 results:

A comparison of the Top-6 team against the bottom 13 teams:

W … D … L … … F ….. A … +/- … Points
21 … 2 … 02 … 58 … 11 … 47 … 65 — Manchester United
20 … 4 … 02 … 68 … 19 … 49 … 64 — Abu Dhabi City
17 … 6 … 03 … 51 … 19 … 32 … 57 — Tiny Totts
16 … 6 … 04 … 49 … 22 … 28 … 54 — Chelski
15 … 6 … 05 … 55 … 28 … 27 … 51 — Arsenal
09 … 7 … 10 … 31 … 26 … 05 … 34 — Liverpool

Against the bottom 13 sides, we have the second worst results and this was the main reason we were never in with a chance of being title contenders.

We were mediocre but can do better with a bit of luck, a fully fit squad and without that disastrous August/September 2011 start with Arsene Wenger creating that perennial “Summer of Discontents” with his poor management of player transfers and another Nasri-Cesc Saga.

Had his August 31st panicky buys at 23:59:59 occurred in July before pre-season training had started, things may have been very different.

If Arsene Wenger gets his act together this July, ruthlessly culls the deadwood and disloyal players (if they still refuse to sign a new contract extension by July 31) and he goes ahead and signs any needed replacements by July 31st, then and only then can we consider ourselves as title-contenders

Let’s now compare our performance against the Top-6 teams:

W … D … L ….. F ….. A … +/- … Points

8 ….. 1 … 3 … 25 … 10 … 15 … 25 — Abu Dhabi City
7 ….. 3 … 2 … 31 … 21 … 10 … 24 — Manchester United
6 ….. 1 … 5 … 19 … 20 … -1 … 19 — Arsenal
5 ….. 3 … 4 … 17 … 15 … 02 … 18 — Liverpool
3 ….. 3 … 6 … 15 … 22 … -7 … 12 — Tiny Totts
2 ….. 4 … 6 … 16 … 24 … -8 … 10 — Chelski
3 ….. 1 … 8 … 09 … 17 … -8 … 10 — Everton

We need this kind of result to win 2012/13 title:

W … D … L ….. F ….. A … +/- … Points

6 ….. 3 … 3 … 20 … 10 … 10 … 21 — Arsenal

Look at 2011/12 and how dreadful our forwards and attacking midfielders were. This is another reason why we were not title contenders and probably why we lost so many matches against the bottom 13 sides –  i.e. that inability to score when Van Persie was having a blip or not playing.

96 goals scored in 54 games or an average of 1.78 goals per game played.

This is below par, we should be averaging 2 goals per game in a 60-game season if we are to have a successful one…

Van Persie, Walcott, Gervinho, Chamakh, Park CY and Benik Afobe are classified as STRIKERS.

56 goals or 58.33% scored by STRIKERS.
24 goals or 25.00% scored by MIDFIELDERS.
15 goals or 15.63% scored by DEFENDERS.
01 goals or 01.04% are “own” goals.

Our midfield were dreadful as they should have been contributing to at least 40% of the goals based on 4-2-3-1 formation.

The ideal ratio and expectation for 2012/13 season league goals is:

48 goals – 50% STRIKERS
38 goals – 40% MIDFIELD
10 goals – 10% DEFEND + “OWN” GOALS

We really need to add:

1) Two proven goal scorers that can contribute 40 league goals. (Podolski & Giroud done)

2) Two promoted youngsters/reserve strikers that can contribute at least 8 league goals.

3) An attacking midfielder who can contribute with 10+ goals per season, plus the likes of Rosicky, Gervinho, Arteta, OX, Wilshere, Ramsey and promoted youngsters need to step-up their game and contribute with at least 30+ league goals between them.

Since the 2005/06 season and the departure of Thierry Henry, we never have a consistent 20+ league goal per season striker, which brings me to Theo Walcott.

Statistically, he is no better than Bendtner in the goal scoring department and has yet to score 10 league goals a season in all the years with Arsenal FC.

If he stays and Wenger moves him to play behind Giroud in a 4-4-2 (like Michael Owen at Liverpool FC), as a more central striker who hovers on the right flank, perhaps he can score 20+ league goals during 2012/13 season, with those 11 assists of lobbed balls from Song going to him instead of RvP?

Tactically, Walcott should be playing to his strength, running into space, between defenders, diagonal runs from the flank in behind defenders (remember Croatia vs England?) and as “Lone Striker” during counter-attack chasing those hoof balls out of defence (remember 2007/08 season?)

In summary, Theo Walcott maybe the replacement for RvP and it is not necessary to buy another striker.

Any title contender will need four (4) main strikers, and what better opportunity than to promote 19 year old Benik Afobe into senior team this season.

Will they be able to step-up their games for 2012/13 season?

I doubt it very much and it should be Wenger’s main priority now to buy an attacking midfielder that is a threat in the goal scoring department.

In a nutshell, we can win the 2012/13 title if only Arsene Wenger can assemble a squad that can attain this KPI:

W … D … L … …. F ….. A … +/- __ Points

30 … 5 … 3 … … 96 … 30 … 66 … … 95 — Arsenal
06 … 3 … 3 … … 20 … 10 … 10 … … 21 — Arsenal vs Top-6 teams
24 … 2 … 0 … … 76 … 20 … 56 … … 74 — Arsenal vs Bottom-13 teams

It is achievable, as proven in 2011/12, that even with a bunch of dross, an inconsistent, raw and young goal keeper who is slightly better than Almunia, and a “One Man Team”, we managed to finish 3rd.

Tactically, Arsene Wenger is still obsessed with his Youth Project and Circulation football as I have written about before and I doubt he will change his view on it either, or his “Ajax Model of Team Building” belief but will we see the “Tiki Taka” style of play this coming season?

Within the next two years, how many of Wenger Wunderkind from Hale End Academy, plus those 16 years old that he bought, will make it into the 3rd Team and became the “Core” group of 6 to 8 senior players that can play Arsene Wenger’s Circulation Football?

Can we see Arsene Wenger using Oxlade-Chamberlain and Wilshere as the players that he will build his 3rd Team around, with a core spine of:











Should Wenger play the Italy 4-4-2 with a “Diamond Formation” with Pirlo sitting deep and De Rossi as a destructive DCM behind Cassano-Balotelli, with a fluid “Diamond” midfield interchanging. That is, using Walcott-Giroud in 4-4-2?

