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Wenger wants more signings! Robin pricing himself out of a move? First win chalked up for the reserves…

I was going to call this ‘The Kids From 47A’ – but I strongly suspect only a few of us would realise why…

Allezkev went to watch a young Arsenal side face Boreham Wood yesterday at Meadow Park and he’s very kindly given us all his view on the players who hope to have a future with us.

Boreham Wood, play in the Blue Square South and have a very tidy ground with a capacity of around 5,000 but yesterday saw a crowd in the region of 450/500 turn out, nearly all of them wearing Arsenal shirts.

Terry Burton was missing Thomas Eisfeld, who had been called up to the squad to tour Asia, so winger Anthony Jeffrey replaced him in the squad.

Ebecilio, Monteiro, Angha & Meade made up the back-four in front of Martinez. Hajrovic & Henderson sat in front of the back-four, with Watt as the lone striker supported by Rees, Olsson and Akpom.

The 1st 45 was disappointing from an Arsenal point of view. B’wood turned a below par AFC defence several times, very easily, with just a long ball over the top and took the lead when ‘old boy’ Omer Riza lost his marker and smartly headed in a cross past the stranded Martinez.

Martinez had to be on his toes to make two crucial saves to prevent the scoreline becoming embarrassing.

Henderson’s long goalbound free-kick, deflected for a corner was the closest the AFC XI came to scoring in the first half, although Watt should have done better when through on goal but his sloppy control allowed a B’wood defender the time to recover and take the ball away.

Olsson was the stand-out AFC player in the 1st 45 for me.

B’wood seemed stronger physically and quicker to the ball as the AFC lads over elaborated their passing game. (ring any bells)

HT 1-0

Terry Burton made only 3 changes at half-time, but all significant as he re-jigged the line-up.

Shea came on for Martinez in goal.

Boateng replaced Monteiro.

Wynter replaced Rees.

Both Boateng and Wynter are monsters, but skilful with it.

Angha moved to right-back, Ebecilio back into his more usual midfield.

Hajrovic dropped in alongside Boateng whilst Wynter sat in front of the back four but the most telling switch was putting Akpom up front with Watt dropping deep.

I also sensed that Arsenal went a bit more direct and cut out some of the endless passing.

Akpom was causing all kinds of problems for B’wood, and it was he who was fouled in the box for the equaliser. Watt calmly slotted home the subsequent penalty.

Wynter & Boateng more or less stopped any threat reaching Shea whilst a confident Arsenal pushed for more goals.

Ebecilio & Henderson were replaced by Roberts & Jeffrey. Jeffrey proceeded to terrorise the B’wood right back. Yet another speedy left-winger.

Bihmoutine & Bellerin replaced Meade & Angha.

Akpom scored a well-earned goal from another penalty, then Olssen scored a cracker. After dribbling past 3 or 4 B’wood defenders he calmly, Vela’esque like, lifted the ball over the keeper and into the net. Jeffrey hit the post in the last-minute after a mazy run..

A very useful run-out, aiding match sharpness.

Olsson, Akpom, Boateng, Jeffrey and Wynter all looked excellent prospects to me and Hajrovic, Meade and Martinez did well.

Both Gnabry and Toral are injured.

Olsson is 17
Jeffrey 17
Wynter 18
Akpom is still only 16
Martinez 19
Boateng 19

If you want to know any more about these young players, then follow the link here

Stevenage next, and they’ll be a tougher nut to crack.

Written by Allezkev

Just the one titbit – The Sun claim that Robin van Persie is demanding £10.1million a year for his signature this summer.

Really, is any club honestly going to pay him that kind of money??

Wenger on any future transfers:

We are still looking to add one or two players but it depends also on how many go out because we have to respect the squad number.

He does go onto say that departures will determine just how many signings we need/make – so best he and Ivan get to work on clearing the deadwood..

That’s it, have a good day all…..

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189 comments on “Wenger wants more signings! Robin pricing himself out of a move? First win chalked up for the reserves…

  1. It’s paper talk regarding the wages I suspect, they pick a number and run with it as a gospel truth and not the first time they do that.

    I still believe that it’s signings of a higher caliber he wants but then again who knows with these pampered milloners.

