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Denilson to stay at Arsenal & Campbell all set to join him…..

Joel Campbell seems all set to be awarded his work permit this summer and should be heading to London ready to join his team-mates for pre-season for the first time.

1 Nil Down 2 One Up have written a very good piece explaining just why there should be no problems for him getting the red light to play in England, it’s worth a read if you haven’t done so already.

Although Campbell is very strong on his left foot, his right one isn’t too bad either so maybe that will keep the ‘all our strikers are left footed’ wingers quiet….

Whether or not he stays with us for the first part of the season, or goes out on loan to another Premier/Championship side remains to be seen and I strongly suspect his pre-season will dictate that and of course the outcome of the ‘you know who’ contract situation.

Either way, it will be good to see him playing in England and for some of us, we’ll get to see a lot more of him.

Denilson, what is there left to say about this young man that hasn’t already been said?

Well, shock horror, Sao Paulo Vice-president Joao Paulo de Jesus Lopes has managed to come out with something very new and quite disturbing.

He told Globo Esporte:

Arsenal’s staff want him to return but we are waiting for Adalberto Baptista to have talks with them. Maybe we will manage to extend the loan for six more months or even another year.”

Asked about Arsenal’s view on Denilson, De Jesus Lopes added:

They liked his performances, they liked Denilson’s development. That’s why they want him to return.

I don’t believe that for one minute, they want to buy him, but they don’t want to pay what Arsenal are asking but watch this space, they’ll get him before the transfer window closes. Well, I bloomin hope they do!!

Update on those going, gone and staying:

These have gone:

Manuel Almunia
George Brislen-Hall
Sean McDermott
Gavin Hoyte
Rhys Murphy

These are going on the 1st July:

Alban Bunjaku
Jeffrey Monakana
James Campbell

And these have been offered and will accept a professional contract on the 1st July.

Samir Bihmoutine
Reice Charles-Cook
Philip Roberts
Jordan Wynter
Kristoffer Olsson
Hector Bellerin

So, the clear out continues, just need to add a few older players to that list now Arsene….

Have a good day all……

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68 comments on “Denilson to stay at Arsenal & Campbell all set to join him…..

  1. Morning all

    I’m out for the day so have a good one and catch up later….

  2. Morning Rico. That headline made me cough on my cornflakes. Please don’t do that again.

  3. Morning Adam, sorry about that ;)

    Must go now….

  4. All comments re Denilson have to be kept private until Sep 1st….! House rulz…! ;-)

  5. I have watched some of Joel Campbell’s clips and I like what I see. He can score curlers, can take free kicks, very tricky, can play on the wings and can create some assists. I hope he gets the work permit. Cant wait to see him play for us.

  6. Have fun Rico :D

  7. has anyone seen anything of denilson at soa paulo??? is there any merit to whats been said?? As for Campbell, I like. He hasnt scored that many goals but his left foot is sweet, problem is we are submerged by lefty’s at the moment RVP, Podolski, Giroud, Cambell and even our 2 choice ch are lefty’s. I fear it may make us a tad predictable cenrtainly at the front. Still. cant wait to the start of the season, this is the most optomistic i’ve been for the last 3/4 years

  8. Didn’t denilson get lots of stick from the Sao Paula fans half way through the season for getting sent off a couple of times and being poor…? Didn’t watch him and nor would I want to so all hearsay but would we be surprised to know he was very average..?

  9. I don’t know about ‘merit’ wardy, as I haven’t seen him play but my only issue was ever with his attitude…I tend to think he was actually quite useful before he decided he was too good for Arsenal, if he’s changed that then maybe he’ll get a shot pre-season. Also, I dfon’t think having all these lefties is a bad thing, no-one bats an eyelid at right-footers predominating everything so I don’t entirely get how it’s any different with left-footers, most of them can use their right pretty well from what I’ve seen anyway, moreso than Rooney’s left anyway,,,

  10. DR, do we really wanna be giving him another chance when as you say his attitude was pretty crap before he left ! Do we really want players like that even around the 1st team squad..? for me get rid asap…!

  11. Good Morning Fine Folk.

    Gd Day Sir W.A.T.H.

    I do not know why but I have a suspicious feeling that Campbell is like a young Dragba. I think he will be massive.

    The playing style is changing gradually. The tactics will be more direct next year. Back to the 1998 to 2004 style.

  12. Maybe Denilson will be like “A new signing”.

    Shiver me timbers!!!!!