Alternatively, Wenger may opt for his 4-2-3-1, or even Spain’s 4-6-0 with Podolski as “Lone Striker” like Fabregas played.

Let’s not be overtly pessimistic as we have the nucleus of a team that can be a serious title contender in 2012/13 season, and like Greece in 2004 or Denmark in 1992, with plenty of assists from Lady Luck, winning the 2012/13 title is not beyond us.

The nucleus of Arsene Wenger’s 3rd and greatest Arsenal team is there with his latest crop of Wenger Wunderkind approaching 18 to 19 year old, slowly moving up into senior team this season; and with a core group of 6 to 8 of them in the squad developing telepathic understanding by 2014/15 season; that is what I am looking forward to for the next 3 seasons.

Arsene Wenger’s “Circulation Football” is coming into its own, with or without RvP, Walcott and even Song.


Written by Merlin96

Few titbits:

Arsene Wenger has been questioned about the future of van Persie and he has he wants everything sorted out by the 18th August in attempt to avoid a repeat of last summer.

He also ruled out a move for Yann M’Vila before learning more about the fitness of Diaby and Wilshere.

No, we wait for Diaby and Wilshere. We are not short if they are coming back. If we have setbacks, it could be different.

When asked about the Cazorla rumour about us being interested in him, through a rather large grin he replied:

I don’t know this guy

Mr Wenger, everyone knows this guy by now……

That’s it, have a good day all….

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234 comments on “Wenger all but confirms Cazorla but no M’Vila! Winning a Trophy in 2012/13 is a real possibility…

  1. Morning all,

    Interesting read there Merlin, what is KPI please?

    The teenagers you mention that need to ‘step up’ this season, well Arsene Wenger has said that Serge Gnabry, Chuks Aneke and Benik Afobe are the ones.

    That could imply that Afobe won’t be going out on loan? But, I thought he was off to Brighton?

    Think we all agree that we are not far off being true title contenders, we have been for a few years but even with the Pod and Giroud in, we are a tad short in depth imho.

    Seems Goonster could be right about Cazorla though, Wengers grin so often tells a story….

  2. *cazorla. amazing how many times i’ve seen it misspelled in the last week. anyways, i really wenger’s reaction was him being caught off guard when he thought he’d get the deal done on the sly. if we snap him up and *attempt* to “replace” rvp with the names we’ve been linked with i would actually be pretty happy with the summer.

  3. The stats confirm what we all know. Now Wenger has said Arsenal are an ambitious club and proud of the way the club is run.If the gunners are really ambitious why are the top players looking to move the last four years?Proud?No trophies for the last seven years and always choking at crucial periods of the season the last 4 seasons.
    I think Wenger shd go if the gunners can’t challenge this coming season. No more excuses.The defence has been making mistakes season after season and nothing has been done to reduce not prevent them.
    Now he has been associated with Carvalho whose ht of 168cm is a disadvantage. The epl is different from the other leagues. The refs are lenient even with robust tackles that can cause serious injury.
    If there is no change in his philosophy and the gunners are struggling don’t be surprised he is off by Xmas.

  4. i doubt Giroud & podolski will score 20 goals each ,i honestly think we’ll be lucky if we get 25-30 goals combined!

  5. Just a slip on the keyboard boomer, nothing to get too excited about ;)

  6. Good read Merlin.it also seems like Wenger has learnt nothing after all these years.Diaby/jack should only be considered as squad players at this point.we also don’t have a single experienced DM in the squad.i no longer consider Song as one .

  7. The interesting thing about Podolski is that he can play anywhere in attack, including as a second striker. Also Gervinho can be used as a second striker. We definitely need another striker when RVP leaves (I’m convinced he will.). We certainly need another central midfielder as when Arteta was injured, it was obvious the team suffered.

  8. Experience should tell you not to make the same mistake twice.
    Get the right infrastructure in place first …. Don’t wait and end up have to panic buy …

    No Yann M’Vila, unless one of the players has a set back in pre-season?????????? It’s like waiting for a fckng train wreck.

    Wenger said: “We wait on Diaby and Wilshere. When you look we have Song, Ramsey, Coquelin, Wilshere, Arteta and Diaby.
    “In defensive midfielders and box-to-box players we are not short if they are all coming back. If we have setbacks in pre-season it could be different.”

    If the reporter had then said: “Come Arsene, apart from Wilshere and Arteta your midfield is fckng shit. Diaby, Song, Coquelin, Ramsey? You’ve got to be having a laugh, aren’t you?”

    It’s the DIABY, RAMSEY, SONG, COQUELIN angle WHY Van Persie feels that Arsenal won’t win anything.
    RAMSEY & COQUELIN are young. They can, or should improve each year. DIABY needs shipping out and SONG is, or should be a squad player.

    And before all the pro-Song bloggers who identify themselves with the cool Song start foot stamping, throwing their teddies out of their prams and turning off their PC’s..

    Ask yourself this: If Song is that good….. especially bearing in mind WE are supposedly a selling club and we lose our best players each year…. Why does NO CLUB come and tap up SONGINHO or DIABY? Why don’t we have a long drawn out transfer saga that involves either Man City or Barcelona wanting SONG or DIABY?

    The answer is simple. It is because they just aren’t that good.

    Two world class replacements in that department, and Van Persie would be interested.

  9. Morning Rico and all. Mohd. Some good points but I doubt he will leave by Christmas. But you are right in the sense that this is the season that Wenger must deliver. To do this though he must be backed in the transfer market by Stan. Personally I doubt this will happen to the extent required. Last week Merlin said that Wenger has to make £20 million a year transfer profit for the stadium repayments until something like 2030. I asked him to substantiate this, but he didn’t. If this is true then how can we possibly hope to win anything considering our opposition and their wealth?

  10. Mohd Isa

    Can’t see AW quitting, not unless things go terribly wrong and fan pressure gets to him, but, we have already ‘replaced’ the outgoing Rvp, if he signs Carzola and another couple which he has suggested he will, things may actually go quite well…

  11. Mr arsene sorry 2 say this but if u dont deliver anything(2012/2013)u better pack ur bags n leave.

  12. Morning Kt, I think AW is quietly confident that Diaby is over his injury problems which can only be good, so many think he has a lot to offer, AW being one.

    Jack – well, when will we see him again is a different matter…

    Morning SYG & Adam

  13. SYG – I honestly believe that AW has set the deadline to RvP future so that he has time to re-invest any money..

    I’m sticking by ‘last summer’ for our manager, I’m not sure he’ll get it too far wrong this time, he and Gazidis will have learned from last summer and the effect it had on our results early in the season..