  2. Morning all on this bright sunny day in the UK…

    AK, I thoroughly enjoyed reading that post, it’s good to hear how the up and coming players are doing from one of our own..

    Boateng sounds like a player who has a really bright future ahead of him, he’ll be 20 years old in a couple of months, maybe this season he should be going out on loan to a Championship club?

  3. TT – who knows, like you say, in this day and age, money seems to drive players rather than football..

    Gone are the ones like DB…

    I read that Wenger made the decision about him not travelling to Asia…

  4. Silent Stan, just passing on the news ;)

  5. Morning Rico.
    Morning Gooners.
    Thanks Rico, for tidying up my scribble. :-)

    Some of those wage demands are simply obscene.
    No wonder KT is losing interest.
    These players & especially their agents, are so out of touch with the real world.
    Busy day, see ya lata…

  6. Morning all, good match summary from AK Motson!

  7. Morning Kev, no, thank you….. :)

  8. Morning Lee, see you brought the sunshine back with you, hope you had a fab time..

  9. I heard yesterday that Juve have offered RvP 190k pw nett…..

  10. Also read Lee, that they have offered £20M for him and the club have accepted it….

  11. AC Milan want Nikki, don’t believe that one, maybe they will sneak in for RvP, or even both would be ideal ;)

  12. Yeah had a good time but it was late 30’s every day…too hot for me! Rico, Jobi Mcanuff (spelling) has a place near me….I tried to get a Highbury House photo for you but didn’t see him this time!

  13. Morning all.
    From waht I agther, Artsenal wants £30m for Van Persie..which I beleive they will settle for £20m if Juve or Milan or any European club matches that.

    But it was reported these derisory bids:
    ManU £8m
    Juve £10m
    Mancini £12m

    Arsene Wenger may get hsi wishes and keep Van Persie for one more year if those bids cannot meet £30m.

    Guess a re-run of Cesc-Nasri Saga with ABu DHbai caving in on 31 Aug and agreed on £30m…. there goes our 2012/13 season with an unsettled team…

    No, what I like Gaizidis to do is to either spend now to buy Van Persie replacement or publicly announced that Van Persie will not be allowed to leave at “any price” and free to go in July 2013..full stop.

    We don’t need that £20m transfer fee at the expense of another dismal 2012/13 season with an unsettled team.

    Let’s resolve it NOW!
    Or by end-July 2012 latest – either you pay up £30m on 31 July or ‘NO Deal” and you all can snap up this Dutch whore from Amsterdam shopping window in July 2013.

  14. We do not need more signings. give the youngsters a chance. They play the Carling cup and that’s it. they deserve more especially when the 1st team is composed of so many poseurs. They seem only to pull their finger out when there is class opposition and posing appears only briefly. Too many games are lost cheaply. Too many draws or losses when the games should have been won.
    On yer bike Gervinho, RVP ( he of one good season), Walcott, Rosicky. Chakmah et al.
    Give Mr Park a run. From the videos we see he is a class act with superb technique. Give him a run.
    We have spent billions since 2005 and how many things have we won.NOTHING. ZILCH. Big name signings, they obviously count for a lot – not.
    Lets look inside not outside.

  15. The endless passing?I don’t know why the gunners must embark on a merry bout of ceaseless passing all over the pitch.I believe this to be one of the main causes for the gunners failure these last five seasons. The other is a poor defence.
    That is why if the gunners cut out the passing game they could have won more games.A new season brings new hope.
    I just hope the board do not take MU’s money even though it could be more than that offered by Juventus. The reasons are obvious.

  16. Rather he went there and pronto….really really thought he was going to sign an extension! :(
    Giroud & Podolski need to hit the ground running!!

  17. The game is being ruined by these agents … All they are interested in is the commission coming out of a big move ! Wish every1 wuld freeze every1 out .. Fat chance of that happening though

  18. Anyone think that it’s actually just rvp’s agent causing all these problems? After all surely it was him that that sanctioned THAT statement on the RVP website, and surely also him that is pushing for that level of wages (and probably the one leaking the info to the press). Considering everything robin’s family said pre euros it all seems a bit strange!