  13. W.A.T.H. maybe Denilson’s attitude was crap because he had some issues with Na$ri and Cesc. That is why he was pants. TBH many of the players were pants in the above mentioned players’ last season. See the difference last year, there was more of a team spirit. I do not know but I think that the club may want him back.

  14. But still, having Denilson back is always going to send shivers down my spine.

  15. Greetings Dev, how’s you mate..? Don’t forget though Dev denilson said he wanted to leave to win trophies and that we were rubbish without Cesc and then said Cesc was a crap Captain ( i did agree with that by the way ) I think best for all parties concerned if he moves on we want people who want to be there for starters and we do not want anymore crab football…!

    Campbell does indeed look good but just don’t want people going overboard on a player who will obviously need a fair while to settle in as well, to much pressure on these so called superstars when they to young then they have a few bad games and everyone says they shit…???? no half measures is there..!

  16. Give Den a chance We had injuries,suspensions and departures last time and we had a terrible start and finish where is Ryo? must not be loaned this time aroand

  17. Think denilson has had more than enough chances Austen the bloke isn’t good enough simple as that.

    I think Ryo needs another season on loan to toughen him up and to get regular 1st team football then he’s ready to push on and fight for a 1st team spot with us this time next year as he will be ready for sure.

  18. Boo!! Shopping, rico?? Enjoy!!

    Hello, Adam and Devil! :) Hola, WATH. Long time, how are you GG Man? ;)

  19. I don’t hate Denilson, but I would be glad to see the back of him. I saw from video snippets that Campbell can score some stunning goals. :)

  20. Heloooo Lady Choo’s ;-) I am fine thanx AGAG how’s you..? Denilson gives my bum a headache…! Another one of the deadwood brigade that has to be got rid of..!

  21. No new Choos, WATH. :( ;) I am good; off on hols soon. Yay! You been up to no good?? :D

    Almunia is out, at least. And at last. Now to get The Greatest Striker Ever Bendtner out of the payroll!!

  22. Tottenham star William Gallas has attacked Manchester City ace Samir Nasri over his conduct at Euro 2012, citing an incident from when they were team-mates at Arsenal.

    The Citizens playmaker caused controversy at Euro 2012 on two occasions, abusing French journalists, and has had a long running feud with Gallas.

    “People have really learned for themselves who Samir Nasri truly is. And I wasn’t in Ukraine or Poland,” Gallas told France Football.

    ““He never stopped believing that I was the worst person, and has dirtied my name. You know, I took an earful.

    “It was always my name in the press or elsewhere, fingers were always being pointed at me, while many of the people in the world of football were aware of Nasri’s character.

    “There was a match with Arsenal in Rome, and a serious discussion in the changing room at the end of the match.

    “He lost a ball, I showed my disappointment, and he called me a ‘son of a w****’.”

    A nice team mate to have eh the Sami baby.

  23. Hiya Agaga. hope you are ok.

  24. And then there is Wellington, another super talented young Brazilian, at least that was the case a couple of years ago. Apart from hearing about on and off field troubles last year in Spain, it’s all gone quiet. He is 19 now so I assume some sort of decision has to be made about adding him to the reserves, anyone knows?

  25. Think that just about sums up Na$ri Dev…………..

    On hols AGAIN AGAG…??????????? your always on hold ;-)

    I am always up to no good wouldn’t be me if I was behaving..!

  26. Hi, Devil, how are you?? And Baby Devil? I hope your little prince is good. :) Na$ri is an arse. End of.

    Hello, John. Welcome to HH. :)

  27. The little prince is always………..the little prince. not a baby anymore, but an eight and a half little one. He is already 1.3metres tall. They grow so fast these days.

    You never behave W.A.T;.H.??? Why???

  28. Only the second this year, WATH. Unlike you, I have been behaving. ;) :D

    Nice from Benny; I hope he gets more playing time if the Chavs keep him. But that he doesn’t score against us. :)

  29. I’ll behave when I’m dead Dev………….. ;-)

    As for you behaving AGAG it makes a change :P

  30. Devil, i thought he was three. :) Before you know it, he’d be dating. :) :)

    Devil, WATH is an older mellowed-out version of our goonster. ;)

  31. Yan Mvilla’s performance in the Euro was shockingly poor. he is too slow and sluggish with his passing and too rough with his tackles.