  14. Great read! I love analytical blogs because I get tired of the good old transfer rumors. Thank you

  15. For me, the midfield needs bulking with experience and talent. Song is not a DM and hoping that two players make it through pre-season is madness.

  16. Welcome finestcuts & kel..

    We sure missed Arteta, we really struggled without him. I’m sure had he not been injured, we would have wrapped up 3rd place a long time before we did..

    kel – equally, they could both very well score more than you suggest, let’s give them a chance first. We wanted international signings, well we now have two..

    Just no pleasing some I guess…

  17. Will,

    not sure it’s wise to believe anything AW says at this stage of the summer – a few weeks ago he said that all of our midfielders are too attacking..

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see him add a DM, just not M’Vila..

  18. but honestly.. if diaby can stay fit do we need another midfileder… i think not.. he is the perfect box to box player.
    we have 2 attacking mids in the squad rosicky and wilshare both are apparently injured so if we do sign Carzola would be a very good signing and he can play on the wings as well.
    if RVP goes to city then a swap deal with tevez would be the best for us. Tevez has been a douche of late but come on he is one of the best strikers in the league and his work rate is exceptional.
    imagine this to be our striker force:
    ——–Giroud—– Tevez——–
    or in a 433 formation

  19. Welcome and thanks Abe, I think Merlin is still sleeping right now, but he’ll see your comment later…

  20. Rico

    Was just watching an Arsenal-Stoke match when Arshavin played false #9. And it was just awesome. Awesome. The movement. The pace. The passing. Extraordinary.

  21. Terry – I strongly suspect that is what AW thinks too about Diaby, personally speaking, I’d rather we signed a proper out and out DM instead of having Song or Diaby in there.

    Tevez – not for me, he’d cost far too much and would demand a high wage – i’d rather Ba than him ;)

  22. KPI means key performance indicator.
    We’ve been on the cusp of seriously challenging for top honours for a few years, coming up short each time if not because of injuries then because rats have deserted a floating ship. Imagine if they’d stayed? We’d probably already have won something by now.
    Still, as stated in the above post, with a little luck we can put up a strong challenge this coming season. Particularly if we have limited injuries to key players and effectively replace the outgoing ingrates.

  23. He doesn’t want to be with us any more though S2S, think he’ll be heading back to Zenit…

  24. Thanks Bg, should have realised that really ;)

    Less injuries, bit of lady luck and two defensive coaches who will hopefully cut the goals conceded by at least half…

    Simples ;)

  25. We all know Diaby has a great talent and maybe he may stay injurie free,I personly would love that to happen…history tells us it won’t.

    Theo every time I’ve watched him and his on the right,he has not got the trick to go pass a left back….with pace yes he has….so it’s simple really…..bring him on late on the left ,it will be automatic for him to come inside on the defenders wrong foot..Theo can finish with seen that,most of his goals are when he comes onto his right foot..agree.

    Wenger as I’ve said before on here is trying to get M’vila cheap and will be a late deal for 12 million euros you see.

  26. ganso,cazorla and m’villa just wish AW gets this trio to bring more competition in midfield and stop waiting on injured players like diaby,and get rid of the dead woods…with walcott the guy is a poor finisher so its not advisable to play him as a second striker,he’s more useful providing assists…

  27. Rico..
    May be its mutual. But I still miss old Arshavin. He’s had more flair then even Cesc. For me he’s the biggest waste of talent. But most talented people are lazy. Ain’t they?

  28. I wouldn’t mind if he did a late deal for M’Vila fred but suggestion is a few clubs have made offers, according to Rennes, and the player wasn’t in their pre-season friendly a couple of days ago.

    AW may have said he is not in for him, but are his words to be trusted, no is my answer, he gives nothing away..

    I doubt Diaby will make it through pre-season without a set-back but hopefully i will be wrong. Sadly, as you say, history suggests otherwise…

  29. g10 – there is nothing to suggest that Theo wouldn’t be better if he played in his favoured role, his finishing isn’t that bad imho…

    S2S – I suspect so too and yes, very lazy player…

  30. Few things to do so back in a bit….

  31. Diaby is am immense talent, just can’t stay fit so he should be thought of as a squad player. Song likes to roam forward a little too much so he is not a pure defensive midfielder. Ramsey needs to get his confidence back but in all honesty, he is back up to Wilshere. We need a proper, out and out DM who will just sit. If RvP does noty sign, sell and spend on a top 5 striker. Do this and I am sure we will win th eleague or at least get closer to those who do.

  32. I’m in the minority quite obviously,but I reckon the need for an AM far outweighs that of a DM.
    Coquelin is good enough to do the job right now,He is so underestimated it’s ot funny,and I still say Vermaelen would be just about the best in the world if given a go at DM.
    Priority number 1 is an AM,I’m opinion.
    Evening all.

  33. Scott, along those lines I think JD could be turned into a top class DM.

  34. who is Cazorla?

  35. Hi Reco,Agree that tevez’s wages are high but i dont want us to sign Ba, no doubut he is a good striker but he is at his best when you play the arial ball game. Papiss Cissé on the other hand would be a excellent signing for us. i dont want us to sign a stiker just coz he scores 20-25 goals in other teams we need to see if he could suit our style of play and score that many goals.
    if we are really in for a def mid and willing to pay 15-20m then why not martinez we could get him for 20m if you are willing to pay 17.5m for M’villa then martinez is a better option and he could play cb as well.
    Another thing if we are not buying a CAM then in no ways should we sell arshavin. If played as a CAM he is one of the best in the league.
    Also he is not a lazy player, as most people claim he is. He has played as a striker or just behind the striker all his life put Robin on the wings lets see how much he defends.

  36. rico says:
    July 23, 2012 at 9:52 am

    Mohd Isa

    Can’t see AW quitting

    Would you quit a 7 mil quid job?

  37. Cazorla- is a Cam/ winger, plays for malaga, used to play for villareal, good dribbler can shoot with both feet was in the spainsh squad for the euroes i guess, one of the best players in la liga.

  38. Alan,most would if offered more elsewhere!!!
    Unless of course,they are a loyal person.

  39. rico… did i say i was displeased?, imo…. podolski & Giroud wont score 30+ Goals combined…. you think they will thats great, good for you.. but they wont!! so if you like why dont we have friendly bet on it, i will enjoy taking your money.. :)

  40. Kel,unless we buy a world class striker such as Tevez,then you will lose your bet I reckon.
    Each will get 15 plus….if they don’t cop a season ending inury,of course!