  19. That is hot Lee, you heard we are heading into the high 20o’s this week, that will seem like Autumn for you ;)

    The Reading skipper, bless you for trying though.. Didn’t know he had a place out there, bet he’s a bit of golfer…

  20. I met his neighbour and he said he was a top man! It’s on a golf course so that works for him…..

  21. Morning Merlin, could be that AW wants him to go abroad too and the £20M offer that has reported to be accepted could be true – we’ll see…

    Welcome Tony Mack, we can’t rely on just the youngsters and who we have right now, we need a mix of youth and experience, players who the younger ones can learn from…

    We are not far off either…

  22. I got side tracked yesterday (the pub) so I must go food shopping catch you lot in a bit…..

  23. Mohd Isa – but from what AK writes, Burton realised it wasn’t working, changed things around and they got the win…

    AW needs to start doing the same when the passing isn’t working…

  24. I did too Lee, I really thought he was better than this, but now, I hope he can sort out a move asap for the good of all…

    Catch you later, stay away from the beer section ;)

  25. Welcome Rohan and jack – Mr Deins son I do believe, he is just doing his job, although agents are a real pest in the world of football…

  26. Where is goonster:

    Re Carzorla….

    However, when quizzed about the reported interest from Arsenal and Spurs, the clubs owner Abdullah Ghubn has categorically ruled out selling their star man, saying:

    “We are not a selling club,”

    Ghubn is quoted as saying by talkSPORT

  27. Morning all, rvp should do us a favour by leaving England. if he has any respect for Afc fans its the most sensible thing to do

  28. Rico, update us on llorente, ganso, carzola, nzonzi, etc.

  29. Rico..
    Arsenal will be playing a more direct game this season,giroud is a very strong player and can hold it up.
    you know Terry Burton from his wimbledon days…he ain’t shy to knock it long.

  30. Wasiu – I think AW will do all he can to make sure he goes overseas….

    There is no real update on any players, all newspaper rumours…

  31. fred, AW’s recent comments about Giroud certainly suggest we could be in for a different style of play this season, can’t see Giroud being a ‘from the bench’ player…

  32. Frednerk…Personally i don’t mind our passing game, our problem is our inability to win back ball quickly when we lose it, thats what really makes barca fantastic

  33. Wasiu – or our inability to change tactics sometimes, why not play hoofball in the last ten mins if it gets us 3 points?

  34. Don’t yer just love wenger……the papers are reporting £30million wenger wants for Rvp……..and the reported wenger offer for M’vila 15million euros to rennes who want 22million euros.

    No wonder he has a degree in economics.

  35. …And winning the ball back quickly depends on intelligent movement by the team whilst with possession and not after losing it

  36. Wasiu….under wenger we will always play good football i’am sure,but you don’t buy a player 6ft 3in and not use that advantage..we have have a much taller team than we did a few years ago..don’t you agree

  37. :lol: fred – that’s AW, buy cheap and sell for a huge profit…

  38. True talk rico, AW Generally too predictable for all teams these days, will setup the same come barca or stoke. foolish.

  39. Terry Burton is a wise old owl and tactically astute , he knows that there is more than one way to skin a cat , He is there for a reason to bring forward the next generation but I know he wants to win things on the way. That’s the way his mind works.He might just prove to be the signing that turns round the ethos of our nplaying style.

  40. Fred i also welcome big physical players, tired of our guys being bullied, i remembered when we did the bullying whilst playing the best football on the planet

  41. I’m no tactician Wasiu, and I would never profess to know more than a man of AW’s calibre – but yes, I agree there, we set up the same regardless of who we face and I find that quite bizarre really…

    I think AW believes that we will always just score more than who we face but as we all know, that doesn’t always happen…

  42. potter – from what Kev said about yesterdays changes, you are spot on there..

    Are we as a club looking towards long term change, ready for when AW leaves maybe?

  43. Wasiu the player who will put it about is Podolski..the fans will love him,I thought that Rvp would love playing with him…but then I thought the dutch and germans hate each other..

  44. Podolski will be interesting – will be be the player for Germany, or the one that played for Real…

    My money is on the Germany kind of player…

    If that makes sense ;)

  45. Morning Rico. Didn’t Poldi have an unsuccessful time at Bayern? Good write-up Kev. Very Steve Stammers :). Except you support a proper team.