    I couldn’t help but notice his own team mates were avoiding to give him the ball at some point.

    we need a swift attacking midfieder to replace the 2 we lost – Frbregas and Nasri

  32. Kolo, 31 year old, has only one year of his contract left and can be an ideal back-up RB or 4th CB.

    If Wenger can offer a broken-down Silvestre 2-year contract and recalled Sol Campbell, I don’t see why not Kolo can’t return as Gallas is no more with us.

    I said recalled him as a RB till one of those yougnsters Yennaris or Coquelin or even Lansbury are willing to battle it out for this spot.

    I cna’t see Jenkinson making it as RB as he is just another “Justin Hoyte or Gaivn Hoyte” standard….a decent squad member only.

    I see Yennaris or Coquelin a better RB than Jenkinson.

    A 2-year cotnract with Kolo as the mentor will do nicely to devleop all those youngsters…

  33. Arsenal goalkeeper Manuel Almunia is a target for Serie A side Fiorentina, according to reports in Italy.

    Almunia, who will be released at the end of the month, made 175 appearances for the Gunners after joining them from Celta Vigo in 2004.

    The Spaniard found himself on the outside last season, however. He failed to make a single first-team appearance at the Emirates and was allowed to go out on loan to West Ham.

    And Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport claims Almunia will be plying his trade for Fiorentina next season after the Florence side failed to lure Palermo goalkeeper Emiliano Viviano to the Stadio Artemio Franchi.


    Manuel Almunia made a fair few blunders during his eight years at Arsenal but was perhaps not as clumsy as some would suggest, more that every high profile error was seized upon with great vigour. Indeed there was a point where the Spaniard was discussed as a possible England international at one point, before he lost his spot to a succession of keepers.

    Indeed Almunia is probably as solid between the sticks as Lukasz Fabianski and Vito Mannone, hence interest in his services from Serie A side Fiorentina.

    Arsene Wenger may well be looking to trim his squad of many dead-weights as he looks to cover the cost of much needed additions, having already spent £24m on Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud.

    The likes of Nicklas Bendtner, Carlos Vela, Denilson, Andrei Arshavin, Sebastien Squillaci and Marouane Chamakh may well all follow Almunia to the Emirates Stadium exit.

    It has been reported on various other italian sites that Fiorentina are sending their stewards on first aid courses plus investing on around a thousand heart defilibrators in the eventuality of cardiac failures at the Artemio Franchi Stadium.

  34. I like Kolo. However I think that AW will not go back for him…..seeing that he will cost around 5 million. And AW will never pay that amount for an over 30 guy.

    Than again he is AW.

  35. AGAG, Goonster would never keep up with me he’s a liteweight…! ;-)

    Can’t see us going back for Kolo either 2b honest..!

  36. Dont get me wrong. I would like Kolo to come back, provided he is there as a back up. Plus it would surely be nice to have a positive face around. But there are lots of ifs and buts. Than again….maybe AW might tempt Shitty for a loan???? ;)

  37. Ohhh lord,deckchair is coming back,hope he have a few new tricks up his sleeve,we have enough players ambling about pointlesssly.

  38. i think Wenger will offer £1m to wind-up Mancini and sow some seeds of discontents within his rank if he refuses Kolo’s transfer request……and angered Yaya as well….

    Put it this way, Mancini needs to sell to bring in new players as there are only 17 places allocated for foreigners in the 25-man squad.

    And the 8 no. homegrown players are:
    1 – Hart
    2 – Lescott
    3 – Richards
    4 – Barry
    5 – Adam Johnson
    6 – ???
    7 – ???
    8 – ???

  39. I knew u’d be happy Danish lol

  40. Denilson?
    Perhaps with Santos and Arteta, both will have a positive influence on him.
    He is what..23 year old and simply lost his way, completely frustrated on being overlooked and playing in a poor team with Captain Fabregas appointed just to hope he will stay on…and really, who over here think Fabregas is a Captain with leadership quality….and after WC2010, onyl marking time here….

    Denilson ahs only one year of hsi contract left…and like Flamini, it is up to him to up his game to impress his future Employer..and then either leave in January 2013 or July 2013.

    Either way, Arsenal FC loses only £4m in transfer fee but has a back-up in case we have another Horrendous Injury List (again).

    If San Paolo thought they got us over a barrel and thought Arsenal FC will sell at any price, think again. Wenger will rather keep him in the Reserve and let him leave on a Bosman in 2013.

    A compromise will be worked out with Artsenal FC picking up part of his salary.

    SImilarly for Chamakh and Park CY, Arsenal FC will have no chocie but to pick up part of their salaries if there are no buyers out there willing to match their earnings.