  41. The Cannon says:
    July 23, 2012 at 9:55 am

    Mr arsene sorry 2 say this but if u dont deliver anything(2012/2013)u better pack ur bags n leave.

    lol He will never leave, and he is delivering, for the board. That’s his job

  42. just a bit anxious rico, mid-summer thunder storms can do that to a man; didn’t take anything away from a good read. was it here that i read we were actually close to signing the spaniard last summer? & do you possibly have details on this cash that malaga still owe villarreal and what that would mean for us, assuming this is actually concrete…

  43. wonderful analysis Mel….I’m glad we are all getting over the RVP issue,personally I agree we are not too far off from winning the league this season especially if we can have all our players fit.

  44. Rico-AW’s comments should never be trusted.I’m honestly convinced we have Mvilla already just bcos he says NO..

  45. i think the players in the team needs serious competition for their positions to force them play their hearts out. And with AW when he says no comment or no,then he means something will happen.

  46. Afternoon Ravers
    Afternoon Rico….. ;-)

    Merlin, are you an Accountant, or an Accountfont….
    Some great work gone into that post.
    Merlin, respect.

    I actually almost posted myself as Charlie Merlin by mistake… :-)

    So is our dear Arsene telling ‘porkies’…?
    Still not sure about this Spanish guy…

  47. AK you B ;-)

    You be safe out there mate you know how dangerous the roads are… Make sure you diddle a few tourists :D

  48. It,s only Arsene Wenger conning the fans again with bs about certain
    players he might be interested in signing but way too late with van Persie moving on and out of the club where he carried the goalscor ing burden for so long,the best solution for Arsenal FC is a new man
    ager who will bring new ideas while getting rid of mediocre underpe
    rforming overpaid players,seven long mediocre trophyless Arsene W
    enger seasons and still the fickle fans reckon Wenger will eventually
    bring a trophy (which one ) to the club,got to be joking ?

  49. Hi Wath.
    Now you know the date……
    Lee has told ya….
    You better not let me down or I will be well pissed off. ;-)
    No excuses acceptable…………………………

  50. Oh dear Arsene

  51. What to make of what wenger says….. As usual I find it pretty irritating that his words and comments bring up players that are injured and about players returning which stinks of the club being reactive instead of proactive.. why are we “ALWAYS” waiting on this player and that player to maybe fit when we should be making sure we’re covered and then worry “IF” said player does get fit.
    For me the M’Vila comments really are quite ridiculous… Diaby and M’Vila are completely different types of players and sorry Arsene but the M’Vila type is exactly what the team has been crying out for now for years. We waited on Vermaelen the other season adn we know how pear shaped that went, we’ve done it with rvp a few times then it’s Diaby and now it’s Diaby and Jack, why not get players in who are quality now and when/if our injured players return the whole squad is much stronger which benefits everyone. We all know we’ll get injuries so why such silly comments which just frustrate the fans as we’ve seen it all and heard it all before.

    As for rvp deadline being Aug 18th why the hell do we leave it til then..? Sort it out NOW….! get rid and replace…! Another last minute bullshit deal..!

  52. Bloody hot out here today…
    30c Wednesday, just in time to sit in a massive IOC induced traffic jam.
    Oh the joy.

  53. WATH, he’s taking me over to Battersea this arvo….wonder if he does finance in his cab?

  54. Seems AFC have learnt loads from last season’s fiasco….NOT!

  55. Will see what I can do Grandad re:the date………… Will keep you posted ;-)

    Get it on 24months tik Lee and then do a runner…!

  56. Bro Merlin, I like your post real much! but what do ya mean by KPI? This is a very interesting article indeed! KEEP IT UP GOONER!!

  57. That sounds like a plan mate!

  58. The Gunners have told Denmark international Bendtner he can leave the club this summer, following an unsuccessful loan spell at Sunderland, where he fell out-of-favour with manager Martin O’Neil.
    Bendtner did manage to score eight times in 31 matches, but a number of off field issues meant O’Neil pulled the plug on making the transfer permanent at the end of the season.
    Arsenal are desperate to offload the 24-year-old in a bid to raise cash for other business, but finding a buyer for the player has been difficult, with talks breaking down with both Malaga and Benfica.
    However, Italian giants AC Milan are now ready to try and strike a deal, after opening talks with Arsenal over a £7.5 million move over the weekend.
    The talks prompted Arsene Wenger to omit Bendtner from his squad for the pre-season tour of Asia, with the Gunners boss hopeful that Bendtner will be sold by the time they return in early August.
    Milan are willing to wrap up a move quickly, but only if the fee is right, with the club looking for a cut price alternative following the sale of Zlatan Ibrahimovic to PSG last week.
    Turkish outfit Fenerbache are also keen on Bendtner, but are yet to show their hand.

    Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/sport/football/905968-ac-milan-make-contact-with-arsenal-over-nicklas-bendtner#ixzz21RbuFWWM

  59. Scott from oz,…. I really hope your right I would love to see them both score 15+… And lose my bet :) so I’ll extend my friendly bet to you… They won’t score over 30 combined… Ps I’m not looking to argue etc, again I hope I lose this bet lol…. I’m sure we could be friends via facebook or something and have a friendly few quid of so bet…. :)

  60. AC Milan, will NB52 play for a small club like that?

  61. I am not sure Lee, he thinks Barca are too small for him.

  62. Makes you wonder eh Lee, I reckon only Barca or Real are good enough for Bendyhead..!

  63. Is 52 his IQ?

  64. I think he’d take that Adam.
    Just had a cuppa with AK.

  65. I would be happy to send Bender gone.

  66. No probs Kel.
    I honestly reckon both will succeed.

  67. Anyone on Faceook wishing to be “friends”, I’ve just sent RIco my details.
    There won’t be many Rico,so hopefully,it’s t too much of an inconvenience :)
    Thanks in advance Rico.

  68. Your being generous Adam you even think it’s 52…? :D

  69. Relying on Jack and Diaby is a massive gamble, suppose having no full-backs was a massive gamble too, I really hope we sign a proper DM!

  70. Waiting on injured players and if’s and buts Lee is madness and we’ve done is so often ad still ain’t learnt !!!

  71. The problem the club has is, we have to rely on injured players as we don’t have the money to have an excess of players. What if we buy players to cover the injured, what happens when the injured return and suddenly we have too many players and a huige wage bill?