  46. What I like about our new coaches.Bould the best defender I have seen play for arsenal.Banfield I think I played against him many years ago and by that he will know what to do against these up and at,um teams,and Burton who I know from leyton and epping teams,all three will help to mentally to coach our players..I’am sure of that

  47. Morning Adam – you are right, it was Bayern, my mistake…

  48. Better than Big Tony fred?

  49. Nevertheless guys my gut feeling is that poldo and giroud will impact immediately if it will be good enough for silverware is another matter

  50. I’m on babysitting duty while wifey’s busy with some chores and my baby and i are currently jostling for the phone i max have to give in

  51. Yer rico..I first watched bould play in a second divission game for stoke against millwall just before we signed him and thought he’s not that good,so I had a bit of a negitive on him to start with but the more I watch him the more I could see he was a very underrated player..Just my opinion.

  52. Wasiu, if we get a DM and a keeper, not sure we’ll be far off…
    :lol: re the little one..

  53. I respect that fred, just wondered ;)

  54. Howdy Gooners.
    Some great comments today.
    The theories by many on here, on the teams tatical changes, does seem to hold water if my grasp of yesterdays changes were correct.
    It wasn’t Wimbledon, or God help us, Stoke RFU, but the team adapted to the oppositions tatics and played with variety.
    To me, that shows intelligence by the Coach ( & players ) and not weakness.
    Cheers Adam, a compliment indeed. :-)
    Lee, check your phone.
    Rico, the weather, it’s almost summer… ;-)

  55. Spot on re the tictacs AK, Tery doesn’t seem to mind change, maybe he could have a word with you know who ;)

    Almost summer, it is :)

  56. Evening all.
    Go Adam Scott!!!!
    Right,thats out of the way.
    RVP to Juventus…great,he can go for 20 million.
    Get it done,get M’Villa in,get a CAM in of class and we CAN win the league..lyes,I believe it.

  57. Got to pop off for a bit, laters…

  58. Hi Scott, chat later… Sunday lunch calls ;)

  59. have I missed it but did RVP go on the tour

  60. Robins got his feet up at home The Cabbie…! He fancied a longer rest..!

  61. Wenger wants more signings. make sure he gets the players for the defnsive md and a back. Please make these guys can defend. I don’t know if it’s the fm’s fault when a record 49 goals were conceded.It must because he is the manager.
    And if Clichy is to be blieved,the gunners don’t practise defending.
    Criminal .If the gunners continue to concede more goals in2013 and can’t win anything,then Wenger must go.As a manger you must have bothe attack and defnce drills as well as other aspects of football.

  62. morning everyone………slow news day huh? oh well perhaps its the “calm before the storm” maybe we ll be stunned by two huge signings, ganso or carzola and mvilla anyone?

  63. its official, we are leading the race to sign santi……..so excited. come on arsene.

  64. i see sir chesny has been “bigging” up bouldy. that can only be good. here’s hoping we concede less goals this season.

  65. Hiya Stan. You Ok?

  66. Stan, did you manage to see Olssen’s goal.

  67. Don’t know what make of this Spanish guy, is he really ‘that’ good Stan?

  68. i havent kev…..got any link?

  69. ak carzola is CLASS!

  70. I have a weird feeling we won’t be making any more signing…was hoping AW wont say anything about new signings but now that he has said,we might as well just forget it

  71. Kev the reason you dont know this guy is cause he was unfortunate to be in an era where spain has a truck load of world class mid fielders. he’s never gonna get picked ahead of cesc,iniesta, xavi or silva, heck even mata couldn t! am telling ya kev if we get this guy i ll dance naked in a “charlotte bobcats” game1

  72. goonster- just the reason we won’t be making a bid for him….he is a star already.

  73. bondex, he said and i quote” we need to sell to buy” he’s not dumb, we ve got to replace the players we sold! besides wenger ll not rest until we start playing the best football on the british isle. right now we dont have the personel but a few additioins and we ll really rip them. that’s why i think we wont be seeing any DM come in…….we might see an AM instead! wenger ll never kill coquelin”s future. mark my words besides we have diaby back!

  74. a bigger star than ashavin was? or prince poldi? come on man.

  75. goonster – I agree on Le coq ….lets keep our fingers crossed then.

  76. i hope we sign him cause we ve really missed that spark in the middle of the park since cesc left. TR7 is past it and ramsey still need a few years. i really hope we do cause ganso is way out of our league!