    Like WInston Bogarde, Kanu, Edu, Wiltord, FLamini, Gallas and ALmunia, the likes of Denilson, Squillaci, Park CY, Bendtner, and CHamakh will simply let their contract rusn down when earning £50,000 to £70,000 pw just for twiddling their thumbs.

    And Wenger graduated with a Master in Eocnomics, majoring in snake-oil sales?

    But I suspect Wenger got too cleverly by half and paid them handsomely to defend Arsenal FC against Brewster Clause.

  41. You may have a point there Merlin. That is why AW gave them high wages………..due to the Webster Clause.

  42. If Arsenal ask for minimal transfer fee’s for these dross players then at least we remove their 2million a year wages from our books… Rather be sensible than trying to milk someone for a transfer thats purely greed to offload rubbish that earns far to much in the first place..!

  43. Pal how u see rambo compard to Denilsn? Brazilian is beta en every plz updates ya welington n bolivian guy?

  44. Pal how u see rambo compard to Denilsn? Brazilian is beta en every aspects plz updates ya welington n bolivian guy?

  45. denilson better than Rambo…….? Not in a million years for me…!
    Wellington keeps throwing his toys out the cot so seems to have an attitude problem and as for the Bolivian the reports are mixed on his progress so far.

  46. Fleeting visit…. All quiet on the Arsenal front? M’Vila signed?
    How’s you WATH? Thirsty weather at the moment?!?! ;)

  47. Denilson is way way ahead of Ramsey in development and can score as well.

    Ramsey is just overhyped and sorry to say, can’t devleoped further in the way we play “Circulation FOotball”.
    Ramsey wil do well in mid-table team that play direct football of “kick and run”. He is simply too slow and poor decision making and oes not have the knack of a top midfielder that instinctive develop that overall awareness around him and pick the correct pass, properly wieghted too…he is too predictable in hsi passing with every defenders anticipating them and easily intercepted. No guile and no through passes in him.

    Understand he can’t even break into the laoned team, and Wenegr was betting he wil be a full-internaitonal and can get a work-permit by this season.
    Guess hsi leg break was a serious set-back…and he will never play in England if he is not a full Bolivian international…….much like Botelho?

  48. Soooo quiet. Hi, Lee! Howdy? WATH’s watch has one time: thirsty o’ clock. :D :D

    Hi, Merlin, Ramsey does dally on the ball, but he gets into really good positions. If only he was able to convert on those chances. I think he just needs a little more composure in front of goal. And less people saying he’s overhyped. ;) :)

  49. Sorry Merlin but can’t agree with you regards Ramsey and Denilson but thats why we all have opinions eh…!

    All good Lee…. Thirsty, no mate not if you have a decent supply line ;-)

  50. Afternoon all,
    You doing a bit of house-sitting today wath.
    Out of all the good brazilians out there how did we end up with the only rubbish one.

  51. Boo, Micko! :) How are you? Denilson is not that bad, Micko. ;) Oh, wait. He is. :D

  52. Evening fine folk…..

  53. Good Evening LAdy. Did you have a good day??

  54. Evening devil, I did thanks, nice not to have to cook :)

    You had a good day?

  55. So and So. Spent it helping the missus around the house. Then all of a sudden my knee flared up and instead of going out I am stuck inside in this hot weather.

  56. Oh no, what is up with your knee??

  57. Long story Rico. ;)

    Been flaring up all of a sudden for the past 25 years. I just have to grin and bear it.

  58. Ok, best get your feet up and enjoy watching the tennis then devil :)

  59. I’m going to atke advantage of a quiet night here and head off and watch Andy Murray – catch you all tomorrow…

    Stay safe, nighty night….

  60. Andy bloody Murray u turn coat……

  61. House sitting Micko not all it’s cracked up 2b and the money is crap as well..! 3in1 will sort ya knee out Dev….

  62. I wish it can be sorted out mate. Sadly it never will. :(

  63. Sorry to hear that Dev but we all carry “war” wounds from our younger days eh…! They tend to get worse by the year too…!

  64. hello!
    J. Moutinho – MU or spurs?
    Alvaro Pereira – spurs?
    Denilson?. II tell tou tomorrow…

  65. According to what i’ve heard/read, Moutinho’s club want £35 million for him.
    Not sure he’s that good.
    Give me a German/Dutch player any day.

    Wonder if Wenger has gone off of the idea of signing M’Vila?
    I suppose we’ll know for sure over the next 2 or 3 weeks.

  66. Morning guys and gals….

  67. New Post up

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