  72. Words the English should take to heart from Arsene

    “My advice to Chinese football is more to structure the coaching system between five and 12 years old because football is a technical sport and you need to have access to technique at a very early age.

    After 12 years of age, if you have no technique then you will never have it. That is very important and that goes through the schools and the football clubs.”

  73. Is it Park Lane?

    Or effin Camp Bastion.

    Must have taken a wrong turn (not for the first time) and stumbled into Helmund Province… :-(

  74. Defensive midfielder play Coquelin, or JD as he plays there for the Swiss. I think we need an attacking midfielder though playing Arteta or Arshavin there would not be a bad option to be honest.

  75. You’ll have to poke the AK47 out of the window mate!

  76. Don’t tell him that Lee, we’ll never see him again if he flashes his 47 about..!

  77. Chelsea and Man Utd are breaking the bank and buying the top Brazilians …….. and us …. Paulinho, Ganso?

    Nope. Wenger is talking up Diaby ,,,,

    He’ll blaze a trail through pre-season and get himself a 19-year contract extension and then get injured before match 1.

    Diaby at his best!!!

  78. My 47 & where it’s been, is my own business :-P

    God it’$ a bloody bakehouse out here.

    Could murder a lager… (Wath :-) ).

  79. Not being funny, southyorkshiregunner it is fans like you that ruin the club.

  80. Afternoon all…

    kel – i’ll have that bet with you ;)

  81. NO Drinking and Driving……………….. That would be you Grandad.

  82. That one still haunts me SYG, and his mad moment against Newcastle at 4-0 up ….

  83. Welcome Samuel – sorry, i just found you in the spam and not sure why…

  84. Will, that youtube clip sums up Diaby, 2 minutes 14 seconds of quality…

    In how many seasons?? ;) ;)

  85. An d 23 seconds of own goal tells so much more about him.

  86. I honestly hope this M’Vila denial is a smokescreen. A lot of people still think the deal will happen. Let’s hope it’s more Podolski/Arteta rather than Mata and so many others.

  87. And there was me thinking you had got your sense of humour back Will… ;)

  88. Soon find out Romford, bids are in for him…

  89. I do but SYG is the kind of fan who turns up and boos a player. I was playing yang to his ying.

  90. You are making huge assumptions there Will, has SYG ever said he boos the team or its players, if so, I certainly missed it….

  91. Me too Romford!

  92. I may be clutching at straws Lee but there seem to be a lot of reputable journalists who think that it will go through, even despite Wenger’s words.

    I hope so for his sake – how he thinks we can cope without a proper seasoned DM is not me.

    I’ve seen so much of M’Vila and the guy is the real deal at 22! I know he has character flaws, but for me, he’s a risk worth taking.

    If we add him and Cazorla, i’d be content with the summer’s work.

  93. Not being funny, southyorkshiregunner it is fans like you that ruin the club.

    Ok Will, why is that Will?
    Because I think Diaby is a waste of time, Will?
    Or you just don’t like an opinion, Will?

    How many “Will pounds” or “Will Dollars” or “Will euro’s” would you pay the lantern-jawed crock?
    I’ll tell you how many, Will – NONE.

    He is one of the main reasons Wenger’s-post Invincible’s team have never won anything.

    He puts his faith in players who are not up to the standard that they should be for Arsenal.

    League Cup final v’s Chelsea Part2.
    He was shit.
    He played because he’s one of Wenger’s “Yes boys” – a bit like Song and Djourou. Wenger loves his yes-boys.
    Arshavin should have been in that team on merit.
    Diaby pissed about the whole game trying to look good. You know what I mean Will, looking the biz. Not playing for the team, but trying to look like the dogs bollocks – the main man.
    When he wasn’t stood there like a lamp post he was running down blind alleys and into traffic. He was fckg dire.
    Arshavin hit four goals at Anfield a few days later.

    Against Newcastle Diaby’s FRAGILE MENTALITY – like his bro in Arms – SONGINHO the following year, got sent off for a stupid offence when we were 4-0 up and looking good for the top of the table.
    Barton played them both like a harp from hell. He knew they both have a FRAGILE MENTALITY and he did them. Barton knows what to expect when he plays against us.

    Granted, he can look good against shit sides, but it’s getting as though there’s not that many shit sides in the PL. A one good game in five ratio is no good. That’s when he’s not injured that is…

    I’ve said it before. INTENT in the transfer market sends out a signal, but then again, I suppose so does talking up Diaby.
    The difference is INTENT in the transfer market states that you mean fckg business.
    Talking up Diaby means you are in bother and are just clutching at straws.

    Chelsea and Man Utd are signing top Brazilians.

    What would you prefer Will?

    Signing top players from Brazil, or watching Diaby lumber about for 60 minutes and come off injured

  94. Or Capoue and Cazorla :)

  95. I mean RvP was (is) a wrong-un when we signed him so it’s not like AW will be worried about it!
    I’ve seen bits of him and he is what we’ve been lacking for ages.
    And he’s only a Desmond, fits perfectly into AW’s age category

  96. I thought Diaby was the bollocks in “I am Legend”….

  97. Looks like I have struck a nerve SYG. And how do we fund these top Brazillian players with the self sustaining model we use? Also, have you seen the potential in Diaby, I have. I also understand the finances behind it or should we do a Man City and lose £197M in ONE SUMMER and win the league. Mind you, it will be the last one we win.

  98. I honestly don’t care, M’Vila, Capoue, just not N’Zonzi…

  99. You do Rico, you know you do… ;)

  100. :lol: Lee – i meant to write ‘don’t care which one’

  101. Get Usmanov in, then we’d get a few Brazilians :)

    Mind you, I’d rather we signed Europeans SYG, knowing our luck, we’d have to wait 5 years before any Brazilians got a work permit, bet the Mancs don’t struggle though….

  102. Will I will tell you what kind of fan I am.
    I’m the type of fan that sits in the Shoreham Street (Kop) end of Sheff Utd’s ground and will be the lone voice cheering my team…
    I’m the type of fan that will do it on the East Bank at Hillsborough or the Gelderd Road end at Leeds.
    In short, if you knew me personally, you wouldn’t act like a smart arse.

    Edu and Gilberto were top players.

    If Wenger can chuck £10M on the poor mans Eden Hazard and £3M on Park, then he can pay £13M for Paulinho or Ganso etc

  103. I was just pulling your leg….

  104. “In short, if you knew me personally, you wouldn’t act like a smart arse.” Are you being an internet tough guy?