  77. I hope we sign him too.Can’t say I’ve seen him play much though.

  78. this is his break out year bondex………he’s one of my favorite players now. followed him on loan till he got back last season. now am gonna be doing the same for “the next big thing” kristoff olson! have you see this kid play bondex? wow………he’s something else.

  79. i tell you he’s class bondex…and a dead ball specialist. when was the last time we had one of those. flicks, tricks and a mean shot. sign him up arsene. am creaming me pants all over again.

  80. afternoon all!
    No news…
    I’m off for a couple of weeks

  81. thought you had used up all your cream yesterday…i guess you convinced me enough.Guess its AW who needs to be convinced…come on AW.

  82. hahahahahah bondex………me craem lasts forever. just ask imelda!

  83. Enjoy your holidays JM.
    Where you off to, watch Benfica on tour?

  84. no, I don’t support Benfica ;-)

  85. give me a link kev…..please am dying to see olson’s goal.

  86. who do support JM just out of curiousity

  87. lol….goonster

  88. goonster-where is olson’s position

  89. between Benfica, sporting and Porto, Porto of course

  90. he’s an AM bondex….a pretty good one at that.

  91. i hate porto JM, there stink like manure! i cant stand them. then there’s the maureen factor. i support boavista!

  92. Boavista is like totts.

  93. yeah so……i still support them. my dad (bless his heart) used to travel to portugal thrice a year just to watch them in 80’s. made me love them too.

  94. and now they are in the 4th division

  95. yeah and i still follow them……hope they get promoted to the primera liga JM, that’s where they belong.

  96. Evening guys and gals, any news….

    Cuprinol, I hate it ;)

  97. Have a fab holiday JM…

  98. yeah rico……we re leading the chase for santi. cool huh?

  99. Where is that news goonster?

  100. emmmmmm, my sources told me that and the media has also picked up the story.

  101. So according to your sources, we should be signing tow real soon goonster ;)

    Just read that M’Vila wasn’t involved in the Rennes pre-season friendly yesterday, not even in the squad ….

  102. it does what it says on the tin….. ;-)

  103. yeah apparently a couple of clubs have placed bids. it might not be us rico. i want an AM not a DM. HOPE WE GET SANTI OR GANSO INSTEAD.

  104. ak how long do i have to beg before you give me the link to olson’s goal?

  105. What about the guy you mentioned yesterday, don’t you want him as well ;)

    I hope we get M’Vila or Capoue before any more attacking players…

  106. Stan, i’m at work.
    No access to pc.
    No links i’m afraid, you’ll have to find them.

  107. what guy rico? you mean santi carzola? hell yes am hoping we sign him. well am sorry we need to create goals to win a game not defend a lean margin. attacking players for me…

  108. :lol: silly me, i thought you’d come up with another player goonster….

  109. From LadyArse blog:

    Arsenal leading the race to sign Cazorla
    Posted on 22 July 2012. Tags: Arsenal, Santi Cazorla

    According to a report which has appeared on FreshFootball, sports journalist and La Liga correspondent Graham Hunter has claimed that Arsenal are leading the way in the race to sign Malaga strike Santi Cazorla.

    As we reported a few days ago, Arsenal were reported to have made an offer for the player who had entered in to talks with Tottenham and now Hunter has come out to clarify how he sees the situation.

    He said:

    This is the big story, Malaga are not paying their players or tax to the Spanish F.A. Clubs have been aware of this for a long time. Redknapp had a big interest and Tottenham know a lot about the player. However Arsenal are far better placed, they are further down the road, Arsenal are ahead of every club in Europe to sign Cazorla. He’d fit in perfectly at Barcelona but if Arsenal continue pushing they will sign him.

    The player was signed by Malaga only last summer for a fee of €21m and it was reported at the time that Arsenal were also close to signing the player. The 27 year old moved from Villareal to Malaga but financial problems at the Spanish club means that they are now seeking to sell a number of big name players.

    El Confidencial reported that the player wished to leave Malaga as he was tired of the financial problems which had resulted in players not receiving their wages. He has found the net on nine occasions during his 38 appearances for Malaga.

  110. nah maam, besides i dont just “come up with names”. i am spot on most times. maybe a few blocks off the real target but you cant deny am always right rico!