    £13M for either player, how much did Man Utd pay for getting a Brazillian? £26M wasn’t it? So you are happy getting half the player they have?

  105. ok lads, now I am talking about league goals here? Considering the article above is about Arsenal being able to challenge again for the premier league title…. ;)

  106. Worth a read before everyones rattles come out of their prams with i’m a more genuine fan than you


  107. I guessed Lee, the cheeky wink gave it away ;)

    Will – come on, leave it can’t you – you questioned SYG and he’s just answered you…

  108. Oi Kel, don’t forget us lasses ;) ;)

  109. It’s getting fruity on here today. Hi Rico and Lee.

  110. Afternoon Adam, questioning a fans support often sets HH alight ;)

  111. I was kinda hoping you would get all masterful and dominatrix-like Rico. :)

  112. vernat – i didn’t realise Bergy said that…

  113. I may have to yet Adam ;)

  114. Between painting the garden furniture that is …

  115. Ooooh. :). Not, the garden furniture! Mmmm, the sweet smell of Cuprinol in the morning…….it smells like…….victory…

  116. This “trophies” thing is a bit overrated isn’t it?

  117. It will be in a couple of hours Adam, should be finished by then.

    Thank goodness creosote (spelling) is a thing of the past ;)

  118. LOL Adam .. yes lets be fair since everyone else supports inferior clubs and cant have the satisfaction of supporting Arsenal give them a bone .. trophies

  119. Trophy, what is that??

  120. Depends what you call a trophy.

  121. Wonder what Rob’s up to today.

  122. Vernat. We are but pawns in the billionaire’s game. We may shout and holler, but who’s listening?
    Trophy: A metal cup won by billionaires and their mercenaries.
    Fans: Mugs
    Money: Stuff to be bled from fans
    Dickhead: Mancini

  123. Micko. Practicing with that left foot I should think.

  124. Sorry rico, first time on this site didn’t know you were a lass lol…. But I’m still gonna take your money ;) even tho I want to lose :)

  125. Haha Adam, very good, I need closure.

  126. :lol: Micko

    What about his right, that needs a bit of work…

    Kel – no prob what so ever, just teasing you, you won’t be taking my money, I can feel it in my bones, 30 goals between them yes?

  127. Kel, she might be a lass but she’s got a tongue that could clip a hedge, watch out !

  128. By the way Kel, good to see you have stayed around, hope you will for a long while, we are mainly a happy little bunch here who respect others opinions, sometimes it can go a little wayward though :lol:

  129. Micko. That’s what I’ve been doing today in all the heat. I’ve been driving 18 yarders past my wife into the top corner with my weaker left foot wondering why things aren’t as they used to be. I think I have worked it out though. The answer is that strange stuff called Time. It changes everything you know. Songs have been written about it. If I Could Turn Back Time I would be able to experience David Hillier making an innacurate 3 yard square pass or lurking near the baggage reclaim area in Gatwick airport. The passing of time is somewhat inevitable but unfortunately some of us get stuck in it and it is closely linked with a swelling of emotion too. Time also has a colour. It is rose-tinted. It is also a luxury that some can’t afford.

  130. Kel. Don’t cross Rico. I did once and still have the mental scars to prove it.

  131. Afternoon all.

    Adam, go to http://www.arsenal.com – Corporate info – FInancial Results and you can get all the info you needed on our EMirates Mortgage Bond which Arsenal Holdings need to pay about 20-mil till 2013.

    Interim Nov 2011 FY results:

    The Group’s fixed rate bonds, floating rate bonds and bank loans are secured by a mixture of legal mortgages and fixed
    charges on certain freehold and leasehold property and certain plant and machinery owned by the Group, by fixed
    charges over certain of the Group’s trade debtors and the related bank guarantees, by fixed charges over £28.5 million
    (30 November 2010 £25.7 million, 31 May 2011 £59.5 million) of the Group’s bank deposits, by legal mortgages or
    fixed charges over the share capital and intellectual property rights of certain subsidiary companies and fixed and
    floating charges over the other assets of certain subsidiary companies.

    You understand ‘em?
    I don’t :lol:

  132. Mental or metal scars Adam ;-) she’s well handy with a machete…!

  133. I agree Wath. I once suggested that Ramsay should be played wide left and she came round my house and attacked me with a Biro, proving that the pen is mightier than the sword. I needed counselling from Tony Adams after that.

  134. It’s about Goonster time isn’t it?

  135. Adam, keep shooting for the top corner, don’t be afraid of missing. No point dwelling on the past as you say, I bet you don’t waste time hanging around with any of your ex-wives do ya, gotta move with the times.

  136. He’s prob still mangled from yesterday Adam…..

  137. Careful Wath. I reckon he is listening.

  138. Sorry Merlin, no idea why you were in moderation mate…!

    You reckon he can hear through the drunken haze ??

  139. Micko. No, my 4th wife has turned out to be the best in many, though not all, ways.

  140. Yes Merlin but that isn’t what you said is it?

  141. Afternoon all.

    Adam, go to http://www.arsenal.com – corporate info – financial results to read up on Emirates Debt and how much we are paying for “net financial charge”.

    Net finance charges = £14,208,000 in FY2011 and £18,183,000 in FY2010.

    That is, we need to pay an average of £20-million per annum for the Emirates Mortgage Loan which had been converted into a bond, payable till 2031.

    That is what I meant that Arsene Wenger must generate a minimum of at least £20-million per annum till 2031 to pay for “Net Finance Charge”.

    And why Gazidis will over-rule Arsene Wenger to sell Van Persie against Wenger’s wish.

    Wenger is playing hard-ball and refuses to sell Van Persie for less than £30-mil whereas Board of Directors is willing to settle for a minimum price of £20-mil.

    Your guess is as good as mine as to whether Van Persie will leave by 31-July..or remain at Arsenal as that is what Wenger intended to do – retain Van Persie for one more year…like Henry in 2005/06.

  142. http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/wenger-we-are-paying-back-our-stadium-debt

    Friday, February 10, 2012

    Wenger – We are paying back our stadium debt

    By Rob Kelly

    Arsène Wenger has clarified his comments about needing to make money each summer by reiterating the Club’s obligation to pay off the debt of the construction of Emirates Stadium.

    The Arsenal manager was quoted in a Belgian newspaper earlier this week, speaking of an “imperative” to generate a profit of at least £15 million to £20 million each season.

    The Club operates effectively with a robust, self-sustaining business and cash reserves for player transfers, but the Frenchman is aware of the need to keep on reducing their ‘mortgage’.

    “I am surprised that you are surprised,” he said at Friday’s press conference. “Do you think the target of the Club is to lose money? That cannot last a long time. The target is to make a profit. It looks normal for any company in the world, so I don’t know why it is surprising.

    “We want to pay the debt we owe from the stadium we built, that’s around £15 million [per year]. So it’s normal that at the start, we have to make at least £15 million or we lose money.”

    Wenger insists he does not feel that his hands are tied in the transfer market due to the financial requirements of the Club.

    “I accept one basic principle for every company; that you can spend the money you make,” he said.

    “It always looks like a massive surprise that I have to convince you of that. I think it is just natural common sense and logic.

    “It is mathematical logic that what goes out has to equal what comes in. If that does not work then the company loses money.”


    Well, Adam, this article should answer your question to know where I am coming from.

    Now then people, that also answer your question as to why Arsene Wenger is still reluctant to buy players beyond the odds and must stays within his budget..hence no way will Wenger buy players for over £20 million.

  143. vernat1066 says:
    July 23, 2012 at 1:13 pm
    Defensive midfielder play Coquelin, or JD as he plays there for the Swiss. I think we need an attacking midfielder though playing Arteta or Arshavin there would not be a bad option to be honest.


    Yes, Vernat, last season, Djourou came on as a substitute to play DCM.

    But his performance was not very impressive.

    I believe for 2012/13 season, Wenger tactical formation is more of the Brazilian Attacking 4-4-2 with both central midfielder as box-to-box with one of them having the responsibility to function as that “vacuum cleaner” to sweep the threats between MIDFIELD and BACK-4, when the other ACM is linking with the ATTACK.

    It needs box-to-box midfielder with the Flamini Engine or Clichy Engine.

    I think Coquelin has that Engine, perhaps Lansbury as well…Yennaris?

    We need to watch out for youngsters like Embecilio, Aneke and Jon Toral who may fulfil this role as a box-to-box midifelder with the defensive steel of a DCM.

    I think like Song, he does not have that Flamini Engine to play box-to-box.

    I think that Arteta-Song combination can only get better with Song improving every year.

    If Song does not sign that contract extension this season, rest assure that comes summer 2013, it will be Songniho that will be tap with derisory offer of 8-mil as he will be on his last year of his contract next summer.

    He may leave on a Bosman like FLamini..after one scintillating 2012/13 season.

  144. Talk about, as soon as I turn my back, or should that be Bic Adam…

    Don’t you start Wath ;)

  145. Yes i agree that JD did not cover himself in glory last season but i believe that as either a CB or DM if he is picked to play there regularly he would do a good job especially against the lower ranked teams where as you point out we struggled, maybe i am wrong but he does not strike me as the sort of player to get overly ambitious playing there i can see him doing what is asked and no more. Coquelin i would love to see given an extended run if possible and i believe that would give Arteta, Song and Rosicky more freedom to influence the game further up the pitch

  146. Afternoon Merlin, your post is in the top ten on NN, well done to you :)

    Afternoon rocky, enjoying this warm weather ;)

  147. Hating it Rico! Looking forward tpo the rainy weekend!

  148. It’s not set to rain at the weekend is it :(

  149. Think so. Thunderstorms by Friday evening and potential rain for the weekend!

    Disappointed I only managed to get on here today after Will and SYG have both left for the evening! I was enjoying that little spat!

  150. How annoying re the forecast, hopefully not until Sunday…

    Got to go and get the cuprinol off me, back in a bit…

  151. I’ve have this mental image of rico being like the girl outta the film misery…lol getin worried now ha ha ;p ok bets on and it’s over 30 goals ;) 31 you win… :D I’m from Belfast and travel over 2 or 3 times a yr.. Maybe you guys could point me in the right direction sometimes regarding the night life etc, where to go where not to go.. :)

  152. Don’t go to Arnhem Kel.
    There are quite a few strange people there.
    They have this habit of creaming their pants.
    Not sure what that means tbh. ;-)

  153. Trust a Yorkshireman to start a row. :-D

  154. Found some shade, it’s divine….

    As far as Arsene is concerned, when he talks to the Press, he’s full of shit.
    Why should any of us freak out when he talks drivel.
    He doesn’t discuss his transfer business, in terms of signings, with a straight bat.
    It’s all smoke and mirrors.

  155. Hi thanks Rico for posting this article.

    I am off for now….cheers all.

  156. Dont know Kel i reckon she is like the girl out of war games and is just waiting for some one to play game global thermonuclear war

  157. Lol charlie george…. I don’t know what creaming there pants means either..ha ha… But it sounds most disagreeable ;) think I’ll stick to covent garden.. :D

  158. :lol: Kel, bet’s on…

    Hi Ak, busy today or just been sat around drinking coffee :lol:

  159. Cheeky vernat ;)

  160. Kev is a tea man Rico.

  161. I left so it didn’t get stupid.

  162. Hi Rico, quite busy thanks.
    Been teaching Lee The Knowledge of London.

    Kel not all Hollanders are crazy.
    Rotterdam is cool.
    Arnhem is mental. ;-)

  163. Hi Adam, yes, can’t abide coffee.

    Will, don’t you go upsetting anyone else ok. ;-)

  164. A man after my own heart Adam :)

  165. Don’t offer to teach me AK, it could take a few years ;)

  166. Sorry Merlin, just seen your comment, Have a good evening and thank you for today’s post….

  167. Diaby…. :-P

  168. Later Charlie, have a busy evening…

  169. I do love a cuppa Rico. I am into flowering Green Tea at the moment but I also like a quality coffee. Oh, and a glass of D’yquem, if Kev’s buying.

  170. What is D’yquem Adam?

    I tried Green Tea once, never again ;)

    PG Tips for me….

  171. Rico. You really must get out more. Flowering Green Tea is amazing as the flower unfolds in the pot to a huge bloom.
    D’Yquem is the most exquisite Sauternes in the world. Some say it is the World’s greatest wine and I couldn’t disagree. I would describe it but I know you would say you don’t like sweet wine. But to call it such sells it very short.