  111. see ladyarse has picked up the story………told you am always right. come on arsene.

  112. AC Milan and Galatasaray are both interested in signing Bendtner

  113. Just pulling your leg goonster ;)

    Graham Hunter isn’t the most reliable though….

  114. You seen the Ches comments on Bould and his training regime?

    All sounds very positive….

  115. yeah maam hopefully we cut down the amount of goals we ship in

  116. i actually think we re going to do well this season maam, the kos verm partnership can only get better. with bouldy in charge of the defense our brazillian magician wont be bombing forward anymore and gibbs ll look a better prospect. am positive about the new season rico. lots of players on a mission to prove something. cant wait.

  117. Bendtner of the San Siro.
    That sounds like one of Lee’s…

  118. Boo!! I see we haven’t signed anyone yet… ;) rico, I had chicken wings for dinner and remembered your new pets. :D Hope you’re feeling better. ;)

    AK, good to hear many of our kids look promising. I hope a good number make it to our first team. :)

    goonster, get a grip. Chill out!!!

  119. Bendtner of Istabul has a nice ring about it.
    Hope the idiot finishes up there!

  120. If we cut the goals by half we’ll be half way there…

    Kev – I reckon it could be RvP they are going to go for and not Nikki B….

  121. Hi agag, much better thanks, 24hr thing I think….

  122. Nikki is a bit of a turkey ;)

  123. Hey, Shopping Assistant, how ya doing?
    Any interesting additions to regale us of..?

    Akpom & Olssen, Agag, those are the kids to watch.

  124. Kev – did you get the ‘Kids from 47A’ or was it only me ;)

  125. imelda!!!!!! hey sweetie, met a cute filipino here. she owns a sandwich place. we got talking and i asked if she knew you and she said” hell yes everyone knows AGAG” she’s like royalty!

  126. kevdo you think chuba akpom ll cut it with us…..he’s got a lot of competition in his role. olson yes but akpom? i have my reservations.

  127. I hope to get a chance to see Gnarby and Toral, if they recover their fitness in time to play in pre-season.

    Tell ya what, if anyone out there is thinking about bringing their car into London, over the next 4/6 weeks.
    Then forget it…..
    It’s like a war zone.
    London is a city under siege.
    Under siege by the IOC…. :-(

  128. Well, Lady rico, I hear chicken soup is good for what ails you. :D :D

    AK, yes!! I was bummed out about something (other than AFC) so I bought a pair of Proenza Schouler heels on sale. ;) I will officially stop buying though cos my savings are now so meagre. :? :?

  129. AK47 Rico..?
    Yeah boss I got it, did you get my 5.57..? ;-)

  130. I wouldn’t drive into London even if the OG’s weren’t taking place AK ;)

    Water and paracetamol sufficed agag ;)

  131. :lol: AK, the cuprinol, I missed that one, sorry….

    Doesn’t say it gives you back ache though….

  132. Akpom & Olssen sounds like a vodka brand. :)

    goonster, nobody knows me. I’m very stealth. ;) You should ask her out; you won’t go hungry. :) :)

  133. did someone say vodka!!!!!

  134. I still think you’d enjoy it, rico. And haha on Bendtner. He is a turkey. Where exactly are all the buyers his agent and papa have been so keen to announce??

  135. AGAG, you read my mind. am thinking about it. she’s hot though hope you wont be jealous!

  136. No thanks agag, gave that up a few years ago, and to be honest, i would rather stick pins in my eyes…. ;)

  137. Nothing will get Rico to London. :):)

  138. Hi Agag, Kev and of course Goonster.

  139. hey why am i last adam?

  140. Ahaha, rico. Ow!!!

    Please ask her out, goonster. She might get you to chill down. ;) :)

  141. Because ladies come first and Kev is closer than you.

  142. Boo, Adam!! :) :) Howdy??

  143. The summer has arrived in London Agag but I still can’t get Rico to come into town.

  144. alright AGAG, your loss…….hiya adam.

  145. Hiya Goonie. How are things in the US going for you?

  146. couldn’t be happier adam……

  147. Pleased to hear it. Tell me, when you go back to Arnhem, which airport do you fly into?

  148. Hahaha, goonie. ;) Woe is me, eh??

    Adam, you must try harder to convince her. Re; Olympics– hotel owners and inn keepers shall be doing brisk business, at least. And pickpockets and con artists, too. Poor Kev though. :(

  149. Evening Adam, how’s you? You are of course very right ;)

    Soon to be 1-0 down I think ….