  172. It’s an expensive French dessert wine Rico! It’s bloody lovely…

  173. Cheeky Adam…

    Flowering tea, I’d rather split my teabag and watch the paper float to the top ;) ;)

    Never heard of that wine, but then I’m not a huge fan of wine really…

    Quite like Sainsbury’s house white though ;)

  174. AK thanks for the help this afternoon mate, much appreciated!
    Adam, you really are a man that likes the finer things in life…..you’ll probably like wrist watches too! ;)

  175. Expensive Lee, that rules me out. I’m like Arsene Wenger :)

  176. You can take the girl out of Reading….

  177. Back in 30 mins…

  178. Newbury Lee, Newbury :P

  179. Lee. I always knew you were a man of taste. I love wristwatches. In fact I love anything small but expensive. Bit like my wife really.
    I have a couple of cases of D’Yquem and a few odd bottles. I drank one with some friends a couple of years ago. Ludicrous stuff. I also have some LR Cristal in the fridge for when Arsenal win something good again. Though I fear it will achieve vintage status first and be too expensive to drink.

  180. Rico. You are teasing me now. :)

  181. Mpt a wine man myself, give me a decent beer and pie and mash and I am happy.

  182. LR Cristal Adam, is that the glass you drink the wine from?

  183. Me Adam, never…. :)

    Will, I would certainly prefer a nice beer,Tsingao is one of my favourites, happy to miss the pie though ;)

  184. Be careful young lady or I will come down to the land of Newbury. :)

  185. I’ll leave the door on the latch Adam ;)

  186. I will call from the Staddle Stone Rico and twirl my flowering tea bud in a manly fashion. :)

  187. Not a wine fan but a nice unfiltered LBV port that’s different with some nice cheese after a pleasant meal… perfect

  188. Vernat. That’ll make you dream alright, especially if it’s Stilton.

  189. Some fun and some weirdness today. Off for the evening. Night all.

  190. Louis Roderer…..Rico!

  191. I’ll be waiting Adam, nighty night, have a good one…

  192. Now I don’t mind a drop of Port with Stilton vernat…

    Have we signed him Lee ;)

  193. Ahhhhhhh Champagne :)

    I am showing my ignorance today ;)

  194. Champagne… Isn’t that what you brush ya teeth with…..?
    Salon is my personal poison of choice…!
    As for Y’quem have you tried Vin de Constance Adam..?

  195. Trust alcohol to get you tuned in Wath ;)

  196. I thought I heard someone call my name Rico…. but it was AK shouting out “my round”….!

  197. Morning all.
    A few good rounds were had last night.
    In the red corner,Will.
    In the blue corner,SYG.
    Great to see some passion.

  198. That was for a cuppa though Wath ;)

    Evening Scott, did you get the email?

  199. The drinks are on Wath….

  200. Well they better be……… ;-)

  201. If they are AK, I’ll be there ;)

  202. I love a bit of Stilton, fantastic in a toasted sandwich…
    Champers is very more-rish…
    Not sure about that sweet wine though Adam.
    But then I am a Hackney boy…
    Spit & sawdust and a pint of brown ale.

  203. You make sure you are M’ Lady… ;-)

    Just give me a job home, that’s not a lot to ask….

  204. I like the fizzy stuff too AK, couple of glasses and I’m fast asleep :)

  205. I would if I could Ak .. both …

  206. Or a job to Newbury… :-D

  207. I’m heading off for the day good people, catch you all tomorrow…

    Night all….

  208. That would be better Ak ;) I’ll get the kettle on ….

  209. I noticed his ears prick up at the very mention of alcohol….

  210. Wath, you’ll know when it’s kev’s round, he’ll be in the toilet.

  211. Wapping, :-(

  212. Bummer AK, be safe all you Gooners.Good night from me.

  213. Thanks again AK!

  214. Cheers Lee, night fella….. That’s what worries me Micko, Grandad shouts my round runs off and leaves me with the tab… typical cabbie..!

  215. Will 6:34 ” I left so it didn’t get stupid” well mate, that’s the right thing to do. Whenever Song Diaby Gervinho names are mentioned some people’s fingers itch to respond nagitively. There is nothing good they’ll say about these players yet AW continue to have faith and use them. Some think they know more than the manager that sees them day-in and day-out. The French International when fit is a good player. Some will never give them credit no matter what.

  216. On Song,he’s improved,and I remember saing during last season that when he plays well,we won,and if he went missing,we lost.
    I wasn’t suggesting he was our best player,but he was definitely important,and also representative of our form.
    Gervinho,well,anyone writing him off is premature….give him this season.
    Diaby….he’s worth othing to sell,so why not keep him?

  217. I know, let’s find any obscure way we can to try and perversely prove that Arsenal are sh*t…………..actually why don’t you just f*ck off to Chelsea if you’re ego is that weak that glory is the only thing that’s important.

    God I wish some of you children had spent time on the terraces in the 60’s then you’d really know what hard times were about.

  218. I see that Pedro Botelho is going on a season’s loan to some obscure Brazillian team.
    His contract expires next summer.
    Shame we never got to see him play in an Arsenal shirt.
    Seems as if Samuel Galindo could be going in the same direction.

  219. Btw, your welcome Lee, it was a pleasure…

    Mick, I may hide in the toilet when my round is due.
    But at least, I turn up…… ;-)

    As for you Grandson, the first round is down to you… :-)

    Goodnight Children of HH.

  220. Morning all..
    Nice input Blockhead8…

  221. Morning Lee & all…

    Just what we didn’t want to read:

    Chamakh, asked whether he could benefit if skipper Van Persie leaves, replied: “Yes. If I am staying here with Arsenal, I will do my best for the team and give the maximum.

    “Last season was difficult. We were playing with just one striker and that striker was the best player in Europe. There was not a lot I could do.

    “I was upset because thought I could have played more but football is like that. Sometimes you do not have a chance.

    “I hope this season I will play more than last. I have not spoken with the manager but I will soon.

    “In the first six months after signing I had lots of games but after that I only played a few. Now I hope this season will be good for me and the club.

    “Yes, I need more confidence. But to be confident I need to play more. I am determined to stay.”

  222. Morning Rico, yes I read that this morning, he really needs to un-impress AW whilst in Malaysia!! ;)

  223. Or we have to hope Wenger has other ideas… ;)

  224. Just read that the press in Spain suggest Barcelona are the latest club to show an interest in RvP – £16M + David Villa….

  225. That we’d have to look at seriously, no?

  226. I’d take that deal in a flash Lee…

    Villa would get 20 goals a season no problem….

  227. New Post is Up…

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