  150. goonster – i didn’t even get included in the hello’s, don’t take it personally ;) ;)

  151. 1-0 down is right Rico. Oh, hello Rico. :) you know I could never forget you. Actually a good beating won’t hurt this England team I think. Perhaps a bit of complacency had set in?
    Agag. Nothing works. The girl is not for moving from the country.

  152. :lol: Adam – didn’t we win the Ashes in 2005 after going 1-0 down, can’t believe this is only 3 tests though :(

    Totally agree though, nothing like a good wake up call for these boys…

  153. Are you coming up for the Lords test Rico? :)
    I knew it. :)

  154. If you promise her a lovely veg meal, she may be persuaded, Adam. :) :)

    I am off, dear friends. Go shop, AW! And AK (what happened to that shop you mentioned??), and you, too Adam. Have a lovely night. :)

  155. :lol: Adam, maybe not….

    Nighty agag, rest well…

  156. I am off to research The Phillipines as I realise I know nothing about them. Not even sure I could point to them on the map.

  157. Happy reading, Adam. :) :) Go check out exotic food. Where my papa is from, june bugs are snacks or pulutan. ;)

    Nightynight, rico. :)

  158. Goonie. I always fly into Dusseldorf but the cost of the chauffeur to Arnhem is crazy. There must be a easier way from London?

  159. Hello all, night agag!

  160. I’m intrigued to know what Stanley is doing in the U.S?

  161. Then I suggest you ask him Lee. :)

  162. Evening Adam. I’ve been financially raped by waitrose today but some lovely food is nestling in my fridge….

  163. Thought my 8:38 did Adam? ;)

  164. It’s amazing the quiet in my house right now!

  165. Me too. I like Waitrose but end up buying small, expensive things that don’t actually go towards making a meal, according to Mrs Adam.

  166. I asked him but he ignored me. He’s a man of mystery that Stan, just like our own Silent Stan. Hey, they couldn’t be the same person could they?

  167. Smoked almonds was one of my luxuries today.

  168. June bugs agag :eek:

    Evening Lee, did you get the shopping done, or dragged to the local PH again ;)

  169. Does Goonie wear a syrup then? :lol:

  170. Sounds great. When I am in Spain I buy those honey soaked almendras. Waitrose do a fantastic Heston Blumenthal Lapsang Suchong smoked salmon. Crazy money but rather nice.

  171. I managed to get to waitrose….shame Arsene couldn’t set his sights a bit higher! ;)

  172. Do you think that Stan wears a syrup?

  173. Tapas is the way forward.

  174. Not 100% sure but it is a little suspect imho!

  175. Agreed. Good tapas are great.

  176. Lee. You’ll be telling me next that Elton John wears a syrup. Ridiculous idea. :)

  177. I did hear he might be gay though…..

  178. Higher than Waitrose Lee, what Harrods? No chance ;)

    Back to Aldi for our manager….

  179. I’m done for the day…

    Have a good one all

    ‘Til tomorrow…..

  180. Me too…. Night all!

  181. High lights of the Boreham Wood game can be found on
    Jamie Sandersons Young Guns

  182. Bloody hell, Waiterose, Harrods, Lidl, roasted almonds, fried insects…
    Give me some pie n’ mash from Cookes pie shop, Hoxton Market, thank you.

    Lee, tea up, 11am, Starbucks, next to Finsbury Square, you know the one. I’ll text.

    Stan, is that right, you wear a rug…..???

  183. Adam, if we can’t persuade Rico to come to London.
    Then London will have to go to Rico… ;-)

    Rave-up in Reading, yeah… :-D

  184. Morning all…

  185. Morning Rico, I read this morning that AW said he isn’t in for a DM!!!!

  186. Morning Lee –

    Ditto, but he did add that depends on Diaby and Jack and we know Jack is out for a couple more months..

    Wasn’t it just M’Vila he ruled out, no-one asked him about Capoue ;) ;)

  187. I’ve put the new post up now Lee, the bit about M’Vila is tagged on the end – see you there shortly…

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